Dr. Brian Maykovich

Dr. Brian Maykovich

108 St Joseph St Carrolltown,PA 15722.
Phone: (814) 344-8987
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Please call for information
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Recent Reviews

 Kelly - 11/15/2019

" I was in and out in a very timely manner. "

 Tracey - 11/11/2019

" I enjoy and appreciate the effort that goes into your office taking such good care of my teeth. My dental health is important to me, and I feel you all go above and beyond to take care of your clients. However, I don't know how to say this nicely, but oh my God, can you tell Steph to shut up? I don't care about her family, I don't care if she likes the same things as I like, I don't care how she things are lives are intertwined together. I care about getting my teeth cleaned, seeing the dentist, take x-rays if necessary and getting the heck out of there. Stop talking to me. The continuous and incessant verbiage that comes out of her mouth while she's cleaning my teeth make me what to just get up and leave. The only reason I stay is because of the care I receive from Dr. Maykovich. She asks me questions while she has my mouth open and instruments in there. How the hell am I supposed to answer her? It's so annoying. I want my hygienist to be like my masseuse. Talk to me when I talk to you. You're doing me a service. If I wanted to hear about your family, your pets, your life, I'd have dinner with you. I feel completely held captive when I'm sitting in that chair having my teeth cleaned. I've taken to just zoning out and giving little grunts or nods of approval when she talks, but I'm really not listening. I think she picked up on this last time, because she commented on the fact that I couldn't comment, then ran with that for what seemed like a damnable eternity. I'm giving your office one more chance, but I despise listening to her so much, that if this continues, even though I get awesome care here, I will leave. It might not be worth telling her this to get one patient to stay, and I understand that. "

 Carolyn - 11/08/2019

" Wonderful experience. Very knowledgeable about what we were looking for. Answered all questions. Gave us undivided attention. "

 Robert - 11/07/2019

" Easy extraction! "

 Gennaro - 11/06/2019

" Everything is excellent !!!!!!!!!!!! "

 Catherine - 11/03/2019

" I always receive excellent care and everyone is so friendly. "

 Melanie - 11/01/2019

" I recommend Dr. Maykovick to anyone who needs a dentist. He is excellent at his work and kind and courteous to all. He shows his Christian life just by his work without having to say a word. "

 Georgina - 10/31/2019

" I tell everyone about you guys, SO glad I found you! Thanks for taking such good care of us! "

 Tawni - 10/28/2019

" All the staff are very nice!! Nice place for my family! Thabk you! "

 Albert - 10/27/2019

" They are GREAT!! Very nice I am scared and I let them know this and they make me feel calm and relaxed. I wouldn't go anywhere else. I drive over a hour but worth it every time. Thank you all!! "

 Marykay - 10/24/2019

" Awesome dentist! Would highly recommend! "

 Chelsea - 10/24/2019

" I showed up for my appointment on the wrong day, and they still got me in! A great dental staff and doctor! "

 Margaret - 10/09/2019

" My appt was for cleaning Everyone was very friendly. Great appt. "

 Victoria - 10/09/2019

" I have extreme and sometimes debilitating anxiety coupled with panic attacks. Dr. M. and his staff continue to make my experiences in his office as pleasant as possible. The Dr. listened to my concerns and made the appropriate measures to help with my pain and anxiety. He is rhe 4th dentist I've seen in my 24 years of life and is by far the best! "

 Mary - 09/14/2019

" Dr Maykovich is the best dentist "

 Jace - 09/04/2019

" It was my 2-year-old son's first dentist visit. The staff did an amazing job with him. They talked him through everything they did so there were no surprises and he wasn't scared. He talked about his visit the whole way home! "

 Heather - 08/26/2019

" Love this office. The doctor and staff are very courteous and polite. "

 Jennifer - 08/23/2019

" The whole staff are great. Easy to talk to, they do great work, and are wonderful with my kids. "

 Karen - 08/13/2019

" Best dentist ever!!!! "

 Michelle - 08/01/2019

" Friendly staff and very caring dentist! Makes you feel comfortable and listens to all needs and concerns. "

 Ken - 07/31/2019

" Entire team are the best at any dental or medical office anywhere. Passionate, engaging, knowledgeable, and make you feel like you are at home. "

 Samantha - 07/27/2019

" Very nice, caring, and polite people. "

 Raelynn - 07/25/2019

" My granddaughter is very shy and she had the caring attitudes that were shown to her were beyond amazing. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Maykovich and his staff to anyone seeking a dentist. "

 Catherine - 07/24/2019

" Had a problem left message, prompt call back with available appointments to work around my work schedule. Appreciate the courtesy. "

 Debra - 07/24/2019

" Always a pleasure to go there "

 Sandra - 07/24/2019

" Everyone at Dr Makovich’s office is wonderful! I would highly recommend them! "

 Jennifer - 07/23/2019

" Great crew �� "

 Heather - 07/18/2019

" Very thorough and polite. Very nice practice. "

 Lisa - 07/17/2019

" Thank you all ! "

 Tiffany - 07/15/2019

" Dr. Maykovich and all of his staff are wonderful. Best dental experience I've ever had, as well as my daughter who had a terrible experience at a different dentist office. They were soo understanding about her being nervous and have shown her to not be scared. I tell people about them all the time!!! "

 Donovan - 07/02/2019

" The best!! "

 Michele - 06/22/2019

" They were fast, courtious, answered all my questions and were caring. "

 Dennis - 06/21/2019

" Friendly, courteous and comfortable as usual. Thumbs up. "

 Karen - 06/19/2019

" He's the best dentist I've ever had!!! "

 Alfred - 06/18/2019

" Always on time and always make you comfortable. "

 Francis - 06/13/2019

" Dr. Maykovich took care of my issue very quickly. Thank you "

 Melissa - 06/05/2019

" The staff is amazing Dr Makovich is the best and Stepanie is the nicest hygienist you could ask for. "

 Rylie - 05/29/2019

" I been to 3 different Dentist offices in this area and I won't go back to any after going to him. He is definitely the best around. His staff is great. "

 Tracey - 05/22/2019

" Hygienist used this water pick thing to clean my teeth. This is the first time I've had that instrument used on me. Some of my teeth are sensitive and I cringed in pain when she went over them with it, but she didn't stop. Afterward, I asked when she started using that particular instrument. She said they had been around since the 60's. I told her I didn't like it because of how it hurt on my sensitive teeth. She said "oh, I know. It's uncomfortable when the hygienist uses it on me, too". Seriously?! If you know it's uncomfortable, and I was noticeably in pain, wouldn't you stop using it, or ask if I was ok? Also, it sprayed water everywhere. All over my face and shirt and dribbled down the side of my neck. Not a fan of that water pick. Not a fan of leaving the dentist office with my shirt wet. "

 Julie - 05/17/2019

" My daughter and grandson both have an appointment with you. I am very pleased. "

 John - 05/16/2019

" Been going there for many years. "

 Michael - 05/16/2019


 Ruth - 05/10/2019

" Dr.Maykoich,You and your staff were very professional and very personable. I will be reccomedindig your services to the people IkI know "

 Nathan - 05/09/2019

" I love the staff; they're friendly and work well with kids. "

 Denise - 05/09/2019

" Love it here your people are much nicer than the other doctors in the area "

 Chelsea - 05/09/2019

" Love the whole staff! "

 Chad - 05/08/2019

" Everyone did their job in a professional manner but especially they treat me like family! They are the best! "

 Jennifer - 05/08/2019

" Tonya, the hygienist was also wonderful. Very sweet, did an excellent job and already have recommended your office! "

 Carl - 04/25/2019

" Great care would recommend your place in a heartbeat . "

 Mistey - 04/24/2019

" I went in for a teeth cleaning and the lady (I didn’t catch her name) that I had she was older but very amazing. I have very bad anxiety about the dentist and she talked me through the whole process. Will definitely be going back for my future appointments and highly recommend this dentist! "

 David - 04/19/2019

" I was seen promptly. My dental problem was fixed quickly. Staff was courteous and professional. "

 Wyatt - 04/18/2019

" Dr. Brian Maykovich is a GREAT dentist. All 6 of our family members 4 of them children think Brian is gentle, caring, & all around great. His staff is well respected and very nice. I hate going to the dentist office until I found Dr. Maykovich's office. Keep up the great work ���� "

 Kathy - 03/26/2019

" Awesome team "

 John - 03/22/2019

" I've never had a complaint about the service or the staff at this facility. Keep up the great work! "

 Kristi - 03/19/2019

" Thank you for doing my front teeth you always do a wonderful job! Thank you very much�� "

 Lori - 03/15/2019

" Dr. Maykovich is the best! He and his staff are super nice, extremely efficient and professional, and always make you feel right at home. "

 Alan - 03/12/2019

" The office overall is a good dental practice. My kids and I do t mind going to these appointments when every other ones they were very scared too! You guys all do great and keep up the good work! "

 Jessica - 02/26/2019

" They took me right in, I didn't even have an appointment, my kids did and I was making one and they brought me in. Best dentist around "

 Martha - 02/26/2019

" Professional, courteous & knowledgeable staff. "

 Barbara - 02/26/2019

" Brian helped me decide my best option Webster to keep the tooth or not "

 Brenda - 02/19/2019

" Everybody was very nice and polite "

 Mia - 02/13/2019

" Best Dentist & Staff my children & I have been to in forever! "

 Sandra - 01/30/2019

" Staff is very friendly. Dr. Maykovich provides great care. I like the text and email reminders for appointments. I recommend Dr. Maykovich all the time when people ask who my dentist is. "

 Crystal - 01/30/2019

" I really felt comfortable the whole time in the office and during the procedure. I will recommend this place to all my friends. Thank you so much for the supierior and gentle experience. "

 David - 01/24/2019

" I was seen on time, staff was courteous, work was well done. "

 Rhonda - 01/18/2019

" The best "

 Kiaya - 01/17/2019

" This office and it’s personal treat you very nice.The care is good.Takes care in your comfort. "

 Barron - 01/17/2019

" Great dentist! "

 Joan - 01/11/2019

" I would recommend everyone to try this dentist, he does everything to make sure you are very satisfied with his service "

 Lori - 12/28/2018

" I’ve been going to Dr. Maykovich for years, and I can honestly say, he and his staff are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Everyone there is so efficient, professional and friendly, and they always make you feel so welcome and at ease. And the dental work and cleanings are top notch too - AND reasonably priced. This place is the best!! "

 Alfred - 12/17/2018

" No judgement, friendly, easy check-in and out, and most important; very little discomfort even without novacain. "

 James - 12/14/2018

" Very good people there-very helpful "

 Kenneth - 12/11/2018

" Had mixup with appointment time. "

 Melissa - 12/04/2018

" This is the best dentist and staff out there. "

 John - 12/03/2018

" Been going to Brian for as long as I can remember. Can't imagine going anywhere else. "

 Jared - 11/28/2018

" Amazing family oriented dental office. The best dentist and dentist office I have ever had! They all genuinely care and you feel like part of a family. "

 Catherine - 11/21/2018

" Very personable environment, treated very good at every visit. "

 Shane - 11/21/2018

" I was very please how everything went! Y’all got me in and out of there in no time! "

 Gennaro - 11/01/2018

" A wonderful cool friendly atmosphere "

 Sandra - 10/30/2018

" Dr Maykovich is a great dentist and his assistant Pam is awesome highly recommend "

 Joseph - 10/17/2018

" Everyone is friendly and courteous "

 Rylie - 10/10/2018

" Noone enjoys the dentist but I have been to 3 other dentists to have my teeth fixed. They were all horrible experiences. But Dr. Maykovich not only did an excellent job giving me a great smile, my whole family goes there now. He and his staff are wonderful! "

 Karen - 10/09/2018

" Going to the dentist can be scary for so many people but the friendly staff at Dr. Maykovich's office will make you feel at ease! "

 Alexandria - 10/04/2018

" My daughter and i have been patients with Brian for around 5 years. Him and his coworkers are great always kind and on top of their job wish every dentist was like this . they are more like family then a doc. They really get to know the patients one on one. "

 Eve - 09/28/2018

" He is so kind. He helped me choose the color and shape of my new teeth that are being made. "

 Eve - 09/26/2018

" This was my first visit to the office. I was very pleased with my treatment. Dr. was excellent and had made my visit comfortable. Tonya was so caring and I was so happy to see her when I went in. She has excellent people skills and bed side manners. I’m loosing my top teeth next month but I’m feeling better about it since I talked with Dr. I would recommend this dental practice with gold stars. Thank you "

 Selvin - 09/23/2018

" Awesome Dental Office "

 Alan - 09/21/2018

" The office over all are polite & courteous. That’s something to appreciate. "

 Cheryl - 09/18/2018

" Always have great service and treatment, here. "

 Michelle - 09/08/2018

" Simply the best!!!! Dr. Brian Maykovich and his staff our so kind and caring!!! I would recommend him to anyone... "

 Stacy - 08/30/2018

" Absolutely love coming here and so do my kids! I recommend Dr. Maykovich to everyone I know! "

 Judy - 08/30/2018

" I always recommend him! "

 Karen - 08/21/2018

" I love Dr Maykovich !!! Best dentist ever.. professional and skilled!!! "

 Morgan - 08/16/2018

" The only issue I ever have is that the appointments always run behind. The staff is great and extremely friendly. I would recommend Dr. Maykovich. "

 Denise - 08/16/2018

" Have been a patient of Dr.Maykovich for years and will continue to do so because of all of the above. "

 Emily - 08/08/2018

" I like this dentist very well for my children. I have taken them to a children’s dentist and I prefer this dentist 100 times over the children’s dentist. He doesn’t put big silver caps or crowns on their teeth was a major factor of it all. Plus he is very calming. His voice and everything. "

 Melissa - 07/27/2018

" Great dentist and staff! "

 Robert - 07/27/2018

" My daughter n grandson started there just resent "

 Sandra - 07/20/2018

" Staff is very friendly and I feel I’m getting the best dental care. Any questions I have are answered. Would definitely recommend Dr. Maykovich. "

 Landen - 07/19/2018

" Love the staff. Exceptional service and they make you feel peaceful and like you’re a part of your care, not just a patient. "

 Lakin - 07/19/2018

" Great doc! Great staff! Would definitely recommend:) "

 Karen - 07/12/2018

" Dr. Maykovich is the best dentist I ever went to. He definitely cares about his patients... I would recommend him to anyone. "

 John - 06/29/2018

" I can say I never had a better dentist or support staff assist with my needs. You guys rock! "

 Liam - 06/13/2018

" Awesome with kids! "

 Larry - 06/13/2018

" Doctor Maykovich is a great Dentist who shows a lot of concern for my well being. He and his staff are friendly and professional. Very comfortable environment. "

 John - 06/12/2018

" It was as pleasant an experience as a tooth extraction could be. "

 Theresa - 06/05/2018

" A wonderful experience. "

 Karen - 06/01/2018

" I love him. Best dentist I have ever had!!!! And the staff is great too!!! "

 Roy - 05/25/2018

" I was extremely please with the result of my visit. The staff was knowledgeable and courteous. I recommend visiting Dr Maykovich. "

 Steve - 05/22/2018

" Good Service "

 Jan - 05/17/2018

" The staff at Dr. Maykovich's office is amazing! The front desk girls are always very friendly. Definitely recommend! "

 Tracey - 05/16/2018

" Everyone who works there is so nice, but you guys talk way too much. My hour cleaning probably would have taken half that time if Dr. Maykovich wasn't talking to a patient in the other room for about 20 minutes after he was finished working on him. Other peoples time is important too. "

 Mark - 05/10/2018

" Thank U "

 John - 05/10/2018

" Extremely satisfied with my visit. "

 Kelly - 05/09/2018

" I'm always very pleased with the work I have gotten done. "

 Michael - 05/02/2018

" The over all care is excellent. I have 3 small children and the staff has been respectful, considerate and very professional. I have been very pleased with the doctors care. Overall best experience I've had with a dental office. Especially with small children. "

 Joyce - 04/27/2018

" Very friendly staff. Excellent care. "

 Jake - 04/27/2018

" Absolutely will recommend you to friends and family as I have already done so many times, a few of them are now patients of yours! "

 Asher - 04/24/2018

" My grandchildren say that they love the doctor and the ladies that work there! "

 Denise - 04/19/2018

" Nothing at this time "

 Brittney - 04/19/2018

" highly recommended by family. After having a bad experience somewhere else, it was so relieving to find a dentist I was comfortable with, happy with AND excited to go back to. I will recommend to everyone!! "

 Carol - 04/12/2018

" I always tell my customers from out that way that comes into our place of business what a good dentist and very nice people that work in your office. "

 Lynn - 04/12/2018

" Dr.Maykovich and his staff are simply the best.I always get quality dental care. Thank you. Lynn M. Sears "

 Steve - 04/06/2018

" None "

 Tiffany - 03/28/2018

" Very personable and overall cool doctor. "

 Stephanie - 03/28/2018

" Dr. Maykovich is a very caring and patient dentist. His prices are extremely fair. Highly recommend him and his staff! "

 Joyce - 03/24/2018

" Staff are very friendly "

 Avis - 03/21/2018

" Best Dentist I have ever been to. Office staff is very nice and very helpful. "

 Ken - 03/20/2018

" Best care anywhere! Would recommend to everyone "

 Hunter - 03/08/2018

" As a mother of three children I know how hard it is to find a dentist who is good with children. Dr. Maykovich is excellent with my children and I recommend him to ALL my friends who have children as well! Thank you and your staff for your dedication to my children's health! "

 Diana - 03/08/2018

" Very friendly Staff and atmosphere "

 Steve - 02/27/2018

" Everything ok "

 Sandra - 02/23/2018

" Great people, great care! Trustworthy! "

 Dora - 02/22/2018

" Best dentist ever! "

 Kelly - 02/16/2018

" I will never go elsewhere unless referred for something Dr. Maykovitch cannot provide. He is kind and gentle and non-judgemental and also great with children...a very positive outlook on your dental plans...and I love the friendly atmosphere..His assistants are sweet and have a way of calming you. "

 Ken - 02/11/2018

" The best care, timely service, turnaround, and excellence in everything anywhere, from an doctor or services I receive. "

 Analia - 02/01/2018

" Our dental hygienist Stephanie was beyond wonderful! With 2 little girls at their first dental appointment they were scared. But she was sure to explain every step of the process, making my girls very comfortable. Thank you Stephanie for being so kind and gentle! "

 Karen - 02/01/2018

" Great office! Very friendly staff! "

 Lynn - 02/01/2018

" The entire staff is very friendly. My children enjoy going because of how friendly everyone is. "

 Jennifer - 01/31/2018

" My experience was excellent, DDS amd assistant both were very professional and caring. My teeth were badly stained from smoking n drinking tea and he removed all the stains in a timely manner. The employee at the desk was very pleasamt and understanding . "