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Recent Reviews

 January 18, 2022

" My husband and I love this office always such a great experience "

 January 13, 2022

" Carol was essential in getting my meds filled properly. We did wait an hour and 15 minutes from our appointment time until we saw Dr. Aly. Hoping he is able to get me a scooter like he said he would. Said Elaine in Wharton is in charge of that. Curious to see if it happens. "

 January 12, 2022

" The office and the management of the company is very excellent the nurses are on time and accurate the doctors are very a tenant very good to sit and listening talk overall the quality Care is good and excellent this facility would be recommended through family and friend in my opinion "

 December 28, 2021

" Great Staff "

 December 16, 2021

" All went on time "

 November 17, 2021

" Very pleased over all "

 November 13, 2021

" Amazing everything My mom is a patient here an we love it never have any promblem!!!!! Love Dr Ali an his nurse practitioner Rahji ohhh also Shaiena I hope I spelled everyone’s name right lol right !!!!! ��❤️ "

 October 27, 2021

" The doctor saw me nice n helpful "

 October 26, 2021

" I see improvements in the staffing. Your PA is very thorough and takes the time to ask questions. "

 October 19, 2021

" Excellent service by the staff and lab. "

 October 19, 2021

" Staff is always excellent and friendly "

 October 19, 2021

" Overall great experience. Amazing Doctor and staff. They are concerned and cared about your health. "

 October 19, 2021

" I saw Tran and she was very informative "

 October 5, 2021

" Dr Aly is a compassionate and caring doctor. He is the best! "

 October 5, 2021

" I like that the Dr Salman Aly and nurse practitioners know my husband very well and treat him as part if the family. They are concerned of his health do everything they can to get him well. I am very pleased "

 October 1, 2021

" I've not been fortunate to see Dr Salman in person. "

 September 15, 2021

" Good customer service & Doctor listens everything. I am fully satisfied. "

 September 10, 2021

" Everyone was very nice and very professional. "

 September 8, 2021

" Staff was excellent and very professional. I definitely will recommend their services. "

 September 3, 2021

" We love Dr Aly & all of his staff; Tran takes time to listen, answer all questions & doesn’t make you feel rushed. We can’t say enough good things about them. They are always available when we need them "

 September 1, 2021

" Everyone was very professional. Listened to what I had to say. Ordered my prescriptions in a timely manner "

 August 13, 2021

" Thanks, Dr. Aly and team. "

 August 13, 2021

" Really like that the staff offers hydration AND the heated cloth to cleanse my hands was really nice "

 August 10, 2021

" Wish your phone service was as good as the in clinic service. "

 August 7, 2021

" Absolutely gorgeous facility. "

 July 30, 2021

" Every thing excellent very satisfied. "

 July 28, 2021

" Dr. Aly is always amazing!!! He keeps you very involved in your plan of care. Some of the Interns really should take a page out of his book on bedside manners. Other than the recent encounter with the Intern, I would rate him as excellent, with the highest recommendation possible. "

 July 25, 2021

" I had a good visit "

 July 22, 2021

" RN tram is a very professional nurse and knows her job very well "

 July 20, 2021

" We just love this doctor's office. Everyone are so professional We just love the PA Tran.....i think that's her name "

 July 17, 2021

" As usual, outstanding service by all involved "

 July 13, 2021

" With Dr. TRAN it was a great as usual but at the reception it was very bad please ad it e them not to said to the parents that the Dr. Needs money that why they have to collect and be careful as to what to said to the patient. "

 July 6, 2021

" My experience today was excellent . I was able to re-schedule without any difficulty "

 July 3, 2021

" Beautiful facility. Amazing staff. The gentleman that draws the blood is the best. "

 July 1, 2021

" Great Staff "

 June 23, 2021

" All staff was good especially the RN Nurse was very professional and so helpful. "

 June 18, 2021

" Only reason we changed our previous pcp because of dr salman he excellent dr he listen and understand our point of view rest of the staff member no comment we have bad experiences "

 June 18, 2021

" WE just love this office and the PA that saw my husband is awesome! "

 June 17, 2021

" Everyone was awesome and helpful very nice staff as well as the doctor. "

 June 9, 2021

" Excellent medical service. Staff is very caring and thorough, explained things very well, shows concern for your well being. not rushed, takes time with you. You leave there feeling good about your visit. "

 June 8, 2021

" Outstanding service, Staff is great, friendly and helpful. Medical attention is thorough, explains issues very well and takes time to answer questions. Has genuine concern over your health. "

 May 25, 2021

" Like the team so far i have no complaints "

 May 21, 2021

" Tran is excellent, very detailed and listens and responds well. Dr Aly is excellent also. "

 May 19, 2021

" Very nice everytime I go. "

 May 18, 2021

" Everything was exceptional. Dr listened to all our points of discussion "

 May 12, 2021

" My visit will have been perfect when I get my referral that I requested completed. "

 May 8, 2021

" Beautiful girls ..very good sense of humor to put up with me.. "

 May 7, 2021

" Thanks for all the help. One of my prescriptions turned out to be over the counter and not purchased from druggest. Thank you. All was well. All folks were great to us. They care and and all are very professional. "

 May 5, 2021

" Your invoicing group is horrible. Double invoice sometimes and don’t properly file claims with insurance. "

 May 4, 2021

" Everyone was courteous and helpful Keep up the good work Even the Doctors were nice "

 May 1, 2021

" Reception when we entered could be better. Not very friendly. Everyone else was amazing. The facility is gorgeous. "

 April 23, 2021

" Earlier visits were not so smooth and welcoming but this time it was very good. Thanks for taking care of us! "

 April 20, 2021

" Amazing and friendly staff. "

 April 20, 2021

" I always feel welcome by the front office and specially by the staff always welcome and offer water, coffe and hot small towel. Doctor Ali and his Assitance always explained and have the time to answer my questions. "

 April 20, 2021

" I'm a fairly new pt at this clinic. I met Dr Ali at the Signature ER and he was awesome. I think the PA Tran is the world's greatest so caring and everyone are so nice. It's always a pleasure to come to the office "

 April 9, 2021

" Excellent service at the reception also . Was touched when the lady offered coffee. "

 April 9, 2021

" Dr Aly is caring and very thorough. Listens to the patient and discusses care plan with patient. Never rushes or makes you feel like you are part of an assembly line. Highly recommend "

 April 6, 2021

" I have got a good customer service & Dr. Salman Aly took proper time to check & listened everything. "

 April 6, 2021

" all folks were helpful and courteous and knowledgeable "

 March 31, 2021

" Capital Internal Medicine Associates is by Far the best healthcare professionals. Been a patient of Dr Salman Aly since 2018, was introduced to him through his brother Sarfraz Aly. His Nurse Pratitioners are the Best!! I love Tran! She is very Nice, Professional and Courteous. As Well As All the Staff!!! "

 March 31, 2021

" Beautiful building "

 March 16, 2021

" Great Staff "

 March 11, 2021

" I am very satisfied with Dr. Salman Aly and his team "

 March 9, 2021

" Morning receptionist need help giving appointments "

 March 6, 2021

" Visit went great and the doctor explained everything and made suggestions on other check ups to keep my health improving. I have still not heard anything on my refill request. "

 February 26, 2021

" Thank you ! "

 February 26, 2021

" Great experience n glad I chose to bring my parents here. They just moved here from Ocala , Florida and was nervous but all of the staff was very attentive and courteous. Kudos to Kiki and Lupita and Tran. Of course Dr Aly was also very personable and made my parents feel comfortable. Thank you all. "

 February 26, 2021

" Great staff, clean environment and extremely knowledgeable and friendly doctor. "

 February 26, 2021

" The entire staff is Awesome We love Dr Tran so patience and a good listener:) "

 February 25, 2021

" Excellent service. Timely service.. Knowledgeable and ftiendly Doctor and staff... "

 February 23, 2021

" I highly recommend this medical practice. Nurse Practitioner Tran is so patient, kind and knowledgeable. Always listens and is very through. I am so appreciate of her and all of the staff. "

 February 23, 2021

" Everyone was nice, and courteous. Thank you "

 February 12, 2021

" I loved the interaction with the staff. Everyone was personable and I felt comfortable right away. Overall great appointment "

 February 9, 2021

" Dr. Aly takes time to explain things to his patients. "

 February 3, 2021

" a very good experience over all, i will recommend friends and family to you , gracias "

 January 27, 2021

" Great people and great service. Dr. Salman Aly is very attentive and strives to help in all possible ways. "

 January 19, 2021

" Thank you, keep up the good work. "

 January 16, 2021

" Everyone was very friendly and patient. My husband and I love it and are thankful for such service. "

 January 14, 2021

" There was a woman in the waiting area without a mask "

 January 6, 2021

" Thank you Dr Tran "

 December 30, 2020

" I saw a nurse practitioner and was very happy "

 December 23, 2020

" All staff were very helpful & pleasant to talk to. Discussed my health & any changes since last months visit. Went over new medication given to me by my specialist. I am very happy with the medical care I get & would refer them to family & friends. "

 December 19, 2020

" Staff is always helping the patients and Dr. Aly is well aware of what’s going on with a patient and what step to take next . I feel I’m in great hands when it comes to my medical issues "

 December 15, 2020

" Everyone is very courteous and accommodating. And- minimal wait time, which I so appreciate!! Very nice experience!! Miss Tran is terrific!! "

 December 5, 2020

" All good service "

 December 4, 2020

" Over crowded waiting room. With COVID this is bad. Was not going to the vehicle to wait. It was a 50 minute wait until I went back to see my doctor. Everything after that was great. Staff & my doctor were great. "

 November 20, 2020

" You are the best! "

 November 20, 2020

" I’m a new patient and am so impressed with the care and attention given by the doctor and his staff!! Over and above!!! "

 November 19, 2020

" Very respectful workers, clean environment! Very helpful work environment "

 November 19, 2020

" The only issue I had, is that the male who’s upfront needs to work on his customer service skills. He picks and chooses which patient gets called first instead of calling you according to your appointment time. Also, he’s not friendly, but the female staff is amazing!!!! "

 November 17, 2020

" My dr. Visit experience is always extremely excellent every one is always courteous and very professional I would recommend dr. Salman Aly to all my friends! "

 October 27, 2020

" Everyone in the office was professional and thorough in completing the medical follow up examination. "

 October 23, 2020

" Tran is amazing. For Halloween, I want to be Tran. "

 October 20, 2020

" Dr. Salmon Aly was very nice. I was referred to the wrong doctor and he was very gracious and gave me the name of a doctor I could go see. "

 October 13, 2020

" The whole staff and the doctor were excellent! "

 October 9, 2020

" Friendly welcome by staff, extremely clean facility, on time examination, time to ask questions and detail explanation without a rush by the staff. Convince lab at the location, friendly Staff provided and assist you to schedule next appointment. "

 October 9, 2020

" I respect and am very grateful to the doctors and staff at Internal Medicine. Even in the transition of offices, I found everyone to be continually thoughtful. I have a soft spot and much gratitude for all; Dr. Aly is at the top of my list. Thank you all for taking good care of me physically and emotionally. Angela Young-Dukes "

 September 30, 2020

" A prescription was not called in. "

 September 30, 2020

" Love my pcp team "

 September 29, 2020

" Excellent service from all "

 September 22, 2020

" All staff were very helpful & pleasant to talk to. "

 September 19, 2020

" Visited yesterday. Spoke in English. Seemed thorough. Don't know about the timeliness of prescriptions yet because it was just yesterday that I visited "

 August 15, 2020

" Services were performed in a very professional way "

 August 14, 2020

" Pleasant staff in a beautiful facility. Staff is professional and friendly. They made me feel very comfortable. I highly recommend Capital Internal Medicine. First class doctor, facility and staff. They took care of all of my concerns and needs. "

 July 31, 2020

" I am more than happy "

 July 25, 2020

" Thank you for your service and please give kudos to Ms.Tran. "

 July 11, 2020

" Much improved in-office experience. Little to no wait time. "

 July 6, 2020

" Always an easy and painless process! "

 July 2, 2020

" Very professional staff good service "

 June 24, 2020

" Dr Alarcon has an incredible bedside manner and genuinely showed care and concern for my elderly Mother. We cannot thank her enough for everything she did in the hospital and at this appointment. A+ rating!! "

 June 23, 2020

" I love NP Tran she really takes good care of me and she is so smart she knows her stuff. 1st dr to know what’s wrong with me and treats me right. She also listens to me too "

 June 23, 2020

" Dr Sarfaz Aly is an excellent doctor. He addresses his patient’s concerns very professionally. His staff is top notched too. "

 June 19, 2020

" Excellent staff and Amazing Dr . "

 June 13, 2020

" Good experience "

 June 2, 2020

" Everyone is friendly and wants you to be comfortable in their facility. Medical service is excellent and they care about your health. "

 May 30, 2020

" Dr Aly is wonderful! Very caring and compassionate. Reminds me of how doctors used to be! "

 May 28, 2020

" Everyone was extremely friendly. Doctor was communicative and informative. "

 May 19, 2020

" I have been beey please with the patient care and detail of the consultations. "

 May 19, 2020

" The practice is very clean, modern and professional. Keep up the great work. "

 May 5, 2020

" Good to have . "

 May 5, 2020

" I love the doctors and the staff they are very nice "

 April 30, 2020

" I am pleased with the attention and czre i receive from your team Dr Aly and i so glad i chose you as my primary physician "

 April 23, 2020

" I love Dr. Tariq! She is the best �� "

 April 20, 2020

" Even though my appointment was done by video chat, Dr. Aly was still the caring, concern, and extremely professional physician that he’s known of being. I feel very blessed to still have him overseeing my care. "

 April 18, 2020

" I Truly Loved Everybody That Took Care of Me and I Really Truly Enjoyed Finally Meeting and Greeting My PCP Doctor Salman Aly, M.D. Even Tho I Think That I Have Already Met Him Before When I was In Methodist SugarLand Hospital He Took Care of Me. A Patient Would Never Ever Forget a Real Good Doctor "

 March 21, 2020

" The waiting time despite of Appointment was over one hour as it is same on our previous visits too. This should be narrow down as I was seeing the doctor after almost three months. Dr Salman Aly personally is very nice and professional . Knows his job very well and his Nursing staff especially RNP Tramp. The CMA is fully equipped with Lab, Allergy testing CENTRE and basic surgical procedure. I would recommend this all new patients to give a try and you will be satisfied. "

 March 19, 2020

" Every thing was good "

 February 25, 2020

" Best Primary care unit with top of the line doctors in Diabetic care, infectious diseases , good lab facilities, very good nursing and reception staff. "

 February 19, 2020

" Irma the doctor and everyone else did an exellent job ,Irma the doctor is super nice with her patients super friendly "

 February 19, 2020

" Very busy office. 2 receptionist was not enough. "

 February 18, 2020

" By getting email address, hopefully communication with ofc staff will be easier. "

 February 12, 2020

" Everyone there is always helpful and kind. The doctors are very knowledgeable. "

 February 11, 2020

" After visiting Dr.Salman Ali, I feel much better, now I wonder why I should take the medication! (Kidding! Medicine continued) "

 February 8, 2020

" Very good experience "

 January 31, 2020

" I met Dr Salman Aly, through his brother Sarfraz Aly when i was doing antibiotic infusions 3 years ago when i didnt have a primary care physician and my health was a hot mess. I cannot begin to express my satisfaction with the staff. From the front desk, to the nurses, and the doctor. Dr Salman Aly takes his time to listen to his patients concerns and explains the treatment plans throughly and always puts his patients first. EVery one of the staff was courteous, professional, and made my visit as comfortable as they possibly could. Please forward my thanks on to each and every one of the staff there. "

 January 31, 2020

" Very pleased with the services. "

 January 30, 2020

" From the staff to the physicians, everyone was professional and prompt! Always great at any Doctors office ! "

 January 30, 2020

" Only complaint is the long wait to see doctor. The two times I have been there to see dr aly I had to wait over an hour past my appointment time. Love all the doctors and they are the best just hate waiting so long. "

 January 23, 2020

" Great doctor! Very informative and patient. Great bedside manner and very professional. "

 January 23, 2020

" The staff is friendly and polite. Mrs. Tran is both attentive and supportive. She takes the time to know what I feel verses just giving me things. "

 January 17, 2020

" Great service great staff "

 January 8, 2020

" Everything was good "

 December 28, 2019

" Everyone are awesome waiting time is fast "

 December 20, 2019

" Every one was great.... treated me with respect and made me feel comfortable Thank u "

 October 19, 2019

" The staff make you frel welcome. Water and Coffee always offer by the staff. Medical staff provided clear information about your health and answer all your questions. Clean and well organized office. "

 October 15, 2019

" I love the cloth for hand hygiene "

 October 8, 2019

" Would have been perfect if not for wait time "

 August 31, 2019


 August 31, 2019

" Great customer service "

 August 29, 2019

" doctor and assistance are excellent but office assistance and other helper need some attitude. i called Walmart for proscription at 7:30 because i left you clinic at 5:30. Walmart told me there is not proscription for you Mr. Anwer and called again before 30 mints pharmacy close 8:30 my proscription still was not there. so i called in the morning in you office there was gentle man pickup the phone and he told me that he send proscription send last night. i told him hold i will make 3 way call to Walmart when i call Walmart he hangup. so i call again your office and miss kausar answer the phone and i told her all the story she was not nice and i told her hold i will make 3 way call to Walmart i ask Walmart when did you received my proscription. she told us she recited in the morning and there was no dose mention and she try to call nurse but no body was answer to her so i am glad i was 3 way call and she ask all the question and finally we got resolve. i hope this will make you aware to where to need correction.and how to make you client happy and more referral and good comments on public website and social/private media. if you need further verification please feel free to call me 832-908-8171. Thank you. "

 August 17, 2019

" I am really impressed by the clinical staff professionalism and they treated my wife and my self. Complete check up and medications were prescribed . The environment of the clinic, cleanliness and the way reception staff took care of us. Dr Salman Aly is a real professional in the field of medicine and diabetic treatment. All the blood and urine tests were throughly reviewed and according medicines were prescribed . In three months time in will re-examine both of us with blood and urine tests. "

 August 16, 2019

" We are impressed with the Dr and his credentials. "

 August 13, 2019

" every body was very professional and place very nice and clean. "

 August 10, 2019

" I really appreciate the courtesy expressed to me Dr Aly should be the standard for which every physician should emulate he is by far the best PCP I've had in years "

 July 27, 2019

" While in your office ,we both (me and my wife) felt like we are in a safe place, within our own people, thanks to Dr Salman Ali and his co-workers "

 July 23, 2019

" My experience with this group over the past few years has been a good one I appreciate your time and patience with me the staff has been with me through some tough situations and has always given me the best of care "

 July 2, 2019

" Excellent new facility and Staff was very helpful . Well done Dr’s Aly’s "

 July 2, 2019

" Great staff and terrific doctor. Very thorough and takes time to explain and answer questions "

 June 27, 2019

" I am giving this a very good since the staff is so nice. 2 complaints are that while trying to refill the script, in the 2 weeks we were waiting for Walgreens to tell us it was ready, the Dr office never called us to say my mother needed to come in for a follow up to do the refills. And I left several voice mails with no call back. Also, Dr. Aly is only in the office 1-2 days a month. That is a REAL shame. The staff is running the office. We are probably going to look for a new Dr that has more time to see patients. "

 June 11, 2019


 June 7, 2019

" I was treated so nice I've been to other Dr offices but nothing like this very courteous and helpful "

 May 26, 2019

" Place very clean, every one caring, doctor training to know me since is my first time and working on my health problems so I can feel much better as soon possible also looking or referring me to some one else I really like this place, I just wish one day we can just walk in. Seeing the doctor at your convenience moment is very out of stress. "

 May 23, 2019

" The ladies upfront are always attentive, professional, and caring. I can’t leave out Sheena. Sheena is young lady who checks you out. She always has a smile, and is very pleasant and prompt to all of my needs. Overall, all of the ladies there exceeds standards. I wouldn’t choose no other facility for my medical care. "

 May 18, 2019

" This was the most awesome experience I have ever had at a doctors office, from the moment I signed in to the time I was taken to the exam room, Dr Aly was so exceptional wonderful I'm so happy to have Dr Aly and his staff take care of all my PCP and related issues of internal medicine "

 May 8, 2019

" Best Doctors ever. "

 April 22, 2019

" Everyone was very nice and helpful. "

 April 13, 2019

" The staff is amazing ��!!!! "

 April 9, 2019

" Wonderful service "

 March 30, 2019

" The staff here is always friendly, polite, & professional. Always take the time to listen & address any concerns I might have. "

 March 6, 2019

" Dr. Aly is a very caring, and concerned physician. He listens to you as a patient, and not to statistics. He’s very knowledgeable, and always explain things so you will understand what’s going on with your health. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a doctor with excellent bedside manners which is very hard to find. "

 February 23, 2019

" I should have been told that I was going to see Rajiv’s lnstead of Dr. Aly, but I was very pleased with Raji. She was very explanatory and pleasant. "