1st Pet Vet - Chandler Emergency

1st Pet Vet - Chandler Emergency

1233 W. Warner Road Chandler,AZ 85224
Phone: (480) 732-0018
Please call for information
Please call for information
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Recent Reviews

 Muffy H. - 01/18/2019

" When I needed to use the restroom one of the young ladies at the front held my little dog for me. "

 Deedee F. - 01/17/2019

" none "

 Bear H. - 01/16/2019

" We were very appreciative how staff came out and helped get our dog out of the car and took him in on a gurney. He was having trouble walking and we were not sure how we were going to get him into the office. He weighs around 80 lbs. so is pretty heavy to carry. "

 Butterscotch C. - 01/15/2019

" Not keeping me waiting so long for meds and foods. Otherwise, a very good experience. Will make 1st Pet my primary veterinarian clinic from now on. "

 Lilo P. - 01/12/2019

" You provide great service, however you are very expensive. "

 Stormy W. - 01/08/2019

" I felt my dog was in good hands. That’s so important. "

 M’tani W. - 01/08/2019

" My "Grand-dog" M'tani is a 5 year old Boxer (not sure what that is in dog years), but she was either stung by a bee or bitten by a spider and had a severe reaction. I was on the phone with the technician trying to describe her condition, when her breathing started to labor a little. I told the technician I didn't think I could explain anymore that I needed to get to the E.R. ASAP. She said, "yes, just get her here!" As soon as we walked in the door I let them know we were just on the phone with a technician. Within a few minutes another tech came out to check on M'tani and he let me know he was taking her straight back because she was definitely bitten, stung or had eaten something. Her neck was the size of a grapefruit, she was covered in welts, hives and not breathing well. She was immediately given 2 shots to get her comfortable. M'tani is my daughters dog. My daughter lives in South Dakota, so I keep M'tani during the winter months here in Arizona where it's warmer. Kristan is over 1,000 miles away and was so worried about her dog. The technicians were so amazing and kind enough to allow me to Facetime Kristan so she could see everything going on while were in the E.R. and could communicate directly with the techs. I thought that was super awesome! I originally didn't want to tell Kristan to begin with so I didn't have to worry her, however I needed a copy of her shot records sent to me ASAP just in case we needed them. I really appreciated that the Vet (female) talked directly to Kristan and let her know she was going to be ok. I know a lot of people don't understand the relationship between humans and pets and that they are just like our children. When they hurt, we hurt. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts to your entire team for you compassion and professionalism! Troi, Kristan and M'tani "

 Josie F. - 01/05/2019

" I was very impressed with the service from the front desk staff to the veterinarian! I was so pleased that Josie was well taken care of, and everyone knew what to do right away to get my sweet girl better. I absolutely loved the veterinarian and wished she had her own practice that I could visit for non-emergent needs. She was very professional, knowledgeable and loving. Thank you all for the great care! "

 Elway K. - 01/04/2019

" We appreciated the helpful, concern of all staff members. Everyone was very professional and genuinely concerned about our pet. I will recommend this facilty1st pet to everyone. Thank you for your help with handling our needs. "

 Rusty Y. - 01/04/2019

" Waiting time three hours "

 Meret J. - 01/03/2019

" Very professional, and helpful. The complete staff and everyone made our pet’s condition much easier to deal with. Also the Military discount is greatly appreciated! "

 Daisy S. - 01/03/2019

" We didn’ t have an appointment so it took a little longer than normal. Once we saw the doctor everything moved along. She explained our options for treatment and we left feeling our dog would be better in a few days. Daisy is active again and we really appreciate the care given to her. "

 Brooklyn S. - 01/03/2019

" 1) Charlotte is amazing. She was friendly, didn’t get scared from my dogs barking (she was in pain) and was very thorough in her discharge instructions. 2) My pet had some sedation and when I came home she began to act very odd, confused, and apprehensive. She was crying loudly and I couldn’t figure out what was going on. When I called in, not only did the person I spoke with provide me with instructions to medicate with Gabapentin, but she also explained to me that this medication is known for causing odd behavior and that the gaba would also have some sedating effects and help her sleep. I was so emotional on the phone and she took amazing care of me and when I got off the phone with her, I felt like I received the correct instructions and that my dog would be safe. I also asked if I can put a muzzle on her becauze I didn’t want her biting herself or anyone while she was impaired but she explained to me the risks of aspiration and that I should just keep my pup isolated. She was great. My dogs lacerations are healing (they are dry) and her behavior has returned to normal. 3) The only thing I would say to do differently is to provide the education on the effects of the sedation at discharge that way I didn’t get so worried when she did start behaving oddly. But other than that, you guys were amazing. Thanks so much! "

 Sirius F. - 01/03/2019

" I was really amazed at how informative and caring the whole staff was. Even though you were incredibly busy, nobody ever made us feel like our questions or visit time were unwelcome or a burden. We knew what to expect in terms of procedure and financial responsibility. "

 Chidi A. - 12/29/2018

" Love how calming the rooms are. Appreciate the phone follow-up at multiple points during the day when my kitten needed surgery for an infection at her spay site. "

 Brutus F. - 12/27/2018

" Nothing keep it up "

 Teagan G. - 12/27/2018

" The only thing that could have made it better, would have not to have to come back to get our dog. I'm not saying that I was upset over having to leave my dog to have to return 2 hours later. I get that it was Christmas Eve and there were a lot of pets that came in, so waiting for 2 hours for X-rays was worth it, but if it could have been instant that would have made it better :) My thanks to all who took care of my baby Teagan! "

 Abby P. - 12/27/2018

" You guys are incredible. I know medication does the job to take the pain away for my Abby but the moment we walked in, we were greeted and the lady at the front immediately felt concerned for our pet. She walked us to an exam room right away and let us fill out the paperwork there. Unlike a docs office for humans, this was a quick and painless experience. If you want to go above and beyond, I would suggest having a water bowl on the room. Thank you for taking care of us. "

 Piper E. - 12/23/2018

" Best animal hospital visit I've ever experienced. Everyone was so kind and compassionate with what was going on with our pet. They even take care of humans by providing snacks while we wait for the doctor. You will never have to guess at the cost of treatment because the vet will go over all the options along with the price of treatment they suggest. Absolute wonderful experience no need to go anywhere else for emergency situations for our furry family members. "

 Tucker W. - 12/22/2018

" Nothing "

 Princess D. - 12/13/2018

" They were very caring, let us know all the options, and while waiting made sure we knew we weren't forgotten about, Very well priced too. "

 Sophie P. - 12/12/2018

" We were in crisis. The staff responded appropriately and quickly and made an effort to reach a specialist quickly. We are seriously considering changing from our Vet to this office. "

 Lola S. - 12/12/2018

" Customer service was excellent. The whole experience was fantastic "

 Wren M. - 12/12/2018

" Everyone made me feel welcome. They took amazing care of my cat during his emergency. The staff seemed to truly love animals and provided great customer service. The Dr and Tech were very compassionate, patient and friendly to both me and my cat. Thank you! -Katey McMurray & Wren "

 Bella F. - 12/09/2018

" Front desk staff were awesome. Found out I missed dinner event and they brought me a basket of snacks and water. Very nice touch and much appreciated. "

 Boogi C. - 11/29/2018

" Room was too warm "

 Phoebe H. - 11/27/2018

" The wait was uncomfortably long, but the staff gave such good service I was very impressed with the overall visit. The prices were very reasonable for a middle of the night visit in have already talked about my positive experience and will be back with my Weinaraner puppy "

 Nutella H. - 11/26/2018

" Everyone was really friendly and helped calm me down. Going to the vet is stressful and going to the emergency vet is even more stressful than the regular vet, so my nerves were high. You guys really helped me not feel too worried. "

 Tank B. - 11/26/2018

" Cheerful and friendly staff, quick to access and give care to my dog. We have been here twice and will always return. "

 Sedona J. - 11/24/2018

" Everyone was incredibly professional, great care of Sedona and explainations of care and home care were very clear and easy to follow. There is nothing I can think of that would have made our visit any better than it was. "

 Bailey M. - 11/22/2018

" Price was very expensive "

 Buster M. - 11/21/2018

" 1st time and it was excellent. THEY CARED . Dog was even somewhat relaxed "

 Abbey W. - 11/17/2018

" Lower prices? "

 Bandit P. - 11/17/2018

" The staff were all so caring and considering! They made me feel very reassured "

 Ariana R. - 11/14/2018

" Everything went well, no issues. "

 Dusty Z. - 11/14/2018

" You could have started treatment and medical care to my dying dog right away, instead of worrying about who is going to pay the bill. "

 Cubby P. - 11/13/2018

" The staff was awesome. "

 Hachi S. - 11/13/2018

" Everything was very good we are happy to have found you. "

 Pretty P. - 11/13/2018

" On the pricey side, but it is 24 hours. Vet wanted to order every test availiable to a $900 bill. We were very frank in that we only could afford a couple of items & then the vet got very pushy and hostile. This is a good option, only when our regular vet isnt availiable. "

 Jac G. - 11/13/2018

" Better communication with updates on how long the wait will be. "

 Faraday H. - 11/13/2018

" Great people, great service, very nice facility. My little guy had to stay two nights and I never worried that he wasn't getting the best care. "

 Murphy H. - 11/09/2018

" I came in with my dog and was extremely upset. From the moment I got there, the staff went out of there way to take care of him as well as me. Something as little as bringing me a bottle of water and snack meant so much at the moment. "

 Rex A. - 11/08/2018

" Everyone was so friendly and super nice. When our furry babies are not well its so awesome to have people deeply care about their patient and there human companions. "

 Clawdius B. - 11/08/2018

" We love 1st Pet - all the doctors, techs and front office staff, even the sweet man who mops the floors! "

 Peanut G. - 11/07/2018

" Very professional and kind "

 Tigger G. - 11/06/2018

" Staff was knowledgeable and well educated; explained what was going on and care for Tigger like we would. "

 Dellin D. - 11/06/2018

" I'm very happy with 1st Pet. My dogs and cat get excellent care. I would like to see some sort of discount for regular customers who do not shop around for the least expensive veterinary care for their pets. I know that I can find a vet that is closer to my house that has less expensive fees but I like the idea of a one-stop practice for primary care and emergency care. It would be nice to receive a discount for being a loyal customer. "

 Molly F. - 11/06/2018

" It was such a different situation for me to have to bring in a dog I was dog sitting for when she got sick. You guys were so compassionate with our situation. Thank you. "

 Dottie E. - 11/06/2018

" Only thing was they told us to pick pet up at 730pm, then we waited for 1hr, 30min, until tech came with our pet. I understand that there were higher priority patients, but if they could have just updated us occasionally to when we might get our pet back, that would be nice. It's hard sitting there for that length of time and not know what's going on with our pet or when we will get to go home. "

 Tyke A. - 11/04/2018

" My visit went very good, and thanx to you my puppy is doing very good, and growing ln like a healthy puppy should be, thanks to you. "

 Lia P. - 10/31/2018

" They were outstanding. They really helped my dog and family with their payment plan. Thank you so much. "

 Ceasar B. - 10/27/2018

" the staff are phenomenal! T Dr's always are very thorough a caring . They take such good care of our dogs. I highly recommend them. Thanks 1st Pet. "

 Sophie C. - 10/27/2018

" My husband and I called three different pet hospitals that was connected to our pets plan and they couldn’t get us in for about a week. We were super worried about our dog peeing blood and wanted to get her in. Let alone we were paying a monthly payment to a pet plan somewhere else and it was disappointing we couldn’t get in. We are so greatful we were able to get into 1st pet right way. We will now be bringing our other two dogs in to set them up for wellness plans. Thank you "

 Tinkerbell S. - 10/25/2018

" Vet said she would be back with the meds and we had one more question we didn’t get to ask because she didn’t come back- she sent the tech back with the meds. Thanks for the good emergency visit experience! "

 Ozzie R. - 10/25/2018

" Everyone was very attentive to our dog and us and the vet was very honest and very caring we really appreciated everything they did for our lil guy. "

 Bella R. - 10/25/2018

" The staff was extremely welcoming. They made me and my puppy feel right at home! "

 Sprinkles H. - 10/25/2018

" The staff is so sweet and wonderful!! I came in at 1 am with my kitten and they were so helpful. They calmed my fears and put me at ease and they did a wonderful job caring for my kitten. Also, they gave us complimentary snacks which were lovely!! Love this place! "

 Hooper I. - 10/23/2018

" Lower the prices. Becoming just as expensive as regular visits to a human medical doctor without insurance. "

 Paul B. - 10/23/2018

" So incredibly thorough and caring! Wish we'd only known sooner that you all can do ct scans etc! "

 Snickers B. - 10/23/2018

" Everything went very well. Also, appreciate the care that went into the remodel of the facility. It's absolutely beautiful. Great surroundings during a bad situation really helps. "

 Dinky O. - 10/19/2018

" My dog was in pain & they made sure we were seen quickly, even though it was an unscheduled emergency visit. Very responsive to the situation. Thank you! "

 Ava V. - 10/17/2018

" I was very impressed with my entire experience at 1st Pet! My dog had been hit by a car, and my vet was open but no doctors were available to see her. So we brought her to 1st Pet. Everyone was kind and caring and did their best to give her prompt treatment, even with other more critical cases they were also managing. If I lived closer, I would probably change vets and bring all my pets here! "

 Luna J. - 10/16/2018

" Faster Service shorter wait time "

 Bandit L. - 10/16/2018

" Nothing coukd have been better. Best staff ever at a vet. "

 Dinky M. - 10/16/2018

" Excellent care! However, extreme costs make it difficult to continue to be pet owners these days. Cost of emergency/overnight was more than my own recent Emergency Room visit and overnight at the Hospital. "

 Shaggy J. - 10/14/2018

" Have more doctors available on weekends for emergencies. We waited 3.5hrs to be seen on a Sunday afternoon. "

 Willow G. - 10/12/2018

" I wish my normal vet treated us and our dog this good! "

 Jack C. - 10/11/2018

" I thought everyone was professional, friendly, and reassuring. "

 Gypsy B. - 10/11/2018

" Very Friendly and knowledge staff. You can tell they love animals. I do live 30 miles away, but will make them my regular vet "

 Latte W. - 10/07/2018

" The staff was very good. It was busy the wait was long. The prices were very expensive. "

 Smokey G. - 10/06/2018

" Nice office, clean & spacious rooms, kept us up to date on where our kitty was & what was going on. "

 Mina S. - 10/06/2018

" There is nothing that could have been done to make my visit better. I was extremely happy with the service, help and compassion I received at 1st Pet. My car means the world to me and they took great care of her. If I ever need care for either of my cats again, I wouldn't even consider going anywhere else! "

 Tiger C. - 10/02/2018

" Calling me when the blood test results were in. I had to call and wait for someone to call me back. Other than that, the stressful situation was made better by the calm, friendly staff. "

 Bear C. - 09/28/2018

" Very good experience, office is beautiful, staff was excellent, but very pricey. "

 Bella M. - 09/26/2018

" Everything went very well from the moment we arrived to our departure with a much relieved attitude about our dog's health. "

 Sedona D. - 09/25/2018

" Staff was very helpful. WOuld have been nice to just have seen him when he was in the back. I will always come back. "

 Winny Z. - 09/25/2018

" Very caring and professional. "

 Jabba W. - 09/20/2018

" Nothing "

 Phoenix R. - 09/20/2018

" The attention and care you all showed Phoenix! �� Thank you!!! "

 Caramel G. - 09/18/2018

" Nothing! Everything was excellent. They took us as soon as we came in. The vet took her time with us and answered all our questions. We couldn't have been more pleased! Our little Caramel was back on his feet in no time. "

 Lola G. - 09/18/2018

" I loved the staff. It’s a beautiful very clean facility. I was so impressed and appreciative for everyone’s great support. "

 Grizzly L. - 09/13/2018

" The entire staff at 1st Pet Vet were extremely friendly and courteous towards both my wife and I and our Cocker Spaniel. This was our first visit to 1st Pet Vet and we definitely have found our veterinary for all future pet care. They are fantastic! "

 Gracie R. - 09/13/2018

" I appreciated the staff letting me sit quietly with my dog while I made a decision. They didn’t rush me. "

 Zoe L. - 09/11/2018

" Having more than 1 vet available. The vet was in surgery when we arrived; we waited approximately 45 minutes to an hour; during that time, the tech was very good, but when your pet has been hurt bad enough to be taken to ER care at 2am, most owners are really anxious to receive personal care. "

 Kc P. - 09/11/2018

" Staff was friendly and helpful as always. Dr. explained what he was doing and why and explained our choices of care very well. Thumbs up! Thank you 1st Pet. "

 Tanner L. - 09/08/2018

" A better explanation of what may have caused my pets problem and what should be done to prevent another occurrence. "

 Pelli E. - 09/08/2018

" Calmed my stress about my pet that I love so much and helped both Pelli and Koko feel so much better. "

 Bently S. - 09/06/2018

" Nothing, you guys saved me dogs life! Thank you "

 Ray E. - 09/06/2018

" Kindness to us, consideration of the circumstances. We FOUND HIS FAMILY! and they were reunited on Sunday. He was stolen from their yard the week before, days before he showed up in our neighborhood. They live in Mesa. His name is Ossy. You can put that next to Ray! which is what we named him. I have brought may strays, dying and sick animals to you. Each time you are sensitive and kind. This was no exception. Thank you so much for your help, your expertise, and your kindness. Thank you for being considerate of our bank account. The family paid me half and I am hoping for reimbursement of the other half in 2 weeks. "

 Macy M. - 09/02/2018

" Excellent staff, outstanding service! "

 Buster R. - 08/29/2018

" Great fast friendly service. "

 Peanut A. - 08/29/2018

" Nothing, you are excellent! "

 Lacey B. - 08/29/2018

" The care and concern shown by the staff is incredible. Coming in as an emergency is always so stressful, but the professionalism and treatment from 1st Pet is just outstanding. You keep me up to date and treated my little blind Lacey with such compassion and love. "

 Sandy C. - 08/29/2018

" Great and thorough care, and of course the human goodie basket. Great touch. "

 Tucker M. - 08/29/2018

" My dog is still suffering from bloody diarrhea 5 days later, so the recommended treatment didn't work. I don't know what could have been done better, but that is the reason that I am not completely satisfied and I have made an appointment with my regular vet to explore the issue further. "

 Charles L. - 08/28/2018

" Long time in waiting room "

 Fabian S. - 08/25/2018

" We got into a room right away. The staff were fantastic with respect to treatment options and cost transparency. We appreciated it! "

 Coco W. - 08/21/2018

" Nothing I had a great experience with all the people that work there I’ve already recommended 1st pet to friends.thanks for taking care of coco �� "

 Kumatora K. - 08/21/2018

" Communication was excellent. The entire staff was very professional and pleasant. "

 Bianchi K. - 08/21/2018

" Dr. M. was very gentle with our cat while she examined her thoroughly, listening to heart and lungs for a long time. Since there's no immediate threat to her health, she gave us treatment options to start, in case the causes of her recent behavior might be psychological, with recommendations for further testing if that doesn't solve it, . "

 Snoopy2 J. - 08/14/2018

" I felt well served, even though I spent a lot of money and Snoopy's diagnosis was uncertain. Various causes were ruled out. He is taking prescribed medicine and seems to be improving. Latest stool lighter in color and not watery. Both vets I dealt with were very informative and kind. Thank you! "

 Snickers B. - 08/14/2018

" Have the physician to communicate directly to client the discharge instructions instead of having the technicians to communicate them "

 Rango S. - 08/14/2018

" Nothing. It was the best I could hope for. Everyone on your staff was great ! Especially the young man working at the front desk. He was so friendly and helpful. Thank you for making a difficult situation that much easier to deal with. "

 Bootsie T. - 08/14/2018

" I appreciate how everyone treated Bootsie so lovingly and gently, it was clear the staff prioritized her comfort over getting things done quickly. Helped me stay calm, too! "

 Vixen B. - 08/12/2018

" The staff took excellent care of our dog during her emergency visit. "

 Cricket L. - 08/11/2018

" I had a great experience here. Everyone was friendly and you could tell they all had a passion for animals. They are not just out to get as much money out of you as possible. The front desk lady that admitted us went out of her way to save us some $$. The nurse was great, she knew how to get our kitty to feel as safe and comfortable as possible in a strange place. Dr. Marquis was awesome as well. She gave us options and wasn't the typical pushy vet. She radiates the love and fire she has for her work. "

 Jan C. - 08/11/2018

" The wait time was reasonable, all of the staff went above and beyond in their friendliness and concern and the doctor worked to ensure she minimized our cost without compromising care. "

 Chase T. - 08/10/2018

" I got right into an exam room and the wait was very short. Everyone treated me and my little beagle with kindness and respect. Great experience during a stressful situation! "

 Coco O. - 08/10/2018

" They were simply amazing!!!! "

 Sophie G. - 08/07/2018

" Speedy service. Smooth process from start to finish. "

 Molly R. - 08/07/2018

" They attended to our pets immediate needs when she had a seizure in the office. They listened to what we wanted done and did not want done and did not try to persuade us otherwise. They answered all our questions even when we called back to clarify medication questions. Good service. "

 Owen B. - 08/07/2018

" My dog recieved an injection for fluid that create a mass. They explained what it was and that it wasnt anything to worry. What they coild have explained was that the fluid would move around since it staryes on his back and a caoiple hours later it was on his chest. It worried me since it was the first time i have ever seen this. "

 Jasper J. - 08/07/2018

" Rreduce wait time - we were there and hour before seeing the vet. Otherwise staff is very professional and compassionate - one of the best vets we have been to! Very friendly and caring to our dog! "

 Boots S. - 08/07/2018

" We got through everything really fast..we paid and were given the discharge papers...but then had to sit over an hour for the meds. They were busy and we did understand. Overall it was a great experience and would certainly go back again. And the place is very clean and visually beautiful. Our puppies actually watched the fish !!! "

 Herschel B. - 08/07/2018

" We own a pitbull and she snapped at our new puppy. We brought the puppy in to check him out. The front staff was great and so were the techs. However we felt like the vet was “anti-pitbull” and made her opinion very clear. If we come back to this location we will be asking for another vet. "

 Tiggy G. - 08/06/2018

" Nothing. Great experience all around "

 Georgie S. - 08/02/2018

" Doctor gave my dog a clean bill of health and really eased my fears that something was wrong. He is doing well and no further issues. "

 Desmond E. - 07/31/2018

" Dr. Kirkhope was extremely knowledgeable and took his time to give my dog the proper diagnosis. I really appreciated this.The vet tech (Kelsey, I think) was amazing with my dog, when she spoke he listened. The gentleman who processed my payment was very helpful when I needed to put my heavily sedated dog in the car. I wish I had a little extra time to give my dog a chance to wake up before leaving the room, but understand other patients need the room. Thank you so much for being so kind and helpful in making my dog feel better. "

 Baxter W. - 07/31/2018

" Doctor seemed a little put off ish. When you tell a client their dog has cancer of any kind, giving them a hand out sheet and being evasive about questions is not the best bedside manner. "

 Indigo S. - 07/31/2018

" Everyone was so nice and caring. We came in for an emergency visit for our puppy. The vet knew exactly what was wrong right away and didn’t run a bunch of unnecessary tests. She was great! Thank you for all your help. "

 Judy M. - 07/31/2018

" Could not have asked for better care for Judy. "

 Daisy C. - 07/28/2018

" I was immediately shown into a room when arrived even though they said it was going to be an hour. This helped a lot with my cats anxiety about being there because she did not have to stay in her crate. I was given drinks and snacks while we waited and people would come in just to say hi to cat. Everyone was very friendly but I wish I could have gotten more information on everything my cat could have been sick with and what to try without a $250 xray on top of a $110 exam fee. We didn't give her any medication and just kept an eye on her and she just had a cold - the doctor said she probably had asthma or was nauseous. But going in helped with my anxiety about how sick she was because I was scared she had a fever and it was worse than it was and everyone was very caring and friendly. "

 Moose B. - 07/28/2018

" !st Pet has always taken great care of our aging Pups. They are always Courteous and professional. I can't think of anywhere else I would take them . "

 Mia R. - 07/28/2018

" How fast you helped my puppy! "

 Yoshi R. - 07/28/2018

" I use this office for my pets primary care. I have had to bring my pets in on an emergency a few times. I feel if you use the facility as your primary pet care there should be a discount given for the emergency room visit charge. I feel it would be the right thing to do for loyal pet owners. I have 3 dogs I bring regularly there. "

 Breeze L. - 07/27/2018

" The staff there was amazing. We got right in and they saw my pup within 5 minutes of arriving. They provided amazing care and compassion for my dog. They were able to watch her overnight and more than willing to take her again if needed. I can't express my appreciation in words. They are great and have huge hearts for their patients. "

 Pc P. - 07/26/2018

" I was very nervous when i took my dog in for a bee sting that he was having a reaction to. All the staff was understanding of this and took immediate and great care of my dog. We had to take him there because the local vet in maricopa would not see him. While far away i was very happy with the care my dog received. He is doing very well. I would recommend this animal hospital. Thank You soooo much to the vet and staff involved "

 Cira M. - 07/25/2018

" They are all very professional, I've been there a few times, unfortunately, but I say unfortunately only because it has cost me an arm and a leg when I'm done. That would be my one complaint, is the bill. I understand it's an emergency situation and they definitely saved one of my dog's lives before and I am REALLY grateful for it, but the bills are SUPER high, if it was just a little cheaper, it would be easier to decide to take my pet in. For example, I love my dog, but if she was in another ER situation, I probably wouldn't bring her back and let her pass. :( Sad, but true, I can't put that type of financial burden on my family again. But the staff and the doctors and the facility is top notch, I am very impressed by the place. Thank you. "

 Tess J. - 07/22/2018

" The staff was extremely friendly and took great care of our little girl. "

 Zoe A. - 07/18/2018

" The personalized customer service from everyone involved..from the time we came in the front door to the time we left was very attentive, comforting, informative and professional. Very nice and unique and very much appreciated to offer beverages and snacks as emergencies seem to happen when we should be doing other things...like having dinner! :) "

 Dashiell C. - 07/17/2018

" This is the second emergency with the second dog I have brought to this clinic. I am very pleased with the care my dog has received this time--the first time was my daughter's dog, which was also exceptional. It is a great comfort to know that our pets can get such high quality emergency surgical care. "

 Maddy C. - 07/14/2018

" The Vet and Staff were extremely kind and helpful. Providing snacks to the families is a great idea. Definitely impacted my son who was with us! The only thing I think could make a difference is the pricing on certain things. I know it's open 24, but it is pretty crazy. "

 Roxxy G. - 07/14/2018

" The DR was amazing. She took her time and explained everything. I wish the wait times were shorter. "

 Domino H. - 07/12/2018

" It was a great experience in fact human hospitals have a lot to learn from this place. If I get sick that’s where I’m going ! "

 Mia W. - 07/11/2018

" Nothing. I've been to this location several times. The thoughtfulness and professionalism I've experienced are second to none; standard bearers for the industry. I wish I could return to everybody there the same peace of mind they give to me, just knowing that they're there. Thank you. "

 Jack S. - 07/08/2018

" We were there more than 3 hrs. Everyone was great but the wait was not :) "

 Gus N. - 07/06/2018

" It is always stressful when a pet has an emergency. It is comforting to know that you are always there. Calm and caring. "

 Sadie H. - 07/05/2018

" Impressed with how quickly we were able to have Sadie seen. "

 Pinky W. - 07/01/2018

" The guardian of the pets shouldn’t be kept alone in an exam room for an hour. Let them sit with others in the waiting room "

 Miley H. - 06/30/2018

" I was very happy with how my options for diagnosis, diagnosis and future treatment options were explained. This is my go-to place. I'm thinking about switching from my local vet to 1st pet even though they are further away from home. "

 Wilbur W. - 06/27/2018

" They wisked Wilbur back the moment I arrived and started working on him. They kept me informed and were happy to let me visit during his stay. I don’t know what we would have done if not for their care. Our 11 year old pug is doing well and back to his obnoxious self. Thank you all so much!! "

 Zoey B. - 06/27/2018

" There is nothing that needed to be done differently. The minute I walked in with my pet the staff was absolutely amazing and caring. They didn’t ask financial questions, or question if I had an appointment, they immediately assessed my little angel and took her to the back and immediately cared for her. She needed up needing a procedure and it was gently expanded how the procedure would go and the cost. My baby was cared for and everything went great. My little angel is doing great. I know my puppy felt the genuine love she received from your facility. I will definitely be returning doenall my pet needs. And will tell every pet owner I know the beautiful experience my puppy received. Thank you!!! �� "

 Phoebe C. - 06/27/2018

" Dr. gave too many possible treatments/reasons for a skin condition. Kind of confusing, but overall very good experience and will recommend. "

 Rascal M. - 06/27/2018

" They do explain tests they would like to perform & cost before treating, so you know & can agree or decline. Just know this; it's gonna cost you BIG $$$! "

 Sugar S. - 06/27/2018

" I was especially pleased with the way your entire staff function.The care was very good. "

 Mahton P. - 06/27/2018

" Made sure to check on my pet and I, even when we were waiting for the Doctor was nice "

 Bo K. - 06/27/2018

" Quick, competent and friendly. Thank you! Bo is feeling much better! "

 Cinder R. - 06/27/2018

" Unbelievably awesome! Got there around 9:45pm-and went straight into exam room. Visit went so quick! Everyone was so nice and professional. Was home before 11pm! No pressure for tons of testing that I feel other vets do. Very impressed! "

 Demitrie W. - 06/27/2018

" This one of the first times that something as little is letting my little my run around on the floor was something I appreciated. He's a large cat and everyone was careful and loving with him, it was a pleasant experience and I appreciated that there was no judgement in the fact that I was on the floor with him to keep him company. "

 Sadie K. - 06/21/2018

" This is an excellent place to take your pet in case of an emergency. They were fast and friendly. They helped us feel better about our furbaby and her illness. "

 Cheyenne V. - 06/20/2018

" Yeah "

 Bailey R. - 06/20/2018

" It’s a beautiful clean place, with state of the art offices. It took hours for the doctor to see my Havanese dog fir an eye injury. I had explained I had severe allergies to dog dander. I had showed them the red itchy splotches and I also had an asthma attack. I realize everyone there had pets in serious conditions also but, I was also concerned for my health too. I didn’t have an epinephrine pen in case of an anaphylactic reaction. The following day I took my dog to my vet an the day after that. She had an ulcerative condition over her cornea and a cloudy covering ovner her eye. She could not tolerate the oral meds and could not even sip water. I have an appointment Thursday with an ophthalmologist to perform a procedure and remove the cloudy film above mention. "

 Buddy R. - 06/19/2018

" The technician forgot to give me my dogs pain medication. I was supposed to be given 3 meds and he forgot to give me the most important for my dogs comfort "

 Coco S. - 06/19/2018

" Everything was handled very well you made sure that Cocoa was taken care of and worked hard not to over stress him or us. "

 Jinx Z. - 06/19/2018

" Everyone is so caring and take such good care of our babies! "

 Layla C. - 06/19/2018

" Just so friendly.....its very stressful when you have hurt or in pain animal. They just did everything right.... "

 Rocky H. - 06/15/2018

" We are happy that you’re open 24 hours and have inpatient care. Your staff is very responsive to our pet and answered our question. You gave us a piece of mind when you told us that you could watch Rocky overnight. We are able to sleep that night because we know Rocky is in good hands. Thank you for being there for furry kid and us. Thank you Dr Goldman and team! "

 Bee C. - 06/13/2018

" I really appreciated not being pressured to do expensive tests. My cat is back to normal without them and I'm much more likely to return if needed knowing I won't be pressured. I really appreciate the quality of care the tech and the vet provided. "

 Coco S. - 06/12/2018

" No improvement needed. The visit was very helpful in determining the care needed for my dog. "

 Edna G. - 06/12/2018

" My dog had x rays to see about her coughing. I was curious why I was not asked about doing any lab work To check for kennel cough and valley fever. "

 Oscar M. - 06/12/2018

" Following treatment at the clinic, Dr Goldman recommended an optomologist and made an appointment for Oscar. Very grateful. "

 Tobias S. - 06/08/2018

" It was quite a shock to pay $110.00 to hydrate my cat. I appreciated being able to return the cans of cat food I did not have to use. "

 Champ M. - 06/06/2018

" Just moved to area, my American Bulldog got injured and the staff took care of him eventhough he was a bit scared they wai6until he was calm and stitched him up. Took time to explain everything step by step prior to administering any meds . Love this place! Thank you for caring for Champ with patience and love!! "

 Skippy L. - 06/06/2018

" You guys could have charged me less than the 800 dollars for the visit and prescription. Other than that, everything was excellent. Thanks to Ann. "

 Destiny D. - 06/05/2018

" Nothing you answered all our question and were very helpful with Destiny "

 Zoey L. - 06/05/2018

" Don't push extra costs... "

 Winston V. - 06/01/2018

" Wait time once I was put in a room was pretty lengthy (about 1 hour), w/o anyone stopping in to explain delay (waiting on an X-Ray). Also Ofc visit fee ($110) is very high, especially for a non-emergency visit during normal working hours (Tues late morning). "

 Bella B. - 06/01/2018

" The staff were very professional and competent Thanks for being available for my emergency "

 Snickers G. - 05/31/2018

" Every thing is fantastic here. We brought our dog here on emergency basis over the Memorial Day Holiday. Our dog was attacked by another dog. From the moment we walked in the door we have been very happy and satisfied with his care. We are actually considering changing Vet. clinics "

 Wrigley C. - 05/30/2018

" Great and caring staff. "

 Leche H. - 05/30/2018

" Explain that food recommended for dietary restrictions was by prescription only. "

 Moose B. - 05/30/2018

" As I was freaking out about my dog they remained beer calm and very friendly and kept me at ease.. In fact I'm going to use 1st pet clinic as my new place to take my dog. "

 Kamikaze C. - 05/30/2018

" I really appreciated the compassion and understanding from the staff with regards to my cat. He is aggressive and especially does not like going to the vet, but I really appreciated that the staff and doctor listened & acknowledged to our wishes and concerns. The transperancy with regards with pricing was also appreciated. Compared to previous vet visits at other offices, it was really nice to have solid communication with everyone working at this office. Not only did we leave with full information given to us verbally, but having an information sheet with everything from medication information, what was done during the vet, and an explanation on the disease our cat was diagnosed with, etc, was exceptionally nice to have when we got home. My husband and I definitely read thru it a few times to educate ourselves and to make sure we were administering the medication correctly. I don't think I've ever received such a thorough information sheet. We also appreciate the treats and drinks that were provided to us. It was a last minute decision to come to the vet office and we hadn't even eaten yet for the day. I felt the pricing overall was fair. Naturally, a vet visit on non-office hours cost more, but we couldn't wait till the next day to see a vet. Thanks again for the above and beyond care! "

 Tank O. - 05/24/2018

" Nothing to improve upon as the service and experience were great during this stressful situation. The snacks and beverages when we first got situated in our exam room were a nice touch! "

 Albie P. - 05/24/2018

" Everyone was really professional and friendly. Maybe offer pedicures and champagne while we wait :-) Joking. I went in without an appointment after 9pm at night. I was stressed and worried about my pup. I was seen quickly and Albie was ready to go home without any delay. I got good advice and couldn’t ask for more "

 Hector H. - 05/24/2018

" All of our concerns and questions were answered promptly and with a great deal of compassion. We left feeling confident we had a proper diagnoses and treatment plan. We had a wonderful overall experience. The staff is very caring. "

 Rollo U. - 05/23/2018

" Thank you so much for taking such good care of our boy! "

 Boris D. - 05/22/2018

" The most important thing is little Boris is feeling much better!!! "

 Isis D. - 05/22/2018

" Everyone was VERY caring and kind. The whole experience was fantastic. "

 Abby W. - 05/22/2018

" I loved the staff and attentive service. I expected to wait, since it is an emergency facility. I didn’t expect the snacks, which was very nice considering people can’t always plan their visit. I was nervous about using a veterinary hospital, since we primarily use a mobile veterinarian; however the experience was very pleasant. I would definitely recommend them and use this facility again, if needed. "

 Prince B. - 05/16/2018

" My puppy is doing so much better now. Thanks to the staff/tech/doctor for their honesty and for the care they provided for my puppy. "

 Abby B. - 05/16/2018

" From the moment I walked in to the moment I left with my dog, the staff was very courteous, thorough and professional. I was highly impressed!! "

 Daisy C. - 05/16/2018

" Having a sick/injured pet is very stressful. The staff made our pets we comfortable and our questions were answered. It was a great experience "

 Harley I. - 05/16/2018

" They could tell how worried I was and triple checked my pup without me even asking before we left. Everyone was amazing! "

 Shady B. - 05/13/2018

" Very comforting staff and doctor. "

 Levi M. - 05/10/2018

" Again from the minute Levi and I walked in the room until the end of our visit the care was great. Dr Barnard explained every detail and and answered all my questions. Levi is under wonderful care here "

 Pebbles G. - 05/10/2018

" Staff and Vet gave us ongoing updates and that was much appreciated under the circumstances. We had an excellent experience and I will refer 1st Pet to anyone I can! "

 Hazel C. - 05/09/2018

" The care and compassion Dr. M relayed in her communication and time spent was beyond appreciated and much needed given the toughness of why we were there. "

 Kaylee M. - 05/08/2018

" I loved the fact that when I first arrived the receptionist called a technician over to asses my dog and she immediately said she was going to take her and give her some pain meds until she could be assessed by the dr. When the dr came in and advised of her status, only thing I wish was given is options or a better understanding. I asked about an alternative and that information was given. The dr did say the first recommendation was best. I loved the follow up care the dr provides before and after the surgery "

 Simon C. - 05/08/2018

" I was very impressed with the professionalism of the entire staff. My puppy is only 9mos old and I came in very worried and I had to leave him overnight but did feel he would be taken care of and they assured me I could call any time to check his status. When I did call they gave me full details of his status Thanks to all the staff involved "

 Belle M. - 05/08/2018

" I am a first time �� owner, Belle survived her first vet visit, and so did I. "

 Luke D. - 05/05/2018

" You were very understanding and listened to me talk. "

 Rusty B. - 05/05/2018

" Very caring and thoughtful staff! "

 Boots S. - 05/03/2018

" Maybe check in every once in a while with an update as to when the doctor would see our pet. We waited a very long time because of emergencies and we didn't know anything until we asked about the wait time. "

 Allie G. - 05/03/2018

" By the time I arrived to the ED, my dog was doing much better. The staff did a great job at making me feel welcome and never made me feel as though I overreacted. Thank you! "

 Lea E. - 05/01/2018

" Out of the three front office staff two were extremely nice. The other one, a female was very short and looked annoyed. Otherwise, the technicians and the Vet were extremely nice and helpful and seemed like they cared. I would go back if I ever have to but I pray I don't. "

 Gaia R. - 05/01/2018

" Everything was great. I couldn't have asked for more. "

 Bailey O. - 05/01/2018

" Like that you give folded with diagnosis & medication information. Your nervous bring in a injured pet & not always hearing everything said. "

 Bernice R. - 04/28/2018

" Concern and care from Dr. Keaner and techs. Apprenticed the phone calls from her "

 Lucky G. - 04/28/2018

" The cost of the lab work is simply too high. Discussions with other veterinary offices reflect lower rates. The doctor and the tech were excellent. The doctor's explanation of the lab work was very good as well. "

 Ringa H. - 04/26/2018

" This was our first visit to a 1st Pet Veterinary Centers and we cannot thank the caring and knowledgeable staff and veterinarians at 1st Pet enough for saving our pet life and her puppy's life too. The veterinarians at 1st Pet knew exactly what needed to be done, they quickly advised us of the procedures needed to save our pets life and provided an estimate. We were a bit apprehensive but the staff and veterinarians made us feel at home and like part of the 1st Pet family. The entire staff and veterinarians at 1st Pet are awesome and caring people. 1st Pet saved our pets life and the fee's we were billed were lower than the estimate provided. "

 Evan C. - 04/26/2018

" This vet has been an amazing experience compared to previous vets I've been to. I really appreciate the time, care and help they've given me. I really appreciate the explanations and options you give me. Often other vets will only give the most expensive, most exhaustive option for a minor ailment. I really appreciate how they treat me and my pet. Would definitely recommend to friends. "

 Violet S. - 04/24/2018

" Would have liked to know what they thought was wrong, only received medication to treat. "

 Lucky J. - 04/24/2018

" As always in matter if its a regular appointment or unfortunately an emergency appointment everyone at 1st Pet is always amazing. We are so grateful we have 1st Pet close to us in case our babies need anything. "

 Shadow H. - 04/17/2018

" Very able and compassionate staff and doctors .Everyone helped to make a very bad situation as comfortable and stress free as possible for my family and our beloved dog. Thank you. "

 Lola R. - 04/17/2018

" We could have not be happier with the service we received. The front desk quickly got us registered and placed us in an exam room where a technician did the initial assessment which was soon followed by a visit from the vet. The vet immediately diagnosed the problem with our dog and provided details on the procedure she would need along with an estimate of expenses. They performed the procedure, provided detailed info on follow-up care and medicine. The entire process was less than an hour. We have total confidence in this facility to care for our pets in the future. "

 Augie J. - 04/17/2018

" Overall a very good experience in a tense time (very sick doggie). One point to mention; I received a call the day after the initial appointment saying that another medication was ready for pick-up but did not receive a call explaining what the updated lab results showed or the reason for the meds. Not a big deal since I know to ask the right questions but perhaps a flaw in the patient communication flow. I'll be a regular in any case! "

 Shelby G. - 04/17/2018

" Dr. Stanton is an amazing pet. She takes the time to get to know our pets and remember them and us. She has always been so helpful and explains everything that we have little to no questions. "

 Samson K. - 04/10/2018

" My overall experience would have been excellent, but the wait was a little long. I imagine they only had 1 vet on duty, but she was awesome and spent a lot of time with us and our issue. This really kind of offset the wait. For emergency situations I will always come to 1st Pet. "

 Bailey W. - 04/10/2018

" Was pleased with everything. Did enjoy your goodie basket and water, but a cup of coffee would have been better to calm our concerns with Bailey. "

 Kilo B. - 04/10/2018

" The staff was friendly and extremely helpful. You seemed to truly care about doing what was best for my puppy and I'm grateful for that. Kilo is doing much better thanks to your care. Thank you! "

 Scrappy H. - 04/10/2018

" Let me see Scrappy before I left. :) "

 Layla J. - 04/06/2018

" When lAyla was seizing Heather met me outside to get her and both Dr.’s allowed me to see Layla in back when she couldn’t walk and space was clear "

 Bono P. - 04/06/2018

" An emergency vet visit is a stressful experience and there's often times a chance things will not go well in terms of leaving with our beloved pet. However, the hospital and the people are professional and committed to their job, that's obvious. I appreciate that. I don't always expect or anticipate the best bedside manner , nor do I necessarily need that, when the issue is the health and safety of my pet. However, everyone was very kind and in spite of the focus on my puppy's health and saving his life, they still managed to share kind words, explain what they were doing and show compassion. "

 Ellie D. - 03/30/2018

" I won’t go anywhere else all of the staff are awesome people and genuinely cared for my dog Ellie and myself. Thank you for everything. "

 Layla P. - 03/30/2018

" First time as a pet owner, wasn’t sure want to do. Staff walked me through the process. My dog fully recovered from having her hematoma drained. Thanks you for taking great care of my babygirl. "

 Lexi P. - 03/24/2018

" Overall it was a great 1st visit. The entire team was friendly and let me know what to expect with wait times and treatment of my Lexi. I’d refer anyone I know to this vet office. "

 Sadie B. - 03/24/2018

" Not a thing. Everything was perfect. Best experience I have ever had at a Veterinary Center, Staff was very caring, I had no concerns about leaving my pet, I knew she would be well cared for. "

 Bailey K. - 03/24/2018

" The Care and customer service were excellent. I could not have asked for more friendly and concerned attitudes from the staff. I would highly recommend 1st Pet and will be back for my pet needs. "

 Astro H. - 03/20/2018

" When I went on Saturday the Vet didn't tell me that the test she took wouldn't get results for 3 to 5 business days. I only had the test done because she said that it would help the surgeon on how to proceed. (Thought the surgery would be on Monday). I felt that being there for 3 hours was too long due to always waiting for paper work, etc. The good news is that the surgeon we saw on Monday was very good & we appreciated it that he suggested not to do the surgery & why. Also, I appreciated it that the management gave us credit on the Saturday bill for my husband being a retired military veteran. Everyone was very good with my dog. "

 Nicki K. - 03/13/2018

" I arrived at 4:30 in the morning. As soon as I arrived and told the receptionist about the problem with my dog, she immediately remembered my call earlier that morning. I was impressed with the quality of the examination room and the staff who helped us. My dog was diagnosed and the treatment plan was put into place very quickly. In less than an hour we were on our way home. I asked for a follow up phone call the next day which I received mid morning, and again was impressed with the kindness and attention that was given to me. I feel very fortunate to have a first class clinic within a reasonable distance from my home. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone who asks. "

 Zeke V. - 03/13/2018

" Staff was amazing, loved the doctor she was amazing and all were empathetic. "

 Bailey N. - 03/13/2018

" I appreciated that they saw my pet right away and that they facility was very nice. It was very expensive. It cost me almost $400 and the. When I returned to pick up my pet after I had already paid they tried to charge me $99 more for more sedation. I told them no, that the doctor had told me that I would not be charged for extra sedation. They ended up taking the charge off but I feel that the charges were excessive. It’s hard though when you don’t have another option since you need your pets wound treated. "

 Ishy S. - 03/13/2018

" My first visit was an emergency room visit on a Sunday morning -- my cat was triaged and found to be stable, so we had a long (4hour) wait in the emergency suite, which, to be fair, we expected. However, the suite was very pleasant; water and snacks were available, the suite was cheerful, although a little chilly for me, and a tech checked on us periodically. I am afraid I am a little bit of a "helicopter parent" who was very frightened and worried for her "baby", so I kept asking for updates as to when a doctor would see her. The staff did check for me and honestly, tests were done and the doctor was very compassionate. Dr. Wachtel was great. We are still waiting for test results, but I was so pleased with the level of care, we are going to use 1st Pet as our primary vet. "

 Indy A. - 03/13/2018

" The technicians and veterinarian were very accommodating of our situation--we had 4 dogs with us!! They even brought us a snack and water basket in case we needed a boost. We came in without an appointment and I had to be somewhere in an hour--they helped us so fast I was able to make my other appt! The office was beautiful and very comfortable and clean. Thank you for helping us on what could have been a very stressful day. You made everything easy, and even helped me figure out the most cost-effective way to treat my pet. I've already recommended your office to several of my friends and family members because of our great experience. Some of the friends I spoke with had used you in the past--when I mentioned you, their eyes lit up and they shared how they also had a great experience with you! Thanks for all you do. "

 Ginger B. - 03/10/2018

" It's nice to know we can count on the crew at 1stPet to be there after hours when we need them. Everyone was very friendly and professional. Our dog gets very nervous at the vet, and they went out of the way to make her feel more comfortable. And best of all, she is feeling much better with the medication prescribed. I would recommend this vet and we take both our dog and cat here. "

 Kona J. - 03/08/2018

" Thank you so much for dealing with me and my hysterics and taking such good care of my dog. And for the helpful post-appointment phone calls. Thank you. "

 Winnie R. - 03/06/2018

" The whole experience was great for us! Every one was very friendly and the Vet was very thorough. Our dog received excellent care and we are thankful! We highly recommend 1st pet! "

 Sadie M. - 03/06/2018

" Staff and Doctor showed sincere concern for our dog . Gave us a plan for treatment. This is a very professional clinic. "

 Maui H. - 03/04/2018

" All staff members were very responsive, kept us updated throughout the day and took great care of our little dog. "

 Miles N. - 03/01/2018

" Miles is doing fine. Thanks for caring for him. Dan Nohr "

 Panda C. - 02/27/2018

" The kind, gentle service and care Panda, myself and my aide received was far beyond expectations. Best ER visit possible at 3 am with a poisoned dog. He's back to his perky, happy puppy-like self! Thank you once again. Please say hello to our favorite vet, Dr. Joyner, and sweet Mary at the front desk. "

 Petey S. - 02/27/2018

" Nothing! The staff was wonderful and took very good care of my precious puppy! "

 Zoey B. - 02/20/2018

" Nothing ! I am always pleased when I go to 1st vet everyone is great! I foster sick pups and also have older dogs so I end up at 1st vet often. I tell everyone that this is the place to go. if you were closer I would use you as my regular vet also! "

 Sam H. - 02/20/2018

" The emergency doctor indicated gingivitis and I saw NO evidence of that. I am a graduate Veterinary Nurse - VHUP - taught veterinary nursing, was the assistant director of a startup Veterinary Nursing Program in PA. I am retired because of disability. The nurses and office staff were wonderfully pleasant and helpful. "

 Harry K. - 02/20/2018

" The vet listened to my concerns and addressed them very well.just wish there was more answers to my cats problem "

 Paws S. - 02/20/2018

" Everyone was extremely kind and attentive, the dr. explained everything to us & went over all the test results as well as referrals to specialists. "

 Suzy S. - 02/17/2018

" Very professional. I get updates on the progress of the treatment. 24/7 availability. Took care of my pet with lots of love. Thank you for everything. "

 Tortilla P. - 02/15/2018

" My only issue was that I would've appreciated an update on timing while I waited for the doctor - I was told it would be a couple minutes, but it took about an hour. I don't mind how long it took, but an update would've been appreciated. Otherwise, I was very happy with the service provided. "

 Molly S. - 02/13/2018

" Very good experience. Thanks. "

 Little M. - 02/10/2018

" I came in crying with my baby kitten in reak bad shape. He had been neutered a week before I had to rush him in. He was declining rapidly. He lost a lb in a few days, his fur falling out, wouldn't eat, would drink, a fever, severely dehydrated. I had done everything I knew to do. I was told by the clinic he had surgery at that this was somewhat of a normal reaction from surgery. I knew better. I couldn't let him be in pain. When I rushed in the ladies at the front took me straight to a room. Immediately brought in a tech to make sure he qould be ok until the Dr. Could come treat him. I was then offered a nice little "comfort" basket and was advised we were in good hands not to worry. They determined my furbaby had a really bad infection. He was given an anti nausea shot, along with pain meds, antibiotics. They took amazing care of us both. Thank you for prompt caring service. "

 Gracie K. - 02/10/2018

" After our puppy had a severe reaction to a vaccine, we found your facility online. The vet tech/triage was available as soon as we walked in and, while not a vet, was able to anticipate our pet's immediate needs and the provide us with estimated costs (initial exam and probable injections) as she was walking Gracie to the back to be examined since her situation was time critical. We appreciated the separate room in which to wait and the fact that our puppy was taken back right away. The cost of services were about what I expected for an emergency vet. All costs for procedures and care were presented prior to any treatment. The facility was very clean and new with little extras to make a scary situation a little easier. For example my 12 year old son appreciated the snack basket and drinks and real Kleenex versus "sandpaper" tissue. Our pet was stabilized within a couple hours and we were given the option to take her home or keep her at the hospital over night. Although we chose to take her home, it was nice to know that 1st Vet was close by if needed again. "

 Luna K. - 02/08/2018

" Out beloved pet was having difficulty breathing and was brought in on an emergency situation in the middle of the night. Kayla, at the front desk took her back immediately so that treatment could begin. She's was excellent and recognized my phone number and called me by name when I called in to check on progress. Both vets were wonderful; they explained treatment options, costs, and answered all our questions patiently. I would recommend this clinic to anyone who needs emergency care for their pet. "

 Kona W. - 02/07/2018

" All staff was super friendly and helpful! They were very sensitive to our concerns about our dog! They got our dog's exam, x-rays, and results done quickly and thoroughly. The biggest concern was our dog, which they took great care of! However, the snack basket and water for us were super sweet...especially when there in the middle of the night! Best experience we could have in an emergency situation! "

 Mopsy K. - 01/31/2018

" I loved the fact that we were greeted right away and taken back right away. Everyone was nice, helpful and the place was very clean. "

 Roofus C. - 01/30/2018

" Everything was explained well, the staff and vet was very caring and also understanding of my concerns despite my fear. I was impressed and if I needed to use an emergency vet again, I would visit your office again. Thank you so much for taking care of my puppy and not making me feel silly for being upset. "

 Lolly K. - 01/30/2018

" The wait was very long. Maybe only one Dr on duty "

 Fortesque L. - 01/30/2018

" I would not recommend changing anything. Everyone from the front desk staff to the vet were helpful, friendly, and compassionate to our situation. No unnecessary tests were recommended, so his successful treatment did not break the bank. Fortesque's issue was addressed immediately and he left in a stylish bandanna. Thank you for taking such great care of our boy! "

 Sasha P. - 01/30/2018

" I was. Nervous, I will admit. My usual vet couldn’t get my dog in and recommended we go to an emergency clinic as she had a cut. I asked a friend in Tucson who is a vet tech who she recommended I take her to and you were the first people she said. my visit from start to finish was amazing. The people you have working there are patient and kind, and you don’t always find that. I will definitely recommend you to anybody who needs emergency vet care. "

 Lily W. - 01/23/2018

" Not only did we select excellent for everything but the facility is immaculate and attractive. The complimentary individually packaged human snacks are very thoughtful. "

 Gage C. - 01/23/2018

" NA "

 Alvin J. - 01/20/2018

" Nothing...everyone was so helpful & caring "

 Mocha B. - 01/12/2018

" Our puppy survived her ibuprofen overdose. We are very grateful. When the doctor spoke to us she used a lot of technical words. We were a bit overwhelmed and later did not fully understand specific words. We did not fully understand what mendating sp? meant, we think it meant her ability to move around or her body's ability to process the toxin. Dumbing that down a bit would be really helpful. Her interaction with our puppy was excellent, the staff immediately took her to the back to work on saving her life. At discharge we were told the price of having blood work completed there at the clinic. $183/$185. We were not informed about the vet visit price of $55. Therefore we believed the full price was the blood work price. Please share the full price details with the pet parents, it's never good to give misleading information. I would have immediately made a follow up appointment with my vet had it not sounded like you all were cheaper. We wanted to follow through on your recommendations. Although not providing full details of the follow up blood test, along with the full disclosure of price nearly delayed her follow up blood test. By making these simple adjustments you would receive excellent across the board from us. We are incredibly grateful to have our little one alive and on the mend. We thank each of you for your help in getting her better. "

 Khloe S. - 01/09/2018

" Everyone was very kind and made me feel like everything was okay, which it was. "

 Nannabannanna R. - 01/05/2018

" One thing that went particularly well was the technician and physician doing everything they could to provide the best possible medications at the most affordable price. Also, all staff does an exceptional job at keeping the pet parents calm and comfortable when we're experiencing perhaps a traumatic or stressful situation with our pet. Great job 1st Pet. You'll always be my first choice for acute care. "

 Tabitha M. - 01/05/2018

" There was a very long wait, but I am so glad to have a 24hr/ 365 day/year clinic to go to, so the wait is understandable especially since it was a holiday and would not be able to get an appointment with my regular vet. A 3 hour wait is definitely preferable to an overnight wait when you have a sick critter. Thank you for being there! "

 Baby B. - 01/05/2018

" I really liked the communication and that they kept checking in. "

 Chito A. - 01/05/2018

" Thank you for saving my puppy pug!!!! "

 Ellie M. - 12/13/2017

" The doctor could have been more sensitive to the situation and not handle the pet roughly. "

 Lexie B. - 10/06/2017

" The experience at 1st Pet Vet was wonderful, given the situation of being there was not. From the moment I brought Lexie (my dachshund) there, from the time of assessment, to the end when we said goodbye to my best friend, everyone at 1st Pet was kind, loving, helpful, and caring. Their attentiveness to not just Lexie, but to me and my family, made the transition as comforting as it could be. It allowed us to say goodbye to Lexie, without feeling rushed, confused, or inundated with information during our goodbyes. Although I left 1st Pet alone, without my fur baby, I felt at peace knowing I was able to take my time to say goodbye, and that Lexie was given the best care she could have been given during the time she was there. Thank you so much for allowing me to take all the time I needed with her and for being so compassionate. I can't say enough about my experience during this time, and my gratitude towards all of the staff at 1st Pet Vet. Thank you! "

 Odinani O. - 10/05/2017

" I felt comfortable with the doctor and all the staff and I particularly appreciated the snack bowl because I was seriously beat that day already on top of having to deal with my pet's injury. The doctor seems knowledgeable and explained to me exactly what needed to be done and what options I had within my budget without trying to upsell me. I felt very comfortable and will definitely return. "

 Freya C. - 10/04/2017

" The facility was very nice, clean and professional and everyone took great care of my pup for her overnight observation, making me feel reassured that she was in good hands. "

 Isabella M. - 09/28/2017

" I was in and out very quickly which was nice because my little girl was in pain. Wasn't happy with the cost but who is. Just glad she was taken care of promptly. "

 Bear R. - 09/27/2017

" I had to take my dog twice in one day and both times they were extremely nice and cared about the health of my dog. "

 Boone K. - 09/27/2017

" Nothing, a very good experience. I felt they really cared about my dog and his health. "

 Beans B. - 09/24/2017

" 1st Pet was fast, extremely clean and efficient! We would highly recommend 1st Pet to every pet owner we know! "

 Marley O. - 09/24/2017

" Nothing. I had an excellent experience. You never want to be in the emergency room with your pet but 1st Pet and their staff makes it as easy and stress free as it can be. "

 Vidia G. - 09/21/2017

" Emergency pet visits are no fun (obviously) but they made it calm and comfortable for both the pet parents and the pet. Good job and thank you for taking care of us! "

 Roxy M. - 09/19/2017

" N/a "

 Dojo T. - 09/13/2017

" Was a breeze ! "

 Katarina G. - 09/12/2017

" Being a Sunday afternoon, we had to wait a long time. Although there were two vets on duty, there were 2 emergency surgeries ongoing. Other than that, Dr Hanna W and the techs treated us very well. Everything was explained thoroughly and all questions were answered. By the way, the human treat baskets are a fabulous idea. We appreciated the munchies since we hadn't eaten. "

 Honey H. - 09/10/2017

" This was my first visit to 1st Pet. Can't tell you how comfortable and safe you made me feel about my dogs care. Not only by caring staff but the doctor too. She also understood while I care deeply about my dog that money was also an issue. She didn't make me feel guilty for not choosing to go the full recommendation. She talked to me with respect about alternative care choices. Whereas in past experiences (other places) I was made to feel guilty and if I didn't care for my pet. Thank you for taking such care of my Honey and making me feel that my choice, although not the most expensive, was still a caring and loving choice. "

 Cheyenne M. - 09/08/2017

" All of the staff, evening and morning, was very professional, friendly, knowlegable and truly willing to do anything that was necessary. The estimate was well itemized and the bill came in below the estimate. Our dog had a rapid recovery and received better care than at our local vet. Thank you, John and Joyce M. "

 Sweetpea L. - 09/07/2017

" Everyone was very helpful, informative, caring and answered my questions. The facility is very clean and comfortable. "

 Oliver J. - 09/06/2017

" The Vet was so amazing!! She truly cares for the animals that she sees. Thank you so much for making a stressful situation so great! "

 Sockie S. - 09/06/2017

" Office staff was very nice, there was a three hour wait for dr because two emergency came it at the same time. We are coming back this week "

 Darwin H. - 09/06/2017

" We appreciated the thoughtfulness of the staff and their attention to our needs during a stressful time. Everyone was kind and I have to say we were treated better than any human hospital. "

 Kc P. - 08/31/2017

" Appt went well. Had to use the Emergency services because there weren't any regular appts and everything was quick and my dog was well taken care of. "

 Arnold H. - 08/30/2017

" Love the calm atmosphere! We were seen very quickly and the doctor listened to our concerns and offered options that meet our needs and did I not push expensive or unnecessary procedures. "

 Orion D. - 08/30/2017

" Explained what you wanted to do or my options more clearly. "

 Sushi B. - 08/30/2017

" Would appreciate getting an update on the wait time when something else in the clinic changes. We had been advised we'd wait 10-15 minutes for the results of blood work and it was well over an hour before anyone came back into the room to see us. I understand and appreciate that there is triage involved in pet treatment at an emergency vet, just keep us posted when there is a major change on your time estimate like this. Thank you! "

 Lil T. - 08/29/2017

" The service was friendly and immediate. The facility was clean and pleasant. The vet tech excelled in her ability and professionalism. The tech handled everything so well that the whole pain of our pet was helped immediately. "

 Glory M. - 08/29/2017

" Everything was great. And I didn't even have to wait, late on a Friday afternoon. You were recommended to me by a friend, and I'm glad I took her advice. "

 Skeeterbob E. - 08/29/2017

" The whole experience went very smoothly with our Chihuahua, Skeeter-Bob, and his scorpion bite. We took him home comforted that he would be alright. The staff was great. "

 Henry R. - 08/29/2017

" You could not have made the experience any better. I have never been treated so wonderfully by any vetrinary doctor in my entire life. I've had cats all my life I'm 55 years old and I cannot believe how lucky I got when I dialed your number and went in with my cat Henry. You all were so nice empathetic, professional and you answered all my questions without making me feel like I was an idiot. You took me seriously, you listened to me, and you were not condescending as most of the veterinarians that I've run into have been. Your facility is excellent it didn't smell like urine or some other unknown smell. it was pleasant smelling, with a very open setting, and your staff was absolutely wonderful. I plan on telling everybody that I know with Pets to give you guys a try. Absolutely amazing all the way around in every single category. Thank you so much for making a very scary time less scary and for all of the information you provided me and just thank you from the bottom of my heart. Becky Roberts "

 Spike J. - 08/29/2017

" Explain, and listened to my concerns "

 Tucker H. - 08/29/2017

" I expected them to be able to do more diagnostic work such as ultrasound, MRI, etc. "

 Yuki B. - 08/26/2017

" great over- all experience "

 Fiona P. - 08/24/2017

" Your staff is excellent. Everyone is very caring and professional. "

 Phoebe G. - 08/23/2017

" Everyone was really great and listened to our concerns. We came in the middle of the night so we were nervous and the staff as well as Dr. Butler were very friendly and kind, as well as knowledgeable and understanding. "

 Jackson O. - 08/23/2017

" I was very well pleased with the excellent customer service and the kindness and warmth of all the staff. It was very welcoming and soothing for not only my daughter and I, but my husband as well. We loved seeing how caring towards our furry family member everyone was, and how supportive everyone was to us as well. We instantly knew Jackson was in good hands and was going to be well taken care of. Thank you for this great experience and help to our family and Jackson. We know now where we are comfortable in going and will always use this location in our future for all of our furry family member needs. "

 Ailis R. - 08/23/2017

" I particularly like that I never felt stupid for asking a question. Staff was willing to listen to my concerns and alleviate or validate my fears. Thank you for true excellence in all aspects of patient care! "

 Morris B. - 08/23/2017

" Everything was fine. We appreciate very much the service and support received by everyone there while having our little one for that minor emergency. We will highly recommend them to our friends and family. "

 Dude N. - 08/19/2017

" I brought my dog in at night, without an appointment. I thought he had a tick on his back leg. I was told the price of the visit and I agreed. The tech came in and checked it out and said that it was a skin tag. She cleaned it up, and gave me the option of seeing the veterinarian or I could go home and keep the area clean and save some money. Relieved that it was not a tick, I opted to take my dog home and keep the wound clean myself. The tech said go home and there will be no charge to you. I was so excited. I thanked everyone for there help and I went home feeling so much better. Thanks to all involved. "

 Beethoven S. - 08/12/2017

" It's always a warm inviting atmosphere when walking in, regardless of the circumstances, day or night.. The staff, tech's, and doctors are concerned, and regardless of the circumstances, it's taken care of then and there. They don't send you somewhere else for follow up or additional care.. Always a nice and clean office... "

 Vanillapudding N. - 08/11/2017

" I was so stressed, moving to Tucson when puppies decided to get into a fight that Mary brought in a basket of goodies for me to unstressed with my 4 fur babies. "

 Jj L. - 08/10/2017

" pricing was a little steep... "

 Pixie M. - 08/09/2017

" Compared with other emergency hospitals, you guys don't take the attitude of doing more than is necessary. You try to help by ruling things out before ordering tests that are unnecessary. "

 Snowball F. - 08/09/2017

" Very professional, knowledgeable and friendly doctor and staff. Will recommend without hesitation. "

 Darbie H. - 08/08/2017

" For sure never want to visit an emergency room but since we had to... we had a great comforting time! We were all taken care of so well from the front desk staff, Vet technician and the Vet Dr. not only were we taken care of the knowledge of the tech and Dr was on point and with such loving care! Thank you so much! Rick and Jennifer Holder and Darbie too "

 Motrin W. - 08/08/2017

" The only thing that bothered me was the amount of time it took for my pet to be brought back to me. The doctor indicated that hey would be bringing him right out, and I started to get very nervous when over half an hour went by and nobody had brought him to me or checked on me. Overall a great experience considering the unfortunate circumstances but this is one thing that could have improved. "

 Butters B. - 08/08/2017

" I will be switching my fur babies to 1st Pet asap, I love them and the experience! So much better than Banfield "

 Chester A. - 08/08/2017

" Take my dog right away to perform medical assistance as soon as we arrived "

 Charlie F. - 08/08/2017

" I only wish I didn't have to visit an emergency vet but because I did, I think the service at 1st Pet and the care my dog received was excellent. "

 Oscar P. - 08/08/2017

" You guys did a fantastic job with my dog Oscar. Thanks again! "

 Jager W. - 08/04/2017

" I've never been here before and I only take all of my animals for over 25 years to the same vet clinic. I couldn't get in for an appointment and I was worried, it's hard to trust someone you don't know with your pet child. I couldn't believe how amazing my experience was. The office was VERY clean, the team and vet were so nice and it was refreshing to have someone care as much as I do for my new English springer spaniel puppy would ended up having swimmers tail! I had no idea it even existed! Thank you so much for a great experience I will recommend this clinic to all I know with animals and I will return with ESS puppy Jager. "

 Suni L. - 08/03/2017

" The vets took great care of our dog. Unfortunately there was nothing they could do for her. Thank you for your kindness "

 Teddy M. - 08/02/2017

" The only reason I couldn't rate overall experience Excellent is due to the price. We are not rich people (far from it) and it cost us over $2200 for a 2 night stay. It would've cost more had our dog stayed the full 48 hrs, but to stop the hemorrhaging, we picked her up early. The staff was excellent though and the facility very clean and maintained. I would recommend others to go there. "

 Jax P. - 08/01/2017

" My only recommendation would be to ask if you want a collar for the pet to go home with instead of automatically giving and charging for it. I saw I was charged for the Elizabethan collar but I didn't use it as I was going to be with my pet. It was an extra unecessary charge for an already expensive unplanned ER vet visit. Everything else was great! "

 Annie F. - 07/28/2017

" Thank you so much for the excellent care and concern of my pet, and explaining to me her plan of care every step of the way. I am particularly impressed and grateful to you for making a follow-up call to me to see how my pet was doing, and answering addition questions. You were able to help her with her acute issue in your clinic, and collaborated with me later on over the phone for strategies to help her to continue to get better as well as what to look for if she relapses. Excellent, comprehensive, and clean clinic, with a knowledgeable and caring staff who helped me feel comfortable at a time when my pet was ill. "

 Minnie H. - 07/28/2017

" Thank you for taking care of our little Minnie! "

 Storm S. - 07/26/2017

" I know facilities like this get busy. I had to call twice to get to speak to someone. The tech really didn't know what to tell me. I am an ER nurse so I know how it goes. I just wanted to make sure Storm was doing ok. I didn't want to bug anyone. But I didn't speak to a vet till 1130pm that night. I asked if storm had peed, she told me not in 12 hours. I asked for a UA. It was done , but I would think this would have been standard since lasix was given and this animal didn't pee yet. Having said that , thank you so much for taking care of my nervous Storm. She can be very nervous around other people. Thank you thank you ! She is seeing her vet on 7/26 first thing. Special thanks to Dr. Butler and the tech ( don't know her name) who initially saw storm. "

 Humphrey K. - 07/26/2017

" Doctors clearly communicated status and issues that could arise with our pet. The entire staff display caring, dedication and teamwork. "

 Majik M. - 07/26/2017

" This place was soooo different than when I came there years ago. The staff was quick, concerned and very helpful. I felt they really cared about my pet. The makeover of the space, is inviting and professional. If needed I will return (hopefully I won't have to). Thank You "

 Mya G. - 07/26/2017

" A little pricey, but we get what we pay for.. Well done. "

 Moose M. - 07/26/2017

" All aspects of our horrible emergency visit were met with competent friendly and caring staff. A-1 all the way! "

 Lexi S. - 07/26/2017

" Overall good, but the only downside is that the wait was over 2 hours long. "

 Ollie A. - 07/26/2017

" The team explained in detail how to administer all meds at home, and save my puppies life.... You guys are awesome "

 Joan M. - 07/26/2017

" Me and my cats love, love, love our Dr. Mumaw!!! "

 Nala P. - 07/18/2017

" A more frequent update on the status of Nala would have been beneficial to our peace of mind. We knew she was in good hands but after waiting 1.5 ish hours the first update after her initial eval was just before she came out. "

 Zuko S. - 07/18/2017

" Everything was done quickly and efficiently. "

 Ninja V. - 07/18/2017

" I appreciate Dr. Petras giving regular updates and her honesty about what could be done. She worked very hard to save our kitten, I cannot thank her enough. "

 Zena D. - 07/18/2017

" I waited around for 1 hour when I went to pick up my dog the doctor was handling an emergency but nobody told me so I had to ask the front desk why it was taking so long. My suggestion is just keep the people informed if the doctor is busy so the the person knows why it's taking so long Im sure most people will understand. P over all I had great experience! Thank you "

 Mickers M. - 07/18/2017

" When I brought my dog in I was sick myself. The staff was understanding and got my dog discarged fairly quick. "

 Lexi L. - 07/16/2017

" Great people. well maintained facility. "

 Lincoln S. - 07/15/2017

" Very expensive cost way to much "

 Phoebe G. - 07/15/2017

" Everyone was very kind and very friendly. "

 Buster H. - 07/14/2017

" We can't think of anything that jumps out as needing improvement. On the other hand, everyone...front desk, techs, doctors, etc...made our family and our dog feel like we were their first priority. We had a family cat that passed recently, so we were particularly anxious about something being seriously wrong with our beloved dog. You all helped so much. Thank you. "

 Xochitl S. - 07/14/2017

" Dr Butler was super awesome! She made feel comfortable when my fur baby was admitted. Dr Butler was very understanding and she followed up and called me with updates as promised. Thank you! "

 Payton M. - 07/12/2017

" It was a stressful morning and it was very thoughtful to offer snacks while I waited. I appreciated that you checked in on me as well. The doctor was kind and caring. I just wish she wouldn't have said 'I think' so much. Made me think she didn't know what she was doing when she clearly does. The tech (don't know her name) was kind and caring as well. Kayla was great. Walked me through the process, thoughtful and caring. "

 Pelli E. - 07/12/2017

" 1st Pet at Alma School and Warner is always the best place to take your pet. My Shadow is not doing well and they are very good at helping her out. She had another seizure and they were so quick to take care of her. And the pups, Koko and Pelli, were treated with such tender loving care. Great Job folks at 1st Pet. Thanks "

 Marla H. - 07/12/2017

" Nothing, the visit was great. "

 Maggie C. - 07/12/2017

" For emergencies, you guys do a very good job, especially Dr. Mumaw and Hendricks. Both of those vets did exactly what my pet needed and were down to earth, relatable, and didn't try and sell me on something that wasn't going to actually benefit my pet. Thank you for helping us! "

 Bb G. - 07/11/2017

" I was just so pleased that you took such good care of my dog. I am pretty sure he was close to not making it and your team acted swiftly to provide him with immediate care. "

 Kona H. - 07/11/2017

" I really appreciated the doctor's willingness to work with me to reduce treatment costs. She was so kind and helpful. "

 Bella H. - 07/07/2017

" Dr. Babyak is awesome ! "

 Ginny C. - 07/06/2017

" Ladies making sure you were comfortable. Regularly checking in on us. Not being left alone for hours. "

 Shadow B. - 07/05/2017

" My dog suffered an attack that was severe. They explained his medical condition as well as the charges/options. "

 Parker B. - 07/04/2017

" You all were amazing. Don't know if you could change a thing!!!!!!!!!! "

 Alohi C. - 06/29/2017

" We are from out of town and the staff here was great! Friendly and showed they cared, if we lived there we would totally recommend them! "

 Koda G. - 06/27/2017

" I was very surprised at how little time I had to wait! "

 Jax I. - 06/27/2017

" Jax is a particularly difficult cat when it comes to medical care. I really appreciate how well you guys handled him. Will definitely be returning here if we ever have another emergency (but hopefully that won't be needed). "

 Ellie M. - 06/27/2017

" I really loved this vet. My first time there was Friday. "

 Toby H. - 06/27/2017

" I can't tell you how pleased I was with my entire experience!! I was very concerned about my dog, Toby. They took me to an exam room immediately. Toby was treated with the utmost care and explained everything to me. I am so glad I went there. Also, I was expecting a huge bill being I was in the emergency room. The cost was more than fair!! Thank you so much for your kindness!! Mike H "

 Biscuit B. - 06/20/2017

" It's obvious the staff at 1st Pet Vet care about their furry patients and take great care to be thorough in their evaluation/treatment. I also liked that everything (including payment) took place in the exam room. My only wish would be shorter wait time. I realize that when you don't have an appointment, and when you arrive at a shift change that can add to the wait, but it's hard keeping a dog with doctor office anxiety in a small room for 2 hours. Other than the length of time, the visit was great and the people, including the staff and veterinarian, were excellent. "

 Leo G. - 06/14/2017

" I thank God for you all, don't know what we would do without you all�� "

 Sadie B. - 06/13/2017

" Nothing! I am grateful you were there. My dog has healed nicely! "

 Molly W. - 06/13/2017

" Very understanding of my concern that Molly had clearly injured her paw- but seemed to be fine when we arrived at clinic. Perhaps bitten by a bug of some kind, or something stuck in the paw. Examined her, then said it was OK to leave,when we determined whatever it was seemed to no longer be an issue. I was to keep in touch if things changed (ie possible scorpion invenimation). Very kind, very understanding, and I was shocked that there was no charge. I take both animals to 1st Pet for "emergencies"- and some are real! "

 Boo B. - 06/13/2017

" Everyone was so helpful and kind. And the care given to my dog was excellent. Will definitely go back if I have another pet emergency. "

 Cooper P. - 06/13/2017

" They were amazing. Came in as an emergency visit and they saved my babies life. Super fast and professional. I am so grateful for the vets and staff "

 Lena I. - 06/13/2017

" The wait was long, although I understand that the staffing on a Sunday night is limited. Overall the Dr. who attended my dog Lena was great and I'm glad she was well-taken care of. "

 Nanook L. - 06/13/2017

" They took care of nanook. Nanook is doing excellent thank you "

 Domino J. - 06/13/2017

" My experience with you guys was fantastic! You guys took good care of my Domino. All of you were so so sweet! "

 Boo L. - 06/02/2017

" I loved the print out to remind me what the meds were for and how to use them. "

 Gigi F. - 06/01/2017

" We had to do what all pet-lovers fear and euthanize our dog due to cancer. As we left, the lady at the front desk, who we'd only known for 30 minutes, gave my girlfriend and I a hug. It's a small thing, but that brand of kindness can't be faked. That's the kind of person I want caring for my loved ones. Thank you for making a hard day a bit easier. "

 Blue D. - 06/01/2017

" The way they treated Blue was awesome "

 Bubbles S. - 05/31/2017

" We appreciate all that 1st pet did for our dog. Only one thing that would have given us complete peace of mind. I had called a couple of times to see how our dog was doing. After about 90 minutes some was able to tell me bubbles was doing fine. It may just be me. 1st pet is the place to go when dog needs medical attention. Very pleased with the care my dog had received. "

 Teak W. - 05/31/2017

" Really cool that you handed us a snack basket. Easied the wait time. "

 Pico R. - 05/30/2017

" Snacks and water were plentiful. I was hungry. Thanks. "

 Nikki A. - 05/29/2017

" It was obviously a very difficult situation for my wife and I, and I appreciated the thoughtfulness and professionalism of everyone we interacted with. "

 Brik E. - 05/25/2017

" The wait was a little long but I understand that my animal did not have a life threatening injury, so I'm sure we were a lower priority. However I was very pleased with the staff, the facility and the service provided "

 Lulu C. - 05/18/2017

" I especially liked the new remodel, and the snacks/drinks you offered. Even though I wasn't there very long, I thought it was a great touch for those who are. "

 Rex P. - 05/17/2017

" They do not treat ferrets but because I am a client there they took good care with me to help the best I could and even made a call at another emergency vet to let him know I was on my way. "

 Tux C. - 05/17/2017

" Dr. Paige explained everything very thoroughly. His technician was very kind and gentle with Tux. The 1st Vet Pet techs were awesome! They took care of all Tux' needs. Thank you "

 Billy F. - 05/17/2017

" I appreciate the friendliness of the staff. They were super supportive and thorough in the way they described our options and what was best for my dog. He is doing very well now and I owe it all to the wonderful staff at 1st Pet. "

 Luna S. - 05/16/2017

" The one thing that impressed me was we did not have to wait in the waiting room. Our dog was nervous and in the private room she calmed down while we waited. "

 Tenchi W. - 05/16/2017

" Everyone was so nice and caring!! "

 Beanie M. - 05/12/2017

" Very efficient facility "

 Kane R. - 05/12/2017

" I appreciate that the techs and vets were able to recognize the seriousness of my dog's condition and were able to get him back into surgery quickly. Their quick response saved my dogs life! I would also like to say that I received exceptional customer service here from vets, staff and receptionists. I knew my dog was in good hands. I'm so thankful an experienced vet took great care in handling my dog in his most dire hour. I would absolutely recommend 1st Pet in Chandler to anyone! "

 Petey O. - 05/12/2017

" You guys have a wonderful sense of what great customer service is all about. From the minute we walked in the door the staff is friendly, the facility is clean, the tech and doctor went down to his level to check him out, and the basket of goodies was a very nice touch. Hopefully we won't have to come back but if we need to go to an after hours vet you will be our first choice. "

 Sadie R. - 05/09/2017

" nothing it was an excellent experience for a very trying time for my family. A true blessing that you are close by! "

 Baron S. - 05/09/2017

" Best emergency clinic I have ever seen. Have already recommended it to my dog friends. "

 Bella T. - 05/09/2017

" When we needed them they were there to take care of my pet in a potentially life threatening situation. Thank you. "

 Jet A. - 05/09/2017

" Instant service and concern over a kitten with a medical issue. "

 Berney K. - 05/02/2017

" I came in with my pug, Bernie, who was in respiratory distress and they immediately treated him which is phenomenal. Thank you team! "

 Matilda G. - 04/26/2017

" My visit was exemplary. I was a wreck coming to the ER on a Sunday night. The staff was patient With me and explained everything to me and let me ask questions. The prices were very reasonable too!! I'm transferring over my vet care to 1st pet after such an amazing experience in a stressful scary time for me. They are the best!!! "

 Simi M. - 04/25/2017

" I wish there were more payment options for those with poor credit. I loved how you called to give me updates! "

 Jax R. - 04/25/2017

" We got in fast and out fast.. The medicine is helping the dog. "

 Sylvesta R. - 04/25/2017

" Turn the music volume down a bit in the room (I was there between 1:30am and 3:45am) - but I could have asked, of course! -- was a little sleep deprived! Great job by everyone at 1st Pet, as always. I am grateful you were open at 1:30am when my cat and I needed you guys! There was a slight wait due to emergency arrivals, but if I had been in a dire emergency situation, I would have appreciated being the priority, so I completely understand. Sylvesta was definitely feeling better when we left due to 1st Pet's awesome care! Thanks! "

 Kody M. - 04/24/2017

" Staff & Doctor were all great in taking care of both my pet Kody & Me. "

 Scooter A. - 04/22/2017

" The staff is very friendly and professional during stressful times. "

 Jackson A. - 04/20/2017

" when I called to verify location, they took my preliminary information and that allowed for a smoother entry process. "

 Feebie M. - 04/18/2017

" They did just fine and were very nice. "

 Dudley M. - 04/18/2017

" Care of pet. "

 Tigger J. - 04/18/2017

" I appreciated being taken to a room as soon as I arrived. The facility is very clean and calming. "

 Toblerone M. - 04/18/2017

" One thing that went particularly well was the fact that the doctor was able to fully diagnose our puppy and provide him with treatment needed to help him. she was very nice and very thourough in our take home instructions so we knew exactly what to do and how to take care of him. Thank you 1st pet for helping our little puppy get better! "

 Charlie K. - 04/16/2017

" Nothing, the staff went above and beyond to be sure we were comfortable and all of our needs were met. They were open and straight forward with us on everything they were doing. "

 Chomps S. - 04/13/2017

" Everyone was so nice and caring! My dog Chompsworthy Barkington feels so much better! Thank you all! Chomps Mom "

 Captain K. - 04/11/2017

" I've taken two pets for emergency care and one for regular specialty care. The whole staff, emergency and regular, are kind and caring. I was devastated to find two poisoned cats in my yard last year and I took those over and they had to be put down. They were sympathetic and even turned down my offer to pay or provide a donation. At such an upsetting time, I really appreciated their help. I don't know what else I would have done. I recommended one of my coworkers looking for a new vet to this location just this morning. Thank you, for both my pet care and helping without question in a situation I didn't know how to handle. Thanks. "

 Maggie J. - 04/11/2017

" The staff was very friendly! The technician forgot a few things that we had to remind her of as far as what the doctor had said our puppy was going to receive, but overall, it was a great experience! "

 Kami R. - 04/11/2017

" Great service!! Everyone we meet cared about our two dogs. "

 Jack H. - 04/11/2017

" They were very understanding of a difficult situation. "

 Shylo S. - 04/07/2017

" The level of generosity and care for our pet was outstanding! "

 Marco H. - 04/07/2017

" It took about long time "

 Newton D. - 04/06/2017

" I was so impressed with the service provided - and you made a very difficult situation better. You gave me hope and in the end, I do believe you saved my beloved dog. thank you! "

 Buster S. - 04/04/2017

" It was a great experience. I never had to use the ER before and everyone was quick efficient and friendly "

 Mazie E. - 04/04/2017

" Dear 1st Pet Vet Clinic-Thank you for helping my little Mazie cat feel better. I felt very confident that she was in good hands with you for her overnight stay. The Vet Technicians and the doctor were so nice and helpful. Thank you for your great service! NE "

 Laila M. - 04/04/2017

" This was overall one of the most positive experiences I have encountered with an animal hospital as 1st Pet was attentive, caring, and worked diligently to take care of my fur baby. We are so fortunate to have discovered this animal hospital and it will now be our new go to for all of our emergency animal needs. Thank you! "

 Lexie R. - 04/04/2017

" The entire staff and the Dr LISTENED to my concerns, explained everything and I left feeling confident in the care that was given. ������������ "

 Buster S. - 03/28/2017

" Everyone was wonderful, we were seen in a timely manner and the cost was very reasonable. Would definitely return if we ever needed and emergency vet visit again! "

 Boots S. - 03/28/2017

" The whole visit went well. The staff was very caring about our pet and very friendly towards us. We would definitely go back. "

 Izzy B. - 03/28/2017

" long visit. kept me informed and comfortable "

 Tictac W. - 03/25/2017

" You all were wonderful, and really appreciated the follow up call. "

 Rudy M. - 03/23/2017

" Only one thing could have been better with my first experience: less wait time. "

 Loki B. - 03/23/2017

" Really nothing but charge less but I know Vet bills are not cheap. "

 Ruby B. - 03/21/2017

" Coffee ?? "

 Evan C. - 03/17/2017

" I really appreciated how fast they got me in and taken care of. This is my second experience here and they have always been great. "

 Rico A. - 03/14/2017

" This 24 hour vet is amazing!!!!!! I wasn't sure if my dog needed to see a vet, but just in case I brought him in. They offered me a drink and snack basket, and made sure I was comfortable. They had a tech assess my dog, and informed me that it was not medically necessary to see the dr (but gave me the option). I was literally in and out of there within 15 mins. I was not pressured to have any unnecessary medicines or tests done on my dog. Wonderful experience! And they were right, my dog is absolutely fine! Thank you! "

 Saphira C. - 03/14/2017

" Staff was excellent "

 Snickers V. - 03/14/2017

" This was our first experience with 1stPet, resulting from the fact our regular vet was unable to see our dog that Saturday morning on an emergency basis. My wife saw many great comments on Facebook and suggested we give 1stPet a try. Awesome staff, great at pacing the conversation (didn't talk down) and fantastic, neat and clean facility. A staff member even followed up by phone the next morning (on Sunday!) to ask how our dog was doing - this is customer service and care! We (and family) have been using our current vet for several decades. Not saying we will switch, but this single interaction may change that. "

 Ace N. - 03/08/2017

" Excellent service! I was most impressed with the friendliness of the entire staff. They were all great! "

 Reese E. - 03/08/2017

" Prompt, professional, and compassionate care. "

 Bentley C. - 03/07/2017

" Very good service. Highly recommened. Everyone was so nice. "

 Tony B. - 03/07/2017

" Staff is very friendly and explain everything. "

 Nala S. - 03/05/2017

" The doctor did a great job of making me feel like my concerns were important. "

 Jax H. - 03/03/2017

" We had such a great experience when we brought Jax in. We had a very negative experience at a local spay and neuter clinic and brought Jax in and we were treated so great. Ended up having to have surgery over the weekend but he was in great hands. Thank you all so much. "

 Lola F. - 02/28/2017

" I was just happy that I didn't have to wait forever. The only thing would make my visit better not have been such a high bill. "

 Maisy W. - 02/28/2017

" Not much. Wait time was a bit long but to be expected on a Friday night. Front desk staff were super friendly and helpful. The veterinarian was fabulous. Very caring with my dog. "

 Kiah M. - 02/28/2017

" Everyone was very friendly and concerned about our puppy when we arrived. She was having an allergic reaction and face very swollen. They took her immediately to a room and started treatment to help her - no waiting around, which was great. Everyone made us feel comfortable even offering water and snacks while we waited for our girl to show signs of responding to the treatment. The parking lot had quite a few cars and we could hear others in rooms so we know we weren't their only client on a Sunday evening yet they made it feel like we were a priority. Thank you all for taking such good care of us in our emergency. "

 Buffy C. - 02/24/2017

" Nothing could have been done differently. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. We felt very cared for - thank you! "

 Cosmo C. - 02/23/2017

" Not a thing could make it a better visit! Excellent staff! The past few years know and adore Mary at front desk. Everyone very courteous; offer water, snacks, kept me updated as kitty and I waited. Doctor was aware and sensitive to my financial restraints, and very considerate. Kitty was looking better within a day! My deepest thanks. "

 Annie G. - 02/23/2017

" Noticed that the survey said "emergency", but it was just a doctor visit and not our first visit over the years.We've spent thousands and Our one concern is the escalating cost which is driving pet owners to purchase pet Insurance.. "

 Leah E. - 02/22/2017

" If staff would have let me know an emergency came in that had to be handled immediately which caused a long delay between the doctor's examination and getting me the bill and prescription medication. I thought they had forgotten me, so I finally went to the desk and asked. "

 Olive J. - 02/21/2017

" Nothing. You saved my dog's life. That's all I could ask for. "

 Voodoo B. - 02/21/2017

" Really nothing, everything was very professional yet compassionate (very appreciated during high stress time for my cat..and me!!) "

 Paisley A. - 02/16/2017

" The service was great and friendly. Our doggy, Paisley was treated wonderfully as were we for as much stress we were all under at the time. The office staff was very accommodating as well as understanding and patient while teaching us how to express our Paisley's bladder due to new, unfortunate circumstances ??. I would definitely recommend this great facility to friends and family for quick, helpful, and frieldy service. "

 Ozzy K. - 02/14/2017

" I like the large old waiting room. I don't like being stuck in a little room with the door closed. "

 Coco B. - 02/14/2017

" The service was excellent and I appreciate all that was done to help this new pet but the cost was over the top. "

 Sparky S. - 02/07/2017

" Everything was fine at a stressful time. The staff was very understanding and patient, explaining exactly how the treatment plan was to proceed and the price was less than I expected. The facility was very clean. They even brought in a basket of goodies for me too. "

 Roxie C. - 02/07/2017

" Nothing. Barb was wonderful, she checked in on me as I was upset and talked with me. "

 Bailey S. - 02/07/2017

" nothing, you all are fabulous!!!! "

 Puck G. - 01/31/2017

" Everything possible was done to make me feel comfortable during a stressful time. I can't think of anything else you could have done. The snack basket is a very thoughtful touch. "

 Cielo M. - 01/31/2017

" The experience is always difficult and this facility only made us comfortable in a bad situation. I can't think of anything to do different. "

 Daisy M. - 01/28/2017

" the waiting was almost one hour in the exam room......water and juice were offered.....nice ! I think someone should pop their head in every half hour to say something...... "

 Walter L. - 01/25/2017

" No changes! Hospitality for both my pup and I were beyond expected! Thanks a bunch "

 Lucy Q. - 01/22/2017

" Only complaint is when I do a google search for directions, your place didn't come up easily. Searched 'vet', without your place really showing up. Works when I knew exact name, but general search didn't really work. :) "

 Cooter S. - 01/20/2017

" This is the 2nd time I have had to bring my fur-baby in late at night. Both times the staff has been amazing and made both myself and my rather large bulldog feel at ease. They gave him lots of love and by the time we left we both felt better. I recommend them to everyone I know. From both "Cooter" and myself, Thank you for everything. You guys are awesome. "

 Sunny H. - 01/19/2017

" Expensive place to visit! very pleased with everything else. "

 Abbie F. - 01/10/2017

" Our visit went very well. The staff took my dog and I right back, no delay at all. Dr. Moenk, (I hope I spelled that correctly), was very professional and caring, and was able to solve our problem quickly. I couldn't ask for more. The entire staff went above and beyond my expectations. Thanks! "

 Angel R. - 01/10/2017

" We are so grateful for your help with our. Angel. She responded in good health the next morning many praises and thanks to your great staff and doctors. "

 Cj P. - 01/09/2017

" Nothing. It went as well as an emergency visit could have gone. "

 Dillinger N. - 01/08/2017

" No changes- all points of the visit were superb. "

 Cricket S. - 01/07/2017

" Visit was very good "

 Maya M. - 01/07/2017

" Everyone was wonderful from the first phone call till pet pick up later the next day. Thank you! "