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Clifton Eye Care

Clifton Eye Care

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Phone: (973) 546-5700
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Please call for information
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Recent Reviews

 Jessie G. - 01/19/2019

" Honestly best Doctors all around. Very courteous and professional. They explain everything very thoroughly and if you have any questions, they make you feel safe to ask. "

 Azza G. - 01/18/2019

" Thank you for your help "

 Serenity F. - 01/17/2019

" Everyone is always so nice and caring! ❤️ "

 Shawki J. - 01/17/2019

" The doctor did a good job overall. "

 Migdali V. - 01/17/2019

" Is a very good office "

 Jelena T. - 01/15/2019

" Lo recomiendo, una excelente atención "

 Vanessa N. - 01/10/2019

" I love the whole staff all professional,experienced and friendly "

 Yesenia G. - 01/05/2019

" Very professional and serious "

 Norma K. - 01/05/2019

" From the moment I walked in I felt welcomed. Everyone up to the moment I met up with Dr.Ariola was so professional , caring and made me feel for comfortable. Dr. Ariola has been my Doctor for years now send her warm friendly thorough exam is one I would never change. This was my first visit to Clifton ,since I live closer to the Englewood office. Overall I would be happy at either location. Thank you fir your good service. "

 James P. - 01/01/2019

" Everyone was very welcoming and willing to help. Doctor is very nice "

 Reem A. - 12/27/2018

" So perfect team drs I love all i already recommended to my friends "

 Jatnielis A. - 12/23/2018

" I love ❤️ this eye doctor. It is the best to rate out of a 10 I give it an ��. I recommend this eye doctor to everyone! "

 Juana V. - 12/23/2018

" Perfect "

 Esther D. - 12/20/2018

" I really feel good when I. Visit the office and see either Dr. Bush or Dr.chachic. they are both excellent doctors. "

 Jamella F. - 12/20/2018

" Dr.Ramsarat made the experience wonderful. Nice and clean environment can’t wait to go back "

 Jenacel M. - 12/19/2018

" The doctor was great! My daughter loved her. Only dislike/complaint is the eyeglass side...I had no idea if I was suppose to walk up to them or if they would call my daughter's name. I ended up walking up to the lady and asked her for a copy of the prescription. She printed it out. I asked if she could measure the PD so I could order glasses online she proceeded to tell me they don't do that. She said the online website would do it for me which makes zero sense. When I go to the adult eye doctor they always provide me with that information. She didn't even bother to ask if I wanted to just order glasses from them directly. "

 Wynter M. - 12/18/2018

" The woman who was responsible for assisting with first time contact lens insertion was really pleasant and made the experience, although not successful, obtainable. There was an issue with the scheduling that I was irritated by and was turned away but decided to confirm what I was told because it doh did like it conflicted. I recognize I had a text message that conflicted with what the front desk told me but when I brought it to their attention and they took care of it immediately and allowed us to see the doctor pass the time. "

 Jasmine Z. - 12/16/2018

" Amazing place to go to. Staff was very friendly! Will definitely recommend "

 Girishk S. - 12/14/2018

" Nice "

 Lela L. - 12/12/2018

" The entire staff has always provided excellent, professional services. "

 Nejaha I. - 12/12/2018


 Barbara M. - 12/12/2018

" I still have not received the TEST RESULT copies for my out of country MD. The website I registered for only contains text. Thanks. "

 Jazmine C. - 12/07/2018

" Great team work and very nice "

 Genaro R. - 12/05/2018

" I have been going to this place for the past 6 years . Staff is great! I highly recommend . Big thanks to Ana at the front desk. She’s awesome ! "

 Brianna M. - 12/05/2018

" My girls and I love coming here. Everyone there is pleasant and welcoming. "

 Wilhelmina S. - 12/02/2018

" Very accomodating and makes relax due to all greetings!!! "

 Gail S. - 11/30/2018

" I don't like that the receptionist leave the sticker with the names signed in on the sheet. They should remove them immediately as per HIPAA guidelines. I don't like that the first technician who calls me in shouts b my make repeatedly until u can get my things together and hey to them. Also HIPAA non-compliance. They should walk about out to the seating area, walk through it saying the client's first name, not stand by the bathroom door shouting. There should be a sign when you walk in directing clients to sign in and wait to be called. The receptionists don't look up, the sign in sheet is in one spot but the desk is huge and the client may not approach the desk where the sign in sheet is. "

 Naja F. - 11/29/2018

" This was a nice clean office with very nice employees. "

 Nadia M. - 11/28/2018

" Loved the way everyone treated me kindly and with respect, the exam exceded my expectations really detailed examination, also the lady on the optical store was very helpful on the picking of my frames thanks to all the team! "

 Maryuri F. - 11/28/2018

" Everyone was friendly. The place was clean. The appointment was taken on time. "

 Mia V. - 11/27/2018

" The wait was extremely long my kids were hungry and tired and annoyed. We were there for 4 hours. Aside from that i love the doctor. "

 Chetankumar M. - 11/24/2018

" Good "

 Ushaben R. - 11/22/2018

" Happy for treatment and care. "

 Evan D. - 11/22/2018

" I believe my child receives the best eye care at this office "

 Marcela L. - 11/13/2018

" Dr Ariola was great as she always is. She is very informative and discusses everything in easy to understand terms. "

 Felipe B. - 11/13/2018

" Es un servicio muy bueno y eficaz "

 Harold P. - 11/11/2018

" Great job. "

 Demir M. - 11/11/2018

" Very pleasant staff!! "

 Alaa A. - 11/10/2018

" in and out in less than one hour waiting time less than 5 mins excellent doctors and service clean place high technology equipments same day service the only thing is the glasses are over $300 each witch was shock for me they said it is because frame less. I by it online for $15 from ebay "

 Joseph T. - 11/10/2018

" All of the technicians were phenomenal with my son. If I was a rich person I would buy them each a gift :-). Not only did they take their time with him and have incredible patience. But they understood his medical condition and did everything they could to make him comfortable and to get done what needed to get done. These had to have been the most amazing women I've ever met "

 Holly C. - 11/06/2018

" It was refreshing to be treated with respect. Not just as a patient but I felt like my time was respected. I also appreciate how clean your facility is. Thank you and see you tonight n s month. "

 Fiorell A. - 11/03/2018

" It was on time we didn’t wait long time for my daughter ‘s appointment. Very good attention. Thank you so much. "

 Melanye R. - 10/28/2018

" Very profesional & caring . "

 Hayon S. - 10/27/2018

" Just want to thank the staff and Dr. Jennifer Ariola especially for the hospitality when I'm there. Keep up the good work Ladies and Gents :-) "

 Nancy R. - 10/26/2018

" Clean environment , nice service, and definitely 5 stars service "

 Jose R. - 10/25/2018

" Great help "

 Silvia S. - 10/24/2018

" all attention is good "

 Sonia D. - 10/23/2018

" In my opinion, is the best place to care your eyes "

 Antonio M. - 10/21/2018

" I like your doctors,theyvare very nice "

 I T. - 10/20/2018

" The staff was helpful, courteous, knowledgeable and communicated with us in proper and clear Spanish. "

 Samir Q. - 10/19/2018

" Dr. Bush is a very good doctor. She was courteous, professional and very clear explaining everything to me. "

 William P. - 10/16/2018

" i had a great visit everybody was nice polite mannnley respectful i got the new glasses i wanted . the voice mail is not set up in my home so call me at 973/772/4651 "

 Sandra G. - 10/16/2018

" Beautiful, clean, and well maintained facility. Courteous staff, will recommend. "

 Carmen M. - 10/14/2018

" Primera vez que me hacen un examen tan complete. Muy satisfecha con la doctora. Excellente. "

 Abbuliziz J. - 10/12/2018

" Best service ever from all staff and doctors Thank you "

 Sacheen C. - 10/11/2018

" I'm soo bless of having the oportunnity of reciving your services. I Love everything of the Eye Care center! Thank youuuu!! "

 Geeta B. - 10/10/2018

" Mentioned that the parking is available on the side of the building. "

 Dilip B. - 10/09/2018

" When a new appointments are made , you should mentioned or some way convey that the parking is on the side of the main entrance. So any one coming first time knows that the parking is available. "

 Corey J. - 10/06/2018

" One of the receptionist was very rude an older Hispanic lady. She wasn't very helpful and because of that my wait was longer then it should've been. "

 Vianey F. - 10/05/2018

" The Service is always Excellent!!! "

 Aiyana D. - 10/04/2018

" I love how the waiting time is to a minimum, my daughter loved the little toys they have and the television full of cartoons. The assistant was amazing and so was the same as well. I totally recommend them. "

 Esther D. - 10/03/2018

" Dr.Bush is so pleasant and I really enjoy my visit with her. Our eyes are very sensitive and going to the eye doctor, is something that's very important but very uncomfortable. However, Dr Bush makes me feel very comfortable and she is so pleasant. "

 Naila C. - 09/30/2018

" The staff was so nice and friendly! "

 Lily P. - 09/29/2018

" My Contact Specialist is the best, she was attentive, kind, and very knowledgeable. "

 Aura G. - 09/28/2018

" Taking a little big too long "

 Debra B. - 09/28/2018

" It was excellent "

 Stephany D. - 09/27/2018

" the wait after the eye drops were very long "

 Minerva L. - 09/27/2018

" My bien me encanta felicidades "

 Reem A. - 09/27/2018

" Every thing is going step by step and I like this "

 Hailey W. - 09/21/2018

" I bring all my family members and everyone has great things to say about the quality of the staff. We love the doctors! "

 Clyde B. - 09/21/2018

" I take my 86 year old dad to Dr. Boyd. She is amazing, she’s thorough, patient, and makes him comfortable to when checking his eyes. "

 Dhangauri R. - 09/18/2018

" I am totally satisfied with your service now on i am going to visit you all the time service like I had experience "

 Efrain M. - 09/13/2018

" So friendly and helpful "

 Elsa P. - 09/11/2018

" The girls who attend the contact department are excellent in their customer support, very patient, very polite and pleasant. and the doctor of contact lenses who has treated me is Mrs. Verónica Ramsarat, I believe humbly and without fear of being wrong, because I have problems with the cornea for years, and I have been treated by many doctors, that she is simply the best! Many blessings to that center for so much professionalism "

 Luisana C. - 09/11/2018

" I like evething in that place. "

 Alisha K. - 09/07/2018

" Parking is available and service is top notch "

 Plavinka M. - 08/29/2018

" She is very good doctor!! "

 Dejan T. - 08/28/2018

" EXCELLENT ������ "

 Maria A. - 08/28/2018

" Only recommendation I would make is during the exit process - the person who took my file was on the phone (apparently taking a call of a personal nature). She had the company phone to her ear the entire time she processed me out having a personal conversation while updating my record on her computer. When she spoke to me, it was in Spanish - she assumed I spoke Spanish just because my name is a common Spanish name. Since she did not look at me as she spoke to me, I did not know she was even addressing me - I thought she was still talking to her freind. She was not very professional and she seemed to be "put out" when I responded in English. Overall my visit was Excellent - BUT - this one person really needs to step up her game and leave the personal stuff out of the office (especially in her direct contact with patients). "

 Ramon C. - 08/25/2018

" You are doing a good job. "

 Janzel D. - 08/25/2018

" Dr Bailey is an excellent doctor. She takes time to explain and answer any questions. She’s not in a hurry, she makes sure you understand. "

 Jose P. - 08/24/2018

" Very good "

 Efrain C. - 08/24/2018

" They took very good care of me and they were quickl and efficient "

 Isaac S. - 08/22/2018

" thank you very much I like this office is organized and clean people are very kind "

 Carmen D. - 08/18/2018

" For me being there the first time I felt very comfortable and welcomed I would’ve thought that the place was big and spacious and the waiting time didn’t take a lot of time "

 Lyliana N. - 08/14/2018

" All great love the staff and doctors "

 Valenti C. - 08/11/2018

" I did not like seeing other patients charts with their names visible in the exam room . This is a HIPPA violations ! "

 Mary E. - 08/08/2018

" Dr Burrows & her staff provide excellent care. They are always professional, respectful, courteous, knowledgeable and very kind. I can't say anything bad about them at all. "

 Raul O. - 08/03/2018

" Caring and lovely doctor ever.. thank you for all your help! "

 Bryan C. - 08/03/2018

" The waiting time was excellent. Thank you. "

 Nieves D. - 08/02/2018

" Muy buena lo unico k espere como una hora pero lo demas bien "

 Exequiel O. - 08/02/2018

" I love the attention did you guys get thank you so much for everything I've really respect the care that you guys have for my kids thank you so much "

 Janaeya S. - 07/25/2018

" Dr. Bush is absolutely amazing, she has great bedside manner. "

 Rosa S. - 07/25/2018

" Some people at reception should get a training to be more patient with the people that come to ask questions at times they are rude "

 Briceida R. - 07/25/2018

" Que Dios los bendiga siempre y grandemente a todos "

  . - 07/25/2018

" Wish you well in your continued service to humanity. "

 Carlos A. - 07/21/2018

" Excellent "

 Aiden J. - 07/19/2018

" The service is excelente. Clean, welcoming, My son had a really great experience. The only problem I have is with Cartoon Network. All I’ve seen and heard is violence, bad language, weapons. THIS STATION IS NOT FOR KIDS. That are YOUNG and STILL learning right from wrong and WILL COPY because of the SHOW they are watching and then ONLY TO GET INTO TROUBLE for some thing that they saw on tv and HAVE NO IDEA AS to why they got in trouble and not the haracters from THE shows on tv ARE NOT getting to trouble. "

 Kyungnim O. - 07/19/2018

" Dr. Burrows' coordinator was not professional manner by phone while make an surgery schedule. She was very demanding attitude, mean and rude while talking with her. She was even yelling during conversation. It was very very unpleasant experience "

 Gary M. - 07/18/2018

" THE BEST!!!!! "

 Javon R. - 07/17/2018

" I love the office and the employees that work there ! They always do their best ! "

 Mark M. - 07/14/2018

" Awesome service / attitude........ showing the utmost patience and kindness to even difficult patients, as seen while I was waiting . "

 Valerie K. - 07/12/2018

" Dr. Stegman Is very professional, excellent in his field. The office staff is courteous, knowledgeable in their skills. "

 Jack L. - 07/11/2018

" Drs. Burrows and Brown and the entire staff are beyond fantastic with both of our children and I’d gladly recommend Clifton Eye Care to both family and friends. "

 Laila M. - 07/09/2018

" We are please with the services we recieved "

 Imelda P. - 07/06/2018

" En lo personal recomendaria a cualquier persona que lo necesite muy buena atencio, in personal excellent Y sobre todo mucha higiene todo muy limpio y organizado .. "

 Patricia S. - 06/30/2018

" The staff was kind and considerate. I would definitely come back again and recommend some of my friends "

 Nimai D. - 06/28/2018

" Excellent staff and doctor. I am very happy with this place! "

 Ronald C. - 06/21/2018

" Receptionist professional amazing & inviting Doctor professional but cold "

 Yveliss P. - 06/21/2018

" Every thing was so good and professional "

 Theresa R. - 06/20/2018

" Love my doctor and staff there. They listen and show concern for you. "

 Denise D. - 06/19/2018

" I love this office. Everyone was friendly and informative. Even my kids like going. "

 Angelyn G. - 06/13/2018

" Son excelentes profesionales "

 Chris R. - 06/12/2018

" Me encanta como a tienden el personal y doctores muy amables el lugar muy limpió Exelente.���� "

 Bryan G. - 06/09/2018

" The only negative is that we were there a long time, almost two hours, for a regular annual check up. But everyone was excellent! "

 Bonacio C. - 06/06/2018

" I love going to my check ups. The place is spotless and everybody is a professional. Never a long wait and I’m informed every step of the way. "

 Nazli U. - 06/02/2018

" Excellent "

 Nasira H. - 05/31/2018

" I Would highly recommended this place the wait time is not crazy at all the personal is very professional and they have a big selection of frames to choose from it a win win all the way around. "

 Dina N. - 05/29/2018

" Highly impressed by every person at the office and the efficient way the office is run. Dr. Burrows is so sweet and helpful. Thank you! "

 Samantha L. - 05/27/2018

" Dr. Burrows and her staff went above and beyond to fit us into her schedule. Her referral was terrific and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience. "

 Melania P. - 05/26/2018

" Excelent "

 Ada M. - 05/23/2018

" Best experience, everyone is nice and helpful "

 Greg M. - 05/19/2018

" It was my first total eye exam in over 40 years. I hate going to any doctor,but the staff was extremely friendly and out me at ease,and the doc was great. "

 Janaeya S. - 05/18/2018

" Dr. Bush's bedside manner is amazing. She is able to put anyone at ease, no matter what is going on. "

 Vera M. - 05/18/2018

" I am so very thankful to your entire staff especially the technicians that focused the n me wellbeing. "

 Sean L. - 05/13/2018

" I must say the doctor that I saw was working wonderful. Unfortunately the receptionist was rude to myself as well as other patients. I also have HIPPA concerns as I was able to see patient appointments and information on computer screens when I was left in the exam room. "

 Thany A. - 05/09/2018

" Doctor the most respectful, like my doc "

 Elton A. - 05/09/2018

" Muy bien el trató "

 Kwasi K. - 05/09/2018

" I was happy "

 Irfan I. - 05/08/2018

" Aside from the receptionists not being totally engaged or not energetic and then the staff who performs the checks who forced us for a full eye review (dialating pupils) when my son was there for a medical visit didnt make sense. Otherwise once we met with the doctor the entire visit was worth it. Dr. Burrows is awesome and she eased my son’s fear! "

 Kandy B. - 05/07/2018

" overall is Excellent just more that an hours waiting for the Doctor. "

 Rosa S. - 05/04/2018

" I think Dr Steigman should have a training for people that work in the reception area and some doctor assistants. I had experienced a couple of times employees having an attitude with patient. I wish everyone would follow the way Allen takes cares the patient because courtesy and nice manners don’t cost money. It’s easy to be nice instead of rude. God Bless that office that have Allen. "

 Christian S. - 05/03/2018

" Great facility and service! Well done. Keep up the good work. "

 Lela L. - 05/02/2018

" Dr Nandi Bush gives excellent care to her patients by having clear, professional discussions with them. The staff is superb. "

 Persi M. - 05/01/2018

" ���������� "

 Allegra S. - 05/01/2018

" I was totally impressed by the entire intake staff and the professionalism/courtesy shown to a new patient with an immediate need. The ease of getting an emergency appointment for a pediatric Ophthalmologist was incredible! I had called my Dr and they couldn’t fit us in for days when my daughter clearly had an eye infection. We will be permanently switching our care going forward. What a great team! "

 Tonaya W. - 04/29/2018

" Zequasha at the front desk was great "

 Florenc C. - 04/28/2018

" I like the place "

 Hayden M. - 04/28/2018

" It was my first time at this office. The woman at the front desk was very polite and inviting. The medical assistant giving my sons initial exam was very sweet and she made us feel very comfortable. Then we got to see the doctor and she was so nice! Very informative and just great all around. Very pleased with this office and will recommend to friends and family. "

 Cristina R. - 04/28/2018

" Everyone at Clifton Eye Care was polite, professional and provided excellent care! "

 Peter C. - 04/26/2018

" All very professional, clean and patient. "

 Caleb L. - 04/25/2018

" The time waiting to see the doctor was over 35 min and very frustrating as I was waiting with two children. I was then seated in an exam room where I sat for another 15 min. When you are a mom with kids sitting in an office with two children while having to wait for long periods of time is extremely frustrating. "

 Hope R. - 04/24/2018

" Appt at 1230 got out at 230. Takes too long. But the dr is great "

 Isaiah H. - 04/21/2018

" Very friendly and informative "

 Johanny R. - 04/21/2018

" The personnel was excellent and the doctor was very pleasant. "

 Maryuri F. - 04/21/2018

" Over all everthing was excellent. "

 Miriam C. - 04/19/2018

" ME dieron buen servicio "

 Siuyuk P. - 04/19/2018

" Very helpful! "

 Karen S. - 04/19/2018

" Love practice!!!!!!!!! "

 Linda D. - 04/18/2018

" I was very pleased with the whole staff, I will definitely recommend your facility to people in who are looking for eye care. "

 Santiago O. - 04/18/2018

" Beautiful place! Clean environment and the staff in charge very courteous. Highly will recommend my friends to this place. "

 Jacob R. - 04/13/2018

" Iv'e been using glasses for several years but the exam says im 20/20. I still have problems seeing.. im not quite sure if this new technology works well. "

 Mohamed M. - 04/13/2018

" It was an amazing experience with you and will be my favorite clinic to me and my kids "

 Jaime R. - 04/12/2018

" Everything from the receptionist to the dr was professional the get you in and out in a reasonable time "

 Mary E. - 04/11/2018

" Very professional, kind & knowledgeable in all areas "

 Laura P. - 04/11/2018

" Only gave very good cause NO ONE is perfect! "

 Manuel C. - 04/10/2018

" Buen servicio higienes atenciones de primera calidad garantizada "

 Rossy G. - 04/08/2018

" I’m so blessed with this clinic everyone are so friendly. Rossy González "

 Elvis C. - 04/08/2018

" The staff was very kind & pleasant. "

 David D. - 04/06/2018

" Me sentí muy bien atendido. Todos fueron muy amables y cariñosos. Y cooperadores. Gracias "

 Juan M. - 03/30/2018

" Very kindly people always trying to help patients at all, "

 Lorraine C. - 03/30/2018

" All I can say is you ROCK !!!!! Thank you. Dr Bush is the best God bless "

 Ruddy H. - 03/28/2018

" I’m glad because that people are profesionales. "

 Joel C. - 03/28/2018

" Friendly fast staff "

 Lolah F. - 03/28/2018

" Everyone there was very welcoming. My time inside was quick & i didn't have to wait long at all. :) "

 Devin C. - 03/28/2018

" I'm glad my kids come here the doctor is the kindest and the staff are very hands on and take their time talking to the kids. I have recommended to other moms I know. Thank you for everything Clifton eye care ! "

 Nicholas V. - 03/25/2018

" Very pleased with my son's visit to this facility very professional and quick impressed with equipment used. "

 Mary H. - 03/21/2018

" Continue giving peoples your best service and thank you �� "

 Llemily S. - 03/21/2018

" Only the person that attends to my children and I at the glasses division has to be more courteous. We ask questions about the options we have with our insurance coverage and was so hard face explain us and don’t give us another options that maybe we couldn’t pay for it "

 Valentina R. - 03/20/2018

" Muy bueno "

 Maria V. - 03/17/2018

" The staff is GREAT. Office manager Sheri is WONDERFUL..Dr Swagman is very kind. "

 Jackie C. - 03/09/2018

" Please place mints I. A bowl at receptionist desk "

 Vera M. - 03/03/2018

" I have already recommend my mother. "

 Michelle P. - 03/01/2018

" Love love this office "

 Flor C. - 02/28/2018

" Dr. N. Bush is the greatest. She have such a positive aura that calms anxious and fearful patients. Her bedside manners should be emulated, she have superior knowledge of the patient’s condition but when she imparts all details and instructions is unbelievably easy to understand and follow. I have been recommending her and this office to friends and families. "

 Bettie J. - 02/28/2018

" Dr Bush is amazing, excellent chair side manner. The technicians were great, well run practice. "

 Jayden H. - 02/28/2018

" My son is autistic. He was was very nervous about the visit. They was so pacient with him. I will recommend this place to other people. "

 Dylan A. - 02/23/2018

" The receptionist was very nice and so was the staff and doctor "

 Mohammed I. - 02/22/2018

" Dr Ariola is excellent and caring. The rest of the staff i come in contact with also excellent as well as Mariel Saez from the contact department. "

 Gabriel B. - 02/21/2018

" Professional and caring staff. Very short waiting time and very clean office. "

 Maritza M. - 02/15/2018

" Great but glasses are a bit pricey ....without insurance "

 Norma I. - 02/10/2018

" Wonderful first time visit. Didn't wait long, staff was friendly, clean environment and the doctor was so nice and helpful! Loved my experience! "

 Mia M. - 02/09/2018

" I was very happy with the service they treated my granddaughter Mia like a little princess I would definitely recommend Clifton Eye Care "

 Vincent M. - 02/08/2018

" Dr. Ariola is the best! "

 Xavier L. - 02/03/2018

" Dr Bailey was excellent and great with my son. "

 Barbara J. - 02/02/2018

" I have no complaints, everyone was very respectful and very helpful "

 Suresh S. - 01/30/2018

" Your service was so nice and humble very few doctors talk like you thank you and I am lucky that I have a doctor like you "

 Zeke O. - 01/29/2018

" We brought our son to see Dr. Burrows. Overall it was a very good experience. My only issue was with the girl who put drops in his eyes to dilate them. She did not worn us or my son that it would hurt and that it was normal until he started crying. She was very good with him before that and informative but I'm not sure why she did not mention that. We had to reassure him the rest of the visit was not going to hurt. "

 Sor M. - 01/27/2018

" The people very friendly "

 Irina F. - 01/25/2018

" I loved that doctor was listening very well and answered all my concerns and questions. Also, I finally got perfect fit for contacts "

 David M. - 01/25/2018

" The young ladies at the front desk can be a little friendlier and be a little more welcoming. "

 Lucas J. - 01/23/2018

" amazing expirience! Dr Burrows is Great, very professional and such a great personality "

 Sonia S. - 01/22/2018

" My experience was excellent I give 100. "

 Gloria S. - 01/18/2018

" Thanks to Dr Michael Richard "

 Abigail C. - 01/18/2018

" I loved the service! They are excellent with kids, very patient and loving. "

 Victor V. - 01/18/2018

" No fue lo que esperaba no me dio medicamentos porque dice el doctor que no era necesario y solo me dijo que me pusiera paños calientes en el parpado y que volviera en tres semanas si mi infeccion no habia me gusto... "

 Laniece C. - 01/16/2018

" Convieient having adult and pediatric next to one another. "

 Rosa S. - 01/14/2018

" I’m glad I had the opportunity to see the glaucoma specialist doctor. "

 Maryann S. - 01/13/2018

" I was very pleased for they were courteous & answered all my concerns !!! "

 Nair D. - 01/04/2018

" At times when I’m already at the office, they informe that my referral has expired , which delays the process , Makes it incovinient "

 Maria V. - 01/04/2018

" I have a persistent eye infection. The Doctor has given me the best care! The staff accommodates me with appointments on the same day I call. Great eye care. "

 Thomas F. - 01/03/2018

" One of the techs was kinda impolite but the other one was a true professional. Overall a good experience. "

 Sandra H. - 01/01/2018

" My first visit was a very good visit. Everyone was kind and professional. "

 Rita M. - 12/31/2017

" The only seriously problem was with the eye glasses extremely high Prices. I Gad to go to another place in the second year to have them made. "

 Anjannette D. - 12/21/2017

" Very punctual with appointment times. Very organized. The staff and the professionals show a lot of energy ! "

 Mohamed I. - 12/21/2017

" Dr.Ariola is great and you have a great team. Wish all the medical professionals I deal with were like this. "

 Yareni B. - 12/20/2017

" Dr. Bush is the best :) "

 Virgilio L. - 12/15/2017

" I feel like a family when you step in the Clifton Eye Care, more confident that you will receive a total eye care with highly reliable eye doctors and specialist to take care of my Eye.. This office is highly recommended . "

 Barbara K. - 12/15/2017

" The doctors are great but the customer service in the receptionist is not nice "

 Diana S. - 12/09/2017

" Best experience I have ever had at a doctor’s office. Very little wait time. Doctors and staff seem like they have a very efficient system going on and it’s greatly appreciated. "

 Bhavik P. - 12/08/2017

" Very Professional reception. Nice and helpful Doctor Jennifer Ariola. Lovely place with good parking and in the heart of city. "