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Recent Reviews

 June 21, 2019

" Agradezco por todo lo que hace por nuestros hijos mis hijos se pone muy contento al ir a la clínica ya que no hay más temor por el dentista. "

 June 14, 2019

" Absolutely in love with all of the staff at this office . "

 May 3, 2019

" I am very grateful with all services that I did receive at the Dr visit, every one was so professional and honest. I am really recommend it to my family and friends! "

 April 26, 2019

" I think Dr. Woods does a great job I love taking my son here "

 April 26, 2019

" Doctor was so lovely and patience with my lil one loves the aportunity he gives even thru tantrums.. Love it "

 April 26, 2019

" It is always a joy to come to this office. Dr. Harder and her staff are excellent. "

 April 25, 2019

" Ana the receptionist is very nice and polite and doctor Cze Ja Tam is a very good doctor for my two daughters and extremely helpful and her concerns for my daughters overall health I would highly recommend them to my family and friends. "

 April 24, 2019

" Always courteous and very helpful "

 April 24, 2019

" Dr Schneider is one of the best doctors in there . We are always glad to get him every time my son needs to come in "

 April 20, 2019

" i like it "

 April 19, 2019

" We really loved this doctor. My daughter was happy with her. She was so sweet to her. Made her feel very comfortable. "

 April 17, 2019

" Dr. And receptionists and nurses were awesome!! Very informative.... "

 April 17, 2019

" Dr Harder is the best pediatrician I’ve ever had! I don’t live in La Cañada but every trip I take with my baby is worth it!! The staff that works there is very friendly too! They all love their jobs and that makes our experience very pleasant!! Keep up the good work La Cañada!!! "

 April 17, 2019

" Dr. Millett has been taking care of my 4 kids for 25 years and I would not take them anywhere else she is amazing at what she does. Always answers questions always sends me to a specialist that cares and gets things done. "

 April 16, 2019

" Receptionist was outstanding! She seemed very knowledgeable and was extremely helpful. "

 April 13, 2019

" My daughters love dr Fineberg he is great and listens to what we have to say. He answers all my questions "

 April 11, 2019

" Me and my niece which im her caregiver both are treated very great by the staff they are very proffesional.... "

 April 10, 2019

" Love Dr Melin and her staff!! "

 April 10, 2019

" Dr. Benjamin is excellent professional she is very good listener and is proactive and thorough with her work. She also follows up with all of pending work "

 April 10, 2019

" Siempre muy amables y estoy contenta con ellos. Y las preguntas siempre son muy contestadas sin quedar en duda. Tengo mas 10 años con ellos. "

 April 10, 2019

" The experience restored my faith in healthcare - with an emphasis on care. "

 April 8, 2019

" Great service. "

 April 6, 2019

" Dr. Ayala has a great report with my son who is very fearful of doctors. We wold like to have Dr. Ayala as our child’s primary physician. This was a great experience for our child. He gets an A+ �� "

 April 6, 2019

" Me gusta la atension del personal exelente�� "

 April 6, 2019

" Dr. Hilma Benjamin is the best! My children have been seeing by Dr. Benjamin since they were newborns.I am very satisfied with my children's care. "

 April 5, 2019

" Loved the doctor and office staff... super friendly and personable. "

 April 4, 2019

" Dr Snyder is the best doctor I have ever meet with always follows up and takes care of all questions "

 April 3, 2019

" Great service and excellent staff. "

 April 2, 2019

" Love this office of proffecional doctors and staff. "

 April 2, 2019

" Our 1st visit for all 3 of our kids was great. The facilities are nice & clean, the receptionist was very courteous, helpful and patient. Great customer service on her part. The nurse was very friendly, courteous and patient. The Dr was very friendly to the kids, answered all our questions we had and took time to look up information for us as well. We are glad we found this kids clinic. "

 March 31, 2019

" My daughter has never been seen by Dr. Bala. She is amazing & very courteous. I definitely will set an appointment with her again :-) "

 March 30, 2019

" Had to go to la cañada due to Pasadena being full it’s is much better doctor is super nice she loves to see my kids the nurses were very nice and made me feel very comfortable "

 March 30, 2019

" Front desk ladies are very friendly and professional. ������������������ "

 March 30, 2019

" Dr . Tam is amazing she so caring "

 March 29, 2019

" Everyone that works in the Van Nuys clinic are the most respectful and friendly people I have meet and taken my kids too that why i have recommended this clinic to my other friend. I would never change clinic love everything from them. "

 March 29, 2019

" Great customer service and amazing doctors. "

 March 27, 2019

" The online appointment scheduling, the texting, online pre-register and quick appointment is so very much appreciated! "

 March 25, 2019

" Doctor Rodriguez is a great doctor she is always very professional and a very caring doctor! The nurses and front desk staff are very friendly and polite "

 March 23, 2019

" We are happy to be with you "

 March 23, 2019

" Mr. Elder Ayala was really amazing !!! Very informative with my questions and so great to my child !! "

 March 22, 2019

" I totally love this doctor. He goes into detail and explain everything. I have two teen child seeing him and just intrude my new born with him. Good doctors for children are hard to fine that cares and takes parents questions in mind. "

 March 17, 2019

" Excellent team office. I’ll be back ���� "

 March 16, 2019

" My niece and I always get greeted and welcomed back the staff is very caring and do their job great the Physician Assistant Jose and Dr.Bala always check my niece explain everything to me about her medical problem the medical assistants are very caring so is the front desk ... "

 March 16, 2019

" Excellent thank you "

 March 15, 2019

" I absolutely love Dr. Harder and the staff at the La Canada office. My children are very comfortable there and both the nurse and Dr. take the time to explain everything they are doing to the kids. "

 March 13, 2019

" Dr Benjamin is the best. We love Her "

 March 13, 2019

" I love Dr. Ayala he is an amazing Doctor he understand ur concerns n enjoys his job n cares about his patients n concerns.. he’s the only doctor I want my kids to see thank you for being so kind n fun n concern about ur patients "

 March 12, 2019

" It was my daughters first time at your office as a parent but was previously your patient as a child and loved everything about it as a concern and dedicated mother. Ashley is now 23 and is a parent of Jordy a 5 yr old boy and drove 3 hrs from Palm Springs to have her son received a physical check up was happy with the outcome and will continue to drive 3hrs to assist to your Medical Facility. Once more kids and teens you came through for our family and now it’s running down our generations and generations to come. "

 March 12, 2019

" Buen servicio la recepción , enfermera y la doctora millet "

 March 10, 2019

" Dr. Bala was amazing patient caring wonderful person "

 March 9, 2019

" ��excellent receptionist, and nurse, Bala Doctor. "

 March 9, 2019

" Excellent doctor and staff �� "

 March 9, 2019

" Doctor and Nurse were amazing in Acadia office. "

 March 8, 2019

" Kids and Teens Medical Care is such a blessing to have for my baby! Every staff member is helpful and caring. "

 March 6, 2019

" I really love Dr Benjamin and Dr wood. They great professionals. "

 March 6, 2019

" My children have been coming here since they were born. They are always very understanding (even when your child runs out of the room). They are very polite . I have never had any issues at any of their locations. "

 March 5, 2019

" everything was great "

 March 2, 2019

" Doctor Beth Meryl was extremely knowledgeable and suggested a follow up appointment to make sure my child is 100% recovering. Staff was courteous and friendly too. "

 March 1, 2019

" I absolutely Love Dr Mark ! He is the best! "

 March 1, 2019

" The doctor was excellent - nice and thorough. "

 February 28, 2019

" Very friendly "

 February 28, 2019

" There are goods nursers very good personality.. "

 February 26, 2019

" Great office "

 February 24, 2019

" Angie is amazing! "

 February 23, 2019

" Lo hora se espera por paciente toma mucho tiempo es demasiado casi como hora y media a dos horas "

 February 23, 2019

" Everyone is super friendly and happy to be of service to us we really liked the Dr's quality of attention in making sure my child was going to go home feeling better. Thank you kids and teens you are all appreciated! "

 February 22, 2019

" The doctors in Northridge location are excellent and caring. They go above and beyond to take care of your childrens. "

 February 20, 2019

" Staff is always so courteous and helpful. They know my family and I by name and always do their very best to make my son feel as comfortable and taken care of as possible. "

 February 20, 2019

" Dr. Melin-perell is always very helpful to our family "

 February 19, 2019

" Thank you for a great service �� "

 February 13, 2019

" My daughter was a patient of Dr. Millet since the moment she was born. For the first 12 years of her life she took care of her until we moved. She also took good care of my twin boys and they came along during the transition of what is now Kids and Teens. We are so lucky to have fallen in the hands of such great doctors and one amazing medical group overall. We met Dr. Silva for this particular visit and she was truly exceptional. Thank you to the entire staff, you truly all go above and beyond for your patients. "

 February 13, 2019

" I already recommended to a friend yesterday immediately after our visit. Loved my experience. Thanks so much. Our nurse was a magician giving my son 2 shots. He barely knew what happened. Dr. Harder was easy to talk to and empathetic. The kids warmed up to her right away. "

 February 13, 2019

" The service provided by Doctors and staff was great "

 February 12, 2019

" Both Rita and Dr. Bala were terrific and helpful. "

 February 10, 2019

" I am very happy to have found this pediatric office!! "

 February 10, 2019

" Dr Mellon Perrel is wonderful "

 February 9, 2019

" I am a mother of 11 My older children assisted your clinic when they were children 5 are young adults now but I continue my visits with you guys with my other 6 children do to your wonderful staff , professional service and fantastic care. The wait time is amazing!! "

 February 8, 2019

" Very helpful and friendly staff "

 February 8, 2019

" The doctor was very efficient "

 February 8, 2019

" My daughter has been a patient in this office since she’s wasa baby. We have always received excellent care from the staff, nurses and, of course, the doctors. On this visit, Dr Snyder was thorough, took the time to answer questions and was genuinely concerned with my daughters condition. I appreciate that I received call backs from him about needing medication and instructions about following up next week to check her condition for improvement. "

 February 8, 2019

" Dr. Millet is amazing. She was very thourogh, kind and explained things to not just me as a parent but to my teenager as well. "

 February 7, 2019

" Excellent and friendly service specially Dr Alaya my kids favorite Dr very friendly and helpful "

 February 7, 2019

" Thank you for your time and caring services.I have recomend this office all my friends and relative. "

 February 6, 2019

" Love this place! Thank you Dr DaSilva "

 February 5, 2019

" Thank you to all of you, have a nice day "

 February 2, 2019

" Love the Encino office staff!! They are so professional, personable and accommodating. I don't mind the extra drive time to go there. Kudos!!! "

 February 1, 2019

" I like kids and teens cuz I feel comfortable and I’m happy with the service "

 February 1, 2019

" Dr. Benjamin is a very dedicated and thural professional. She always follows thru and connects with other doctors to achieve the best help, making her very passionate in helping her patients. "

 February 1, 2019

" Susan and Angelina in the front office are very kind and helpful. Highly recommend this office. "

 January 31, 2019

" Excelente "

 January 30, 2019

" I love it ! "

 January 30, 2019

" It is always a pleasure to go to the have an appt with Dr. Harder and her crew. They are friendly and fun. Dr. Harder could not be better with my kids, we have been very fortunate to find KTMGNOW. "

 January 26, 2019

" Dr. Millet is a sweetheart. She is very caring and took her time to explain my daughter's sickness. We were very satisfied and my daughter is already feeling better after taking medications. She is the best. "

 January 24, 2019

" The staff was great! "

 January 23, 2019

" I love this doctor so much he is so detailed on the way he talks to the children and parents. Answers all the questions and is very friendly and professional. Great doctor "

 January 23, 2019

" Dr. Fineberg is the best doctor "

 January 20, 2019

" Friendly staff. Doctor very informative and sweet with kids. "

 January 18, 2019

" Best place every. Everyone is friendly and helpful. "

 January 16, 2019

" Fastest, most informative appointment ever! "

 January 15, 2019

" Doctor saw us promptly with a very short wait and was courteous and explained things well. "

 January 13, 2019

" Thank you for the professional and friendly service. "

 January 10, 2019

" From the courteous, friendly Telephone scheduler “Joe” for this visit & meeting Dr. Grace Dasovich, who is so gentle, caring, took her time to really listen, communicate and did some little things to ease the tension of a kid seeing a Dr. is actually made a big difference. Not to mention she’s pretty and greeted everybody with a huge smile from the time she entered the office front door/waiting area. "

 January 9, 2019

" This last visit was by far our best overall visit. It was totally due to the fact, that we finally had Dr.Desilva treating my daughter. She was FANTASTIC!! "

 January 6, 2019

" Dr Melan was very nice and helpful she is not my daughters regular dr but she was very caring and she made my daughter feel comfortable "

 January 4, 2019

" All the staff are great and friendly and the doctors all 100% great wonderful they take their time for each my kids to be sure their health are ok. I love it all . "

 January 4, 2019

" Dr. Snyder is wonderful. He has such a pleasant and relaxed personality. He really takes time to explain things and is very thorough. "

 December 29, 2018

" Muy buena atención súper limpio el lugar y súper amables todas "

 December 23, 2018

" Dr. Milette kniws what she’s doing. Excellent doctot! "

 December 22, 2018

" Dr. Melon is great. Kids love her and I like her too. "

 December 20, 2018

" Dr. De Silva was phenomenal! Love her bedside manner and her thoughtful evaluation and diagnosis. She really listened to my 11 year old! When Dr. De Silva left our exam room, my daughter exclaimed, "It was great the way she explained everything to me. So many doctors just talk to the parents, and leave me out of what's going on." Really great experience. "

 December 19, 2018

" Angie, the nurse on staff, is the reason why we return to this medical practice. She is amazing! Best pediatrics nurse I have ever seen. She administers my children’s vaccines and they don’t even have a clue when she gives them a shot. She is so friendly and confident and empowers parents to breastfeed. We love all the staff at the La Canada location. The waiting room is clean and has nice toys. There’s hand sanitizer everywhere too. Making an appointment is so easy. There’s never a wait at the clinic either. "

 December 14, 2018

" Everyone was so helpful and courteous....we were so grateful to get the same doctor for her when she was born to care for her after. (Insurance issues we were concerned with)...we love Dr. Snyder!!! "

 December 11, 2018

" Dr Mellen as always is very wonderful in caring for my son! "

 December 9, 2018

" We love Dr Harder and the excellent friendly staff at La Canada office! Thank you all so much for helping Our foster son Eric! "

 December 8, 2018

" Very satisfy with the services and my teenager feels cofident as well very happy overall "

 December 8, 2018

" Every staff member was helpful and polite to me. All my questions were answered and I felt supported. I am so glad I found such a great doctor's office to take my baby to! "

 December 6, 2018

" All the staff and Dr. Vargas were very professional!. I will definitely come back and recommend this office to friends and family "

 December 6, 2018

" El doctor es muy buen doctor exelente "

 December 5, 2018

" I like this doctor’s office! Very kid friendly and the staff is really nice as well. "

 December 4, 2018

" I’m very happy I found you guys! I had a very good experience taking my kids there everybody was very kind and courteous starting with the person who booked the appointment, receptionists, assistant and Dr. Ayala�� I will definitely refer your office to all my friends and family!!! Thank you so much ������!!! "

 December 4, 2018

" Dr Padma Bala is a blessing to this group..I love her..dr Snyder is awesome too.. "

 December 1, 2018

" Doctor Hilma Benjamin has been my kids’ doctor for years. Amazing doctor. "

 December 1, 2018

" Thank you "

 December 1, 2018

" Love Dr. Benjamin she is the best! My son loves her. She is so personal and makes us feel welcome. "

 November 30, 2018

" Great staff dealing wonderful with my kids "

 November 17, 2018

" Dr.Hilma Benjamin has to be the most kindest, most informative, most caring pediatrician I have ever met. "

 November 13, 2018

" Very friendly even my kids feel comfortable. "

 November 13, 2018

" I love this office friendly staff "

 November 7, 2018

" For my very first time visiting was very welcome & comfortable. The nurses were nice & patient with my child & myself . "

 October 26, 2018

" In absolutely love this office, and it’s entire staff. They make bringing my daughter here a joy. "

 October 26, 2018

" We went for physical exam of my special needs son and the nurse and Dr Snyder were very patient with him. We will be back to complete his immunization in December and will schedule my two other kids for their annual exam and glue shots. "

 October 26, 2018

" Love Dr. De Silva! "

 October 24, 2018

" I continued to be so happy and thankful I found this practice. Dr Woods is very thorough and I feel that my infant baby girl is in very good hands with her care! "

 October 24, 2018

" Dr. Snyder Is very helpful and understanding of his patients. He has a lot of patience even with hard kids. The staff there are super nice and helpful. "

 October 21, 2018

" The staff at the Pacoima Kid's And Teen's was very caring toward's Delilah's need's she received great medical care the front desk secretary was very polite and caring and so was the back office Medical Assistant the P.A. examined Delilah very carefully and gave correct diagnose's. "

 October 21, 2018

" The pediatrician is amazing! Very good service and super friendly. They dont make you wait at all, like the last place i was going to, they would make you wait for more than an hour . "

 October 21, 2018

" Love the place MISSION HILLS & Staff & Doctor "

 October 20, 2018

" Love Dr. Harder , Angie , & Natalie they treat us very well when we go in we feel like like when we are there they are very good with my children they love going & knowing they will see them "

 October 18, 2018

" Dr Perel is always very nice and helpful to my daughter’s need. In general they all are very kind. "

 October 17, 2018

" Love the staff! "

 October 17, 2018

" Dr. Beth Melin Perel is a one-of-a-kind doctor. I have been treated by her for many years & she has always listened intently to my medical problems & has helped me in more ways than one to get better. "

 October 17, 2018

" Dr. Harder is a wonderful doctor. The office in La Cañada is very clean and nicely decorated for children. The staff Is kind and courteous. I love this location. "

 October 16, 2018

" Dr. Millet was my children’s pediatrician about 20-25 years ago & I was impressed that she takes the time to see what will work for the patient. My daughter had cholic and she said to give her watered-down chamomile tea. I did & it worked. It was unconventional but it gave me confidence in her abilities. 25 years later she became my son’s doctor. Again, she showed me her strength and abilities in putting the patient first. My son has been getting headaches and throwing up for the past 10 years. He’s now 17. We described the symptoms, she asked HIM questions - he was the one that had the issue. When we brought it up to the doctor, she said that sounds like migraines. Dr. Millet went out her way trying to get referrals, research what meds may work, and talked to colleagues because of his age about doses, etc. She has the compassion to work with kids & adolescents, yet the experience & knowledge to check out not only the conventional, but the unconventional. My confidence in her abilities is as strong as it was 25 years ago. "

 October 13, 2018

" Dr. Hilma Benjamin, thank you. You're the best! "

 October 13, 2018

" I enjoy coming here, I love the staff "

 October 13, 2018

" I was very impressed! Love the personal touches that make the office feel warm, welcoming and encouraging. All the staff we interacted with were incredibly friendly, accommodating and nurturing with our daughter. We will highly recommend Dr. Harder and this office! "

 October 11, 2018

" I love this place .Very professional and kind "

 October 10, 2018

" dr melin is awesome!!! "

 October 10, 2018

" Dr. Victoria Millet is the best doctor. "

 October 6, 2018

" Dr. Beth Melin-Perel is very thorough and has excellent bed side manners. "

 September 26, 2018

" Dr. Snyder is an amazing doctor! "

 September 26, 2018

" We love going to Dr. Fineberg so helpful caring and knowledgeable great fictitious to have for my two kids "

 September 25, 2018

" My family and I were very pleased with they way we were treated.Doctor and nurse were very kind and helpful. "

 September 25, 2018

" We loved Dr Bast. She was so sweet and treated my daughter so well! The office staff is just as helpful! "

 September 25, 2018

" Atlast i found a right Clinic and Doctor for my daughter, personel is very generous and kind. Doctor is very nice and carong "

 September 21, 2018

" We love Dr Bast. She is awesome with our son. "

 September 18, 2018

" We are very satisfied w the care they give my dauggter "

 September 14, 2018

" We adore and appreciate Dr. Benjamin she's an excellent physician! "

 September 13, 2018

" Dr. Snyder was so sweet and kind to both my son and me. He explained everything in detail and even talked science with Joey. We will DEFINITELY be returning and recommending our new Dr. to our friends and family. "

 September 12, 2018

" The La Canada office is the BEST!!!! "

 September 12, 2018

" The La Cañada staff was Excellent they know exactly how to treat parents and the treatment with the Children is the best. They treat children like little adults and talk directly to them. My son enjoys going to kids and teens there is never a dual moment. "

 September 11, 2018

" It was my 1st time visit . And it was execellent nurse very friendly doctor Great best I've had and will keep coming back and recomend to my friends. "

 September 8, 2018

" Everything whent great Dr and all the stuff are wonderful thank you everybody "

 September 7, 2018

" beyond friendly and attentive our needs, love it. "

 September 7, 2018

" My baby is very happy with her nurse practioner she remembers her really good I'm very happy too...Also her staff is very nice everytime we go to the office. "

 September 2, 2018

" All the staff are great caring for the patients. Doctor millet. She is super my kids love her she is nice with them make them feel love doctor millet. "

 September 1, 2018

" Dr. Melin- Perel was thorough and professional. She spoke to both my child and me when examining him and explaining her assessments of him. She made recommendations that were in alignment with our family medical history and my child’s needs. She and the other physicians in the practice have been OUTSTANDING with our two soons. "

 August 31, 2018

" Wonderful doctor and staff... They went out of their way to make my child feel safe and spent extra time to help me find a referral within my insurance network. "

 August 31, 2018

" The Dr. was very courteous and delicate to our daughter's situation with her social anxiety. I appreciate the Dr who took his time answering our questions and made my daughter feel okay about her checkup. "

 August 31, 2018

" Reyes our nurse was fantastic and helpful! Thank you "

 August 30, 2018

" Doctor woods is and nurses are very professional and they were great with my kids a very clear explanation of my kids lab results no rush very happy with their service thank so much for such a great job every time "

 August 28, 2018

" Dr. Snyder is very thorough and kind. "

 August 28, 2018

" Dr. Benjamin is caring and in love how she explains everything..the staff is awesome, they are all so nice and friendly.. "

 August 24, 2018

" me gusta la comodida de visitar su ofina me dan bien explicacion gracias "

 August 23, 2018

" My daughter has been seeing Angie for the past 6 years. She is always professional, caring, knowledgeable and friendly! We drive 120 miles to see Dr. De Silva and she!! Very pleased!! "

 August 22, 2018

" Awesome job "

 August 18, 2018

" Nice, respectful, and helppful. Absolutely satisfied "

 August 17, 2018

" We have been going to this group since my son was born 15 years ago. Very happy with the doctors! "

 August 17, 2018

" Very professional, helpful and friendly! Best Pediatrics clinic, I will absolutely recommend the Agoura Hills location to anyone looking for one! "

 August 15, 2018

" Excelente muy profesional y lo mejor que bilingüe "

 August 14, 2018

" The doctor was great! "

 August 12, 2018

" The entire staff was so courteous and so professional. Excellent customer service! "

 August 11, 2018

" I love Doctor Benjamin she is the best always very attentive respectful and informative I have four kids who love their doctor. Thank you Doctor Benjamin "

 August 8, 2018

" I just love all the staff here and dr Rodriguez is sooo great with my son. "

 August 7, 2018

" Your doctors have always been knowledgeable and open to new information. "

 August 7, 2018

" even though it was busy it didn't take us a long time to be seen and taken cste of "

 August 6, 2018

" Dr. Benjamin is an absolute delight!! She comes down to the kids level. She is talented kindhearted and incredibly knowledgeable!! We will continue to see her only. Thanks! "

 August 5, 2018

" Reallly appreciate the Saturday appointment, thank you! "

 August 3, 2018

" Front desk receptionist is very helpful. The nurse always with care , kids love her ! And a doctor Harder is wonderful always listening you and give good advices , answers questions. Love them!!!! "

 August 2, 2018

" I have always had a good experience with the doctors and staff. "

 August 2, 2018

" Love the staff, best of the best "

 August 2, 2018

" I am so impressed by how the route Dr. Woods has been! She has gone above and beyond to care for my infant -she is advocating for my daughter even on her free time I am so thankful I found your office and I’m glad my daughter is getting such I great care of. Thank you so much "

 August 2, 2018

" The nurse I’m very glad with her service. "

 August 2, 2018

" Number comments. Every thing with satisfying, we appreciate "

 August 1, 2018

" Love kids and teens especially Dr. Bala "

 July 31, 2018

" Love this office and all the staff. Thank you all for everything!! "

 July 28, 2018

" Dr Harder is an amazing doctor!!! Always helpful and patient and truly cares about my son. "

 July 26, 2018

" Our family lives this place. "

 July 26, 2018

" Orlando is great! So knowledgeable. Your front office people couldn’t be nicer or more helpful. "

 July 25, 2018

" Did sign in online at home,so got seen by doctor quick and everything went well.I like going to the Agoura Hills office. "

 July 24, 2018

" My children have been with Kids and Teens all their life. "

 July 20, 2018

" Fue muy diferente a otras visitas esta vez megusto como me atendieron gracias "

 July 18, 2018

" My kids have been seeing Dr. Melin-Perel for many years. She is an absolute gem. Being a parent is stressful and anything that is wrong with my kids, Dr. Belin-Perel puts me at ease. "

 July 18, 2018

" I love taking my kids to this office! The doctors are so patient and understanding. They take the time to sit down with you and provide a full, thorough explanation. My children were screaming and Dr Fineberg handled the exam very professionally. The staff was accommodating. We didn’t make it to our appointment and they managed to squeeze us in to another appointment shortly after that. I wouldn’t consider taking my kids anywhere, but here. "

 July 14, 2018

" I've always had the best doctors for my children at Kids & Teens. "

 July 12, 2018

" Love the staff very kind doctor is nice and explains everything very well. Love this office. Thank you "

 July 11, 2018

" Great experience as usual. "

 July 11, 2018

" Love Dr. Snyder!! "

 July 10, 2018

" Literally the best doctors office we've ever been took, staff was amazing, office was exceptionally clean and calm, and the intake process was extra easy. Will be recommending to everyone I know. "

 July 10, 2018

" Very helpful and friendly service made me feel comfortable thank you! "

 July 7, 2018


 July 7, 2018

" Dr.Harder is really fantastic and thorough. "

 July 3, 2018

" The manager and receptionist are exceptional. They always go above and beyond for us. The dr. Was great as well she listened to my concern and checked the baby before giving the vaccine "

 July 1, 2018

" Love Dr de Silva and has always been professional and very caring. My kids and I feel safe and taken care of especially when we are battling illness or simply dealing with a simple cold. We also appreciate the availability and the timely response when needing appointment or school forms completed. Lastly, moving toward digitizing the clinic has made my visits and experiences more efficient and effective - thank you for making raising my family that much more pleasurable. "

 June 29, 2018

" I liked the check in on line option. That was helpful. The office staff were helpful in updating some of that information. "

 June 27, 2018

" I love the staff they are very nice,caring and organize.The really good for the baby so is the nurse practioner im so glad i found this clinic for my niece... "

 June 26, 2018

" Angelina is the best nurse! She is so good at giving injections. If she ever left we would have to find out where she's working and take our baby there. The rest of the staff is great too! We never hesitate to be seen by any of the doctors. We have had great experiences with all so far. Thank you for providing the best pediatric office in the area. We will never change doctors office as ling as we're in the Los Angeles area. "

 June 19, 2018

" Very friendly staff and friendly and respectful Doctor. Doctor Orlando Ayala. "

 June 19, 2018

" Loved Dr. Bala "

 June 16, 2018

" No further comments. "

 June 14, 2018

" Love the Doctor and the fact she remembers my grandson from previous visits, loving the care offered "

 June 13, 2018

" Love Kids and Teens "

 June 13, 2018

" Dr. Hilma Benjamin you are the best!!! "

 June 12, 2018

" I love the care given to us by all the doctors in Encino clinic, especially by doctor millet. She is amazing at listening to our concerns and in explaining what is going on with the certain problem. Thank you guys. "

 June 12, 2018

" I’ve taken my family to Kids and Teens since2” 2008 and love their care for my family. I have recommended Kids and Teens to friends and neighbors, and they all have the same experience. Wonderful place to assist and ensure the growth of your family. Thank you Kids and Teens staff! "

 June 8, 2018

" Waiting time could be less "

 June 6, 2018

" It was my son’s first time with Dr. Benjamin and he loved her. She’s great, made him feel so comfortable and he’s usually scared of doctors. "

 June 6, 2018

" I’ve been going to this office since it opened. All of the staff at the La Canada office are very warm, supportive and knowledgeable. I am happy to have my children’s well being in their hands. "

 May 30, 2018

" My kids LOVE Dr. Harder! She is very attentive to the kids and to the parents questions. "

 May 27, 2018

" My husband felt our doctor could have been more informative instead of us asking for suggestions from her. But I think the service was great overall. "

 May 26, 2018

" Dr.Hilma Benjamin is the kindest most knowledgeable doctor I’ve ever came in contact with. She is an awesome person and I would recommend her to everyone. "

 May 24, 2018

" Dr. Harder was wonderful. She was patient listening to all our questions. Front office staff very courteous and helpful. "

 May 23, 2018

" Dr Harder and her whole staff are absolutely wonderful. They are very gentle with our baby and knowledgeable when we ask questions. I love taking our baby to see them because they always put us at ease. "

 May 19, 2018

" Encino office very very good service "

 May 18, 2018

" Dr. Millet is an amazing Doctor. My kids and I love her and I would not want them to see anyone else. �� "

 May 11, 2018

" Dr. Feinberg took his time to answer all our questions. He has great bed side manners and truly cares snout our son’s well being. I’m extremely happy with him and his office staff. "

 May 10, 2018

" God bless them all thanks so much "

 May 10, 2018

" We are very happy with the care and attention we (my daughter as a patient and we as her parents) receive. The doctors, nurses and staff are always amazing - informative, kind and compassionate. Thank you! "

 May 10, 2018

" Everyone was very friendly, i was impressed! So glad i found this office for when my daughters doctor doesn’t have availability. "

 May 9, 2018

" We love Dr. Millett. She is knowledgeable, patient and very good with children. Amazing! "

 May 6, 2018

" I love the Van Nuys office.. Dr. Orlando Ayala is the best!! �� "

 May 5, 2018

" The staff is friendly and the doctors are great, but the premises can use some updating. The couches in the waiting room are old, smelly and just look outdated. It doesn’t cost much to buy some new, fresh furniture for the waiting room. "

 May 3, 2018

" I have been going to this practice for a very long time. Both my boys and I fell in love with Dr. Bala. She has the best bedside manners that we have ever had here or any practice. She is what made the experience EXCELLENT!!! I have not always felt this in the past but there is no doubt we will continue to go back to her. "

 May 1, 2018

" Dr Melon is very nice and professional my daughter usually sees dr Scnider or dr Fineberg and they are all great drs and I wouldn’t take my children anywhere else "

 April 26, 2018

" I really like the office the Dr. and staff meet the babys needs. "

 April 26, 2018

" My daughter loves Dr. DeSilva !! She is so loving and kind and has been so supportive and helpful !! "

 April 25, 2018

" I love this office and the doctors! "

 April 23, 2018

" ALL of the pediatricians at the Van Nuys site are PHENOMENAL!! I couldn't have asked for better professionals to entrust with my childrens' health :) "

 April 21, 2018

" Love everyone and everything at this office! They’re the best! "

 April 18, 2018

" I just recently switched to this practice after having a bad experience with my former pediatrician. The KTMG office is clean and welcoming to children. The front office staff are very warm and helpful, as was the nurse/medical assistant who did the intake for my children. Dr. Harder is fantastic! She is knowledgeable, relatable, engaging and super friendly. My kids really enjoyed meeting her. Dr. Harder and her staff really took their time with us, giving us their full attention and making us feel like we were the only patients there. Our first impression of KTMG and Dr. Harder is A+! "

 April 14, 2018

" All the staff are very friendly and my children love how their doctor and nurse are so wonderful with them .they are very happy .I dontoo. "

 April 14, 2018

" Best service thanks. "

 April 13, 2018

" I am never disappointed during or after any visit with Dr. Harder and the girls. "

 April 11, 2018

" I have been coming to this office since my son was "

 April 10, 2018

" Excellent see "

 April 9, 2018

" We been patients for 13yrs never had a problem, more now that dr elder Ayala is in the van nuys office so patient and the way he explains everything makes it much easier for mothers and kids, I also love their nurses. "

 April 1, 2018

" I really love Dr Benjamin and Dr wood. "

 March 29, 2018

" Dr.Woods is very detailed and truly cares "

 March 28, 2018