Lakeshore Dermatology Grand Rapids

Lakeshore Dermatology Grand Rapids

1550 3 Mile Road NW Grand Rapids,MI 49544
Phone: (616) 784-9300
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Recent Reviews

 Floyd J. - 12/05/2018

" wonderful people... kind & helpful... i really do appreciate it "

 Sheryl H. - 11/20/2018

" Really like Dr. Foster! "

 James G. - 11/09/2018

" My first time at this facility. I received ed the same treatment and service as the Norton Shores facility Thans "

 Marie H. - 10/23/2018

" Dr. Foster is wonderful. She explains everything to me so it is very understandable. She is very kind and gentle. "

 Laurel R. - 10/16/2018

" Both Dr. Foster and her assistant Laura were kind, courteous, knowledgeable, and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Foster was very thorough and did not make me feel rushed. She answered all my questions and explained e the procedure to my satisfaction. "

 Nadine O. - 10/04/2018

" I had a new Dr. Again ,but I was satisfied so see you you in a year. "

 Karen H. - 09/21/2018

" Great staff, wonderful care from the physician. Excellent teaching by nurse for aftercare. "

 Nancy V. - 09/08/2018

" Dr. Porter listened well and responded to all my concerns and questions. I would highly recommend her! "

 Tanya P. - 08/30/2018

" I had to cancel my follow up and when I called back to reschedule,I was scheduled for 2 months out - said it was the first available. I could see a 2 month wait for a non urgent new patient visit, but seems extreme for a follow up app. "

 Michael D. - 08/29/2018

" My visit to the Grand Rapids office was great. Both the Dr. and her Nurse were professional, friendly and thorough. My only reason for preferring the Norton Shores office is that it is only a few minutes from my home in Spring Lake. "

 Samuel R. - 08/17/2018

" Love the staff, hate the wait time, when I have an appointment at 10:30 and I arrive before 10:30 I expect not to have 30 minutes of just wait time which I had, an appointment should be kept by both patient and the office. "

 Trevorholmes S. - 08/15/2018

" Love you guys "

 Braelyn P. - 08/07/2018

" Love Dr. Jason Van Ittersum! He is the best! Would recommend 100%! "

 Colleen M. - 08/03/2018

" I appreciated getting in so quickly. Dr. VanIttersom was helpful although I am not sure he listened to all ofy symptoms. Overall I was satisfied. "

 Lawrence P. - 07/27/2018

" Excellent care Vary poor waiting time. Race 30 miles to get there on time and waiting almost a hour to get in. "

 Kari L. - 07/18/2018

" Dr. Foster is very kind and reassuring. "

 Reed H. - 07/12/2018

" Excellent staff and service "

 Amanda W. - 07/10/2018

" I was pleasantly surprised that all of the staff, from the reception area to the physician were so helpful and friendly. I will be happily returning as a patient in the future for any needs! "

 George K. - 07/10/2018

" Nikki and Dr Foster did an excellent job and the greeters at the desk were super nice and friendly and helpful. I like the new location as well. "

 Heather F. - 07/04/2018

" Their willingness to work with me to figure out what will work for me best was so appreciated. "

 Frances E. - 06/29/2018

" My dr office did not clarify location. I asked to go/see the same physician In the same location as I had the last time. The text I received, did not include location so I went to the muskegon office instead of gr. Needless to say, I missed my appointment. "

 Dawn K. - 06/29/2018

" My wait time in the lobby was 45 minutes. I understand things don't go as planned but that is excessive. I also am busy and have a schedule. "

 Sheila P. - 06/27/2018

" Very pleased with everything and everyone. �� "

 Eleanor D. - 06/22/2018

" It seems that each time I have an appointment, it gets changed by the office. On one occasion I did not get notice of the change until the day before the time I had scheduled. At least this time I was notified well in advance! "

 Mary B. - 06/22/2018

" Dr. Van Ittersum is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I have, and will continue to recommend him to friends. "

 Thomas S. - 06/21/2018

" I am reviewing the Grand Rapids Location. Our experience at the lakeshore office has been Absolutely TERRIBLE! "

 Howard F. - 06/19/2018

" Wait was about 40 minutes. Longest I’ve ever waited. No explanation as why long wait. "

 Rachel N. - 06/15/2018

" Already have recommended my mom. She will be coming soon. "

 Marylou H. - 06/08/2018

" I felt very comfortable being treated by Dr. Foster and her assistant. Thank you for a great, necessary visit. "

 Karen R. - 06/05/2018

" Thank you for the peace of mind ! "

 Arley G. - 06/01/2018

" The wait time was over 30 minutes. "

 Stacy Z. - 05/31/2018

" They are the best! Have referred a few people "

 Jean M. - 05/24/2018

" Dr. Foster was very personable---thorough in examining my skin---caring----I will be back next year for another exam.. "

 Michele S. - 05/23/2018

" I had a small spot on my leg biopsied that tested positive for squamous. I told my children and we were all upset. I started to get my affairs in order while I waited for my next appointment to have it removed. At the appointment, Dr. Foster walked in and saw me copying down info on Melanoma and clinical trials to join. She asked why and I told her bc of my melanoma. She said it's two different things, explained the difference, and said to relax. She assured me we'd be monitoring everything very closely however. All around, you can tell she loves her job. Everyone at Great Lakes Dermo is incredible. "

 Joseph B. - 05/23/2018

" Staff was very courteous and friendly. Short wait to see the physician when in the exam room was expected and did not diminish the overall experience. "

 Douglas B. - 05/23/2018

" Was great to actually be walking out at the of my actual appt. Very friendly staff. "

 Edward S. - 05/18/2018

" I thought the doctor was very thorough but went thru the checkup pretty quickly like he was in a hurry. "