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Recent Reviews

 Robin - 05/29/2023

" I really reallly like Meaghan Reynolds...she's very thorough with her explanation of care...the staff being short handed was excellent getting me signed in over all experience is alway a great one at Greater Milford Neurology Center...Thank you Robin Henderson "

 Matthew - 05/24/2023

" I would highly recommend Meaghan Reynolds to family and Friends. I was not pleased with my appointment with Dr. Bell last fall. "

 Scott - 05/17/2023

" I was welcomed at the front desk then met with Lea who chatted with me while confirming the data entry. I found Dr. Bell to be attentive and responsive to my questions regarding my injury. I did not feel rushed and and respected his professionalism in providing feedback on my recovery. "

 John - 05/17/2023

" Always have a great experience when seeing Dr Kumar "

 Keith - 05/17/2023

" Highly recommend Milford Neurology. I have been well cared for. "

 Debora - 05/17/2023

" I had a call on the day of my visit it needed to be rescheduled Which I wasn't too happy because I've had severe head headaches for At least 6 months. But I did get one 2 days later. "

 Traci - 05/17/2023

" The appointment didn’t start till 30 minutes after scheduled time. I understood there was an emergency. "

 Denise - 05/17/2023

" I always have a great experience at Milford Neurology and the staff are very helpful! "

 Tracy - 05/16/2023

" Excellent doctor and staff "

 Mildred - 05/10/2023

" Excellent physician. Practice is well run with knowledgible people. "

 Pamela - 05/10/2023

" Dr Kumar was very kind,patient, and helpful. "

 Martha - 05/10/2023

" Everyone is great from staff to doctor bell "

 Gary - 05/09/2023

" Dr D is a wonderful caring Dr. And listens carefully to all your problems. "

 Dimitra - 05/09/2023

" Dr Maria Pillar Dayo is excellent!!very knowledgeable! "

 Maria - 05/05/2023

" Dr. Dayaw and staff were courteous and very helpful as usual. I was also referred to another of their doctors for further assistance "

 Micah - 05/05/2023

" I always appreciate the care and response from the staff and Dr Kumar. Milford Neurology is the best. "

 Mary - 05/02/2023

" So very impressed with the kindness and care received by everyone. And the sense of not being rushed was so much appreciated! And the calm, sensitive environment and approach by Dr. Bell was so welcomed. Thank you! "

 Kevin - 05/02/2023

" I love it thnx for the help appreciate it "

 Patricia - 04/28/2023

" This office is the greatest "

 Harriet - 04/26/2023

" The doctor not only checked about my current health and interactions with other doctors, which was great because things do overlap, but gave me some strategies for managing my current health and wellness including ways to rectify concerns about my deteriorating posture. "

 Loretta - 04/25/2023

" Great first visit "

 Judith - 04/21/2023

" Dr.Bell was amazing and caring and prescribed something that literally took care of a 2 week migraine in 24 hours. "

 Karen - 04/21/2023

" I have been under Dr. Dayaw’s care for many years. She is simply fantastic with her no nonsense approach! I’ve multiple issues going on and she took great care in explaining my each of my issues, their causes and treatments. So, if you are looking for a remarkable neurologist, reach out to Dr. Dayaw. She and her staff will take great care of you! Hi "

 Elizabeth - 04/20/2023

" the new computer system is awful. much of appointment was updating the new record with theold records, apparently it never populated the new with the doctor’s notes and previous info. Bad coding by the developer! Also prescription renewal on new system is tedious, dr cannot renew all at once has to go in line by line. This system should be sleek and helpful but isn’t! Poor software choice seems developed by someone who never asked doctors what they need! LOVE our neurologist, Dr Painchaud she is fantastic and really understands patients’ conditions, illnesses snd dementia. She is great at listening and doesn’t make you feel rushed. She welcomes my input and I could not be happier with my dr choice for my parents’ neurology care. "

 Cesare - 04/19/2023

" I want to thank everyone for the great service I received. I would also like to thank Dr. Bell for all his help and knowledge. "

 Raymond - 04/19/2023

" When scheduling my initial appointment, I asked what tests I should have prior to the visit. This is a simple, realistic question to ask and I wasn’t provided with an answer. As a result, I most likely will have to make multiple trips and possibly wait on additional tests, which I could be scheduling now. This doesn’t seem efficient to me. "

 Jane - 04/18/2023

" Everyone was very friendly and helpful "

 Alfio - 04/16/2023

" For as long as I've been seeing Dr. Bell, he and his staff have been Excellent in taking care of my needs "

 Audrey - 04/15/2023

" Dr. Painchaudis an excellent listener and astute diagnostician. "

 Charlene - 04/15/2023

" Dr Jayalekshmy Lumar is a very attentive, thorough doctor. Years ago, thanks to her three brain aneurysms were located in my brain, she sent me to a wonderful surgeon in Boston where surgery was performed and my life could have been saved. She is always pleasant, thorough and interested. I look forward to my visits with her, accompanied by my husband and breathe a sigh of relief as we leave! I would recommend her to anyone! I'm glad you asked! Charlene Coakley "

 Augustine - 04/13/2023

" She actually listened to me!!! She was helpful and kind and just all around amazing "

 Charles - 04/13/2023

" Dr Dayaw and Angela are great to deal with always has a pleasant and proffesionsl attitude I love the care they provide to ma. "

 Lisa - 04/12/2023

" Love, Dr. Dayaw and her entire staff. Love Becky to she is a great medical assistant. "

 Mary - 04/12/2023

" I love everyone in this office, they are helpful, kind, respectful and more! Thank you Dr. Kumar and staff. "

 Dana - 04/11/2023

" I couldn't ask for a better overall level of care than What is provided by Dr Bell and his staff at Greater Milford Neurology Dana "

 Lynn - 04/07/2023

" Dr Dayaw is fantastic she assessed what I’m seeing her for and trying something different. Explained each step & made sure I was comfortable with the changes. Thank You! Also the front staff & nurse were excellent! "

 Karin - 04/06/2023

" It was a very pleasant experience meeting the staff and doctor. I am so happy I made the decision to go to this neurologist. "

 Rochelle - 04/06/2023

" Staff is very friendly and accommodating. Dr.Dayaw is wonderful. Very caring, friendly, and helpful. So appreciate her understanding my financial situation and working with me to get all that I need. "

 Robert - 04/04/2023

" Dr Painchaud is very knowledgeable and did a great job of explaining everything in a non-medical manner. My father and I did not feel rushed and answered all our questions throughly. "

 Scot - 03/31/2023

" I've been with GMN for 7 or 8 yrs now and I can be a challenging patient ( My memory and my muscle weakness ) but everyone there is always professional and really caring and so down to earth . And for me having to see my Neurologist can be stressful but once I'm there the atmosphere in general is always caring and really comforting . "

 Claudette - 03/31/2023

" Dr Bell was very kind and with my concerns 🍷 "

 Virginia - 03/30/2023

" The front desk staff are always friendly and courteous. Dr. Kumar is kind, professional, compassionate and caring. "

 Robert - 03/29/2023

" Great job by everyone from start to finish. Bob Barrette "

 Daniel - 03/28/2023

" Dr Kumar has a great memory "

 Mary - 03/27/2023

" Thank you , I get very nervous in any Dr appointment. Dr. Bell is kind and patient and it helps a great deal "

 Pamela - 03/24/2023

" Dr. Kumar is a terrific understanding doctor. Very knowledgeable and kind. I’m so lucky to have her. Pamela Kobetitsch 3/23/23. "

 Patricia - 03/23/2023

" I have been a patient of Dr Dayaw for 20 years. Dr. Dayaw spends the extra time if it’s required, she has always reviewed and explained medication changes, reviews new and existing symptoms and does an exam each visit. If you have any concerns, whether or not it’s related to your health issues, Dr Dayaw is listening and will help to resolve them. The staff has always stepped up for me and the wait time is typical "

 John - 03/22/2023

" I was very impressed with Dr. Reynolds. She took the time to discuss with me my problems and completely explained various options that would be available to me. She was more than helpful. I came away from our visit informed and ready to go forward. "

 Elaine - 03/21/2023

" Dr. Kumar is always very thorough and attentive, my appointment never feels rushed. "

 Barbara - 03/21/2023

" Phenomenal, accommodating staff, Dr Bell is the best! "

 Mary - 03/18/2023

" Both my elderly parents are under Dr Kumar’s care. I believe her guidance has ensured that my father’s memory loss has not gotten worse. She recently saw my mother and I have full confidence that she is absolutely the right person to treat my parents. She is not only knowledgeable, but kind and approachable. She is truly impressive. "

 Susan - 03/18/2023

" As noted, my recent appointment was excellent. I was very apprehensive but staff and practitioner put me immediately at ease. Interview was complete. Discussion was thorough. My concerns were addressed. I appreciate the care that was given. "

 Pamela - 03/18/2023

" The staff are always pleasant, courteous and helpful. "

 Kit Yue - 03/17/2023

" The staff at GMN are friendly, professional, efficient, and I have had a great experience thus far with Dr. Bell. He has a great bedside manner -- professional, friendly, calm and thoughtful. He invites shared decision making and I trust his input and recommendations. "

 Dolores - 03/17/2023

" Love Dr D! And her office staff is A plus!! "

 Barbara - 03/16/2023

" Always a joy to check in to dr painchaud’s ! From friendly staff to a great dr visit !! "

 Rebecca - 03/16/2023

" Debbie was a sweetheart and really considerate of my questions! "

 Victoria - 03/11/2023

" Dr. Painchauld is absolutely amazing. Personable, friendly, professional, knowledgeable and respectful. Couldn’t ask for a better Neurologist. And I’ve looked around. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. Trust her completely. "

 Sharon - 03/10/2023

" Dr. Kumar is the best ever! "

 Michelle - 03/10/2023

" My initial appointment got messed up, however they quickly remedied the issue and got me in two days later, which I was okay with. The ladies at the front desk were just awesome! They were helpful, understanding, great communicators and had friendly personalities. The medical assistant was also very friendly, kind and communicative. Now to Dr. Painchaud...She is THE BEST doctor I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. She is beyond personalable, knowledgeable, kind, an amazing listener and excellent note taker, making sure she doesn't miss a thing. I felt so cared for and cared about after months of receiving no care at all. I look forward to my follow up appointment. I will recommend anyone and everyone I know to this facility. It's got tobe my overall best experience at any doctor's office in my life. I wish all doctors were like Dr. Painchaud, the world would be a better place. 10 out of 10. Thank you for everything . "

 Laura - 03/09/2023

" Dr. Dayan was extremely pleasant and went over every one of my symptoms in great detail. She has a wonderful Bedside manner and puts you at ease. I am very confident In her abilities. I will Move forward with her recommendations and tests and Will follow up with her. "

 Diana - 03/09/2023

" Dr Bell and Debbie were great ! "

 Teresa - 03/09/2023

" Spend a lot of time with me answered all my questions excellant very happy with the dr. Very nice can’t complain about the visit at all some visits I have had with other drs felt rushed not at this office.❤️ "

 Cynthia - 03/09/2023

" Dr. Megan Reynolds’s is awesome. She takes the required time with the patient and is very detailed on any new medications that may be required. She is a great asset your team!! The new front end staff is awesome too :-) "

 Aida - 03/07/2023

" Loved Dr. Kumar, she is knowledgeable, listens and explains things clearly. She is sharp and ensures that you fully understand what she is communicating. She has a great attitude, it was a pleasure to meet with her. . "

 Michelle - 03/06/2023

" Dr. Kumar is an excellent doctor who is very caring and informative. You know you are in great hands with her! "

 Blanche - 03/03/2023

" I think I was suppose to get some paperwork after the visited. I just scooted out of there. If so can you mail it to me? "

 Elizabeth - 03/03/2023

" Both Dr. Kumar and her assistant were very courteous and helpful. They answered all of my questions and concerns regarding my mother (patient) who has Alzheimer’s dementia. Thank You Both! The desk staff were courteous and helpful as well. "

 Hannah - 03/02/2023

" Dr Bell is so knowledgeable and kind. His office is chock full of equally lovely humans. "

 Maryanne - 02/28/2023

" I have always been pleased with Dr. Painchaud and her staff. At times I have had to wait but have considered the wait worth my while. "

 Heather - 02/28/2023

" I could not be happier with Dr Kumar’s Time, patience, ability to educate me and address all my issues. Office staff is always kind and helpful and efficient. "

 John - 02/28/2023

" Dr Audrey Painchaud is and has always been a remarkable doctor. Have referred her to many people and will continue to do so! "

 Linda - 02/27/2023

" Dr.Painchaud is very down to earth and a lovely person. She never makes you feel rushed, will answer any questions you may have. Everyone at the practice is friendly and pleasant to deal with. "

 Jean - 02/25/2023

" [ know how lucky i am to have doctor dayaw for my care- "

 Earl - 02/25/2023

" Dr. Dayaw was very knowledgeable and helpful. "

 Carol - 02/23/2023

" I was so pleasantly surprised when the Dr. came in and she greeted us pleasantly and talked to us like she cared and explained everything in detail about the brain tumor and discussed the fall I took and listened!!!! She was lovely and caring!!! I would recommend her in a minute. I wish she was my primary even tho I like dr. Grybowski very much. Thank you, Carol Marchant "

 David - 02/23/2023

" Dr. Painchaud is excellent!! "

 Joseph - 02/22/2023

" Mr. Dr. Bell. He the man👍👍 "

 Karen - 02/14/2023

" I meet my sister at this office as she comes from a facility. Everyone in this office has been very accommodating and extremely polite. "

 Angela - 02/14/2023

" Been coming here for concussion rehabilitation. Have had an incredible experience! "

 Gary - 02/10/2023

" Had a wonderful visit with Dr Bell and PA Reynolds. 🙂 "

 Karen - 02/08/2023

" Truly a professional, caring and informative visit. I'm very happy with the care the Dr. Dayaw provides. "

 Jayne - 02/07/2023

" I felt that Dr.Dayaw was very informative and caring to my needs. "

 Karen - 02/04/2023

" I love Dr. Kumar and her staff. She is so kind and encouraging about my prognosis. "

 Brian - 02/03/2023

" Dr Dayaw is very nice "

 Wendy - 02/03/2023

" I just loved my experience from when I walked In the door. Reception was so so friendly and nice. The Medical Assistant was wonderful. Cannot say enough about Dr. Dayan. I felt so comfortable with the Dr. She was warm and answered all my questions and I really loved her disposition. I am so happy that you were able to get me in so soon and I thank everyone so so much. You made sure all ran smoothly. Thank you. Wendy Olson. Keep warm!! "

 Thomas - 02/02/2023

" The Dr was kind of vague about his findings after the tests he did. I would have liked more detail about next steps. The care provider Debbie was outstanding! It was a very painful / uncomfortable test and she made me feel very good about it. Very good conversationalist with a great sense of humor! "

 Melissa - 02/02/2023

" Meghan Reynolds is the best! She is very caring and compassionate and really takes her time with her patients! "

 John - 02/02/2023

" Dr pain hard very knowledgeable and profesionable always gives you the time needed "

 Annamaria - 01/27/2023

" Doctor Painuchaon. She’s the best neurologist she take her time with the patient she explained everything I will recommend to anybody "

 Luis - 01/26/2023

" The personal in the clinic were very helpful and courteous and well educated. Luis Utia Tardif "

 Janet - 01/26/2023

" Dr painchaud is amazing. She is very knowledgeable, listens actively to everything you share or have questions about, and explains things effectively and in a way that is easy to understand. I feel like I’m being heard and not just patronized which is a refreshing change. "

 Linda - 01/25/2023

" Dr. Bell is a wonderful and knowledgeable physician. He cares for his patients. He takes the time to listen and to answer all of my concerns. "

 Patricia - 01/25/2023

" EVERYONE is good and care. I love everything about the office and DOCTORS "

 Keith - 01/19/2023

" Very timely and professional. "

 Philip - 01/19/2023

" All staff and MD are kind, polite and compassionate. "

 Susan - 01/19/2023

" I just wished I had more time to talk, but it was my fault bc I was very late! I was driving 2 hrs away.. "

 Cesare - 01/19/2023

" They were very professional at the office. Thank you Dr Bell for all your help. "

 Roxie - 01/17/2023

" We had to wait an hour for our appointment. "

 Pamela - 01/13/2023

" Only issue was that the patient restroom floor and toilet were dirty. "

 David - 01/12/2023

" Deb was very personable and explained what she was doing expertly. Dr. Bell was brief but friendly and informative. They both answered all the questions I had. Hope I don’t need to go again, but if I do I know I’ll be well taken care of. Thank you. "

 Timothy - 01/05/2023

" My appointment was excellent as usual. The staff is always courteous and friendly Doctor and medical assistant were also friendly and informative. My experience was great as it always is at Greater Milford Neurology. "

 Lauren - 01/05/2023

" Dr. Painchaud was extremely in depth in her questions during my first appointment with her. I felt that she really cared and that she listened to all my concerns. I have been to a neurologist about my migraines previously via a telehealth call and did not get anywhere near this level of care. I would recommend her and the practice to any of my loved ones. The staff were very polite and helpful as well. I am thankful I found this practice and hopeful for my future care with them. - Lauren Gilligan "

 Patricia - 01/05/2023

" I have several doctors but Dr Kumar and the staff always go above and beyond in every aspect. They are just wonderful. I feel well taken care of in every way. I always recommend them. "

 Anthony - 01/04/2023

" Very nice and friendly "

 William - 01/03/2023

" Dr Painchaud is so informative and caring and gives you plenty of time to ask questions and understand our needs. I always recommend her to people I know "

 April - 12/29/2022

" Always a long wait for your scheduled appointment, however, the Dr takes her time to explain everything and make sure you understand your treatment plan. "

 Lori - 12/22/2022

" My Dr was very knowledgeble, and caring. She took her time to explain things to me. I would definitely go back to her. "

 Joseph - 12/22/2022

" The entire staff is great, they’re very sensitive to my needs and they treat me with such dignity. They are always there to help me and Meaghan rentals is amazing. "

 Kit Yue - 12/22/2022

" Dr. Bell was courteous, thoughtful, thorough and was able to share his clinical impressions in a clear way. He invited me to be part of the medical decision-making and I feel comfortable with the treatment plan. I am grateful to under his care! "

 Shanyn - 12/20/2022

" Dr Painchaud and Dr Bell are great Tech that did my test was super nice and staff is always kind "

 Sharon - 12/10/2022

" Doctor Kumar is the best! And the staff people are wonderful. "

 Nancy - 12/09/2022

" Dr was excellent as usual!!! "

 Michelle - 12/09/2022

" Dr. Kumar is a great doctor. She is very kind and helpful. She cares so much about her patients and always answers any question I have and gives me all the information I need. I would recommend her to friends and family for sure. Thank you! "

 Charles - 12/07/2022

" Greater Milford has helped me get my life back "

 Angela - 12/06/2022

" Greater Milford Neurology is a wonderful place to go. All the staff is incredible. My care has been incredible as well. "

 Rachel - 12/02/2022

" The attention and care I receive at your office is appreciated! "

 Maria - 12/02/2022

" Perfectly helpful and attentive as always, I am treated,so well by every one here!! "

 Lisa - 12/02/2022

" I was so pleased with the care I received from Dr.Dayaw. She was welcoming and listened to all of my 100’s problems. I would recommend her to everyone. She had smiling eyes and didn’t ignore my problems at all. A pleasure meeting her and the whole staff. "

 Robert - 11/30/2022

" 1st time appointment, staff and Dr were very professional and helpful. "

 Roberta - 11/29/2022

" Dr. Painchaud is the best!!! "

 Sharon - 11/29/2022

" Great Dr.Bell 👏 "

 Kenneth - 11/23/2022

" We’ll see if the medicine works on my headache problem. "

 Amy - 11/22/2022

" Dr. Kumar is amazing! She has literally changed my life improving the quality of life from migraines. "

 Pamela - 11/22/2022

" Dr. J Kumar is an excellent doctor. I’m proud to recommend her to others. Sincerely Pamela Dean Kobetitsch "

 Jason - 11/22/2022

" Always a great visit "

 Ken - 11/18/2022

" So, let's see how fast you all can schedule my EMG and MRI! 😁 Meaghan was super. "

 Ashley - 11/17/2022

" When I walked through the door, the girl at the desk looked at me and said, " Ashley? " And I said, " yeah? ". She said, " you look great!! " And I could tell it wasn't just lip service, that she really meant it. It made me feel really good that number one she knew who I was right off the bat, and number two she acknowledged my progress immediately and complimented me. She made me feel really good. Unfortunately I do not know her name. But she had awesome Halloween nails & told me that she's waiting for Christmas nails cuz she's skipping right over Thanksgiving lol. She was very genuine and extremely helpful in getting me a record of what was sent to my short-term disability company Guardian Life Insurance. You can't put a price on something like that. I appreciate it more than she knows. Please tell her from the bottom of my heart that I say thank you. "

 Keith - 11/17/2022

" Been well taken care of since 2017. "

 Patricia - 11/16/2022

" EVERYONE is very good "

 Laura - 11/15/2022

" I am completely satisfied with my level of support and thoroughness. "

 Linda - 11/10/2022

" Dr Painchaud is the best! She always takes time to talk to me and discuss my options. She listens well and considers the whole picture when discussing our next step. "

 Audrey - 11/10/2022

" Dr. Painchaud is very resourceful, competent and empathetic! "

 Vincent - 11/08/2022

" Doctor Kumar is very kind and been extremely helpful for me, excellent care and spends time with me at appointments not just in and out ,thankful to be her patient. "

 Theresa - 11/05/2022

" Dr. Kumar is the best!! "

 Carol - 11/05/2022

" Love Dr. Painchaud.. "

 Joanne - 11/03/2022

" The medical personnel were very prompt, professional,and courteous. I am very happy with my experience there. "

 Timothy - 11/02/2022

" Kim is a keeper!! "

 Patricia - 11/01/2022

" Dr. Painchaurd was very kind to me and she spent time trying to understand my condition as I explained it. I appreciate that she listened and ordered some further testing. She seemed to truly care about what I have going through and wants to help. "

 Melinda - 10/30/2022


 Matthew - 10/28/2022

" I am 100% satisfied with this practice. The entire staff is wonderful and you leave with a feeling like they really care. "

 Melissa - 10/28/2022

" The staff at greater Milford Neurology are all exceptional from the front desk, nursing, medical assistants and to my provider Meghan Reynolds who all listen and actively attend to the patients needs. Meghan looks at the entire person and assesses appropriatley. She is a wonderful provider who shows true compassion, empathy, and care for her patients. "

 Michael - 10/23/2022

" I feel like my doctor listens and understand what is going on with me. Totally amaizing care "

 Alan - 10/20/2022

" Dr Bell and his staff have always provided the best possible care to me and my family "

 Katherine - 10/20/2022

" Dr Daway and her staff are professional, thorough and compassionate "

 Kevin - 10/20/2022

" Everyone was courteous and professional. I was in the waiting room for less than 5 minutes. "

 Nicholas - 10/20/2022

" Dr. Bell is A great Dr. !! I had a bunch of Questions and he answered all of them "

 John - 10/19/2022

" My doctor is awesome and very helpful…👍👍 "

 Carolyn - 10/18/2022

" Dr. Kumar is an excellent doctor. She listens, understands and helps us to control my mother's Parkinson's. With her constant contact with we have been able to get rid of my mother's tremors, rigidity, and hallucinations. I wouldn't see another neurologist. "

 Charles - 10/14/2022

" Dr Dayaw does a great job explaining what is going on with my MS when reading my MRI’s tells me the results and shows me. Love dealing with her and her staff . "

 Paula - 10/13/2022

" I have been a patient of Dr Bells for over 5 years. He is compassionate,and knowledgeable. I have also had the pleasure of seeing dr reynolds. She is also very compassionate,and knowledgeable. The office staff is always available,and ready to assist. "

 Paul - 10/09/2022

" Dr Kumar and her staff are caring, and respectful. "

 Danielle - 10/07/2022

" Dr Painchaud was outstanding and really takes the time to listen. Her staff was also extremely helpful and kind "

 Mary - 10/07/2022

" A wonderful office of competent staff, a caring and thorough doctor. A great experience. "

 Barry - 10/06/2022

" Very good im satisfied "

 John - 10/05/2022

" The entire staff from the administrator out front to the attending nurse to to Dr. Alan are all so pleasant to deal with as well as efficient in getting me into the doctor's room for my visit. Needless to say Dr. Alan Bell is a very professional person who is also kind, caring and concerned about your health and over welfare. I would highly recommend Dr. Alan Bell and his entire staff to anyone who asks me for a suggestion for a Neurologists. Jack Moran "

 Melissa - 10/04/2022

" The best Dr. Ever!! He literally cares about you as a patient, he takes his time, and does NOT RUSH YOU, LIKE MOST DRS NOWADAYS. 1,000% recommend dr. Bell as your neurologist!!! "

 Joanne - 09/30/2022

" My doctor is the the best. Dr. Dayaw listens and truly cares if your well being. From day 1 she helped me and I feel so much better and continue progressing. Thank You "

 Brian - 09/29/2022

" Dr. Dayaw is very professional and understanding! "

 Vincent - 09/29/2022

" I’ve been on going Patient, since before it was called Milford neurology when it was Hopedale. First patient of Dr. William Tosches, Now a patient of Dr. Alan Bell Been going here for over 35 years they’re excellent wouldn’t go Anywhere else that is a great., do not care for their automated system, Nor do I care for the way there answering service works. What is not always that way, it is very impersonal and unprofessional But still the doctors are knowledgeable and excellent in their field.. "

 Francesca - 09/29/2022

" Love this Neurology practice! Dr Dayaw has been my Dr since I first was diagnosed with MS. I couldn’t feel more confident about her recommendations for my care! Highly recommended Francesca "

 Scot - 09/28/2022

" I've been with this neurologist neurologist for about 6 years now and I really do love everybody in the office they always occur they always are courteous and they really make me feel like They're part of my team and like they really care "

 Virginia - 09/28/2022

" Dr. Kumar and her staff are always courteous and professional! "

 Deborah - 09/27/2022

" Everyone was very nice and responsive to any questions I had. "

 William - 09/27/2022

" Dr provided good information and took time to listen to me "

 Charles - 09/27/2022

" Everyone has been extremely awesome and the issue I’m having is almost cured "

 Frances - 09/23/2022

" The whole office was a very pleasant experience. It is unlike any other office that I have been in. From the front desk to the doctor, I was very impressed by everyone. People smiling at a doctor's office is unusual. Dr. Bell was friendly, informative and easy to talk with. I was very nervous going there, but once inside, I relaxed. I just would like to change my diagnosis but that's not something anyone can do. Thank you all for putting me at ease. I appreciate that very much. "

 Marilyn - 09/23/2022

" Great "

 Catherine - 09/22/2022

" Dr. Painchaud is just the best! "

 James - 09/21/2022

" Great ad clear advice was given by Dr. Ball "

 Valerie - 09/16/2022

" Dr. Dayaw is an angel of mercy. She's keenly aware of my wife's medical history, she is thorough, and sensitive. More doctors should be like her! "

 Jennifer - 09/16/2022

" Thank you Dr. Dayaw!!! "

 Melanie - 09/15/2022

" One problem I have is they don't usually call u back . "

 Kathleen - 09/14/2022

" The experience is always good. No complaints whatsoever! "

 Thomas - 09/09/2022

" Very good experience. Dr bell and his staff were great. I had all my questions answered. very professionally. I felt at ease with no stress during my visit with Dr bell. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Very friendly staff. "

 Nancy - 09/08/2022

" The first time I met Dr. Bell I liked him immediately, I have not changed my mind since then. He has always been caring and very personable. "

 John - 09/08/2022

" Excellent "

 Roberta - 09/08/2022

" This was my first meeting with Dr. Painchaud. She was very informative. She answered all my questions with clarity. She guided me step by step on what she planned to do for me. I was very comfortable meeting with her and look forward to our next appointment. "

 Mary - 09/07/2022

" The quality of staff and service is so professional and empathetic it is a relief to have that consideration & service . Thank you ! "

 Felipe - 09/06/2022

" This was a wonderful experience 😃🙏 All of my questions were answered to my satisfaction and all of my concerns were addressed. Dr. was very thorough and patient taking her time to explain the next steps of my treatment. I feel that I was able to understand my condition and what to expect after each stage of treatment. I feel that I received much education throughout the visit. I also liked the ladies at the front desk and the nurses. Every one made me feel very welcome at this office. Thank you so much To Dr. J. Kumar and the Team at Greater Milford Neurology 😀 You guys Rock👏👏👏👏👏😃 "

 Errold - 09/03/2022

" We were a little late for our appointment and the staff as well as the doctor were very understanding. We were treated with understanding and respect. "

 Sharon - 08/30/2022

" Thank you 😊 No results Dr did not get any tests that I had done 😊 "

 Angela - 08/30/2022

" I am very happy with my care that I received. Being injured and out of work and not feeling like yourself is scary and having someone there to help and answer questions was incredible. She thoroughly explained the next steps to take for medicine and scans that I need to have done. Very grateful for the help. Front desk staff was also amazing and went above and beyond to help me obtain records in a short period of time so I could be seen and my ability to receive care wasn’t hindered. My family has been coming to this office for some time now and I can absolutely see why. "

 Elaine - 08/30/2022

" My experience at Milford Neurology was terrific from beginning to end. The front desk team were warm and welcoming and made the check in process easy and stress-free. Dr. Painchaud was compassionate and listened to everything I said. She spent a fair amount of time with me, included me in the treatment planning and answered all my questions clearly. I'm glad I found Dr. Painchaud and this clinic. I will continue my treatment there and would highly recommend them. "

 Lisa - 08/28/2022

" Everyone on the staff was very nice. Dr. Kumar is wonderful! She takes the time to listen to concerns and gives a complete explanation of any questions or concerns. I’ve already highly recommended her to friends and family. "

 Laura - 08/28/2022

" Not happy my brain was lost by MRI that took 2hours now I have to go back and do again tomorrow. 😵😡 "

 Maria - 08/26/2022

" Always have been well taken of by everyone in the office. "

 Kathryn - 08/26/2022

" Dr. Kumar and her staff were wonderful and I'm so grateful to be under her care. She's an incredible doctor. Sincerely, Kathryn Doan "

 Suzanne - 08/25/2022

" Dr Bell is wonderful. "

 Susan - 08/24/2022

" I have been a patient of Dr. Dayaw for 10+ years. I am confident with her knowledge and her ability to diagnose and treat neurological disorders. Dr. Dayaw is thorough and has been very attentive to my health issues, combining expertise and a willingness to listen and discuss my concerns. I am so glad the hospital referred me to her and I will continue to see her! The office staff are friendly and professional, the waiting is large and clean. Susan "

 William - 08/23/2022

" Dr. Bell and his staff are great! "

 Alyson - 08/21/2022

" I love Dr. Kumar. She has a very caning demeanor and is really informative and logical. "

 Karen - 08/20/2022

" I love Dr. Kumar! She is knowledgeable and she’s so kind. She answered all my questions and was encouraging. She explained that attitude has a lot to do with healing. I can tell she loves her job. I highly recommend her and her staff. "

 Lois - 08/19/2022

" Dr. Bell is a great Dr and his staff is very helpful with everything. "

 Allen - 08/17/2022


 Patricia - 08/16/2022

" I have known Dr Kumar since she began her practice in the mendon and milford Ma areas. I feel Dr Kumar is a very patient and great communicator. She fully answers all of our questions, her instruction is always understandable. Dr Kumar is an intellegent and thouroghly professional physician. I would reccomend Dr Kumbar to friends and family. thank you Patricia "

 William - 08/11/2022

" great care for over 30 years "

 Jennifer - 08/10/2022

" Excellent service!! "

 Amanda - 08/10/2022

" Dr. Kumar is incredible! "

 Patricia - 08/10/2022

" I always have a good experience when I see my doctor "

 Timothy - 08/05/2022

" Wonderful experience from the start appointment was easily made very friendly staff and doc was very courteous and answered all questions follow up appointment made at end of initial appointment. Very good experience all the way "

 Christine - 08/02/2022

" Everyone from the office staff, nurse and physician's assistant were very courteous and helpful. I had an insurance problem and my own neurologist was on a very well deserved vacation. "

 Joanne - 07/28/2022

" Excellent visit "

 Keith - 07/27/2022

" Today's appointment answered the questions I had. "

 Cesare - 07/27/2022

" I want to thank all the people at the office and a special thanks to Dr Bell for being so professional. "

 Liam - 07/26/2022

" You are not texting the right phone number for Liam Sennott. In your system the last four digits should be 7012. You are currently texting 9190, which is the number of one of my family members. Please make this change so I can receive all relevant notifications. (The first seven numbers are the same). Thank you "

 Michelle - 07/23/2022

" Dr.Kumar is outstanding. Listens, understands and advices the path forward with her excellent medical knowledge and experience. "

 Charles - 07/21/2022

" This doctors office has helped me in so many ways and cause of this I’m almost over this nightmare I been dealing with for over a year now. "

 Alicia - 07/20/2022

" Dr. Kumar is excellent! I feel like she was addressing and seeing the complete me, not just my symptoms. She also went in depth explaining the medication she was starting me on. I left the office feeling much happier and in more control of my future. "

 Ryan - 07/20/2022

" Kim was very helpful at the front desk and dr bell is an excellent doctor "

 Pamela - 07/15/2022

" Dr. J Kumar is a brilliant kind doctor. "

 Maureen - 07/15/2022

" Dr. Bell was very kind and understanding. He was very thorough in addressing my needs. The whole staff was great and Helene and Kim were also very helpful. During this time of Covid I especially appreciate all the caregivers and their support team that are here to serve us. Dr Bell also allowed my husband to come into the appointments so we could understand everything together. "

 Matthew - 07/14/2022

" I have been a patient here for over 6 months and have no complaints Meghan Reynolds has been excellent and I highly recommend. "

 Amie - 07/13/2022

" Very pleasant and courteous "

 Joyce - 07/13/2022

" Love Dr. Kumar "

 Joanne - 07/12/2022

" Wonderful front desk staff and nurses. Dr. Bell listened to my mothers and my concerns and made her feel at ease. I am a patient there as well and never would have her seen by anyone but him! "

 Debra - 07/12/2022

" Dr. Dayan is fabulous! "

 Donna - 07/12/2022

" One of the most informative doctors appointment I've ever had! Excellent experience here! "

 Carolyn - 07/09/2022

" As always, Dr. Kumar was attentive, and very helpful. She tracks my mother's progress with Parkinson's Disease and we keep in touch about changing symptoms and the best way to take care of them. I wouldn't want anyone but Dr. Kumar to help take care of her. "

 Cheryl - 07/09/2022

" Much improved ease in scheduling and confirming apts. Kind and helpful staff. Love Dr. Kumar, caring, informative and easy to talk to. "

 Susan - 07/07/2022

" Dr. Painchaud is an excellent doctor who has helped me with a chronic condition. "

 Jean - 07/07/2022

" It took a little while to be able to get an appointment due to having to call many times to get through but am very happy with the results. I actually got a Dr that I had years ago for another problem. I know that she has my health in mind. We were both happy to be able to reconnect. The staff there is wonderful and caring also. Thank you "

 Paul - 07/07/2022

" Dr. Bell and his staff are the very very best at what they do. "

 Matthew - 07/07/2022

" The office is very helpful "

 Beverly - 07/03/2022

" Best visit with a Doctor in many years. "

 Linda - 07/02/2022

" Meds got called into wrong pharmacy even though I gave correct pharmacy info twice. "

 Linda - 07/02/2022

" Meds got called into wrong pharmacy even though I gave correct pharmacy info twice. "

 Dana - 07/02/2022

" Excellent care was provided by every one , some issues with telephone calls and contacting provider . But I attribute much of that to post pandemic times as we all struggle to retire to life as it was . Very thoughtful staff and good follow through "

 Donna - 07/01/2022

" I had written down the wrong time and I was 15 mins late, but Dr Kumar Saw me anyways. She has been amazing with me for the last 5 years, and I wouldn't go anywhere else. I drive an hour to see her! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Milford Neurology! "

 Paul - 07/01/2022

" Dr. Daywa is an excellent physician and neurologist and I have mentioned her and her practice to others. I like the fact that she explains what she says about your condition, what can done and what to expect. I know physicians should be doing this with all their patients but do they really? Dr. Daywa does. I trust her professional assessment and consequently I trust her. Thank you... "

 Marie - 06/30/2022

" They are always excellent from the start until you leave. "

 Sheila - 06/29/2022

" Dr. Bell was very informative. The staff is amazing and very courteous. "

 Sharon - 06/29/2022

" From how I was greeted at the front desk to my wonderful Technician Deb and Dr. Bell they were all amazing! Went beyond to help me understand the procedure! A friendly warm atmosphere! Thank you especially Deb and Dr Bell for your sense of humor! "

 Sharron - 06/29/2022

" It was comforting to know that I could reach out and talk to my doctor. I felt like I was listened to and understood as well. "

 Stephen - 06/29/2022

" Very pleasant staff. Answered all my questions. "

 Marjorie - 06/25/2022

" Dr. Painchaud always takes time to listen to my concerns and doesn’t hesitate to order blood work or tests to find out what’s going on. "

 Charlotte - 06/25/2022

" W "

 Patricia - 06/24/2022

" I’ve been with Dr. Dayaw for a long time and I appreciate the way she speaks with me about my overall welfare and not just my neurological health. Her concern for me is evident and her expertise in the area of Multiple Sclerosis is unmatched. She stays abreast of the latest MS treatments and she makes sure I am aware of all my options do that I can make informed decisions regarding my own health. She makes me feel like I am a partner in my own healthcare and to me, that makes all of the difference. "

 Marlana - 06/23/2022

" Dr Bell was very informative in my questions regarding my upcoming spinal surgery and care for my sciatica. "

 Kelly - 06/20/2022

" Dr. Kumar was extremely confident that we finally found the right dosage of medications to help control my seizures, and that’s certainly a big relief. We are working on my migraines and I have great confidence in her. Dr. Kumar is the best Neurologist I have ever had. Extremely caring and determined to keep trying to get the best care for me possible. "

 Richard - 06/18/2022

" Dr Bell and his staff are wonderful and address our concerns thoroughly "

 Patricia - 06/17/2022

" My experience was absolutely fantastic!so helpful and caring! "

 Jane - 06/16/2022

" Dr Panchaud is very thorough and knowledgeable. She's so down to earth and easy to talk to. She explains everything so well in layman's terms so you get a full understanding of what may or may not be going on. I highly recommend her. "

 Kathleen - 06/14/2022


 Santa - 06/14/2022

" Thank you Dr kumar for your help. "

 Kathleen - 06/14/2022

" Very impressed. I am an RN . I hope my patients are as well informed and treated with professional respect and kindness. thank you. "

 Annmarie - 06/14/2022

" As always Dr Dayaw is very thorough! "

 Peter - 06/09/2022

" Outstanding!!! Can't say enough "

 Katherine - 06/09/2022

" Dr. Bell is very caring and understanding and I would highly recommend him. "

 Jennifer - 06/09/2022

" Megan is awesome! All the staff is very friendly and helpful! "

 Susan - 06/09/2022

" I love my doctor… she takes the time to listen to me… "

 Jill - 06/07/2022

" Everybody there is **FABULOUS** and professional; from the Secretaries to the Assistants to all of the Doctors. "

 Cheryl - 06/07/2022

" Dr Bell is always attentive and listens to concerns without judgement. Always updated in new treatments and offers options and alternative treatments. "

 Michelle - 06/07/2022

" Dr. Kumar is an excellent doctor. She is incredibly kind and understanding and I would highly recommend her. "

 Michael - 06/02/2022

" I was not informed of what am EMG consisted of, nor was I told I'd the after effects of the test. The person who did the first half of the test was totally unprofessional, rude and full of herself. I knew it would be painful but she seemed to be amused by the fact that it hurt so much. It would've been nice to know what the test was actually going to be, would've been nice to know that I'd be in so much pain I wouldn't be able to walk that day or the next. "

 Kristine - 06/01/2022

" Dr. Bell and all the staff in the office were extremely nice and caring. "

 Janis - 06/01/2022

" Kim and the front office staff were completely amazing!!! Dr Bell and his assistant were so nice a very thorough. Would highly recommend this practice. "

 Rachel - 05/27/2022

" Finding amazing care here! "

 Wendy - 05/24/2022

" Love Dr Dayaw and her staff!!!! "

 Lisa - 05/20/2022

" Dr. Bell is wonderful as is his staff. It is nice to see a caring doctor is still out there! "

 Elaine - 05/20/2022

" I really appreciate the responsiveness of the team. Twice I had to contact them with questions and I received an immediate responses. "

 Sheila - 05/19/2022

" this is applicable to previous visits. I had to reschedule my current appt. as the dr. was sick. "

 Brenna - 05/17/2022

" Love the service and I find the support staff to be courteous and helpful "

 Timothy - 05/14/2022

" Dr Kumar is an excellent dr who is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and thorough. Highly recommended. "

 Harold - 05/13/2022

" From the time we were checked in to the time we left everyone that we dealt with was very cordial, helpful and informative. "

 Harold - 05/13/2022

" From the time we were checked in to the time we left everyone that we dealt with was very cordial, helpful and informative. "

 Brian - 05/12/2022

" Keep up the great work 😃 "

 Peter - 05/12/2022

" If I’m happy, we’re all happy. Joe B. "

 Charles - 05/12/2022

" Everyone has been very helpful during this whole shingle matter "

 Maria - 05/11/2022

" Thank you to all! "

 Patricia - 05/11/2022

" Kim is wonderful at the desk. "

 Audrey - 05/10/2022

" The office staff was friendly and welcoming. Dr. Painchaud, as always was most sensitive and responsive to my issues and questions. "

 Christine - 05/05/2022

" It is Always a Pleasure to go to Dr Allen Bell’s office. The girls in the office are very helpful and pleasant and knowledgeable. The nurse who takes your vital signs is very kind, pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable. Dr Allen Bell has been my neurologist for over 30 years!! He is very Pleasant, he never makes you feel rushed. He is very intelligent and knowledgeable in his field. He has helped me tremendously over the years which has allowed me to live life with less pain. I Highly Recommend Dr Bell to anyone who needs a neurologist… He’s the Best!!!!! "

 Thomas - 05/05/2022

" Still need to resolve my foot still no feeling... "

 Kellie - 05/05/2022

" I just walked in to make appt. Appt is next week but they were really nice an efficient "

 Cheryl - 05/04/2022

" Everyone is so friendly and genuinely wants to make your visit a happy relaxed one "

 Maryjane - 05/03/2022

" Dr. Painchaud is one of the most intelligent and compassionate doctors I have ever known. The staff his top-notch. Five stars all around. "

 Jane - 04/29/2022

" Dr. Bell is a wonderful communicator, he was thorough, not rushed, listened to my questions. He gave me direction for the future, all in all he is quite remarkable! "

 Jennifer - 04/28/2022

" Love this office and it’s staff. Love Meghan Reynolds!!!! "

 Loriane - 04/26/2022

" Dr Kumar is awesome! "

 Charlene - 04/26/2022

" Dr Lumar is the most informative doctor. She explains issues in detail and is always ready to answer any questions I might have. She sets up any tests I might need, and refers me on to any additional care I may need. I feel very lucky to be under her care! Sincerely, Charlene L. Coakley "

 Annette - 04/24/2022

" Dr. painchaud and her secretaries were fabulous! Dr. painchaud knew exactly what to do for me what kind of medication so I needed and she always made me feel comfortable in the office when she be asking me questions I would highly recommend Dr. painchaud to anyone that asked me. And her secretaries give the personal care to each one of the patients they call us by name and it makes it sound like it’s a friendly office which it is and when they tell you they’ll have something ready for you any type of paperwork they have it ready for you and correctly done "

 Margaret - 04/23/2022

" As always, I left with a clear plan of treatment to be followed up in 8 weeks "

 Sandra - 04/23/2022

" Dr. Kumar and her staff are all lovely people. "

 Cristina - 04/22/2022

" Dr. Dayaw is so kind and informative. She has always answered any questions or concerns I have had over the years. I would travel to make sure I stayed with her for continued care. She's amazing. "

 Catherine - 04/20/2022

" Dr. Dayaw is the best. Hands down. "

 Kevin - 04/19/2022

" I like this alot they help with everything "

 Cheryl - 04/15/2022

" Being a new patient i was able to get an appointment without long wait. Handicap accessible which is important to me. The staff was friendly seemed knowledgable. Waiting room not overcrowed. Would definately refer others to the practice. "

 Thayer - 04/15/2022

" I love Rr karma "

 Joanne - 04/14/2022

" I have been a patient of Dr. Painchaud’s for years. I have recommended her to other’s as I feel she is thorough & listen’s to my concerns. The front office is and always has been very welcoming and pleasant. "

 Christine - 04/14/2022

" Dr. Painchaud is very knowledgeable and always easy to talk to. I have referred her to the rest of my family and they love her as well. "

 Kelli - 04/13/2022

" Dr bell and his staff are wonderful and incredibly helpful. "

 Paul - 04/13/2022

" Dr Kumar and her staff are always patient and very helpful . The best !!! "

 Christopher - 04/12/2022

" Dr. Kumar, assistants, and staff are the best! "

 Susan - 04/09/2022

" I have been seeing Dr. Dayaw for years now. She is an Excellent Dr. She is always prompt unless the patient before you may be having some serious issues that may take a few more minutes but that’s ok because she takes her time with you She actually listens to you examine you shows compassion. She explains everything. If she orders tests on your f/u visit she brings it up and explains every little detail. She then discusses a plan of treatment if there is one and explains that too and will write it down if needed. She is an exceptionally brilliant Dr. In her field of Neurology etc. She speaks with kindness and is always smiling. I have referred her to people and will continue too. Always a pleasant experience at her office as the staff and Medical Assistants are very pleasant also. Susan Berry "

 Hillary - 04/08/2022

" Dr. Kumar is amazing! She took my concerns seriously and has helped me regain control of my life! I can’t thank her enough! "

 Carolyn - 04/08/2022

" Dr. Kumar is a fantastic doctor. She is always there when i need to talk to her. Her staff takes messages and returns my calls very fast. She is a caring person, which makes her a wonderful doctor. "

 Adam - 04/05/2022

" Receptionist Kim was Great. Extremely nice and professional. All staff was great to deal with and professional. I was able to get right in and out and extremely satisfied with care provided to me "

 Victoria - 04/05/2022

" Can’t tell you how relieved I was to finally find a neurologist who is so understanding and complete with care. Compassionate. Thorough. Doesn’t let you slip through the system. Would recommend 100 percent. I’m grateful. "

 Annmarie - 04/05/2022

" Dr daway is an excellent neurologist!! Listens to you and never rushes you!! "

 James - 04/02/2022

" Nice folks, courteous and professional. "

 Todd - 04/01/2022

" Dr. Kumar is one of my favorite doctors. Not only do I trust her completely as my Neurologist, but she has great bedside manors and is VERY personable. "

 Harry - 03/30/2022

" Dr. Kumar is an excellent doctor and explains everything very careful and in ways that are understandable. Harry Peters "

 Robert - 03/30/2022

" very caring group! Dr. Dayaw is a kind compassionate person! "

 Robert - 03/29/2022

" thank you "

 Virginia - 03/27/2022

" Dr Kumar is very knowledgeable and professional. She is also kind and listens intentively to my concerns/issues. "

 Laurie - 03/26/2022

" Everywas so kind and helpful. It was a very pleasant visit! "

 Pamela - 03/26/2022

" Dr. Kumar and her staff are incredible! Highly recommend! "

 Russell - 03/25/2022

" It was an easy experience. "

 Judith - 03/25/2022

" Dr. Kumar is gracious, warm and attentive. She genuinely cares about her patience and I am so happy to have her as my physician. ☺ "

 Robin - 03/23/2022

" Excellent care overall... "

 Pearl - 03/22/2022

" Doctor Kumar and her staff have always been attentive, knowledgeable, and very patient. They always listen and take time to explain. We feel well-cared for at Milford Neurology. "

 Francine - 03/22/2022

" I thought Dr Bell was very empathetic and understood my concerns completely. I was very satisfied with the treatment plan and his advice. $ "

 Kelly - 03/19/2022

" Dr. Kumar is the best Doctor I have ever had. I appreciate everything that she has done for me. Dr. Kumar thinks about the well-being of the entire body and how it effects the neurological condition and she recommends different types of things that she believes might help me with that. I am very grateful that I have her for my neurologist and I wouldn’t want any other. "

 Kathleen - 03/18/2022

" After a hospital stay, I got in right away because of a cancellation. I was very happy about that. "

 Mary - 03/18/2022

" A pleasant appointment from beginning to end. Thank you all. "

 Amy - 03/17/2022

" Very Comfortable appointment all area’s of concern were addressed Doctor is Wonderful extremely helpful and very kind pleasant experience "

 Gloria - 03/17/2022

" Front desk people are wonderful. Because my insurance does not cover the recommended medication they always give me samples. Dr Bell is the best. "

 Jennifer - 03/17/2022