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Recent Reviews

 Mary L. - 11/15/2018

" I found Dr. Gillman to be very knowledgeable and helpful concerning my injury. His Tech person was very kind and thorough. I had virtually no wait time to get in to see the doctor and never felt rushed. The front desk staff was helpful and kind. Would definitely recommend them. "

 Laura D. - 11/15/2018

" Dr. Fernandez is an outstanding doctor! He is very knowledgeable, responsive, a good listener, caring and easy to understand. He has quickly arranged necessary tests and set up an immediate treatment plan to relieve my condition as quickly as possible. Dr. Fernandez's explanations of my medical problems were very clear and explained to me in plain English, as were the expectations for recovery. All of his staff were equally responsive and knowledgeable. I drive an hour each way to see Dr. Fernandez and it is well worth my time. "

 Louis P. - 11/13/2018

" Dr. Gillman’s detail, patience and interest increased the great conference my wife and I already had in him. Every single person I dealt with in this place was friendly and conscientious. That’s why I keep coming back. "

 Joshua N. - 11/13/2018

" Jane and Dr. Windler are great! "

 James G. - 11/08/2018

" Carl was great "

 Sarah J. - 11/07/2018

" Dr Crozier and his assistant Mary would both very efficient and helpful. Dr Crozier gave a detailed explanation of the plan for my care and was very kind. The receptionist was courteous and helpful in getting my follow up appts scheduled. I was very pleased with the care I was given. Thank you! "

 Lynn M. - 11/07/2018

" My PT, Shandi, is the best I could want. She’s thorough, listens well and asks great questions. Her compassion is sincere and her laugh contagious! "

 Billy S. - 11/06/2018

" Austin Sports Medicine always excels at taking great care of my needs. "

 Vincent C. - 11/06/2018

" Chandi is the bomb. "

 Nancy R. - 11/03/2018

" Everyone was very friendly & professional! "

 Pauline A. - 11/02/2018

" I wish every Dr visit (anywhere) was as prompt and courteous as our visits here are all the time. "

 Athanasios I. - 11/02/2018

" A great team and service. Well done "

 Courtney P. - 11/02/2018

" Elenz is a phenomenal surgeon. Best i’ve ever delt with. Recovery time on three operations has been less than half the anticipated time. "

 Eric S. - 11/01/2018

" Trevor is awesome, and i am really glad that i found him! I have been telling all my friends about how great my experience with him has been!!! "

 Melissa Z. - 10/31/2018

" Everyone has been so helpful and quick to respond. Dr Elenz is an incredible and charismatic physician who truly enjoys what he does and is evident in the way he treats his patients with immense courtesy and understanding. I’d highly recommend the office to anyone and especially Dr Elenz! "

 Nancy D. - 10/31/2018

" Trevor is so professional, pleasant and an excellent physical therapist---The best! "

 Joshua L. - 10/30/2018

" I am also having my right knee surgically repaired and I I wouldn’t want anyone else handeling my surgery but Dr. Breazeale and Austin Sports. "

 Eleftherios K. - 10/27/2018

" Great doctors and med staff . Thanks ! "

 Abdelkader T. - 10/25/2018

" Very pleasant place. I had a good experience "

 Camille N. - 10/25/2018

" I appreciate PT Ashley Bowser’s thoughtful advice. "

 Lane L. - 10/25/2018

" Dr. Muller rules!!!!! "

 Christina R. - 10/25/2018

" Trevor is great! I get so much help in my physical therapy from his guidance and the work he does to aid in my rehab. "

 Bradley P. - 10/24/2018

" I really appreciate the kindness of the staff! "

 Bonni E. - 10/23/2018

" My prior visit to the office was with a doctor who is no longer there - thankfully! I believe it was a Dr. Jimenez. Thus, I was weary about my appointment with Dr. Fernandez. However, I was most pleasantly surprised with a completely different experience with Dr. Fernandez. He really listened to me and talked with me to my level of understanding of my challenge which is above that of the usual patient. I’m glad that I have your practice another opportunity. "

 Peyton H. - 10/23/2018

" We really do love Dr Elenz and his staff! "

 Katharine H. - 10/22/2018

" Dr. Gillman was so friendly and helpful. I feel better about my injury and feel it will heal just as he described. "

 Luke B. - 10/19/2018

" Love you guys!! "

 Marnie C. - 10/16/2018

" Love you guys! "

 John R. - 10/13/2018

" My son and I have both become huge fans of Dr. Crozier! "

 Jesus G. - 10/11/2018

" Dr. Windler and his entire staff are AWESOME! Professional, kind and couteous, Dr. Windler went over each procedure with me thoroughly and meticulously. I went in not knowing what to expect and left ABSOLUTELY convinced i had made the right choice in choosing Austin Sports Medicine. I highly recommend Dr. Windler and his staff....They’re Great!!! "

 Zachary C. - 10/10/2018

" Need more parking "

 Sandra C. - 10/09/2018

" I left with a peace of mind. I knew I needed a "check in" on my 30 year old ACL and have the information I need now to move ahead without fear of a "knee replacement." "

 Andrew R. - 10/09/2018

" From the day I searched google for a doctor to handle my broken hand, and set the appointment with Dr. Gillman, I have been more than pleased with the way Austin Sports Medicine has handled my needs. Every visit the staff was always helpful, friendly, and fast. It was great to have Dr. Gillman as the doctor and surgeon. He was great help during and after the process. (He kept his promise to leave me with minimal scarring on my hand.) I hope I don't need to see him again for medical needs, but, I sure look forward to the day if I do. I have and will recommend Dr. Gillman and Austin Sports Medicine to everyone I know that needs their services. Thanks to everyone for making this process so easy and enjoyable. "

 Ken H. - 10/06/2018

" #1 goal avoid surgery! "

 Peter M. - 10/04/2018

" Dr. Fernandez answered my questions and was outstanding in his diagnosis and treatment plan. Would definitely recommend to others. "

 Joan W. - 10/04/2018

" Dr was great and took time with me and Jane was too "

 Hannah Z. - 10/04/2018

" We LOVE Chandi Bickford! "

 Elfida M. - 10/03/2018

" An outstanding service as always!!. "

 Thomas H. - 10/03/2018

" As usual I received excellent service and care Thank You "

 Susan H. - 10/02/2018

" Although I am a 70 year old lady instead of an athlete, I have preferred sports medicine clinics since I first needed care for injuries that required longer care. I am all about getting back in the game in the best long term cost/benefit manner possible, and sports medicine providers are the BEST!!! "

 Patricia B. - 10/02/2018

" I love Dr. Elenz. Staff is very helpful and personable. "

 Frank P. - 09/29/2018

" My husband was treated with such kindness. All his questions were answered and he received the injection he needed. We feel he received excellent care. "

 Brenda J. - 09/27/2018

" Thanks for taking good care of me! "

 Marcia M. - 09/27/2018

" Love the patient, knowledgeable, and kind PT staff!! "

 Paula S. - 09/26/2018

" Ashley and Ross are excellent in their abilities and professionalism. I have MS in addition to my therapy. If I’m having extra difficulty in doing what they ask of me, they are patient with me or they accommodate the exercise for me. That’s going above and beyond to me. "

 Brian A. - 09/26/2018

" First time seeing Dr Crozier and I was incredibly impressed. For probably 20 years I had only seen Dr Cunningham and had to change since he left. Dr. Crozier was extremely patient with me, very understanding and explained everything in terms I could understand. What I was most impressed with is that Dr Crozier is the first doctor I have ever had, including my primary care doctor, that gave me shots. Usually it was a nurse or PA but Dr Crozier did it personally and that really impressed me. "

 Catherine R. - 09/21/2018

" Chrissy and janique continue to provide awesome service! "

 Jorge A. - 09/21/2018

" Always have a great experience when visiting Austin Sports Medicine. Friendly staff and great doctors that listen and care about you. "

 Cynthia D. - 09/20/2018

" Dr windler and staff are the best "

 Randy K. - 09/20/2018

" Jesse was fantastic - his attention to my particular situation was reassuring and gave me the confidence that by continuing to work with him I will regain the use of my knee "

 Sharon P. - 09/20/2018

" Chindits is excellent - I have done well following her plan of care. "

 May L. - 09/20/2018

" I felt Dr. Fernandez listened to my problem and worked with me to come up with a solution. I felt satisfied and understood. I am also confident that Dr. Fernandez will be able to help me future issues. "

 James C. - 09/18/2018

" Enjoyed the visit - everyone had a smile on their face. "

 Valerie S. - 09/18/2018

" I have been a patient with Austin Sports Med for many years and I have never been disappointed with the care I have received. "

 Karen A. - 09/18/2018

" Dr. Elenz and his team are the best! I would not trust treatment of my Orthopedic care. Please feel free to post my comments with my INITIAL only. "

 Morgan V. - 09/18/2018

" Dr. Elenz and his staff are simply the best. "

 Donna H. - 09/13/2018

" Dr Fernandez was everything I hope to find in a physician. Excellent care and expertise, extraordinarily personable, direct and clear information, efficient but no feeling of being rushed, all questions addressed and answered. And in addition very kind and caring. A great experience The office staff was engaged and helpful as well. Thank you to everyone. "

 Maureen A. - 09/13/2018

" Best orthopedic surgery experience I have had in 10 years! "

 Victor W. - 09/12/2018

" Very clean and neat workout room. Therapists are very professional and courteous. I missed my last appointment due to a cold, but will make the next. "

 Kristina W. - 09/11/2018

" I am thankful for you all and Dr. Fernandez. I always receive excellent care and service. Thank you! "

 Leeanne C. - 09/11/2018

" Dr. Brazeale, Carl and all of the staff are always very personable and helpful. They have definitely made my road to recovery better !! "

 Lisa B. - 09/07/2018

" 5 stars!!!! Dr. Elenz, Linda and staff are great!!! I wish I had known about this group on my first round... but better late than never!! "

 Jacklyn A. - 09/07/2018

" I love Austin Sports Medicine!!! I noticed this question is a bit off, because it should say "or" not "of" "Please rate how clear the Doctor of Therapist explained what the next steps in your care will be?" "

 Kyle B. - 09/07/2018

" Had to cancel appointment and was unable to reschedule due to limited appointment times/days "

 Tami S. - 09/06/2018

" Amazing service and care "

 Munier K. - 09/06/2018

" I have always had excellent service from your organization. Thank you "

 Monica K. - 09/05/2018

" Trust my doctor, Dr. Elenz, my Nurse Linda and the techs here at Austin Sports Medicine. The Staff/Receptionist are very personable, caring and professional. I love that you can get EVERYTHING done at ASM as well, such as, MRI's and X-Rays! I made an appointment for the next day, had an X-Ray, next day I had an MRI, a couple of days after, my results were read and I was treated. All this in one week!! Who does that??? ASM does! I will go no where else. I was told they treat the University Athletic teams as well as MLB and NFL individuals. A trusted friend directly involved with the University recommended ASM because my husband wanted me to have the best. She was right! I am referring ASM to everyone I know!! Dr. Elenz and Nurse Linda are very professional, caring and I would go no where else! "

 Brandy W. - 09/01/2018

" Loved how quickly should schedule appointments and how I was seen quickly and didn’t have to wait long like other practices, Dr was very knowledgeable "

 Drew S. - 09/01/2018

" I followed Dr Elenz directions for rehab after my ankle injury and it appears to have healed very well. Glad to be almost done with the support brace. "

 Amy W. - 08/30/2018

" Trevor is an excellent listener, treats me as an active partner in my recovery. All the PT staff is friendly and professional. "

 Gilbert B. - 08/30/2018

" The staff is great? Everyone who I had any interaction with were tip top professionals. Ashley is knowledge and so easy to work with. Thank you for getting me back to normal "

 Tamara R. - 08/30/2018

" Dr. Breazeale and his PA Carl are like family to me. I've been seeing them for my knee for 10 year! I won't go anywhere else. "

 David N. - 08/30/2018

" Dr Fernandez is the best! "

 Crystal N. - 08/29/2018

" Thank you for working so well with me as a team! I was very nervous of this entire process when my injury occurred last June but your staff has been extremely knowledgeable and supportive during my all of my recovery. I look forward to sending you my own personal friends and family when they find themselves in need of an opinion they can trust. Thank you! "

 Nancy D. - 08/28/2018

" Treavor is absolutely wonderful. He listens well and is very good at what he has been trained to do. I am so glad to have someone so knowledgeable and caring as my physical therapist. I could not be more pleased with Austin sports medicine and everyone I have nbeen in contact with!!! "

 Kelly M. - 08/25/2018

" Julie C. Is excellent! I highly recommend her. "

 Stephen C. - 08/24/2018

" Smooth check in, quick and efficient visit with doctor, no complaints "

 David L. - 08/24/2018

" I could not be happier or more satisfied with the care provided by Dr.Fernandez. "

 Patricia B. - 08/24/2018

" Dr. Fernandez is the best! "

 T R. - 08/23/2018

" I won't go anywhere else. Carl and Dr.Breazeale are awesome. "

 James H. - 08/22/2018

" Everybody is great, y'all r and have been so kind and good to me...I am alive walking and talking thanks to you guys....thank y'all from my heart and sould.. "

 Chet C. - 08/17/2018

" Dr. Gilman was great! "

 Jeri ann R. - 08/16/2018

" Best care ever. Very courteous and professional. "

 Victor E. - 08/16/2018

" Dr. Gillman did an excellent job of explaining my options for my shoulder both verbally and diagramming (upside down I might add). "

 Andrew T. - 08/10/2018

" Dr.Gillman and his staff member's were VERY kind and straight up... I wouldn't change them for the world.. They really helpful and concerned about about there patients.. I give them a 10 out of 10... "

 Howard G. - 08/09/2018

" Everything was great. Efficient, timely, coordinated, friendly, professional, knowledgeable, etc., etc., etc. I have zero negative things to comment on. THANKS! "

 Frances F. - 08/09/2018

" Always great care. "

 Jacob B. - 08/09/2018

" This is a great team of doctors, assistants, and staff. They are very busy due to their high quality care and reputation, but they handle the heavy patient load with courtesy and as much urgency as possible. "

 John P. - 08/08/2018

" Dr. Windler is outstanding. I always recommend him to friends and family "

 Stanley S. - 08/04/2018

" Dr Jim Fernandez is very thorough, knowledgeable, professional and caring. He has helped my family numerous times in working out difficult health issues. I highly recommend adr. Fernandez. "

 Rebecca M. - 08/04/2018


 Savanna S. - 08/04/2018

" Dr. Fernandez was great! He was very kind, obviously intelligent and well informed in the field, and very clear in his explanations of the diagnoses. I walked away with no questions and a great sense of what needs to be done in my case. I would definitely recommend seeing him! "

 Patrick M. - 08/02/2018

" Sam P is the best! I’m paying out of pocket rather than go back to an inferior therapist that my insurance will cover. And changing insurance in the fall!😉 "

 Stephen D. - 08/02/2018

" Very satisfied with the overall experience of my total Visit. Would highly recommend! "

 Mary M. - 07/31/2018

" Samantha is amazing!! Thanks for the great care!! "

 Tina P. - 07/31/2018

" I had a great experience with my hip replacement surgery. I’m absolutely amazed by my ease of recovery and the improvements in my mobility. I feel like I have my life back. Thank you Dr Jimenez! "

 Nancy R. - 07/28/2018

" I have been very pleased with how attentive you all have been to my needs. You have seen my employer and are now seeing my son in law! Thank you so much for the exceptional care and concern that you have given me. I always feel that I am your only patient when I am there. "

 Randolph B. - 07/26/2018

" The front desk staff, Dr. Fernandez and his assistant were awesome!! It’s great to find a medical staff that really listen to patients concerns and give solid solutions to cure pain. I’m super satisfied with my experience and care! 6 star rating! "

 Paula S. - 07/24/2018

" Dr. Windler and his staff are wonderful! I’m impressed by their professionalism and skill. Seems to me they all are upbeat and always personable. "

 Stephen G. - 07/20/2018

" Dr. Fernandez is very informative "

 Michael V. - 07/20/2018

" Always excellent! "

 Laura K. - 07/20/2018

" Every time I go in for my cortisone shots I always ask if Carl is there (Dr. Breseale’s assistant). Carl is the best. I don’t want anyone but him to do it. Somehow he makes getting a cortisone shot painless. He is a Guardian Angel, the best assistant hands down. "

 Andrea S. - 07/18/2018

" Dr. Jimenez made me feel at ease from the start. He clearly explained hip replacement surgery and took time to answer all of my questions. Rachel is terrific, as well, and is extremely helpful. "

 Cari E. - 07/18/2018

" Really liked Dr. Fernandez. Very positive experience. Thank you!!! "

 Carolyn N. - 07/17/2018

" Carl is excellent......always informative and professional. "

 Bertha A. - 07/04/2018

" Dr. Elenz is amazing! "

 Lynette O. - 07/03/2018

" Best medical care I’ve had. Dr. Fernandez and his assistant Becca always listen to my concerns, explain treatment options clearly, and are very kind. "

 Henry M. - 06/30/2018

" All facets of visits were exceptionally positive. "

 Mark K. - 06/30/2018

" Always the best "

 Marian N. - 06/29/2018

" Dr. Windler and Jane are amazing! They are skillful, nice, communicate well, timely, humble-the BEST! "

 Rita C. - 06/29/2018

" My entire experience with Dr. Brad Gillman, his Medical Assistant Amanda, the person who put several casts on, Diego, and my physical therapist, Chrissy, were absolutely awesome during my entire process over several months, both before and after wrist surgery due to my tendon splitting apart. I would highly recommend this group at Austin Sports Medicine! "

 Amy W. - 06/28/2018

" My PT is very helpful. Kudos to Trevor! "

 Kenneth W. - 06/28/2018

" Everyone were very helpful and very nice "

 Charles M. - 06/28/2018

" You have a great group of professionals. "

 Peggy S. - 06/27/2018

" This is why Dr. Nathan Breazeale is our choice for knee care for my husband and myself! Thanks, Folks! "

 Gloria P. - 06/27/2018

" I have always had excellent care. Dr. Jimenez is amazing. I was well prepared for my surgery & thrilled with the results. 6 weeks out of knee replacement I am walking with no aid & no pain. Excellent Dr. & wonderful person. Rachel is a perfect assistant. "

 Leslie L. - 06/26/2018

" Dr Windler’s nurse was above and beyond amazing. She’s kind, knowledgeable and empathic. And all with a comforting smile on her face. "

 Mary W. - 06/22/2018

" Trevor has meant the world to me while overcoming this injury. It has been a long and painful one, and he has always gone above and beyond to explain what was happening, carefully watch me and give helpful feedback and to motivate me and cheer me on. I cannot thank him enough. "

 Gilbert B. - 06/22/2018

" Very satisfied with Dr Elenz and all the staff "

 Cynthia P. - 06/22/2018

" My visit went no more than 15 minutes. Dr. Fernandez is very knowledgeable. I started my meds when I got home and today am back to work and not feeling any pain. "

 Christina R. - 06/20/2018

" Dr. Elenz and his Physician's Assistant, Linda, are top notch!! "

 Cynthia M. - 06/20/2018

" Dr Windler, Jane, the reception welcoming staff, and the check out were seamless, professional, and kind. "

 John C. - 06/19/2018

" A very good experience...... "

 Jack R. - 06/16/2018

" I was very happy with my visit and dr. Fernandez inspired confidence. "

 Cynthia R. - 06/15/2018

" I am so pleased with dr Jiminez he was excellent with explaining the hip replacement surgery and the outcome was excellent. I would recommend Dr Jiminez to anyone who needs any major orthopedic surgery. "

 Andrew Z. - 06/14/2018

" Jane, windler PA, is truly incredible "

 Sidney D. - 06/14/2018

" Dr. Fernandez really nice and helpful. "

 Susan L. - 06/13/2018

" Dr.Fernandez was terrific he put me at ease.and talked to me the whole time he was testing me. I will recommend him anytime. "

 Megan G. - 06/12/2018

" Trevor is always friendly, and makes the experience a lot more tolerable - all while pushing me to do better. I really feel that I would not have had such a successful recovery without Trevor and the physical therapy team at Austin Sports Medicine. "

 Patricia G. - 06/07/2018

" Love the remodel as well as Carl and Dr B "

 Martha M. - 06/07/2018

" I am very happy with the care I have recieved both from the MDs and the PTs, the support staff is great as well. "

 Harry L. - 06/06/2018

" The MRI went very well and the tech was great! "

 Carlene B. - 06/06/2018

" Dr Jimenez is the best. He has done my knee replacement and has always been concerned with every aspect of the pre and post surgery. Now he is working with me for solutions for other knee. My husband is very protective of me and he really appreciates Dr Jimenez and his respect for us both. 😇 "

 Andrew M. - 06/04/2018

" Fast and helpful "

 George B. - 05/26/2018

" I did just recently refer Alberto to you guys for a broken collarbone. Thanks for looking after him. "

 Patricia V. - 05/26/2018

" I left with a lot more confidence in the care I received than I had with a previous orthopedist. I feel that I am in much better hands under Dr. Gilman's care and further follow-up. "

 Melissa B. - 05/25/2018

" My experiences (and there have been many) from injury evaluation to recovery have been excellent! I received attentive care with great compassion. The doctors and PT staff are hands down THE BEST!! "

 Sylvia M. - 05/25/2018

" The doctors, physical therapists, and all support staff are very approachable. "

 Joshua C. - 05/24/2018

" All the staff has always been very professional and knowledgeable. "

 Martha B. - 05/23/2018

" I appreciated the hands on attention of the therapist. She certainly found the spot(s) that needed working with. She definitely helped me at the time and I've felt better since. "

 Ronald K. - 05/22/2018

" We have been going to ASM for close to 20 years! Our interaction started with the kids sports injuries in High School and now it has morphed into the problems associated with aging like joint replacement, arthritis and a variety of other occurrences. I cannot imagine a better place to take your orthopedic problems than ASM. "

 James S. - 05/19/2018

" Dr Elenz is a terrific doctor. "

 Jame F. - 05/18/2018

" My past and current experiences with ASM has overall been wonderful. The trust level with Dr. Elenz is impeccable and I have also been seen by Dr. Fernandez and Dr. Walters and have experienced the same trust and level of comfort overall. "

 Steve E. - 05/16/2018

" This place sets the standard of how efficient and thorough a medical office can be. Service to the patient is the best I've experienced. "

 Elizabeth S. - 05/15/2018

" I was so happy that your office runs so efficiently ! "

 James F. - 05/15/2018

" Dr. Elenz and his staff are the best. They are competent and caring. I strongly recommend him. "

 Martha B. - 05/10/2018

" I really liked the hands on expertise of the doctor in the way he manipulated my hip area. "

 Tina K. - 05/10/2018

" I have already told my coworkers and family about my excellent experience. Austin Sports Medicine went above and beyond all of my expectations!!!! I have peace knowing that I am finally getting some answers regarding my pain after just one visit. Everyone was pleasant and holds the same amount of compassion for helping me achieve this goal as well. I cannot thank everyone enough :-) "

 April R. - 05/10/2018

" Even while area under construction, my experience was exceptional. Very pleased with the courtesy, knowledge and efficiency of my visit. "

 Joseph M. - 05/09/2018

" Good experience all the way! "

 Vicky L. - 05/08/2018

" I have gone to ASM for a long time and they always are the best ~ from the Doctors to the PT to the office staff ~ you can tell that the atmosphere is top notch. I always know I am well taken care of. I have always highly recommended ASM since the first time I went for my tennis elbow 10 years ago ~ my family and I will continue to have ASM as our Doctors and Physical Therapist of choice ~ by far the best there is ! "

 Lourdes M. - 05/08/2018

" Dr. ELenz is the greatest! He listened to my concerns and made me understand the healing process. Ashley, my PT is very knowledgeable and the expert in helping me get stronger everyday! Thank you for all that you do! "

 Charlotte H. - 05/05/2018

" Dr. Fernández is incredible. He explained my injury in detail, listened to my needs and made me feel I was being heard, and gave me strategies for recovery that tied into my specific goals. I would recommend him to anyone. "

 Sadie S. - 05/04/2018

" Chandi is outstanding! "

 Anthony F. - 05/04/2018

" Dr.Windler, Jane and the entire Staff are THE BEST !!! Curly Ferris "

 Dora F. - 05/04/2018

" Staff is professional, knowledgable and personable. Wait time was brief and reasonable. Doctors assistant treated my 93 year old mother with dignity and respect. Her general gathering of medical changes of the patient was given to the doctor in fine detail. Dictor, showed genuine interest and concern with clear explaination of her progress and treatment olan. We have a follow up in four weeks, and anticipate condition improvement with further treatment plans and clear instruction. Thank you greatly, our visit and exam experience will be shared with friends and family. "

 Kathy R. - 05/04/2018

" I appreciate Dr. Elenz and his entire team.super I appreciate Dr. ELENZ AND HIS ENTIRE TEAM.Superb care! "

 Warner C. - 05/04/2018

" I had total knee replacement on May 10, 2017. While rehab was tough, the period since has been one of the most enjoyable of my life. I feel like a kid again! "

 James H. - 05/03/2018

" Can't say enough about the incredible care I continue to get from Dr Beazeale and Carl "

 Charles R. - 05/02/2018

" Walked in with paperwork filled out and was seen almost immediately. First real injury (Separated my shoulder) so walked in a bit rattled however the doctor & medical assistant were very helpful and thorough in explaining what happened, what to expect, and my road to recovery. Very comfortable atmosphere and extremely capable and intelligent medical team. "

 Kelly S. - 05/02/2018

" I mentioned this to the doctor as I was walking out - I have been so impressed by how efficiently run your office. Friendly, prompt, and thorough- it’s a warm professionalism rare in any line of business these days. "

 John S. - 05/01/2018

" Dr Fernandez is timely, knowledgeable and personable. Enjoy my visits with him. Would definitely recommend this facility "

 Mary G. - 04/25/2018

" My doctor, Christopher Jimenez, was extraordinary. He always gave me options to consider. My surgery was excellent. I will recommend him to all my friends. I will also use him for my other knee and hips. Austin Sports Medicine is the best and most helpful of all clinics. "

 Jay W. - 04/25/2018

" Dr. Windler and his assistant Jane are both patient and thorough and explain their findings in terms that are easy to understand. "

 Dana W. - 04/25/2018

" Chandi is so skilled balancing all my different needs. The front desk went out of their way to check my insurance. It was a great day at Austin Sports Medicine! "

 Mary G. - 04/25/2018

" First visit and I received prompt and excellent care and long term plans for overall cure my condition. "

 Sylvia L. - 04/24/2018

" This office is by far the best medical office I've been to in Austin! "

 Gilbert B. - 04/22/2018

" Dr Elenz is an excellent Dr he did surgery on my right knee in 2012 and have had no issues. I know he will fix my left knee as good as new "

 Lewis H. - 04/20/2018

" The doctor was great, very easy to talk to. Excellent bed-side manners. "

 Mike S. - 04/19/2018

" Dr fernandez was very observant and made me feel like he really listened to what my issues were. I thought he and his assistant were bet professional and I will definitely see him again for anu other related issues. I was very impressed. "

 Michael B. - 04/17/2018

" Big fan of Austin Ports Medicine and keep referring friends over "

 Karen L. - 04/16/2018

" Dr. Breazeale was, as always, thorough and professional. He takes a conservative approach and doesn’t rush to surgery. Although, if it comes to surgery, you’ll want HIM to be your surgeon! He knows his stuff. "

 Carl L. - 04/14/2018

" The entire staff made me feel like they were concerned about my wellbeing and went out of their way to make me feel welcome and comfortable. I'm actually looking forward to my next visit. "

 Sam C. - 04/14/2018

" All was good "

 Susan H. - 04/14/2018

" A great group of doctors. I was in and out in less then 30 Min. "

 Blaine E. - 04/13/2018

" Unfortunately this is the second time I have had an injury where I needed the services of an orthopedic doctor. The first time I used Dr. Elenz and that was well over a decade ago. This time I am being seen by Dr Gillman. It was pleasant to find out that in our changing times that Austin Sports Medicine has stayed the course and continues to offer excellent, professional and courteous service. "

 Kevin R. - 04/13/2018

" Everyone was highly professional yet very friendly. "

 Edgar S. - 04/12/2018

" I was very happy with my experience. "

 Hugh P. - 04/11/2018

" It's never good news to be there, but I always enjoy my visit. "

 Albert W. - 04/10/2018

" Dr. Fernandez and his assistant managed to squeeze me in on an emergency basis with severe lower back pain and inability to walk or stand up easily. They were terrific and could not have been any more helpful and caring. I was so fortunate to see them both and thank goodness they fit me into their busy schedules. Very special people. we are still working the issues but we will get there. "

 Darlene B. - 04/10/2018

" I am never sick. I didn't know what to expect and the staff made me feel comfortable and secure. They were so professional and caring. We even shared some humorous moments. Best of the best... "

 Luke B. - 04/07/2018

" Sam and Paloma were wonderfully informative and encouraging, and very knowledgeable. Great teammates to Dr. Windler! Thank you!! "

 William B. - 04/06/2018

" Doc said it would be 3 to 5 days for the treatment to take effect. I walked out the front door with no pain. I worked all day today building ranch fencing, no knee pain. Thanks Doc Jimenez! "

 Matthew C. - 04/06/2018

" You make me feel important and at-ease. "

 Kenneth C. - 04/05/2018

" Dr Jimenez did an excellent job on my two hip replacement surgery. Less pain now than when I walked into the hospital "

 Thomas E. - 04/05/2018

" Really fantastic team - ten + atta’boys "

 John D. - 04/05/2018

" Carl did an excellent job communicating on the the procedure and every step of the execution. Took the anxiety completely out of it. And the knee feels fantastic! Carl is a big asset to your association! "

 Cynthia M. - 04/03/2018

" Austin Sports Medicine is a top notch medical office of orthopedic doctors; they always provide excellent service, from the schedulers, receptionists, check-out, technicians, and nurses, to the physical therapists and doctors. Thank you for turning a painful time in to a pleasant visit. "

 Donna P. - 04/03/2018

" I visiting the office for a post op on my knee that had a torn meniscus was repaired. My 'good' knee was hurting badly and was swollen. Dr. Elenz diagnosed that my knee had fluid on it and went ahead and removed it. He also gave me a cortisone shot. Today, (next day) my knee feels 100% better. He is such a great doctor. He has a wonderful bedside manner that is so refreshing from so many other doctors. I continually recommend him for people who complain about painful knee issues. "

 Raven R. - 04/03/2018

" Dr Fernandez is always wonderful he goes about and beyond to help keep both my daughters healthy and active in soccer ! "

 Michael S. - 03/30/2018

" This is a top rate medical office with a super professional staff across the board. When I came to Austin 2 years ago I had two different recommendations. I flipped a coin and got lucky. No regrets. "

 Jacqueline M. - 03/29/2018

" The staff at ASM is wonderful! Everyone is so welcoming and kind. I'm always greeted with a smile. They've really helped me in my recovery. "

 Dennis H. - 03/28/2018

" Very impressive operation! "

 Kenneth T. - 03/28/2018

" Dr. Carey Windler and staff are excellent! "

 Mark F. - 03/28/2018

" Best medical group I have ever worked with. Very efficient, knowledgeable and caring! "

 John Z. - 03/28/2018

" Fast and outstanding service! "

 Kevin C. - 03/27/2018

" Trevor is awesome! What a gem. "

 Patricia S. - 03/27/2018

" Beautiful place, everyone there makes you feel at ease with your condition. Everyone gives you a feeling that your going to be taken very good care of and that your getting the best care :) "

 Patricia L. - 03/27/2018


 Vinay G. - 03/27/2018

" Everyone at ASM is incredible!!! "

 Lisa D. - 03/23/2018

" Amanda is really nice! "

 James R. - 03/23/2018

" The care by Dr Jimenez and his staff was excellent throughout. I will happily recommend anyone to this team. James Ringelstetter "

 Roshan S. - 03/23/2018

" Dr. Windler was recommended to me by a friend and she was right. He and his staff are terrific. "

 Birch K. - 03/23/2018

" Professional, Friendly, Thorough "

 Timothy M. - 03/23/2018

" Dr. Fernandez had a great approach in talking with me about my diagnosis. He answered all of my and concerns and made me feel very comfortable. I felt I had a good course of action regarding how to handle my condition moving forward. "

 Gloria N. - 03/23/2018

" Just an outstanding experience from beginning to end. Dr. Elenz was amazing and I will forever be grateful for his surgical expertise in repairing my torn hamstring. A very difficult injury and his results were outstanding. I could not be happier or more grateful for what he has done to restoring me to my active lifestyle! Many many thanks. Gloria Nichols "

 Christine B. - 03/20/2018

" Dr. Windler is the best! Jane is amazing. Both of these individuals go out of their way to give the best care available. They are professional as well as caring with their patients. I have been a patient for 8+ years and am grateful for the excellent care I have received. "

 Lynn H. - 03/20/2018

" Medical assistant, Duncan, needed to do a little more explaining and modeling of exercises. "

 Christa P. - 03/16/2018

" The waiting time is worth it because my Dr. spends his time with his patients to make sure he helps them with what they came in to see him for. Most of all, Dr. Fernandez is kind and respectful, treats the whole person, sees the bigger picture and listens. Then, he takes his time to explain everything to you so that you understand how to care for yourself!!! Sometimes, I wish he were my PCP because he is an excellent care coordinator. Dr. Fernandez deserves a 5 star rating because he is one of the best physicians I have ever met! "

 Jackson W. - 03/16/2018

" I already *have* recommended you all to a coworker with a knee issue! I’m sad my PT of choice (Christine) is moving to the satellite location instead of downtown, but I’ve been really impressed by the knowledge and upbeat attitude of everyone working at Austin Sports Medicine. I’ll be back the next time I need help living my life without pain. ☺️ "

 Leo A. - 03/16/2018

" Great session!! "

 Jesse W. - 03/14/2018

" Unusually long wait time "

 Jennifer S. - 03/13/2018

" Very helpful throughout the whole surgery process Jane made sure all the questions were answered and went above and beyond. Dr. Windler did an excellent job! I am back to myself and moving again! "

 Jacob R. - 03/13/2018

" A breath of fresh air going to thisnpractice. Everyone was thorough, punctual. Wait times were surprisingly short. Can not be happier with my son’s treatment. "

 Jean W. - 03/10/2018

" I applaud entire ASM team! They guided me through many steps after a freakish knee blowout followed by surgery to repair the damage plus months of Physically Therapy. They encouraged me throughout the full recovery (1 year) confidently assessing their medical expertise through my challenges. They were with me every step of the way and I am grateful for their support throughout. "

 Laurie K. - 03/07/2018

" Love Dr. Windler and Jane. It is worth the small wait to see him as he spends quality time and you never feel rushed. "

 Jonathan M. - 03/06/2018

" I had to wait awhile but it was late in the day and well worth the wait. "

 Thomas H. - 03/02/2018

" I have never been more impressed by a medical facility. "

 Christy O. - 03/02/2018

" Dr. Fernandez personally called my husband and I back to the exam room. He listened to all of my symptoms asked lots of questions to clarify when I was having pain and how much. When performing his examination and testing he explained exactly what he was doing. When he was done with the tests, he explained what he found (and didn't find); gave us his opinion as to why I'm having pain and explained the evidence; and gave us a couple of options for treatment. He had clearly read my medical history and explained how my underlying conditions could affect our treatment plan. We found Dr. Fernandez to be professional, courteous, compassionate and knowledgeable. And it was very refreshing to walk out of the exam room with test results, a clear diagnosis and a plan. We appreciate his conservative approach to treatment and being given multiple options. We would definitely recommend Dr. Fernandez. "

 Leslie D. - 03/01/2018

" From the start, my experience has been excellent. Got in to see a doc within an hour of my injury, set up w/ course of action and PT appt within 2 hours of injury. Physical Therapist was great, super knowlegable and reassuring. Thank you for such excellent care, will definitely recommend your practice. "

 Harold G. - 02/28/2018

" Am very impressed on the total experience I have had so far. "

 Fred R. - 02/23/2018

" The team was great, Dr Windler took the time to explain full details of not only how to care for my injury but also why to care for it in that way. Knowing "why" is so essential. It provides motivation to actually follow the treatment protocol and also helps you make good decisions when something unexpected happens. "

 Timothea C. - 02/20/2018

" Knowledgeable, pinpointed problems, surgery last resort, answered questions before I asked them. However he listeneed carefully to my concerns and kept me on the task at hand, zeroing in on my hip and knee. "

 Paulette A. - 02/18/2018

" Our whole family uses you and I have referred many. Thank you for the high quality of care you deliver as a medical team! Everyone is so friendly. "

 Davida B. - 02/18/2018

" I am always happy with the care given at your practice. "

 Judith H. - 02/18/2018

" Austin Spiets Medicine is so good that we drive 70 miles to use them. Our experience with with Dr. Carey Windler, Dr. Brad Gillman, and Dr. Chris Jimenez has been excellent. They treat high level professional athletes & corporate professionals which is impressive. More impressive to me is they give all their patients the same level of care, attention. & professionalism. I would recommend them to anyone looking for the highest level of care & success rate. "

 Matthew L. - 02/16/2018

" Thank you! "

 Lee L. - 02/16/2018

" outstanding level of service during the most common elements of an appt. "

 Nancy R. - 02/15/2018

" Parking sucks "

 Cynthia W. - 02/15/2018

" Dr Fernandez and his team are first class and provide some of the best care I've received medically. I highly recommend Dr. Fernandez. "

 Beverly B. - 02/15/2018

" Dr. Fernandez was very kind, listened, checked me out and explained options. "

 Mary G. - 02/14/2018

" Best in the city! "

 Carol M. - 02/10/2018

" Probably the best experience I've ever had with the doctor and the staff. Never had to wait once in the three years I've been going there. Very respectful of your time. Have had great results with treatment. "

 Amanda G. - 02/10/2018

" Dr Jimenez was running late from surgery; front desk announced that he would be about 45 mins behind and if anyone wanted to reschedule they would do that. That was extremely helpful! But I ended up not waiting at all. And even though I was sure he would be flustered and feel rushed, he took his time with me (our first appointment); explained the game plan in detail; addressed any of my questions. I’m a patient of Dr Breazeale but anticipate knee replacement and so met with Dr Jimenez to discuss. Your office is always exceptional with customer service and patient interaction! Thank you! "

 Andy R. - 02/08/2018

" I like the fact you all listened to the patient, and not just try to sell me on a procedure. "

 Mark M. - 02/08/2018

" The greatest experience in care and performance In Austin! But,there's just too much burnt orange! GiG'em!!! "

 Stephanie D. - 02/06/2018

" It never fails that the office staff is extremely kind and helpful! "

 Gerard C. - 02/06/2018

" Love Dr. Jimenez. "

 Curtis M. - 02/02/2018

" 2nd time to use ASM, best team in town. Everything is explained, the website has a lot of good info & videos. I will & do recommend this practice to all my friends. "

 Harold G. - 02/02/2018

" Dr Jimenez and his staff were very courteous and helpful. They took time to answer all questions "

 Brent F. - 01/31/2018

" I had a total hip replacement and was very pleased with the care I received, Dr Jimenez created a very relaxed atmosphere unlike a couple of other doctors I had visited pre-op. He even has a reputation amongst the Nurses at Seton as having a very low infection rate from surgery. I am 35 years old and now walking with one crutch at 2 weeks out with little pain. His coworkers are great as well. "

 Grace P. - 01/30/2018

" We love Dr Windler and staff!!! "

 James H. - 01/30/2018

" None better than Dr. Chris Jimenz.... "

 Mercedes C. - 01/30/2018

" Dr. Gillman and Amanda have been really awesome to me. Just the way they treat me makes my visits pleasant. "

 Linda U. - 01/30/2018

" Love Dr. Fernandez. He always takes time when I see him and he is very personable. I feel well-taken care of and always get my questions answered. Staff is always very nice, professional and easy to work with. Overall, it's a great place and I always recommend Austin Sports Medicine. "

 Stephen L. - 01/30/2018

" Your office, staff, and doctors are accommodating, in addition, they work together towards a solution for my injuries. Excellent experience! "

 Luke C. - 01/29/2018

" We normally just see our GP first for sports related injuries but I was worried that since it was my son’s back we should seek advice from a specialist. I have never had a doctor sit down and explain an x-ray like that before. Amazing patient care start to finish. Thanks "

 Edythe S. - 01/27/2018

" Dr. Fernandez is very warm and welcoming. Great bedside manner! "

 Jane K. - 01/26/2018

" Consistently excellent care from Austin Sports Med. and Dr. Windler for over 30 years! "

 Michelle G. - 01/26/2018

" They ran like a whale or will the machine into my room zipped to x-rays handed off to cast assistant zipped back to my room and really change to another assistant and down the hall I went back to wait for the doctor which was very prompt and it made me feel like everybody knew what their job. It was a very refreshing visit to the doctor as I have been many times garden waited for hours got into the room we did another you know 3040 minutes for the doctor to arrive and then we needed for the nurse to come back for bloodwork or whatever the case may be but this was not that it felt like a prompt and attention given visit and then and I’m gone . "

 Kathy L. - 01/19/2018

" ASMedicine is wonderful. The doctors are warm and caring and the office staff friendly and efficient! I have been a patient here for 20 years and seen 3 different doctors during that time and each experience has been top notch! Great practice! "

 Mary H. - 01/19/2018

" Everyone was very courteous and helpful. Even though I had arrived 1/2 hour before my appointment, they took me right in. Dr. Wndler's assistant was so friendly and put my nerves on my upcoming procedure completely at rest. Dr. Windler is an excellent doctor, very friendly and attentive and answered all of my questions with a smile. The procedure was practically painless and quick. I highly recommend this doctor and his complete office staff to anyone. Mary H. "

 M M. - 01/18/2018

" Julie and Elizabeth were very nice and helpful. They seemed to be sincerely interested in my recovery. "

 Virginia W. - 01/18/2018

" Always a pleasure to visit your office. "

 Gerard V. - 01/17/2018

" I can’t complement the Austin Sports Medicine team enough on the quality and responsiveness of their care. The team has done an excellent job of managing my full knee replacement procedure. "

 Dayle M. - 01/16/2018

" The staff is always attentive and courteous. The doctor is professional as well as friendly, which makes me feel at ease. "

 Katherine S. - 01/13/2018

" Amazing staff and service! Dr. Jimenez was wonderful! "

 Varian D. - 01/13/2018

" Wish every doctor and clinic was as efficient as Austin Sports Medicine and Dr. Jim Fernandez. Very little, of any wait time, exceptional experience every tin I have an appointment. In and out in minutes. "

 Marcos L. - 01/12/2018

" Dr. Fernandez goes the extra mile on behalf of the well-being of his patients. Thank you! "

 Vickie N. - 01/12/2018

" Awesome professional clinic. Including all of staff and doctor. Appointments have been the most pleasant experience I’ve had at a doctors office in 10 years. "

 Renee S. - 01/12/2018

" Always exceptional care. "

 Elijah P. - 01/11/2018

" They are amazing and took great care of my son "

 Douglas D. - 01/11/2018

" As before, excellent timely care "

 Luther E. - 01/06/2018

" What’s not to be happy with❓ Good location, Good parking. Friendly, quick staff. Between the two of us we have needed the services of multiple doctors. We are at the old, grumpy stage of life and never have a complaint about your office or staff. We’ve revered it to everybody "

 Danielle S. - 01/05/2018

" Chandi is my physical therapist. This was my third visit. I always come to her with a billion questions -- and a ton of things to work through. She always is patient and understanding..makes me feel I'm being heard. When I leave the office I always feel better than when I came in. She's a miracle worker :) Thanks!! "

 Sara F. - 01/05/2018

" I feel very blessed to have Dr. Jimenez. He just happened to be the surgeon on call when I broke my hip. I've had no further problems with my hip, no pain after surgery. However, my knee is a problem, and we are talking about that. "

 Sheryll S. - 01/05/2018

" Dr. Jimenez is an excellent surgeon and did a wonderful job on my hip revision "

 Joshua C. - 01/04/2018

" They saw me as soon as I arrived and I was in and out with all questions and concerns addressed in a a matter of minutes. "

 John G. - 01/04/2018

" Dr Gilman is a gift to humanity. Signed, Greg Gilleland. "

 Steven B. - 01/04/2018

" Dr Fernandez and Becca are grate, top notch... S Bradley "

 Oliver O. - 01/03/2018

" Top notch docs and a great group of people who are a pleasure to work with. "

 Carlos M. - 01/03/2018

" Top notch from every standpoint of my visits. "

 Mary G. - 12/28/2017

" The entire staff is helpful and courteous. I will tell everyone to come to this office. "

 Steven L. - 12/23/2017

" very pleased with total service.Excellant. "

 Daniel T. - 12/22/2017

" Everyone from the check-in desk to the setting up appt. I would give everyone an excellent mark , no changes. Makes one feel warm and comfortable...! "

 Shari W. - 12/22/2017

" Dr. Windler, his right hand Jane, and the whole staff at Austin Sports Medicine are the best! My husband and I are so grateful that we have their support. "

 William A. - 12/20/2017

" My experiences with your office have all met or exceeded my expectations. Thank you "

 Kimberly A. - 12/19/2017

" My care throughout my recovery has been exceptional. I highly recommend Austin Sports to friends and family all the time, specifically Dr. Windler and Jane. "

 Gregory H. - 12/18/2017

" Dr. B, Carl, and the entire team are excellent! I have referred many patients to them. "

 Bianca B. - 12/16/2017

" Dr. Elenz is great. Immediately trusted him. "

 Kristina W. - 12/14/2017

" I love Dr. Fernandez and team! Thank you all so much for taking such great care of me for over ten years. "

 Zipra M. - 12/14/2017

" These guys are the best!!! "

 Susan B. - 12/13/2017

" Dr Fernandez is stellar "

 Carlene C. - 12/13/2017

" fastest I have EVER been in and out of a Dr's office and received a treatment! made my day!! "

 Patti V. - 12/13/2017

" Dr. Jimenez did bilateral knee surgery for me. Today is 3 months post surgery. I’ve been to Boston for Thanksgiving, I’ve helped move my daughter! I am 95% back to where I was 20 years ago. I’m not now bow legged anymore!! I would tell everyone and anyone, Dr Jimenez is pure perfection! Even the home health girls told me, he is above and beyond with his protocol. I am beyond happy I chose Austin Sports Medicine. "

 Kathleen G. - 12/09/2017

" Thanks again! "

 Kenneth M. - 12/08/2017

" I had seen Dr. Fernandez before and have always be pleased with his friendly demeanor, excellent diagnoses, and ability to clearly communicate his findings, recommendations, and what to do in case the recommended next steps do not produce satisfactory results. "

 Arthur M. - 12/08/2017

" Marcus is the best therapist I have ever used "

 Mark M. - 12/06/2017

" Feels like home and family!!! "

 Brandon R. - 12/06/2017

" Staff is always friendly and ready to assist. "

 Cynthia M. - 12/06/2017

" I travel a long way, traffic was horrid, couldn't make it near scheduled time, they were overbooked for day. No openings for another week; cancellation opened next day. In constant pain, for over three weeks, that no, over the counter products, would relieve. Hopefully shot will do its job. Thank You Dr. Fernandez and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to the friendly staff @ Austin Sports Medicine. "

 Rita L. - 12/05/2017

" Dr Windler is the best knee doctor in Austin area. "

 Montserrat N. - 12/05/2017

" My wife and daughter thought the doctor and the team was very professional and thoughtful. "

 Peter R. - 12/02/2017

" My experience with your clinic and with Dr. Fernandez have always been the best - very very good!! "

 Tami L. - 12/01/2017

" I think Dr Jimenez is the BEST doctor in the practice!!! "

 Bradley B. - 11/29/2017

" I really appreciate both the timeliness of the staff and the explanations of my injuries and protocols! "

 Ygnacio P. - 11/29/2017

" Chandi and the rest of the physical therapy team have been great to work with! My therapy is always tailored to my specific needs and goals, and I've been very happy with my progress post-surgery. "

 Karen N. - 11/29/2017

" So happy with every appointment I have had. "

 Robert S. - 11/29/2017

" I really appreciate you all. Keep up the good work! "

 Tanner G. - 11/29/2017

" Very good service "

 Victoria L. - 11/23/2017

" I have the highest trust and regard for DR. Fernandez and ASM! Thank you for helping me to stay active and injury free! "

 Cynthia M. - 11/22/2017

" Wonderful experience. Dr. Windler and Jane exceed my expectations every time. The front office is courteous and very efficient. "

 Lawrence H. - 11/22/2017

" Dr. Windler is courteous, down to earth and to the point. I experienced efficient and thorough care during my visit. "

 Shannon C. - 11/22/2017

" I always have a great experience at Austin Sports. That is why I have been a return patient for over 20 years. "

 Robert R. - 11/21/2017

" Very impressed with Dr Gillman. Very thorough and knowledgable. "

 Rhonda H. - 11/21/2017

" Love this place. Dr. Fernandez rocks "

 Vadelia P. - 11/21/2017

" Awesome place with wonderful people. "

 Rebecca M. - 11/18/2017

" I have been going to see Dr Braezle but mostly Carl for the last 12 years. I love going there because its easy and I am well treated Carl is the best i have had and the shots he gives me are fantastic and makes my experience very pleasant Thank you Carl and Dr Braezle "

 Joseph W. - 11/17/2017

" Dr. J is kind and compassionate. He was wonderful treating my 86 year old Dad who has mild cognitive impairment. Thank you to all the wonderful staff at SSM!!! "

 Carol M. - 11/17/2017

" Can't thank y'all enough for the amazing care I have received. By far the best orthopaedic group in the Austin area. "

 Kimberly S. - 11/16/2017

" The physical therapists at Austin Sports Medicine are top notch. Excellent experience and results. "

 Kathryn B. - 11/16/2017

" Dr Gillman is great. Very attebtive, careful, professional. Shoulder replacement so far has been much easier than I expected. I definitely recommend Dr. Gilman "

 Shelly L. - 11/12/2017

" I am so pleased with Dr. Jimenez and Rachael. I've never had a finer doctor take care of me. "

 Josh N. - 11/11/2017

" Does not get any better then Austin Sports Medicine! "

 David H. - 11/10/2017

" Dr. Fernandez and Becca are first class! "

 Sergio D. - 11/10/2017

" Thank you. "

 Mark M. - 11/10/2017

" I love Dr Jimenez and his assistant Rachel the whole place I full of awesome people "

 Kimberly G. - 11/09/2017

" Dr. Breazeal, Carl and Shauna are amazing. Thank you for your care and great service! "

 Janna O. - 11/09/2017

" Dr. Windler and Jane made me feel very comfortable and eased my mind about my upcoming knee surgery. They answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns. I know I'll be in good hands. "

 Vincent C. - 11/09/2017

" Dr. Windler and Jane are both excellent. Dr. Windler was recommended to me by a friend - and I would recommend him without hesitation. "

 Kathie J. - 11/08/2017

" Julie and Elizabeth are fantastic in PT. Hannah is the best ever. I will wait to check out with her and schedule appointments. She is truly a gem. "

 Anurag S. - 11/08/2017

" Dr. Fernandez did a great job of assessing my medical issue and developing a clear plan to treat it. The staff were polite and helpful as well. "

 April V. - 11/08/2017

" Love Dr. Gillman he helped me with my severe carpel tunnel syndrome quickly and efficiently! Now I'm pain free and more mobile with my hand. Thank you so much from the bottom of my 💓! "

 Rodney W. - 11/07/2017

" It worked! "

 Arturo S. - 11/07/2017

" Excellent service!!!! "

 Pamela N. - 11/07/2017

" Trevor was patient, respectful, and very informative. I felt very satisfied with my visit.. "

 Birch K. - 11/04/2017

" For years the surgeons, PA, & staff have remained professional, thorough,& personable. I have had PT for first time over last 6-7 months. The same is true for PT staff as well. All personnel seem happy to work with you. A breath of fresh air compared to Corporate Medicine approach. Thank you. MD, Col (Ret) "

 Sibyl D. - 11/02/2017

" You guys are great!! "

 Susan Y. - 11/02/2017

" Well "oiled staff" probably my most pleasant office visit yet! And I've been to many offices where I felt like running screaming from the bldg. Thanks to all of you at Austin Sports Medicine! "

 Charles G. - 11/01/2017

" Austin's Sports Medicine and Dr. Elenz were amazing. "

 Denise G. - 11/01/2017

" I adore Dr. Fernandez! He explains my issues they way I can understand it. He takes time with me and ever makes me feel I'm wasting his time. I would refer him to friends and family!! "

 Thomas H. - 10/31/2017

" A pleasant experience overall. My son, who is nursing a shin splint, aka; stress fracture, is very happy with doctor Elenz and the rest of the staff. We his parents so appreciate the treatment he is getting. "

 Christopher H. - 10/28/2017

" Dr Gillman and Jacob have been amazing in helping me get through a tough injury. I can't thank them enough! "

 Mallory A. - 10/27/2017

" Team at Austin Sports is top notch. From the front desk to the PA’s and Dr’s, they are all friendly and professional. Really appreciate them working to expedite appts. "

 Jatana G. - 10/20/2017

" Fantastic doctors and assistants! I've had my knee fixed, and many issues with my back that they have gone out of their way to to manage. Doctor Hernandez is amazing. His wonderful communication skills, gentle demeanor and knowledge make me feel very lucky to have him as my back doctor! Dr. Hernandez is first class as are the other doctors at Austin Sports Medicine! "

 Bevan P. - 10/18/2017

" Linda Danz and Dr. Elenz are wonderful!!! "

 Barbara S. - 10/17/2017

" I live in Dallas, but prefer to make the trip to Austin as I appreciate Dr. Fernandez's excellent and informed care. Entire staff is well-trained and courteous. "

 James H. - 10/17/2017

" Dr. Breazeale is tops. He has made it possible for me to continue to work as a sculptor with advanced arthritis, no mean feat. Thank God, Dr B and Orthovisc "

 Jacqueline T. - 10/14/2017

" I had a great experience with Dr.Gilman and the staff. Thank you! "

 Michael T. - 10/12/2017

" I am thrilled by the care I receive at ASM. Every single staff member has been best in class in their field. Thank you! "

 Donovan S. - 10/12/2017

" I had to wait almost 1 hour for Dr. Windler on one visit but otherwise my experience has been great and the PT group is awesome! "

 James K. - 10/12/2017

" Excellent staff! Friendly and knowledgeable. I have recommended several people to them! "

 James B. - 10/11/2017

" Austin Sports Medicine has the most professional group of doctors, therapists, and support staff I have ever been to. I've always been seen on time and received great treatment. The physical therapy staff is well trained and very attentive. Everyone I've had dealings with have always been pleasant and professional. Thanks, Jim Berry "

 Karon H. - 10/11/2017

" Dr. Jiminez and his assisting nurse are both top notch. "

 Kathy L. - 10/10/2017

" These doctors have been taking great care of me for years! Wouldn't consider going anywhere else! "

 Janie O. - 10/10/2017

" I have the best doctor and the best therapist ever. I would highly recommend this place to my friends and family. I just got surgery two weeks ago and my first visit to therapy i came out feeling great. Still with pain but way much better then i was walking when i walk in. "

 Penny S. - 10/07/2017

" I am a repeat patient of Dr. Breazeale. I love him and the practice. "

 Kristine S. - 10/06/2017

" I love Dr. Windler, Jane and everyone I've met at ASC. Everyone is professional, courteous, caring and knowledgeable. I can't imagine going anywhere else for orthopedic issues. "

 Arthur M. - 10/06/2017

" I very much appreciate Dr. Fernandez. He is a great listener, and it is easy to understand his explanations. "

 Christina R. - 10/06/2017

" All staff at this office are superb! "

 Nan N. - 10/06/2017

" I like people with a sense of humor and who are obviously happy where they work. "

 Mark K. - 10/05/2017

" ASM is the best. Thanks always. "

 Craig W. - 10/05/2017

" I really am impressed by the caring helpful people in your office "

 Betty L. - 09/29/2017

" The PT (Chandi Bickford) and PT assistants are all excellent, caring and highly skilled. My therapy has yielded excellent results that have exceeded my expectations. "

 Janell R. - 09/28/2017

" Marcus and all the therapists and medical assistants are always pleasant and very informed about helping all of their patients. I look forward to each visit because their expertise improves my mobility. "

 Aaron W. - 09/28/2017

" I have been recommending ASM already. "

 Linda B. - 09/20/2017

" I cannot compliment this excellent group and their wonderful support staff enough. They are professional, knowledgeable and caring. I actually look forward to my visits. "

 Donovan H. - 09/15/2017

" Thank you! "

 Richard R. - 09/14/2017

" The entire experience was handled with the most professional attitude and made the visit comfortable. Highly recommend this orthopedic group to anyone with any kind of sports injury. I've had the privilege of seeing two different doctors for different types of injuries and they both are very knowledgeable in their area. "

 Vicky L. - 09/13/2017

" Dr. Windler and Jane have always given me the best of care - both in surgery and followup. Vicky Diane Land "

 Jane S. - 09/13/2017

" Adore Dr Windler and Jane Wright!! They are absolutely the very best in Austin! "

 Susan H. - 08/26/2017

" Dr. Fernandez is great. Very caring, explains tests results easily and tells you step by step plan for you going forward. Really a great experience. "

 Michael W. - 08/24/2017

" This is my go to clinic for shoulders and knees. Great staff. "

 Carole P. - 08/24/2017

" I've been a patient at ASM for 10+ years and have always received the best care by all physicians & support staff in particular, Dr. Windler & his assistant Jane. "

 Kathleen W. - 08/23/2017

" I broke the tip of my elbow during a fall and after several weeks in a sling, my arm would not straighten out. Dr. Gillman suggested physical therapy and I was absolutely amazed that Marcus could loosen the scar tissue and had me do exercises targeting my range of motion. In 3-4 sessions I have full use of my arm and I can extend my arm fully again. All the staff at Austin Sports Medicine are exceptional, professional and friendly. When I initially broke my elbow, they worked me in to see a specialist and get an x-ray the very same day! Thank you!!! "

 Stephanie D. - 08/22/2017

" I really appreciated Dr Elenz taking me at the last minute for a steroid shot in the knee since I was travelling overseas the very next day... "

 Lynn M. - 08/18/2017

" I love the Austin sports Medicine Clinic. All staff, doctors and assistants are the best. They cant do enough for you and are always courteous and professional. If you have to have a torn miniscus, this is the place to be!!!! "

 Gary B. - 08/17/2017

" Dr. Breazeale and Carl are the best! "

 Katherine P. - 08/12/2017

" I can't believe I was in and out in 30 minutes with X-rays! "

 Cynthia M. - 08/11/2017

" I would drive from out of town to come here! "

 Stephen B. - 08/11/2017

" As good as a trip to the knee surgeon can be. First rate. "

 Sylvia L. - 08/09/2017

" I am totally sold on Austin Sports Medicine on 38th Street and highly recommend that practice. Not only do I admire and respect the physicians, P.A.'s and therapists, but also everyone who works in the Reception and Check-Out Areas of the office. "

 Patsy F. - 08/08/2017

" Love Dr Gillman. He's wonderful. "

 Ainsley M. - 07/26/2017

" Dr. Elenz was incredible! He made me feel so comfortable and thoroughly explained all of his concerns and the next steps in the treatment process. He even came back after he left because I had one more question I forgot to address. He's awesome! "

 Samantha L. - 07/22/2017

" The appointment was actually for my daughter but the care they give is always good! They are very personable. "

 Mark M. - 07/22/2017

" Dr Jiminez and staff are awesome "

 Lynn P. - 07/21/2017

" Dr. Jimenez is a terrific surgeon and he did a magnificent job on my hip replacement surgery. There were no complications and the healing is going as planned. He also has a very capable assistant who has been very gracious and helpful. The office personnel are very eager to help and are extremely capable. "

 Tammy P. - 07/21/2017

" I am so grateful for the outstanding care I have received and I am so relieved that I DID NOT use the orthopedic surgeon recommended by the ER. "

 Jennifer M. - 07/21/2017

" Love Carl and Dr. B!!! "

 Victoria L. - 07/21/2017

" Dr. Fernandez and his assistant are both incredible medical professionals!! Thank you Austin Sports Medicine. "

 Kimberly K. - 07/20/2017

" Wonderful experience even though I have to have surgery. "

 Christine B. - 07/18/2017

" Dr. Windler is one of the finest physicians that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is caring, gentle and truly listens to his patients. Jane, Dr. Windler's physician's assistant, is just wonderful! She takes the time to connect with you and addresses your concerns immediately, especially if you need to call and leave a message. I have been their patient for at least 8 years now, and couldn't be happier with the excellent treatment that I consistently receive. "

 Kenneth J. - 07/18/2017

" Very pleased and happy that Dr. Jimenez was recommended to us. "

 Patricia M. - 07/11/2017

" Dr. Fernandez was efficient, informative and my procedure went very well. "

 Rosemary W. - 07/08/2017

" The most cordial as well as efficient office in town. I have been to multiple doctors about the same elusive problem and this was the clearest explanation I've ever received. "

 Sibyl D. - 07/07/2017

" Always excellent in every way! "

 Jeffrey M. - 07/06/2017

" Top notch care by the best in the business. I can't say enough about the care and professionalism at this office. The physical therapist are the best out there as well. Austin Sports Medicine truly gets you back to doing what you love. "

 Mary H. - 06/30/2017

" Dr. Brad Gillmam is very through explaining what to expect and answered all questions. Jacob his assistant very courteous' "

 Jeana K. - 06/29/2017

" Professionalism is an utmost high mixed with genuine friendliness. I feel comfortable. "

 Sylvia L. - 06/28/2017

" This is the most outstanding orthopedic group I've ever been to, and I've been to quite a few. EVERYONE involved in Austin Sports Medicine has been courteous, efficient and caring, even on days when the office has been extremely busy. The Reception area and the Physical Therapy section of the practice are by far the best I've seen anywhere. Kudos to them, the doctors, the Medical Assistants, the Techs, and the rest of the staff and also to the people who hired them. Special thanks to Dr. Elenz, Linda Danz, Erica Pollack and Julie Clouse, with whom I've worked most closely the past few months. "

 Patricia F. - 06/20/2017

" Dr. Jiminez is the only doctor that, in 4 years, correctly diagnosed and treated my pain caused by the need for a hip replacement. Dr. Jiminez is a miracle worker. He is personable, proficient, and dedicated to the patient as much as the treatment/problem "

 Alan S. - 06/15/2017

" I realize that all my responses are "Excellent" but don't discount them - the service and experience was truly Excellent. Alan (Dr. Windler's patient since 1982) "

 Harry S. - 06/11/2017

" My ratings are mostly influenced by Carl. He was excellent. "

 J H. - 06/10/2017

" Received an appointment on the day I called. It was for late in the day and I had to wait about 30 minutes beyond appointed time. Which is about par for the time of day. However, Dr Gillman did not rush with me and spent a good 30 minutes analyzing my condition and discussing all the options available before proceeding on to surgery. Left with a very positive feeling. "

 Joseph N. - 06/09/2017

" You guys never cease to amaze me. The wonderful professional care and treatment are second to none! "

 Jatana G. - 06/08/2017

" Love these doctors! I've been there for major back/ nerve and knee issues and I always feel that I'm in the best, most progressive hands that I could be in. I feel they all work hard to find non-surgical solution. "

 Michael W. - 06/08/2017

" This is a great organization. I have been a patient here for years with several doctors and the PT team. All great at their job and very pleasant to interact with. "

 Ronald K. - 06/02/2017

" I've been going to Austin Sports Medicine for years. My wife and son have both had operations with the surgeons of ASM. It is a great place. "

 Cookie J. - 06/01/2017

" The doctors and the assistant doctor are very kind person! They are very patient and did well with my interpreter! They solved with everything about what I had to go in for! "

 Alice M. - 05/31/2017

" Sam is the best "

 Sylvia L. - 05/25/2017

" From personal experience, Austin Sports Medicine is by far the best orthopedic group I know. I would give EVERYONE in the group (physicians, medical assistants, physical therapists and their staff, and the folks who work at the reception desk) a glowing recommendation. Without exception, everyone with whom I have dealt has been knowledgeable, attentive, kind, respectful and caring, even though they are usually very busy. Kudos to all who work there and to the people who hired them! "

 Betty L. - 05/24/2017

" My physician, Dr Ellenz and my Physical Therapist and staff are all great. My knee issues have vastly improved as a direct result of my caregivers at Austin Sports Medicine. "

 Katharine H. - 05/24/2017

" Julie and Harriet are the best! "

 Charlotte S. - 05/24/2017

" Dr Fernandez is an excellent diagnostician and a superb human being. "

 Roseanne C. - 05/23/2017

" Dr Gillman and his assistant Jacob, highly recommended as well as the courteous staff at check-in/out "

 Juliana H. - 05/19/2017

" Everyone was so kind and helpful! Loved it "

 Hannah Z. - 05/19/2017

" We absolutely love Dr. Elenz and Chandi. Would not go anywhere else and are always referring friends and family. "

 Clara J. - 05/19/2017

" Made everything at ease including doing xrays. "

 Ann B. - 05/18/2017

" Dr. Fernandez is great!! "

 Victoria L. - 05/12/2017

" Dr. Fernandez has been taking care of me and keeping me running ready for year. He is super knowledgeable and I trust him implicitly. The entire staff at Austin Sports Medicine do a great job. Thank you! "

 Valerie S. - 05/11/2017

" I have nothing but the highest regard for this practice and appreciate the professionalism and the compassionate care. "

 Terry L. - 05/11/2017

" Dr Elenz is amazing. I have recommended him to everyone I know. "

 Mark M. - 05/07/2017

" Dr Jiminez and staff , also Seton medical center were awesome "

 Nancy B. - 05/06/2017

" The whole experience was exceptional! "

 Charles G. - 05/04/2017

" Great experience, could not be more pleased. "

 Richard S. - 05/03/2017

" I trust Sam implicitly. "

 Michael G. - 05/03/2017

" Austin Sports Medicine has an awesome group of doctors and staff, each person you interact with is efficient, courteous and professional. If you might have an injury that needs diagnosed, repaired or rehab, this is the place you want to be. Mike Girod "

 Carolyn J. - 04/28/2017

" My husband and i have been associated with Austin Sports Medicine for several years. We have always been very satisfied with all the doctors and staff associated the with this practice. "