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Recent Reviews

 Jerry - 05/17/2023

" Dr Haake is the best. So thankful we found him. "

 Steven - 05/17/2023

" Dr Haake exudes competence and confidence. Exremely knowledgeable. Asks good questions and does not hesitate to expound on his answers in as detailed a manner as is needed. "

 Brad - 05/17/2023

" I’ve already referred you to Dan abates. Koleen and I would DEFINITELY be interested in the concierge service. So let us know if you do that. And if you get any cancellations before mid June please let me know. I’d like to get going on my transformation ASAP. Thank you! Brad Wiskirchen "

 Jerry - 05/16/2023

" Wish you were closer to Nampa. But the care I receive is absolutely worth the drive. "

 Gary - 05/11/2023

" Dr Haake is very highly experienced, very knowledgable, and treats patients in a manner consistent with healing. "

 Debra - 05/09/2023

" Very knowledgeable and helpful in finding solutions. I am grateful for his expertise in providing me with guidance on my health over the past several years. Dr. Haake is a very good Doctor! "

 John - 05/02/2023

" Dr. Haake is knowledgeable and thorough in his evaluations I would highly recommend him! "

 William - 05/01/2023

" Dr. Haake is great, extremely knowledgeable and personable. I enjoy speaking with him. The front office staff is helpful and very curteous. Dr. Haake is receptive to phone consultations which is convenient since I live a great distance away from the office. I highley recommend Dr. Haake's services. "

 Shawn - 04/28/2023

" I am so excited to start a program of health and wellness knowing the guidance and vast scope of knowledge Dr Haawke has. "

 Rachel - 04/18/2023

" Dr Haake is very knowledgeable and helps you to understand your hormones and how to feel optimal. Such a great experience and atmosphere. Thank you! "

 Darell - 04/17/2023

" Dr Haake and his team are great!!! Recommend them to all of my friends. "

 Kathy - 04/11/2023

" Dr. Haake is exceptional. He is one of the last of his kind. He gets down to the root cause of illness and disease instead of pushing a band-aid while making the pharmaceutical companies rich. His visits and willingness to educate his patients is priceless. I wish the younger generations of doctors would take lessons from him. "

 Angela - 04/06/2023

" I have been with Dr. Haake and team since 2016 and I really appreciate everything he has done for me. I'm able to live my best life. "

 Virginia - 04/05/2023

" Dr. Haake brings years of experience and wisdom to his patients. His superior knowledge and intellect is exactly what I need for maintaining my health. Thank you "

 Stephen - 04/04/2023

" I’m very grateful for my visit. I learned a lot and believe that I’ll be in a better position physically and mentally 6 months from now. "

 Phil - 03/31/2023

" Dr. Haake is absolutely incredible. He is the most knowledgeable doctor I’ve ever had. He answers all my questions, explains things thoroughly and gets me back on track after other doctors fail. I regret that he can’t be my GP. "

 Lynn - 03/29/2023

" I’ve been seeing Dr Haake for several years and will continue to see him for years to come. Dr. Haake truly cares about my well being. He helps me understand the aging process and gives me a plan to stay youthful . He is so knowledgeable! Thank you Dr. Haake !! "

 Sanjin - 03/29/2023

" Dr Haake is the best "

 Karla - 03/24/2023

" Dr. Haake sees the whole patient- how all the parts and systems work together- and takes the time to explain it. It isn't about treating a symptom, but about addressing the cause. "

 Kent - 03/21/2023

" Thank you for always going above and beyond for our health. Linda & Kent Browne "

 Mccall - 03/17/2023

" Always a great experience! "

 Blane - 03/16/2023

" These guys are amazing! "

 Judy - 03/04/2023

" We live in Nampa, so not close to us but worth the drive. We appreciate everything about the care we receive. Dr.Haake is so knowledgeable !!!!! We know he deeply cares about health, and helping us keep our biological systems working at optimal levels. Thank you, Judy Vanderpool "

 Nick - 02/24/2023

" Best explanations of any doctor I have ever seen. Just great at explaining things. "

 Pamela - 02/24/2023

" My knees have no cartilage at all. Walking/standing has been very difficult and painful. After a few months of treatments, I am able to stand and walk without pain! I highly recommend Boise Cryotherapy! "

 Juli - 02/22/2023

" I always recommend Dr. Haake. He is knowledgeable, helpful, kind, and empathetic. He is genuinely interested in your health. "

 Alicja - 01/24/2023

" Dr. Haake is an excellent choice choice for menopausal women with symptoms seeking HRT. He is very knowledgeable In this area. Visits are expensive but you do not need many and super bill is immediately provided which can be submitted to your insurance. He does not push supplements although his recommendation make for a long list. He is not young doctor so question on who will replace him. He has different opinion than mainstream medicine and he throws a lot at the patient. If you’re not a medical person then you just have to learn as much as you can and trust him. "

 Kathleen - 01/18/2023

" It’s a joy to work with Dr. Haake. He takes exceptionally good care of keeping me at my physical and mental best. He is kind and professional. Love Dr. Haake, Debbie and Becky! "

 Stephanie - 01/04/2023

" Happy to drive across town for a real doctor who knows what he is doing!! "

 Kelly - 12/01/2022

" Dr. Haake is very knowledgeable. He does thorough blood work analysis. I wonder how any doctor does not order such detailed blood work to determine what is wrong with the patient. How can you know if you are deficient in hormones, vitamins, etc without blood work? He helped me bring my hormones and thyroid and vitamins to optimal levels (read optimal, not industry guidelines) and I am sleeping soundly, have a lot more energy and I feel wonderful. I just brought my husband in hoping for the same results for him. He takes his time with each patient and you don’t feel like a number. I appreciate his vast knowledge and how he provides research to back it up. "

 Cadence - 11/11/2022

" Expensive. "

 Joseph - 10/28/2022

" Dr. Haake is walking and talking proof of his regenerative medicine. I've been going to him for over a decade and feeling great. His experience in medicine is vast and he loves to educate and guide in every facet. "

 Dawn - 10/25/2022

" Dr. Haake is the most knowledgeable doc you will ever meet! He is always willing to answer your questions. He was a God-send to me! I have been helped tremendously and continue to be helped! I can't recommend Dr. Haake enough!!! "

 Peter - 10/20/2022

" I live a distance away and have been seeing Doctor Haake for many years I would fly from out of state to see him I started to see him while recovering from cancer and help me get back to 100% Way faster than the main stream doctors though possible I would recommend him to anyone 100% of the time "

 Steven - 10/13/2022

" Always good "

 Jessica - 10/12/2022

" Dr Haake, we appreciate your knowledge and your help. Becky, you're fantastic and a joy to visit with in the office. Thank you both. "

 Julie - 10/12/2022

" I’m very encouraged after one visit and impressed with Both Dr Haake and his staff. "

 Cynthia - 10/12/2022

" What a wonderful and informative experience. Dr Haake certainly knows his stuff and I am so fortunate to have him as my Physician. "

 Shaun - 09/30/2022

" Awesome customer service. "

 Janine - 09/21/2022

" Dr. Haake is an exceptional doctor, and I trust him completely. "

 John - 09/21/2022

" Thanks Dr. Haake for your time! Looking forward to working with you. -John "

 Dwight - 09/15/2022

" He is an amazing doctor. Thank you "

 Shane - 09/14/2022

" Dr. Haake is very detailed in his testing and finding out what is best for the patient. He knows what he is doing. "

 Paul - 09/01/2022

" Becoming a patient here has dramatically improved my life. World-class medical care with personalized service! I’ve got my life back now—thank you! "

 Dan - 08/31/2022

" It’s nice to have a Dr. Who tell you how it really is. It’s a breath of fresh air. "

 John - 08/25/2022

" Dr Hakke is the best! "

 Jerry - 08/18/2022

" We are very thankful for Dr Haake. His knowledge has changed my husbands health. Gave us hope with a very difficult diagnosis and he is thriving "

 Nick - 08/16/2022

" Super Doc. Thanks Nick "

 Kristen - 08/05/2022

" Dr. Haake was very respectful and thorough in his questions and explanations. "

 David - 08/03/2022

" I have been going to Dr. Haake for many years and I am very happy with his knowledge and help! "

 Mike - 07/28/2022

" I am a physician so I appreciate quality efficient and responsive care "

 Anthony - 07/27/2022

" Every guy should visit this office. The character alone of the people who run it is worth the trip. "

 Anthony - 07/21/2022

" I have been seeing Dr Haake for approximately 5 years now. I am always amazed at his knowledge and application of effective treatments for overall health. I have sent so many of my friends and family to him and all of them have been extremely satisfied. "

 Eric - 07/20/2022

" Dr. Haake is the bomb! Just love the dude, the relationship, the honesty and sincerity he gives and receives is unmatched in my experience with health professionals. Can talk at any level needed, all about my journey and care toward me being my best self from not only a physical sense, but more so internal, emotional and mental well being. Highly recommend to so many looking for a value added piece to their lives! "

 Jennifer - 07/01/2022

" Dr. Haake is the best. He really takes time to hear all of your concerns and to explain things to you. He is very thorough and caring. His staff Becky is also great! "

 Jennifer - 06/29/2022

" Dr. Haake is the most knowledgeable doctor I have ever seen. He genuinely cares and I trust his care for me. He takes the time each visit to explain in great detail so I have a deep understanding of the root causes and how what he recommends will help. In the first 3 months of being in his care, I have experienced noticeable improvements in my health. I have referred family to him and they are very pleased as well. "

 Barry - 06/29/2022

" I am very confident of Dr. Haake. "

 William - 06/22/2022

" Dr Haake and his staff are awesome, he answers all my questions directly. Thoroughly explains everything in his treatment regimen, tailors it to my medical needs. Goes over all labs with me and what they mean. Overall excellent experience! "

 Shayn - 06/22/2022

" I'm so glad to have found you and look forward to dialing in my health with your help and expertise. Thank you! "

 Linda - 06/10/2022

" Thank you for all you do "

 Matthew - 05/26/2022

" Dr. Haake, Deb and Becky are incredible. Simply the best. "

 Elizabeth - 05/18/2022

" Dr. Hakke is very thorough and takes his time reviewing your health history to ensure the best treatment plan designed for you. He's genuinely kind, knowledgeable, and detailed. I am grateful to have a physician so passionate about maximizing health and nutrition with supplements and bio-identical hormone therapy. Highly recommend "

 Donny - 05/04/2022

" Very friendly, knowledgeable and I feel at least ten years younger thank you! "

 Twilla - 05/03/2022

" Dr. Haake is extremely thorough and takes the time to actually listen. My husband and I have been going to ICRM for quite a few years and it has been extremely beneficial for both of us. "

 Danny - 05/03/2022

" Dr. Haake is the best! "

 James - 04/29/2022

" Neil James and Jack McGahey will be calling to set an appointment. "

 Mary - 04/20/2022

" It's always a pleasure to visit Dr. Haake's office. They are warm, caring, knowledgeable, and my labs keep improving every visit! "

 Peter - 04/15/2022

" I will get my labs on Monday morning. Unlike many of your patients, I knew 90-95% of what I was told the first visit. I have been in healthcare 36 years and this particular problem (high A1C and Blood Sugars (which are now at or below 100) have been challenging. I look forward to new tests/Labs. "

 Angela - 04/08/2022

" I always enjoy my visits with Dr. Haake!! :) He has been very helpful over the years. Angie "

 Mick - 03/29/2022

" Dr. Haake is the best! He has an incredible understanding of the mechanisms of hormones and the natural vitamins and supplements to maximize your health! As a chiropractor I appreciate his Natural Approach to helping your body Maximize Strength, Sleep, and Health!! "

 June - 03/16/2022

" Thank you, for all your help, listening, explaining and answering all my questions. 😊 "

 Troy - 03/16/2022

" Thank you for taking such great care of my wife and I. We really appreciate you guys! "

 Mark - 03/16/2022

" Dr. Haake's wealth of wisdom combined with great recall & intelligence are greatly valved and somewhat rare. His personal care & direct approach to discussing health options are worth the price of admission. "

 Ron - 02/24/2022

" Thank Dr. Hawke for being so thorough, running through the significance of all of my individual labs, doing a thorough exam, explaining the science to me even as another physician and certainly educating me even more than I knew in this field. Please pass this along to him. Respectfully, Ron Ruff MD "

 Corinne - 02/24/2022

" Everything was great "

 Juli - 02/18/2022

" I've always felt that I was receiving the best care possible. I get feedback and the reason why I needed to do certain things. I love it here! "

 Carla - 02/04/2022

" Dr Bob is the BEST! "

 John - 01/18/2022

" Bob is very qualified , talks very fast and covers a myriad of subjects . Request patience with my note taking or allow me to record. "

 Mark - 01/13/2022

" I always appreciate Dr. Haake's breadth of knowledge and willingness to take the time to explain what's going on. Receptionist is kind and engaging. I hope he NEVER retires. :) "

 Kent - 01/07/2022

" Thank you everything you’ve done for us. Your always up on all the latest medical information and I trust you. Kent & Linda Browne "

 Kristen - 01/07/2022

" It’s been great and really enjoy Dr Haake and staff. So refreshing "

 Cheryl - 12/31/2021

" Please don’t ever stop practicing!!! Best doctor ever!! "

 Andrew - 12/23/2021

" Dr. Haake and the staff at ICRM always have there patients best interests in mind!! Super knowledgeable and always goes above and beyond no matter what you got going on. I would highly recommend this office to any family and friends that want to be the best version of themselves! "

 Dwight - 12/17/2021

" Dr. Haake is the best ever "

 Drake - 11/24/2021

" Dr. Haake called to follow-up with me after my first visit and I am very pleased. I look forward to speaking with him about my lab results! I can't thank you and your staff enough for the warm welcome and feeling of comfort. "

 Nicholas - 11/12/2021

" Dr. Haake is a master of his trade, it’s astonishes me how intelligent he is. He is what all doctors should strive to be like, I love his passion for treating patients. I’ve never had a doctor like him. "

 Kathleen - 11/12/2021

" I love my annual visits with Dr. Haake. He is extremely personable for someone who is clearly a genius in his field. I have never felt so healthy and each year I feel he fine tunes my program to illicit my best “me”. And every office staff member has greeted me with professionalism and warmth. I only wish I would have found this talented physician years ago. "

 Gregg - 11/10/2021

" Dr Haake is truly the best Physician my husband and I have ever been to. He is dedicated to healing you. He is very knowledgeable and obviously continues to stay on top of all new medical information. We highly recommend this outstanding Physician. Thank you Dr Haake. "

 Jerry - 11/09/2021

" Love Dr Haake and Becky!! We always leave knowing my hubby has the Best care possible in Boise. "

 Corinne - 10/26/2021

" Dr haacke was great. You can tell he loves what he does. So warm and welcoming. You feel comfortable and you come away from meeting him with more knowledge about your body and the knowledge of what I have to do to improve your health Do all required and u will find a new and healthy body emerge. "

 Dawn - 10/20/2021

" I always appreciate Dr. Haake and his staff. I learn something every visit. "

 Bryan - 10/08/2021

" Dr. Haake is one of a kind. His expertise in critical care, nephrology, physiology is so far and above even the best trained physicians. I only wish I had 3 hours to speak with him each appointment . Dr Bryan Lamb "

 Justin - 10/01/2021

" Dr. Haake is a brilliant man. His devotion to his patients and desire to see them succeed is what keeps him in the game and pushing forward. His attention to detail and willingness to share his wealth of knowledge is second to none. I would recommend his services to all my friends and family. "

 Virgil - 09/23/2021

" I always feel better after talking with Dr Haake. It really doesn't fell like a visit to the doctor. It's more like positive conversation between friends. "

 Mark - 09/21/2021

" I remain very impressed with Dr. Haake's knowledge and his ability to translate to my specific needs. I really appreciate his candor and easy way of expressing himself as well as the information that I need to digest. Was attentive to my needs and seemed to really care. He is now my new Doc. Goodbye old family Doc that didn't really get me!! "

 William - 08/06/2021

" The receptionist is very personable and friendly. The whole experience was extremely pleasant and much better than can be expected when visiting any doctor's office. Dr. Haake is extremely knowledgeable in his profession and can cite specific reasons why he is prescribing any medication or treatment. "

 Angela - 07/30/2021

" Dr. Haak has changed my life for the better. Prior to his treatment my hormone imbalance was undiagnosed by every doctor, and I was miserable for several years. After a year of gradually re-balancing my hormones, I feel healthy again like I have regained my youth. My energy is back, I am sleeping well again, and I am positive about my health. I have even lost weight naturally without dieting. I highly recommend him. "

 Kimball - 07/30/2021

" Dr. Haake is very Knowledgeable in Bio-Identical Hormones I would highly recommend him. "

 Eric - 07/30/2021

" Well it’s always great when your bloodwork comes back incredible! The big reason for that is Dr Haake and Becky! Unbelievable team and phenomenal results. I’m excited to continue on this path! "

 Gregg - 07/29/2021

" Excellent staff. Healthcare that actually cares and keeps up on the literature So refreshing. Your in good hands here. Highly recommended "

 Daniel - 07/28/2021

" It is nice to have a doctor as interested in my health as I am. "

 Mark - 06/15/2021

" Dr Bob. You are an answer to prayer and our consultation with you gave us hope for our next season of life and dealing with Parkinson’s. Looking forward to our next steps to renewed health together with you. Mark and Bobbie Post "

 Gregg - 06/15/2021

" Very caring and knowledagable doctor and staff. Very thorough and detailed. Doesnt just ask if you exercise. Interested in how much you bench Press, deadlift etc. Very diet oriented. No hurry environment. "

 Kent - 06/10/2021

" We have been very happy with the care we get from Dr Haake. Even living out of state he has made it very easy for us. Thank you Kent & Linda Browne "

 Mark - 06/09/2021

" Dr. Haake cares about my health and gives me thorough explanations that help me make better, more informed decisions for healthier living choices. I never feel rushed to get out. He takes the time to help me understand causes and effects. "

 Jerry - 05/06/2021

" Dr Haake has been my doc since 2016. He has completely changed my life. Got right to the root cause of my fatigue, low libido and body composition issues. I have more strength, better mood, more energy and overall more satisfying life after following his protocols. Incredibly knowledgeable. He is like a walking medical research library. Fantastic, empathetic demeanor as well. Best health care decision I've made in my 55 years. "

 John - 05/06/2021

" Thanks for helping me get my life back! "

 Todd - 04/28/2021

" Expensive, but the "proof is in the pudding ". ... so far, so good! Hitting the machine with a hammer is easy, knowing where to hit it, and how hard takes knowledge... knowledge costs money, health is priceless. "

 Holly - 04/27/2021

" I have loved my experience and decision to see Dr. Haake. He is so knowledgeable and takes the time to educate and inform you as the patient so you understand clearly what he needs you to do and how it will positively impact your health. He has a great presence as does he office staff. I recommend Dr. Haake on a regular basis. Thank you for all you do. "

 Rod - 04/26/2021

" I have been seeing Dr. Haake for over ten years. He has my highest recommendation. "

 Eric - 04/23/2021

" OUTSTANDING. I am so excited and got my blood draw and labs done this morning. LET'S GO!!! "

 Barry - 04/23/2021

" I am referring Dr. Haake to my friends already. "

 Brent - 04/19/2021

" This was the best medical experience I’ve ever had! Dr Haake was very good at explaining everything in a way I could understand it. He was extremely thorough in the visit. It’s not normal to be excited to see the doctor, but in this case I am! "

 William - 04/14/2021

" Dr. Haake and his wife, Debra were excellent hosts. Dr. Haake is extremely knowledgeable and Debra is very pleasant and professional. Both went far and above expectations and run an exceptional practice. The location is convenient, if you live in the Boise metro area or when driving in from out of town. "

 Scott - 03/26/2021

" Looking forward to the follow up! "

 Melissa - 03/25/2021

" Appreciate being able to be open and honest and see improvements to my health. Appreciate Dr. Haake's care and desire to help me feel my best. "

 Ryan - 03/18/2021

" Dr Haake is the best. Spends the time asking a lot of questions, he gives great explanations and I never feel rushed. "

 Mike - 03/17/2021

" As a physician I appreciate other doctors who do an excellent job with their practices and service "

 Dwight - 03/16/2021

" The best medical experience you can have. Highly highly highly recommended "

 Chris - 03/05/2021

" I have been a patient of Dr. Haake for about 5 years. I could not be happier and I have felt and functioned better the last 4 years than I did the entire decade before seeing him! "

 Todd - 03/05/2021

" The cost is hard to swallow, but the proof is in the pudding. It's a difficult thing to put a value on hours of research With the results of which yet to be seen. The value of better health pushed pushed me past the cost. "

 Thomas - 03/03/2021

" Another excellent experience!! "

 Debra - 02/18/2021

" I have seen the dramatic changes in a person's body when working with Dr. Haake. I am 3 months in w/2nd appt. My levels are closer to normal and I feel much better. We are making small adjustments and I'm very encouraged. I appreciate Dr. Haake's candor and courage to tell the truth. Thank you, Debra "

 Troy - 02/17/2021

" Dr Haake is very intelligent with helping you the patient maximize your health!! "

 Yvonne - 02/11/2021

" I live in the country and drive a long distance to see Dr Robert J. Haake. Distance does not detour me from his excellent care & treatments. "

 Dan - 02/05/2021

" I had my initial consult yesterday. i really like the approach of understanding ones body chemistry and first addressing with vitamins and supplements to establish the best baseline possible. I also appreciate the reluctance of prescribing prescription pharmaceuticals as I see more harm than good down that path. I feel very good about continuing with ICRM and made the decision during that visit to have Dr. Haake be my primary doctor. "

 Christian - 02/02/2021

" Dr Haake is an excellent physician. Very knowledgeable in hormone replacement therapy. Recommend him for male and female patients looking to change their life. "

 Brock - 01/29/2021

" Great experience start to finish. Dr Hakke is very detailed and takes his time to explain everything in detail. "

 Carla - 01/29/2021

" Thank you Dr Bob "

 Andrew - 01/26/2021

" Most knowledgeable and professional Dr. office I’ve had the privilege of working with!! "

 Jerry - 01/19/2021

" We feel hopeful after our visit. Look forward to starting a new way to take care of our bodies "

 Garand - 01/07/2021

" Great experience as always with Dr, Haake and his staff! Friendly, Professional and Thorough. What more could you ask for. "

 Leeann - 01/05/2021

" Dr. Haake is amazingly knowledgeable and personable. I appreciate his wisdom and care. "

 Peter - 12/17/2020

" Always great service "

 Julie - 12/14/2020

" So impressed with Dr. Haake and staff! "

 Renae - 12/14/2020

" Love, love, love Dr. Haake "

 Nick - 12/11/2020

" Extremely knowledgeable about medicine. Very Pleased "

 Andrew - 11/24/2020

" This office definitely keeps your best of interests in mind. Very professional and knowledgeable throughout the whole experience. It’s been life changing honestly and we’re just getting started. I will definitely be referring family and friends to Dr. Haake’s office! Thank you. "

 Michael - 11/20/2020

" Dr. Haake was very detailed in both his questioning me about my health and answers to my questions. I’ve a loyal patient for over 5 years and have no plans to leave... at least until he chooses to retire. "

 Joe - 11/13/2020

" Dr Bob is amazing! "

 Errol - 11/05/2020

" Thanks for all your help over the years. Hopefully we can find an adequate replacement in our new location. If not we may be back. Dr. Errol and Terese Fife "

 Jessica - 10/30/2020

" Dr. Haake is amazing and I wish everyone had the opportunity to be seen by him. He is brilliant, confident, honest and forthright, informative, and I love his personality. He is in phenomenal shape and an inspiration. If we only had more Doctors like him, what a world this would be. Thank you Dr. Haake! "

 Janiece - 10/02/2020

" Highly recommend Dr Haake to all my friends! "

 Thomas - 09/30/2020

" Love Dr. Haake he is an amazing doctor and extremely knowledgable. I have been seeing him for years now and will continue to do so. He practices what he preaches and he has helped me achieve my goals. "

 Sanjin - 09/22/2020

" Best Doctor in the World ! "

 Renae - 09/16/2020

" Absolutely love Dr. Haake and his staff! I highly recommend him to anyone looking to maintain their health and youth! "

 Alexandro - 09/15/2020

" FINALLY a Doctor who is actually Health-based, with a focus on NUTRITION, Hormone balance, Optimal levels in Blood work, Proper supplementation, and activity/exercise to improve health. THIS is the Doctor you want in your corner if you are really interested in health and longevity, rather than just another pharmaceutical pill to mask symptoms, with NO long-term benefits. "

 Paula - 09/01/2020

" As a critical care nurse for 32 years, I have known hundreds of doctors—and this guy is one of the BEST. He is absolutely brilliant. (He is an overachiever—having been board certified in internal medicine, critical care, and nephrology.). He is constantly researching, finding the latest and greatest ways to keep his patients as healthy as possible. He works by himself, for himself—and is not hurried through appointments. He will spend 45 minutes to an hour with his patients—listening to their feelings and concerns regarding their overall health. He has been a life saver/changer for so many. He does not just look at “normal” lab levels and shrug his shoulders—he manages health also considering symptoms. He is focused on “regenerative medicine”—keeping people mentally and physically strong as they age. He is a pioneer and his patients are so thankful for him. "

 Nikki - 08/28/2020

" Dr is VERY knowledgeable and happy to teach and help. He does tend to use a lot of medical terms which made it difficult for me to keep up and retain some of what he was saying. Very helpful and a great source of knowledge. I truly appreciate his efforts and desire to heal through food and supplements! "

 Trevor - 08/28/2020

" Super excited to get started on a better path. "

 Debbie - 08/25/2020

" Dr. Haake has done wonders for my family! Love him and his wide, Debbie. The entire staff is amazing. "

 Holly - 08/18/2020

" I was referred by a friend. It took me some time to commit to make an appointment. I regret waiting so long. I was blown away by the knowledge Dr. Haake had and he was always so willing to explain everything in great detail to help educate me. I am a newer patient and am just beginning my journey to wholeness and wellness. I am so grateful to be under the care of Dr. Haake and his staff. I would recommend them without hesitation. "

 Danny - 08/05/2020

" Thank you so much for taking such great care of me! This is changing my life in so many positive ways! "

 Cheryl - 07/29/2020

" I fell like I will be on the mend finally. The end of a long drawn out lethargy. Cheryl L "

 Kathleen - 07/28/2020

" I love Donna and Dr. Haake - and I have never felt better! "

 Rheda - 07/24/2020

" It’s hard to recommend to others after just your first visit but we shall see! It was a lot Of information to take in and felt a little overwhelmed. I’m sure the pamphlet give will Me go through it a little better . "

 Holly - 07/21/2020

" Was referred to Dr. Haake from a friend which I feel is a great compliment to any business. They were very thorough in pre appointment paperwork and great to work with. I felt they were ready and prepared for my appointment regardless of how many patients they'd seen that day before I arrived. I didn't feel he was rushed to get through my appointment and was very aware of what was in my paperwork which made me feel he took time to review, listen, and direct. I am eager for my follow up appointment. They were all very encouraging. Thank you "

 Matthew - 07/16/2020

" Wow incredible "

 Karl - 07/15/2020

" Best doctor I've ever had. Most current and knowledgeable care ever. "

 Alex - 07/07/2020

" awesome Clinic; Dr. Haake is great at what he does! "

 Sanjin - 06/26/2020

" Best Doc in the USA 👍 "

 Dwight - 06/17/2020

" Doctor Haake is knowledgable and understanding. The best doctor I've ever been to "

 David - 06/16/2020

" I really appreciate what Dr. Haake does and always recommend people to him! "

 Sheila - 06/14/2020


 Jerome - 06/12/2020

" I've been coming to this Doctor for a couple of years now. my overall health has improved, I've lost over 30 pounds. medication that I had been taking for a number of health issues are no longer required. Do yourself a favor if your interested in feeling better, looking for a better quality of life, more stamina, and a no BS SOLUTION see this guy!! He is the real deal. "

 Linda - 06/12/2020

" We moved away from Idaho 6 years ago. We drive from California every year for are annual exam. It’s hard to find a Doctor as qualified as Dr Haake. We look forward to our visit every year. Thank you "

 Mark - 06/10/2020

" Dr. Haake tells it like it is. His insights into the nuances of the human body combined with years of experience & wisdom help me know I am getting the best of care. "

 John - 06/05/2020

" I think video conferencing would be convenient I should have talked less, listened more and taken better notes. "

 Dustin - 06/05/2020

" I met with Dr after Dr before being referred to Dr Haake. He was the only Dr focused on treating both me and my condition. Can't express how much I appreciate what he has done for me. "

 Arthur - 06/04/2020

" My wife and I have been seeing Dr Hakke for about 3 years now. We both agree that he' s s one of the best physicians we've ever experienced. Dr. Haake is kind, caring, and vastly knowledgeable about Regenerative Healthcare -- plus he's a great communicator. We learned lot. Most importantly, we learned it works. "

 Suzanne - 06/03/2020

" Dr Haawke is literally the best in all the land. "

 Leanna - 06/03/2020

" The process for phone consultation was very efficient & convenient. Debbie is great! Dr.Haake is knowledgeable, straightforward, and has great individualized attention to detail. Very satisfying medical experience...which is hard to come by in today’s world! "

 Steven - 06/02/2020

" Love goi g to the DR. For all my health wants and needs !!! "

 Edward - 06/02/2020

" Dr Haake provides a very thorough debrief of your condition and what to do to stay healthy. It was worked superbly for me. Thank you Dr Haake! "

 Scott - 05/25/2020

" I feel my life is much better with Dr Haake guiding me back to a more youthful life. Thank you. Scott "

 Duke - 05/15/2020

" The best physician that I've ever been able to interact with and has tremendously changed the way I feel. Organized, thorough, and willing to explain clinical facts so you can understand. "

 Gregg - 05/06/2020

" Best Dr we have ever been to in our lives. He keeps us healthy and youthful! Gregg & Debbie "

 Scott - 04/21/2020

" Very quick response for prescription refills. Thank you so much "

 Juli - 04/14/2020

" I feel like my actual needs are fully addressed and questions answered very well. I appreciate a whole system approach to my wellness and Dr. Haake is great! Thank you. Life is better. "

 Jonathan - 04/03/2020

" Phone consultation, so I didn't go into the office. Otherwise Dr. Haake was awesome! "

 Peter - 03/10/2020

" I have been see Doc Haake for many years and has made a huge difference in my life and my wife’s I highly recommended "

 Nate - 03/04/2020

" I actually look forward to my annual checkup! "

 Jon - 02/25/2020

" Changed my life!! Thank you!!! "

 Angela - 02/12/2020

" I have been going here for 6 years!!! I always enjoy my appointments. I sometimes need to call in between visits and they are very helpful. I am a different person compared to 6 years ago. Dr. Haake has really helped me. Angie "

 Brock - 02/07/2020

" Great in every way! Very knowledgeable and actually takes the time to share and explain that knowledge with you. Highly recommended. "

 Carlos - 01/29/2020

" Dr Haake is the first doctor I’ve seen that seems genuine in his care for his patients. Not only does he care, but he seems devoted to learning and understanding the problems he’s treating. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is fed up with the “normal” healthcare experience! "

 Karl - 01/24/2020

" Very thorough and informative experience as always! "

 Rick - 01/24/2020

" Your organization is great, very informative, helpful and professional. I have referred friends and will continue to do so as I have experienced outstanding results over the last several years "

 Carol - 01/16/2020

" Excellence "

 Kathrine - 01/08/2020

" It was a very great and educational experience! "

 Laura - 01/07/2020

" This is the first doctor that has helped me with my thyroid and other hormone doctor's, wish I would have found Dr. Haake years ago, would have saved me a lot of money and frustration. "

 Leeann - 01/07/2020

" DR. Hakke and his staff are highly professional and courteous. "

 Robert - 12/19/2019

" I don't live or work anywhere near his office but will drive all that way just forhis services. He is brilliant and has helped me greatly. "

 Jennifer - 12/11/2019

" I can’t say thank you enough ! Dr. Haake is so intelligent and he listened to everything I had to say and took into consideration all my input about my own health and how I am feeling . That’s a hard thing to find now a days. Thank you again! I’ll be sending my husband soon!! I feel so much better ! I am myself again! A feat other MD’s have not been able to accomplish. "

 Larissa - 11/27/2019

" By far the best doctor I have been too. Takes the time to listen, answer questions and truly explain what's going on. "

 Travis - 11/14/2019

" I have never felt better in my life. Thank you for making me fell better without all the pharmaceuticals. "

 Loren - 11/01/2019

" Dr. Haake, is probably the most knowledgeable health professional in Boise on functional medicine with the ability to find and treat the cause of illness as opposed to treating or controlling the symptoms. "

 Jessica - 10/31/2019

" Thank you Dr Haake. I think your amazing and I am so glad to have found you. I know am in good hands in your care. I wish there were more Doctors like you! You are so gifted and down to earth. You have a way of communicating, straight forward and to the point. I love it. Everyone at Idaho Regenerative made my experience wonderful. I want everyone I know and love to come to you. Thank you! "

 Paul - 10/15/2019

" Thank you as always, I appreciate Dr. Haake taking the time to thoroughly explain and go through my health plan with me. "

 Mick - 08/21/2019

" Dr. Haake is excellent!! HIs knowledge is above and beyond and he will take his time to make sure you have every question answered. I am a doctor myself and I highly recommend to Dr. Haake!! "

 Dwight - 08/16/2019

" Best doctor in the city by far "

 James - 08/07/2019

" Dr. Haake is a fantastic resource. His wealth of information is rare. A great doctor! "

 Janine - 08/06/2019

" Dr. Haake is an excellent physician and has helped me tremendously over the past few years. "

 Trevor - 07/19/2019

" Dr. Haake is the best "

 Mary - 07/11/2019

" I respect him and his services. It is very hard to understand all that he says and know what it means. I trust him completely, and my life is better for it. Just do not always understand everything he says. "

 Carol - 07/10/2019

" Thanks for encouraging me! "

 Darell - 07/03/2019

" The best decision I have ever made!!! "

 Juli - 07/02/2019

" I really feel like I get my money's worth. Not only that, the staff and Dr. Haake are top notch. Not only do I feel better, but I know they are looking out for my health, and I get an education as well. You can't find a better doctor's office in my opinion ion "

 Paul - 06/19/2019

" Thank you to Dr. Haake for taking the time to walk me through everything and answer all of my questions and provide so much insight and help! "

 Duke - 06/06/2019

" So informative and thorough. The kind of doctor you want to see "

 Edward - 05/23/2019

" Very thorough attention and consultation. Excellent engagement by the doctor. "

 Paul - 05/15/2019

" Been with Dr. Haake for almost 10 years and have and will continue to refer him. Hands down the best, and very passionate about his practice. You will find no one else that cares more about you and your optimal health. "

 Kathleen - 05/07/2019

" From the moment I walked into the front door I felt truly welcomed. Debbie was gracious, kind, and professional. Although I was early, Debbie checked me in, weighed me, and I was taken into a comfortable room to wait for Dr. Haake. What seemed like moments later I was greeted by Dr. Haake. He methodically worked through my newest labs, and asked pertinent questions about changes since my last visit. We then moved forward with goals for the next six months. I felt that he listened carefully to my questions and that he truly cared about my health. More importantly he didn’t give the usual myopic cookbook recipe by a physician- led by pharmaceutical companies and formulary medicine. I have never felt better, and I have never been in more control of decisions which impact my wellbeing. "

 David - 05/02/2019

" I really enjoy the expertise and confidence Dr. Haake and his staff have and how he fully understands and explains the reasons for everything he is prescribing to his patients. Outstanding work! "

 Mark - 04/24/2019

" Dr haake is amazing! His knowledge base is ridiculous and he cuts through all the modern bs and uses real world numbers and facts. Not sure what Ill do when he decides to retire. "

 Marcet - 04/17/2019

" Superb experience with Dr. Haake and his staff. Above and beyond extremely thorough and would recommend to everyone and anyone because he could help with all needs . "

 Thom - 04/03/2019

" I just love my yearly visit. I appreciate all the knowledge that Dr. Haake has and attempts to share. "

 Mary - 03/15/2019

" I feel like someone actually understands and that maybe my life will get better now. "

 Christian - 03/14/2019

" Excellent physician. Very knowledgeable. Easy to talk to about issues. "

 Eugene - 03/13/2019

" We enjoy Dr Haake’s perspective as he cares for our medical needs. It’s so nice to have an intelligent, educated voice with a different point of view to help us balance out the info we receive from the rest of our medical team. I think I understand why, but it sure would be nice to be able to bill our insurance or pay a lower price for his services. With the price of a visit and the price of all the supplements and hormones which are not covered by insurance, it makes the cost of being healthy very high. There are many who cannot afford to even know about his work, let alone take advantage of it. I am thankful that we are able to spend that amount on our health. I hope we will always be able to do so. I know the saying that “you can’t put a price on your health” but many are limited by their income to pay such a high price. Thanks for giving me a place for my rant. Sheila Larson. (I think Gene would not have been happy had he known what I just said, but I’m the one filling out the form. 😉) "

 Mark - 02/06/2019

" After my initial consultation with Dr. Haake, I feel I finally have a doctor who wants me to be as healthy as I can and will not be satisfied with landing in the "normal range" standards. Better days are ahead of me! "

 Dwight - 02/01/2019

" Great experience from check in to check out. My highest rating "

 Rick - 01/24/2019

" I have seen Dr Haake for 6 years, his professionalism and knowledge have improved my health tremendously! My strength, energy levels, sleep and overall quality of life is amazing due to Dr. Haake’s assessment and comprehensive approach to my individual treatment and needs! I have and will continue to recommend him to others! "

 Klaus - 01/22/2019

" Keep up the good work! Thank you! "

 Mary - 01/15/2019

" The only reason I am slightly less likely to recommend ICRM to a friend is that many of my friends simply don't accept the facility of nutrition and supplements/hormone therapy to affect health. So it would fall on deaf ears, but I would absolutely refer those who are open. "

 Dylan - 12/21/2018

" Dr. Haake seems very intelligent upon meeting him in my initial evaluation. Talked about how he can help me which makes me very hopeful for my future. Only issue is the cost of the evaluation seems very high ($400+) for what is covered. However, I can’t complain too much because my health is worth more than any amount of money. I am looking forward to working with him. "

 Adam - 12/07/2018

" Great value for what is provided "

 Audra - 11/19/2018

" Thank you! I am feeling so much better from 6 weeks ago! I have lost 13 pounds eating healthy and taking my daily supplements. I very highly recommend seeing Dr Haake & staff! "

 Sheila - 11/14/2018

" I appreciate the time and care Dr Haake gives me as we discuss my medical needs. He speaks with lots of “medicaleze”, but works hard to be sure my questions are answered in a way I can understand. I do wish that his appointments would covered by Medicare, but I think I understand why he is not in network. "

 Travis - 11/14/2018


 Mary - 11/08/2018

" My likelihood of recommending to a friend will depend on the rest of my experience - after I receive lab results and recommendations. "

 Brock - 10/09/2018

" Everything was great! Very professional and tailored the message to the patient. I have a medical background so he took the time to share current literature and give me a more in depth explanation of what he does and his plan for me. Left the office feeling great, confident , and ready to tackle the problem. "

 Loren - 10/02/2018

" My experience here has always been a proactive approach to the root cause of health problems, not treating the symptoms. I can count on substantive answers to questions I have about my health and see results as a result of past recommendations. Thank you. it’s always a positive experience! "

 Michael - 09/25/2018

" The staff and Dr. Haake are great, and the medical results have been life changing and consistent over the last 4 years! "

 Terry - 09/21/2018

" Always a great learning experience talking with Dr. Haake. "

 Carol - 09/16/2018

" We drove over 300 miles to get to dr Haake "

 Rebekah - 09/14/2018

" Really appreciate the time the de took to explain and answer all of my concerns. So thankful to have found him. "

 Leonard - 09/12/2018

" Dr Haake is the best! I love that he has a proactive approach to my health and does not believe in reactive sick care He is worth every penny "

 Monte - 08/31/2018

" Everything was fantastic! I am excited about my future! I am feeling my best, and my blood work proves I am in optimal condition, thanks for all you have done for me! Also, Dr. Haake spent well over an hour explaining things to me and answering all my questions! What doctor now days does this! No one! He cares, and that is why he is the best!!! "

 Edward - 08/31/2018

" Doctor Haake spends the extra time discussing all aspects of your health and was very helpful in addressing ways to improve. This exceptional engagement of a doctor with a patient is rare in medicine today. "

 Shelly - 08/28/2018

" I have found Dr. Haake’s treatment and level of patient care to be thorough and in depth. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Haake to my friends and family. "

 Linda - 08/22/2018

" Thank you "

 Kent - 08/22/2018

" Thank you for taking care of us all the way to California "

 Gregg - 08/10/2018

" Dr Haake is by far the most knowledgeable Dr. we have ever been to. We have been going to him for 4 years; we keep getting healthier and more youthful under his care. Thank you Bob! "

 Julie - 07/25/2018

" Dr Haake is amazing and so knowledgeable!! Throughly answered all my questions and took a lot of time analyzing my intake forms. This is the first time in several years I’m optimistic I will get the help I need to alleviate my health issues. Kimberly in the front office is very sweet and upbeat. "

 Nick - 07/12/2018

" Wonderful and professional experience using ICRM "

 Rik - 06/08/2018

" Dr Haake is exceptional Haven’t felt this good ever. "

 Michael - 06/01/2018

" Dr. Haake is knowledgeable and willing to explain things as deeply as you wish. The experience is that he and his staff have an overriding desire to make you, the patient, healthy and happy. "

 Ryan - 05/18/2018

" Dr Haake does an exceptional job explaining things and is very thorough. He also encourages questions and explains things in a manner that make sense to me...a non medical person. Lastly, he takes the time and I have never felt rushed when meeting with him. I would highly recommend working with ID Center for Regenerative Medicine. "

 Regina - 04/24/2018

" I appreciated the detailed paperwork and that the Dr. reviewed it completely and addressed my concerns. Looking forward to this treatment plan. "

 David - 04/12/2018

" Todd is amazing and his attention to detail and honest desire to get to the bottom of whatever ailment I may have is a rare trait in this "take a number" world we live in. My wife and I love your practice and staff and are always referring friends and family your way! "

 Dwight - 03/30/2018

" Best doctor ever. Everyone is a solid 10 "

 Chris - 03/30/2018

" Finding Dr. Hakke was a miracle for someone like me who suffers from hypogonadism. Becoming one of his patients will be the best thing you've ever done for yourself. "

 Juli - 03/22/2018

" I have so enjoyed knowing that my health is being taken care of and done in a professional, but friendly, and courteous way. I also am so happy that my health is being encouraged naturally and not just putting a band aid on those things that need help. Could not be happier with the results!! I have encouraged friends and family to visit. "