Recent Reviews

 Amber - 01/18/2020

" After visiting 4 different doctors including 2 ERs, I finally found a provider that listened to me and took my concerns seriously. Less than 24 hours on strong antibiotics and steroids, I’m feeling 90% back to normal. I went from having pain of 8 out of 10 to a 1 this morning. The entire experience was positive- from calling to get a same day appointment, courteous staff/nurses, minimal wait time and a great doctor. This will definitely be the ONLY place I go for any future ENT concerns. "

 Cooper - 01/17/2020

" Cassie was wonderful & part of the reason we chose your office. Your office was the only place I called that was easy to get ahold of someone, and Cassie got back to me quick and answered all questions. She had all estimates ready at the time of the appointment which was so appreciated! Dr.Wassmoth was wonderful! Very thorough & informative. I felt much more confident with his treatment planning than the other office we visited. The front desk was courteous & the lady who brought us back was very friendly & efficient. Excellent experience overall! "

 Travis - 01/16/2020

" I do not go to DR very much so not sure if this is a fair assessment on my part but I do not feel like I was educated very well on procedure and post procedure. Don't get me wrong results so far are great and am very happy with Dr staff and service provided. I just think for other clients in future a better explanation of the ballon process and procedure follow up and do's and dont's in a clear form would be beneficial. Again results are amazing so far and I was explained everything when I asked but it was in a rapid fashion and very casual "

 Robert - 01/13/2020

" Great experience with Dr Brown. Very complete exam and clear understanding of my ear concerns. Looking forward to seeing the results of the prescribed Ear drops. Quality care by all the staff. "

 Angel - 01/10/2020

" The location, doctor and staff were amazing, I definitely came back with a better opinion than I had going into the office. I am definitely considering getting procedures performed by the doctors at this location, I just need to complete a separate appointment first. "

 David - 01/09/2020

" I wish that I had this exam and the procedure done decades ago! Dr Wassmuth and the staff were great and I would recommend them to friends and family who are not getting a good night sleep or having to breath through their mouth when eating. By the way, there was very little bleeding from the procedure and I was able to return to work the next day. "

 Ram - 01/08/2020

" Everyone at Capital Otolaryngology was great and their interfacing super. The Doctor, especially was cordial and very friendly. The medical problem was resolved immediately after the examination. Very happy about the procedure and the outcome. "

 Robert - 01/07/2020

" Doctor was very informative about the surgery I had "

 Christopher - 01/06/2020

" I will follow up, but it would have been good to be sent with a copy of my imaging results rather than needing to request them. "

 Kelley - 01/05/2020

" One of the best well run offices I’ve been in "

 Craig - 01/04/2020

" Awesome experience. The team and Dr Wassmuth were great. Highly recommend them!!! "

 M Janie - 12/30/2019

" Everything always goes quick and on schedule, never had a bad experience. Dr Wassman and staff are great. "

 Joann - 12/29/2019

" Mercedes (sp?) was wonderful as she administered my allergy testing. "

 William - 12/18/2019

" very good experience gave maximum help with my walker no wait time thank you "

 Deborha - 12/12/2019

" I never felt rushed and each member of the health care team was friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. The practice was extremely accommodating regarding my scheduling needs and did an amazing job getting me in quickly on short notice. Dr. Wassmuth has an incredibly comforting, reassuring bedside manner. "

 James - 12/11/2019


 Sharman - 12/07/2019

" Love Dr Dharsarmi and his staff!!! "

 Gary - 11/20/2019

" Dr. Dharamsi is always super attentive and asks if there is anything else I need or anything I don't understand. The audiologist was also super nice and explained what she was doing as we went along. "

 Patty - 11/19/2019

" Everyone was so exceptionally kind. There was 0 wait time. I really am glad I finally made my appointment to go. Not scary at all. "

 Debra - 11/14/2019

" Originally, I went on the website and began a live chat. I thought I was talking to the office, but it appears it was just a call center who took my information and said someone would get back with me. After several days, I just called the office myself to make an appointment. I have Spasmodic Dysphonia, so I was hoping I wouldn’t have to give all my information over the phone "

 John - 11/13/2019

" This was our first visit and we were extremely impressed with Dr Dharamsi - he explained everything he was doing very clearly and has the most wonderful personality. For future ENT care we will most certainly return to him. Thank you so much. "

 Luanne - 11/13/2019

" Dr. Wassmuth and his staff are so very helpful. I felt horrible and everyone treated me with gentle care while providing real solutions. Victor the RN and Cassie also worked with me on next steps. Each answered my phone calls, which is amazing! Thank you all for your attentiveness. "

 Bethany - 11/08/2019

" Everyone was friendly and helpful. The wait time was very short, and the facility was clean. "

 Nolan - 11/08/2019

" The Doctors and staff are always very friendly and informative at the Lakeway location. "

 Amy - 11/07/2019

" Dr. Dharamsi was very knowledgeable, and helpful with questions. Very easy to talk to and explained my status clearly. "

 Matthew - 11/06/2019

" - Would have liked to receive a sheet covering aftercare for my son because by the time we had left the office, we had forgotten most of what the Dr had told us. - It would have been good to get a follow up call the next day to see how my son was doing. "

 Maydell - 11/01/2019

" Margaux is the best audiologist I have had in many years!! Very kind, helpful and thorough. "

 June - 10/24/2019

" Everyone was great including Dr Wassmuth. He was able to solve many problems for us along with his wonderful staff "

 Gregory - 10/24/2019

" Doctor was excellent, and the hearing test was enlightening. Great experience all around! Staff at the front desk was very friendly as well. "

 Jennifer - 10/16/2019

" Dr. Wassmuth was very kind and took time to explain things. The wait was also not bad as I was in and out very quickly. Everyone working there was also very kind and helpful. "

 David - 10/16/2019

" This made a big difference in my quality of health and wish I had done this years ago! "

 Gwendolyn - 10/08/2019

" I know it's a little thing, but I found the cute tissue boxes to be amusing and relaxing. Seems silly really that such a small thing would have made such an impact. Of course, I probably wouldn't have noticed or cared about the tissue boxes had I had any poor experiences with staff. Thankfully, I had a wonderful interaction with all of the staff I encountered. From phone staff, to check-in, to the Audiologist, the Doctor and finally check-out. I wanted to comment specifically on the Audiologist. Very nice person, she seems exhausted and her room looks like it could use some love. Maybe give her something to brighten up her office. I noticed dust and some construction in there. Maybe it was a new room. I just felt a bit sad for her, the rest of the office was so cheery and her's seemed a little neglected. I don't personally care about the decor, I just felt like I was getting an exhausted sort of sad vibe from her. (check on her). The Doctor was fantastic. I had a few questions, he didn't rush me and took the time to explain. Thank you for that! Usually I get a hurried explanation from physicians that I barely understand and it's all being said as I'm being rushed out the door. Dr. Wassmuth did not do that to us! Awesome! Everyone was awesome at your office! THANK YOU!!!! Sincerely and from the bottom of our hearts!! "

 Lucas - 10/08/2019

" The doctor was great. He was so professional, knowledgeable and was wonderful with my son. I really appreciated his professionalism and his ability to help my 4 year old feel comfortable during the exam. I would definitely recommend Capital Otolaryngology. "

 Tera - 10/05/2019

" Love Dr Drahamsi and staff! They are always willing and patient with me, and always willing to explain things until I understand . "

 Gary - 10/04/2019

" Dr. Dharamsi was very personable, informative, and thoroughly explained my situation and the needed treatment. Its easy to be critical when seeing a doctor for the first time but I was very pleased with my experience. I hope the next step (surgery) goes as well as my initial visit. "

 John - 10/03/2019

" Zach and the rest of the staff are obviously dedicated to making the experience as “pleasant” as possible. Oh, and the doc is pretty good too. "

 David - 10/03/2019

" I feel Dr. Wassmuth did a thorough job of assessing the problem I was having with my ear and explaining what was going on. He cleaned out my ear and then gave me a course of action to treat my ear and hopefully keep this problem from happening again. Everything he did and said made perfectly good sense to me. "

 Jazlyn - 10/03/2019

" N/A "

 Stacey - 10/03/2019

" I was very happy that I was lucky enough to get an appointment and medication same day as my symptoms were severe. "

 M Janie - 10/01/2019

" I called because I was stuck in traffic and told them I would be 10 to 15 minutes late. As is was, traffic suddenly disappeared and I pulled into parking lot right at appointment time. I checked in and hardly took a seat when they called for me "

 Gilbert - 09/28/2019

" Very pleased with Margeaux’s care. "

 Charles - 09/27/2019

" very professional staff & Doctor. Very pleased with the outcome of my visit "

 Sunny - 09/25/2019

" Dr. Wassmuth is the absolute best doctor. I have Meniere's Disease, and he is one of the ones who understand and know what to do regarding this disease. Balance and hearing are terribly precarious, and some days are good and others aren't. Dr. Wassmuth was interested in making sure my day to day life is still as intact as possible. I really do appreciate him and all of his staff and the Hearing Test group as well. "

 Sherry - 09/21/2019

" I wish I had asked more questions of the doctor, but that was my fault, not his. "

 Rodger - 09/19/2019

" It is always a pleasure dealing with Dr. Wassmuth, his staff and administrative assistants. The entire operation always meet or exceed expectations. "

 David - 09/19/2019

" I wish I hadn't waited so long to schedule a visit! Looking forward to knocking out a chronic problem, and then possibly following up with allergy testing / treatments. "

 Abigail - 09/19/2019

" Dr. Latif is amazing he was able to diagnose my child in 20 minutes. We have been to three other doctors over the last 3 months and we always came up empty not knowing what was wrong with our child. My family is so grateful for Capital. From the start he assured us that we would find out what was going on. "

 Jeffrey - 09/19/2019

" Being able to see the Dr within a week of being referred was very helpful. Very pleased with all services and interactions. "

 Wyonda - 09/18/2019

" I am totally impressed with my ENT doctor (Dr. Dharamsi) and audiologist (Margaux). I've several ENT's since I was a young girl. When I lost my hearing in June 2019--I went to a doctor on my insurance list. He didn't seem to want to work with me. So I did research online and four Capital Otolaryngology and was pleasantly greeted by Dr. Dharamsi. He listed to my concerns and answered all my questions. My Audiologist Margaux Colburn is very friendly...and she answered all my questions and worked with me to "tweak" my hearing aids. I have already recommended this office to a Vietnam veteran who asked who I was seeing for hearing aids. I will recommend anyone---with high compliments to use this ENT office. "

 Darla - 09/18/2019

" Everyone is always very nice a courteous. The doctor was thorough and showed compassion. Excellent practice. 8 would definitely recommend this Doctora "

 Clark - 09/18/2019

" Great visit. I was particularly pleased with how staff handled a tricky billing/insurance situation. "

 Linda - 09/14/2019

" I love Dr. Wassmuth but had a HORRIBLE time with getting a prescription filled . It was called in wrong and had a difficult time getting someone to call me back. Was put on hold for so long that my call was routed to a recording. BAD follow up by the staff but Dr. Wassmuth will still be my go-to guy. "

 James - 09/13/2019

" Very efficient and easy "

 Janel - 09/12/2019

" Capital Otolaryngology is Awesome, the people are great, and Dr. Wassmuth is fantastic. He is patient and takes time to answer all my questions. He is attentive as all the staff there. I live in Waco, and it is worth the nearly two-hour drive to visit Capital Otolaryngology. The Sleep Apnea in Waco only sees the patient one time. After that, the patient sees a nurse practitioner or a doctor's assistant. Here I see the doctor each time. I couldn't ask for a better doctor. I recently fell and broke my nose. I never heard from the Waco ENT I was referred to, and then I thought of Dr. Wassmuth. He is far superior and explains everything thoroughly. I highly recommend this doctor and this practice. "

 Monique - 09/11/2019

" The doctor was very polite, understanding, and caring. He made sure I knew exactly what was wrong and explained the next proper steps to me before performing the procedure. "

 Linda - 09/10/2019

" No wonder this place is consistently voted “Best of the Best”! Office staff is always friendly and helpful. Medical staff is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. Wait times are always short and appointments are always available. I highly recommend CapOto to anyone with ENT issues. "

 Cheryl - 09/10/2019

" This was my first visit to the practice. Was very pleased, all was great. "

 Glynis - 09/09/2019

" Doctor Dharamsi. Is awesome, polite and has a wonderful manner about him. Would and have recommend him highly. "

 Lounell - 09/06/2019

" My experiences with staff and providers has always been excellent. I get all my questions answered in a knowledgeable manner. Everyone is courteous and friendly. "

 Yvonne - 09/06/2019

" Excellent facility, informative , and very courteous! "

 Adelyne - 09/05/2019

" I cannot express how wonderful Dr. Dhramsi has been in helping my daughter with her nodules on her vocal cords. Bedside manner was exceptional, my daughter was very comfortable and I felt very well taken care of. All of our questions were answered and all staff was fantastic from reception to checkout. Absolute phenomenal work! "

 Katherine - 09/04/2019

" Dr. Dharamsi was thorough, professional, and relatable and the staff was excellent. "

 Diana - 08/30/2019

" Dr Wassmuth was very understanding of my medical concerns and address them. I was very happy I choose him to be my medical provider, he was wonderful! The entire staff from front office to his assistant surpassed any other medical staff that I have dealt with recently or in the past. "

 Angela - 08/30/2019

" Dr Dharamsi is an excellent physician. He was very detailed when walking me through the endoscopy procedure and showed a great deal of patience when answering all my questions. It's a nice change to sit with a doctor who genuinely seems concerned and understands the need to help get my condition resolved. Thanks so much! "

 Drew - 08/30/2019

" Great doctor. Great on time service. Great facility. Horrific tool pre appointment to provide patient info. Terrible, ton of time and didn’t work "

 Mary - 08/29/2019

" I would have much preferred to see the doctor at the Lakeway office. It took an hour each way for me to travel to this office. I live in Lakeway. "

 Rebecca - 08/29/2019

" Best staff and doctors ANYWHERE! Caring and knowledgeable! "

 Nathan - 08/29/2019

" I can't believe I have been walking around with a huge tumor in my nose for years. Big thanks to Dr. Wassmuth for taking care of it for me! "

 Jennifer - 08/28/2019

" Thanks for getting me in quickly! Professional and friendly health care team. "

 Esther - 08/27/2019

" I feel very positive about this clinic. My first visit went great. The doctor actually has a plan in place. Gave me solutions that may occur after my sleep study. "

 Ronald - 08/24/2019

" She corrected an error made in my hearing aids (reversed) !!! by previous audiologist. "

 Safia - 08/24/2019

" Dr Dharamsi has always been thorough about explaining and figuring out the problem with our daughter’s ear infections. Staff is caring and always friendly. Thank you I will definitely refer others to Dr Dharamsi. "

 Richard - 08/23/2019

" Margo seems extremely thorough and most helpful. "

 James - 08/21/2019

" Excellent and very professional service that is always needed to hear from the patient. "

 Wayne - 08/21/2019

" Very caring doctor. Really took time to find out the problem and then suggest a solution. Super nice, would definitely recommend him "

 Mark - 08/20/2019

" My only comment is that when I confirmed my appointment via the email reminder on 2019 Aug 17 the website gave me the option to add an Appointment to my Outlook calendar the time it set the appointment for was 9:40 AM not 2:40 PM. "

 Marc - 08/15/2019

" I have already recommended your practice to 2 other co-workers! "

 David - 07/30/2019

" I have to come back for another visit to know what the cause of the issues are. "

 James - 07/30/2019


 M Janie - 07/25/2019

" No one really wants to have surgery but in this case I am so looking forward to having the Inspire Implant surgery. I have every confidence in Dr Wassmuth to preform the procedure and am looking forward to life with reduced or or total elimination of my sleep apnea and snoring. "

 Alyssa - 07/20/2019

" Dr. Wassmuth was great. I didn't feel like he was trying to rush through the appointment, he really made sure I understood what was going on and he answered all my questions. "

 Kenneth - 07/19/2019

" Amazing facility and best staff!! "

 Ryan - 07/18/2019

" Overall very satisfied. My only complaint is that I wish Dr. Wassmuth would have gone into potential risks/side effects a bit more on the recommended care. Will be calling back to discuss these. "

 Barbara - 07/18/2019

" Wow! The best of everything. I am serious about this. The epitome of care! From the moment I stepped into the office, every single person was kind, professional, knowledgeable and caring. Every single person. Dr. Dharamsi diagnosed my problem - one that an ENT from a different practice had missed. I am an RN, and appreciate the high level of care in this practice. Deepest thanks to each of you for your contribution to the welfare of your patients. "

 Locke - 07/17/2019

" Such a great first time experience! I am worried about my little one and his chronic cough/congestion and Dr. Dharamsi put me at ease. He did not make the exam more uncomfortable for my little one than needed to be. He was gentle, knowledgeable and made sure I understood his diagnosis and review. Will return!! "

 Amy - 07/17/2019

" The receptionist and audiologist were especially helpful. Every person I met was professional, knowledgeable and kind. "

 Roy - 07/14/2019

" Our doctor gave us answers that no other doctor could. My husband is much much better and has hope again of being well. Thank you so much "

 Francine - 07/10/2019

" friendly staff. VERY clean and organized facility. "

 Ray - 07/10/2019

" It was my first meeting with the new Audiologist. She was excellent! Took time to get to know me and was very caring. She answered all my questions and was very professional. Great hire. "

 Charles - 07/10/2019

" Wait time seemed a bit excessive, but on the other hand, it was late in the day ... "

 Victoria - 07/09/2019

" I think that my complaint is the most often dissatisfaction expressed in reviews. I felt rushed. "

 Victoria - 06/29/2019

" We had a great experience. Dr. Dharamsi has an excellent bedside manner and explains things thoroughly. He truly cares about his patients and gives each of them the attention they deserve. "

 Karen - 06/27/2019

" Very prompt, almost no wait at all. First visit to Dr. Wassmuth and I was so impressed by his listening skill and questions. Awesome! "

 William - 06/27/2019

" Need a written report from Dr. Dharamsi on evaluation of right ear for VA (veteran's administration) approval of future benefits. Please email report to me. Mahalo Nui Loa...... Bill Hartmann "

 Kent - 06/26/2019

" Dr. Dharamsi was so easy to talk to. I even told him about times when I been taking antibiotics and still occasionally drinking alcohol and I thought that the efficacy of the antibiotics was affected. But instead of looking at me with a judgmental eye, he said that that was probably untrue and that I was not to blame and that I had probably been given the wrong antibiotic for my severe situation with a very serious sinus infection. He took the time to listen to me and about my concerns and gave me multiple chances to remember to ask any questions about my case. He is truly a kind man and very well educated. I recommend Capital Otolaryngology to anyone who is having serious issues with their sinuses and or ears and throat. This team of doctors are wonderful specialists in many ways. Kent K. Lakeway, Texas "

 James - 06/22/2019

" The office staff took the time to explain that the Dr. was not in the network of my insurance company and what the charges would be as a result. The option of changing to a Dr. that was in the network was given but that would have meant an appointment on into the following week. "

 Andyrea - 06/19/2019

" I am so pleased to have a provider who listens and cares for patients’ needs. "

 Shirley - 06/19/2019

" Phone appointment process was efficient and speedy when I called directly several days later. But previously I had issues trying to set up an appointment online because it was a weekend. System promised a call but I never received a call back from the office for that. "

 Deanna - 06/15/2019

" I was not happy with check-out. During check-in I was given a paper with estimated charges and then when I checked-out they were different and I had to pay a lot more than anticipated. Very disappointing. "

 Marlene - 06/13/2019

" They are always amazing!!! "

 Janel - 06/08/2019

" This was my third visit to Dr. Wassmuth. It was the only time I had any issues with the office staff. The first person I spoke with was a tad bit argumentative when I asked her to note in her records that I needed information from my sleep study because I had not been able to travel back to Austin from Waco to hear that report. Several days later I called to make sure the office had received the medical information from my local hospital relating to the reason for my visit to Dr. Wassmuth. Everyone was very nice, they just didn't get the information to me in a timely manner. I have to pay a company to drive to and from Austin. I did not want to get down there only to find out they needed more information and there is a time limit for canceling a driver. It all worked out, but I was stressed unnecessarily for several hours. All in all I have had wonderful experiences at Capitol Otolaryngology. I chose their practice over any in my hometown to determine if surgery was needed for a broken nose after a fall where my face was the first thing to hit concrete. Dr. Wassmuth is superb! "

 Michael - 06/07/2019

" The Steroid prescription I got is already allowing me to breath much better. Was glad it wasn't a sinus infection. "

 William - 06/06/2019

" am scoring "likelihood of referral" at Good only because Will didn't have much done other than a review of symptoms - and so i can't say anything about treatment here. But an excellent experience overall. "

 Judith - 06/06/2019

" Was able to get an appointment quickly. Everyone was friendly and helpful. "

 Jason - 06/05/2019

" good work "

 Debbie - 05/31/2019

" I was really impressed with the facility and staff. I will definitely refer them to friends and family! "

 Sean - 05/30/2019

" Dr. Wu is amazing! "

 Maxwell - 05/24/2019

" Dr Wu is great!!! "

 John - 05/23/2019

" Dr Olivia is just the best "

 James - 05/23/2019

" Pilar is my tech. She is wonderful. She is bright, personable and very sweet. Exemplary person. "

 Alicia - 05/22/2019

" Everyone in the office was very welcoming and helpful. Having just moved here it was really nice to feel at home in a brand new place. "

 Trudy - 05/17/2019

" When I called to schedule an appointment I requested your Lakeway location. My appointment however was set for your Austin location. Also I completed my new patient documents online but they weren’t received by the doctor’s office. "

 George - 05/17/2019

" Very helpful. Love Dr. Wu. "

 Debrah - 05/17/2019

" I referred my spouse you should see him on your appointments soon. "

 Charlotte - 05/16/2019

" My husband and I have both recently had surgeries performed by Dr. Dharamsi. He has been nothing but thorough and amazing throughout the entire process for both. He calmed my fears about my procedure and afterwards when their was a possible concern post op. His friendly and calming demeanor, attention to detail and skilled abilities make him the best ENT in town. Our daughter with Down syndrome sees him now as well and he is patient and works well with her too. I can’t say enough good things about him! "

 Jacquin - 05/16/2019

" Awesome in every way! Thank you Dr. Wu and staff for taking such great care of us! "

 Lisa - 05/14/2019

" Awesome facility and very good doctors, assistants, and nurses "

 William - 05/12/2019

" Prompt, thorough, honest "

 Lynne - 05/08/2019

" Dr. Wu and her staff were courtesy and very professional. Thank you for the great service, L. McCoy "

 Lucian - 05/08/2019

" Wait time in the exam room was 50 min. I wasn't in a hurry, so it really didn't bother me. Otherwise, I had a very good experience. "

 Richard - 05/01/2019

" Dr. Wu did an excellent job in clearing my completely clogged ear. "

 Gerald - 04/30/2019

" Excellent experience Dr. Wu was very knowledgeable and caring would definitely recommend this clinic "

 Helen - 04/28/2019

" Dr Dharamsi is an absolute jewel! I’m telling EVERYONE! He was thorough, explained each step and resolved my issue. "

 Hudson - 04/26/2019

" Dr. Dharamsi is an absolutely wonderful doctor! "

 Angel - 04/25/2019

" I was having problems trying to get information on how to get the take home sleep study for D.O.T. and nobody knew what to do until I found this pla e by accident online, and I thank God I did cause they knew just what to do. "

 Jaime - 04/25/2019

" Quickest wait time I’ve ever experienced at a dr office. I appreciate the respect for my time. Was happy to have a procedure done the initial time I came in instead of having to make a special appt. "

 Cy - 04/24/2019

" My only comment is that I was told that I'd get a call from the surgery scheduler yesterday or today and I have yet to receive a call. There are still a couple of business hours left in the day though so maybe I'll still get it. If not, I'll initiate scheduling the surgery tomorrow. "

 Charles - 04/23/2019

" The visit was excellent but the appointment scheduler was not efficiently informed on the time required for the appointment. "

 Jim Bob - 04/18/2019

" My DR was very nice and caring don't know if my problem is fixed or not but will try the things he told me to try. Staff very nice. "

 Travis - 04/12/2019

" Dr. Dharamsi is the best! "

 Mary - 04/11/2019

" Your receptionist needs to smile & make you feel welcomed "

 Angela - 04/10/2019


 Bradley - 04/03/2019

" Dr. Wu and the audiologist were great and super friendly. I would say that the most unfriendly people we encountered was the assistant who took us back to our room as well as the receptionist. They both seemed they were just trying to get through the day and did not want to be there. "

 Sarah - 04/03/2019

" Dr. Wu is the best! She always takes great care of me. Sarah S. "

 Jorge - 04/02/2019

" Only problem I had was the amount of calls I received about my insurance card and my appointment. I am a business person it about drove me crazy with all the calls and email reminders. "

 Linda - 03/29/2019

" Very thorough and competent. I feel like I’m in good hands. "

 Jazlyn - 03/28/2019

" N/A "

 David - 03/27/2019

" Awesome, only light bleeding and I don't need a bandage with next morning! "

 David - 03/27/2019

" I give doctors one hour to show up at the appointed time and then I walk and re-schedule unless I am very ill. The Dr took 55 minutes of that one hour. "

 Constance - 03/23/2019

" If the meds work then I won't need to go back except to get fitted for hearing aids. I will already be recommending Capital Otolaryngology to everyone. "

 Nancy - 03/22/2019

" This was the first time I visited your clinic after having seen MANY ENTs over the years, as well as a sleep doctor. I liked the approach taken with treatment options, always conservative initially. Surgery was given as an option and I never felt pressured into going that route. The doctor was very personable and understanding and at the same time very thorough with her explanations of my medical conditions. "

 Steven - 03/20/2019

" Excellent experience all around "

 Weston - 03/19/2019

" We had the best experience! They were able to get us in so quick to get ear tubes for my 10 month old. The staff was very informative and helpful and friendly. We could not have asked for anything better, it was perfect and my son is already so much happier after getting his ears all fixed up! I'm so thankful for such a smooth and easy experience! "

 Gilbert - 03/17/2019

" Sabrina always does a great job. "

 Patricia - 03/16/2019

" I found it a little disconcerting that I never saw Dr. Wassmuth. I assume he came in and did the procedure after I was under anesthesia and was gone before I came out of anesthesia. "

 Kerry - 03/15/2019

" Excellent and caring staff. "

 Eunice - 03/13/2019

" Dr. Dharmsi is the best. He is very knowledgeable, compassionate, caring and attentive to details. From the first day I met him, I knew he was the doctor that I wanted to care for me. Overall, he is a professional within himself and I thank him for just being himself. In a world of hatred and rudeness, we need many more Dr. Dharmsi's in the world. Kudos to doctor Dharmsi. It is a pleasure to write of my experience because they are good ones�� "

 M - 03/13/2019

" It is a pleasure to work with Dr Wassmuth and all the staff. They understood my problems and with testing we should be able to correct my condition. "

 Samuel - 03/12/2019

" I have had 4-5 visits to Capital Otolaryngology in the past three years. I always have caring and professional care from them. They have gone above and beyond the call of duty several times for me and I feel they would do that for any patient. "

 Cecil - 03/11/2019

" Dr. Wu is the GREATEST!!! I live 80 miles from the office, but will not change my ENT because of her dedication to my health. She explains everything that is going on with me, as well as making sure she keeps up with what could occur. Her personality is a 15 on a scale of 10, and although she has been my ENT for just two years, I feel as confident in her as though she had been taking care of me for the last 50 years. "

 Sergio - 03/09/2019

" Thank you for squeezing me in. I goofed up and went at the wrong time. Everyone explained what they were going to do and then did it. "

 Thanh - 03/09/2019

" Excellent "

 Elton - 03/08/2019

" I tried to sign onto the Capital Otolaryngology patient website. I had never been on it before so I needed to register on it with my own User-ID and Password. It would not take my requested User-ID and responded with a message the "USER-ID not Found". I was not able to find a rules for User-ID/PSWD formation. It may be possible that I requested something that violated those rules. But I don't know how to overcome the problem. "

 Randy - 03/08/2019

" Dr. Dharamsi was very professional. He took his time to listen to my concerns and sought to address them. I was extremely impressed with his ability and manner. "

 Patricia - 03/08/2019

" I'm thrilled to have found Capital Otolaryngology and especially Dr. Dharamsi. "

 Heather - 03/06/2019

" Quick procedure. "

 Abel - 03/03/2019

" The service has always been fast and friendly. Easy to schedule. The hearing aids have made such a huge impact on my life. I have a new level of confidence now. No longer struggling to hear. Thank you! "

 Rodger - 03/02/2019

" Sabrina Olivia exceeded expectations. She was right on time for my appointment, corrected the problem with my hearing aid and administered a hearing test. I was in and out in thirty-five minutes. Exceptional service. ms "

 Sandra - 12/29/2018

" Thank you for your care. "

 Stephen - 12/29/2018

" Kyle our teck for our sleep study for me and my wife last night was excellent. You are lucky to have a person like him taking care of you patients. Sandi and Steve Buckstein "

 Tera - 12/01/2018

" Love all the staff they are wonderful, helpful and listen to you. "

 Louise - 11/25/2018

" The sleep study tech was friendly and knowledgeable. He made me feel comfortable. "

 Jillian - 11/12/2018

" I’ve already referred Dr. Wassmuth to a friend. I really appreciate his progressive approach, working with local dentists and thinking outside of the box! The best. "

 Suzanne - 11/07/2018

" First-class operation from start to finish! Quite impressive! "

 Martha - 11/02/2018

" This was my first visit. They are in a transition office, so there was some confusion in finding the office & a 30-minute wait before someone actually acknowledged that I was there. I expect that the staff will get to be more organized when they get in to their new office. "

 Pamela - 10/18/2018

" Thank you for allowing me the flexibility to reschedule the appointment time due to the flooding situation in my neighborhood. Thank you Dr. Dharamsi for listening to my sleep issues and recommending an alternative mask to fix the problem. "

 Christopher - 10/06/2018

" Breathing bettter day one. Everyone was professional and courteous in all phases. Thank you! "

 Lynda - 09/25/2018

" I'm very happy with the visit aside from dealing with the staff at both front desk and check out. If it weren't for the doctor or medical assistant/tech, I would most likely look for a new ENT office and would not return due to the lack of good customer service I receive from the person I check-in with and the person at check-out. There is also a negative tone you receive when calling in to book appointments that almost made me cancel my request for an appointment, in addition, I attempted to book something online (as I was an established patient) and never received any confirmation for several days that I ended up calling instead. Finally, it has left a negative impression on me to receive a call the morning of my appt to see if I could come in earlier for no apparent reason. If there was a valid reason for this request, I would have either complied or rescheduled, however, I was given no reason for this request. I try and respect your time, please also try and respect your patient's time when your staff make these types of requests. "

 Michael - 09/18/2018

" The staff and doctors are doing a excellent job of helping me with my health concerns "

 Frank - 09/12/2018

" Dr. Wu was very through. "

 Michael - 09/08/2018

" Sleep tech was awesome "

 Susan - 08/30/2018

" Sabrina excellent in explaining why she chose my hearing aids, how to use them several times making sure I put them on correctly, etc. Last visit she showed how to clean. Most importantly sent a email with more information which I can return to to make sure I understand everything. She is patient and knows how to make the patient is completely comfortable using the hearing aids. "

 Max - 08/29/2018

" They were wonderful- from front desk to doctor. "

 Martin - 08/28/2018

" I was in and out so fast. I like that the Doc is actually ready for me at the time of my appointment. It is probably the most efficient doctor office in Austin. "

 Phyllis - 08/24/2018

" Visited with Samatha in Hearing Aid department. So impressed with her knowledge and presentation. Purchased my trial aids. "

 Matthew - 08/24/2018

" All staff act like they actually care about your health and your needs. They place the patient first. "

 Ida - 08/06/2018

" Berry pleased. "

 Nellie - 08/03/2018

" Doctor Dnaramsi has one of the best bedside manners, I have come across in years. "

 Rwik - 08/02/2018

" Dr. Zach is one of the most effiicient, knowledgable doctors I have met. He even remembered by wife's issues and asked about her, though she had not been in to see him in 3 years!!!! He also recommended a lower level of intervention for my sinus issues than another ENT surgeon I had seen. "

 Stephanie - 07/11/2018

" Wonderful proactive care. Thank you! "

 Cheryl - 07/06/2018

" I am impressed with everyone & the care I’m receiving! "

 Martin - 06/26/2018

" Dr Wassmuth and his staff provided a great experience. I am more than happy to give referrals to this office. I almost wish I had more problems I could bring here to be fixed. "

 Melissa - 06/21/2018

" I love going to see Dr. Dharamsi. He has the best bed side manners and is easy to talk to. He does not recommend unnecessary surgeries or medication. "

 Elise - 06/20/2018

" I highly recommend Dr. Dharamsi, he is a great physician and surgeon who gets to the core problem quickly. His Lakeway office has a very nice staff with little waiting. "

 Bridget - 06/17/2018

" I love the care I received from this office and staff, and I have recommended Dr. Dharamsi to multiple people. "

 Phyllis - 06/14/2018

" Great experience "

 Mary - 06/14/2018

" After having gone to the same doctor for several years, I was a bit apprehensive about seeing someone new. Everyone in the office was very kind, and very competent. I would highly recommend them. "

 Diana - 06/13/2018

" Always a wonderful experience. Which is really important with so many doctors having to rush through an appt. I have the utmost confidence that I will always be given the best care when I come here from reception, doctor, check out & billing. Totally recommend them! "