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Recent Reviews

 Todd - 08/30/2021

" - Needed to call office to obtain referral list. - Phone calls no longer handled by live person. Ie Jon. - Pharmacy had to call several times for Rx refill as did I. - Mailed lab and referral info to office for upload into my chart in time for next appointment. TD "

 Vashira - 08/17/2021

" Dr. Sneed is very caring. He is considerate when it comes to the goals of the patient. He always goes beyond to make sure his patients have as much information as needed. "

 Staci - 08/16/2021

" Dr. Sneed is very personable. Easy to talk to you makes you feel comfortable feels like he’s being honest "

 Tyania - 08/13/2021

" I want to thank my doctor she is awesome I’m gonna miss her but I know that patience is a virtue and that we will cross each other‘s path again I would highly recommend her I called her DR HERNANDEZ PSYCHOLOGIST name is Dr. and son and she has worked with me this year I love her we became so close I could only confide in her the things that IWas going through in my life she helped me to get off of a lot of the medication that I was on she doesExplain why she’s doing what she’s doing when it comes down to medication and the safety of one’s life I’ve gotten such a close bond with her and I’m gonna miss her dearly and now John John is awesome awesome I love him I actually got to meet him when I took my daughter for a visit for her doctor and I want to thank him so much for his kindness he’s caring heart his voice that wakes you up in the morning for your appointment is check in time he does it accurately and he will ask you is there anything else I can do for you before ending Call😊😊❤️ "

 Bertha - 08/13/2021

" I love my doctor! She takes very good care of me! "

 Marisa - 08/13/2021

" I love Dr. Ansbro!! I highly recommend this office! "

 Jacquetta - 08/12/2021

" I really think the staff and Dr Sneed have been so great and helpful. Dr Sneed is very easy to talk to and he always provides the upmost care. "

 Kerry - 08/12/2021

" Jennifer Hill is excellent! She is so helpful with all of my concerns with daily life. And we adjust medication according to how life is going at that time. I have a very stressful job and she gets that! She listens and helps me understand where my anxiety and depression can be made worse under certain circumstances. "

 Margarita - 08/11/2021

" Dr. H is so intuitive. "

 Ashley - 08/11/2021

" They were all extremely helpful and I’m excited to continue my care with this clinic. "

 Kathleen - 08/05/2021

" Cantera was very accommodating. "

 Ernest - 08/04/2021

" Very excellent "

 Crystal - 07/30/2021

" Thank you!!! "

 Kathryn - 07/29/2021

" I really love NP Jennifer, she is so nice and caring. Seeing her makes me want to be more motivated. "

 Linda - 07/29/2021

" The doctor has worked well with me to resolve my medical issues. "

 Alma - 07/29/2021

" I can rest a sure knowing I'm getting the best care I need. My doctor is awesome. "

 Angela - 07/29/2021

" I love how very straightforward everything was and it really made me feel like I was in the right place for help "

 Alejandra - 07/28/2021

" loved the clear and quick/constant communication :) "

 Cynthia - 07/27/2021

" The video appointment option makes it much more likely that I stay on track with my psych appointments. The ease of working it into my schedule and your assistance is very much appreciated! "

 Avery - 07/17/2021

" most comfortable ive been with a mental health professional. "

 Esteban - 07/14/2021

" I’m really appreciate the doctor does, specially with me we have a barrier lenguaje but he put very effort to understand and treat me "

 Michelle - 07/09/2021

" Jennifer Hill is amazing I really enjoy our sessions "

 Angelica - 07/03/2021

" When I was transferred as a patient from Dr. Sandra Vale at Sigma Urgent Mental Health to Cantera Psychiatry, I was torn because I was having to say goodbye to an amazing doctor who was able to correctly diagnose after nearly 20 years of....well, absolute torture. It was hard for me to imagine having to start over with someone else. But NP Dennis Sneed has been an amazing, caring provider who has also won my trust. From the very first appointment, I felt how much he cared because he REALLY wanted to know the how and the why behind everything. He asked very specific and inquisitive questions and I never, ever felt judged or belittled in any way. On the contrary, I felt very supported. Since the first appointment, whenever I expressed a challenge or concern about what I felt with the medications, he worked diligently to find a plan of action and give me options. It took some trial and error, but finally I think that we have found the right combination and dose. I am able to live again! "

 Gwendolyn - 07/01/2021

" they work with me even with my shortfalls hope that i can continue with her "

 Ashley - 06/30/2021

" Love this staff, Ms.Hill is very good. Would definitely recommend this office. "

 Shirley - 06/29/2021

" I am very happy 😊 with Dr. Hill. "

 Stella - 06/23/2021

" Thank you! This was our first appointment but covered more ground than months at other places. "

 Maria - 06/16/2021

" I felt very welcomed by the staff and Dr. Sneed took a lot of time with me, clearly explaining all my options. He was easy to talk to and I felt like he genuinely cared about me. "

 Pearl - 06/16/2021

" Sneed has been such an awesome help. I am certain people dont think the pain is as bad as I say. They will never understand what it feels like to not have control of your brain, racing thoughts, panics for no reason sometimes. He is help me find the best match. And ALWAYS ALWAYS LISTENS. "

 Kailey - 06/11/2021

" My daughter has been seeing Jennifer Hill for 4-5 years. She provides excellent care to her. She listens and addesss all of her concerns. We feel so fortunate to have found a provider that works well with our family! "

 Crystafer - 06/08/2021

" Dr Sarah Ansbro is the most experienced, knowledgeable and supportive psychiatrist I've ever had for my mental and medical needs. "

 Roberto - 06/04/2021

" Dr. Jennifer Hill has always been very professional very excellent and everything that she does explain and helps me to understand everything that I need to do thank you very much "

 Amanda - 05/26/2021

" I would just like to say that this office is wonderful and I can see that just after my first initial visit "

 Stacey - 05/18/2021

" My favorite psychiatrist (I’ve seen a lot) !! "

 Cecilia - 05/12/2021

" Mr Sneed always goes over my medicines and asks how they are working for me. He is always very thorough. "

 Alison - 05/11/2021

" Very nice staff on the phone. The doctor was knowledgeable and understood my issues. "

 Adrian - 05/11/2021

" I think Dr Ansbro provides caring and superior care. I highly recommend her. "

 Anna - 05/06/2021

" I really appreciated that he took the time to ask me questions and get to know me and my concerns. "

 Linda - 05/06/2021

" Great practice. Great Dr. excellent customer service. "

 Kerry - 04/22/2021

" Jennifer Hill has always been so compassionate towards me and the situations that I'm enduring. She lets me discuss with her all of the situations that I'm in that cause my depression and anxiety to become worse. And we work on goals to improve them. I'm very happy with Jennifer Hill as my physician. "

 Dena - 04/22/2021

" Dr Ansboro has been absolutely amazing! I I cannot say enough how much she's done to help me. I would recommend her without hesitation. "

 David - 04/16/2021

" Great experience, very friendly staff, wonderful practitioners, and a very relaxing environment. "

 Andrea - 04/13/2021

" Jennifer is wonderful and I appreciate all she has done for me! Thank you! "

 Margarita - 04/13/2021

" Dr. Ansbro is so attentive. "

 Linda - 04/02/2021

" Dr Amsbro shows a lot of concern. "

 Debra - 04/01/2021

" Dr Hill is a ray of sunshine when the world is dark around you. She is so very caring and always makes me feel better. She has worked with me so that my medications are working well for my depression. "

 Kimberlea - 03/30/2021

" Jennifer Hill has given me firm answers, peace, calm and understanding to my diagnosis. I am so grateful for her. I’ve already sent her a patient. 1000 Goldstars ⭐️ "

 Michelle - 03/26/2021

" Jennifer is awesome! Had a great session with her "

 Gloria - 03/25/2021

" It was virtual "

 Gwendolyn - 03/25/2021

" great service "

 Christina - 03/18/2021

" Our overall initial experience was excellent and we are looking forward to a journey towards healing. Thank you to John and Jennifer Hill. "

 Melanie - 03/17/2021

" My appointment was virtual, so most of the check-in/check-out logistics were handled by the doctor herself. She still did an excellent job. "

 Bertha - 03/12/2021

" I love my Dr. Sarah, she is very knowledgeable & can always explain things very clearly. "

 Cristina - 03/11/2021

" Dr. Hill is amazing!! She is very welcoming and makes me feel very comfortable. "

 Veronica - 03/05/2021

" I appreciate John's effort to get me an appointment as soon as possible. Jennifer was kind, very professional and she gave me excellent advice. I am pleased with my care. "

 Jorge - 03/04/2021

" Continuity of care and excellent service provided superior mental health and well being. "

 Jesus - 03/03/2021

" Staff and doctor always make themselves available, at anytime. Doctor listens to my issues and gives me feedback as needed. I have come a long ways since my starting up with my appointments. "

 Kelsea - 02/25/2021

" Love my doctor "

 Ralph - 02/25/2021

" Ms Hill is very knowledgeable, personable and professional. She provides outstanding care. I am very comfortable and at ease speaking with her. Thanks. "

 Sarah - 02/25/2021

" Staff is very professional and friendly. Dr. Ansbro also is the best psychiatrist I have ever worked with. She has wonderful bedside manner and is very knowledgeable on many topics. I have recommended her office to many friends. "

 Tina - 02/18/2021

" I had an appt Feb 17 and no one at your called me to cancel. I understand that we had bad snowy weather. I called your office and left a message on the office answering. I need my medication filled and if I don’t get a tele visit the practitioner will not refill my meds. My other providers sent me text messages to let me know they were closed. "

 Emily - 02/12/2021

" Enjoyed our visit with JH. Excited to have a plan. Thank you for your kindness. John, the receptionist, was also extremely helpful. Thanks to all. "

 Nicole - 02/04/2021

" Dr was great. She took my concern seriously and made it clear she was willing to help me "

 Stephanie - 02/04/2021

" Sarah is amazing "

 Laurie - 02/02/2021

" Ms. Hill listens to me and doesn't talk down to me. Shes been an absolute joy to deal with. I wish all my past Drs where as attentive as she. Thank you Laurie Rendon "

 Dora - 01/29/2021

" Great therapist, she is awesome. "

 Marco - 01/27/2021

" Dennis, Roxanne, Abby , and Jon are all very professional, courteous, nice, and considerate. "

 Stacey - 01/26/2021

" Dr. Hernandez is wonderful! She knows the exact medicine I need & it really helps! She definitely helps😊 I started seeing her about 5 years ago. Since I have, i’m a completely different person for the Much better😁 "

 Deanna - 01/21/2021

" I love coming here. You guys always do what’s in my best interest. "

 Andrea - 01/13/2021

" Dr. Hill is a terrific doctor and her staff is outstanding. John is very polite and knowledgeable of his career field, he has been very helpful. Good job. "

 Kathryn - 01/08/2021

" Dr. Ansboro knows what to do and i find her to be excellent in her field "

 Amanda - 01/07/2021

" Amazing service and treatment of patients "

 Linda - 01/06/2021

" Amazing doctor, wonderful staff, always very kind and courteous. "

 Peggy - 01/06/2021

" Yes everything went on scheduled time. It was a virtual visit. I was checked in thirty minutes before and I received a text message and pressed on the link; and the doctor was there on the video. Very good office operations. "

 Juanita - 01/05/2021

" Dr. Hernandez is very caring and has always provided me with the best of care. "

 Ana - 12/30/2020

" Can wait for in person interaction with Dr. Ansbro "

 Andrew - 12/23/2020

" Under COVID protocol the practice REALLY needs to find a way to securely transmit personal information, photo ID specifically, if that needs to be a firm requirement for new patients. Doing this through the portal is the obvious choice. Asking folks to email that stuff in the clear, many of whom will NOT understand the risk to their information, is honestly pretty negligent from an information security standpoint. "

 Crystafer - 12/22/2020

" I'm extremely satisfied with Dr. Sarah Hernandez. She listens and never rushes me. She is the best psychiatrist I've ever had and has the best staff that helps set up my visit via Telehealth. "

 Vilma - 12/18/2020

" Very satisfied he was a good listener n help me feel better l really like my sessions.. "

 Gwendolyn - 12/18/2020

" Great group I trust her with my mental health... she is LGBT friendly "

 Kathleen - 12/17/2020

" The physician was very thorough in his examination. I was showed respect and courtesy during the interview. Appreciated the receiving all the information to allow me to make an informed decision about my care. "

 Margarita - 12/16/2020

" I was not able to see the doctor. We had to meet just talking on the phone because her voice was full of static. "

 Sandra - 12/15/2020

" N/A "

 Debra - 12/10/2020

" Dr Hill is fantastic. I would recommend her to all my family and friends. "

 Vashira - 12/10/2020

" Doctor was very informative and clear, he made sure he listened to all of my concerns and he did not rush me at all. He seemed very concerned about my concerns which it’s very hard to find a doctor who is. "

 Shay - 12/09/2020

" Could improve on collaboration with pharmacy regarding medication refills. "

 Maria - 12/08/2020

" Dr. and office staff go above and beyond to address our psych/treatment needs. We feel we are taken care of. "

 Elizabeth - 12/03/2020

" Thank you and happy holidays! "

 Stephen - 12/01/2020

" I used telehealth. "

 Tracey - 12/01/2020

" Because of covid, appointment was done via the phone. So all was good . It was easy to use. Dr.H is an excellent Psychiatrist. She definitely cares about her patients "

 Meredyth - 11/29/2020

" Dr Ansbro is very thorough with me and cares about my condition. I like to talk to her and seems to get me so far after seeing her for two visits! Finally found a psychiatrist who is both caring and smart! "

 Ashley - 11/20/2020

" My appointment was over the phone and went well. "

 Brittany - 11/19/2020

" I absolutely love the care Mrs Jennifer Hill provides! She actually listens to your concerns and isn’t pushy in any way. She goes at your pace and is always very very encouraging! Definitely would Recommend her to anyone! "

 Charles - 11/18/2020

" Jennifer Hill has helped change my life through therapy and medication. She genuinely cares about her patients well being. "

 Trinity - 11/17/2020

" I have been rejected by many doctors in the last several months. Jennifer listened to me and took the time to be honest but gentle. Set out next steps for me so that I understand why she is doing something and included me in my treatment plan. I feel hopeful that I can continue with Jennifer and be heard and not just another file. "

 Maria - 11/12/2020

" Best psychiatric that I never have "

 Lucia - 11/11/2020

" Thank you Mr. Sneed. I appreciate you listening to me and taking the proper precautions when it comes to my diagnosis. "

 Cristina - 11/04/2020

" I receive the appropriate reassurance from Dr. Hill she’s excellent!! "

 Maria - 10/27/2020

" Felt like Dr. Sneed listened to my concerns and gave me well explained options so I could feel part of my care. The education provided to me was excellent. "

 Kerry - 10/19/2020

" Jennifer Hill is a wonderful provider and I would recommend her to everyone!! "

 Admeeda - 10/16/2020

" I appreciate Jennifer Hill’s thoroughness, guidance and overall concern for my well being. "

 Derek - 10/08/2020

" Would be interested to hear my diagnosis. "

 Linda - 10/07/2020

" I feel very comfortable with Jennifer Hill. She is smart, encouraging, understanding and empathetic. The medicine she has prescribed for me seem to be helping. I’m very grateful. "

 Wendy - 10/07/2020

" Thank you Jennifer fir being my lifeline "

 Jr. (Chajac) - 10/06/2020

" Had a great visit with Dr. she addressed all my concerns. Thank you "

 Joanne - 10/02/2020

" I love Mrs Hill. She is the most caring and attentive doctor I have ever met "

 Susie - 10/01/2020

" I’m 61 and this is the first time I have been treated successfully "

 Rosalba - 10/01/2020

" Thank you!!! "

 Luis - 09/30/2020

" The appointment was virtual. Ms Hill, as always, was excellent! She listens to your comments attentively. I’m so glad she’s working with me. I feel safe with her being my practitioner. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking professional help with their condition(s). "

 Dena - 09/30/2020

" Dr Ansboro has helped (and continues to help) me feel better than I ever thought possible. She has truly been a blessing. "

 Katherine - 09/22/2020

" Best psychiatrist that I have seen yet. I will definitely recommend to friends and family. "

 Amalia - 09/22/2020

" Jennifer Hill is extraordinary and I am grateful for how much she has helped me grow. "

 Tessa - 09/18/2020

" Dr. Sneed was very nice and professional, however the front desk people waited until 15 minutes before my appointment to switch my doctor. I have no problem with Dr Sneed, in fact I like him a lot and I’ll be staying with him, however when I made the appointment I made it clear I would like a female dr due to past experiences with males in my life and they did not make that possible. "

 Diana - 09/10/2020

" Professional and courteous staff. "

 Cecilia - 09/09/2020

" I sure do miss being in the office to see the smiling faces of the front office staff "

 Salvador - 09/04/2020

" Dr .Sarah Hernandez Anslo is the best Psychiatrist I have ever had.Her staff and Roxanne are very helpful "

 Erica - 08/28/2020

" J. Hill, NP was able to change my medications and treat my major depression/anxiety disorder! Im so grateful because I am a whole new person again! "

 April - 08/27/2020

" I love my doctor and am grateful I found her "

 Margarita - 08/26/2020

" Dr. H is the best. That’s all I need to say because if you want someone that’s going to really follow you then she is the one. "

 Cynthia - 08/26/2020

" Thank you for all your help. "

 Kathryn - 08/21/2020

" Everything is all good. I feel like good and proper precautions are being taken. "

 Angel - 08/18/2020

" N/A answers are due to televisit so not actually present in office "

 Michael - 08/10/2020

" I'm very satisfied "

 Elias - 08/07/2020

" best expwrience I've had with psychiatry thus far "

 Ashley - 08/06/2020

" Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Nurse Practitioner Hill is Awesome and really cares about the patient. Best office I have ever been to. "

 Sara - 08/04/2020

" The angelic-like people in this office have shown me compassion, the atmosphere is very soothing, and my doctor has beyond has exceeded any of my expectations. "

 Clarissa - 07/31/2020

" Staff was extremely nice and helpful. "

 Juanita - 07/23/2020

" Dr Hernandez is always very caring about my health and well being. "

 Jose - 07/22/2020

" My journey continues! Thank you to the staff who make me feel welcome 🙏 "

 Olga - 07/21/2020

" It was a great experience. Felt very comfortable with my Dr. looking forward to my next visit. "

 Scott - 07/21/2020

" Dr. Hernandez as always have me absolutely phenomenal care, along with compassion, understanding, and safety. No matter the darkness I feel that lives within me, she always makes me believe there is hope. "

 Wallace - 07/17/2020

" Love the staff and office workers. Always helping me out either in person or over the phone. Dr. Hill is the best doctor ever really like her professionalism and her willing to listen to me. So glad my wife found her for me truly a Gods Blessing she is so down to earth and very professional at the same time would know what to without her and the staff. Thank you all of you God Bless you all 😊 "

 Ralph - 07/13/2020

" Ms. Jennifer Hill is outstanding. Very caring, detailed and knowledgeable. "

 Roberto - 07/09/2020

" I see dr. Jennifer Hill and she has always been straightforward with my medicine my diagnosis and everything that I need she is very excellent. And I am very happy with my doctor thank you very much "

 Carmen - 07/08/2020

" My psychiatrist is awesome "

 Elizabeth - 07/03/2020

" Very impressed with my provider. Excellent and informative visit. "

 Alejandra - 06/25/2020

" Love this office and its staff. Professional and they do care greatly about their patients! "

 Trenton - 06/25/2020

" Always a great experience with the staff at this office. "

 Lisa - 06/19/2020

" X "

 Willie - 06/16/2020

" Excellent "

 Brenda - 06/11/2020

" Dr Hernandez is always welcoming and positive. She encourages external efforts to look outside myself and empower my condition. I appreciate the opportunity to be Dr Hernandez patient. "

 Gwendolyn - 06/10/2020

" Great dr p "

 Janice - 06/09/2020

" I love Dr.Hill!! She listens when I talk and is very helpful "

 Julie - 06/05/2020

" Jennifer is beyond fantastic and is a blessing! "

 Pamela - 06/03/2020

" Jennifer Hill is great "

 Jeana - 06/03/2020

" I love this office. I have always been treated with the utmost respect and dignity by all staff members. Since I have been treated at Cantera, I have been feeling so much better. I would highly recommend their services to everyone I know. "

 Sandra - 06/02/2020

" As an RN myself, I recognize NP Hill for what she is, a consummate professional and a incredibly compassionate healthcare provider. I consider myself very lucky to be one of her patients, and you are very fortunate to have her in the practice. "

 Joe - 05/28/2020

" Would like to spend a little bit more time talking to the doctor "

 Linda - 05/20/2020

" Jennifer Hill was very kind and understanding. Abby at the front desk was so helpful and comforting. She even offered to stay on the phone with me while I filled out my patient portal information. She really touched my heart! "

 Judy - 05/15/2020

" I appreciate the time spent with Dr. Sneed. He took the time to ask all the questions about my history and explained the medications very clearly. Enjoyed the visit and looking forward to seeing Dr. Sneed again. "

 Emily - 05/08/2020

" The telehealth could use a little improvement but Mrs. Hill was fantastic! "

 Bertha - 05/08/2020

" Ours was a phone visit because of Covid 19. It was a very pleasant experience. "

 Anita - 05/08/2020

" Dr Sarah Hernandez is very patient n really listens to all my symptoms . She doesn’t rush at all n she’s very professional . "

 Mary - 05/07/2020

" with the COVID-19 going on everything is different "

 Theodora - 05/06/2020

" Mr. Sneed was absolutely the best I have ever seen. Wow. The details. So impressed. No doctor ever spend 2 hours with me. I will be a client for life "

 Margarita - 05/06/2020

" Dr. H is very attuned to what I say and offers deep insights to me specific needs. I am blessed that she is my doctor. "

 Admeeda - 05/01/2020

" I feel very comfortable with Jennifer Hill. She’s professional, understanding and knowledgeable. "

 Sean - 05/01/2020

" First time doing a virtual appointment and was very impressed of how organized and cordial everyone was. "

 Javier - 04/30/2020

" Thank you. Your service and attention to clients has been consistently wonderful. "

 Whitney - 04/29/2020

" I love Dr. Hernandez!!! She is kind and patient and I couldn’t get better without her "

 Katherine - 04/28/2020

" Love the staff, their great, friendly "

 Tim - 04/23/2020

" Jennifer Hill is the most wonderful person who ever treated me for mental health. Tim Beck "

 Joy - 04/16/2020

" NP Sneed is an excellent provider. He explained my diagnosis extremely well and addressed thoroughly his medication recommendations. He mase a follow up appointment with me. I did not see the front desk. "

 Ruby - 04/08/2020

" No comments "

 Cynthia - 04/08/2020

" Thank you for your help "

 Kandi - 04/08/2020

" The Televisit worked fine. "

 Wallace - 04/07/2020

" The staff and doctor at the office and phone consultation was excellent. "

 Astrid - 03/27/2020

" Roxanne and Abby, as well as the rest of the staff, are very friendly, patient, professional, kind andknowledgeable. They answered any and all questions that I had and have a wonderful attitude. they put me at ease when I ask them any questions that I did, by saying to me "that's a very good question" and "many people ask that same question." Dr. Hernandez is also very kind, professional and patient. She spent her time with me and never rushed me at any point. Not only did she listen to me but she actually heard me, and there is a difference between the two. She had a great deal of empathy for me, asked many questions so she fully understood me and properly diagnosed me. She talked to me about medication possibilities, what their functions were, and made me a part of the decision of what medications would be prescribed. My overall experience with her left me feeling very comfortable. I feel she is a very competent doctor, and love her friendly and caring personality which put me at ease. I would highly recommend dr. Hernandez to anyone. "

 Peggy - 03/25/2020

" Dr Hernandez was very thorough and concerned. I was very happy to talk to her. "

 Jennifer - 03/25/2020

" Due to the virus I had a phone appointment with my doctor and it was just as satisfying or comforting of an office visit "

 Michael - 03/16/2020

" You'll never get the caring and concern from a man that you would from a woman. "

 Amalia - 03/10/2020

" Jennifer Hill has been extremely helpful through my life-changes over the last 2 years. I'm grateful for her professionalism and understanding. "

 Dora - 03/08/2020

" Mrs Jennifer Hill is amazing. She has been the only provider that has helped with my issues. Always greats you with a calming voice and smile makes it easy to connect better with your provider. She listens And helps me solve the problem. I can say more but you know I mean. "

 Brice - 03/07/2020

" Dr. Hernandez has been my Psychiatrist for several years. I am a disabled combat veteran with PTSD. Jennifer Hill treats my two sons. She is sweet and very good. The front desk staff are like friends to me. If you let them do their job, they will always take care of you. I see patients ranting at the desk. Don't do that. The ladies are sweet and genuinely care and will spend hours resolving your issues including pharmacy issues. Dr. Hernandez is very caring, encouraging, and sharp as honed steel. She will stop me and set me back on track and will even give "tough love" and she can be hard on you, such as when I am in a bad state and am not being receptive. I need that and so does everyone. I don't need a doctor to smile and nod at everything I say and then just write a prescription. She stops me and works with me 50/50 on a plan that's how a doctor patient relationship should work. Patients often think they should be able to tell the doctor their symptoms then ask for the drugs they want and get them. Listen, this isn't a Xanax distribution center. You get meds you need if and when you need them. As a medical doctor, Dr. Sarah Hernandez weighs the benefits vs health conserns. Dr. Hernandez has shown to be open minded to actual research on med solutions you would like to try. I brought in some research articles on a new way of treating PTSD that the Veteran Affairs has yet to approach (they move slow), and she recognized the neurologist on the article and so she was able to trust or mistrust the findings. She prescribed me the drug and it's done wonders for me. I do whatever my doctors tell me to do, so having a doctor that I can trust with my health 100% is paramount for me. One of the most gifted Psychiatrists with a heart of gold I have ever met. Just be honest, work with her on a plan, and you will get better. They have tons of alternative treatments, it's a "safe space" for all and that's strictly enforced and signs indicate it. "

 Christiana - 03/06/2020

" I am especially pleased with Dr Hernandez.... -She showed sympathy -She recapped to clarify a lot of what I said and confirmed with me her thoughts before making her final assessments -She read my information I filled out prior to seeing me and made me feel as though it wasn’t a waste of time to do it -She was very rational about her suggestions and recommendations -She offered to help with anything further before ending session and did not hurry me out -She offered to coordinate with other healthcare professionals I work with to have the best plan to move forward I am just amazed of the effort and customer service so to speak that she gave as a Dr. thank you! "

 Gwendolyn - 03/06/2020

" Great doc one in a million LGBTQAI+ alli "

 Alexandra - 03/04/2020

" First psychiatrist that actually explained my diagnosis and how it affects me. Also answered my questions about any possible drug interactions. "

 Carrie - 03/03/2020

" Always great service. Roxanne goes the extra mile to make sure your insurance is verified, and let’s you know what your co pays will be before the visit . "

 Kathryn - 02/29/2020

" I was very impressed with the care I received. I felt heard and we came up with some next steps for treatment. I left the office feeling hopeful and I haven't felt that in a long time. "

 Deanna - 02/27/2020

" Appointment was cancelled due to dr. Hill being ill "

 Virginia - 02/27/2020

" I had such a great experience! I am so happy with the service and am very appreciative of the whole office! "

 Lavoyger - 02/14/2020

" Jennifer Hill has helped me so much and has always been there for me. Roxanne up front is amazing. "

 Mary - 02/14/2020

" Excellent office visit. Very impressed with prescription process. "

 Marcella - 02/13/2020

" It was a relief to see the PNP and begin the process to improve beginning my first appointment. "

 Katie - 02/13/2020

" Where do you guys get your sofas from, they're very comfortable "

 Terri - 02/12/2020

" Staff is wonderful. Jennifer Hill is very knowledgeable, listens most of all she caring about my issues and care "

 Susan - 02/06/2020

" Everyone is always very kind. "

 Jose - 02/05/2020

" Along with therapy I have been stabilized. Now I only see my doctor every three months. I feel overall well. "

 Raquel - 02/04/2020

" Very impressed with the services. "

 Bertha - 01/17/2020

" I love Dr. Sarah! She has a very nice office staff! "

 Kevin - 01/16/2020

" Dennis was one of the best psychiatrists I have ever been to. "

 Jeanette - 01/10/2020

" Ms.Hill always does an excellent job of listening to all of my concerns and is very supportive! "

 James - 01/10/2020

" I love Cantera Psychiatry! The office staff is great and the Dr.s are Amazing! "

 Dylan - 01/10/2020

" My granson is doing good there I would not trust his care with anyone els "

 Alan - 12/28/2019

" Excellent service all around and then some!! "

 Jennifer - 12/20/2019

" Thank you so much!! You and your staff are the most incredible people. You have helped me so much and I will miss all of you very much!!! I wish I could take all of you with me. "

 Craig - 12/18/2019

" Friendly, professional, non-judgemental "

 Eliza - 11/27/2019

" Great results from 1st step into the office! We love y’all! Happy Thanksgiving "

 Terri - 11/06/2019

" Jennifer Hill is excellent tacking to , explains everything clearly "

 Juan - 11/01/2019

" Very pleased with the results of my visit. "

 Jordyn - 10/29/2019

" Honestly, it's been my most positive experience in getting mental health help. "

 Roberto - 10/25/2019

" I was very happy with everything dr. Jennifer Hill was excellent and everything she explained to where I can understand and I feel safe and comfortable speaking to her and I just want to say thank you very much "

 Admeeda - 10/17/2019

" I’m relieved that Roxanne is no longer working the front office. She was rude and the new person is very pleasant. "

 Jodi - 10/11/2019

" In the 2 years I have been coming here I don’t think I could ask for a better provider. Jennifer has been amazing with everything and thoroughly explains everything I need to know. I like that she incorporates my opinion into my plan since I’ve never had a provider that allows me to have a voice with whatever decision is made for me. She’s not pushy with certain medications like other doctors are and I appreciate that from her. Being a patient here is one of the best things I could’ve done for my health. The front office staff and office manager are amazing as well and always return my calls right away. "

 Bertha - 10/10/2019

" The girls at the front desk are always very nice. I love DrSarah, she’s always very nice. "

 Yolanda - 10/10/2019

" I am very happy with my provider and highly recommend Cantera Psychiatry. "

 Hector - 10/08/2019

" My experience with Dr. Sarah has been very positive. Highly trained physician. Focus on the patient. "

 William - 10/03/2019

" I have been going to Cantera Psychiatry for over a year now and the visits have helped me a lot. I highly recommend and the doctor being bilingual is a plus. "

 Margarita - 10/01/2019

" Great doc great staff "

 Deana - 09/26/2019

" I I'm c Very pleased with the services and I had a nice experience . "

 Jordan - 09/25/2019

" There have been a lot of improvements in office efficiency, and services offered. Dr. Hernandez is not just a good doctor, she seems to be making a concerted effort to research all available options that might help her clients. Not all doctors do this, so it sets her apart in a good way. It would be nice to be able to reach a real person on the phone easier, but I know that’s easier said than done, and the office staff have multiple responsibilities aside from answering the phone. Something to work toward though. "

 Roxanne - 09/21/2019

" She was running behind so it took longer but that is okay next time I might need her longer with me "

 Jose - 09/12/2019

" I love my new health care provider! "

 Skylar - 09/10/2019

" I absolutely love and recommend this place !! "

 Maria - 09/06/2019

" The only downside is the location is far from where I live but the psychiatrist is good and supportive. "

 Patricia - 08/30/2019

" Dr Hill is awesomely Staff always friendly "

 Patricia - 08/29/2019

" NP Hill is always wonderful, address’s my concerns will write down the changes to my medications so I can remember. Schedules my next appointment before I leave and writes my appointment card for me. NP Hill is very knowledgeable and helpful when suggesting changes to my medications which my previous doctor office was not willing to do. "

 Cindy - 08/28/2019

" I was so nervous about seeing a new physiatrist and I was so relieved that Dr Sara Hernandez was just so easy to talk to and she made me feel really comfortable talking to her "

 Christina - 08/27/2019

" I have never had a problem. Everyone is nice and welcoming. Doctor Hernandez is one of the best out there. "

 Ruby - 08/24/2019

" No comments "

 Kathleen - 08/23/2019

" I feel like I have someone that cares about my health "

 Shelby - 08/22/2019

" The Doctor and staff has always been both professional and very courteous. Dr Hill is amazing and is always extremely nice. "

 Eliza - 08/22/2019

" Dr Hernandez is Fantastic! "

 Juanita - 08/21/2019

" Very satisfied with my care! "

 Caroline - 08/20/2019

" Dr. Hernandez and her staff are the best. I would not go to another doctor. I highly recommend her. "