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Recent Reviews

 December 23, 2021

" I feel very comfortable with the sessions I had so far with Koralis. I yesterday talked to Lindsey and it was a wonderful experience although she was feeling sick she was very patient with me due to my phone signal problem she kept repeating the questions several times. I know I had to wait for Community Behavioral to hire some people the wait was worth it. "

 December 18, 2021

" My new Case worker as well as Doctor and Couselor are all amazingly empathetic and have the utmost respect and care for me like I've never experienced. They show they care and insist on things considering my many physical health problems. They advise me to do what's best for me and they are not on any time schedule. They check up on me and I couldn't be happier with my new car team at your agency. I can't thank them enough for the level of attention they give to me and it means so much! "

 December 18, 2021

" The doctor and Kerry is very nice and caring "

 December 11, 2021

" I could not make the video portion on my cellphone work with my appointment with Dr. Shah. "

 November 24, 2021

" My experience with CBH has been beyond amazing! My doctor Gabriel Ju is o e if they best doctors I’ve ever had! Very helpful supportive and informative! "

 November 13, 2021

" Jacob is a good guy "

 November 4, 2021

" اتمنا دوام الاستمرار في هذا العطاء المثالي الي مزيد من النجاح "

 October 8, 2021

" I always get excellent Care. "

 October 7, 2021

" The team is very nice and professional "

 September 9, 2021

" Need more therapists. "

 September 3, 2021

" Dr. Manjula Shah is the best. She is compassionate and kind, listens to me, and gives really great suggestions on how to live well. She has put me on medications that have been helping. She never makes me feel rushed. She is a very special person. I’m so grateful for excellence and professionalism and gentle bedside manner. She is one of a kind. My social worker Jackie is also wonderful. She’s a great listener and a truly caring soul. She helps me with practical issues in my life and is dependable and friendly and easy going. I feel like my needs are really being met by this agency. "

 September 2, 2021

" This is my 2nd time doing therapy and I thinks it's working and I and really enjoying it. Everyone has been kind and sweet. Kora is very down to earth I think she is a great match. Rescheduling my appointment was very easy receptionist was very nice as well "

 September 2, 2021

" بتوفيق الدائم والى مزيد من النجاح "

 July 14, 2021

" Dr Shau always has a way of putting my mind at ease. "

 June 29, 2021

" Always have been well taken care of here. Thank You "

 June 29, 2021

" I am very satisfied with the services provided to me. "

 June 11, 2021

" The staff was very friendly and listened to what was concerning me. The treatment plan worked well for me. "

 April 29, 2021

" I will miss Laura!! Thank you for everything! "

 April 19, 2021

" My Doctor is personable, professional, and knowledgeable. Our receptionist is caring , understanding and always helps us solve our scheduling problems. She is thorough. "

 April 16, 2021

" I was really struggling yesterday and Lola Whatley really helped me out "

 March 4, 2021

" Great staff. Best Doc! "

 March 2, 2021

" Grateful for the excellent staff and excellent care I receive. "

 February 20, 2021

" I love Tinese , and Liz they are amazing and the best workers I feel like you guys have at the location in Richmond keep those ladies around they rock !! "

 February 17, 2021

" Dr Shau is a very compassionate and understanding doctor. I am someone with severe anxiety and she helps me see things from a different angle and it helps. She is easy to talk to and that matters to people. "

 January 28, 2021

" Katie was incredibly helpful while working with me to figure out goals for my visit and a time for my first appointment. Gabriel was very receptive and efficient, making it surprisingly easy and comfortable to open up and begin the process of starting medication for my mental health. "

 January 19, 2021

" Extremely satisfied with the services being provided to me. "

 January 3, 2021

" Outstanding care "

 December 17, 2020

" Great communication with Dr Hall and I’m making wonderful progress! "

 December 14, 2020

" Everyone is patient kind courteous and respectful "

 December 9, 2020

" Dr. Shaw is a truly compassionate and caring person. "

 December 5, 2020

" I hope Dr Shah never retires... "

 November 18, 2020

" Dr. Carroll is wonderful. She is knowledgeable, personable, and empathetic. She has helped me so much and I look forward to seeing her and hearing her clinical opinions and recommendations. I am so thankful for community behavioral health and dr Carroll! The entire team has improved my quality of life! "

 November 14, 2020

" Thank You "

 November 12, 2020

" Love Dr Shah ❣️ My experience with this clinic is good "

 October 24, 2020

" I was glad that I was given the time needed to explain my situation. Did not feel like I was just a number. Really hopeful that I will get the treatment needed to get better. "

 October 16, 2020

" Coming to behavioral help for counseling is one of the best things I did in 2020 "

 October 14, 2020

" The Ultimate service are exceptional THANKS Gary T "

 October 9, 2020

" Love Dr Liz and Tina Moon "

 September 29, 2020

" Alicia and Christina were both professional and caring. "

 September 9, 2020

" I was extremely happy with my np. She listened fully, and provided me with the best care possible! "

 September 7, 2020

" My visit is virtual nowadays Dr Shah does a great job. "

 September 4, 2020

" I'm thankful for Dr. Shah and Ms. Moon "

 September 3, 2020

" Dr. Shah, Mrs. Moon and all of the staff that I come in contact with have been very nice. I have a lot of anxiety but, Dr. Shah & Mrs. Moon both make me feel very comfortable and calm when I come in contact with them which I truly appreciate. "

 September 2, 2020

" Excellent! "

 August 26, 2020

" Love my Doc! Staff are very helpful and professional. "

 August 19, 2020

" I have never found anyone who is as informed, kind & understanding as Elizabeth Carroll. She is a wonderful caring therapist. "

 July 23, 2020

" The doctor and the staff were very caring and compassionate found out there's a certain medications causing more problems and took me off and I feel so much better they're very knowledgeable impatient with me "

 July 22, 2020

" Appreciate all The Staff Member's at Behavioral Health Center "

 July 2, 2020

" Everyone is always so helpful.. I look forward to my visits bc they help so much... I can't thank you all enough "

 June 26, 2020

" I couldnt do video this week "

 June 24, 2020

" I joined this practice to see another provider but I am very happy with this Dr. Muellen. I think we are a good fit. She listened to me and was very easy to talk with. She took time with me and she got good history from me! I had been with my previous agency since 2012 and my sessions were never this thorough nor did I feel as comfortable. Things worked out very well and I’m pleased! My mental health is important to me and it’s in capable hands with her! "

 June 23, 2020

" Elizabeth is great! So happy she is at this practice. She expresses empathy but great suggestions on how to handle the situation. Unlike most, I don’t feel like I’m talking to a wall "

 June 22, 2020

" Very comfortable and appreciative with my care, "

 June 20, 2020

" Having to change doctors after new medical insurance was unsettling. Dr. Hall made me feel comfortable and she was very easy to talk to. I would definitely refer your practice. "

 June 17, 2020

" I have been a patient at CBHC for 4 years and i have always felt like I was treated equally and respected. Dr Shah and Tina are the best. Thank you for your love and care "

 June 17, 2020

" I always enjoy Ms. Moon. And Dr. Shah has taken excellent care of me for almost 20 years. I'm thankful. "

 May 21, 2020

" Liz Carroll is always great and has helped me tremendously. I appreciate our appointments. "

 May 16, 2020

" I'm happy to be working with Dr Carroll and Mrs Sawyer and as always Miss Tina Moon is wonderful. "

 May 14, 2020

" Only negative was video call didn’t work very well with audio "

 April 16, 2020

" The staff are always helpful and always returns calls.. dr.shah is AMAZING.. my first time doing a video call and I just want to say THANK YOU.... MICHELLE "

 April 4, 2020

" Felt very comfortable and everything was very easy to navigate especially considering everything that’s going on! I appreciate all the help! "

 April 4, 2020

" I don’t know what we would have done if we hadn’t found Liz! Finally our son is stable! "

 April 1, 2020

" The staff from front desk to the therapists has been very helpful to me. I don't feel afraid to talk about things I have never been able to before and help me realize just how events on my life have prevented me from moving forward and given me hope to establish a healthy relationship. "

 March 28, 2020

" I love the team work at CBHC, whenever I need to talk to Dr Shah, she always get back to answer my concerns. Thank you for your help "

 March 28, 2020

" Love those guys! My doc knows me and helps me. They have my best interest in their hearts! Dr. Shau is the BEST! She helps me find a place that is good for me. "

 March 28, 2020

" I like my in person appointments & understand protocol regarding this covid-19 outbreak & was pleased with the video chat alternative. "

 March 20, 2020

" The care here is wonderful and the staff is great. Very helpful. "

 March 8, 2020

" This mental health organization is really helping me deal with past and present issues "

 January 11, 2020

" You gus help mend our broken hearts and minds and emotional staes! You help lead us to a path of bring healed. Made whole.I am so happy your there! When entering we sre greeted with a smile. A assurance we need! Everyone there smiles and is kind! There is an attitude of confidence and compassion. I love my doc! She shows me strps to recovery. She allows me to share my brokenness and lays a path for me to be healed! Community Behavior is a much needed place for the BROKEN! I AM GRATEFUL! I RECIEVE THEIR HELP! THANK YOU FROM MY SOUL... "

 December 17, 2019

" I love ms.liz "

 October 26, 2019

" I need an appointment 4 DOCTOR SHAU I messed my appointment yesterday "

 October 26, 2019

" n/a "

 September 19, 2019

" Dr. Shah is always very compassionate to her patients "

 August 30, 2019

" Doctor was very kind and helpful "

 August 23, 2019

" I love that place "

 August 23, 2019

" the staff was professional, friendly "

 August 10, 2019

" n/a "

 August 6, 2019

" I love your receptionist Ms Moon. She is very nice, spiritually growned, and a pleasure to know. "

 July 23, 2019

" Was nice and patient friendly "

 June 26, 2019

" Public posting yes. Please exclude my name. "

 June 14, 2019

" Ms Moon and Dr Shau have always been very good to me. Very kind, understanding and I appreciate that. "

 May 8, 2019

" Annette is the only reason why i have an great experience the older lady at the desk can be a bit much at times "

 May 2, 2019

" I would never recommend anyone because they would have have to see Nurse Kee "

 April 20, 2019

" Everyone here makes me feel welcome, and special. Great place to come. My treatment here has been wonderful. "

 April 10, 2019

" I met with my new therapist on 4-9-2019 and we had an instant connection "

 February 19, 2019

" I need a appointment with Priscilla "

 February 13, 2019

" Everyone was so helpful and polite. The staff is amazing and really caring. The doctor is wonderful and really tries to take care of your needs and concerns. "

 February 8, 2019

" The case manager was truly concerned with the matters going on in my life. "

 February 2, 2019

" I really love the receptionist. She is very nice and thoughtful. She should never be over looked. She is very professional. "

 January 29, 2019

" My overall experience made me feel like my doctor cared about my mental behavior issues and took time to find a solution and not just treat me like I was just another number and rush me out of her office "