Recent Reviews

 Van - 09/26/2023

" Big Thank to every one !!! "

 Linda - 09/23/2023

" Charlene was exceptional — definitely a ‘people person’! "

 Carolyn - 09/23/2023

" 👍 "

 Debra - 09/23/2023

" Scheduling got me an appointment asap. Appreciated their concerns and care of my situation. "

 Phyllis - 09/22/2023

" I "

 Sandra - 09/22/2023

" Long time patient at this practice. Very satisfied with all aspects of my care. "

 Scott - 09/21/2023

" This is a top notch professional eye care office. "

 Kenneth - 09/21/2023

" To my knowledge, the assistant did share my questions w Dr Rommel. I should have probably reviewed them w Doc but left wo some answers, my fault. Nothing major and I should provably write down my questions. "

 Kelly - 09/21/2023

" Erin was wonderful- patient, understanding and thorough! I’ve not had the best experiences with OB/Gyns and LOVE Dr. Roth! She showed empathy and answered my concerns with detail. Thank you! "

 Alfred - 09/21/2023

" I am a patient at your practice because I believe that you are the best "

 Karen - 09/21/2023

" Carol was my care provider today. I was having some trouble with a new prescription for progressives. She took a lot of time trying to get my prescription correct using professional tools along with practical tools, like having me look at a magazine for reading. She did a fantastic job! "

 Gail - 09/21/2023

" Dr. Thode takes excellent care of my eyes. Dr. Manning takes excellent care of my husband's eyes. "

 William - 09/20/2023

" Amanda ×as very nice and thorough "

 Charles - 09/20/2023

" I greatly appreciate the knowledge and level of care that Dr.Thode provided me. Thank you so much! "

 Barbara - 09/20/2023

" Dr. Thode has been and continues to be an exemplary eye specialist. I’ve had the best care under his supervision. He answers all my questions and never makes me feel that I am detaining him from his next patient. I’m very thankful for his care for my eyes. "

 Michael - 09/20/2023

" The nurse that I spoke to before the doctor came in was very personable "

 Thomas - 09/20/2023

" Initial contact after checking in was a little longer than expected "

 Barry - 09/20/2023

" Very satisfied with my care. "

 Judy - 09/20/2023

" Grateful to be under the care of Manning, Rommel & Thode Associates. Entire staff work as a team. Especially thankful for amazing outcome of cataract surgery by Dr. Manning - enjoying the renewed clarity of my vision, especially the return of seeing vivid colors "

 Kenneth - 09/20/2023

" Nurse Deb was very professional and friendly, administering the eye tests very efficiently and accurately. Thank you! "

 Gregory - 09/19/2023

" The entire team was very professional and helpful. I was especially impressed with Tara. Her professionalism and attention to detail was amazing! "

 Diana - 09/17/2023

" Only concern was It took 6 months to get an apt .my check up was great , no problems w my eyes caused by my diabetes.. I’m lucky my diabetes didn’t cause a problem that would have been better to discover earlier. But all in all the people were very nice, friendly and efficient… a great place "

 Kathleen - 09/16/2023

" All very professional … and very helpful Made me feel very comfortable for being a new patient.. "

 Gloria - 09/16/2023

" Reason for “next steps in care” is that I have to do it first. Does that make sense? "

 Veronica - 09/16/2023

" Carol was very courteous and thorough explaining everything that she was doing prior to me seeing Dr. Thode. Dr. Thode was very professional and courteous. He explained options regarding me seeing a Retina specialist. He explained a potential procedure that I could have in the future and answered all of my questions. "

 Gayle - 09/16/2023

" Dr. Rommel was thorough and amiable; I did not feel I was being rushed through the appointment. "

 Joanne - 09/15/2023

" I only wish my mother had gone sooner. I love going to Manning and Rommel and Thode. They have a really fine operation and highly skilled out-standing staff, and I just recently did recommend to an elderly family friend to got to them. She is unhappy with where she is going now. "

 Jacqueline - 09/15/2023

" Dr. Manning is wonderful! His nurse/assistant, Amanda, was very knowledgeable, courteous and friendly, at the same time being professional. The front desk attendants are always cheerful and efficient. I would recommend Manning Rommel &Thode Associates to anyone who values their eyes! "

 Susan - 09/15/2023

" Great staff and love Dr. Manning. They are very attentive and caring. Every question I asked was answered. Check in procedure was so easy and fast. Thank you to everyone for a great office experience. "

 David - 09/14/2023

" Ver good and insightful staff checking in and out. Doctors assistant was very knowledgeable and good with preparing me. .Would recommend you to family and friends "

 Bonnie - 09/14/2023

" I have always felt like a valued patient with Dr. Manning. "

 John - 09/14/2023

" Very professional and informative!! "

 Donald - 09/14/2023

" Dr. Manning and the entire establishment is the best in the business. "

 Doreen - 09/14/2023

" I've been going to Manning and Rommel for many years. The folks that work there from the beginning to the end of the appointment are courteous, efficient, and friendly. I highly recommend this office. "

 Joan - 09/14/2023

" Dr Manning is always professional, thorough and pleasant with my annual eye exams. I’ve been a patient for over twenty years and I trust him with my eye care. Ashley was my medical assistant yesterday and I found her to be friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this practice for quality eye care. "

 Keith - 09/14/2023

" Excellent care "

 James - 09/13/2023

" Outstanding and very professional! It is clear that leadership at this office is patient centric and focused on professionalism. Other offices should use this practice as an example of excellence ! "

 Daniel - 09/13/2023

" Being under Dr.Thode's care is a gift. "

 Catherine - 09/13/2023

" I had the best vision testing ever!! "

 James - 09/13/2023

" I had an appointment scheduled in June, but unfortunately had to cancel due to an emergency. My earliest rescheduled appointment was 3 months later. I understand that annual visits must take second place to emergency visits. I guess it is the nature of today's health system which has inadequate number specialists for the area and for some providers inadequate access to an appropriate number of staff. Forgive me, just getting use to this new age of healthcare delivery. Overall, I appreciate the quality of the provider care I receive. "

 Beverly - 09/12/2023

" Deb, who did my initial eye check, was awesome. Dr Thode was professional , friendly, and succinct! A perfect team! "

 Steven - 09/12/2023

" Thanks to Dr Thode and the staff for your excellent care. "

 Toni - 09/12/2023

" Really like this practice a lot. "

 Lisa - 09/09/2023

" So grateful I transferred my care from Eye Associates to this Practice . Very professional and treat patients with care and compassionate . Thank you to Dr Thode and his team! "

 Denise - 09/09/2023

" Thank you for getting me in so quickly to look at my eye issue! Your staff is wonderful. D Sater "

 Joella - 09/09/2023

" Dr Thoade lived up to all the wonderful things I heard about him "

 Molly - 09/09/2023

" Dr. Thode’s recommendations and skill have improved my eyesight greatly. "

 John - 09/09/2023

" none "

 Debbie - 09/08/2023

" So grateful to be able to be seen and treated so quick! "

 Robert - 09/08/2023

" I was an add into get more in on unscheduled visits but they fit me in unfortunately this meant more waiting time "

 David - 09/08/2023

" Very caring doctor. David "

 Scott - 09/07/2023

" Friendly and knowledgeable staff. "

 Laverne - 09/06/2023

" I have advised many friends to use this practice. Dr. Thode is great! Somehow he manages to be efficient without making me feel rushed. "

 Tracy - 09/06/2023

" I love the people and place. "

 Sharon - 09/04/2023

" Very organized, very efficient! "

 Robert - 09/02/2023

" Exceptional doctor. "

 Donald - 09/02/2023

" Always feel well cared for. Thank you "

 Nancy - 09/02/2023

" Excellent appointment! Everyone was polite and caring! "

 Esther - 09/02/2023

" The Doctor and Staff are great overall! Never had a bad experience. "

 Annette - 09/02/2023

" Very professional staff. "

 Nancy - 09/02/2023

" The before, during and after care I received with my cataract surgery was perfect! "

 Kenneth - 09/02/2023

" Dr Rommel and her Team are the complete package of Professional Care "

 Bruce - 09/01/2023

" Amanda was helpful, thorough and courtesy. "

 Jean - 09/01/2023

" Check out lady/procedure was flat out rude. I asked if I could check my schedule to coordinate with the appointment-she told me I have to take what she’s giving me because they’re over booked to start with. "

 Holly - 09/01/2023

" Amanda, Tanya, Katrina, and Amy (I think) are awesome. Thanks for your help. "

 Nancy - 08/31/2023

" Michelle was great "

 John - 08/31/2023

" Dr Rommel has followed her mother’s footsteps as an excellent surgeon and physician. She really takes all the time necessary at all my office visits. Her staff is excellent and very professional. "

 Lynda - 08/31/2023

" I am disappointed that they will no longer take care of my contacts. "

 Kent - 08/31/2023

" The doctor had not read my chart completely before seeing me. He didn't give me an optimistic outcome "

 Carol - 08/31/2023

" Shelley, medical assistant, made me feel quite relaxed and prepared for each test. She was very friendly and professional. "

 John - 08/30/2023

" Very impressed with the check-in/ assistant and Dr Thode. Appointment went smoother than I could ever imagine . "

 Scott - 08/30/2023

" I woke up the next day with an eye infection on my left eye lid. Its all red and has a red bump on it. "

 Arthur - 08/30/2023

" Medical assistant was very friendly, courteous and informative. "

 Deborah - 08/30/2023

" The medical assistant I had, Tara, was amazing. She was informative, she knew her stuff, and very kind. Dr. Thode, as always, was great! "

 Darlene - 08/29/2023

" The young lady who did the initial testing was very pleasant. I found her to be very cordial & competent. "

 David - 08/29/2023

" Classy organization… First class experience "

 James - 08/29/2023

" As expected MRT prove once again to be a top notch operation. "

 Frances - 08/29/2023

" Dr. Thode is thoughtful and courteous. He puts his patients at ease. "

 Wendy - 08/27/2023

" Dr. Thode saw me for an emergency appointment for a virus in my eye. He was able to fit me into his very busy full schedule on a Friday, which I appreciate it very much. Because Dr. Thode made room for this emergency visit. I was able to begin treatment on Friday instead of Monday. Very important for this diagnosis. "

 Lois - 08/26/2023

" Everything went well. We had a great experience from checkin to checkout. Thank you to all! "

 Michael - 08/26/2023

" Have transferred from Campus Eye..Good decision! "

 Daniel - 08/25/2023

" C III the Dr and workers were not outstanding I would not keep returning "

 Susan - 08/25/2023

" Everything was Great. Thankyou "

 Hai - 08/24/2023

" Thankyou very much doctor Manning and your staffs.. "

 Barbara - 08/24/2023

" Dr. Manning is the best physician you would ever find. "

 Barbara - 08/23/2023

" Tara was my assistant during my visit this week. So patient and explained procedures in detail. The best experience I have ever had. SO GOOD. She is such a delight and so professional. I had a field vision test and was there about 1.5 hours. I wish I would have had feed back comparing this test to my last one. The other concern is trying to find the best eye drop to treat the pressure in my left eye. I am now on my 5th different eye drop. The concern is the incredible cost I have incurred as I have gotten the script filled at the cost of several hundred dollars, but then need to change to another eye drop with bottles then unused which is very frustrating. "

 Laura - 08/23/2023

" Dr. Thode was prepared and informative at my visit. He was on time and helpful with my questions. "

 Carol - 08/23/2023

" I was very pleased with the excellent care that I was given. "

 Linda - 08/23/2023

" Great experience "

 Susan - 08/23/2023

" Dr. Manning provides excellent care - he is knowledgeable, willingly answers my questions, shows concern. I have recommended him to my friend. She was impressed with the care I received in the office and surgery center. The entire staff is professional. I am fortunate to have Dr. Manning take care of my vision. Thank you. "

 Herbert - 08/23/2023

" I moved 230 miles away and still return that's how good they are "

 Barbara - 08/23/2023

" My only concern was the length of time from my initial call to make an appointment and the appointment given. Almost 6 months seems a quite long for a DR visit. "

 Linda - 08/22/2023

" Great experience. Thanks to Dr Rommel and the staff for making my visits and surgery painless informative and easy! I would recommend this practice to everyone. "

 David - 08/22/2023

" Very long wait time. Appointment took almost 2 hours "

 Holly - 08/22/2023

" I have found the assistants that have seen me before the Doctor to be outstanding when it comes to answering questions and pointing out various reasons why I might not be seeing things clearly. They are attentive and courteous. I have already recommended your practice to friends. "

 Donald - 08/20/2023

" I had a very pleasant experience @ every visit ! "

 Florence - 08/19/2023

" Michelle the tech from North Carolina was so informed of her position . Not like some of pass tech’s I have had that gave wrong pressure reading , documentation of results they never checked. As a nurse I felt comfortable with Michelle and hope I have her more often. "

 Debora - 08/19/2023

" I have the utmost respect for and confidence in Dr. Manning and his staff! "

 Latonya - 08/19/2023

" Thank you so much for your care of me. "

 James - 08/19/2023

" Dr. Manning is just the best "

 Donald - 08/19/2023

" I feel I’m in good hands with care at this practice "

 Michael - 08/19/2023

" Dr Manning is excellent highly recommended "

 John - 08/19/2023

" Great visit. Always a very good experience and great care. "

 James - 08/19/2023

" I'm just VERY PLEASED with all the service I ever got there. "

 Lucianne - 08/19/2023

" My visit was outstanding in all regards. I felt welcomed, respected and heard! "

 Carolyn - 08/19/2023

" Dr. Manning and your staff are excellent! I couldn’t have had a better experience with my Cataract Surgery! Thank you, I’ll be recommending your practice to my friends and family! "

 Lorna - 08/18/2023

" This practice is always on top of things. They not only do great eye care but pay attention to details and your customer experience. Yeah, Dr. Manning! "

 Linda - 08/18/2023

" The person that did the scheduling of eye surgeries and follow ups was compassionate, kind and very helpful. Lovely person. "

 Alexis - 08/18/2023

" You guys are, and in my experience always have been, Awesome!! "

 Allan - 08/17/2023

" The only issue I have with this office is the 5 month waiting time to make an initial appointment. Like most medical practices, the available scheduling technology has not been optimally used to create and contact a waiting list of prospective patients when there is a cancellation. Judging from the age of the patients I saw, there must be cancellations. "

 Edith - 08/17/2023

" Dr. Bethany Rommel is professional and helpful. "

 Diane - 08/17/2023

" Thank you for wonderful care for in every way. I would recommend your practice and Dr. Rommel to anyone who asked. "

 Julie - 08/17/2023

" The girl that did all my testing was wonderful. So polite and professional "

 Thomas - 08/16/2023

" Excellent care from Dr Thode, I have recommended him to others. "

 Edith - 08/16/2023

" Tara was an excellent medical assistant. She was patient and explained each step of each of the procedures that I had. I had to wait close to half an hour for the doctor after Tara was done with all of my tests. "

 Alice - 08/16/2023

" The scheduler was prompt and accommodating to get an appointment scheduled. During the appointment Tara was very knowledgeable, patient, and caring. She was also very encouraging as I completed each part of the exam. Dr. Manning was very friendly and explained each of the examination findings. Thank you to all, Alice Bond "

 Suzette - 08/16/2023

" We love the care we receive and we recommend you every time the opportunity arises. "

 Barbara - 08/15/2023

" Dr. Rommel answered my questions in everyday language that I could understand. She didn't rush and ask me if I understood what she explained (having to do with cataracts). I much appreciated her concern that I understood my options. "

 Joanne - 08/15/2023

" Although they were running about 45 minutes late, I appreciated that when it was my turn, everyone took time to hear my concerns and didn’t rush my appointment to get back on schedule. "

 Cynthia - 08/15/2023

" Do not understand why you feel the need to charge a patient $40 for a paper copy of their prescription. "

 Frances - 08/15/2023

" Glad to be a patient, think I will be taken care of. "

 Rosanna - 08/14/2023

" The staff and Dr Manning were very welcoming and professional. Everything regarding my care and up coming cataract surgery was explained in great detail to me. Thank you all so much! "

 Helen - 08/13/2023

" This office has excellent workers and ober all experience is excellent "

 Fay - 08/13/2023

" Was very pleased with the professional care that I received. Had my laser procedure done the same day and only have to come back once to be rechecked. Was very pleased and everyone was so friendly. Would highly recommend. "

 Judy - 08/12/2023

" Several friends recommended Dr. Thode to me for cataract surgery and I intend to do the same for others. Dr. Thode and everyone in the office was very kind and considerate before, during and after my surgery. "

 Mary - 08/12/2023

" I was in and out in an hour on a Friday afternoon. Excellent service. My home phone number is one digit different from the practice and if they give their phone number, I always call people back to inform them that they have the wrong number. "

 Marjorie - 08/12/2023

" The waiting area is pleasant and inviting. Personnel in this area are efficient and friendly. The MA was efficient, listened to concerns, and displayed very good skills In interacting with a patient. As always, Dr. Rommel sent me home confident that my eyes are receiving the required care to retain my sight. "

 John - 08/11/2023

" Excellent; high quality and friendly care from front staff, medical techs and Dr Thode. As a family doctor; I can distinguish-and this is a top notch office. "

 Barbara - 08/11/2023

" Smooth as silk! "

 Jennifer - 08/11/2023

" Dr. Thode and all of the assistants (I remember Shelley) were wonderful! I could tell it was busy but it did not affect the level of care I received. Very clean and professional. Highly recommend! "

 Deborah - 08/11/2023

" My visit was pleasant and efficiently done. Wait time was minimum. Tara and Dr Manning were a great team! "

 Patricia - 08/11/2023

" Charlene always takes very good care of me. She is efficient, knowledgeable, proficient, professional and I am always glad to see her when she comes to escort me back to examining room. What a valuable employee! Sincerely, Patty Sabatine "

 Barbara - 08/10/2023

" I’m so happy I switched to your practice! "

 Nancy - 08/10/2023

" Good appointment. Highly recommend this practice. "

 Gregory - 08/10/2023

" We were very impressed. My husband was nervous about cataract surgery and everyone made him so comfortable. I was also very impressed when Dr. Manning himself called us to answer a question that we had. "

 Marjorie - 08/10/2023

" Thank you for the great visit….. "

 James - 08/09/2023

" Always enjoy working with Deb for vision prep testing prior to seeing Dr M. She is businesslike but friendly in working with patients and a good transition to Dr M who I’ve trusted my vision care to for many years. "

 Jenny - 08/09/2023

" Amanda, the tech who helped me, was so patient, knowledgeable, helpful and informative! "

 Vicki - 08/09/2023

" Shelly did an excellent job with assisting me throughout appointment. "

 Cleta - 08/09/2023

" The efficiency of this office is beyond excellent. Everyone knows they job and does it very well. "

 Tana - 08/09/2023

" I had several special tests and dilation on this visit and everything moved along efficiently. I was out in less time than some other times. Thank you. "

 Thomas - 08/09/2023

" I am always impressed with the kindness and expertise of the staff...and Dr. Thode is the best there is! "

 Sandra - 08/09/2023

" I was so relieved that I didn’t have a long wait! I’ve waited up to 2-3 hours in the past. Huge improvement! "

 Mary - 08/08/2023

" Everybody is in a friendly mood, very knowledgeable and patient "

 Helen - 08/08/2023

" N/A at this time. "

 Marilyn - 08/08/2023

" Barbara in billing was over the top helpful. Please give her a raise because she goes above and beyond! "

 Enedina - 08/06/2023

" Care is always good and professional. "

 Margaret - 08/06/2023

" Wonderful experience "

 Peter - 08/05/2023

" My appointment was scheduled for 9:15, and I wasn't called by the tech until almost 11. I am pleased withe the quality of care, but feel disrespected that I was forced to wait so long. A reasonably simple eye exam should not keepe tied up for almost two hours. "

 Mary - 08/05/2023

" This practice is phenomenal on every level. I had a concerning event with my eye and without being a patient here (though my husband is, having had cataract surgery by Dr. Manning this year) Sue managed to provide an appointment with Dr. Manning. He and his nurse Carol allayed my fears with a very thorough exam and explanation of what was happening. I am so grateful I was seen here and every member of the staff was wonderful, efficient, knowledgeable, and so kind. I knew if I actually needed surgical intervention, I would want it done by this team. Thanks to all! "

 Rosemary - 08/05/2023

" Thank you for your ‘assisting in my eye care.’ Blessings on all the members at this Eye Care Center. Sincerely, Rosemary Litz "

 Frances - 08/05/2023

" I have nothing negative to say, everything was professional and I received excellent care and understanding of the procedure that was to be done. Dr. Mannings is absolutely an angel in disguise, anyone who can make the blind C. is wonderful in my book 😊 "

 Joanne - 08/04/2023

" Very efficient office staff and Dr. Manning is Professional and friendly and works in timely Manner "

 Corina - 08/04/2023

" The quickest appointment I ever had! Amazing staff and amazing team! Truly a dream! Team work makes the dream work! They are a true definition of that saying! Great job guys! "

 Dean - 08/03/2023

" Just great people to work with. "

 Richard - 08/03/2023

" No waiting at all . Testing done smoothly "

 Antoinette - 08/03/2023

" Registration personnel were also very pleasant "

 Marianne - 08/02/2023

" Always a pleasant experience. Thanks. "

 Patricia - 08/02/2023

" I "

 Frank - 08/02/2023

" The entire procedure from pre surgery to the final checkup I couldn’t have asked for better treatment. I will definitely pass on how well I was treated to anyone that needs eye care. Thank all of you very much. "

 Donna - 08/01/2023

" I thank all the personnel involved and Dr. Thode for the great care. Sincerely Donna Horning "

 Jane - 08/01/2023

" I appreciate the friendly and knowledgeable staff! I’m thankful for the proactive and professional care provided by Dr Rommel. "

 Vicki - 08/01/2023

" The doctor was about an hour behind and this was for a 1030 appointment. The techs were about 30-45 minutes behind. Most of us stayed and waited without too much fuss. The staff did inform us of the delay when we checked in and gave us the option of rescheduling. "

 Brent - 07/29/2023

" Over the top friendly Customer Service! None better! "

 Cynthia - 07/29/2023

" Dr. Manning is a great caregiver. My husband sees Dr. Bethany Rommel and is extremely happy with her care. Wonderful to have access to such great care! Ava is wonderful. Thank you. "

 Charles - 07/28/2023

" I absolutely look forward to my visit with Dr. Manning and Charlene next year, and I know they will help me if I have an unexpected problem in the meantime. "

 John - 07/28/2023

" I am grateful for the excellent care Dr Manning has provided me. My cataract procedure could not have been better and the outcome exceeds my expectations. I have recommended Dr Manning to several friends who saw him for their cataract procedures. As far as I know, they have all been very satisfied. "

 Dennis - 07/28/2023

" always very professional A+++ "

 Jan - 07/28/2023

" Amanda was wonderful! I've been seeing Dr. Manning for over 20 years - he is always respectful, caring and attentative.. "

 Martin - 07/27/2023

" Wonderful experiance!!!!! "

 Jill - 07/27/2023

" I'm extremely disappointed at the discontinuation of the contact lens services. This is really disruptive to our family. "

 Shirley - 07/26/2023

" Very efficient and friendly staff! "

 Dennis - 07/25/2023

" Great practice. Great service. Dr. Rommel excellent. Excellent staff. "

 Linda - 07/25/2023

" Very nice and professional staff. I am very happy with my care. As I have been for years. "

 Grace - 07/25/2023

" Love when my appointment is on time "

 Elizabeth - 07/23/2023

" I loved Dr Thode. He is so sweet, friendly, kind, empathetic and communicated well what he thoughts were concerning my visit and what I would need to do moving forward. "

 Amy - 07/22/2023

" Dr. Thode gave me 20/20 vision through Cataract Surgery. It’s amazing! "

 John - 07/22/2023

" Waited much longer than Normal this time but this was the only time "

 Rosemary - 07/22/2023

" Very pleased with everyone and the care we received! "

 Sandra - 07/21/2023

" Amanda was very professional with a calming personality! Perfect for apprehensive patients! "

 Judy - 07/21/2023

" Dr. Manning is always excellent! "

 Millie - 07/21/2023

" Dr Manning is always informative and kind. I know I am in good hands. "

 Mark - 07/20/2023

" Each and every person was professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. Sarah (I believe) helped me get ready for Dr. Manning’s examination. Dr. Manning explained everything in great detail about my upcoming cataract surgeries. The lady in the scheduling office (sorry i don’t recall her name) explained everything about the available dates for the surgeries and what I needed to do to prepare (eye drops, no eating after midnight). It was a very thorough examination—everything was great. I look forward to working with Dr. Manning and the staff at my upcoming surgeries in late September/early October. Thank you! "

 Elizabeth - 07/20/2023

" Very friendly and courteous staff. All my questions were always answered. Procedures were well explained. "

 Geraldine - 07/19/2023

" Highly recommend to everyone.My husband & I both were very pleased. "

 Cherie - 07/19/2023

" Always a very kind staff and Dr Thode is wonderful "

 Nancy - 07/19/2023

" Mine was an emergency situation. I could not have been handled with more efficiency, concern, and acumen. I am deeply grateful. "

 Judy - 07/19/2023

" Love this office. "

 June - 07/19/2023

" The nurse who checked me in was very pleasant ,& made me feel comfortable & that I was in good hands I wish I could remember her name. "

 Diane - 07/19/2023

" Routine appointment for a cataract and contact lens check but I was also given the option to add the refraction evaluation to update my two-year old script for glasses. I appreciated that I could also complete that in one visit. This practice has taken good care of my eyes and vision! "

 John - 07/19/2023

" Everyone was extremely nice and helpful. Dr. Manning is what my Fater-in-law called a Doctor's Doctor he was an OBGYN. "

 Allen - 07/19/2023

" Excellent service "

 Robert - 07/18/2023

" I appreciate everything you do for me. First class care! "

 Martin - 07/15/2023

" Keep up the work.👍 "

 John - 07/15/2023

" I wish I had been able to have the operations two months earlier. As it was, I only got the operations scheduled because I called up about another matter. "

 Phares - 07/15/2023

" Wait time was a long but I understand that you can’t control that. "

 Juanita - 07/14/2023

" Wait time was a bit long Maybe a while appointments further apart. "

 William - 07/14/2023

" Sending a follow up letter to dr. Manning. "

 Elizabeth - 07/14/2023

" From the desk staff to the surgery center and Dr Manning everything was so professional. Everyone made me feel comforted. The results are amazing after my surgery. Thank you Dr Manning!! "

 Virginia - 07/14/2023

" This is the best ever I love this office and workers! "

 Kenneth - 07/13/2023

" Dr Manning always takes time with me and answers any questions- thanks so much!! He is a great eye doctor. "

 Barbara - 07/13/2023

" She thoroughly explained everything to me "

 Mark - 07/12/2023

" Due to an emergency many patients’ wait times were long. I understand and appreciate the situation. I did not answer the ‘wait time’ questions. "

 Robert - 07/08/2023

" Dr Thode and his team are very caring professionals "

 Nancy - 07/07/2023

" I would have appreciated it if the medical assistant had introduced herself. I never did hear her name. "

 Janet - 07/07/2023

" This appointment was consultive about my vision concerns. The Doctor was very professional and explained my health needs at this time and the availability of services at this office going forward. So thankful for this office and the excellent care available to me. "

 Gloria - 07/07/2023

" Very pleased as usual Dr Manning very professional never to busy to ask a question. "

 Christian - 07/07/2023

" Satisfied with your service. "

 Karen - 07/07/2023

" My Assistant Ashley was wonderful she explained everything she was doing before I saw the Dr. Dr Manning always makes me feel at ease and also explains so I understand. "

 Thomas - 07/07/2023

" We love coming to this provider! "

 Diane - 07/07/2023

" First time meeting this provider - her advice/care were efficient, friendly and met my expectations. I appreciated her collaborative approach, including looking for things in my medical history (had I taken the medication she recommended previously) and her explanations for 'why' she recommended a particular course of action, not only 'what'. "

 Donna - 07/06/2023

" Dr Manning is a very good eye surgeon. Thanks to him I can see great and he explained everything thank you "

 Mary - 07/06/2023

" I have been coming to this practice for years and if I was not happy I would not be coming here. I know a good Practice when I see one and I value my eyes and I am very happy that you don't rush into surgery. Thank you for being a practice I can trust.I "

 Joyce - 07/04/2023

" Dr. Rommel is an exceptional physician. When she performed cataract surgery for me, she had asked me to describe what I hoped to achieve with the outcome. She accomplished that very outcome. That is so very helpful as I am growing older and strive for as much independence as is practical. Dr. Rommel is always interested in how I am progressing in more than sight. I value her highly as my physician. "

 Cleo - 07/03/2023

" Thank you for wonderful care "

 Darlene - 07/01/2023

" I am most confident in Dr. Manning. "

 Carl - 07/01/2023

" I I'm grateful they could fit me in as an emergency patient. I only have sight in one eye and I was very concerned about the floaters I was seeing. Thanks again for working me in to your busy day. Call Carl Musser "

 Mark - 07/01/2023

" The entire staff was very understanding of my phobia (terror, dread) about anything involving my eyes. Everyone was very patient with me. "

 Edna - 07/01/2023

" Front desk staff were outstanding 👏 👌 "

 Richard - 07/01/2023

" Most comprehensive eyecare I have ever experienced. All my questions were answered and I received a very thorough examination and new eyeglass prescription. "

 Kenneth - 07/01/2023

" I highly recommend Dr Manning "

 Carol - 06/30/2023

" No one gave me suglasses to wear outside on a sunny day after having my eyes dilated. Had to close my eyes on the drive home. Luckily I was not driving! 😂. But would have been to to have those. Otherwise everything was good. "

 Pamela - 06/30/2023

" First visit and I was so happy! Bravo! To Everyone’ "

 Peggy - 06/30/2023

" My first visit to your practice and I was made to feel very comfortable and feeling confident as I look forward to cataract procedure. "

 Lindy - 06/30/2023

" Couldn’t ask for better care from Dr. Manning. "

 John - 06/30/2023

" I having a few things that flutter by but otherwise fine…many thanks "

 Lester - 06/29/2023

" Dr. Manning did cataract surgery for both my eyes in May of 2022. Both of my eyes are now 20/20 vision in both eyes/eyeglasses.I haven’t had this good eyesight since I was 12.He’s the best. "

 Julia - 06/29/2023

" Thank you Dr rommel "

 Michael - 06/29/2023

" Professional & caring staff, excellent doctors, what else can you ask for ? "

 Cheryl - 06/29/2023

" Thank you, Dr. Rommel, for fitting me into your busy schedule to excise the chalazion in my left eye. Your compassion and case during the procedure, as well as that of your assistant, was so appreciated. The staff is wonderful and so accommodating! Thank you! "

 William - 06/29/2023

" Thanks! "

 Marilyn - 06/28/2023

" Tara, the assistant who did my tests and got me prepared to see Dr Thode, was very professional and friendly. I was very impressed with her knowledge and care. "

 Bambang - 06/28/2023

" N/A "

  - 06/28/2023

" Unfortunate you are not continuing contacts. "

 Mary - 06/28/2023

" Having cataract surgery in Aug. procedures explained in detail. "

 Stephen - 06/27/2023

" Carol Rohrer is a 5 Star Tech "

 David - 06/27/2023

" My experience this year (2023) was smoother than last year. Assistants were very personable. "

 Michael - 06/27/2023

" Extremely professional. The facility is impeccable. I’ve received excellent eye care over the years. I’m very fortunate to have Bethany Rommel as my eye-physician. "

 Richard - 06/27/2023

" My total cataract removal and lens implant experience could not have been better! The office staff, technicians, and Dr.Thode were very caring and professional. I am so pleased with my results that I am telling all my friends, who notice that I no longer wear glasses, about my positive experience. "

 Josephine - 06/24/2023

" Although this visit took longer than expected, I always receive excellent care. Help at checkout was especially helpful at this visit. I would not go anywhere else. "

 Moises - 06/24/2023

" Very good verity everything "

 Kathleen - 06/24/2023

" Very pleased how everything went from the time I checked in to checking out. Top Notch staff and doctor! "

 Donald - 06/24/2023

" Outstanding overall. "

 Sally - 06/24/2023

" I was seen by Dr Thode on an emergency basis June 23, 2023. He was courteous, kind, and provided me with a thorough and understandable assessment of my medical concern. He promised to give me a final analysis of what could have been an immediate hospital stay. He called me exactly when he said he would and delivered the great news that all tests proved that there was nothing to worry about and all was normal. I cannot be more appreciative of Dr Thode and all staff at Manning and Rommel for providing a level of care second to none. My sincere thanks to all. Sally Doane "

 Karen - 06/24/2023

" Dr. Bethany Rommel and her staff [triage] were quick to act when I called with an abnormal “floater” in my right eye. I am so appreciative of the immediate referral to ER for further testing to rule out initial diagnosis and an emergency referral to a retinal specialist. Nothing like an emergency to value people under pressure, I am very grateful to Dr. Rommel and her staff for their expertise, professional and clear information. "

 Susan - 06/23/2023

" I went to my appointment a little nervous because of not knowing what to expect. Brad and Dr. Manning explained everything and answered all my questions. Everyone was very professional and overall I had a very good experience. "

 Anne - 06/23/2023

" It was a very pleasant visit "

 Jeffrey - 06/22/2023

" Thank you and the entire staff for being so exemplary! "

 Louise - 06/22/2023

" All staff members are courteous and helpful "

 Mona - 06/22/2023

" Our medical assistant was superb! She knew what she was doing and was very courteous as she was doing it. Then the doctor came in and he was very excellent as well...friendly, thorough, kind. I very much liked the duo who worked with me this time: Dr. Manning and his assistant who has been on staff for some 20+ years I hope I get her again and, of course, I want Dr. Manning also every time I visit! Mona Sauder "

 Barbara - 06/22/2023

" My care was provided by phone which was wonderful. A huge thanks to Marion or Maryann. I was leaving for Atlanta the next am and she provided excellent emergency care via phone after speaking with the doctors. So grateful. "

 Robin - 06/21/2023

" Dr Manning is very personable and knowledgeable. I feel very confident with all the care I receive there. "

 Michael - 06/21/2023

" Had to wait a long time to see the doctor. "

 Scott - 06/21/2023

" likely the best medical practice i’ve dealt with "

 Gary - 06/21/2023

" Every service I have received from Dr. Manning over the years has been excellent. Gary "

 Dennis - 06/21/2023

" Other than long wait time everything went very well. "

 Victor - 06/21/2023

" Dr. Manning is a true professional. Ron Smith "

 Ronald - 06/21/2023

" The doctor was running behind and was very rushed through my appointment. The woman who did my visual field test and pressure checks was very nice, but was apparently somewhat new because she didn't understand certain conditions relative to the types of issues I have. The contact lens tech was very helpful in this regard. Although, that brings me to another point - I am VERY disappointed to learn that you will no longer be providing contact lens service. I have always highly valued my doctors' offices providing that service because I felt like they understood my eye issues better than an optometrist, and I felt that I got better service for contact lenses at my eye doctor than I ever got at an optometrist. "

 Margaret - 06/21/2023

" Excellent care! "

 Frank - 06/21/2023

" Was "

 Peggy - 06/20/2023

" I noticed the lack thereof of wiping instruments with an alcohol wipe has went out the window!! Sad! "

 Miriam - 06/20/2023

" Thanks for improving the wait time. I didn't have a 2 hour wait for this visit, so that's very good. "

 James - 06/20/2023

" I got the Lazer treatment and even though it was a bit hard to keep my eye open it made a major improvement in my vision. "

 Janice - 06/18/2023

" Dr. Rommel is wonderful! Dr. Rommel is an excellent doctor, she is compassionate, knowledgeable, professional and genuinely cares about her patients . I can’t say enough about the great care I receive from Dr. Rommel each time I see her. I have a multiple eye issues and she is always willing to explain options for the proper care . I would highly recommend Dr. Rommel to friends and family who are looking for a top notch ophthalmologist. I am a patient at the practice for many years, Dr. Catherine Rommel was my doctor. I was sad when she retired but then I met Dr. Bethany Rommel ! Thank you for all the wonderful care . "

 John - 06/17/2023

" Usually the care provider was accompanied by a writer person. That was not the case today. Hope that does not diminish the record keeping of my chart(s) "

 Virginia - 06/17/2023

" This appointment went very well, and I was very pleased with everything. Every staff member who I worked with was caring, helpful, and competent, and Dr. Rommel really listened to my concerns. At this particular appointment, Dr. Rommel performed a short procedure to help with my eye sight. She really made me feel very comfortable, and the procedure went well. “Hat off” to her quality work as my eye sight immediately improved. Thank you to the staff and Dr. Rommel for a great appointment! "

 D - 06/17/2023

" I feel comfortable talking to and asking questions to Dr. Manning and the support staff. I like it there!! "

 John - 06/17/2023

" Tried to make my next year’s appointment for a time in July, 2024 but computer system couldn’t accommodate. Must call after July 1st. Not very convenient. "

 Victoria - 06/16/2023

" The assistant was very helpful. She was gentle and very kind. "

 Cheryl - 06/16/2023

" This is the most efficient doctors’ office I have ever been to as well as having the best employees!! "

 R - 06/16/2023

" Couldn't be better "

 Wendy - 06/16/2023

" I would not go anywhere else. "

 Sara - 06/15/2023

" Everyone is wonderful ❣️ "

 Joan - 06/15/2023

" Took to long to get appointment. "

 Dean - 06/15/2023

" Just great people to work with. Always friendly and willing to help you. "

 Diane - 06/15/2023

" Please ask the people who check your eyes initially to stop calling older women Mam. The question when you leave of " Did everything turn out alright" is rather strange. If a person had devastating news about their eyesight, everything is not alright. Asking weather the service was good might be more appropriate and to the point. "

 William - 06/15/2023

" Dr. Rommel is a keeper. "

 Ruth - 06/15/2023

" Always a pleasure to visit your practice. Courteous staff and excellent physicians. "

 Nicholas - 06/15/2023

" Dr. Manning is one of the best physicians I have ever dealt with both in personality and knowledge. "

 Deborah - 06/14/2023

" I was impressed with everyone's competency. Very thorough and took time with me "

 Raymond - 06/14/2023

" Appointment was scheduled several months out as earliest available. My midafternoon appointment was on time. Spent time while waiting picking out new frames with assistant who was very helpful. Actual exam process was very smooth, professional and courteous. All in all excellent service! "

 Marjorie - 06/14/2023

" Dr Manning is so good and understand and helpful "

 Harry - 06/14/2023

" There all rock stars "

 Deborah - 06/10/2023

" Just waiting several months for an appointment when you can’t see and it affected work. And then to be told you really can’t see and we are going to do the laser today. Just wish you could have been able to get me in sooner. Overall everything else was excellent "

 Rosemary - 06/09/2023

" Dr. Manning was very nice and explained everything. It was great that they could get me in at the last minute because they were concerned that something was going on with my eye. "

 Harold - 06/09/2023

" After catarac surgery my eyesight is 20/20 both eyes! At 91 I can see nearly as well as I could as a teenager and without glasses! Thank you to the whole team! Hal Swisher "

 Kay - 06/09/2023

" Thankyou to Dr. Bethany Rommel, Tanya (medical assistant), and all the staff for providing the best eye care in Lancaster/York. I appreciate how knowledgeable and precise you are. It is a joy to visit an office where everyone works together to provide an atmosphere of kindness and helpfulness. Sincerely, Kay Hursh "

 Patty - 06/09/2023

" I was very satisfied with my experience getting my cataracts done. Everyone was so nice and caring. Thank you to all of you and for everything you do for others...sincerely Patty "

 Donna - 06/09/2023

" Professionals at every level! Kind and courteous, friendly staff. Doc Manning is the best! "

 Debora - 06/09/2023

" This office is exceptional! "

 Margarite - 06/08/2023

" Cheryl who did my eye glass prescription exam was especially helpful answered my question s about glasses options. Thank you to Dr. Manning again for the best vision of my lifetime. "

 Susan - 06/08/2023

" This office is extremely professional, runs like a well oiled machine. Dr. Manning is an asset to the medical profession. His staff is courteous and efficient. I have recommended Dr. Manning to friends. "

 Annette - 06/07/2023

" Staff and doctors are courteous and professional. Always a positive experience. "

 Sandra - 06/07/2023

" This was our first visit to your office. Everyone was wonderful even though we were the last ones out of the office! Looking forward to my mom seeing more clearly! 😊 "

 Rhoda - 06/07/2023

" Everyone gave me excellent care. "

 John - 06/07/2023

" Dr Thode and the entire staff with whom I had any interaction provided comprehensive and excellent care for which I am very grateful. Thank you all. "

 James - 06/07/2023

" I had an unusual long wait time at my appointment, apparently the computer system was causing delays with you equipment. That’s why I gave you a FAIR rating on your TIME WAIT question. "

 Eric - 06/07/2023

" As is usual the staff, service, and total experience was excellent. I had an assistant that I did not have before, she was just as competent, helpful, and informative as any others I have had. The assistant checking my vision/prescription was very patient with me. I was having a finicky day with my eyes due to allergies and atmospheric conditions outside, which she understood, and went at a pace that suited my situation. This is the kind of experience I've always received, and why I will continue to come to this practice, even with the fact that I'll be moving further away from the office very soon. "

 Diane - 06/06/2023

" A truly fine experience. I am very pleased!! "

 Jay - 06/06/2023

" Great people working together as a team "

 Helen - 06/06/2023

" I waited 21/2 hours before seeing the doctor and no one informed me of anything while I waited. I understand now from the receptionist that they had two emergencies that day. It would have been helpful if a nurse would have explained the delay and given some time frame and perhaps have given me a water. I like my doctor and I think she and her staff are wonderful. "

 Karen - 06/06/2023

" I was overly impressed with everyone there could not have been nicer and very informative through out. I highly recomrnend if you must have any eye problems this is the place to go "

 Raymond - 06/05/2023

" Best of the Best! "

 Carol - 06/04/2023

" Dr Manning & his staff are EXCELLENT!!! I truly believe the care I received there is superior!! Everyone there is caring, compassionate, and top notch in eyecare!!! So happy with Dr Manning his staff and the excellent eye care I receive!!! Would not want to go anywhere else!!! Highly recommend Dr Manning and their eye care facility!!! "

 Matilda - 06/03/2023

" I was so pleased with everything! Everyone made me feel comfortable highly recommend Dr Manning , ..... Irene Cooney "

 Dorothy - 06/03/2023

" It was a great experience and I am thrilled how well I can see Thank you "

 Joel - 06/03/2023

" I was very grateful to have secured an appointment on an emergency basis. It was my first time with Dr Thode and he was very helpful - explaining what was going on - and recommending treatment. I have only grown in my estimation of this wonderful practice, now having been treated by three of its knowledgeable, professional physicians. . "

 Kathleen - 06/03/2023

" Have been a patience for years. "

 Mary - 06/02/2023

" Everything was EXCELLENT! No complaints at all. "

 Carol - 06/02/2023

" They are great! "

 Nelson - 06/02/2023

" Dr. Manning and all Team assistants were absolutely wonderful...I was well informed and relaxed through entire procedure.. Totally satisfied...Thanks to Everyone involved & God Bless All...Nelson Keagy "

 Margaret - 06/01/2023

" My care has always been excellent! I highly recommend this practice! "

 Amy - 06/01/2023

" Provider is booked out pretty far. But that speaks to quality of care that people return to her "

 Veronica - 06/01/2023

" All the staff are very friendly snd cheerful. The doctor was very kind and explained things wonderfully. My husband and I are glad we found this practice. "

 Daniel - 05/31/2023

" Hopefully everything will work out.Have a little fear going forward but I know I am in the hands of a professional staff and Doctor Thanks "

 Roberta - 05/31/2023

" Dr. Manning was the best. "

 Arthur - 05/31/2023

" No wait time to see the Doctor. "

  - 05/31/2023

" Dr Thode is getting better at staying on schedule only 25 minutes late. I only do morning appointments so I don’t get long delays "

 Constance - 05/31/2023

" I have already recommended Dr. Manning and his staff to several men and women. "

 Kenneth - 05/31/2023

" Great experience. Excellent facilities. "

 Judith - 05/31/2023

" Amanda, the technician that did my refraction was very patient and thorough. I would recommend her to anyone. Of course, I continue to be happy and confident with Dr. Rommel. She answers my questions and is very helpful. "

 Donna - 05/31/2023

" Staff is always professional and courteous . "

 Betty - 05/31/2023

" Dr. Manning has been my eye care provider for many years, and I have recommended him to many others. His staff is outstanding as well. "

 Sharon - 05/31/2023

" Dr. Manning and the entire staff are wonderful. Always a pleasure to see them. "