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Recent Reviews

 Barbara C. - 09/05/2017

" Dr. Johnathan Nix is the kindest, most polite doctor that I have had as a Dermatologist . "

 Hubert B. - 08/15/2017

" all staff are amazing "

 Patricia P. - 08/14/2017

" A little too long in the waiting room, but then you get the added attention when you are with the Dr. so it makes up for the wait. "

 Patricia F. - 08/13/2017

" So disappointed patient portal is no longer available. "

 Sarah P. - 08/12/2017

" Wonderful advise...easy procedure..put me at ease concerning my future procedures. "

 Marilyn M. - 08/12/2017

" I was very impressed with the care I got. "

 Jose M. - 08/12/2017

" Dr was great! Glad to be a patient here. "

 Loyal W. - 08/09/2017

" short wait very professional and courteous "

 Kevin I. - 08/09/2017

" Mr Nix was great and gave very clear instructions "

 Susan R. - 08/04/2017

" Had to wait a longer time than usual;. "

 Ruth T. - 08/03/2017

" The whole system is so organized and everyone so helpful and good natured. Appreciate the wonderful care that I receive for everyone. Thank you. "

 Robert H. - 08/03/2017

" I found Janette Walsh to be very through, professional, pleasant, etc. Very impressed with her and Jamie at front desk. I am very conscious of these attributes as I practiced dentistry for 40+ years. "

 Robert S. - 08/03/2017

" Absolutely great and amazing professionals in this medical practice! "

 Rutledge K. - 08/03/2017

" This was my first visit and I had no prior knowledge of this facility. I was most pleased with every phase of my visit. Everyone showed true concern for my concerns and made me more aware of my condition. Information and instructions were provided in very clear terms. They began by treating my most serious areas and scheduled my follow up visit within an acceptable time frame. I was most satisfied and confident I will have good results.u "

 Julie G. - 08/02/2017

" Loved the staff and dr rabb is always so nice! "

 Donald V. - 07/31/2017

" VERY short wait from sign in until I was called back. Thorough exam and treatment. EXCELLENT visit. "

 Bessie M. - 07/29/2017

" Just love Jeanett "

 David M. - 07/29/2017

" Janette is very professional and knowledgeable. I have great confidence in her. "

 Ronald F. - 07/29/2017

" Dr. Walsh is the best doctor I have ever visited. "

 Eleanor anne A. - 07/28/2017

" Long wait in cold room "

 Shawn B. - 07/27/2017

" I am very happy with this Dermatology service here. I have and will continue referring patients to this office for their care as well. "

 Kathleen B. - 07/27/2017

" The staff are helpful & have a positive attitude "

 Kevin P. - 07/26/2017

" The Demorrest location is great. I was seen very quickly and was in and out inside 30 minutes. Quality treatment, entire office was a great experience. "

 James L. - 07/26/2017

" Very efficient staff. The doctor was courteous, friendly and thorough. The wait time was minimal. I was very pleased. "

 Glenda K. - 07/26/2017

" I could not ask for better service!!! Glenda Keel "

 Mary ellen M. - 07/23/2017

" Janette is the best! Smart, efficient and very funny. She found my melanoma and she is a literal life saver. I will never go anywhere else! Thank you Janette! Sincerely, Mary Ellen Merriam "

 Mary W. - 07/21/2017

" I've always received excellent care at both offices in Dahlonega and Gainesville. Ms. Walsh, PA is so friendly and provides clear and concise answers to any questions you might have. I have had Melanoma and received excellent care throughout treatment. It's important to have yearly appointments to catch any skin cancers you might have. "

 Eugene S. - 07/20/2017

" Scheduled for 8:30 appointment...receptionist not available until 8:40. This is my second appointment where this has happened. "

 Scott C. - 07/20/2017

" It took 45 minutes after my appointment for them to call me back there. Other than that it was great!!! Thanks!! "

 James P. - 07/20/2017

" Jonathan Nix, PA, is an amazing health care provider. His demeanor and treatment style should be taught to all others that have to interact with patients of any kind. "

 Billie G. - 07/19/2017

" Joy is a delight. As a woman myself, I appreciated having a woman doctor to do a skin cancer examination. I felt that she did a thorough exam and encouraged me to take precautions while out in the sun. When looking at her, I can see the benefits to staying out of the sun. She has lovely light skin that I now see is very beautiful rather a dark tan that i always tried to achieve. I will be sure to have my next appointment with Joy. "

 Charlotte F. - 07/19/2017

" Very courteous staff! Dr. Lot was very kind and understanding. Highly recommend. "

 Richard H. - 07/19/2017

" A great great doctor --- and a very very fine nurse Willene "

 Janet R. - 07/19/2017

" Dr Lott is great. He explains completely so I understand exactly what is going on. The entire staff is great. I always recommend to friends and family. "

 Frank J. - 07/18/2017

" Only hiccup was the scrip (24 hr delay on call in, original scrip was for $200 tablets of ointment in lieu of $5 tube of mupirocin, and no antibiotic oral tablets as originally stated by Dr.) "

 Joyce L. - 07/16/2017

" This was the first time I'd seen Janette Walsh. I was most impressed with her thoroughness and attention to detail in examining me. She seemed to be most efficient while approachable and open to questions. She is an excellent addition to the staff. "

 Jerry G. - 07/15/2017

" My visit was amazing,, every one was very professional, and polite. "

 Janna S. - 07/15/2017

" Drive 3 hrs to see Dr Lott. Been his patient for years and will continue. Great staff!! "

 Janice H. - 07/14/2017

" Very very happy with the service I receive. "

 Willard A. - 07/14/2017

" Excellent care and superb patient experience. Would recommend. "

 Charles E. - 07/12/2017

" Everyone was great! I didn't wait long in the waiting room or the patient room. Jonathan is always incredible! He takes time to talk to me as a person and shows interest in my life. "

 Phillip Z. - 07/12/2017

" I am very thankful for Dr. Lott he is very professional and he is also my friend. He always greets me with a handshake, and has the up most compassion for all his patients. Thank you Dr. Lott ! "

 Elizabeth L. - 07/11/2017

" So thankful for Jonathan and his expertise and care for our family! "

 Douglas F. - 07/10/2017

" Janette Walsh is great. She has a very caring and soothing approach toward patients. Very straight forward with answers to questions and very focused on keeping me healthy. "

 Billie P. - 07/08/2017

" I could not be more pleased with my experience. The office is beautiful and the front office staff was very friendly and courteous when checking in. My appointment time was met with no wait. I love Dr Janette Walsh, who was so friendly and thorough, and she addressed every concern and question I had in a very understanding and unrushed way. A very pleasant experience and will definitely return. "

 Asya H. - 07/06/2017

" Just very slow when no one is even there "

 Beverly W. - 07/06/2017

" Very thorough exam and very pleasant atmosphere. Quite easy. "

 Carol M. - 07/02/2017

" I trust Jennifer Manry's exams. I feel confident I am getting good care. "

 Virginia E. - 07/01/2017

" First time to see Dr, Lott and I really liked him! Very pleasant personality! "

 John H. - 07/01/2017

" I have referred a couple of folks to you already. "

 Kyle O. - 07/01/2017

" First dermatologist experience ever, had a spot remover off my face so quick, easy and painless. I would recommend Dr Lott to anybody wanting a skin checkup. "

 William A. - 06/30/2017

" Dr Lott is very good and personal any time I have gone to see him, he is always the same. Great Doctor who knows what he is doing. Wonderful asset to your staff and organization. "

 Raymond S. - 06/29/2017

" I can't say enough good things about Dr. Rabb and his nurse, Mindy. I never felt any pain through having a growth removed from my arm. Dr. Rabb did a superb job. They both were very kind and thoughtful. I would like to thank them both for their fantastic service. Ray Starnes "

 Douglas G. - 06/29/2017

" Professional and thorough "

 Kenneth L. - 06/28/2017

" As usual, a very successful experience. "

 Douglas S. - 06/28/2017

" My appointment was scheduled for 8:45 am., the first appt. of the day. I received a telephone message that said my appt. was at 8:30. So I reported at 8:25. I then waited until 8:45 when I was called into the exam room. At 9:00 I was finally seen. PLEASE DON'T WASTE MY TIME. If I have an appointment I will be there and I expect to be seen at that time. Don't treat me like a child. When I make an appointment, I keep it. Treat me like I treat you. "

 Billy P. - 06/28/2017

" Excellent "

 Joy S. - 06/27/2017

" Sylvia was wonderful in ALL aspects!! Well-spoken, professional, personable and patient, which is SO IMPORTANT when i needed to ask alot of questions!! I felt very at ease during the procedure. She is s GREAT ambassador for your office and i hope all my future apppinrments are as pleasant!! "

 Ronald M. - 06/27/2017

" everything went smooth and nice great experience "

 Faron W. - 06/23/2017

" Treated very well. No waiting, which is awesome! "

 Robin K. - 06/22/2017

" I cannot express how much what Dermatology Associates of Northeast Georgia, and Dr. Rabb is doing for me. Finding out I may have skin cancer is horrible, but he took control, and is doing what needs to be done. I feel I am in good hands. Everyone is kind and courteous. I would highly recommend this practice, for kind and compassionate care, with doctors who really know what they are doing. "

 Donna C. - 06/21/2017

" Very good service beginning to end "

 Allan F. - 06/21/2017

" Jonathan is very thorough checking for skin cancers. He is extremely professional explaining what he is doing and why. "

 Suzanne F. - 06/21/2017

" Jonathan Nix has given my husband and I excellent care.. "

 Charles C. - 06/21/2017

" I was very pleased with the respect and conversation with all the workers. I was amazed with the doctors, PA"s, and NP's knowledge and taking their time to converse with me about my skin problems. "

 Andrea J. - 06/21/2017

" Jennifer and Tammy are fantastic! They both have such a wonderful bedside manner and are very knowledgeable. They always answer my questions and make me feel very comfortable even during uncomfortable procedures. The front desk and all of the support staff are always courteous and kind. "

 Whitney F. - 06/21/2017

" J nix is awesome. Great staff always a high level of care "

 Lynda L. - 06/17/2017

" All the staff are exceptional. "

 Dale S. - 06/15/2017

" I am happy with Dr. Lott, this being my 1st visit after my long time Dermatologist quit his practice. The receptionist was not very responsive in a positive manner when I asked how much longer a wait, as it was 20 minutes past my appointment time & I was there a 1/2 hr. before my appointment. "

 Ralph P. - 06/15/2017

" Great group to work with. "

 Wallace H. - 06/14/2017

" Dr. Rabb has great bedside manners. "

 Amy F. - 06/13/2017

" Jonathan and his nurse are an exceptional part of your office. He always makes me feel welcome and at ease. I truly appreciate him and all of your staff. "

 Amy G. - 06/13/2017

" I absolutely love the staff and Jonathon Nix! Very grateful for all they do and have done! "

 Stephen B. - 06/12/2017

" I was very pleased with evrything. "

 Marcia B. - 06/10/2017

" Dr. Lott and Chris are so good about making you feel at ease. Great personal bedside manner!!!! I have already recommended people and will continue to do so. "

 Harold B. - 06/10/2017

" Janette and her assistant are great!!! "

 Henry G. - 06/10/2017

" I arrived early and was treated early, cheerfully, courteously, professionally. A very pleasantly painless experience. Every interaction with North Georgia Dermatology has been pleasant; although occasionally painful - well, a little pain. "

 Daniel S. - 06/09/2017

" The care was excellent and professional and at the same time very caring and concerned about my personal needs. Everything and question I ask was explained very well to me. Your guys are the best! Daniel S. "

 Phyllis M. - 06/08/2017

" Very understanding of my concerns. Also very patient and knowledgable. "

 Donnas B. - 06/08/2017

" Very pleased with Dr Campbell and his staff. "

 David H. - 06/08/2017

" Never laughed so much in a surgery/doctor's office! Staff was very friendly and the interaction with them made the visit almost stress free. "

 John T. - 06/08/2017

" Great visit was a pleasent experience.unlikemost Dr visit "

 Mary P. - 06/08/2017

" I have been going to Jennifer a long time and I would never change. She is an excellent doctor. I really appreciate what she has done and is doing for me. She is an excellent person. Ann Parks "

 Michael M. - 06/07/2017

" Very professional and kind care with clear explanations and instructions. "

 Sharlene B. - 06/01/2017

" Really liked Jennette. Have had trouble finding someone I like. She was thorough and informative. "

 Janet L. - 05/31/2017

" All my questions were answered "

 Barbara L. - 05/31/2017

" Joyce that answered phone first time was unwilling to work with me in getting in. Called a few times and each time, after telling here I felt really needed to see my own Dr. or anyone. Finally got someone that listened. Growth removed, waiting for biopsey report. "

 Timothy M. - 05/31/2017

" I wish your charges were more in line with what Blue Cross allows. I always pay a significant charge to cover the difference. "

 John C. - 05/28/2017

" Dr. Lott did a biopsie and the wound didn't even turn red. He froze several places on my head and arms and they have healed very nicely. Great job Doc. "

 George Z. - 05/24/2017

" Third question down has a word that may need looking at : - ). I have enjoyed all of my visits. All of the persons working there, from being greeted as I entered the door and as i left, were great. I love their humor and personable interactions. "

 Wilbert H. - 05/24/2017

" Dr Jonathan is the best...most caring person and most caring Doctor I have ever known. Everyone that has an encounter with him leaves blessed. "

 Raymond S. - 05/24/2017


 Nancy B. - 05/23/2017

" Very friendly, professional and caring. "

 Margaret A. - 05/22/2017

" It took us a while to track down Jeanette Walsh and her nurse. She had been following my mom in Cumming at her last practice. We are so MORE thank willing to drive to get excellent care from her and her nurse. Thank you! "

 Thomas G. - 05/19/2017

" On time. Staff was extremely courteous and professional. I am very pleased with my progress and the support I am receiving. "

 Tommy C. - 05/18/2017

" Best check up. "

 Harold D. - 05/18/2017

" Very thorough check up "

 Henry M. - 05/18/2017

" very professional staff and service! "

 Lydia C. - 05/17/2017

" There was a long wait. I arrived at 3:05 and didn't see provider till after 4:05! "

 Robert C. - 05/13/2017

" Good visit. "

 John W. - 05/12/2017

" I like Dr Lott enough that I brought a new patient for him. He very informative and enjoyable to talk to with a good personality "

 Karen E. - 05/12/2017

" Great office and staff. Nurses always treat me like a friend they haven't seen lately and Dr Rabb is ready with all questions and answers. "

 Ralph P. - 05/11/2017

" Dr. Lott and his team are great to work with. Would highly recommend them for their great service. "

 Susan J. - 05/11/2017

" Diva day is a great way to be pampered and try new products...Love it!! "

 Nancy P. - 05/10/2017

" This office is a;ways friendly and informative/ "

 Michael B. - 05/10/2017

" I wish I would have written her name down, as the young woman who checked me in had the most wonderful cherry attitude - wonderful representative of your office - she checked in Mike Briggs for a 9:45 appointment for Dr Rabb on Tuesday 5-9-2017 ! "

 Helen B. - 05/10/2017

" I truly can not say enuff nice things about Kari Martin, she was very efficient, helpful and most professional in her care for me and my problem. Be sure you or Dr. Rabb thanks her personally for me. Respectfully yours, Jean Beckers "

 Phyllis W. - 05/09/2017

" I am always pleased with Jonathan Nix and his wonderful nurse assistant Crystal. Having been treated by another dermatologist in town, I love the professional atmosphere here and how thorough the exam is. Kudos to Jonathan Nix and Crystal for making what could have been a bad experience into a pleasant one. "

 Michael W. - 05/07/2017

" Highly recommend Dr Lott "

 Ellen M. - 05/06/2017

" The only inconvenience was we weren't seen until an hour after our appt. schedule. "

 Bobby F. - 05/06/2017

" Very friendly, helpful staff. I would recommend this office to anyone in need of a dermatologist. "

 Thomas R. - 05/05/2017

" No wait, easy Inn, easy out and very friendly service. Ki "

 Jd G. - 05/04/2017

" I was very pleased "

 David P. - 05/04/2017

" None at this time "

 Donald C. - 05/03/2017

" Dr. Rabb is great, I thought for sure I would have a terrible scar but it looks so good after a couple of weeks. I think now there will be no scar at all. 😁 "

 Robert T. - 05/03/2017

" I scheduled the appt simply because I was concerned about something. Jennifer Manry listened and assured me I wasn't getting ready to die or anything. Super nice people all the way around. "

 Willard R. - 05/03/2017

" Very impressed with the attention and care provided by this office. Almost sad that my next appointment is not for twelve months. "

 Robert I. - 05/03/2017

" I appreciate the attention and care I receive every time I have an appointment. Everyone is friendly and helpful! "

 Claude L. - 04/29/2017

" I am a doctor and well positioned to judge good medical care. Joy and the whole team deserve 10/10 on all aspects of their care & conduct. A joy to be treated so well. "

 William S. - 04/29/2017

" Dr. Lott is very thorough with my exam and with my concern, and he take the time to explain what he is doing and why he is doing it. He and his staff make me feel comfortable during my visit at the office. "

 Fabian H. - 04/28/2017

" Like Dr Lott "

 William A. - 04/28/2017

" Dr. Lott is one of the finest physician's we have been to. He is very knowledgeable, gentle, explains things, and concerned about you as an individual. It is to bad that most of the Dr. are not like this. When he is in the room with you, he is with you and he makes you feel no one else matters except you at that time. Excellent Physician! Also his staff are very warm, and respectful. Great working relationship between staff and Physician. "

 Henry G. - 04/28/2017

" From receptionist to dismissal I was very pleased with treatment and interaction. "

 Janet D. - 04/27/2017

" Wait time was almost nothing! Love Jennifer Manry - have given 2 recommendations in the last couple days. "

 Anne S. - 04/27/2017

" Sylvia was wonderful...She always takes good care of me when I come for peels...she is very professional.... Love this office!!!!!! The insurance department rocks!!!!!! "

 Sharon J. - 04/26/2017

" I was overjoyed to have been taken care of by all the professionals in the Dahlonega Derma office. I have told many of my co-workers about the ladies and my wonderful experience. I am so happy that I changed dermatology offices, closer to work and home. Very pleased!!! :) "

 Dawn A. - 04/26/2017

" Facility is comfortable and clean. A welcoming atmosphere. "

 David S. - 04/25/2017

" All the staff and Dr. Manry are awesome. They provide outstanding services and value. "

 Emma J. - 04/20/2017

" As always staff was EXCELLENT..... "

 Harper J. - 04/20/2017

" My 5 year old daughter and I both have been treated by doctors at your office and we have both been highly satisfied!! I would definitely recommend your office to anyone looking for a dermatologist! The entire staff is so sweet to my daughter! She loves going there! "

 Martha R. - 04/19/2017

" WONDERFUL group of doctors and people in this office! "

 Henrietta H. - 04/19/2017

" I waited over an hour to be seen. This is way too long. The care providers were excellent. "

 Adelard D. - 04/19/2017

" I am an older person and appreciated the courtesy and consideration given me by Dr. Lott and his staff. John D "

 Barbara L. - 04/18/2017

" Jennifer Manry is an excellent P A. I highly recommend her in every aspect of her profession in which I'm involved as a patient. "

 Billy S. - 04/18/2017

" Jonathan does a great job of explaining everything and Dawn is very proficient in the preparation and clean-up "

 Sara K. - 04/15/2017

" I have received the most caring attention from Ms.Walsh that I have ever received. She fully explains what she needs to do, has patience with questions and makes certain that I fully understand each instruction and/or procedure before beginning. I have never received better care. "

 Tommy S. - 04/14/2017

" I have been treated very well at Dermatology Associates. I would recommend to anybody needing the services they provide to check with them. "

 Ronald M. - 04/13/2017

" everyone was very nice and helpful "

 Gail M. - 04/12/2017

" I was nervous about my melanoma surgery and stitch removal, the staff and Dr. Rabb are wonderful and patient. "

 Regina A. - 04/12/2017

" Excellent all around. My wait was short in both reception and waiting for Dr. Stephens to enter the room. Everyone was competent, fast and courteous. Dr. Stephens was great - I liked her personality and her professionalism. Great visit overall. Thanks "

 Justin F. - 04/12/2017

" Always willing to get me in early should I need to. "

 Patricia E. - 04/11/2017

" Very pleased with the care provided by Dr Jonathan Nix & his staff. "

 J d E. - 04/11/2017

" Excellent care provided by Dr Jonathan Nix & his staff. "

 John G. - 04/07/2017

" Your intake form asked questions that I could not answer correctly, the correct answers to which were in the file, resulting in unnecessary and somewhat embarrassing verbal quizzing by your staff (who handled it fine). I blame the format. "

 Adam L. - 04/05/2017

" don't fire Jessica, lol "

 Vickie H. - 04/04/2017

" Dr. Nix is one of my favorite doctors. "

 Connie G. - 04/04/2017

" Everyone was excellent! My favorite Derm office. "

 Dade A. - 04/04/2017

" Jonathan just a caring way that makes problems seems okay..... He doctored our 10 year old and made him feel perfect....... Awesome job "

 Clifford D. - 04/03/2017

" I was very pleased with the service I received. "

 Orville B. - 04/02/2017

" The christian music created a peaceful atmosphere. Staff was very helpful. Dr Lott was very professional, and very nice. "

 Thurmon T. - 03/31/2017

" Dr Rabb is the greatest! "

 Sherry M. - 03/31/2017

" A very thorough inspection and examination with discussion of areas of concern. "

 Kathy H. - 03/30/2017

" Love the way everyone is so friendly. Thank you for your kindess! "

 Robin W. - 03/30/2017

" Dr. Walsh was awesome!!! She made me feel really comfortable. Everyone was very friendly and courteous. "

 Robert B. - 03/30/2017

" Only thing even after having a appointment set for a certain time it still was 45 minutes even a little longer before being seen. "

 Cheryl K. - 03/30/2017

" You did not take my insurance therefore THERE WAS NO APPT AND I WILL NOT BE CHARGED. "

 Carolyn K. - 03/29/2017

" I would recommend Johnathan Nix without reservation. He is compassionate, professional and articulate. I cannot speak for other providers there, however, as I have not had any interaction with them. "

 Robert L. - 03/29/2017

" Service has been great for the past 15 years "

 Patricia C. - 03/25/2017

" The PA(or nurses aid) that I had, was was running late. but she did apologize. (Many medical people ever apologize for being late.) She was extremely thorough and clearly explained the procedure. "

 Reginald W. - 03/25/2017

" They did a great job, very thorough "

 George M. - 03/24/2017

" Very professional office. "

 Jean W. - 03/24/2017

" Nice to have a great experience at a medical office. I made my next appointment. "

 Robert I. - 03/22/2017

" Everyone was friendly and very professional at my visit. All my questions and concerns were quickly addressed and I left very pleased and satisfied. "

 Deborah H. - 03/18/2017

" Dr. Walsh and her assistant are AWESOME. They are so nice, friendly and professional!!!! Thank you Dr. Walsh. I appreciate wonderful physicians like Dr. Walsh that take time with their patients! "

 George B. - 03/18/2017

" Appointment was almost an hour late "

 Ronald M. - 03/17/2017

" Very thorough full body examination "

 Roger D. - 03/17/2017

" Doctor's visits are not my favorite activity but Dr. Rabb and his staff provide an environment that is welcoming and reassuring. "

 Charles D. - 03/16/2017

" Great Doctor and staff! "

 John B. - 03/15/2017

" Your office does not accept my current health insurance. Since Dr Rabb has been my dermatologist for over 20 years, it is unfortunate that due to rising costs for health insurance, our current plan forces us to find new physicians across the board. We have found that over the past 2 years, as our policies are cancelled or non-renewable and we have to shop for new policies, our health care diminishes and we no longer have the benefit of our trusted physicians and their knowledge of our history. I have been very pleased with Dr Rabb and his staff and will miss them. "

 Charles O. - 03/15/2017

" On time and I was out within 30 minutes. I have always been happy with this office. "

 Margie M. - 03/14/2017

" Very nice to follow up with the doctor that I have been seeing . Continunity is extremely important to me. Dr Nix is my choice. "

 Rosser B. - 03/12/2017


 Tammy P. - 03/11/2017

" Everyone was so friendly! I saw the Nurse Practitioner and loved her! Very prompt and professional staff!! "

 Charles L. - 03/10/2017

" Unfortunately, I had a senior moment and forgot my appt. I called scheduling apologized , rescheduled and was added to the cancellation list. I got in withinin 2 days! Thanks a ton! Charlie "

 Angela P. - 03/10/2017

" Excellent professional care. "

 Becky F. - 03/09/2017

" Dr Walsh and her nurse were wonderful. Friendly, sensitive and professional. "

 Nancy P. - 03/08/2017

" Jonathan Nix is awesome! "

 James N. - 03/07/2017

" Doing great, had no problems. Dr assistant was also wonderful and very helpful. "

 Jerry T. - 03/06/2017

" Impressed with the Dr. I saw "

 Jonathan L. - 03/06/2017

" Could not have had a better first visit! Dr. Lott, I feel, did an excellent job with my examination and answering my questions. I didn't feel rushed at all either, which is a big plus too. "

 Karen S. - 03/05/2017

" Dr. Rabbi is ON TIME! You don't see that much in doctors' offices these days. Everyone there is very nice and polite. :) "

 Brenda L. - 03/05/2017

" I came from Lawrenceville where Joy Stevens was because she is the best. The only thing that I would suggest she spend a little more time to talk with her patients. "

 Robert P. - 03/04/2017

" Well done! "

 Kenneth D. - 03/03/2017

" From beginning to checkout, everybody had a smile,and friendly but still professional. "

 Diane T. - 03/03/2017

" Everyone was great. Pleasant experience. Very professional and I trusted recommendations. "

 Stephen S. - 03/03/2017

" This dermatology office is extremely efficient,competent and medically knowledgeable. Starting with the receptionists, assistants, nurses, PA's, and Dr. Rabb. I highly recommend this office and would have no hesitation in referring anyone to the office.. Dr. Stephen H. Schwartz "

  . - 03/03/2017

" Silvia Marceleno, Medical Aesthetician, was absolutely wonderful. She takes her time on every step of the procedure and explains while she applies cream, solution, and/or ect. I felt comfortable throughout the entire procedure. "

 Janet A. - 03/02/2017

" I contacted them via email as a new patient in a lot of pain. I received a call from them and they worked me in that day! Very pleased! Excellent service! Can not give high enough praise for everyone there! Highly recommend. "

 Veronica G. - 03/01/2017

" I was treated excellent by all staff. Thank you! "

 Rosalie S. - 02/28/2017

" Loved it! Made future appointments... Thank you to staff and all concerned. "

  . - 02/28/2017

" Great job. "

 Daniel P. - 02/25/2017

" Janette Walsh is very thorough & up on latest advances in skin care. Glad to have her as my Dermatologist! "

 David H. - 02/24/2017

" One of the most pleasant medical appointments I have experienced in a very long time. "

 Bonnie H. - 02/24/2017

" Love Jeanette "

 Robert S. - 02/23/2017

" Staff was very nice, Dr was on time and very pleasant and efficient. "

 Frances J. - 02/22/2017

" Dr. Lott was very professional, friendly & helpful. "

 Eve J. - 02/22/2017

" Jonathan and his assistants were outstanding!!! So personable and professional!! Highly recommend Jonathan Nix!!! "

 Breann F. - 02/21/2017

" Best group ever. "

 Jean M. - 02/21/2017

" Janette Walsh is awesome--will follow her anywhere! "

 Kimberly E. - 02/19/2017

" Jeanette is a wonderful addition to your practice. I have seen her for years at her previous location. You are very lucky to have her! "

 Thomas W. - 02/18/2017

" none "

 Betty B. - 02/18/2017

" I couldn't be more pleased with my encounter with this office. I saw Dr. Lott and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of a dermatologist. . "

 Richard C. - 02/18/2017

" Dr. Joy is great! "

 Phyllis M. - 02/17/2017

" I was very pleased with the visit and the understanding of my concerns. "

 Jennifer I. - 02/16/2017

" Jonathan Nix and his staff are always kind and very helpful. "

 Larry L. - 02/16/2017

" I was very well pleased with Dr. Lott and the staff. "

 Marcia D. - 02/16/2017

" Dr was very thorough. Showed interest in my concerns. He was not rushed. "

 Jeffery B. - 02/16/2017

" I appreciate Dr. Lott very much. He cares about how I am doing and what is going on with my skin. He intently looked at a couple of places on my skin that raised some concern and answered any questions that I had about them. "

 Dwight W. - 02/16/2017

" Very pleased with my visit "

 David C. - 02/15/2017

" Thanks ; I trust Dr. Lott's expertise. "

 Barbara P. - 02/14/2017

" N P, nurse and receptionist were all very helpful. "

 Harry R. - 02/14/2017

" Dr. Rabb did excellent work excising my basil cell carcinoma. I couldn't be happier with the result. "

 Phyllis K. - 02/11/2017

" Thankfully everyone in this office has a super sense of humor! "

 Paris G. - 02/10/2017

" Overall great place. "

 James K. - 02/10/2017

" Good job to a young MD from an old DVM "

 Karen E. - 02/10/2017

" Over two years of visits, I have always been treated well and several nurses are really nice , remembering how bad I was before diagnosed with auto immune disease. Several months at another group with no results... First visit here I was diagnosed, biopsy and culture verified and I was on road to recovery. "

 Beverly M. - 02/09/2017

" Dr. Lott is outstanding! Not only is he great with the medical care he gives, but his customer service skills are beyond compare! He makes you feel as if you are the only patient he's seeing and takes the time to make you feel at ease and answers all questions you may have! The nurses that work with him are AWESOME! "

 Bernadene V. - 02/04/2017

" Very minimal wait time. Entire staff friendly and helpful. "

 Joseph M. - 02/03/2017

" This was the first time in a long,long time that I actually got in to see the doctor at the time that I was scheduled!!! Thank Doctor JOY STEVENS so very,very much for her advise. JOE MARKERT "

 Susan R. - 02/03/2017

" Long wait for appointments...but I guess that is because you are good... "

 Alton M. - 02/03/2017

" I was late for appointment but they worked me in with no problem. "

 Lea T. - 02/03/2017

" Joy Stevens is fabulous! "

 Clark T. - 02/02/2017

" Very professional "

 Frank M. - 01/31/2017

" Shot given by both April and Joy were superior to Mrs Walsh suggest she have retraining by April. Run this up the flag pole and see if she will let me back in office! "

 Juanita D. - 01/31/2017

" Love Dr. Rabb and his associates!! Good people!!!! "

 Cheryl W. - 01/31/2017

" Jonathan Nix & his nurses are always courteous & concerned. "

 Jaqueline H. - 01/29/2017

" It was very busy in the office at the time of my appointment, so it was a little behind. However, once I was seen, it was in and out. "

 Terry D. - 01/28/2017

" your service is outstanding "

 Megan G. - 01/28/2017

" I love Dr. Walsh. She's no nonsense and attentive. I live almost an hour from this office, but it's worth the trip. The office is great and the care is phenomenal. "

 Janna S. - 01/28/2017

" I drive 3 hrs just to see the Dr's there. Wonderful service. Thank you !!! "

 Sylvia T. - 01/27/2017

" I was so relieved to get good news! Dr. Lott was not rushed and listened to me. He was very knowledgeable about my skin issues. I felt good about my care. "

 Alexandra D. - 01/27/2017

" Jeanette Walsh and Amanda are a terrific team! They made me feel relaxed and that I was in good hands "

  . - 01/27/2017

" Saw the medical aesthetician this time...Sylvia is the BEST! "

 Joseph A. - 01/27/2017

" Very pleasant experience for a guy who doesn't go to the doctor often!! "

 William S. - 01/27/2017

" Wait was a little long "

 Denise M. - 01/27/2017

" I called Wednesday- and you guys got me in Thursday- was concerned about a place on my back- you guys a awesome "

 Alan B. - 01/26/2017

" I appreciate Dr. Rabb working me in to look at some other skin conditions after finishing my surgery. "

 Edward G. - 01/25/2017

" Jonathan Nix is a great P.A.....has a good personality, easy to talk to, listens, and addresses delicate medical issues in a sensitive and professional manner. Appears to be well trained, and very knowledgeable in all aspects of Dermatology. "

 Dorothy P. - 01/25/2017

" Great Doctor, great service.. all was very good!!!! "

  . - 01/25/2017

" I did not see a doctor. I had a facial peel. Silvia Marceleno was excellent and very professional. "

 Harper J. - 01/24/2017

" We were able to get in at the last minute and the nurse, doctor (entire staff) was wonderful and treated my 4 year old (the patient) wonderful and made her at ease about looking at and caring her her "boo boo". "

 Dawn W. - 01/21/2017

" I loved Jannette she was very nice and I would highly recommend her to other family members. "

 Mary M. - 01/21/2017

" I was treated like I was important to them. They made me feel at ease and not so nervous. "

 Roger P. - 01/21/2017

" Excellant "

 Douglas B. - 01/21/2017

" Janette Walsh is the BEST, even though she gets under my skin! "

 Eileen C. - 01/21/2017

" Stacy was wonderful with me! "

 Leo D. - 01/20/2017

" Great advice and excellent "bedside" manner. Communicates in an open and direct way that is easy to understand. "

 Kenneth L. - 01/20/2017

" Thanks!!! "

 Cathy C. - 01/20/2017

" I was made to feel very comfortable while I was there everything was explained to me so that I could understand what was going on you could not ask for a better Physician who took very good care of me and was very concerned about me "

 Todd B. - 01/20/2017

" My appointment was actually early and not late. Very nice surprise. "

 Edmond C. - 01/20/2017

" Thanks! "

 Deforest M. - 01/19/2017

" First time with Joy , she was great did'nt miss a thing. I've got the scares to prove it. DeForest "De" Miller "

 Philip D. - 01/18/2017

" We are very blessed. Dr. Lott and staff are wonderful. "

 Dorothy C. - 01/18/2017

" I am well satisfied with Dr. Lott. "

 Frencly W. - 01/18/2017

" Dr lott great "

 Randy S. - 01/14/2017

" This was my first visit and even with the new patient forms to be filled out I was called back on schedule with my appointment. The NP was very attentive and gave me all the time needed to diagnose my problem. "

 Henry G. - 01/14/2017

" The Dr and her assistant were very concerned, courteous, competent, and professional. "

 Eleanor anne A. - 01/13/2017

" Except waited in the exam room for a long time. Got cold. "

 Dale E. - 01/13/2017

" The service and treatment,is why I use your office. I have recommended friends to your office and all still utilize your practice. Never had a problem in all the years I've visited your office. That's why you are #1 "

 Larry P. - 01/13/2017

" Dr. Lott throughly examined me. And he took the time to completely answer my questions. "

 James H. - 01/12/2017

" Wait times could improve "

 Martin P. - 01/11/2017

" all activities, lobby and treatment, were rapid "

 Erik M. - 01/05/2017

" Wait time for new patients is long (waited 5-6 months) but is expected if you are one of the top facilities in North Georgia. Staff was very courteous and PA was very knowledgable and personable. Would highly recommend to others. "

 Robert C. - 01/05/2017

" My appointment time was 1:30 PM. When 2:15 PM rolled around I approached the desk and asked the check-in lady if I had been forgotten. She immediately checked with the nurse and I was called in to the back room within about 5 minutes and seen by the doctor about 10 minutes later. "

 Janie M. - 01/05/2017

" Dr. Lott is very knowledgeable and explains very thoroughly. He doesn't appear to be in a rush and is willing to make sure all your questions and concerns are met. "

 Kathryn D. - 01/01/2017

" I saw Jeanette and she was excellent "

 Shainti G. - 12/30/2016

" Very friendly people! "

 Laurrie F. - 12/30/2016

" While I do not question my doctor's knowledge nor his ability to practice medicine, I do wonder whether 5 minutes is long enough to examine my body for potential cancerous moles, etc. My visit seemed awfully short. "

 Lea T. - 12/29/2016

" Dr. Lott is a great knowledgeable very professional Doctor. We are very happy to have him as our Doctor. "

 Amy H. - 12/29/2016

" Dr. Lott has an excellent bedside manner and cares about his patients. I would highly recommend seeing him for your dermatology needs. "

 Charles D. - 12/24/2016

" We are very pleased with our Doctor and our Nurse. They are wonderful!!! "

 Jan K. - 12/23/2016

" Highly professional, pleasant and reassuring "

  . - 12/23/2016

" Lorena was friendly and very professional. I would absolutely refer her and definitely be a returning customer. "

 Donald K. - 12/23/2016

" I received prompt and courteous service and the medical team was very efficient and thorough. "

 Deirdre G. - 12/23/2016

" Jeanette Walsh is fantastic, love her and feel blessed she is now with Dermatology Associates of Northeast Georgia! "

 Marion M. - 12/22/2016

" We just love Jeanett "

  . - 12/21/2016

" The employees are great "

 Kathryn H. - 12/20/2016

" Jonathan Nix is fantastic! "

 Shirley G. - 12/18/2016

" Everyone was so nice to me this was my first time there and I was made to feel so at ease Jonathon Nix the PA there was awesome he was so kind and caring I just wish there were more like him!!!! "

 Jacqueline A. - 12/17/2016

" Always a pleasure to visit there. "

 Linda S. - 12/17/2016

" My appointment was at 3;15 but it was a long wait in the waiting room and an even longer one in the examination room which is while wearing the paper robe and being quite chilly. The nurse returned several times to assure me they would be right in. The exam took only a few minutes. I was finally done and heading home at 4:39. Otherwise its a great place and service. "

 Barbara P. - 12/17/2016

" Wait time was a bit long. "

 Joalice H. - 12/16/2016

" I'm very grateful for Jonathan Nix's sympathetic ear at this tender time. I lost my husband just eleven days ago, so meltdowns come too easily. He was a doctor for the whole person....more than skin deep! Thanks, Jonathan "

 Dora S. - 12/16/2016

" I have been a patient here for a long time. Dr. Rabb is excellent. "

 Jean M. - 12/16/2016

" Janette Walsh is awesome!! "

 Sarah J. - 12/16/2016

" Gave an Immediate appointment after I told them my dental hygienist incouragrd me to see a de "

 James R. - 12/15/2016

" Nice job ! "

 Stacey L. - 12/13/2016

" Super happy with my visit to Dermatology Assoc in Gainesville. I waited 3+ months to get in with Jennifer Manry PA but she was worth the wait. She was Awesome and also the Nurse that worked with her was super sweet. I was very happy with my visit and looking forward to some good results. Thanks again, Stacey "

 Gloria D. - 12/13/2016

" Everything went well. "

 Phillip Z. - 12/11/2016

" Dr. Lott is very professional and has great communication skills which makes for A+ healthcare ! "

  . - 12/11/2016

" Dr. Lott was thorough and detail-oriented with examination and approach to treatment. He was attentive to my needs. "

 George B. - 12/10/2016

" Great to have an appointment on time "

 Dorothy P. - 12/09/2016

" Really like Dr Rabb and his nurse assistant ... Very professional !! "

 Robert B. - 12/09/2016

" My wait time before seeing the doctor was a bit longer than anticipated, but not excessive. "

 Alan B. - 12/08/2016

" i was checked -in, seen, and treated at the appointed time and released some 35 minutes later. Great experience! "

 Robert T. - 12/03/2016


 William S. - 12/02/2016

" This was my first visit to your Gainesville office, as I am your new patient. I plan on goiing to your Demorest office for my March visit. The traffic on 365 yesterday was a bear, and being a senior citizen, local doctor care is a big plus. One last point, everyone in the office was very nice, friendly, and helpful. "

 Dale M. - 11/30/2016

" Dr Lott and his physician assistant, Dawn, were very professional and answered all my questions. They made me feel very comfortable during a personal exam. "

 Thomas R. - 11/30/2016

" A very through and comfortable experience! "

 Ward D. - 11/23/2016

" Always feel safer after Jennifer completes my body check. Personable and professional. "

 Martha M. - 11/23/2016

" Love Jennifer & entire staff in Dahlonega!?????? "

 Beverly D. - 11/23/2016

" Quick, simple, personable yet very professional. Just right! "

 Jamie C. - 11/21/2016

" Dr Nix is like going to see a friend. He has done a great job with my brother and I. I would recommend Dr Nix to anyone. Thanks for all you do. "

 Angela G. - 11/19/2016

" Jeanette was awesome! "

 Cleo F. - 11/19/2016

" Excellent and efficient process. "

 Esther D. - 11/19/2016

" Love seeing Jonathan Nix!! He takes time with you and puts you at ease! "

 Sherri H. - 11/18/2016

" The only complaint I have is that I had the appointment scheduled for months and the doctor was almost an hour late. I hold a Risk Management position for a truck broker and it's real time action packed working with trucking companies. So, my time is very valuable and it's difficult to spend almost an hour waiting and another 30 minutes to an hour for care. Last, I'm very please with the care that was given. "

 Judith B. - 11/18/2016

" 45 minutes in the waiting room is just too long. That's the only negative. "

 Regina D. - 11/18/2016

" Seen by nurse practitioner. Personal manner and clear instructions very good. "

 Candi M. - 11/18/2016

" Everything from check-in to check-out was nothing less than efficient, courteous, & informative. I will definitely recommend your office to others. Thank you for making my visit less stressful than it could have been. "

 Sara K. - 11/17/2016

" I was frightened and my caregiver took time to explain everything she was going to do. That eased my mind quite a bit. Then, during the procedure, she asked several times if I was OK. The kindness helped a lot to help me handle the discomfort. I appreciated Janet's professional manner and her willingness to take time with me. "

 Douglas E. - 11/17/2016


 Carole T. - 11/16/2016

" The staff at this office is always so friendly and polite. "

 Harry R. - 11/16/2016

" I didn't receive any instructions on how I should treat the surgery once at home. "

 Dennis P. - 11/16/2016

" All was good and quick. Efficient and professional. "

 Ronald M. - 11/16/2016

" I as a first time patient --got my paperwork in--was seen in timely manner--was taken care --an had a great checkup and was explained everything understandably. "

 Roger P. - 11/16/2016

" Excellent ?? "

 Sue B. - 11/15/2016

" Thank you for keeping this survey short. I am always pleased with my experience at Dr. Rabb's office. "

 Daniel P. - 11/13/2016

" PA Janette Walsh is simply the best, when she moved from another local practice, there was no question that my wife & I would follow "

 Mckenzie B. - 11/11/2016

" Jessica is so awesome!!! I love her and Dr Rabb. "

 Dolly H. - 11/10/2016

" I loved the Dr. I saw. She was very through and friendly. She asked about my concerns and explain everything to me. I did not seem to be just a number get them in and out as soon as possible. I have recommended her to someone already. "

 Mary G. - 11/09/2016

" I really trust the Doctors advice on the next steps... "

 Dean P. - 11/09/2016

" Waiting time is acceptable! Thorough and professional. "

 Peter john B. - 11/09/2016

" Very nice and prompt service "

 Rhonda W. - 11/08/2016

" Jennifer and Tammy were both great! "

 Lavinia A. - 11/05/2016

" Was very pleased with my experience. All of my questions were answered and everyone was courteous "

 Joann M. - 11/04/2016

" We think so highly of Dr Lott, we traveled from the Macon area to see him again. He is very knowledgeable and skilled, and takes care to be sure his patients understand the facts. "

 Martin H. - 11/04/2016

" Nurse is great also "

 Ginger D. - 11/04/2016

" I was very nervous an the doctor made me feel at ease. Thank you! "

 Cheryl W. - 11/03/2016

" Receptionist was very polite. Everyone was nice. "

 James G. - 11/02/2016

" Great staff and Doctor. I was well pleased. "

 Paul P. - 11/02/2016

" Dr. Manry and staff are great. Only complaint was my wait. Appointment was at 9:15 but didn't get to the treatment room until 9:45. "

 Angela W. - 11/01/2016

" Jonathan Nix always goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and informed. "

 Freda H. - 10/31/2016

" I called because the dermatology in Toccoa closed and they worked me in with Dr. Lott which I really appreciate. I got lost by using map quest and received excellent directions to your office. Dr. Lott and your staff was very professional and easy to work with which I really appreciate. Thanks "

 Phillip Z. - 10/30/2016

" Dr. Lott is "as good as it gets". Thank you for all you do. "

 Pauline A. - 10/29/2016

" I have been coming here for many years and would not consider going anywhere else. "

 Jerry C. - 10/28/2016

" Everything was handled to my satisfaction. "

 Amos B. - 10/27/2016

" Outstanding service!!!! "

 Robert S. - 10/26/2016

" Very pleasant staff. Clean office. "

 Douglas B. - 10/26/2016

" Janette is very personable and informative. Takes good care of me. "

 Charles H. - 10/26/2016

" Great Service from a professional caring staff. "

 Ronald G. - 10/26/2016

" Care you can count on! "

 Anne T. - 10/25/2016

" Made me feel very comfortable "

 Carrie R. - 10/23/2016

" Love Dr Lott! I previously had a bad experience at a Dermatologist and was very anxious about my visit. Without even knowing this Dr Lott made me feel comfortable and relaxed. "

 Sara G. - 10/22/2016

" I have lived with a skin condition for almost 2 years. The doctors diagnoses and prescribed treatment has it clear in three days. It has changed my life! "

  . - 10/22/2016

" Jan Adams is a dear sweet woman, I love seeing her weekly. "

 Susan S. - 10/21/2016

" Dr. Nix is wonderful! Thanks for taking care of my famy. "

 Charles L. - 10/21/2016

" Fantastic team. Can't say enough positive things about the service and staff "

 Thomas M. - 10/21/2016

" Jonathan is a great clinician with a great bedside manner. Always treats me with great care, compassion and respect. "

 Odessa I. - 10/21/2016

" My appointment was at 3:15. I was on time.....a few minutes early. I saw the doctor at 4:30. Otherwise, I'm happy. "

 Joan R. - 10/20/2016

" Saw Jennifer--not a Physician. She is great! "

 Deborah S. - 10/20/2016

" Tammy and Jennifer are just the best! I was well taken care of. Everyone in the office is extremely nice. Couldn't ask for a better crew.. "

 William M. - 10/19/2016

" I'm new in Gainesville area and believe I have found a keeper in Dr Robert Lott "

 Bernhard P. - 10/19/2016

" The only downside was that I had an appointment for 9:50 and had to wait for at least a half hour before the doctor treated me. "

 Carolyn H. - 10/19/2016

" No wait time! Excellent way to do business! "

 Patricia A. - 10/19/2016

" I love Dr. Raab he is top of the line and cut out the malignant melanoma and it has not come back. I always tell people to get his second opinion before going to someone else, He is he best! "

 George J. - 10/18/2016

" I spent very little time waiting for service, and after being treated was out of the office in just one hour! "

 Robert C. - 10/15/2016

" Dr. Lott took care of all my concerns. "

 Carol C. - 10/13/2016

" I saw Jennifer for Botox and Juvaderm. I love how she explains everything and listens to me and my concerns/desires. She is a true asset. "

 Robyn J. - 10/12/2016


 Albert S. - 10/11/2016

" Dr. Nix is great and his assistant!! "

 Linda H. - 10/07/2016

" I received professional and quality care from the staff and Dr. Lott. "

 Terry B. - 10/07/2016

" PA Nix is always awesome. Crystal is as well. In fact the whole staff is... I'd recommend them to anyone. "

 Jo M. - 10/05/2016

" I forgot to ask... Do perms... or certain types of perms... cause hair loss? "

 Jeanie S. - 10/05/2016

" Thanks for great care and being right on schedule! Jeanie C. Siggelkow "

 James O. - 10/05/2016

" This was an annual checkup and it appears that I'm okay. "

 Lucas R. - 10/05/2016

" Jonathan Nix went above and beyond! His kind disposition put my children at ease during their appointment. He took the time to explain the options, pros and cons and then support my decision. I couldn't have been happier with the appointment. I would highly recommend your practice! "

 Claude A. - 10/05/2016

" My appointment was on time. The office staff and the medical staff were very professional. I would highly recommend them. "

 Sherri H. - 10/04/2016

" You've always provided excellent service to me and my family and I greatly appreciate the entire staff. "

 Mary G. - 10/04/2016

" This is my idea of a perfect Medical office! Dr. Rabb and his nurse were compassionate, kind and caring. "

 Patricia F. - 09/29/2016

" I was there to have a full body check for skin cancers, Dr. Lott did a pretty thorough check and I felt he had taken good care of me. I have been a patient there for around 10 years and would not consider going elsewhere. "

 Charles W. - 09/29/2016

" Dr. Lott has excellent doctor- patient relations and gives excellent treatment. Thank you. Charles Wilson "

 Deanna M. - 09/29/2016

" This was the first time in years that I felt that the dermatologist did not rush through my skin check. I felt like he really looked and paid attention to what I said too. I would definitely see Dr. Lott again. "

 Gloria N. - 09/28/2016

" Dr. Nix was personable and very thorough. We had great experience! "

 Thurmon T. - 09/28/2016

" Very nice "

 John S. - 09/27/2016

" Easy and painless... "

 Christy P. - 09/25/2016

" Actual visit was good, but quick and a little rushed feeling. The girl at checkout was by far most helpful!! I wish I would have gotten her name, because she definitely deserves praises!! "

 Kathryn H. - 09/24/2016

" Jonathan Nix was wonderful....fantastic bedside manner . Mindy was extremely caring and sensitive! "

 Ronald F. - 09/23/2016

" Wonderful Dr. "

 Edward T. - 09/23/2016

" Dr Daniel Rabb is Great! "

 Deborah H. - 09/22/2016

" Janette Walsh and her assistant are amazing!! They are so professional and make the patient their priority. So glad they both came to this practice! "

 Margaret H. - 09/21/2016

" Really appreciate Dr Nix, he has a wonderful manner when interacting with patients, very authentic and caring. "

 Kenneth D. - 09/21/2016

" Blue Light Treatment Amberey was very professional and friendly at the same time. Explained every step of the way. If a problem she gave me her direct phone line. "

 Debbie W. - 09/21/2016

" It sure would be nice if you had cloth gowns instead of paper when a whole body scan is needed! The paper one fell apart as I was turning over! No one except the Dr. had a smile on their face. The MA asked me what I was there for. I come every 4 months due to previous melanomas. You would think she could have read that on my chart. My appt. was at 3:20. Didn't see the Dr. til 4:00. I wasn't told when to take the stitches out since I'm doing it myself. "

 Laura H. - 09/20/2016

" Jennifer Manry and her assistant are really wonderful and compassionate. I appreciated the level of professionalism and knowledge of Dermatology needs I have faced. Blessing to your patients and my family. Thank you so much. "

 Linda W. - 09/20/2016

" Jennifer and her nurse helped update my medical record, go over all my concerns and give me a good check up for this year! Thank you for being there! "

 Jerry C. - 09/19/2016

" Jonathan seems to be very thorough and professional. I'm very confident with his treatment of my dermatology issues. "

 William C. - 09/17/2016

" Excellent surgical procedure with follow up care. Entire staff is most supportive. "

  . - 09/15/2016

" I have no complaints! The entire staff was wonderful! Dr. Rabb is my Doctor there and he was excellent! See y'all next year! Teresa T. Melton, Cleveland Georgia "

 Lawrence S. - 09/15/2016

" Dr. Lott has an excellent bedside manner. Really like him. Hope he continues to be the doctor that comes to the Demorest office. "

 Frances C. - 09/15/2016

" Have another appointment, Dr. Lott was great! "

 Jean T. - 09/15/2016

" Didn't have to wait as long as usual. "

 Norman A. - 09/14/2016

" Got in on a cancellation. The original appointment was for 10-7-16. I asked to be added to the cancellation list and they called the day I made the appointment for the next day. Very happy about that. "

 Kenneth B. - 09/14/2016

" Very friendly and professional service "

 James C. - 09/13/2016


 Archie G. - 09/13/2016

" Everything went very well. "

 Rosser B. - 09/12/2016

" Saw PAC Jennifer. Could not ask for a more informative and relaxing visit. She explained the sites that needed attention and quickly took care of all of the sites and set up a followup to determine any additional treatments. Thanks for assigning her to treat my problems. "

 Martin M. - 09/11/2016

" Janette and April are two of the best people I've ever encountered at a doctor's office. I trust them completely with any treatment they use and any method or remedy they recommend. I feel like a friend and not a patient when I'm in the office. "

 Rudolph M. - 09/10/2016

" Everything OK "

 Lloyd Y. - 09/09/2016

" Very kind, thoughtful, and informative. "

 Gloria R. - 09/09/2016

" Very nice people! "

 Catherine B. - 09/09/2016

" Everyone was very friendly, professional & efficient. Thank you. "

 Lindsey E. - 09/08/2016

" Janet Walsh is amazing. She is the best. I will follow her wherever she goes. She one amazing practitioner. Great asset to the practice. "

 Shirley M. - 09/07/2016

" Experience deserves an A+! "

 Amy L. - 09/06/2016

" I am so thankful to Jonathan Nix and his team that treated me! I have had so much pain and trouble with my eczema over the last few weeks; he considered my health outside just this condition and took a comprehensive approach to my care, and provided a treatment that worked quickly and was reasonably economical. Thank you so much Jonathan! "

 James R. - 09/04/2016

" Impressed with Janette Walsh, she answered every question and concern I had, very knowledgeable. "

 Michael T. - 09/03/2016

" Thank you for seeing me on short notice. As always, Jonathan was friendly, professional, and extremely sharp in his clinical skills. His care has already made my weekend better. Many thanks. Mike Thornton "

 Stephen C. - 09/03/2016

" Dr. Nix is a great doctor. He listens to you and makes you feel very comfortable while in his presence. "

 D t N. - 09/03/2016

" Great Experience?? "

 Laura H. - 09/02/2016

" Jonathan Nix is great. Very personal, genuine and warm. I didn't feel rushed and he clearly explained my diagnosis and what I needed to do to fix it! "

 Olga O. - 09/01/2016

" This visit included the best overall body, skin exam I have ever had from a dermatologist. The Doctor was very good and very thorough. I made an appointment for my husband to see him also. "

  . - 09/01/2016

" I received Xtrac from Jan Adams. Excellent care and good results. "

 Jon C. - 09/01/2016

" Jenifer is the BEST "

 Shannon W. - 09/01/2016

" This was my first visit with Dr. Walsh. She was so very nice and professional. She explained everything in a manner which I could understand and was obviously a caring person. I would definitely recommend her. "

 Marie D. - 08/31/2016

" I had to wait over an hour before I saw the doctor. "

  . - 08/31/2016

" I received microderm and a gentle peel on my face. Technician was outstanding! Will definitely do again! "

 Clarence J. - 08/31/2016

" This clinic is absolutely the best of all that I go to, Ist in short wait time, reception, physician, and staff. Thanks to all of you. "

  . - 08/31/2016

" Was happy learning there was only one spot on the bridge of my nose needing attention, rest of body was clear. Waiting results. "

 Christine P. - 08/30/2016

" Love Jennifer manary "

 Lili S. - 08/26/2016

" Dr. Lott and Adrian were very professional, personable and able to answer all my questions and address my concerns. "

 George A. - 08/25/2016

" Janette did a great job explaining what to look for in regard to changes in mole color, shaps, etc. Also gave a very thorough body exam. Probably the best I have ever had. "

 Charles H. - 08/25/2016

" Jeanette (NP) is very personable, thorough, and professional. "

 John W. - 08/25/2016

" This was my first visit with this Dr. He was very good. "

 Crystal H. - 08/24/2016

" Very helpful very courteous "

 Charlene O. - 08/24/2016

" Waited 45 minutes 2 b seen. Surprised because parking lot & waiting area almost empty. picked up ointment prescription & again surprised at cost of $69.00! "

 Connie T. - 08/20/2016

" The Doctor apologized for keeping me waiting--appreciated. "

 Kenneth L. - 08/19/2016

" Thanks!! "

 Ellen W. - 08/17/2016

" Jonathan is a fantastic Doctor. Makes you feel comfortable with the procedure. "

 Susan S. - 08/17/2016

" Everyone very nice and helpful!!!! "

 Mary P. - 08/16/2016

" Much too long a wait in the procedure room. Am very uncomfortable in little room with the door shut. Rather be in waiting room. Everyone extremely courteous. "

 Sandra C. - 08/15/2016

" First time at this office. My husband, Richard, and I, Sandra, were VERY pleased with staff and care. Thank you. "

 Thomas M. - 08/15/2016

" PA Nix is an exceptional clinician who cares about his patients and in making sure their needs are addressed. I am confident that if there are any skin diseases, he will find them, even in early stage. I really like the competence this guy displays and highly recommend him. Tom Miller, Braselton "

 Jerry K. - 08/12/2016

" I could not be more pleased than I am with each appointment with Dermatology Associates. "

 Sherrell W. - 08/12/2016

" Janette Walsh and her team are amazing. They are professional, efficient, knowledgeable, and friendly. My wait time has always been reasonable, and I have never felt like the staff was rushing to see the next patient. I highly recommend that anyone needing dermatology services give Dermatology Associates Of Northeast Georgia a call. "

 John M. - 08/12/2016

" The best dermatology visit I have ever had. On time, 100% complete review, great treatment and advise. What more can I say? "

 Karen E. - 08/12/2016

" Love Dr. Rabb's nurse. She is always so friendly and remembers everything about my issues. Makes me feel important. "

 Jason B. - 08/11/2016

" Very friendly and knowledgeable staff "

 William C. - 08/10/2016

" Staff was very thorough and efficient including intake. It is always a pleasure to go to NEGA Dermatology. "

 Mary G. - 08/10/2016

" Long wait before going back to room. "

 William M. - 08/09/2016

" I have been there before with my wife. I had a good visit. "

 Kathy W. - 08/09/2016

" Always a friendly atmosphere. Love Jonathan Nix. Extremely nice young folks at check in and check our. Spoke with Kari regarding face regimen in future. Very cordial and informative. A positive experience. Thank you. God bless. "

 Joan S. - 08/08/2016

" I was seen by Janette, hence the doctor's questions do not apply. She was very thorough and gentle. I am very satisfied with the results of her professionalism and expertise. "

 John B. - 08/07/2016

" As always, the overall experience is excellent. Highly recommended. "

 Amanda B. - 08/06/2016

" Had a wonderful experience! "

 Lisa S. - 08/06/2016

" Very knowledgeable and diagnosed. Took care of any questionable spots by a biopsy and froze a spot instead of making me come back several times treated on the spot. Very happy with the assistant too. She was extremely helpful and helpful. Very sweet "

 Phyllis W. - 08/06/2016

" Once again, my wait time was just minutes. I was treated very professionally - but not stiff and formal (who wants that?) I will continue to recommend this practice and Jonathan Nix to everyone I know! "

 Barabra A. - 08/05/2016

" I have been to the BEST in Atlsnta and Buckhead Snd she is tops and also her assistant! "

 Alton B. - 08/04/2016

" Everyone was just great, all questions answered for me. "

 Robert C. - 08/04/2016

" NP Janette Walsh and the entire staff were outstanding. Very professional. Thanx. "

 Teresa T. - 08/04/2016

" Just recommended them today! :) "

 Mary P. - 08/04/2016

" Jennifer Manley is an excellent person and I have no intensions of going to another doctor. She is young and I will not have to worry about her retiring before I no longer need any assistance. I have been going to her probably 10 years or longer and she is excellent. The nurses and her assistants are extra nice. They welcome me and always call me by name. I do not have any complaints about your office and believe me, I can give out complaints freely. Thank you for a job well done. (Mary) Ann Parks "

 Sandra T. - 07/30/2016

" Have no complaints whatsoever. Would definitely recommend you all and have already! "

 Sandra M. - 07/30/2016

" Love Dr. Lott !! "

  . - 07/29/2016

" I called back and left a msg for Dr Lott regarding the Rx he called in for me and have yet to receive a response. If he is too busy to return calls, his nurse should at least return for him. "

 Gloria R. - 07/29/2016

" Great really nice male nurse and great dr. "

 Martha H. - 07/28/2016

" Dr. Nix is a doctor that you can feel very comfortable with. Very caring & does a thorough exam. I have recommended him to several of my friends & they are very pleased with him. "

 Douglas B. - 07/28/2016

" Could not have been better "

 Daniel S. - 07/27/2016

" Loved the doctor's "bedside manner". Explained things in plain English. Made you feel like you were the only patient he was dealing with that day even though he was very busy. "

 Janice G. - 07/27/2016

" Saw the PA "

 Casey A. - 07/27/2016

" Staff is awesome!! "

 James D. - 07/27/2016

" The only bother was the long wait, but realize the conditions of the process. "

 Hubert P. - 07/27/2016

" Very pleased with the service provided. "

 Janet D. - 07/26/2016

" Love Jennifer Manry, she is very thorough, not in a rush and explains everything. Great personality too :) "

 Juanita D. - 07/23/2016

" Dr. Rabb and his staff are the best!!!! "

 Jerry L. - 07/23/2016

" very friendly and helpful "

  . - 07/23/2016

" Janette Walsh NP-C was excellent and exceeded my expectation. Not only was the exam thorough, but she also provided instructions on identifying what should initiate my coming back to the Derm. office to have it inspected. Thank you. Ruth "

 Beverly M. - 07/22/2016

" My visit was awesome! All the staff are excellent, and made me feel at ease for the procedure I was having done! Dr. Lott is not only a great physician, but his customer service skills are beyond excellent! He ensures you know exactly what he is going to do, checks on you while he's performing the procedure, and following the procedure takes all the time in the world to explain what he's done, shows you "the finished product," and goes through everything you need to do for follow up. He asks several times throughout the time he is giving information if you have questions to ensure you are clear on all instructions. I have referred several people to Dr. Lott and they are all well pleased with their visits!! "

 Janna S. - 07/22/2016

" I live 3 hours away and still come to see one of your doctors!! The doctor and staff are very respectful and take the time to answer any questions that I may have. Wonderful place!! "

 Ed W. - 07/22/2016

" Dr. was professional and explained things very good. "

 Ann S. - 07/21/2016

" Excellent doctor, nurses, and receptionist! I would highly recommend Dr. Lott and his staff to all my family and friends. "

 Susan S. - 07/20/2016

" jennifer mandry is wonderful !!!! "

 Karen S. - 07/20/2016

" Person greeting needs to smile and make you feel welcome, she seemed like she was overwhelmed and it was only 9:15am, maybe she's new, but I work in a doctors office and you need eye contact and to feel welcome "

 Joe E. - 07/19/2016

" A little long on the wait period. Both in waiting area and in room waiting on Doctor. "

 Betty H. - 07/16/2016

" This place rocks!!!!! You will be amazed with Dr Lott. No fooling, they really care about you, and that is what it is all about. "

 Deforest M. - 07/16/2016

" Been with Doctor Rabb for about 20 years ,I don't think there is a better doctor any where. DeForest Miller "

 Harlod B. - 07/15/2016

" Good experience! "

 Dorothy C. - 07/15/2016

" Waited 30 minutes for doctor but Dr. Lott always apologizes for being late. Nice man and good treatment. "

  . - 07/15/2016

" Those girls are the best! "

 Micah S. - 07/15/2016

" Only complaint is that we had to wait 70+ minutes to be seen for a 15 min appt. No reason was given and no apology. Has never happened before and I hope NEVER happens again! "

 Nancy P. - 07/13/2016

" Jon Nix is awesome! "

 Judith R. - 07/13/2016

" Disappointed I was not told of the pain I had and no mention of taking something for the blinding pain after the numbing wore off. "

  . - 07/12/2016

" Jan Adams is an asset to your office! She is a wonderful caring individual. I love meeting with her weekly! "

 Janice H. - 07/10/2016

" I am very happy with the Dr for my treatment "

 Gail C. - 07/08/2016

" Everyone was very thorough, and reassuring. Excellent educational resource. Outstanding professionals. "

 John C. - 07/08/2016

" Just did the job, no enthusiasm , no attempt to provide a warm welcome. "

 Shannon W. - 07/07/2016

" Saw the PA. She was on time, and appt was completed in less than 30 minutes. "

 Maurice B. - 07/06/2016

" Always a good experience with Dr Rabb! "

 Richard H. - 07/02/2016

" The niceest medical office i have ever been in ---took you in on time- very nice ass. and doctor great staff ----it is ashame to call this a medical office hey !!!!!!!! i hope my medical problem goes as well great experience LOL to all WILLENE HAIGLER 9/21/48 "

 Deborah B. - 06/30/2016

" Janette was great! "

 Brenda W. - 06/30/2016

" some how my appointment got cancelled, the receptionist tried to work me in but after waiting 45 min. I let her know I had to leave and I rescheduled for a later date. "

 Pondalisa F. - 06/30/2016

" Physician's Assistant, Jennifer Manry, performs very thorough exams and from my experience provides better care than the physicians. Surgery she performed was easier to care for, healed sooner and looks better than my other surgery sites and it was in a more difficult location than the others. "

 Judy W. - 06/29/2016

" Thankful for your services! "

 Arthur W. - 06/29/2016


 Jennifer I. - 06/29/2016

" Always a very professional visit, everyone is always nice. "

 Nancy E. - 06/28/2016

" I was seen by Jennifer Manry, PA - not Dr. Rabb. So the ratings above refer to Jennifer who has been friendly, informative, skilled and willing to answer questions both times I've seen her. "

 Shannon C. - 06/24/2016

" The nurse that assisted in my procedure was most kind. Understood lidocaine hurts in it self therefore injected slowly and asked of my well being. Dr. Nix and his nurse have great bedside manner! "

 Anne S. - 06/23/2016

" We arrived early and, by the time we filled out our paperwork, we were taken back - no waiting! This was our first visit with Dr. Nix, and we were very pleased with his expertise, kindness, and professionalism. "

 Carolyn R. - 06/23/2016

" Pleasant, efficient, informative, painless. Just what I wanted it to be! "

 Joanne D. - 06/23/2016

" Extremely efficient ! ?????? "

 Angila R. - 06/21/2016

" Dr Nix was fabulous and do was his assistant! I hope to see the staff at The Spa on Green St. Soon! "

 Robert C. - 06/21/2016

" Good appointment. "

 Alan P. - 06/18/2016

" Dr. Lott is excellent; receptionist seemed pre-occupied and not particularly helpful. "

 Sandra R. - 06/17/2016

" I was impressed with Dr. Lott's expertise and professionalism. He was thorough and knowledgeable. "

 Barbara S. - 06/16/2016

" April and Jeanette are the best!!! "

 Tony B. - 06/15/2016

" Also, no waiting!! "

 Ellen W. - 06/15/2016

" Everyone was so helpful. I love coming there when I need to. You are made to feel at ease. "

 Michael H. - 06/14/2016

" Had to wait longer than I liked but they were very apologetic. "

 Arthur H. - 06/12/2016

" The attending physician was very thorough and efficient. The Dr. and staff were very friendly and helpful. "

 Joyce R. - 06/11/2016

" very pleased with this facility and its staff. "

 Marcia B. - 06/10/2016

" Dr. Lott made me feel at ease and explained everything to me. He also asked me if I had any questions before I left. I was really dreading going to the appt., but from the receptionist to the doctor, to the nurse, everything was great! "

 Dianne G. - 06/10/2016

" After many years of care, I am still well satisfied. "

 Phyllis W. - 06/10/2016

" It was a wonderful experience even having the minor surgery! Very professional! Yes I am recommending this group to everyone I know! "

 Lea T. - 06/09/2016

" Dr. Lott was very gentle and very thorough. "

 Judy M. - 06/08/2016

" Front doors of the office are extremely hard to open. "

 Miriam G. - 06/08/2016

" I go to Jonathan Nix and he is so helpful, kind, caring and I feel that I am in the best of care from him. "

 Daniel P. - 06/08/2016

" Dr Walsh is the best! "

 Dee O. - 06/07/2016

" Jennifer Manry is the superb and the most down to earth dermatologist on the staff. "

 Daniel H. - 06/06/2016

" No waiting at all.Showed up on time and was called right in....not use to that at a Doctor's office. "

 Malorie S. - 06/06/2016

" I appreciate that I did not have to wait in the waiting room for more than 5 minutes. "

 Beverly M. - 06/05/2016

" Dr. Lott's bedside manner and care for his patients is outstanding! He always makes sure you know exactly what's going on and what has to be done. He always makes you feel you are the only patient he has that day - you don't feel pushed or rushed! ALL the office staff have been great as well, and the staff working directly with him are always great to put you at ease for whatever procedure you have to have done! "

 Susan J. - 06/04/2016

" I came in 25 minutes early to update my insurance and Medical Record. Then had to wait 30 minute past my 1:45 pm appointment time to see Dr. Lott. The long wait had to do more with the front office; not the doctor. "

 Sandra B. - 06/03/2016

" The room we were in was like an oven. "

 Randy G. - 06/02/2016

" Just great to have people who care for me and my time thank you. Randy golub "

  . - 06/02/2016

" Jan Adams is a wonderful, attentive and caring person. She is a definite asset to your office! "

 Judy R. - 06/02/2016

" Really liked Dr. Lott. Very personable and thorough. Don't let this one get away. "

 Rebecca W. - 06/02/2016

" Very thorough yet quick. Janette Walsh is outstanding! "

 Darton F. - 06/01/2016

" Will like Daniel better when he (they) shop more at Indigo in Clayton! "

 Carolyn A. - 05/29/2016

" Great Dr. NIX...Easy Procedure...No pain...YES would recommend Dr. Nix to anyone!! "

 Steven D. - 05/28/2016

" Got in on a last minute cacellation, thank you I receoved outstanding service "

 Tina L. - 05/28/2016

" didnt even feel the mole being cut off! "

 David C. - 05/28/2016

" Thanks! "

 Glenn L. - 05/27/2016

" Outstanding, enjoyed the visit. "

 Waymon K. - 05/26/2016

" Best check-up I have ever had. Thank you. "

 Mary P. - 05/26/2016

" I am very satisfied with Jennifer Manly and do not intend to change. She is very nice, friendly, and does a through examination. She is excellent and hopefully will not retire until I die. I do not intend to change. Thanks to the entire staff for such an excellent job. I feel at home. (Mary) Ann Parks "

 Leona H. - 05/25/2016

" Had to wait 45 minutes before seeing the Doctor "

 John S. - 05/25/2016

" Very pleasant on-site experience. Getting a near-term appointment was not possible...appointments are scheduled months out. "

 Lurline R. - 05/25/2016

" Dr. Rabb has always taken very good care of my needs, giving me a piece of mind. The charges were minimal and affordable. Dr. Rabb is a very knowledgable and a pleasant doctor to be around, I would recommend his services to anyone. "

 Pamela S. - 05/23/2016

" Truly the best visit I've had with Dematology Associates of Northeast Georgia. The doctor was very clear on her instructions. Thank you for your quality care. Sincerely, Pamela S. Stoffel "

 Robert P. - 05/22/2016

" The NP is all I want to see in this office anymore. "

 Neal L. - 05/21/2016

" The appointment was for my elderly father. He was treated with dignity and respect. Dr. Lott was very patient with him and explained everything to him, not just me. Very good experience. "

 Vivian L. - 05/20/2016

" The "doctor" Janette Walsh. I would trust her with anything. "

 Gary S. - 05/20/2016

" Dr. Nix is very personable and makes me feel very comfortable. He always explains the issue and the procedures needed to address the problem. "

 Sylvia T. - 05/19/2016

" I was very impressed with Dr. Lott. He spent quality time with me and I received an excellent check up. I will definitely see him again and refer friends to him. "

 Marjorie M. - 05/19/2016

" I saw PA Jeanette Welsh and she is fantastic. Quickly addressed my questions and took immediate action to address my pre-cancerous "bumps". "

 Maryann L. - 05/18/2016

" always treated nicely and am comfortable there and feel I am in good hands. "