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Arkansas Internal Medicine Clinic

1401 Kanis Park Drive Suite 200 Little Rock,AR 72205
Phone: (501) 537-4590
Internal Medicine
Please call for information.
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Major Credit Cards, Checks, Debit Cards, Cash, VISA, MC, DISCOVER, and AMEX
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* Open every other Saturday.
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Recent Reviews

 Dorothy - 05/17/2023

" I really appreciate all of y’all’s caring and courtesy with your patients "

 Abner - 05/16/2023

" I like the service of everyone they answer questions with no problem "

 Sara - 05/16/2023

" Dr Mogbo said I would be getting my cholesterol check and they didn’t I’m just concerned about my health thank you "

 Jewel - 05/16/2023

" Thank you so much for your care and support you have provided for me for many years now "

 Billy - 05/09/2023

" Dr.Salmon Magbo has been my primary care physician, Shortly after my Spinal Cord Surgery in 2016. I suffered from High Blood Pressure and other medical problems, my care Has been Excellent and Exceptional I first entered his office On a walker trying to recover only weighing about 132 pounds. I no longer use a walker and my Health Condition have greatly Improved, my recent doctor shows my weight at 210 pounds.. My overall health is Excellent as a Patient of Dr. Magbo. "

 Gail - 05/03/2023

" The clinic is efficient and you have a good staff. I just wish I didn’t have to wear a mask "

 Mary - 05/02/2023

" Dr mogbo is an excellent physician he's very thorough in his diagnosis "

 Bruno - 04/30/2023

" Y’all have one of the cleanest and well stuff clinic I have been in it thank y’all "

 Anthony - 04/27/2023

" Different and great atmosphere "

 Jacqueline - 03/29/2023

" Dr. Solomon Mogbo is the best Dr I've ever had and I've had several internal medicine doctors. The staff was super excellent and courteous. The office is the most beautiful office I've ever ever seen . It was immaculate.. if I dropped something the five seconds rule would not apply I would automatically eat it. Lol. If that is an example. But everything was perfect. Even as I sat in the call back room there was a monitor on the wall with different topics I could choose and it would explain the symptoms the treatment and the preventative measures. I chose heart health then I listened to diabetes. Wow. Why can't every office or even hospital have the advances that this Dr has in his office. I'm broke and I would give him a tip. Great job doctor and staff. And the patient care tech Jason king is absolutely adorable and amazing. Someone raised him well. He was so caring. He basically took care of me as if a son would his mother. That young man is going places.. thank you mr. Jason king. "

 Helen - 03/20/2023

" Dr Mogbo is the best!! He knows more than the specialists at times! I always feel better after talking with him! He always listens he never makes me feel like I’m bothering him! He’s my hereo!! "

 Martha - 03/16/2023

" Dr Mogbo is amazing "

 Ernest - 03/15/2023

" I'm glad I switched my doctor iam very Excited with the doctor I now have "

 Leanna - 03/08/2023

" I have been treated with concern and respect at each visit. The last exam was an extremely difficult one and both Dr Mogbo and his wife were abundantly caring and loving. Thank you! "

 Sidney - 03/02/2023

" I love this Drs office! I recently moved here & I'm so happy I chose to come here! The office staff, nurses, and most importantly the Dr. Are all so kind & caring! "

 Diana - 03/01/2023

" Dr Mogbo is a wonderful Doctor. "

 Elaine - 02/27/2023

" Dr. Mogbo and his staff are very professional and carding for his patience I wouldn’t ask for a better Doctor like him so there’s anything else thank you all for your carding about your patience like me "

 Barbara - 02/19/2023

" Very pleased with my office visit. Everyone made you feel welcome and you were in good hands for your care. "

 Ricky - 02/14/2023

" Thanks For All U Do 2 Make Every One 😊 😊 Ricky Williams "

 Marjorie - 01/12/2023

" Would be nice if there was a place on-line could get info for the after visit. Summary of the visit. "

 Jeffery - 01/08/2023

" Keep up the good work "

 Sherry - 12/29/2022

" I really like my Doctor he is very nice and concerned "

 Joe - 12/29/2022

" Prompt and courteous customer service "

 Sylvester - 11/11/2022

" Love Staff and Dr Mogbo- always listen and takes good care of my dad. "

 Monica - 11/10/2022

" The waiting room wait was overall better than past experiences. "

 Benjamin - 10/30/2022

" Dr. Mogbo is very thorough with his exams and explanations. "

 Deborah - 10/27/2022

" I’m very comfortable with my Doctor and his staff "

 Marilyn - 10/20/2022

" just keep doing what you are doing "

 Jorge - 10/19/2022

" Very good "

 Wanda - 10/18/2022

" I never experience the treatment that I received 10/17/2022 by the office manager who didn't understand me nor did I understand her of the change of insurance plan. Dissing me by asking the receptionist to walk away leaving me standing at the desk without apologizing been very unprofessional. "

 Mary - 10/15/2022

" Everyone was very professional "

 Rebecca - 10/06/2022

" Dr. Mogbo and his staff are extremely thorough. It’s definitely worth the wait. "

 Mario - 09/28/2022

" I visited doctor thanks "

 Margie - 09/21/2022

" Everyone is always professional and so nice. We are greeted with smiles and a friendy welcome. We love Dr. Mogbo and his staff. "

 Joseph - 09/15/2022

" We had a good first introductory visit! "

 Lisa - 09/15/2022

" Very nice staff and doctor. "

 Doris - 09/13/2022

" Everything was good!!! "

 Tonda - 09/03/2022

" I would love to take this moment out to I wo I wou I would love to take this moment out to give my comment for Dr Solomon this doctor is an awesome doctor I was recommend to go to him for my son that have several party I just been with him for the last 4 months I was with a doctor for 4 years and the medicine that my was not working for him anymore and I tried to explain that to him but he wanted to continue on giving him the same thing so a friend of mine is recommend me to Dr Solomon's office I tell you guys this he put my son on some medication you guys it was like a magic pill he knew what to give him my son has been awesome ever since he takes your time with you and his office he talks to you about your medical condition and everything the staff is awesome the management she is so awesome yes she is they greet you with respect they talk to you just like family you're not just a stranger to them they treat you like family I would love to take this moment out to say everyone please "

 Neta - 08/18/2022

" Thank you Ms. Bridget in helping me and being so informative and patient. "

 James - 08/17/2022

" Everything and the staff! Is always extremely nice.with great hospitality. "

 Joyce - 08/11/2022

" I am completely satisfied with my visit . All of my issues were addressed "

 Hosea - 08/03/2022

" Everything went well and I'm now waiting on my test results "

 Rodney - 08/01/2022

" Great Dr. He allow me to explain everything without interrupting me and once he received all the data, he preceded to do everything to resolve my health. "

 Helen - 07/29/2022

" Dr Mogbo is the greatest! "

 Shangaleza - 07/24/2022

" Awesome "

 Joyce - 07/13/2022

" NONE "

 David - 07/12/2022

" Dr Mogbo is through, listens to all of my questions and input He clarifies our conversation to assure that our communication is accurate I always leave feeling he has done a great job. The nursing and receptionist staff all address my needs immediately They are caring and I do feel comfortable that I have their full attention "

 Rebecca - 06/30/2022

" DR. Solomon Mogbo and all his staff are THE BEST! COULDN'T ASK FOR BETTER CARE! MUCH APPRECIATED!! "

 Jewel - 06/02/2022

" Wait time after checking in is WAY TOO LONG! My Mom's appmt was 9:15 and said to arrive 15mins Early. Afterwards we waited An hour and a half to get called back to the exam room. #RIDICULOUS "

 Mark - 06/01/2022

" I was very impressed "

 Gail - 05/20/2022

" I normally don’t like going to the doctor for my appointments but I truly enjoy going to my PCP, n he has such a wonderful a staff.. my doctor explains things I don’t understand and he’s easy to talk to.. I’ve referred many of my relatives to him and they like him as well.. all I gotta say is keep the good work up. "

 Martha - 05/12/2022

" I want to be a patient here very soon "

 Shangaleva - 05/06/2022

" Awesome "

 Benjamin - 05/05/2022

" Dr.Mogbo and Nurse Wes are both very through and patient. ANY issues that you have will be discussed and given attention.Everyone is very professional. "

 Susan - 05/05/2022

" Dr.mogbo is awesome!! "

 Stephanie - 04/07/2022

" Very pleasant and pleased with my Doctor "

 Marcellus - 04/07/2022

" Great Job Arkansas International Medical Center "

 Dorothy - 03/30/2022

" Y’all are always on my side and helping me want to live even longer than I expected to. I admire each and every one of you that I have contact with. Helping me to not wonder why God has kept me around so very long🙏 "

 Diana - 03/18/2022

" This is a wonderful place to come from the phone to the check in to the exam room to the exam to the end of visit you have the best care. Thank you for all the y'all do. "

 Anthony - 03/16/2022

" I love the nurses. Dr. Mogbo is always great. "

 Sara - 03/15/2022

" Since I've been coming to this Clinic,The Staff is very Kind and Super Nice. "

 Doris - 03/08/2022

" It would be good to get all your numbers on your testing. Do "

 Darius - 03/06/2022

" Everything is good. just have to wait in the waiting area a little while longer. But it’s still not as bad as some places. When you do get to see the doctor he does an excellent job as well as his staff so the extra wait is worth it. "

 Terry - 03/05/2022

" Very impressed with Dr. Magbo and staff happy with my decision on changing my PCP to Dr. Magbo "

 Rosemary - 02/24/2022

" Always a good experience "

 Alex - 02/16/2022

" Good service look "

 Marilyn - 02/10/2022


 Daniel - 01/06/2022

" Great crew keep up the work "

 Mike - 01/05/2022

" I feel like you all really care about my health thanks "

 Auborn - 12/22/2021

" The wait times seem excessive sometimes "

 Georgiana - 12/21/2021

" Very satisfied !!! "

 Margie - 12/08/2021

" We just love Dr. Mogbo and his staff. "

 Beverly - 12/01/2021

" Beverly Ann Carter "

 Abner - 11/17/2021

" Dr.Mogbo is a great doctor "

 Ruth - 11/14/2021

" I love the people at Doctor Magbo’soffice! They are most always spot on! I love the time and care I get and feeling like am worth your time Thank you Jaime Ruth James "

 Carole - 10/27/2021

" This was my mom’s first visit. Everyone in the office was very friendly, outgoing and helpful. We were very pleased with Dr. Mogbo as well. "

 Leslie - 10/22/2021

" I had a easy experience at Arkansas internal medicine very good doctor doctor Solomon mogbo "

 Rebecca - 10/19/2021

" Dr. Mogbo and his staff are always thorough and considerate it is very appreciated "

 Anthony - 09/23/2021

" Doctor Walker and Staff are EXCELLENT "

 Shirley - 09/22/2021

" I love the care and concern of all the staff "

 Darius - 09/19/2021

" Everything went well. Talk to Dr. Mogbo about certain things concerning health. He answered questions to great satisfaction..Dr. Mogbo did a great thing having the paperwork that’s normally done in the clinic just before seen by the doctor done on the link provided before going to the clinic on the appointment day. I think it save time.Such a smart idea also . "

 Joe - 09/16/2021

" Thanks for getting me in and out to my pain clinic appt "

 Maria - 09/16/2021

" Muy bien servicio el toctor bien amable y antento todos muy lindos y alpendiente de sus clientes gracias "

 Rebecca - 09/02/2021

" Thank You Sooo Much Dr Megbo You The Best "

 Dannica - 08/31/2021

" No comment "

 Mary - 08/19/2021

" Everything was very good "

 Deborah - 08/11/2021

" Keep up the good work "

 Genessee - 08/08/2021

" Dr.Moghbo and his nurse are very good professionals "

 Christopher - 07/29/2021

" Veery good office visit. "

 Maurice - 07/28/2021

" Been a patient of Dr. Mogbo since 2015 never had a bad experience, my guy Wes always take care you really look forward to my visits. "

 Grace - 07/21/2021

" Had to wait a hour and 30mins to be called to the back although I was on time for my appointment. "

 Benjamin - 07/13/2021

" Dr. Mogbo has excellent chair side manners,shows genuine concern for your total health and is appreciated by us for his care. Wes,our nurse,is above the bar! Great care,compassion and is thorough . "

 Terrance - 07/09/2021

" I was very happy at my appointment they were very professional "

 Carl - 07/08/2021

" Thanks 🙏🏾 Doctor Mogbo for your very very kind professionalism!! Carl Hunter "

 Bushra - 07/08/2021

" Excellent "

 Ricardo - 07/02/2021

" 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 "

 David - 06/17/2021

" Dr Mogbo is intelligent, very attentive and engages me in conversation about my health and care I am very!!! comfortable in him being my doctor I’m retired RN with critical care, surgical background and over almost 40 years I’ve worked with many doctors. I know a good one when I see one. Dr Mogbo definitely deserves respect and I would recommend him to everyone "

 Vicki - 06/10/2021

" The first time in a long time that I am confident in the care I will receive "

 Eric - 06/06/2021

" Thank you "

 Ruth - 05/28/2021

" I am very Happy with my doctor and the entire staff! I love my doctor! He is very professional and very concerned about what I have to say! He is very respectable and that is tops in my book! His staff is very professional and show that they are dedicated! I’ve been to a lot of doctors an all the way around nothing is going to change my opinion about doctor, or his staff! Excellent work team! Your the greatest!!! Jaime Ruth James "

 Sherra - 05/28/2021

" I have been with Dr. Mogbo since 2007 and he has been amazing. He is so attentive to my needs and health. And he always works on the preventive side of care. The staff is like a family. So compassionate...and assuring your needs are met. "

 Charolda - 05/20/2021

" Thanks so much for always being there. "

 Marcus - 05/17/2021

" Very beautiful and soothing environment when I come to office. Would be cool if a waterfall was implemented in the design of the interior of the office. "

 Yolunder - 05/05/2021

" Everybody was great and the doctor also great as well. Please keep up the good work. "

 Rosalie - 04/28/2021

" Kindness and helpful employee. "

 Christopher - 04/28/2021

" Excellent customer service and excellent doctor "

 Shannon - 03/25/2021

" He’s an excellent Dr. He has excellent staff. I drive 2.5 hours away to see him. I used to live in Little Rock. Then, I moved close to Memphis, TN for my husband’s job. I tried to find a Dr. here but Dr. Mogbo is excellent. I drive the distance bc it’s worth it knowing I’ll get proper care. I recommend him to anyone! "

 Billy - 03/13/2021

" My health has Inproved, and stable, since I have been treated for my Medical Conditions by Dr.Magbo. "

 Brijal - 03/10/2021

" The wait time to go to the back takes extremely too long! I sat in the lobby area for a little over an hour and I was 10 minutes early! That wait time is just extremely too long for a person that showed up early to be seen on time! "

 Savell - 03/10/2021

" None "

 Doris - 03/09/2021

" I think there could be better communities between Dr. and patient. "

 Margie - 03/03/2021

" All involved were very nice and responsive to all of our needs. Thank you. "

 Elaine - 02/24/2021

" I Elaine Williams have Been With Dr.Mogbo. Over twenty year and I Thank God for Doctor Mogbo he care for his patience and his Nurse our Excellent They greet you talk to you answers Questions and explain what they doing so Thank you Dr, Mogbo for you Excellent care for your patients and your staff I will stay with Doctor Mogbo until the Lord call me home Thank you Dr. Mobgo and thank your staff. "

 Sherra - 02/18/2021

" Amazing staff...and i love my doctor. He is thorough and is very good with internal Prevention and paying attention to changes in your blood work and overall health. "

 Charolda - 02/11/2021

" I love the care i recieve from you guys thats why because of me speaking so highly about Dr. mu intiee family are patients of his Thanks Again! "

 Terrance - 02/10/2021

" The staff was very professional and friendly. They make me feel comfortable I would recommend family and friends to this clinic. "

 Anthony - 02/10/2021

" Dr. Mogbo is a great PC doctor. In addition, his staff is very friendly and knowledgable! "

 Jewel - 01/28/2021

" I called once and got an appointment scheduled within a two day period. It was explained to me why I had to wait. The staff was very informative and friendly. I would definitely recommend this office to anyone. If you are looking for a PCP do not let the negative reviews stray you away from having a very good doctor "

 Mario - 01/28/2021

" I've been going here for 3 years never had a problem "

 Mary - 01/20/2021

" When I come to this Internal Medicine Clinic I feel like I am in my personal home. It is so warm, beautiful, and peaceful as I wait to be called for my appt. Mary Bridges-Bell "

 Pearlean - 01/13/2021

" It was good but felt little rushed first time doing telephone "

 Sherry - 01/12/2021

" I really like my doctor Mogbo and his lovely wife and there children very beautiful family "

 Vertis - 01/05/2021

" Please make sure that i gets my prescription. Fill be the month are up Thank you.......,? "

 Christopher - 12/03/2020

" Good and friendly service. "

 Mattie - 11/25/2020

" Everything is done in a timely manner "

 Beverly - 11/18/2020

" Great place to go and trust the doctor and staff. "

 Rodney - 11/12/2020

" The wait time was extraordinarily long. "

 Elaine - 11/06/2020

" I love how Dr. Mogbo I a Excellent and caring Doctor on there health I would have no other Dr. "

 Rosemary - 11/01/2020

" I did not need a referral and I did not have test that required an explanation "

 Joe - 10/29/2020

" I hate I've receive a old bill that was not dealt through the Dr office n my then insurance company "

 Carrie - 10/29/2020

" I just love Dr Mogbo an his staff. They are so friendly "

 Julie - 10/26/2020

" The love and care at Internal Medicine is Excellent. "

 Ledale - 10/23/2020

" Thank you for your help "

 Sherra - 10/08/2020

" Mr. Mogbo is amazing, and his staff is so professional and knowledgeable. I always leave feeling like I know exactly how to live healthy and what to do as it pertains to meds, lifestyle, and all. I love it. "

 Katherine - 10/08/2020

" This is a very wonderful good Doctor "

 Mary - 10/07/2020

" I have been with Dr. Mogbo for many years and he always takes time to talk and answer my concerns. Thank you for that demonstration of good bedside manners. "

 Maurice - 10/06/2020

" The best medical care that I have received. "

 Karen - 09/23/2020

" Love the atmosphere at the clinic & Dr. Mogbo & the staff! "

 Billy - 09/12/2020

" My health is doing great, very good medical treatment. "

 Anthony - 09/10/2020

" I love coming to Dr. MOGBO clinic. Nice staff and very knowledgable. "

 Nola - 09/09/2020

" I love the friendly staff. I love how they explain things in a manner we can understand "

 Abner - 09/01/2020

" Dr Mogbo is the best doctor I ever had he have the best staff in the world "

 Ruth - 08/29/2020

" I love my Doctor and his staff! They are professional, personable and very courteous!! "

 Jacquelin - 08/26/2020

" I always received excellent service "

 Karen - 08/25/2020

" Need medication refills. Thought that process would be done. Didn't call pharmacy until the next day. "

 Savell - 08/20/2020

" The PCP &staff very concern about patiant care and wall being. re "

 Kally - 08/14/2020

" I love that I was able to have my appointment via phone, especially since it was a follow up and I do not have any issues of concern. "

 Beverly - 08/07/2020

" I love coming to Dr. Mogbo and his staff for my medical needs. "

 Deborah - 08/07/2020

" I'm a new client and every one is doing a good job "

 Virginia - 08/04/2020

" Thank you. "

 Larry - 07/28/2020

" Keep up the good work "

 Javier - 07/27/2020

" Everyone was very helpful and willing to help us. Just waiting to follow up on our situation. "

 Lisia - 07/25/2020

" Everything is great. The Doctor however seems to be in a hurry when seeing patients. I recommend the doctor taking his/her time when seeing patients and hearing what they have to say without trying to quickly leave the room. There are questions I have unanswered because the doctor comes in, asks basic questions, write prescriptions if needed then quickly leaves the room without taking the time to ask the patients concerns they may have about their health or new problems they have occurred. "

 Antoine - 07/22/2020

" Awesome staff. Doctor Magbo is a great doctor "

 Linda - 06/26/2020

" I'm Pleased Over Allj "

 Tamela - 06/26/2020

" Dr does not give enough refills on my sleep meds I need at least 3 refills before coming back!!! "

 Gwendolyn - 06/17/2020

" I have no compliants with anyone at my Dr. Office. "

 Joni - 05/29/2020

" Wes and everyone are wonderful! "

 Sommer - 05/20/2020

" I used to have to wait bout 2 hours just to get back To the exam room then I have to wait on the doctor for about 45 minutes to an hour So I’ll be in there at least 2 1/2 to three hours just to have Doc come in there where as yesterday I was in & seen doc then left all within about an hour, was so happy.! Thank you!! "

 Ruth - 05/19/2020

" I love my Doctors crew! They are very efficient and everything is done in a timely manner! I haven’t any complaints, as I have the best of the best! Thank you for caring and always being upfront no matter the circumstances! Thank to both Doctor Magbo and staff! Great job! "

 Granville - 05/13/2020

" Dr. Mogbo is an excellent doctor. He really cares about his patients. "

 Virginia - 04/30/2020

" Thank you. "

 Visa - 04/23/2020

" I was in to refill all my prescriptions, but dr. Overlooked one I've been out of for over a month. Ive requested through my pharmacy and called Wesley and left a message to get my Lyrica filled asap. Love these guys "

 Abner - 04/22/2020

" I like y'all "

 Carl - 04/17/2020

" Thanks 🙏 for a job well done Dr.Mogbo and staff have a great weekend. Carl Hunter "

 Thomas - 04/16/2020

" I was very pleased with the courtesy and efficiency of everyone involved with my visit to your office.I will highly recommend your services to anyone that might need them.You posses qualities that are hard to find in your profession these days which are proficiency and compassion.Sincerely Thomas Webb . "

 Pearlean - 04/02/2020

" The doctor and staff are awesome "

 Jacquelin - 03/25/2020

" I am very pleased with the care I received "

 James - 03/07/2020

" Every one,and everything were perfect. "

 Carrie - 03/06/2020

" I am very eased with Dr Mogbo he is a very good an caring Dr. Thanks Dr Solomon Mogbo an staff "

 Sharron - 02/19/2020

" The staff were friendly and attentive. They answered all my questions effectively and was very knowledgable and courteous. "

 Chanda - 02/14/2020

" Blood pressure medication prescription not given it called in to the pharmacy. "

 Wanda - 02/14/2020

" I believe my physician is one of if not the best within Arkansas he listens to me.and he is always professional when i come in a sick weaklen he is strong.And his strenght ; some how makes me believe that i, too can be strong. "

 Katherine - 02/10/2020

" All is well "

 Billy - 02/04/2020

" Dr. Mogbo saw me Monday morning And I did not have an appointment but I had a very serious cyst that was growing on the inner part of my body up to my private area and I was terrified and still am but less so because Dr. AHmad will talk me in the not allowing fear to rule my life. Dr. Mogbo calm me down and I’m not even sure he knew he was doing and he is just very caring and concern man and I am very lucky to have him as a Physician!!!! . "

 Brenda - 01/16/2020

" I'm very pleased with the service and especially when they help me to understand my results. "

 Benjamin - 12/11/2019

" Excellent expeirence with all staff encountered. My only dis-satifacation was the amount of paperwork that had to be completed. So, please fine tune that process for future patients. Office and facilities are truly “STATE OF THE ART” ! Doctor Mogbo does not rush with patients yet you do not have to spend all day! "

 William - 11/26/2019

" I love everything about the staff and the company "

 Rosemary - 11/21/2019

" I feel the results of all test should be disclosed. But the staff is wonderful here. Thank you . "

 Nola - 11/17/2019

" The most through Doctors about I have ever had! "

 Carl - 10/30/2019

" Well done 👍🏿 job thanks 🙏🏿 a bunch to the team of Dr.Solomon Mogbo and administration Carl E Hunter "

 Ruth - 10/06/2019

" I have no issues with Staffing nor with my Doctor! I love the people that he has taking care of me from beginning to end! As for my Doctor, “He is very professional and Is the best doctor I could ask for, in any situation! "

 Joycelyn - 09/27/2019

" Dr. Mogbo is a caring & understanding person. A good listener.😀 "

 Christopher - 09/13/2019

" Good office visit. "

 Brenda - 09/11/2019

" Everyone that works in this office is so kind and helpful. I would highly recommend Dr. Mogbo. He is very professional and very kind in answering any questions. "

 Roderick - 07/26/2019

" Missed appointment, so I hadn't experienced the whole nine yards of what they have to offer & how they're reception is "

 Dannica - 07/25/2019

" Awesome atmosphere and environment "

 Timothy - 07/23/2019

" I have already told some of my co worker about this location and the option to schedule your appointment on weekends. That’s a big plus for most people that work M-F. "

 Nola - 07/19/2019

" This is the most patient doctors office I have ever been in. So respectfull "

 Carolyn - 07/10/2019

" I really like my doctor and his staff... "

 Dirregija - 07/09/2019

" Everything went well and the staff was very Friendly. Everything was explained and understood. "

 Jacquelyn - 06/30/2019

" I was suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure high cholesterol all of these illness I wasn't aware that I had I went to see dr.mogbo order the right testing that I need and all the medications that I need gave me advice on how to live a healthier Life by eating more fruits and vegetables and exercising regularly and live a healthy life I took dr. Mogbo advice and I am living more healthy blood results are healthy sugar is down running at a normal rate I am so pleased with the care that I received a doctor Mogbo' office. I akso referred my dayfhter "

 Darius - 06/27/2019

" The clinic is by far one of the best I’ve had dealings with. The staff is friendly and helpful. The doctor make sure you get the best care and does referrals to other doctors if needed to provide extra care. I’ve been going to this clinic since 2004 and has never had 1 complaint! "

 Charles - 06/13/2019

" Staff, friendly and courteous ! Thanks a lot !😄 "

 Abner - 06/11/2019

" Everything was good "