Lakeshore Dermatology - Ludington

Lakeshore Dermatology - Ludington

5816 W. Highway 10 Ludington,MI 49431
Phone: (231) 843-8888
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Recent Reviews

 September 18, 2019

" My only complaint was that I received a total of 4 notifications prior to my appointment informing me of said appointment. I felt this was over the top. One would have been sufficient. "

 September 18, 2019

" Highly satisfied with Dr VanIttersum and his assistant, Alicia (I think that's her name). "

 September 4, 2019

" Staff very friendly. Marina very kind and helpful, willing to answer any questions and take as much time as I needed. Doctor is awesome. "

 July 17, 2019

" Everyone was professional and friendly-genuinely felt that they cared for my comfort. "

 July 5, 2019

" I was very pleased with my appointment. So nice to have an office in Ludington. Dr. Van Ittersum is very professional, thorough, personable, and knowledgeable. Thank you for a great appointment. "

 June 26, 2019

" Takes so long to get into Ludington office. "

 June 26, 2019

" 30 minutes late "

 June 19, 2019

" I was very well informed about the care I needed and the options I had available. Scheduling my next appointment was easy, and wait time for this appointment was minimal. This is the way all appointments should be! "

 June 5, 2019

" The staff and dermatologist were very helpful, efficient and kind. "

 June 5, 2019

" Appt time ran approx 30 minutes late. On par with most medical appointments. I'll take it compared to driving for 2 hours round trip. "

 April 10, 2019

" Very thorough exam and friendly staff. "

 March 20, 2019

" Timely and attentive. Listened well to my concerns and made suggestions. Thanks for the care. "

 March 7, 2019

" Dr. was welcoming, friendly and open, as well as obviously knowledgeable. "

 March 6, 2019

" I am so thankful that Lakeshore Dermatology came to Ludington! "

 March 4, 2019

" This was my first visit and was extremely pleased with the care I received. "

 February 13, 2019

" These folks were great. Great care. Clear explanation of what they were doing and why they thought it best "

 February 13, 2019

" I was so grateful to get an appointment so fast. Everyone was so nice, the assistant and the doctor were super nice and answered all my questions. Thank you so much!! "

 January 23, 2019

" Waiting room, as well as examination room were colder than I like. "

 January 16, 2019

" Very friendly staff, short wait time to get in and to see the Dr.-also nice to have the Ludington office to go to "

 January 16, 2019

" Appreciated the pleasant attitude of the staff "

 December 20, 2018

" There was an overpowering odor of air freshener. It actually prevented me from remaining in the building to wait for my appointment. Staff did remove it from the entry way, but it was in the actual building its self. One staff member said she didn't notice it, and another said she was choking because of how strong it was. I equated it to getting into an elevator with a person who had just taken a bath in perfume. Might want to tone back on the dosage a bit. Everything else was wonderful. "

 December 19, 2018

" Very great visit. Courteous and helpful, yet quick and didn't waste my time as I have a busy schedule. Thanks for everything. "

 November 28, 2018

" My appointment was at 2:45. It was 330 when I got into see the doctor. While I certainly kept busy with projects in the waiting room, it appears they were running a little behind. Other than that, I am totally impressed with your facility, your physicians, your staff and your service. "

 November 28, 2018

" Great experience all around except for scheduling availability being so far out. My first two appointments were so far on the horizon that when it came time to finally the month of I had to reschedule because work commitments came into play after the fact that I couldn't miss. "

 September 5, 2018

" I have always been treated well at Lakeshore Dematology. I love the availability of the Ludimgton office. "

 August 30, 2018

" I Hate the check in with these new digital pads We shouldn't have to sit there trying to figure out how to make them work right. "

 August 8, 2018

" I was able to get in on a cancellation and I appreciate it. It is far more convenient to go to Ludington. A couple of years I had to go to Walker . I think I am on the road to recovery from the breakout of hives and the Dr. answered all my questions and gave me options and so Thanks. "

 July 18, 2018

" Love the Ludington office and convenience of the appointment. "

 July 10, 2018

" Very quick in an out within an hour. Both Doctor and assistant were very kind and explained everything clearly! "

 July 5, 2018

" My only issue is with the difficulty in scheduling future appointments. I really like the doctors and Julie, the PA, it is just so hard to make a timely appointment. "

 June 6, 2018

" Very pleased with my care. Nice to have an office up "north!!" Nice facility. "

 May 23, 2018

" Having a bad experience with a biopsy getting infected years ago my nerves get the best of me. Both biopsy are located on the lower legs and started out red in color and have the same sensations. Guess I’ll just have to keep better tabs on this one. "