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Recent Reviews

 Noelle R. - 02/21/2019

" I love the staff, nurses, and (of course) Dr. Gandhi. I’m always treated with respect and kindness. With all the craziness my body has put me through, I have been to Cherokee Women’s A LOT. Every experience has been positive and I’m glad I’ve been going for nearly 11 years. Thank you all! "

 Shelby B. - 02/21/2019

" Thrilled with this office and provider! Finally going to get the the bottom of my daughters problem!!! "

 Suzanne W. - 02/20/2019

" Love love love Dr. Gandhi and Jordan. I know I’m in good hands every time I see them! "

 Malissa C. - 02/20/2019

" Jenny is always so welcoming and kind during check in and Dr.Crigler is fantastic. Listens well to concerns and explains everything very well. This office is just wonderful! "

 Cheryl H. - 02/19/2019

" Always an awesome experience! Dr. Litrel is a fantastic doctor, very caring and thorough. "

 Amanda W. - 02/19/2019

" I love everyone I have had the pleasure of meeting with! The staff is very caring and listen to every concern I have. They've been excellent communicating with my other doctors as I am epileptic so I also have a neurologist and specialist to see. I am very happy with everything they've done for me and very happy with my decision in choosing them for this special time in my life. Can't wait to meet my baby "

 Anna C. - 02/13/2019

" Dr. Gandi, was amazing! I was thinking about switching offices because I haven't been thrilled with my previous experiences with Dr. Clay and the wait time and everything. Dr. Gandi has changed all that. "

 Deborah H. - 02/12/2019

" The woman checking me out and rescheduling my next appointment did seem less than enthused to be helping me and didn't smile at me or say goodbye when I left. She was yawning a lot and I thought that checking people out may not be the right seat on the bus for her. "

 Debra S. - 02/12/2019

" This is the best women’s health office I have ever been to and I work in the women’s health care field so that’s saying a lot. Dr. Littrell is the best. I drove from middle Tennessee and I would happily do it again. "

 Jessica Q. - 02/09/2019

" I saw Dr. Clay and I felt like she was annoyed and was very short with comments when speaking to me. I have enjoyed everyone else I have seen but I will request to not be seen by her again. "

 Kelli L. - 02/08/2019

" Dr. Litrell is the best! He makes you feel very comfortable and is very caring. I travel 45 minutes just to continue medical care at this clinic. "

 Hannah G. - 02/07/2019

" I saw Dr. Clay this time. She was so kind. So far she has been my favorite doctor to see in this office and I’ve been coming here for 3 years with one pregnancy in that time. She rushed straight from a surgery at the hospital so the wait time was understandable. And she took the time to listen to my concerns and help come up with a plan this time. This is the first time I’ve actually achieved that goal in this office. I’m so grateful I got to see her and only wish I had sooner! "

 Traci D. - 02/07/2019

" Dr. Clay is amazing and a class act. Very professional. Would definitely recommend. "

 Jordan F. - 02/06/2019

" the older woman who does the ultra sound does them to quickly and like she doesnt care if you see your babies heart beat or not. the younger blonde lady who does the ultra sounds is mazing and caring and patient making sure you see everything and feel conformtable the older lady just doesnt care "

 Brittany C. - 02/06/2019

" Dr. Gandhi is absolutely amazing and I have trusted her with my care for 5+ years and will continue to stay with her. I really believe she truly cares about me and doing what we can to best treat my medical conditions and manage my symptoms. I always feel encouraged after meeting with Dr. Gandhi. "

 Jami B. - 02/06/2019

" It was a crazy busy day for them and they handled it really well. Dr Clay was great! It is hard to find doctors who are personable and not in a rush to shove you along. The lab tech (dracula) was very skilled and friendly. The front desk lady was really nice too. Smiled. The only things I didn't like were my weight when I stepped on the scale (perhaps the scale is broken - ha) and the exam - ugh never fun. I really like this group :-) "

 Kristina A. - 02/06/2019

" I love Cherokee Womens and I love Dr. Ghandi she is the best doctor I've ever had! I expect a bit of a wait time but I waited 1.5 hrs this past appointment, my only complaint. "

 Shannon H. - 02/05/2019

" Dr. Litrel, and staff are all wonderful! "

 Helen C. - 02/02/2019

" Dr. Haley and his staff are the most professional and compassionate team. I would highly recommend them. "

 Dianne M. - 02/01/2019

" Dr Gandhi is awesome physician, she is very professional and sincere, I would definitely recommend her. "

 Jacquelynn W. - 01/29/2019

" Brittany was wonderful!! "

 Rasna P. - 01/25/2019

" Excellent "

 Kaitlin W. - 01/25/2019

" I’m new to the area so I was nervous for my first appt at a new doc, but Dr Clay and the entire staff we wonderful. "

 Deborah K. - 01/24/2019

" I am so happy to have found Dr. Haley! After my OB/GYN retired a few years back, I did not think I would feel comfortable with another doctor! "

 Usher R. - 01/22/2019

" Dr. Gandhi is an excellent and knowledgeable doctor. She is thorough and has a very lovely bedside manner. "

 Samantha C. - 01/22/2019

" I loved the staff, everyone was so nice! "

 Valerie R. - 01/19/2019

" Phenomenal experience with everyone I encountered with my care. We always appreciate Dr Litrel's high level of care and concern...he is the absolute best. I also had particularly great care from the anesthesiologist. He was much more attentive than my last experience and his personality was right in line with all of my other experiences with CWHS (friendliness with patients and with other staff in the practice); the previous anesthesiologist was less friendly and seemed aggitated with other medical staff. "

 Malissa C. - 01/18/2019

" Jenny at the front desk and Janie the Medical Assistant were amazingly kind and efficient. Very personable with a smiling welcoming face. Dr. Crigler was amazing as always! "

 Ashley R. - 01/17/2019

" Dr Hale is a very thoughtful professional. Happy to have her as a doctor. "

 Violeta P. - 01/17/2019

" I'm thankful to have learned about the weight loss program. It's exactly what I needed. I just wished I'd kniw abiut it sooner. "

 Bhavana M. - 01/17/2019

" She is a great doctor- they were just running behind "

 Marsha P. - 01/16/2019

" Love, love, love this office, all the front staff, the nurses, and mostly Dr. G!!!!!! Thank you for listening and caring!! "

 Kimberley P. - 01/16/2019

" Also, loved the lady who drew blood samples. She was very friendly and did an excellent job with the needle stick! Thanks! "

 Kathleen N. - 01/15/2019

" Dr. Litrel is an excellent health care provider. I have been a patient of Dr. Litrel's for 13 years. He was my OBGYN during my final pregnancy and has performed two separate surgeries. I trust him and all the staff. Always kind, very thorough, very patient, and simply excellent in all they do! "

 Jessica C. - 01/15/2019

" Wonderful service! So glad I choose this practice. "

 Casey B. - 01/13/2019

" Always have a great experienc during my visits. Staff is friendly and helpful. Nurses and doctors listen and try to solve any issues or concerns you may have. "

 Ayumi B. - 01/11/2019

" It was smooth and pleasant visit. "

 Linda F. - 01/10/2019

" I love this place!!! "

 Karen M. - 01/10/2019

" I love this group. They are always helpful and listen to my concerns. Dr Gandhi is the best. She always has time for me , addresses my issues, and does not make me feel like just a number. Such a breath of fresh air when comparing to other doctors/offices/practices. "

 Melissa K. - 01/09/2019

" Love love love everyone at this office! Dr Ghandi is fabulous. "

 Wendy K. - 01/08/2019

" I felt a little rushed by the doctor, ALTHOUGH it kind of wasn't his fault. He wanted to get me into the lab to have my blood drawn before the lab technician took lunch; he said when 12:30 strikes, the technicians don't hesitate in leaving for lunch. I still had more questions and concerns and needed to ask for a couple of prescriptions, and because of feeling rushed, I wasn't able to do that. I had to call after I left to speak with a nurse to get my prescriptions filled, and she was very nice and had that done for me immediately. I am a new patient here, and because I haven't had insurance in over a year, I had several things I wanted to discuss with the doctor concerning my health. Other than this, everything else was excellent! The doctor was very informative on what we did discussed, had a very professional bedside manner and was very kind. "

 Sherri K. - 01/08/2019

" Dr. Clay performed recent surgery she was great. She is very understanding, down to earth and caring. Very pleased with my care. "

 Erica F. - 01/08/2019

" I love this office. I feel like they genuinely care about my wellbeing. "

 Lori E. - 01/05/2019

" I really appreciated the call from the anesthesiologist the night before my procedure. "

 Sara S. - 01/05/2019

" i like how my doctor listen to me and the stuff is really friendly. "

 Jenna C. - 01/03/2019

" As usually, the staff and Dr. Gandhi were wonderful. Always personable and friendly. I'm glad there was minimal wait this time. "

 Georgette H. - 01/01/2019

" Dr. Haley has been my doctor since 1993. I would NEVER consider anyone else. I highly recommend this office. "

 Valerie J. - 01/01/2019

" I highly recommend Cherokee Women's Health to EVERY woman in need of any Ob/Gyn care. The staff there were consistently pleasant and very friendly. My doctor, Dr. Kathryn Hale, was so caring as if she were treating one of her family members. Her bedside manner is par excellence. My hubby and I were very pleased with everything. I promise will not be disappointed. "

 Megan C. - 12/28/2018

" Love this practice "

 Lauren N. - 12/22/2018

" Dr. Clay is excellent! "

 Amy W. - 12/22/2018

" I am thrilled I found a doctor as knowledgeable as Dr. Hale!! "

 Shanda M. - 12/20/2018

" I love Dr Haley, he is so caring and compassionate! "

 Aziza R. - 12/19/2018

" Dr. Gandhi and her staff are amazing. I love her honesty and knowledge. "

 Linda R. - 12/19/2018

" I've been a patient at Cherokee Women's Health for years. Dr. Gandhi is the best-ever! "

 Violeta P. - 12/14/2018

" I really appreciate Dr. Litrel's honesty and humor! He has a way if easing my concerns but finding appropriate solutions which I love. I trust him implicitly and feel so lucky to be under his care. In addition, my husband thinks he's hilarious! "

 Katherine R. - 12/13/2018

" Dr. Clay is the best! Willing to answer any questions or address any concerns "

 Valerie R. - 12/12/2018

" Dr. Litrel is just the absolute best! "

 Christi P. - 12/12/2018

" Dr. Crigler is the first doctor that I’ve felt cares about me and my concerns and I feel very lucky to have found him and his staff. "

 Valeri S. - 12/12/2018

" This was my first appt alone with my toddler and All the staff were so helpful in keeping an eye on him for me while I did the urine test, blood work, and at check out. "

 Megan S. - 12/11/2018

" truly just such a kind and non-judgement staff. so happy to be on this journey with this facility "

 Amanda K. - 12/08/2018

" I love my Dr. very much. Dr. Gandhi and the staff are so wonderful here. Been going to her for years. "

 Sherri K. - 12/07/2018

" Recent surgery, both Dr. Gahndi and Dr. Clay were great, very caring and listened without making me or my husband feel rushed. "

 Nicole A. - 12/06/2018

" Dr Gandhi is awesome!!! "

 Ashley F. - 12/05/2018

" Yall are very good "

 Sejalben P. - 12/05/2018

" Staff was very good and friendly. Dr Kathryn hale was so nice to us and she was so helpful to us and my wife love dr Kathryn hale and we recommend to other people to see her. Thank you guys for you hospitality. "

 Jordan N. - 12/04/2018


 Amanda W. - 12/04/2018

" Very friendly staff. They have done an excellent job of keeping my mind at piece during my high risk pregnancy. I'm very thankful to have such a great medical team taking care of my baby and I. "

 Yuriana G. - 12/04/2018

" Excellent service �������� "

 Jimia G. - 12/01/2018

" Very good experience. Lindsey was great doing my ultrasound! She explained everything and made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Haley was pretty short with me though which kind of sucked. I feel like he was in a rush and even talked to me with the door open as if he was trying to leave during my questions.. "

 Britany M. - 11/30/2018

" I love seeing Dr.Clay! She is very thorough and listens to her patients! "

 Alda C. - 11/30/2018

" Dr Litrel listened to my concerns & desires. I am a 70!year old recurring Ovarian cancer patient that wants to continue normal intimacy with my husband. The chemo has causes liss oss of sensation in the lady parts. Dr Litrel offered a few options to try. I am trying the Thermiva first. So thankful for a doctor who believes in improving your quality of life at any age. "

 Cherilee C. - 11/28/2018

" Dr. Hale asks questions, truly listens and offers helpful advice and recommendations based upon your specific needs. "

 Kendra D. - 11/16/2018

" Very professional and courteous. Thanks! "

 Beatriz M. - 11/16/2018

" Me encanta las citas están a la hora exacta y no se demora mucho tiempo al rededor de 1 hora, ya se tiene el ultrasonido, cita de chequeo y la siguiente cita programada. Me encanta!! "

 Dianna H. - 11/15/2018

" I love you this practice! Dr. Gandhi is the best! "

 Megan J. - 11/15/2018

" I did have to call back to have my prescription refilled. My pharmacy did not receive it after my appointment. "

 Sandra M. - 11/14/2018

" Dr criggler is the best!!!! "

 Tracy M. - 11/10/2018

" My appointment was at 11:15, i arrived at 11:00 but wasn't taken back till 11:40. "

 Engrid P. - 11/09/2018

" I live in Buford, GA and travel over 50 miles just to see Dr. Litrel. He delivered both of my boys through complicated pregnancies and he understands the importance of spiritual medicine as well. "

 Vanessa B. - 11/09/2018

" Great customer service. Very helpful and friendly staff. "

 Joy H. - 11/08/2018

" I like Dr. Hale very much! Have been coming here since we moved almost 14 yrs.ago "

 Katrina B. - 11/08/2018

" I was surprised and thankful for the warmth and compassion Dr. Gandhi delivers. She spent more time with me with any previous doctors. "

 Hazel S. - 11/07/2018

" Very attentive and caring staff. "

 Elisha M. - 11/07/2018

" Dr. Clay is a blessing. Her genuine compassion is an answered prayer. As a 36 year old woman beginning my journey to conceive my first child. Dr. Clay's heartfelt compassion and knowledge has made my first steps into the unknown feel as if I have a hand to hold. Just a wonderful place!!! "

 Cher C. - 11/07/2018

" I really appreciate that Dr. Hale goes above and beyond her years of conventional medical training to continue learning and growing as a provider and also in the functional/Integrative community. It’s nice to be able to trust and partner with those who truly care to become the best! "

 Lexis H. - 11/07/2018

" Love Dr. Gandhi, she makes you feel like your her only patient for the day and gives you time to discuss any concerns! Highly recommend! "

 Jennifer G. - 11/06/2018

" Dr. Gandhi is amazing!!! "

 Christine C. - 11/06/2018

" Everyone was so pleasant and friendly. Dr. Litrel addressed all my concerns and took his time with me in the room. He’s friendly and warm. I will highly recommend them to any of my friends and family! "

 Elizabeth S. - 11/03/2018

" Dr. Clay was very friendly, informative and fast! "

 Jeannette P. - 11/01/2018

" Tengo 12 años visitando Cherokee Women’s Health y me encanta el trato a los pascientes y la profesionalidad. "

 Tracey K. - 10/31/2018

" I love Dr. Clay and her staff! ❤️ "

 Lauren P. - 10/30/2018

" Dr. Krigler is the absolute best gynecologist, so glad I decided to become a patient at your facility! "

 Jennifer B. - 10/29/2018

" Dr clay and Nicole are amazingly supportive. Thank you ladies "

 Angela V. - 10/26/2018

" I love everyone at Cherokee Womens, Dr. Ghandi. The whole experience is always pleasant. "

 Kellie R. - 10/26/2018

" I travel over an hour to see Dr. Haley because he took the time a couple of years ago to figure out what was going on with me medically. He is compassionate and listens to my concerns. "

 Megan C. - 10/26/2018

" Dr. Clay, Front Desk and Nurses were all Wonderful. I highly recommend this Woodstock Office. "

 April P. - 10/24/2018

" We’ve met with all of the providers and love them all. Dr. Crigler delivered our baby and we could not be happier!! He was absolutely amazing and made us feel confident going into an unplanned C Section. I would recommend this practice to anyone. "

 Evelyn S. - 10/24/2018

" Everyone is pleasant. Wait time was not long especially for a GYN office. My visit was just a routine check-up and went well. "

 Nchimunya S. - 10/23/2018

" I really enjoy seeing Ms Rose, the mid-wife and the girls at the check in counter are always friendly. I live in Woodstock and prefer to drive to Canton just to see Ms Rose and the friendliness of the check in staff "

 Haley E. - 10/23/2018

" Dr. Criggler and his staff are wonderful and so sweet!! They are always going above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and well cared for!! "

 Angela D. - 10/23/2018

" Love Dr. Clay! Followed her from Jasper. She is very friendly and has an excellent bedside manner with my adult handicapped daughter. "

 Erlande V. - 10/23/2018

" I would not recommend only because of my overall experience and not because of this one experience. The sonogram lady was very nice and caring. Previous experiences are not very informative. Only 1 question "What can i do for you today" and im just lost if my chart tells you all the pain and issues I have. "

 Daisy C. - 10/19/2018

" Everyone is very helpful always answers my questions "

 Mary M. - 10/17/2018

" Dr. Litrel and the entire group are awesome! Love that they run an 'on time' practice! "

 Crystal J. - 10/16/2018

" Very caring and understanding. Very knowledgeable about my health issues. "

 Amanda K. - 10/16/2018

" I love Dr. Gandhi! "

 Melissa D. - 10/16/2018

" Dr Ghandi is fun, down to earth, confident,a great listener, very knowledgeable and a blessing to any patient that gets to see her. My husband and I always enjoy talking with her! "

 Shavonn R. - 10/16/2018

" Keep up the great work! "

 Mona R. - 10/14/2018

" I feel very fortunate to be under the care of Dr. Haley and Cherokee nurses. Thank you. Mona Rose "

 Shayla M. - 10/12/2018

" Love this place, love these people! "

 Tonya I. - 10/12/2018

" Whilst the wait time in the chilly morning can room can be frustrating I can’t get too upset because I know dr Litrel always is personable and gives me lots of time as I’m sure he does with patients before me . "

 Kari M. - 10/11/2018

" I always receive the best care. ❤️ "

 Robyn F. - 10/10/2018

" Dr Litrel and his staff are always attentive! "

 Kendra D. - 10/10/2018

" Midwife Susan Griggs is so pleasant and very knowledgeable. ☺ "

 Ashton H. - 10/10/2018

" I love Cherokee women’s. I would recommend them to any and everyone I know. "

 Adele S. - 10/04/2018

" Dr Hale is wonderful!! "

 Sarah M. - 10/03/2018

" I love Dr. Litrell!!! "

 Tabitha T. - 10/03/2018

" Very caring people. "

 Melissa W. - 10/03/2018

" I love Dr. Gandhi!! I can talk to her like I talk to my BFF!! So comfortable!! "

 Jessica Y. - 10/02/2018

" Love the staff! "

 Jennifer B. - 09/29/2018

" Dr. Crigler was informative, listened to my concerns, and seemed very caring. "

 Jessi O. - 09/28/2018

" Dr. Litrel took time to sit and talk with me about my health concerns. Instead of treating me like just another patient, he treated me like a friend. He took the time to ask me about my life, my job and my family and that means a lot. "

 Adrianna Z. - 09/27/2018

" First visit, and I was impressed. I also had some questions the day after my visit. The woman I spoke with on the phone was amazingly nice and so helpful! "

 Rosa S. - 09/26/2018

" Happy to have found Dr. Litrell! He has provided excellent care. Speaking from my experience with multiple surgeries, I have complete confidence in his ability to provide care/surgery within his areas of expertise! Highly recommend! "

 Ashley G. - 09/26/2018

" Dr Crigler is awesome and so is the front desk and medical assistants! "

 Karen S. - 09/25/2018

" This was my first time to the office. Everyone was great and I enjoyed Dr. Ghandi. "

 Carol W. - 09/25/2018

" Never felt like the doctor was rushing. Discussed everything I felt was necessary. "

 Joanie B. - 09/25/2018

" I love Cherokee Women's and will continue to recommend everyone that I know to you guys. "

 Tina G. - 09/24/2018

" Very caring, kind and professional staff. The day of my procedure I felt like I was the only patient there though clearly they were very busy. Very appreciative and grateful to Dr. Litrel and all who were involved with my care including but in no way limited to Mary, Luba, Janie and Erica. Thank you all so very much. "

 Rebecca W. - 09/21/2018

" Best practice! Very grateful for everyone! "

 Yasmin A. - 09/21/2018

" From the moment i inquired about scheduling an appointment, to walking out of your office after my appointment, i was treated graciously with professional, courtesy. i was seated for no longer than three minutes, when your medical assistant called my name and greeted me with a friendly smile. We right away started chatting and she made me feel welcome. Dr. Litrel, explained my procedure, listened to my concerns and addressed each with detail and compassion. I have and will continue to recommend Cherokee Women's Health Specialists ~ well done! "

 Taryn P. - 09/21/2018

" I felt the ultrasound was rushed and some of my questions were overlooked during the ultrasound. I was not offered to hear a heartbeat. From what I understand, most can hear a heartbeat at this time. We were able to see it though. As first time parents, we felt a little rushed and robbed during this time. We were told the ultrasound was to be transvaginal, So I was confused when she just starting going to town on my stomach. I’m glad it wasn’t transvaginal, But I wish communication would have been better and she had been more smiley. The remainder of the appointment was good. We just don’t know what we were doing and who’s prefer more guidance as this is suppose to be a special time. "

 Christine R. - 09/21/2018

" My spouse & I feel comfortable with our decision to have our baby at Cherokee Northside Hospital after touring the facility, the hospital is clean & beautiful. The staff seem kind. I love the focus they have on parent child bonding. One room for improvement would be for an option for parents who want to have their newborn with the at ALL times. The baby has to go to the nursery a few time for check ups & parents are welcome to follow & view from the window, but we, like most of the other parents, would appreciate not separating at all from our newborn. "

 Canessa F. - 09/20/2018

" They are always friendly and helpful. Dr. Haley is always kind and answers all my questions. "

 Catharine H. - 09/20/2018

" I really like the approach of letting me talk to the dr. prior to removing my clothes. It's a much more comfortable conversation fully clothed! "

 Judy P. - 09/19/2018

" Dr. Littrell is a knowledgeable Physician who is extremely professional, kind and sensitive to his patients' needs. He made me feel comfortable during my appointment and answered all of my questions during our visit. I would highly recommend him and his staff to anyone seeking out a high class, medical practice. "

 Rachelle H. - 09/16/2018

" Dr. Ghandi is fantastic!! "

 Laura W. - 09/14/2018

" Dr. Haley and his staff were wonderful. I have and will continue to reccomend them to friends and family. "

 Mary H. - 09/14/2018

" Dr Haley is the best, I'm really glad hesy Dr. "

 Cristina G. - 09/13/2018

" This was my first time at this clinic. Really enjoyed my time there. "

 Sandra L. - 09/13/2018

" Dr. Haley excellent. "

 Leslie C. - 09/13/2018

" I really like Dr. Gandhi and feel she really listens. She also recommends lifestyle/preventative measures, not just meds. Did have 10:30 am appointment but did not get in until 11:10 which is longer wait than usual "

 Casey C. - 09/12/2018

" The ladies at the woodstock front desk are phenomenal; moreover, Dr. Crigler was wonderful and offered exciting forward practices. Lastly, the woman who performed our ultrasound was so welcoming and professional and we had a great experience. Thank you. "

 Lissette L. - 09/12/2018

" Julie Sayers is great! The office staff is really attentive. I would recommend you to anyone! "

 Grace W. - 09/12/2018

" Thank you very mush "

 Donna P. - 09/11/2018

" Dr. Gandhi is WONDERFUL!!! "

 Jessica I. - 09/08/2018

" The entire staff was very helpful. I’m new to the self-pay (healthshare) world and the receptionist was very informative and patient. Dr. Hale’s medical assistant didn’t miss a beat when I requested to add-on a procedure during my appointment. Dr. Hale took her time and listened to and addressed all of my concerns. Even the Lab tech who drew my blood was awesome! My veins are usually such a challenge and she was able to find one on the first try AND draw as much as she needed without having to move to a different vein (I don’t think that has ever happened before). I came in with some concerns and left feeling at ease. Couldn’t really ask for much more than that. "

 Denise H. - 09/08/2018

" Dr. Crigler was excellent. He was so kind and explained what he was going to do and why I didn’t need certain parts of the exam. He was very thorough in explaining my problem and after examing me told me more about my situation than previous doctors who knew me. He gave me different options to think about and things to try. This was probably the most professional, thorough, informative, and kind appointment I have ever had. "

 Sonia L. - 09/07/2018

" Dr. Litrel is amazing! He takes time to truly listen, address any concerns, and get to know the patient as a person. It's great to find a doctor who cares to personalize the medical experience! "

 Tammy B. - 09/07/2018

" Service was great. Everyone was very pleasant. No complaints. "

 Tammara H. - 09/07/2018

" This place is great and I love the entire staff, they are night and day from my last GYN (in the same building). I hated going to the other one because the Doctor was ALWAYS an hour and a half late for first appointment of the day even. You staff is friendly, helpful, professional and all around awesome! "

 Amanda P. - 09/07/2018

" My appointment was cancelled at the last minute, but the scheduler was very helpful and helped me schedule something for the next week. "

 Nancy G. - 09/06/2018

" Dr. Gandhi is awesome! "

 Sepideh K. - 09/05/2018

" This place is awesome ❤️❤️ "

 Berline T. - 09/05/2018

" I like this office. I really enjoy Dr. Clay she is very sweet, and listens to all of my concerns. I am very happy my pregnancy care will be at this office. "

 Shadia O. - 09/02/2018

" My doctor and the staff were awesome, but there is a long long waiting time. "

 Amanda W. - 09/01/2018

" Absolutely love Dr Haley! I thought my appt was with Dr Hale but I messed up and the staff made sure I was ok with the change/mix up. They remember me and my children and only see us once a year. "

 Tabitha T. - 08/31/2018

" Waiting time to be seen was way longer than expected but overall I was happy with the are I received. All my questions were answered and concerns were taken care of. "

 Diana G. - 08/29/2018

" Great service as always. I love Dr. Gandhi and her staff. They always take really good care of us. "

 Mary P. - 08/29/2018

" Dr. Creigler and his staff are the life savers for older women!! Love them all!! Thank you! "

 Veda P. - 08/28/2018

" I hate to admit this but I was a bit nervous about seeing a male Doctor for the first time in my adult life but I loved Dr. Litrel and had an immediate connection with him. I read so many wonderful things about him and that was the reason I selected this practice. I didn’t think I would get to see him my first visit but it validated my decision to switch practices and he exceeded my extremely high expectations! Unfortunately I often find professionals can easily and unknowingly become transactional and desensitized in their service approach but as a first time mom to be Dr. Litrel treated me as if I was his most important patient and listened as if he had not heard all of my questions before, which of course he did. It was very refreshing and comforting. Now I’ll pray it’s a miracle he’s on call during my delivery! However what I also loved and appreciated was that he gave me an orientation of the other Doctors in the practice which made me fe secure and in capable hands! I’m glad my research led me to Cherokee Women’s Health Specialists. It will be worth my cross state travel and that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make as I needed the perfect practice for me. This is h right fit for me. "

 Sara S. - 08/28/2018

" Dr. Clay is amazing! "

 Isis L. - 08/25/2018

" The nurse anesthetist was amazing! So compassionate, caring and knowledgeable. "

 Malaika B. - 08/24/2018

" Dr. Ghandi was so lively and awesome. She listened to all my concerns, and eased all of my worries. I honestly love her and would love to keep her as my gyno! We’re blessed to have this woman care for us! "

 Sarah S. - 08/24/2018

" Everyone was super nice!!! I don't mind driving 45 minutes when the office is so friendly! "

 Rita P. - 08/23/2018

" Staff was very helpful and kind. There was little to no waiting for the appt. Dr Haley is the best, I have been his patient for many years. He listens and answers any questions I might have. Excellent care! Thanks to all. "

 Gloria M. - 08/22/2018

" Very happy "

 Kimberly C. - 08/21/2018

" Great experience and caring staff. "

 Kathryn P. - 08/21/2018

" I have enjoyed the medical weight loss program. I feel like I have my own personal cheering squad that encourages me no matter which way the scale goes from week to week. On bad weeks they have tips and insights to help get me back on track. And on good weeks they provide positive feedback to keep me going. "

 Gloria B. - 08/17/2018

" The best gyn visit ever. I was very apprehensive, however, the staff and Dr.Litrel me as ease. Thank you Cherokee Woodstock.�� "

 Jennifer A. - 08/16/2018

" Love this practice! "

 Elissa D. - 08/15/2018

" The waiting room was very busy, in fact the busiest I have ever seen it, so I was afraid I would be waiting significantly past my appt time but was pleasantly surprised that I was able to get in and out in a decent amount of time. "

 Jeanette L. - 08/14/2018

" Had to wait longer than usual. "

 Joni I. - 08/14/2018

" Dr. Crigler is by FAR the BEST DOCTOR I have ever had !! So caring and compassionate always going above and beyond to make sure you feel valued and well cared for !!! As is his entire staff especially Jenny, Sarah and Evonda !!! Everyone is amazing in this office. Dr. Crigler has the best...which is only fitting since, as I previously said, so is he. I’m very fortunate to have found him... thanks to Jenny ���� "

 Courtney B. - 08/14/2018

" I would recommend Cherokee Women’s health to everyone. I have never had a bad experience with this practice. Dr. Gandhi exceeds expectations every visit. "

 Kacey R. - 08/11/2018

" Every person that I have come in contact with has been great at their job! I’m so pleased with my choice in choosing Cherokee Women’s Health Center! "

 Sarah M. - 08/10/2018

" I have been seeing Dr. Haley for over 30 years. He is an amazing doctor. Listens to my concerns and usually has a solution. Great staff as well. "

 Mira H. - 08/09/2018

" Every thing is very good thank you so much "

 Cristina D. - 08/08/2018

" Even though I was there for over an hour and a half the staff and everyone was absolutely amazing. They kept me Informed of delays and gave me a chance to see someone else. I love all your staff it’s just sometimes wait times are a bit excessive. "

 Aileen Z. - 08/04/2018

" Everyone was helpful and caring. Every question I asked was answered. "

 Ashley S. - 08/03/2018

" My appointment with Dr. Clay started exactly on time. This is a big part of will I/won't I recommend a practice to anyone else. "

 Charlotte O. - 08/03/2018

" Dr. Crigler is a great doctor with a wonderful personality and listens to my concerns and has great feedback. "

 Alisha E. - 08/02/2018

" It was my first time at Cherokee Women’s and I was satisfied with my appointment. I wasn’t told that they would be needing a urine sample, so in the 20 minutes I was in the reception area I used the restroom, making it challenging when I was later asked to leave a sample. The medical assistant wasn’t too friendly and didn’t seem to smile. However; Ruth (a midwife) was fantastic! She answered all of my questions and really cared about me and my visit. I had blood drawn while I was there and the phlebotomist made it completely painless. She was great! Overall, I am pleased with this office and will continue to go. "

 Rachelle F. - 08/02/2018

" Dr. Haley was awesome very considerate and attentive as always "

 Mary P. - 08/01/2018

" Dr. Clay is a very sweet doctor, she's also very thorough in explaining and listening to ant questions that I had.... Excellent doctor! "

 Gale C. - 07/31/2018

" I'm very grateful for the willingness to discuss my concerns over the high numbers of breast cancer in my immediate family and the good information that I was given to secure additional providers to assist my family in preventative care. "

 Erin M. - 07/28/2018

" First time ever leaving my obgyn’s office feeling positive about my concerns and how they were addressed. Thank you! "

 Diana G. - 07/26/2018

" Absolutely love this medical office. Both locations are amazing and the doctors, especially doctor Gandhi is amazing. "

 Jill P. - 07/25/2018

" I am SO Happy with the staff here. They show that they really about you!!! "

 Lydia R. - 07/24/2018

" Very pleased with the wait time "

 Hollis M. - 07/24/2018

" I have recommended many friends to your practice, and they always thank me for it later. I have been a patient with you for over 10 years and I would never switch off your excellent care. Thank you for being wonderful! "

 Allyson L. - 07/24/2018

" Love Dr Crigler! He’s the best! "

 Alicia J. - 07/20/2018

" dr litrell is caring and compassionate office is very well run "

 Jennifer V. - 07/20/2018

" Honestly I have been searching for another doctor to see since I felt like I was waiting to long to see dr Ghandi (scheduling and waiting in the exam room). I’ve seen dr Hale twice and I felt ok- nothing to brag on but when I saw Ruth on my last visit I felt like she has known me for years. She was so comfortable to talk to and funny- she really made me feel at ease. Her personality was amazing. I was so happy that I made my appointment with her and not a doctor. I was much more relaxed! Thank you Ruth for being someone who values my time and understands me! "

 Marie L. - 07/20/2018

" I completely understand wait times, and I’m not concerned about it. "

 Maryann P. - 07/20/2018

" Dr litrel is the best by far and i love the staff in the office .he has been my dr for years now and have never had an issue. He's always taken good care of me and all my concers and problem. "

 Feliceann S. - 07/19/2018

" Dr. Gandhi is very nice and answers all my questions and concerns. "

 Elizabeth L. - 07/18/2018

" Outstanding staff! Dr. L is amazing!!! "

 Ashley R. - 07/18/2018

" As always, i felt as though the staff of Cherokee Women's Health Specialists were attentive and caring. "

 Noelle R. - 07/18/2018

" I have been seeing Dr. Gandhi at Cherokee Women’s for 10 years now. Every experience has been excellent from the ladies who schedule me to the appointment itself. The ladies who work in the front are so wonderful, helpful, and kind. They have patience with me when I have concerns. The nurses and staff always treat me with respect and with smiles. Dr. Gandhi sits with me and actually listens to my concerns and questions and gives me all options available. I love this practice and I refer everyone I can here. Thank you for always being there in my times of need and keeping me calm when I’m anxious. Y’all are awesome! "

 Elishia W. - 07/18/2018

" I love how knowledgeable the Doctors are, always caring and helpful! "

 Angelly B. - 07/18/2018

" Muy buena atencion y mucha amabilidada "

 Lois S. - 07/17/2018

" I've come here for many years! Always a pleasant sweet staff in every department! Thank you all! "

 Abigail R. - 07/17/2018

" Julie Sayers was excellent and I was taken back 20 minuets before my scheduled time. "

 Nancy G. - 07/12/2018

" Great Staff, Great Docs! "

 Cathy N. - 07/11/2018

" This office has a great team of Doctors. I have seen 3 different ones there and they are all very nice and knowledable , up to date on the latest procedures and stuff. Never have to wait long. "

 Joyce M. - 07/11/2018

" Dr. Litrel is great and I wouldn't have another doctor see me ever so, don't retire because I'll be done with these appointment !! "

 Violeta P. - 07/10/2018

" I appreciate the bedside manner of the staff and am SO appreciative of the how patient Dr. Litrel is with my concerns and questions. "

 Christina H. - 07/10/2018

" Dr. Litrell has been my GYN since I was 15, through the birth of my children, to my hysterectomy. I tried out a few others during insurance changes and always come back to Litrell. He has a knack for the one in a million things that can happen... which seems to always be me. Thank you, Dr. Litrell, for being with me through it all! "

 Nancy L. - 07/10/2018

" Dr. Gandhi is the best! I wish I could see her at every single visit. "

 Karen M. - 07/07/2018

" Very refreshing to be listened to by the whole office. The doctor actually sat down and had a conversation about my health. I am older and this is not my first doctor visit. Dr Gandhi and her staff were amazing. Thank you for a good doctor/office experience its been a while since I had one of those, forgot what it felt like. "

 Lexus R. - 07/06/2018

" Ruth and DR.Clay are so sweet and careing. I’m so happy God has placed me with these people to go threw such an amazing time in my life. "

 Lindee M. - 07/04/2018

" I've been with Cherokee Women's for almost 5 years and I've always had courteous service and always pleased with the timing and attention. "

 Allison C. - 07/03/2018

" Ruth was wonderful! Excellent bedside manner, answered all of my questions, and made me feel at ease. Great experience! "

 Beth C. - 07/03/2018

" Love Dr. Litrel!! "

 Kathryn S. - 07/02/2018

" Dr. Gandhi is a wonderful physician. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a provider who takes the time to not only provide care, but who listens and is concerned about the "whole" person and helping them have the best quality of life. Outstanding care, outstanding provider.. "

 Inez W. - 06/30/2018

" Absolutely EVERYONE involved with both the Canton office (who handled my scheduling & transfering my records from another state) & the Woodstock office where my appoint was, were the most accomdating & helpful staff I have ever dealt wih. They made the transition from another state easy & pleasurable. I feel my health is in the BEST of hands with Cherokee Women's Health Specialists!! Thank you! "

 Karen F. - 06/29/2018

" Everyone in the office we're very nice and professional if I walked by someone they spoke,which is very important to me. Dr.Crigler listened to me and he didn't rush thru my appointment. I had a very pleasant experience "

 Rebecca H. - 06/29/2018

" Dr. Clay and her nurse, Nicole are wonderful. They always make you feel like you are the only patient that they have, greet you with warm smiles, and always take time to address any concerns. "

 Nicole E. - 06/28/2018

" I was impressed with how quickly I was given an appointment. I've seen a huge improvement with the customer service in the office staff. Way to go doctor Litrel. I would definitely recommend anyone to this office. "

 Laura H. - 06/26/2018

" Ruth Roser has great bedside manner and is funny, which helps make an uncomfortable visit a little more pleasant. "

 Judith W. - 06/24/2018

" Very warm friendly and professional "

 Tracey R. - 06/23/2018

" Always a great and comfortable experience "

 Bambi W. - 06/21/2018

" Great staff! "

 Erica S. - 06/21/2018

" I have been a patient of Dr. Haley's for several years. He is caring and very thorough. "

 Rachelle F. - 06/21/2018

" Dr. Haley is very respectful and gentle and very helpful "

 Stacey E. - 06/18/2018

" My visit was for the therapy. I was very pleased with the visit. "

 Dorothy D. - 06/16/2018

" I am filling this out for my Mom, I appreciate how quickly you get her in as she is 93. "

 Delaine M. - 06/15/2018

" Dr. Clay is always answers my questions and makes me feel comfortable. She goes above and beyond to make sure my health and my needs are taken care of. "

 Charlann M. - 06/15/2018

" Absolutely love Dr. Clay!! Excellent bedside manner, always so pleasant and willing to hear my questions and or concerns!!! "

 Jessica H. - 06/12/2018

" Dr. Clay was great!!! I was very happy to meet her since I have heard a lot about her!! All good things, too! "

 Erlande V. - 06/09/2018

" Couldn't really see the baby on the monitor. Which for me was a very intimate moment with the baby. I hope they get that fixed. "

 Shawnette C. - 06/08/2018

" I absolutely love my doctor Dr Haley is awesome "

 Amber R. - 06/02/2018

" Love all of you guys at Cherokee women's "

 Jennifer A. - 06/02/2018

" Love Dr. Crigler! He is the best. Would recommend him to all my family and friends . I’d even tell strangers how great he is. Everyone in the office is wonderful and we’ve had great care since day one. We had care at a different office to start and switched due to insurance issues. It was the best thing that could have happened to our family. So thankful for that issue so we could come to Cherokee women’s and get treated by these the best doctors around. "

 Heather O. - 06/02/2018

" Love Dr. Crigler. He delivered our two girls and will be delivering our baby boy very soon. He is always very attentive and such a kind physician. In addition to our experience with him, we have always been very pleased with the other providers and Cherokee Women’s Health in general! "

 Sunshine P. - 06/01/2018

" Dr. Hale was absolutely FANTASTIC. I can’t say enough good things. She made me very comfortable, and really listened to my concerns. I really appreciated her very open and caring demeanor, and her approach to providing care for the issues I was concerned with! "

 Deborah T. - 06/01/2018

" Dr. Haley was awesome and so were all the nurses. I had absolutely no pain during or after the procedure and feel great this morning! "

 Kristen H. - 05/31/2018

" Dr. Ghandi is an incredible physician and made me feel extremely comfortable. She was very personable and explained everything she was doing in simple terms. I will definitely recommend Dr. Ghandi to anyone looking for a OBGYN in Woodstock. "

 Elizabeth W. - 05/31/2018

" Dr Clay is wonderful! "

 Dana W. - 05/31/2018

" Dr. Clay is awesome!!! "

 Deborah P. - 05/30/2018

" Dr Peahen Gandhi is very nice. She answered all my questions thoroughly and spent the time with me that I needed. "

 Kelly T. - 05/25/2018

" I waited close to an hour after my scheduled appointment before actually seeing my doctor. As a woman who has had 3 kids, I understand that there are often patients ahead of me who may need more time with the dr and therefore I have to wait. The doctor was very nice and apologized for the wait and was very attentive to my issues and showed genuine concern for my health. I’m very satisfied with my care, just wish someone had given me a little heads up about the wait so I could’ve let my sitter know I would be home later than anticipated. "

 Jordan T. - 05/25/2018

" Dr Clay and her staff always take the best care of me!! "

 Victoria W. - 05/24/2018

" My appointment was 30 mins from walking into the building to walking out. It was incredible especially sinc emy first one was ovwr 2 hrs long. "

 Joan M. - 05/23/2018

" I travel from wherever I have lived from Montana to Gulf Shores to come to see Dr. Gandhi and always will! She knows everything about my medical conditions and treats me like her best friend as well! I love this facility! "

 Marie L. - 05/23/2018

" I understand there are many patients, so I am not concerned about wait times! "

 Ingrid T. - 05/22/2018

" My whole experience was better than I expected, the staff was very professional carrying, "

 Brittany H. - 05/22/2018

" Dr Clay is the best dr around "

 Linda F. - 05/20/2018

" I love the service here. Dr Gandhi is the best!! "

 Tammy Z. - 05/19/2018

" Dr.literl is very kind all of the staff are very professional I highly recommend going here "

 Christina H. - 05/17/2018

" Love Dr. LITRELL as do all his patients... which is why there's always a wait to see him! "

 Tabatha B. - 05/17/2018

" I switched providers half way through my pregnancy due to lack of support. Since switching to CWH I have felt supported and more confident in giving birth. "

 Joni I. - 05/16/2018

" This is the best and sweetest , thoughtful OBGYN I have ever had. The staff is amazing. I would def. recommend Dr Crigler he’s the BEST. & I love Sarah and Jenny but all of the staff are just great. ���� "

 Rachel B. - 05/13/2018

" Dr Gandhi is just amazing! Can’t say enough postive things about her. She’s knowledgeable and has great bedside manner. She delivered my son 3 years ago and I’ll always come back to her. Was so happy this year when I found out our new insurance was accepted by her. "

 Shyrra H. - 05/13/2018

" I’v always received excellent service from all staff members. They’re awesome!!!! "

 Sara R. - 05/11/2018

" This was my second visit to Cherokee Women's Health and I would highly recommend it to anyone searching for a new provider. Dr. Litrell and the staff are extremely courteous and attentive. "

 Sylvia E. - 05/10/2018

" Gt8 Job "

 Elizabeth B. - 05/10/2018

" Dr. Ghandi is the first dr. I’ve ever actually felt comfortable with, including drs I work with. Both offices are lovely and i almost look forward to my visits because it’s such a nice office! "

 Emily E. - 05/09/2018

" I truly love Cherokee Womens. The staff is very patient and understanding. The providers are wonderful and are very thorough! I couldn't ask for a better group of caring people. "

 Suzanne M. - 05/05/2018

" I was impressed with your practice, especially the kindness and professionalism of the entire staff. "

 Kathryn C. - 05/04/2018

" I absolutely LOVE Dr. Ghandi!!!!!!! She is warm, friendly and VERY understanding!!!! I feel extremely comfortable talking to her about any subject matter! "

 Amber G. - 05/03/2018

" I really liked Dr. Clay "

 Danielle C. - 05/03/2018

" Dr. Litrel went above and beyond listening to my concerns and made me feel like I was his only patient that day. He was compassionate, caring, kind, and shared his wisdom. I could not have had a better experience and am so thankful he’s my doctor. "

 Angela D. - 05/02/2018

" I adore Dr. Ghandi! "

 Debbie H. - 05/02/2018

" I love Dr. Ghandi "

 Lydia B. - 05/01/2018

" I had Dr. Kathryn Hale. I was really nervous bc I’ve had bad experiences with obgyns but she was very compassionate and sweet! She takes her time to explain things. No question is dumb to her. I wish I would have had her as my doctor years ago! Thank you Dr. Hale for being patient and listening to me! "

 Glenda M. - 04/29/2018

" Dr Haley seemed concerned about my issue and comfort. He actually talked WITH me and not at me. "

 Sandra L. - 04/27/2018

" Called back nearly 15 min. past my appt. Time. They expect me to be on time. I expect the same, absent an emergency. "

 Kari I. - 04/27/2018

" Peahen Gandhi is phenomenal!!! "

 Adele O. - 04/26/2018

" Dr Ghandi is an amazing person "

 Ashley W. - 04/26/2018

" Dr. Heil is one of a kind! She is very educated and never rushes me, always happy to discuss any concerns including natural solutions for health. I find this VERY valuable and hard to find. I’m so thankful to have found her! "

 Sara S. - 04/25/2018

" i like my new doctor Crigler and doctor clay and doctor Crigler are the best doctors "

 Peggy K. - 04/25/2018

" Love Dr. Gandhi!!!! Everyone there is very professional, caring and friendly "

 Lindsey C. - 04/24/2018

" My husband and I are so relieved to have found Dr Litrel. He was patient, kind, informative, and made a point to help us feel comfortable at our first visit. We really cannot thank you and your staff enough for your kindness yesterday. "

 Ayumi B. - 04/20/2018

" I was a new patient, and each of them really did a professional job, Talking, listening, answering questions and smooth performance of ultrasound, pap test, blood drawn etc. I had a comfortable time in there. Thank you. "

 Kimberly B. - 04/20/2018

" I can’t say enough good things about the staff. Everyone from the front desk, nurse, and doctor were just wonderful but they always are. I feel like the staff actually cares and they go above and beyond their job duties. "

 Hannah D. - 04/18/2018

" Everyone at the office was super friendly and helpful. "

 Patricia D. - 04/15/2018

" I highly recommend Dr. Ghandi. She is an excellent provider and shows her care and concern for me at every visit. "

 Kirstie S. - 04/14/2018

" Dr. Litrel and his staff were awesome! I drove over two hours to have my services done with him and I just have to say it was so worth every minute! Highly recommend!!! "

 Nancy G. - 04/14/2018

" Everyone was nice, helpful, and empathetic. "

 Lisa T. - 04/14/2018

" Love this place everyone is very friendly and helpful. Love Dr. Clay. "

 Elizabeth B. - 04/13/2018

" Dr. Haley took the time to listen to my concerns AND took the time to explain to me my options with both positive and negative. I felt that I was in very capable hands with Dr. Haley. "

 Hilda M. - 04/12/2018

" The waiting time after the medical assistant take vitals is near half an hour. Why do doctors make appointments so close together? "

 Amber R. - 04/12/2018

" Change nothing♥️ You guys are so wonderful. Love my Cherokee women's family "

 Virginia B. - 04/12/2018

" Love Dr. Gandhi and the staff is great too! I always have a pleasant experience. "

 Beth C. - 04/12/2018

" Dr. Litrel is the best!!! "

 Marcie H. - 04/11/2018

" Dr. Litrel always takes the time to listen to you and he ask questions. Dr. Litrel is a very caring doctor. He loves to spend time with you and help with any concerns you may have. "

 Giselle E. - 04/10/2018

" Every staff member I encountered always treated me with care and respect. From the awesome ladies at the front, ultrasound technician to Nurse Ruth and all the doctors at this practice. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Clay for her attentiveness and honesty with me about my state during the last weeks of pregnancy which lead to an emergency csection that save me and my daughters life. Dr. Crigler has such a kind spirit. I saw him the most throughout my pregnancy along with Nurse Ruth. He made me feel comfortable and took in consideration all my concerns and fears. Everyone at Northside Hospital had great things to say about Dr. Crigler and shared how much they love working with him. I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor to have delivered my daughter into this world. And to top it off, his skills are so amazing because my c-section incision is barely noticeable. Another win for this practice. Thank you Cherokee Women’s health for proving such great care. I will recommend this practice to all my family and friends. God Bless you all! Giselle "

 Valerie R. - 04/10/2018

" Dr Litrel, Kami and everyone at Cherokee Women's Health Spec are the absolute best! "

 Laura H. - 04/09/2018

" Dr. Gandhi is absolutely amazing and a pleasure to visit with!! "

 Shannon J. - 04/05/2018

" I love them all!!!! Dr. Gandhi is the most understanding sweetest doctor. I love that she actually listens,but most of all cares!!! "

 Macy L. - 04/04/2018

" Dr. Ghandi is awesome! She listened to all my concerns and made my yearly screening a breeze. "

 Portia A. - 04/04/2018

" n/a "

 Rose M. - 03/31/2018

" Doctor Haley, Was most pleasant, He informed me of his concerns and suggestions, in relation to my problem. I will be taking his advice and having the surgery done , possibly the first part of May,2018. Thanks to all the staff . Blessings, Rose McFarland. "

 Jill H. - 03/31/2018

" I don't know if I have ever been to another practice that the staff was so kind and smiling. The doctor was very thorough and patient. Would highly recommend this practice. "

 Debbie H. - 03/28/2018

" I love Dr. Ghandi. "

 Kelly K. - 03/28/2018

" They always take great care of me! "

 Meredith S. - 03/27/2018

" My appointment was at 2:15pm and I was waiting for 35 mins. I ask the front desk what is going on and they must have forgot about me... "

 Morgan K. - 03/27/2018

" I am a transfer from another OBGYN office and came to visit Dr. Clay for my first appointment and she was wonderful as well as the staff. I couldn't be any happier with transferring to Cherokee Women's for the remaining 6 months of my pregnancy!! "

 Joni I. - 03/24/2018

" I’ve never been at a clinic or doctor and been treated so perfectly ifrom the moment I walk in the door to when I leave Thank you Dr. Crieger and your staff !!��❤️ "

 Judy H. - 03/23/2018

" I love Brenda in ultrasound! So glad she’s in Woodstock. "

 Patricia E. - 03/23/2018

" Dr James Haley and Dr. Luttrell are very kind and compassionate and I look forward to seeing them in the future for my needs and concerns. "

 Sethinina S. - 03/23/2018

" Dr Litrel awesome and he answered all my questions and concerns. "

 Jessica V. - 03/22/2018

" Very caring Docyors and staff. Easy to talk with and they explain everything thoughly. Very concerned for their patients and adequately follow up. Very open lines if communication. "

 Katherine F. - 03/21/2018

" I love this place all the staff were friendly and caring but the wait time is horrible waited a half hour for my ultrasound my appointment was supposed to be right after the ultrasound but waited an hour back in the front to be called back into a room an waited longer to spend 5 mins with the doctor "

 Angela W. - 03/21/2018

" Staff & drs always been very professional, courtesy, understanding & knowledgeable. Would recommend. Keep up the awesome job!!! "

 Chundra G. - 03/21/2018

" Dr. Michael Litrel is one of the best and smartest physicians I've had in a very long time. An appointment with him is a breath of fresh air. He is very considerate of my health concerns and needs. "

 Michelle B. - 03/15/2018

" My appt time was 2:45. I arrived early at 2:25. I waited to be seen until 3:10...I had lost time reading a book. I would have asked the receptionist earlier. "

 Cheryl T. - 03/15/2018

" Dr. Haley and his team are always the best! "

 Kelly S. - 03/14/2018

" Dr. Crigler was wonderful. This was my first visit so I was very nervous. He made me feel calm and comfortable. "

 Linsey H. - 03/13/2018

" Everyone that works there have been very good and easy to talk to, and have communicated with us throughout my whole pregnancy. I absolutely loved them! "

 Linda C. - 03/10/2018

" I love this facility it is very warm loving and friendly everybody's nice. Dr. Crigler is amazing "

 Alissa A. - 03/05/2018

" Dr. Gandhi is incredible! This was my first wellness visit, and she made me feel like we were best friends. I wish all doctors were as great as her! "

 Agnes K. - 03/02/2018

" I was informed that i can only have a pap smear every 2 years if I'm on medicare.I was not aware of that and since i did not have any concerns or issues , I did not see dr hale. "

 Ariel C. - 03/01/2018

" Even better experience this visit than at my last. The staff has been wonderful, friendly, professional and had my best interest in mind. Dr. Hale was fantastic. Very thorough, patient and got to know me as a person and patient. Excellent bedside manner (coming from a healthcare professional of 14 years). "

 Marie L. - 03/01/2018

" The only issue I had was waiting thirty minutes in the exam room, but I had been late for my appointment AND it was a busy day so I am okay with this! Everything else was wonderful. "

 Brett P. - 03/01/2018

" Had a fantastic experience. It was a super quick exam and was also super professional. Everyone was friendly and kind and I appreciate that so much. I would recommend Cherokee Women’s Center to everyone and I wish I could take it with me when I move in a few months. Also, a woman who helped me on the phone named Kim was super helpful and nice. Great experience! "

 Stefanie T. - 02/28/2018

" Love Dr Crigler and his assistant! They are always so nice! "

 Laura P. - 02/28/2018

" Love Dr Crigler and Sarah such special people and have made my pregnancy journey so special and easy "

 Beth C. - 02/23/2018

" I am very pleased with Dr. Litrel and what he has done for my daughter as well! "

 Angela W. - 02/21/2018

" Dr. Ghandi is the best. i would recommend her specifically. "

 Kathryn S. - 02/20/2018

" Dr. Hale was excellent and spent time listening to any concerns or questions and provided answers and a variety of options. Great bedside manner! "

 Tashina C. - 02/20/2018

" The scheduler made a mistake and entered me as a new patient and once I informed the receptionist of the mistake, they moved mountains in order to get me to work on time. Thank you. "

 Linda L. - 02/15/2018

" I love how Dr. Clay listens to my concerns and stays on top of possible conditions. Definitely happy that I switched. "

 Tammy B. - 02/14/2018

" Fabulous Group-highly recommend this team of professionals. Their thoroughness is always appreciated. "

 Maria L. - 02/14/2018

" Dr Crigler is the best! "

 Vanessa S. - 02/13/2018

" My experience so far have been excellent. I’m so grateful for the way Dr. Clay treated me from day one. The practice is nice, personnel are very kind and caring. Just awesome!! "

 Abigail B. - 02/13/2018

" I love Dr. Litrel!! He is the best doctor and is so compassionate about all his patients! "

 Misty M. - 02/13/2018

" I love Dr Litrel! He is the only doctor to really listen and try to understand where your coming from. I feel taken care of when I see him. "

 Ashley W. - 02/11/2018

" Dr. Ghandi surpassed my hopes and expectations in a Dr. she was so helpful and invested in my visit and I am so thankful to have found her! "

 Karen D. - 02/10/2018

" I really appreciated being able to see a doctor on such short notice. It was a very pleasant visit, and when you don’t feel well as you walk in the door, it’s nice to be surrounded by professionals who care. Thank you! "

 Charlene C. - 02/09/2018

" Dr Litrel is the best DR! Very knowledgeable & thorough. "

 Laureen F. - 02/09/2018

" Always a pleasure. Great staf and wonderful doctors. "

 Robin M. - 02/04/2018

" Wonderful experience from checking in to dismissal "

 Jennifer B. - 01/31/2018

" Dr.Crigler is the best! Love all the staff and nurses! I enjoyed my experience there! "

 Jacquelynn W. - 01/26/2018

" Dr. Crigley is the best! He took interest in my big concern about health! What a wonderful Dr "

 Kathryn G. - 01/26/2018

" I always feel heard and valued by Dr Hale! "

 Helen G. - 01/26/2018

" Sherene is the best! Very knowledgeable and helpful. "

 Diane N. - 01/26/2018

" Dr. Haley and his crew are always excellent. "

 Courtney S. - 01/24/2018

" Very good experience, would highly recommend. "

 Mary G. - 01/20/2018

" My emotional experience with Cherokee Women’s Health Specialists, PC has been so wonderful. Dr Litrel and his staff have been caring understanding and amazing. As a women who has always had female problems, I am so fortunate that the Lord has allowed me to travel miles and be with caring individuals with compassion for women’s health. I can not say enough that I am so grateful from the bottom of my heart ❤️Dr Litrel, Dr Ghandi and the whole staff of Cherokee Women’s Health Specialists and Nothside Hospital to get me back into good health. God bless you all! Love always Mary G, North Carolina "

 Kimberly M. - 01/20/2018

" I would like to give extra thanks to Amy my anesthesiologist. She was so patient with me and took great care to be sure I was comfortable before, during and after my procedure. Thank you! "

 Jodi F. - 01/19/2018

" My entire trip was AMAZING. From Sherene at check in, to the MA Jourdan, to the always wonderful Dr. Gandhi. Everyone is super sweet and accommodating. I love you guys ❤ "

 Kris K. - 01/13/2018

" So thankful for the positive experience I had during and after my LEEP procedure. Dr. Clay was gentle and caring. "

 Gisela N. - 01/13/2018

" Dr. Litrel is an excellent Doctor. "

 Brooke H. - 01/11/2018

" I love Dr. Clay!!! I feel like I'm more than a patient to her! :) she cares about all my questions and concerns. "

 Sarah D. - 01/11/2018

" Love Dr Gandhi. Refer everyone to her "

 Angela H. - 01/10/2018

" Very good. The Dr. and nurse set me at ease when I was nervous and I definitely have found the right office to go to. The staff very sweet! "

 Prudence P. - 01/10/2018

" Very friendly staff. Waited less than 5 min in waiting room. My entire appt from walking in to walking out was less than 45 min! Fantastic! "

 Tracey C. - 01/10/2018

" Dr. Crigler and the staff is the very happy. "

 Jennifer C. - 01/10/2018

" Visit with the Doctor was fantastic and I would highly recommend her! However, I sat in the waiting room for almost an hour past my appointment time. If this had been late in the day it would have been more understandable as things can get backed up, but my appointment was very early in the morning. I would not have minded the wait so much if the staff had informed me that there was a significant delay so that I could rearrange my morning meetings earlier. "

 Carolyn L. - 01/09/2018

" I had a good experience here. "

 Gemma M. - 01/09/2018

" Everyone is so friendly and accomodating. Dr Crigler is the best. He is very easy to talk to and a great listener. "

 Brittany M. - 01/05/2018

" The staff was amazing from beginning to end. I totally felt cared for here and I look forward to the delivery of my baby. "

 Julia B. - 01/04/2018

" Love the staff and of course Dr. Gandhi...She is an excellent doctor and I feel so comfortable discussing any issues with her!!! "

 Bhavana M. - 01/02/2018

" Dr Gandhi is amazing !! "

 Mary M. - 12/31/2017

" Best ever, except, this time when I showed up for my Saturday 11:30 appt at the office I always went to, no one was there! When I called to find out where I needed to be the answering service picked up and told me they knew of no office open that day, so I missed my appointment...I think!! "

 Kristin A. - 12/29/2017

" Thank you for everything! This doctors office if truly amazing!! I loved all the doctors and the nurses! Everyone is always super nice! I feel like I have known everyone for years when I walk in! ���� "

 Jeanie B. - 12/25/2017

" I was impressed with the overall service and professionalism. I will indeed schedule future appointments with confidence you'all have my best interest at heart. A Happy Camper.... :o) "

 Valerie R. - 12/19/2017

" Hands down, the best doctor's office I have ever received care from! From the front office staff to nurses to our favorite doctors...I couldn't ask for a better more caring, personal experience. "

 Sylvia E. - 12/19/2017

" good job guys!!! "

 Nakia C. - 12/17/2017

" Dr. Ghandi is very informative, patient and understanding. I always feel like I'm talking to a good friend during my appointments with her. I will continue to drive from Vinings to see Dr. Ghandi as long as she practices medicine. "

 Jessica B. - 12/15/2017

" I am very impressed with this office, Dr.Liteel completely convinced me at my visit that he really cares. At first he seemed very focused on his computer and maybe just trying to get all the information at my last visit but I was blown away about how frank and caring he is. I have a huge faith in the Lord and also knowing this surgeon will be guided by this means so much to me. I have had a rough year medically so it was refreshing. "

 Justine D. - 12/13/2017

" Everyone was very kind and helpful ! "

 Nicole O. - 12/13/2017

" I felt like the doctor really listened to me, only suggestion would be to inform me prior to the medical assistant coming in the room for the examination. "

 Pamela S. - 12/13/2017

" I will never switch to another OBGYN!! The staff here are awesome and Dr. Litrel is amazing�� "

 Thelma C. - 12/10/2017

" I'm glad I returned to Cherokee Women's. It was worth the extra drive time to be seen in a timely fashion and to have someone actually listen to my concerns. "

 Elizabeth U. - 12/09/2017

" Friendly staff. Finally a doctor who listens and gets to root of symptoms. "

 Carmen D. - 12/09/2017

" Love Dr Latrel "

 Jean A. - 12/08/2017

" I love this group! They are outstanding! "

 Brittany C. - 12/06/2017

" Longer than usual wait times, but, overall, I still would not choose to go anywhere else! Great community of medical professionals! "

 Anna W. - 12/06/2017

" Thank you! "

 Sara S. - 11/30/2017

" if you have to have surgery the person you does the scheduler can tell you on same day of your visit i had to play phone tag with the office just to find out the dates that where not taking it take two weeks for me to have a date for my surgery when i had dr hwang it was not like that. now i have dr clay and she is awesome "

 Amy T. - 11/30/2017

" Dr. Gandhi is the best! "

 Renee H. - 11/30/2017

" I love this establishment.. I came 3 years ago with my first child and now with this child. I would recoomend to anyone.. "

 Dianna H. - 11/29/2017

" I love Dr. Ghandi and Nurse Jourdan. They are the best duo/team anyone could ask for. They are thoughtful, funny, smart, kind, understanding, knowledgeable, and just overall amazing women! I'm so blessed to have found them. "

 Claudia P. - 11/29/2017

" I was pleasantly surprised on how fast I was able to get in and out of my appointment. Coming prepared with my medications written down I believe made it easier for the nurse. My doctor was pleasant, quick and done within 10 minutes. "

 Katherine B. - 11/24/2017

" So thankful to have met a Dr. that cares and understands. "

 Stephanie B. - 11/22/2017

" I have used this practice for 15 years. I wouldn't go any where else. "

 Abigail B. - 11/22/2017

" Dr. Litrel and his staff are amazing! He is always very thorough in explaining things and is happy to answer any questions that patients have! Dr. Litrel is very down to earth with his patients and treats them like he would if they were his wife or daughter! Thank you Dr. Litrel for the great care you have provided for me in the past and continue to! "

 Elizabeth S. - 11/18/2017

" Dr Crigler is the most caring medical provider I’ve ever had, his patience and intelligence are refreshing! "

 Sally L. - 11/16/2017

" As always, Dr. Litrel and his staff are amazing! "

 Tracy T. - 11/14/2017

" As always, Dr. Crigler and staff were awesome. "

 Christine M. - 11/10/2017

" I just moved to Georgia in August and wish it would have been years ago. I have suffered with medical issues for years. I always felt I was a bother to my physicians and they didnt care. I am now on disability and I think if I would have had the Drs. care I have now maybe I wouldnt be. I finally feel like I am being taken care of. "

 Christina S. - 11/10/2017

" Immediately recommended my friend to go here, absolutely love my experience here compared to other OBGYN offices I have been to! "

 Jane T. - 11/09/2017

" My mother is your patient. I accompanied her to this pre-op appointment yesterday and from my first exposure to the practice, through Erica, the surgery scheduler, I have been absolutely delighted. If I was not so well pleased with my own GYN doc, I would hop right on over! Thanks for your good care of Mom. "

 Candace F. - 11/08/2017

" The wait time lately has been very long and there's been no communication as to why or that there would be a delay. My appointment was set for 10am and I wasn't called back until 10:45. After I was called I was in and out within 10-15 minutes but I wish there was more communication about the wait as I had another obligation at 11am that I had to push back. "

 Kimberley P. - 11/04/2017

" Loved the lady who drew my blood. She was so friendly! I did not feel her stick and normally my veins collapse. No issue! She was awesome! "

 Doris S. - 11/02/2017

" Dr Haley was excellent and should be commended for his caring Doris Schaaf "

 Jennifer V. - 11/02/2017

" Dr. Ghandi is the collaborative practitioner that I've been looking for! It's nice for a physician to hear the patient and partner with them to seek out a solution. "

 Whitney M. - 11/01/2017

" Dr. Gandhi is amazing!!!! "

 Brenna R. - 10/31/2017

" Susan is a wonderful, caring and warm CNM. So grateful to be in her care! "

 Usher R. - 10/28/2017

" Dr. Gandhi is a very knowledgeable professional. She and her staff are warm and welcoming and goes out of her way to put her patient first. I will recommend her 100%. "

 Amy T. - 10/25/2017

" This was my first visit with Dr. Ghandi and she was fantastic. It’s rare to find a provider with a genuine bedside manner, but she was very friendly and reassuring, and really cared about my wellbeing. "

 Angela S. - 10/25/2017

" I won't be going anywhere else☺☺☺ "

 Amy W. - 10/23/2017

" I had an ultrasound, and the tech there was friendly, caring, and helpful. Dr. Litrel and his staff are awesome, and I absolutely recommend them to anyone I know! "

 Diana Y. - 10/22/2017

" Dr. Crigler was very nice and professional. This was my first visit with him and he was very informative and gave suggestions for my concerns. Kudos to him and his nurse! "

 Carol W. - 10/22/2017


 Malorie H. - 10/20/2017

" Being able to see Dr. Hale is always well worth the wait. It was difficult to wait 1.5 hours past my scheduled appointment time with my two small children with me. "

 Oshenna B. - 10/19/2017

" The staff and providers are always very helpful and courteous. "

 Courtney D. - 10/19/2017

" Love Dr. Hale! "

 Joyce C. - 10/17/2017

" I referred Dr Gandhi to my daughter-in-law and she went Saturday and absolutely loved her "

 Amy J. - 10/15/2017

" Dr Clay is amazing and made me feel comfortable. "

 Emily O. - 10/15/2017

" Dr. Ghandi is the first doctor that has actually LISTENED to my concerns. She makes me feel like I am a person and not just another patient on the list. "

 Stacey H. - 10/14/2017

" I was seen as new patient work in with Dr. Litrel. From the receptionist, to the MA, to Dr. Litrel; everyone treated me as if I was a current patient with respect and time to listen to me. I will now be a regular patient with this practice. They are remarkable. -Stacey Hill "

 Stephanie N. - 10/14/2017

" I’ve been coming here for about 6 years now and I have always been impressed with the doctors and nurses! This will be my first experience with maternity here and I am looking forward to it! So far they have taken fantastic care of me, whether it’s over the phone or in the office! Thank you for all that you do! "

 Katrina P. - 10/05/2017

" Dr. Gandhi is awesome. She really listens and carefully considers patient concerns. "

 Candace F. - 10/03/2017

" Ms. Linda is amazing. She is so kind and thoughtful. She is always so professional and able to draw my blood in a way that makes me feel so comfortable, which for me is amazing because I am terrified of needles. Thank you for all the amazing work you guys do. I never leave feeling unimportant or unheard! "

 Cindy J. - 09/28/2017

" Very friendly staff...the phlebotomist was caring and made me feel comfortable. I hate needles. She did a great job. For the first time I am excited about my health plan. Dr Hale was great. "

 Wilma C. - 09/27/2017

" Excellent "

 Anne N. - 09/26/2017

" I really liked Dr. Clay! Her manner was warm and personable but also professional - just perfect! "

 Sylvia E. - 09/23/2017

" keep up the good work!!!�� "

 Glenda B. - 09/21/2017

" I ann super thankful and grateful for Dr. Gandhi! She truly does care and make me feel like I matter. "

 Kimberly H. - 09/21/2017

" Dr. Haley is one of my favorite doctors. He is efficient, articulate and helpful. He's also just plain nice. One suggestion: PLEASE update the website address for the Canton location. The address listed IS NOT. CORRECT. This would eliminate the need to call the office and get directions. "

 Brianna B. - 09/20/2017

" Any issue was the wait time in the waiting area. I arrive at 1:48 for my 2 pm appt. I was not seen until 2:20 pm.' "

 Heather B. - 09/19/2017

" I have been going to your offices for years and love you guys. I had my first baby in April and everyone there was excellent. I had a great experience with the office visits and my c section with Dr. Gandhi. I recommendyou guys to anyone who is looking for a obgyn. Thanks for always being courteous and professional. "

 Tracy A. - 09/17/2017

" Love Cherokee Women's !!! "

 Misty S. - 09/15/2017

" Overall a great experience everyone was great. "

 Amy O. - 09/14/2017

" Dr. Ghandi was excellent "

 Amber T. - 09/09/2017

" I love the while staff here.i am moving over an hour away. But I will still keep cwh. An amazing staff. "

 Raylene S. - 09/08/2017

" First time patient and was very pleased "

 Gabrielle L. - 09/07/2017

" Thank you for being efficient and friendly! "

 Ashley R. - 09/07/2017

" I absolutely loved the nurse practitioner I saw that day!!! I would schedual with her again over a regular doctor! She was so sweet and she really listened to me and helped me get my birth control on track! "

 Stefany C. - 09/06/2017

" Don't like waiting for long in the exam room for the doctor. I'm pregnant and I get desperate and I start feeling bad. "

 April A. - 09/04/2017

" Dr. Gandhi is an excellent doctor. She listens and shows care. "