Recent Reviews

 James - 03/24/2023

" I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with this practice. Much appreciated by a person in pain. "

 Brian - 03/23/2023

" I appreciated the clean, roomy and nice waiting area. It was very pleasant. "

 Dana - 03/23/2023

" I appreciated that Doctor Ha thoroughly went through what my MRI indicated and what level of care I required! "

 Caroline - 03/23/2023

" This is the most comprehensive medical appointment I’ve ever had complete with detailed follow up care. I particularly like the prescription information text that was sent to me. So very helpful! Thank you so much for caring! "

 Nigel - 03/17/2023

" Dr. McQueen was very personable and explained very clearly what is going on with my neck and back.. perfect explanation. "

 Marilyn - 03/17/2023

" The staff is always courteous and I am so grateful for Dr McQueen and his professionalism and thoroughness in trying to come to a solution for my pain. Thank you, Marilyn Goff "

 Merrie - 03/16/2023

" There was a long wait to get the appointment with this MD and I understand that because he is in such high demand. I do not know if it was a medical assistant who led me into the room but not much was said. I sat for over an hour in there and MD arrived and explained that he had been on call at hospital. A staff person could have come earlier to tell me. "

 Gloria - 03/15/2023

" The entire team was wonderful. Everyone was kind and professional and had a sense of humor. Humor is my coping mechanism and the team laughed along with me, which made me feel way more comfortable before the procedure. The only issue I have is not being able to get an itemized receipt for the pre-pay portion. I have an HSA and need an itemized receipt for substantiation or they deactivate the credit card. An itemized receipt should be automatically emailed to the patients instead of having to call back and request one. "

 David - 03/15/2023

" I was given time to tell my tale of woe without interruptions. I feel I was listened to. The explanation of my condition was clearly conveyed To both myself and my wife. All our questions were answered. I know where I am at and I know how to proceed with my options. Trust has been established and I am relieved about that. Thank you for that Dr. Gorrepati’s. It was an enjoyable experience. "

 Kathy - 03/10/2023

" Staff is very helpful and courteous. "

 Darby - 03/10/2023

" I noticed a big improvement in the scheduling process from a few years ago. I was able to get in to see Dr. Billings within a weeks time. My appointment went very well. Dr. Billings is not only a fantastic surgeon, but a great care giver as well. He was up to date on my condition and scans and went over my mri in great detail, explaining everything in language I could understand. I left my appointment feeling confident that I was in good hands and well on my way to recovery from my ski accident. Dr. Billings even followed up the next day with a phone call to make sure I had all the information I needed. Five stars for Fourth Corner Neurological! "

 Shawna - 03/09/2023

" I came to Dr Ha scared and in great pain. He was caring and knowledgeable and spent the time to educate and reassure me with my medical issues. After surgery, I am no longer in pain, and I would highly recommend Dr. Ha. "

 Jeanne - 03/09/2023

" Lee at front desk, Leslie the nurse and Dr Gabapati are all very friendly, caring and professional. There is a lot of little laughter in the whole office that makes it a pleasure to be there despite the seriousness of patient’s medical issues and high level of pain most are there for. I often recommend this practice to people who are frustrated with not finding answers to their spinal problems "

 Sandra - 03/08/2023

" Love Dr. Landau. He did two back surgeries on my 10 years ago. Now, I need another one. Wouldn't go to anyone else and I have referred several of my friends to him. He has a calm, reassuring way about him. "

 Darrol - 03/07/2023

" I received care beyond the level I thought possible. Dr. Ha and his staff are the very best. "

 Jon - 03/03/2023

" Very professional, courteous, knowledgeable and informative "

 Dennis - 03/01/2023

" Heinrich Kok was excellent and was a great listener. "

 Richard - 02/28/2023

" The front desk ladies and scheduling staff are not very friendly. However, the medical assistants and doctors are wonderful. "

 Stacey - 02/28/2023

" 2 years post op and still feeling great! "

 Adelaida - 02/25/2023

" Dr. Gorepati was friendly and very knowledgeable. He explained the issue with my lumbar area and made me feel good about the state of my spine. I felt confident that I chose the right doctor. Thank you. "

 Kathleen - 02/24/2023

" I didn’t get the answers I was hoping for but hopefully with moving forward they will be able to figure out what’s wrong with me. "

 James - 02/23/2023

" The Fourth Corner Neurosurgical Practice is most excellent in every way. Professional - friendly - competent - businesslike. "

 Wallace - 02/21/2023

" Dr Landau was excellent explaing my results and the next step forward. "

 Mary - 02/18/2023

" Doctor Billings was so patient and answered all of my questions. He gave me options for treatment and time to now make an informed decision. I felt such a relief after my visit. "

 Sheryl - 02/17/2023

" Dr R Gorrepati is a courteous, caring, and respectful doctor who articulates his compassion and concerns for a patients wellbeing. After seeing many physicians to understand my concerns; Dr G explained the process of how the slow and steady approach gets us to the finish line, safe and sound. I am very grateful for this approach and know it is the best approach for my recovery and getting back to a functional life. "

 Carolann - 02/11/2023

" Having been a nurse for many years, docs who wear loafer shoes are the best, on a more serious note My stress level of condition eased. Thank you Carol Ann laird "

 Nicola - 02/10/2023

" After experiencing a matter of months of intense chronic pain it was a relief to receive pain management treatment from Dr. McQueen at the clinic - a pleasant experience all in all. Dr. McQueen is competent, professional dedicated and caring, and his staff and the personnel who helped before and after this procedure were all first rate. I appreciate the care I received and look forward to continued treatment for my condition. "

 Suzanne - 02/07/2023

" I will be having cervical fusion on the 10th. Amy has been incredible helping me get everything I need to get through it. Dr. Ha has been incredible in making sure my husband and I understand the process. I am very grateful. The reason I replied only Good on the facilities, the bathroom needed attention, the garbage in both were overflowing, there was paper all over the floor. It wasn't terrible, just in need of attention. "

 Sharon - 02/03/2023

" Excellant in every respect. "

 Colleen - 02/03/2023

" Dr Ha, Amy and the whole staff have been amazing. I was so nervous and they put me at ease. Dr. Ha was so thorough and I knew I was in good hands. Thank you all so much. "

 David - 02/01/2023

" This was the first time in the facility, and I was truly impressed with the clean. spacious, comfortable waiting room. Found myself fascinated with the information on the TV. Friendly staff and finally a doctor that I feel is very knowledgeable regarding my problem and has a plan in place to resolve it. "

 Christi - 02/01/2023

" All-around excellent experience. Thank you!! "

 Linda - 01/31/2023

" The only issue I have is that I was never informed that my co-pay for my surgery was due at the time of this appointment. I was expecting to pay my co-pay of $45.00 not the $200.00 for my surgery. I was told that normally I would receive a text with the amount of the surgery co-pay I looked and I never received that text. It makes more sense to simply include the co-pay information in the confirmation email that we all receive and also acknowledge. "

 Dianne - 01/31/2023

" Spinal surgery is a big scary deal and Dr. Landau instilled a lot of confidence in proceeding, when the time is right. "

 Alissa - 01/31/2023

" I’ve already recommended Dr. Gorrepati to several friends and it has not even been 24 hours. I had such a great experience and learned so much as he answered my questions and went over my MRI with me. I was very nervous going into my appointment. Thankfully, he was helpful and cheerful and knowledgeable, and I could tell he cared. I was a little worried before coming to be met with arrogance, but this was absolutely not the case. Dr. Gorrepati ensured I felt comfortable from the moment he walked in the room. I asked many questions and felt he listened intently and answered them all as he met my concerns with care. I felt he explained things in a way I could really understand. If I need surgery in the future, he is the kind of surgeon I would trust. "

 Carol - 01/28/2023

" I woke up not being in excruciating pain for the first time in two years. The whole team was wonderful! "

 Sherry - 01/25/2023

" I appreciate everyone at 4th Corner! Always a good experience coming to your facility. Dr Ha is amazing and has helped me so much. (Plus, he has a great sense of humor.) 2 stenosis surgeries and both were a piece of cake - NOT a term I would usually apply to surgery! Thank you to all of you! Sherry Roodhouse Black "

 Paul - 01/24/2023

" Dr Landau is the one I would recommend. Friendly, informative, with a great bedside manner. "

 Bette - 01/21/2023

" Dr. Gorrepati was thorough and explained everything clearly. He gave options and suggestions for the next stage of treatment. I will go back to him if needed. The nurse, staff, checking in, everyone was kind and helpful. Thank you! "

 David - 01/20/2023

" I had an excellent experience with Dr. McQueen during my procedure. "

 Michele - 01/20/2023

" Dr.Ramana Gorrepati, neurological surgeon, was really excellent. He showed me detailed images from my MRI, expanding the images (in his software) to make them more clear. He took the time to fully explain my spinal condition/potential treatments in clear terms that I could understand; and he listened carefully to all my questions/background details. He explained the various pros and cons of different treatments. He also used 3-D anatomical models to show me how vertebrae, discs and nerve roots are constructed; and how a spinal fusion would be constructed. He has a warm, compassionate manner that is very appreciated. He is very knowledgeable and highly skilled. I was very impressed by him. I highly recommend him. "

 Connie - 01/19/2023

" My appointment with Hendrik Kok was very pleasant and informative, he is very personable and knowledgeable. "

 Clystina - 01/18/2023

" It was quick and efficient.. "

 Dean - 01/14/2023

" Thank the Lord for how great I felt the day after surgery So grateful to all who those who were a part of the process from 1st Dr visit to leaving the hospital after surgery, I felt so well cared for I Thank the Lord daily for all those who've made great sacrifices to get the knowledge to help others Thanks again Dean Zender "

 Keith - 01/14/2023

" Everyone was great. I do have a few follow-up questions for the doc as its a lot to absorb. "

 Jodee - 01/14/2023

" We did teleheslth. Nice to see his face without a mask. "

 David - 01/14/2023

" Dr. Billings is an outstanding doctor/surgeon! "

 David - 01/13/2023

" Dr. McQueen is one of the most personable, considerate, informative and knowledgeable physicians I have experienced. "

 Coby - 01/12/2023

" Dr. Gorrepatti is such a nice and friendly doctor, I would recommend him to anyone. Made me feel so comfortable and a great sense of humor. "

 Donna - 01/11/2023

" Dr. Billings was very nice and easy to talk to and answered my questions clearly and easy to follow. The staff was friendly and helpful. I am rather uneasy about getting a steroid injection but I am sure my upcoming appointment with Avery will be informative and she will address my concerns. "

 Joseph - 01/10/2023

" The Doctor has a good approach,bedside manner and professional demeanor. "

 David - 01/06/2023

" Doctor and his nurse Leslie are awesome. "

 Nathan - 01/06/2023

" The team of doctors, y'all have now just fantastic! And obviously, I trust my life with you folks! "

 Donald - 01/06/2023

" Your survey is asking the wrong questions. "

 John - 01/05/2023

" My visit with Dr. Billings was exceptional. He provided much needed guidance concerning my condition. He explained what my problems were by reviewing the visuals from my MRI and x-ray. My questions were answered clearly and he did all he could to ensure I understood my medical condition. His assessment on how to proceed was invaluable. He clearly stated surgery was unnecessary and said referral to Neurology was best. He put in an order for the referral. Lastly he addressed my pain management by subscribing two medications. After one full day of using these medicines, my pain level has been reduced considerably. I can not stress enough how grateful I am for his care. Thank you, Dr. Billings. /R/ John Ferdon "

 Jill - 12/23/2022

" Dr. Ha is wonderful! "

 Corinne - 12/22/2022

" I don’t understand why I needed to consult with my doctor to schedule a consultation with another doctor in the practice before I can schedule my spinal injection. We had already discussed that as the next step and now I’m waiting ANOTHER 6 weeks until I can get some relief. "

 Joan - 12/20/2022

" I wish my Dr. Had put me in contact with Dr. Landau 6 months before she did! I could have saved myself a very painful 6 whole months! "

 Mahmoud - 12/17/2022

" We were treated excellent Everyone went out of their way to fit us in and take of pain I am very grateful to Dr Ha and Dr McQueen to get me in right away "

 Jude - 12/16/2022

" Dr Gorepati is an outstanding surgeon and care provider. I highly recommend him to others. "

 Sharon - 12/10/2022

" I saw Dr. Billings and he was very thorough in explaining things to me. ( not that I remember it all). He is very pleasant and comfortable to be around. The staff there were also very nice, also didn't have to spend much time waiting. "

 Abram - 12/10/2022

" Very well-run operation! "

 Stephen - 12/08/2022

" It is very easy and effective to work with the support staff to get things done at the doctor's office. They are friendly and helpful. "

 Penny - 12/08/2022

" Very help. Dr Landua went out of his way to figure out what my problem is. "

 Windy - 12/08/2022

" I have been in accute pain and seen two other doctors prior to my visit with Cascade Brain and Spine. I had given pain medication, gabapentin, torridol and a steroid taper and received zero relief of my accute pain, Dr. McQueen quicjly assessed my sciatica and knowing I was in great pain, immediately ordered an mri so he could further assist in releiving it. He is wonderful! "

 Terry - 12/08/2022

" Thanks too Everyone, Merry Christmas 🎄 "

 Gary - 12/03/2022

" Extremely pleased with the entire place but especially Dr Gorepatti. He was so thorough and easy to talk to. I felt like I'd been very well cared for and wish he could be my general practitioner:-) "

 Norma - 12/03/2022

" I was at Cascade Spine Outpatient Center for a cervical injection. The neurosurgeon and nursing staff made the procedure quick and safe. "

 Diann - 12/01/2022

" Dr. Landau is an excellent doctor. He is educated, knowledgeable, and experienced. He cares. I know I am in good hands with him. I trust him, Sometimes it takes a while to get in to see him. His staff is welcoming and very nice. "

 Paul - 12/01/2022

" Excellent is not a high enough rating for the care ˆI received. Doctor Gorrepati was was both personable, pleasant and super professional. Cannot rate him too highly! "

 Mark - 12/01/2022

" Incredible care and amazing people. Would highly recommend Dr Ha. Every single person that was part of the surgery process went above and beyond. Thank you! "

 Kim - 12/01/2022

" I have had two surgeries here over the past ten years. Both times the doctors and staff have been very informative and courteous to my needs and me! Thank you very much,Kim S.Swan "

 Julie - 11/30/2022

" This surgery was the third I have had with Dr. Ha and just like before he did a great job. He has a great staff and I would and do recommend him to others. "

 David - 11/30/2022

" Very positive experience and I don't wanna get injured again but if I do I have faith in The professionalism friendliness and Is trust worthy experience "

 Pam - 11/29/2022

" Love the Drs on site, and their assistant’s I’ve been to see a couple over the years and each Dr has been a kind, caring, Physician.. I don’t think I’d go anywhere else! "

 Richard - 11/24/2022

" Staff is always very helpfull. A+ "

 Catharine - 11/23/2022

" The professionalism and care of your clinic is heartwarming. Thank you. "

 Colin - 11/22/2022

" This office, and Dr. Landau, is great! I hope to not need to see these good folks again, but if I need to I have full confidence in all they do. "

 Jonni - 11/19/2022

" Caring staff, easy to talk to,there trying to get me back to the life I love! I'm so glad I have the team caring for, so I can live life comfortably Thank You "

 Elizabeth - 11/18/2022

" Very nice to arrive and get in right away, no waiting. Good job to all! "

 Alan - 11/17/2022

" From front office to doctor: courteous, attentive, professional "

 Toni - 11/16/2022

" Dr. Gorrepati has a very good bedside manner, listens well, informs well, and easy to understand. Doesn't make me feel stupid when I have questions. "

 Joan - 11/12/2022

" Great provider on time, courteous and not in a hurry or rushing the visit. Thank you for personal care and listening to me. "

 Tamara - 11/09/2022

" Dr. Ha and the entire staff at Fourth Corner are above land beyond INCREDIBLE!!! Every appointment I have had- from my initial consultation to my surgery to recent post-op appointments have been so positive, helpful and wonderful. Dr. Ha is so incredibly caring, knowledgeable, compassionate and a true master at what he does. He gave me my life back, and improved my quality of life a thousand percent! I would recommend Dr.Ha and 4th Corner Neuro to anyone and everyone that has spinal/back issues. This facility is state of the art and truly exceptional! in every way. I am eternally grateful. "

 Steven - 11/09/2022

" Thank u , Looking forward to hear back, God Bless Sam (Steven) "

 Barbara - 11/09/2022

" Dr. Billings does a wonderful job explaining things and listening to the patient. I would highly recommend him. "

 Gary - 11/08/2022

" Geez, less than 5 minute wait, doctor Billings took the time to answer my questions. In and out in maybe 20 minutes. Compression fracture. Healing nicely. "

 Alvin - 11/08/2022

" Thank you for everything! "

 Lisa - 11/04/2022

" Great staff, was nice to finally have a doctor explain how to fix neck and shoulder pain without surgery! "

 Ann Marie - 11/03/2022

" Although the process of obtaining an initial appointment was stressful, after I met with Dr Landeau and Mattie I was extremely pleased. "

 Bret - 11/03/2022

" Hands down one of the Best doctor appointments I have ever had. Dr. Gorrepati was so attentive, listened to everything I ask and had excellent answers for all. He explained all my options and set me at ease with my back issues and what we will do moving forward. I will highly recommend Dr. Gorrepati and Fourth Corner Neurosurgical to my friends and family. "

 Lynn - 10/29/2022

" Great as always "

 Marcia - 10/27/2022

" As usual, thorough explanation of lower back problem and plan for pain control with Dr. McQueen. The clinic is very professional and personal from receptionists, to nurses, to physicians I see [Dr. McQueen and Dr. Ha]. Thanks for excellent care and concern. "

 Sherry - 10/26/2022

" My sincere thanks to Dr Ha and all the staff there who assisted with my surgery last Monday. The feeling of your place and the people there is cheerful and courteous and professional. I surely do appreciate all of you! This was my 2nd laminectomy for stenosis and it was, like the first one, a "piece of cake" -- thanks to you! Many thanks, Sherry Roodhouse Black "

 Erin - 10/25/2022

" Waiting for insurance approval of upper MRI and back surgery. "

 Penny - 10/25/2022

" I am amazed at the warm and professional care I have received over the years with all aspects of the experience at Four Corner and Dr. Landau. I had surgery on my cervical spine in 2019 in September. I went from a limited range of motion to complete range of motion and no pain. Unfortunately I was injured on my job so I find myself needing care again. I have been skeptical of the care at hospitals and physicians offices from past experiences. I’m the biggest fan of Dr Landau and and his entire staff. Because of my past cervical spine surgery and the care I received I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. Your life is in the best of care here and I enthusiastically and honestly recommend the entire office and especially Dr Landsu in particular. Penny Strong "

 Rose - 10/22/2022

" Dr.Billings was very professional and took the time to explain what was going on with my neck. "

 Gailene - 10/18/2022

" This is one of the best places I have been to in an exceptionally long time. Every single person I encountered was welcoming, courteous, nice, and felt very genuine. I was being listened to and feel hopeful which I have not felt in a long time. "

 Deborah - 10/18/2022

" The staff and my provider were phenomenal. I have been going through many appointments Lately, and I have to say this clinic and staff were top notch "

 Manouchehr - 10/17/2022

" Carrying very well.. "

 Jerry - 10/15/2022

" Professional & efficient group of docs, nurse-practitioners, & technicians who appear to enjoy their working environment & collegiality. "

 Nancy - 10/14/2022

" Dr B Landau is a very good doctor. He mentioned all possible questions and very passionate to explain. Make me understand my situation. "

 Daniel - 10/14/2022

" When I left I was given an x-ray order. When I got home and looked at it I found that it was issued in someone else's name. Everyone makes mistakes now and then. I'll just have to go back and get a new one. I still rate your clinic as excellent. "

 William - 10/14/2022

" everything was well done "

 Elizabeth - 10/13/2022

" Would have liked to get an. Appointment sooner. Reception answered phone calls quickly and we're helpful "

 Patricia - 10/08/2022

" Great "

 Sylvia - 10/08/2022

" I wanted this appointment with Dr. Billings to be sure my record was updated with my most recent issue with sciatica. He told me what was likely causing the pain which was clear information to me. If the problem worsens, then I can get another consultation. "

 Heidi - 10/05/2022

" Dr Gorrepati put me at ease, listened attentively and answered all my questions and concerns. "

 Barbara - 10/04/2022

" Thanks to everyone. I was extremely impressed. Being a provider myself, I was taken by the kindness and support I was shown and felt well cared for - hope I don't return (no offense!) but if I have to, I know I will continue to receive great care. Barbara "

 Dennis - 10/04/2022

" The standard by which others should be compared. "

 James - 09/28/2022

" Everyone was pleasant and professional. Dr. McQueen administered the injection quickly and with minimal discomfort. "

 Wendy - 09/27/2022

" I was late arriving but receptionist was very understanding. The doctor was still busy with another patient so he wasn't upset. "

 Cindy - 09/27/2022

" Dr. Landau is the best! Spinal fusion / decompression surgery was something I should have done years ago, an would have if I didn’t waste time bandaiding the problem at pain clinics. Took two weeks off work an the recovery was quicker than I expected. I would highly recommend Dr. Landau:) "

 Judee - 09/27/2022

" My Dr., Was informative regarding my need for surgery by giving me all the where, what,and when. He listened to all my questions and concerns with compassion and understanding. "

 Colleen - 09/25/2022

" As always, Dr. Ha was top-notch! "

 Terese - 09/23/2022

" Very thorough, kind, efficient, and caring. "

 Dianne - 09/22/2022

" Dr. McQueen is REALLY good at what he does. He's earned my trust! "

 Linda - 09/22/2022

" Dr Gorepatti is an amazing surgeon. Easy to talk to, he doesn’t rush you thru your appt and will take the time to answer all your questions. I’m so impressed with him. I wish all doctors/surgeons were like him. "

 Michael - 09/20/2022

" still in a lot of pain, this is looking like it is going the the wrong way, still think this will work out "

 Jeffrey - 09/20/2022

" I would recommend them to everybody great service and great people thanks to all of them. "

 Thomas - 09/20/2022

" Amy moved mountains to get me imaging that we needed and Dr Ha is being very thorough, giving me great confidence in the care I'm receiving. "

 Domnica - 09/17/2022

" excellent! "

 Elaine - 09/16/2022

" I appreciate the attention to detail and care for excellence!! "

 Daniel - 09/14/2022

" Dr Mcqueen is awesome and lays things out so you understand them and he is very personable!! "

 Craig - 09/14/2022

" Dr Ha and his nurse Amy are awesome. I enjoy coming to your office. I would highly recommend Dr Ha. "

 Ralph - 09/13/2022

" I was very pleased with my new experience with Fourth Corner Neurosurgical Associates. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Doctor Ramana also was very nice and helpful. I would very gladly recommend anyone to the Fourth Corner Neurosurgical. Thank you, Ralph Akins "

 Terri - 09/13/2022

" Dr. Billings and staff were professional, friendly & kind. The wait (when I arrived) was longer than expected (40 minutes). All else went well. Thank you. "

 Alice - 09/10/2022

" I love Dr McQueen & his staff. They are all kind, courteous, professional & make a stressful situation easier to deal with. "

 Donna - 09/10/2022

" Dr. Ha is an amazing person as well as incredibly relatable. He’s very honest and knowledgeable and he truly cares for his patients. The staff are top notch as well. "

 Kelly - 09/09/2022

" The doctor was running late, so I sat on the video appt call for a long period of time alone, but during that time, the doctor's assistant / receptionist called me to advise that the doctor was running behind and would arrive on the video appt shortly, which I appreciated. I feel like this office valued me and my time. "

 Daniel - 09/08/2022

" Everything was excellent as always! "

 Elaine - 09/02/2022

" We come from Oak Harbor for appointments at Fourth Corner, a trip which usually takes 1 1/4 hours. Yesterday, thanks to an accident or roadwork (never fully revealed), the trip took 2 hours. I called Grace about 30 minutes prior to my appointment when it was clear we were going nowhere fast. She said not to worry because other patients had called that they were stuck in the traffic jam as well. We waited only minutes when we finally got to Fourth Corner and I greatly appreciated being seen just as carefully as we would have been if we were on time. "

 Jack - 09/02/2022

" Negative - We arrived early as directed and had to wait beyond our appointment time. Normally this is not a big deal but I have back pain that is aggravated by sitting for long periods of time. The receptionist was very kind. She could see that I was in pain during check-in and said it was OK to go sit down and she would bring me my receipt - she never did bring it. When we checked out we were told the payment for our copay did not go through and they ran our card again. This morning there are two charges to our account, one for $35 and one for $45. You need to fix that. Positive - Dr. Ha took his time to explain my condition and the options I have going forward. He was very compassionate in relating why a surgical solution was too risky given my age and the condition of my spine. We have a great deal of respect for him for that. "

 Candace - 08/31/2022

" I love everything about this medical facility. Everyone is so helpful and kind. "

 Wendy - 08/30/2022

" A year and a half after my first surgery and a year after my second surgery I have no more excruciating pain in my legs and every week my mobility gets better and better. I wish I had done these surgeries years ago. I didn’t know how easy it was to get relief and be able to lift, dance and walk w-o pain. "

 Linda - 08/27/2022

" As always, Dr. Ha answered all my questions. This was my last follow up visit since my cervical fusion surgery. "

 David - 08/24/2022

" I only wish I could have been seen sooner. But I understand there are many patients that need help too. All said I learned a lot more about my condition. "

 Maryl - 08/19/2022

" It is rare to have a care provider spend the time explaining the results of imaging with a patient to the extent Dr. Ha did with me. Every aspect of possible management of my condition was covered, including lifestyle changes to consider. He was compassionate and yet realistic in his care plan suggestions. I was treated with respect and felt like I was listened to. This, in my opinion is what holistic medical care should look like. "

 Gorgin - 08/18/2022

" Dr. Ha was wonderful. He took his time and answered all my questions. It’s a very serious matter to me and clearly he understands the gravity of the situation very well. Thank you! "

 Carol - 08/16/2022

" Dr. Han is the best. "

 Michael - 08/07/2022

" Back surgery is serious business and a big decision. Dr Ha and the staff at 4 corner neurosurgical are very good at what they do. Their process and professionalism made me feel confident I was in good hands. Dr Ha was clear and practical about the procedure we were undertaking together. My quality of life has greatly improved since the surgery. I am very grateful for Dr Ha’s skill and expertise. Thank you all. "

 Peter - 08/05/2022

" Dr. Ha has a wonderful and excellent way of explaining a procedure. His honest and positive assessment's are reassuring. "

 Dean - 08/05/2022

" The visit with Dr. Billings was very informative and Dr. Billings is very professional, he is very knowledgeable and gave me all the information I needed to make a decision. I trust him to be able to fix this problem. Both me and my wife liked him. "

 Nathan - 08/02/2022

" staff went above and beyond to get me after ferry cancellation and as always, Dr Landau is great with communicating in a very short window of time, most importantly, he listens and I feel hesrd. Lee at the front, always look forward to checking in, front staff is always great.. I appreciate you folks! still upright and fighting the good fight thanks to your team! "

 Irene - 08/01/2022

" Dr. Gorrepati was very caring, and courteous to my husband as well as myself. That meant a lot. Considering it was the luck of draw as to who I would see inthe hospital after my ER visit, I was very lucky to get him. "

 Christine - 07/29/2022

" Awesome , professional if ever needed will return. Thnaks so much "

 Bradford - 07/28/2022

" Great group of people, very friendly and helpful. Explained most stuff fully and so I could understand it. "

 Richard - 07/28/2022

" Appointment took over 4 months to get through the VA only to find out that is was the wrong kind of doctors and that I didn't want a surgeon. The Dotcors and Nurses were a little fast paced for me and it almost seemed like they were trying to get you in and out quickly. Once a conversation started the Nurses and Doctors explained everything and I was referred me to the correct doctors. The ladies at the front desk were the BEST and I almost wished I was going to have surgery 😉. "

 Deborah - 07/28/2022

" Great facility, employees and Dr. I just can’t believe how long it takes between visits to help someone in terrible pain most of the time. Also never heard from anyone about shot Dr. said he was giving me. (Sciatic) "

 Grace - 07/27/2022

" Even thought Dr. Billings didn't think that he would be able to help me because of my muscle condition, I appreciated his openness and honesty. "

 Ronald - 07/26/2022

" All the nursing staff was very courteous and professional, Dr HA explained everything he was going to do so i understood it. A day later feel much better none to very little pain very happy would highly recommend them. "

 Thomas - 07/26/2022

" Dr. McQueen is very professional and friendly, as was the staff. thank you "

 Jacqueline - 07/26/2022

" Dr McQueen was direct with the plan of care. "

 James - 07/26/2022

" Dr. Billings' explanations were lucid, understandable, professional, and friendly. Our visit was very pleasant. "

 Lisa - 07/22/2022

" I appreciated that Dr Ha was on time for my appointment and made me feel like he had time for me. My appt wasn't just a 10 minute thing. He took time to talk to me and get to know me and my concern. I would highly recommend him and this office. "

 Stewart - 07/19/2022

" Dr. Landau is an excellent doctor, he did his best to answer all my questions! "

 Glenda - 07/07/2022

" I was very impressed with Dr Billings & His nurse It is up to me to get my A1C under control be fore the doctor can help me he laid it on the line if I want my back fixed I better get things under control. But he was very concerned & helpful, thank you Dr Billings!!!!! "

 Sharon - 07/07/2022

" This was the best medical care I have ever received. You are all amazing care givers "

 Charles - 07/01/2022

" Dr. Billings did an excellent job at answering my questions and telling me what to expect in my healing process. I am more than happy to recommend him as a neurosurgeon. "