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Recent Reviews

 Eric - 05/30/2023

" Provide a totally dark room, with no outside noise. Too much light in the room. Lots of talking and other noises outside the room "

 Shelby - 05/29/2023

" Wish the room could have been darker, brightness from monitor made it hard to sleep. Also would have like the option to go to the bathroom without having to call for help. "

 Catalina - 05/29/2023

" Roger is an excellent sleep technologist I recommend him to everyone very friendly and attentive "

 Robert - 05/26/2023

" My sleep tech was outstanding. "

 Jessica - 05/26/2023

" My sleep technologist Alex was excellent! "

 Denise - 05/25/2023

" Tech was super friendly and made me feel comfortable. She has such a great rapport with patients! "

 Mathew - 05/24/2023

" I didn't sleep very well, hope that didn't affect results. "

 Rita - 05/24/2023

" Signage at the center was not clear. Address and suite location was given but building signage was unclear "

 Annalise - 05/24/2023

" A separate bed (not recliner) for parents that have to attend with kids would be best. Otherwise our experience was great. "

 Michael - 05/24/2023

" There were no washcloths in the bathroom, there was one hand towel. If I wanted to take a shower, I couldn't because of no towels and washcloths. "

 Christopher - 05/23/2023

" My sleep tech, Karen, was awesome. So nice and explained everything. She was also a please to chat with. "

 Kevin - 05/22/2023

" A good experience. The technicians were good and professional. "

 Magdy - 05/22/2023

" Every body in the center do good job "

 Khadeeja - 05/22/2023

" I had a male take care of me while I was there. He respected my religion (Muslim) he respectfully asked if I wanted a female as he noticed I was covered I told him it was okay as this was for my health and he wouldn’t actually be touching me. He had me place the wire under my shirt and I honestly respected that he did that. He was very nice and told me everything he was going to do before he did it. He made sure I was comfortable as I really missed my kids as I’m not use to going 1 night without them. He made sure I was okay and woke me up in a respectful manner. I believe his name was Mr Roger. This place was beautiful and everything was neat. I did notice hand prints on the headboard but I have kids so I know how that can be. Bed was made up very nicely. Not a peace of dust in sight or nothing. Restrooms was clean and neat even when getting up to leave out. Thanks for making sure I was comfortable and checking on me. This was what I call a warm welcome. "

 Kathy - 05/22/2023

" Call he was extra nice!!!! "

 Shamar - 05/22/2023

" The staff was was great!! "

 Emma - 05/20/2023

" The technician was extremely attentive, very informative, and warm with our granddaughter. "

 Debra - 05/19/2023

" everything was great. My tech for the night ,"T", was so sweet and helpful and kind. I felt very comfortable and cared for at all times. "

 Jessica - 05/18/2023

" Roger was very thorough and made sure I was comfortable. He answered all of my questions. "

 Dorothy - 05/16/2023

" Jenny was wonderful from first contact to last. I would recommend this facility to anyone needing a sleep study. I have had 3 sleep studies over the years. This facility and staff were the BEST by far!! "

 Donna - 05/16/2023

" I doubt very seriously that I can wear this I got very little rest but that’s bad cause I can’t stand something on my face or nose the facility and the techs were great "

 Pamela - 05/15/2023

" This was the best sleep I had in a long time and the Techs was wonderful and took care of me well. "

 Vaden - 05/13/2023

" Most pleasant sleep study that I have ever had. "

 Cara - 05/13/2023

" Tracey was wonderful with my daughter and tried to make her feel as comfortable as possible with this process. The rooms were clean and comfortable and had everything we needed. I would recommend this center to anyone in need of a sleep study. "

 Stephanie - 05/13/2023

" Tish I think her name is, was absolutely amazing she heard my concerns and made me feel safe in area that when I walked in I didn’t feel safe. She took great care of me. The temperature of the room was just perfect. The bed is horribly uncomfortable, and the TV remote would not work from laying in the bed had to get up and stand under the TV for it change Channels or lower the volume. "

 Frances - 05/12/2023

" Absolutely loved my attendant Farman! Very personable and nice. "

 Mark - 05/12/2023

" Everything about the facility and staff was great. They made this a good experience. The issue was NOISE. It's a sleep study so I need to be asleep. I was awakened after just a couple hours by the sound of talking outside my door and a television in the next room. This was very frustrating to try and go back to sleep and it interrupted the study. "

 Rebecca - 05/12/2023

" I would have loved a softer mattress. "

 Michael - 05/11/2023

" My sleep technologist was amazing. She was very friendly and accommodating. Please give her a raise as she reflects well on your business. "

 Tonya - 05/11/2023

" Alex is awesome She explained everything thoroughly. I knew exactly what was going on since it was my first time I had no idea she’s made me feel very comfortable. It was a different experience. She is truly an asset to your company. Thank you. I don’t know "

 Donna - 05/10/2023

" The Sleep Center at Aspen Grove was disappointing. Although it was easy to get to, parking great and very clean. The room was disappointing. I would have preferred a hotel setting with my own private bathroom!!! "

 Lillie - 05/10/2023

" My daughter came home saying it was like a hotel and she felt very cared for by the nurse. Th at made this mom feel very good 😊 "

 Zaiden - 05/10/2023

" Milet was wonderful with my little boy, he was so patient and made sure my little boy knew exactly what he was doing the whole time! "

 Dorothy - 05/09/2023

" Did not see a doctor at the sleep study, but the doctor who set up the procedure was great and seemed to care about the patient. We appreciate the great service! "

 Donald - 05/08/2023

" It was great thanks "

 William - 05/06/2023

" Alex, the tech, was very friendly. Made the experience as easy as it could be "

 Mary - 05/06/2023

" The bed was terrible, very hard and hard for me to get in and out of. The bathroom and amenities were great. The recliner was very nice as well. That’s why I originally fell sleep. The staff was great and being able to control my own. AC was wonderful. But not enough pillows and hard bed are my only complaint "

 Eletta - 05/05/2023

" The facility, my room and rest room was very clean. The technician (Mr. G) was very professional, knowledgeable, courteous, informative and kind when interacting with ne. He helped to make the procedure more efficient and pleasant. "

 Phillip - 05/04/2023

" Awesome experience!! "

 Barbara - 05/03/2023

" Very nice even the lady that was giving the instructions with a very nice and patient and confident young lady "

 Melissa - 05/01/2023

" Tv remote dis not work so TV stayed on all night with volume down "

 Chad - 04/29/2023

" I have two complaints with the sleep center in Hendersonville. 1st… The rooms didn’t have a bathroom connected directly to it. You have to leave the room and walk in the hallway to get to the shared bathroom. If you go to the bathroom multiple times a night this is inconvenient. 2nd… The sleep masks are REUSED?! I am definitely not ok with that. You should let people know, so I could have brought my own from my house. The tech said they are cleaned but the forehead pads were greasy. I have had 4 or 5 sleep studies and that was the 1st time I was asked to use a used mask. I ended up having to use a mask that was not like mine at home (because it was a new mask). Which wouldn’t hold a seal. So I question the validity of the results of my sleep study. "

 Talan - 04/29/2023

" Wonderful experience! "

 Patricia - 04/28/2023

" We really enjoyed talking with Teshia, she was knowledgeable, helpful and polite! "

 Shanell - 04/28/2023

" G was great!! "

 Christopher - 04/26/2023

" Maguire was a really nice and honest technician. Even though I had never worn a CPAP before, he made it to be not such a scary ordeal and I am thankful. "

 Houston - 04/26/2023

" Wonderful a amazing staff and thank you all for the great work that yall do so very well "

 Roy - 04/25/2023

" Good "

 Deborah - 04/24/2023

" Every thing was perfect "

 Keri - 04/24/2023

" My Tech was Awesome! Made things very comfortable for me even though I had high anxiety! I truly appreciated his respectfulness and care. Thanks again. "

 Kanitra - 04/22/2023

" The only thing I was displeased with was the amount of times I received a call/message to confirm my appointment, when my appointment was already confirmed. Even up to the morning of my appointment, I received a call and an email. That is definitely overkill! No one needs that many reminders. "

 Wanda - 04/22/2023

" Tracy was very knowledgeable and friendly! "

 Easton - 04/21/2023

" My only recommendation would be new recliners for parents. "

 Brenda - 04/21/2023

" The technician was respectful, caring and most importantly very efficient. [G] as he wished to be called was totally the right man for the job. Brenda Baxley "

 Shirley - 04/20/2023

" The technologist was VERY good at explaining everything he was going to do or what to expect.And he was very nice and polite. "

 Nicholai - 04/20/2023

" Our technician (I think Tracey?) was kind, helpful, and very calming for my nervous 5 year old. She was quiet each time she came in to adjust things, which we appreciated. She also solved some technical issues very quickly! I knew we were in good hands with her. "

 Betty - 04/19/2023

" Karen was wonderful. Friendly and thoughtful "

 Benjamin - 04/19/2023

" The room ac wasn’t working so they had to control it from the main area so I had to sweat all night and share the same thermostat as a 70 year old lady. The bed and pillows were below avg. didn’t sleep well at all was up every hour and the amount of cords they put on u makes it impossible to get comfortable. One was always falling off "

 Joshua - 04/19/2023

" Sleep technologist was very kind and helpful. The room was nice. It’s not a very comfortable experience, but that was to be partially expected. Most difficult aspect was the shortness of the wires constricting sleep to the edge of the bed and limiting movement. For those who toss and turn to sleep, longer wires would help allow for a more accurate representation of sleeping conditions and for a less difficult sleeping experience. "

 Edward - 04/18/2023

" You people were fine but I didn't seem to sleep at all because of my personal condition.The thermostat wasn't working but the room seemed to be normal temp but I would encourage you to get it fixed because I like to sleep in a hot room because of my personal situation. "

 Anne - 04/18/2023

" i couldn't sleep bc the tech kept coming in to re-position my cables and shined a light in my eyes multiple times. i also had to go to the bathroom and couldn't get up because i was attached to the wall. i called out for the tech to help and it took at least 30 mins for someone to respond and help me. "

 Bassem - 04/18/2023

" Thanks for the awesome service "

 Angelica - 04/15/2023

" I had a very positive experience. The tech was very knowledgeable and made the process very easy. I’d definitely recommend this place. Thank you! "

 Carol - 04/15/2023

" No more comments "

 John - 04/14/2023

" The only thing I would recommend is to have disposable cups or a bottled water in the room. I got thirsty and had to ask the technologist for water. He was very friendly and brought me a cup of ice water. If I would have known, I would have brought a insulated bottle with water in it. "

 Donna - 04/14/2023

" T was my technician and was the absolute BEST! She answered all my questions and was very polite, accommodating and very professional "

 Mark - 04/13/2023

" My Tech was excellent, and the room was very nice. "

 Jackie - 04/12/2023

" Everything was well executed and professional "

 Augusta - 04/11/2023

" Best ever. "

 Michael - 04/11/2023

" The bathroom door needs a handle to help with closing the door. "

 Josie - 04/11/2023

" Was unable to get a full rest. No reflection on the center. I just couldn’t relax to sleep "

 Rosalie - 04/10/2023

" Very satisfied! "

 Mark - 04/10/2023

" Great experience. I anticipate that what was learned will greatly impact my sleep and health going forward. "

 Kevin - 04/07/2023

" They were amazing. Very professional and super nice. I enjoyed staying there. "

 Tabitha - 04/07/2023

" Ms. T was awesome. "

 Timothy - 04/06/2023

" Good Place to have your sleep study. "

 Cathy - 04/06/2023

" I have not seen a Doctor yet "

 Alanna - 04/04/2023

" My sleep technologist was very kind the person that opened the door was kind as well I felt very comfortable and would definitely recommend your location. I believe they went above and beyond to make you feel comfortable "

 Paula - 04/03/2023

" Overall great job done for me. Bed was very comfortable. My tech was very nice and polite. He explained what he was doing as he set everything up for my test. "

 Edwin - 04/01/2023

" Mr. G was so patient with my wild two year old son. Room was very spacious, clean, and comfortable. "

 Jeffrey - 04/01/2023

" The Sleep technician was great, she explained everything and answered all my questions "

 Cameron - 03/30/2023

" Tech, G, was excellent. Thorough, very responsive, knowledgeable and patient. Experience was managed very well. I felt like whomever runs this place takes it seriously. "

 Carlene - 03/29/2023

" My tech was very courteous and made it a very good experience. "

 Diana - 03/27/2023

" The facilitator and room were wonderful. My comfort was a high priority. Prior to my appointment my questions were answered in such a way as to make my sleep study run smoothly. I will be happy to recommend this center to anyone needing this type of evaluation. "

 Christine - 03/25/2023

" My tech was amazing, very kind and supportive. "

 Loretta - 03/24/2023

" The technician (McGuire?) was very professional and also extremely patient with my questions. Thank you for your kindness "

 Alan - 03/23/2023

" I appreciate getting the phone call to let me know that there was a opening prior to my April 14th appointment. "

 Shirley - 03/23/2023

" Thank you for receiving me and treating me like a patient of concern. If I know anyone else that needs this type of treatment. I’ll make sure I mention your service and recommend your services. I appreciate what you do, also how important you’re service makes you fell "

 Shannon - 03/22/2023

" I may have missed reading something important about directions, but the GPS took me to the door of an ascension st. Thomas that was closed, but all lights on. I was confused. "

 Keith - 03/21/2023

" Roger, the Sleep Technologist was outstanding. "

 Robert - 03/21/2023

" Jenny the technologist was very helpful "

 Rajeev - 03/17/2023

" The bed was very uncomfortable. Two pillows that were provided were of different sizes, one was a queen size pillow and the other one was a twin bed pillow. A fleece sheet was provided which looked so worn out. The rest room was not attached to the room and it is very inconvenient to go outside the room in pjs and with all the wires into a general hallway to access the restroom. The stay in that small room was not at all comfortable to say the least. "

 Kevin - 03/17/2023

" I had a fantastic experience. Jaime, the sleep tech, thoroughly explained the process and ensured I was cared for from start to finish. 10/10 would recommend it! "

 Sara - 03/17/2023

" My sleep tech was very good. Explained stuff very well and was very helpful. Very clean environment. "

 Andria - 03/16/2023

" I had a great experience at your facility. Jamie was absolutely AMAZING! "

 Arthur - 03/16/2023

" By its nature a sleep study is not necessarily a positive experience. However, a bit more attention to the details might make it a bit better. The technologist, while competent, worked mechanically and without much personability. The room itself was kind of sterile and uninviting, and not conducive to inducing sleep. The lock on one of the bathroom doors did not function properly, and another (female) patient walked in on me (male) while I was in there. And there must be some way under Heaven wherein the electrodes can be applied in a manner that itself does not actually interfere with restful sleep. Apart from those caveats, the overall experience was fair. "

 Lisa - 03/15/2023

" My technician I believe (Roger) was amazing. He explained everything and took great care of me. The facility was very nice and clean Appreciate the service and care that was provided "

 Rosemary - 03/14/2023

" My technician, Roger, was excellent! Kind, respectful, and great at making me feel less anxious. "

 Richard - 03/14/2023

" Professional and personal treatment. I was made very comfortable. "

 Jack - 03/11/2023

" I didn’t really like sharing a bathroom part but I understand and it’s no big deal. "

 Drew - 03/10/2023

" The Sleep Center and personal were excellent. Curtious and helpful. "

 Camden - 03/10/2023

" Doing a sleep study for a 5 year old was daunting already but the tech made him feel very comfortable and we breezed through it. She was definitely a pro when it came to children, which just made the study so much easier on both of us. Amazing communication as well. "

 Randall - 03/10/2023

" Jack/Jill bathroom is a bad idea. The person next to me got up several times during the night-door lock is loud, along with loud flushing of toilet. This does disturb peaceful sleep "

 Kaniah - 03/10/2023

" Ashley was amazing !!! "

 Glenna - 03/09/2023

" Ashley was wonderful. She made it very relaxing as I was a little nervous. Room was awesome. "

 Leigh - 03/06/2023

" Nurse was great! All went great! "

 Greg - 03/04/2023

" My technician was exceptional. She made the whole experience excellent. "

 Tabitha - 03/04/2023

" The facility and staff were wonderful. I just think as a stomach sleeper being told to sleep on my back is different. As is having a very short length of wires attached from my head to the wall. Overall I'm skeptical. I feel as though I woke up in the exact position I fell asleep in. And that is not normal so I don't see how one nighta test is supposed to be conclusive. "

 Marijo - 03/03/2023

" Tracy, my tech made the experience excellent. She was welcoming, kind, thorough, and considerate. She was working alone because a tech called in sick. Under the circumstances of working alone she did an excellent job. "

 Robert - 03/03/2023

" My nurse was superb. "

 Sariah - 03/03/2023

" The tech was fantastic!!! Very caring and attentive! "

 Laura - 03/03/2023

" I left my pillow on the bed. Can I make arrangements to pick up later? Laura Wheeler 615-415-0127 "

 Curtis - 03/02/2023

" My nurse was so sweet , everyone was great. "

 Larry - 03/02/2023

" Jamie was wonderful "

 Michael - 03/02/2023

" The technologist (Tanisha-I think) was excellent and made me feel very comfortable. Very professional and efficient. You can tell she cares about what she does and the patients. "

 Rose - 03/01/2023

" The room was clean and comfortable. The tech was very courteous and patient. "

 James - 02/28/2023

" Only critique: way too many pre-notifications in my humble opinion. One email and one text to confirm the appointment, then one email and one text reminder is plenty. Otherwise, my experience was excellent! "

 Michael - 02/27/2023

" The Technologist was very good. He was kind, attentive, focused, and very respectful, and concerned with my feelings and nervousness. He was on point the whole time and patient with me. I really liked him and he was short staffed and still didn't seam to be upset about not having additional staff to help him. The room was fine, but the furniture seemed stained and worn. It appeared to be less then what I expected. There were stains on the nightstand and headboard which grossed me out. I tested the areas and it seamed to be more of a wear issue then a stain or dirty issue, however.....the look was not pleasent to come into a room where you were going to sleep when you are already nervous to begin with. This is in no way a reflection on the Technolgist.....he was wonderful and I give him a Five star! At the end of the day, I paid $1,751.00 when I arrived, and worn out furniture was not pleasing to me to say the least. I took pictures to document the room if you would like to see them. "

 Esraa - 02/27/2023

" Esraa dasan "

 Robert - 02/25/2023

" Excellent experience! "

 Dale - 02/24/2023

" The entire experience was a joy! The technologist made me very comfortable and that made all the difference in the world! "

 James - 02/24/2023

" The attending nurse/tech was very professional and informative and very nice "

 Dianne - 02/23/2023

" I had never had a sleep study prior to last night. Tracy was very informative, telling me what to expect and what she would be doing during the study. I felt confident and comfortable, but have an extremely hard time sleeping with restless legs and the wires attached to me. Tracy was very patient with me and quickly helped me with any needs I had. I wish that I wasn’t so restless. Hopefully, the study picked up on what I might need to receive a good nights sleep. "

 Daniel - 02/23/2023

" The door to enter the building should the number 107 on the outside so I would Know I was at the right place. "

 Carol - 02/21/2023

" I was a bit nervous about the test but the Technologist made my experience a great one. "

 Sarah - 02/21/2023

" The facility is woefully in need of an update. I’m sure it’s clean, but it’s so dated and unattractive that it seems dirty. I kept thinking Norman Bates was behind that awful shower curtain. The room had waaayyy too much light. Karen, the tech who was assigned to me, was so nice. However, I was disappointed that, for some reason, she did not test c-pap on me, which was something she had told me was going to happen. "

 Allison - 02/17/2023

" Farman (sorry if spelling is incorrect) was excellent. She was so patient and kind with my daughter and made us both feel comfortable. This was all new to both my daughter and I and she made it so easy. Also, when I called for my appointments everyone I spoke to was wonderful. Everyone was helpful and kind. I felt very comforted with this new experience for us as a family right from the start. Thank you! Keep up the great service! "

 James - 02/17/2023

" Ashley was great "

 Virginia - 02/16/2023

" You are treated like being at home "

 Christie - 02/16/2023

" Great facility!!! Tenesha “T” was amazing! She explained everything and was so kind and knowledgeable. Extremely professional. The room was clean and relaxing. The bed was very comfortable and the staff/environment took all of the stress out of the equation. Thank you! "

 Robert - 02/15/2023

" I still have not received my results from my study done on 1/25/23. I need to get my new cpap machine and mask. "

 Gabryl - 02/11/2023

" The technologist that assisted us was very professional and kind. "

 Patty - 02/11/2023

" Tracy was super. I have never done a sleep study before and Tracy did a wonderful job!! "

 Julie - 02/11/2023

" My technician/nurse was awesome. I was nervous and she made me comfortable. "

 Alan - 02/10/2023

" I was instructed to take my sleep medicine on arrival because They would have me hooked up and in bed in one hour. I was one of 3 patients and the last one to be prepped. I sat for 90 minutes before the tech came in to the room. Then, another 30 minutes before I was set to go to sleep. I timed my medication to be asleep much sooner. Why not stagger arrival times for patients? "

 Gail - 02/08/2023

" I had a hard time sleeping with the wires etc,I don’t think i could sleep more than 1/2 hour. I hope that was enough for any recommendation for diagnosis of sleep apnea! I do think a patient should be told about glue in the hair so one could prepare time for washing hair after leaving! Perhaps a light sedative could be given to assist patient in sleeping! I am very disappointed I did not sleep much as it was a waste of time and sleep! I tried everything melatonin, Tylenol, my own pillows! I was not nervous and the bed was very comfortable as was the room. Mainly sleeping with wires and specially the wires on my temples and face really bothered me!! Jennifer the technician was wonderful and made me feel very comfortable! I just hope some evidence was found about my sleep issues! "

 James - 02/07/2023

" Need hooks in room. Nowhere to hang my pants and a fresh shirt! "

 Andrew - 02/07/2023

" Taneisha worked so well with my 16yo son that has anxiety and is on the autism spectrum. She Meade the whole experience that much easier for us! "

 Paulette - 02/07/2023

" Jennifer, my technician was wonderful. She knew I was nervous when arriving And she made me laugh and put me at ease. For a medical Stay away from home I enjoyed myself. "

 Micheal - 02/06/2023

" The Sleep Technologist was very helpful in expelling the sleep study. She was very professional and respectful throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend this place to family or a friend. 5 star rating across the board!! "

 Melinda - 02/06/2023

" Wished tech told us her name "

 Angela - 02/04/2023

" The bed was terrible and there really should be a regular mattress option. I couldnt sleep and today I am having neck and back pains. Also not a good Idea to have a sleep center near a train track. When I did fall asleep, the train woke me up. For those 2 reasons, I wouldn't recommend. My tech, Jenny, was amazing and super friendly. "

 Patricia - 02/02/2023

" Your technician was outstanding! She seemed to be "holding down the fort" all on her own, AND doing a top-notch job. Her demeanor was highly professional, obviously experienced, but she balanced that with a welcoming and helpful attitude. A1 in my book. "

 Deborah - 02/01/2023

" I am very pleased and happy with St. Thomas Ascension. All of the staff are very pleasant and professional. Dr. Collar, his staff, and Jenny, my sleep tech, are, and were so welcoming and supportive. This us an awesome practice! "

 Darlene - 01/31/2023

" Roger was very personable and friendly. Made me feel at ease. I slept very well there. "

 Carolyn - 01/28/2023

" My sleep technician was absolutely Amazing!!! Very knowledgeable and kind. Thanks, Carolyn Smith Onyeme "

 Curtis - 01/28/2023

" Only reason post visit instructions got less than excellent is because there really wasn't any to note. I already have follow up scheduled with Dr prior to sleep study. "

 Jack - 01/26/2023

" I felt at ease and enjoyed the experience! "

 Brittany - 01/26/2023

" Dr. G was very nice, and eased some of my fears Because it was my first time having a sleep study done. "

 Billy - 01/24/2023

" My experience is probably influenced most upon entering the facility. My son is in a wheelchair and requires a lot of supplies for his care. I had 3 queen size pillows for supporting him in bed, a large gym tote with diapers, waterproof bed pads, etc, my purse and a small book tote, carrying all while navigating my son’s wheelchair. The technician walked a smart bit ahead of me. I had to stop halfway when turning a corner to set things down and readjust to make it to the room. Only then did she think about offering to help carry something. I don’t expect special treatment by any means but that set a bad tone for the evening. I was also shocked a hospital bed or even a bed rail was not available. "

 Richard - 01/23/2023

" The bed was very uncomfortable "

 Jim - 01/23/2023

" Chairs to sit in were very uncomfortable "

 Keisha - 01/23/2023

" Jennifer and Alex were great!! They were very knowledgeable. They made things less awkward and were easy to talk to. "

 Sam - 01/21/2023

" Very professional, we were treated very well. The room snd bed were nice. The technician watched over the patient all night. "

 Paula - 01/20/2023

" The nurse was very nice and wonderful "

 Deborah - 01/17/2023

" My only complaint is having to share a bathroom. It’s hard to sleep when you somewhere strange and every time the person next to me went to the bathroom it would startle me. The staff was great and the room was decent. "

 Knox - 01/14/2023

" Tracy was great "

 Steve - 01/14/2023

" Everything was excellent "

 Cynthia - 01/13/2023

" Thank you Tracy! "

 Zaniyah - 01/13/2023

" Alex is the best,We loved her! "

 Nick - 01/11/2023

" Considering I was wired up like a lab test animal the experience couldn’t have been any better! Roger did a great job "

 Donna - 01/11/2023

" Roger was great "

 Arthur - 01/10/2023

" Our experience at the center is excellent. I would highly recommend center to anyone. Thanks for your patience and your professional service. Blessings to each you! "

 Jeremy - 01/10/2023

" Shower head needs fixing or replacing. Also, I was just on the back side of an ENT infection so I can’t hear out of my right ear and had to take some OTC medications to clear my sinuses. Luckily I did, otherwise we’d have had to reschedule or cancel. "

 Ruby - 01/10/2023

" Shower was not very good. Could not adjust for my height. "

 Maurice - 01/09/2023

" The technicians was great they took care of all my needs "

 Timothy - 01/09/2023

" Very comfortable environment, the staff was awesome, and the experience was a very positive one. Many thanks to Jennifer for your kindness and understanding while working with me! "

 Collin - 01/06/2023

" Jamie was a great technician. Very personable and she really helped alleviate my worries going into to testing. "

 Kristy - 01/06/2023

" Everyone was wonderful. "

 Sherese - 01/06/2023

" Bedding was unclean and the tech had to change the bedding due to soiled stains on the cover and pillows, and brown skin like flakes or crumbs on the bed sheets went I turned the covers down. Kleenex box was on the table, but it was empty. Remote for lights and fan did not work. "

 Terry - 01/05/2023

" Very comfortable and great sleep "

 James - 01/05/2023

" The room was a little dated and the bed and sheets/blankets were not very comfortable. Everything else was excellent. Good instructions and communication and the sleep tech was very nice and courteous. "

 Gordon - 01/05/2023

" McGuire was our Sleep Tech. The sleep study was done on my 7 year old son. McGuire was fabulous with him. He explained everything he was going to do and explained it while he was doing it. He was very quiet when entering our room during the study of something needed to be adjusted or reattached. I would most definitely recommend going there and having McGuire as your sleep tech. Thank you so much for being so kind and making my son feel at ease and not scared. "

 William - 01/04/2023

" Very nice "

 Linda - 01/03/2023

" I appreciate your kindness and your courtesy so much. You did so much to make my visit a most pleasurable experience. Thank you so much! "

 Mark - 01/03/2023

" Mullatt was great: professional, empathetic and respectful for my personal comfort. "

 Paula - 01/03/2023

" Carrie did an outstanding job. So did the other tech(s) who did my study. "

 Stephen - 12/29/2022

" I’m sorry for this but I forgot the gentleman’s name he was awesome. I appreciate everything her has done for me.he made it feel like home thanks again Stephen mink "

 Dustin - 12/29/2022

" The sleep tech Jaime was beyond awesome. "

 Patricia - 12/28/2022

" It was extremely organized . I had one of these done several years ago not here in N J this was much Better and more comfortable "

 Ronald - 12/27/2022

" The services provided were above all reproach with Excellence above anything I’ve ever witnessed! Please feel free pat yourself on the back and I pray that you will have a blessed New Year. "

 Ramona - 12/22/2022

" Our experience was so positive because of the techs - Jami and G. They were exceptional. Thank you. "

 Sade - 12/21/2022

" It was so hard to fall asleep and the TV didn’t work in my room. Other than that it was good "

 Karen - 12/18/2022

" Tracy was wonderful! Kind, considerate, and efficient. Highly recommend the program. "

 Richard - 12/16/2022

" I do not give such high marks unless earned …Great Staff "

 Gladys - 12/16/2022

" My Tech, Ms. T. , was so cordial. She was very respectful and thorough in her explanation of the process that I would be experiencing. She was patient with me and my safety was Paramount from start to finish. Her rating with me is a 10 out of 10. Thank you. Gladys Jones "

 Kimberley - 12/15/2022

" I didn’t sleep well. The staff were very nice about that. Thanks to T for all her help. Thanks again "

 Leah - 12/15/2022

" Really loved Jenny. She was personal and professional and answered all my questions. Top marks for the amazingly comfy bed. It was not a burden at all to sleep there for a night, even with all the wires! "

 Michael - 12/11/2022

" G was professional, informative and very attentive. I would recommend him to anyone "

 Randolph - 12/10/2022

" McGuire was very good at everything ! "

 Marquez - 12/10/2022

" The young lady that was taking care of me was great "

 Theresa - 12/09/2022

" Miss “T” is a great asset to your company!! Very personable and professional. The shower did nothing t work!! That was the only hiccup "

 Paula - 12/09/2022

" So pleased to have Manlet as technician again. He is totally on task with every detail. And personable! There was more activity needed this visit adding the CPAP to the oral appliance, adjusting pressure, adding a chin strap, etc. He’d communicate, enter, address the issue and slip out. Altogether a successful visit. Thank you. "

 Jacob - 12/03/2022

" Thank you for a wonderful experience. I was a bit nervous coming into this test, but everything was well explained and I was made to feel very comfortable. "

 Mary - 12/01/2022

" The girl did wonderful!! "

 Gary - 11/30/2022

" Experience was great! Bed was relatively comfortable. Sleep Technologist was awesome. She tried 3 different masks, last type did the trick! She clearly communicated all steps in advance. Felt comfortable, although I would recommend using electronic locks to each door to the bathroom. Hearing the click of a door lock in the middle of the night caused some anxiety. I found myself a few times listening for the door lock-set or for the door opening. "

 Sherri - 11/28/2022

" It was a good experience. The tech was kind and very informative. "

 Thomas - 11/24/2022

" Great staff "

 Peter - 11/22/2022

" My stay was good and my staff were excellent in their messages and instructions I would recommend this center to other people and come in for more treatments if need be "

 Kim - 11/22/2022

" Super great!! Just one problem I already did a survey in the room and I don't like automated surveys. "

 Marsha - 11/21/2022

" My nurse was the best she was on top of everything. I would truly recommend this sleep study. If I could remember her name i recommend her to do others. "

 Sarah - 11/21/2022

" I had a excellent Technologist she new the answer to all my questions and carm my fears "

 Steven - 11/19/2022

" Ms. T and staff were awesome!!! "

 Patricia - 11/18/2022

" Everything was perfect from start to finish! I was even called the morning of the appointment to inquire if I had any questions, which I did not, because I had been so well prepared.The private room itself was very well appointed, with every amenity possible. The bed was SO comfortable, and I was even offered a wedge for my head since I have Congestive Heart failure. My technician was an angel, constantly aware of any necessary changes for mask or equipment-we spent a very enjoyable night together! I commend St. Thomas for having the foresight to have the best Sleep Center in Murfreesboro. As usual, they are the first in everything! "

 Kayla - 11/18/2022

" My Tech Ms.T was extremely amazing 🤩 "

 Mark - 11/16/2022

" My sleep tech was awesome! Very patient, he clearly explained the procedure, he was very understanding when I had to get up in the middle of the night, and he was still pleasant and helpful when the test was over. "

 Lisa - 11/16/2022

" My technologists Jennifer was absolutely by far the best!!! "

 Hussein - 11/16/2022

" Very good place "

 Sheryl - 11/14/2022

" Not opening until 7:15 during the winter months is an inconvenience. Otherwise, everything was great! "

 Lenora - 11/12/2022

" G the technician was exceptional in the entire process, Experienced, knowledgeable, communication. Answered my many questions. 5***** "

 Carter - 11/12/2022

" Alex was great with Carter. She took time to explain everything that was going to be done. "

 Roderick - 11/12/2022

" The arrival and McGuire the technician were fine. He was very courteous accommodating and supportive. "

 Patricia - 11/11/2022

" The Technician “G” was great. He explained everything in a way I could understand everything that would be happening. Very efficient and professional. I was a little anxious Upon arrival but he made it all go so smoothly that my fears faded away quickly. "

 Angel - 11/10/2022

" Ashley is the best! She was kind and respectful explaining everything to me. Very professional. "

 Tammy - 11/09/2022

" Terrific personal attention by technologist. Would love to have had a shelf or counter in bathroom for my toiletries that I could actually reach easily. The shelf over the toilet was too high and I dropped an earring that I never was able to find-maybe fell in toilet? "

 Robin - 11/09/2022

" Roger in Hendersonville was both professional and warm to interact with and went beyond my expectations! Robin Cox "

 Brittany - 11/05/2022

" The mattress was hard and uncomfortable "

 Jerry - 11/03/2022

" Jaime was amazing! She was very sweet and good with my son! She made sure we had everything we needed and checked on him regularly! "

 Rhonda - 11/02/2022

" Very professional Tech. So pleasant and helpful. The room was very nice and clean. Bed was so comfortable. "

 Renee - 11/02/2022

" Thermostat didn't work in my room. I had 3 blankets on and still cold with cpap. Otherwise great! "

 Michael - 10/29/2022

" My sleep tech was great, professional,very courteous/helpful and was a pleasure to meet. I was a little nervous and after just a few minutes I felt very comfortable with her. Good job! "

 Yolonda - 10/28/2022

" Jamie was exceptional. She was very knowledgeable and professional. She is a great asset to have on your team. "

 Leesa - 10/27/2022

" T, my sleep technologist was wonderful! She was very professional and caring, making sure everything was just right. I can't say enough good things about her. Aside from being extremely happy with her, I noticed a couple of things about the room which had nothing to do with her. The bathroom - had a faint smell of urine when I arrived. And too bad that toilet was installed so close to the sink but I know you can't do anything about that. Also the sink has no real place to set toiletries, etc. on and there's nothing nearby. Maybe a toilet seat with a lid would help, to have another place to set things. Just my 2 cents! "

 Karen - 10/27/2022

" The Sleep Technologist was awesome! With every issue, she had a solution.......very polite and engaging. "

 Rocelyn - 10/23/2022

" The Tech was great... Nothing against her. However, I believe this center should be more ADA compliant. Everybody with a disability cannot make it to the downtown center. It appears this is the only way a person with a mobility issue can be properly accomodated. This should not be the case. If you offer the service then you should be ADA compliant no matter what location. "

 Ann - 10/21/2022

" Thought the room and bedding would be a little nicer. "

 David - 10/20/2022

" The Tempurpedic Bed was insanely hard. Very uncomfortable for me and I sleep on a firm bed at home. Rock Hard. "

 Lydia - 10/18/2022

" Having coffee available in the morning was a wonderful touch. "

 John - 10/18/2022

" It was not fun, but it was not meant to be. I had to sleep on the wrong side of the bed and that threw me plumb off. Jennifer was magnificent, could not have been any better. ( GO VOLS, they deserved that one ) Trying to sleep with hoses up your nostrils and wires glued to your head is a formidable task. I reckon I slept some. Just maybe we learned something. I hope so. Future sleepers, carry something to read. "

 Paula - 10/18/2022

" Tech was exceptional. Facility was very nice. Enjoyable experience. Thanks "

 Audra - 10/15/2022

" McGuire my tech was very helpful and explained everything very well. He made me feel comfortable and I was able to relax when I was a little anxious. It was a better experience than I expected. Dr. Haynes is always very patient and explained the test very well. He came in on a Sat. just to go over my results which I greatly appreciated! "

 John - 10/14/2022

" She was very good to work with. "

 Jere - 10/13/2022

" The whole process was professional and efficient. "

 Edward - 10/13/2022

" Very knowledgeable and professional staff "

 James - 10/10/2022

" Would have liked to know more on the next steps , all I was told we got a lot of good info, liked to knew a little more on my test .. But the tech may not have had any info or allowed to give it ..ty have a blessed day "

 James - 10/08/2022

" The instructor was very helpful and shared things about how helpful a c-pap machine can be. Very nice place. "

 Madden - 10/08/2022

" Everything was great. Maybe over coffee in the morning in the rooms :) "

 Jane - 10/08/2022

" McKenzie was very professional and helpful. She was kind during the testing. She made sure that I was comfortable. She explained everything throughly. It seemed that she and her co-worker were a good team. "

 Patricia - 10/06/2022

" The sleep technician was awesome and made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Coller has already provided me with the results. He has provided excellent care over the years. I am grateful for his care and attention. "

 Ivyahna - 10/06/2022

" Our stay was awesome!! They were so kind!! "

 Tracy - 10/04/2022

" I would only suggest you invest in better sheets and blankets. That would be my only critique "

 Michael - 09/30/2022

" Jamie was amazing!! "

 Michael - 09/29/2022

" T was fantastic- patient and caring. I would have liked some shampoo the soap was not great. "

 Phyllis - 09/28/2022

" Loved the tech Jenny. Explained things well and I knew what to expect "

 Hong - 09/27/2022

" Good "

 Jonnalyn - 09/27/2022

" Jen was so wonderful. She calmed my nerves instantly. "

 Judy - 09/26/2022

" There was no mirror in the room, and no shampoo in the shower. Additionally, the technologist woke me up at 5.30 am to tell me I was finished and remove the wires - even though he knew that I was sleeping and had to be at work at 8.00. This seemed completely unnecessary. Why not let me sleep until at least 6? I already had a terrible night's sleep because of all the interruptions and wires - seems cruel to wake me up when I'm finally sleeping! Otherwise it was fine - I would definitely NOT recommend this for ANYBODY! The experience was not pleasant in the least. "

 Allison - 09/25/2022

" Jamie was excellent! She made me feel very comfortable with the process and I appreciate her efforts. "

 Janet - 09/23/2022

" T was excellent. She went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and safe. She was courteous, caring, and knowledgeable. I on the other hand had difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. I don’t usually have that problem and I’m not sure why it happened. I usually fall asleep quickly and sleep like a log. T was patient and caring. I’ve had 3 other sleep studies before and she was the best tech I’ve ever had. I hope I slept long enough to get the data needed. "

 James - 09/22/2022

" The address listed the suite for the sleep center, but no indication was on the outside of the building. I did not get the email that had the instructions to use the door bell beside the main doors to the doctors' offices to get entry. Luckily, another patient was there who had gotten the email with those instructions. It all turned out well, though. "

 Lauren - 09/21/2022

" I would recommend taking payment prior to being hooked up to all of the cords. "

 Maria - 09/20/2022

" Everything was excellent "

 Misty - 09/20/2022

" My tech Jennifer was amazing and made me feel so comfortable. She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in every way. "

 Renee - 09/20/2022

" The technician was great and the room was very comfortable. I never saw another patient, although I knew there were 3 others. Things were very quiet and every need of mine was pleasantly met. I highly recommend this facility. "

 Vicki - 09/19/2022

" Jenny was great! I was greeted by her, she explained everything and put me immediately at ease. "

 Sheila - 09/14/2022

" Beds very uncomfortable for someone who has a multiple bulging disc in their back. I think a in-home study would’ve been better for me. In-home studies is it for everyone, but I think it would’ve been best for me and my personal situation "

 Donna - 09/13/2022

" No place to hang clothing or lay out your night and morning necessities. And no one cared. "

 Anita - 09/13/2022

" My technician Jenny was wonderful. Thank you for a good experience. "

 Connie - 09/10/2022

" Makenzie was an excellent tech "

 Alana - 09/10/2022

" It was very comfortable experience. The tech was very courteous, knowledgeable and kind. The room, bed and evening was great! Every aspect of this was very easy and accommodating. Thank you all very much! "

 Sherry - 09/09/2022

" The room and bathroom are really old and outdated. "

 Lauren - 09/08/2022

" Tanisha was incredible! She made me feel comfortable and at home. "

 Charlie - 09/07/2022

" Everything was really great and everyone here was really great and helpful. "

 Larry - 09/05/2022

" Very professional "

 Susan - 09/02/2022

" My original contact with Dr. Brevard Haynes was in 2005. I have referred 2 family members, now his patients. I will continue to refer people to him. Jamie, the technician for my 2nd sleep study (insurance related), was great at explaining the timing of everything and the hook-up process, and answered what few questions I had left. She introduced herself at the beginning and mentioned her name again later, which is a good practice. "

 Sheryl - 09/02/2022

" Too cold even after a blanket. Not told to change clothes. Put in room with no instruction. Need more verbal communication with staff and patient. The unanswered question needs to be 2 questions. Travel there and getting in the building was well documented. What to expect after entry was not, I went on a shoestring from a prior sleep study in Michigan. "

 Ivan - 09/02/2022

" REaly enjoyed working with T don't recall her full name she said call her T. She was professional and really nice to work with. Give her a huge bonus "

 Duaine - 09/01/2022

" Very smooth and comfortable experience. "

 Brenda - 08/29/2022

" The bathroom door could use a handle for elderly that can not pull and push with muscle strength but other than that it was a awesome experience. "

 Robert - 08/27/2022

" I think my technician’s name was Audrey. She’s been employed there for 17 years. She was very cool calm and collected with me as I had a phobia about in or around my face. I did have a slight panic attack after the 1st hr and 1/2 and she let me work it out and told me how well I had done to start. The rest of the night went as well as I expected. Had to get up several times to urinate, but was able to go right back into the mask. Thank you for understanding and helping me! "

 Stacy - 08/26/2022

" My technologist was very friendly and helpful. She made my stay very pleasant. The bed was very soft and comfortable. "

 Mark - 08/25/2022

" The facility appeared to be very clean. Both of the Sleep Techs were wearing their masks anytime they were interfacing with me. They were very helpful explaining what was going to happen during the night, and making sure that they answered any questions I had. "

 Lori - 08/24/2022

" Millet was awesome and made me feel at home! "

 Suzanne - 08/24/2022

" The bed was uncomfortable which kept me waking up with my hip hurting since I sleep on my sides. That does not happen on my bed at home. "

 Tracy - 08/23/2022

" Kari was awesome!! "

 Katherine - 08/23/2022

" room was very cold, 66, upon arrival. I was glad to be able to adjust temp myself. Bed was soft but comfortable. Thin bedding covering. I kept forgetting to ask for another blanket. Suggest wearing warmer PJ's. Mine were summer short type. Lamp on table did not work. Throughout the night I heard noises (voices, knocks, banging). Not sure if this contributed to my not being able to sleep. Of course, having to deal with all those wires didn't help. Understand that is part of the process. Anyway, technologist told me they got what was needed so guess all ends on a good note. Kitty "

 Lugene - 08/22/2022

" The room was large, very clean and quiet. Private bathroom. "

 Angela - 08/20/2022

" The only reason I left a few fair remarks is because I think when you are scheduling patients you should never schedule small children at the same time or at least put them further away from other patients. Staff was great but a screaming crying child and other loud noises was not. "

 Thomas - 08/19/2022

" My rating for "...over4all experience..." was fair, not because of your facility or personnel, but because it was the worst night's sleep I have ever had. I hope the conclusions of the test were beneficial and I am sure the VA will contact me regarding the results and follow-up. Thank you for your help and professionalism. "

 Sharill - 08/19/2022

" The person who assisted during my care was very helpful and kind. "

 Joseph - 08/19/2022

" Very friendly staff, very efficient. "

 Sharon - 08/18/2022

" Cost is to high prople that really need could not afford "

 Rhonda - 08/17/2022

" It would have made me feel more comfortable if each room had a bathroom. But other than that it was great. The sleep tech was very nice and went over everythingj "

 Isaiah - 08/17/2022

" For the parents of minors who have to stay there, please have something for them to sleep on that fully reclines. The recliner in the room is not very comfortable, so I ended up having to sleep on the VERY hard floor and was miserable. "

 Diatra - 08/16/2022

" Remote to tv not working "

 Jeanna - 08/12/2022

" Everyone was kind and accommodating! "

 Michael - 08/10/2022

" Like most people I was unsure about sleeping somewhere unfamiliar. But Jenny, the woman that spent the night with her was very welcoming and made me feel comfortable. Everything about the experience went very well "

 Nancy - 08/06/2022

" Tracy was a very good tech she was really nice and done a very good job . I was nervous because I knew I would have to use the restroom several times through the night and she was always quick to get there and for me to get up. "

 Gary - 08/05/2022

" “ This sleep study was so much better than I had experienced during my first sleep study at another location. My technician was excellent! She was totally professional, considerate and caring! She made each part of the testing comfortable and explained in full detail each step of the test in advance and during each procedure! She would always ask me, and my wife, if we had any questions. Providing us with excellent information. Kanisha’s positive, happy and caring attitude made both my wife and myself very comfortable ! I am very thankful for her, making this experience so positive! We were also very impressed with the facility! It was so comfortable, quiet and clean. Thanks Dr. Mendez for providing such a quantity facility and staff like Kanisha to provide my sleep study! “ Gary Graham "

 Larry - 08/04/2022

" I would recommend lowering the tv position there is no reason to have to look up at such an angle-my only suggestion staff were great "

 Kimoniece - 08/04/2022

" Mrs. T is the best. I received great care from her. "

 Linda - 08/04/2022

" My technician, Tracy, was awesome! #5stars🌟 "

 Michael - 08/01/2022

" The room was cold. "

 Jeffrey - 08/01/2022

" Best experience I have had at a sleep center "

 Hailey - 07/30/2022

" Need to get better tape for the thing for the nose so u don’t wake the little kids up all the time they are already scared and with that tape coming off it make it 10 times worse cause they have to keep coming in and redoing it and it just makes it way harder for the little ones there already scared and that makes it way worse "

 Susan - 07/30/2022

" I was very pleased with my sleep study experience. I have had several studies previously but, I must say this was the easiest one I have had. The room was quite nice, the bed was comfortable and the staff is excellent. I can highly recommend this sleep study lab. "

 Amy - 07/30/2022

" Maguire was wonderful very personable and professional "

 Peerless - 07/30/2022

" Jamie M. Was fantastic. You are grateful to have her on your team. She was so patient and kind. Very warming spirit which made it easier to go through the process. "

 Cynthia - 07/29/2022

" McGwire was very kind and caring. I hope I remember what the respiratory therapist told me. "

 Evelyn - 07/28/2022

" Our technician, Gerardo, was fabulous. He developed a professional but excellent rapport with my three year old and really helped put her at ease. He seemed very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions with ease. I was extremely pleased and surprised with how quickly dr. Valentino got back to me with our results. Our entire experience was excellent. "

 Sharon - 07/28/2022

" The technician was compassionate. "

 John - 07/27/2022

" This was great. "

 Tahra - 07/27/2022

" My tech that did my test in the boro I think her name was caylee she was excellent I am not good with names but she truly was professional courteous personable and explained everything so that I wasn’t nervous or wondering she is an all around great employee and made my experience even more comfortable and easy when you have no idea what to expect "

 Randy - 07/26/2022

" I was a little nervous at first but the Lady that took care of Me Her Name is Jennifer She Helped Me to relax and made me feel Very Comfortable Like a Family Member Very Polite explained everything to Me to make Me Feel Very Comfortable if I would have to redo this I would like to Have Her to Take Care of Me the Next Time if necessary and She Should Be Promoted 🙂 Never Frustrated Very Calm and Collected and Professional ! I am Very Happy with the overall experience and She Made Me Coffee ☕ in the morning that was Fantastic !! I apologize for not punctuating. I am not very good at spelling I'm using speaking text I can read just about anything but writing something down has never been my cup of tea. But Thank You For Understanding 👍 I look forward to finding out about the results ! 👍 Thank You Very Much and Have a Great Evening!!! "

 Matthew - 07/26/2022

" Farmen was incredibly kind, patient, and very helpful with answering all my questions! "

 Alan - 07/26/2022

" Jennifer was very personable and calming and she was very quick when I needed assistance. "

 Marta - 07/25/2022

" Jennifer was great and put my mom at ease and made the experience fun for her. "

 Teresa - 07/25/2022

" Bed was much too hard and uncomfortable "

 William - 07/23/2022

" My tech was kind and fully explained everything. "

 Swapnil - 07/23/2022

" Tracy was very cordial and helpful. "

 Jonnalyn - 07/22/2022

" My technologist Carrie was so kind. She calmed my nerves from the start so the experience was positive. "

 Lester - 07/22/2022

" My Sleep Tech “G” was awesome. He was very informative and made sure I had a successful session. Thanks G! "

 Craig - 07/21/2022

" Sleep Technologist , he was great very patient explained everything well. "

 Craig - 07/21/2022

" Sleep Technologist , he was great very patient explained everything well. "

 Craig - 07/21/2022

" Sleep Technologist , he was great very patient explained everything well. "

 Karen - 07/21/2022

" I was supposed to have the sleep study on Thurs night and all day Friday. Friday morning they woke me to say I would not be staying for the day for me to leave. They did not know anything . I am upset because I had to take a vacation day off for this study which prevented me from being paid for any Overtime for that pay period. No one could tell me anything on why they were not keeping me. I did get a report from the dr the following Monday that I had sleep apnea but I was being tested for Narcolepsy. I was just in a sleep study a year ago for sleep apnea and did not have it. I sleep great at night...I sleep all the time! I left there confused and afraid because I thought I did something wrong or that something bad was going on. They need to change their process on when they send someone home earlier than they are supposed to. They need to give them information on why. They should have woken me up the moment they knew they were not keeping me so I could have left to go home "

 Kathy - 07/21/2022

" Tracy’s care and attention was exceptional. I was a little nervous about the study but once I was there Tracy put me at ease. The room and accommodations were great. My overall experience was excellent! "

 Carl - 07/20/2022

" For someone who uses a wheelchair, the room was not configured well. "

 Joseph - 07/16/2022

" Great job by all!!! "

 Brandon - 07/15/2022

" The room was just ok! I was told there was going to be a mini frig, but there was none. The chair was very uncomfortable. The place needs updating. "

 Brandon - 07/15/2022

" The room was just ok! I was told there was going to be a mini frig, but there was none. The chair was very uncomfortable. The place needs updating. "

 Laura - 07/14/2022

" Alex was wonderful. Very professional but caring and always made sure all was okay. "

 Nancy - 07/08/2022

" Jamie my sleep technician was very kind and mad me feel comfortable ! "

 Dana - 07/08/2022

" Sleep technologist was very informative, helpful, and professional!! "

 Ralph - 07/07/2022

" For people who like to read (ME) there was insufficient lighting for reading in the very comfortable recliner. Also the bedside lamp had on-off switch that was so tricky that the the sleep technologist saw my struggles to turn off the lamp and came to the room to help. Also, as a male, if I should have to repeat this testing, I would wear an adult diaper to avoid calling for assistance to go to the bathroom!!! Re 3rd item above, I didn't make the contact, my doctor's office did this. Also I didn't see my doctor when I left so no score. "

 Jonathon - 07/04/2022

" My sleep technologist was very kind and made the experience much easier. "

 Betty - 07/02/2022

" Everything was excellent "

 Kimoniece - 07/01/2022

" The lady who took care of me went above her job to make me comfortable. I just can't sleep. I appreciate her for trying to help me. "

 George - 06/29/2022

" Jennifer was very nice and personable an an excellent technician! "

 James - 06/26/2022

" Technologist very professional and knowledgeable. Pleasant approach and friendly explanations insured a successful sleep over for me. The room set up was comfortable as was the bed. Necessary equipment was placed to minimize distractions. "

 Philip - 06/23/2022

" Jamie was an excellent technician! "

 Nancy - 06/23/2022

" La tecnología fue amable respetuosa, el cuarto limpio y ordenado. "

 James - 06/21/2022

" Rodger was very professional and explained everything he was doing "

 Claudia - 06/21/2022

" Technologist was super good. "

 Lashawne - 06/20/2022

" Outstanding service was rendered by Millett, the Sleep Technologist. "