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Recent Reviews

 Helen e. C. - 01/18/2019

" They make your visit to the clinic a very pleasurable one. Everyone is so nice and helpful. I have seen and heard patients that were grouchy and the receptionists made very light of it by being so friendly in their reply, All in all, the visit was very comfortable and nice. "

 Helenarline w. D. - 01/17/2019

" Dr. Snell rocks! "

 Jonita c. B. - 01/17/2019

" Dr. Schnell was great. Very personable and caring. Probably the best Dr I have been to. "

 Catherine j. C. - 01/16/2019

" As always, Dr Snell and his staff were friendly, like family, and cleaning my ear had no dizziness. Perfect visit!!!! Excellent care. "

 Phillip e. B. - 01/15/2019

" it is the best "

 Tanya R. - 01/09/2019

" Excelente servicio "

 Michelle r. W. - 01/08/2019

" As a person who has a fear of doctors I have to say this is one of the best doctor offices I have been to. They are very welcoming and great at answering questions. "

 Zaiyn a. D. - 12/22/2018

" We checked in 20 minutes early because we were close by. There is a sign displayed in the lobby that reads that patients will be seen according to appointment time, not arrival time. That's fine, BUT we were called back almost 20 minutes after our appointment time. That is unacceptable! "

 Sandra k. P. - 12/14/2018

" Dr Snell and his Assistant was very kind "

 Sharon m. C. - 12/12/2018

" I always enjoy my visits. The waiting area is complete and attractive, the reception staff are always friendly, and my doctor never seems in a hurry. He always sees me to the front desk. "

 Zackary t. H. - 12/11/2018

" I've been taking to my son to the doctor's since August. I kept being told he was fine. Maybe an ear infection with another antibiotic, but no solutions why he's sick constantly for months. Yesterday the nurse and doctor both listened to everything I said. They heard all of my concerns about his condition. Finally, after all this time, I was told my son was a very sick boy. They gave me a plan of action to get him taken care of as quickly as possible. I was almost in tears that someone finally heard me and acknowledged that things were not okay. I will forever be greatful for such amazing care. "

 Curtis n. J. - 12/07/2018

" Excellent care every visit. All the employee's are always professional, courteous, and helpful. "

 Cindy j. F. - 12/07/2018

" Brenda is wonderful, I am anxious to get the ear healed up and be able to hear better. "

 Kevin m. S. - 12/06/2018

" Dr. Snell and his staff are the greatest they will treat you like family ! I have never bee treated so good !! I I would and will tell anyone they won't treated like a number like most offices treat you!! Thank you Dr. Snell and staff!!! Heather is his nurse , she is a class A person!!! Thanks again!!! Signed Kevin Stubbs "

 Michelle l. G. - 12/04/2018

" Very friendly staff very helpful and listen to what you have to say. "

 Robert a. C. - 12/03/2018

" Dr. Snell and his entire staff are superb professionals!! Absolute top notch service. Highest recommendation awarded. "

 Mary r. M. - 11/30/2018

" Very enjoyable office to visit. Dr Snell is the best! "

 Tommy e. D. - 11/30/2018

" The best "

 Margaret e. C. - 11/30/2018

" i love this place been going here for 2 years and Dr. Snuell is the best "

 Ryan G. - 11/29/2018

" We love Dr. Swain "

 Tracy l. S. - 11/28/2018

" I appreciate Dr Snell and the entire staff so much!! "

 Alex b. R. - 11/22/2018

" Must I update our information with every visit? "

 Charylleo d. D. - 11/19/2018

" The staff is great. "

 Samuel A. - 11/18/2018

" Very happy with ENT "

 Sandra c. G. - 11/15/2018

" They take good care of my ears, and I'm very grateful. "

 Robert a. B. - 10/31/2018

" I appreciated Dr Kaiser's candor "

 Shirley s. D. - 10/25/2018

" Its the best "

 Frank j. B. - 10/13/2018

" One of the finest doctors that I have ever known. "

 Sara k. M. - 09/25/2018

" I needed additional bloodwork for my insurance and Debbie went out of her way to make it happen. Everyone is always so professional and friendly! "

 Kennith r. M. - 09/25/2018

" The front office ladies and staff in the back were excellent, I think they like donuts, LoL. P.A. Denny is always great. With Love, The donut folks, Kennith and Lois McAdams "

 Ltanja e. M. - 09/20/2018

" They are always helpful. "

 Caden j. K. - 09/20/2018

" Had our son tested for allergies. The lady giving the test was so professional and just had the best attitude She is a great asset to this company. "

 Diane n. M. - 09/17/2018

" My ENT Specialist, Denny Torres is a phenomenal health care provider. I have been under his care for the past 6 years and our Dr./patient relationship is priceless. "

 Latrenda s. W. - 09/16/2018

" The staff is amazing, they are very attentive to the needs of their patients. I had surgery and had some issues but the entire staff was right there for me, they called to check up on me, and made sure I was comfortable with my instructions and was at peace with the process of healing. Thanks to the entire ENT office. "

 Paul a. W. - 09/14/2018

" You always provide great care and attentiveness to your patients. The accuracy of appt times is my only frustration, and I know that is a by-product of patient engagement. I’m willing to deal with the frustration for the quality of care. I just plan a 2-hr block around my appt times to account for the prolonged wait. "

 Malden d. S. - 09/08/2018

" Great care provider "

 Harold r. K. - 09/07/2018

" nurse staff is exceptionally courteous and attentive , overall an excellent procedure "

 Carol w. K. - 09/06/2018

" I have chronic ear problems, Dr Snell and the other providers are the best. I appreciate each one of them "

 Allison j. G. - 08/31/2018

" We are very pleased with our ENT in Lawton. Highly recommend. "

 Heather d. M. - 08/28/2018

" Dr Snell solved a mystery that 4 other doctors refused to attempt claiming it was impossible to solve. I’m so grateful. "

 Linda c. S. - 08/21/2018

" This is a very caring, friendly, and professional office! "

 Levi c. K. - 08/15/2018

" Loved Dr. Torres "

 Linda k. A. - 08/09/2018

" If all Doctors and their staff were as friendly and nice as the ones at Dr. Snell's office the world would be a better place. The little children were having fun playing with the toys and seem to have a good time waiting on the Drs. You don't find that in a lot of Drs. offices. Linda A. "

 Robert w. D. - 08/08/2018

" I love Dr. Snell and his staff. I’ve been going to him for years and am always happy with the care given. "

 Michael d. S. - 08/08/2018

" Dr Kaiser and team are spot on in all phases of my treatment excellent as always. "

 Regina o. W. - 08/08/2018

" My experience with Dr Snell and staff was informative and productive. Dr Snell answered all my questions with reference to adjusting to my cpap. Thank you Dr Snell. "

 Charlotte m. S. - 08/07/2018

" My daughter (2 years old) absolutely loves the staff and the doctors she has. They are so patient, kind, and explain things perfectly. "

 Charles d. T. - 07/28/2018

" ENT of Oklahoma has been a blessing. Dr. Snell is awesome. I just had sinus surgery yesterday. I'm so thankful ☺ "

 Teri d. M. - 07/26/2018

" The staff are always very kind and considerate. They take great care of me. I rarely have to wait more than a few minutes. Dr Snell is a wonderful doctor. He listens to me and answers all my questions. "

 Catherine j. C. - 07/24/2018

" Quick. Perfect visit. Cleaned my ears with no discomfort. Positive experience, short wait in Reception area, short wait for doctor to come to my examining room "

 Helen m. C. - 07/18/2018

" Overall an excellent experience and good outcome. "

 Kimberly k. V. - 07/04/2018

" I appreciate the care and attention given by my provider! She is excellent! "

 Harry w. L. - 06/15/2018

" If you struggle with hearing loss, these are the folks to turn to. They have the knowledge and experience to help develop solutions for the hearing impaired. My quality of life has could only be better with my hearing restored and since that cannot happen, this is the next best thing! "

 Dorothy l. M. - 06/07/2018

" my visit was just GREAT, as usual. everyone is always very competent, pleasant and easy to deal with, especially Dr. Snell. "

 Deborah i. P. - 06/06/2018

" I'm so grateful for the great care I have received these past 7 years from Dr. Snell. He walked through some very difficult days with us, when I was diagnosed with cancer. I always felt certain I would receive great care, with compassion. I am GRATEFUL! "

 Olga e. C. - 06/05/2018

" Love Mrs Brenda excellent doctor,very professional,need to give her a recognition she is very excellent "

 Brenda s. T. - 05/25/2018

" ENT of Oklahoma always exceptional service, great customer service, just a great place to visit. KUDOS! "

 Karen m. H. - 04/25/2018

" I am still needing to talk to my doctor about my test results. I was allergy tested but seemed to be allergic to everything, even the glycerine used as a base to judge the others off of. "

 Denise j. D. - 04/25/2018

" Dr. Snell and staff are the best. They care and explain everything to where you understand what the diagnosis is and what should be done. "

 Carmen m. C. - 04/25/2018

" Love the care and time my provider takes to explain in detail and plain English for me to understand everything about my condition and wellbeing. The same also applies to the entire staff. Thank You ! "

 Latonya f. W. - 04/24/2018

" Provider was excellent "

 Michael j. T. - 04/23/2018

" Great experience "

 Craig L. - 04/22/2018

" at this point in time, couldn't ask for anything better. Everything and everyone has been absolutely super!! "

 Kevin m. S. - 04/19/2018

" Dr. Snell and his staff go above and beyond! I wish all in the business should take note, they are the best !!! "

 Woodruff a. M. - 04/18/2018

" I have always had a very good experience at ENT. "

 Deborah k. P. - 04/12/2018

" I will definitely recommend ENT of Oklahoma !!! "

 Linda k. H. - 04/06/2018

" This is a great facility to receive wonderful care! "

 Emerald j. T. - 04/06/2018

" Denny and the entire staff was wonderful to my daughter. She is only two and had something stuck up her nose. He made played with her and made her smile even though he was terrified! The staff is always super sweet and gives ms Emmie smarties and stickers which she loves! Thank you all! "

 Jenea r. K. - 04/03/2018

" the Vertical testing sent me out in tears, I would never want to do that testing again. "

 Deborah s. K. - 03/30/2018

" I felt very comfortable speaking with the nurses and doctor. Dr. Snell was easy to talk to and did not rush the visit. He was very thorough and I am very pleased with the treatment that I received. "

 Mary e. P. - 03/27/2018

" Wonderful staff "

 Sloan d. D. - 03/27/2018

" Keep up the great work!! "

 William e. W. - 03/23/2018

" All the services were excellent and very professional. "

 James w. R. - 03/14/2018

" In no way could my visit have been any better "

 Thom d. B. - 03/09/2018

" You have excellent audiologists. "

 Dianna e. R. - 03/08/2018

" Awesome staff, as always. "

 Kimberly k. T. - 03/08/2018

" I always enjoy coming there for appointments. The facility is fresh and clean. The staff is friendly and helpful and Dr. Snell is the best!!! "

 Raymond t. B. - 03/06/2018

" Always a pleasure visiting ENT. "

 Stephanie e. W. - 02/27/2018


 Justin d. S. - 02/27/2018

" Very friendly staff. "

 Dakota e. Z. - 02/14/2018

" The receptionist should be a nicer when. Talking to people checking in asking questions. She should not try and brush people off and if she doesn't know the answer at least say I'm not sure I'll find out or check with your nurse when you go back. "

 Deborah s. H. - 02/09/2018

" Brenda is always so genuine and helpful! She has taken extremely good care of me. "

 Dorothy l. M. - 02/06/2018

" exceptional service, wonderful and great people working there. very helpful . dr. snell is terrific. "

 Colton p. N. - 01/23/2018

" I just love love love the ear doctor. She's SO good with my son and he adores her! I feel she's very informative "

 Russell a. J. - 01/23/2018

" Very quick and concerned to address my emergency, they took me right in#!!! "

 Natas b. B. - 01/10/2018

" What a wonderful, efficient, and caring staff! Dr. Snell really listens to his patients (even when they are 4 years old) and so does his staff, a quality that is seriously lacking in modern healthcare. This office is a cut above the rest and a pleasure from reception to checkout. "

 Jackie l. Y. - 01/05/2018

" Dr. Snell and his staff are good caring people. He takes the time to talk to you and he cares about your health. "

 Michelle k. U. - 01/03/2018

" Love KIm! She is always friendly and empathizes with your situation. "

 Jonea H. - 12/20/2017

" Dr. Snell is very friendly and easy to talk to. "

 Crystal d. G. - 12/14/2017

" Everyone always makes me feel comfortable and at ease. Highly recommend these doctors and facility!! "

 Peggy r. O. - 11/23/2017

" Dr Snell and star are super����‍⚕️���� "

 Keshia d. K. - 11/10/2017

" When I first came to ENT of Oklahoma, my sinuses and allergies were aweful. After surgery, allergy shots and my allergy medication, I’m no longer allergic to Oklahoma. LOL. The staff has always been courteous and helpful to me. Denny is great at what he does! The ladies providing allergy shots are always smiling and engaging. I love their customer service! "

 Vivienne n. D. - 11/07/2017

" Always so nice and always smiling! Thank you for doing such an amazing job!!! She hasn’t had any issues since getting tubes in! "

 Henry p. T. - 11/03/2017

" Mr. Torres did an excellent job of explaining where my problem was, and made me an appointment with Dr. Kiser. "

 Tony a. P. - 10/27/2017

" Awesome! "

 Melody e. E. - 10/25/2017

" If audiology can call from both sides of the room so someone doesn't miss their name. It can get quit loud in their from kids and some of the people in there can't hear very well. I had to wait an extra 30 minutes because I missed my daughters name being called. Or use the handheld devices that page people so they know to be actively listening or moving so they can hear when the nose level increases in the office. "

 Dorothy l. M. - 10/10/2017

" I ALWAYS get excellent service at the ENT clinic and with Dr. Snell. I know I am in good hands with him and all the support staff! "

 Robin j. T. - 10/04/2017

" Besides the care, atmosphere is wonderful and calming. Thanks! "

 Karen d. T. - 10/03/2017

" Always very friendly. "

 Twana V. - 09/29/2017

" Dr. Kaiser was very professional & is a no frills kind of doctor which is what we all should want. I wanted to know the source of my problem if there really was one, & whether it could be treated. He told me all of that and He gave me honest answers & did not tell me just what I wanted to hear. The truth sometimes is not WHAT we want to hear. He did not rush to give me more medication or procedures and again, I appreciated that! I would use Dr. Kaiser again. "

 Ltanja e. M. - 09/23/2017

" My experience is always excellent "

 Kennith r. M. - 09/21/2017

" Great professional, courteous, and personable staff. "

 Gary r. J. - 09/19/2017

" we were very pleased with everything. already recommended to some one else. "

 Linda k. H. - 09/09/2017

" The entire staff was very professional, courteous and friendly! I received excellent healthcare! "

 Martha a. J. - 09/08/2017


 Ann m. R. - 08/29/2017

" Dr. Snell and his staff are so very friendly! He takes his time to really explain things in a way that you can understand easily. "

 Naomi g. M. - 08/24/2017

" Staff is friendly. I am especially grateful the B. Swain, NP saved me an unnecessary trip to Duncan. She's the best. "

 Karson t. K. - 08/19/2017

" The staff from all departments are very helpful and friendly! They are wonderful with my toddler. "

 Paula k. R. - 08/17/2017

" Love Dr. Snell!! Staff is over and above. Thanks, Kay "

 Joseph l. J. - 08/12/2017

" Facility and staff are excellent! "

 Xavier l. B. - 08/11/2017

" Even though the wait was longer than normal, the staff is always pleasant, professional and accommodating. It pushed my schedule to the right a little bit, but I still like the facility very much. "

 Del r. S. - 08/05/2017

" Dr. Snell is a top notch doctor and displays the most continuing concern for his patients' complete welfare of any doctor we have seen. "

 Peggy r. O. - 07/27/2017

" Dr. Snell and his staff are always considerate, efficient, and listens to what you have to say!!!!!!! Dr. Snell is SUPER!!!!!!!!! "

 Latonya f. W. - 07/19/2017

" Dr Swain, Brenda was very helpful with all the information about my treatment. "

 Bobbie j. Y. - 07/13/2017

" It couldn't have been better. "

 Steven j. T. - 07/12/2017

" The PA is always very nice and gives a complete checkup. Did not rush with me. Had the nurse come in to explain something to me about giving the allergy shots. She was very thorough with her explanation. Did not leave until I was satisfied with the information. Best nurses around. "

 Melba j. D. - 07/11/2017

" This was my best trip there. I hardly had to wait in the waiting room and the same for my Dr. to come in. It was great and just hope it will always be that way as I was totally surprised!!! "

 Virgilena K. - 06/29/2017

" a "

 Edythe k. C. - 06/28/2017

" This is for my appointment on June 27th. When I had my cat scan. "

 Iris m. F. - 06/22/2017

" Brenda is so kind.... "

 Peggy s. L. - 06/08/2017

" Brenda is awesome "

 Gemma r. D. - 06/08/2017

" I made a mistake and came in a day early. The staff and provider were kind enough to fit me in which saved me a lot of time and energy. I can't say how much I appreciated them being able to do that for me. "

 Karen s. C. - 06/08/2017

" Brenda was wondering, so easy to talk to and she answers your questions. Yes, I will definitely use her again and will tell my family and friends... "

 Sharon m. C. - 06/02/2017

" I look forward to my ENT visits The grounds and reception area are so wwll-mainrained and welcoming, and the receptionist was very friendly. And the doctor always has some small conversation at the end. It's almost as if he really likes talking to me. "

 Jeramie M. - 05/24/2017

" the staff and PA Denny Torres did wonderful job. "

 Christy l. P. - 05/19/2017

" Dr Snell was terrific!! I wish I could see him for all my medical needs and not just for Ear Nose & Throat concerns. He spent plenty of time with me and was very concerned with how I was doing. I will definitely use him anytime I need an ENT doctor or my family needs one. "

 Christopher m. S. - 05/09/2017

" Great staff, very courteous "

 Roman t. K. - 05/09/2017

" ENT of Lawton makes me feel comfortable and at ease :) "

 William e. W. - 04/28/2017

" I had a great check up and always look forward to my annual check up. "

 Nadalia l. M. - 04/12/2017

" Denny is excellent!!!! "

 Rebecca d. H. - 04/07/2017

" Was well impressed with everything!!! "

 Joe l. J. - 04/07/2017

" Very professional: Extremely nice: wait time was minimal considering the number of people in the waiting room. Dr. Snell was cordial, helpful and offered obtainable suggestions to solve my problem. I would highly recommend this facility and doctor. "

 Robert a. C. - 04/06/2017

" This is always our best appointment. Thank you all, and we love you Dr. Snell! "

 Garlon r. R. - 04/04/2017

" Dr. Snell and staff very courteous and very informative about medicine and instructions. "

 Sharon m. C. - 04/03/2017

" I enjoy my visits to the ENT. Dr. Torres is friendly and personable, and I never feel like he's rushing me. He tells me exactly what I need to do before I come back. The people who schedule appointments and check me in are friendly and cheerful whether I'm there at 8:00 or 4:30. I'm glad my primary doctor referred me to the ENT! "

 Patricia a. B. - 03/24/2017

" Excellent in all respects! Given treatment instructions was excellent and my hearing complaint was resolved whereas my hearing complaint at ENT of Colorado Springs did not address my problem. I feel so happy that my right ear no longer feels stopped up due to quick knowledge to address and solve the problem.. A BIG Thank You!!! "

 Xavier l. B. - 03/21/2017

" I've been for several appointments and I've always received excellent service from each section of the facility I interact with. "

 Angela t. W. - 03/16/2017

" Thank you guys for everything! "

 Angela t. W. - 03/16/2017

" Thank you for being so professional, nice and kind! I will refer all my friends! "

 Jonathan e. B. - 03/15/2017

" The staff was great and the physician and audiologist did an excellent job. I highly recommend this facility to anybody. "

 Kennith r. M. - 03/11/2017

" Five Star +++++++ "

 Monroe c. H. - 03/10/2017

" Fantastic all the way around, extremely professional and caring towards our daughter for her surgery and recovery. "

 Robert d. R. - 03/09/2017

" Everything went well. "

 Eugene p. W. - 03/09/2017

" Dr Snell performed my Cancer Surgery and I have complete confidence in his instructions and enjoy his easy going style. "

 John z. G. - 03/03/2017

" Nothing could've gone any better everybody was pleasant and nice had a very good experience will be back in 30 days thank you "

 Iris m. F. - 03/01/2017

" very friendly staff; Brenda was so patient and gentle with my ear, great experience, in and out in no time, many thanks..... "

 Richard i. O. - 02/28/2017

" The wait time was about 10 minutes. The Dr. was very good at giving me the information I needed. "

 Stefanie g. S. - 02/25/2017

" Dr. Snell is the best "

 Erica l. W. - 02/23/2017

" Dr. Snell is great. My surgery was successful. He treated me with respect, wanted to know how things were actually doing after the surgery and overall did a phenomenal job. Very professional. "

 Elliott R. - 02/23/2017

" Actually did refer someone yesterday after our appt. "

 Rylan J. - 02/23/2017

" Everyone was wonderful! Thank you for helping our Rylan and I would recommend Dr. Swain to anyone! "

 Charylleo d. D. - 02/22/2017

" Great and friendly staff that makes you feel like family. "

 Nolan F. - 02/16/2017

" The doctor was very informative he took his time to explain everything and I left confident in his ability "

 Philip t. H. - 02/03/2017

" Doctors Keiser and Denny provide care to my entire family. Their diagnosis and treatment have been spot on every time. Their practice, to include staff, is first rate!!! "

 Mercedez m. T. - 02/01/2017

" Had a hard time trying to reach the appointment person. Always got the voice mail or she was out. Otherwise the staff was very courteous, friendly & the Dr was Great "

 Kennidee e. G. - 01/26/2017

" We have been coming here for about 4 years. This is a pretty good place to go. I loved Dr. Denny. He has given us very good treatment for my daughter. The worst thing is having to wait all that time. "

 Paula k. R. - 01/19/2017

" Dr. Snell and team are the best! "

 Kimberly s. S. - 01/10/2017

" Dr Snell, His Assistant & all the Staff were Helpful, Professional & Friendly. Dr Snell is Great He's Smart & he knows his job well. He takes his time & he listens & I'm very Grateful. I wish I could see him For all of My Issues. Dr Snell For President! Hee Hee "

 Claudette a. P. - 01/05/2017

" Dr. Snell is not only an excellent doctor and surgeon, he is also very personable. "