Recent Reviews

 Michael - 08/07/2022

" Back surgery is serious business and a big decision. Dr Ha and the staff at 4 corner neurosurgical are very good at what they do. Their process and professionalism made me feel confident I was in good hands. Dr Ha was clear and practical about the procedure we were undertaking together. My quality of life has greatly improved since the surgery. I am very grateful for Dr Ha’s skill and expertise. Thank you all. "

 Peter - 08/05/2022

" Dr. Ha has a wonderful and excellent way of explaining a procedure. His honest and positive assessment's are reassuring. "

 Dean - 08/05/2022

" The visit with Dr. Billings was very informative and Dr. Billings is very professional, he is very knowledgeable and gave me all the information I needed to make a decision. I trust him to be able to fix this problem. Both me and my wife liked him. "

 Nathan - 08/02/2022

" staff went above and beyond to get me after ferry cancellation and as always, Dr Landau is great with communicating in a very short window of time, most importantly, he listens and I feel hesrd. Lee at the front, always look forward to checking in, front staff is always great.. I appreciate you folks! still upright and fighting the good fight thanks to your team! "

 Irene - 08/01/2022

" Dr. Gorrepati was very caring, and courteous to my husband as well as myself. That meant a lot. Considering it was the luck of draw as to who I would see inthe hospital after my ER visit, I was very lucky to get him. "

 Christine - 07/29/2022

" Awesome , professional if ever needed will return. Thnaks so much "

 Bradford - 07/28/2022

" Great group of people, very friendly and helpful. Explained most stuff fully and so I could understand it. "

 Richard - 07/28/2022

" Appointment took over 4 months to get through the VA only to find out that is was the wrong kind of doctors and that I didn't want a surgeon. The Dotcors and Nurses were a little fast paced for me and it almost seemed like they were trying to get you in and out quickly. Once a conversation started the Nurses and Doctors explained everything and I was referred me to the correct doctors. The ladies at the front desk were the BEST and I almost wished I was going to have surgery 😉. "

 Deborah - 07/28/2022

" Great facility, employees and Dr. I just can’t believe how long it takes between visits to help someone in terrible pain most of the time. Also never heard from anyone about shot Dr. said he was giving me. (Sciatic) "

 Grace - 07/27/2022

" Even thought Dr. Billings didn't think that he would be able to help me because of my muscle condition, I appreciated his openness and honesty. "

 Ronald - 07/26/2022

" All the nursing staff was very courteous and professional, Dr HA explained everything he was going to do so i understood it. A day later feel much better none to very little pain very happy would highly recommend them. "

 Thomas - 07/26/2022

" Dr. McQueen is very professional and friendly, as was the staff. thank you "

 Jacqueline - 07/26/2022

" Dr McQueen was direct with the plan of care. "

 James - 07/26/2022

" Dr. Billings' explanations were lucid, understandable, professional, and friendly. Our visit was very pleasant. "

 Lisa - 07/22/2022

" I appreciated that Dr Ha was on time for my appointment and made me feel like he had time for me. My appt wasn't just a 10 minute thing. He took time to talk to me and get to know me and my concern. I would highly recommend him and this office. "

 Stewart - 07/19/2022

" Dr. Landau is an excellent doctor, he did his best to answer all my questions! "

 Glenda - 07/07/2022

" I was very impressed with Dr Billings & His nurse It is up to me to get my A1C under control be fore the doctor can help me he laid it on the line if I want my back fixed I better get things under control. But he was very concerned & helpful, thank you Dr Billings!!!!! "

 Sharon - 07/07/2022

" This was the best medical care I have ever received. You are all amazing care givers "

 Charles - 07/01/2022

" Dr. Billings did an excellent job at answering my questions and telling me what to expect in my healing process. I am more than happy to recommend him as a neurosurgeon. "

 Jude - 06/30/2022

" I am extremely grateful the staff were able to expedite my care due to the excruciating pain I am having now. "

 Kathryn - 06/30/2022

" I was apprehensive when I Learned that dr. Baker was leaving. As soon as I met Dr. Garapodi, I knew that I was in great hands. I have now had multiple surgeries in the Surgicenter and I am always cared for with the upmost professionalism, care, and competence. As a nurse of 50 years, I am a mean critic, but the entire staff never fails to meet my expectations and beyond. The adherence to safety protocols and the highest level of care is always evident. I would never hesitate to refer anyone, family or friend, to Fourth Corner neurosurgical services "

 Marlene - 06/29/2022

" Everything has been wonderful, from the initial consultation through post op surgery, I've been very pleased with the care and professionalism I've received from office and medical staff. "

 Jenifer - 06/29/2022

" Dr. McQueen, Rachel my very comforting nurse, Sally and everyone else was wonderful. Easy experience! "

 Cindy - 06/24/2022

" Previously saw another Dr. there, who I wouldn’t have continued with. Fortunately got Dr. Landau who was great. So I’m glad that I gave it another try. For myself the difference in my doctors was huge. I think it depends on who you see. Dr. Landau couldn’t have been better. "

 Brad - 06/23/2022

" Dr Billings and staff were very cordious, listened to my symptoms and answered all my questions . "

 George - 06/22/2022

" Dr Garraptti took ample time to explain my MRI, my skeletal problems and possible solutions. So valued my medical evaluation by him. Very hopeful! "

 Timothy - 06/19/2022

" Nurse Rachel was the best! She is funny and has a wonderful personality. She made me feel comfortable the entire time right through my discharge. My thanks to Amy for getting this scheduled and answering all my questions. You have a great team! Tim "

 Penny - 06/16/2022

" The meeting was an all around home run. My wife was fearful of seeing a doctor about her back issue, type-casting all neuro-surgeons as brandishing a scalpel in one hand and a veterinarian-sized hypodermic needle in the other. "

 Randy - 06/12/2022

" The only thing that i was not happy with was do not know where my results were sent and still waiting for results "

 Trudy - 06/11/2022

" Dr. Gorrepati is caring, knowledgeable, compassionate and dedicated to providing quality care to his patients. I would recommend him to anyone needing treatment for hydrocephalus. "

 Estus - 06/10/2022

" Very pleased with the way I have been treated and the explanation of treatment options. "

 Allen - 06/10/2022

" I was there on time but didn’t get taken back until 20 minutes after my appointment time "

 David - 06/09/2022

" Once I have the outcome from an upcoming laminectomy I will have a better idea about recommending others. However, I am hopeful that I will have a great outcome. "

 Elaine - 06/07/2022

" Dr McQueen is excellent. He’s easy to talk with and answers questions with ease. Yet, he is not afraid to tell if he’s unsure of a result. I would recommend him to anyone even if you have to wait a bit to get an appointment. He’s well sought after for good reason. He’s confident and competent!! "

 Natalie - 06/07/2022

" My daughter is going tree if she can be referred to Dr. Gorrepati based on my extreme like of his explanation on the surgery I need and his exceptional bedside manner. His staff were excellent as well. "

 Moriah - 06/03/2022

" I have a rare condition that affects all of my joints and sometimes my other doctors don't know how to combat the issues. My doctor here at Fourth Corner was amazing and well informed and it made me feel at ease with going forward at your facility. Thank you! "

 Ray - 06/03/2022

" Everyone at the facility was very helpfull with preparing me for surgery "

 Richard - 06/02/2022

" Very good visit with Dr. Billings. My wife attended and took notes. Dr. Billings subsequently applied for and received approval for surgery. However, since then I have had no communication concerning a schedule for surgery, in spite of requests for such information via telephone and e-mail. Weeks have gone by. I HOPE THIS MESSAGE WILL GENERATE A RESPONSE. OTHERWISE WE SHALL HAVE TO CONSIDER FINDING TREATMENT ELSEWHERE. Richard Ward "

 Elaine - 06/01/2022

" I liked Dr. Gorrapati very much. He was wonderful about answering questions, addressing the multiple things that were problems, outlining next steps, and injecting the one pain area that could be dealt with immediately. I look forward to solutions this summer. "

 Vickie - 06/01/2022

" Please tell Dr. G, Thank you for relief in my leg. I hope it last at least a few days...I will enjoy walking again. Thank you. Vickie Rees "

 Cecilia - 06/01/2022

" The environment was very lovely and peaceful, different than others. The receptionist and medical assistant Emma were so sweet and helpful. Dr. Billings made me feel comfortable at once with his up-personality. Communication was delightful and relaxing. He explained the MRI and other information with knowledge, patience, even a smile or two when I didn't understand and asked him to repeat it. He didn't make me feel like I had to rush which is a blessing in itself. My daughter-in-law who is a NP and my interpreter (smile) was impressed with him and the environment too. We both left with many options to think upon and impressed with this visit. Thank you again. Cecilia "

 Charlotte - 05/26/2022

" Dr. Landau is an excellent doctor who has helped me through a lot of trouble and pain. I highly recommend him to anyone with back trouble! "

 Steven - 05/22/2022

" Thorough diagnosis of back issue and provided alternatives for corrective action. "

 Nancy - 05/19/2022

" The wait area is clean. I have been to this office several times. This was the first time that the bathroom was messy. Paper towels on floor but toilet and sink were clean. Not a big deal but I was just a little surprised since I had never seen it that way. "

 Kevin - 05/19/2022

" Less scary then I thought my experience would be. Dr. Billings and his staff were very professional and explained things so I could understand my condition and recommended next steps. I appreciate all they are doing for me. Thank you. "

 Donna - 05/19/2022

" Due to the rare condition I have, it can be very challenging for both the Medical professional and myself. This was one of the best first meetings I have had in quite some time! "

 Richard - 05/18/2022

" Very professional, very friendly people to work with. "

 Melvin - 05/18/2022

" have not rec a call about my post operative progress. "

 Robert - 05/17/2022

" Dr. Ha is a brilliant surgeon. His assistant, Amy, is very competent and caring! "

 Sheena - 05/12/2022

" I love Dr Ha he is the best!! What a treasure to our community "

 Sheryl - 05/11/2022

" This was my first appointment. I'm scheduled for a second "consult" and then, if that doctor agrees with my first doctor, then I will be scheduled for an injection. Each appointment is a month apart from what I understand, this is the way it is done. It seems as though it would be more efficient to have the consult and the injection (if warranted) at the same time since it is the second "consulting" doctor that does the injection. Being in pain and having to wait and then wait again for treatment is a bit frustrating. "

 Brett - 05/11/2022

" Thank you for wwhat you do "

 Werner - 05/11/2022

" Doctor Ha is the greatest!! "

 Joseph - 05/11/2022

" In good hands with Dr. McQueen. I would recommend him to anyone in pain. He genuinely cares. The nurses are exceptional. Rachael does stand out, however. The receptionist (Lee) is very competent and always friendly. Thanks to all of the staff ! "

 Paul - 05/10/2022

" My conversation with Dr. Landau was in regard to a potentially critical health issue. Dr. Landau provided clear and concise explanations for all aspects of the condition, and made it clear that he would take whatever steps necessary to promote a complete understanding before proceeding with treatment. I was very impressed. "

 Lanh - 05/10/2022

" Dr. Billings is an excellent surgeon. "

 Leann - 05/06/2022

" Dr. Billings and his staff are always amazing and kind! I will always be grateful for the care I received. "

 Lorraine - 05/04/2022

" Being pushed out the back door without checking if my driver was ready for me was bit concerning!!! You really need to change this practice!!! "

 David - 05/04/2022

" A very pleasant experience..ds "

 Marcella - 05/03/2022

" Dr. Ha was by far the most engaging, caring, informative doctor I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He took all the time necessary to get to know me, assess my situation, to give me a thorough exam and to make sure I understood his diagnosis and his recommendation for the best next steps. He had obviously reviewed my case prior to my arrival as he had my previous MRIs pulled up on his computer for us to review together and to use as a basis for comparison to my current situation. All around an extraordinary experience. I highly recommend Dr. Ha and his staff. "

 Jackie - 05/03/2022

" Dr Gorrepati was fantastic and a excellent Listerner understand my concerns like no Other dr I've gone to in years to end up With the same condition only now much Worse and going to finally do something about It where fot years drs have just used Pete and repeat tatics I have done for years. Very confident in him and that says allot With me as I have been pretty discouraged In the health system and how it hasnt worked for me Over many years of pain relief I hadnt recieved. "

 Lydia - 05/02/2022

" The wait time was about 40 minute past my appointment time, however I truly appreciate the time that Dr. Ha took with me. He didn't rush so he could "get to the next appt", so I'd much prefer to wait while he takes his time with patients and is not rushed. "

 David - 04/29/2022

" You guys rock!! Always helpfull "

 Peter - 04/29/2022

" Dr. Ha is excellent in his manner and profession. He honest and has a great way of presenting options. You are all made a better place for having him on your team. "

 Brian - 04/22/2022

" Left my appointment feeling very positive about the information I’d received, and the solution to my problem. "

 Ellen - 04/21/2022

" Dr Landau is exceptional. Very caring and supportive of the patient. His medical assistant, Maddi is THE BEST. So considerate of my patient's needs. Never making me feel like I was being a bother. They are a great team. "

 Cameron - 04/20/2022

" I arrived 15 minutes early to my appointment (10:15) and then waited another 30 minutes in the lobby after my scheduled appointment time (10:30 - 11:00) before checking back in at the front desk to see if staff forgot about me. In short, I sat in the lobby for 45 minutes before even being taken back to the waiting room. Once there, my appointment was excellent! "

 Michelle - 04/20/2022

" I have found the entire staff at Fourth Corner Neurosurgical Associates to be friendly, courteous, professional and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend Fourth Corner Neurosurgical Associates! "

 Aziza - 04/16/2022

" Good job keep it up! "

 Bryan - 04/15/2022

" best of the best thank you Dr Landau "

 Christine - 04/14/2022

" Dr Ha spent a long time explaining things to me and addressing my concerns "

 Sue - 04/06/2022

" The scheduling was very inconvenient for me as they only do appointments one month ahead. I was going out of town during that time so after 7 phone calls I finally got an. appointment one month late for my annual final appointment. Dr. Landau could not be more kind or expert. "

 Sandra - 04/05/2022

" From my previous surgery, i have come to expect compassion, knowledge, skilled experience. This excellence is reinforced with my latest visit, providing me information to my current condition. With the guidance from Dr Landau I am confident in my baseline and plan for future intervention. "

 Steve - 04/05/2022

" Everyone is always kind and caring "

 Christine - 04/03/2022

" The care I've gotten from Dr. McQueen, his nurse and the nurses in the surgery suite have been exceptional, anyone having back issues he's the Dr. to be referred to. "

 Steve - 04/01/2022

" Everyone is wonderful. The time it took to get in to see the doctor, not so good. By the time it took(weeks) to see the doctor the problem took care of itself. Now I worry it will come back and I will be right back where I started. "

 Marsha - 04/01/2022

" I was aprehensive before my appointment and left feeling hopeful with a specific plan going forward. Doctor G is an excellent listener and communicator. Thank you for your professionalism in attending to my concerns by answering my questions and explaining details that I needed to understand. "

 Donald - 03/31/2022

" So glad we were referred to Dr. Gorapatti. He is very thorough, explained so we could understand, set out our options and a good listener. The staff were wonderful. "

 Judith - 03/31/2022

" In every way my experience with this facility and staff was excellent! 👏👏👏 Thank you! "

 Julie - 03/31/2022

" Dr. Gorepatti was wonderful!!! What an angel he is. I believe that he will heal me. "

 Kelly - 03/30/2022

" Dr Ha was very informative and spent quality time making sure I know all options for surgery and what and why certain things are done "

 Dianne - 03/26/2022

" I LOVE Dr. McQueen and now have a favorable impression of Hendrick. However, it is nearly impossible to receive timely appointments/treatment; thus my hesitation to recommend. "

 Jean - 03/26/2022

" I have been very pleased with the care and information provided. ,Maddie has been great to return calls And so very helpful in this long process. "

 Jess - 03/26/2022

" Your service is really good and you are always friendly thank you "

 Donald - 03/25/2022

" One knowledgeable doctor! "

 Daniel - 03/25/2022

" Dr Ha is simply an amazing person. He what’s the best for his patients and he likes to get to know your interests. "

 Raymond - 03/24/2022

" I believe the Doc said I would be contacted by a "scheduler". not sure - but I await. "

 Natala - 03/24/2022

" I am FREE of the cervical Collar and the Back Brace! "

 Subodh - 03/18/2022

" I have raved about the excellence of Dr. Ha with anyone who would ever like to know. The best doctor ever! "

 Carla - 03/18/2022

" Staff and Dr all friendly, professional and attentive. Would definitely recommend "

 Kathleen - 03/17/2022

" Dr. landau is very professional and courteous. He does a good job explaining what was done. I highly recommend him as a physician and surgeon to others. He has great bed side Manners and listened to my concerns. I’m a nurse and know many times some physicians have nasty bed side manners with their patients. I’m glad I choose Dr. Landau for my surgery. "

 Loresa - 03/17/2022

" Dr. Ha, was explicit and informative.never had a doctor Spend so much time with me. He was Excellent. "

 Paul - 03/16/2022

" Dr Landau was great! Very informative and thorough. "

 Suzanne - 03/15/2022

" Hardly any wait time. A big plus! "

 Roberta - 03/15/2022

" From the time I walked in the door and left everything was top notch "

 Ernest - 03/15/2022

" Dr Gorrapati, Leslie, Kelly, Lee and the staff are all terrific! "

 Trudy - 03/11/2022

" Dr. Gorrepati is very compassionate and takes the time to answer all my questions. "

 Tracy - 03/11/2022

" Thank you Dr. Billings. Highly recommend you. "

 Kristina - 03/11/2022

" I am very impressed by your office, staff, and Dr. Gorrepati! He explained everything to me in great detail while we looked at my MRI and CT. I left my appointment feeling very informed and much less stressed! I would recommend Dr. Gorrepati to everyone with severe disc problems. A very relaxed mellow Dr. who took the time to ease my fears. Thank you, Kristina A Bryant "

 Amanda - 03/10/2022

" The text reminders don't give all the information. They sort of stop mid message. "

 Thomas - 03/08/2022

" Dr. Landau explained exactly what I should be doing to help myself with my back problems, And he explained my future options should I need them. He even took the time to write them out for me. When I mentioned other options that I had heard of from friends and neighbors, he also explained what might and might not work for me especially pointing out to me that a popular treatment, used successfully by many patients, WOULD probably not be helpful for me. That gave me good prospective about my overall health. Thank you Dr. Landau, and everyone from the receptionist at the front desk to Dr. Landau's nurse assistant. I trust Dr. Landau. "

 Nicholas - 03/08/2022

" Professional, courteous "

 Susan - 03/07/2022

" I am actually thinking of surgery by the Dr I saw. He was helpful and considerate of my feelings about surgery 😊I speak English but can’t seem to get this on your application for languages?? Check it out, maybe a computer error? I’m interested in getting a call from you before next week, thanks 😊 It’s about talking to Dr about surgery instead of shots!? I am quite stressed right now but will try to contact you soon 🙏🏼 "

 Linda - 03/04/2022

" Dr Gorepatti did my surgery recently and I am so very happy with the results. He is so kind, compassionate, listens and makes the patient feel important. You could not have gotten a better replacement for Dr Baker who previously was my dr. Dr Gorepatti doesn’t rush but rather stays til all your questions/concerns are answered. I love Dr Gorepatti and happy to have found such a competent surgeon. "

 Kristi - 03/04/2022

" It was very comforting to receive a phone call directly from Dr. Landau the same afternoon I had seen him. I think my spine issue is a bit complex and he explained he talked with his colleague and they both went over my imaging before coming up with a very careful plan for my spine surgery. All that is to say it made me feel very confident I will get the best possible treatment. Kristi "

 Mary - 03/03/2022

" Dr. Gorrepati is an excellent surgeon. He was able to relieve the back pain I have been suffering with for 18 years. I would and will recommend him to all of my friend or relatives if they have spine surgery. So very happy he has joined your group. "

 Carol - 03/03/2022

" Doctor Gorrepati is a gem. Anyone lucky enough to be his patient will have a very positive experience. "

 Paul - 03/03/2022

" Dr G was the greatest. "

 Wilfred - 03/02/2022

" Doctor Gorrepati listened to me and understood my back and hip problems and symptoms with plenty of time and understanding. i was impressed by him. "

 Winnie - 03/01/2022

" Dr G was excellent in explaining what I'm seeing on my MRI. I am so glad he is my doctor. I sincerely hope we can find a plan to help me with my medical needs. "

 Gladys - 03/01/2022

" Great staff. Helpful remedy. Good explanations. I especially liked that they insisted on follow-up to see if remedy was adequate - rather than "Call if you don't get better....". Thanks, Dr. McQueen and staff. "

 Sandra - 02/25/2022

" This was the second, of two scheduled virtual visits, after my December 2021 surgery. The several times I have been in the office, for my appointments, the facility was always very clean and quiet. My provider and his staff have always been very courteous, patient and friendly. I have recommended my provider and his office, with location, to family and friends. "

 Alice - 02/18/2022

" Would have liked more time to ask questions "

 Kathryn - 02/16/2022

" Dr. Billings was excellent!! He was very good at explaining what had happened to my back and made sure to show me all the mri findings and answer all my questions. I really appreciated his approach to relieving my pain but not going further than was necessary. This was my first time having back surgery and i was a bit nervous but felt like i was in good hands. He was always very upfront and had many good suggestions for real life recovery. After the surgery my pain was totally relieved and other than a little discomfort from the incision I hadn’t felt this good in years. Would definitely recommend Dr, Billings to anyone in need. "

 Darlene - 02/15/2022

" I appreciate that Dr McQueen is always on time. "

 Kristi - 02/15/2022

" Dr. Ha did an outstanding job of explaining how the damage in my spine influenced my symptoms and why there is no need for surgical intervention of the spine. I appreciated his clear and and respectful explanation. This was one of the best medical visits in recent memory. "

 Clystina - 02/15/2022

" great office "

 Heidi - 02/09/2022

" Everyone was very professional and nice. "

 Estus - 02/03/2022

" very pleasant staff and Doctor. Made me feel very comfortable. "

 James - 02/01/2022

" My wife and I were very impressed with every aspect of our visit and I am proceeding with my plans for back surgery with Dr. Landau. "

 Joan - 01/28/2022

" Dr. Billings is super, answers questions in understandable language. Very friendly and personable. "

 Lynn - 01/28/2022

" Great as always "

 George - 01/28/2022

" Didn't have to wait long, Doctor and staff very friendly. "

 Roy - 01/27/2022

" I have been coming to this office and to Dr. McQueen for years. I hope to do so for many more years. My care and avoidance of surgery has been excellent. "

 Darleen - 01/26/2022

" I am delighted with the results of my surgery, Dr. Landau, Mandy and hospital, surety care. Thank you. "

 Pamela - 01/22/2022

" Dr. Billings was clear in his explanation of my condition. His recommendations all made sense. No rush to surgery. "

 Martin - 01/21/2022

" Dr Ha is great!! He is empathetic and very upfront about what to expect & what he believes can be done. I highly recommend him. "

 James - 01/21/2022

" My messages left over several days with the referral department (ph message option3) were never answered. I had to have my PCP call before I was ever contacted. My interaction with the staff and with doctors Gerrapatti and McQueen were excellent. "

 Daniel - 01/20/2022

" One of the most well run facilities. "

 Ryanna - 01/20/2022

" Dr. Ha is great! The good news is, he did not recommend surgery for me; however, I would have been completely comfortable with Dr. Ha being my surgeon if he did think I needed it. 10 out of 10, would recommend. :) - Ryanna & My Momma "

 Charlene - 01/18/2022

" I had read a very bad report online about one of the doctors so I came with some worries. HOWEVER, Dr. Billings was terrific. He was warm and friendly and went over very thoroughly what my MRIs and history was. He explained everything carefully, showing me the model of the back and how it all worked and what that corresponded to in the MRIs, which I could see. It was an excellent experience and he was wonderful. I would recommend him to every one. He has given me confidence that I will receive top quality care from your clinic. Charlene Mills "

 Eileen - 01/18/2022

" I have been seeing my provider, Dr. Carlton McQueen for approximately 5 years. Dr. McQueen has always treated me with respect and answers all questions to my satisfaction. I trust Dr. McQueen with my health care because he has given me sound advice when it is needed which is invaluable to me. Dr. McQueen's medical assistant is a very caring, kind and sweet individual. She handles my health care needs with great detail and has shown empathy towards me during difficult times. The office staff is always cheerful and ensures I am able to get an appointment within the time frame set by my provider. "

 Andrew - 01/18/2022

" I'm grateful to be under your care. "

 Gary - 01/13/2022

" Dr Landau and all the staff are awesome. I have had some unfortunate events happen this last year and everyone has been exceptional and always very compassionate. Sincerely Gary Patterson "

 Wendy - 01/12/2022

" During and after both surgeries staff was available for questions and always returned my calls. Dr. Ha was a life changer for me. Went from shooting pains and bending over to standing erect with no shooting pains. It’s been a year since my first surgery and 6 months since my 2nd surgery (neck then lower back) and I wish I had done these surgeries 4 years ago. "

 Michael - 01/05/2022

" Dr Landau made me feel very comfortable. He showed me what was wrong and how he was going to fix it. He put my mind at ease. "

 Kathy - 12/27/2021

" Dr. Ha is an incredible doctor and human being. He put my mind at ease regarding my medical history and symptoms. I appreciate his candor and professionalism in the evaluation and the fact that he did not push invasive procedures or surgery unless absolutely necessary. "

 Steve - 12/24/2021

" Everyone is kind and attentive "

 James - 12/24/2021

" Getting in to see Dr. Landau was really quick and much appreciated. But over a month wait to have a consultation for a cortizone shot is way out of whack. A1 day a week consultant seems way out there is there an alternative for sooner? "

 Nancy - 12/23/2021

" In response to why my understanding of the next steps of my care was not excellent has no reflection on my Dr. My doctor and his assistant are amazing. I have an L and I injury and am struggling with my claim ending. I always feel like my concerns and questions are being answered. Thanks. "

 Vicki - 12/16/2021

" The only complaint I have is the volume and redundancy of the paperwork. Insurance cards and id are scanned into the system yet insurance information is still asked for on the paperwork. I think it could be simplified and still meet all standards. "

 Scott - 12/16/2021

" Dr. Ha Is one person that I fully trust. I have never received anything but honesty. I would never go anywhere else for this type of treatment. The staff is also a reflection of his knowledge and kindness. "

 Jeffrey - 12/16/2021

" Very satisfied "

 Jeanette - 12/15/2021

" Everyone was kind and helpful. I felt listened to and supported. I never felt rushed. Great experience. Thank you. "

 Craig - 12/11/2021

" Coming to your office is always a pleasure. You have a wonderful and friendly staff. "

 Raymond - 12/09/2021

" Good Morning: This the third time I have been to your facility, and we have no problems at all. Thank you for being there and always ready to help. Thank you and keep up the good work. Raymond Hunter. "

 Eileen - 12/09/2021

" Dr. Landau's was very informative and explained everything to me clearly. He was clear on all my next steps and I appreciated his concern and understanding. "

 Donald - 12/09/2021

" Professional yet friendly and courteous. He gave us great hope. "

 Carolyn - 12/07/2021

" I have been telling anyone who will listen about my minimally invasive spine surgery. I had no idea that such an option existed. I had asked several medical providers for advice on how to address my problems and no one in Skagit County told me about anything but traditional surgery. "

 Larry - 12/07/2021

" I had wanted this follow up visit to be in person with Dr Landau as an in person examination is always best but mainly to thank him in person but I sneezed a few times in the morning and the last thing I wanted to do was infect him or anyone in the building. The back operation delivered me from a life of misery. To be the cause of hindering others by making the Dr or his staff sick made me do a zoom call instead. "

 Joseph - 12/02/2021

" Dr Billings was excellent. Took time for all my questions and concerns. "

 James - 12/01/2021

" Thank you Dr Landau for taking away my sciatic pain. It has allowed me to take my life back and become mobile again. I’m now walking 3 miles every morning pain free. Thank you thank you thank you. "

 Kay - 12/01/2021

" Dr. Billings was very pleasant and easy to talk to. He explained all issues and I left feeling good about our visit "

 Bette - 12/01/2021

" Dr. Landau is very responsive to my questions and concerns. He offers thorough explanations and orders follow up to answer any further issues that can explain my ongoing symptoms. I feel comfortable expressing myself and he is sympathetic to my needs. "

 Janet - 12/01/2021

" It was a pleasure meeting with Dr. Ha. I appreciate that he shook my hand to introduce himself (he used hand sanitizer in my presence). His review and explanation of my situation was excellent and I appreciate his directness. All staff were friendly and professional. I will highly recommend Dr. Ha and Fourth Corner Neurosurgical Associates. "

 Kerri - 11/24/2021

" Dr. Biings is very kind, knowledgeable, and patient with me. "

 Vivian - 11/24/2021

" Thank you for allowing me to make this a video appointment...saves a lot of time, effort and potential exposure during Covid! "

 Windy - 11/23/2021

" The staff at 4th Corner is always kind, helpful and informative. Dr. McQueen is always thorough and courteous! "

 Bert - 11/23/2021

" Doctor and staff were great! Very pleasant experience. "

 Summer - 11/18/2021

" I have been a patient with Fourth Corner for various reasons the last 12+ and worked with them professionally for 25+years. The Dr.s, PACs, MAs, and all the staff have been consistently courteous and professional. Thanks. "

 Edward - 11/13/2021

" Dr. Billings was as awesome as his green pants! Very pleased with how he walked me through my issue and showed me what was going on. Thankyou. Ed Soderblom "

 Dennis - 11/13/2021

" The staff and doctor are the best. Dr Baker and his staff changed my life. I went from hardly walking at all for 11 years and now I walk my dogs. Thank you all very much. "