Recent Reviews

 James - 08/13/2022

" Very professional I like there services "

 Maxine - 08/13/2022

" All staff, technicians, and doctors were very pleasant and professional "

 Marlena - 08/13/2022

" This eye clinic in Lompoc, Ca. is top notch: I have previously had my surgical work done at the Stein Institute at UCLA and can say that the Eye Clinic in Lompoc, CA is equal or exceeds my experience at UCLA. The Doctors and staff were efficient, prompt, courteous and I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks to the Doctors and staff. "

 Katherine - 08/12/2022

" The staff and Dr Kendall were very nice and take the time to explain information about my eyes and tips for me to do at home to help me, and my eyes have been feeling a lot better! "

 Candace - 08/12/2022

" The techs in the office are very friendly and do well in building rapport with the pt. "

 Kinnsey - 08/11/2022

" New patient to Dr. Shepard but I would recommend him to anyone in the area. He and his team were very efficient and helpful with all my questions and keeping the appointment rolling. I am happy with keeping with Dr. Shepard and his team! "

 Aurora - 08/09/2022

" Staff was very kind & made me feel at ease since I am always nervous when it comes to my eyes. Dr. Goodman explained in detail what the problem was & the procedure needed.. "

 Ronnie - 08/09/2022

" Much improved since last visit. Wait was only a few minutes, technician was very professional, and eye problem I was having was quickly resolved and Dr. Kendall took the time to explain. "

 James - 08/09/2022

" Service was very exceptional but the email documents and the instructions to setting up an account are impossible, so how can I read the documents sent? Need a much clearer way to set up access to a patients account. Young people may be able to figure out the system but I am an old dude so help us out. Much clearer way to set up an account. Thank you, "

 David - 08/04/2022

" as usual! "

 Catherine - 08/04/2022

" Elo Pantoja, Surgery Counselor, is very efficient, informative, and personable. She was very thorough and the folder I received previously regarding upcoming cataract surgery explaining the process and the costs was helpful. Elo spent time with me on the phone asking all the necessary pre-surgery questions, all in a pleasant and professional manner. I am so grateful. Thank you! "

 Sarah - 08/03/2022

" Everyone was very friendly and I felt cared for. "

 Donna - 07/27/2022

" I had an excellent visit. Everyone was professional and attentive, answering all of my questions and concerns. The staff checked to make sure that i was comfortable during my wait. Everything was explained to me ahead of time and the doctor took time to answer concerns that I had about my future prognosis. I could not have asked for better care. "

 Robert - 07/23/2022

" On Time. All appointment items covered. Attentive to detail. "

 Alisha - 07/23/2022

" All of the staff were professional, accommodating, patient, and simply amazing! Thank you for such a wonderful annual eye exam. As my first visit, I was highly impressed. I would be glad to recommend your office to anyone. "

 Floyd - 07/23/2022

" I was very impressed with Dr Christensen! He was very thorough, personable & explained everything completely. "

 John - 07/23/2022

" The entire staff was welcoming and professional "

 Christina - 07/22/2022

" Great staff "

 Linda - 07/20/2022

" Dr Goodman was very thorough about the procedure for my eyes letting me know the risk of waiting vs having the procedure done. Warned me it will hurt but better than going blind "

 Deborah - 07/20/2022

" Great as always! "

 Jeffrey - 07/19/2022

" Everyone was so professional "

 Miguel - 07/15/2022

" Informative and helpful "

 Donald - 07/15/2022

" I was 4 hours early for my appointment and was still happily accommodated. "

 Samuel - 07/15/2022

" Very courteous & professional "

 Roberta - 07/12/2022

" I continue to experience excellent eye care here. My only complaint is that the patient portal is impossible! I have tried to access it at least 4 times after which I am referred to the "tech guy" who never calls back. Signing up should not be so hard. Make it easier, please! "

 Janice - 07/09/2022

" Everybody is always so friendly and helpful. "

 Margaret - 07/09/2022

" Dr. Goodman is a fantastic medical practitioner, very forthright, thorough, and friendly. One of his technicians, Luis, demonstrated his knowledge and skill during the eye pressure test. Stephanie, a less experienced technician, was also friendly and knew when to request assistance, which is part of the learning process. All in all, an excellent job. "

 Daniel - 06/29/2022

" I am very pleased with my eye appointment. They are thorough, made sure my eyes were checked thoroughly. My questions were answered and I’m very confident I got the best eye care possible. "

 Daniel - 06/29/2022

" I am very pleased with my eye appointment. They are thorough, made sure my eyes were checked thoroughly. My questions were answered and I’m very confident I got the best eye care possible. "

 Jack - 06/26/2022

" The level of expertise by staff and Dr. Golchet were wonderful. A very professional visit in all degrees. "

 Phyllis - 06/24/2022

" I am so happy with these doctors and every single person I interact with. They are friendly, knowledgeable, genuinely listen and take time to answer my questions. I'm so happy I was referred to this practice and I hope they are here for a very long time. "

 Deborah - 06/23/2022

" Dr Golchet and the staff are the best! "

 Nancy - 06/22/2022

" I’m happy to say that my appointment at Kendall Shepard went extremely well. The staff was helpful and pleasant and the doctor listened and addressed my concerns and everything was on time. I would definitely recommend the Lompoc office Kendall Shepard. "

 Joseph - 06/20/2022

" Very caring doctor and Staff. "

 Jo Ann - 06/18/2022

" Luis was an excellent doctor's helper & Dr. Nelson did an excellent job of checking my eyes for a prescription. It was a 1000 times better experience than with Dr. Kendall previously who recommended new eyeglasses would not improve my vision The glasses ordering person did not ask if I wanted transition lenses, thus I had to make another payment to get them added to my transaction in her area. "

 Michael - 06/18/2022

" I was able to take an earlier appointment than scheduled, was seen right away, and was treated in a professional manner by all whom I came in contact with. "

 Louise - 06/15/2022

" Very efficient, especially because I filled out my pre-appointment update information online prior to my appointment "

 Samuel - 06/11/2022

" Friendly service, very professional, helpful and willing to assist you or help you with any need we have. "

 David - 06/09/2022

" By the number of people waiting to see their doctor, after starting procedure with assistants, the Dr. are over scheduled. "

 Betty - 06/09/2022

" Dr. Golchet is absolutely wonderful and a tremendous asset to the team. The medical assistants are very patient and knowledgeable. The reception desk are very welcoming and always try to schedule my appointments to fit my schedule. I really appreciate the new scheduling system. The wait time is greatly reduced. I know my eyes are in good hands. Thank you!!! "

 Karen - 06/07/2022

" Very, very efficient office. Medical Assistants really nice. Doctor answered all my questions and was very kind. Thanks "

 Michelle - 06/06/2022

" I was very comfortable at my appointment. I trust Kendall thats why all my appointments go to you first! Never a problem or complaint. "

 Gloria - 06/06/2022

" Everything went well didn't have to wait to see the doctor staff very nice "

 Shirley - 06/04/2022

" Dr Goodman and his staff are very professional and knowledgeable. All my questions and concerns were addressed promptly. Each staff member made me feel heard and cared for. I was very nervous about the procedure. They all responded with great information to help me feel much more comfortable. "

 Patricia - 05/26/2022

" Very efficient & informative. "

 Janice - 05/26/2022

" Dr. Nelson, his Assistant, and the whole staff were extremely helpful and empathetic to my problem. Dr. Nelson figured out the problem that the Doctor at Sansum Clinic could not. I’m very very grateful to them. I wish I had had the cat act surgery done here. "

 Mary - 05/25/2022

" The waiting time has decreased which is a good thing. Everything else about my appointment was excellent. Your staff is very friendly and they went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. They kept me informed about what was happening at every step. "

 Kerry - 05/22/2022

" Fast, efficient, professional service. "

 Rebecca - 05/20/2022

" Very friendly staff. "

 James - 05/18/2022

" I think everyone is very professional. "

 Zachary - 05/17/2022

" I’ve always gotten very good care and good aftercare and information "

 Charles - 05/15/2022

" `The technician took me to an exam room, gott to business with checking my vision and taking my eyeball pressure and doing the field of vision test. Soon Dr. Nelson came in and took a look at my eyes and the results of the exams and explained to me the pluses and minuses of the results. He was attentive to my questions and gave clear answers. "

 Cecilia - 05/12/2022

" Marissa was wonderful. So were the assistants on the front desk. "

 Norvin - 05/10/2022

" Clean, prompt, friendly, proffesional "

 Salvador - 04/28/2022

" Had a real good experience during my eye exam. The preregistration option saved quit a bit of time and made the check-in process much easier. "

 Edward - 04/27/2022

" Great service by Cindy and Dr Kendall. Rate the experience NPS of 10 out of 10. Will recommend "

 Paulette - 04/27/2022

" It's very pleasant to walk into a doctor's office and feel so welcome and the staff is amazing and I can't say enough good stuff about them my visits the time that I have gone to the doctor have been excellent thank you so much for seeing to my needs "

 Janine - 04/26/2022

" Very knowledgeable, thorough and friendly. "

 James - 04/21/2022

" Always very professional and kind to me during the eye exam process. "

 Diana - 04/19/2022

" I had such a nice meeting with Elo! She was professional and personable. She was very informative! "

 James - 04/16/2022

" Always a pleasant experience with all the staff at Kendall-Shepard Eye Center. "

 Sherwood - 04/16/2022

" The whole exam preparation team did an excellent job. Dr Christiansen was very professional: Got the exam done and was truly interested my eyesight history and current needs. I left confident on what I should do going forward. "

 Betty - 04/14/2022

" I am so very, very pleased with the quality of service. Dr. Golchet is wonderful. The staff is wonderful. And now there is a big improvement in scheduling. I don’t drive and my daughter brought me. She had an appointment and Dr. Golchet made sure we were finished in time. Thank you for all that you do! "

 Sara - 04/14/2022

" My eye tests were begun on my appointment time, I soon saw Dr Gochet. She explained my condition clearly and answered my Questions. Very good visit. "

 Charles - 04/13/2022

" On time! Explained everything there we’re going to do an very thorough "

 Maxine - 04/12/2022

" Prompt, courteous, professional, friendly. The doctor explained diagnosis and treatment in layman's terms "

 Richard - 04/12/2022

" Was very welcoming and information given was great "

 William - 04/10/2022

" Check in was quick and friendly, initial workup portion of the visit with technician was, as usual, very pleasant, and exam by doctor seemed very thorough - and also pleasant. "

 Janine - 04/06/2022

" Very knowledgable and professional office. I feel confident I am getting the best care possible. "

 Jeffrey - 04/05/2022

" Staff was pleasant and knowledgeable. Exam was thorough and staff made me feel comfortable. "

 Stephen - 04/01/2022

" Everyone I dealt with at my appointment we’re extremely professional & pleasant. I appreciated all of the smiles & positivity. Thank you. "

 Adan - 03/30/2022

" The wait time was minimal, the front desk staff was very helpful. Best of all, the billing procedures was very straightforward and quick. I really appreciated that. "

 Maxine - 03/30/2022

" Techs were very courteous and competent. The Ophthalmologist was also courteous, competent, and thoroughly explained his diagnosis. The diagnosis relieved our fears of an eye problem, and redirected us to other possible causes for my eye symptoms.. "

 Sandra - 03/28/2022

" I really appreciate how quickly Jennifer responded to my requests for information after having to cancel my travel plans due to my medical condition. She was truly concerned and considerate to my needs. "

 Patricia - 03/26/2022

" my experience was very excellent because Lindsey helped me in every step and was super nice "

 Irving - 03/25/2022

" Been going to this clinic for years. Service is always excellent, and Dr. Kendall is the best! Staff is so friendly and professional. Always a great experience when I go there. "

 Robert - 03/24/2022

" Everyone was courteous and helpful. I felt they did a thorough examination of my eyes. Also,, I felt what part I had to pay was fair. Thanks to Dr Nelson. "

 Damian - 03/23/2022

" Very patient and answered any questions thoroughly and addressed any concerns regarding insurance. "

 Pamela - 03/22/2022

" I wish I could remember Dr Kendall's assistant's name, because she was amazing! "

 Carmelita - 03/22/2022

" Everyone from when you walk in the office to who takes you to the appointment and does the exam to the doctor was very professional and kind. The doctor and the assistance explained answers to my questions. "

 James - 03/17/2022

" Always a good experience. "

 William - 03/15/2022

" Very quickly through. Dr. Goodman was great as always. "

 A. - 03/08/2022

" All went well with Cindy & Dr. Kendall. I'm waiting for my new glasses sold to me by Bill (?) - Dick Apple. "

 Larry - 03/08/2022

" The people at Kendall are always polite and very helpful. My visit was done by very professional people. I was pleased. "

 Phyllis - 03/08/2022

" I'm very happy with every single person I've interacted with here. They are all very professional and knowledgeable. "

 Mark - 03/06/2022

" This is a well-run business! From greeting to medical services to check-out, the team is friendly, professional and prompt. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "

 Maxime - 03/05/2022

" Service is outstanding and very minimum wait at the office. "

 Mary - 03/03/2022

" Staff was friendly. I was in and out in a timely manner. "

 Ingrid - 03/03/2022

" Great service as usual! Ingrid "

 Stanley - 02/26/2022

" Every thing was perfect. "

 Diana - 02/25/2022

" People were beyond personable.. the wait was very long. Over an hour total. "

 Chuck - 02/25/2022

" Was in and out in a decent amount of time. Assistants as well as the doctor were nice to talk to And so thorough that when they were done explaining Everything, I didn't have any real Questions. "

 Aaron - 02/24/2022

" Everyone was courteous and professional "

 Sylvan - 02/23/2022

" I had wonderful care "

 Pa Kou - 02/23/2022

" Overall, great experience as always with this facility and staff. "

 Elizabeth - 02/19/2022

" Everyone was very nice. "

 Kari - 02/18/2022

" Everyone is very friendly, doctors are great. I just don't like that there is now a charge for a "contact exam", but there doesn't seem to be much more done than a regular eye exam. "

 Sandra - 02/18/2022

" My phone interview started right on time and was very convenient. Elo answered all my questions and was very thorough in collecting information. Thanks for the great service. "

 Marilyn - 02/17/2022

" I was comfortable in knowing I was appropriately cared for by everyone. "

 Gustavo - 02/17/2022

" Very thankful from all staff very professional! I don’t like needles and employee Ale gave me good explanation "

 Donald - 02/17/2022

" Very thorough and professional "

 Scott - 02/16/2022

" Way to busy, I was there for 1-1/2 hrs and 80% of it was waiting. with that said, the doctors and staff are very professional and pleasant, and the care is 1st rate. I'm very happy with the fact that I can get everything eye related done under one roof. Its worth the wait, just make sure you have plenty of time on your hands. "

 Deborah - 02/12/2022

" Always treated with professionalism and kindness. "

 Edna - 02/11/2022

" Very professional & friendly staff. Thorough eye exam. I never felt rushed from the time I entered the office facility. "

 Marianne - 02/10/2022

" I would rather pick up prescription at front desk-not optometrist All staff were pleasant including DR Nelson "

 Mary - 02/10/2022

" My only complaint is that I didn’t have my hearing aids in and did not understand all the directions being given due to the face masks everyone is required to wear at all times. "

 Bill - 02/08/2022

" Good professional people. "

 David - 02/08/2022

" As always! "

 Rufino - 02/03/2022

" Family! "

 Phyllis - 01/27/2022

" I met with Elo and just love her. She is so knowledgeable and helpful and friendly. I thoroughly enjoyed talking and learning about my upcoming procedure with her. "

 David - 01/26/2022

" Very professional and very friendly "

 Patricia - 01/20/2022

" Dr. Golchet & the team at Kendall Shepard are extremely competent & friendly. "

 Dennis - 01/20/2022

" The doctor did her best to accommodate my needs financially and medically. "

 Robert - 01/19/2022

" The best! "

 Sandra - 01/18/2022

" Staff were very courteous and professional. Short wait time in lobby. "

 Elisabeth - 01/12/2022

" Very professional as usual. Thank you 6 "

 Henry - 01/12/2022

" I'm very happy with my visit. As usual, they do an excellent job. "

 Ernest - 01/12/2022

" Professional, thank you for everything love you guys. "

 Ronald - 01/11/2022

" I have always received top notch treatment "

 Phyllis - 01/11/2022

" Every person I talked to was friendly, professional, knowledgeable and patiently answered all my questions. Will definitely recommend to others. "

 Mark - 01/08/2022

" Intake was outstanding "

 Gail - 01/08/2022

" All was good. One suggestion is that Dr. Nelson speak louder and more clearly. I am somewhat hard-of-hearing and have a great deal of difficulty hearing him, especially since he has to wear a mask, so I can't read his lips. Other than that, all was good. "

 Maxime - 01/08/2022

" I was in and out in no time, and the treatment was painless. "

 Richard - 01/06/2022

" I was very satisfied with the techs and Dr. Christenson. However, I waited for a half hour to get in for my actual appointment. I feel I should have been seen earlier than a half-hour after my scheduled appointment. "

 Betty - 01/06/2022

" Dr. Golchet and the staff are wonderful! Dr. Golchet is an excellent addition to the staff. I like the improvements in the scheduling. Overall my experience was excellent! Thank you! "

 Robert - 01/06/2022

" Great friendly service. Great appointment desk support and inter-personal attitude. Doctor Golchet is outstanding in service and interest in patient. Technical prep and support team efficient, knowledgeable and friendly. Patient rooms are well ordered and clean. "

 Eddie - 01/05/2022

" Had to wait a little too long to see Dr. Shepherd! "

 Helen - 01/03/2022

" Dr. SHEPARD and his assistant were very thorough. I would recommend him to anybody. "

 Ralph - 12/30/2021

" Quick, easy, friendly check-in. Quickly seen. The technician doing my test was professional, friendly, knowledgeable. The pressure check was painless. The assistant doing that was again friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. Dr. Christian was informative, professional, friendly. I enjoyed talking with him about my condition. He showed me the pictures of my optic nerves and explained my condition. On leaving, I received prompt, friendly service in making my next appointment. All in all, great experience as usual. "

 Norma - 12/28/2021

" They were on time, professional and staff very courteous. "

 Lorrie - 12/27/2021

" The staff are always friendly and efficient. There was very little wait time and I was able to order my new lenses the same day. "

 Roger - 12/24/2021

" Efficient and knowledgeable .. "

 Ninette - 12/23/2021

" I was very impressed with how efficient & friendly the staff were as well as knowledgeable & helpful. It’s been a while since I have experienced that good of costumer arch d from the Lompoc office. Was pleasantly surprised. "

 Scott - 12/18/2021

" The staff was friendly and helpful, they got me in 1st thing the next morning to fix a very serious problem. Doctor Shepherd made me feel safe and confident that everything was going to go as planned. I would definitely recommend them in the future. "

 Zenaida - 12/17/2021

" Many thanks to Dr Nelson for being so sweet, caring and helpful And for making me feel good. ☺Also thank you Andrea, Guadalupe Also Jennifer for being so sweet ,compassionate and helpful . Hope You all get what you wish for this Christmas and be bless. My thanks And gratitude to all of you 😍 "

 Denise - 12/16/2021

" Upon arrival, I was immediately greeted. Everyone was kind and professional!!! "

 Ronald - 12/15/2021

" I have always been treated with the utmost respect and care. Such a great and friendly staff. Very helpful and take time to answer questions and make sure your needs or concerns are addressed. "

 Edward - 12/14/2021

" Attention factor with the doctor Kendall assistant was awesome "

 David - 12/10/2021

" Always outstanding! "

 Claude - 12/08/2021

" Appreciated both staff and medical professional attention to my needs as a first time patient. "

 Karen - 12/04/2021

" Didn't have to wait too long and Dr. and staff were friendly and informative. Answered all my questions. "

 Anthony - 12/04/2021

" As usual Dr. Goodman was extremely professional, explains everything very well. He has such a kind and calming presence. "

 Robert - 11/26/2021

" All staff were very friendly and very efficient. I was greeted when arriving and after a short wait a staff member did the preliminary tests on my eyes. Then shortly after the tests, Dr Galichet examined my eyes. Overall a great experience. "

 Edward - 11/25/2021

" The Doctors and all the staff at the Shepard eye center are concerned about any problems we may have, "

 Judith - 11/23/2021

" I love my Dr. Goodman. Elizabeth was delightful. "

 Janessa - 11/20/2021

" Smooth and fast. Thanks! "

 Divina - 11/18/2021

" Everyone was very helpful and considerate. "

 Alicia - 11/16/2021

" Everyone was very professional and kind. "

 James - 11/16/2021

" As a new patient I found the office efficient, professional, and friendly. I left feeling I had a very thorough exam. Great job "

 Roger - 11/13/2021

" Everyone was nice and professional. "

 Charles - 11/10/2021

" I came in a day early but they changed my appointment and I got my eyes examined just the same. My new glasses should help me very much. "

 Rose - 11/10/2021

" I really have a great visit with Dr Shepard and all other doctors there they all are amazing and so friendly "

 Laura - 11/10/2021

" Everyone at Kendall Shepard Eye Center cares about their patients. Appointments are on time with very little waiting in the lobby. "

 James - 11/09/2021

" The staff and of course the Doctor were professional in every way. "

 Richard - 11/07/2021

" Dr. Nelson was outstanding and really knows his business. My overall experience with the clinic was very positive and the support staff was great also. "

 Robert - 11/04/2021

" Experienced staff. Exam done in a professional manner "

 Lorenzo - 11/04/2021

" I was used to a smaller office feel. It felt a bit like I was going through assembly line. "

 Norman - 11/03/2021

" Very pleasant staff and environment. "

 Martha - 11/02/2021

" Staff very pleasant and Dr Goodman was very kind and as always does excellent job. "

 Gail - 11/02/2021

" Very organized "

 Karen - 11/02/2021

" All of the Medical Assistants were very friendly and professional. The doctor was nice and informative. "

 Laura - 10/31/2021

" Very friendly and knowledgeable staff "

 Barbara - 10/30/2021

" I have total trust in Dr Goodman. Everyone is great and very helpful. "

 Annie - 10/28/2021

" I really like Dr. Nelson but I’m highly biased as I adore military doctors more than all others. He used to be one for a very long time as read in his bio at your clinic. Being a high functioning autistic person he handled me perfectly. He’s a good doctor. I appreciated his patience with me and willingness to express the important details as I don’t always know what those are to others. Marissa is always kind and understanding. I really like her too. She is always doing all that she can to help me get my contacts and vision sorted out. "

 Steven - 10/28/2021

" Please email me my updated prescription. Dr. Nelson is awesome as well as all the friendly staff. "

 David - 10/27/2021

" The computer generated "check-in" includes sending and receiving a telephone code to authenticate the check-in. I urge you to have the computer nerds remove this part. Why on earth would someone go through this procedure when it is totally unnecessary- unless the Sheppard Eye Center is worried that spies are going to fake appointments and therefore ruin the business....! I said yes, I will be there. I do not need to prove to the computer that I am the right person and sitting by my telephone with the time to listen for a coded message to send back to the computer. 007 needs this, not your office. People and Doctor Goodman great, but terribly busy, it seems, by the wait., for him to get to me. "

 Gloria - 10/27/2021

" Staff very professional! I am very pleased and impressed. Appreciate the confidence level I feel with Doctor and staff. However, the person in frame fitting and selection needs more training. "

 Stanley - 10/27/2021

" Every thing was perfect. "

 Steven - 10/26/2021

" Great customer service staff always willing to help "

 Robert - 10/24/2021

" I have diabetes issues and after my appointment I felt confident with Doctor Nelson doing my eye exam and happy with diagnosis "

 Elise - 10/24/2021

" Staff was was polite and helpful. Comfortable surroundings. Spoke to me in words I could understand when informing me on my exam. "

 Gerald - 10/24/2021

" Dr. Tim Nelson and Associates were all very thorough in their examination. He set me up with a follow-up consultation with Dr. Goodman about possible Kasik?? procedure. Would be nice if Dr. Nelson would speak a little louder!!! "

 Adriana - 10/20/2021

" Quality service very professional and very satisfactory "

 Noreen - 10/20/2021

" As usual, Dr Kendall and his staff are courteous, caring, extremely competent, and thorough. When I walk through their door, I know I am getting the absolute best care any eye-care professional can provide. "

 Mark - 10/20/2021

" Went great "

 Kathryn - 10/19/2021

" When I walked in it was a very welcoming atmosphere. Everything was clean and fresh-looking and decorated for fall. The staff were polite and helpful. The technician that worked with me was kind and answered all of my concerns. The Doctor came in and was also very kind and polite, and reassuring that my situation was important to him. He explained everything to me and the next steps to be taken. Overall experience I rate as excellent. "

 David - 10/17/2021

" Very pleasing and informative visit. Everything was fully explained and all my concerns were addressed. "

 Judith - 10/16/2021

" My doctor is the best! Thank you! "

 Christie - 10/14/2021

" Everybody was great! I just wish someone who was helping me could tell me if my insurance covered glasses. They told me to go to the other side. There was only one pe One person and she was busy with someone so I left. I still don’t know if my glasses are covered. I might go to Walmart "

 Mary - 10/14/2021

" Everyone was very friendly and helpful. "

 William - 10/12/2021

" My visit was professional, informative, and helpful, and I would recommend Kendall Shepard eye center. "

 James - 10/08/2021

" The phone call setting up eye surgery was very professional and informative. I will certainly recommend this Eye center and its staff to anyone with the same conditions that I have experience. "

 Angela - 10/06/2021

" All staff and Dr. Kendall are professional, helpful, and kind. "

 Dennis - 10/06/2021

" All the staff I have interacted with are very pleasant an knowledgeable. "

 Evelyn - 10/06/2021

" I had a very short wait time before my appointment began. Courteous assistants quickly showed me to the examination room, where we proceeded with the introductory part of the visit. The questions were short and precise, and Dr. Kendall joined us within a short time. The examination itself was thorough and not time-consuming. He gave useful answers to questions I had, and did share information with me as to the status of my eyes and vision. Upon departing, we established a date and time for a follow-up appointment. It was a pleasant, non-stressful and educational visit. "

 Donald - 10/05/2021

" Dr. Goodman is always “right on”. Appreciate the care. "

 Howard - 10/05/2021

" Friendly , professional staff as well as Dr. Kendall - minimal wait and answers all questions "

 Janice - 10/05/2021

" My appointments with Dr. Goodman are always good/excellent. The only reason I didn’t mark excellent what is it because the waiting Time was very long. I didn’t wait long in the waiting room and the Technician was right there to do the preliminaries. The long waiting Time was for the doctor. I know he’s very busy, but maybe appointments Should not be made so close together. "

 Heather - 10/05/2021

" My medical assistant Christina was so thorough one of the nicest assistant ever worked with. Dr Kendall was amazing like always. From the time I checked in to th time I checked out was enjoyable. "

 Jude - 10/02/2021

" Lindsay was very knowledgeable and patient with my son who was trying contacts for the first time. "

 Patricia - 09/30/2021

" Dr. Golchet is excellent! "

 Dawn - 09/28/2021

" Very updated, love the check in Ipad procedure. Fast and courtesy front line girls. Big improvement since 2017 "

 Donald - 09/28/2021

" Friendly and courteous staff. Minimal wait time. Preliminary exam work completed quickly by very competent staff member. Dr Kendall was very proficient and provided Information above and beyond to help with other eye related issues. My appointment was over before I knew it. Thank you "

 Dandy - 09/25/2021

" Very well eye check up clear explanation about the result of my test "

 Rolando - 09/23/2021

" Staffs are professional and friendly. Thanks for everythings "

 Debra - 09/23/2021

" The staff at Kendall’s are always professional and very pleasant "

 Ana - 09/22/2021

" Everyone is very nice and professional the young lady that took me in was kind and thoughtful "

 Jeffrey - 09/22/2021

" Courteous and professional staff. "

 James - 09/21/2021

" Randall Goodman, MD and his staff were very professional and excellent in transmitting data on my condition. "

 Catherine - 09/18/2021

" Thank you! Very professional! "

 Robert - 09/16/2021

" Great doctor and staff "

 Keith - 09/15/2021

" Very professional. Never had a bad experience. "

 Laura - 09/11/2021

" Staff are very nice and helpful. I didn’t even wait for one minute before I was taken to the exam room and the optometrist came in to perform the post-laser check on my new lenses after cataract surgery. The refraction process was very comfortable and I had my new prescription for glasses! It was a wonderful visit. "

 Cara - 09/11/2021

" I called first thing that day with an eye problem, they worked me in right away. Dr Goodman is always so professional and pleasant, I was very relieved after he took care of me 💕. "

 Judith - 09/11/2021

" I love my doctor Goodman and Dr. Kendall and all their excellent and efficient staff. "

 Martha - 09/08/2021

" Staff and doctor were very receptive and attentive to my needs. "

 Diane - 09/05/2021

" Very efficient care. "

 Anita - 09/04/2021

" I was very happy with my experience, from the appointment reminder and check-in process through the examination and follow-up. "

 Jack - 09/02/2021

" From the time I walked in for my appointment to the time I left, everything went on a timely manner. "

 Steven - 09/01/2021

" Nice, professional people! "

 Elaine - 08/31/2021

" Dr Goodman and his staff are superb. Everyone was professional, efficient & friendly. Dr Goodman took the time to answer my questions & helped me select the best lens for my upcoming cataract surgery. Great medical care in a caring environment "

 Donna - 08/31/2021

" Dr Kendall explained my vision problem and he and the staff there are all very professional and kind. "

 Sandra - 08/30/2021

" My appoinment went very smoothly and the staff was very polite and professional. "

 Robert - 08/26/2021

" Great management of the case. Appointments are made with consideration of the patient. Staff are all great. "

 Celia - 07/13/2021

" Staff are so friendly and attentive. They make you feel at ease. Dr. Goodman is very nice all the time. He’s such a good doctor and is so caring for his patients. My vision is completely clear and I enjoy every minute of it. I can’t wait for my right eye cataract surgery. All the best! "

 Jill - 07/08/2021

" All went very well. Everyone helpful and results were favorable. "

 James - 07/07/2021

" Scheduling sucks appointment was for 1310 was not seen until 1338 and did not get out of the office until about 1500 that is to long for anyone to wait. Patience should be waiting for the Doctor and not wait until everyone gets back from lunch and then start processing the Patience "

 Nieves - 07/02/2021

" The staff is friendly and efficient. Thank you "

 Royal - 07/01/2021

" The staff was friendly and efficient. I was seen on time and went right through my appointment quickly and deliberately. All the charges for being seen seemed reasonable also. Thank you for making my first civilian appointment nice and easy. "

 Ralph - 06/30/2021

" Everything was great. Stephanie checked out my peripheral vision. Professional, but friendly and personable at the same time. Made my check go smoothly and completely. Dr. Nelson lets you know what's going on and obviously cares about your eye health. The desk people are marvelous. So friendly and quick getting you checked in and processed out. I love the people. Then I went to the eyeglass center and got a fitting for some new glasses. The young lady helped me pick out and make up my mind on my new "stud" sunglasses frames, and the gentleman fixed me up with my order. Great visit. "

 Christopher - 06/29/2021

" Reception personnel were very courteous and prompt. The medical technician was thorough and explained everything. The doctor was clear and concise, explaining what conditions I have and how treatment would help my condition. Overall, I was very pleased to receive treatment like this. "

 Norma - 06/29/2021

" Always excellent service. Technicians are the best and very friendly. Will be glad when the mask wearing days will be over. "

 James - 06/27/2021

" I was seen as soon as I walked in. "

 Jerrod - 06/26/2021

" Marissa did a fantastic job assisting me with my first part of contacts and ensuring the fit and prescription was accurate. "

 Ronald - 06/25/2021

" Always kind, courteous and helpful "

 Evelyn - 06/25/2021

" Everyone helped me. As I have a hearing problem and the masks made it worse everyone was most helpful I’m looking forward to my new glasses. "

 David - 06/24/2021

" Check in was fast and the wait wasn't long at all, everyone was very kind and helpful "

 Jonatha - 06/23/2021

" Very efficient, friendly and courteous "

 Phillip - 06/20/2021

" The technicians and Dr. Goodman were excellent "

 Laura - 06/19/2021

" Great professional service! "

 Kevin - 06/17/2021

" Been treated with respect and compassion "

 Joseph - 06/16/2021

" very accurate and efficient field of vision test performed by technician. "

 Marilu - 06/12/2021

" I always feel welcomed. Doctor explains and makes sure I get all my questions answered. "

 Judith - 06/11/2021

" Always pleased with support at the eye doctor. "

 Marsha - 06/10/2021

" Everyone is super nice. There is hardly any waiting time. They answer all of your questions. Exceptional service. "

 Jerrod - 06/10/2021

" Everyone was nice and extremely helpful. The exam was quick and they even assisted with extra paperwork and exams I needed for work. I will recommend this place every chance I get. "

 Melissa - 06/10/2021

" Office staff was very friendly, everyone was great. Clean and efficient. "

 Sheila - 06/09/2021

" Very friendly office and doctor too! "

 Sandra - 06/09/2021

" Dr and her assistant they, were awesome!!! "

 Chris - 06/08/2021

" All staff was excellent to work with!! "

 Gloria - 06/03/2021

" Always top-notch service! "

 Michael - 06/03/2021

" Excellent staff and Dr Nelson was very thorough, outstanding! "

 Betty - 06/03/2021

" My appointment with Dr. Golchet was excellent. She is a very caring, thorough doctor. I think she is an outstanding addition to Kendall Shepherd. All the staff was wonderful, as usual. They are always very patient. My eyes don’t always cooperate. They don’t want to stay open wide during tests. My appointment was on time which was a pleasant surprise. I hope the new scheduling method is a permanent one. Thank you for taking care of my eyes! "

 Luis - 06/02/2021

" La atencion del personal fue muy agradable y profesional. "

 John - 05/28/2021

" The staff was friendly and efficient "

 Patricia - 05/27/2021

" I have been a patient of Kendall Shepard for 18 years. They have always had an excellent staff & service! "

 Douglas - 05/27/2021

" The doctor explained everything that I wanted to know. The staff was very friendly to the patients "

 Mary - 05/26/2021

" I was very pleasantly surprised that I didn't have the long wait that I've had in the past. I had checked in online so there was little to do when I got there. The wait to get called back was really brief and once I was in the process the whole appointment went very quickly. The technician was very competent in putting the drops in my eyes and they seemed to work much quicker. The Dr. was efficient, pleasant, and knowledgeable in dealing with my issues. Overall the whole visit was easy and fast. I normally expect my visits there to take close to 2 hours, but this time I was done and out in just over an hour. Well done, Kendall-Shepard, well done! "

 Vetta - 05/20/2021

" The Staff was very kind and efficient while still being Covid friendly. I came early (30mins) and was still seen quickly. I was also able to clear up a discrepancy...thank you "

 Eileen - 05/20/2021

" Dr. Golchet has been wonderful. Very professional and caring. Would not hesitate to recommend. "

 Rachel - 05/19/2021

" Friendly service, clean facility. "

 Celia - 05/19/2021

" Staff are so attentive and will answer all your questions. They make the patients feel at ease and not scared. "

 Karin - 05/19/2021

" Everyone was kind, professional and expedient. "

 Edward - 05/19/2021

" My wife and I were taken care of timely and professionally. All the tests were completed with no problems. The staff were friendly and knew there job. Our doctor Kendall took care of our needs as he has done for the last 20+ years. We are very satisfied with our yearly eye doctor appointment. "

 David - 05/18/2021

" I wouldn't trust my vision to anyone else! "

 Edward - 05/07/2021

" E. Chang Jr. 5/7/21 The service was very professional from greeting, signing-in to meeting the eye physician. "

 Bernard - 04/27/2021

" Everyone was welcoming and helpful - Dr Kendall is knowledgeable and very personable! Great staff here! "

 Michelle - 04/21/2021

" Thank you Dr. Kendall for the quality eye care that you always provide. "

 Anelah - 04/21/2021

" Friendly environment and very helpful "

 Kerry - 04/16/2021

" Efficient, knowledgeable, pleasant. Positive attitudes from entire staff. "

 Edward - 04/07/2021

" Very good job doctor and staff "

 Manuel - 04/02/2021

" The staff is incredible. "

 Allan - 03/25/2021

" On time, staff and doctors are very professional, but maintain a friendly atmosphere "

 Maryellen - 03/20/2021

" everyone is very friendly "

 Barry - 03/20/2021

" My visit went exceptionally well. From walking in, to examination, to next appointment, to the purchasing new glasses, all went extremely well. There must be something special about me. Just kidding on the last one. "

 Trudy - 03/20/2021

" Dr. Goodman is always personable and with the assistant's help was thorough in explaining everything about the procedure and aftercare. thanks Trudy Yost.. "

 Aurora - 03/18/2021

" The young lady who took my information and took pictures of my eyes Was very polite and treated me with respect. "

 Rachael - 03/18/2021

" The Covid protocols and the online pre-check-in helped get me into my appointment quicker, with less wait time in the lobby. Much appreciated!! Very kind and helpful staff. Clean. "

 Ernest - 03/17/2021

" Friendly and dedicated staff. "

 Robert - 03/16/2021

" Excellent exam, covered all areas and answered all my questions. "

 Keith - 03/11/2021

" Saw Dr Golchet and found her to be very thorough. Appreciated her no-nonsense manner...she didn't hold back at all. Looking forward to seeing her twice a year for the rest of my life. "

 Michael - 03/06/2021

" Everyone was very friendly and professional they have always been so for over the last 10 years I have been coming there "

 Barbara - 03/05/2021

" Always good. Doc is great. Love all the helpers. "

 Sharon - 03/05/2021

" Wait time was way better and Dr came promptly. Questions were answered and properly dealt with. You have a great staff and Doctors. "

 Chris - 03/02/2021

" The Doctor was very professional and gave an in-depth explanation to my wife and I. Staff members were all attentive to my comments and were also very professional in answering my questions. Excellent visit! Have recommended you to my friends. "

 Terri - 03/02/2021

" Very professional office. "

 Judith - 02/24/2021

" I love and respect my doctors. They are excellent doctors Their staff is excellent, not a detail is overlooked or missed. I would highly recommend any of them. "

 William - 02/24/2021

" Always a professional and pleasant visit "

 Irene - 02/19/2021

" Every one was informative, my first time there. Very kind, right on time. Thank you so much, i will be back Irene Covington "

 Frederick - 02/18/2021

" Your scheduling software sends out too many "reminders". Having said that, I'm completely satisfied with the results of my cataract surgery. "

 Audrey - 02/18/2021

" No complaints everyone working according to COVID rules . Staff very pleasant and helpful ! "

 Dysmus - 02/18/2021

" Everyone from the doctor to the front desk was kind and helpful "

 Scott - 02/17/2021

" I really love the online check in...super easy The staff was great and fast Everyone listened to me attentively I felt important "

 Clifford - 02/13/2021

" Very thorough and no wasted time. Excellent experience. "

 Stephen - 02/12/2021

" Outstanding service from Dr. Kendall as usual. "

 Kristine - 02/10/2021

" Terrific staff. Friendly and kind. Dr. Kendall is the best. "

 David - 02/10/2021

" always a great experience! "

 Sylvan - 02/10/2021

" I was met quickly at the door, asked the safety questions, had my temperature taken and was led inside to wait in a safe in crowded space. I was preregistered; so I was only asked one question and my wait was less than 20 minutes. I was then led to the eye pressure test, an examination room and the doctor was there within 5 minutes. Every one was kind, professional and Covid safe. It was a pleasant visit and I was finished in under an hour. "

 Paul - 02/09/2021

" Most excellent. I am SIO impressed with The doctor. "

 Christopher - 02/06/2021

" The entire team was professional, courteous, and I felt safe visiting this doctors office given the circumstances surrounding Covid 19. "

 Karen - 02/06/2021

" The front desk girls are very pleasant. They make sure you don’t wait outside to long and acknowledge you when you come in. Elo was very accommodating with my appointment and my busy work schedule. I’m actually looking forward to my cataract surgery with Dr Goodman "

 Mark - 02/06/2021

" Dr. Timothy Nelson, OD was excellent. Explained things carefully. Seemed to genuinely care. Just met him, felt like I had known him my whole life. Whole staff was top notch. "

 Margaret - 02/05/2021

" My apartment went just fine I got in at a good time didn't take me too long and I will see them again in six months "

 Christine - 02/04/2021

" I was able to check in on line, the wait to begin exam was not long, nor did I have much of a wait for the doctor. "

 Patrick - 02/04/2021

" very courteous, eye exam went smooth they explained everything in detail, I have never worn contacts before, and they explained the fitting charge, and was it reasonably priced, I especially would like to say that Louise in the optometry glasses fitting dept. Is a Huge upgrade over the previous employee, he was very professional and helpful.. "

 Julie - 02/03/2021

" Nice to see my old student Veronica! Great experience as always. No wait time. "

 George - 02/03/2021

" A very professional staff, that provided excellent service. Thank you one and all. "

 Anita - 02/02/2021

" Great people, great service. "

 Barbara - 01/30/2021

" Dr Sheppard is very thorough. He explains everything. The staff are also wonderful, very friendly and professional. "

 Valerie - 01/30/2021

" Dr Shepherd was very informative easy to talk too "

 Darlene - 01/29/2021

" Everyone is nice, and talked me through all my procedure. "

 Patricia - 01/28/2021

" Dr. Golchet & her assistants are very professional, detail oriented, & friendly. "

 Pa Kou - 01/27/2021

" Exam with Dr. Sheppard went well and always exceeds my expectations. He took his time to address my concerns and gave me his full attention during the appointment. "

 Chris - 01/27/2021

" I was treated very well by the whole staff! If I had any questions they answered them very professionally and courteously!! "

 Teresa - 01/27/2021

" Each team member was kind and caring. They took time to explain what they were doing and gave personal attention to questions. "

 Gloria - 01/27/2021

" At the time of first contact..should let patient know if they are required to pay a co-payment. Would be best if information needs to be provided, to let the patient be advised to come early. Wasn't really an issue but someone can get overwhelmed being a new patient...Above all it was a good experience "

 John - 01/27/2021

" Everyone At Kendall-Sheppard Eye Center Treated Me In A Professional And Courteous Manner. They Explained Every Test To Me And Answered All My Questions And Concerns. Covid-19 Protocols Were Followed. It Was An Enjoyable Experience And I Would Highly Recommend Them To Everyone. "

 Ralph - 01/23/2021

" Once again the reception area people were super, friendly, professional, the technician chaecking my eyes and doing the test was soo nice and knowledgeable, andthen <Dr Nelson is just super. Thank you all for such a great experience. "

 Pamela - 01/22/2021

" My family always receive excellent customer service. "

 Pamela - 01/21/2021

" Dr. Golchet was very attentive and took extra time to attend to my left eye problem "on the spot." The staff were all very professional and friendly. Thank you, Pamela Buchanan "

 Nelda - 01/21/2021

" Check-in was smooth and timely. Very professional staff — they were polite and very helpful. "

 Margaret - 01/19/2021

" Dr Goodman Was very polite and explained all details regarding my consultation. "

 Ingrid - 01/16/2021

" Great service but a long wait! Ingrid "

 Lorraine - 01/12/2021

" Good COVID-19 protocol. I felt safe. "

 Joyce - 01/09/2021

" It was quick and easy. The staff was very helpful and friendly. "

 Carol - 01/09/2021

" Everyone was very professional. "

 Christopher - 01/09/2021

" Patient and kind staff "

 Patricia - 01/08/2021

" Very prompt & informative. "

 Patrice - 01/07/2021

" Very professional and comfortable ! "

 Barbara - 01/07/2021

" I very much enjoyed meeting the new retina specialist. I feel confident in her hands. The staff is always good as well. Thank you. "

 Catherine - 01/06/2021

" It’s great to have a Doctor who’s positive snd makes one feel at ease. I appreciated Dr. Shepard’s positive ness. Didn’t feel intimidated. "

 Elizabeth - 01/06/2021

" Amazing staff. Very friendly. Wonderful Covid protocols followed. "

 Alan - 01/01/2021

" Staff was professional and friendly! "

 Pamela - 12/31/2020

" Professional, efficient yet friendly! Good experience! "

 Sandra - 12/30/2020

" Staff is friendy and efficient. My doctor saw an issue with my retinas and immediately referred me to a specialist. "

 James - 12/30/2020

" Dr. B is a really nice guy and treated me and my young son well. His jokes are a bit corny, but certainly welcome. He put my son at ease with the process. "

 Sean - 12/29/2020

" Great team. Warm service. Great care. "

 Kathleen - 12/23/2020

" Very kind and professional "

 Pamela - 12/23/2020

" Emergency situation was handled above expectations "

 Evelyn - 12/23/2020

" Such a great atmosphere . Everyone was kind . I went in to have my my eye checked for an abrasion to my cornea. Felt very comfortable , and was happy with my visit . "

 Maria - 12/22/2020

" . Everything will be good.!. Nurses, Dr . Everyone .!. "

 Wanda - 12/22/2020

" Very professional and kind. "

 Anita - 12/19/2020

" Great COVID 19 check in procedures, very nice and courteous staff. "

 Edward - 12/19/2020

" Everything was very professional with Covid in mind. Great execution of the plan. Professional- doctors and staff were top notch. "

 Debby - 12/19/2020

" Very nice staff. Especially liked the African American girl that assisted me. She was very pleasant and professional. "

 Danette - 12/19/2020

" All the staff were polite and wonderful to talk to. "

 Jack - 12/19/2020

" As someone who came in without an appointment but with eye issues, I was squeezed in to be taken care off. Thank you for the quick service. "

 Richard - 12/19/2020

" The service was great from customer to the medical staff. "

 Lori - 12/18/2020

" Dr. Bowen was amazing. He was professional and informative. I was very confused and frustrated with things happening with my eyesight and he helped alleviate that confusion and frustration, as well as got me lined up with glasses that will help me immensely. "

 Theresa - 12/18/2020

" Marissa provided excellent customer service to get me into an appointment within a day, there was a cancellation. Marissa checked me in the next day with the same enthusiasm that she had over the phone. She is a great first contact for your practice with a rock star personality. "

 Janice - 12/16/2020

" Everybody was friendly and very professional. I couldn't ask for better experience. "

 Robert - 12/16/2020

" I pre-checked on the COVID measures in place before going for my appointment I was very pleased at the concern and attention that was observed and practiced "

 Denise - 12/16/2020

" Everyone is wonderful there! Dr. Nelson makes me smile. Something I desperately need to do more of these tough days. "

 Elizabeth - 12/15/2020

" Everyone was so kind. Dr. Kendall spent a long time with me, explaining why my eye sight was so poor. No one had ever done that and I am so greatful. I have never had such a good, personable doctor. I am impressed and will definitely return! "

 James - 12/12/2020

" The staff is always happy and helpful. "

 Frank - 12/12/2020

" I like the fact I didn’t have to wait long doctor very professional covered all the bases I would recommend Kendall Shepard to closest friends. "

 Valerie - 12/11/2020

" The staff is very professional and friendly. The facility is clean and inviting. Highly satisfied! "

 David - 12/09/2020

" Dr Goodman and the tech assistants were all great ... I would recommend this team to anyone. "

 Patti - 12/09/2020

" Doctor Shepherds a pretty good guy. "

 Judith - 12/08/2020

" Always excellent seeing Doc Goodman. The best there is. "

 Darlene - 12/08/2020

" Covid safety actions are taken. Waiting time was good and staff were wonderful. "

 Court - 12/03/2020

" Always the best!! "

 Tasha - 12/01/2020

" Dr Goodman was very thorough and caring. I really appreciated his explanation of my condition and scheduled procedures. "

 Camron - 12/01/2020

" I was taken care of better than expected and I wasn’t made to feel like I was just a number. I will always recommend this place. "

 Robert - 11/26/2020

" Gear Dr Nelson was excellent and the young man at the optical dept was also very personal and very helpful. Can’t wait to get my new glasses! Have always had the best service there with no problems ! "

 Paul - 11/25/2020

" I always have great service and care. "

 Cristian - 11/24/2020

" Doctor very attentive, patient, and helpful. Went out of her way to address personal questions and concerns. "

 Maria - 11/21/2020

" I really like the new Doctor.. "

 Carmelita - 11/20/2020

" Front reception area and Dr Goodman's assistant were very professional with a recent treatment I just had. Dr Goodman's assistant was very compassionate when I was being prepped by doctor for procedure. I appreciate and trust Dr Goodman's expertise. "

 Corinne - 11/19/2020

" Front and back office are courteous and professional. Parking is easy. Large waiting room. They're following strict Covid guidelines. Dr. Nelson is great! "

 John - 11/17/2020

" Very professional as always "

 Robert - 11/17/2020

" Elo was very thorough and answered all my concerns. "

 Susan - 11/17/2020

" Elo was friendly, professional and thorough. "

 Patrice - 11/13/2020

" Very Professional great service. "

 Eileen - 11/13/2020

" Dr. Gochtel made me feel very comfortable. It’s relaxing when a doctor greets you by your first name. The staff are all very warm and inviting which helps a great deal throughout the entire appointment "

 Jan - 11/13/2020

" I was happy they could get me in so quickly. "

 Robert - 11/12/2020

" I like Dr SShepard, always professional, always great. "

 Vincent - 11/12/2020

" My appointment was excellent. I particularly appreciate Dr. Golchet's attention to detail in administering my eye injections. She takes no short cuts in preparing for the procedure; insuring that the injection is administered without pain, and in having clinic personnel working closely with her in what they do. Also, she is very thorough in explaining the status of my vision from visit to visit and in providing helpful information for me between appointments. "

 Laura - 11/10/2020

" Exceptional physicians and staff, make me feel well cared for! "

 Deborah - 11/07/2020

" Everyone was friendly and helpful. The wait time was short. There was plenty of social distancing in the office "

 Gloria - 11/07/2020

" Was taken for appointment within 5 min. Dr assistant was curtios, informative, , professional, & completed his duties in a timely matter. "

 Marjorie - 11/06/2020

" Dr. Kendall is very knowledgeable, thorough, polite and caring. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in his office. Also, the staff seems to be very knowledgeable. The assistants were very helpful to me. I was glad someone led me to where I needed to go because the office is large and somewhat winding. The young man in the optical department was very helpful, too. He was polite and caring. "

 Ramona - 11/06/2020

" Staff was thorough and courteous. They did their research. The Dr.'s demeanor was calming and professional "

 Paul - 11/05/2020

" As I saw Dr Ken Kendall, it was of course, excellent! As always. "

 Richard - 10/30/2020

" Dr. Brudner is always the best! Assistants were professional and competent. "

 Lorence - 10/30/2020

" Very pleased with the urgent attention I received. "

 Claire - 10/30/2020

" After my pressure was already taken by the person who took me to the room, I had to wait 45 minutes for the Dr to come in. All he said was “your pressure looks good, your eyes look good”. He was ready to let me go when I decided to ask some questions. I had to sit there with a cloth mask on, getting hot, & very difficult to breath. If the person is qualified to take my pressure why did I have to wait so long to have someone with initials after his name to come & say the same thing??? "

 Robert - 10/28/2020

" Everyone was very professional and answered my concerns in a friendly manner "

 Jimmie - 10/28/2020

" I found the people very friendly and helpful. While I recognize that COVID-19 has changed things the wait of over an hour to see the Doctor I thought was a bit much. "

 Joe - 10/26/2020

" All the staff was helpful and friendly. They answered all my questions. "

 Danielle - 10/23/2020

" The only thing I would recommend is that you have the patient fell prescriptions prior to procedure. Once the eyeball medication wore off the pain went from 0 to 300%. At the time I was at the pharmacy filling the prescription and almost vomited due to severe pain "

 Patricia - 10/22/2020

" I am very impressed with Dr. Golchet!👍 "

 Beverly - 10/21/2020

" Overall, as usual, the appointment was very pleasant, efficient and thorough. An initial little glitch, I'm sure caused by my confusion, but turned out perfectly fine. Dr Kendall and staff were so gracious to me in my older years. I haven't known a time when they haven't been, though! Thank you for asking. "

 Steven - 10/20/2020

" Office staff very professional. Medical staff were wonderful. "

 Karen - 10/17/2020

" Very clean and professional environment. The doctor was thorough and explained my situation and options very well. This was my second annual checkup, and I definitely recommend and will return. "

 Gloria - 10/16/2020

" Everyone is very kind "

 Carmelita - 10/16/2020

" From the time I checked in having my temperature taken and being greeted by the front desk, the back office staff and the doctor... my experience was excellent. "

 Maria - 10/16/2020

" No Coments.!. Everything good.!. "

 Ronald - 10/14/2020

" From checkin to checkout was great! Your staff is tops! "

 Deborah - 10/13/2020

" I was treated very nice by two lady’s who helped me with a broken contact lens in my eye.Front desk was kind as well and very professional "

 Angela - 10/13/2020

" Dr. Kendall got me in right away after I had an ER trip. Had blood vessels in eye burst and many other symptoms going on. Staff and doctors wonderful. Did eye test, glacoma test, retinal scan and Dr. Kendall said he would have retina specialist look at scans and would call to let me know results. Professional and kind and answered all questions asked. Thank you! "

 Kathryn - 10/10/2020

" Dr Nelson was really great. I liked him alot "

 Martha - 10/09/2020

" Dr Goodman is always gracious and takes time to answer questions - I would recommend him highly to anyone. "

 Mark - 10/08/2020

" Professional and very informative with all the information. Staff and everybody was very nice "

 Darlene - 10/06/2020

" They are always so friendly & thoughtful to your needs. I luv Kendall eye Center it’s the best. Gone here for years & I always recommend it to all my friends & strangers also. "

 Paul - 10/02/2020

" The staff was friendly, helpful and professional. "

 Roderick - 10/01/2020

" Dr. Timothy Nelson was professional, courteous and compassionate. I will recommend him to all whom require Primary Eye Care and glasses. "

 Jill - 09/30/2020

" Visit was much nicer than my last visit!! "

 Bailey - 09/26/2020

" Dr Nelson was very efficient and helpful "

 Steven - 09/25/2020

" Awesome appointment and thanks for the professionalism! "

 Catherine - 09/25/2020

" I got serviced in a timely manner. "

 Brittney - 09/25/2020

" While the appt started late, it went very quickly! Everyone was very friendly despite it being towards the end of the day. Dr. Nelson was a little hard to hear but super friendly and made me feel great as if I'd been his patient for years. "

 Lydia - 09/24/2020

" Everyone is professional and friendly. My appointment went smoothly with no wait time. "

 Eleuteria - 09/24/2020

" Great service, very understanding to my concern 👍 And of all very patient and explicit of what was going with My eyes. Thank you so much I enjoyed my visit with you🙂 "

 Alexander - 09/23/2020

" Wonderfully kind and helpful staff, with knowledgeable doctors. 10/10 would recommend. "

 April - 09/23/2020

" Everything went very smooth! I checked in online, and there was no wait. Dr. Kendall is wonderful and staff is so nice and helpful! "

 Laura - 09/22/2020

" All my questions were answered. I know that my doctor cares about me and my health. Everyone is very considerate and wait time was only a few minutes. Excellent service! "

 Kathleen - 09/22/2020

" Dr Goodman is always able to help my eyes feel better. He always keeps my primary and Specialty Dr informed. The staff is always nice and helpful. "

 Cheryl - 09/22/2020

" Very proffessional "

 Joan - 09/17/2020

" Doctors and staff did an exceptional job of listening to concerns and reviewing medical tests to determine best course of action for treatment. Office staff were friendly and helpful. "

 Robert - 09/17/2020

" Staff worked well together. New doctor very good. Things went well. "

 Olivia - 09/16/2020

" The best eye doctor super thorough and very knowledgeable !! Highly recommend ! "

 John - 09/15/2020

" Professional in almost every respect. Care was outstanding. Staff was courteous and helpful. Received many text and email appointment reminders, even after confirming the appointment. Not really a problem, just makes you wonder. Spent a few minutes filling out information on an electronic tablet prior to my appointment. When in the exam room, the technician asked me the same questions I had just answered on the tablet. He indicated that the info must not have transferred....must be the same computer sending out the appointment reminders. These are tiny issues...I was delighted with the care I received! "

 Robert - 09/13/2020

" Everyone was very friendly: check-in, initial eye tests, Dr. Timothy Nelson, and Martha at the check-in/out counter. I did not wait very long for Dr. Nelson to examine my eyes and give his assessment that my eye condition is improving. "

 Joseph - 09/12/2020

" Very thorough examination. The appointment was on time with little delay. "

 Brenda - 09/12/2020

" Safe service and fast and efficient service the doctor did a good job "

 Kevin - 09/06/2020

" Dr Goodman is a most considerate and compassionate doctor. I had both eyes have cataract surgery. My husband is going in for his surgery . I feel complete trust in Dr Goodman and feel blessed to have him as my husband’s surgeon.. Lynda Moore "

 Denise - 09/04/2020

" Always a good experience, everyone is friendly, courteous and professional!!! "

 James - 09/03/2020

" Alejandro was amazingly pleasant "

 Lou Ann - 09/02/2020

" Everyone was so kind and helpful. "

 Colleen - 08/28/2020

" Everyone is very friendly and professional "

 Susan - 08/26/2020

" This year was the smoothest yet. Very CV19 safe, no waiting. Dr. Kendall is so bbn pleasant and knowledgeable. . "

 Karen - 08/26/2020

" Most efficient I have ever seen! Great job. "

 Patti - 08/25/2020

" The doctor's assistant makes everything very pleasant reassuring end call "

 Michelle - 08/25/2020

" As my first visit to the Kendall-Shepard Eye Center, Dr. Goodman and the support staff were warm and professional throughout my entire appointment. Thank you! "

 Alice - 08/22/2020

" Exceptional service and treatment by the newest doctor on staff working with Dr. Brudner! He was thorough, kind, and took time to explain what was happening with my eyes. Very happy with entire visit. "

 Martha - 08/21/2020

" As usual only one word “EXCELLENT” "

 Michelle - 08/21/2020

" Everyone was completely professional yet personanable at the same time. Also very friendly. Dr. Goodman was wonderful I highly recommend him! I also highly recommend Kendall Shepard Eye Center for all your Optometry needs. "

 Michelle - 08/20/2020

" Dr. Sedeek is an amazing doctor. He is very knowledgable, professional and always does the least invasive treatment first. He is kind and cares about his patients and their opinion. Great experience, always! "

 Thomas - 08/20/2020

" Professional and thorough. "

 Resauda - 08/20/2020

" Dr. And all the staff were very nice and efficient. Mom got great care. "

 Robert - 08/19/2020

" I Showed up 10 minutes early for my appointment hoping to get in and out in 1 hour or less. I got out inexactly 1 hour. "

 Julie - 08/17/2020

" This was our first time, as we were new patients. Enjoyed the staff and doctor. I also liked the eye glass staff as they were most knowledgeable and helpful in finding new glasses. Thank you. "

 Donald - 08/16/2020

" Awesome as always... "

 Maryann - 08/12/2020

" The doctor is great a very busy doctor who remembers his patients. "

 Ashlei - 08/09/2020

" Everyone was kind and fun! Best eye doctor place i’ve been to. "

 Norma - 08/07/2020

" Doctor and staff were very courteous and thorough. "

 Sharon - 08/07/2020

" The staff was qualified and friendly. My appointment was for 10:30 and I was called at 11:10. I also waited for the Dr. another 15 minutes and he spent only 2 minutes with me. I was there 2 hours which seemed extreme to me. They had a good screening for COVID. I felt safe. "

 Carole - 08/06/2020

" Staff is always very professional and polite. Offices are clean and well appointed. I would recommend to family and friends "

 Angie - 08/06/2020

" Everyone was very professional, took the time to explain everything. "

 Allison - 08/06/2020

" Office staff are professionals and very attentive. Very welcoming "

 Peggy - 08/05/2020

" The only thing I will comment on is that while waiting in the main waiting room a woman came in, sat down across from me and I noticed she was not wearing a m ask.. After about 5 min or so she reached in her purse and did put a mask on. I was just surprised that she was allowed to come into the building not wearing her mask.. "

 Brigit - 08/05/2020

" Doctor Goodman's soothing demeanor calmed my nerves and just like that my stitches were removed.. only a slight tingling with gratitude remained. "

 Julie - 08/01/2020

" Wonderful and efficient group! "

 Daniel - 07/31/2020

" Short waiting time. Knowledgeable doctors. Polite and friendly staff. VEnjoyable experience. "

 Micheal - 07/31/2020

" Great service at reception and through the entire visit. Very professional staff! Thank you "