Recent Reviews

 Jacqueline - 04/20/2024

" The only thing was that the technician never asked me if I wanted a refraction done so I was not expecting an additional 40 dollars to pay at checkout "

 Sheila - 04/20/2024

" Dr Thode was very busy due to several emergencies that morning, however, he took time with me and answered all my questions without making me feel rushed. He and all your staff are excellent. "

 Debra - 04/19/2024

" I was always treated with respect and kindness. Dr Thode never makes me feel rushed an answeres ever concern with compassion. "

 Carmen - 04/19/2024

" Staff was Great!!! "

 Robert - 04/19/2024

" The first thing I told my wife when I got home was how glad I was that I chose to travel a little bit farther to go to Dr. Thode’s office in Lancaster! Very impressed with the professionalism of staff and doctor. "

 James - 04/19/2024

" Always a good experience at this practice.. I thought my left eye was worse than the last visit and will be getting new lenses for my glasses next week. All good ! "

 Marian - 04/18/2024

" Getting into see Dr. Rommel was timely. Her staff, Carol was excellent in testing and informative. Dr Rommel was very nice and informative. She gave me instructions for my eye problems, with helpful instructions for me to monitor my conditions. "

 Robert - 04/18/2024

" Every aspect of the office is first class. "

 Jere - 04/18/2024

" Everyone is very knowledgeable and helpful. "

 Joan - 04/17/2024

" Dr. Thode is friendly, approachable and skilled. He is is professional in a down to earth manner. The staff for the modt part are friendly and helpful "

 Joann - 04/17/2024

" Very nice and efficient office workers "

 Robert - 04/17/2024

" Very through exam. "

 Annice - 04/17/2024

" Yummy very good. "

 Sabina - 04/17/2024

" I did not receive the form with my diagnosis. I would like to have that. It was also a bit confusing on getting my perscription. Disappointing that insurance is not accepted for glasses. But great service and lovely folks! "

 Colleen - 04/16/2024

" Any and all questions answered in plain English by staff and physicians. Would highly recommend this group. "

 Linda - 04/14/2024

" I made it very clear to please get me in and out as soon as possible, this was my second eye being done I did get nauseous with my first day I talk to the doctor they change something they got me and they got me out and I was not nauseous they took care of it I am very very pleased "

 Claire - 04/14/2024

" Always a pleasure to visit. Care is excellent. Questions answered and I always feel very good about my check up. "

 Terri - 04/13/2024

" Dr. Bethany Rommel performed Cataract Surgery on my left eye. From my first meeting with her, I felt safe and secure in her care. Her staff is professional and courteous. I had excellent results from Surgery and can now see clearly. A huge thank you to Dr Rommel for giving me back my sight ❤️ "

 Suellen - 04/12/2024

" All office staff professional, courteous, knowledgeable. Physician takes appropriate amount of time to examine, educate and answer questions. "

 Jean - 04/12/2024

" Doctor Manning is so professional. We are blessed to be under his care. The Arnolds "

 Carol - 04/12/2024

" I was not rushed through my exam. Everyone i encountered was polite and helpful. Any questions i had were answered until i understood the information. Dr. Manning is a very competent and courteous physician. "

 Lynne - 04/12/2024

" I feel very comfortable when I am at an appointment especially when Carol does all the pre testing. She is very knowledgeable and explains everything thoroughly. I always feel ready for my time with Dr. Thode. They are both very personable and willing to answer questions and concerns. "

 Brian - 04/11/2024

" Very professional and friendly! "

 Janice - 04/11/2024

" Very satisfied with my total experience with this company. No complaints, just praise. Thank you for making my visit comfortable. "

 Doris - 04/11/2024

" Dr Thode is the BEST of the BEST. Everyone was extremely professional, courteous, friendly and wonderful. I have already highly recommended this practice to friends & neighbors if they ever need eye surgery. "

 Kathy - 04/11/2024

" This is an excellent office staff. The first technician I saw to evaluate vision changes was helpful and thorough. As always, Dr. Maning was courteous and clear in explaining the current status of my sight as well as what to expect in the future. I really appreciate the care I receive here. "

 Dean - 04/11/2024

" Tara took very good care of me. "

 Philip - 04/10/2024

" Care and experience was far better than I received at other vision care providers. "

 James - 04/10/2024

" Could not be happier. "

 Scott - 04/09/2024

" Great care and service as usual. "

 Lonnie - 04/09/2024

" Everything was super great but I think we forgot my new prescription "

 Eugene - 04/09/2024

" Good staff and Dr "

 Deborah - 04/05/2024

" Very helpful "

 Kathryn - 04/05/2024

" I was dreading having my cataract surgery and everything that was involved with it and actually it turned out to be a positive experience I was especially impressed that the doctor called me later in the day after each surgery and asked me how I was doing "

 Barbara - 04/05/2024

" Dr Thode is a wonderful physician Your staff are exceptional "

 Bernice - 04/05/2024

" Excellent! Over the top! Cannot believe how quickly I was scheduled for everything. Everyone was pleasant, helpful, courteous. Whole experience was seamless. I put more work in answering questionnaires for my upcoming physical. Outstanding! "

 Jane - 04/05/2024

" So impressed with the professional atmosphere of this practice. Dr Manning is awesome! "

 David - 04/04/2024

" They get an excellent rating because their all very courteous and informative. They told me everything that I wanted to hear, the good and the bad. Dr. Rommal was very courteous and very professional. I will always recommend Them to everyone. Thank you for everything, my vision is 100% better since I started Going there. Thanks again......👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 "

 Jesus - 04/04/2024

" Have never had a better overall experience! Dr. Manning is a great doctor, surgeon, and individual. Thanks to all of you at this practice "

 Shirley - 04/04/2024

" My husband had a horrible experience, waiting one hour and twenty minutes but I was in an hour very nicely. "

 Catherine - 04/04/2024

" Dr. Rommel and her MA Brad were terrific! Quick and efficient, yet very personal experience. Just the right balance. Well done! "

 Thomas - 04/03/2024

" As usual, it's always good to see Doctor Manning for my annual checkup. I was impressed with the assistant, Ava, professionalism. She explained the test procedures in detail so that I understood them. An excellent visit. "

 Kevin - 04/03/2024

" knowledgeable staff, very thorough and organized with the testing procedures and assigned tasks two thumbs up "

 Gary - 04/03/2024

" Very much appreciated the thorough and personal care provided by Dr. Manning. I also was impressed with the professional and and courteous care provided by the lady that conducted my preliminary examination. I think her name is Kathy but regardless I would like for her to receive my compliments. Thank you,Gary Brown "

 Karen - 04/03/2024

" Dr. Thode has been excellent in every aspect of my cataract surgery experience! I will continue to recommend his practice to friends and family!! "

 Karen - 04/03/2024

" Impressive care and knowledge by all staff. Friendly and supportive on all levels. "

 Thomas - 04/03/2024

" My husband and I are very happy with Dr Thode, he lets you know what’s happening. If you have any questions he answers them. The nurses are pleasant and the receptionist are very helpful. We would highly recommend this office. "

 Anna - 04/03/2024

" I didn’t rate the wait time, as you fit me in as an emergency patient so the wait was longer than normal, which I understand. I just appreciate that you got me in. "

 Daniel - 04/03/2024

" Kathy, the assistant, was excellent! "

 Carol - 04/02/2024

" Dr B Rommel restored my willingness to use your office. I was and still am very upset with the care provided by Dr Manning. I have lost vision in my left eye, and Dr Rommel feels it is unlikely I will get it back. "

 Sally - 04/02/2024

" Super nice practice. Wait time reasonable. So glad we selected this practice after our eye doctor retired. Bi "

 Susie - 04/02/2024

" Dr Rommel and her staff are excellent in the job they preform.. Very professional, knowledgeable and encouraging.. I would recommend their service to anyone looking for the services they preform.. Proud to have the Senior Dr Rommel do my cataract surgery and my follow with her daughter.. Planning on a move to MN and hoping I can find a Doctor and staff with the same caring treatment that I always received from Manning Rommel & Thode Associates. Thank you "

 Mary - 04/02/2024

" I have a very pleasant experience from check in to check out. Great place for eye care. Thank you! "

 Amy - 03/30/2024

" I give 10 stars to my Dr.and staff,I recommend this practice highly and I am grateful to have found them. "

 Joan - 03/29/2024

" Dr. Manning is not only a great eye Doctor he is a great person. He is very easy to talk to when you have a question. My wife and I both look forward to our yearly check-up. His staff is an extension of their boss. "

 Dennis - 03/28/2024

" Dr. Manning is an excellent doctor. He greatly improved my quality of life with my clear vision without the need to wear glasses. thank you - Denny "

 Terence - 03/28/2024

" Outstanding service to my wife and I for many years. I would never consider going to another firm. They are truly wonderful!!!!! "

 E Jennifer - 03/28/2024

" Ashley was great. "

 Richard - 03/28/2024

" Great team work! All providers were courteous, respectful, organized, knowledgeable, and friendly. The actual examination achieved it’s purpose, but was nowhere near as detailed and thorough as were the examinations from my previous provider, Persila Mertz. "

 Priscilla - 03/28/2024

" All were very professional. "

 Sharon - 03/27/2024

" Love the efficiency of this office. I always feel well cared for. "

 John - 03/27/2024

" Dr Manning is simply the best. "

 Barbara - 03/26/2024

" The girl in the glasses adjustment department always asks if I purchased my sun glasses there when I take them in for adjustment. I did purchase them from Rommel and Associates. The adjuster always makes me feel as if I am doing theft of services. Thanks, Barb "

 Diane - 03/26/2024

" A wonderful experience! "

 Albert - 03/26/2024

" Always great care by Dr Thode and entire staff! "

 Howard - 03/24/2024

" Great staff "

 Steven - 03/23/2024

" Thank you. Always a wonderful experience "

 Wilma - 03/23/2024

" Everyone was very pleasant and helpful. "

 Patricia - 03/23/2024

" I was experiencing eye problems and was seen as an emergency! And sent over to Dr Pornansarealls At Retina Associates! He was also excellent and administrated shots in my eye ! I am so impressed with the quality of Dr Rommels treatment and caring and Brad the technician! I got Excellent care and support! Thank you so much !! I hope I will be fine in time! Mimi Shapiro "

 Susan - 03/23/2024

" Have been a patient for many years. also, my late husband. Dr. Manning is the best! "

 Sharon - 03/22/2024

" My only concern was getting an appointment. The entire staff and Dr. Manning I can’t say enough about. Excellent staff and loved the smiles!😊 "

 Kathleen - 03/22/2024

" I have been a patient of Dr. Manning for about 15 years. He is extremely capable, kind, and efficient. I would recommend him highly. His staff members are also a pleasure to interact with. "

 R Scott - 03/21/2024

" Dr Rommel is simply the best! "

 Susan - 03/21/2024

" Ashley the medical assistant was excellent, capable and very pleasant. "

 Frank - 03/20/2024

" Everything went smoothly and everyone did a great job. "

 Andrew - 03/20/2024

" No problems "

 Thomas - 03/20/2024

" Amanda was exceptional, as always! Knowledgeable, answers questions in easy to understand terms, patient, and an absolute delight. We look forward to seeing her and are happy when she greets us in the waiting room. "

 Margaret - 03/20/2024

" Could not have asked for more. Efficient friendly and through. Very pleased. "

 Jacquelyn - 03/20/2024

" A good experience overall "

 Allene - 03/19/2024

" Dr Rommel is the bomb. It’s unfortunate that her practice is full, because I keep referring patients to her! I trust her completely. And the staff, from the minute I walk in to check out, and in-between, are all so courteous and professional. "

 Leonora - 03/19/2024

" I was very pleased with everything. Thanks to everyone who assisted me during my visit. "

 Elizabeth - 03/19/2024

" I feel I get the best vision care available anywhere from the minute I walk in the door. "

 Joel - 03/19/2024

" The office always treats patients with respect and professionalism. I have recommended the practice to friends many times. "

 Susan - 03/19/2024

" Brad answered all my questions in the pre examination. I am always pleased with Dr. Thode's care. "

 Neal - 03/17/2024

" My entire experience with my cataract surgery was fantastic. "

 Michelle - 03/16/2024

" Wait time is always excellent, but front desk forgot to put my folder up for the medical staff to know I was there and I waited 45 minutes. This never happens. I should have said something sooner, but thought they were unusually busy. "

 Beth - 03/16/2024

" Everyone was very helpful and courteous. Dr Thode answered all of my questions and concerns. He gave me information and options if I was interested in pursuing further treatment. Very pleased with my appointment. "

 Latonya - 03/16/2024

" The best eye care I ever had.😊 "

 John - 03/16/2024


 Jonathan - 03/16/2024

" Top quality medical care and extremely professional service all around. Dr. Manning is clear, concise and knowledgeable about all aspects of the health of our eyes. Very satisfied with the medical care we receive in his practice. "

 Joanne - 03/15/2024

" I love this group, very friendly and much expertise! "

 Pamela - 03/15/2024

" These people are all top notch. Bravo! "

 Dolores - 03/15/2024

" An excellent and friendly practice. "

 Jean - 03/15/2024

" The entire staff was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. The post op phone calls by Dr. Manning and a triage nurse were greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend this practice and Dr. Manning to anyone in need of specialized eye care. 10+ rating!!! "

 Cheryl - 03/15/2024

" This practice runs like a well oiled machine. Everyone is very polite and pleasant. And Dr Manning is amazing. "

 Stephany - 03/14/2024

" Grateful I have Dr Bethany ROMMEL caring for my aging eyes "

 Barry - 03/14/2024

" Top notch organization. Think you guys are the greatest "

 Robert - 03/14/2024

" Very professional. Very thorough exams and tests. Explained everything Very well. "

 John - 03/14/2024

" Everything was wonderful! "

 Mary - 03/13/2024

" Everyone was great and I am very impressed with staff and Dr Manning. "

 Madeline - 03/13/2024

" Great office! AWESOME CARE!!!! "

 Cheryl - 03/13/2024

" The staff is positive and friendly and explains any of my questions. They are very professional. "

 Laura - 03/13/2024

" The only thing I was slightly disappointed with was the long wait time for surgery. I wish this had been mentioned when I first made my appointment. I would have been able to schedule other things that I put off. I waited five weeks for my first appointment, thinking that surgery would likely be during the following month, so I didn't schedule any trips, etc. for that month. Now I know it will be over three months until the surgery. "

 Annette - 03/13/2024

" Overall is was a good visit "

 Marybeth - 03/12/2024

" We are very pleased with the care we receive there. "

 Jeanne - 03/12/2024

" As always, wonderful!! "

 James - 03/12/2024

" Everything went as planned. I actually was admitted 10 minutes before my regular appointment. All went well. Your staff was very efficient and courteous. Check out went really well and I was out of there on a timely basis. Respectfully, Jim Koser. "

 Anketse - 03/11/2024

" Excellent care!! So happy with my excellent Doctor! "

 Paul - 03/10/2024

" I'm very impressed with my 1st visit. Each step through the pre cataract surgery pleasant and efficient. "

 Donna - 03/10/2024

" I am extremely pleased with my care. "

 Howard - 03/08/2024

" Always receive great care from Dr. Manning "

 Robert - 03/08/2024

" Thank you Dr Manning and staff. You are appreciated. "

 Arthur - 03/08/2024

" Very exceptional service. "

 Tracy - 03/08/2024

" My only suggestion would be that there could be a little more cheerfulness at the check-in desk. "

 Kenneth - 03/07/2024

" Tests results explained as well as questions answered "

 V Ward - 03/07/2024

" What else to say…..? "

 Scott - 03/07/2024

" Dr. Manning was great, as was the very kind guy who did the eye tests, etc. Thank you. "

 Betty - 03/07/2024

" Worked in as an urgent visit so wait was longer than a scheduled visit. Office was very responsive In helping us get seen. "

 Anna - 03/07/2024

" My experience with Dr.Manning and the staff was outstanding "

 Lynn - 03/06/2024

" I gave and excellent on everything because I was very very comfortable and at ease with my care in your office. "

 Steven - 03/06/2024

" My results from cataract surgery exceeded my expectations. Thanks. "

 Carlos - 03/06/2024

" Dr manning is the absolute best him and the staff are just so so friendly. "

 Ruth - 03/06/2024

" I would highly recommend Dr. Manning for a thorough, knowledgeable, complete ophthalmology experience "

 Mehmet - 03/03/2024

" Manning Rummel and Thode Association is the best in the region. They are very professional, friendly, and efficient. Especially, my children feel very comfortable with Dr. THODE who always take time and clearly address our questions and concerns. Thank you Dr. Thode. You are the best. "

 Sheryl - 03/02/2024

" Thank you for the excellent care! "

 Debra - 03/02/2024

" Dr Thode was very gracious and accommodating of my fear for the procedures "

 Tina - 03/02/2024

" Karen is awesome!! "

 Ann - 03/01/2024

" I was very concerned about my cataract surgeries. I was very vocal about it and had all my concerns clearly answered. At each stage of my visits, when I didn’t clearly understand something that I was told, I would ask more questions. I was always reassured by the Doctor’s answers. I couldn’t be happier than I am with my new vision corrected lenses (Clareon Vivity (right eye) and Clareon-Toric (left eye)). I can totally see distance and computer screens and have little need of any reading glasses at all, except for close reading of very fine or small printed documents or books. My deepest thanks to all the medical staff that I encountered along this journey. I am very grateful to each and everyone of you! "

 Kay - 03/01/2024

" I always have a good experience with this facility no problem at all we always have a good experience with this facility Dr Manning is excellent and the staff is going to be better for taking Medicare of it "

 Sarah - 02/29/2024

" Dr Manning is an excellent doctor, professional, friendly and an expert in his field. "

 Martin - 02/27/2024

" Dr Thode and the entire staff are excellent. I believe that I receive the best care possible. "

 Linda - 02/27/2024

" Every staff person I have ever met in the practice was friendly, totally professional, and very reassuring. I’m so happy that I was referred to this practice. My husband and I drive from Reading for my appointments with Dr. Thode, and the one-hour drive is definitely worth it! "

 Richard - 02/24/2024

" Thank you for taking care of me. "

 Russell - 02/24/2024

" I doubt that you will find any better eye care than Manning Rommel and Thode. These folks treat you right and your visual health is their focus. Great staff of people and nice office that is comfortable and relaxed. I highly recommend this practice. Take care God Bless Russ "

 Pennie - 02/23/2024

" I was so pleased with everyone. They were so attentive at the hospital. Everything went so smoothly. Dr Manning did an excellent job with the cataract surgery. I’ve already reach out to friends that need the same surgery. I have 20/20 vision, that’s something I haven’t had in many years. Thanks to everyone; I can now see things I haven’t seen in years. "

 Vicki - 02/23/2024

" The care is consistent and proficient in a busy environment. "

 Fred - 02/23/2024

" Dr. Manning is the best "

 Sally - 02/22/2024

" I hadn’t been there I awhile but Asa I entered the door I remembered what an awesome job your staff and Doctor Rommel ran the appointment with such accuracy and made you feel comfortable in the waiting room and office setting. I already recommended you to my friends at our Red Rose Singles meeting following my appointment. Hurrah for such a pleasant, happy place to have my eyes examined. Sally Hrapchak "

 Debra - 02/21/2024

" Manning and Rommel appointments have always been a good experience for me: timely and confident their expertise means good results for my eyesight. Our eyes are precious and so important who we trust to care for them… i can relax knowing I’m in good hands here… Staff is knowledgeable and kind. Glad to have Dr Manning practicing here in Lancaster Co…. staff is knowledgeable and kind… "

 Rebecca - 02/18/2024

" No one told I would have to come back again for pre-surgical visit when I could have had it that day. But, everyone was in a rush. When you are on a fxed income, another visit could have been avoided if I knew you would have done it that day. You have mostly elderly patients why do you have to rush everything. Rebecca L Milley "

 Robert - 02/17/2024

" My only complaint would be that I listened to the receptionist coughing the entire time that I was waiting to be seen. She was unmasked and from my perspective should have stayed home that day. "

 Mary - 02/16/2024

" I have been coming to see Dr Manning for around 25 years. I have always found the staff and Dr Manning to be very friendly and very professional. I would highly recommend this office to anyone I know. "

 Charles - 02/16/2024

" Dr. Manning as always is the best. His assistant was also very nice. Liked her a lot. "

 Stephen - 02/15/2024

" Everyone was very helpful,informative,and professional "

 Joanne - 02/15/2024

" I appreciate the timely schedule Dr Manning keeps. "

 Tammy - 02/15/2024

" Only complaint is no longer providing contact care. Means I need to make appointment at another provider disappointed "

 Leone - 02/14/2024

" I am so pleased with my experience in all aspects of my care! AMAzinG TEAM...staff SEEM TO LIKE THEIR WORK "

 Georgia - 02/14/2024

" Everyone was kind and knowledgeable from the receptionist to the doctor and everyone in between. Thank you for a wonderful experience. "

 Martha - 02/14/2024

" I love how relaxed I feel. "

 Cathy - 02/13/2024

" The person that took me to the room and checked my health, meds. And eyes was excellant, friendly, and courteous. "

 Mildred - 02/13/2024

" Everyone very kind & considerate & extremely helpful. I was very impressed & pleased w/my visit!! Thank u so much for ur care & concern! I appreciate it very much!! "

 Suzanne - 02/13/2024

" From start to finish my visit flowed extremely well. Every member of the staff was curteous and helpful. I was always greeted with a smile. I am very appreciative of Manning, Rommel and Thode Associates. "

 James - 02/13/2024

" Dr Thode is a jewel. "

 Dennis - 02/13/2024

" Excellent practice for eye care. Dr Rommel is great. Ex "

 Maria - 02/13/2024

" Dr. Manning and staff I was treated with respect by Doctor and technician very Knowledgeable. Thank you to all "

 Linda - 02/11/2024

" Brad was friendly, efficient and informative during my care. "

 Donald - 02/10/2024

" Technicians Amanda and Tonya were excellent with my brother in law. He suffers with severe tremors from Parkinson’s Disease. Amanda was gentle, patient and made the exam fun for him. Tonya helped with taking measurements when Don could not hold his head steady. They were great! And of course, who does not love Dr Manning😊 The optical staff was also helpful in choosing frames that will be sturdy for Don. Everyone was professional and helpful. "

 Barbara - 02/10/2024

" I was impressed by all of the staff !! "

 Joanne - 02/10/2024

" I feel that my performance with the field study might have not been good as the flashes came so quickly that I was not able to do it correctly. I guess if necessary, it might have to be repeated in the future if my eye condition changes. "

 Wendell - 02/10/2024

" Always a great experience at this office "

 Barbara - 02/09/2024

" Everyone answered all my questions (and I had plenty) Everyone was very pleasant, helpful and courteous from check in, doctor assistant, doctor and check out. "

 James - 02/09/2024

" Aways a pleasant experience "

 Eugene - 02/09/2024

" Our technician, Carol, provided excellent care. She is outstanding, very knowledgable and experienced and personable. "

 Alexis - 02/09/2024

" These folks are ALWAYS great! "

 Christine - 02/09/2024

" Thoroughly competent care. Kind, and willing to listen. Compassionate. Top notch expertise. I have complete confidence in the expertise of Dr Manning "

 Rosanne - 02/09/2024

" No morning appointments were available for February 2025. "

 Edward - 02/09/2024

" Carol is a fantastic individual...extremely competent. I was very pleased with the care I was given. "

 Betty - 02/09/2024

" I was having a concerning issue with my eye, and they “squeezed me in” their busy schedule. Dr. Manning determined the problem and sent in a prescription to remedy the problem. I have trusted Dr. Manning’s care for many years and am feeling grateful. "

 Timothy - 02/08/2024

" I think it was Carolyn who tested my eyes. She was sooo good!!! She was unbelievable,I can’t say enough good things about her!! "

 Gale - 02/08/2024

" I appreciate that my concerns are taken seriously. "

 Timothy - 02/08/2024

" Everyone from check in to check out we're wonderful. The world would be a better place if there were more human beings like those that I met at this office. "

 Larry - 02/08/2024

" I like the system. I never have to wait beyond my appointment time. I also like the fact that Dr Manning is quick, thorough and gets to the point. "

 Vernon - 02/07/2024

" Very good experience "

 Daniel - 02/07/2024

" Each time I go to see Dr Manning I am pleased with my care. Thanks so much "

 Carolyn - 02/07/2024

" Everone is so friendly and helpful. Always a very positive experience! "

 Vivian - 02/07/2024

" Everyone at this office are great. Professional and friendly. I'm a fairly recent transplant to the lancaster area. Finding new doctors is always nerve wracking. I feel completely fortunate to have found Dr. Thode and his staff. "

 Charles - 02/07/2024

" Even when when I was a few minutes late (traffic)sorry I was treated very kindly Charles "

 Brooks - 02/07/2024

" Always a pleasant experience. "

 Dawn - 02/06/2024

" Very pleased! "

 Donna - 02/06/2024

" All stuff professional and super knowledgeable. "

 Jeanne - 02/06/2024

" On a Friday, Dr. Thode made arrangements at the end of the day to have someone else pick up his kids so he could wait for me to get there because my left eye was in a lot of pain. He rechecked it (I had been in the day before and he gave me eye drops) he called in a steroid prescription for me and had me make a follow up appointment for Monday. I took the eye drops and by Monday, my eye was fine. I called in to the office to see if he still wanted me to come in. The office checked and called me back to say I didn’t have to come in and to continue the eye drops for 3 days twice a day. Also, on Friday, Dr Thode called me back himself to tell me he could wait for me. I was impressed, very pleased and extremely grateful. My eye feels like normal and I only had to suffer pain halfway through Saturday. I feel like myself again. I can’t thank Dr. Thode enough. "

 Margaret - 02/06/2024

" My medicine assistant Bobby Jo was wonderful. She was very attentive and asked all necessary questions to update my chart. I really fine she is an asset to your practice. "

 Diane - 02/06/2024

" I have full confidence in Dr. Rommel and her staff. I feel like my care plan was detailed and complete. Dr. Rommel explained everything to me in terms I can understand and laid out my plan for my next visit. "

 Carol - 02/03/2024

" I have been a patient of Dr. Manning for twenty years. It is always been an excellent experience! "

 Daniel - 02/03/2024

" Dr Manning prescribed a prismatic lens for the eye site problem I am having. It works very well and allows me to read again. Thank you Dr Manning! "

 Jean - 02/03/2024

" Dr Thode is absolutely fabulous. He is a knowledgeable, caring professional. I trust him completely. "

 James - 02/03/2024

" I only had one “surprise” for the visit. I did not realize how long the total exam would be . "

 William - 02/03/2024

" I cannot imagine a better managed medical practice of any kind. I came to Dr. Bethany Rommel a while back, during the pandemic, for cataract consultation. She explained everything clearly, gave me well-explained choices, and took me from 10./200 vision to 20/20. I had worn glasses since lower elementary school. I no longer wear glasses. The office always seems to run smoothly, even when there are sometimes extended waiting times. Your practice is worth the wait. With respect. Bill Stine "

 Doris - 02/03/2024

" It was a comfortable and learning experience for me. Thank you! "

 Edward - 02/03/2024

" Dr. Rommel was thorough and very caring. I’d recommend her to anyone. "

 David - 02/03/2024

" Very friendly staff, engaged, knowledgeable, etc "

 Philip - 02/03/2024

" This only minor drawback: after the primary work, I was taken to a waiting room where it took about 25 minutes to be seen by Dr. Thode. "

 Victor - 02/02/2024

" The office is very clean the chairs & furniture is well organized so patients don't feel overwhelmed in addition starting with the staff that checks in patients are very friendly. The staff that checks the vision are well organized & friendly & last but not least the doctor that does the final check makes you feel that Ihave a private eye doctor. "

 Jerry - 02/02/2024

" Everything was great "

 Yvonne - 02/02/2024

" Your business is consistently Excellent in every aspect Your office staff are always friendly, appointments are on time The waiting areas are clean and comfortable The Doctors assistants are friendly knowledgeable and will kindly make sure you understand what is happening The Doctors are acknowledged by my peers, as being the best of the best I am very pleased to be a patient and feel certain that I am receiving the best care "

 Thomas - 02/02/2024

" Very professional and friendly staff "

 Ellen - 02/02/2024

" Concern re: optical department. Slow to appear. Questioned what Dr. Rommel had prescribed for right eye cx. After disappearing for quite some time, the optician said last correction was for both lenses. That simply was not the case. He was looking at previous year. So I had to leave and told them to call me which they did next day. Confusion should not have happened. Will have second thoughts next time. "

 David - 02/01/2024

" I trust Dr. Manning to be thorough "

 Eunice - 02/01/2024

" Bathroom waste cans were full "

 Kimberly - 02/01/2024

" I had a short medical issue during my appointment and the staff went above and beyond to ensure I was OK. Very courteous and professional. I really appreciate that. "

 Dawson - 01/31/2024

" Very good visit "

 James - 01/31/2024

" All were very kind and informative. Thank you! "

 James - 01/31/2024

" Dr Manning and entire staff are very professional and caring "

 Kathy - 01/31/2024

" Dr. Thode is an outstanding physician. "

 Joseph - 01/30/2024

" Very pleased with Dr Rommel,very caring manner "

 Charles - 01/30/2024

" The Dr is great... "

 Lisa - 01/30/2024

" All very professional and all in timely manner. Good experience Will be suggesting practice for family members "

 Michael - 01/30/2024

" Dr. Rommel is outstanding, just like her mother! She and her assistant were very thorough, friendly and answered all of my concerns to my satisfaction. Thank you!!! Greg Gehman "

 Sheila - 01/27/2024

" Great visit!! "

 Frank - 01/27/2024

" I had a very good visit. Everything went so smoothly. All of the staff were professional, helpful, and interested in my concerns. All of my questions were addressed in a clear and helpful way. "

 Nancy - 01/27/2024

" Dr. Manning and his assistant were very caring and listened to my concerns. "

 Herold - 01/27/2024

" Dr’s assistant Michele, in particular, was absolutely fabulous! She handled every aspect of my questions incredibly well and made very finite adjustments to my already excellent vision, these adjustments made for night driving/headlight concerns! Thank you! "

 Marie - 01/27/2024

" Dr. Rommel is a very caring dr. Explained everything that I understood. Brad also was very good in my examination "

 Patricia - 01/27/2024

" As always, efficient and effective. Great communication by everyone. Overall, a wonderful experience. "

 Robert - 01/27/2024

" Could not be better! "

 Donna - 01/27/2024

" Very courteous staff, very knowledgeable and professional. "

 Dale - 01/26/2024

" Good care by very qualified professionals. Happy with visit. Thank you. "

 Nancy - 01/26/2024

" Everyone was very nice. "

 Nancy - 01/26/2024

" Because of my consistent satisfaction with the care I receive from Dr. Manning and the entire staff, over many years, I have already recommended this office to several friends and relatives and will continue to do so. "

 Susette - 01/26/2024

" Best practice ever "

 Erling - 01/26/2024

" I was very disappointed that a scheduling mistake was made. I had made transportation arrangements as well as a nurse companion. When I arrived, I was told that only my visual field test had been scheduled. I was not scheduled to see the doctor for my annual visit. I have to come back again in two weeks incurring additional expense for transportation and a nurse companion. "

 Michael - 01/26/2024

" A lot of moving parts and they all do it smoothly .A++++++ "

 Carol - 01/26/2024

" My tech was the best, most skilled and most gracious of any associate staff in any previous ophthalmology office "

 Donald - 01/26/2024

" Sarah was very courteous & professional while performing the prep work for Dr Manning. Thank you Sarah. "

 Fred - 01/25/2024

" Doctor Manning is always very good and caring! His assistant this time was excellent and gave me some tips too! "

 Donna - 01/25/2024

" Great practice!! Excellent care from all. "

 Theodore - 01/25/2024

" I was impressed with the staff expertise and responses to my many questions. "

 Rhonda - 01/25/2024

" Everything went very smooth from check-in to check-out. Questions answered and explanations provided at each step. No wait whatsoever and provided a little time to stop for coffee on my way to work. May all days go this smooth. "

 Levon - 01/24/2024

" Really like Dr. Thode and am pleased with his examination. "

 Edward - 01/24/2024

" Have been going here for several years now and have never had any issues or bad experience "

 Bobby - 01/24/2024

" Profesional service all the time! "

 Sharon - 01/24/2024

" Always trusted professional care "

 Terry - 01/24/2024

" I have always been treated very well & wait time is minima& everyone is very courteous! "

 Paul - 01/24/2024

" Dr Thode was great "

 Gary - 01/23/2024

" Everyone did a great job. No more glasses!!! "

 Linda - 01/23/2024

" This is a top notch, professional and well organized medical office and I’m very happy to have found Dr Thode and his staff. "

 Linda - 01/23/2024

" Had cataract surgery and had a great experience both in the office and the surgery center! "

 Denise - 01/20/2024

" Thank you for your efforts "

 Robert - 01/20/2024

" Change of policy? I was surprised to be required to pay for a paper copy of my prescription I picked up over at your optician's office. Never had to pay for it over the past many years I have benn coming to your office. FYI: The optician person who printed my $40.00 piece of paper was a bit on the arrogant side when she realized I was not purchasing anything during my visit. I am anxious to know why the change in policy. Thanks, Bob Shenk "

 Patricia - 01/20/2024

" Cold snowy day and everyone was perfect !! Dr Rommel and her staff are professional and nice !! that is why I love them !! "

 Maryann - 01/19/2024

" Visiting Dr. Manning and Associates has consistently been an excellent experience. I highly recommend this practice to friends and relatives. All staff are professional and kind. "

 William - 01/19/2024

" Dr. Manning and all of the people there couldn't have more hospitable "

 Joan - 01/19/2024

" From front staff, assistants, to Dr. Thode, it is always a 5 star experience coming to this practice! "

 Sandra - 01/19/2024

" Awesome office. The staff was very helpful and courteous. I have recommended this office to several people I know. "

 Dale - 01/19/2024

" Dr. Manning and the staff are always respectful, friendly, and helpful throughout the time you are at their office. I highly recommend them for any and all of your vision needs. "

 Katherine - 01/18/2024

" Excellent visit "

 Morris - 01/18/2024

" Exceeded my expectations-extremely thorough and professional…great experience’ "

 Diane - 01/18/2024

" I’’m always very impressed with the kindness, and Professionalism of the staff. "

 David - 01/18/2024

" Dr Rommel continues the excellent care that her Mother provided to me for over 30 years. The Staff is both professional and friendly. I highly recommend this practice. I feel both satisfied and secure with the vision care they provide me. "

 Elizabeth - 01/18/2024

" The Doctor rocks!!! "

 Jeffrey - 01/18/2024

" Pleased with everything. Very precessional "

 Mary - 01/18/2024

" Very professional, well run practice beginning with front desk to tech and finally to hospitality, communication, and professional service of Dr Manning. "

 Daniel - 01/18/2024

" Dr. Manning and his staff were very caring and professional. Excellent care for my eye health. Thank you! "

 Aldus - 01/18/2024

" We feel appreciative confident with our care with Dr Rommel. "

 Christine - 01/17/2024

" Dr Catherine Rommel and daughter are both wonderful Eye Drs. I have always appreciated what great Doctors they are and appreciate their care. The staff is always the best as well. "

 Wanda - 01/17/2024

" I appreciate how kind everyone was and very good information was given for my upcoming cataract surgeries. Very pleased! Keep up the good work! Thank you! "

 Mary - 01/17/2024

" Dr Manning is highly qualified and knowledgeable. I trust him with my much valued eyesight. Profesional appearance as well. Always looks like he stepped out of Esquire magazine. "

 J Mitchell - 01/17/2024

" Prompt and professional service. "

 Vivian - 01/17/2024

" Staff always giving exceptional care & kindness.Comfortable in experiencing the Doctors are at top of their mark in diagnosing and follow through with necessary procedures. "

 William - 01/17/2024

" I have been seeing Doctor Manning for all my eye care needs for as long as I can remember and it is always one of most pleasant check ups. Kudos to the MRTI staff, keep up the good work. "

 Jane - 01/16/2024

" Super technition "

 Catherine - 01/16/2024

" Every staff member was professional, courteous, warm and welcoming. I felt welcome and comfortable. Further tests and appointments were completed or set up for more complete study of treatment. This is why I selected a professional who serves a friend. "

 Joyce - 01/16/2024

" Everyone at office was friendly and Dr was informative about my eye issues. "

 Lori - 01/16/2024

" Staff is so nice. Dr is great. "

 Jane - 01/16/2024

" The staff was courteous and answered all my questions. Dr. Rommel’s expertise assured me of a full and complete recovery. "

 Celeste - 01/15/2024

" No one like Dr. Manning. My visit was post operative bilateral cataract surgery and my surgeries were 100% successful. "

 Gregg - 01/15/2024

" Top notch care throughout the entire process. Dr. Thode is an excellent doctor "

 William - 01/13/2024

" All adpects of my bisit were great. Process for conducting annual visit seemed timely and professional. Of course, my health teview wad thorough and all questions of intetest were snsweted. "

 Harold - 01/13/2024

" Dr Manning and all his staff are extremely courteous and exceptionally caring.I am indeed fortunate to be able to under their care and kindness. "

 Charles - 01/13/2024

" Fastest I ever got in and out of the office. Not that the wait is long for other visits but this one was lightning quick. "

 Patricia - 01/12/2024

" This was a very warm and uplifting experience. Everyone was so nice and very prompt at getting me back to be ckecked out. I was very much impressed by this practice as I was the first time I visited Dr Manning’s office. He came into the office to check my eyes out and he first said hello then he shook my hand , that was a very comforting way to start an eye check, it makes you feel comfortable. Which is nice when caring for your eyes and things go well . I have told many friends about this office and how I was treated and hopefully they are getting their eyes examined there now! I would not go anywhere else for sure. Have a great day and thank you for letting me say how I felt about my visit! "

 Jeanne - 01/12/2024

" Dr Manning is always very friendly and helpful. "

 Sandra - 01/12/2024

" Appreciated all the quality attention, explanations and support "

 Sandra - 01/12/2024

" Dr Manning smiles from the time he walks into the patient care room till he leaves!! He’s very positive and takes time to answer every question. He’s very delightful and takes time to explain!! Very accommodating when I asked if my records could be sent to another provider! “ Oh yes, it’s just a click of a button!” "

 Elizabeth - 01/12/2024

" The tech spent a lot of time trying to improve my vision as best she could despite having macular issues. She was compassionate and supportive when i got emotional over unexpected vision change "

 Jay - 01/12/2024

" I needed the next appointment in one year. At the front desk I was told that the doctor is fully booked in January 2025 and the schedule for February is not yet opened. Therefore, I should call in a few weeks to see if I could make an appointment. I thought it would have been more convenient for all parties to have a schedule opened to make the next appointment at the time of the appointment. "

 Charles - 01/11/2024


 Michael - 01/11/2024

" Very satisfied with my examination. Carol did a very excellent and complete exam. I am very happy with Dr. Manning. "

 Karen - 01/11/2024

" Staff are excellent, do not rush the procedure. They are always polite. "

 Melody - 01/10/2024

" They were so caring and helpful "

 Susan - 01/10/2024

" Everything was great. "

 Dawn - 01/10/2024

" I even recommended my best friend to make an appointment now that they take her insurance "

 Maureen - 01/10/2024

" All staff provided me with excellent care and quality of service! Thank you! "

 Donna - 01/09/2024

" Ava was so informative. Explaining things in simple terms. Answered my questions. Very professional. Truly an asset to your practice. "

 Lucianne - 01/09/2024

" This "

 Kyong - 01/09/2024

" I am so glad my choice is very good! "

 Lillian - 01/09/2024

" The "

 Donald - 01/09/2024

" Excellent. "

 Wendelyne - 01/07/2024

" PA was exceptional. Thanks for all. "

 Rick - 01/06/2024

" Great experience. Very thorough and professional care. "

 Diane - 01/06/2024

" Dr. Manning and his entire staff always do excellent work. "

 Judy - 01/05/2024

" I always get excellent care from Dr. Manning. "

 Marjorie - 01/05/2024

" Very pleasant experience "

 Joseph - 01/05/2024

" I have been a client of Manning Rommel for many years. They have only gotten better. "

 Margaret - 01/05/2024

" He recommended a humidifier for me and Aetna Medicare is going to see that I get one I get so much money from them over the counter and they're going to see that I get one sent to me thank you everyone you did great "

 Francis - 01/05/2024

" Always a pleasant and professional experience. "

 Stephen - 01/05/2024

" Staff very friendly and courteous "

 Bonnie - 01/05/2024

" My experience was stellar as usual. Excellent facilities and staff! "

 Lauren - 01/05/2024

" I called ahead to see if I was going to be dilated and was told it was a check up for glaucoma. When I got there it was a field of vision test. This is the second time my appointment was different than what I was told over the phone when I called ahead to ask about dilation. Other than that we love Dr. Rommel and staff. "

 Dean - 01/04/2024

" Great people to work with "

 Frances - 01/04/2024

" My experience is always most rewarding and informative one. I have only the highest regard for Dr. Mannings and his associates! "

 Linda - 01/04/2024

" So happy to have this practice for my eye care after several previous less than great experiences "

 Lucille - 01/04/2024

" The staff is very efficient The doctor takes time to explain the procedures and any expectations I have "

 Carla - 01/04/2024

" Dr Manning is always so pleasant and answers any questions I have. Always on time for appointments too "

 Douglas - 01/04/2024

" Great staff answered all my questions! Dr Thode was very informative was very easy to talk to! "

 Thomas - 01/03/2024

" An excellent visit! All my questions were answered and I am very satisfied!! "

 Dominick - 01/03/2024

" Dr. Manning is an excellent physician. The office is very efficiently run. "

 Glenn - 12/30/2023

" All interactions with staff,at every level were prompt, courteous, and professional. Remembered details from previous visit 12 months ago. responded to all my questions with thorough answers. "

 Christine - 12/30/2023

" The staff is always very kind. Even though I am not there often the staff welcomes me and shows interest in my family and me. "

 Kay - 12/30/2023

" Absolutely excellent care and results "

 Gene - 12/30/2023

" What a great staff and Practice, would recommend theme to everyone. "

 Patricia - 12/30/2023

" My visit could not have gone better. Great group of people. Very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. "

 Charlene - 12/29/2023

" All staff was courteous and helpful "

 Carol - 12/29/2023

" It was an awesome experience totally! "

 Paul - 12/29/2023

" Dr. Manning is wonderful both personable and professional. "

 Roland - 12/28/2023

" Good job by everyone "

 Barry - 12/28/2023

" Waited at Check In Reception counter and was ignored and not greeted for several minutes. "

 James - 12/28/2023

" Good as always "

 Nancy - 12/27/2023

" Already recommended to several friends. "

 Donald - 12/27/2023

" Dr Manning and his staff are very professional and polite "

 Joseph - 12/23/2023

" I had an emergency I called them they were very friendly and they fit me in right before Christmas. This place is awesome! Thank you very much for everything and for caring. God Bless and Merry Christmas to you all. "