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Recent Reviews

 December 14, 2021

" Thank you. "

 November 30, 2021

" Receptionist was condescending. Nurse phenomenal. "

 November 16, 2021

" You guys are the best "

 October 21, 2021

" Dr. Akisooto is best . All the staffs are amazing. Thank you for everything "

 October 15, 2021

" excellent services provided to date. "

 October 2, 2021

" Thank-you SOOOO much for everyone's help with achieving success for our miracle baby!! (9 weeks currently). "

 October 1, 2021

" Thank you to all of you!!!!! "

 September 29, 2021

" Thank you for creating our beautiful son. We have been coming to the clinic for over three years now. Five failed IUI's, two rounds of IVF, one ectopic pregnancy, two failed frozen embryo transfers. The whole time staff at ONE fertility has been carrying, compassionate and full of empathy. Dr. Akinsooto is a wonderful human who cares about his patients. Looking forward to two more healthy pregnancies from our frozen embryos. Dragana and Petar "

 September 22, 2021

" It’s only been a few months but we have been very happy with Dr Akinsooto and his entire team , I always felt comfortable and every step and procedure was explained in detail . this defiantly helps when you are feel very unsure and don’t know what to expect. The only thing I found was a struggle getting an appointment that worked with my work schedule . "

 September 22, 2021

" We really like the video appointments as were 2 hours away! Hope you continue to have them "

 September 14, 2021

" Staff are very kind and supportive when I’ve had difficult procedures. "

 September 1, 2021

" My only complaint is having to wait so long before the doctor was finally available. I was at work so it was a bit annoying that the appointment was 30min late. Overall.. One Fertility is a great clinic to work with! "

 August 31, 2021

" From start to finish I had an excellent experience at One Fertility. Appointment set up was easy and swift and the receptionist was helpful and positive. The nurse that asked questions prior to the doctor coming on the call was courteous and patient. As for Dr Akinsooto - he was kind, calm, knowledgeable and provided sound advice. I have been struggling with my fertility journey for some time now and was looking for a second opinion - the doctor was an exceptional resource. Although not all of the answers were in my favor, he gave me some other alternatives and something to look forward to. I very much appreciated his time and follow up. It was an absolute pleasure. "

 August 25, 2021

" We have already had three successful pregnancies through One Fertility. We are excited to be back for one more time. The staff at One is always so wonderful. Dr Akinsooto is talented, compassionate & an absolutely lovely man! We’re always grateful for our experiences with this clinic! "

 August 17, 2021

" It was a wonderful first appointment. All staff I spoke to made me feel very welcome and comfortable. "

 August 8, 2021

" Everyone was super nice and helpful, friendly and caring. Would 100% recommend. "

 August 7, 2021

" You made the whole process comfortable and easy to deal with! Thank you so much!!! "

 August 6, 2021

" I have been blown away with the excellent level of service from the OneFertility clinic. Everyone is so kind and helpful and very organized. The receptionist is outstanding. She is the first point of contact for new clients and i can't express how kind she was to explain things and answer questions when setting up the consultation call. I was nervous to begin this process, but the staff have made the experience excellent "

 July 28, 2021

" Very friendly and knowledgeable staff! "

 July 27, 2021

" Dr. Akinsooto and Nurse Avery are very kind, knowledgeable and professional. "

 July 21, 2021

" Awesome staff, and friendly, keep it up guys "

 July 20, 2021

" So warm and understanding. Very appreciated, as were so nervous what the next steps look like :) "

 July 8, 2021

" I have mentioned excellent in everything because we are very pleased with the care we receive at One Fertility, your team is just amazing. So far how I have been treated I am so thankful to you all. Your staff is super polite, always ready to accommodate according to your schedule. All the staff is very available, helpful, and friendly. Kudos to your team. And thank you for everything you do for us. Would recommend it to anyone needing this treatment. "

 July 7, 2021

" Enjoyed the virtual meetings - effective and streamlined. Hopefully, these stay post-COVID. "

 June 30, 2021

" The amount of information that we have received via the appropriate testing as well as info sheets has made it much easier to feel fully comfortable that we are making the best decision for us. We feel fully supported by the clinic whom has been great at answering any followup questions that have arisen. "

 June 29, 2021

" My wife Christine is afraid of needles and had one bad blood draw which left her afraid to return for blood work. Other than that we’ve had a great experience and have been patients for a number of years. "

 June 15, 2021

" We cannot express enough to anyone who will listen how amazing the staff is at one fertility Kitchener. Every single one we come into contact with is nothing but friendly and helpful. I have recommended this clinic to a few family and friends who are thinking about going the fertility route. We know first hand how stressful it can be dealing with fertility, so having a team who understands and is there for you every step of the way is a big deal. Whenever we have a question and leave a message, the nurse or receptionist get back to us so quickly which helps to ease our minds when we are not sure of something. Cannot recommend this team enough! "

 June 12, 2021

" Everything’s great so far! Thanks "

 June 9, 2021

" The experience has been great from Dr Akinsooto to his staff we feel well taken care of. "

 June 5, 2021

" The only complaint is the wait time before the doctor saw us. Our appointment was schedule at 11:40 and ended up talking to the dr until 12:50. I know it says to be available for 2 hours but this is extreme "

 May 29, 2021

" I was treated with compassion when I experienced an ectopic pregnancy and felt appreciative of the services I received. "

 May 26, 2021

" My visit was virtual and some of the questions do not apply "

 May 14, 2021

" Thank you to everyone involved in giving us a miracle baby girl. We can't thank you enough for making our journey as smooth as can be. "

 May 4, 2021

" I am excited to continue my fertility journey with this clinic "

 May 2, 2021

" Thank you for the change to direct billing for the medications. "

 April 29, 2021

" This is our fourth experience with One Fertility, having also been patients in 2014, 2016 & 2019. They always exceed our expectations! The staff is helpful, kind, compassionate & personable. So grateful for this clinic and the beautiful family they’ve helped us to create! The nursing staff & Dr Akinsoto are amazing! Looking forward to experiencing this journey with them again. "

 April 21, 2021

" So friendly and positive. Very good! "

 April 13, 2021

" Thank you for everything! Great team! Much appreciated! "

 March 30, 2021

" My husband and I have only had one appointment but the next steps were very clear. Everything was explained simply for us to understand. We both feel confident and comfortable with the process. "

 March 23, 2021

" I’m happy your service . "

 March 16, 2021

" I haven’t visited your clinic yet it was my first zoom meeting but so far so good "

 March 14, 2021

" Cannot recommend One Fertility enough, all the staff are wonderful, especially Dr. Akinsooto. We would never go anywhere else. They have been so helpful and supportive during our journey to having a family. Always a wonderful experience to be under their care. "

 March 9, 2021

" This fertility clinic is amazing I have already had one successful Pregnancy and I am going through my 2nd embryo Transfer now and so far the experience has been excellent! "

 March 9, 2021

" The best fertility clinic around. Been to 5 different fertility clinic that could not help me to conceive. 10 years of waiting. Thanks to Dr. Akinsooto and team, I now carry my child in my arms and smile again. "

 February 24, 2021

" I would love to see the clinic moving to an online appointment system. Overall the clinic staff was very helpful. "

 February 9, 2021

" My only feedback is that it's very hard to get through to the clinic at times. Like the phone won't even ring. "

 January 27, 2021

" It’s a shame due to covid we (partners) can’t attend the ultrasound. With the way protection protocols I can’t see why partners can’t be with their spouses in the ultrasound. It is under the allotted people in one room and following protocol it should be able to happen. "

 January 27, 2021

" Staff were very considerate. "

 January 26, 2021

" Very happy with One Fertility. All staff are professional and friendly and we have become pregnant successfully for the second time. Would absolutely recommend the clinic and will choose the clinic again for future pregnancies. "

 January 22, 2021

" The staff is wonderful, I left a review on the doctor MD reviews! Yasmin "

 January 18, 2021

" All staff has been lovely! "

 January 13, 2021

" Definitely recommend to other couples. Thank you for having amazing caring staff. "

 January 13, 2021

" The doctor took the time to explain my status and the plan moving forward in a very clear, thorough, and sincere manner. He listened to and addressed all of my concerns in a way where I didn't feel rushed. The nurse was also very courteous and gave me the opportunity to ask further questions. I am very happy with the care that I have experienced so far at One Fertility. "

 December 24, 2020

" Thank you for everything. Keep up the good work "

 December 19, 2020

" Very helpful, friendly and warm staff. "

 December 16, 2020

" Most of these we aren’t into yet. But I can comment on the experience and professionalism all staff members from the receptionist to the nurse to the doctor. Everyone was very helpful, cheerful, understanding. I really felt comfortable when talking about personal things such as this. Thank your team. "

 December 5, 2020

" My appointment was great however I have not received my email yet with my follow up material. "

 December 1, 2020

" My only complaint is that we have to sign consent forms for PGT-A testing and cannot do it online through DocuSign or another program. There is no reason for us to have to drive 1.5 hours to the clinic just to sign a form. Especially during COVID. We are from a small town with very few cases and would prefer to not drive to the city. We have signed many documents online with One Fertility and had a few appointments with Dr.Akinsooto through an online video. I think this is a great approach and should be used even if/when the pandemic is over. This whole process is stressful enough let alone having to take more time off work to sign a document. Please reconsider this. Thank you, Shanyn Field "

 November 28, 2020

" Happy to be expecting our 2nd child with your assistance. "

 November 25, 2020

" Amazing experience with that clinic and doctor Akinsooto is the best. "

 November 18, 2020

" Receiption was friendly and helpful, the doctor gave clear next steps and we feel confident in our path forward! "

 November 17, 2020

" I love the courteousness of the staff that have talked to us thru an online appointment and hoping that everything else goes well "

 November 17, 2020

" Everything overall excellent �� "

 November 14, 2020

" ........ "

 November 7, 2020

" My only issue is that sometimes I can't get through on the phone lines. Sometimes when I call, there's a loud beeping sound and then it disconnects. I'm not sure if this happens when the lines reach capacity? It's also just hard in general to reach someone by phone. So we end up playing phone tag a lot. Otherwise, everyone is friendly and helpful and lovely to receive care from. Also Dr. Atkinsoto has a sense of humour which I really appreciate. And I get the sense that he genuinely cares about his patients. "

 November 5, 2020

" ❤️ Thank you did everything!! Best staff! "

 October 30, 2020

" Thank you so much to everyone at One Fertility KW. From the front desk, blood work, ultra sound techs and of course Dr. Akinsooto, you all have been such a pleasure to work with. My journey may have been short at the clinic but after 18 months of failure on my own I was very discouraged and because of all of your help I am so happy to finally be pregnant. I couldn’t have done this without you all and I am forever thankful. "

 October 24, 2020

" The staff have been exceptional and are so kind. There are times that I’ve waited a bit longer than I would hope to, but the staff are always courteous and make sure I’m taken care of. "

 October 16, 2020

" Dr. Akinsooto is very knowledgeable and very understanding. He does the best for his patients. Thank you. "

 October 14, 2020

" I have been with One Fertility since 2017 when I conceived my first born. I really feel like you're in the groove right now with one of the best care teams you've ever had. Appointments are timely and all care questions are answered well. I feel really well cared for there and constantly sing your praises when people ask what clinic I am at. I wouldn't chat clinics for any reason with the experience I've had. The only feedback I have is perhaps related to charting? My progesterone dose was increased, and when I asked about the dose moving forward (after positive beta), Jen passed along the wrong dose to Dr. Atkinsotoo, so I'm not sure if she mixed me up with someone else or my chart was wrong? Anyway, we had some back and forth to clarify and then I never heard back from her about the issue. I've since gotten an answer from another nurse, but that's the second time something similar has happened with Jen. I know she's newer and there's lots to learn, so I'm fine with that. Blood collection team is all great right now too! Really positive experience every time I'm there. Thank you! "

 October 10, 2020

" You all are beyond amazing . Amazing DR. And amazing staff . You all have been a huge support system to me and my husband . Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do . "

 September 30, 2020

" Thanks "

 September 29, 2020

" I find that information does not flow well between the nurses when I get follow-up calls with test results. The nurses themselves are great and and technicians for blood and ultrasound are amazing. Dr. Akinsooto has been easy to converse with regarding our options and the steps we want or are comfortable taking. Hopefully good things happen in the near future! "

 September 19, 2020

" Fantastic receptionist. Have not gone through all the tests yet but I'm sure itll be excellent! "

 September 10, 2020

" The staff are always friendly and courteous when I call the clinic. My husband and I enjoyed our first meeting with Dr. Akinsooto, as he took the time to explain what the process over the next few weeks will look like. He seems to genuinely care about helping us on this journey and we look forward to working with him and the rest of the staff. "

 September 10, 2020

" It would be helpful to have all the medicine doses and schedule printed out on paper. It looked as tho the paper on the bed was used and not changed over when I was to lay down on it. "

 September 2, 2020

" I feel very cared for at this clinic! 5 Stars! "

 September 2, 2020

" We have only had our consultation so far, had a successful pregnancy before so hoping for the best "

 August 25, 2020

" I am highly impressed with humble and courteous staff. The whole process is taken care of very systematically. I do not have to worry about when to go for next appointment. They keep track of everything so well that once I xall on my 1st day of the cycle, rest is assured by the clinic. "

 July 31, 2020

" Love the team at one fertility. Always helpful! "

 July 28, 2020

" Thank you for everything you do! "

 July 25, 2020

" We are very pleased with the care we receive at One fertility. Dr. Akinsooto is an amazing doctor. He is thoughtful and compassionate and very knowledgeable. He always puts his patients first. He is always very thorough in his plan of care for us, and makes sure to consider our beliefs and preferences when making decisions. We would 100% recommend one fertility! "

 July 24, 2020

" Love this location of One Fertility, have been coming here for a few years and the staff is friendly and always make you feel comfortable. "

 July 24, 2020

" Went into the appointment nervous and very overwhelmed by the entire process to be honest, I left feeling so optimistic and relieved that the end of our infertility journey is hopefully in sight. The nurse and the doctor were both so helpful and informative. "

 July 24, 2020

" This was our first appointment and we were both very impressed with the staff and Dr Akinsooto. We already feel very well cared for and cannot wait to start our fertility journey! "

 July 14, 2020

" All of the Staff Members are very kind, professional and knowledgeable. I feel cared for and understood. I look forward to the next steps in my care at Fertility One in Kitchener. "

 July 14, 2020

" I’ve only had a virtual consultation so far. "

 July 7, 2020

" I absolutely love Ali, she makes our journey so much easier with her love and kind words. Kimberly is amazing, she is always happy to help me with anything. I love the ultrasound techs very much. Dr.A is very helpful when we have opinions or options that we would like to change. He is friendly and takes thee time to listen to my worries and fears. "

 July 1, 2020

" Good customer service. "

 June 4, 2020

" I am very happy with the attention and support I received. "

 May 26, 2020

" Am happy to see the way you handle the clients. Everything is on time "

 May 17, 2020

" Very thorough and friendly! "

 May 16, 2020

" Gini adem I am happy to see doctors tnx "

 May 16, 2020

" This has been the best experience i have had at any clinic. The reception staff are phenomenal and just so kind and efficient. Dr. Akinsooto is absolutely wonderful. His knowledge, expertise, bedside manners, and kindness is top ranking. "

 May 15, 2020

" We had such an amazing experience at One Fertility. The staff were so helpful answering our million questions and dealing with our anxieties. Everyone was welcoming, encouraging and very professional. We have a beautiful, healthy baby girl with the help of your staff! We are forever grateful and indebted to all of you! "

 May 15, 2020

" Great job adapting to our current times! I am sure the staff is feeling stressed, but they didn't show it during any phone calls or during my visit to the clinic. "

 May 7, 2020

" Thanks for everything you guys do! Wonderful place during hard times. "

 May 6, 2020

" This survey is done during a pandemic, hence, a lot doesn't apply. However, my overall experience with all the staff on the phone and Dr. Akinsooto over web video conference have all been great! "

 April 30, 2020

" Very well run clinic. Appointments run on time mostly. New girl doing blood work is not very good. Besides that, wonderful Clinic "

 March 17, 2020

" I find the new blood technician very nervous taking my blood and very slow "

 March 15, 2020

" We highly recommend Dr. Akinsooto. He is an amazing doctor and we are so thankful for everything he has done for us. He puts his patients first, and that means a lot. He is very respectful of our decisions and works with us to make a plan of care that incorporates our preferences and beliefs as well as best practice and the highest medical standard. He always takes time to answer all of our questions and is a truly caring and compassionate doctor. He goes the extra mile, and for that we are so thankful. "

 March 6, 2020

" Had an amazing experience here , would definitely recommend this clinic , dr akinsooto and all other staff members were great and now I am expecting my first bundle of joy! "

 February 14, 2020

" Very pleased with my experience at One Fertility. Was made to feel as comfortable as possible with situations in regards to our infertility, ultrasounds and other procedures that were performed. I do have a successful story coming from this clinic. Very happy. "

 December 4, 2019

" My situation is a rather unpleasant one. But they made my visit as nice and efficient as possible. "

 November 8, 2019

" I love coming to your clinic, I would love to see you offering assignment for fees to the insurance companies though. Thank you! "

 October 11, 2019

" Thank you to everyone involved who helped us get pregnant! We are forever grateful and everyone at the clinic was just as excited as we were! You genuinely care about your patients and made the whole process so much easier on our fears and emotions. Thank you immensely! "

 October 9, 2019

" Blood techs and reception staff have been excellent with communication and friendliness. We will recommend to anyone looking! "

 September 6, 2019

" The staff at ONE is consistently incredible. They always go above and beyond expectations; they make me feel comfortable, welcome, and supported. This is not our first experience with a fertility clinic and ONE Kitchener-Waterloo has far exceeded our previous experience. I truly cannot say enough about everyone - the reception, blood draw, ultrasound, and debrief staff are consistently amazing. When I've had to bring my son along they have entertained him and gone out of their way to be kind and warm. This has been a challenging experience and the staff have made a world of difference. "

 September 6, 2019

" The staff at the clinic were always amazing. I actually miss seeing everyone regularly. Everyone was always so curtious and polite. We never had any issues. Our girls are amazing and we wouldn’t have them if it wasn’t for your clinic. Thank you! "

 September 4, 2019

" We really appreciated the fact that since we were from out of town, the clinic was able to perform the initial ultrasound that day so we would not have to travel back down on another day. Overall the staff and Dr was very accommodating helpful and friendly. "

 July 19, 2019

" It has been an amazing experience and they are always prompt with giving advise "