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Recent Reviews

 Samantha - 09/25/2023

" great service! I was originally scheduled for the first visit until the end of September, but the team advised us when there was a cancellation and was able to get an appointment much sooner! I truly appreciate that! "

 Kate - 09/22/2023

" I always have difficulty joining the Zoom meeting. It was not until today that Stephanie let me know the link in the email is not a good link and a new one is sent via text. I’m not able to use my Ohio for zoom bc it never connects. It would be helpful to get the actual link so it cools be saved to our calendar or to share this information of getting a new link in the email. "

 Bennett - 09/15/2023

" The ADHD Diagnostic and Treatment Center was highly recommended to us by another doctor. When I called for the first appointment, they were booked for months in advance however, the receptionist called me several times when appointments opened up and was so kind to accommodate our schedule! We were able to get in much faster that way. The entire office was clean and calming and my son felt very comfortable there. Dr. Roberts was exceptional, kind, thorough, and transparent about the processes and steps to make sure my son was accurately diagnosed and treated. I am so thankful we found this facility! "

 Jeff - 09/14/2023

" Visit with Dr/PA was very good. I was impressed with the feeling of not being rushed and asked several times, “is there anything else?” Great visit. "

 Morgan - 09/09/2023

" It is always a pleasure communicating with Dr. Huang and the rest of the staff. They are great! "

 Page - 08/29/2023

" I feel I'm in good hands with this team. "

 Chad - 08/25/2023

" Dr. Jean It’s a pleasure visiting with you. Thank you for squeezing me in to your schedule.. Sincerely Chad Lee "

 Brandi - 08/25/2023

" Excellent doctors and staff ! "

 Francisco - 08/25/2023

" Dr Chuang is professional and pleasant to work with, I am blessed to have found a doctor that is knowledgeable and is on top of his specialty, highly recommended. "

 Jason - 08/24/2023

" Dr. Chuang is excellent. He explains things clearly and without bias or condescension. He takes a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to diagnosis, and a cautious, patient-involved approach to treatment. He took plenty of time to fully explain my test results and diagnosis, as well as understand and answer my questions. His office staff and nurses are wonderful -- extremely competent and friendly. I highly recommend the ADD/ADHD Diagnostic & Treatment Center. "

 Tucker - 08/23/2023

" Dr. Roberts is wonderful! I'm thankful to have found such an empathetic group of providers! "

 Daniel - 08/12/2023

" Dr Patankar is awesome. Always appreciate his friendliness and care. "

 Alicia - 08/05/2023

" Literally the best medical team I've ever had the pleasure of interacting with. You make my life easier, more successful, and all around better. Thank you! "

 Claire - 08/03/2023

" Adderall shortage. Will be switching meds and pharmacy to get a substitute. Haven't heard from the pharmacy yet if my script is ready. "

 Sherrie - 08/01/2023

" Always professional and courteous. "

 Colleen - 07/27/2023

" I was very nervous about coming to a new doctor since moving to TX, but the staff were so kind and informative both before and during my appointment. Very grateful that I came here. Thank you! "

 Megan - 07/25/2023

" I’ve always had an amazing experience with Dr. Chuang, and trust him entirely. Staff is very kind and helpful as well. This is a huge sigh of relief since I’d struggling in the past to find a decent psychiatrist. Now I found a GREAT one! "

 Paul - 07/25/2023

" Always Professional and friendly. "

 Anne - 07/21/2023

" This diagnosis is new to me. I wasn’t diagnosed until nearly 40 years of age. I find it difficult to voice concerns about the medication causing a side effect of increased anxiety or the stigma of the medication. I don’t want to appear arrogant or ungrateful. It is tough to express what all I have to say in the short amount of appointment time or know how to judge if the medication is working well. What does that even mean? "

 Alexis - 07/08/2023

" Any time that I have needed my prescription sent anywhere else or have any questions the staff is very quick to respond. Dr is extremely personable and never makes me feel rushed . He genuinely cares about my wellbeing. "

 James - 07/07/2023

" I have been receiving treatment here for a few years. This is, by far, the best experience I have had with a clinic like this. The entire staff is awesome! "

 Courtney - 07/01/2023

" The appointment was great. I'm not sure what happens after the appointment though. Every time the doctor says that the prescription will be written the same day. However, this never happens. I always have to request the prescription to be sent to my pharmacy.... "

 Sabrina - 06/30/2023

" It takes so long for this process. To even get to the Dr was months and then blood work and then appointment to start treatment. "

 Thanh - 06/22/2023

" Excellent. "

 Joseph - 06/20/2023

" I love Dr. Patankar! He is fantastic! He has helped me in my journey to get my ADHD under control and we're almost there. Without him, I would still be spinning my tires. If you believe you might have ADHD, please reach out and get tested no matter your age. I am in my late 30's and finally decided to seek help! I wish I would have done this years ago! Also, do outside research and follow other doctors & clinicians on how to cope with your ADHD. Also, keep a journal to help you along your medication journey. "

 Sean - 06/17/2023

" Always great service with Dr Chuang and Jean and staff. "

 Aurelia - 06/08/2023

" Thank you so much. I feel there is hope! "

 Justin - 06/07/2023

" I could look at Jean all day long. -jm "

 Chauncey - 06/05/2023

" I love the non judgement, happy smiles, warm greetings, small talk, and overall feeling of everything is ok. The level of professionalism the staff and doctors have always supersede most of my experiences. It really is a great group! "

 Steven - 05/31/2023

" This was a virtual visit. "

 Page - 05/27/2023

" I love the virtual appointments. Very convenient for me since I work from home. The nurse & doctor always very professional. "

 Kurt - 05/26/2023

" Always a great experience!!! I appreciate their knowledge and time to ensure that I live a healthy life. "

 Courtney - 05/20/2023

" Great experience! Medication prescribed is not available/in stock at the requested pharmacy so I need to transfer it. I sent an email to Shaunna and the front office. Thank you! "

 Johnathan - 05/19/2023

" As always the staff was very professional and kind. "

 Thomas - 05/18/2023

" You’ve been a great office to work with on my son’s ADHD. Thank you for all you have done. "

 Sarah - 05/13/2023

" Dr. Patenkar and his nurse Are lovely and warm. I've recommended him to multiple people "

 Juan - 05/02/2023

" I have NEVER had such as pleasant experience as I did when I came in to see the Dr. They are amazing.!!! "

 Alexandra - 04/25/2023

" We are very pleased with the care provided by Dr. Patankar. The nurses and front-desk staff are also amazing. They are quick to respond to texts, emails, or phone calls. They are very flexible with scheduling and pharmacy assistance. We have seen amazing improvements since finding the right medication and dose to treat my daughter's ADHD. We hope to continue our care with Dr. Patankar after high school and into college. "

 Jacob - 04/08/2023

" We have been patients with Dr. Chuang for many years and we absolutely love him! "

 Natalie - 03/23/2023

" I’m still waiting to receive the testing via email so I can start treatment. "

 Skip - 03/21/2023

" Always very easy to schedule appointments. "

 Jarad - 03/20/2023

" Office was right on schedule and everyone was very friendly. "

 Connor - 03/07/2023

" I’ve only ever seen one other doctor in my life who made me feel so heard. "

 Tucker - 03/04/2023

" I love this office & team of care givers! I recommend them anytime I come across a friend needing their services! "

 Ernest - 03/04/2023

" Shortages of generic brand Adderall mean pharmacy can only fill brand name. Which requires INS. Approval. Please be proactive and work to get approval to avoid delays. "

 Scott - 02/28/2023

" Always a fantastic experience! "

 Jason - 02/28/2023

" As always Dr. C his staff and the Doc Young clinic are amazing. I love all the people in this establishment and thank them for everything that they do. Highly recommend them and do not know what I would do without them. "

 Page - 02/25/2023

" Always a pleasant experience. I appreciate it very much. "

 Axton - 02/16/2023

" The prescription my insurance does not cover so it was hard getting it the first time. I am worried about getting it the 2nd time next week. The Dr and nurses are great we were in and out and all our questions were answered before we even had to ask. We were treated respectfully. Thex text messaging for reminders and just over all communication is GREAT! "

 Benjamin - 02/16/2023

" Love this office and love Dr John. I tell all my family and friends about this office. "

 Kaitlin - 02/14/2023

" As someone who has struggled with ADHD my whole life and seen several doctors. This was the most positive and supportive experience I’ve ever had. The doctor was thorough and explained my options to me. I also never felt judged or looked down on, which is super important to me. I’m so glad I decided to come to this center! "

 Carsen - 02/13/2023

" We LOVE this office. They are always so nice and accomodating. Drs and staff are both great and really take the time to listen to what is/is not working for the kids. "

 Jacinta - 02/09/2023

" Love Dr. Patankar, nurse assistant and staff definitely recommend 👌 "

 Daniel - 02/05/2023

" The first appointment request was made in December, but the first available appointment was in February. "

 Whitley - 01/31/2023

" Dr. Patankar is amazing! He is the only doctor I trust, and have ever trusted. He actively listens, is extremely well educated and experienced, while also never making you feel rushed. "

 Brandon - 01/26/2023

" My questions were answered in detail regarding some problems I had with my insurance. Thank you! "

 Roxann - 01/24/2023

" The doctor explained and made sure I understood and answered my concerns. "

 Leigh - 01/21/2023

" Dr. Patankar and his assistant Stephanie are always very courteous, prompt and caring. The care they provide is wonderful and very much appreciated! "

 Trystan - 01/20/2023

" Me and my son are so very thankful and blessed to have found such an amazing Dr. and team. Most healthcare professionals do not listen to there patients, and we both feel like we are heard and listened too. Thank you "

 Sylvia - 01/18/2023

" Currently waiting on my prescription. "

 Svetlana - 01/08/2023

" Everyone here at this office has been so incredibly helpful and kind. The Dr has always been very attentive and listened to my concerns and answered all my questions. Front end staff has been some of the best customer service. Unlike some Dr offices I've been to, the staff here actually look and act like they enjoy your work and truly care about the patients. "

 Sean - 12/31/2022

" Great staff, always concerned and courteous. They really do care. "

 Keith - 12/30/2022

" This is an outstanding medical practice. I would recommend them to anyone. "

 Arlanna - 12/29/2022

" Excellent service all the way around "

 Jasmine - 12/20/2022


 James - 12/19/2022

" I’m very happy with the excellent care I receive. "

  - 12/08/2022

" The Doctor was so amazing. He made me feel heard and understood. He also gave me more information about my condition than any other doctor ever has. I am so pleased with my experience. "

  - 12/07/2022

" I have had ADD since I was diagnosed in the late 1980's and have had 7 different ADD Doctors. This is by far the best ADD Doctors' office I have experienced. They take care of the little things. Making sure prescriptions are filled on time AND quickly, battling insurance companies so you don't have to. That is on top of the superior healthcare you will receive from them. I highly recommend them. "

 Victor - 12/03/2022

" Initial wait to see the Dr was long but once you’re in the rotation it’s all good. "

 Kaleb - 12/01/2022

" We love the staff and doctors at ADHD Treatment Center It’s always a pleasure see our doctor and we also refer friends And family there. "

 Kristen - 12/01/2022

" I always deeply appreciate the courtesy extended to me by the entire staff. Thank you for being compassionate and kind. - Kristen Carter "

 Makenna - 11/17/2022

" Great appointment as usual. Love this office. "

 Lissie - 11/11/2022

" Jean is awesome, thank you! "

 Matthew - 11/09/2022

" Dr Chuang is always good energy and caring to his patients. I enjoy and thrive being under his care. "

 Richard - 11/06/2022

" My family always receives excellent care from this practice. I strongly recommend them. "

  - 11/04/2022

" Only concern I had was that the dr told me that someone would call me to follow up (to sched blood work, coordinate an online survey and schedule a follow up visit). I might have misunderstood, but I thought the dr said that he would see me in 1-2 weeks. When I checked out, the teammate informed me that it would be 1-2 weeks before someone reached out to do the follow-up steps. Seemed a bit strange that it could take someone up to 2 weeks for this sort of follow-up call. In my experience most of those sorts of activities have been completed onsite while I'm still at my initial appointment or within a day or two of my visit. It was just really odd. I've never been to an ADHD doc maybe I'm missing something...but seems a bit inconvenient for the patient and perhaps inefficient to the doc's operations? Not a deal breaker & I'll certainly follow the instructed process. "

 Susan - 11/03/2022

" Very professional and caring doctor and staff! "

 Justin - 10/28/2022

" Your team is always top notch. "

 Nicole - 10/25/2022

" Dr. John is the best! He’s helped me change my life for the better. "

 Dennis - 10/20/2022

" Great! Left positive comments on FaceBook. "

  - 10/20/2022

" Doctor C was fantastic! I was not too thrilled with waiting two months to get in to see the doctor but initially felt it was worth the wait. When checking out I was told I owed $150 for the visit for an administrative fee which apparently is known not to be covered by any insurance plan. This fee was not disclosed to me prior to my visit. I had a bad experience with a former chiropractor due to poor billing practices that caused a lot of undue stress for many years. The check out person told me that I did not have to pay the fee at the time of the visit and said that someone would contact me to discuss. When I got home I went back through the forms that I signed and none of them indicated an administrative fee that I would be responsible for, nor was it disclosed in the email I received from the intake coordinator. I did my due diligence prior to the appointment and ensured that the doctor was in network, and that my visit would be covered. I am not very happy at this time. "

 Victor - 10/19/2022

" Always a pleasure visiting with Dr. Patankar and his team. Service always exceeds expectations. Whether through online visits, with portal requests or in office, every aspect of care is seamless. "

 Jeoffrey - 10/17/2022

" To Whom It May Concern, I've struggled most of my life with focusing and staying on task. It's been such a relief to have something to help me with the tosses and turns inside my brain, that are now more than manageable thx to Dr. John and his team. I say this to say to all who struggle or who have a loved one who does, with this idea of taking medication, that helps make life's 'thinking and decision' making easier...I thought and felt the very same way. But if I knew then what I'm experiencing now, I would've never hesitated! Thx to all at ADHD Center! All the best, Jeoffrey "

 Oscar - 10/14/2022

" From the office staff to PA. Jean, all are respectable. Jean is a great listener, very professional. "

 Alec - 10/14/2022

" Always great, thank you! "

 Catherine - 09/28/2022

" Ironically I'd gotten the time for the appointment wrong and the doctor called me specifically to make sure I was still good for the call - which was really helpful and meant I could have my appointment despite my error in the timing. "

 Sacha - 09/23/2022

" I waiting on my follow-up appointment. I hope to hear from someone next week. It would be nice to provide the patient with an expected date for the additional testing. Overall the service and visit were excellent. "

 Laura - 09/23/2022

" Always great service! "

  - 09/21/2022

" Thank you for the assistance "

  - 09/16/2022

" This was our first visit and walked out with a better understanding of what ADHD is and what the next steps would be. Everyone was very kind and thorough from start to finish! "

 Jasmyne - 09/02/2022

" I had a really great experience. Dr. Patanker really listened, took the time to educate, and was understanding to my concerns and apprehension about medication. My appointment was timely and the front desk staff were courteous and efficient. I will definitely recommend this facility to others. "

 Greyson - 08/26/2022

" Awesome experience as usual! "

 Jessica - 08/21/2022

" Honestly everyone there from the front desk staff to the doctor herself were absolutely wonderful in every way ! "

 Anna - 08/20/2022

" Dr. Chuang is very kind and easy to talk to. He has helped me so much with addressing my focus and making sure I’m on the correct medication. "

 Page - 08/20/2022

" This was a virtual appointment but it went very well and is very time-saving. "

 Anthony - 08/19/2022

" I have trouble with the telephone system. I’m never sure exactly what number to push. I miss the old days of human receptionists. Perhaps a clearer more specific or detailed recording would help. "

 Chad - 08/17/2022

" I’ve always been more then satisfied with the service and hospitality. Thanks Chad Lee "

 Samuel - 08/16/2022

" So pleased they read my e-mail prior to the appointment and addressed what was said. Very, very grateful for such an awesome and caring doctor!!! "

 Kurt - 08/15/2022

" Very satisfied with the overall operations of this team. "

 Curtis - 08/12/2022

" The staff and doctor treated me with the best of care amd made feel at home . I am happy to be getting the treatment and the help I deserve. Thank you ! "

  - 08/10/2022

" The doctor was very helpful and explained the situation appropriately. "

 Korbin - 08/05/2022

" Much better than the previous office that I had visited! Doctor was very knowledgeable and helpful, and the receptionist was too "

 Philip - 08/05/2022

" Big thanks to Dr, nurse, and all as I couldn't get onto zoom in time since my phone broke! Thankfully Dr. Chuang called me back on a coworker's cell phone I had carried outside, and the appointment went fine. "

 Judah - 08/05/2022

" I appreciate the service we receive! We are thankful we found this center! "

 Alissa - 08/04/2022

" Telemed appointment "

 Suzanne - 08/02/2022

" Always a great experience with nice and knowledgeable staff. "

 Turner - 08/02/2022

" I love Dr. Chuang. He is a great doctor. "

  - 08/02/2022

" The staff was amazing! Dr. Chuang was fantastic and to the point about the information. I am excited to move forward with my journey and be supported on my options to treat my adhd. "

 Heather - 07/30/2022

" thank you. "

  - 07/28/2022

" Dr. Chuang has a great bedside manner (warm, personable and caring) and was great with my 9 year old and me. This was our first visit with him and I left hopeful that he can help my son. "

 James - 07/28/2022

" Very satisfied with the medical care I receive at the ADHD Diagnostic and Treatment Center. Everyone I dealt with was courteous and helpful. "

  - 07/27/2022

" Dr. Patankar is so calm and patient. He spends so much time with you and puts you at ease. Highly recommend! "

  - 07/25/2022

" Everybody that I have spoken with at the office is extremely nice. They made the experience much more pleasant than I was expecting it to be "

 Shenita - 07/21/2022

" This is one of the first offices that I have been to that everyone was so nice and doing their job well. "

 Christopher - 07/20/2022

" Very courteous and quick! Thank you! "

 Dennis - 07/14/2022

" I found on next door. "

 Sean - 07/13/2022

" Great doctor and great staff! "

 Reese - 07/13/2022

" As always, Dr. John is fantastic. He is caring, attentive, and personable. "

 Tiffany - 07/10/2022

" ❤️ my doc!!! "

 Salman - 07/09/2022

" 1st appointment went great and very informative!! Looking forward to the follow up soon "

 Bianca - 06/22/2022

" doctor is great in chatting and making me feel comfortable. desk service is outstanding. "

  - 06/21/2022

" Like the doctor and looking forward to finding a med that works for my son. "

  - 06/10/2022

" Could maybe have spent some more time together. I get the feeling from a lot of doctors they're super busy and that I'm trying to force feed them information about myself instead of sitting there with them thoughtfully and carefully asking questions. But, it was good, it was kind, thoughtful, and careful enough to have my full confidence and I suppose that's what really matters. "

 Elanor - 06/06/2022

" This was our first visit and I was nervous, but from the first moment we walked in everyone was very welcoming. "

  - 06/03/2022

" First appoiment so good things so far let you know what's up after next "

 Charlie - 06/01/2022

" I'm so glad I took the leap and came to this treatment center. The best hands down! "

 Clinton - 06/01/2022

" Great experience as always. "

 Lauren - 05/31/2022

" Was very pleased! "

 Thomas - 05/21/2022

" Doctor chaung is the best doctor I've ever met!!! This is THE BEST SERVICE EVER! "

  - 05/20/2022

" We had a great experience with Dr. Roberts! She was so easy to talk to and was great talking to our 7 year old. After the consult, she never made any question feel silly and spent the perfect amount of time explaining the process and expectations. We are looking forward to working with her on improving our daughters focus and learning success! "

 Ruben - 05/20/2022

" I love this office and the staff here. Dr. Chuang was highly recommended to me as the best ADHD doctor in the DFW Metroplex and he needed those expectations. He fully explained ADHD to me and my family and made it easy to comprehend what it does. He provided many examples sand metaphors. If you or a loved one think you might have ADHD, come visit Dr. Chuang. There is a reason why there is a wait list for him ! "

 Viviana - 05/18/2022

" Everyone made me feel very comfortable and welcomed! "

 Rachal - 05/01/2022

" Dr. John and all his support staff have been so friendly and helpful throughout this journey. Telemed platform is easy to use. Very grateful to have found this clinic. "

 Ralph - 04/29/2022

" Needs to file appointment cost with insurance. "

 Jason - 04/22/2022

" The ADD ADHD facility in Plano is amazing and everyone in the building is so kind and wonderful to operate with. I have know this facility for years and Dr C is one of the easiest people I have ever me to engage and speak with. I love this office. "

 Jennifer - 04/22/2022

" Doctor Chuang it’s the best, he’s always caring, positive and outgoing The appointments are fast and to the point but he does take The time to listen to any questions or concerns. "

 Katie - 04/21/2022

" Amazon service & care here. After being excused and not listened to by so many doctors, this place is truly changing my life. I appreciate everything y’all do. "

 Chauncey - 04/20/2022

" The staff is beyond amazing. I love how kind and professional they are. Everything is gone with extreme satisfaction whether online or in person! Love the staff! Love the care they put in me! "

 Preston - 04/19/2022

" Think appointments should be in person now that COVID is past. Patients vital signs and weights are not being checked with virtual visits. All other physicians have returned to in person visits. Zoom does not provide closed captions and for hearing impaired, information is missed in the the virtual platforms. "

  - 04/18/2022

" Great first experience. "

 Lydia - 04/08/2022

" Had a hard time getting my appointment setup. I had to call and email the person who setup my appointment repeatedly on the day of my appointment to get the details sent to me. Ultimately the front desk person was helpful in getting the information I needed. I wish communication could have been a bit better from the scheduling side, but I had a great experience with the doctor. "

 Alicia - 04/06/2022

" The office is comfortable and everyone was very kind. "

  - 04/01/2022

" Doctor was incredibly friendly & actually seemed to listen, when many doctors have not listened to me about my issues. Very good experience. "

 Johnathan - 03/31/2022

" Great doctor and staff! "

 Briana - 03/29/2022

" I’m so happy I found y’all "

 Tiffany - 03/29/2022

" Excellent Doctor! SO nice & thorough! "

 Julia - 03/29/2022

" Dr. C and PA Jean are incredible and very thorough! Wouldn't want to go anywhere else "

  - 03/28/2022

" Scheduling was chaotic at best with conflicting communication. I'm also unclear on the check-out procedure and still need to pay for our 1st visit. Given our initial experience, I'm not confident scheduling the labwork or the 2nd appt the Dr mentioned will happen in 2 weeks. Dr. Roberts, personally, was very helpful and I look forward to continuing with her in the future. Hopefully, in the future, there will be in-person appts during which the Dr. can get to know our son. "

 Jeff - 03/24/2022

" Doctor was kind of abrupt. I usually get a few more minutes where I am asked more questions. I guess this is done in the past by check in person, which I did not have with zoom call. Previous PAs zoom calls were more thorough. No question of any changes since last visit was asked. "

 Raybere - 03/22/2022

" All virtual. But visit with Dr. Chuang was great. Really served me well. "

 Julie - 03/16/2022

" Dr Jon and staff have been amazing. I had my first visit during Covid and over Zoom. It was my first of this kind as well, and they were so kind, patient and most of all, normalizing. "

 Nora - 03/14/2022

" I like the convenience of telemedicine; I hope it continues to be an option for follow-up appointments. "

 Joseph - 03/12/2022

" I’ve seen two PAs now (I think there are two???) and both are amazing! Super kind, caring, and willing to listen and provide feedback. Give them a raise! "

 Molly - 03/11/2022

" Great experience all the way around. Everyone was courteous and knowledgeable. "

 Megan - 03/10/2022

" Dr. Chuang is absolutely amazing!! He’s been so validating of my experiences and patient with my journey (not only patient with me, but also thanks me for being patient during my own journey!). I’ve seen a few psychiatrists as a teenager and adult, and Dr. Chuang is a breath of fresh air. He’s an amazing doctor AND person! He truly listens to his patients, takes their opinions and thoughts into account, and legitimately wants what’s best for us. He’s so excited for us to succeed and thrive! I’m still on my journey with him, and as someone who typically has tons of anxiety when it comes to doctor appointments (especially psychiatrists), it’s amazing that I’ve always actually been excited to speak with Dr. Chuang. He is truly a lifesaver, and deserves all the recognition! I recommend everyone go see him. I feel like I can’t put into words just how truly amazing he is. THANK YOU Dr. Chuang! "

 Hassan - 03/10/2022

" The doctor was very nice. I am not convinced though that the whole process of the ADHD assessment is thorough enough. All done virtual or through online assessment, with no in person observation. My son is very skeptical. "

 Douglas - 03/09/2022

" Very good “bed side” manner from ALL the staff. Very sympathetic and great to explain treatment with the science behind it to the lay person. GREAT PRICES for those without insurance or not in-network pricing. Overall I feel so much better after treatment. I can say the Diagnoses was spot on and my treatment was corrective with professional concern for adjustment each follow up visit…. Thanks to all I see at the center! -Doug Robinson "

 Reese - 03/05/2022

" Dr. John is always pleasant and helpful. He is patient with questions and makes the overall visit amazing. "

 Scott - 03/02/2022

" You guys are the best! "

 Zachary - 03/02/2022

" This was an online visit! "

 Johnny - 02/25/2022

" My experience with he doctor and with the ADHD Center has been amazing. After first seeking treatment elsewhere and being met with long wait times to see the doctor, I'm so thankful that I found this place. The doctor addressed all my questions and concerns quickly and with great care. My prescriptions were filled within hours. Thank you! "

 James - 02/23/2022

" Dr Patankar is a great Dr and I’m very satisfied with the care I have received. "

 Zachary - 02/21/2022

" The staff and doctors are truly wonderful. We have been patients for well over 6 years and are very thankful we found them. "

 Samuel - 02/19/2022

" Great PA! We love working with her! "

  - 02/08/2022

" Still waiting for tests and bloodwork "

 Brandon - 02/05/2022

" However one of the medicines was not filled, pharmacist said he never received the prescription. "

 Makenna - 01/28/2022

" Great appt, as always. "

 David - 01/27/2022

" Great experience with the whole practice. "

 Cynthia - 01/27/2022

" Did not want to see pa Wasn't told I did. Then was told I owe 250. So still don't have my meds. Why was I not told this months before. Very irritated. "

  - 01/16/2022

" The appointment was so informative. It feels so good to understand my symptoms, how they impact my life and receive a diagnosis. I should have done this years ago. "

 Amy S (F) - 01/11/2022

" Telemed was excellent with Dr John! "

 Philip - 01/09/2022

" Always fast and thorough! "

  - 01/07/2022

" Dr John was very courteous and very friendly. He truly listens. I felt very at ease with him. "

 Jason - 01/06/2022

" All Great! "

 Stacy - 01/04/2022

" I asked for a copy of an invoice I paid in September and it has not been emailed to me yet. "

 Susan - 12/28/2021

" Very courteous and professional. "

 Jade - 12/15/2021

" Jean PA has connected with my daughter where she has started to open up her mind to helping herself identify steps in enhancing her ability to tackle ADHD. "

 Thomas - 12/13/2021

" I am so pleased with how my son is doing in school since Dr. Chaung took over his medication strategy. He is less anxious about school and more confident about himself. "

 Michael - 12/08/2021

" awesome Doctors & PA's here ! "

 Philip - 12/07/2021

" After the appointment with Dr. Chuang, I received a text saying I need a referral from my doctor. This is a repeat of what happened one month earlier. Last month, the Methodist Health referrals department had to finally call the ADHD clinic to explain what to do. it's --Magellan--, not BCBS of Texas, that handles claims/follow up on mental & behavioral health care, just as in previous years. Please contact the Methodist Health referrals department right away to resolve this. Thanks! "

 Vipin - 12/05/2021

" Dr. Patankar and Stephanie have been responsive, courteous and above all professional. I could never ask for a much better Doctor and team to help me. An efficient and responsive team! Kudos to all and I recommend them! "

 Alicia - 12/04/2021

" I love everyone in this office! I actually look forward to speaking with them! Thank you for everything you do! "

 Matthew - 12/01/2021

" This office has always been very helpful and professional. "

 Jeoffrey - 11/15/2021

" Thx so much for your help vyvanse has really helped me stay on task "

 Heather - 11/09/2021

" Long time patient and have always had an excellent experience. "

  - 11/09/2021

" I Really like everything about the visit, DR, and staff EXCEPT the ridiculous mask requirement. If you want to wear a mask please do but forcing me to wear a mask or not get medical treatment is unconscionable. Please stop stepping on my rights as an individual to breath. If the mask helps and you are wearing one why should I? Again, everything was great except the asinine mask requirement. "