Recent Reviews

 Teresa - 08/03/2022

" Dr. Reddy was very thorough in her explanation. "

 Pepper - 08/02/2022

" My mom can get a little intense in situations like this, and they handled her wonderfully. Dr. Slonim personally texted me after the surgery to check on me. I work in an office that provides this kind of care. This is the first time I’ve been on the receiving end. It does indeed make a world of difference. "

 Brandie - 07/30/2022

" Everybody was so nice and u can def feel the compassion they have for you. Day 1 was rough for me but both Dr. reddy and Dr. Slonim has reached out to me to comfort me. I’m blessed to have chosen them. "

 Chawon - 07/28/2022

" I feel so much better and I am thankful that I did the procedure. "

 Leeann - 07/27/2022

" Extremely knowledgeable, exceptionally helpful, so compassionate. I feel I got the doctor's honest input on the best course of action for my case and I appreciate that so very much. "

  - 07/26/2022

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 Tanesha - 07/22/2022

" Lynn was amazing. I called numerous times prior to my procedure. So much so that I think she learned my voice and probably memorized my telephone number. She was patient with me, answered all my questions and always called back in a timely manner. Eventhough I'm sure I got on her nerves, she never let it show. There was always a smile in her voice. I can't say enough. Customer service like this makes for an overall great experience and helped to put me at ease. I thought, if this is the service I get over the phone, everyone else has to be great. THANKS LYNN! "

 Sharlon - 07/22/2022

" Dr. Slonim and her team are very knowledgeable, kind and professional. I would highly recommend this team to anyone who needs this type of service. I've never met a Doctor as caring and as available as Dr. Slonim. My experience was overall excellent! "

 Michelle - 07/19/2022

" Very pleasant tele visit. "

 Bernetta - 07/16/2022

" Dr Reddy was very informative about what I would experience And put all of my fears and concerns at rest. All of my interactions with the staff were positive. "

 Shannon - 07/15/2022

" This facility is one of the best I have ever dealt with. From the front office staff, all the way to the Dr.! Very professional, very informative honest and understanding! I was very comfortable and relived when I found them and had my first visit and procedure. The NP is great too!! I would recommend Fibroid Institution with Dr. Slonim and her staff to anyone in need or considering an UFE! "

 Martha - 07/14/2022

" The nurse practitioner was thorough with all the information. As soon as I thought of a question, they answered it with the following statement. "

 Doniqua - 07/11/2022

" The staff welcoming and knowledgeable. The facility was clean and appropriate. I’m glad I found this team, I believe they will help me take my health to the next level. Dr. Slonim came highly recommended to me from my gynecologist (whom I love and adore). My contact with Slonim has been limited but it’s clear why she’s the best fit for me. On more than one occasion, she made attempts to reach me on a weekend (her off day) to discuss my records. She displayed a genuine love for what she does and her commitment to improve the quality of life and health of women is evident. She was extremely knowledgeable about the matter we discussed and she took her time, ensuring I understood the information she shared. Medical professionals like Dr. Slonim are rare hard to find. "

 Hope - 07/09/2022

" I went into this process unsure of the outcome. This was the best thing I could have done. Thank you to everyone for making this a true quality of life improvement for me. "

 April - 07/09/2022

" The staff were excellent , knowledgeable and compassionate. My doctor (Dr. Reedy) us Excellent as well she’s been there every step from the pre op to post op and is available for me 24hrs if I have any questions or concerns. "

 Rachel - 07/07/2022

" You all are awesome! Thank you for changing women’s lives and giving us options other than birth control and hysterectomies "

 Misha - 07/07/2022

" only had initial consult but from the friendliness of everyone encountered (havent met doctor yet) very impressed. "

 Erica - 07/06/2022

" Omg!!! I felt so Comfortable I have to give honor to the Nurse practitioner she was awesome she walked me through every concern about my surgery she had so much knowledge about everything every question that I was going to ask she had already answered it for me: thank you all for being loving caring "

 Shantel - 07/02/2022

" All of the staff was awesome! From the time I walked through the door, the front desk staff greeted us with smiles and were very welcoming. My nurse was great and very helpful. The anesthesiologist was great! And my doctor was amazing and kept my very informed throughout the entire process! You can’t beat this great service!!!! I was very impressed! "

 Yadira - 07/01/2022

" Overall excellent experience. All the staff was very friendly and supportive during entire process. Very professional and provided detailed explanation and instructions. This made me feel comfortable all time while there. I recommend Dr Slonim, Esther and all the staff that took great care of me. "

 Jezika - 07/01/2022

" My experience with Fibroid Institute has been stellar, from the first outreach through surgery and post-op. I’ve had many surgeries for various things over the years. This one stands out as the best pre- and post-op care, along with the most caring and empathetic staff. Dr. Slonim radiates warmth and caring. The staff are responsive, thorough, knowledgeable, caring and upbeat- everything you want from your care team. My driver (husband) has also been relieved because he, too, got explicit instructions for his role for post-op care. Beyond that, the procedure itself was efficient and successful. I traveled from out of state to have this done with a team with a lot of experience and it was worth the travel. I can’t recommend Fibroid Institute enough. Thank you to the entire team! "

 Nakia - 06/29/2022

" I felt very comfortable "

 Karen - 06/22/2022

" I just love Dr.Reddy. She takes her time and explains everything well. Interaction does not feel rushed and all concerns are addressed. "

 Pepper - 06/19/2022

" The entire staff was excellent! All my questions were answered. Even after the procedure, Dr. Slonim followed up with me at home to ensure I was comfortable and not experiencing any issues. I hope I never have to use Dr. Slonim’s services again but, if I do, I know I’ll be in good hands. Highly recommend her and her staff! "

 Sybil - 06/18/2022

" This was the most organized and thorough experience I’ve ever had. I felt like from start ti finish everything was so well organized and planned out. "

 Sharlon - 06/18/2022

" Dr. Slonim and her team were very knowledgeable, courteous and professional. They're also very attentive to your needs and they're personable. My overall experience was excellent. I highly recommend anyone who needs any services they offer. "

 Cassandra - 06/17/2022

" I absolutely love the Fibroid Institute!! My UFE was in December 2021 and they were so kind to me and treated me very well. I am pleased with the procedure and the results. I love that Esther(NP) and Dr. Slonim are always so informative and have such empathy for their patients. I would recommend the Fibroid Institute to any woman with fibroid issues. "

 Fikisha - 06/17/2022

" I love how attentive everyone was and how nice and patient they all were. I will 100% refer anyone to them. "

 Marsha - 06/17/2022

" Dr Slonim was very through in explaining my options and went above and beyond that would best suit my medical needs. For the first time in years I felt someone care about their patients. I would highly recommended the Fibroid Institute Dallas. "

 Brittney - 06/16/2022

" The staff, nurses, and doctors are very helpful, informative, and nice! This has been an easy process, thank you! "

 Denise - 06/11/2022

" J’ai étais bien reçu, on m’a bien expliqué comment va se passer la procédure, tout le monde était aceuillant et gentil. Je pense que je pourrais recommander quelqu’un "

 Kendra - 06/11/2022

" I literally have no words to describe how I feel right now. Very little pain. Constant communication and checking on me. I feel like I have my life back. 10 out of 10, I recommend. Thank you. There’s a special place in heaven for the work you are doing in women’s lives. "

 Shannon - 06/10/2022

" Every single person that I came in contact with in the facility was very, very courteous, professional and showed genuine compassion!! They made me so comfortable throughout the whole procedure even when the rolled me to my vehicle in a wheelchair! I’m so grateful for the care that gave me. "

 Ana - 06/09/2022

" Office was great, nice people. "

 Roshunda - 06/04/2022

" The whole experience was great the staff, procedure and everything thank y’all! "