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Recent Reviews

 Kim C. - 01/18/2019

" Very happy with the office. I love how they give you results quickly and the doctors are wonderful. "

 Gerald B. - 01/18/2019

" Staff was excellent! MRI was a breeze machine wasn’t noisy. "

 Deborah G. - 01/16/2019

" I just wished that I would have been taken closer to my appointment time. All employees were very nice. "

 Kniasia O. - 01/16/2019

" The front desk was amazing! "

 Madeleine F. - 01/10/2019

" Entire staff is very competent, helpful and friendly. "

 Marta M. - 01/10/2019

" The technician was very very friendly and personable "

 Maina F. - 01/08/2019

" I like Fair Lawn Diagnostic because of an excellent professional and human concern of the client’s needs and convenience. They are warm, nice and responsible. "

 Julia D. - 01/08/2019

" The wait time was a bit long. I was told to arrive 15 minutes before my scheduled appointment time, but I was not seen until 30 minutes after my scheduled time. "

 Irma D. - 01/03/2019

" Very professional!! "

 Martha R. - 01/01/2019

" Everyone was extremely kind, polite and courteous! Was very impressed with the service! "

 Lora K. - 12/30/2018

" The Ultra Sound Tech was great! Very polite and courteous!!! "

 Lucille H. - 12/28/2018

" I was very nervous for my procedure but the technician walk me through everything explained to me and was very very kind and courteous which was helpful "

 Everton B. - 12/27/2018

" Overall i am very satisfied with the result and treatment received. "

 Cerice C. - 12/27/2018

" Keep up the good work "

 Ketevan H. - 12/25/2018

" Thanks for everything, great experience! "

 Charmaine B. - 12/16/2018

" The staff was very professional and friendly, I also got through in a timely manner. "

 Tawana H. - 12/13/2018

" The office needs new chairs!!!! The chair are old & cracked up. They are not comfortable!!! I been there a few times . "

 Barbara P. - 12/13/2018

" I was in and out very quickly and the staff was caring and professional. "

 Michele A. - 12/12/2018

" Tech was very sweet and explained process thoroughly. "

 Edgar md M. - 12/12/2018

" Professionalism and compassion and office renovation were impressive! "

 Wendy W. - 12/08/2018

" I’ve been to fair lawn imaging a lot this year and have always been treated well by everyone that works there. "

 Philalmen Z. - 12/08/2018

" Keep up with the awesome work "

 Bonnie F. - 12/04/2018

" The tech was very friendly and made the test very easy "

 Erlisa L. - 11/30/2018

" Very professional!! "

 Elaine E. - 11/28/2018

" Observed front desk staff assisting an elderly couple and I was very impressed with their professionalism, patience, and overall compassion. Great job!! "

 Linda K. - 11/21/2018

" Have been coming here for 3 years - excellent personnel. They are friendly & professional. "

 Elizabeth T. - 11/15/2018

" I had this technician before. She is great... Made me feel very comforting in a stressful time..Thank you "

 Wendy P. - 11/11/2018

" Excellent care "

 Blanca S. - 11/10/2018

" Wait time was long. I got there 15 mins early and was seen after 45 minutes "

 Patricia S. - 11/08/2018

" I come here for all my images and xrays, people are always very nice and friendly "

 Kathleen T. - 11/02/2018

" I like how things moved right along, with little to no wait time. "

 Jianhua D. - 11/01/2018

" Parking is not very convenient "

 Estelle T. - 11/01/2018

" Anissa was great!! "

 Melda M. - 10/30/2018

" I was very pleased with my recent visit.I would not hesitate to reccommend someone to your facility.Keep up the good work. "

 Cheryl S. - 10/26/2018

" My experience here is ALWAYS a good one. "

 Theresa R. - 10/24/2018

" I have been using this facility for years. The staff is always friendly and helpful. "

 Juan S. - 10/23/2018

" easy and fast "

 Linda S. - 10/19/2018

" N/a "

 Silvia F. - 10/16/2018

" Verry good experience "

 Bethanne m V. - 10/14/2018

" Very good experience with an appointment. Was seen on time and it didn’t take long from start to finish. "

 Concetta D. - 10/13/2018

" Excellent service and friendly staff "

 Karen C. - 10/12/2018

" The technician who performed my mammogram was so pleasant and helpful. She made me feel at ease. Also, the technician who performed my ultrasound was very good at explaining the procedure and she answered my questions clearly. I was disappointed that the receptionist was not able to find my doctor's prescription, which was sent to your facility one week prior to my appointment. I had to call my doctor's office and request that it be sent again. Also, the staff behind the desk failed to give me any forms to complete. The technician who performed my mammogram was kind enough to ask me the questions and she recorded the information. When I made my appointment, I was told my appointment was at one time. Then when I received a reminder notice the time was 15 minutes later. I waited another 20 minutes after this time before I was called to have my mammogram done. "

 Karen G. - 10/11/2018

" Have my mammograms done there the women who does them is awesome very friendly and makes you feel very comfortable "

 Amada B. - 10/11/2018

" Llame hable con una joven para cita y nunca me devolvieron la llamada . A los 2 dias nuevamente llame para la cita "

 Virgina A. - 10/05/2018

" The receptionist was polite and the technologist was very attentive and polite I really liked him "

 Anyela Q. - 10/03/2018

" I will definitely recommend this office. Everyone working here was helpful, friendly and professional. I’ll give them a ���������� "

 Roucy A. - 10/02/2018

" Much better than the past "

 Arleen C. - 09/29/2018

" The only problem I encountered is the long hold due to big volume of calls. "

 Delfern F. - 09/28/2018

" All of the stuff let you feel comfortable "

 Maritza M. - 09/28/2018

" Tiene. Trabajadoras con muy buena disponibilidad para Tenser los pacientes "

 Jean Y. - 09/28/2018

" Except a women came late for her appointment and I was early for mine but she still got to go first and I had to sit and wait. If anyone had to wait it should have been her. "

 Tatjana K. - 09/28/2018

" Everyone is so friendly and helpful! Love this ofgice �� "

 Patricia W. - 09/26/2018

" I'm happy with the assistance i received. "

 Barbara L. - 09/25/2018

" Pleasant staff. Short wait "

 Emel T. - 09/20/2018

" Always a pleasure you guys make everything easy!! "

 Maina F. - 09/19/2018

" Polite professional service, maximum attention to clients, genuine kindness and warmth were given during my vidit "

 Kirill V. - 09/14/2018

" One thing that was a little bit confusing was that I scheduled the appointment at one time, but later I got a text message that I have an appointment scheduled one hour after the time I scheduled it for. It turned out the procedure required drinking a liquid and then waiting for one hour which is why the system thought the appointment was an hour later, but it was confusing and I would have missed my appointment if I didn't write down the time when I actually scheduled it. "

 Alina F. - 09/14/2018

" Отличное обслуживание на всех этапах. Всем сотрудникам огромное спасибо. Ушла после проведенной процедуры в отличном настроении. Ощущение, что пообщалась с близкими людьми. "

 Elizabeth T. - 09/14/2018

" The technician was awesome..... "

 Carolina P. - 09/11/2018

" Personal das friendly "

 Miguel A. - 09/11/2018

" Excellent care very nice staff thank you for everything "

 Beverly D. - 09/08/2018

" All technicians are excellent. I have been coming there for at least 10 years and always recommend you to others. "

 Son P. - 09/07/2018

" Service very good "

 Alison W. - 09/05/2018

" My tech was exceptional and comforting "

 Susan S. - 09/05/2018

" Heidi my tech was very polite and professional and explained the procedure as we progressed. She answered questions before I needed to ask them. "

 Norma i C. - 09/01/2018

" Service was prompted and done professionally. "

 Bonnie m C. - 08/31/2018

" Irina is a PRO. The new mammo 3D XRay is a marvel of technology. "

 Jorge Z. - 08/30/2018

" Thank you "

 Olga S. - 08/28/2018

" Chris, the tech that did my MRI, was caring, understanding, supportive, truly the person who should work in a medical field. If I ever will need another MRI I definitely will choose Fair Lawn Imaging center with a hope that Chris will be there for me again. It is so important at the time when I felt down, next to me was the person who understood my conditions and helped me to go through procedure. Thank you Chris. "

 Corinne E. - 08/18/2018

" The technologist was very nice and comforting as the ultra sound tech. Both ladies were very nice and eased my fears . I was very happy with their concern for me, and very prompt with getting my results ,which thank God we’re ok. "

 Beatrice B. - 08/15/2018


 Ana maria B. - 08/12/2018

" Good attention "

 Melonie S. - 08/03/2018

" I truly loved my experience , the technicians were knowledgeable and I was pleased that the Doctor made a personal appearance to inform me about my results. Thank you so much. A chance is good sometimes. "

 Maria M. - 08/01/2018

" Dr. Higgins And Ultrasound technician were great. "

 Thomas M. - 07/28/2018

" The girls at the front desk are dolls!! Keep on keepin' on!!! "

 Marilyn S. - 07/25/2018

" everyone I dealt with taking my tests were caring and helpfull "

 Kim C. - 07/18/2018

" I felt that I was treated extremely well by all staff members. Thank you! Very happy with this facilty. "

 Toby L. - 07/15/2018

" I had a personal problem the day I was scheduled for my Mamo and the staff took me first and made sure I did not have to wait.It meant so much to me. "

 Gale Z. - 07/13/2018

" I was very nervous and reduced to tears due to my own anxiety. Maria and Bernadette were wonderful, helpful, professional and knowledgeable. My results were phoned to me quickly and I am fine. The ladies at the receptionist desk are also the best. "

 Mary M. - 07/12/2018

" The technician was absolutely wonderful. She made me feel so comfortable. The front desk is friendly but could be improved slightly. I always state that I need a mammogram and an ultrasound but yet I’m never fit into both and I always have to wait a while for my ultrasound. They said I was not in the system but I clearly stated when I called that I need both done "

 Miosotis G. - 07/06/2018

" The people is friendly and courteous "

 Ana W. - 07/05/2018

" The staff is great! P "

 Ashley F. - 07/04/2018

" Staff and techs are very friendly, helpful and calming. I jighly recommend this facility. "

 James P. - 06/28/2018

" The staff was wonderful. They we're efficient, kind care and compassionate to a 14 year old boy who was going through a very rough time. I would highly recommend them. "

 Elizabeth D. - 06/26/2018

" Very friendly staff. "

 Terry B. - 06/21/2018

" Overall, everyone was nice and helpful. However, when I made the appointment, I asked about the Rx for the mammo. I was told I had to call the dr 's office to have them send the Rx. The day before, I called the dr's office and they said they'd fax it over. I called Fair Lawn Imaging early the day of my appointment o confirm that they received the Rx. I was told the fax was down so they don't know if it was sent, but come anyway. If it wasn't there when the fax was working, they'd call the dr's office to get it. "

 Carmen A. - 06/15/2018

" Tech was very friendly n caring "

 Francisco L. - 06/07/2018

" Professional and friendly staff "

 Jean H. - 05/31/2018

" The wait is always a bit too long. "

 Michael B. - 05/30/2018

" The technologist was excellent and he explained the entire process which was very helpful to me. "

 James H. - 05/24/2018

" I am very thankful for the rides they offer for Cat Scans! "

 Saida B. - 05/24/2018

" Thankyou for everything. "

 Mary G. - 05/24/2018

" Heidi was extremely personable and went out of her way to ensure my comfort. As you are aware parking is too small and area. "

 Kathleen T. - 05/22/2018

" Maybe it was because there weren't many people in the waiting room, but I was in and out faster than usual even though I ended up having three tests instead of two. It seems that you are speeding things up by having much of the paperwork already done for patients just to confirm or correct if necessary. "

 Felice C. - 05/17/2018

" I really like the new automated reminder system "