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ADD ADHD Treatment Center

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Recent Reviews

 Michael (m) S. - 01/19/2019

" Extremely rude, condescending, don’t appreciate hearing BS pharmacy, BS insurance companies. Very unprofessional to use those words. Don’t get mad! You asked for my opinion and I paid my co-pay "

 Brandon (m) R. - 01/18/2019

" Dr. Patankar was surprisingly friendly and a pleasure to talk with. The entire staff was warm and welcoming. "

 Whiney (f) F. - 01/17/2019

" Great visit! "

 Sarah (f) H. - 01/10/2019

" Your office is exceedingly well-run. I appreciate the professionalism and excellent care. "

 Sylvia (f) F. - 01/08/2019

" We finally found a RX with no side effects but very effective for my ADHD very happy "

 Stoney (m) M. - 01/06/2019

" They are a group. Really changed mylife. "

 Amy (f) S. - 12/28/2018

" Everyone was professional and friendly. I had a great experience. "

 Makenna (f) W. - 12/12/2018

" Great service as usual. We LOVE this option. "

 Jocelyn (f) G. - 12/10/2018

" Nice Doctor and nice staff "

 Mae (f) S. - 12/09/2018

" Great experience every time we’ve been there! "

 Jeffrey (m) S. - 12/08/2018

" Good bedside manner. The staff is professional and caring. I would recommend this office to my friends and family. "

 Joseph (m) R. - 12/05/2018

" It’s amazing watching the quality of this office go down in the two years I have been here. My doctor went from being great to clearly just grabbing money. He gets agitated when he has to soend more than 3 minutes with his patients and talks down to me when I ask questions. This will be the last time I go back here. Sad. "

 Matthew (m) J. - 12/05/2018

" As always the staff was very friendly! "

 John (m) W. - 12/04/2018

" Very good experience. Courteous, efficient, and very professional staff. "

 Matt (m) B. - 11/28/2018

" It was a pleasure to meet Dr John. I believe I'll enjoy being his patient and working w his staff. "

 Caleb (f) S. - 11/18/2018

" Really felt at ease with the starting of the whole process! Can’t wait to have my son feeling better and more confident! My only wish is that i started this sooner! Dr Chuang was the BEST! "

 Jeremy d (m) H. - 11/17/2018

" Entire staff is professional and extremely friendly. Wait time is minimal. "

 Scott (m) G. - 11/16/2018

" Always receive outstanding care and service! "

 Jillian (f) S. - 11/02/2018

" Everyone is great. We are very very please with our care. "

 Parker (m) M. - 11/01/2018

" This office is very accommodating, polite, and thorough. Dr. Chuang always takes a lot of time with me at each appt I’ve had (3yrs). Asks good questions, and explains things so I can understand. I never feel rushed. "

 Frederick (m) B. - 10/27/2018

" Great office. Friendly people and very professional. "

 Kaytlyn (f) W. - 10/25/2018

" Dr. Chuong was excellent!! "

 Hayley (f) D. - 10/19/2018

" The office staff was amazing with scheduling. They called when they had cancellations to ask if we could come in sooner. Our first time in the office and my daughter and I both felt at home! I am so appreciative of Dr. C and the time he took to get to know my daughter and her struggles. This is the first time in years that I felt someone has truly understood how we feel! Thank you so much to everyone at the ADD/ADHD Center! "

 Zachary m (m) B. - 10/18/2018

" I've been coming here for years for managing my ADD. I have never once had anything other than a positive experience with the staff and the provider. Highly recommend. "

 Benjamin (m) D. - 10/17/2018

" We love this office and everyone who works there. de John and his staff take excellent care of my son. "

 Lauren (f) B. - 10/16/2018

" Dr. John was so caring and answered all my questions and gave me a lot of great information about ADHD. So helpful, and the staff was very nice! "

 Chelsey (f) M. - 10/12/2018

" Dr. Chuang is fantastic. He really took the time to listen and explain things that I never knew about having ADHD. I've alway's felt somewhat insecure knowing I had trouble concentrating and in school and he totally changed my perspective of having this condition. It's hard to find Doctor's like him anymore. "

 Jason S. - 10/12/2018

" Dr. Chuang and the whole staff were wonderful! From the first call my experience was delightful. And it was so refreshing to remember just how much of my life was impacted by my ADHD. I didn't realize just how frustrated I was until it was gone. Life changing! "

 Locke (m) S. - 10/09/2018

" Dr Chuang is the best ADD/ADHD specialist we have seen. Between my husband and my son we have gotten better testing and treatment than we ever have. I always refer people to Dr Chuang and will continue to do so. 5 Stars for him. The only thing that isn't 5 stars is his nurse. The rest of the staff are amazing, for some reason she is just a little robotic like and standoffish, which can be confusing for children. She isn't bad, but just isn't like the rest of the staff. This isn't bad, just an observation. "

 Emma (f) W. - 10/06/2018

" Doctor Young is patient, knowledgable, and Approaches things with a positive no judgment attitude. "

 Marcus (m) R. - 10/06/2018

" The staff and doctors are top notch. "

 Sarah (f) M. - 09/29/2018

" Dr. chuang and his staff have always been very attentive to my needs. They are truly concerned with patients well-being and truly care. "

 Elizabeth (f) D. - 09/28/2018

" I look forward to my return visit! "

 Kyndel (f) R. - 09/27/2018

" 10/10 "

 Robbin (f) S. - 09/26/2018

" Your practice is very patient friendly. Thank you for spending time with me, and not being an assembly line type practice. "

 Jesse (m) H. - 09/25/2018

" Honestly, I have been very nervous about going to see anyone about this. It's why I waited until age 38 to ever go speak to anyone about it. It's been a great experience. "

 Stacie (f) R. - 09/21/2018

" I think the entire staff is exemplary! Five stars out of five across the board. This is the place to go for help with the devastating effects of living without a proper diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. "

 Omar (m) T. - 09/16/2018

" Love everthing about my son's appointment. EXCELLENT STAFF!!! "

 Gabriel (m) M. - 09/13/2018

" Extremely pleased with visit. The atmosphere is welcoming. Staff & doctors are very personable and knowledgable. "

 Christopher (m) N. - 09/06/2018

" I felt extremely comfortable in their office setting. Everyone I encountered was beyond courteous. Dr John, made me feel important and hopeful for a positive change in my life. "

 Makenna (f) W. - 08/31/2018

" Awesome apt as always. Love the TeleDoc option "

 Holly (f) H. - 08/27/2018

" The Dr and staff are very professional. They show concern for your physical health and take the time to listen to the issues that can occur with my medical condition. Instructions r always clear and concise . "

 Mark (m) G. - 08/21/2018

" Always feel like Family when I walk into the clinic. Extremey happy with my Dr. and the clinic staff that is why I have stayed with clinic last 5 years. "

 John (m) W. - 08/17/2018

" This was my first visit. Time spent was spot on with what I was told to expect by nurse. Dr P was very courteous and thorough. A wonderful experience. "

 William (m) R. - 08/11/2018

" Well run practice, fantastic doctor (Chuang). "

 William (m) F. - 08/10/2018

" Having just moved from CA, I don’t remember receiving this kind of service, attentiveness and empathy. It’s mind boggling.... I thought those days were over! "

 Cathy (f) H. - 08/02/2018

" Dr. Patankar and his staff are knowledgeable, professional and friendly. "

 Scott (m) G. - 07/28/2018

" Dr Chuang and the entire staff have raised the bar and have continuously exceeded my expecations! "

 Jerry (m) F. - 07/25/2018

" Dr. P and his nurse Stephanie were great as usual. Couldn’t ask for more from them and the rest of the staff. They are all rock stars. "

 Megan (f) W. - 07/25/2018

" This is the first time I feel like my provider has understood what I'm going through! I am so glad I found this clinic. "

 Haroon (m) S. - 07/13/2018

" Dr. Chuang is very knowledgeable and a good listener. Could definitely tell he is experienced and knows what he's doing. All of the staff were also friendly and efficient. "

 Amy (f) S. - 07/07/2018

" I like that the receptionist recognizes me and uses my name before I sign in. (Of course, I try to exit through the bathroom, walk into doors, and knock over things, so I am a little memorable.) "

 Brandi (f) C. - 07/04/2018

" I am struggling with management tools. When I asked the dr for resources to help me with stress and ways to organize my studies and time while in nursing school, he said “don’t let the anxiety get to you!” This was completely unhelpful! I was seriously almost in tears. What I need is help managing my life so that my head stops spinning and I can focus on my studies. When I first camer to this facility I was under the impression that medication was not the only treatment I would receive. I am working around the clock trying to consume massive amounts of information. I would love to be able to have tools to make this more efficient. I was very disappointed in his response. Surely there are resources to help me. "

 Brian (m) R. - 06/27/2018

" Fast, friendly, caring and professional as always "

 Gavin (m) M. - 06/26/2018

" The care my son and I received here was phenomenal! "

 Abel (m) F. - 06/16/2018

" Sent scrips to old pharmacy after updating info... "

 Jason p (m) R. - 06/16/2018

" Always feel like they know me, fast, courteous, and concerned about me and my health. Great clinic. "

 London (m) K. - 06/15/2018

" I am very happy with the doctor. He is a kind and humble man. He has excellent bedside manners and answered all my concerns and eased my mind with knowledge and professionalism. I will refer him to all my friends and family in the future. "

 Kimberly (f) D. - 06/15/2018

" I felt very peaceful due to the music and Christian atmosphere. "

 Brandon (m) S. - 06/14/2018

" Everyone was so courteous and welcoming. I usually get nervous in a doctor’s office, but everyone’s friendliness made me feel calm, and I didn’t get nervous at all! The doctor was very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Thanks! "

 Lee ellen (f) H. - 06/13/2018

" Thank you for seeing me even though I was late for appointment! Very much appreciated! "

 Sarah (f) F. - 05/25/2018

" Everyone here has been unfailingly kind and helpful throughout this whole process, thank you so much. "

 David e (m) M. - 05/25/2018

" Jackie is a true asset to the practice. Without her, I do not know when my insurance would have filled my prescriptions. She is lightning fast and has followed through with every promise she has made to me. Thank you Jackie! "

 Joseph (m) S. - 05/24/2018

" Very THANKFUL for the help of everyone!! :) "

 Shelly (f) T. - 05/23/2018

" I was very impressed with the politeness and professionalism of the staff. I was nervous and the doctor put me at ease, Dr. C was very knowledgeable and has a great beside manner. Missy was extremely polite and helpful, even in the very beginning when I was setting up my appointment. This is the first time in a long time that I can recall a doctor's office personnel and doctor being nice, professional, and not acting as if they were doing you a favor. Well done, kudo's to you all!!! "

 Payton (m) S. - 05/21/2018

" We had an appt on Thursday, and the Nurse, Nhi, was VERY Sweet! This was the first time, we had seen her, usually it's Jackie, my Son and I would REALLY like to continue having Nhi as our Nurse. She was extremely delightful and I even mentioned this to Dr. Chuang. Thank you for being very professional and showing such great care to us. "

 Courtney (f) I. - 05/19/2018

" Everyone there has been exceptionally kind and courteous. Thank you "

 Makenna (f) W. - 05/17/2018

" Love the video option and we love Dr. Jon. He has literally changed the dynamics of the family. "

 Courtney (f) I. - 05/05/2018

" I met a lot of nice people yesterday. I appreciate the help that was given to me. Thank you all. "

 Sarah (f) R. - 04/25/2018

" Love this doctor and staff! Everyone is very caring and sensitive to yourneeds. "

 Scott (m) G. - 04/21/2018

" Dr. Chuang and his staff have raised the bar very high across the board with consistant, professional, and thorough care! Outstanding experience and care! "

 Janelle (f) S. - 04/20/2018

" The lady that checked us in around 2:00 was not friendly at all. Found out later she was filling in, but normally sits in the back for Billing. "

 Haley m (f) N. - 04/17/2018

" My kids have been seeing Dr. John for years now and we love him and everyone in the office. This is the one Doctors Office that my kids like getting to go to never a fight to take them they are usually telling me come on mommy we wanna see Dr. John.. "

 Blair (f) R. - 04/07/2018

" Dr. Chuang and the rest of the staff are incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, courteous, and make "going to the doctor" a very pleasant experience. "

 Robert (m) D. - 04/06/2018

" Dr. Chuang is amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. This is a doctor that really cares about your individual situation and works with you to find the best solution. I no longer am stressed out at work and my life has become much more manageable. Thanks Doc! "

 Justin (m) A. - 03/28/2018

" Overall an excellent experience "

 Ann elise (f) K. - 03/26/2018

" My child has seen Dr. Pantakar for the last five years. She gets the best care. there is never a long wait and all the support staff is caring an pleasant too! "

 Anita (f) D. - 03/20/2018

" For the first time in a long time I actually felt heard! It was very refreshing! "

 Jacob (m) C. - 03/15/2018

" I’ve been going here for 5 years and they are top notch! \m/ "

 Benjamin (m) D. - 03/07/2018

" I have had an amazing experience with every staff member I have encountered at this office. My son and I both love Dr John! "

 Rudy a (m) R. - 03/07/2018

" By far one of the best Medical practices I have visited. Attentive staff, nurses, and especially the Doctors. Truly an acceptional practice that puts the patients and their needs first. "

 Douglas (m) R. - 03/03/2018

" Like the scheduling system with tge auto reminder via email. All at the center are always in a good mood and smiling. "

 Wesley (m) C. - 02/23/2018

" Went over test results. Very helpful explaining everything. Looking forward to seeing how this goes. "

 Sean (m) M. - 02/22/2018

" Dr. John Chuang, M.D., the nurses, staff, and all administrative parts of this practice make this practice a working example of what standards all medical offices should be held to, not just for this with ADD and/or ADHD. For those with ADD or ADHD or individuals wanting to have a true diagnosis, Dr. Chuang and his practice should be your first institution of consultation. In my personal experiences of finding a Dr. who cares about his/her patient, and is consistent, knowledgeable, and honest with an approach to better living - Dr. Chuang is the one and only. This practice offers a true standard of testing, not just a checklist, but actual scientific reasoning, proven methodology and most importantly a Doctor who can relay the information in a relatable, understanding, caring, personal and positive manner. In addition to this, this practice has the most friendly, attentive, caring, and responsive administrative staff I have ever experienced, which is something that is difficult to find. I could not recommend another Dr. or practice other than Dr. Chuang's for anyone with ADD or ADHD, or anyone who has questions regarding themselves or even their children as to whether they are a candidate. Thank you for all you have done for my personal confidence and self-awareness, my marriage, my career, and my health. Regards, Sean Madden "

 Deidre (f) B. - 02/21/2018

" Another great visit to add to the list of great visits I've had over 7+ years! Outstanding service from the moment I entered the office to the moment I checked out. The staff and Dr. Patankar are always prompt and personable. Thank you for your consistent, wonderful service! "

 Christopher (m) H. - 02/20/2018

" Dr Pantakar is a wonderful physician. In addition to his expertise, he is a very thoughtful, caring person. His staff also exemplifies his leadership, kindness and professional approach to medical care. "

 Makenna (f) W. - 02/15/2018

" As always, Dr. John and his staff are amazing. I LOVE the new video conference appointments. Saves so much time. "

 Camryn (m) S. - 02/09/2018

" Dr was very informative had an answer to every question, not push at all, great visit. "

 Cathy (f) H. - 02/08/2018

" Dr. Patankar and his entire staff is professional, friendly and very very helpful. "

 Zaheer (m) A. - 01/31/2018

" Dr. Chuang is the best doctor. He explains everything and has helped our son very much:) "

 Mischell (f) U. - 01/30/2018

" Great clinic and evaluation process I feel very confident that I’ll continue to be happy. "

 Jerry (m) F. - 01/23/2018

" I’ve been a patient here for over year and I have absolutely no complaints. The physicians and staff have been consistently courteous and professional. Recently I had an issue with my insurance coverage and Dr. Patankar’s nurse, Stephanie, went above and beyond to help me get my prescription filled. Couldn’t ask for much more. "

 Jaquavian j C. - 01/21/2018

" Great stuff "

 Tara (f) K. - 01/10/2018

" Always great experience. Never a wait! Totally recommend to anyone with ADD or ADHD "

 Brian (m) R. - 12/29/2017

" Fast,friendly and professional as always "

 Kelly (f) L. - 12/13/2017

" Always a great experience! "

 Angela (f) S. - 12/12/2017

" It's the first time I've been to a doctor in a long time where I really felt like they looked more at the patient than what pill they could give to send them away. "

 Holly (f) H. - 12/10/2017

" Professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and caring . The ability to listen, think and prosseses what a patient is explaining that does not know the proper terminology. "

 Deidre (f) B. - 11/25/2017

" I continue to be extremely satisfied with my care at the ADD/ADHD treatment center. The front desk staff and nurses are very pleasant and helpful. Dr. Patankar is is personable, professional and prompt. I have been a patient for many years and the service has always been, and continues to be, outstanding. "

 Rachel (f) F. - 11/23/2017

" Wish doctor would take the time to listen and not just give standard answers "

 Mary (f) F. - 11/23/2017

" I always have a good experience. I love my doctor and the staff is awesome. "

 Stacie (f) R. - 11/19/2017

" I'm looking forward to a proper diagnosis and subsequent treatment. I know there has been a great deal of scientific growth in this arena. I am looking forward to the help I need for my lifetime of struggling with ADHD, if that's indeed what I have. I've suspected it for quite some time now. I feel that I'll be in good hands with Dr. Chuang and his group! "

 Makenna (f) W. - 11/13/2017

" LOVE this office. Has been nothing short of a miracle for our family. Dr. John takes the time to help us understand what our son is dealing with like no one has before. The results that have come from Dr. John's office is not even comparable to any of the other doctors we have tried. "

 Sarah a (f) J. - 11/13/2017

" This practice is one of my favorites! Y’all do it the right way! "

 Zakaria (m) Z. - 11/07/2017

" Everyone at this office is very professional and courteous. I have great rapport with Dr. & Nurse, my son is also a patient and loves it here "

 Jason (m) F. - 11/05/2017

" The Dr spenr more tome with me during my appointment than my previous Dr. Has spent over the last 3 years. "

 Scott (m) G. - 11/03/2017

" Dr Chuang and his staff are the absolute best! "

 Mary lillian (f) O. - 10/23/2017

" I am rating the receptionist and wait time "poor" as we waited almost 40 minutes before she realized "oh I didn't see you had even come in". Never mind that 1 of the party had gone back to the car to retrieve her backpack due to the long extended wait, we'd used the restroom, and I filled out the sticker for my daughter the second I walked in and she greeted me. I found her "oh I didn't see you" comment inaccurate, insincere, and bad customer service. "

 Tiffany (f) W. - 10/21/2017

" The prescription was not sent to my pharmacy, I will have to get ahold of the office on Monday to inquire about the prescription status, as my appointment was on Friday. "

 Ryan (m) L. - 10/03/2017

" Looking forward to continuing to see Dr. Sandip. "

 Brian (m) R. - 09/24/2017

" Fast, pleasant and professional as always "

 Tiffany (f) L. - 09/20/2017

" I was very impressed at the amount of time the doctor spent with me. I have never had a doctor come in sit down and take the time to provide answers. He was in no rush to complete the examination which was very comforting. He took his time to explain the cause and effect of the issues at hand helping me gain a better more clear understanding of why I was having these problems and what would be done to correct these behaviors. ADHD is a disorder that is hard to understand because you don't feel sick but, from my experience it's difficult to function as everyone else because your brain is a constant mess with thoughts pulling in this direction and that. Its almost as if you have so many things bouncing around in your head that you can never catch up which is utterly exhausting. The dr gave me a great explanation and I am truly grateful for his time. I could relate to all items that were discussed and that made me feel normal rather than abnormal which provided me peace. Thank you for all your time and patience! I would recommend this doctor to anyone that needed help managing their ADD/ADHD. "

 Taylor H. - 09/18/2017

" Thank you for helping me work around the storm last month, you guys are great! "

 Dana (f) G. - 09/14/2017

" Above and beyond the amazing Drs. the nurses and the desk staff are just great. The desk staff are friendly, efficient and helpful. The nurse is just great. I always enjoy talking with her. "

 James (m) R. - 09/12/2017

" I'm very happy with the level of care I receive. Everyone is very nice and professional. "

 Stoney (m) M. - 09/09/2017

" Very professional is there to help. Has me on the right track. My life has changed way better. "

 Michelle (f) G. - 08/28/2017

" I have obviously been to numerous doctors searching for quality care. Concerning ADHD it's been impossible to find someone who acknowledges ADHD(even in Adults), who understands the implications of untreated ADHD, who listens, is knowledge and I'm assuming up to date on the ADHD condition, medications, and adjusting meds based on symptoms. Just finding a dr. willing to track and assess symptoms so medication can be finely tuned was something I thought only existed in the ADHD books I have read. I have not found a doctor I trust to help me understand my symptoms, and for him/her to do the same so I receive the highest patient care possible. For the first time since being diagnosed at age 34 last October(2016) have a found a doctor and clinic I KNOW I can trust. It just took 10 months of not accepting poor care and approx. 10 doctors later to find Dr. Young and I'm really looking forward to working with him. I can finally close the chapter of frustration, anger, irritation and shock after experiencing poor ADHD patient care again and again-- this time it's already different. I have another team member on my health team along with my most amazing therapist ever, and a wonderful Obygn. (Next hardcore hunt is finding an amazing PCP) Thank you to this clinic who I felt really listened abd took the time to address my plethora of questions and concerns. "

 Tiffany (f) G. - 08/26/2017

" I felt the doctor was very knowledgeable and really took his time to explain things to me unlike any other doctor I have seen. "

 Sarah (f) E. - 08/19/2017

" Dr.Patankar is my fav. He works so hard. "

 Kelly (f) L. - 08/16/2017

" Excellent office staff and doctors! I "

 Matthew g (m) F. - 08/11/2017

" Friendly staff, great doctors, & apointments do not take all day. Never had a long wait to see doctor, my appointments have always been done in timely manner. "

 Brandon (m) B. - 08/11/2017

" Very friendly office and a caring doctor who makes a personal connection with patients. "

 Senaida (f) G. - 08/10/2017

" I absolutely love this doctors office & staff. They are very welcoming. "

 Rachel (f) F. - 08/10/2017

" Requested ideas for ways to cope with anxiety and was told to exercise. I'm sure there are other methods so would have been nice for doctor to spend 5 extra minutes with my daughter, sharing ideas on how to cope "

 Presley (m) N. - 08/10/2017

" We LOVE Dr. Patankar!! "

 Zakaria (m) Z. - 08/03/2017

" Everyone is very friendly and respectful showing genuine care "

 Cathy (f) H. - 08/02/2017

" Everyone in the clinic is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. "

 Serena (f) M. - 07/28/2017

" One of the best clinics I have ever been to. Everyone from the receptionist to the doctor was so friendly, informative, and made my visit so pleasant. I would recommend this to anyone who is needing their services. "

 Joshua (m) B. - 07/26/2017

" Excellent service, excellent timeliness overall, and quality interactions. Was recommended and would definitely recommend you all to others. "

 Scott (m) G. - 07/19/2017

" Always an outstanding level of service and professionalism! "

 Danial wayne (m) C. - 07/12/2017

" If you are your child have a problem with ADHD. You are doing your self's a injustice by not going here to receive help. Great staff and a great doctor that cares what more do you need. "

 Robert (m) G. - 07/07/2017

" Great experience. The txt communication prior to my appointment was really helpful. This is a top notch Doctor with a large knowledgeable staff. Highly recommended "

 Justin m (m) M. - 06/24/2017

" there's always a pretty good number of hot moms in the waiting room. Thanks "

 Brenda kitty (f) A. - 06/23/2017

" Dr. Chuang is one of the finest doctors I have ever been to. His professional courtesy is exemplified by his compassion for listening, his expertise in the field, and his engagement in conversation. The thing I respect the very most is how he spends ample time with his patients, never giving them the feeling that they are rushed. Quite extraordinary in today's world. A five star, stellar physician with class. Thank you, Dr Chuang. "

 Gabriel (m) S. - 06/15/2017

" Great doctors, and staff!! "

 Cathleen (f) M. - 05/24/2017

" It was a bit of a concern when the nurse told the dr she had tested "my" urine and found "amphetamines" when I had not yet provided urine which most certainly did not contain amphetamines. I know it was a mix up but it concerned me. "

 Lisa (f) G. - 05/19/2017

" Always a great experience. "

 Alexis (f) A. - 05/19/2017

" It was excellent from start to finish. "

 James (m) R. - 05/03/2017

" A very enjoyable experience! Right on time, and everyone was very friendly and efficient. "

 Martha (f) D. - 04/28/2017

" Great staff! "

 Caroline (f) P. - 04/20/2017

" Dr. Patanker did not answer my questions or address my concerns. He assured me that he knew what was best but would never explain the reasoning behind his decisions. When I asked for specifics about different medications (what categories, types, side effects, how they work, etc.) he again stated that he knew best and that each situation was different. I was not thrilled to be put back on the same medication I had already explicitly said I had a poor experience with. When I pushed back for more information on other options and explained why, he patronized me and ultimately did whatever he could just to pacify me. He ridiculed my therapist's referral letter and recommendations. I will not be returning to the ADD/ADHD clinic. "

 Jonathan a (m) S. - 04/14/2017

" Extremely efficient office, never spend more than 30 minutes at the office for my checkup. "

 Parker (m) M. - 04/12/2017

" I would sayDr. Chaung is one of the best drs I've had. He has a thorough way, asks good, probing questions, and goes out of his way to help me. "

 Robert (m) F. - 04/11/2017

" Honestly, you guys are the model for how to treat patients particularly in this field where there is some personal ego or concern coming to you for a perceived deficiency in their make up. Amazing group of individuals in your office from the Dr. to the front desk. Thank you for that. "

 Mary (f) M. - 04/08/2017

" Great experience everytime. Thank you! "

 Carla (f) C. - 03/31/2017

" The receptionist and Dr totally accommodated my early arrival without any hesitation "

 Braden t S. - 03/31/2017

" I have never had ANYTHING but excellence at this office or on Telemed. I have such high appreciation for the true concern from Dr. Chuang, he really truly does care that my children do well. "

 Nicholas (m) W. - 03/29/2017

" I was very pleased with the doctor and the time he took to interact with my son and not dismiss his feelings. The whole experience was very professional but very personal and courteous. "

 Blair (f) R. - 03/25/2017

" I gained so much insight and understanding of ADD/ADHD from Dr. Chuang, as well as a better sense of self-worth. I was diagnosed over 20 years ago by a precious doctor, but was always made to feel like I was impaired. Having recently moved to the area, I was referred to the ADD/ADHD Diagnostic & Treatment Center, and now feel empowered by my "gift." Dr. Chuang and his staff are knowledgeable and show a great deal of sincerity and compassion. I look forward future visits and will undoubtedly refer friends and family to their practice. Thank you! "

 David e (m) M. - 03/10/2017

" Friendly, professional, knowledgeable and courteous. "

 Carla (f) V. - 03/08/2017

" Seems like when scripts are sent electronically then they don't get filled or sent to pharmacy until the next day. Dr Chuang is great! He listens to you and talks to you about what's going on. He tries to make sure the meds are working well for you. "

 Hailey (f) B. - 03/03/2017

" I have been so impressed with your office. From the 1st phone call to when I left the office, everyone was extremely nice! "

 Presley (m) N. - 03/03/2017

" We LOVE Dr. Sandip Patankar!! We would never take our son elsewhere. He is very caring and takes the time to talk to our son about ADHD, sports, school, music and anything else that comes up. We have never felt rushed through the appointments. I HIGHLY recommend him to everyone. "

 Emma (f) P. - 03/01/2017

" I love this office and Dr. Chuong! Everyone is very understanding and genuinely nice. "

 Stephen d (m) C. - 02/28/2017

" Felt like we mattered and it was a partnership! "

 Luis (m) P. - 02/25/2017

" Appreciate all care provided. I pay in full my copayment each appointment. Receptionist told me I still have a $ balance, she couldn't explain why or what is it for... "

 Cole (m) M. - 02/18/2017

" We are thankful for Dr. Chuang's thorough care! "

 Amanda (f) P. - 02/18/2017

" I'm so relieved to have found the ADHD treatment center and Dr. Chuang. "

 Deidre (f) B. - 02/16/2017

" I have been treated here for almost 7 years and haven't had a bad experience to date. The staff are always personable, helpful and prompt. I rarely have to wait, actually, I am often back to see the Dr. before my appointment time. Dr. Patankar is excellent! He is always on time, is thorough and shows genuine concern for me as a patient. I am thankful to have found such a great office, that for years, has consistently provided excellent care and service! "

 Alexander (m) P. - 02/16/2017

" Dr. Chuang was very well versed and explained ADHD and how their brain works and how dopamine has a factor in it. "

 Spencer (m) B. - 02/07/2017

" I appreciate their "whole child" approach to my children's issues. "

 Dana (f) G. - 02/04/2017

" Thanks so much for the great care and attention. "

 Mckenzie (f) R. - 02/04/2017

" Greatest staff ever, very thorough, and Dr. Pantankar was patient, caring and sincere! He is an awesome physician after visiting over 5 doctors for my daughter's treatment. "

 Duane (m) W. - 01/31/2017

" It was all very good. Used to wait quite awhile, got in pretty quick was taken care of and got out pretty quick. Never felt rushed. "

 Brian (m) J. - 01/26/2017

" I love this place they have made a huge difference in my son life! "

 Carsen (m) W. - 01/19/2017

" I feel more confident about my son's diagnosis after one meeting with this Dr than I did after 3 years with our precious dr. "

 Mundy (m) P. - 01/13/2017

" This office is consistently kind and courteous. "

 Vaibhav (m) S. - 01/11/2017

" I have always had the best experience with the clinic. The office staff is very professional, and I can't say enough about how awesome Dr. Chuang is. "

 Kyle (m) W. - 01/09/2017

" I am always very pleased with the care I receive here. The Dr. And staff are very friendly an I feel confident that I will be given appropriate and adequate treatment. "

 Brian (m) R. - 01/07/2017

" Went seamlessly as it always does "

 Desiree (f) L. - 01/06/2017

" I'm usually avoidant when it comes to going to any doctor. But, everyone here is very helpful and nice. So it helps me feel more comfortable. The quality of care I receive here is excellent. "

 Holly (f) H. - 01/05/2017

" This facility is gaving me my life back . 27 years of having my ADHD under control. Cancer medication I take - was like throwing the baby out with The bathwater. I literally was not functioning. Thru the clinics testing and trying numerous medication. I can final see the light light at the end of the tunnel. I literally feel my quality of life coming back thru their perseverance and medical expertise. The patience and kindness they showed me was much greater than I ever received by any oncologist or cancer treatment. This kindness and understanding- along with their medical expertise gave me a reason to want to fight cancer and move forward with my life. If I did not have their service . My endocrine system would of continued to shut down.My brain chemicals where in over stimulated PTDS. Once the ADHD was controlled my other problem subsided. ADHD is so much more than the average person understands . These r not stupid people . These are individuals that need a way for their brain to work in harmony . If anyone has a doubt. The facility has what would be considered a game to most. To help indentify your areas of difficulty. I went thru years of feeling stupid . To find out I'm not . I'm just taking in too much Information. I now can see areas I can work on with out medication. This medical facility and their Drs and staff - can give you all the tools to be the best you can be. I will be for ever greatful! Still fighting cancer . But, now With a calm brain. Ifeelveryblessed to have found this facility when I did . "

 Michele (f) T. - 12/31/2016

" Love the doctor and his staff! "

 Daniel (m) G. - 12/30/2016

" Overall my experience at the Diagnostic and Treatment Center has been great. Everyone I have dealt with have been courteous and professional. "

 Katie (f) G. - 12/30/2016

" I love the ADHD center. They have always taken care of me both financially and medically. "

 Martin (m) B. - 12/25/2016

" We greatly appreciate the wonderful service provided by the ADD Center. Our Dr has been so good to educate and help w/diagnosis of adult ADD. What a blessing this staff has been to us. "

 Paul (m) B. - 12/24/2016

" I really enjoy the convenience of the digital appointments and I love Dr. Chuang and his team. Logged into appt. 15 mins prior, took nearly 10 for the tech to log in and another 20 to see the doctor. Wouldn't mind if it was a little speedier but otherwise it is a luxury to have. "

 Ben (m) E. - 12/20/2016

" I have been going to this facility w/ Dr. Chuang for quite some time now and I have had nothing but a great experience and excellent customer service. Those are the main reasons why I will continue to be a patient here. "

 James (m) R. - 12/18/2016

" I do not think I was charged correctly when I checked out. I know I've covered all my deductible's, and the checkout person said I owed $120, I questioned that saying my last office visit was $40. "

 Omar (m) A. - 12/18/2016

" Dr. Chuang is always very helpful and always makes you feel cared-for during your visit! He's truly the best along with the staff. "

 Brandi (f) Z. - 12/15/2016

" The receptionist didn't acknowledge me at all when I got to the office. "

 Isabel (f) R. - 12/15/2016

" There was a confusion of my appt time. I received 2 appt reminders that my appt was @ 9:40 and the Dr's office had 9:20 so they cancelled my appt putting me in a panic to save my appt "

 Lara chanin (f) K. - 12/11/2016

" Love this doctor & the staff. Very encouraging and insightful! "

 Brandi (f) R. - 12/09/2016

" Great doctor and staff; very satisfied. "

  . - 12/04/2016

" MD was very personable and this has been the first time my daughter has been spoken too as she is gifted and such an ego booster! Everyone is great. Loved every one there. The intake nurse was awesome and remembered our conversation on the phone, such delightful people "

 Stacy F. - 11/18/2016

" Dr. John and his staff, are always, without exception, courteous, friendly and helpful. "

  . - 11/16/2016

" Very nervous about coming in but the staff took very good care of me! Thanks so much for your help. "

  . - 11/14/2016

" I love this option to meet with the doctor. We recently moved an hour away and this just makes it so must easier to be able to address any issues as they come up. Thank you to everyone at the office! "

  . - 11/04/2016

" Very pleased with the staff and Doctor and the results I have received. Thank each of you Chad Lee "

 Tara K. - 11/02/2016

" Very knowledgeable about ADHD. Helped me understand it and how I can take back control of my life "

 Jennifer S. - 10/29/2016

" I love everyone at the office! I am always treated with respect and everyone is always very friendly "

  . - 10/28/2016

" Dr. John and his co-workers are the very best there is. "

 Darrius S. - 10/28/2016

" Just worried about how I'm going to pay for the visits.. "

  . - 10/20/2016

" My recent visit went smoothly and everyone was super nice!! :-) "

 Arial (. - 10/19/2016

" Upon checking out, Amy helped me find a pharmacy that would have my medication at a more affordable price (I am temporarily without health insurance). She went out of her way to ensure I found the cheapest price for my medication with private pay and ended up saving me almost $100! :) "

 Anna (. - 10/19/2016

" We love the ADHD Center & Dr. Chaung - by far the best specialist we've seen related to our child's ADHD. Very positive, encouraging & insightful. Highly recommend him! "

 Arturo G. - 10/12/2016

" In and out for follow-up and script refill. Staff is courteous and efficient. Wouldn't go anywhere else. "

 Zachary H. - 10/11/2016

" Zach was dismissed as a patient because he didn't have the drug in his system. I personally watched him take it on Friday Oct 7 at 3:30 AM. He ran out after that because he sometimes took 2 on some days to help him through his college classes. He told the doctor this. I didn't think it was good for him to take more than one pill per day but told him to discuss it with his doctor. So you dismissed him as a patient? He didn't have the drug in his system because it was more than 3 days since he took it. He explained all of this to his doctor. "

 Laura V. - 10/08/2016

" I love this office and have always received the highest level of care and compassion. Thank you! "

 Jeff R. - 10/06/2016

" Wait time about five minutes. Smiles and welcoming attitude from everyone. Doctor always pauses and makes sure I don't have questions before I leave. "

  . - 10/03/2016

" Dr. Chuang made my daughter feel like a new person! His informative evaluation helped in explaining to her what is going on and why. She left there with a burden lifted off of her shoulders and a new understanding of herself. This is huge for her! Her low self esteem and depression was starting to get the best of her. "

 Christina W. - 09/29/2016

" Great office! "

  . - 09/21/2016

" I love this office. Changes in staff have happened but the new faces are just as prepared and professional as the previous staff. Keep up the awesome work and thanks for taking such good care of our family. "

 Nathan S. - 09/21/2016

" Thank you for not forcing my 6 year old son to have his blood taken. "

 Mary F. - 09/20/2016

" Keep up the good work! "

  . - 09/13/2016

" Everyone is good and respectful. "

 Amy L. - 09/09/2016

" Excellent service from the moment I walked in to the office and until I walked out! "

  . - 09/07/2016

" Completely satisfied every visit. Seeking help to handle my ADHD has significantly helped me in my professional career. "

 Allan M. - 09/04/2016

" Thank you all for the help and support "

 Cole M. - 09/03/2016

" Dr. Chuang offered to send our prescription in to Express Scripts this time, so that is a great relief!! We are very happy with the success my son has had under Dr. Chuang's care! "

 Hunter F. - 09/02/2016

" Always had a great experience with nurses and Dr. Patankar. "

  . - 08/31/2016

" Always courteous, and timely. "

 Victoria P. - 08/31/2016

" Always a good experience. Also love the new online appointment. Thank you "

 Rebecca H. - 08/29/2016

" The office had to change our appointment. They opened up on a Saturday to accommodate those who couldn't find an alternative time during the week. This was great! So much easier than rearranging work and school schedules b "

 Lara K. - 08/28/2016

" Only our 3rd visit I think - and I am so very impressed by Dr. Chaung and the staff. I really appreciate how positive & encouraging he is, and talking through ADHD with him is very validating. Makes me feel like I'm not a loser, and that all these struggles/challenges I've had throughout my life aren't some sort of character flaws, but legitimate brain function issues. I'm going to recommend our pediatrician refer patients to him, and will recommend him to anyone who has questions or suspicions about themsrlves or their child. Really encouraged we found Dr. Chaung! "

  . - 08/27/2016

" I LOVE Dr. Patankar and all of the staff at the ADD/ADHD Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Plano, TX. Since my first visit I have been continually impressed with every aspect of their services. I truly look forward to my appointments and have never felt better with my current treatment plan! Dr. Patankar and his team have changed my life! "

 Madison D. - 08/25/2016

" I was amazed by the entire staff. The doctor was wonderful with my daughter. Took time to listen to both of us and I truly felt he understood exactly how to provide us the support we need! Thank you! "

  . - 08/24/2016

" Only complaint was that the nurse stated that we HAD to come in person, no telemed appointment or we couldn’t get any more medicine. The only time she had for us to come, caused my son to miss band performance and tryouts that evening resulting in him losing his place in marching band. After 5 weeks of 9 hours a day of band camp, he is now the only sophomore who isn’t able to march and was made fun of and devastated by this. I had no choice however, b/c he couldn’t go to school w/ no medicine!? I was frustrated that when we saw the dr, he knew nothing of this (she had said she talked w/ him and he said it had to be in person or no med) and he would not have made him miss band. I think he would have worked w/ us to find a solution that would allow him to be at band and have his medicine. I was unhappy w/ her service b/c of this. Having said that, I can NOT say enough amazing and wonderful things about Dr. Chuang! He is amazing, helpful, caring, and so many other things. I appreciate finding this doctor when we moved!! "

 Cathy H. - 08/18/2016

" Everyone in this clinic is kind, professional, knowledgable and caring. Thank you for that! "

 Nondo P. - 08/16/2016

" I love having the ability to do a skype doctor's visit since I live so far away from the office. Thank you so much for giving me this option. "

  . - 08/16/2016

" I would highly recommend these doctors and this place to anyone everything about this place is great "

 Asuzena A. - 08/12/2016

" I love going to these folks because I always feel welcomed and taken care of. I really appreciate everything that is done to see everyone in a timely manner. Sometimes unexpected things happen and it can take longer and I'm totally fine with that because of how at home I feel when I'm here for a visit ?? Thank you to everyone that makes it happen (including the behind the scenes stuff) I honestly appreciate everything that goes into takin care of us. "

 Brandon Z. - 08/11/2016

" Always a great experience with Dr. Chuang's staff. "

  . - 08/10/2016

" I'm still waiting for the email for the telemedicine. Thank you. "

 Donna C. - 07/25/2016

" I love the way that this place does so many checkpoints to assure their patient's safety with this. I am extremely please with this office. "

 Stacy F. - 07/24/2016

" Love Dr John and the entire staff. "

  . - 07/24/2016

" Couldn't ask for a better experience "

 Stacy H. - 07/23/2016

" I have been seeing this doctor for a little over a year now, and I have always had a great experience. The staff are nice and value your time. Thank you for giving me back my control over my life. "

 Ben B. - 07/21/2016

" Been coming here for over a year and everyone that works there is absolutely amazing and courteous. "

 Brandi B. - 07/21/2016

" Dr. Chuang and his team are always friendly, professional and efficient. I have a great experience every single time I go to their office. "

 Cindy K. - 07/21/2016

" I couldn't ask for any better service and hospitality "

 Kyle D. - 07/20/2016

" Great experience! "

 Laronna P. - 07/20/2016

" I have really enjoyed the service, the professionalism and care that I have received at your office. I feel very comfortable seeing Dr. Chuang. "

 David H. - 07/20/2016

" Dr Jon is amazing and listens to me. "

 Holly H. - 07/14/2016

" Doctor has worked with me for along period of time trying to balance his treatment with another treatment . He never gave up. This stick with it attitude help me get some of my life back in balance "

 Kristin G. - 06/17/2016

" Dr. Chuang is awesome!!! He's so personable, friendly, caring, and helpful. And I really appreciate the fact that he's always willing to spend as much time with each patient as they need. I'm SO grateful to have him as my doctor! "

 Fletcher W. - 06/01/2016

" Dr. Patankar is very kind and attentive!! "

 Deidre B. - 05/26/2016

" I have been a patient for over 5 years and have only had positive experiences. The staff and Doctors have always been top notch! Keep up the good work! "

 Vamsi P. - 05/20/2016

" i liked pretty much everything from the moment i stepped in your facility to checkout .Thanks "

 Robin W. - 05/19/2016

" Normally wait times to see my doctor is a lot quicker. This time I was brought back, quickly, but then waited about 15 minutes after my scheduled appt to see my doctor. "