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Recent Reviews

 Pauline - 11/13/2019

" Always feel that I have received the best care ! Love Dr. Abdul-Aal. "

 Cheri - 11/13/2019

" I really liked Dr. Katt. She was very professional and answered all my questions and explained everything to me "

 Diane - 11/08/2019

" Dr. Abdul-aal is the greatest. I would and do recommend him to all my friends and relatives. "

 Amar'Ia - 11/06/2019

" He is the best of/gyn I ever had. I couldn't ask for a more good and understanding doctor then him. "

 Kristen - 11/06/2019

" Always a pleasure interacting with the staff and provider when I visit the office. "

 Melissa - 11/01/2019

" I have only had one visit so far but my cancer journey is far from over. It is just beginning. My doctor came highly recommended. I am already quite pleased with the sense of urgency, compassion, and thoroughness of care. "

 Allyson - 11/01/2019

" Amazing staff ! So kind and caring. Doctor does not make the appointment feel rushed at all. He really takes his time and listens to all concerns. Very sympathetic. I would highly recommend to anyone. "

 Jennifer - 11/01/2019

" Love you guys... "

 Kathy - 10/23/2019

" I will never go anywhere else. Excellent service, staff, and Best Doctor I’ve had in many many years! "

 Melia - 10/22/2019

" I work in the medical field. Not only have I recommended this office to my friends and family but my patients as well. Smiling faces and great sense of humor from all. I’m excited to have such a great team in this next journey of my life!! "

 Chazmin - 10/04/2019

" Been going here since I was 16 . I love it there "

 Vyshnavi - 10/02/2019

" Excellent service good doctor "

 Alexis - 09/25/2019

" I am not relaxed when I visit the doctors, but Dr. Abdul-Aal’s excellent bedside manners make me feel very comfortable. I’m very inquisitive about my health, and I appreciate that he always takes the time to answer my questions. "

 Terrice - 09/19/2019

" I love the doctor n staffs their the best... ❤️❤️❤️ "

 Somara - 09/11/2019

" I love this office and my daughter is a new patient there. Dr Amine is a great, kind doctor! "

 Dionna - 09/06/2019

" The best Obgyn in town "

 Lori - 09/05/2019

" I absolutely love Dr. Abdual and his staff. He is so caring and understanding and explains everything in detail. I am a relatively new patient but I would recommend him to anyone. "

 Yvonne - 09/05/2019

" I just want to say that Dr. Abdul-Aal is a very awesome doctor!! He is a very caring doctor!! Cares very much for the well being of you and your unborn child!! I'm so glad I got referred to him!! "

 Whitney - 09/05/2019

" The staff was very welcoming for my introduction to pregnancy. Very pleased with my choice of doctor! "

 Paula - 09/02/2019

" From the moment you make the appointment through the completion of your appointment the staff treats you like family! Very kind and helpful! The office is comfortable and very easy to locate. Appointment was easy to make around my schedule! "

 Melanie - 08/30/2019

" Always the best around "

 Lorie - 08/22/2019

" Absolutely love dr Abdul-Aal and his staff! "

 Britta - 08/20/2019

" This physician and his entire staff are great. The patient feels good when the staff remembers them from one year to the next and calls them by name. This staff always remembers. It puts the patient at ease. Thank you for being on my health team "

 Duroub - 08/14/2019

" Best dr in town "

 Mary - 08/13/2019

" I am new to the area and a friend recommended this office. I was VERY impressed with the staff. Dr. Abdul-Aal was so kind and caring about everything. He took the time to answer all of my questions and showed genuine care in my best interest and needs. Very thankful to have been recommended here. "

 Amber - 08/06/2019

" Nothing needs changed. Great staff, great doctor, I recommend all the time. Been going to him for 16 years "

 Kiara - 08/06/2019

" The entire staff are very caring and very well mannered. Never disappointed going to this office and I’ll make sure he delivers my future children as well. "

 Annette - 07/25/2019

" I love Dr Abdul-aal and his office staff. I have been coming his office for close to 25 years "

 Sheri - 07/23/2019

" Love everyone !!! They treat you like family and genuinely care about your health.... "

 Anna - 07/23/2019

" The staff and physician are always polite and courteous. I have and will continue to recommend this office to others. Dr. Abdul-Aal is the best!!! "

 Mackenzie - 07/18/2019

" By FAR the best doctor in our area. He is thorough, cares about his patients and has exceeded my expectations every single time I’ve been in his office. His staff is always friendly and super helpful no matter what it is you need from them. I’ve been through multiple OB/GYNs in our area and I will recommend him every single time. "

 Karen - 07/12/2019

" I always recommend the doctor to everyone I think he is the best I have had "

 Deborah - 07/11/2019

" Workers was not good when it came to my grandkids I’m not the only one with kids and it’s not all the time I bring kids think this was my first was not happy with the attitude "

 Lanae' - 06/26/2019

" Dr. Kelly was Excellent!!! She she even took us after being an hour late!!! Inheard of in todayyworlfd oof medicine. Thx Dr. Kelly "

 Miranda - 06/25/2019

" Dr Abdul-Aal has done an amazing job with my healthcare and the birth of my children. "

 Gwendalyn - 06/25/2019

" Dr. Abdul is amazing "

 Lillie - 06/21/2019

" I love my dr and his wife and his staffs "

 Penelope - 06/20/2019

" Friendly office. Great doctoe. "

 Katie - 06/19/2019

" The wait time is sometimes extremely long. I waited 2 hours on the 18th of June. Just to get back in a room. "

 Ashley - 06/19/2019

" At first I was a little nervous because I didn't know what to expect. But I saw the reviews online and saw it was a 4.9/5 star. I've been looking for an ob-gyn I can trust and feel comfortable with. I felt hopeless before I found this place. I was still nervous because I was new. But I have to say I love love love the service! I would recommend them to any family, friend, and relative! I will continue using them in the future for any concerns I have/need. Dr.Abdul-Aal was so genuine and kind I felt at ease. My appointment ended in a hug and I knew I finally found the right place for me. I will drive a distance just to feel comfortable! "

 Marie - 06/18/2019

" I feel very comfortable going to my appointments because the staff is very nice and very caring. Dr. Abdul-AAL is excellent and very very thorough and listens to you and answers any questions you have. I always recommend this office when asked . "

 Ashley - 06/05/2019

" I wish that I could get more ultrasounds "

 Debra - 05/22/2019

" Totally awesome ���������� "

 Lorie - 05/16/2019

" Absolutely love the staff here they are very nice. And the Dr is very good with children and myself always answers questions for me when i have them and explains everything for me to understand. X "

 Justine - 05/14/2019

" Absolutely love Dr A and Mrs Dr A�� "

 Brianna - 05/14/2019

" I love Dr. Abdul-Aal & his staff.!! "

 Lisa - 05/03/2019

" When addressing or talking about transgender individuals, please acknowledge them as their proper gender identity, rather than determining their gender based on surgery status. Surgery does not determine the validity of someone's gender. People deserve to be identified as their chosen identity rather than based on genitalia. "

 Tivoli - 04/30/2019

" Best doctor by far. Highly recommend! "

 Rose - 04/29/2019

" The staff is always wonderful to work with, even on the busiest days. "

 Diane - 04/24/2019

" I have been seeing Dr. Abdul-aal for almost 21 years and I wouldn't ever see another gynecologist. I've recommended him to everyone I know and anyone who asks for recommendations for a gynecologist on Facebook. He's the best. "

 Erica - 04/23/2019

" All the staff is very friendly and caring. This is one of the very few places I feel like they care and I’m not just a client that they want paid from! "

 Shanine - 04/23/2019

" Keep up the good work and hood people there "

 Melissa - 04/11/2019

" Didn’t have to wait, room was ready when I got there and was didn’t have to make up much time at work. "

 Krysta - 04/03/2019

" I came to Abdul’s office because I wanted a second opinion about a issue. The other gynecologist I went to, ( I won’t say the name), she said for me to go to physical therapy for my part. I was giggling about it. No one tells their employer that they have to be scheduled at a different time because they have to go to physical therapy for their *****. Doctor Abdul was very helpful and wanted to make me feel comfortable during my appointment. I was in and out in less than a half hour. "

 Terri - 03/31/2019

" I just love you guys. "

 Marcella - 03/29/2019

" I want to thank you all even the doctor for everything you guys are amazing people "

 Kaiylee - 03/27/2019

" Dr. Abdul is a top notch doctor, can't ever imagine seeing anyone else. My girls even are patients and he delivered my granddaughter. "

 Melissa - 03/13/2019

" Nice place, treats patients well "

 Mary - 03/12/2019

" Dr. Abdul-Aal is the absolute best. He is so informative, caring and explains everything in manner so that we can completely understand no what is going on. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Abdul-Aal and his staff to everyone. "

 Stacy - 02/26/2019

" Usually I wait a very long time, but this time was much shorter than usual—which is a major improvement! I love Dr. Abdul Aal and his staff! Great experience as always! "

 Nicole - 02/26/2019

" You guys are the best! "

 Destiny - 02/21/2019

" Best Doc and staff in the country "

 Joan - 02/19/2019

" Everyone is so kind and always answer my question. They are all wonderful. Dr is amazing. Thank you "

 Cheryl - 02/12/2019

" Dr Abdul Aal and staff are amazing! "

 Abtesam - 02/08/2019

" Great doctor! Excellent staff! "

 Patty - 01/29/2019

" Dr.Abdul-Aal Amine is a wonderful doctor, my girls see him as well, he has a genuine heart to do and to treat his patients the way he does wouldn't ever want to go anywhere else!! "

 Jill - 01/29/2019

" Love dr AA "

 Ashley - 01/24/2019

" Everything was absolutely wonderful and truly amazing. Except the wait time in the lobby / waiting room. But everything else was great. "

 Ashantia - 01/24/2019

" Love the doctor, he’s made my experience of being pregnant very easy "

 Joy - 01/23/2019

" Best Dr around, had him 19 years and counting!!! "

 Sierra - 01/23/2019

" I have been going to Dr. Abdul-Aal for 16 years, he delivered both of my children. He has always taken the time to listen and answer my questions thoroughly. He takes time to ask about my husband and family during each visit, great bedside manner! I highly recommend him! "

 Karen - 01/17/2019

" I would recommend dr Abdul to anyone in fact I have "

 Leslie - 01/17/2019

" Absolutely love this office and it’s staff! Very very friendly! "

 Jessica - 01/15/2019

" I love this doctor Ive been going to him since I was 15 years old and he's been excellent to me he's a very outgoing man "

 Terri - 01/15/2019

" Dr Abdual is one of the most pationate and caring doctors and makes you feel as comfortable as he can.... "