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Recent Reviews

 Elizabeth - 08/12/2022

" This is one of the best run care facilities I've ever had the privilege to work with. "

 Ben - 08/10/2022

" Extremely professional team. Could not recommend enough. "

 Peggy - 08/04/2022

" My therapists have been knowledgeable -helpful - kind I am very happy with my experience I would/ will refer anyone to y’all "

 Grant - 07/17/2022

" It works my third body rehab. This has always been spot on! "

 Joseph - 07/12/2022

" Mary was very professional and very knowledgeable. Excellent walk through experience. Joe C "

 Steve - 06/21/2022

" These answers are in relation to meeting and working with Kevin at the Wiliam Cannon, Austin, location. Kevin was extremely professional. Empathetic, and a great listener. Excellent in demonstrating and providing instructions of the PT exercises. "

 Janet - 06/17/2022

" Ben (Director/PT) has been wonderful! Great therapist, caring, explains everything well Highly recommend "

 Leah - 06/16/2022

" Mary was calm and competent doing my assessment. She patiently walked me through the hands-on therapy and instruction for my home regimen. "

 Anirudha - 06/08/2022

" Everyone is awesome at the South Austin location - I look forward to my appointment every time! "

 Lorena - 06/02/2022

" Ben Vasko worked with me for about a year and enabled me to regain total range of motion and strength in my shoulder and bypass surgery. He gave me exercises that made all the difference. I recommend him with the highest endorsement. "

 Peggy - 06/02/2022

" My therapist Ben was very nice. He explained all the exercises and was very helpful when getting me started with each one. He listened and talked with me. I have a bad back - he worked with me so that I could be on the exercise table to be as comfortable as I could. Then he did the rest from a chair. He was professional too. The lady at the front desk was polite and helpful too "

 Thomas - 06/02/2022

" Dr. Mary Poletti is excellent! "

 Carol - 05/28/2022

" Kevin really made my shoulder feel better! "

 Shannon - 05/21/2022

" Kevin is awesome! It took some time But he was able to fix my SI joint issue and get me back to my regular workout schedule. Thanks so much Kevin! "

 Tyler - 05/06/2022

" Austin Sports Medicine is the BEST!!! "

 Miguel - 05/04/2022

" My doctor was super informative and helped me understand the nuances of my injury and how to overcome it. "

 Megan - 04/28/2022

" Mary Poletti is wonderful. Very confident, knowledgeable and caring. "

 Veronica - 04/20/2022

" It took awhile once i had my prescription transferred to get into the office. I'm not sure if it was y'all or my doctor. "

 Stephen - 04/15/2022

" Kevin and team do an amazing job! "

 Jared - 04/14/2022

" Going to Austin Sports Medical has been the best decision I've made post surgery. After only one visit, it is abundantly clear and obvious that the team at Austin Sports Medical knows exactly what they're doing. I feel very safe and comfortable knowing that I am in the best hands and will receive the best care possible on my path to recovery. "

 Carolee - 04/12/2022

" Dr Poletti is such a great therapist, always a new exercise treatment and assistance with my problems "

 John - 04/06/2022

" I’ve been completely satisfied with all of my experience with Austin Sports Medicine "

 Joseph - 04/01/2022

" Good visit! "

 Prentice - 03/24/2022

" Julie and Ben are excellent. "

 Daniel - 03/10/2022

" I really appreciate how the folks here have dealt me and my recovery. "

 Marie - 02/04/2022

" Ben is excellent in his work an helping me with my knee ,he knows where all the pressure points are . "

 Rosemary - 02/03/2022

" My therapist was knowledgeable and pleasant. She gave specific detailed instruction and explained how and what muscle it would effect and improve mobility. "

 Elizabeth - 02/02/2022

" I am just so impressed with this practice. Every single person I've worked with has been exceptional, even down to the student physical therapists in training to whom you admirably give practical opportunities. If I had one tiny bit of constructive criticism it is your receptionist capacity for phone calls. 1) I can't call the physio location I wish to reach directly, it always routes to the main switchboard 2) Since there is no way to schedule/change appointments on-line, one needs to call each time.3) The wait time is consistently more than 5 minutes to get through. To that end, maybe consider one more person working the reception phones? This suggested change has not and will not stop me from recommending this practice in anyway. It is offered because I am so enthusiastic and hoping to be a positive impact on your business. Thank you kindly for the truly excellent care. "

 Victoria - 01/27/2022

" Mary Poletti is excellent: knowledgeable, dedicated, and encouraging. She and Julie both helped me retain full use of shoulder and knee. Many thanks for their expert care! "

 Pamela - 01/25/2022

" My therapist was very thorough and caring and clear about the exercises I was to do. She also changed her tactics according to my pain. She was awesome! "

 Joseph - 01/21/2022

" Mary Poletti has been great in helping me as I continue improving in my recovery. "

 Damien - 01/20/2022

" My son was the one actually having the therapy and as a current kinesiology major, he said the therapy session was very good and he was impressed! "

 Lisa - 01/15/2022

" Immediate pain relief. Extremely knowledgeable therapist. Thank you, Kevin! "

 Alasdair - 01/06/2022

" Apple Maps takes you the wrong location ( CVS ). Google Maps is correct - you should update the website methinks. No wait , no hassle , great attitude , great care , simple paperwork = winning formula. "

 Joseph - 01/06/2022

" The staff and doctors I have interacted with have very good people skills and a high degree of empathy.. "

 John - 12/29/2021

" I had an excellent experience there. Kevin and Luke both were a great help. "

 William - 12/18/2021

" Mary was skilled, patient with my questions, and very thorough. I am doing what she told me to do. "

 Christopher - 12/15/2021

" Great experience start-to-finish. I am traveling and couldn't get into the central location, so Jeni (sp?) helped schedule something for me at the south location so I could start my PT. The receptionist was great and helped me schedule follow ups. Mary was very helpful in answering all my questions about what to do/not do. Miguel was also excellent at walking me through my exercises. Thanks! "

 David - 12/10/2021

" Ben is a Rock 🌟! Great listener, compassionate, patient and flexible. 😖You need to update the GPS directions for this location on William Cannon. As it currently stands,drivers are directed to WALGREENS parking lot off of Brodie. 🥺Have people use The restaurant LaFamilia. This will get you to dthe correct parking area. I spent 12 minutes searching then calling and Then getting redirected by a receptionist- who I believe is not even on the exact Premises. This is not a new issue as EVERYONE I spoke to said they know. 👍Thanks 🙏 from all your future new patients. This is an easy fix. "

 Leyla - 12/10/2021

" Clinical staff is always very nice. I never have to wait more than 5 minutes when I arrive. I see Julie Clouse and she is very knowledgeable and patient. When I describe activities that cause me hip pain I feel that she listens to me and modifies my plan of care accordingly. She is very clear in providing me steps to take to get stronger and continue my care. She shows me and provides me with handouts on how to perform exercises at home, how often to perform them, how often/how long to integrate walks and now even jogging into my week. I am starting to feel better and like I am slowly returning to activities I couldn't do before. I am very likely to refer friends and family. "

 Angela - 12/07/2021

" Tech that came to assist was very knowledgeable and friendly. Only feedback is that it would have been helpful if they counted reps. "

 Alma - 12/02/2021

" Mary, was so knowledgeable so patient She made me feel so comfortable I would definitely recommend her to anyone "

 Elizabeth - 12/01/2021

" My experience with Austin Sports Med physiotherapy is by far the best experience I’ve ever had with physiotherapy. I’m a fan! "

 Molly - 11/24/2021

" Mary and Courtney were both exceptional and very helpful with telling me what I need to do to get better. I look forward to working with them to my optimal health. "

 Shannon - 11/19/2021

" Professional, knowledgeable, caring, encouraging. -great combination "

 Nelda - 11/17/2021

" I have been very pleased with my therapy with Mary and Julie. They both have given me my time and great care. Very patient and concern with my therapy each week. Also the students have been great and I have observed the rest of the staff at south Austin office how great service they treat their patients. Always polite and professional. They work together with great respect. Jade receptionist also very professional. I say all this because I am retired and worked in medical office and I feel this is a great group to come to and know I will be given professional service. Thank you! "

 Omar - 11/16/2021

" Ben and Chloe (I believe that's her name) was great. Explained everything that I needed. Both also made it a friendly environment. "

 Molly - 10/26/2021

" Mary was great. "

 Guy - 10/15/2021

" Mary P is exceptional. "

 Ryan - 10/07/2021

" Ben Vasko is the greatest physical therapist of all time. Promote ahead of peers. Increase pay. "

 Susan - 10/05/2021

" I have used Austin Sports Medicine in the past and have always been very pleased with the care I have received. With this recent injury I decided to make an appointment with another physician in a different, well known orthopedic group here in Austin. I went to that appointment and the office staff, I felt was cold and almost rude. Once in the examination room, no exam done just oral review of my symptoms. Injured leg was examined through my capris pants. I felt my concerns regarding my injury were dismissed by not only the nurse but also the physician seeing me. No home care instructions given. I left that appointment and immediately called Austin Sports Medicine and was seen in the office the very next day. Full on hands examination done of my right leg ( I was wearing paper shorts that were provided by the office staff) & MRI preformed and complete rupture of my hamstring diagnosed. Now doing physical therapy and scheduled to see Dr WIndler again in 3 weeks for evaluation. "

 Jessica - 09/30/2021

" For my first PT experience ever, this was as good as it could be! Kevin was knowledgeable, friendly and attentive! "

 Gregory - 09/22/2021

" Been with you, Julie Crouse, on and off since my knee surgery in 2015. She's great! Godd listener, concerned, good instructor.. in my experience, all of the physical threapists are good. I highly recommend Austin Sports Medicine and Julie. "

 Stephanie - 08/04/2021

" Ben is the absolute best! "

 Jacob - 07/30/2021

" Every team member is very knowledgeable and communicates the exercises in a very effective manner. "

 Gregory - 07/14/2021

" Very happy with treatments and therapists. "

 Jane - 07/08/2021

" Ben is an awesome PT! Very knowledgeable, explained the purpose of every exercise, demonstrated and corrected good alignment and follow through of exercises, gave good home program instruction, and listened to and addressed my functional goals. I am a PT with 36 years of pediatric experience, so I appreciate his expertise in orthopedics! The south location is very convenient!! "

 Susan - 06/22/2021

" I had a personal emergency, the day of my Appt. Which made me late. & they explained I may have to wait a while, but everyone, from Office staff to Dr. Were real nice & understanding. & was seen at a very reasonable time, considering I was the one who was running late. All very professional & nice! "

 William - 06/22/2021

" Ben and Sarah are highly informed and very professional! They took what could have been an intimidating, painful experience and made it an inspiring one! "

 Ryan - 06/05/2021

" Benjamin Vasko needs a raise. "

 Jared - 04/28/2021

" Caleb was great. Very knowledgeable and personable. "

 Elisabeth - 04/26/2021

" Caleb did an outstanding job of recognizing how much pain I was in when I arrived. He addressed that first with very good skill and compassion. He then did the assessment and demonstrated exercises. Finally his recommendation to follow up with a massage therapist was very helpful to continue the healing process "

 Kenneth - 04/21/2021

" Caleb and Michael made my initial visit very relaxing and informational. I really appreciate the conversations and customer service they offered. It made Physical Therapy more bearable. "

 John - 04/21/2021

" Great staff! Exercises and PT helped get me running again. "

 Ferenc - 04/16/2021

" The first visit was very good! Caleb is very friendly and knowledgeable. "

 Melina - 04/15/2021

" Excellent visit and PT experience! "

 Mathew - 04/13/2021

" Thank you for the Road to recovery 🙏 🙌 Shoulder Surgery "

 Janice - 03/23/2021

" Very easy to work with Mary "

 Alexandria - 03/04/2021

" Caleb is great!! "

 Madeline - 03/03/2021

" I have been in so much pain for so long and I didn’t know that all of my aches and pains were all related to the same problem. Caleb is knowledgeable and personable and made me feel confident that he knew what he was doing and what I needed. This is the best thing I have ever done for myself and I’m so glad I’m on the road to recovery! "

 Nelda - 02/18/2021

" Yes thank you. Mary and the south office PT service and their care is excellent and very respectful staff. "

 Kimberly - 02/09/2021

" I absolutely love my Dr. Very informative and seems to care about his clientsThe staff are amazing "

 Mary - 02/03/2021

" Wonderful experience from the initial appointment with Dr. Windler, to PT Mary & Brandon the exercise tech. "

 Susan - 01/16/2021

" I had to miss several appt. So was in a lot of pain. But my Therapist Julie, i truly believe is an angel & has magical Hands. She is very professional & explains what is going to Help me to better my situation. I will definitely recommend Austin Sports Medicine to family & friends & especially Physical therapy Julie. "

 Manuel - 11/25/2020

" The team at Austin Sports Medicine South is amazing. "

 Marjorie - 11/19/2020

" Mary and Brandon are a pleasure to work with. My experience is always positive and I truly feel like I am returning back to my normal self thanks to them. Your team in the South location is phenomenal! "

 Travis - 11/17/2020

" Sam's a keeper. Great personality, professional, knowledgeable and caring. "

 Sean - 11/06/2020

" Overall fantastic "

 Susan - 10/16/2020

" I like how therapist makes you feel comfortable, by talking to take your mind off the pain. "

 Andrew - 10/14/2020

" I would say when it comes to scheduling. Not in reference to my visit yesterday at physical therapy but at the doctor's office. The doctor gave me paper work to give to the check out person. They had to schedule me to return for a follow up & schedule my PT. The person only scheduled my PT not the office return. I had to call the appointment line after I left rather than the person doing it right there. "

 James - 10/02/2020

" Mary and Brandon were excellent "

 Emily - 10/02/2020

" Mary is great!! "

 David - 09/01/2020

" This is not my first round of treatments with the staff. They are professional and personable. I appreciate the efforts they give. Excellence all around "

 Stacy - 08/18/2020

" It was a great experience for Physical Therapy, it was a very friendly environment and both Mary and Brandon were very personable and helpful. "

 Billy - 08/12/2020

" Mary is a great physical therapist, I was early for my appointment and Mary delayed her lunch break so I wouldn’t have to wait. That’s great service. "

 Patsy - 07/17/2020

" Absolutely everyone I have dealt with is excellent! Talk about fantastic customer service!! I encourage people to use Austin Sports Med. Thank you!!! "