Recent Reviews

 Richard - 06/18/2024

" Greatly gifted doctor! "

 Benjamin - 06/18/2024

" My scheduled dr was super swamped so the got me in with his coworker who was very helpful. "

 Michael - 06/18/2024

" Dr. Landau was very professional and easy to talk to and all around very very helpful "

 Donna - 06/17/2024

" Dr. Ha is a wonderful person and I trust his experience and guidance. The rest of the staff are very kind and helpful. I have yet to have a negative experience. "

 Dorothy - 06/16/2024

" A very good experience! "

 Thomas - 06/11/2024

" As it turns out, my referral to four corners was incorrect, in that my issues require a different, more specialized provider. However, Dr. Gorrepati very thoroughly explained the reasons for this, and helped me understand more about my neuralgia, as well as likely next steps. This incorrect referral was in no way the fault of Four Corners. "

 Joann - 06/11/2024

" I felt heard by Dr Gorrepati and that we were able to make a plan for my care regarding my condition. "

 Gary - 06/11/2024

" Dr. Ha is an excellent and caring surgeon. I would give him my highest recommendation for anyone needing neuro consultation or treatment. The entire staff at Fourth Corner is attentive and focused on their patients. Again, highly recommended. Bellingham is truly fortunate to have such a first class facility, staff, and surgeon. Gary Hall , Bellingham, Wa. "

 Daniel - 06/05/2024

" Friendly and informative staff. Consultation was professional and open to options. Felt great about the decisions made. "

 Van - 06/04/2024

" This was first visit with Doctor Gorrepati and I really appreciated his care and listening to me. He explained the plan for going forward so I understood the plan. "

 Wayne - 06/03/2024

" Far exceeds most other medical facilities. "

 Dean - 06/01/2024

" Always Great Friendly, Courteous and Informative Service I Greatly Appreciate your service Dean Zender "

 Leslie - 06/01/2024

" Dr. Gorrepati and his assistant Leslie are top notch. He was friendly, professional and entertained all of our questions and provided detailed answers. Never did we feel rushed to conclude my appointment. I feel very confident that he will do a great job to correct my issue when the time comes. "

 Dalton - 05/26/2024

" Dr. Ha is probably the most direct yet empathetic physician I've come across in a long time. "

 Patrice - 05/26/2024

" Very courteous and professional doctor and staff. Also, very clean office. "

 Dale - 05/24/2024

" Give the pre-op and post-op staff a raise. They are special!! "

 Thomas - 05/24/2024

" Very happy with the staff and treatments I received. "

 Corinne - 05/24/2024

" Leslie and Dr. Gorrepati are absolutely delightful! "

 Elizabeth - 05/23/2024

" Made to feel very confident in the doctor. The information provided was very helpful & explained what to expect before & after surgery. GREATFUL "

 Scarlett - 05/22/2024

" The team pulled together to work longer to get me the care I urgently needed. I am so thankful for their kindness and precision with taking care of me so quickly. "

 Arthur - 05/22/2024

" All wenbty well! "

 Michael - 05/22/2024

" Dr Ha has been an excellent Dr from before surgery to after surgery. I am very grateful to have him as my Dr. "

 Susan - 05/18/2024

" Regarding the last question; I had my procedure late on Friday afternoon so I didn’t expect anyone to call me over the weekend. Hopefully someone will call on Monday "

 Colleen - 05/17/2024

" I learned more from Dr.Billings in the half hour he spent with me than all the years I have spent dealing with my health problems. "

 Martha - 05/16/2024

" good explanation of options and process for continued care. everyone very nice (stress reducing for uneasy patients!) and willing to consider options and explain processes. "

 Denise - 05/08/2024

" Despite being the doctor on-call (and running late for the appointment which I totally understood), the doctor was thorough, calm, and did not rush my appointment. He answered every question, showed clearly and precisely where the problems were, and spoke candidly about my options. I trust his advice and knowledge, and appreciate the care and compassion he showed. "

 Pamela - 05/07/2024

" I highly recommend Fourth Corner Neurosurgical Associates. Staff very helpful and quick to answer questions. Have friends that also go to Fourth Corner Neurosurgical Associates and they feel the same way I do. "

 Stephen - 05/02/2024

" The doctor was phenomenal and provided answers to all my questions as well as every different option with all possible outcomes. Very professional and courteous. "

 Linda - 04/30/2024

" Positive experience all the way around. Thank you. "

 Nicholas - 04/30/2024

" Had a little snafu getting all info and data sent over from my provider before appointment. After that everything was great. Dr Billings took time to answer my questions and go over everything thoroughly in terms I could understand and about what to look out for in the future. Very helpful. "

 Alan - 04/25/2024

" The difference between Cascade Spine and the hospital is night and day. They got me scheduled for an MRI in the next business day after my back gave up, a consult the following day and in for surgery about a week later. Day #1 post-op for me and I feel great - no pain meds needed. Employees are excellent, not stressed and seem to have a wonderful working environment. Dr. Ha is amazing if you are the type that appreciates a full explanation (I am) and you look after yourself (I try to). Nobody can make you healthy, but Cascade has the ability to keep you on that train. So appreciated. "

 Jeffery - 04/23/2024

" Dr. Ha and the associates at Fourth Corner Neurosurgery are an absolute marvel in the world of neurosurgery. From the moment I walked into their office, I felt a sense of reassurance and confidence in their expertise. Their demeanor exudes warmth and compassion, instantly putting any nerves at ease. During my consultation, Dr. Ha took the time to thoroughly explain my condition, treatment options, and what to expect every step of the way. Their ability to translate complex medical jargon into understandable terms was truly remarkable. I highly recommend Fourth Corner Neurosurgery. Jeff Morrison "

 Melissa - 04/21/2024

" Dr. Ha and his assistant Amy are always professional and pleasant to work with. They are straight forward, informative and I never feel rushed out of the room. "

 Steve - 04/19/2024

" The center has always been super kind. The front desk is wonderful! Caring, fun to talk with. Every staff member I’ve met has been friendly and helpful. A great operation together. "

 Paul - 04/18/2024

" Very clean, prompt, and professional office. "

 Wendy - 04/17/2024

" Your staff is wonderful! I wish I could remember names, but everyone from the people in reception, to the pre and post op nurses, to the radiology tech were absolutely amazing. Everyone was friendly, thorough, and just fun to be around. Dr McQueen is great at what he does! Thank you all! "

 Dawn - 04/15/2024

" Dr. Gorapatti was very kind and listened to my concerns. Le came up with options to help and was very informative. "

 Clystina - 04/10/2024

" Dr. Gorrapati is excellent. I never feel rushed in his appts and he makes me feel heard. "

 Amy - 04/07/2024

" Dr. Gorrepati is a truly wonderful practioner. He listens, cares deeply, and communicates clearly. His bedside manner is impeccable. His knowledge and skill have improves my quality of life immensely. I highly recommend him and the rest of the staff. "

 Jack - 03/26/2024

" The review email was sent before the follow up call was made "

 Mark - 03/26/2024

" Dr McQueen is very efficient. I look forward to the procedures. "

 Marlene - 03/22/2024

" The staff have always been very helpful and considerate. The facility is clean, modern and comfortable. "

 Dana - 03/21/2024

" I am pleased with the on time appointment which resulted with a treatment plan. I appreciate the kindness and care from Dr. McQueen and staff. "

 James - 03/20/2024

" Dr. Gorrepati was great! He explained things in easy-to-understand language and addressed all my concerns. "

 Craig - 03/19/2024

" Everything was very smooth and I felt I had excellent care "

 Sonia - 03/17/2024

" Appointments have to be made way in advance, but the care is top notch. Dr. McQueen clearly knows his subject matter and enjoys an excellent reputation among other healthcare givers I have used. I feel lucky to have him taking care of me and look forward to exploring additional treatments that may help my painful back. "

 Richard - 03/13/2024

" Dr. Gorrepati and the staff are just wonderful. My husband is 85 and needed surgery for a pinched nerve. I was very concerned about his age and Dr. Gorrepati took a lot of time with us to allay my concerns. The surgery went very well, and my husband was up and walking that afternoon. We just had the two-week check-up and again Dr. Gorrepati was very generouds with his time to ensure we were comfortable and able to get our questions answered fully. He is a marvelous young man and doctor. I will recommend him highly. "

 Christopher - 03/08/2024

" Dr. Ha and his staff are all excellent. Waitime to be roomed was on par. Service and care was fantastic. I would be fine having any member of my family under his care! "

 Richard - 03/08/2024

" Very professional and reassuring. "

 Gary - 03/08/2024

" I feel very fortunate to have access to such high quality health care. "

 Wallace - 03/05/2024

" Dr Landau Is excellent and caring and is very knowledgeable highly recommended A+ "

 Deborah - 03/02/2024

" I really felt good about all the staff and Dr. Gorripati, felt he was very helpful explaining my choices. "

 John - 02/29/2024

" We met with Ramana Gorrepati, M.D. about my back issues and recent MRI. I'm a BRCA2+ Advanced Metastatic Castrate Sensitive Prostate Cancer 4b referral patient of Dr. Weerasinghe. D.R. Gorrepati went over in very detail my latest Full Spine MRI comparing to a previous one to my wife & I. He explained every section from top to bottom what was going on. We were very impressed with the time he took. He provided options and a referral to meet with Carlton McQueen, MD for Interventional Pain Management at the Center. Skip "

 Steven - 02/29/2024

" Good care. Honest assessment, very professional. Looking forward to a move active spring because of procedure "

 Robert - 02/28/2024

" Dr Mcqueen and his staff and his surgical team are the best there is in Whatcom County bar none. Extremely competent, professional, approachable and eager to answer patients questions and concerns. Dr Mcqueen experiene level is long tenured and his level of diagnosis. and recommended next steps is in keeping with his senior experience level. As a surgeon it's more than obvious that his tenure as such is exemplified by his attention to detail and success. I would recommend Dr Mcqueen to anyone seking help with pain and resolution of. Thank You. "

 Charles - 02/23/2024

" The PA seemed like she could barely be bothered to interact with me. I don't know if it was just first thing in the morning (9am appt) or she was very busy, but she didn't look me in the eye once, barely remembered to give me her name and had forgotten her blood o2 meter. She wasn't rude. But she certainly wasn't considerate or welcoming or caring. "

 Barbara - 02/21/2024

" Thank you "

 Lori - 02/21/2024

" Dr. Ha and his staff are exceptional in every way..what starts out as an anxious situation ends up being informative and very comforting…I would more than highly recommend FCNA to anyone in need of their services. "

 Dianne - 02/16/2024

" My doctor was so nice and explained my next steps so my husband and I could understand. It was very helpful "

 Catherine - 02/16/2024

" Excellent care from the start through the surgery and follow-up Dr. Landau easily identified the problem and knew how to fix it. Scott (anesthesiologists explained things thoroughly and was very comforting during the administration of anesthesia. A shout out to the two nurses who were assigned to me. Katlin deserves five stars for getting my I-V inserted on the first try and Laura was kind and helpful during recovery. The front desk staff was always welcoming and prepared with timely responses. Overall, I was very pleased with my experience. "

 Lisa - 02/16/2024

" I have to say that it was the best experience I have had in a LONG time with a health facility. The staff was very nice (hard to find that anymore) and Dr. Ha explained everything so clearly. He was very kind and made me feel comfortable to ask questions about my diagnosis and findings. "

 Dorothy - 02/15/2024

" I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. McQueen. He got to the point, was confident and caring. When I wasn't sure which direction to go, he pointed out some facts to me that allowed me to make the best decision for me. It's a decision that a day later I am still comfortable with. I appreciate how he handled it. "

 Connie - 02/15/2024

" Extremely satisfied with my care and results from my surgery. "

 Dalma - 02/15/2024

" The staff was so awesome, absolutely loved them. "

 Keith - 02/14/2024

" Everything went super! "

 Jack - 02/14/2024

" The visit to the clinic was seamless and professional. Friendly and helpful staff and physician and respect for me as a patient. Highly recommend for others in need of services to use this competent service. Jack S "

 Rick - 02/13/2024

" From the time of check in to the office, the wait, and the time spent with nursing staff and ultimately Dr. Ha, was smooth and not at all troubling. The Dr. is no nonsense and to the point. I might add that Dr. Ha spends all the time necessary to thoroughly explain all treatment options in detail and places you at ease. "

 Dean - 02/12/2024

" Very satisfied with the responsiveness of the staff for getting me scheduled for having Dr. Ramana Gorrepati repair my herniated disc again, after re- injuring, after being totally pain free after the previous repair Waiting anxiously to be pain free again Thanks again to the Great Staff and Dr. Ramana Gorrepati for the help and care you've given me "

 Darlene - 02/12/2024

" I am very satisfied with my care. Especially with Lauren, Deb and Hannah for their roles in caring for me from the very first. Also, of course, Dr. McQueen for his expertise and great information before the injection and after. Thanks to all! "

 Thomas - 02/10/2024

" I could not be more pleased with the experiences I have had with Dr. Gorrepati. (Unfortunately, the interactions I have had with his assistant are the opposite. She is nearly non-communicative and borders on rude and presents the opposite of the warm interaction of Dr. Gorrepati.) "

 Sylvia - 02/09/2024

" Dr Ha was very informative and super nice. We enjoyed meeting him and feel confident in his care. "

 Jeffrey - 02/08/2024

" Thank you for your excellent care and service! "

 Michael - 02/06/2024

" Great experience. The doctor clearly explained the medical issues. The doctor's assistant was also very helpful. "

 Gretchen - 02/06/2024

" First time meeting PA Kok. He was efficient, kind, knowledgeable, helpful, and I felt in good hands. Excellent manner with patients. "

 Rich - 02/06/2024

" The only complaint I have is that I would prefer to do the onboarding paperwork online instead of by hand. "

 Thomas - 02/04/2024

" Pleasant folks, happy to have them meeting my medical needs. "

 Joseph - 02/03/2024

" Very knowledgeable and wonderful staff "

 Robina - 02/03/2024

" I enjoyed the running video describing every spinal injury and how it would be treated. I phoned and asked the receptionist to find out from my doctor if this is a video available to the public. If so, where can I find it, i.e. on. You Tube?? I am waiting for that information. "

  - 01/27/2024

" I have recommended this facility to numerous friends and family. The staff and doctors are highly skilled, friendly yet professional. Dr. Ha has impressed me with his knowledge and expertise, He explains things in a way that I can actually understand. My multi- level cervical spine fusion performed by Dr. Ha was a complete success. Recovery was way quicker than I expected with minimal pain issues. Thank you to all the staff and doctors who have participated in my care. Janet W. "

 Theresa - 01/25/2024

" The staff was great at making sure my referral was correct and that they received it prior to my appointment. The medical assistant was very friendly and nice. I had a very short waiting time. Everything was explained clearly to me regarding the next steps of treatment. Overall a very good experience. "

 Verna - 01/25/2024

" The person that checked me in was very pleasant and helpful. Dr. Gorrepati was friendly and explained everything very well, answered all questions. I never felt rushed. I would definitely recommend him as my neurosurgeon. "

 Carole - 01/23/2024

" Dr. Ha is a true professional and a tremendous asset to the Bellingham medical community. Takes as much time as necessary but is efficient, provides excellent information in easy to understand laymen's language, very good communicator who connects with his patients, inspires trust. "

 John - 01/23/2024

" Mark, you can drive my dog sled anytime, And Leslie, a Skaget Valley grad you make us proud! When I walked in I was 5’5”. When I walked out my vertebrae were stacked straight and I was back to 6’6”. In short you are not afraid of people and your religion of kindness and respect are strong medicine! Love dancing with you! Agape Dr John Baker "

 Jodi - 01/23/2024

" The staff at fourth corner is always so friendly and willing to help! Dr Billings is amazing! I had a severe injury that he cleared his schedule to perform surgery that saved my ability to walk! I am forever grateful to him and his staff! "

 Julie - 01/20/2024

" Due to morning snow the office closed the morning of the appointment. "

 Joyce - 01/17/2024

" This was my first experience with Dr Gorrepati. He was kind, friendly, listened to my statements and concerns, and has a wonderful patient manner. This is SO important! I have a way forward now and a much better concept of my situation and a better understanding of what comes next. "

 John - 01/04/2024

" Everybody from check in to check out were extremely helpful and courteous. I'm sure they explain the same thing to everyone who checks in, but it is so refreshing to meet people who take pride in their work. "

 Joseph - 01/04/2024

" Dr. G is wonderful! But, waiting room and exam room were soooo cold. "

 Lynn - 12/30/2023

" Exceptional care as always. "

 Harold - 12/27/2023

" Very friendly and professional staff. Dr. G., in my case, was down to earth, friendly, positive and informative. It was a very positive experience to be there and involved with everyone. Thank you to all. "

 James - 12/27/2023

" always top quality "

 Deann - 12/23/2023

" I am very fortunate to have worked with Dr. G. "

 Lisa - 12/23/2023

" Every one was very helpful and friendly and caring. Could not have asked for a better experience "

 Carol - 12/21/2023

" I cannot recommend Fourth Corner highly enough. Staff is outstanding, facility is clean and immaculate, safe, qplenty of parking and no chaos like at the hospital. All questions answered, proper expectations set. "

 Donald - 12/20/2023

" wait time for next appointment too long "

 Howard - 12/19/2023

" Dr. Gorrepati took a long time with me and answered all my questions. His manner was friendly and he never appeared rushed. We discussed various options for further treatment and I feel confident about the way forward. "

 Michael - 12/13/2023

" Dr. Landau and his staff are top notch! I very much appreciate their care and concern for my health welfare. Thank you, MJ "

 Sarah - 12/12/2023

" Dr. Landau is great! He has ordered a number of follow up tests to diagnose, and hopefully treat, leg pain originating in the spine that has kept me from walking comfortably. "

 Barbara - 12/09/2023

" What can I say except you’re doing an excellent job! Thank you!❤️ "

 Daniel - 12/08/2023

" I am writing this the day after surgery. I can actually say meeting all of you has been nothing short of a gift. I can't remember everyone's name, so short of leaving someone out, every person was absolutely fantastic. This says volumes about the culture, leadership and quality. I feel like I have my life back and looking forward to my follow-up appointment, Thank you Dr, Ha and team. Merry Christmas, Dan "

 Autumn - 12/07/2023

" Doctor Ha is amazing and very informative! "

 Catherine - 12/03/2023

" I recommend all the members of this team unreservedly. Everyone took the time with no sense of rush to talk with me, answer any questions I had and to make sure I was kept comfortable. "

 Carolyn - 12/03/2023

" I was highly impressed with Dr. Gorrepati: kindly, caring, good listener. "

 Pauline - 12/02/2023

" I was very happy with my visit! Wonderful people work there. They understand customer service which I greatly appreciate! "

 Gary - 11/30/2023

" I highly recommend Dr. Ha and the entire clinic. You will not find better neuro medical care anywhere. Gary Hall Bellingham Wa. "

 Wallace - 11/28/2023

" Dr Landau and his staff are amazing, they listen and understand and they explain everything so when you leave you have a clear understanding of what your treatment plan will be. Very friendly and professional and I highly recommend them. Thanks "

 David - 11/25/2023

" Dr. McQueen and staff did an excellent job of informing me what to expect. The after procedure care was terrific and I understood what to do when I returned home. "

 Kay - 11/22/2023

" I am very impressed and extremely happy with support staff, MA and Dr Gorrepati. All of my questions and concerns were answered. Never felt rushed or hurried through my appointments. Pleased with my surgery and recovery is coming along well. Staff at PH during surgery were great as well. Dr Gorrepati is an empathetic, kind and caring provider. Thank you to everyone at 4th Corner "

 Linda - 11/22/2023

" It was a speedy procedure, which was great! "

 Sheena - 11/22/2023

" I love Dr Ha he is the best!! "

 Allen - 11/22/2023

" It is always a pleasure to interact with the Fourth Corner staff. "

 Joseph - 11/20/2023

" About as good of à doctor as I have had "

 Robert - 11/15/2023

" Great experience with professionals all around! "

  - 11/11/2023

" Excellent as always! "

 Charles - 11/11/2023

" First class care as usual. "

 Darlene - 11/11/2023

" As usual a great staff and Dr McQueen is always direct and easy to understand. "

 Angela - 11/10/2023

" Dr McQueen is the best! "

 Gretchen - 11/09/2023

" Dr Ha and his team are out of this world! The whole process from my consult to having surgery was seem less! The entire staff from front desk reception to the surgical team were exceptional! I felt very well taken care of from beginning to end. I am so appreciative for the care I received! "

 Susan - 11/07/2023

" Dr. Billings is amazing and the staff is so very professional and friendly. "

 David - 11/01/2023

" I find DR. Ha very professional, and very personable.. Savid Sullivan "

 Nicole - 11/01/2023

" I am so glad I was referred to this clinic. I hate I had to go through Peace Health to get here, but I am glad I am being seen by a doctor/clinic that knows what they are doing, listened to me, and WANTS to help me be pain free instead of repeatedly trying something that hasn't worked. The nurse I had too was so sweet and thoughtful - even asking another member of the staff what migraine medication she takes to recommend to me for my own migraine attacks. "

 Jose - 10/31/2023

" Dr Ha took his time and explained everything in detail. He made sure I understood everything. We made a plan for the future. I felt relaxed and not rushed. He tells you the truth he doesn’t sugarcoat things and tells you the best options for your body and your health. I highly recommend him!!! "

 Nigel - 10/30/2023

" Overall experience was pleasant. And always is. "

 Erica - 10/29/2023

" Really enjoy Dr. Gorrepati, he’s very personable, really attentive to my complaints, and explains next steps in my treatment very well! "

 Douglas - 10/27/2023

" I was very impressed with Dr Landau. His knowledge of my condition and his approach to treatment were everything that I had hoped for. Dr Landau was very patient and informative when answering my questions and concerns about short- and long-term care as well as options for treatment. I have a follow up appointment in several weeks and I look forward to seeing Dr Landau again. "

 Nathan - 10/26/2023

" I would highly recommend Fourth Corner to anyone based upon the care I received. "

 Stephen - 10/25/2023

" Everyone is simply wonderful! I wish wait times were not so long, I guess so many many sick people and not enough providers. Dr Landau is the very best, so we wait for him "

 Margaret - 10/25/2023

" Avery Sills was very knowledgeable and listened to my concerns. She outlined next steps and helped me set up my next appointment for a spinal injection. All of my experiences with Fourth Corner have been excellent. "

 Anthony - 10/24/2023

" Medial Assistant was cold and unconcened about my presense there. Everyone else was freat. "

 Allison - 10/18/2023

" Dr Ha is truly a gem of a human being, caring and oh so knowledgeable and able to explain everything so clearly! Amy is top notch and all staff is friendly and so competent! Can’t say enough positive things about my whole experience while being treated with Dr Ha and Fourth Corner Neurosurgeons. I now understand why other patients were singing Dr Ha’s praises before I became a patient! Now I can’t stop telling others about my experience and how my physical health has been transformed by my surgeries! "

 Teresa - 10/12/2023

" Oh my, I am so very pleased to take this survey. I myself am retired from the Medical Field. Having said that, my expectations are much greater. This was by far one of the best experiences in the field of Medicine that I have experienced in my 40 plus adult years. From the beginning to end. Most importantly, Dr. Billings was simply an 11 out of 10. Because I have been incredibly disappointed with most of the Providers at Family Care Network for 20 years, I was pleasantly surprised at how kind, attentive and professional Dr. Billings was. It starts from the top and trickles down... Kind, professional, respectful Providers expect the same from their staff. I have already mentioned my experience to a few of my former Colleagues. If and when they need a similar consultation, they already have my personal reference. "

 Kelly - 10/12/2023

" Dr Ha is very professional and always informative of my care. Would definitely recommend him "

 Oleine - 10/10/2023

" Dr. Ha spent a great deal of time with me and did an excellent job of presenting the pros and cons of treatment for my condition. He gave me confidence in the path we are on and how best to proceed. "

 Cheryl - 10/10/2023

" I would recommend this facility and the Doctors here! They are excellent!!! "

 Wendy - 10/10/2023

" I absolutely love Dr. Ha.! I have never in all my 74 years had a medical appointment where the doctor asked me questions and took the time to listen, discuss, and problem solve my issues with out worrying that he needed to move on to his next patient in ten minutes! He made me feel like my issues were his primary concern, and he would spend as much time as was needed to get to the bottom of things—which he did! He thoroughly explained to me my X-rays and told me why he would not recommend back surgery for me. He asked me about the book I was reading, my children, and my career as a teacher in the Bellingham School District. He even recommended a book and a podcast he thought I would enjoy. I definitely would recommend him and this office! "

 Jocelyn - 10/04/2023

" We just love Doctor Ha! Awesome doctor. "

 Lynn - 10/04/2023

" My care provider was kind, patient and had a great sense of humor. 😀 I did not feel like I was rushed through or taking up his valuable time. I would recommend this office to anyone. 👨‍⚕️👍 "

 Nanette - 09/27/2023

" Both the medical assistant and Dr. Billings we’re very personable and helpful. "

 Eric - 09/27/2023

" I am very grateful for 4th Corner Neurosurgical. It’s always a pleasant experience. The staff is very caring and so are the doctors. "

 Nicholas - 09/24/2023

" Caring, professional, knowledgeable "

 Russell - 09/22/2023

" The care at Fourth Corner is excellent. The wait times for appointments is long though. "

 Kellie - 09/21/2023

" Dr. Ha and his Team are second to NONE! They are so friendly and they go to bat for you with your Insurance Company or whatever it is that you need! This was my second time having had Dr. Ha as a surgeon and I will always go to him for any and all back treated Injuries! I have refer others and I am pleased to say they had amazing outcomes as well! Sincerely, Kellie Franks 🩷 "

 Connie - 09/20/2023

" Dr. Ha was exceptionally helpful in explaining the concerns I had regarding a procedure proposed by another doctor, and in addition he was helpful in giving general advice to me regarding balance and other issues that I have. I would recommend him unreservedly to anyone with neurological questions or conditions. Connie Martin "

 Kathleen - 09/16/2023

" Dr.Billings Medical,Assistant was not personable, didn’t smile and was actually quite rude. Dr. Billings, on the other hand, was kind and very much personable, changing the atmosphere as soon as he walked in, would recommend him to anyone needing to see a Neurosurgeon. "

 Maureen - 09/14/2023

" The doctor was very thorough in explaining the surgical process. "

 Jon - 09/12/2023

" Great people caring funny understanding courteous "

 Diana - 09/08/2023

" Dr. Gorrepati gave much more time than any other doctor, he listened and heard my problems and if he didnt have an answer said so and then worked hard to get one (which he did). His sense of humor lightened the atmosphere but never changed his superb professionalism. Fourth Corner is lucky to have him. "

 Linda - 09/07/2023

" Dr. Ramana Gorrepati is not only exceptional surgeon with a bedside manner that is yet to be matched in my history of surgery, but he is so friendly, pleasant, respectful and an all around good human being. I love him to death. And his assistant Leslie is so sweet and remarkably easy to talk to, she makes you feel welcome and I appreciate her as well. They make a great team. "

 James - 09/06/2023


 Vickie - 08/30/2023

" Dr Ha is a excellent person. Explained everything & I understood him. He answered my questions. The most important thing is I trusted him. Great Doctor. Very personable "

 Kenneth - 08/30/2023

" Great overall experience. Looking forward to next appointment. "

 Jude - 08/26/2023

" Dr.Gorrepati is an exceptional surgeon. 13 months ago, I first saw him for treatment of sciatica. He performed an L-4, L-5 spinal fusion. Recovery has been excellent. This follow up office visit completes care for this issue. I highly recommend Dr.Gorrepati to anyone seeking neurosurgical Intervention. "

 Trudy - 08/26/2023

" Dr. Gorrepati and Leslie are always great. Both show compassion for me and my concerns. I recommend both of them highly to anyone needing the kind of care they provide. If I could clone them for all my other medical needs I would do it in a heartbeat! "

 Daniel - 08/25/2023

" Thanks to Sally for making recovery so informative and Very understanding. Great nurse as well as the whole staff as usual. "

 William - 08/25/2023

" Good job all people "

 Cathy - 08/24/2023

" Keep up the great job you all are doing. "

 Lorie - 08/24/2023

" Dr Landau was excellent. He listened and examined the problem. He gave me a course of treatment to try and was very pleasant. I felt like he cared and did not rush me out of the room. "

  - 08/18/2023

" Amy was very helpful getting my appointment scheduled as soon as Dr. Ha was back in the office. Dr. Ha is very caring and supportive. He listens to my questions and provides information regarding my medical issues. "

 Robin - 08/18/2023

" Great experience for a new patient, reassuring and pleasant. Highly recommend! "

 Autumn - 08/18/2023

" Excellent care with Dr. Ha! Always very thorough and informative! Very pleased with the level of care and time taken for all concerns as well as next steps. "

 Lori - 08/17/2023

" Staff is professional and friendly. "

 Michael - 08/17/2023

" Dr. McQeen always gets me back on track "

 Patrick - 08/15/2023

" I thought the experience was about as good as it gets with a medical facility. Everyone was in a good mood and very helpful. The wait was minimal and the length of time was reasonable. "

 Dale - 08/15/2023

" Improve the electronic form system. I spent over 1/2 hr filling out and lost all of it and had to repeat in office. "

 Todd - 08/15/2023

" Everyone was nice and well informed. Thank you "

 Arnoud - 08/15/2023

" The nurses were absolutely fantastic. Good care. Good sense of humor. I loved the baby on board sign. Fantastic mentality. The anesthesiologist is a great guy. Good humor. And knows what he does. Dr Billings is Dr Superman as usual. I hope you will forgive me if I say that I hope never to be in the surgical center again. :-) If you were a Starbucks or a restaurant I would visit you all the time :-) You are all great! "