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Recent Reviews

 Kathy - 02/04/2023

" My eye condition requires quarterly monitoring. Dr. Essepian takes the best care of me. I don’t know what I’d do without him. "

 Sidiq - 02/04/2023

" Excellent doctor "

 Carmelita - 02/04/2023

" I am thankful for the professional care I received "

 Jerry - 02/03/2023

" Great visit. Always a pleasure. Special thanks to Angel for the hello. "

 David - 02/02/2023

" Love this practice! "

 Patricia - 02/02/2023

" Very courteous I will recommend my family and friends. "

 Nicola - 02/02/2023

" first class service "

 Scott - 02/02/2023

" Both the staff and the Dr were friendly and knowledgeable. The Dr answered all my questions. "

 Eric - 02/01/2023

" I was generally impressed with the professionalism "

 Jorge - 02/01/2023

" Great office, I am concerned about their no mask policy even as COVID and flu cases continue to rise "

 Herbert - 02/01/2023

" In a word, Dr. Essepian, his entire staff and support personnel at the Eye Surgery Center are outstanding. I say this out of gratitude.for all they have done to make me feel at ease.and absolutely convinced that I made the right decision in choosing them to restore my sight with cataract surgery. And yes I will recommend Dr. Essepian to my friends and associates. This I am at ease saying without reservations. Herb Mannis "

 Jamie - 02/01/2023

" I recommend this practice all the time. "

 John - 01/31/2023

" I have been a patient of Dr. Stark for many years. She has, and still is an excellent eye physician. My wife is also a patient of Dr. Stark so the entire household is good care with her. "

 Syed - 01/28/2023

" The advice of the doctor, after examining me, to go immediately to the Emergency Room at the nearby Fairfax Hospital was very timely. I was diagnosed later at the hospital of having a TIA (mini-stroke). "

 Joellen - 01/28/2023

" Thank you for working with me. "

 Carrie - 01/27/2023

" I feel very confident that I got excellent care. Thanks! "

 Mary - 01/27/2023

" Wonderful doctor "

 Gayle - 01/27/2023

" I have every confidence in Dr. Essepian and his team. "

 Paul - 01/27/2023

" I give an “Excellent “ rating to every aspect of this practice. "

 Suzanne - 01/26/2023

" Love this practice and the expertise of Dr. Essepian! "

 Hannie - 01/26/2023

" My appt time was 10am. I arrived early and was seen by tech within 5 minutes. The front desk was very polite and courteous. I was taken to room and had a long wait. Almost 20 minutes before I saw dr. I even had to ask tech if dr was going to be anytime soon. When she arrived she didn’t apologize for her delay or mention anything. The remainder of appt was fine and we had great conversation and was pleasant which really surprised me. She’s a good doctor. I arrived and respected the appointment time so I expect the same. I am paying for services. I do understand delays but explain! My time is just as valuable as doctor. I would recommend her because dr is knowledgeable and pleasant. So very confused about whole wait time. "

 Joseph - 01/25/2023

" The Doctor having his dog in the office was a nice touch, all the patients that were there seemed to enjoy Angels company! "

 Amanda - 01/24/2023

" Dr Stark explained every bit of my issue to my understanding. She is very meticulous.I will recommend her to friends and family. "

 Jack - 01/22/2023

" Dr Esseplan and his staff are world class. "

 Lynda - 01/20/2023

" So happy I found this clinic! "

 Carol - 01/20/2023

" Dr Essepian and staff are the best! "

 Corinne - 01/17/2023

" Dr Stark is an excellent doctor. I have complete confidence in her medical advise. She has helped me to understand and treat my very difficult condition. She possesses all the true qualities of a top-notch doctor and I depend on her completely for my ongoing care. "

 Andrea - 01/17/2023

" The staff in charge of the Field Test was exceptional. She took the time to explain the procedure and she also made sure that I understood what was required of me. Consequently, I believe that the test results will be more accurate than past results. Staff was simply remarkable! "

 Andrea - 01/11/2023

" Dr. Stark is excellent. She is extremely thorough in addition to being very personable. I highly recommend her. "

 Angelia - 01/11/2023

" I love that Angel the dog is there to keep me calm and happy. "

 Milton - 01/10/2023

" Great. The only problem was that it was pretty cold in there. "

 Shohre - 01/10/2023

" Thank you so much for everything you do. "

 Kathleen - 01/07/2023

" Thank you, Dr. Essepian for keeping my vision healthy! "

 Helene - 01/07/2023

" Thank all staff. Doing a great job. "

 Dominick - 01/05/2023

" I lost eyesight in my right eye due to a botched cataract surgery. I relied on Dr. Essepian to save the sight in my left eye — he did a wonderful job. I have complete trust in him! "

 Velicia - 01/05/2023

" The Doctor is Superb. Beautiful Attitude and Excellent Doctor. "

 Edgell - 01/05/2023

" Very attentive and informative Eye doctors "

 Martha - 01/05/2023

" Best eye surgeon and staff ever!! "

 Joseph - 01/04/2023

" Dr. Essepian is an outstanding provider The practice is very efficient. I feel privileged to be his patient "

 John - 12/30/2022

" Dr. Essepian is wonderful. "

 Gilbert - 12/29/2022

" My experience at Duke Street Office with Dr Essepian/staff has been excellent since day one, and I will surely recommend their services to my families and friends. Gilbert DC "

 Richard - 12/29/2022

" Dr Essepian and his staff are first class. Very friendly and helpful staff and Dr Essepian is professional, knowledgeable and very thorough. He was recommended by another doctor and I am extremely pleased with the service. "

 Faye - 12/28/2022

" I could not be more pleased with my experience. I was a new patient, near the end of the year, yet the doctor took the time to understand my particular situation - personal history, family, history, current life situations. "

 Jerry - 12/28/2022

" Great Doctor. I am happy that I found him. I could not have found a better MD. "

 Jordan - 12/28/2022

" First class all the way. "

 Matin - 12/24/2022

" Thank you Dr Essepian for performing the corneal surgery, though perhaps I am a bit too old at 57 yo, and thanks to the rest of the staff specially Dr Stark for working with me on getting my contact lenses and recommending me to Dr Essepian as a candidate for the transplant. "

 Linda - 12/23/2022

" I have been a patient for a number of years and have never dissatisfied with exams, treatments or surgeries. I’ve also recommended several family members and friends to this practice. They are currently patients and very satisfied as well! "

 Robert - 12/23/2022

" I love the dog in the office she was very calming "

 Vipasiri - 12/22/2022

" Dr. Stark was exceptional. She was very informative, patience and has very good bed side manners. I would definitely return to Dr Stark. "

 Suzanne - 12/22/2022

" Being new patients at this practice, we loved the warmth of the office staff, and how descriptive the Assistants were of all the procedures we were encountering. And Dr. Essepian was very thorough and engaging as well. Grateful…… "

 Nancy - 12/22/2022

" Thank you! "

 Thelma - 12/20/2022

" Dr. Starks thoroughness and expertise is so appreciated and is among the reasons that I recommend her to so many of my family and friends. "

 Norma - 12/19/2022

" Dr. Heidi Stark is excellent. I received a thorough examination and explanation. "

 Michael - 12/17/2022

" Love that they got me in on an already busy day for the team. They are so great from top to bottom. The doctor is the very best and the staff is fantastic. If there was a category above excellent I would give this across the board. "

 Sanghoon - 12/16/2022

" Employees very nice and kind. Also doctor essepian was wonderful. I strongly recommend to my relatives "

 Roxanne - 12/15/2022

" Dr. Essepian is the best. My eyes are healthy now thanks to his expertise. He is the only doctor I trust with my eye health. "

 Timothy - 12/14/2022

" Dr. Essepian is excellent in all aspects. He has taken excellent care of me and family members for years. We are very fortunate to have him as our doctor. "

 Aline - 12/14/2022

" I have recommended Dr. Essepian numerous times to my friends and acquaintances over the years. "

 Abbas - 12/10/2022

" Everything was top of the line, All excellent and thank you so much "

 William - 12/10/2022

" Love this practice. My husband, son, my mom and stepfather and i all come to see Dr. Essepian or Stark. Thank you "

 Loretta - 12/10/2022

" Dr. Essepian is an extremely skilled surgeon and I am extremely happy with my experience and my results. Additionally, I cannot say enough complimentary things about Dr. Essepian's office and technical staff there. I could name a few individuals but I don't want to leave anyone out because every staff member I have dealt with was kind, courteous, very knowledgeable and eager to assist or help in any way that I needed. I highly recommend Dr. Essepian as a doctor and surgeon and his staff. They are a great team and I always felt like I was in the best of hands and getting the best of care during my office visits and through my 2 surgeries. Dr. Essepian's staff at the Surgical Center was also terrific! "

 Bryan - 12/09/2022

" John was nice and got my paper work done. "

 James - 12/08/2022

" I think Dr Essepian is outstanding, and is one of the best- if not the best- eye surgeon there is. "

 Deborah - 12/07/2022

" Overall service was excellent "

 Robert - 12/07/2022

" Great Doctor with great service. Would recommend to anyone needing eye care. "

 Leona - 12/07/2022

" Excellent staff and an amazing doctor. Perfect for someone who has high anxiety as I did. Now I know I'm in good hands and no anxiety. Thank you so much. "

 Amjad - 12/07/2022

" I always have a positive experience with my appointments. Staff is always courteous and doctor understands my vision problems and make me aware of any changes and the treatment plan. "

 Sharon - 12/05/2022

" Dr Essepian immediately diagnosed my vision problem by identifying that a cataract was growing back on portion of my left eye. He immediately scheduled me for a laser procedure. I’m so impressed with his prompt, accurate and in-depth examination and diagnosis as well as his concern for my vision problems. He really curbed my anxiety and relieved my fears of a worsening situation. "

 Susan - 12/03/2022

" Dr Stark is wonderful. She shows care and thoroughness. She is warm and personable. "

 Laarni - 12/02/2022

" It was a good experience dealing with the staff specially the doctor.. "

 Carole - 12/01/2022

" I have been recommending Dr Essepian for years. He does the best surgery of any ophthalmologist I have ever seen and as a retired OR nurse I’ve seen a lot of them. "

 Joanne - 11/30/2022

" I am so glad I went to see Dr. Essepian after being referred to him. He was very informative and I definitely will be back for my annual check up. "

 Paul - 11/26/2022

" Dr. Essepian and his entire staff are outstanding! Everyone I came in contact with from the lady at the front desk to the fellow who did the initial screening to Dr. Essepian were very pleasant and professional! Additionally, I was taken back to the exam room within minutes of my arrival! "

 Diane - 11/24/2022

" Over the years, my overall experience at Dr. Essepian’s practice has been immensely positive. Thank you. "

 Mariejose - 11/24/2022

" I was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency and care I received "

 Bruce - 11/23/2022

" Dr. Essepian is a superb eye specialist who always provides effective treatment and care to his patients. His staff is also courteous and efficient. "

 Joseph - 11/23/2022

" I have been a patient in this practice for several decades. I have no complaints and know that you would have a good experience as well "

 John - 11/23/2022

" I always have good experiences at this practice. "

 Richard - 11/19/2022

" Dr Essepian is by far the best eye specialist I’ve ever experienced. He is concerned, knowledgeable and patient. I would recommend him to all. "

 Hoda - 11/18/2022

" Thanks for all "

 John - 11/18/2022

" I have received Outstanding eye care from Dr Essepian and his Starr for over 15 years. I received emergency assistance to heal an eye problem and they fit me into their busy schedules and gave me prescriptions which immediately solved my problems. Dr Essepian operated on my cateracts and I am pleased at his knowledge and operation skills. Cannot be more pleased with his service. "

 Maxine - 11/18/2022

" I have recommended a few family members and friends. Dr Essepian changed my life, literally. Best of the best!! "

 Carmelita - 11/13/2022

" Very professional "

 Martha - 11/11/2022

" I am so fortunate to have Dr. Esepian! Many thanks! "

 Margo - 11/11/2022

" I travel from North Carolina to see Dr. Essepian for eye health care. I have confidence in his treatment, evaluation of my eye health, and treatment and will continue to see him. His staff is extremely courteous and helpful. Thank you to all for excellent health care! "

 Jessica - 11/10/2022

" I love this office. Dr. Helosi and her team are so kind and courteous. I love chatting with her, even if it is only once a year! "

 Robert - 11/10/2022

" Vision tech next door in the optical store was courteous, knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. He did a great job to choosing a very appropriate frame for my new lenses. "

 Najib - 11/10/2022

" Love Dr Essepian he’s great "

 Christiane - 11/09/2022

" Dr Heloi Stark is an amazing doctor! Though she is an optometrist but she is very knowledgeable and as thorough as an ophthalmologist, if not even more! She takes very detailed notes and is very pleasant and caring! I used to go to her practice in Fairfax and though this practice is much further for me but I would not go to a different doctor. Thank you Dr Stark! "

 Leroy - 11/09/2022

" Top notch Doc and staff. 3 cataract surgeries. One separate accident incident handled. Keep up the great work "

 Harry - 11/09/2022

" Treated at an Army facility for years and the transition was made easy by the excellent care provided. "

 Yvette - 11/08/2022

" Why separate appointment for visual field trst? "

 Scott - 11/06/2022

" No complaints "

 Robin - 11/05/2022

" Dr. Stark was outstanding as always. "

 Shohre - 11/04/2022

" Thank you so much . "

 Arthur - 11/04/2022

" Dr Essepian and staff are the best! "

 Alka - 11/04/2022

" Being diabetic, I was worried about my eye health. It was my first visit to Dr. Stark for medical check up of my eyes. She did it thoroughly and I am satisfied by her opinion and advice. Thanks "

 Julie - 11/03/2022

" Dr. Essepian and Dr. Stark are in a legaue of their own. Best Ophthalmologist and Optometrist I have ever seen. "

 Kimnui - 11/03/2022

" Excellent doctors. "

 Lydia - 11/02/2022

" The decor in the waiting room sets my attitude for the day, I truly appreciate Dr E's and his son's artistic and patriotic values, and there was a new contribution to the wall from a customer that also struck a cord in me, I can't express well enough how much I feel the sense of American heritage and gratitude when I enter the waiting room. Thank you Dr E! Lydia Hart is proud to know you and be under your care for my precious eyes! "

 Donna - 10/30/2022

" I called without an appointment & the staff got me in to see the doctor. "

 Margaret - 10/28/2022

" Both my husband and I continue to applaud the utmost in care and professionalism demonstrated by Dr. Essepian and his staff. The humility shown to not only us, but to all the patients is truly commendable. Moving to Virginia and finding a most competent and caring Opthamalogist as Dr. Essepian, brings a heartwarming comfort and trust to our lives. We continue to speak highly of him and his staff to both family and friends alike. There is no doubt in our minds that we will continue to have Dr. Essepian provide our needed care for many years to come. We feel very fortunate to have met such an exemplary medical professional as Dr. Essepian. Samuel and Margaret Bozoian "

 Sidiq - 10/27/2022

" Dr. Heloi is the best eye doctor I have ever had. She is kind and goes extra miles with her patients. "

 Suzanne - 10/27/2022

" Dr. E is wonderful. We have recommended him to many friends and family. "

 Janet - 10/26/2022

" Great staff. Efficient and organized office and medical staff. 5 ⭐️‘s "

 Sharon - 10/26/2022

" I'm so pleased to have had Dr. Essepian as my cataract surgeon. His skill, reputation as a top doctor, and dedication are evident factors that make him a top quality doctor and surgeon. His staff provides excellent service and are helpful and polite "

 William - 10/26/2022

" Very happy with staff and Dr. Essepian's expertise. "

 Craig - 10/26/2022

" Dr. Essepian is the only person I will trust with the health of my vision! I can not even give enough praise on his knowledge, professionalism, communication and honesty. He eludes what a medical professional should be. I want to thank him for many years of taking care of my vision!!! "

 Stephanie - 10/26/2022

" Very thorough and professional ! Great job 👍 "

 Andrew - 10/25/2022

" Really appreciate the staff getting me in on very short notice to treat a potential emergency. Dr. Stark was amazing as always with her demeanor and expertise. "

 Eden - 10/25/2022

" I always get excellent care from Dr Essepian!! "

 Edward - 10/25/2022

" Experience was very good. Had not been there for 2 years as last year the doctor was booked for the next 3 months (to end of year) so I went elsewhere. Front desk personnel were very helpful, the ones from 2 years ago are no longer there and that’s a very good thing as they were not very nice and never called us back when we were trying to schedule a follow up. "

 Cecil - 10/20/2022

" Professional and on point. "

 Linda - 10/20/2022

" Dr. Essepian and his staff have always been very kind, helpful and courteous. I highly recommend Dr. Essepian for anyone needing his services. "

 Tad - 10/19/2022

" Doctor Essepian and his staff always provide excellent medical care. "

 Lynda - 10/19/2022

" I am very happy with all phases of your clinic! Thank you for getting me in so quickly & alleviating my concerns. "

 Carlos - 10/18/2022

" Thanks to Dr. Heloi Stark and her team for taking care and explaining all my concerns, I felt well talking care of. "

 Kathleen - 10/18/2022

" Dr Essepian, his staff @ every level are efficient, highly skilled, & friendly, while also professional & always helpful regardless if he is physically present on site or providing specialized procedures off site. "

 Ann - 10/16/2022

" I am absolutely thrilled with the results of my cataract and astigmatism surgeries. My vision has not been this good since I was 8 years old. Dr. Essepian and his staff did a remarkable job throughout the entire process and I am so grateful! "

 Antonio - 10/16/2022

" Great "

 Sidney - 10/15/2022

" Dr Essepian really cares about his patients' outcome. I do recomend him and have even had my mother see him. "

 Suresh - 10/15/2022

" Dr. John Essepian is one of the best eye surgeons in the DC area. His staff is very courteous and helpful. I would highly recommend him to anybody planning to get an eye surgery. "

 Alex - 10/14/2022

" nothing "

 Jack - 10/12/2022

" John is Super "

 Shelly - 10/12/2022

" You need to purchase a new chair for the first room on the right. Leather old and ripped. Also I had to wait 25 minutes before being seen by Dr Stark. "

 Ellen - 10/12/2022

" Dr. Essepian is a gifted and caring physician. He makes me feel well taken care of, and has successfully restored my vision. "

 Kathryn - 10/09/2022

" I have recommended Dr. Essepian to friends "

 Lourdes - 10/08/2022

" I like the new front desk staff "

 Darrell - 10/08/2022

" The staff and doctor was outstanding "

 Benjamin - 10/06/2022

" I am a patient of long-standing with Dr. Essepian. I am delighted with the care received and recommend him without reservation! "

 Kathryn - 10/05/2022

" Great experience all around. "

 Pamela - 10/05/2022

" Always great to see John "

 Eben - 10/04/2022

" They take care of you like a family member, and make you feel at home. "

 Kathy - 10/01/2022

" I don’t know if Dr. Essepian knows how much he’s valued, but last couple times there in the waiting room and when departing, the other patients and I were remarking about how thankful we are that he is our doctor. Speaks volumes. "

 Loretta - 10/01/2022

" Dr. Essepian and his staff took great care of me both before and after my eye surgery. They answered my questions and most importantly, I had a very successful surgery and now I am enjoying being able to see things clearly that I have not truly seen in quite a while. I had many questions leading up to my surgery and they were all answered by Dr. Essepian and his wonderful staff. Eye surgery was very scary for me, but having an excellent, super-skilled surgeon that I could place my trust and confidence in made all the difference in the world for me. I would highly recommend Dr. John Essepian and his staff. "

 Betty - 10/01/2022

" Great experience! "

 John - 09/28/2022

" Thanks! "

 Brian - 09/28/2022

" It is always a pleasure to work w Dr. John. "

 Robert - 09/28/2022

" Quick and efficient "

 Debra - 09/22/2022

" Dr Essepian is wonderful. He listens and always tell you what’s going on with your eyes. The fact that he helps You feel good about the service he gives you. I am grateful to have a wonderful eye doctor that cares About his patients. It’s over 10 years that he has cared For my eyes and I always leave his office believing I have A lot more year of awesome eye care. Thank you so much And to all the assistance that help with the care of my eyes. I say thank you. I’m happy when I come to see how my Eyes are doing and I leave happy I came. Dr. Essepian you are one of the BEST! ❤️ "

 Chris_11/19/53 - 09/22/2022

" Thanks for a great appointment. Very short wait, and quick and attentive service by the associates to get me tested before seeing Dr. Stark. Dr. Stark is an outstanding provider with meticulous attention to the science of eye care and a wonderful and warm personality. "

 Aref - 09/22/2022

" I have been provided with the best care for over 22 years "

 Karen - 09/21/2022

" A patient portal that works would be most helpful. It can be hard to remember everything the doctor says and a working portal can let you see the notes from your visit. Scheduling an appointment is currently about two months out ~ I wish it wasn’t that long. "

 Terry - 09/21/2022

" Dr Stark is the best! "

 Amy - 09/20/2022

" I had a 2:30 appointment to get a new prescription for my eyeglasses. I finally saw Dr. Stark at 3:40 for 15 minutes, then I had to wait another hour for her to return after the dilation. I left your office at 5:00. Two and one-half hours for a routine eyeglass appointment is unacceptable. Everything else about the office is fine. "

 David - 09/17/2022

" Eye care does not get better than that provided by Dr E. "

 Margret - 09/17/2022

" Most professional and caring Dr’s office I have ever been in. "

 Robert - 09/15/2022

" I know my eyes are in excellent hands when I visit Dr. Essepian’s office. I have complete confidence in him and always receive terrific customer service from his staff. I give his practice 5 stars and highly recommend him to anyone having an issue with their vision. "

 Bertha - 09/15/2022

" I really appreciate the care from all the staff! "

 Steven - 09/14/2022

" I am grateful to Dr Essepian and his staff for making this such an easy process. "

 George - 09/09/2022

" Professsional, friendly staff. Dr Essepian , after a thorough eye examination provides a explaines that my 83 year old eye are so health , likely when my time comes will likely actually see the “ Pearly Gates”. His humor as good as his opthomologigal talents and friendly, manner . I feel fortunate too have him as my doctor. ghthoms "

 Ann - 09/09/2022

" Great physician... Very knowledgeable. Definitely would recommend him to family and friends. "

 Judy - 09/09/2022

" The office is professional and also friendly! "

 William - 09/09/2022

" As always, I found my wait in the sitting area quite enlightening with the selection of magazines offered; not mundane and attributed to eye surgeons but to Arlington. Professional care was informative and interesting in an area that keeps my mind enlightened. W Blair Osborn III 10 September 2022 "

 Timothy - 09/08/2022

" It was a very good experience as always. "

 Antonio - 09/07/2022

" We are making another appt very soon for my mother "

 Johnnie - 09/04/2022

" All involved in my cataract removal procedure were skilled, professional and focused on me as a patient. The procedure was successful and I would do it again without hesitation. "

 Carol - 09/03/2022

" I love when Angel is in the office. She is a lovely addition to the staff. "

 Angelia - 09/03/2022

" I am very glad to have found such a wonderful, experienced and kind Ophthalmologist near me. I believe my search for an good ete doctor is over as I intend to stay with Dr Essepian as long as he will treat me. Please understand that some of my ans not being 'Excellent' was because my tests are not completed yet, and i am confident that I would be full advised of my eye care when they are all done. Also, i must acknowledge Angel the beautiful dog who settled my anxiety with love and calm attention the moment i stepped into the clinic. Her presence meant so much for me, she made the wait (need time for my pupils to dilate etc) bearable, and in fact time past without any nervousness. So I want to tell Dr Essepian how grateful i am for Angel. "

 Ayesh - 09/02/2022

" Without doubt, Dr Essepian is the best doctor and surgeon in Northern Virginia "

 Athena - 09/01/2022

" Dr eseppian is wonderful and has helped me greatly. I am so happy I found him "

 Susan - 08/27/2022

" Steven at the front desk is an exceptional employee. Always upbeat, friendly and quick to get your questions answered. Everyone is great there. Dr. Essepian is an excellent doctor. "

 James - 08/26/2022

" Dr Essepian is a doctor’s doctor and it doesn’t get any better than that. "

 Patricia - 08/26/2022

" Dr Essepian has been taking care of our eyes for many years. John and I are very thankful for his excellent care. "

 Lu - 08/26/2022

" Dr. Essepian has tremendous expertise and I've been so grateful to be in his care for many years. He's extremely kindly saw me immediately when I had a big concern with my eyes. I was so relieved by his attention. He was thorough and attentive. I will always be his patient and would highly recommend him to all who need an opthamologist. He's as great as can be! And the entire practice, technicians, and appointment schedulers are also superb, responsive, and friendly. "

 Erik - 08/26/2022

" Great place to receive eye care. Thank you all so much! "

 Sidiq - 08/25/2022

" Dr Heloi Stark is the best eye doctor. She is kind, professional and going extra miles with her patients. Even as eye doctor she saved my life during my previous visit "

 Leo - 08/25/2022

" Best, as usual!! 20+ years - I drive an hour from MD to continue with Dr John Essepian "