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Sleep Medicine
Hearing Aids
Balloon Sinuplasty
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Recent Reviews

 Lisa H. - 01/12/2019

" We "liked" you and recommended your office on Facebook "

 Josie C. - 01/09/2019

" I was plz I felt I was treat as I was an important celebratly thanks you "

 Randall N. - 12/05/2018

" This was my 1st visit and ended up as a consultation visit with Dr. Charous' nurse practitioner. She appeared/seemed extremely knowledgeable/efficient and pleasant. Pleased and comfortable with the intake and testing done!! Next visit will be with Dr. Charous. "

 Amy G. - 12/01/2018

" The office staff really takes the time to listen to you and provide instant feedback. "

 Charmaine D. - 11/20/2018

" I had trouble getting my Rx from the pharmacy after my surgery and could not figure out what the issue was with calling it in. I had a horrible sinus headache the day after the surgery and the prednisone would have certainly helped. I w finally got my Rx on Friday night. "

 John R. - 11/20/2018

" MErcedes and all treat me very well everytime I go! "

 Leslie ann M. - 11/08/2018

" Awesome "

 Adil H. - 11/06/2018

" I was very satisfied for the visit hope to have next visit and use the Hearing Aid and hear much better with your help. Thanks "

 Kristina F. - 10/25/2018

" Dr. Charous is very helpful "

 Susan D. - 10/20/2018

" My only dissatisfaction was that I waited in the waiting room for 1 hour after my scheduled appointment and no one at any time said anything to me about the doctor running behind Etc. I don't mind waiting but please keep your patients informed. After 45 minutes had passed after my scheduled appointment I had to get up and ask "

 Kathleen A. - 10/19/2018

" Dr Charrous is the best! "

 Donalda B. - 10/05/2018

" Very good 1st time visit. "

 Joseph a R. - 09/07/2018

" Dr. Charous and the staff are very professional and thorough. Everything leading up to my very first surgery was explained to me and they made sure I understood what would take place. I was very confident in Dr. Charous and my procedure went exactly as they prepared me for. I have yet another procedure scheduled and I know it will be done correctly with no issues. Thank you to him and his great support team. "

 Jeanell a F. - 09/05/2018

" Very friendly, very clean, supportive and efficient office "

 Nancy l W. - 08/25/2018

" Front desk staff was very thorough in explaining all paperwork. Vivian went out of her way to explain and answer all my questions. I never felt rushed. Wonderful experience. "

 Linda a C. - 08/23/2018

" Love the new office.. every one was polite and helpful . "

 Gerardo C. - 08/11/2018

" Shorter waiting time "

 Erick g F. - 08/04/2018

" Staff very friendly and professional. "

 Carolina S. - 08/03/2018

" The staff was awesome, even though my wife was a new patient and had to fill out paperwork we were done and in the doctors office very fast! The doctor was very professional and explained everything clearly. If we need this type of doctor again we will be right back here! Thanks a bunch guys. "

 Shawna l B. - 08/02/2018

" Mercedes was good. She listened, made suggestions that were helpful. "

 Roberta s D. - 07/25/2018

" From the receptionist to the technician "Chris", everyone was so kind and considerate to me. "

 Betty m M. - 07/24/2018

" Very professional and courteous staff. I was on a cancellation waiting list to have my appointment moved up, and they did call to let me know they had a cancellation therefore, I could be seen sooner. I never felt rushed with the appointment or when answering their questions. "

 Jaime G. - 07/20/2018

" They were very throughro in thier exam and answered all questions . I was very satisfied "

 Carolyn P. - 07/11/2018

" The one that checked my hearing was very good at her job “ the DR that Examined my ears and clean them was excellent I can hear good now thank you very much "

 John w L. - 07/04/2018

" There was only 1 other person in the waiting room when I arrived. That person was called in within a few minutes. I waited 30 minutes until I was called in. I noticed that all of the rooms were empty and the only patients were myself and the lady who arrived ahead of me. I asked if everyone was on vacation and I was told that the doctor was on vacation. Still, that doesn't explain why I had to wait so long since my appointment was with the nurse practitioner. When I went in, the other lady was in a conference room with others. "

 Peter s H. - 06/30/2018

" Would like appointments to be sooner than two months . "

 Paul j D. - 06/30/2018

" Felt very comfortable from start to finish "

 Michael K. - 06/27/2018

" I was so pleased to have found Dr Charous. His care was fantastic. His staff was helpful and caring. A siper positive experience. "

 Sandra C. - 06/15/2018

" Exceptional service from all the staff and Dr. Charous!! Would highly recommend. "

 Ronald N. - 06/13/2018

" Very professional and caring; others can find a good example here. "

 Robert A. - 06/09/2018

" Professional, helpful and efficient. "

 Maria d V. - 06/09/2018

" From reception area through the end of my appointment my experience was excellent! Treated with respect, kindness and caring. I did recommend Dr Charous & staff to my daughter. "

 Kenneth Y. - 06/08/2018

" Mercedies was the Best of the Best Great job "

 Linda l M. - 06/07/2018

" I felt like they truly cared about my well being. And that meant alot to me. "

 Velma H. - 06/06/2018


 Judith M. - 05/24/2018

" Thank You "

 Lupe m R. - 05/23/2018

" I love going there and I feel great afterwards. "

 Anna l M. - 05/17/2018

" Really liked the new PA. Much better than the old one, Yevette. I was thinking this may have been my last appointment with your clinic because I disliked her so much "

 Kyung L. - 05/05/2018

" Excellent "

 Brittani r A. - 04/28/2018

" I was so impressed with the clean, new office. Staff were helpful and timely and explained my upcoming surgery thoroughly. I always recommend this practice! "

 Cynthia R. - 04/17/2018

" The staff is friendly and helpful, especially Marci. She is attentive and helpful with the patients. Dr. Charous spent time explaining my options and what to expect after surgery. I would highly recommend "

 Lloyd s G. - 03/21/2018

" waited a few minutes for provider....service worth the wait as staff took the time to fully understand my issue and developed a treatment plan. extremely pleasant/professional staff. "

 Timothy r Y. - 03/14/2018

" I was so impressed I’m going to take my mom back for hearing aids. "

 Marvin c J. - 03/13/2018

" We "

 Denae k B. - 03/04/2018

" Scheduling “Niece” was Great! Very professional and super good at her job. Nice girl and very competent. "

 John w K. - 02/24/2018

" Staff was very professional and knowledgable. "

 Morgen M. - 02/23/2018

" Everything was great. Just a or a tv in the waiting room. "

 Margaret m L. - 02/23/2018

" Everyone from the gal at the front desk to the doctor, Beth, Marci who took my bp, and Yvette the PAC, were courteous, professional and friendly. Great office, spectacular staff. "

 Swarn M. - 02/22/2018

" Excellent all around. "

 Robin T. - 02/21/2018

" Only issue- waited over half an hour in the exam room "

 Gary F. - 02/14/2018

" Beth (audiologist) was exceptional with me. Her patience listening and helpful explanations were very much appreciated. She had an easy, relaxed professional manner that made my visit very pleasant. The outcome of our time together was outstanding. She's a "keeper!" "

 Douglas l B. - 02/10/2018

" A big thank you "

 Olivia L. - 01/31/2018

" I was treated in a very professional and courteous way, �� "

 Rylee P. - 01/20/2018

" Yes I would recommend this provider! Yvette Thorson is amazing and made me aware of other choices we weren’t aware of prior to visit. She made us feel very comfortable to move forward with procedure. "

 Valerie R. - 01/06/2018

" The nurse that assisted with the procedure was awesome "