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Ophthalmology (Eye Diseases)
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Recent Reviews

 Karen - 05/29/2023

" My retina team has always been great. "

 Barbara - 05/28/2023

" I was very Impressed with ALL your staff. Everyone was wonderful. The service was more than prompt and efficient. Thanks for everything. Sincerely, Barbara Marrier "

 James - 05/28/2023

" I was in shock when i left, Not one problem. Everything done without asking me again not one problem The rest of the Medical places need to be like this a diamond in the ruff. Thank you doctor Chain my first name i use is JIMBO. "

 Linda - 05/27/2023

" Appointment was seamless and Dr Hsu was, as always, pleasant and professional. "

 Joseph - 05/27/2023

" Dr. Regillo is the best "

 Sandra - 05/26/2023

" I was aware i was gettimg a chk.up .abt my upcoming cararact surgery.& to chk on the possibilty.of getting macular degenetstion I knw my sister has had it for a long.time but i had never been told i did. Dr park was talking like i did have it & i should hv been Going to appointments with instructions for.treatments. i was only told the exam was for the possibility of it - not tbat I had it & was ignoring it. I was in shock & too upset to ask questions & still the words hsve not been told to me that yes - u have m. D. "

 Chris - 05/26/2023

" The whole experience was very good for fixing my small retinal tears, and the Dr even found a 2nd smaller tear during his exam. There was a second billing of my FSA account that is not accurate, so my expectation is that the staff will resolve that once I am able to get in contact with them after the holiday weekend. "

 Sandra - 05/26/2023

" Everyone is friendly, clean and professional. I would definitely recommend you to my friends and family. "

 Contanza - 05/26/2023

" Staff was very nice and inflammable "

 Joanne - 05/26/2023

" Wills Eye is Always a Very Busy Place . The Offices were recently Renovated, Updated and Expanded. The Staff is Professional and Efficient. Dr. Dunn is the Best of the Best. I have been a patient of Dr Dunn for Several Years. I live in Morris County in NJ. I travel 2 hours to Wills Eye. Trust me, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. My one and only negative comment would be Parking in the Parking Garage is Expensive. "

 Rosemarie - 05/26/2023

" Above and beyond excellent!!! "

 Paul - 05/26/2023

" Johnathan had a great chair side manner and made me feel comfortable as he explained everything he was doing. Dr. Fineman was also very kind and everyone there helped put me at ease. "

 Dorisanne - 05/26/2023

" Dr Vander and the entire staff went above and beyond to make sure I got the treatment I needed. I couldn’t say enough about the experience. Dori Miller "

 April - 05/26/2023

" Very clean environment everyone were friendly Pleasant. Good service not a long wait time before being seen. "

 Mary - 05/26/2023

" All of the visit was very professional, informative and friendly. "

 Thomas - 05/26/2023

" Normally, I visit the Mays Landing office, so I was a little apprehensive. But the Mount Holly office was extremely accommodating and professional. I've been amazed by the clockwork-like system employed by the Mid Atlantic Retina staff. There is very little wait time, and an active staff keeps the visit moving from station to station. "

 Donna - 05/26/2023

" Dr. Cohen is kind and efficient. He is knowledgeable and professional and treats me like a person, not just a pair of eyes. The staff are also kind and professional and patient. "

 Vinit - 05/25/2023

" AAA +++ rating Everything like clockwork But most importantly.. excellent care and attention through the entire visit "

 Edward - 05/25/2023

" Everyone was cheerful and smiling, but the wait was a little too long. "

 Lucy - 05/25/2023

" The care I have received over the years from Dr. Spirn and the staff at Mid Atlantic is amazing. They are friendly, courteous, caring and always take the time to see how I am doing and feeling. "

 David - 05/25/2023

" Check-in area is horrible! Over crowded, loud, and reception desk is unprofessional. I used to manage a reception area for Jefferson. "

 Donna - 05/25/2023

" It was a pleasant experience they made me feel at ease and EVERYONE I came in contact with were professional and personable . I know I’ll be back for further treatment and I will take comfort knowing I’m in good hands 😀👁 "

 Vanessa - 05/25/2023

" I am always pleased with the professional and medical services provided by Mid-Atlantic Retina. Dr. Gupta is outstanding. Vanessa Gosa "

 Joann - 05/25/2023

" Dr Garg was very thorough and explained everything impeccable "

 Matt - 05/24/2023

" The appointment staff person - Jamie - was wonderful in helping me get a quick appointment as a new patient. "

 Carole - 05/24/2023

" Dr. Mehra answered all my questions to my satisfaction and allayed my fears re: eye (lens movement). "

 David - 05/24/2023

" My whole experience was great. The wait time was over one hour. "

 Dawn - 05/24/2023

" All the staff in the office were friendly and reviewed what would happen next. Dr. Yoshi has a great way about him, very thorough and explains results carefully. I’m glad I found this office to help with my issues. "

 Brunilda - 05/24/2023

" Everyone was professional and very pleasant "

 Thomas - 05/24/2023

" Always high quality, very professional. Outstanding dr. Fortunate to have him "

 Lisa - 05/24/2023

" Most efficient office I have ever been to! "

 David - 05/24/2023

" Only thing was the online pre-registration needs some work, was a bit confusing and too technical savvy for most people. "

 Sally - 05/24/2023

" The registration process seemed much better on this recent visit. I only waited about ten minutes to be checked in. My main complaints have to do with the parking . There were three mini busses blocking the garage entrance, causing me to worry that I might be late for my appointment. Also, there should be a reminder in the office itself or by the checkout staff that parking tickets can be validated for a discounted price. It is very inconvenient to get downstairs to the garage and then have to go back up to the office because I forgot. "

 Peter - 05/24/2023

" All the professionalism I would expect. Doc was thorough and explained everything including next steps. "

 Judith - 05/24/2023

" Dr. Kaiser is the greatest. He is very gentle and great. Nothing more to say he is wonderful. That’s the truth. "

 Robert - 05/23/2023

" Dr. Vander is the best. "

 Gail - 05/23/2023

" Thank you Dr. Park for explaining everything to me and taking your time. "

 Kenneth - 05/23/2023

" Staff members were friendly, professional and efficient. Dr. Park is very good. I’m pleased to have him treat my eyes. "

 Timothy - 05/23/2023

" All was good! "

 Amudha - 05/23/2023

" N/A "

 Juan - 05/23/2023

" Very profesional and fast respond to calls. "

 Richard - 05/23/2023

" First class from beginning to end "

 Yves - 05/23/2023

" Dr Gupta is the best!! He is very professional and has a lot of empathy. "

 Joe - 05/23/2023

" Top notch practice!! "

 Laurianne - 05/23/2023

" The office was very accommodating in getting me in right in even though I was a brand new client. "

 Robert - 05/23/2023

" Dr Regillo is superb All technicians were excellent t Staff had rough time locating the documents i filled out The process to be seen was slow ( compared with NJ Retina) "

 Monica - 05/23/2023

" It was an absolutely positive experience from beginning to end. Staff was wonderful. And since this was my first experience With an eye issue, everyone was positive and reassuring. "

 Karen - 05/23/2023

" From checkin thru checkout always a smooth process. Professionalism at its best. Ive been coming for 6 years and never have i been disappointed. Twice i have had a concern post injection and phoned the office. Very quickly my questions were answered. Most appreciated!! "

 Joanna - 05/23/2023

" Staff was very accommodating to my needs. Very friendly office. "

 Cathleen - 05/23/2023

" Staff was more friendly than usual. Though the office was very busy, staff worked efficiently to move patients through the process. Dr. Kaiser is always excellent! "

 Paul - 05/23/2023

" The only problem was the time it took from check-in to treatment. I arrived for my 8:30 AM appointment at 8:20 and had no trouble registering. I was taken to a room for an eye chart reading, pressure measurement, and drops. Then I had a scan. All were completed in about fifteen minutes. The wait afterward took approximately FIFTY minutes until I was treated. Therefore the visit lasted about One Hour and Twenty-Five minutes, which I thought excessive. "

 Betty - 05/23/2023

" I had great help and everyone was kind "

 Earl - 05/23/2023

" I did not like the fact that I had to sit right next to someone in the office in the waiting room. Covid is not over yet. I think sitting that close to people that you do not know or that are not in your family is very dangerous. Yes I do have all of my shots required. But I still do not like sitting that close to people where both arms of the chair are touching each other. That is too darn close. I mean coming to this facility every century was new and the profitability before which I attended for about 5 years. This is still very dangerous "

 Thomas - 05/22/2023

" They really took extra care of my brother, who is disabled and went out of their way to make him comfortable "

 Loretta - 05/22/2023

" Everyone was very nice.. Had never been there before. Was recommended by my regular eye Dr, I will be going back and loved my Dr. "

 Ruth - 05/21/2023

" The doctor was very good but I just felt rushed . I know a very busy doctor By the amount of pts in office. I just felt being a first time pt. Slightly nervous and that made me More nervous. We all have different personalities . The staff was great warm Personal, helpful with questions. It was an excellent visit. "

 Maryann - 05/20/2023

" Waiting for. Call to schedual operation "

 Louis - 05/20/2023

" I love bringing my adult Mentally Challenged Son to this Company and Doctors . Everyone is so caring and patient with him. I always feel like he is in good hands. "

 Dolores - 05/20/2023

" My first time there, not sure what you expect, but everyone was very helpful and explained the very procedures that I would have to experience. My condition is macular, and one of my eyes went from dry to wet. It’s a scary situation for me. It felt that I was in the best hands to support me with this condition. Not on right now but going forward. thank you. "

 John - 05/20/2023

" Dr. Vander is the "GREATEST OF ALL TIME" Retina Doctors/Surgeons . He explains everything in detail and answers all my questions. Thanks Dr. Vander! "

 Debra - 05/20/2023

" The doctor and the staff were very nice and helpful. The whole experience was really excellent "

 Harry - 05/20/2023

" Glad that donning a mask is left to the patients’ discretion now. "

 Joy - 05/20/2023

" Very concerned staff. Dr Garg explained everything and I’m very grateful for his help with my eyes. "

 Paul - 05/20/2023

" I thought 3 hours was a long time to be there "

 Sally - 05/20/2023

" Dr Vander and his staff are wonderful ! "

 Patricia - 05/20/2023

" Physician and staff are extremely helpful and professional. "

 Alesia - 05/20/2023

" I was impressed. No long wait time this time. Dr. Kuriyan is very professional but, also so nice. "

 Linda - 05/20/2023

" The Mid Atlantic staff is friendly and efficient. Dr. Hsu is excellent. His examination is thorough and he clearly explains the results. He also listens and addresses patient questions. "

 Kimberly - 05/19/2023

" The “welcome” was so blunt - “what’s your name” that I was surprised. All others were so helpful, kind and accommodating. "

 William - 05/19/2023

" In the many years I’ve been a patient here I’ve been well treated by courteous professionals. I highly recommend Mid Atlantic Retina. "

 Linda - 05/19/2023

" Always an excellent experience at Mid Atlantic Retina. "

 Patricia - 05/19/2023

" I am slow forming my questions and I didn’t really understand the pictures in terms of what was current and what was previous six months ago Dr. firemen said they had been no change, but the pictures were quite different one from another, and I would like to know why that was "

 Carmen - 05/19/2023

" My first time visiting your office. Each person I came in contact with were friendly and helpful. Thank you for making my visit less anxious. Please keep up the good work "

 Karen - 05/19/2023

" Everyone is pleasant n helpful "

 Penny - 05/19/2023

" I could not have been more pleased. It was my first visit and I was very nervous. From the minute I walked in, I was put at ease. Everyone was so friendly and they were very thorough! I couldn’t have had a better experience!! "

 Kathleen - 05/19/2023

" Every person on staff that assisted in my care were courteous and efficient . Justin even brought me water when my seasonal allergies triggered a cough. Thank you Justin. Dr. Chaing listened to my concerns and answered all my questions related to my diagnosis. I have complete trust in his recommendations. This satellite site of Wills Eye Hospital is a gift to the Lehigh Valley. "

 Snigdha - 05/18/2023

" I trust Dr. Dunn absolutely. He comes highly regarded by his colleagues and peer from other healthcare system such as Johns Hopkins and UPenn. He is professional, meticulous, responsive and above all an empathetic and compassionate physician. May he thrive and do well in life as in this institute. He is a treasure. The leaders of Will’s’ Eye Institute should take good care of him "

 Cynthia - 05/18/2023

" Everyone was helpful and supportive. Thanks "

 Craig - 05/18/2023

" The staff is very friendly "

 Lori - 05/18/2023

" Dr. Yonekawa is singularly one of the most professional physicians I have ever seen over a lifetime. He has both a wonderful personality and bedside manner as well as an instinctive way of making a patient feel at ease. The staff were outstanding and welcoming. Everyone was very informative and professional. "

 Maria - 05/18/2023

" The staff and Dr all were informative and explained what was happening. "

 Waymon - 05/18/2023

" Great service! Friendly staff "

 Andrew - 05/18/2023

" Dr Ho and his staff are always very professional and caring. "

 Lynn - 05/18/2023

" Treatment and service by Dr. Jason Hsu is excellent. He is the best. The staff is also really good. "

 Auria - 05/18/2023

" I had a great experience and the staff were very friendly :) "

 William - 05/18/2023

" I'm glad there were portable sunglasses at the checkout counter. I really needed them yesterday because it was so bright out! "

 John - 05/18/2023

" Great staff and Doctor was awesome "

 Karen - 05/18/2023

" My Retina looks normal again. Check ups are somewhat quick. Staff is very friendly. Complications with insurance are shared with you up front "

 Nicholas - 05/18/2023

" All was perfect "

 Bonnie - 05/18/2023

" Have been patirnt of Dr HSU for 14 yrs. Most professional MD … respected retina specialist. I trust him - WILLS EYE w/treatment of AMD - losing my vision unfortunately. "

 Florence - 05/18/2023

" What an unusual bunch of professional people everyone is pleasant and happy, everyt0ne is willing to answer all your concerns or find out the answer immediately. Face it this entire place is like taking a step back in time when the medical field actually cared about you. Remember that? I feel safe! "

 Christine - 05/18/2023

" Love Dr Spirn and the current staff! "

 Peggy - 05/18/2023

" I was very happy that everything was on time. I was in and out in less than an hour, and that included the waiting time for the refraction. Dr. Gupta was great, and I have already recommended him to my friends who might have retinal issues. "

 Nancy - 05/17/2023

" My visits with Dr. Rigillo and his staff are always pleasant and professional. I've recommended this office on several occasions. "

 Joseph - 05/17/2023

" Dr. Dunn is more than exceptional at what he does. He really takes him to to explain the situation at hand in an understandable manner. Staff are very friendly as well! "

 Diane - 05/17/2023

" Doctor is excellent, but it seems that this practice overbooks its doctors. Took 90 minutes to finally see doctor. While in the second waiting area, I met several people. 3 appointment times, including mine were scheduled w/two people at the same time. This hardly seems fair to the doctor and his patients. "

 Bryan - 05/17/2023

" Dr. Yonekawa is excellent. I mean that in all aspects of his profession and personality. "

 Ann Marie - 05/17/2023

" I have been coming to your office since 2016, no issues! Thank you "

 Joanne - 05/17/2023

" Everything about my visit was positive. Thank you all very much. "

 David - 05/17/2023

" Although appointment was delayed by 40 minutes due to emergency cases, results were excellent. "

 James - 05/17/2023

" Dr. Chiang, though on a fast track in keeping up with his practice by serving all of his patients within reasonable time parameters, nevertheless always makes me feel when we talk and he does his doctoring with me as if I am his only patient; and that is very, very good. He always answer fully all my questions and concerns on the medical front, and that is very satisfying for me, the patient. He is one very smart and very personable specialist and physician. I’m thankful to have this doctor as my treating physician. "

 Alexandra - 05/17/2023

" The best practice of professionals ! "

 Merle - 05/17/2023

" I came to appointment thinking I would be told nothing could help with my macara hole. I left with hope my situation could be improved with another surgery. I traveled 170 miles to see the doctor so we don’t live close to your office because of Wills Eye doctors reputation. I am looking forward to the surgery to help my condition. "

 Barbara - 05/17/2023

" Everyone - the entire staff and Dr. Ho - was so friendly and positive. I look forward to continuing my retina care here. "

 William - 05/17/2023

" Dr. Mehta is a caring, professional and excellent doctor. I have been coming for the uncomfortable eye injections for quite a while. It helps a lot when the physician and staff make it easier. I would definitely recommend Dr Mehta and Mid Atlantic Retina to anyone. Thank you. "

 Carolyn - 05/16/2023

" Dr Park was very professional and he explained everything to me "

 Albert - 05/16/2023

" On same level as Philly 8th. "

 Florence - 05/16/2023

" One of, probably the best medical office my wife and I visit. Dr. Gupta is excellent, explains everything in detail. We recommend this office to anyone that may ask about our experience. "

 Robert - 05/16/2023

" Everyone was polite.,Doc explained what was going on with my eye very well., "

 Pawan - 05/16/2023

" excellent devoted staff , keep up the great noble work , thanks "

 Joyce - 05/16/2023

" Office staff very pleasant and accommodating. Dr was very thorough. "

 Lori - 05/16/2023

" I was very happy and satisfied with the staff and Dr. park.. "

 Gladys - 05/16/2023

" Great customer service and professionalism "

 Christine - 05/16/2023

" Dr Mehta is a fantastic provider! She takes her time and listens "

 Roberta - 05/16/2023

" Everyone was friendly and very professional. "

 Joan - 05/15/2023

" I've been a patient for a number of years and I have always had a great experience with MidAtlantic--keep up the excellent work. "

 Richard - 05/15/2023

" I was very pleased with everyone I had contact with, from the initial appointment set up, to the exam and checkout. "

 Keith - 05/14/2023

" The staff and Dr hsu were nice and very direct with diagnosing my eyes. I would absolutely recommend them to everyone .thank you Dr hsu "

 Vincent - 05/13/2023

" The dr was a nice and understanding and answered all my questions throughly!!I at first was scared but then got very comfortable "

 Peter - 05/13/2023

" Interaction was professional, comfortable, and left me with the feeling of being cared for as well as being important to the practice "

 George - 05/13/2023

" The Tech who initially examined my eyesight checked my pressure and Administered eye drops. Was just too hurried and unprofessional. I dealt with her attitude Out of respect for the excellent care I have always received from the rest of the staff. I believe I'v Had this tech my last 2 visits? This tech needs some training needs to slow down and be more professional with the patients, To come up To the excellent level of care I have always received from the rest of your staff on my many previous visits. "

 Alan - 05/13/2023

" Everyone I came in contact with was friendly and professional 👍 "

 Deborah - 05/13/2023

" It was hard for me to get an appointment. I have been a patient of MidAtlantic Retina for probably 20 years. But in 2014, I was told I was stable and didn’t need to come back unless I had a problem. So then when a doctor told me she saw a retinal problem, I couldn’t make an appointment because it was more than three years since I’d been seen. I had to get my other doctor to refer me. Maybe the insurance companies make you do that. I’m not sure. But I know I have enough retinal problems that I need to be able to see a retinal specialist whenever I feel the need. And I LOVE MidAtlantic Retina. This is the practice I always want to see. Dr. Benson and Dr. Tasman used to be my doctors. Now it is Dr. Regillo. I have received excellent care from all of them. Dr. Regillo said I don’t need follow up right now, but I plan to make another appointment for 18 months so that I don’t get in this situation again. If I would get flashes of light or new floaters I want to be able to be seen. Thank you! "

 Paula - 05/13/2023

" Awesome service "

 John - 05/13/2023

" I recommended my brother and several other individuals to doctor Garg. He is one of the most capable physicians I have ever seen "

 Diana - 05/13/2023

" Every time I come here I am always satisfied with the girls at the front desk,everyone that prepares me with my eye exams and my favorite doctor Dr. Ho I will always recommend this office to everyone! Diana D "

 Paul - 05/13/2023

" Dr vander is not only a great physician but also a great personality. He make you comfortable and at ease so you can tolerate getting an eye injection which is not something most patients look forward to. He makes it easy. Great guy. "

 Joyce - 05/12/2023

" If you ever need a Retina Specialist I highly recommend the Mid Adlantic Retina as they are very good at what they do. "

 Gail - 05/12/2023

" Great service, fast and courteous "

 Bachir - 05/12/2023

" Extremely satisfied "

 Carole - 05/12/2023

" My visit was handled in a very professional manner. I was very pleased with my visit. "

 Priscilla - 05/12/2023

" Midatlantic Retina is an excellent practice. Everyone I come in contact with from check in to check out are always knowledgable, professional yet personable. I travel from DE for my appointments. The care I receive is worth the drive and traffic. "

 Paul - 05/12/2023

" I won’t say all my fears were relieved, but I have a better understanding of what concerned my ophthalmologist. Hopefully the three-month follow up will lay my vision concerns to rest. Dr Cohen’s exam seemed quick, but thorough. He explained what is going on in my eye, answered my questions and didn’t seem too concerned at what he found. That was reassuring. "

 Gloria - 05/12/2023

" I’ve been seeing Dr Allan Ho at Wills Eye for 13 years. He is the best doctor ever! "

 Theresa - 05/12/2023

" From the check in procedure to the doctor examining my eyes I was so glad I chose Dr Park! He operated and took care of my husband a few years ago before he passed and I was a bit intimidated but feel he is the best in his profession as many of friends and relatives said the same. It was worse because an eye doctor from Simon Eye told me I needed to see a specialist/ surgeon because I had a macular cyst!! Then I called them to tell them I was going to see Dr Park and to please send them information on why they wanted to see me. Which they agreed to but never sent! I was embarrassed but each of the women that gave me a test told me not to worry. Once I saw Dr Park he reassured me that their exam would tell him, which it did. I did not have a macular cyst thank God! I will not go elsewhere now! "

 Andreia - 05/12/2023

" Brittany is always so kind!!!! Dr Cohen is extremely knowledgeable! The whole office staff is great! "

 James - 05/12/2023

" Dr. Chang and his assistants were top notch. I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience. "

 William - 05/12/2023

" Dr. Ho is thorough professional and just great thank God for him or I would probably be dead. I’m a diabetic and he notice swelling that had it gone on much longer I would have had a stroke or worse. Thank you Dr Ho. From William DiPasquale. "

 Maggie - 05/12/2023

" Dr. Park is very clear in explaining details as to the treatment he provide me. "

 Nancy - 05/12/2023

" I love this practice and doctor Vender! Clear, concise , informative! "

 Robin - 05/12/2023

" The staff here are friendly and professional. My appointment was well coordinated and pleasant. Dr. Sivalingam is very thorough and experienced. I trust him with my eye health. A+ "

 Marie - 05/12/2023

" Thank you to all of the staff and especially Dr. Gupta for answering all of my questions and making me feel comfortable. "

 Andrew - 05/12/2023

" Eye care is importqant and you waqnt to have confidence with the Doctor and the staff. Third visit and I can appreciate the training and study that the staff under goes to give me good health coverage. OI am very impressed with the Doctor and his assistants. "

 Stephanie - 05/11/2023

" I have been a patient here for over a year . My vision has improved and now I can see out of my right eye . Dr. Chiang is a highly professional human and passionate to what he does for a living. His voice is veru therapeutic and calming. He wants to help you and steer you in the right direction for future appointments. He is very knowledgeable with emacular degeneration and has helped me tremendously. He treats numerous patients on a daily . He always has a good attitude. His staff is very sweet and makes the patients feel comfortable and well cared for. In the waiting room all the other patients are always speaking highly about Dr. Chiang while they are waiting their turn . I do the same as well . Absolutely 100 % the best . Highly recommend to all . "

 Cecelia - 05/11/2023

" All staff, nurses and Doctors are all professional, helpful and pleasant. Dr. Cohen and Dr. Chang are knowledgeable and explain process and do their best to make me feel comfortable. "

 Mujibur - 05/11/2023

" Wish the services prevail continuously and consistently! "

 Subhash - 05/11/2023

" Evebody is ver good "

 Doretha - 05/11/2023

" I have never experienced absolutely superb customer service and all my life. It was simply the best "

 Franz - 05/11/2023

" They quickly responded to our needs "

 Joesph - 05/11/2023

" The office is a well organized and efficient. From start to finish the staff was detailed and pleasant. I would recommend them to anyone who is in need of a Eye specialist. "

 Ernest - 05/11/2023

" The entire appointed process was outstanding. The office staff was kind, understanding, and helpful. The doctor was upbeat and positive. He was exceptionally encouraging and understanding. I’m glad I had the appointment with these dedicated and professional staff. "

 James - 05/11/2023

" I have been a patient for over 15 years, with Dr. Gupta having treated me for the past 7. Dr. Gupta knows my case thoroughly, shares his insights, reviews films with me and as a result of his care, I am maintaining my vision in affected eye. I have met Dr. Gupta in 5 different locations in addition to my “home office” at Bala, and in each, all personnel are professional and friendly. I have referred others to Mid-Atlantic Retinal and am always thanked by those whom I refer. Thank you all. "

 Lynne - 05/11/2023

" Very busy office but efficient and thorough. "

 Samuel - 05/11/2023

" Dr Chiang and his staff have always been informative and supportive. I wish there were more like them. "

 John - 05/11/2023

" Dr Garg is incredible! Always very thorough, personable, professional and willing to answer any questions. I couldn’t be more pleased! I have been seeing him for about 7 years now and am so grateful that I selected him from from a field of outstanding physicians. I have total trust and confidence in him and his treatment approach!!! Thank you Dr Garg! "

 Alicia - 05/11/2023

" I'm so grateful that you were able to schedule me ASAP from a problem that I was experiencing. I feel that I received excellent care. All my questions and concerns were addressed. "

 Wendy - 05/11/2023

" I was very happy with all the caring people there. It made me trust them with my eyes. "

 Yvonne - 05/10/2023

" The best eye appointment that I have had yet. Minimal waiting time. Fast and prompt all through my appointment and everyone was helpful and professional. The doctor was courteous and knowlegable and professional. Absolutely thrilled that I transferred to them..office was impeccably clean. Will refer everyone to them. Thank you for an amazing experience. "

 Simone - 05/10/2023

" Dr Chang is so wonderful with my 88 year old mom that need to be seen every 8 weeks "

 Richard - 05/10/2023

" The staff went above and beyond to help my husband who is handicapped . Special Thankyou to Mary who was very helpful and empathetic.You are very lucky to have her as an employee. "

 Linda - 05/10/2023

" I was very appreciative that because of concerns from my eye dr they were able to have me seen quickly. The office was very professional with very friendly efficient staff. "

 Jacqueline - 05/10/2023

" Dr answered all my questions, l didn’t feel rushed and he gave me assurance in regard to the needle procedure. "

 Thomas - 05/10/2023

" 1000xs better than Centry eye Care in Bristol, Pa. Everything you do is very professional and caring! Thank you! "

 Carol - 05/10/2023

" Great job all around! "

 Craig - 05/10/2023

" Great staff, doctors and nurses worked well with me and my wife at my visits. And it almost over. Thank god "

 Kim - 05/10/2023

" Great service from all staff members dr klufus was gentle and very kind CANT wait for my next visit "

 N Russell - 05/10/2023

" Great that I was seen on time and step by step was efficient. "

 Jean - 05/10/2023

" Dr Chang was extremely helpful and explained everything to me abt my condition. "

 Sonia - 05/10/2023

" I really appreciate the way Ebony and Samantha, Emmarie, and the young lady who prepped me for the laser welcomed me and made feel calm throughout the visit. Getting a laser in my eyeball was absolutely no fun, but I trusted the doctor and the crew at Wills Eye so it made the ordeal more manageable. "

 Loretta - 05/10/2023

" Every girl that worked with me was very very nice. And I love Dr Park. "

 Charles - 05/10/2023

" A great, well organized office. My doctor was thorough, professional, a great communicator, answered all questions completely - he inspired confidence. One "con": I filled out my forms online using the mobile version. I needed to restart 2 times, as it didn't retain what I had already entered. "

 Richard - 05/10/2023

" A top notch staff, hard to find any areas that could have been improved upon. Thank you. "

 Ute - 05/09/2023

" Every visit is excellent i only have praise for all The people that work there thank you very much "

 Richard - 05/09/2023

" Was a great visit. A second opinion for me. Dr. Shu and the staff were wonderful "

 Jeffrey - 05/09/2023

" World class operation The only concern I have is I did not receive (and forgot to ask for) a summary of my visit in writing as I usually get after a medical visit.Are notes forwarded to my referring doctor? Thanks so much- Jeff McCombie "

 Vincent - 05/09/2023

" Staff is always friendly very helpful and always ready to go the extra mile.. "

 Welford - 05/09/2023

" It was a pleasure to meet Dr. Kuriyan for the first time. "

 Jacob - 05/09/2023

" Dr Dunn is such a great Dr. He always is very comforting knowing my sons long term medical issues. He always asks about his general being and interacts with him. I wish his office was closer. "

 Ellen - 05/09/2023

" Would like to recognize receptionist K'Teri and Tiana for their kindness and patience with my check in. "

 Joseph - 05/09/2023

" I have tremendous faith in Dr.Park. To watch him work is to be in the presence of greatness. "

 Michael - 05/09/2023

" Dr. Vander is friendly and informative making an unpleasant experience a little better. Most all of the staff are friendly and welcoming. "

 Linda - 05/09/2023

" I brought my aunt in for an initial visit with Dr. Park. This was an incredible experience. Dr. Park is an excellent physician, and his staff is right up there with him. Thank you. "

 Edith - 05/09/2023

" Everything was perfect "

 Jeffrey - 05/09/2023

" Very lmpressed "

 Francis - 05/08/2023

" It was most professional and helpful. "

 Kathleen - 05/07/2023

" I felt completely confident in everyone involved in my visit v "

 Jodee - 05/07/2023

" Dr. Garg is an amazing physician and I recommend him to all of my friends! He is perfect in every way-he explains everything in a way you can understand, asks questions, personable, thorough, and makes me feel more confident about my eye issues. He should be the standard for all physicians! He's had a positive impact on my life, both physically and mentally! "

 Linda - 05/07/2023

" Considering it's an injection in my eye, I would say that everything went well. The doctors and staff are AA+, and the time from check-in to check-out are better than most medical offices. "

 Susan - 05/07/2023

" I have been seeing Dr Chiang since 2019. His professionalism and calming demeanor kept me relaxed during some uncomfortable procedures. I would highly recommend Mid Atlantic Retina and Dr Chiang. "

 Linda - 05/07/2023

" Dr. Xu and staff at the Newtown Square office treated me with professional respect. They were friendly and explained every step of the visit. They confirmed my birthday each time I entered a new room for a different part of the appointment. I also very much appreciate that the scheduling center called me AFTERI had made an appointment to let me know there were earlier times available at another local Mid-Atlantic Retina. As a result, I was able to get treated earlier, bringing peace of mind and relief. "

 Frances - 05/06/2023

" Dr. Kariya was excellent. Very kind and soft spoken...the front desk receptionist who signed me in had a wonderful enjoyable personality...good outcome!! "

 Charles - 05/06/2023

" Dr Chiang was first class. Liked him a lot trusted his opinion. Wills Eye Grad. That’s as good as it gets. CHAZZ DOLAWAY. "

 Gloria - 05/06/2023

" I always enjoy my visit here I'm traveling from NJ so it's a ride and I enjoy because the office is always friendly and pleasant but this visit the front desk receptionist was very short with me not patient and lack of understanding I apologized to her for not being able to see how to use the machine to pay my co-pay she got so irritated with me she took my card out of hand and said I'll just do it but maybe she was havin a bad day but "

 Donzella - 05/06/2023

" I've been a patient for a long time and I'm very thankful for the support and comfort help "

 Tina - 05/06/2023

" It sure is a BUSY place ! "

 Joan - 05/06/2023

" Dr Dunn recommended that I have a same day appointment due to a problem with my vision. Office staff was able accommodate an appointment in Lansdale office ( my preferred office ) as I could not get into the city. Intake staff was charming … I even complimented my receptionist on her lovely smile. Dr. Chiang was thorough and, important to me, proactively explained the problem and resolution in terms that I could understand and he answered my questions without any indication of impatience. He also advised me of what to look out for going forward and encouraged me to come back in if the situation got worse. It was just a great experience especially since I was fit into the schedule on an emergency basis. "

 Carol - 05/06/2023

" Dr. Gupta is an outstanding physician!! He is knowledgeable, skilled, professional, and personable. "

 Stephen - 05/06/2023

" Keep up the good work "

 Michael - 05/06/2023

" The check in process needs to be a lot bigger. "

 Nadia - 05/06/2023

" All staff are very professional, patient and curteous. Dr Garg is an outstanding specialist. He explained everything very Clearly and made sure I understood his diagnosis. I feel so fortunate that he is my eye specialist. "

 Helen - 05/06/2023

" Staff & doctor were informative & caring. Follow up at mid Atlantic retina was also great "

 Shirley - 05/06/2023

" Allen Ho is a treasure! "

 Robert - 05/06/2023

" I've been going to Mid-Atlantic Retina for a number of years now and I've experienced nothing but excellence on all my visits. The skill level of the physicians and the assisting staff is second to none. Thanks for the wonderful care Mid-Atlantic Retina has given me over the years and will continue provide as the years go forward. Thanks again. "

 Wendy - 05/06/2023

" Explains in detail which was much appreciated. "

 Paula - 05/06/2023

" Overall, this was a great visit. Everyone communicated clearly and I am grateful for that. Glad the wait wasn't longer than 2 hours. "

 George - 05/05/2023

" I have been a patient for 12 years,this is the best retina care I have ever had.Dr Kaiser is the best "

 Roland - 05/05/2023

" It’s was the best visit I had in long time in a dr office. Very pleased "

 Chriso - 05/05/2023

" Dr Regillo is a great Dr. I've been seeing him for several years. One of the most efficient offices I've ever been to. In and out. "

 Katherine - 05/05/2023

" Staff always kind and professional "

 Gerard - 05/05/2023

" The entire staff was very kind and professional. Tristan was especially nice. "

 Allen - 05/05/2023

" Very satisfied with all aspects. Genuinely exceptional.......... "

 Caniece - 05/05/2023

" Staff was very comforting and outgoing ! Very welcoming and professional! 10/10! "

 Michael - 05/05/2023

" Our first contact was Gina who did initial interaction. Very attentive and focused on patient discussion and needs.followed up at discharge and asked if there was anything else. And shared if we had additional questions to call. Excellent patient interaction. Kudos to Gina. Every one else did great too. It was our first visit. "

 Redwood - 05/04/2023

" The wait time on this last appointment was much better than the past experiences. Keep it up. "

 Michael - 05/04/2023

" All staff was attentive and efficient (check in had difficulty finding/confirming my appointment). Dr Dunn was exceptional in every regard. Extremely knowledgeable , and explained my condition/problem/treatment plan very well, in understandable terms. He could not have been better. "

 Darlene - 05/04/2023

" Thank you to Dr Chiangmai and the whole staff for making my visit exceptional. "

 Greg - 05/04/2023

" Very kind, friendly and professional staff. "

 Lisa - 05/04/2023

" Worst appt I ever had was due to wait time but last several appts have been almost speedy. Moved through different areas very timely. But office staff always very professional and friendly as well. "

 Robert - 05/04/2023

" The staff was very pleasant. The doctor was really great.. I thought the doctor was a little young but I was advised. She has a birthday coming up and I'll be 40. Happy Birthday.🤾 . "

 Claudia - 05/04/2023

" Efficient and professional from the receptionist to the physician. "

 Margaret - 05/04/2023

" The young lady with brown hair and glasses who checked me in was caring, kind, helpful and a pleasure to interact with. The lady at the door when you 1st arrive was also very nice. The 1st nurse, Priya, who took my history was also very pleasant to deal with and put me at ease. The doctor also put me at ease, and explained things so it was easily understood. Overall everyone was nice and how I remembered this office when I had brought my Mom there prior to covid. "

 Jeffrey - 05/04/2023

" I have recommended patients to Dr Fineman "

 Mark - 05/04/2023

" Dr. Dunn is fantastic. He is very thorough and professional. He is very caring and very personable. I have a lot of confidence in the doctor Dunn. "

 David - 05/04/2023

" When I come in and meet staff and Doctor. It make me happy and smile. "

 Susan - 05/04/2023

" Front desk checkin is sometimes very slow! There were two ladies upfront to help and one saw me standing there for at least 5-7 minutes and never asked if she could help me! "

 Sarah - 05/04/2023

" Mid-Atlantic Retina is the BEST. They are professional, extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I feel Dr Fineman is fabulous and he saved my vision. I highly recommend Mid-Atlantic Retina. "

 Theodore - 05/04/2023

" Dr. Garg is the best! "

 Roseann - 05/04/2023

" It was so nice that everyone there was so friendly! Everyone was so professional and courteous. Dr. Ho is a very special person. He has such great admiration for what he does and it shows in his care to patients. Thank you so much to all staff for making my visit a special one. "

 Joseph - 05/04/2023

" Positive visit "

 Patricia - 05/04/2023

" Very efficient operation. I felt like I got enough attention from each technician & the doctor through the steps while being processed quickly. "

 Kimberly - 05/03/2023

" Very quick service. I was in and out for my appointment "

 Luis - 05/03/2023

" Great job! "

 Joseph - 05/03/2023

" Visit lasted about 1.5 hours. It was broken up with checking in, then the initial exam, eyedrops, and interview with nurse then an eye scan before returning to waiting room to see the doctor. The waiting room was busy and there was constant coming and going of patients. Overall the time passed reasonably fast, but in the future I will book 2 hours in MY time for subsequent visits. Waiting room was comfortable. "

 Tracy - 05/03/2023

" The waiting room is very crowded. "

 Homero - 05/03/2023

" Excellent staff very professional 👏 "

 David - 05/03/2023

" It seems hard to talk get through to the office you are going to,there seems to be a middle man to answer questions.instead of the office you are going to. "

 Richard - 05/03/2023

" nothing else to say, all was great "

 Joyce - 05/02/2023

" A plus plus "

 John - 05/02/2023

" First impressions were great! Every station had a capable, friendly person. "

 Mary - 05/02/2023

" Dr Park is outstanding. He helps me feel safe and taken care of. Overall staff is wonderful. "

 Mildred - 05/02/2023

" I have just moved here from South Carolina and was a bit apprehensive about going to a new doctor, but your practice came highly recommended. It was a long visit, but it was my first and everyone was very attentive, pleasant and professional. I was very happy that I received a follow up call after my appointment to ensure that everything was well. Thank you. "

 Michael - 05/02/2023

" First time visit, staff very courteous and friendly. Was never rushed and Dr. Mehta answered all my questions and provided a plan for treatment. Scheduled next appointment. "

 Anthony - 05/02/2023

" Dr. VANDER was recommended to us because my Dad had complications from cataract surgery that was performed by a physician, from another practice. From the very 1st moment until now, 2 years later, everyone at MidAtlantic Retna has been excellent, courteous, very Knowledgeable and patient! Dr. Vander was and is AMAZING! "

 Anthony - 05/02/2023

" The office work flow was excellent . There was minimal wait time . "

 Bazhena - 05/02/2023

" The bathroom required a key foe entrance and it was not accessible and the office staff went there with me and came back to let me out. Very sweet. Since that was there reasonable accommodation "

 Tracy - 05/02/2023

" Everyone from front desk to docs was kind and it didn't take long. If there was anything, I'd say desk staff could look up from what they're doing to meet your eyes. Say hi, then index back to the task at hand. But everyone was nice & helpful & kidded with me or talked to me, not at me. "

 Michael - 05/02/2023

" Smooth sailing from start to finish. "

 James - 05/02/2023

" Dr Vander and his staff are excellent and very efficient. "

 Jo - 05/02/2023

" Happy my Eye Doctor recommended your place, as being the place to go. Big staff, and when I say everyone, I mean everyone was so nice to me. Keep up the good work, everyone. "

 Sandra - 05/02/2023

" First visit - very impressed - very efficient- quite organized system- answered all my questions Would have no problem recommending this practice Thank you "

 Ellen - 04/30/2023

" Dr. Mehta was extremely professional, intelligent with excellent communication skills! In addition she was extremely personable and really listened to her patient.5***** "

 Sandra - 04/30/2023

" Didn’t receive any instructions other than coming back in 2 weeks. Saw flashes of light once home. Called on call staff who put me at ease saying that would be normal over the next couple of days but would document in my chart. Not sure if staff told me this or not since this happened very quickly "

 John - 04/30/2023

" Since I’ve never been there before, the staff made me feel right at home and relaxed, and the physician Dr. Park also answered all of my questions and explained everything to me in terms that I could understand. Thank you once again for a great experience. "

 Barbara - 04/30/2023

" I love everything and everyone at May's Landing Office. "

 Kathleen - 04/29/2023

" Your staff is your practice’s strength "

 Phillip - 04/29/2023

" Have 2 insurances where my copay is actually less than standard. $28 vs $50. Staff often gets confused why I don't pay $50. I've asked them to make a note in my chart. "

 Nancy - 04/29/2023

" Everyone is always so nice and professional. Always have a good experience "

 Thomas - 04/29/2023

" I would suggest that the check out papers tell you if you have any restrictions or if you have no restrictions . "

 David - 04/29/2023

" I would like you approve my insurance in the Bethlem office which is only 4 minutes from my home. Now I have to drive to Philadelphia. Which cost money and time. I truly like my doctor he is the best.. I am hoping you will be able to help me with my insurance. Thank you very much. "

 Charles - 04/29/2023

" Very efficient, even though most of the office space was undergoing renovation. "

 Eileen - 04/29/2023

" Completed the forms online and had to redo all the forms when I arrived. It was redundant and annoying. "

 Debby - 04/29/2023

" Dr Mehta is an exceptionally gifted professional. Thank yay! "

 Robert - 04/29/2023

" Dr Regillo and his staff provide an excellent service and an honest option about treatment, with my eye problem. "

 James - 04/29/2023

" Most efficient doctors office I have ever been to. Excellent care and service. "

 Anne - 04/29/2023

" I am a registered nurse and the care and professionalism from making my appointment and the entire visit and testing absolutely wonderful "

 Marsha - 04/29/2023

" The staff was professional and friendly, offices were clean and in order. The doctor was straight to the point and I was treated appropriately. "

 Carolyn - 04/29/2023

" I felt so relaxed and comfortable there. Everybody was So Nice! They did everything to make you feel comfortable! Very Professional! I knew I was In good hands! I will definitely recommend them! "

 Suzanne - 04/29/2023

" I have been through many disappointments with such a important doctor in my care. I am trying very hard to "trust" my doctor(s) again after such unforeseen treatment of me as a patient. My personality insists that I move forward. So with that being said: 1) Thank you so much for accepting me in your practice with respect and willingness to manage my condition. 2) I will follow Dr. Kaiser's instructions 100%. I appreciate his willingness to attempt to adhere to past treatments. But he is in charge of my eye treatment and I trust his care. 3) All the staff were so friendly and made me feel so welcome. Thank you again to all and I look forward to becoming part of your patient history. Suzanne (Susie) "

 Stephanie - 04/29/2023

" Whole experience was phenomenal. The doctor was top notch, and the most thorough doctor I have ever seen. He took his time with the exam, and he explained everything to me in full. Already recommended the practice to friends! "

 Dorothy - 04/29/2023

" My doctor’s visit was amazing! I will be back in a month. "

 Theodora - 04/28/2023

" I would prefer it if the receptionist was more professional and did not call me hon! "

 Melanie - 04/28/2023

" Very friendly staff and dr. He talked to us not at us. Very easy to understand. Very pleased with the way we were treated. "

 Judith - 04/28/2023

" Love and respect Dr Spirn! "

 James - 04/28/2023

" Dr. Regillo is one of the finest, most compassionate doctors I have ever dealt with across all spectrums. It’s almost a pleasure going to a doctor’s appointment. He’s down to earth and knowledgeable and answers all questions. His staff was friendly and pleasant, almost to a fault. A truly nice and caring group of professionals. "

 David - 04/28/2023

" Everything went good, was happy with the services. Wish my insurance covered more. "

 Robert - 04/28/2023

" Everything was done perfectly and within a timely matter. "

 Madeline - 04/28/2023

" Always the best!!! "

 Nazar - 04/28/2023

" Very pleased with the exam and procedure Dr klufas is wonderful, great and the best He examined me and found a test in retina and was able to make the repair left seeing a little blurry but by the time I arrived home vision was restored and better than before Stag was great and friendly they worked professionally and treated me with kindness and respect all while adapting to construction diversions "

 Paul - 04/28/2023

" Nursing staff was absolutely excellent; friendly, courteous, and very professional. "

 Simon - 04/28/2023

" I believe you set an excellent example of how other doctors and hospitals should work. I am hard of hearing, and when I asked him to speak up a little louder, they had no problem doing that even if I asked them to repeat them self, they did not get annoyed. I am very pleased and I thank you very much Simon Daywood "

 Deanna - 04/28/2023

" Everything was wonderful. Service and the doctor included "

 Luz - 04/28/2023

" Very professional and caring! "

 Barbara - 04/28/2023

" It was a great visit, especially Dr. Gard. Thank you "

 Albert - 04/28/2023

" Excellent physician. Would recommend. "

 Margaret - 04/27/2023

" Dr. Fineman and everyone I have interacted with over the last few months were very kind to me. Dr. Fineman is an excellent surgeon and his treatment plan is providing me with good results. God bless him and his staff for their hard work and dedication. I am truly grateful and appreciative for their compassionate care. "

 Karla - 04/27/2023

" Appointment was on time staff was friendly, professional and amazing experience "

 Nancy - 04/27/2023

" Office is very nice, girls are kind and thoughtful. Dr.Chiang is the Best! "

 Dwight - 04/27/2023

" This was my first time coming to this office. I was a little confused at first about the check-in process but was able to get things figured out. I found the staff to be friendly and helpful and had a food experience with Adrien. Dunn. I was given clarity and helpful information about my condition. The check out process was quick and easy. "

 Joan - 04/27/2023

" I couldn't be happier with my referral to this practice! "

 Catherine - 04/27/2023

" The staff at Mid Atlantic Retina is excellent. They're friendly and caring and make what can be a stressful appointment a bit easier. Dr. Chiang is professional and is always ready to answer a question or explain what's going on with one's treatment. I would also like to say that on this last visit, when I told them of my husband's sudden passing, everyone, including Dr. Chiang, was compassionate and supportive and offered assistance. I have been a patient for seven years and everyone at Mid Atlantic Retina is like family. I am grateful for everyone there and while having a needle stuck in my eye isn't my idea of a good time, I am so grateful for the treatment that is saving my vision. Thanks and blessings to everyone there! "

 Jonathan - 04/27/2023

" Great experience overall. No long waits. Friendly staff. Will come back again if I need a retina specialist. "

 Ann - 04/27/2023

" Very professional and nice stuff "

 Robert - 04/27/2023

" Dr. Vander was great, explained everything and was very personable. Bob "

 Betty - 04/27/2023

" Dr Chang has been taking care of me for a lot of years and he is a great Doctor. "

 Grace - 04/27/2023

" Dr.Klufus is an amazing, professional and skilled MD. I highly recommend Dr. Klufus, the practice, snd all staff members. "

 Michael - 04/27/2023

" All staff members do an excellent job. Doctor Kaiser is a terrific, professional doctor "

 Don - 04/27/2023

" Don't change a thing.. "

 John - 04/27/2023

" Dr Gupta saved my eyesight God bless him and your staff "

 Carver - 04/27/2023

" I did not visit the facility. Communication was done verbally. "

 Jane - 04/27/2023

" I travel from North Carolina to see Dr. Garg. He is an amazing and wonderful Physician. He is Knowledgeable and Professional yet very kind and caring. I trust him completely with my care. I have and will continue to refer friends and family to Mid-Atlantic Retina. "

 David - 04/27/2023

" Professional all the way around & friendly staff "

 Terry - 04/26/2023

" Dr. Ho has excellent "bedside manner". thorough in his explanation/and recommendations in layman terms made my husband feel at ease. The staff was kinda and sympathetic to my husbands condition. my only problem with check in is you are made to sit down and then get back up to give information when i feel it could be taken care of at the initial greeting. Over all love this office. "

 John - 04/26/2023

" Office seems to operate pretty smoothly considering the amount of patients that are seen on a daily basis "

 Lisa - 04/26/2023

" I love the doctors, nurses, all the staff. They take great care of me. I will never go anywhere else "

 Terry - 04/26/2023

" Staff is always professional and friendly Love my Doctor Yonekawa! Always puts me at ease! Explains everything to you and makes you feel confident that everything is ok! "

 Arthur - 04/26/2023

" Doctor and staff generate confidence that they provide the best medical care to protect your sight in an highly professional and competent manner, "

 Dorothy - 04/26/2023

" Dr Dunn is very personable with a smooth, kind, manner. But even more important is his expertise and knowledge can lead to an appropriate plan and avoid unnecessary worry for the patient. The whole team seem to take pride in their positions and are careful in their work "

 Henry - 04/26/2023

" Best Medical professional experience possible. Dr Regillo and his staff have always been professional, friendly and efficient during my many visits for treatment. Thank you all for your excellent services! "

 Brian - 04/26/2023

" Dr Gupta and his staff are great. Seems like the wait time has improved. It has been very long in the past. "

 Renee - 04/26/2023

" Appointment scheduling is awful-no wonder wait is so long. 4 of us seated next to each other In waiting room had appointments at the same time - 11:15. No wonder one must allocate at least 2 hrs "

 Richard - 04/26/2023

" Crowded waiting room but otherwise a very good visit. "

 Patricia - 04/26/2023

" Dr. Fineman is great! always very friendly and thorough. "

 Sam - 04/26/2023

" The only suggestion I would make is when filling out documents online, you confirm the documents have been completed. I was not completely sure you had accepted the documents and almost entered them a second time. "

 William - 04/26/2023

" Never fun to get a needle in the eye, so I can't rate the overall experience Excellent, but otherwise I can't complain. "

 Lillian - 04/26/2023


 Miguel - 04/25/2023

" Dr Grupta, and Dr Mehta are thorough and they took the time to explain my prognosis in easy to understand terms. "

 Virginia - 04/25/2023

" My visit was smooth & easy. No problems to relate. "

 Robert - 04/25/2023

" Thank you Dr. Parks and assisting technicians "

 George - 04/25/2023

" Waited one hour after the scheduled appointment time before seeing the doctor. "

 Clara - 04/25/2023

" Everything about my visit was in the Excellent category but for one item—the doctor. Since I’ve been treated for BRVO, I have had one doctor—Dr Hsu. I’m uncertain how or why I was given an appointment when Dr Hsu was not in office. Dr K was very good, very professional, and a wonderful practitioner I’m sure. I’m not so comfortable switching to a new doctor amen the treatment method is a poke in the eye with a long needle. I’ve been rescheduled and will see Dr. Hsu soon "

 Lisa - 04/25/2023

" Immediate service helped ease my mind. The doctor was fantastic along with the rest of the staff. "

 John - 04/25/2023

" Wait time was too long "

 Jeffrey - 04/25/2023

" All the staff were caring and professional. Dr Sprins explaination of my condition and the potential for successful treatment was very much appreciated. It’s refreshing to see such caring. Thank you everyone! "

 Donna - 04/25/2023

" I was nervous anticipating an issue with my eye. The staff was so warm and welcoming. It truly exceeded every expectation. Dr.Cohen was very friendly and professional and explained what he was doing every step of the way. I was so grateful to hear positive results from my exam and the co-pay was even less than I was expecting. The whole experience was a blessing and I will not hesitate to call them for any future issues or hesitate to recommend them to friends and family. "

 Barbara - 04/25/2023

" The Best "

 Lavette - 04/25/2023

" The person who checked me in, spoke entirely too loud! She announced to the entire office, my deductible $$ amounts and how much I would need to pay for the visit. When I turned around there were at least 4 people standing in line hearing my personal info. Everyone else during the visit was pleasant and professional. "

 Russell - 04/25/2023

" The entire group that I interacted with was Excellent. As always, my wife and I are always grateful for Wills Eye Physicians and especially the Mid Atlantic Retina group. Dr. Gupta always takes the time to explain my condition and makes every efffort to make sure we understand my issue with my eyes. Thank you. "

 Donna - 04/25/2023

" Forgot to ask about eye drops for dry eye. There has been information that some meds cause medical problems. Can you respond. Thanks, Donna "

 Patricia - 04/24/2023

" The Physician seemed to be in a great hurry. However, I felt comfortable with the physician and staff. And I have decided to switch to this retina group. "

 Judy - 04/23/2023

" Glad I decided to schedule my care at Wills Eye. "

 Margaret - 04/23/2023

" Dr. Deaner is a caring, efficient, and constderate. "

 Bonnetta - 04/23/2023

" As a result of prior experience with the excellent care provided by my Wills Eye physicians, i would go nowhere else. They have my utter confidence. "

 Dorothy - 04/23/2023

" We love Dr Klufus. He does everything to keep my mom comfortable during her visit. Our nurse, Lauren, was exceptional! She even helped mom remove the tape on her mask which we very much appreciated. Very kind, professional, and knowledgeable staff and doctor!!! "

 Joseph - 04/22/2023

" Long waiting times and moved around a lot "

 Robin - 04/22/2023

" Dr. Cohen maintains a very fluid and professional approach. I would recommend Dr Cohen absolutely! "

 Joseph - 04/22/2023

" Direction to address should have been highlighted in went to wrong address then second appointment Time and date cherry hill NJ no address had to ask for it "

 Bernardine - 04/22/2023

" Very impressive staff and doctor, no hesitation in going back, very satisfied "

 Dana - 04/22/2023

" My experience with every visit has exceeded all my expectations. I very much appreciate the kindness and the expertise of Dr. Chiang. "

 Ellen - 04/22/2023

" Love dr. Vander "

 Jayne - 04/22/2023

" Please change address on website and appointment cards to OLD Welsh Rd instead of Just Welsh Rd as Welsh Rd takes you to a parking lot. "

 Carmen - 04/21/2023

" Very professional and friendly staff. "

 Adrian - 04/21/2023

" Very thorough and knowledgeable. Gabby was friendly and reassuring. Dr. Cohen was the best! "

 Dawn - 04/21/2023

" The entire staff is really amazing. I can’t say enough about Dr. Yonekawa. He is positive, professional and genuine in his approach. Never rushed, takes time to explain every process. Displays ultimate confidence and compassion. "