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Ophthalmology (Eye Diseases)
Vitreo-Retina Specialist
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Recent Reviews

 September 24, 2020

" Thank you. "

 September 23, 2020

" Ruth is a “ Real Professonall! Great follow up�� "

 September 23, 2020

" I love Dr Wang’s office. This is the only office I enjoy to go to even though I’m there for a injection. May everyone stay safe and healthy. Love E Serrano "

 September 17, 2020

" In my experience, many doctors seem to be in a rush. Dr. Wang took the time to do a thorough job and explain things along the way. Looking forward to my next visit. "

 September 16, 2020

" Dr Wang is a very nice man "

 September 15, 2020

" Other than the hour and a half wait time,.. staff was helpful, knowledgeable and courteous. Dr. Toussaint is the best! "

 September 12, 2020

" This DR. Is worth the 2hr. Drive ! His staff is 1st class ! 5 stars ! ���� "

 September 11, 2020

" As always genuine professional care and concern. Thank you all. "

 September 11, 2020

" Thank you for all you do. "

 September 11, 2020

" Another wonderful experience of care and grace. "

 September 10, 2020

" Dr. Toussaint is an amazing doctor, he literally saved my eye sight in my left eye. Dr. Toussaint’s interaction with his patients is the best I have ever seen in a medical professionals office. The staff in the office is extremely friendly, helpful and a pleasure to have contact with. I highly recommend this practice to anyone seeking an outstanding surgeon and staff. "

 September 10, 2020

" While I was seem probably within 10 minutes of my appointment time in my eye started for dilation, it was then another 50 minutes before I was seen by the doctor. That’s too long. I do love the staff and the doctors. "

 September 9, 2020

" Thanks "

 September 2, 2020

" The entire staff is knowledgeable, caring and efficient and authentically friendly. "

 September 1, 2020

" Superior care by Dr. Toussaint and staff. "

 September 1, 2020

" Dr. Wang has been an outstanding doctor for me for the last 16 years. You can tell he cares immensely about his patients and I feel that he has taken my disease and correcting it personally. I am forever grateful for his knowledge and passion for helping others. Through that, I’ve been able to live a normal life. "

 September 1, 2020

" Very impressed with the doctor and his staff. He did a great job in an emergency situation and I’m very thankful the whole experience was wonderful. I would highly recommend him and his staffI might add that I know a little bit about the business since I am a surgeon "

 August 29, 2020

" Can't say enough about Dr. Brain Toussaint and the staff! "

 August 27, 2020

" God bless all of you and we all Love your all staff and u "

 August 27, 2020

" Top notch team from Dr Toussaint to everyone on the staff. Thorough, knowledgeable, considerate and caring. I would absolutely recommend (and have already done so). "

 August 26, 2020

" Dr Wang always runs far behind schedule but his work is unsurpassed. I see with both eyes because of him. "

 August 25, 2020

" During this pandemic period it is difficult for service providers to perform their duties. I appreciate the measures that you have taken to protect your patients, especially those who are more vulnerable.Your staff executed their responsibilities in a very efficient and courteous manner. Joe "

 August 25, 2020

" Very nice friendly "

 August 22, 2020

" Lisa was very personable, kind and compassionate, I Exceptionally enjoyed her service. Dr. Toussaint was very polite, patient and very detailed with his examination and prognosis. Yes I would recommend this office and look forward to my next visit. "

 August 22, 2020

" Dr T and staff was pleasant and helpful, and take the time to listen "

 August 21, 2020

" Thanks for getting me on such short notice. "

 August 21, 2020

" I know when I have these appointments that they will take a long time, BUT Dr. Wang takes whatever time he needs with each patient. "

 August 20, 2020

" I was Terrified when They said I had to have an eye operation but when I got there Dr. Brian Tossaint office, he made me feel so safe and secure and after that I had no worries no doubts..after theSurgery Dr Tossaint was great I had no pain He’s a great surgeon and I recommend him to anybody that has retinal damage "

 August 20, 2020

" My appointment was with Dr. Brian Touissant, and I was very pleased when he told me that my eyes were very much improved by having taken the pills he recommended for my dry macular degeneration. He discharged me back into the care of my regular eye doctor. I am so happy that he knew what I could do to help my situation.. Sincerely, Eleanor Munson "

 August 19, 2020

" Always feel well taken care of at your office! "

 August 19, 2020

" I have been coming to this office for over 18 years. All of the staff is wonderful especially Lisa and Liz. Dr Wang is the best. I would not trust anyone else with my eyes!! Thank you all so much for the great care!! Nancy Cunningham "

 August 14, 2020

" I’ve been a patient of dr. Wang for 5 years. Each annual visit he knows who I am and he talks with you not at you. The staff are very efficient and friendly. I highly recommend the care and skill of dr. Wang. "

 August 12, 2020

" You guys always treat me well. Thank you. "

 August 12, 2020

" I actually look forward to my visits to Dr. Wang and is very kind and capable staff, in spite of the shot. It’s like visiting family. "

 August 11, 2020

" My visit was timely and the doctor took very good care of me. The office staff was wonderful "

 August 6, 2020

" A great asset to the team please add him to the growing network of top specialists! "

 August 4, 2020

" During my brief few visits, I have found Dr. Toussaint to be very knowledgeable, energetic, and very patient friendly. I am very pleased that my regular ophthalmologist referred me to Dr. Toussaint for my problem which has since cleared up. "

 August 4, 2020

" This appt was for my 8 year old daughter. The staff was warm and caring. Spoke directly to her...didn’t ignore her and only talk to me. They were concerned and thorough. Dr. Toussaint was awesome. He, too, spoke directly to my daughter and explained everything he was doing and why. He was thorough with his exam and performed laser on her eye. He again did so slowly and with care. We are so very grateful for our experience at your office. Thank you "

 August 3, 2020

" All the staff are great and friendly. From the very first day they treated me like I’ve been a patient for a long time and helped with anything and any question with friendliness DR. Toussaint is great he’s an excellent doctor who knows what he’s doing and helps with any concern you have they are a great facility all around. "

 July 31, 2020

" Great, as always. I have complete faith in Dr. Wang who is an expert in his field. I know he will always be upfront and truthful. . It is well worth the 40 miles drive. "

 July 31, 2020

" Keep up the good job. "

 July 30, 2020

" Everyone is very generous & helpful. "

 July 30, 2020

" I would whole heartedly recommend DR. Toussaint to anyone needing eye surgery. "

 July 29, 2020

" The care by my doctor and his staff is always excellent. I especially appreciate the extra measures taken to ensure patient welfare during this pandemic. "

 July 29, 2020

" Usually have to wait, but this visit was quick and easy! "

 July 27, 2020

" Highly professional, Dr. Toussaint appeared thorough and seems to hold an enormous volume of info re his secoalty. I noticed several awards for him adorning the clinic. "

 July 25, 2020

" I have been coming to this office for many years. I am very happy with the service that has been provided to me. They have treated me like a member of the family. I will be changing to another doctor only because we have moved It will be sad for me to leave . Thanks for everything. "

 July 25, 2020

" My experience with Dr.T and the staff has been fantastic. They helped me get through a terrible life challenge with incredible positive support. I cannot thank everyone enough. "

 July 25, 2020

" Every visit since the first (and I've had three) has been wonderful. The first one was an emergency appt so I would understand why others may have had to wait. Emergencies do occur. Even with that being said, Dr. Toussant was wonderful. I was a bit scared when I had to have laser surgery at such short notice, but the doctor talked to me the entire time while he performed it and set me at ease. Like he said, I felt nothing. I would recommend this office anytime. Wonderful doctor and staff!! "

 July 24, 2020

" Dr. Wang is always cordial, takes time to explain options, has a wonderful, helpfull and caring staff which is no surprise. I will miss them when my treatments are over, but. not the treatments, although they could be much worse. "

 July 23, 2020

" Very upbeat office visit! Dr. Toussaint began by saying "let's have some fun." "

 July 22, 2020

" Experience wonderful as always very informative and extremely pleasant always takes time to answer all my questions. "

 July 22, 2020

" For my last two visits, the wait time was minimal. Very efficient scheduling. "

 July 21, 2020

" Dr Toussaint is excellent. He takes the time needed for each patient. "

 July 21, 2020

" I am being seen by Dr. Touissaint and very pleased by his knowledge and concern regarding my problem. He even adds just te right amount of humor to relieve any tension. "

 July 19, 2020

" Awesome group of professional personnel.You make us feel cared for as if we’ve always known each other. "

 July 16, 2020

" I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Toussaint and all the support professionals in his office. Three and half years ago I was resented with an emergency Christmas Day. I called my primary eye doctor which he wasn’t available. Doctor Toussaint was on call and I had a very good experience! His professionalism and knowledge is outstanding. I recommend this doctor without reservation or any hesitation! "

 July 16, 2020

" Exelente trabajo y sobre todo un doctor con muy buena capasidad estoy muy agradecidad con el y todo el personal k estuvo al tanto desde el empiezo asta el final demi cirugía mil gracias y k dios los bendiga "

 July 15, 2020

" Totally appreciative of the whole practice continuing to support patients at this time "

 July 15, 2020

" Justin feels so comfortable around everyone there. Excellent crew knowing Justin's needs and feedings. Dr. Wang is so understanding of Justin. Would recommend to everyone. "

 July 14, 2020

" I know your office has emergencies, but it would be nice to know ahead of time so we can have the option of rescheduling. "

 July 11, 2020

" Thank you for your excellent service!! "

 July 9, 2020

" Knowledgeable and pleasant staff, excellent physician who always has time to address concerns and answer questions! "

 July 9, 2020

" Great people repairing my eyes from this insidious pestilence called diabetes. Both doctors and staff are so nice to everyone. Caring matched with high skills is a powerful combination and my eyesight is the better for it. Great folks! "

 July 9, 2020

" The doctor and staff was very professional.Always a warm greeting and smile when you come into the office for your appointment.And treatment is always explained to you and why it's needed before anything is done. "

 July 8, 2020

" Excellent staff and excellent Doctor "

 July 8, 2020

" I really trust Doctor Wang and the staff is super. "

 July 8, 2020

" Only issue on day of appointment was Dr Wang’s practice was short staffed. Resulted in longer wait than normal. However, the doctor and his team did everything possible to better a tough situation. Dr Wang has been instrumental in saving my right eye. Can’t thank him and his team enough. "

 July 7, 2020

" Dr Toussaint has amazing personality. Always very cheerful and listens with so much patience. Staff is very helpful, always. "

 July 3, 2020

" Very friendly, competent, and empathetic. "

 July 3, 2020

" Always the very best. I'm so glad you are there to provide treatment for me.Thank you. "

 July 2, 2020

" Great service "

 July 1, 2020

" Best Doctor in the business!! "

 July 1, 2020

" Very compliant with Covid-19 precautions. I felt very comfortable attending my appointment. I was very pleased d we Othmzn my care and have confidence in Dr Wang "

 July 1, 2020

" This is a doctors office that is a pleasure to come to. The staff is friendly and helpful which is a reflection on The doctor. Dr. Wang took the time to explain everything To me that was happening with my eye and even drew A diagram to help! Definitely put me at ease since you only Get one set of eyes!! "

 June 30, 2020

" Great visit with Dr.Toussaint, as usual. Checked everything, advised me where things stood, and answered all of my questions. I recommend him all of the time to others with eye issues. In fact, I even recommended a friend of mine from California to make an appointment to see Dr. Toussaint for the double-vision he is experiencing, and where the California docs have no more recommendations/cures. A second, third, or even a fourth look see never hurts. "

 June 30, 2020

" The very best. Excellent "

 June 30, 2020

" Everyone is always so kind and helpful, it’s a wonderful office to visit. "

 June 27, 2020

" I felt that I was in very competant hands. "

 June 25, 2020

" I love this office...the staff is very courteous and respectful. Dr.T is wonderful timely and always upbeat. I am lucky to have found a great team to help me and I would recommend them hands down. Thank you!! "

 June 25, 2020

" Im always very happy woth the service and courtesy im given in the office. I love Dr. Toiusannt, and truat him unconditionally "

 June 20, 2020

" May I text Dr T with a question? "

 June 19, 2020

" Always a great experience "

 June 17, 2020

" Dr. Charles Wang and his staff has provided excellent medical care and personal assistance to me for the last 6 years . Their services are based on their comprehensible knowledge and generosity of heart. I am thankful for their presence. "

 June 16, 2020

" Dr wang is kind, funny and very very thorough. He gave me plenty of time to ask questions and his answers were clear and complete. I was very impressed and happy with his care. "

 June 15, 2020

" Dr and staff helped me get my vision back. They are top notch. "

 June 13, 2020

" Dr Brian is wonderful what a fun Dr made me fell very comfortable less I feel I am in very good hads "

 June 9, 2020

" Office personnel and Brian are absolutely the best. Everyone treats me with respect, and they are very informative. Office personnel are professional and pleasant. Everyone does a great job "

 June 7, 2020

" There was a wait time but I came to find that it was due to every question being answered and at no point feeling rushed through my time with anyone. Well worth the trade off. "

 June 4, 2020

" Super Brian!!! "

 May 20, 2020

" The staff was caring, knowledgeable, and responsive to my needs, and questions, as always. Dr. Wang was just as his staff was. He is always professional, caring, and gentle. This visit Dr. Wang took steps to be even more extremely careful about sterility, social distancing, and whatever else was necessary to prevention the spread of Covid-19. Dr Wang and I talked at a safe distance, but neither of us talked while he was in the procedure room even though we both had masks on. Dr. Wang is the Best! "

 May 20, 2020

" Dr Wang and his staff are great ! "

 May 20, 2020

" Staff and doctor followed careful protocols with regard to COVID-19. "

 May 19, 2020

" We had excellent service and Dr. Wang and his Staff are very caring and helpful. "

 May 14, 2020

" I’m in love with y’all toke very good of me thank you "

 May 13, 2020

" They changed my appointment time so there were NOT other patients waiting. Dr. Wang answered all my questions, I don’t have to worry about it for 6 months now. Dr. Wang is a VERY good doctor, explains everything (Medication interaction) and finds things other doctors have missed. The whole appointment time lasted an hour & a half. It is worth it!!! "

 May 13, 2020

" Went better than I was expecting (corona). "

 May 12, 2020

" I cannot believe how wonderful every staff member we encountered was! I have never been to a doctor where the entire staff left such a great impression on me! They were so kind and patient with my husband who suffers with Dementia and was very nervous because he also suffers from Aphasia. I’m very sorry he isn’t our regular eye doctor. He is everything I e heard about him, very knowledgeable, to the point and takes the time necessary to get to the root of the problem. I cannot thank them enough. It’s hard enough with doctors today because I know they are under a lot of stress and I do t blame completely but this was a welcome change to the way other offices treat elderly patients! Thank you so much for a great experience even though he could not help my husband.�� "

 May 12, 2020

" Very grateful to be able to continue my eye injections during this Covid-19 lockdown "

 May 9, 2020

" Extra care taken by staff & provider to ensure a no pain injection worked perfectly! Thank you! "

 May 1, 2020

" Very nice ����. My grandson likes his doctor. Thank you. "

 April 24, 2020

" Every time i have an appointment the staff is more than kind and courteous! Its a pleasure to come to Dr.Wang’s office ! Dr. Wang answers all your questions and makes you leave with no questions unanswered !! He is a pleasure to speak with and makes your visit very comfortable! "

 April 23, 2020

" I "

 April 21, 2020

" Been coming here for a couple years, always treated great "

 April 21, 2020

" I was very impressed with how appointments are being conducted during this time of coronavirus. "

 April 18, 2020

" Top of the line "

 April 14, 2020

" I am very thankful for all the help that I have received from Dr Wang and his staff "

 April 14, 2020

" I am lucky to be a patient at this practice. I have been treated for AMD for 10 years. "

 April 3, 2020

" Best office staff in the world "

 April 2, 2020

" The staff is always professional and treats you very kindly.I love the doctors and staff.Its like a family there. "

 March 31, 2020

" Dr. Brian and office staff absolutely are Great. Everyone is kind, very knowledgeable and professionals. Wait time is great, I give this office very high marks, because they deserve it. Sincerely Jeannette "

 March 27, 2020

" Great office staff and outstanding Doctor the best everything "

 March 26, 2020

" You all are great and I appreciate how willing you are to help. I hope you all stay happy and healthy through these trying times! "

 March 20, 2020

" My mother was put on a wait list after the appointment was cancelled by the office due to Corona virus. "

 March 19, 2020

" I'm very satisfied with my visit "

 March 17, 2020

" Highly professional and caring practice. "

 March 13, 2020

" Dr.Wang has been my doctor for many years I'm very satisfied and also the staff is always very helpful. "

 March 13, 2020

" Not a more welcoming office in the tri state area "

 March 12, 2020

" Wonderful, Marvelous, how you did care for me! Awfully nice, paradise the way that it should Be ! Thank you, Gordy Morrow. "

 March 12, 2020

" I love this practice! It co "

 March 10, 2020

" I misunderstood the directions on my need to use the drops for 3 days before the procedure. Not your fault! I hope this is not a problem tomorrow. I am using them now "

 March 6, 2020

" Dr. Wang and his staff are AMAZING! Especially with young kids! "

 March 4, 2020

" First visit. Looking forward to continuing. "

 March 3, 2020

" Dr Toussaint was attentive and thorough. "

 February 25, 2020

" Good doctor and service and staff. "

 February 18, 2020

" Very happy with the care I was given. Thank you. "

 February 15, 2020

" Dr. Touissant is one of the most truthful and professional doctors I have encountered in Delaware. He truly is looking out for the best for his patients and that includes advising when surgery is needed, but most importantly, when surgery is NOT needed. "

 February 6, 2020

" My retinal detachment surgery that was performed by Dr. Toussaint is considered successful. My retina is fully attached and I could see all but 2 letters on eye chart when I went for 1 week postop. I am very happy with the outcome!!! "

 February 6, 2020

" Everyone treats me very professionally, would absolutely recommend to anyone "

 February 5, 2020

" Lisa is the greatest. Always puts me at ease. Has wonderful PR. "

 February 5, 2020

" Dr. Wang is an outstanding doctor. Wait times are arduous waiting for the doctors exam. "

 February 5, 2020

" I have been a patient for over 20 years. Doctor Wang and his staff are very Professional. I would recommend Him to anyone needing Someone in his profession. "

 February 4, 2020

" Thank you so much is not enough, I really appreciate everyone's effort starting from Scheduling the appointment to the preparation completion before seeing the doctor To the Doctor extraordinaire effort starting from checkup to perform operations to Follow up visit, it is really excellent service, which is really great is the Doctor invest Also in a good electronically software to ease the communications between the staff Members and keep the patient information ready for the doctor faster which reduce our Waiting time and increase accuracy and productivity, keep up the great work, God bless you all. "

 February 3, 2020

" Dr Touissant has addressed two unrelated issues I’ve had with my vision over the past 4 years. He is an awesome surgeon and his staff are dedicated professionals. "

 February 1, 2020

" I give dr Troussaint 5 stars "

 January 31, 2020

" Very professional staff. Dr. Wang is providing state of the art care for a difficult medical problem. "

 January 26, 2020

" Knowledgeable staff Procedure explained Courteous "

 January 25, 2020

" Dr Toussaint was outstanding "

 January 23, 2020

" The staff and the doctors were very professional.The kindness of everybody was very overwhelming.The staff treated you like a person and not just another patient.They all did such a wonderful job.I would recommend that everyone go to them for whatever your eyesight may need.Keep up the good work the staff at Dr.Charles Wang and Dr.Brian Toussaint office. "

 January 22, 2020

" Dr. Wang and his staff has always extended to me courtesy and professionalism from day one. They are simply one of the best in the Delaware valley. "

 January 21, 2020

" I would not have my eyesight right now without Dr Wang, and I love all of his staff. "

 January 16, 2020

" Did a excellent job. I felt I was in good hands and everyone was friendly Thanks "

 January 15, 2020

" It was great and very helpful everyone. Thanks of all for caring my health. "

 January 15, 2020

" My experience was exceptional from the greeting to the exit! "

 January 9, 2020

" The staff are very nice and respectful. I love the way Dr. Bryan talk to me and explain everything. He's an excellent doctor. I love him. The best doctor in my live. He puts all his effort and knowledge for my recovery and I appreciate that very much. God bless him and the staff . "

 January 7, 2020

" They all excellent "

 January 3, 2020

" Best office staff EVER "

 December 18, 2019

" Thanks to Dr. Wang and his staff, for their excellent Care.. "

 December 17, 2019

" Dr Wang gives informative care allowing me to fully understand my eye issues. I feel confident that I am being provided the best advise and care "

 December 12, 2019

" Dr, Wang and the staff care for my vision issues and concerns with great care and inspire confidence, "

 November 28, 2019

" Dr Toussaint was very reassuring and expedited my surgery. I am a week out and hoping and praying to see better everyday. He reassured me that if I wanted him to take another look before he goes on paternity leave that it wouldn’t be a problem. I’ll admit I am scared my vision will not fully return but I am following his orders and hopeful that everything will turn out fine. "

 November 24, 2019

" The staff and Dr. at this office treat their patient’s not as just a “patient” they treat them as friends and family. Everyone is quick to share a hug, remembering the patient personally and their families. It has been an amazing experience to be a part of this practice. My daughter found safety and security in the Doctor and all their staff. Thank you for treating everyone that walks into your office with such love, compassion and professionalism. Betsy Reyes "

 November 14, 2019

" Everyone in the office is friendly, and informative, that’s why I gave them all excellent on survey. "

 November 14, 2019

" A pleasant experience "

 November 12, 2019

" Good service and staff "

 November 9, 2019

" Brian has the most incredible "light" hand for injections. Unparalleled! "

 November 8, 2019

" Everyone in the Doctor’s office is extremely pleasant and helpful ! I am always called the night I go to check that everything is alright! The Dr. explains whether there is a change in my condition and whether there is a change in the amount of time between my next appointment according to whether there is either a positive or negative change ! Just wish appointments could be a little shorter ! I especially appreciate Carol Baker’s calls at night ! "

 November 6, 2019

" As always, it’s just the wait time "

 November 5, 2019

" The staff was very friendly and helpful made me feel welcomed and at ease. "

 October 25, 2019

" The Staff is always very welcoming, professional and pleasant. Dr. Wang has always been great an informative. I would recommend him to anyone and have. "

 October 23, 2019

" On morning of appointment canceled by me and Rescheduled for a different date. Front desk was very understanding. Dr Wong is always excellent when I am seen by him "

 October 10, 2019

" Best Doctor staff ever!!!!!! "

 October 8, 2019

" The staff is friendly, courteous, reassuring and informed. The wait time was reasonable Dr Wang is great. He is thorough and shows personal interest in his patience. I have the utmost confidence in him "

 October 4, 2019

" This Doctor and office is the best "

 October 3, 2019

" Recommend facility with genuine care and concern "

 September 24, 2019

" Dr. Troussaint is a very caring doctor. I like his personality a whole lot & his honesty. I also enjoy the way he presents the problem as well as explaining in layman's language the "downside & upside on a decision for my husband's ailment. I would recomend him to anybody in need of an eye doctor "

 September 18, 2019

" Everyone in Dr. Wong's office is helpful and professional. In fact, they feel like family "

 September 12, 2019

" Dr Toussant is a wonderful dr.!! He makes you feel so comfortable and explains everything so clearly. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone needing his services. I was a little anxious about my surgery. He spoke to me prior to the surgery and I immediately felt like I was in great hands, and was not nervous at all. He has a very uplifting personality and happy outlook with what he does. The staff is extremely nice also!!! "

 September 10, 2019

" Always have a great Experience at this Office!!! "

 September 7, 2019

" I was so pleased with everyones professiionalism especially the doctor who was very informstive and explained things to me so that. I understood "

 September 7, 2019

" I am so thankful that I found Dr. Touissant who is caring and understanding and always willing to explain things. He has my experience so much more bearable and pleasant. I would recommend this office to my friends. "

 September 7, 2019

" The technician was very pleasant and competent. Dr. Toussaint is always very upbeat, competent and thorough and a pleasure to interact with. "

 September 6, 2019

" Mom thinks you’re a god "

 September 5, 2019

" You all are great people. I am lucky to have your help. "

 September 5, 2019

" Not only was the surgery painfree but my vision is so much better now. Doc did a terrific job. I think the hardest thing was doing the drops. Thank you very much. "

 August 20, 2019

" Dr Wang and his Staff are all great. They go out of their way to accommodate. /rk "

 August 15, 2019

" The staff and the Dr.Toussaint was very caring and explained everything in detail how they were going to treat the problem with my eye.If it wasn't for the excellent care given to me by Dr.Toussaint and staff I don't know what shape my eyesight would have been in.They deserve the biggest thumbs up that I can give them. "

 August 14, 2019

" The only disadvantage is the more than two hour time in the office ! "

 August 10, 2019

" Your portal not compatible with Apple browser we have no other. "

 July 30, 2019

" one of the best doctors and staff I have ever deal with "

 July 26, 2019

" I have ultimate faith in Dr. Wang. He is a brilliant doctor in eye care but also in the general medical field. I pray for him every night that he will receive guidance and stay safe. "

 July 17, 2019

" This is the best office staff I have ever encountered "

 July 13, 2019

" My experience at the facility was fine, arrived 20+ min early to fill out paperwork, was called back 15 after my appt time, didn’t sit in the room long waiting for Dr. T. My complaint was with scheduling appt, but it was resolved...wish you had an office closer, the drive sucks. "

 July 12, 2019

" Having Type 1 Diabetes >54 year, without any retinal complications: Dr Wang is the BEST- As a medical professional myself- he knows what he is doing, through with his exam. Kind, polite professional with a friendly air! "

 July 11, 2019

" Best eye doctor in the state. Would not go any where else for my sight. "

 July 4, 2019

" Dr. Toussaint is just fantastic & keeps my husband calm & me laughing. Answers all my questions in a way I can understand. Great staff as well "

 July 3, 2019

" I was happy that I didn’t have a long wait time? "

 July 3, 2019

" The staff is exceptionally helpful and kind. Liz deals with my insurance issues in a determined and professional way. Dr. Wong’s expertise keeps my vision healthy. "

 June 20, 2019

" Dr. Toussaint is great. Explained everything and answered all my questions. His professionalism made my surgery so much less stressful. Thank you! "

 June 20, 2019

" I know sometimes it's necessary, but I had to wait almost 45 minutes after my scheduled appointment to be called to see the nurse. That's too long! Other than that, my visit was excellent!! "

 June 13, 2019

" Keep up the excellent work. "

 May 27, 2019

" Dr. Touissant is a sincere, direct, yet friendly MD, putting the patient at ease while reviewing the likely progression of the retinal issues. His credentials are impressive and reassuring; he trains surgical interns, but performs eye surgeries solo, without student assistance. "

 May 23, 2019

" Excellent doctor excellent staff always have a great time and great results "

 May 22, 2019

" Wait time. Trouble getting return appt when Dr wants to see me. "

 May 18, 2019

" Excellent service and good doctor "

 May 16, 2019

" Great experience and very nice. "

 May 14, 2019

" Dr. Wang was extremely patient with our 5 year old and took as much time as needed to fully and effectively evaluate our sons eye status and condition. We are extremely grateful and appreciative for Dr. Wang being so curtious and thorough. "

 May 14, 2019

" “We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose”, Romans. 8:28. "

 May 11, 2019

" I love Dr wang "

 May 10, 2019

" I absolutely love Dr. Wang. I have 100% faith in his treatment and advice. I hope God continues to bless him in his ministry if healing. Maxine Nichols "

 May 9, 2019

" The staff was very caring and professional.They treated you with respect and as a person and not just a patient.Im glad I have the chance to be a patient of Dr.Toussaint.He is very caring and explains what treatment will be the best in helping my eyesight.I thank the whole staff at Dr.Toussaint office. "

 May 7, 2019

" Good staff and doctor services "

 May 7, 2019

" Dr. Wang saved my eyesight over 30 years ago. If I have to wait 10 hours to be seen, I will. I know that he is giving his time to each patient. The appointment was scheduled for 11, got back to do the scans on time. Not too long a wait. I was out of the office & on my way back home by 12:30pm. Love him & his Staff. HE IS WORTH THE WAIT!!! "

 May 6, 2019

" Dr. Toussaint put me at ease the moment we met, After talking to him, I had no reservation about surgery. All went well. "

 May 1, 2019

" I would recommend doctor Wang to anyone who has an eye condition problem he is awesome doctor and he make sure you understand what he doing and the steps for your recovery. "

 April 23, 2019

" as always PERFECT "

 April 19, 2019

" Best office staff on the planet "

 April 19, 2019

" Waiting period to be seen often long "

 April 19, 2019

" Everything is always outstanding "

 April 17, 2019

" The staff, especially Liz Needles, works especially diligently to accommodate me and my insurance. "

 April 16, 2019

" Tanya and Dr. Toussaint were very thorough and explained everything to me concerning my condition. "

 April 16, 2019

" Great Dr and staff! Also great service! "

 April 12, 2019

" Dr. Wang is the best! "

 April 12, 2019

" Dr. Toussaint is excellent in his surgical skills, his attention to detail, his patience, his kindness, and his caring. "

 April 4, 2019

" Overall experience is excellent with every office visit. Staff is patient friendly and informative. "

 March 28, 2019

" Top Notch "

 March 21, 2019

" I enjoy coming to my appointments because everyone is friendly, courteous and knowledgeable about the problems with my eyes. "

 March 20, 2019

" Dr. Wang and his staff are the best. Would never go any where else. They are the best of the best!!! "

 March 19, 2019

" My husband and I were treated at your office and we were both treated great. Everyone eas supe nice. "

 March 13, 2019

" Dr. Wang is professional, personable and extremely caring. Truly an outstanding doctor. "

 March 9, 2019

" Wait is a little long "

 March 5, 2019

" Dr Wang has been a great help to me and I am very grateful "

 March 2, 2019

" It was the best experience I ever had at a doctor's office they were excellent professional and very helpful in the doctor is A1 excellent the best "

 February 26, 2019

" Dr. Wang is an amazing doctor and so is the staff, very friendly, I highly recommend it to anyone with eye issues! "

 February 1, 2019

" Been a patient for many years. Couldn't ask for better service. "

 January 30, 2019

" Thanks a lot to Dr Wang and to All his staff Youre All amazing Thank you all "

 January 25, 2019

" Everything is always outstanding and the people in the office are great "

 January 19, 2019

" Excellent service! "

 January 17, 2019

" My overall office was very pleasant experience. "

 January 16, 2019

" Everything worked out great on my behalf "

 January 15, 2019

" We have complete confidence in Dr Wang and his terrific Staff. "

 January 11, 2019

" Dr. Wang’s office is always very busy but the care you receive is worth every minute you wait for him. He and his staff are very knowledgeable and caring and I am so happy we found him. I believe my husband can still see because of Dr. Wang’s skill and expertise. "

 January 5, 2019

" Brian is a great addition!! I feel I am in "good hands" even if there has not been a CURE.Hopfully . some day you will join in doing trials! ps Trust we don't have to do this every time we come! I will let you know when things go wrong!!! No need for a survey! "

 December 14, 2018

" I’ve been going to Dr Wang for 27 years now. He and his office staff are the best. You may have to wait awhile, but no one ever complains since he takes such wonderful care of his patients. "

 December 13, 2018

" Dr. Toussaint is very caring & takes the time to answer& explain our concerns. "

 November 27, 2018

" Everything was great except I had to wait 1.5 hours after my appointment time to see the dr. "

 November 14, 2018

" Dr. Wong and his caring staff are attentive and knowledgeable. They provide excellent care for my vision issues. "

 November 13, 2018

" Dr Wang was excellent "

 November 13, 2018

" I have never had a bad experience and Dr Toussaints Office. Shore sometimes there is a bit of a wait but never that long and and understand life happens. And by the way this particular doctor is worth waiting for. "

 November 13, 2018

" Great group, very friendly and kind. "

 November 9, 2018

" The wait was a little long. But once I was seen... the wait was worth it. "

 November 8, 2018

" I was very impressed because Dr. Wang explains everything to you He takes the Time to go Over anything you don’t Understand "

 November 6, 2018

" Dr. Wang has been my Dr for 30 years. He saved my vision and my life! If I have to wait 8 hours to be seen, it is worth it!! I didn’t have to wait very long yesterday. Dr. Wang always asks me how things are, not just medically but my personal life too. I will recommend Dr. Wang to anyone who needs help with their eyes. Wish all my doctors were like Dr. Wang. God Bless Dr. Wang!! "

 November 6, 2018

" I was extra early (1/2 hr.) for my app't so could not evaluate wait time accurately. I saw Dr. Toussaint who is always a pleasure to interact with! "

 November 2, 2018

" You couldn't ask for nicer people than Dr Wang and all his "Office Personnel". Would recommend highly to anyone with eye problems. "

 October 24, 2018

" A pleasure to deal with!! "

 October 23, 2018

" Brian is incredible in giving injections. The steadiest hand I have ever experienced. All was done before I even noticed and no streamers. This was "record time" - under an hour!! Tell Brian to go to the UK and teach them at National Health. It usually takes me four hours/ Hospital bed and all. Now all we need is a cure. Thanks for all. Harold. "

 October 20, 2018

" Dr. Toussaint is an excellent surgeon. He is extremely outgoing, friendly and takes time to answer all questions. The staff is also excellent, very friendly and helpful. "

 October 20, 2018

" The doctors and staff make you feel like you are a longtime friend. The best place to feel like family and be in good hands!�� "

 October 19, 2018

" 3 hour wait a little long for old folks... "

 October 19, 2018

" All the employees are always very, very friendly and positive! "

 October 16, 2018

" I. Was very satisfied with the service render. "

 September 28, 2018

" Ashley was a new team member. She was courteous in her dealing with me. Carol did a good job as well. "

 September 28, 2018

" Everyone is wonderful however it takes far too long generally over 2 hours total time from check-in to checkout "

 September 19, 2018

" They have helped me so much with my eye issues. Dr Wang is the very very best. May have to wait a while but so worth the wait. So blessed to have him and his wonderful staff!!! "

 September 15, 2018

" Very caring and friendly experience "

 September 13, 2018

" As a previous cancer patient I have had a lot of issues with my teeth. I am always very nervous when it comes to the dentist but I have to say my experience this time gave me some comfort to continue having work done.. "

 September 12, 2018

" Wait time was rather long "

 September 11, 2018

" I always have a Great Experience when I visit this office.. I Doctor and Staff are exceptional ! "

 September 8, 2018

" Dr. Toussaint is the best. "

 September 7, 2018

" A Miracle Worker "

 August 29, 2018

" Very happy that I was referred to Dr Wang from my normal eye doctor. Dr. Wang is a wonderful and caring Dr who explains situations very well. The folks in the office are very friendly and professional. As with ALL really good specialists they are very busy and seeing a lot of patients, so the waiting time can a little long. However its worth it for the professional care and wonderful people. "

 August 25, 2018

" Dr Brian and his staff make you feel like your family "

 August 24, 2018

" Good visit, super staff, coming back in six weeks, can't wait, Carol explained everything to me, and even I understood. The shot in the eye didn't hurt either. Way to go Doc. Robert B. MacDonald "

 August 21, 2018

" He was very good he answer all my questions everything I needed to know "

 August 19, 2018

" I can’t say enough good things about the staff and Dr. Touissant. He is funny, understanding, patient and empathetic to his patients. He is the third doctor I’ve Been to and I couldn’t be happier. No one likes to get those needles in the eye for macular degeneration but he makes it bearable. I have had bad experiences in the past that made me stop getting the shots. But then it was recommended that I try him and what a God send. I have faithfully been coming and now I am in a remission I guess you’d call it. Being so young and having this disease to find a doctor that understands how you feel and addresses your fears then makes you feel comfortable enough to receive your shot without intrepidation is what is needed for a comforting experience. All of the is kind, courteous and so willing to help you. And my husband has seen Dr Wang in the past and was totally satisfied too. So I would totally recommend this doctors office to anyone. There are so very caring and knowledgeable and will answer any question you have. You can’t go wrong here. "

 August 17, 2018

" Everything is always great "

 August 16, 2018

" I saw dr. Brian Toussaint at Wang's practice on monday August 13th, and found my treatment of vitreous bleed to be as close to painless as i've ever had, along wiith dr. T's chairside manner to be highly calming and professional. I always leave there laughing, and that i would recommend this practice to other patients. "

 August 14, 2018

" Great staff, great Doctors "

 August 12, 2018

" Dr Toussaint is an excellent doctor and person in every way. I am fortunate to have him as my doctor. He is friendly, answers all my questions, and is highly skilled. "

 August 9, 2018

" Dr. Toussaint and his staff provide excellent medical care. I feel very likely to be a patient at this practice. "

 August 8, 2018

" I really appreciate the nurse that came and pick me and my daughter up she was very nice all of the nurses and the one at the front desk "