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Recent Reviews

 Claud - 08/07/2019

" Dr Angela Young is a very sweet and caring physician. "

 Allison - 08/07/2019

" Dr. Mentreddi and Davina were both great - very kind and totally helpful. I felt much better about my condition after talking with them. "

 Giti - 08/02/2019

" I really appreciate Dr, Krampitz and his assistants for the wonderful care. "

 Ticy - 08/02/2019

" I love y'all so much!!!! Best office ever! "

 Samuel - 08/01/2019

" Dr. Tran and his staff are outstanding. I always leave an appointment grateful for the care and attention that I have received. "

 Carl - 08/01/2019

" Dr. Tseng takes time to listen and understand patient's concerns. The Patient Portal is a very effective communication tool. "

 Janice - 08/01/2019

" Dr. Young is very knowledgeable and compassionate. She answers all of my questions and is very thorough. "

 Latonya - 08/01/2019

" Dr Young and Marissa great job as always! "

 Danielle - 07/31/2019

" Just a positive environment and staff. Wonderful "

 Tami - 07/30/2019

" Working with Dr. Chambers is like a breath of fresh air! Rey knowledgeable with a great bedside manner!! "

 Jeff - 07/29/2019

" Paying for your service was never an issue..we received several calls in regards to amount we would owe due to billing from hospital and amount the co pay would those calls...we were never given the address for the visit or any information if we needed to have any pertinent information pulled together..we were told we would receive an email so we could do some preliminary paperwork..we never received that email...but we kept getting hit with what we owed....when we arrived over the head like a brick....if it was not for the wonderful care Karen Sacks provided..we would have never thought we were more than just a billing function..and we would not have ever returned. . "

 David - 07/27/2019

" My condition is a little complicated and Dr. Gerhardt was taking his time and I could tell he was considering the test that would help identify my condition. "

 Beverly - 07/26/2019

" Exceptional and thorough care provider, assistant and staff. "

 Darla - 07/26/2019

" Doctor Tran and his staff were very nice to work with and gave ample time to explanation of care. I highly recommend Neurology Consultants of Dallas. "

 Alison - 07/25/2019

" Loved Dr. Angela Young! First Neurologist that I have come across out of many that has knowledge of how to treat my rare condition- so refreshing "

 June - 07/25/2019

" the Dr who did the EMG test on my legs was very helpful - patiently answering all my questions and keeping me informed as we went thru the test. the electrical shocks came as a surprise but I survived them ok. Dr was most efficient and congenial. I would refer my friends to your offices anytime. "

 Joseph - 07/20/2019

" Dr. Tran is an amazing doctor. "

 Anthony - 07/20/2019

" Dr Chambers is one of the best doctors I have ever been to. Really good! Would recommend her to anyone!!! "

 David - 07/19/2019

" Great people "

 Jamie - 07/18/2019

" Dr Tran and his staff are great! "

 Meaghan - 07/18/2019

" My prescription did not get called in and I had to make calls to get it filled - otherwise awesome. "

 Vicki - 07/17/2019

" I have been a long time patient of this office Dr. Harvey, Leroy, & Dr. Nagarradi as I have had seizures for last 34 years and counting. Dr. Gupta saw me in the hospital and now I am a patient of Dr. Chan. Without a doubt or hesitation my visit yesterday with Dr. Chan was the best visit and the most incredible Doctor I have seen in my many years of being in this office. Everyone from start to finish gave me goosebumps as I know feel like I am truly blessed and will be cared for by Dr. Chan and rest of staff with my best interest at the forefront of this care team. Thank you so much for your absolute fanominal patient care 4th at I was shown yesterday. I look forward to seeing you at my next visit. Thank you. "

 Marcia - 07/13/2019

" Everyone was so courteous to me.It was a pleasant experience and I liked my doctor so much, "

 Marion - 07/11/2019

" The people answering the phones don't follow through at all. "

 Cheryl - 07/11/2019

" I have been seeing Dr Young for 4 yrs and in November we moved to the Austin area. I have been driving up to Addison for the last 2-3 appts just to see Dr Young, since I haven’t found a new neurologist in the Austin area. This last appt, I told Dr Young this was probably my last appt as I found a new neurologist and I am supposed to see him by October. Dr Young made sure I left with documents of my diagnosis, Botox treatments, my trigger treatments and all the medications she has me on. I told Dr Young if things don’t work out, I’ll be back...... "

 Julie - 07/11/2019

" Dr. Angela Young is very thorough and she spent ample time explain my medical condition. I highly recommend Dr. Young and appreciate her time. "

 Heidy - 07/11/2019

" Dr. Young is amazing. She is so dedicated to her patient. I feel so at ease when talking to her. "

 Robert - 07/10/2019


 James - 07/03/2019

" Very grateful Dr Hinton took me on as a new patient! You always want the best & he is! "

 Jennifer - 07/01/2019

" Dr. Young is exceptional as always. "

 Donald - 06/29/2019

" Dr Chambers is excellent. I've already recommended her to others. "

 Marisa - 06/29/2019

" I already have a recommendation. Thank you!! "

 Herschel - 06/28/2019

" Excellent Doctors and medical assistants. "

 Maximo - 06/27/2019

" overall pleasant experience. "

 Peter - 06/27/2019

" Dr Chambers is very knowledgeable; very friendly; very patient oriented. I thoroughly enjoy my visits with Dr Chambers. I will definitely recommend Dr Chambers' practice to anyone in need of a neurologist!! "

 Sherry - 06/26/2019

" Very pleased with everyone. I thought Dr Chan was very nice and very concern for my needs. "

 Jacquelyn - 06/26/2019

" Dr Tran , Alex & staff are the best He comes in we’ll informed, understands all. Listens & offers suggestions - he’s the best & his staff, also "

 Amy - 06/26/2019

" Hand down Dr. Young is one is the best. She really listens well, explains things well, is very knowledgeable and genuinely cares enough to spend time talking with her patients. "

 Al S - 06/22/2019

" Our needs are beyond words at this time. It is above expectations to have a doctor like Dr. Mendretti who addresses all questions with understanding and compassion. Her advice is ringing in my ears and heart and will greatly benefit our decision making. Our path can not be altered so it is with much appreciation that she took this time with us. Al and Mary Hart "

 Edward - 06/22/2019

" Expellant in every way. "

 Cherry - 06/21/2019

" The staff was very friendly and helpful. Dr. Klampitz was funny and put me at ease immediately. He used terms that I could understand and answered all my questions. I never felt like a “number” or that I was wasting his time. It was a very good experience "

 Dennis - 06/20/2019

" Much better experience with Amanda gone! "

 Holly - 06/20/2019

" Martha, who performed by MRI, was lovely. Warm, kind, friendly, made me feel at ease the entire appointment. "

 Nancy - 06/20/2019

" Dr. Tseng is terrific. Always responsive and helpful. "

 Frances - 06/09/2019

" Everyone's concerns were taken into account so not just patient got answer but family also. "

 James - 06/08/2019

" very satisfied "

 Sarah - 06/06/2019

" Dr. Gerhardt was absolutely wonderful and put me at ease. Very personable. I highly recommend him. "

 Amy R - 06/05/2019

" Dr young is very informative& kind. Always makes sure I understand my treatment!! "

 Marta - 06/05/2019

" I want to congratulate your friendly staff. Every single individual has a positive response, made me feel great at all the time. "

 James - 06/04/2019

" Thanks for checking on billing error "

 Katharine - 06/01/2019

" Everyone was friendly, courteous and professional without being distant. All questions were answered. "

 Charles - 05/31/2019

" Please thank Kimberly. Her suggestion of 3MG of melatonin was perfect. I had a calm sleep the whole night. Thank you so much. "

 Randy - 05/31/2019

" When you have a Rolls Royce in a car show why mess with it? "

 Nancy - 05/30/2019

" I would highly recommend this office to anyone needing their care. "

 Karen - 05/29/2019

" i have referred several people to your office. "

 Barbara - 05/28/2019

" Care Giver----Dr. Mentreddi---Provided doctor patient time without rushing. Excellent service and advice. "

 Katherine - 05/28/2019

" I always get good care from Dr. Tran. "

 William - 05/24/2019

" Absolutely loved using the emailed Phreesia sign in document process. Very nice to not have to do that on a clipboard in office. All the staff was first rate, and I am a pretty tough customer when it comes to customer service. Everyone was polite and engaging, and very thorough during the visit. Aplus in my book. "

 June - 05/24/2019

" had hard time getting appointment with Dr Tran but finally did and it was worth the wait of 2 months to see him !! excellent in his manner and trying to take care of me. patiently answered all my questions no hurry he never hurried and made me feel very confident that I had a Doctor to take care of me !! hurray ! "

 Frank - 05/24/2019

" Great Experience "

 Shirley - 05/23/2019

" Dr. Tran is wonderful. Took alot of time in explaining things. Very compassionate and engaged with the medical issues with my mother. "

 Melinda - 05/23/2019

" The expertise of Dr Pavasia and his staff is immpecable, however there is not enough staff to expedite the answering of phone calls, setting appointments, seeing patients on time. We've been coming here for a little over two years and the management of personnel has not changed at all. All of the medical and support staff do an excellent job despite the shortage of personnel. They need more help! "

 Maria - 05/22/2019

" Dr Young is the best Neurologist! She has helped me so much with my migraines. "

 Julie - 05/21/2019

" All was excellent. "

 John - 05/16/2019

" This is the first time a neurologist took time to explain and make sure I understood everything the Dr said. We are very pleased with the Dr. Thank you. John A Jagielski "

 Michael - 05/16/2019

" PA Michelle Lively is excellent. Very knowledgeable and I never feel rushed. "

 Linda - 05/15/2019


 Margaret - 05/10/2019

" I felt comfortable with Dr. Chambers in a few short minutes upon meeting her. A beautiful listener, delightful and warm personality, and could tell she is going to figure out my eye problem. I feel lucky to have gotten an appointment with her. Looking forward to seeing her in a couple of months after some tests that she has suggested are completed Margaret Kraus. "

 Lynda - 05/10/2019

" Michelle is wonderfull and puts you right at ease when she walks in the door. "

 Sandra - 05/09/2019

" Dr. Tseng is a wonderful doctor. She is calm, caring and provides clear and complete information in a way that is not only helpful but encouraging. "

 David - 05/08/2019

" We found the assistants very efficient and helpful. The Doctor was also very well organized and easy to communicate our concerns. It was a back and forth kind of evaluation situation and we felt quite comfortable we were understood. "

 Acacia - 05/08/2019

" Really great staff!! "

 Anjanette - 05/08/2019

" My visits are always excellent. However, there was an insurance glitch with my last visit. Someone from billing, called me three different times, demanding, and I use the word demanding, because that was her attitude when speaking with me. She was demanding insurance information. And repeated several times that I would have to pay with a credit card before coming to the office, in order to be seen, if I did not have my insurance information. I explained to her that I was attempting to get that information, But I needed to call my husband to do that. She again asked if I would have that information prior to the visit. I explained again, but I had to make a phone call in order to get that information. She went on to demand that I would just have to pay for the visit. She was demanding and rude. I hung up, and called my doctors medical assistantAnd explained to her what happened. I paid for the visit, I had no problem with that. What I had a problem with, was her demanding attitude, her unwillingness to listen, and her rude behavior. I do not know who I was speaking with in the billing department. "

 Janet - 05/08/2019

" Thank you for the great caring you give me! I’m blessed to have you as my doctor. "

 Jeffrey - 05/08/2019

" If it weren’t so inappropriate, I would have hugged and kissed Dr. Young. I finally found a doctor that truly understands what we go through with migraines. "

 George - 05/04/2019

" Dr. Gearhardt is one of the finest medical professionals I've encountered in my 83 year life. He is competent, courteous, attentive and conficence inspiring. "

 Lenard - 05/03/2019

" Dr was very informative on my condition and my home routine "

 Karen - 05/03/2019

" I just had trouble getting in with a referral from my doctor. Then I was told by her office I need you to get him to send my medical records after I had called three or four times. Other than that I loved your office "

 Ashley - 05/02/2019

" Very efficient, thorough, kind - all around wonderful "

 Patricia - 05/01/2019

" I was extremely pleased with the care provide by Dr. Tran. He greeting me with a warm handshake & a smile...excellent bed side manner. He reviewed my concerns/issues at length & communicated very clearly & in great detail as to the specifics of my diagnosis. He asked me good questions & was patient in allowing me to respond, without feeling rushed. In conveying the functions of the nerves of the head...he explained everything in layman terms with ease. His Medical Assistant also provided patient, detailed & sensitive care. I am very pleased with the care provided & feel Dr. Tran & his office will work diligently to assist in bringing a good resolution to my health problem, for which I am being treated. I highly recommend the care of this practice. Thanks for providing such a positive medical experience. I am very optimistic in the improvement of my condition. Patricia Simon "

 Wanda - 04/29/2019

" left message on medical assistant and call was not was friday afternoon so i understand. "

 Betty - 04/26/2019

" Very Helpful and professional and I feel like I Am on a very well thought out Treatment Plan..... thank You Dr. Gerhardt and His Assistant "

 Tony - 04/25/2019

" We are cautiously hopeful the next steps in my husband’s treatment will renew his active life. "

 Beverly - 04/25/2019

" I will have to mail my medicine list, the �� machine doesn’t seem to work. "

 Michael - 04/24/2019

" Coming back for a follow up with Dr Tran, he took his time and explained everything in detail and all the options available and the best steps to take regarding my situation, Dr Tran knows his profession extremel well and took a personal interest in me as his patient and I appreciate that very much. Thank you Dr Tran!! "

 David - 04/23/2019

" Dr. Elizabeth Chambers is very informative and caring. "

 Lori - 04/22/2019

" One thing that really needs to change is communication between the office and patients. Patients cannot depend on anyone to do what they say they will do! Communication about prescription refills, answers to questions, forms that are needed that require a doctor's approval for outside activities are not dealt with in a timely manner. "

 Garry - 04/21/2019

" Competent, compassionate, didn’t rush! Wonderful doctor! "

 Linda - 04/20/2019

" I did not understand why they did not schedule my annual visit before I left , when I got home there was a message telling me when my appointment would be next year. I tried to pay my copay before I left and she said I already had, but I don't know when I did. My credit card site does not reflect a payment. "

 Kristina - 04/19/2019

" Dr Chan filled in for the original provider scheduled; she is lovely, very courteous and I feel really wants to help my somewhat unique situation. "

 Gary - 04/19/2019

" A very productive, professional experience. "

 John - 04/18/2019

" I appreciate that Dr Pavasia saw us on time. It makes a stressful situation less so. "

 Madeline - 04/17/2019

" Dr. Tran is a true light at the end of a tunnel. He is the first neurologist I have had since my TBI in 1993 who has taken the time and care to inform me of the different issues with migraines, etc. He is a patient, compassionate and caring doctor. "

 Karol - 04/17/2019

" The part I hate about Dr. appointments is the wait after you get into one of the exam rooms...when the nurse/aide comes and does her thing and leaves you never know how long you will have to sit and wait. I just experienced a wait at another office that really made me hesitant to go back....I must say it was not with this Dr. at the Neurology place. My experience here was just what I hoped for, it moved along from one person to another and I was finished in less than an hour. BRAVO! "

 Berta - 04/16/2019

" Follow up call next would be good. "

 Randle - 04/16/2019

" Very professional staff and DR Gerhardt was great at explaining everything. Would highly recommend their services. "

 Glenn - 04/16/2019

" Dr Hinton is one of my favorite & best Dr.s. I just need to get him to become a Texas Tech fan instead of UT & realize how great Lubbock really is! �� lol "

 Ernest - 04/13/2019

" Dr Chambers is very caring and so helpful. I am relieved to have finally found a doctor to help my husband with his serious dementia diagnosis because we are going to need a lot of help and a doctor to be by our side. I am so glad we found Dr Chambers and her staff is very nice and makes you feel welcome. "

 Marilyn - 04/11/2019

" Dr Young was wonderful. She is an excellant doctor. Marilyn is so glad to have her as her doctor.. "

 Lori - 04/10/2019

" Dr. Tseng is great always on time and provides different options to consider for improving my quality of life. Crystal was awesome as well. The pharmacy had an issue, she promptly handled and didn't leave it at that. She followed up at the end of the day to ensure everything was ordered. I am always extremely satisfied with the care I receive at Dr. Tseng's office. "

 Melanie - 04/10/2019

" Dr Tran & Alex we're very professional & informative with the treatment recommend. "

 James - 04/10/2019

" Receptionist very passive in greeting and/or checking patients in. Did not acknowledge arrival and had patients standing and waiting while he was on the phone. Alternate staff as backup was underwhelming "

 Wanda - 04/08/2019

" Great Staff, Friendly, Knowledgeable "

 Thomas - 04/06/2019

" Michelle is excellent; not only knowledgeable, but very friendly and personable to boot! Dr Tran was also great and they seek to make for a good team. Glad I found you guys. I was very satisfied with my 'introductory ' appointment and look forward to being a patient for a long time to come. Thank you! "

 Mary - 04/06/2019

" I loved the doctor and look forward to a long relationship with her providing care for my progressive disease! Thank you Dr. Mentreddi, M.D. "

 Cindy - 04/05/2019

" As a first-time patient, I was very pleased from the time I walked in until I left. The front desk, medical assistant, and Dr. Young were extremely courteous, professional, and thorough. I am so glad that I am under Dr. Young's care at this time. "

 Patty - 04/05/2019

" The long wait between my exam and the doctor coming in was the only complaint I have and I guess there was a good reason for that even though no one told me anything. "

 Beverly - 04/05/2019

" Grateful for this group of doctors "

 Jesse - 04/04/2019

" Dr Young is the best neurologist I have ever had. "

 Elizabeth - 04/03/2019

" I like Dr. Tseng very much, she is a very caring doctor. After my visit I received 4 e-mails with information about my visit that is in the patient portal. I have tried to access this information but am not able to access them. I have tried to find this information on the patient portal but it is not there. I had the same problem trying to access the information before the visit. I am able to log on to the patient portal using yahoo but no other information is available. The general profile information ( DOB, address height/weight) is available but nothing else. I am also unable to see my past correspondence with the doctor. This patient portal has been a problem for years, but now at least I am able to log on. Why is this portal so difficult to use? Why is my information not accessible? "

 David - 04/02/2019

" I was 10 minutes late because of traffic, The receptionist was on the phone for several minutes which made me 15 minute late. As a result, I couldn't see my doctor, and I was told to come back in 2 hours. I have had to wait for more than 15 minutes to see the doctor in the past. I feel like my time is not important. "

 Jeffrey - 04/02/2019

" I really like Dr Tran a lot. Smart, thorough with good ‘bedside manner”. Very much liked his RN, Michelle as well. "

 Dalton - 03/30/2019

" Dr. Gerhardt was willing to spend the time with me and made me feel very comfortable explaning our next steps. "

 Diane - 03/30/2019

" Dr. Gerhardt is an excellent physician. I know he cares about me and the well-being of my family. "

 Susan - 03/29/2019

" I love, love, love Dr. Young! "

 Terri - 03/29/2019

" Duc Tran is an excellent physician. His care is without compare in my opinion. Any inconsistencies with the front office staff are dwarfed by the value of his care. One suggestion I would give to Dr. Tran is that he is so understated, his more emphatic suggestions get lost with me. But they may be just because I a dullard and require being pummeled with the suggestion, to get it. "

 Robin - 03/29/2019

" Dr. Tran is very through and provides detailed explanations. "

 James - 03/27/2019

" The request for Speech and Physical Therapy were sent to the wrong Baylor rehab facility "

 Jerry - 03/27/2019

" I had the time wrong. We missed our important time with the doctor. We were 15 minutes late already canceled I had 9:45 she said it was 9:15. I must say we have waited a lot longer sometimes fir the doctor. I guess I will check next time "

 Bradley - 03/27/2019

" Angela Young MD exceeds expectations! "

 Jerry - 03/27/2019

" I really Appreciate Dr Hinton. He was conservative yet thorough. I liked his complete checkup. "

 Richard - 03/26/2019

" Dr. Chambers and Crystal put one at ease. Their caring shows as they treat patients like they are their family members. "

 Elise - 03/26/2019

" It's nice to see that this is a very caring practice. "

 Stephen - 03/22/2019

" Kimberly was very informative and it was very beneficial for me to speak with her. Thanks very much. "

 Irma - 03/22/2019

" Dr. Chambers is friendly, professional, knowledgeable and caring. She was sweet and compassionate to my mother. I really like her and highy recommend her! Lisa Dyer, daughter of Irma Mooney "

 Peter - 03/22/2019

" Excellent patient care! This practice epitomizes how patient care should be practiced! "

 Dianne - 03/21/2019

" We were very satisfied. Everyone was polite and helpful and knowledgeable. "

 Charles - 03/21/2019

" Dr. Young is simple the best. She is caring, engaged and sharp. I can't image walking this journey with any other doctor. "

 Betty - 03/20/2019

" The doctors and the staff here are just amazing. They kind and caring people. My mother suffers a little bit from white coat syndrone but she is at ease here. "

 Patricia - 03/19/2019

" Was told to arrive 45 minutes early which I did. When I arrived, was told I was too early. Would like more accurate instructions when scheduling appointments. "

 Robert - 03/19/2019

" The problem I had was with the fact that when I was checking in, the man who was working the desk said my insurance I had was United.. I have had Medicare with Blue Cross / Blue Shield.for the past 17 years. How did that happen? He also said that they called us several tines but we did not get the call. "

 Wanda - 03/18/2019

" Hard to get through on phone to make an appt "

 Jacquelyn - 03/13/2019

" Dr Tran & Alex are wonderful Also, the mri tech is top notch!!! All amazing with my care & have caught other health concerns , ie;Svt & kidney cancer I am indebted to this wonderful team! Blessings "

 Christine - 03/12/2019

" I did not like the amount of time I had to wait for the Physician's Nurse and Doctor to come to my room, sitting and waiting with no updates....... "

 Mariamma - 03/10/2019

" As usual Dr Pavasia was very patient with my mom and answered all our questions. The entire staff was wonderful. "

 Marion - 03/09/2019

" Helpful if you would check on test results before we get there. "

 Mary - 03/08/2019

" Dr Gerhardt and Desiraee are the best! I have been going to Dr Gerhardt for 10 years now. Their expertise and efficiency are beyond reproach. "

 Jackie - 03/08/2019

" We are very happy with the knowledge and attentiveness shown by Dr. Krampitz. He is showing the concern, and is wasting no time in finding out the cause of my health issue. "

 Eva - 03/08/2019

" Dr.Hinton was though and I felt much better about my condition when I left then when I arrived. His nurse "Narisd" (spelling?) was so nice. "

 Sammy - 03/07/2019

" Dr. Chambers is a very competent, compassionate and caring physician. She took time to explain all my health issues with my wife and me. She was positive and showed utmost concern for my health. I left with a sense of her not only being my doctor but my friend in whom I can trust. She is a fantastic doctor!! "

 Leslie - 03/07/2019

" You can post, but do not use my name. Thanks. "

 Cathey - 03/07/2019

" I found Dr Mentreddi cold and generally uncaring and argumentative. However my experience in Dr Takesaka office ran smoothly and Dr Takesaka herself were very professional, helpful and carding. "

 Charles - 03/06/2019

" The office was very professional. The doctor and nurse practitioner or thorough. "

 Edwin - 03/05/2019

" I have been under Dr. Tran’s care for over ten years. He has been up front with me on his findings and treatment. He makes you feel at ease and understand you treatment. One complaint. His office is old and can be uncomfortable in extreme outside temperatures. "

 Mary - 03/05/2019

" Our visit was pleasant from the moment we walked in. Short wait time, convenient electronic check-in and very friendly staff. We never felt rushed and had all our questions answered. We are excited to continue receiving care from Dr. Chambers! "

 Marvin - 03/05/2019

" Dr Tran and Staff are the very best. This is a great office and that is because they are well trained and have excellent leadership. "

 Michael - 03/05/2019

" Very personable office. Great job by all! "

 Maria - 03/01/2019

" Dr A Young is the most caring doctor I’ve had. "

 Sandra - 02/28/2019

" I am very pleased with my new Doctor. "

 Brian - 02/27/2019

" Dr. Tran has to be in his field! He is so thorough with examine and explanation of what he sees I don't mind the 280 mile roundtrip to see him. I live in Wichita falls, tx. Dr. Trans' staff is also outstanding in delivering prompt friendly and knowledgeable service with a smile! Brian Stehling "

 Ashley - 02/27/2019

" Dr. Chambers took a lot of time explaining my concerns in detail and was very courteous and attentive. I felt more at ease after my consultation. She has excellent bedside manner. "

 Joanne - 02/26/2019

" Alex and Dr. Tran were great! They were both very helpful. Dr. Tran spent a lot of time with me discussing all of my issues. He was thorough and kind and has laid out a good plan for me to follow. "

 Amy L - 02/26/2019

" Dr. Tseng is thorough and spends plenty of time with you to answer all questions or address concerns. Office staff is courteous and helpful. "

 James - 02/24/2019

" Love this group "

 Richard - 02/22/2019

" Dr. Mentretti and Rasha have been so much more than medical professionals. We feel their compassion, caring and thoughtfulness at a time when we are uncertain about the future life with Parkinson's, not only for the patient but the caregiver as well. We are never rushed through an appointment and Dr.Mentretti explains everything in detail so we leave with a good understanding of the next steps. We are so blessed to have her as our doctor. "

 Frank - 02/22/2019

" The guy at the front desk was dissruptive and disturbing with his chatter and always eating the free candy/mints. . . "

 + Latonya - 02/22/2019

" Dr. Young and Marrisa are awesome "

 Robin - 02/22/2019

" I came in reluctantly and worried that it was going to be yet another visit where I wouldn't get any answers. Dr Chambers and her assistant Crystal were both absolutely wonderful. Dr Chambers was so thorough in her questions and review of my situation and respectful of the pain that some of the tests with my eyes was causing. I feel like even though I was still hurting, I left her office confident that she had a good understanding of what I was going through and had a definite plan of attack. She also said right away, that if this doesn't relieve the headaches then we will figure out what to try next. Her optimism certainly helped me leave her office feeling like she will definitely be part of the solution to these unbearable headaches. I would highly recommend Dr Chambers and Crystal to anyone facing something neurological that isn't easily diagnosed. "

 Keri - 02/22/2019

" Awesome Dr Tran and staff "

 Suzanne - 02/22/2019

" The only way it could be better is if you could cure migraines. But that is unlikely in my lifetime—and I’ve had migraines since I was a child! Dr. Takesaka is not only knowledgeable, she also has a great “bedside manner” and is just so nice!!! She always takes time to listen to and address all of my concerns. I’m very happy with her and the entire staff. I also like being able to check in online before my appointment. "

 Kristina - 02/21/2019

" Very happy with my care so far. "

 Rosalyn - 02/21/2019

" NA "

 Tony - 02/20/2019

" We really like Dr Mentreddi. My husband was to receive two prescriptions. We had to call a week later to find out the status only to discover they had not been taken care of. Kind of disappointing. "

 Wyonna - 02/19/2019

" Dr. Gerhardt was extremely thorough, he listened very carefully to all my symptoms, he was precise and thoughtful about test options, and he was very considerate in making sure I understood what he was doing. His assistant, Desirea, was amazing, as well. "

 Maria - 02/19/2019

" Dr pravesia has an awesome bedside manner "

 William - 02/19/2019

" I've been seeing Dr. Hinton for many years, and it has always been a positive experience. I'm not crazy about using the Phreesia check-in pad, but it makes everything more efficient when I can do it online before my appointment. "

 Deanna - 02/15/2019

" Dr seemed very concerned with interest on finding what is causing me to fall. "

 William - 02/14/2019

" As always, Dr. Hinton was was thorough and very professional. "

 Melinda - 02/13/2019

" The entire staff was awesome. "

 Marguerite - 02/12/2019

" The young woman who checked me in at the front desk was very rude to me. She reprimanded me for not telling them I have a MediGap policy as well as Medicare. Rude. I told her that noone ever asked me if I had a MediGap policy when they called me to set up my first appointment and did she think I was hiding it? I PAY for it. Also she told me she did not like the piece of tape I keep on my plastic Medigap card, which is too bad for her. It makes it easier for me to keep track of it! And it is none of her business. I would have walked out if I weren't so sick. "

 Karen - 02/12/2019

" Loved Dr. Young’s service. "

 Elizabeth - 02/12/2019

" We are very grateful to Dr. Richard Hinton, his medical assistant, and all office staff for the excellent care! They are exceptional! "

 Lynda - 02/09/2019

" Highly professional, well-informed & able to communicate clearly to the layman what the health issues were, and how they would be treated. Very cordial, and caring. One of the best experiences my wife and I have ever had with a doctor and his staff. "

 Amanda - 02/08/2019

" I personally really enjoyed my visit "

 Francis - 02/07/2019

" I greatly appreciate the personal time that I had with the doctor. (Gerhardt) He was direct, to the point and comprehensive. "

 Rebecca - 02/07/2019

" I have never experienced such a fantastic experience with a first time neurologist appointment. "

 James - 02/07/2019

" I had a hard time being able to set an appointment. You are not in my network and no one would pay attention to my explanation that my policy will pay out of network. Once I was able to talk with the Billing dept. I got an appoint without any more hold. All staff members after that were as kind and helpful as they could be. "

 Stanley - 02/07/2019


 Mattie - 02/06/2019

" Very professional group "

 Janet - 02/05/2019

" From my first phone call to the end of my first appt-your staff was courteous, helpful, effective, and each exhibited great listening skills! Thank you for my new neurologist�� "

 Marjorie - 02/05/2019

" Dr and NP were very thorough and helpful in recommendations. "

 Ticy - 02/05/2019

" Due to insurance issues the office staff wouldn't allow me to make an appointment for several months. My personal insurance was failing medicare on who should pay first. So, Catherine and her assistant worked with me to ensure I didn't run out of meds. That's the only bad experience, my insurance which they had was battling and I had to suffer despite having it. "

 Lynda - 02/04/2019

" Dr. Tran has a very comforting manner about him. Very calming when explaining results of texts etc. He made me feel that he will do all he can to provide the best treatment possible for my situation. I am very confident he will do just that. "

 Guadalupe - 02/03/2019

" Crystal was friendly, kind, and professional. We loved Dr Chambers. She took the time to ask questions, listened, explained the purpose of each medication, and answered our questions. We really appreciate her concern with our mom's quality of life. "

 Thomas - 02/03/2019

" Every person we came in contact with was very nice and professional. The doctor I saw was Dr. Elizabeth Chambers. She did an excellent job!! "

 Kathryn - 02/02/2019

" Dr. Krampitz is great, i have been seeing him for years. His medical assistant is top notch as well. They always make my appointments easy! "

 Guy - 02/01/2019

" Prior to the appointment I received FIVE reminders! "

 Robin - 02/01/2019

" Dr. Chambers was a refreshing experience in the medical arena. Her communication skills and willingness to explain what and why she did things made my experience much better. Her nurse Crystal also gave great care. I was very apprehensive to return to this practice after a negative experience 3 years ago. Although I don’t need additional visits I highly recommend Dr. Chambers "

 David - 02/01/2019

" After a very rough start in connecting with your office and some misinformation, Dr. Aronoff called and then everything took on a much more professional tone. It was extremely difficult trying to reach your front desk for an initial appointment before Dr. Aronoff's intervention. After that, smooth sailing and we love Dr. Tran and Michelle. We are now trying to connect on Patient Portal and waiting for a link to be sent after the request was made by me yesterday by phone. "

 Nancy - 02/01/2019

" Met with Dr. Kim who was very knowledgeable and helpful. Discussed BP problem, need to check bp and new med to help with lightheaded problems and possible falls. She checked responses and gait. On 3-month recheck. "

 Heidy - 01/31/2019

" Dr. Young is the most amazing caring medaical professional that I have encounter in a log time. She shows such empathy towards her patients, takes her time, she really listens. I would highly recommend her. She gets 10 stars. "

 Sara - 01/30/2019

" I have had a strange medical year with many doctors appts and tests with no answers. So many doctors rush you, or don’t listen to the entire story but Dr. Chambers is everything I had ever hoped for in a provider! She was calm, helpful, and incredibly knowledgeable. I feel so much more at ease and I know I am in good hands. I wish every doctor was like her! I can’t thank her enough for how well she took care of me! "

 Charles - 01/30/2019

" Kimberly who is Dr Pavasia PA and Dr Pavasia were excellent. We are a new patient and they spent so much time reviewing everything, listening to our concerns and explaining everything in detail. It was by far the best experience I have had with a doctor and PA ever! They were respectful and very knowledgeable. I am so thankful that we were referred to Dr Pavasia. It took awhile to get an appointment, but I am so glad we waited and I can see why it took so long as I imagine he is in demand! "

 Catherine - 01/27/2019

" Dr. Jen is the best!!!! "

 Eric - 01/25/2019

" Wow so impressed. Great office! "

 John - 01/24/2019

" Dr. Mentreddi and her assistant Rasha are professional and personable. They spend time with you as though you are their only patient. They listen and ask questions. Their goal is to make your daily life as productive and comfortable as possible. I wish they could handle all of our medical needs. "

 Andrew - 01/24/2019

" Doctor Young is the kindest, best listening and thorough physician that I have seen in my 65 years. She is excellent. "

 Thelma - 01/24/2019

" I am very pleased with the care and treatment I receive from Dr. Tseng. She is a very caring and compassionate doctor. I highly recommend her. "

 Angilee - 01/24/2019

" I feel comforted and well cared for. "

 Stovey - 01/19/2019

" Dr. Chambers was very informative and professional I feel very confident about her and my future care "

 Glenda - 01/19/2019

" Dr. Angela young and her staff are the best doctors and staff we have ever encountered. Her knowledge is beyond compare and the compassion she shows her patients makes all the difference. Being memory impaired is quite a challenge and she makes it seem manageable. We feel safe in her care and able to have a good life because she is At ble to help guide us and make sure we are safe and healthy as we can possibly be. "

 Michael - 01/19/2019

" Not one soul has given me the great experience, as medical city. I would prefere this nureo team, to anyone. "

 Gary - 01/18/2019

" In 73 yr, I have see more Drs, around the world, in civilian and military medical facilities than I can count. The amount of time that Dr Gerhart spent w me and the thoroughness of his work up/ examination was above and beyond anything I have ever experienced! His care and understanding of my feelings during this this life altering phase of my life are singularity outstanding. He is, above all, a good listener. His assistant, Desire(sp) was extremely professional and helpful. I also found the ability to complete the check in/history, online, at home, a great method for providing more accurate info. Great experience! "

 Cheryl - 01/17/2019

" Your billing dept needs improvement. Your Medical Assistants should be able to run insurance from their systems when a patient checks in. When I tried to call I’m in 2 days before my appt I was on hold for 15min so I hung up. No one called me to remind me of my appt and never does. Any other doctor office I go to I can hand them my insurance card and it gets run right there at check in. To limit the front desks abilities is a complete waste of resources and was a complete nightmare for the assistant to get the insurance run, verified and copay figured out. Y’all need to improve these steps. Your billing Dept in general needs improvement, other than the manager everyone is rude and extremely not helpful. "

 Barbara - 01/16/2019

" I was in for Botox and they made me pay before the service was even administered. I don't understand how they can do that when they don't even know how much Botox was used. Seems like the doctor should submit a statement with the exact amount used because Botox is very expensive. "

 Robert - 01/16/2019

" What is the difference between the last and the next-to-last questions? "

 Sandro - 01/16/2019

" It is always a pleasurE to meet doctor Tseng. "

 Annabelle - 01/16/2019

" Could not access the Phreesia system until late the evening before the appointment as the system was down, which was very inconvenient. Staff apologized for the delay in my appointment, and seemed sincere. I appreciated that my appointment was not rushed because of the delay. "

 Gary - 01/14/2019

" Friendly professionalism made me very comfortable. I am taking tests for review so we can continue a line of treatment. "

 Robert - 01/12/2019

" The receptionist was outstanding, she "was happy to help" and even when I got lost finding the office, she stayed on the phone and gave me excellent directions! Couldn't have made it without her! Dr. Trampitz, as always, was kind and compassionate in detailing his diagnosis with us. We had several questions he answered thoroughly and gave us information regarding what we might except in the future. He also had several suggestions we appreciate to help us handle our new news. With medication and the outstanding visit, we left on a pleasant note. "

 Peter - 01/12/2019

" Everyone was very courteous, and solicitous. Dr Chambers was very solicitous, and engendered the trust needed between physician and patient. I look forward to being her patient! "

 Cheryl - 01/11/2019

" my doctor was very soft spoken, I had a difficult time hearing him. Still had an amazing visit. "

 Judi - 01/11/2019

" As always appointment went very well. "

 Corinne - 01/11/2019

" Everyone was very friendly and helpful throughout the appointment booking, check-in and visit itself. I felt very comfortable with both my doctor and the nurse practitioner and I would absolutely recommend this office to anyone looking! "

 Larry - 01/10/2019

" Everyone was very professional and courteous. It was my first time ever at a doctor's office using the check-in iPad and it was very easy and self-explanatory. "

 Susie - 01/08/2019

" Made appointment with dr p months ago and was only emailed one week before I was seeing someone else Dr berry was great but would appreciate a call notifying me of the change Dr p is wonderful and I do like his new NP "

 Schuyler - 01/08/2019

" I was very impressed by the entire staff making sure that I understood the next procedural instructions and appointments. I was particularly impressed with Dr, Chambers thorough diagnostic procedures and her persistency to track down the causes of my physical limitations, I definitely feel I'm in good hands with Dr. Chambers! "

 Deborah - 01/04/2019

" Dr. Tran is an exceptional doctor! Very patient friendly. Always able to ask him anything. "

 Johnny - 01/04/2019

" Our visit yesterday was so informative. All our questions were explained in a friendly professional she manner. Also extra praise for check-in method, "

 Mary - 01/04/2019

" I have recommended Dr. Tran to two people because of his thoroughness in my treatment as well as his kindness and the time he has taken to listen and answer questions in a way that I can understand what is going on. "

 David - 01/03/2019

" Would like to know results of my mri and bloodwork done in November. I assume there was no pathology found. Is there a patient portal? "

 Perry - 12/31/2018

" tech was awesome "

 Larissa - 12/26/2018

" By far the best and most personal Doctor I've had. Love Chan and her aides. "

 Shirley - 12/23/2018

" Front office is top-notch even when busy. Dr. Krampitz always take time to address my concerns, and I can't help but feel fortunate to be in his care. "

 David - 12/22/2018

" Dr. Chambers was EXTREMELY thorough in her examination; I was very impressed with her knowledge and diagnosis of my condition and also provided a prescription that helped with my nerve damage (carpal tunnel) in my finger tips. I'm now sleeping better. I would call that immediate results. "

 Mark - 12/21/2018

" Do you really have to have the television in the lobby loudly blaring annoying game shows? And why is it there is nothing to read in the lobby? I have learned finally to bring my own magazine to read. "

 Lillie - 12/21/2018

" Doctor and staff always make me feel as if my medical condition and needs are important to them and they are concerned for my well being. They are patient and considerate of my needs at all times. "

 Melissa - 12/21/2018

" There is an overwhelming sense that Dr. Tran and his PÅ, Michelle, actually care about your health. "

 Vickie - 12/20/2018

" Dr. Chan was awesome in educating me and discussing my care! Mia was very helpful and professional! "

 Linda - 12/19/2018

" Thank you for an excellent time. "

 Gerald - 12/14/2018

" Dr. Chambers was extremely patient and empathic with my husband. She answered questions "fired" at her by our sons. She's patient and caring. Not something we've experienced with many neurologists. "

 Dora - 12/12/2018

" Dr. Chambers is AWESOME!!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you. God Bless You!!! "

 Mona - 12/11/2018

" Dr. Hinton is very knowledgeable and kind. I highly recommend. "

 Md Leon - 12/11/2018

" Professional team led by Dr Chan great.. Dr Chan was excellent in discussing my seizures and treatment. "

 Anne - 12/11/2018

" Dr Young is wonderful! "

 Steven - 12/08/2018

" Dr. Takesaka was very patient, took a long time discussing my condition, and answering all my questions. I appreciate her thoughtfulness and professional disposition. "

 Robert - 12/08/2018

" Outstanding service! "

 Ezra - 12/08/2018

" Had to wait Too long. "

 Oswald - 12/08/2018

" Overall services was grate, staff make you feel at home good job guys. "

 Robert - 12/07/2018

" Dr. Mentreddi is a wonderful doctor and all of the staff are incredible. "

 Marcus - 12/07/2018

" Very friendly helpful office. "

 Charles - 12/07/2018

" Very Professional staff! "

 Joy L - 12/07/2018

" Dr. Mentreddi and Rasha are excellent! "

 James - 12/06/2018

" I've been to a lot of Doctor's over the years and I find that Dr. Gerhardt is the very best. He is very nice and informative. And is determined to get to the root of the problem. I would rate him as an excellent Neurologist and is #1 in my book. "

 Beverly - 12/06/2018

" Doctor was very caring, patient and professional in providing information and answers to my questions and concerns. "

 Jeanan - 12/05/2018

" Could not reach a live person or get a return call for 30`24 hours prior to the appointment. Dr. Tran's assistant explained the importance of utilizing Patient Portal so post appointment I am trying to log on to same to utilize it for messages and feedback which I understand is the only way to make communicate for certain. "

 Jean - 12/05/2018

" Dr. Tran was extremely thorough and has assumed responsibility for the care of my difficult diagnosis. I really appreciate his concern for my well being! "

 Gary - 12/04/2018

" Thanks so much for you care and treatment. We feel blessed that Gary will be under your care for treatment. You put our mind to rest and have a much better understanding of what to expect. Excellent service and we are very thankful. "

 Kristen - 12/04/2018

" Very nice staff --from receptionist to the Doctor and her assistant. Thank you! KT. "

 Martha - 12/01/2018

" Perfection! I have recently moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Trying to get hooked up with doctors has been difficult. And every experience at each doctor’s appt. has been a maze of poor communication, unreturned phone calls, and general indifference. Dr. Mentreddi and her assistant, Rasha, were personable, thorough, extremely knowledgeable and competent. "

 Robert - 12/01/2018

" Karen was excellent,understanding and took the time to listen to my concerns "

 Nancy - 11/30/2018

" Dr. Chambers was excellent and very thorough. She is Great! "

 Gary - 11/30/2018

" Great folks and very compassionate. "

 Michael - 11/30/2018

" PA and medical assistant were great! "

 Ozlem - 11/29/2018

" Medical assistant was great and very friendly. Dr Tran was great too. All my questions were answered and I am very satisfied with the action/treatment plan. "

 William - 11/28/2018

" Very efficient and very professional. "

 Lyndal - 11/28/2018

" Dr. Tseng and Amanda are professional and personable. They both care for the patients and are great to work with. "

 Joyce - 11/27/2018

" The people and the doctor are excellent. They are prompt, informative,knowledgeable and pleasant. This is by far my most positive experience with a doctor. I highly recommend this doctor and assistant. "

 Amanda - 11/26/2018

" Dr. Young exceeded all expectations! She was kind and caring. It means so much that she is willing to take the time with each patient to address their specific needs. She did more for me in one visit that 10 years with other doctors. The office was clean and the staff was nice. My one complaint was the hold times and difficulty scheduling the initial appointment, but it was well worth the wait! "

 Tony - 11/25/2018

" This was our first visit to Dr. Aashoo Mentreddi and we really appreciate the time she spent with us. We did not feel rushed and believed she was genuinely concerned with providing the utmost insight to Tony's care and gave us treatment options to think about and consider in the future. We look forward to our care relationship with Dr. Mentreddi. "

 Tiffany - 11/20/2018

" Best Dr appointment experience ever. From check-in to checkout, everything flowed very smoothly. Staff was very helpful & knowledgeable. "

 Richard - 11/20/2018

" Dr Chambers really worked with my dad to determine exactly how to help him. She gave us clear directions to follow up with her. Excellent, caring professional! "

 Deborah - 11/17/2018

" Dr. Hinton is wonderful "

 Kent - 11/17/2018

" Entire staff were professional, friendly and caring. My son is special needs and they were understanding and kind. Exceptional experience "

 Ingrid - 11/17/2018

" Doctor who listened and is taking action "

 Frank - 11/16/2018

" Thank goodness you have changed the front desk staff.. Everything is marvelous now. . . Looking forward to returning next time. . . . "

 Anacleto - 11/14/2018

" in your website, I was advised to come 45 minutes before my appointment. I arrived at 1245 hours but nobody was in the office until 1300 hrs. "

 Betty - 11/13/2018

" I absolutely LOVE Dr. Tran and his staff. The experience with my mother was wonderful and extremely painless! I couldn't be any more pleased! "

 Francis - 11/13/2018

" Dr. Gerhardt and his staff were/are excellent.... supportive and informative. We moved here from the Seattle area, where we had excellent medical support. We were praying the same would be here in Dallas. Actually, our medical support here in Dallas has been outstanding. Dr. Gerhardt is a good example of getting thorough treatment in a warm hearted manner. Thank you for your kind and supportive medical assistance. Frank DeMiero "

 Alicia - 11/08/2018

" Dr. Chambers was great!! Her assistant and staff were so helpful and kind. Dr. Chambers and staff get two thumbs up from me. "

 Bene - 11/08/2018

" The building needs a sign next to the street. Very confusing to find the correct building "

 William - 11/06/2018

" Awesome - Doctor Gehrhardt; the best I have seen. "

 Nancy - 11/04/2018

" Dr. Young is a professional and personal doctor. I always enjoy my visits with her. She is very knowledgeable with my migraines and where to use the Botox. "

 Genie - 11/04/2018

" I am so grateful to be getting help for my eyes. This help will change my life such a positive way! "

 Karen - 11/03/2018

" I would highly recommend Dr. Hinton. Great doctor! "

 Taryn - 11/03/2018

" Dr. Elizabeth Chambers was very knowledgeable and thorough, and has a charming personality, all of which helped make the visit a very positive experience. "

 Jason - 11/03/2018

" I can honestly say I have never been more impressed than my visit with Dr Gerhart. I learned a lot about a not so wonderful nerve issue. Excellent people. "

 John - 11/02/2018

" Dr. Gearhardt and his staff are professional, compassionate, and skilled. I am happy to recommend them. "

 Carl - 11/01/2018

" Dr Tseng and her staff are very caring and compassionate. "

 Mary - 11/01/2018

" Dr. Chambers was very nice, very concerned and took her time with me, which I really appreciated during this recovery time. Front desk receptionist was very impersonal, never even smiled, very little eye communication, which I felt is always needed for first impressions. "

 Glenda - 10/31/2018

" I've been seeing Dr. Tseng for many years. Since my retirement and move to the country, I continue to make the 240 mile round trip to see her. I wouldn't see anyone else! Highly recommend her. She is very passionate about her work and her patients! "

 Lyssa - 10/31/2018

" I was so impressed with every person I encountered in this practice and have already referred a friend to Dr. Young. My only complaint is that a good map to the building would be very helpful. I am a native Dallasite and had difficulty finding my way to the right parking lot. "

 Marcia - 10/30/2018

" I so appreciate Dr. Takasaka's deep care for me and my health situation. Had she not referred me to Dr. Doyle for memory testing, I would not have had the care I am receiving from both doctors and the appropriate care that they have put before me to deal with the issue at hand. I am thankful and blessed at the same time! "

 Lewis - 10/30/2018

" Dr. Gerhardt and his staff are wonderful. "

 Barbara - 10/27/2018

" Very pleased with Dr. Mentreddi! "

 Deborah - 10/26/2018

" I went in as a new patient somewhat anxious because of my condition, not sure I could express well what was going on with me, but aware that I am facing some difficult cercumstances and symptoms. It didn't take me long to know that I was in the right place, and Dr. Tseng made me feel at ease, also opening my eyes to these symptoms that are alarming. She quickly began to set up tests and suggestions. The people at the front desk were carefel to make sure that I knew what I was to do, and were very kind when I had difficulty finding words to communicate what I wanted to say. They were very busy that day, yet still took the time to make sure I was understanding. I was so appreciative of their turning my first anxious visit into one that relieved my anxiety about what is happening to me. Thanks bunches!! "

 Sandra - 10/26/2018

" Dr. Tran and his staff are so caring, and make me feel comfortable. "

 Kip - 10/26/2018

" I loved Dr. Tran. He was most helpful and thoroughly focused on giving me the best care. He was very thorough in his explanations and he helped me easily understand the next steps in my care. "

 John - 10/25/2018

" Dr. Pavasia is the best neurologist. He takes his time with us, answering all our questions. We always feel like we are his only patient that he is seeing that day. "

 Jane - 10/25/2018

" I love the care Amanda,RN and Dr Tsen provide. I have been a patient for years. They both go above and beyond. Thank you, Jane Lamb "

 Sandra - 10/19/2018

" I’m so happy I found Dr Pavasia. "

 Lillie - 10/19/2018


 Irish - 10/19/2018

" I rated overall experience as only good because as soon as I walked in the door I was OVER POWERED by air freshener. As a migraine sufferer in the mist of a migraine attack that was absolutely sickening. I sit out in the hallway until my name was called and covered my nose and mouth when in the area. Everyone is always so very nice and polite at this office. "

 Ellen - 10/18/2018

" Great doc and stAFF! "

 Robert - 10/17/2018

" My father is 90 years old and is not tech savvy he would not have understood how to sign in on line or known how to use the pads in the office. Not sure if someone at the front desk would help a person with those limitations. "

 Charlene - 10/17/2018

" You are all very professional, courteous and caring. Thank you. "

 Howard - 10/16/2018

" Outstanding physician "

 John - 10/15/2018

" My MRI results were not sent to the heart Dr. Dr. Martin Burk - I go back and see him on the 30th Oct. Please fax results or I can pick them up at the Greenville MRI location. Regards John Thorburn "

 Joseph - 10/11/2018

" It was nice to meet Dr.Jennifer and her team again, have wonderful weekend, thanks again, Joseph Jacob "

 Lynn - 10/10/2018

" I have never had a bad visit with Dr. Tseng - she is awesome! I would not hesitate at all with recommending her to anyone. "

 Nichole - 10/10/2018

" My visit was great. I especially appreciated the opportunity to complete my forms online. The process was easy and it helped to alleviate the pressure of having to arrive early for my appointment. The instructions were easy to follow. The screens were intuitive and they were a breeze to move through. I was easy to find the facility. Parking was simple and no hassle. My waiting time was short once I arrived, but the time that I spend there was quiet and stress free. "

 Susan - 10/09/2018

" Liked Dr Gerhardt very much /he seemed genuinely interested in helping me! "

 Shannon - 10/06/2018

" I absolutely love my doctors here! "

 Samuel - 10/04/2018

" Y'all are always courteous and professional. The doctor always listens to the concerns we have and she responds with solutions to whatever my father needs to help him. His quality of care exceeds the care he received from his former caregiver. "

 Justin - 10/04/2018

" Your team is the best. "

 John - 10/03/2018

" Dr Young explains everything so well. I never feel rushed. Excellent care!!! "

 Susan - 10/03/2018

" Thank you for your excellent service! I was also very appreciative for the coffee. When I arrived on your floor, I went to use the restroom down the hall and it was in the process of being cleaned. The young man who was cleaning immediately stepped outside the room to make it available for use and resumed cleaning when I was finished. So polite! "

 Rosemary - 10/03/2018

" I felt that they gave me all their attention and genuinely were concerned with helping me. I would highly recommend both Doctor Tang and Michelle. "

 Brian - 10/02/2018

" Dr. Tran is the best of the best and so is his staff! It is well worth a 275 mile round trip to his office from my home. The only concern I have is, someday he'll retire aand I'll be out of luck! Brian Stehling "

 Marcia - 10/01/2018

" Dr. Chambers was very caring and knowledgable. "

 Susan - 09/29/2018

" Feel cared for. "

 Michael - 09/28/2018

" This location and Dr. Tseng are excellent! "

 Margaret - 09/27/2018

" Dr. Chambers was very thorough, respectful and caring. "

 Randy - 09/26/2018

" Very good and professional "

 Jimmy - 09/25/2018