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Please call for information.
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Recent Reviews

 July 3, 2020

" The staff at First Pet Mesa is wonderful. Dr Richardson is the best. I have a senior dog and two cats who will be patients forever. "

 July 2, 2020

" Everything was fantastic!!!! You couldn't have done anything to make our appointment more satisfactory!!!! "

 July 1, 2020

" I had not received my usual reminder that me pet needed her rabies shot. "

 June 30, 2020

" Dr. Lindgren and Jonathan are the best! My cats are very comfortable with them. "

 June 28, 2020

" My visit to 1st PetMesa was great, Dr Lindgren saw Tripod for wellness exam.We were able to go into clinic at that time which i appreciate.Dr Lindgren and staff are very caring , and thorough,patient ,taking time to listen to my questions or concerns. They do an excellent job of car side visits also still providing care.I am very happy with care and compassion everyone provides Tripod and me.Thanks Dr Lindgren and staff ,Mesa. Mark Seeton "

 June 28, 2020

" With everything going on with the Covid virus, the visit was smooth and easy. The office has figured out how to still see our fur babies and keep the visits professional and and still full of care and respect. Thank you �� "

 June 27, 2020

" Once again, we received outstanding care from beginning to end. Staff is friendly, efficient, and refreshingly thorough. Dr Brock is outstanding and we love the level of care and professionalism she continues to provide. We love 1st Pet! Highly recommend! "

 June 27, 2020

" I brought my 15 year old cat {Dawg} in for check up. I had a lot of questions and all were answered. I do not use any other vet. I consider 1st Pet my VET. My cats see which ever vet has an opening. I have yet to be disappointed with any visits. I was able to come into the clinic because I wore a mask, and all the staff had masks on. 1st pet on Southern/Higley is the best! Andrea Faith "

 June 27, 2020

" Everyone at 1st Pet is so kind and caring for you and your pet. Dr Lindgren is the best and her technician was great. Highly recommend 1st Pet Vets. "

 June 26, 2020

" timeliness was very good. no waiting/ "

 June 26, 2020

" love you guys! great place great care! "

 June 26, 2020

" Nothing "

 June 25, 2020

" I love Dr. Brock and the vet techs that helped me! So hind and friendly. I live closer to the chandler location but I got to mesa because I love them so much! "

 June 25, 2020

" It is very trying times right now, and I appreciate the cheery atmosphere at 1st pet, in spite of all the restrictions nowadays. "

 June 23, 2020

" Always friendly and caring people that work there. "

 June 23, 2020

" It is always a pleasure to bring my pet here. Everyone is always so pleasant. The tech take such good care of my pet. I tell a lot of my friends about this place �� "

 June 23, 2020

" You created an atmosphere that made my dog relaxed. He did very well and I was informed about possible reactions to the shots! Thank you, 1st pet!! "

 June 23, 2020

" Dr. Hohnbaum is great with our dogs. Sammy is the best and always goes out of her way to take care of us. They are both understanding that one of our dogs is sensitive to touch in some areas and they do a great job with him. "

 June 20, 2020

" The only thing that could use improvement was our wait time. Everything else was great. Love our vet and her love for Great Danes "

 June 20, 2020

" Everything was great, including helping get my senior dog on a health plan that I could afford. I do miss the snack basket, but I understand the reason due to Covid-19. Steve "

 June 19, 2020

" I love that Dr. Brock called me before to check on me and make sure I knew Bart was doing all right and then even called after his surgery to again reassure me and let me know that everything went okay. It really shows that you're not just a name to them, they actually care for your pets. "

 June 16, 2020

" Both Jonathan and Dr. Lingrin (spelling) were terrific. Can't think of anything they could have done better. "

 June 16, 2020

" Dr Lindgren and all of the staff always go above and beyond in the care and addressing any concerns I may have. My pets are always treated for what they are, my fur children. I love them and this place. Highly recommend! "

 June 13, 2020

" Everything & everyone was great and friendly, and most importantly, good to my pup. "

 June 13, 2020

" You guys always do so good! Thank you for caring about my Sewa so much! "

 June 12, 2020

" Communication and compassion were exceptional!! "

 June 6, 2020

" I am so appreciative that the staff allowed me to come back with my pet. I truly felt comfortable with the Vet and tech I worked with. They didn’t make me feel silly for how overly worried I was about my cat, and explained everything to me in detail. They were so polite, patient, kind, and gentle with Napps. I especially loved how my vet advised me she doesn’t like to prescribe meds unless it’s absolutely needed and talked to me about dental care. She took the time to write out a list of things to look out for at home. I can’t say enough good things about this office. I’m so thankful to have you guys so close "

 June 4, 2020

" Emphaty with my concerns as PetMom "

 June 4, 2020

" The tech that helped with Leeloo Stitch and Marilyn was such a doll. The doctor took her time to listen to me, even after my appointment time. This is such a great office and I will continue to come back. Thanks for being awesome guys! "

 June 3, 2020

" nothing, you guys are great I love this place and all the staff thank you so much! "

 May 30, 2020

" I liked that the follow up call the day after was made by a technician who could answer any questions I had! "

 May 23, 2020

" Conan loves his second family and can’t wait to come back! Thanks for taking so much time with him and making it a positive experience for our new addition to the family! "

 May 19, 2020

" Our first visit was nothing short of extraordinary. From curbside check-in to speaking with the doctor, our dog received the best care and consideration that exceeded every expectation. A truly professional experience and I’m happy to say that we definitely found our new Vet. "

 May 16, 2020

" Every point of service from making the appointment, talking with the technician and speaking with the doctor gave me complete confidence of having a long term care plan for my sweet boy Mikey. "

 May 15, 2020

" I have been bringing my Blue Heeler to 1st Pet in Mesa since I adopted him. The staff is fantastic. Blue Skye is so excited to see the staff and his vet Dr. Richardson. He gets excited the moment we pull in to the parking lot. Most pet owners fight to get their fur babies in for the appointments mine fights me to get in the car to go home! Highly recommend 1st Pet! "

 May 13, 2020

" I really like Dr Richardson and even tho during the pandemic I can't go in she was very helpful and explained my options and her tech is super! "

 May 11, 2020

" Curbside pick up was well organized and executed. "

 May 8, 2020

" Dr Richardson cares so much for all her patients. She's very approachable and caring "

 May 7, 2020

" I love Dr. Richardson. She is a wonderful communicator. She listens to my many concerns about my elderly dog. She answers every question and I feel like she cares about us. Thank you so much for your patience and care! "

 May 5, 2020

" Always a pleasure to come here! I dont ever have to worry how my fur baby will be treated! So kind and patient! Highly recommend this location to everyone! "

 April 27, 2020

" Everybody was great and we received excellent treatment--my only concern is the cost. "

 April 24, 2020

" I really appreciate my dog's physical therapists, Trinity and Kellan. They are really great. They do a great job with her, are super helpful with any issues I bring up, and always give me suggestions on how to continue to help her with her issues. "

 April 19, 2020

" My visits have always been professional with a caring and friendly staff. I did recently read a negative review and can only assume they must have been talking about another facility or they just complain about everything. Just wanted to let you and others know I greatly appreciate the doctors and staff for their services. "

 April 18, 2020

" I was really happy with the care we received. "

 April 18, 2020

" The care and empathy that comes from the staff is most appreciated. "

 April 17, 2020

" Chance is a very difficult dog so I highly appreciate how patient and loving they are with him. They always try their best to do what they can to help my stubborn pup! They are very helpful and explain everything in great detail! I know right now is very crazy for them, but they seem to still have everything in order and running smoothly! I really appreciated the detailed note sheet since we are not able to enter the building! They are very understanding and I recommend them to everyone I know! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to your career! "

 April 4, 2020

" Only interaction with vet was on phone due to covid19. She was very patient and answered all of the questions. "

 April 4, 2020

" Trinity is the best! She is able to work with Pinkie so well even though Pinkie is difficult. I am so grateful for the help she is providing my spoiled Princess Diva! Thank you Trinity! ❤️ "

 April 4, 2020

" Love everything about 1st pet vet! Great staff, great experience! Would highly recommend to anyone! "

 April 3, 2020

" I love coming to First Pet and have sent many people your way. We always get excellent care and drive twice as far to come to the Mesa location. Thank You for taking great care of my babies. Lisa Vance "

 March 31, 2020

" I loved the curb side service!! Felt like it sped up the process and was convenient. "

 March 31, 2020

" What an great job by all the employees during this Coronavirus. I stayed in my car and they took great care of my dog. "

 March 29, 2020

" We love taking our 2 dogs here! Everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable!! "

 March 28, 2020

" With Covid-19 restrictions in place, 1st Pet-Mesa handled our dog's physical therapy and vet assessment extremely well. We received a phone call in advance explaining the changes taking place. That phone call was so important to us! It gave us time to write down any questions/concerns we had for the vet assessment with Dr. Lindgren. Krista, Dr. Lindgren's Assistant, took our questions and our dog inside with her for the exam. This made doing the exam over the phone so much easier for all of us. We very much appreciate everything the PT Team (Tat, Kellan & Trinity) and Dr. Lindgren & Krista have done for our dog. They're all professional, knowledgeable and made us & our dog comfortable. The reception staff all got to know our dog and made the effort to greet us with kindness and "love on" our dog whenever they had the chance. A little over 2 months ago, our dog could not walk at all. With their encouragement and guidance, our dog walks, plays and is happy; also, we have hope. Once the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, we plan to begin physical therapy with our dog again. Thank you, 1st Pet, for all of your help and efforts especially during these difficult times! "

 March 25, 2020

" All employees couldn't have been more kind and comforting in a very difficult situation. :-) "

 March 25, 2020

" Even with all the Covid-19 precautions, they are wonderful. It definitely is more work for them and just slightly inconvenient for us, 1st Pet Vet is an awesome place! "

 March 21, 2020

" Happy with the visit considering the circumstances (Covid precautions) Always very pleasant staff. "

 March 21, 2020

" I appreciate the fact that your services are still available even with the crovie19 concerns. I would have liked to have accompanied my pet for her procedure but was more than willing to abide by your guidelines for the safety of all concerned. I also was satisfied with the prompt care given to my pet. Thank you for your care and concern for all. "

 March 21, 2020

" My appointment was Friday which was day one for your new process. Everything from the phone calls to the staff, coming out for the questionnaire, getting the pets, and taking payment went well. The staff did a wonderful job and should be commended. This process took a lot more of their time than I assume the normal process takes. Please let everyone know who worked yesterday did a wonderful job. Everyone is stressed and change is tough. Thank You!! "

 March 21, 2020

" You are amazing!!! I always suggest 1st pet !! "

 March 21, 2020

" Considering the virus I think you did a great job in keeping everyone safe at least you open. One suggestion to keep our people safe masks and gloves. They are outside but closer than 6 ft to the cars "

 March 20, 2020

" Dirty exam room floor. I was disgusted by all of the black pet hair on the floor. I always thought that rooms were cleaned after each patient. "

 March 19, 2020

" We feel special at our appointments. We feel like everything we say is of importance to those that serve us. "

 March 17, 2020

" Normally when we come in the front desk brings in drinks and snacks while we wait for the tech and doctor. That didnt happen. Front desk could be a little bit more friendly. Overall The visit went well. "

 March 17, 2020

" I brought Tripod in for his annual check up and vaccinations.Dr.Lindgren and staff are the best,they always provide very professional,kind,courteous care and service.I have been coming to Ist Pet Mesa for years,Dr Lindgren has taken excellent care of all my dogs for many years.I am always able to get Tripod in when needed. Dr.Hohnbaum has alway taken very good care of Tripod also.The facility is clean,well equipped,well staffed.I have Tripod on the Wellness Plan which is really nice as it cover alot of different things. I highly recommend them. Mark S. "

 March 12, 2020

" I'm always very happy with 1st pet. I did not meet with the dr but techs were very helpful and kind. "

 March 12, 2020

" I will never take my pets anywhere else! Every person we see when we bring him in is always super sweet and works really well with him. You can really tell how much all the staff love animals and Taavi loves it there. "

 March 12, 2020

" Dr. Brock is great. She is personable and was very sweet to my little Shiloh. "

 March 11, 2020

" Judy, the receptionist, recognized my 103 lab-mix dog, Andy, was anxious. She sprayed some Adaptil on a scarf and let me tie it around Andy's neck. He immediately calmed down and snuggled by my legs. Didn't even know this product existed. Andy although well trained and behaved is always nervous with vet visits. Thanks to Judy, this visit was easy. Also Johnathan, vet tech, and Dr. H were both terrific with Andy. First Pet is the best place for regular vet visits and emergencies. "

 March 10, 2020

" As always, I love the doctors and techs there. My Rudy loves the attention. We always receive top knotch service from the moment we come in to the moment we leave. "

 March 10, 2020

" Ive had pets all my life and with pets comes the Vet. I have never seen such a wonderful pet caregiver facility The staff, all of care team to the doctor spent all the time I needed answer my questions and make recommendations for the best course of action for my pet. Just say wonderful. "

 March 5, 2020

" When we noticed that my dog was getting anxious, the tech and vet were quick to provide helpful tips to help try to ease his anxiety. I appreciate the advice. "

 March 5, 2020

" The vet tech was great and always good to our dog every time we come in. Great asset for the company!!!!!!! "

 March 4, 2020

" I was pleased with the service from the Doctor. I had an appointment at 5:30pm and was not done until 6:30. This was only for shots. "

 March 3, 2020

" Dr. Lindgren is amazing. She always goes above and beyond and listens to all my concerns. I know she provides my dog with the kind of care she would give her own dog. "

 March 3, 2020

" As a "snow bird" I'm comfortable with the service provider. "

 March 3, 2020

" The difference between this office and the Alma School/Warner office is there is much more sound transmitted into the exam rooms--little separation from barking dogs for our cats. Just as my cat would settle down, there'd be a bark that sounded like it was right outside the exam room door, and he'd try to hide/run again. Maybe try some weather stripping on the doors? Or have cats seen in an exam room further back? Perhaps this location is just that much smaller than the other one? "

 February 29, 2020

" Dr Brock was friendly and very knowledgeable. She took caring for my cat as if he were her own. Very satisfied with Dr Brock. "

 February 29, 2020

" Dr. Brock was amazing. She was understanding, patient, kind, and very thorough with the exam of my cat. I've never had a better experience with a veterinarian. Thank you Dr. Brock. "

 February 27, 2020

" The staff was very friendly and attentive to Petey, he really likes everyone there. I think he will start faking injuries to come back:) "

 February 25, 2020

" All went very well! "

 February 22, 2020

" Outstanding experience from the moment I stepped into the office till the time I left. "

 February 21, 2020

" I love that no matter what I was able to bring my dog in to be seen and they made sure even now she is in good care. "

 February 20, 2020

" Everything was perfect! Taken in on time and very quick! Love coming to 1st Pet, with it's spa-like feeling! "

 February 18, 2020

" We love Dr. Amy H. She's wonderful! "

 February 18, 2020

" Quick, great service. "

 February 15, 2020

" My puppy had parvo and was hospitalized for 48 hours. I got a phone 2 times each day with updates on his condition. It made it easier on me & kept me updated on his progress. Very friendly nice staff ! "

 February 14, 2020

" our family would like to thank the whole staff at 1st pet emergency for all the help they gave us with our fur baby Gizmo it comes with heavey heart that we had to say good bye to our baby boy this morning, the staff was so amazing getting us through this hard time and exspecially Johnathen his nurse was so special to our little boy, Gizmo never went to strangers or even took a treat from someone he didn't know but he was drawn to Johnathen and felt safe. from the time we entered the office the whole staff was extreamly kind. we are forever Greatful Laura & Jim Bustead "

 February 13, 2020

" Trinity and Staff are so good to my Bubba! "

 February 13, 2020

" All the staff is amazing❤️ "

 February 13, 2020

" All personnel were totally involved in helping our furry child (dog) be comfortable and unafraid. Everyone explained all. Issues to my complete satisfaction. It is obvious that everyone at 1st Pet loves animals and are totally dedicated to their profession. "

 February 11, 2020

" I have taken many of my pets here the staff is always unfailingly kind and professional. When I have a pet in need, this is always where I bring them. Thank you all! "

 February 9, 2020

" Everyone is very kind and genuinely loves my Pug, Daisy Duke :-) you saved her from seizures from diabetes in the past and now you saved her life from being infected. I like that there was three different tests for each eye to find the irritation instead of just a quick look. I know that my for baby gets the best care there and that is the only place that I will take her. Thank you for always being there for her and taking such good care of her at every visit! "

 February 7, 2020

" Keep doing what you’re doing you’re on a great business. You make our pets feel very welcomed! you have fair prices and work with people. "

 February 5, 2020

" I liked that I was given a couple of different treatment options so I could choose what was best for my pet and for my wallet. "

 February 5, 2020

" Dr Brock is wonderful. She pointed out some concerns about the food I was feeding Bella. She was so nice to print me a copy of the report. 1st Pet is my vet‼️ "

 February 5, 2020

" Dr. Richardson and ALL staff were great. Not only were they concerned about my furbaby's issues but also concerned about me, as I was very worried and upset. They went above and beyond and thank you just doesn't seem to be enough, but thank you! "

 February 5, 2020

" You are the best!! "

 February 5, 2020

" Dr. Brock's "bedside" manner was a total delight and made my "son" dog very comfortable. "

 February 3, 2020

" All was great! "

 February 2, 2020

" Dr. Brock and Sammy are the best! They are so great with Pepper and he loves coming to see them. Thanks ladies! "

 February 2, 2020

" Male front desk staff member seemed distracted and unorganized. Our tech, Jenny I think, was amazing. "

 February 1, 2020

" You know the vet cares when she sits on the floor during the whole visit. Making sure our jiggs feels comfortable the whole time. True sign of dedication to her field. "

 February 1, 2020

" The technician was thorough and showed love to my pet which is extremely important to me. I enjoyed meeting Sammy; she is great! "

 January 31, 2020

" The facility and staff at 1st Pet are wonderful. "

 January 29, 2020

" I can’t think of one thing that needed improving. They even called the following day to see how Kadie was feeling. "

 January 29, 2020

" This is the first time in a long time I left a vet appointment without crying. My German Shepherd has had vet aggression since he was a puppy and it seems to get worse every year. Dr. Hohnbaum and Morgan were extremely patient and caring throughout our appointment. Vaccinations were administered without even using a muzzle which was a first for us!!! "

 January 29, 2020

" everyone is friendly, smiles and you can tell they all have love for pets and their health. "

 January 28, 2020

" Nothing. You guys are awesome! "

 January 25, 2020

" Everything was excellent "

 January 25, 2020

" We love Dr. Lindgren! She is the best vet! I totally love !st Pet Vet and chose them for Cosita because they are a 24/7 facility. There are vets closer to my home in Apache Junction but either I am not familiar with them or the one I am familiar with I really am not impressed with their service. To me it is worth going a little further away to know that if I have an emergency his records are already there and whatever treatment Cosita needs Dr. Lindgren will already have access to and i won't need to remember everything to tell her. I am all for the convenience of "1 stop shop". My only complaint is I arrived early and was told to sit and wait. Not the issue. The issue was that after I had sat and waited and my appointment time had come and passed (only a little bit) and I was still in the front waiting area. Other people came in with appointments the same time and they had already been put in the room. The young woman who checked me in really was lacking compared to the other times I had gone there. When we were taken to the room we didn't get the little treat basket (not that I needed it) and no tech came in like they usually do to get updated history and vitals. Also, had not been given the heads up the prices had increased. I expected them to with a new year because that i how businesses work. I just really thought the initial reception was lacking what I had experienced before. I will still go there and love 1st Pet Vet and will still recommend to everyone I know because besides that small issue (the woman could have been having a bad day which does happen) I still think they are the best around. Thank you all for being so awesome! :-) "

 January 25, 2020

" Dr.Lindgren & her Assistant were very thorough & knowledgeable. Our dog felt very at ease. We're happy with the treatment plan and look forward to starting our dog's physical therapy. When we arrived at 1st Pet, I couldn't understand what the girl at the front desk was telling because SHE HAD A MOUTHFUL OF FOOD! The guy who took us to the exam room handed me a Physical Therapy Intake Form to fill out. He had no idea that I had filled out the form plus emailed dog's medical history to Dr. Lindgren 4 days prior to our appointment. Reception staff very unprofessional at the time. Visit with Dr. Lindgren & her Assistant very professional. "

 January 22, 2020

" Everyone is always very helpful & friendly, providing outstanding service. My dog is very comfortable coming for a visit & not fearful at all. I especially appreciate Dr. Holnbaum. She is very caring, always taking the time to explain Kerry’s treatment plan & answer any questions I have. Thank you so much. "

 January 21, 2020

" I appreciate that while efficient, we are never rushed out of the appointment, and the tech even did a second treatment during our session on a trouble spot to make sure he would be as comfortable as possible. My cat has become so comfortable with your location that he loses anxiety when we arrive (he hates car rides) and purrs the whole treatment. "

 January 21, 2020

" I have been coming to your clinic since it opened off of Higley. I trust the doctors . "

 January 19, 2020

" Love the entire team and especially DrLindgren, no matter how busy she is . Whenever I call , she she always returns my call ! She’s amazing and passionate about her job! "

 January 18, 2020

" You get 5 stars. As always, my visit to 1st Pet was great. Staff is friendly and helpful and they are so caring of my pet and any concerns I might have. "

 January 18, 2020

" Dr. Brock and Sammy are the best! They are great with our fur babies and really care about them. We are always in with our pets and even if Sammy isn't our tech for that visit she will come and take care of the babies. Thanks for all you guys do! "

 January 18, 2020

" We feel our experience was great. The receptionist got us right in a room to see the Veterinarian. Everyone we interfaced with was very Professional. We Highly Recommend 1st Pet for your Pet need's. They are Spot-on. Thank you. From Gloria and Eddie. "

 January 17, 2020

" The Dr. And technician's wee so sweet and patient with my 11 yr old Golden who had an ear infection and a hematoma hat burst. "

 January 15, 2020

" As always. I brought my best little friend in and we were both treated very well. I bring my Buddy here because you always take the time to listen to my concerns and advise me on the proper care for him. Thank you for your professionalism "

 January 8, 2020

" I drive 20 miles to see Dr. Lindgren rather than several veterinary practices within 5 miles of my house. She and Dr. Babyak are the best. "

 January 7, 2020

" It was appreciated that the girl at the counter came and explained why other patients were going before me but somehow if you have a scheduled appointment, you need to get seen reasonably close to that time. "

 January 4, 2020

" Dr Brock is always great with our fur babies and is great at explaining the treatment plan. "

 January 4, 2020

" We are long time patients of 1st Pet Vet. Always highly recommend to others. "

 January 2, 2020

" I love this place, best care ever! The staff is so friendly and they always take care of my dogs making sure to explain everything about what is going on with them. They are reasonably priced which always helps too. "

 January 1, 2020

" Great staff! "

 December 31, 2019

" Remembering my pet and his name! "

 December 29, 2019

" I was very pleased with the care Bentley received "

 December 25, 2019

" Dr Brock’s interaction was above what we have experienced at other Vet Clinics. The facility was very well appointed "

 December 24, 2019

" The caring attitude of everyone I came across. Te fact that my dog was made comfortable and shown affection throughout the visit "

 December 23, 2019

" 1st Pet Mesa Doctors and Staff are great.The people there are dedicated, kind and provide the best care for my dog Tripod.Dr Lindgren has taken care of my dogs for years ,so I trust 1st Pet to take care of Tripod. They offer PT rehab that other clinics don't have.Definitely recommend. MarkS. "

 December 20, 2019

" You have perfected a system of customer service that really works well for your company. I believe that there’s nothing that you could add to it. Thank you to you and your staff. Lowell Keech "

 December 20, 2019

" Everything went great. Roscoe was pleased with the with his treatment. "

 December 19, 2019

" Nothing. Vet was very nice and knowledgeable on my pets issue. Highly recommend her. "

 December 18, 2019

" We love First Pet! "

 December 13, 2019

" I expressed my concern and this Doctor listened and took action to insure the best treatment for my dogs and to my satisfaction. I would be pleased to have this doctor as my dogs primarily provider. "

 December 12, 2019

" I could not believe when Dr. Brock sat on the floor to interact with my almost 15-year old dog. It was absolutely heart-warming! "

 December 8, 2019

" When I brought my kitten in, it was discovered she had FIP and needed to be euthanized. During my wait, I could see and hear 5 staff members at the front desk laughing and talking about their finger nail jobs. I understand that staff enjoy each others company and should have positive interactions. I just wish it was not where I could see and hear them while waiting to hold my dying kitten. It just felt callous. "

 December 8, 2019

" We love Dr Brock! So friendly and professional! "

 December 8, 2019

" Caring, compassionate kindness and love toward our dear fur baby, Ginnie was ever present here! Thank you so much! She will be in great hands during her therapy!!! "

 December 8, 2019

" Staff is always great! "

 December 7, 2019

" We love this place. All of the staff are thoughtful & caring. Plus, they understand the balance between extended care and cost. I’ve never felt judged. Highly recommend for all your pets and their needs. "

 December 7, 2019

" I love First pet you’ll are so organized. I love Dr. Heather nothing should be changed. Having someone come in and check you out is great "

 December 5, 2019

" Bubba loves coming in to see Trinity and get treats. He loves his "spa" treatment with laser. Thanks again for making my old man happy!! "

 December 5, 2019

" We have the puppy package and love the interaction our puppy gets from all of the staff. They show him love and he loves the treats! Excellent team! "

 December 4, 2019

" Surgical visit for neutering. Discharge instructions were clear. Jack looks great! Thank you everyone "

 December 4, 2019

" Don’t change anything. The way 1st Pet employees treat my fur babies is without comparison. "

 November 29, 2019

" Dr. Brock really has a way with animals. My dog gets very scared and anxious at the vet and with Dr. Brock she seemed much more relaxed that with other vets I have seen. You can tell she genuinely is concerned for your pet's well being and health and that means a lot to me. She also listens to all your concerns and is very thorough at giving you directions for the after care of your pet. "

 November 27, 2019

" Maggie May is my beloved Basset. She wags her tail going in 1st pet all the way through the door when she leaves. We are blessed to have such a friendly and caring Veterinarian "

 November 26, 2019

" Nothing ! The whole experience was perfect! Every staff member was very friendly and helpful. Dr. Brock was amazing, she listened to us and was so good with our dog. Thank you !!!! "

 November 26, 2019

" Dr Hohnbaum is wonderful! "

 November 23, 2019

" The entire staff is awesome. Treats your pet like it is their own. "

 November 18, 2019

" Every person working at 1st Pet was friendly and considerate. They actual give concern and give the best treatment for your pets. It is very cost-friendly to regarding the excellent service they provide. I will be back again for any future needs! "

 November 16, 2019

" Everyone at First Pet is outstanding! We are always treated with such kindness, compassion, and professionalism. The staff is knowledgeable and so patient; they were even able to keep our VERY nervous dog from being stressed during his visit. Thank you so much! "

 November 16, 2019

" Everything was great. Would not have changed anything Tech was great. Very attentive to my dog. He knew exactly how to interact with him to get him to be calm and cooperative. Dr Lindgren as always was amazing. She was very thorough, professional and lovingly examined my dog. Oliver loves coming to 1st Pet "

 November 16, 2019

" The Veterinarian was especially heartfelt about my doggie and did what Was best for my baby. She even kept my appointment open For me to come back later to get vaccines. Definitely reccomend 1st Pet to anyone especially if your doggie Is worried and scared! Thank you so much for caring so much about my baby!! "

 November 15, 2019

" Wonderful as always! "

 November 14, 2019

" 1st Pet Mesa always provides my pup Tripod and I with excellent customer service and care.This visit was with PT tech Tatiana and 2 techs. All were great when handling Tripod and his care. Dr Lundgren and the rest of caring staff have been caring for Tripod and me for years. Mark S. "

 November 13, 2019

" Dr. Holmbaum (sorry if I misspelled your name, doc!) was very nice, she was able to be thorough without losing me with technical terms, very attentive and she was so good with my dog. The technician was also very kind and professional. "

 November 13, 2019

" Dr. Brock was wonderful. She explained things clearly and fully explained alternatives. The tech that assisted her was also excellent, as have been all the techs at 1st Pet. However - I brought Cindill in for the same eye complaint & an emergency urinary problem on 7-1-2019, visit #m-266755. For the eye problem, the attending vet merely prescribed two medications, costing $40 and did NOT do the same thorough eye exam that Dr. Brock did. I paid a premium for the emergency room visit and received no real eye exam. I was NOT given a choice to buy the medications at a pharmacist. Today I paid $7 for tobramyacin that cost me $20 at your site. I would suggest that considering the additional costs accrued in an emergency visit + the ramped up cost of the meds, the minimum that should happen is that the animal be given a thorough exam. Additionally, when I scheduled the exam for the 11th of this month: after listening to the usual obnoxious commercials, the individual answering the phone said I could not schedule a follow-up diagnostic exam for the cystitis problem, because I was too late - the cat would have to be given the full battery of exams, whatever the hell that means. This turned out to be nonsense: Dr. Brock said the window for a cystitis follow up exam was 3 - 6 months. This is not the first time that the people answering the phones did not know what they were talking about or couldn't directly answer a simple question. Please consider allowing customers to state their wishes and schedule an appointment without the intervention of someone who doesn't know what they are talking about. "

 November 13, 2019

" I can't think of anything. My skittish dog fell in love with the technician that was helping the doctor. He would have followed her anywhere. I've never seen that kind of behavior from him before. He was very well treated, and I can't thank the doctor and tech enough. "

 November 9, 2019

" Everything about the experience was amazing. Apollo is a calm puppy but does tend to get a bit anxious at times. The vets & staff made him feel very safe & at home which we loved so much! The pet plans are also a great idea & super helpful! "

 November 8, 2019

" Can’t think of anything "

 November 7, 2019

" As always Dr. Brock and Sami were great with our kitty. Dr. Brock explained the treatment plan well and Sami is wonderful with Pepper. "

 November 6, 2019

" I loved the passion and the care that all of the staff had. The professionalism was incredible and very much appreciated! "

 November 6, 2019

" I love how I feel after leaving. I always feel like my dog has received the best care! "

 November 5, 2019

" I feel like I am important while I am there. "

 November 5, 2019

" I love the care and attention they give my fur babies! 1st Pet is by far the best place when your fur babies need a doctor! "

 November 4, 2019

" We love Dr. Lundgren and 1st Pet Vet. Edge was nervous going in, but calmed down tanks to her and the vet tech. She is always so good with him. I always recommend you to people who have pets. :) Sunnee O'Rork "

 November 2, 2019

" Ice Cream cone "

 November 1, 2019

" I love that we get the same technician for our visits. I think that helps my cat to be st ease. "

 October 29, 2019

" 1st Pet visits have been nothing but awesome for my pet and myself! From entering the facility to exciting. Well done!! "

 October 28, 2019

" We really like the time the doctor took with is and our ailing pet. We made a plan for his future care that was sound and thought out. "

 October 27, 2019

" The staff at 1st Pet is always amazing! They take care of not only our pets but the pet parents too. I have recommended 1st Pet to all of my puppy buyers. Thank you! "

 October 26, 2019

" Joe, my cat, and I are very glad to have discovered Dr. Brock. She made both of us feel very comfortable and know that we were in good hands. Kay Dennis Robinson "

 October 26, 2019

" Great Staff "

 October 26, 2019

" Dr. Lindgren was great with Bubba! She helped me to understand what to do to help my old man! Thank you! "

 October 24, 2019

" We love Dr. Brock and Sami! They are awesome with our fur babies. "

 October 19, 2019

" Overall great! "

 October 15, 2019

" Great teamwork with entire staff. A true pet first veterinary office. Having veterinarians who are so knowledgeable, experienced, compassionate and trained specialists sets 1st Pet above all other clinics. And we drive much farther just to have Dr. Lindgren as our veterinarian. "

 October 15, 2019

" We love First Pet! "

 October 12, 2019

" Dr Lindgren and staff are professional, courteous, listen to concerns and explain care, in layman's terms, that is needed to maintain my pets health. I really appreciate the time spent with me and my pet. "

 October 12, 2019

" Exceptional service start finish. Thanks. "

 October 8, 2019

" The amount of time that the doctor and techs took to answer all of my questions and provide their recommendations was amazing. We didn't feel rushed or like we were just another appointment to get through. Thanks so much! "

 October 2, 2019

" Each time I visit your facility, I leave extremely satisfied with the service and care my pet has received! The office staff (often Judy), are friendly and, at the same time professional. Jonathon, the lab technician, is always a pleasure to see. His smiling face, pleasant demeanor, and efficiency are so much appreciated. As for the veterinarian, Dr. Heather Lindgren, I think the world of her! After several consultations with outside vets, she was the only one who figured out my pet’s illness. Her friendliness, interest, knowledge and clear explanations are appreciated more than she will ever know! Also, my pet loves her and gets overly excited when she enters the room. Connie Cappel "

 October 1, 2019

" I brought in 2 dogs and 2 cats at the same time. My visit was run very efficiently and all of my questions and concerns were addressed in detail by Dr. Lindgren. Johnathon and Angie were both excellent with my pets and I appreciate everything that was done for them. "

 September 21, 2019

" I was impressed with Dr. Richardson. She was not only knowledgeable, she was very friendly towards me & my pet. She sat right down on the floor, next to my nervous dog, to make him more comfortable. I think this doctor is "one in a million." "

 September 21, 2019

" I have always had excellent care at 1st Pet! My dogs are regular patients here, but I have also used the emergency services. In both instances, my pets were seen relatively quickly and given plenty of attention by the vets. I love that all staff focus on making my pets feel safe during their visit. They never force my pets to get a treatment. They begin every visit by giving my pets attention and treats to make them fee more comfortable and establish a little bit of trust before giving any treatment. 1st Pet is the only clinic I have noticed the staff prioritizing the animals comfort over getting an exam over as quick as possible. Both my parents and sister have now switched to 1st Pet after hearing about my positive experiences. We love 1st Pet!! "

 September 21, 2019

" My dog was bit by a rattlesnake a week ago. 1st pet was very helpful in letting me know the process. Their staff helped me and my pet through a very difficult time. I was able to visit my pet for as long as I wanted and anytime day or night. My pet is like a child to me and the staff was able to give her loving care and treated her like a baby. It meant the world to me to have them watch her so closely and continue to monitor her progress. Our follow up appointment was wonderful and Dr. Brock was amazing at being quick but very thorough in the exam and explained exactly what to expect over the next couple of weeks. They are helping us to have an amazing recovery from something that should have killed my 4 lb. fur baby. "

 September 20, 2019

" awesome amazing and caring staff.. love this vet so much... "

 September 18, 2019

" Every thing was Excellent "

 September 15, 2019

" The care and customer service at 1st Pet Mesa is always been first rate for my dog Tripod.Dr Lindgren and staff has been providing excellent care for all my dogs over many years. I trust them with Tripod who has some special need. Mark S. "

 September 14, 2019

" Courtesy and helpful staff. "

 September 12, 2019

" Nothing, you guys are wonderful! "

 September 10, 2019

" I wouldn’t take my furry children anywhere else �� I love how compassionate and caring they are. Dr. Brock and the technician both took time to gain the trust of my dog, Brodie, giving treats and stroking him. Dr. Brock got down on the floor and gently talked to him. She listened and gave the treatment I felt he needed without up-selling unnecessary tests or treatment. I received the medication and checked out right in the room. "

 September 7, 2019

" The human to pet interaction was especially warm and caring. Also person to person communication was very good. My dog was seen very close to his appointment time. Extra care was taken to make sure there were no problems in the waiting area. The outer office and exam rooms were very clean. Everything was handled in a professional and caring manner. We had a great experience. "

 September 7, 2019

" Very pleased, so happy I can take my dog here and no he will be taking care of "

 September 5, 2019

" I have a lot of fur babies and the clinical team is amazing. This is my first time with Dr. Brock and she was great. The cat I brought to the visit was very scared but Dr. Brock and the technicians were awesome and very understanding. "

 September 4, 2019

" We love it here. They are always friendly, understanding and courteous. I just wish there were one a little bit closer to home. "

 September 4, 2019

" The tech was understanding of my dogs needs and came up with a plan because my dog was being difficult. "

 August 30, 2019

" Dr. Brock and VetTech Sammie were both very professional, and answered all concerns for me on our new kitten Lexi ..... "

 August 30, 2019

" Everyone at 1st Pet is amazing ‼️ "

 August 30, 2019

" The vet and tech and front desk staff are always great. The food ordering system is flawed. I have been trying to order special food for my cat for a month and it never came in and the staff never even called to let me know. I have tried to order special dog food for my dog for 2 weeks and the same thing has happened. The communication is absolutely horrible when it comes to ordering things. I finally had to get a prescription so I can get it from petsmart. This has been an ongoing problem with getting my dogs food since he has had a special diet for awhile . Please fix this system. "

 August 29, 2019

" One of the top vets I have visited, that is rare for me to say. "

 August 28, 2019

" Shorter visit time, but that was unavoidable. Some pets come in and need immediate attention. But we were well taken care of. Great Drs. and great staff. Goodies (snacks) helped alot and so appreciated. "

 August 28, 2019

" I can't imagine what could have been done better. All were kind, thoughtful, patient and caring. Our pet is precious to us, so the kindness shown is why we go to 1st Pet! "

 August 22, 2019

" Everything went amazingly well. It was the best vet experience I've ever had. The doctor was very helpful at assisting my pet in the best and most affordable way. "

 August 21, 2019

" When upset sometimes hard to hear exactly what is being said. Maybe a treatment plan with better descriptions passed out to reference when mind is clear. You get one but i thought fluids, my spouse thought dialysis, we both thought charcoal etc. bit our heads were spinning so the follow up calls are great "

 August 20, 2019

" We were there for almost two hours. I recognize the x-ray took time, but when we were all done it really would have helped if we could have gotten checked out faster. That said, I was very impressed with the care and kindness everyone exhibited, the cleanliness of the place, and LOVED the fish! "

 August 15, 2019

" Care of Fancy. "

 August 13, 2019

" It was so nice to be met at the door and my furbaby spoken to by name. Instantly brought into a roon. Made me feel wanted and cared about. "

 August 10, 2019

" Dr. Hohnbaum has been extremely helpful and is keeping me well informed of my kitty’s condition. Thank you! "

 August 9, 2019

" Dr. Lindgren and her team are always amazing . It's a wonderful team environment of great knowledge and care and love . "

 August 7, 2019

" Overall the visit was great. The staff is friendly and understanding of my dogs excitement level. They accommodated us by letting us come in through the side door right into a room. The technician also made my dog feel comfortable enough to let him clip her nails! I am transferring her care here, even thought it is 20 minutes farther than her current vet. "

 August 7, 2019

" Appreciate the follow up "

 August 7, 2019

" I was amazed by the whole process. The staff is caring patient and interested in my pets wellbeing. "

 August 3, 2019

" The front desk person asked my pet's name and if I had an appt, but then made a phone call and started doing other things. When her companion noticed I wasn't being checked in (there were no other customers in lobby), he asked if I had an appointment and then put me in a room. A little weird. The first person was very distracted I guess, and didn't give any indication she needed to take care of anything first. She just went on as if she'd never spoken to me. "

 July 31, 2019

" My girl is very apprehensive of strangers and the staff were all very patient with her. They took their time. Could not have asked for a better experience. "

 July 31, 2019

" I cannot think of anything for this location to improve. Though I am generally there for only emergencies, I have always been treated fair and with compassion. I will be switching my 5 dogs' general veterinary care exclusively to this location. "

 July 30, 2019

" Very informative and caring "

 July 30, 2019

" You are the FUCKING best place ever. I have had you work on my little guy Duke and over the years have sent others to your Higley and Southern location. After Domino did so well with therapy I will never go anywhere else. You have won over me and my family and neighborhood with your work. Excellent awesome and I cant thank you all enough. "

 July 29, 2019

" Dr Hohnbaum was very good with Tripod.Dr. Lindgren ,Dr. Hohnbaum and staff at 1st pet Mesa are very careful and thorough when treating Tripod.I trust them.MSeeton "

 July 27, 2019

" Vet prices were extremely high for us, but they took very good care of our pet, which means the world to us... "

 July 22, 2019

" First, we were impressed that we were taken into an exam room right away. The snacks and water are a nice touch. Also, having the scale in the room was a big plus! The room looked really clean. We often worry about cleanliness at the vet. Everyone was really nice. They spoke to both my husband & I, instead of just 1 of us. They explained what was going on with our puppy & gave us options on treating him. The price of the office visit was higher than our last vet, but the office setting is twice as nice. Overall, it was a good experience. "

 July 20, 2019

" The staff and doctors are always friendly and helpful. "

 July 17, 2019

" It’s rare to find an animal hospital that will work with you financially when you are in need. They really do care & I’m very thankful for their outstanding service. "

 July 16, 2019

" Sammi was great ! "

 July 13, 2019

" Dr. Hohmbaum is great with our animals and genuinely cares for them. She explains the plan well. "

 July 13, 2019

" Nothing. "

 July 10, 2019

" The technicians at 1st Pet are wonderful. They are patient with my puppy and dont rush through his appointment. Thanks!! "

 July 10, 2019

" My dog has tumors on her under belly that are going to cost around $2400 to remove. That is A LOT of money. I was informed IF the facility had a laser it would have been less expensive. So to me, that is the most important thing that you could have done better, had a laser. Now we have to wait to save up enough money. But the staff and the level of care was amazing. "

 July 10, 2019

" The lady at the front desk was cold and unfeeling and way too professional. Lighten up and be more understanding and helpful to the clients and animals. It wasnt all the front staff, especially a few ladies up front. One in particular that had short blond hair. Dont know her name. Also I never know whether to wait in the room for someone to come and check me out or go up front. "

 July 9, 2019

" I am so pleased with the service I have been given and my pets are always treated so well and gentle. Keep up the great work! "

 July 5, 2019

" Excellent service for people that like to see their pets well taken care of,and at a reasonable cost, THANK YOU SO MUCH! "

 June 21, 2019

" Not happy about pre paying for physical therapy and then having it cancelled and not able to do it until about 5 weeks post op. My dog is now walking normally, not favoring her leg that had surgery. I would prefer to get $ back and skip the pt. "

 June 14, 2019

" My Mom and I had a 3 dog visit appointment with Dr.Lindgren and her team . One of our 16 yr old dogs wasn't doing well prior to our visit . Dr.Lindgren did her wellness exam and told us medically what was going on with her . After many tears and lots of patience and compassion from Dr. Lindgren and her team We said goodbye to our precious Princess Katie . The entire team and especially Dr.Lindgren had an excellent bed side manner and was amazing to all of us . "

 June 9, 2019

" everything was perfect! We love Dr. Lindgren! She is awesome and takes time and listens to all concerns about Mr. Crabby Pants (Cosita). "

 June 8, 2019

" All of the technicians and Doctor were obviously dog lovers and owners and my dog fell in love with them. It was a very positive experience. "

 June 7, 2019

" Dr. Hohnbaum was very patient and answered all my questions thoroughly. She followed up the next day and was helpful and patient regarding a change in medication. The Vet Tech staff was very caring of my pet and quite competent. I liked that the procedure for treatment and payment was all in the same room. Thanks! "

 June 4, 2019

" I’m so sorry that I didn’t know the name of the doctor that saw My dog but she was so sweet and caring and I really appreciated that ! "

 June 1, 2019

" I think the medication for Charlie should have been given way earlier than just 2 hours. Charlie became very unresponsive. The medication didn't wear off until the next morning. "

 May 29, 2019

" My wife took our dog Bauer to 1st Pet and came back saying how well it went. How nice and professional everyone was. She usually goes directly to her Vet but couldn’t this time and we were unsure about what to expect. Obviously we both were very happy and our dog came back feeling much better which we would like to say thank you to the tech that worked on him! "

 May 25, 2019

" N/A "

 May 22, 2019

" The doctors and all the staff 1st Pet Mesa are all very caring, knowledgeable and professional. I trust them with my dog Tripod,who has some special needs and Drs Lindgren and Dr Hohnbaum provide him with great care. Mark Seeton "

 May 22, 2019

" Shorter wait time "

 May 21, 2019

" I am always impressed with how the staff interacts with my dogs. They are gentle and always check with me on how the dogs are doing and if there is anything else they can assist with. "

 May 19, 2019

" Your technicians, Sammy and Sydney, gave exceptional service. Not only did they perform their tasks well but they truly seemed to enjoy their jobs! They were friendly, gave clear explanations, displayed an appreciation for humor and were kind and patient with my pet. Once again must tell tell you how lucky you are to have Dr. Heather Lundgren on your staff! She is a terrific vet, extremely knowledgeable, smart, honest, kind and considerate. My dog gets excited just seeing her enter the room. "

 May 10, 2019

" After taking my prior pet to Banfield for 9 yrs, 1st Pet was a breath of fresh air! Amazing and so glad my new rescued pet is going to be well taken care of for life. "

 May 7, 2019

" First time we have had Dr Richardson. We really like her. Down to earth, knowledgeable &very caring. Stinker was relaxed even though he is quite sic. Amy took to her immediately. Thanks so much. Stinker is already showing signs of improvement "

 May 2, 2019

" Dr took the time to go over any questions, comments or concerns we had. Always a good experience there. "

 May 2, 2019

" Unfortunately, my dog was diagnosed with bone cancer but the staff was very good in explaining the situation and I definitely would recommend 1st Pet to anyone. "

 April 30, 2019

" My dog and I love First Pet! "

 April 27, 2019

" When my wife walked in, the front desk gentlemen advised her immediately that there had been some puppies with Parvo and he recommended that we not put our puppy down on the floor. He said they had cleaned but just as a precaution since this was our puppies first round of shots. She was able to let me know before I came in with our puppy. That attention to detail is amazing and very much appreciated nowadays. Thank you! "

 April 23, 2019

" Dr. Hohnbaum is always so great with our fur babies and she explains everything thoroughly and in a way we can understand. The techs and rest of the staff are always friendly and treat us well. "

 April 23, 2019

" Dr. Was very helpful and took care to explain everything to me. She really cared about my dog and made us both feel comfortable. Thank you! "

 April 23, 2019

" Overall a great visit, no complaints. I’m grateful that the vet I saw was also able to help answer some unrelated questions about my dog. I feel much more confident as a pet parent now. "

 April 20, 2019

" The staff and doctors are so very caring. Everything was explained to me fully and there was no pressure to have the procedure recommended for my senior dog. I definitely recommend 1st Pet. Thank you! "

 April 20, 2019

" Five stars "

 April 19, 2019

" Office and personnel were all neat, friendly and knowledgeable! I chose this office because I had visited once before on an emergency. Loved the service and cleanliness and decided that it made sense to have my regular vet and emergency vet in the same place! They would have all of my pets information any time I needed help! "

 April 16, 2019

" They were all great thank you "

 April 13, 2019

" I was extremely unhappy with the call I received the day after my visit. You had failed to charge me for the prescription I came back after my visit to pick up. When you called me, you made it appear that I had failed to pay, she was extremely rude and disrespectful. I stated I could come in and pay this week but would not be able to come and pay today. The response I got was ok, I’ll just note your account as delinquent. At no time have I ever been delinquent. I have never been delinquent and have always paid my bill in full. The fact that I can’t come in immediately today and pay the bill today would make me delinquent is extremely offensive and says a lot about your customer priorities "

 April 12, 2019

" Just love Dr. Lindgren. Really helps that our little Maggie loves her even more. "

 April 11, 2019

" Losing a family pet is a difficult time for everyone involved. Dr. Hohnbaum, Dr. Sanchez and all the technicans and staff were amazing with their compassion and professionalism. I will definitely bring my other cat to 1st Pet, God bless you all. "

 April 9, 2019

" Young man was very friendly and treated Jessie James great. "

 April 5, 2019

" Billie Jo and Dr. Lindgren were both fantastic. Dr. Lindgren was very thorough, knowledgeable and gave us a couple of different options for treatment to get Heisman to feel better. Overall a great experience! "

 March 30, 2019

" As a retired R.N. I appreciated being treated professionally never once being talked down to by the Techs with regard to Rosie’s treatment. I cannot express how much I appreciated Tat’s, Kellen’s and Trinity’s caring and compassionate demeanour . I was extremely impressed with the cleanliness of the clinic as we had to walk through the treatment area each visit. Dr. Heather was so kind and encouraging with regard to outcome which was so appreciated as was Dr. Deb. As a visitor from West Kelowna, B.C. I could not have selected a better Veterinary Team. Thank you All. "

 March 30, 2019

" everthing was great "

 March 29, 2019

" We enjoyed meeting the Doctor that will be seeing our kitty from now on. We were pleased with her professionalism. Very personable. "

 March 28, 2019

" 1st Pet is amazing! I cannot express that much more. I walked in with my puppy Serena & was greeted by two lovely ladies, Eleni & Sydney, then this sweet darling girl Ariana checked me in & we headed into a room. Walked in was a super outgoing tech to ask all the important needed questions. The rooms were so clean & the fish tanks are an excellent addition. Dr Lindgren came in & did a superior job giving my puppy her vaccines & helping find the source of her diarrhea. I am to thankful for 1st Pet & all their hard work! "

 March 26, 2019

" We were made to feel at ease, taking away the stress we were feeling. Made all the difference, we will certainly recommend this place if anyone is looking for a good vet, along with good staffing. Much appreciated "

 March 26, 2019

" Print out home care instructions "

 March 20, 2019

" I appreciate your staff. Very professional and pet friendly. "

 March 20, 2019

" Very polite, courteous and professional staff all around. Thank you for making our Dog and ourselves feel comfortable "

 March 20, 2019

" Was a great experience!!! "

 March 19, 2019

" I really enjoyed the way my questions were answered in a professional way. As a first time dog owner I had a lot of questions regarding my pet. I was provided with great, thorough advice and gained confidence in my abilities as a dog owner. "

 March 19, 2019

" Nothing, I think everything went wonderfully! "

 March 16, 2019

" Lucy Vixen has been in PT therapy , and Trinity and Dr Lingren and the entire team are always so amazing ! We're forever grateful ���� In addition , everyone goes above and beyond , Trinity is my savior and miracle worker . And the front desk team always helps us to the car with our dog found and treats. "

 March 16, 2019

" I have no complaints. My dogs and i are always treated with care and understanding of their needs. "

 March 15, 2019

" Everything went so we'll. "

 March 14, 2019

" Love this place would highly recommend. They always make me feel comfortable and truly listen to my concerns when it comes to my dog Harlie. They are able to provide clear treatment options and their interaction with my dog is top notch. "

 March 14, 2019

" Nothing...it was all excellent. Everyone there is awesome. "

 March 14, 2019

" Every staff member is professional and caring. "

 March 12, 2019

" Everything was wonderful!!!!! Dr. Lindgren took her time and explained everything thoroughly as to what to expect out of the therapy. It was also comforting to know that she really understands my breed of dog since she has the same breed. Love this place. We are planning on making this our regular veterinary clinic. So happy we found this place!!!!!! "

 March 10, 2019

" Luna’s doctor is always so pleasant and attentive to our needs and concerns :) "

 March 7, 2019

" Experience was great. "

 March 6, 2019

" we miss dr Waldo but there taking very good care of our stormy "

 March 5, 2019

" We just appreciate how kind the entire staff is. We feel so comfortable there and look forward to the future care of our pets at 1st Pet. "

 March 1, 2019

" Not a thing. We love 1st Pet and our Doctor ❤️❤️ "

 February 27, 2019

" Everything was very professional, and we and our cat were comfortable and happy. "

 February 27, 2019

" As always nothing could have been better! I am always impressed how happy my Westie, Molly, is to arrive there and how glad she is to see everyone who takes care of us! "

 February 26, 2019

" Every thing was great. Everyone was very professional. "

 February 26, 2019

" Would like the doctor to be in the room alittle more then 2 minutes of a 90 minute visit "

 February 21, 2019

" We are from Canada and are glad that we have found an Animal Hospital -1st Pet. They treated our dog and us with great kindness and professionalism. The cost was very reasonable. This will be our Winter Animal Hospital from now on while we are visiting AZ. Thank You. "

 February 20, 2019

" I can't think of anything you could change. The entire office personnel are caring and informative. "

 February 20, 2019

" You always take the time to listen and answer questions. "

 February 19, 2019

" Gave me estimates of two possible treatments and the cost and let me choose. So helpful. I even put a deposit down on one and then changed my mind. I was assured that was okay. "

 February 13, 2019

" Exceptional interaction between vet and pet. I have a difficult, tempermental cat and the vet was fantastic with her needs. "

 February 12, 2019

" Spent quite a bit of time waiting, however I do understand emergencies arise and need to be taken care of first. "

 February 7, 2019

" Came back in to check her chip. Liked that "

 February 6, 2019

" Thank you thank you. We had 2 appointments that day. We first had to put our 14 year old doxy mix down due to organ failure issues and other age issues. Staff couldn’t have been more understanding in this very tough hour. We also returned for some bloodwork that afternoon with our lab. All staff were tremendous. Facility beautiful. If we lived here in the valley we would make the tending vet our vet for sure!!! ❤️ "

 February 5, 2019

" Dr. Lindgren and staff were wonderful. This is one of the best vets I've ever been to in the 70 years of my caring and living with cats! "

 February 2, 2019

" Just continue doing what you all do "

 February 1, 2019

" care about my dog "

 January 31, 2019

" My dog & I received outstanding service. Dr Hohnbaum was very kind & helpful, answering my questions & explaining the treatment plan. It was greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. "

 January 30, 2019

" The entire staff was very kind as we made the decision to put our beloved pet to sleep. They provided plenty of options, including alternatives to try, but fully supported our decisions regarding the well-being of our pup. They made a very difficult situation just a little bit easier. Thank you. "

 January 26, 2019

" Honestly, I cannot think of anything your staff, technician or doctor could have done to make “ our visit better.” Your staff is friendly and extremely competent. The technician, Brandon, who was familiar to me from one of my previous visits, was as friendly as ever and polite. He was efficient in the tasks he performed, and asked pertinent questions. I also liked the technician, Johnathan, who helped him with a blood draw. As for Dr. Heather Lindgren, I feel blessed that she is my dog’s veterinarian!! Her friendliness, genuine warmth, honesty, knowledge, and obvious love of her patients, is nice to behold and appreciated. "

 January 25, 2019

" Everything went very well. The post surgery instructions were specific and understandable. Liked getting them explained verbally as well as written to take home and refer to later. "

 January 24, 2019

" I love 1st Pet! I have never had a vet office that was more caring and loving towards my babies! "

 January 22, 2019

" Not a huge deal but the room I was in was quite warm I felt at ease with both Dr Lindgren and with Kristi, thank you so much ! "

 January 17, 2019

" I have never had an undesirable experience at this facility. "

 January 13, 2019

" The techs always treat your pet as if it is their favorite one. I like that. Dr. Waldo was honest with me about the condition of my pet, and I needed to hear it in order to make an informed decision. "

 January 12, 2019

" Great staff and great facility "

 January 12, 2019

" Brandon our technician always great !!, btw thank you for your patient and care with my baby. This time, me, Thorr's Mom outside of town, so this one was particularly stressful ....Want to relay my trust in the front desk assistant to put notes for Thorr's chart. One, for payment " all set up" and also for the details that matters, because this time....was not completed, my Mom and my son leave the office with out THE MEDICATION "what I suppose to have for Thorr". and was a very specific and short ......pick up medication ready, draw blood, stool sample, and payment. Better and pro active communication between front desk to the technician and doctors. Because I know I'm not the only Mom out of town leaving my fur baby in hands of other ones no very familiarized with this process. Check list before check out and pay resolve thing, right there in the moment!! "

 January 12, 2019

" Dr. Lindgren is professional, compassionate, patient, and extremely knowledgeable. She has the ability to explain procedures and medical issues in a clear and concise way with the most positive attitude. You have the honor of Dr. Lindgren being on your hospital staff as one of your best assets in being the benchmark for veterinary care. "

 January 12, 2019

" Everything has been great. Thank you very much! "

 January 12, 2019

" Your reception staff always seems disorganized and impersonal. We love the vet and techs though and we love the atmosphere that you provide for our pets. "

 January 11, 2019

" The communication from Dr. Hohnbam was excellent(sorry if I misspelled your name). The technician Genese was wonderful and showered little Scooby with love and affection, thank you all:) "

 January 9, 2019

" I described your clinic to a friend as the "Mayo Clinic" of pet health. Mayo Clinic excels in patient experience, comfort and care. I have been super impressed by your entire staff, facility and care for my pup. "

 January 8, 2019

" I find the staff very friendly and extremely caring about the animals. I am so happy that I discovered your clinic. "

 January 6, 2019

" Trinity is amazing ! She's knowledgeable and passionate about her job, and her love for animals and their human parents. "

 January 1, 2019

" Dr Waldo was recommended to me by Peppy's Dr from Blue Ridge in Lakeside, AZ I have been thrilled to find a Vet. Here for him. "

 December 29, 2018

" I was so impressed with the facility and the service Bentley received. Brandon was our tech and he was so nice to both of us. I partioliked the way everything was taken care of in our examining room down to even payment of the bill. It meant I didn’t have to worry that Bentley was going to not have my full attention while I was taking care of the bill. He did not have to interact with other pets. So very thoughtful. Thank you "

 December 28, 2018

" Saved my Sebastian's life. Thank you "

 December 22, 2018

" Service is always fast, efficient and with great care towards my animals. Love this place! "

 December 20, 2018

" You are all so caring and kind - to both my handsome pup (Sewa) and to me. Thank you! "

 December 11, 2018

" Loki loved all the treats! Thank you for taking care of my sweet boy. I'm sure he's going to love doing PT here! "

 December 11, 2018

" Appreciate Kristi"s calm care for my Bassett,Ruby. She takes just a few extra strokes and words to calm her. Her pet parent appreciates it!!!! "

 December 9, 2018

" Everything was great! No complaints! We were in and out in about half an hour. The technician was very personable and caring. "

 December 8, 2018

" I greatly appreciate that both the staff and Dr. Home Berg remembered not only the animals that we had brought in for shots but also the two dogs we lost within a month of each other a little while back. I also love that we are able to go into a room right away because my two dogs are large and people make assumptions. Having the doctor go over the estimate with me and stead of any medical assistant made it much less like a sale. Lastly checking out in the room following your appointment also makes the exit much less stressful . "

 December 8, 2018

" We were in a very stressful situation, and the entire medical staff gave us their utmost patience and thoughtfulness. So impressed... "

 December 8, 2018

" Super friendly and knowledgeable staff "

 December 7, 2018

" The girl who check us out took to long and looked like she didn’t know what she was doing. I missed another appointment because of that. It was stressful to be in the little room for that long with two pets. "

 December 6, 2018

" everyone was fabulous and Gracie even got her Christmas picture taken....staff was super friendly. "

 December 6, 2018

" From the moment I walked through the door, to the moment I walked away, I had a wonderful experience! I've been a CVT for many years, and I am SO jealous I never worked at this facility. Keep doing what you're doing!!! "

 December 5, 2018

" Very helpful, but costly. "

 December 4, 2018

" We were partially working on my dog's interaction on visits. We are SO well treated by your staff and our technician that my dog gets extremely excited to see everyone each visit! Part of the purpose of this visit was to help her calm down and just enjoy the people she loves so much. They are truly "fear free." I think the fact that she loves them is HER own evaluation of 1st Pet! "

 December 4, 2018

" I have found over many visits that it always takes quite a while for the attendant to come in that goes over your billing and takes your payment. Everything else is great and runs smoothly. Thanks "

 December 4, 2018

" I was in town visiting and was in need of a Vet appt for a problem. I had called 3 other locations and although I explained the need for a same day appt was not offered an appt for 3 days ahead. First Pet offered me an appt right away for same day. Staff & Dr. Hohnbaum were wonderful. Uma & I were escorted to a room shortly after arriving. The technician came in soon after we were in the room & Dr. Hohnbaum shortly after the tech was done. She explained everything as she was checking Uma & thoroughly explained what the treatment plan was & why. I was very pleased with First Pet. The snack basket for myself, that was placed in the room with us was a pleasant surprise. "

 December 1, 2018

" I love the doctors and staff at 1st Pet Mesa. I couldn’t ask for a better crew to take care of my cats. "

 December 1, 2018

" The genuine care for me and my dog was so wonderful!! "

 November 30, 2018

" All was perfect! "

 November 30, 2018

" Dr Waldo is are angel, he saved our girl....everyone there is great.. "

 November 27, 2018

" The staff and doctors are fantastic. I know my dog is getting the best care available & love that they offer late evening appointments! I highly recommend them to everyone. "

 November 17, 2018

" The Doctor was very friendly but I she demonstrated that tendency we have all fallen victim to; namely, agreeing with my comments without really listening to them. Before I could speak at times, she would utter, “Yes, that’s what I think or any affirmative statement when a response to my statement didnt really warrant any response especially an “agreenent/affirmative” type response. Its hard to explain in writing but thats the only reason why your rating is less than excellent! The tech Brandon was excetionally respectful and brought a great deal of value to my visit "

 November 17, 2018

" The Vet Teck helped make the visit all the better she was light and funny but very business when dealing with our sick dog. This special interaction helped reduce the stress of the visit. "

 November 17, 2018

" Our visit was excellent! My dog Maddie is extremely anxious and all the staff catered to her needs. They were wonderful! "

 November 16, 2018

" Thank you for taking such good care of Cady. She is doing great and is happy and healthy. "

 November 13, 2018

" Friendliness is very important to me. Staff were very busy in the front office. My three added to the chaos. Everyone handled each customer with kindness and respect. "

 November 9, 2018

" Got me in on a 15 minute notice and didn’t charge me emergency fees. Fees very reasonable "

 November 9, 2018

" Nothing "

 November 7, 2018

" Very compassionate staff and Doctor. "

 November 6, 2018

" Big difference in night staff and day staff. Would really like to be able to interact with one vet. "

 November 4, 2018

" I loved that the tech came in the room with us and did not take the dogs in the back for nail trims, 2 of the 3 did not take to it.. - thanks "

 November 3, 2018

" Dr. Lungren is extremely good .she new right away what was needed in a dog with seizures "

 October 31, 2018

" Absolutely nothing , my pal Havock and I were both very Happy with all aspects (well he didn't care for the thermometer) but he enjoyed the time at the clinic. "

 October 30, 2018

" Always pleased with the facilities and staff. Always treated with respect and kindness and always satisfied with visits. Very happy with 1st. Pet. "

 October 27, 2018

" It was a difficult time for us but all the staff was very professional but also very compassionate. "

 October 27, 2018

" Could not have been better Thanks for the excellence care "

 October 27, 2018

" I had to come in fir an emergency visit and was presently surprised. It was first thing in the morning and everone was pleasant, the facility was clean and a basket of food stuff was provided to me. Fantastic place. "

 October 27, 2018

" The staff is very compassionate, professional, and empathetic. "

 October 26, 2018

" Everything went fine. Lola's wound healed fine. "

 October 25, 2018

" I appreciate physician Heather Lindgren! I marvel at her diagnostic skills and her honesty. She alone was able to accurately diagnose my dog’s illness when several other veterinarians could not. I appreciate her professionalism, friendliness, kindness, and her wonderful interaction with my pet. "

 October 23, 2018

" Compassionate, loving. My Caesar loved the staff.never even shivered. Not once. "

 October 20, 2018

" It all went very good and we look forward to continuing with 1st Pet caring for our Cooper. "

 October 19, 2018

" Simon and I couldn’t be happier with the care he received yesterday. The staff there is amazing. Thank you "

 October 19, 2018

" They concerned the age of my pet on treatment options and were very realistic... "

 October 18, 2018

" The relaxed setting,.. & the eagerness to plz. "

 October 18, 2018

" Dr. Lindgren and the staff at 1st Pet are amazing! The facility is state of the art, yet very comfortable and welcoming. I love the little snack basket provided to your clients. It is such a wonderful touch. Thank you for all that you do for our dogs, Popcorn, Paddy and Penny! "

 October 18, 2018


 October 17, 2018

" Since day 1 I have always been impressed with 1st. Pet Veterinarian from front desk and therapy wonderful people I will never forget. "

 October 13, 2018

" Everything is always great! The staff are so friendly, the facilities are clean and modern. I would not go anywhere else. "

 October 13, 2018

" Dr Lundgren and staff always provide excellent care for my dog Tripod. I have trusted Dr Lundgren to care for all my dogs over the years,1st Pet Doctors and staff are dedicated.Mark S. "

 October 13, 2018

" All staff professional, caring, and friendly. From beginning of our appointment to the end, my pet and I were treated as if we were the most important mom and pet in the world. They went out of their way to make sure we were comfortable and that I understood all issues discussed. "

 October 12, 2018

" My dog always enjoys interacting with the employees encounters at 1st Pet. And they all take the time to talk to her and pet her. Thanks for helping her get well, too! "

 October 11, 2018

" I like having the results of blood work done on-site was nice. However, the Valley fever test results take 3-4 days. Waiting for results of Valley fever is worrisome when your dog is having seizures. I love the fact that 1st Pet is open 24/7 which is extremely convenient. Provided you make an appointment the vet services are half price opposed to walking in without an appointment. "

 October 10, 2018

" First Pet is the BEST! We had appointments for 2 abandoned chihuahuas on Monday. One of them turned into an emergency (possible Parvo) and we took him in on Sunday afternoon. Our fears of Parvo were allayed and the medications provided started working almost immediately. Chocky is so much improved, you'd almost think he was a different dog! The only thing that I would like to see done differently is to have an itemized bill with the services listed. It's not a consistent practice - sometimes we get the itemized statement and other times all we get are the Care Credit statement. I don't always remember to ask for a copy of the bill because I'm usually more concerned about taking care of the dog. "

 October 10, 2018

" Our shepherd Iona has deep fear issues. First Pet Vet creates an environment that minimizes her stress. I am relieved to see how relaxed our girl is on this clinic. The staff goes above and beyond to ensure that Iona has a stress free experience. Dr. Carey is extremely knowledgeable and caring. I appreciate the time she takes to put our girl at ease, and to ensure we understand the diagnosis "

 October 10, 2018

" I love that the staff treats my pet like their own. "

 October 4, 2018

" visit was good, vet was knowledgeable, answered questions of which there were many as this a new rescue, and overall was good experience. our regular vet was on vacation but this gentleman did fine. "

 October 3, 2018

" Everything was wonderful! I was so pleased that Dr. Waldo called me before and after the surgery! "

 September 29, 2018

" I made the decision that it was time to let go of her, so she could be out of pain. The Dr. and medical staff were so kind and caring with us. They allowed us to be with her for a little while before, during and time afterwards. They were so kind and caring, both with Misty and the 3 of us that came along with her. It was a horrific experience that was eased by the First Pet staff. Thank you so much "

 September 28, 2018

" The vet tech was amazing!! And I loved that the Dr sat on the scale and came down to our level instead of stand above us and telling us what's best for our dog. He really listened and told us what we're doing is what he would if this was his own dog. "

 September 25, 2018

" Love dr waldo "

 September 25, 2018

" Staff at the front desk at least pretending they are happy to see you. Acknowledge you with a smile. Even greet the pet. "

 September 20, 2018

" Respect and dignity for my pet . Follow up call the next was a pleasant surprise. "

 September 18, 2018

" I especially like the private rooms that are provided when I bring Lexi in. "

 September 18, 2018

" As always, First Pet is great with my dog Andy and me. "

 September 14, 2018

" All was and always is excellent. Dr. Waldo and the entire staff are efficient, kind, reassuring to my dogs and me. I have referred people who feel the same after visiting there. Thank you for all you do. "

 September 8, 2018

" Can't think of anything that would have improved my experience. I left feeling confident that my dog would receive the best of care. "

 September 8, 2018

" Time spent there was minimal!! "

 September 8, 2018

" Dr Waldo and the rest of the staff always take care of my babies. "

 September 5, 2018

" Friendly, professional, efficient, knowledgeable emergency vet staff made this stressful visit easier. Dr Marquiz is wonderful. "

 September 5, 2018

" Double check my pet's record. My pet was given a prescription for something that she's had a bad reaction to in the past (Gabapentin). Unfortunately my husband brought her, as I'm disabled, and he didn't realize it to tell the vet again and we spent $20 needlessly on a prescription that we can't use for her. "

 September 2, 2018

" I love bringing my babies here. I trust the staff because they are so knowledgeable and they are always nice. "