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Physical Therapy
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Recent Reviews

 January 18, 2022

" All the staff are professional, caring and courteous. I’ve never experienced such a knowledgeable and encouraging team of physical therapists! "

 January 12, 2022

" All of the therapists I have done physical therapy with have been attentive, thorough, and excellent in their instruction and care. I appreaciate them all and am very grateful for their help. Jane Wulsin "

 January 7, 2022

" Nickol did a great job on my hand. The scar tissue and inflammation was so reduced. I finally feel like I will make progress! Olivia did a great job keeping me moving thru therapy despite being extra busy. "

 January 7, 2022

" Every visit I receive excellent care. I understood the process of healing and recovery would take some time. Henry talked me through that on my very first visit so I scheduled my weeks in advance to make the best of my time. Henry is awesome to work with as well as all the staff that helps during my visit. I don't want to have to see the crew, but accidents happen, and when they do I could not hope to have a better team to have help me along. Very professional and personable. "

 January 5, 2022

" There were several unmasked patients/parents of patients both in the clinic and in the waiting area. With the spike in the virus, it makes me uncomfortable to be in a healthcare facility where people are unmasked and I'm not sure why a mask mandate isn't being enforced. "

 December 30, 2021

" Very appreciate I was able to get in with almost no notice during a holiday week. Great team - thank you! "

 December 22, 2021

" I was at the Oak Canyon Dental office and decided it would be simple to go to ASM and make an appointment to see someone about my knees. The receptionist gave me six pages of forms to fill out before she would schedule an appointment. She said the forms were needed to determine which doctor I should see. I filled out the forms at home, brought them in, and without looking at them another receptionist scheduled my appointment with Dr. Crozier. Before the appointment date arrived, I kept getting requests to complete forms online, so I finally decided the first set had been lost and completed them a second time. I guess my mistake was trying to make an appointment in person. "

 December 18, 2021

" Marcus and Brady are a great team "

 December 10, 2021

" Everything was superb "

 December 9, 2021

" Always a good place to be. "

 December 7, 2021

" Alana was particularly good in interpreting pain and transferring/communicating in terms of proposed treatment approach. Clearly she understands her work and is also compassionate and skilled. "

 December 7, 2021

" Nikol does an excellent job each visit! In fact, Marcus and the entire staff are top notch and genuinely concerned about you getting better. I would recommend this facility to anyone who is needing PT. "

 December 4, 2021

" I love working with Nicole. "

 December 2, 2021

" Extremely cordial. I was seen before my appointment time. Excellent. "

 December 2, 2021

" You guys have always been great in treating my son. Thank you. "

 December 2, 2021

" My therapist was excellent with her knowledge of my issue and recommendations to address the problem "

 November 19, 2021

" Henry is great, thorough and responded well to all my questions. "

 November 19, 2021

" I signed a agreement for PR but they could not schedule me before my 3 month stay abroad, Can I get another closer PT when I return? "

 November 18, 2021

" Everything was very prompt. It was refreshing since I am used to an hour wait at orthos. "

 November 17, 2021

" Your staff does a great job of welcoming the client and the doctor was professional, understanding and most helpful in keeping me informed on my situation and what the next step should be. "

 November 16, 2021

" Awesome all around! I’m so grateful for the timely response, excellent medical care, and compassion. Many many thanks!!! "

 November 10, 2021

" Dr. Windler and Mary are as good as the best and better than the rest "

 November 4, 2021

" Nickol is great, Very happy with my PT "

 November 3, 2021

" I have received excellent care and my mobility has improved significantly. Staff are cordial and professional and focused on my goals and progress. "

 November 3, 2021

" Efficient and very knowledgeable, I recommend Austin Sports Medicine to everyone with full confidence that they will be satisfied "

 November 2, 2021

" Marcus and his crew are professional, encouraging,informative, and compassionate. "

 October 27, 2021

" Staff and Dr . Winkler are awesome "

 October 27, 2021

" Henry is great! "

 October 20, 2021

" Dr Windler provides a great experience when you are in pain and looking forward to a resolution. The staff is helpful and friendly. The facility is very nice. "

 October 9, 2021

" Sorry to see Dr. Muller leave, he’s very good. "

 October 1, 2021

" Marcus was very good at getting my knee moving. "

 September 29, 2021

" Dr. Fernandez, Dr. Gillman, and Marcus are phenomenal. So attentive and working in my son’s best interest! Thank you! "

 September 22, 2021

" Great service. I was very pleased. "

 September 22, 2021

" Dr. Carey Windler and his staff are always, without fail professional, courteous and clear. "

 September 17, 2021

" Yes, Dr. P, Alexis up front, an aide whose name I am sorry I forgot were all great and I hope this procedure fixes me!! "

 September 17, 2021

" Marcus and Olivia are amazing "

 September 16, 2021

" Very helpful! "

 September 14, 2021

" You have a great team at this location. My therapist, Alanna, your receptionist, Alexis, and the intern, Olivia are great. I always look forward to my session. "

 September 11, 2021

" Thank you so very much for the expert diagnosis and treatment. Everyone was compassionate and most helpful. The office is well-organized, and runs smoothly. Thank you, thank you, thank you! "

 September 11, 2021

" So thankful for the knowledge and care from Dr. Muller. He put my mind at ease and I trust him. "

 September 10, 2021

" Alanna is an incredible therapist. She goes above and beyond to take a personal interest in the care of her patients and make it fun and comfortable for younger patients. She is extremely efficient and listens attentively, takes action immediately and solves any issues that arise by adapting to the situation at hand. It was a true pleasure working with her. She’s an invaluable asset to your team. "

 September 9, 2021

" Dr. Gillman is the best. "

 September 9, 2021

" Alanna is exceptional, thorough, listens attentively and is willing to change course in the moment if warranted. The PT Assistants are also very good. "

 September 3, 2021

" Love Henry "

 September 1, 2021

" My experience could not have been better. "

 August 31, 2021

" Great job by the entire staff! Thank you! "

 August 28, 2021

" The only problems I encounter are with billing. I am unable to get an explanation ASM about the extra PT fees and additional fees for Dr. Mueller. I have tried to reach the through the email with no response. I have called was not given a reason or how to request that the bill be re-audited and audited correctly. I have spoken with BCBSTX and have been assured that I should not have to pay any additional fees as these were the contractual amounts and that BCBS has paid there juts and proper share. Other than that, I am impressed with ASM and the staff other than billing. Thank you, Marc * perhaps I will get this matter resolved now. "

 August 26, 2021

" The person that took Me To the exam Room asked me questions And when I was talking pretty much he shut me Up. I did not appreciate that. If you’re going to shut me up then why ask questions that was my only complain everyone else was amazing. "

 August 24, 2021

" PT is fantastic here. Everyone is knowledgeable and caring. "

 August 20, 2021

" Great place, non-nonsense, just straight to the issue, while willing to answer any of my questions. Would highly recommend. "

 August 19, 2021

" Austin Sports Medicine continues to provide an unparalleled level of care. Dr. Windler sets the tone and then Marcus & Co. at the Bee Cave physical therapy clinic carry us through our injury-to-wellness journey. The goal is always to get you back to doing whatever it is that keeps you in the game! Forever grateful to Austin Sports Medicine for keeping me chasing my goals throughout the years!! "

 August 18, 2021

" Everyone was very kind and helpful. "

 August 17, 2021

" Great Staff!!!! "

 August 13, 2021

" A very good experience with the entire team at Austin Slorts Medicine. Thank you very much. "

 August 12, 2021

" Your staff is excellent! You have helped me through several injuries and I am most grateful! 10/10 in all areas!! "

 August 7, 2021

" Great doctor and pa and a sweetheart front desk person "

 August 6, 2021

" Dr. Meghpara is an excellent physician, great at listening to a concerns, questions. He explained type injury very well and how to proceed. He is exceptional at his calling as a physician and has blessed my family twice. Please use initials for this review only "

 August 5, 2021

" Alanna DiBiasi was really good and amazing. She did a really good job "

 August 5, 2021

" Doctors Fernandez and Gillman are very personable and I was very pleased with my level of care. They were compassionate and very confident in their own areas of expertise. Yes I would highly recommend this practice. "

 July 30, 2021

" Everything was good. I felt his assistant made me feel a little rushed. "

 July 29, 2021

" Exceeded expectations "

 July 17, 2021

" Our bust was very nice and warm. Everyone took very good care of us and our treatment was paramount! This entire Sports Medicine team treats you as family and are the best! "

 July 17, 2021

" Absolutely LOVE Dr. Grant Mueller! "

 July 15, 2021

" Respect Henry Klein’s skill & management. He always gives his clients the best! "

 July 13, 2021

" Everyone at ASP I interacted with was great! Very efficient and professional. I arrived early and was taken in right away. I was finished with my treatment 5 minutes after my appointment time. Thank you! "

 July 8, 2021

" Amazing team of doctors and physical therapists. Almost fully recovered from a devastating injury in 5 months. Simply the best. "

 July 3, 2021

" Nice place wish I knew it was there when I rehabbed my knee "

 July 1, 2021

" Everyone at the Bee Cave location is amazing, I highly recommend. "

 June 29, 2021

" I have been very pleased with all the care I have received. The staff is very professional but friendly and caring at the same time !! "

 June 26, 2021

" Every aspect of the visit was handled very professionally and I felt that all the staff cared about me as a patient. Thank you. "

 June 26, 2021

" Marcus and team are top notch amazing!!!! "

 June 25, 2021

" Excellence is medicine and a kind and competent staff from top to bottom was my personal experience "

 June 25, 2021

" Alana and Olivia are the best! They have been super patient with my progress, and always positive and encouraging. Can't recommend them enough! "

 June 22, 2021

" Entire experience was first rate. Marcus is an excellent PT. "

 June 22, 2021

" This physical therapy location is amazing. They have helped me thru 2 knee replacements and continue to be supportive and informative when I need their help. The therapy room is immaculate and they take all the precautions to ensure you have a safe environment to work out in. The staff is very knowledgeable and treat you with the utmost respect. I highly recommend this location if you need physical therapy help. "

 June 19, 2021

" Great people! "

 June 17, 2021

" Very courteous and friendly, listened to problem, discussed solutions, hopefully solved problem. "

 June 15, 2021

" I did have a previous experience with your clinic that was less than satisfactory but my recent visit was completely different. Henry Klein is one of the best PTs I’ve worked with. Effective, efficient and overall exactly what I’ve experienced with highly paid with PTs working at the collegiate and professional level. "

 June 8, 2021

" Exceeded our expectations "

 May 26, 2021

" I would highly recommend ASM to others. "

 May 22, 2021

" Love the staff. I always have a great experience and am never disappointed. Thanks for all you do! "

 May 20, 2021

" Henry was very thorough and helpful. "

 May 19, 2021

" Dr. Windler and staff were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Audtin Sports Medicine!! "

 May 19, 2021

" Nickol and Joe are so amazing!! I had some pretty extensive surgeries and have been going to ASM for PT for a while. They have made the experience so much better. They are thorough, push me when I need pushing, and ALWAYS keep such a positive outlook and therefore my spirits up. I'm so grateful to have found ASM right after my injury, and even more grateful to have been paired with Nickol and Joe for rehab! "

 May 14, 2021

" Dr. Megphara is excellent! "

 May 13, 2021

" Henry was great and would highly recommend to friends in need of PT "

 May 8, 2021

" Caring, knowledgeable and thorough. The entire office was absolutely wonderful and welcoming to me. I could never imagine trusting anyone else with my ortho journey. Thank y’all! "

 May 7, 2021

" I had a hip replacement with Dr. Meghpara. I was very impressed with him, his communication, his technical ability, and his personality. All amazing! The surgery went really well and was life changing. "

 May 7, 2021

" Excellent from the tendon repair to rehab after surgery. Couldn’t be more pleased. "

 May 5, 2021

" I am so thankful for the care that I have received from Dr. Muller. He has been excellent at following up with my plan of care and making sure my ankle has been healing correctly. Love his medical assistant, Leah. She is the best! I also have enjoyed working with Henry Klein for physical therapy rehabilitation. His attention to detail is unlike any other. His recommended exercises have already made a huge difference in my healing process. Thank you Austin Sports Medicine for helping me get back to what I love! "

 May 4, 2021

" Henry was really good at figuring out how to target my knee issues and come up with a therapy plan! "

 May 2, 2021

" My expectations were met. "

 April 29, 2021

" I was very impressed w/ Henry’s bedside manner and attention to my symptoms and history. He was great! "

 April 29, 2021

" Overall this was an excellent experience. Thanks for taking care regarding the pandemic. "

 April 28, 2021

" Very nice and efficient staff. Would have rated better but just heard we will not receive MRI results for my son’s injury for at least a week, which seems like a long time given we were told we cannot treat it until results are reviewed. "

 April 28, 2021

" All staff and the physician were personable and seemed genuinely happy at work, even at my end of the day appointment. There was not any pressure to have an operation nor any procedure. Treatment options were discussed thoroughly, including risks and benefits especially as I am 70+ years old. My treatment decisions were supported and reinforced. I would recommend this practice thoroughly. "

 April 23, 2021

" Dr Elanz is a pro. Gentle. Caring. Communicative. Knowledgeable. He is treating myself and my son. I will say that my son’s experience with the nurse drawing his blood today was poor. The first one and not the second. I welcome an opportunity to share. Not the experience Dr Elanz would expect. "

 April 22, 2021

" Love the excellent care I receive from Dr. Windler and his staff. Always thorough and thoughtful - the absolute best! "

 April 17, 2021

" Very grateful for the care received. We were worked in late, at the end of a day. Entire team was pleasant, respectful, professional. Thank you. "

 April 16, 2021

" My problems are age related and I appreciated the straight talk the doctor and I had. He explained to me what I should expect as I explore the varied options. If I need to get back to them I would not hesitate in calling them. They are science and medicine based which is very much welcome, but may not of been what I wanted to hear. "

 April 16, 2021

" Great experience Hemry is very knowledgeable Great customer service "

 April 13, 2021

" Great group of people working there. "

 April 13, 2021

" Henry is excellent. He did a very thorough diagnosis and provided great advice on my various questions I had. On my very first visit, he helped me know what I could return to doing and what I should not do. "

 April 7, 2021

" Marcus, Nickol, Josephine, Brianna, and the whole PT gang at the Bee Caves office are the best. I’ve been very happy with the progress I’ve made after my knee surgery. They have also helped me with ankle rehab. A great group of professionals! "

 April 6, 2021

" Thank you for working me in so rapidly!! "

 April 6, 2021

" Marcus Cantu and his treatment team are simply amazing! They compose a comprehensive rehabilitation plan comprised of in-office exercises in combination with those that you practice at home. You leave with a solid understanding of what you need to do between visits and confidence that you will return to the activities you enjoy. "

 April 5, 2021

" Great experience - friendly, knowledgeable, positive staff. Will recommend to friends! "

 April 2, 2021

" I Think Dr Gillman is awesome, glad I chose him to do the surgery. My Therapist Nicole Madrid is God sent! She has been amazing and has helped me get full motion! I would recommend either of them! "

 March 30, 2021

" Dr Crozier and the entire Staff are superb. I highly recommend them "

 March 27, 2021

" I really enjoy Dr. Muller and appreciate his frank honest approach to my care. "

 March 25, 2021

" I drive quite a ways for therapy because the Bee Caves staff is the best I've ever had! "

 March 25, 2021

" Dr. Gillman is rare among physicians by taking the time to explain all issues in language that is easily understood by a lay person. Moreover, Dr. Gillman is highly qualified and one cannot be anything but very satisfied with his expertise and judgement. "

 March 23, 2021

" Great "

 March 23, 2021

" I am waiting on the cost for the surgery I was told someone would email this to me "

 March 23, 2021

" Marcus Cantu is extremely competent and caring physical therapist. It’s easy to establish trust with him. We are extremely grateful for all he has done to help our baseball player remain in the lineup and injury free. "

 March 20, 2021

" I drove to the wrong location for my 8:30 appointment. The receptionist was incredibly understanding and rescheduled me the same day. On my way to my 4 pm appointment there was a wreck on the highway and traffic came to a stop. I was late to that appointment (such a jerk) and still recieved warm welcomes and smiles. I'm pretty sure every staff member had me laughing. I was out of there in less than an hour. Super friendly, professional. Dr. Muller. Is.Wonderful. ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 stars. Highly Recommend. "

 March 20, 2021

" Everyone was so friendly and I loved the relaxed atmosphere. Dr appointments can sometimes feel intimidating, but the front desk, tech, X-ray tech, and doctor all made a comfortable atmosphere. "

 March 18, 2021

" Would highly recommend any person to these amazing doctors! "

 March 12, 2021

" Staff friendly but professional. Dr. Meghpara was very thorough in my exam and his explanation for my next steps. Would happily recommend this clinic and this doctor. Thank you!! "

 March 12, 2021

" Couldn't be happier :) "

 March 10, 2021

" I look forward to each and every appointment. My progress is amazing and every week I can truly tell that I that I made progress from the week before. Outstanding staff. "

 March 10, 2021

" Dr. Winder has made an enormous different in my mobility, activity level and life. I am extremely appreciative of his kind, loving, knowledgeable care. Dianne Arnett "

 March 9, 2021

" My visit was great but a lot of information that is new for me. I have not been able to connect with anyone about scheduling the surgery yet either. "

 March 9, 2021

" Every appointment has been easy to arrange, has been delivered in a timely manner and has given me the information I require. "

 March 3, 2021

" I used my Iphone to direct me to your your Bee Caves location. 1st she tried to take me thru a gated community off 71. And then she turned me into the next door business park. I lost maybe 10 minutes getting there in a round about way checking the business park. Maybe a map on your web site showing your location in the business park??? "

 February 26, 2021

" I think Dr. Meghpara is excellent! I had a great experience with him. Easy to talk to, and an amazing surgeon. "

 February 24, 2021

" As usual, I find everyone extremely professional and nice to work with. "

 February 18, 2021

" Everyone was kind and compassionate. "

 February 12, 2021

" Dr. Elena and his staff are awesome. All are very pleasant and professional. So thankful for their location in BeeCaves. It is very convenient for my husband and me, who are long time patients. "

 February 10, 2021

" I have already referred someone to Dr.Muller. his being in Bee Cave is perfect since I live close to marble falls. I've also told others about PT and Henry. I am very plsed with Henry, his professionalism and knowledge and the rest of the PT staff. You should advertise in marble falls. No foot/ankle specialist there, only podiatrist who like to do surgery. Hand surgeons needed to but need to see people in bee cave. "

 February 10, 2021

" Good experience "

 January 30, 2021

" Under the circumstances we were there for the Dr put us at ease. And he’s super funny. My 15 year old is scared of surgery. But he met her feel safe. "

 January 26, 2021

" Thank you for your kindness and professionalism "

 January 22, 2021

" Hate that I have a torn ACL but so happy I’ve met the staff at BeeCaves location! Everything is super clean! The staff couldn’t have been friendlier! Totally recommend! "

 January 21, 2021

" Everyone I met was so friendly and helpful. The doctor knew exactly what was going on, explained it clearly, and outlined my options. I chose steroid shots. The PA was amazing — two lengthy injections in my thumb and wrist with hardly any pain! Highly recommend. "

 January 19, 2021

" Exellect care of doctor and espec x-ray technician. "

 January 19, 2021

" So pleased with Marcus and his staff . Very professional and made me feel very comfortable Would recommend him to anyone ! "

 January 19, 2021

" We are very fortunate to have such expertise and knowledgable therapists at this location. Ok "

 January 16, 2021

" Austin Sports Medicine is top notch! Very professional and knowledgeable staff, Dr. Muller is by far the best surgeon I have encountered, straight shooter but friendly and a master at his craft, my son's surgery went extremely well and he is on his path to a prompt recovery. "

 January 15, 2021

" Would highly recommend. "

 January 7, 2021

" Marcus is fantastic and I am lucky to be working with him. "

 January 6, 2021

" Thx for all you do!!!! "

 December 31, 2020

" Although wait time was only rated good, I completely understand how busy you were! In spite of that, everyone was extremely courteous, friendly and helpful! "

 December 29, 2020

" X-ray tech was very kind, patient, and friendly. "

 December 24, 2020

" Always a pleasure at ASM with their PT staff, everyone is very professional & knows what they are doing. "

 December 20, 2020

" I had a quick post op appointment and Dr. Muller is fantastic! "

 December 18, 2020

" Henry Klein PHD is the best Physical Therapist I have ever experienced! I continue to heal & get stronger every week. "

 December 17, 2020

" All of the staff is friendly, professional, knowledgeable and skilled. "

 December 17, 2020

" With just the one front desk person, had to wait several minutes to check in, as well as checking out. Otherwise, very pleased. Dr and P.A were helpful and clear about treatment going forward. "

 December 16, 2020

" Everyone at ASM is the BEST!!! They have been taking great care of me for more than 10 years. "

 December 10, 2020

" Good people all around "

 December 9, 2020

" Henry has done a wonderful job with the evaluation of my case and explaining to me what I can do and not do. "

 December 8, 2020

" X ray tech was fantastic! The x ray tech had a very courteous and helpful personality. A real nice guy! "

 December 3, 2020

" Cliff "

 December 2, 2020

" Henry and the gang do a spectacular job. I fell my shoulder has been helped greatly. "

 November 26, 2020

" In a world where customer service seems to be an afterthought and medical professionals seem overbooked with limited time to talk to their patients, our visit to Austin Sports Medicine was a welcome change on all fronts. The staff was kind and helpful, and the Dr. took the time to explain how and why arrived at his diagnosis with a well defined follow up and what to watch for. I sincerely the professionalism of the entire staff. "

 November 24, 2020

" outstanding service "

 November 21, 2020

" Thank you for the excellent care and compassion you showed my Father. "

 November 18, 2020

" Everyone I met with was extremely professional and caring. Front desk staff friendly and very helpful. I am fortunate to have started treatment here. Jack "

 November 17, 2020

" The x-ray technician was complaining about the equipment at this office compared to the other office. Not a good idea to share office business with patients. Just do your job and don't complain about how hard it is. "

 November 12, 2020

" Wonderful staff and doctor! Thanks for all your help! "

 November 6, 2020

" I was extremely impressed with Marcus Cantu, and his staff. Coming from another practice, I especially appreciate the brightly lit room with floor to ceiling windows in the front, and an overall sense of energy, enthusiasm, and motivation. However, none of comes at the expense of total professionalism. Marcus spent a lot of time with megoing over my condition (back) and how we would proceed my treatment. He is also an excellent listener which is a rare quality these days. Absolutely a top-notch professional whom I trusted immediately. I was especially impressed that Marcus walked me to the front desk after our session, asked me if I had any questions, and then provided his business card along with the best means of reaching him should I have any questions. Definitely a place I would recommend to anyone. "

 November 6, 2020

" I had to leave two different messages over a three day period to get the receptionist to return my call to schedule my first appointment. Her name was Christina Alexander. "

 November 4, 2020

" Great doctors, excellent care. "

 October 31, 2020

" Austin Sports Medicine PT is absolutely the best. Cannot express how much I appreciate their professionalism combined with true care, knowledge, patience and kindness. Exceptional. "

 October 28, 2020

" All the professionals working at this facility are very professional, knowledgeable and always with a smile on their face. Would recommend them over and over again to family and friends. "

 October 24, 2020

" We have been to ASM 3x for different injuries & each time they have been excellent. We have recommended the Bee Cave office to several people, highly recommend it. "

 October 19, 2020

" Henry Klein & Colin are stupendous Physical Therapists. They exude a joyful approach to life & it is clear they love their occupation & really care for their clients. They give their clients an assurance that they have a strong future planned for them. My appointments at Austin Sports Medicine are one of the highlights of the work week. I am grateful to be in the care of such skilled professionals. "

 October 17, 2020

" Thanks for being so thorough. "

 October 1, 2020

" I’m very happy with Dr Gilman and all the staff at Austin sports. Everyone was very polite and worked to the best of their ability. "

 September 26, 2020

" Best medical experience in Austin! You really want your patients to get well and back to their normal, healthy bodies and lives. Thank you for being there. "

 September 26, 2020

" Loved everyone at the clinic! They kept me laughing most of the time, which is important when healing!! The PA/Nurse said “don’t overthink it” and I think that’s the best advice! Thanks to Dr. Muller and his team. "

 September 22, 2020

" Henry and Colin are very helpful and attentive. They are determined to help me improve my arm function. "

 September 16, 2020

" Dr. Cantu is extremely kind and compassionate and an excellent communicator. "

 September 11, 2020

" Dr Elenz is polite, personable and professional. "

 September 4, 2020

" Eric was amazing. He assisted Dr. Elene and was a great sport when I kidded him in order to keep my mind off of my knee shot. Thanks Eric! "

 September 3, 2020

" Extremely precessional! "

 September 2, 2020

" Was very impressed with the efficiency of my visit! "

 August 31, 2020

" The Bee Cave Location provides convenient access to patients living in southwest suburbs The flexibility and superb staff combine to deliver a very nice experience "

 August 29, 2020

" Dr. Muller is great! "

 August 27, 2020

" Everyone has been terrific. Very professional, but also caring. As bad as breaking my wrist has been, the experience with this team has been incredible. "

 August 26, 2020

" Thank you. Everyone is efficient and wonderful. Wish not needed to go but I fell An they saw me asap "

 August 18, 2020

" Thanks so much! "

 August 13, 2020

" From beginning to end the whole experience was handled very professionally. "

 August 13, 2020

" Henry K is professional, polite, extremely qualified & thorough. He is the best PT ever! "

 August 12, 2020

" Thank you for being the best "

 August 8, 2020

" I am surprised by the amount of swelling and pain in one toe. "

 August 6, 2020

" Henry and Josephine very knowledgeable addressing my hip issue. "

 July 31, 2020

" Love all the staff at Austin Sports Medicine! They are all super friendly. I highly recommend Henry Klein in Physical Therapy at the Bee Cave location. He is very knowledgeable and caring and makes physical therapy exercises fun. "

 July 30, 2020

" Great practice - have referred several friends that now had appointments "

 July 30, 2020

" Great care!!!! "

 July 29, 2020

" It is challenging to have to make two separate appointments for separate problems. For example, an appointment on Tuesay for shoulder pain and an appointment Friday for ankle pain. It would be helpful to at least have both appointments back to back. "

 July 25, 2020

" Great staff ~ "

 July 24, 2020

" Love the staff. They are like family. They all celebrate everyone’s progress! "

 July 23, 2020

" You guys are the best! "

 July 21, 2020

" Always on task and on point "

 July 18, 2020

" Awesome! "

 July 18, 2020

" Dr Grant Muller was excellent, thoughtful, caring with excellent follow up. "

 July 18, 2020

" Henry and Colin are the best. Exercises work well. Very attentive. My old knees are In much better shape after a few weeks with them. "

 July 15, 2020

" Dr Windler is an excellent communicator! He is so empathetic that my pain feels better while we are talking. Mary, his assistant, is also excellent. She makes me feel "taken care of". "

 July 14, 2020

" Henry Klein and Collin were above and beyond courteous and knowledgeable. If I were ASM I would be very proud of these two "

 July 13, 2020

" My PT Henry at the bee caves location is amazing. He paid very close attention to my concerns and my progress. I felt like he had a vested interest in my recovery and really cared about my quality of care. I can't say enough great things about Henry. "

 July 2, 2020

" Perfect. Loved Marcus and Elizabeth. !!! "

 June 27, 2020

" Enjoyed the laid back atmosphere, but found everyone to be very professional. "

 June 27, 2020

" I had some difficulty in getting in touch with your workman's comp coordinator, but you left me waiting for a lot less time than any other office I've been to. "

 June 26, 2020

" The ortho tech who prepared me for the procedure was fantastic, explaining every step Much appreciated "

 June 26, 2020

" Very pleased and grateful for a high level of care and friendly, patient professionals to help me through the rotator cuff healing process. "

 June 23, 2020

" Marcus is awesome! "

 June 17, 2020

" Had a great experience! "

 June 13, 2020

" Thank y’all!!! "

 June 6, 2020

" I was disappointed that there were clients not using masks. You should insist on clients wearing them for the safety of others! "

 June 4, 2020

" Dr. Crozier very knowledgeable and able to eliminate some of my worries such as fibromyalgia. "

 June 4, 2020

" Everything was great! All of the staff was helpful and kind. I was seen promptly and was out of there in no time without feeling rushed. "

 May 30, 2020

" There was only one glitch. A young woman client came in and was not wearing a mask. I consider this a dangerous situation not only for other clients but also for the therapists especially in the close quarters and in an environment where people are performing physical activities. The most recent information I have heard from an epidemiologist is with normal speech this virus travels airborne as much as 10 feet and stays in the air for 15 minutes. I think you need to reconsider your policy for the protection of all concerned. "

 May 29, 2020

" Henry and team made PT fun "

 May 28, 2020

" Great Service! Love Austin Sports Medicine Group! "

 May 26, 2020

" Dr Gilman, Henry Klein, Collin and the receptionist/ office manager went out of their way to make each visit excellent. "

 May 23, 2020

" The Austin Sports medicine team came to my rescue from the hospital to physical therapy. I fully expect to recover from my broken leg thanks to these outstanding professionals. "

 May 23, 2020

" Visiting your office was the easiest and simplest medical visit that I can remember! "

 May 20, 2020

" My physical therapists Henry and Collin can’t be any better to me. They are very knowledgeable in what they do and communicate at an excellent level "

 May 20, 2020

" It’s always a pleasure seeing dr Windler, everyone in the office are extremely nice "

 May 18, 2020

" Dr Mueller was awesome. He has a great personality, listened to my concerns and offered solution I will use office again "

 May 14, 2020

" Very clean, efficient and professional. I appreciate the doctor being on time, this has not been my usual experience with my other doctors. "

 May 7, 2020

" Phenomenal!! "

 May 1, 2020

" Great as always "

 April 29, 2020

" Great experience from the beginning to the end of my visit! Communication about next steps was concise & I know I’m in good hands. "

 April 25, 2020

" Very personable and professional "

 April 17, 2020

" I have been going to Austin Sports and Dr Elenz for over 20 years. Still the quality of caring. Love that there is now a location in Bee Cave "

 April 17, 2020

" Everyone at Austin Sports Medicine is wonderful, knowledgeable and so caring. Shout out to my excellent doctor Dr Elenz and my fantastic physical therapist Henry (Collin and Van are awesome too!) Also thank you Christine for your kindness and excellent skills. Thank you ASM for my wonderful care and recovery! God bless you all! Laurie Senske "

 April 10, 2020

" As always, the docs, therapists and staff at ASM Bee Cave are TOP NOTCH!!! Even in the midst of our "new normal", they provide compassionate, congenial and professional service and support. I am lucky to have them on my care and recovery team. I'm a recent total knee replacement and they have been exceptional at getting me back to doing the things I love - like walking without pain. Five weeks post-op and i can even fanagle some (small) steps :) Many many many thanks!!! <3 "

 April 8, 2020

" I look forward to my physical therapy appointments because the staff is all so fun, and I feel great after each session. Highly Recommended! "

 April 1, 2020

" The whole team is courteous and helpful. "

 April 1, 2020

" I have learned many movements and stretches over many years of training with very knowledgeable trainers but Henry Klein keeps showing me movements and stretches that address my exact hip and lower back problems. And they work. "

 April 1, 2020

" During a very difficult time in the medical field, I needed immediate intervention with what turned out to be a broken/fractured Tibia. ASM quickly made a same day appointment, was able to take xrays and then the next appt. for an MRI for the next day. Each phase of the intervention was done with excellence and compassion. I am slowly on the mend and waiting to see if the rest of the tenders etc are normal. Thank goodness for ABM particularly during this pandemic. They kept us safe and followed Covid -19 protocol "

 March 30, 2020

" Always great care at AUSTIN Sports Medicine! "

 March 20, 2020

" Amazing group! Can’t recommend Dr. Crozier and his staff more! "

 March 18, 2020

" I'm very pleased that Henry Klein knows so much including some very specific movements that no other therapists I've seen have shown me. "

 March 14, 2020

" PLEASE! If this is an office that is not temporary, get some hooks in the exam rooms to hang cloths on. "

 March 12, 2020

" Great facility and even greater staff! "

 March 6, 2020

" Alll of the staff are great. "

 March 4, 2020

" Austin Sports Medicine sets the bar for how a doctors office should be. They are exemplary and super efficient in everything they do. I highly recommend them. "

 March 3, 2020

" Marcus is excellent at his job. "

 February 29, 2020

" Dr. Muller is wonderful, his assistant Leah is always on the ball, and everyone else we’ve dealt with have been wonderful. "

 February 26, 2020

" It was an even better experience than 3 years ago! "

 February 14, 2020

" I was very impressed with the care and attention I received at Bee Caves Austin Sports Medicine PT. Henry, Marcus, Van, Collin and Christy were amazing!! Very professtional and yet made the whole experience fun. Henry is very committed to getting me back on my feet and up and running again in due time. For this I am very grateful! Thank you all you folks at ASM Bee Caves, you guys rock! "

 February 12, 2020

" Nicole is a very good PT "

 February 11, 2020

" The receptionist/front desk person (Christine?) at the Bee Cave office is wonderful .... professional, friendly, patient! I hope she never leaves this location. PT staff is also great. "

 February 11, 2020

" Y’all changed my life . I now feel younger & much more mobile . "

 February 8, 2020

" I have already given recommendations to family members about the my lucky find in finding a such a smart and sweet Dr Grant Muller. I appreciated the staff that I assisted me every step (no pun intended) of the way. Thanks to your professional staff. "

 February 6, 2020

" I think the service, professionalism was exceptional on the part of all staff as well as the doctor! "

 February 3, 2020

" I was very impressed by the treatment and courtesy I received as a new patient with Austin sports medicine. The entire staff was friendly courteous and very professional. I will definitely recommend this facility to my friends and continue to use it myself. "

 January 31, 2020

" Dr. Elena is awesome! He explains what he's doing and why. He is a teacher and a friend. Eric was very good and Clayton did my xrays in a very efficient manner. The receptionist was very cordial and helpful, I forgot her name but she was was very nice. "

 January 30, 2020

" I really appreciate the professional and expert level of care. Very personable and helpful care for my condition. Thank you!! "

 January 28, 2020

" Great place, I love coming here! "

 January 22, 2020

" I have worked with three physical therapists, and each one has been exceptional. I also learned something new from each one. Great team in the Bee Cave office. "

 January 22, 2020

" Great Experience. As always. "

 January 11, 2020

" The office accommodated my need for an appointment on short order even though I am a new patient. Dr Muller was fabulous and the injections I received have mostly eliminated the pain. "

 January 9, 2020

" 100% would return and recommend to friends. "

 January 9, 2020

" Marcus and Nicole are great, really the whole team. They have been super helpful with my recovery from a total knee replacement. I would recommend them highly. "

 January 7, 2020

" Dr. Matt Crozier is the best. He has helped me through knee injuries and is always extremely responsive and helpful. He is extremely knowledgable and I have great confidence in his practice. "

 December 31, 2019

" My ACL tear was scary I had been told so many horror stories about the surgery and recovery. Dr Windler and Jane along with the entire staff at the Bee Cave location and Marcus Cantu have really been amazing. I am a very critical person but never once have had an issue. I will say the billing department is hard to deal with when trying to clear up issues with insurance. "

 December 20, 2019

" I liked it so much I referred a friend. "

 December 19, 2019

" I have always received great care from Austin Sports Medicine. They have performed surgery on both me and my daughter with excellent results. I would recommend them to anyone without reservation . "

 December 4, 2019

" Doctor was so professional "

 November 28, 2019

" trevor is another shining example of why austin sports medicine has earned my trust for the 14 years i’ve been in austin. "

 November 21, 2019

" Marcus was fantastic. I let him know I had some discomfort at 1 incision and he looked at it and found part of a stich. He asked if I wanted him to remove it, and I said yes. He removed it painlessly and quickly. I had pretty severe bruising the length of my arm and shoulder. He applied some cream and gently massaged the area and the bruising has greatly diminished over the last 2 weeks. I think he is terrific and is a very caring and compassionate healthcare provider. I will enthusiastically refer friends and family as I trust Marcus to do thorough and gentle physical therapy. "

 November 21, 2019

" Doctor Brad Gillman and everyone is great. THANKS. Jeff "

 November 6, 2019

" NIckol is excellent. My rehab is going great. "

 November 6, 2019

" Friendly, courteous, very efficient, on time every time and get a lot accomplished... "

 November 6, 2019

" Trevor exceeded my expectations. I was very nervous about my assessment and first session and i found him to have a great manor and was he provided a lot of optimism. I'm very happy with the result and look forward to working with him. "

 October 30, 2019

" Very efficient and courteous office and staff "

 October 26, 2019

" Excellent medical practice! "

 October 16, 2019

" Glad to know there are great places and Doctors still around. Jeff "

 October 12, 2019

" It was a great all around experience. "

 October 8, 2019

" Doctor Breazeale I believe did an excellent job over the four year informing me on my injury. After almost four months post surgery I believe we have a good outcome. Trevor Richlen is my lead PT, besides being a great guy he’s also been very involved and helpful in the recovery process caring about each step along the way and also very informative on does and don’t along the way. The training staff helping Trevor are also I great bunch of young people! "

 October 4, 2019

" Put a rug in the front you can hear everything said even in the rooms "

 October 3, 2019

" Dr Gilman and Gary rock! "

 October 2, 2019

" Dr. Elenz and his staff are top notch crew on all levels. "

 October 2, 2019

" From the moment I walked in and the moment I left I was treated with impeccable care. The woman who checked me greeted me with a warm smile and gave me well wishes when I left. Dr. Windler and his assistant were so kind, informative and gentle in my treatment. I am happy to wake up this morning feeling physically better and hopeful again to resume activities I love. I'm getting my life back the way I like it. Thank you so much! Dianne Arnett "

 September 27, 2019

" Great experience. Everyone is very friendly and professional "

 September 20, 2019

" have been an austin sports med client for 14 years. no need to go anywhere else. thank u!!! "

 September 13, 2019

" Marcus and Van are awesome! "

 September 12, 2019

" Very knowledgeable and professional - the entire staff were excellent every step of the way through my 6 month rehabilitation! "

 September 12, 2019

" Marcus and Van are great. Friendly, caring, professional. "

 September 7, 2019

" I love doc Mueller. I loved the care I received from Austin Sports Medicine. I love you all very much. I will definitely return IF I have any more issues. But I'd rather not do this again. Lol. Amazing care from the receptionist to med tech to doc. "

 September 6, 2019

" I’ve never had a bad experience there. Trevor is an excellent therapist, and the staff is courteous and friendly. "

 September 5, 2019

" I was impressed by how much time Dr. Gilman took with me. He did not seem rushed and consequently I did not feel like I was just a number. He took his time sneering my questions and put me at ease. A very welcome and pleasant surprise. Most office visits with other doctors don’t happen this way. "

 August 28, 2019

" Great staff. Always appreciate the care of Dr . Windler. Staff was friendly and caring. Carlton, who made my appointment was very polite. I, as an older person, really appreciate manners. "

 August 23, 2019

" Grateful you are nearby...excellent experience... "

 August 22, 2019

" ASM in general, and Marcus and Trevor in particular, are outstanding. I refer everyone I know to them! "

 August 15, 2019

" Trevor does an outstanding job! He is always professional and thorough! I very much appreciate the efforts of the entire team over the last 5 months! Highly recommend! "

 August 10, 2019

" Dr. Muller, staff and admin are very professional, thorough and helpful. Couldn't be any better. Many thanks. "

 August 8, 2019

" The Doctor Windler did a great job explaining my questions and the Marcus the therapist did too. Thank you both. "

 August 4, 2019

" There can be only one....YOUR IT !!! My great pleasure, Thank You. "

 August 1, 2019

" Professional and excellent care from the doctor and all the staff. I would highly recommend Austin Sports Medicine. "

 August 1, 2019

" Marcus Cantu and staff at Bee Cave are amazing! They are caring and make sure you understand everything they are doing to help you get better. "

 July 31, 2019

" Trevor is awesome. Thoroughly answers all of my questions and gives me supplemental things to do at home as I am trying to speed up my recovery time. "

 July 25, 2019

" Awesome as always!!! Nikol and Trevor are AMAZING!!! :) "

 July 24, 2019

" Christine, the receptionist, was exceptionally courteous and receptive! I received a very quick response from a question I had asked Mary, the Medical Assistant by voicemail, the very next day+ it was a thorough explanation. "

 July 24, 2019

" Christine at the front desk is amazing!!! I've been in many, many offices (and my husband is a practitioner) and she is GREAT!!! "

 July 12, 2019

" By far, the BEST experience I have had when dealing with doctors and their staff. Austin Sports Medicine has the most compassionate, gentle, and caring employees all around. Plus, I was able to walk out, with relief, from the procedure performed by Dr. Elenz. Truly grateful to have found such an amazing group of professionals. The trip from Boerne was worthwhile, and I would highly recommend Dr. Elenz as an Orthopedic Surgeon. "

 July 12, 2019

" Dr. Elenz is the best. I have been going to him off and on for the past 20 years. I really respect his talent. But, I thought you had just moved in--not that your staff has been there 2 years. You need to get something up on the walls and in all those empty bookshelves. Look like you are planning on staying. "

 July 12, 2019

" My Medical Assistant Jake Ochoa, was excellent! "

 June 26, 2019

" Challenging ramp for non-weight bearing status. "

 June 22, 2019

" Great office. Thanks "

 June 9, 2019

" Markus and his team are great! "

 June 7, 2019

" Trevor was great. Explained my condition and set expectations very well, showed pictures, provided examples. Location is perfect!! "

 May 25, 2019

" Everyone was so nice and helpful with my questions. I was pleasantly surprised. I'm so use to doctors pushing surgery right away, but Mr. Mueller talked about alternative things we could do instead of surgery and said surgery was a last result. "

 May 25, 2019

" Medical assistants and Dr. Crozier were patient and thorough during the examination and explanation of my concerns. Parking was plentiful - right near front door. "

 May 8, 2019

" the entire group of people that I interacted with were great. Very personable, friendly, helpful and well knowledged "

 May 7, 2019

" Trevor is outstanding, professional, caring, excellent hands with teaching skills, patient, and excellent in all respects. "

 May 3, 2019

" Always treated with respect while trying to educate "

 April 25, 2019

" Trevor is excellent. "

 April 12, 2019

" Dr. Windler and Jane his assistant are amazing. They have done a great job in really explaining everything in detail and being available for questions. They show great hospitality to the patients which is really hard to find these days. "

 April 3, 2019

" Love the doctors and therapists! So friendly and helpful! "

 March 27, 2019

" Marcus and staff have built an amazing physical therapy environment and are able to help many people at this location. They are very knowledgeable and friendly. I would highly recommend this place to anyone needing PT services! "

 March 23, 2019

" Waiting time in room, after being escorted to room, was over an hour! Both days I was there rhis week, over an hour to wait for doctor. Professional Asst's staff are all excellent. Christina at front desk excellent and cheerful. "

 March 21, 2019

" Very professional and getting immediate help was ever so easy. Talented doctors with great experience. "

 March 13, 2019

" fantastic "

 March 12, 2019

" Great PT team, Marcus is very professional and knows what he's doing! "

 March 9, 2019

" Marcus and team are the best "

 March 8, 2019

" Glad you have office in Bee Cabr and Dr. Windler is great. "

 March 6, 2019

" The PT team at the Bee Cave location is AMAZING! :) "

 March 5, 2019

" Initial physical therapy visit post-surgery. Therapist greeted me in the reception area, guided me to the "training table", explained what would be done for the first visit, clearly described what should be done for therapy at home, and discussed a course of return visits tailored to my physical therapy needs. All was done in a friendly, courteous, and informative manner. Am scheduled for follow up visits to gauge progress, advance the physical therapy work, and speed recovery. "

 February 22, 2019

" Trevor did an excellent job. My son was very happy with how his session went. The staff is always excellent and very understanding. "

 February 20, 2019

" I’m so impressed with the care and treatment I’ve received. Everyone is friendly and professional. My progress has been steady and I’ve been able to return, gradually, to tennis . "

 February 6, 2019

" I had an amazing experience ! Thank you so much for everything. "

 January 23, 2019

" Trevor is an excellent, knowledgeable guy who helped get me back to working order. I am very satisfied with all the work and time he spent with me. I highly recommend. "

 January 18, 2019

" Dr. Gilman was great with my daughter. "

 January 15, 2019

" Trevor and all the staff are the best!! "

 January 10, 2019

" Trevor is by far best physical therapist I've worked with. He took time to specifically identify exact pain source and explained how he would help me address. 5 stars for him. Other staff was upbeat and pleasant. "

 January 9, 2019

" Dr Muller and the staff were excellent - Thank you "

 January 5, 2019

" Dr. Muller is one of the nicest, most thorough doctors I have ever had. "

 January 4, 2019

" Super impressed with every office visit timeframe. I have only ever waited for a few minutes in the waiting room or in the private room, for doc. Very impressive. "

 January 4, 2019

" the Bee Cave location is great! Marcus, Christina, Van, and Jose are very good and take very good care of me "

 December 19, 2018

" Absolutely love Marcus and the other PTs at the BeeCave office. Dr. Elenz is great too but have been inconvenienced a couple of times when he has had to cancel our appointments but even when this happens, Marcus assists by communicating with the dr on my daughter’s behalf. "

 December 13, 2018

" After almost a month of dealing with Texas Orthopedics Sports and Medicine and getting absolutely nowhere, the doctor I work for (Dr. Michael Stecher) told me I should head over to Austin Sports Medicine. I was absolutely blown away by how quickly I was seen, and how productive my appointment was. I’m finally on track to heal and recover, and everyone was warm, friendly, and informative. I’m very much looking forward to recovering under Dr. Gillman’s care. "

 December 12, 2018

" I thought the x ray technician was having a bad day which left me a bit uncomfortable.. I was having quite a bit of pain trying to stand on foot for first time in over 6 weeks and moved the plate on floor, she was not happy She seemed a bit stressed at my inability to move without pain.. In leaving I see her checking me out and I commented she has many jobs, which she replied I have to do them but she indicated someone would be coming to help.. She wasn't mean or sarcastic just seemed stressed.. I would recommend your place and still give it high ratings because the Doctor and assistant were way over the top in kindness and information.. "

 December 11, 2018

" Trevor is awesome!!! He went above and beyond to treat my shoulder condition and explain everything thoroughly.... "

 November 28, 2018

" Marcus is wonderful and highly professional. I could go on about his knowledge and compassion but instead I will say he and his staff are incredible and caring. They also ask about my daughter who is a former patient. "

 November 27, 2018

" Trevor was great! "

 November 17, 2018

" Marcus, Cristina, and Jose are absolutely a Joy and have made the healing process from my sons surgery a success. They are all friendly, helpful and have my sons best interest in mind at all times. I would highly recommend this practice. "

 November 16, 2018

" Marcus is awesome and the utmost professional! "

 October 24, 2018