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Recent Reviews

 Wanda - 02/04/2023

" They are the Best!!! "

 Mary - 01/29/2023

" Love Dr. Dani! She is incredibly knowledgeable and personable. I look forward to seeing her and her boys. "

 Maria - 01/28/2023

" Everyone is great ppl. "

 Krishna - 01/28/2023

" Friendly and amazing service. Dr. Hoeffner is the best! "

 Monika - 01/28/2023

" Optilife Chiropractic treats their patients like you are family! Excellent Chiropractic care, helpful and friendly office staff, and one of the BEST Massage Therapists I have ever been to in my life! "

 Debra - 01/27/2023

" I love Optilife Chiropractic they are awesome !! "

 Bruce - 01/13/2023

" I came to Dr. Danielle Hoeffner having trouble with even basic daily activities due to lower back and leg problems. Her diagnosis and treatment has been life changing. I have been able to resume all my daily activities and am even nearing completion on a complete kitchen remodel which I had suspended due to my previous physical limitations. I highly recommend her to anyone suffering from physical limitations as I experienced. "

 Lisa - 01/11/2023

" Doctor Danielle is simply amazing so knowledgeable and very caring "

 Valerie - 01/05/2023

" I felt very comfortable with Dr. Rachel. She has a great bedside manner. Dr. Rachel was very thorough in her explanations. I look forward to future visits. "

 Tea - 01/04/2023

" Dr Danielle and her team are life savers! "

 Bianca - 01/03/2023

" Enjoyed meeting Rachel. Very helpful, kind and knowledgeable. "

 Benjamin - 12/31/2022

" The staff at Optilife are extremely nice and professional. Dr. Danielle is a miracle worker. I was in so much pain that I was considering back surgery but she said let's see what we can do, and glad l listen to her. She nurse me back to health with out surgery. Thank you Dr. Danielle and staff. "

 Magdalena - 12/17/2022

" I loved the friendly atmosphere, and I LOVED THE DOGS!! BEAUTIFUL ! "

 Eileen - 12/15/2022

" Great Experience as always. "

 Jeanne - 12/10/2022

" This is the best chiropractic office. It’s changed the quality of my life. "

 Judy - 12/04/2022

" So friendly, personal and efficient. I would highly recommend Dr Daniel for your chiropractic care. "

 Laura - 12/02/2022

" Dr. Rachel is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone that needs Chiropractic services or acupuncture. "

 Jose - 11/17/2022

" Great Dr and staff very personable and effective treatment "

 Kasan - 11/16/2022

" The chiropractor that cares is a fitting description of Dr. Danielle Hoeffner and her staff. It is always a pleasure to receive care and treatment from them. "

 Jordyn - 11/11/2022

" I truly appreciate how welcoming your practice is and feel I’m being cared for. Used to see Dr. Amanda and was sad she left, but still feel to be in great hands with Dr. Rachel. Never feel rushed and am thoroughly cared for. "

 Nancy - 11/09/2022

" My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Danni for a year or two. We've always had great care and wait time is almost non-existent. They work well with Medicare which is a big plus for us. "

 John - 11/04/2022

" Dr. Danielle is the best! "

 Julian - 11/03/2022

" Dr Rachel was amazing and so nice talking my son through everything!! "

 Alexis - 11/03/2022


 Stephen - 11/02/2022

" Would highly recommend to others. "

 Jacqueline - 11/01/2022

" LOVE this place!! Courteous staff and great results. Plus the dogs are adorable. "

 Monika - 10/25/2022

" Love everything about Optilife Chiropractic. I love how I am treated and the Doctors always care and listen to any concerns . "

 Sarah - 10/22/2022

" I recommend y’all to everyone I know, and so many people I don’t through social media. Y’all are just the best! "

 Kimberly - 10/20/2022

" For it being my first experience at a chiropractor, everything went well above my expectations. "

 Kristi - 10/18/2022

" Love the service and the puppers!!!! "

 Gregory - 10/18/2022

" Dr. Danielle and Amelia have helped with by back issues for the past 20 months. I feel confident in the care that I receive here and highly recommend Dr. Danielle Hoefner as a chiropractor. "

 Bruce - 10/14/2022

" First rate care from receptionist straight through. There is not a person who works here I do not trust and respect 100% They go out of their way to insure patients are taken care of "

 Aaron - 10/13/2022

" I had a fantastic session "

 Catherine - 10/13/2022

" Love the Pom! Can’t wait to see the Goldens! "

 Diane - 10/12/2022

" Extremely knowledgeable doctors And staff. Everyone truly cares. "

 Addie - 10/11/2022

" Very very professional and knowledgeable. "

 Philip - 10/07/2022

" Dr Danielle was WONDERFUL. Asked such thoughtful and insightful questions about my son and patiently listened to all of my answers. Such a wonderful experience "

 Shavon - 10/07/2022

" Always thankful for doctor Danielle. I never feel as though I’m a burden When I have an emergency situation. "

 Heidi - 09/28/2022

" Love Dr. Danielle and her staff. Professional, efficiebnt. caring and friendly in every way. "

 Alison - 09/23/2022

" Can’t wait to go back!! "

 Gary - 09/22/2022

" Y’all were/are amazing. I got sick and y’all went above and beyond to take care of me until someone came to pick me up. Then Dr. Rachel called the next day to check on me. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for Chiropractic care, from a group who cares. "

 Lourdes - 09/22/2022

" Very professional. First time as Acupunture patient. Dr explained to me the process and answered all my questions. For my first treatment I received some pain relief and it means a lot for me. Definitely I recommend it. "

 Paige - 09/21/2022

" Outstanding care and service! "

 Nancy - 09/20/2022

" I had two reasons for switching to OptiLife. 1.) My insurance was accepted. That was a big deal to me because my former chiropractor does not accept any type of insurance. This was costing me a fortune since I have needed chiropractics much more frequently with my current condition. 2.) OptiLife has much newer and better equipment like the adjustment table that raises up so I don't have to hurt myself attempting to lay down on a conventional horizontal table. I believe OptiLife chiropractors are much more informed and have the newest cutting edge treatments as opposed to the "conventional", "old school" chirropractors that I was going to. It's a longer drive for me, but well worth it!!!!!! Thank you OptiLife!!! "

 Michael - 09/16/2022

" I am grateful for the doctors and staff at Optilife. This is by far the best Chiropractor I have been too. I would recommend them to anyone in need of a Chiropractor. Dr Danielle is fantastic. She listens and takes all the steps to ensure that she is doing everything that you need to get better. "

 David - 09/16/2022

" Dani Rocks! "

 Scott - 09/15/2022

" Very happy with everything! "

 Haygen - 07/30/2022

" Nothing but a huge thank you for Dr. Danielle and staff. Thank you very much. "

 Milana - 07/27/2022

" Dr. Rachel was amazing. Everyone was so friendly. Coco was so sweet and we hope to meet Goose and Cooper next time "

 Anthony - 07/26/2022

" My kids and I always enjoy a visit to this doctor office! "

 Marsha - 07/26/2022

" Everything was thoroughly explained! Dr. Danielle made me feel so comfortable like I’ve known her forever! I actually walked out feeling a lot better! Everyone I encountered definitely made me feel like they cared! "

 Maria - 07/23/2022

" Excellent atmosphere. "

 Judy - 07/20/2022

" Very caring staff and Dr Daniel is knowledgeable along with gentle in her treatments. She listens to your concerns & questions. Also saw Cherie (spell?) the massage therapist for the first time and will continue with her to hopefully address some of my concerns with a degenerative neck and recently a lower back issue. "

 Caleb - 07/20/2022

" We love Dr. Amanda! "

 Chris - 07/19/2022

" Everyone was so courteous and very friendly and nice. "

 Jose - 07/16/2022

" We love the whole OptiLife experience. Top notch service, great staff and doctors. "

 Jason - 07/12/2022

" They are not close to my house, but it is really hard to find a great Doc's office. There are more bad than good out there. I would highly recommend Optilife to anyone. "

 Steven - 07/12/2022

" Dr. Rachel was extremely courteous & professional ! She went over my entire medical history & explained all Therapy that was going to take place - I need to return for Additional visits & hope this will alleviate the pain I am having. Would highly recommend to anyone in need of Chiropractic care. Thank You Steve Rubinstein "

 Stacey - 07/07/2022

" I encountered an insurance issue that the doctors accept United healthcare in network but the name of the company optilife isn’t in network "

 Alberto - 07/06/2022

" I’ve been going to Optilife for some time now and never had a problem. The staff and doctors are courteous and very knowledgeable. I recommend them. "

 Aaron - 06/27/2022

" I appreciate that the Doctor was able to accommodate me on short notice. Dr. Rachel always asks how I’m feeling, listens to my responses, and is compassionate in her care. "

 Kendall - 06/25/2022

" Rachel was great! She explained everything very well and was so good with my daughter, who is 6. We will be back to see her! "

 Portia - 06/21/2022

" Best customer service and quality care I have had in a long time. Courteous, kind and knowledgeable. "

 Gregory - 06/16/2022

" Surprised that I was able to get right in without an appointment, even being a previous patient. Dr. Hoeffner is great and always professional and helpful. Like those dogs too (Cooper & Goose)! "

 Jennifer - 06/16/2022

" Great first experience. The staff and doctor were wonderful. . and who doesn’t love seeing dogs and cats when you go for a visit?!? I do! "

 Mason - 06/16/2022

" I can't tell you how impressed I was from start to finish. Walking in I was acknowledged right away and got in to see the specialist right away and she was very knowledgeable of the issue my son was having. I couldn't be more grateful I was referred here. I would definitely recommend to family and friends. "

 Edward - 06/15/2022

" I had never met Dr. Rachel before. She was very kind and professional and adjusted me well! "

 Stephen - 06/10/2022

" Great group!! "

 Holly - 06/09/2022

" Always a great experience when I visit. The doctors are very caring and the receptionists are always welcoming! "

 Jack - 06/07/2022

" We love Dr. Amanda! She prevented my 3 year old son from needing ear tubes, has significantly improved my 5 month old daughters digestive issues, and improved my overall health/well being! "

 Adam - 06/07/2022

" Every visit is magical and I feel like a new strong person again. "

 Jessica - 05/24/2022

" Thank you for always being so friendly and kind with your practice! "

 Jennifer - 05/20/2022

" Been coming to OptiLife since 2015 and it is truly the best chiropractic experience I’ve ever had. The staff is so friendly and kind; the doctors know their stuff and never keep the patients waiting. Could not think more highly of OptiLife!! "

 Timothy - 05/20/2022

" Rachel is great! Always feel better when I leave. Very attentive and caring. "

 Maria - 05/18/2022

" Dr Amanda is wonderful "

 Paul - 05/17/2022

" Overall outstanding "

 Elizabeth - 05/17/2022

" Dr Danielle is phenomenal "

 Madeline - 05/14/2022

" Dr. Hoeffner is great. She quickly identified and greatly improved a long standing problem I have had. She is incredibly efficient and I am in and out of the office in 15 minute. Scheduling appointments is easy and the cost is reasonable. I don’t have a single negative thing to say and I highly recommend Optilife. "

 Sarah - 05/10/2022

" I was able to ride my bike today with NO PAIN!! Thank you Dr. Rachel!! "

 Alyssa - 05/06/2022

" I see doctor Amanda and every time I see her she is so personable caring. I have no doubt in my mind that she knows exactly what she’s doing. Every time I leave the office I feel like a freshly oiled machine! I know that sounds weird but it is such a wonderful feeling. I love her gentle approach, knowing that she’s not going to snap me in two or give me an injury, like I have felt like with other chiropractors in my past I recommend Dr. Amanda to anybody! "

 Andrew - 05/04/2022

" Nothing negative to say whatsoever. Every appointment Has been excellent. "

 Camilo - 04/29/2022

" Great and personable staff. Doctor was thorough an keen to answer any questions. "

 Ellie - 04/21/2022

" Wonderful Doctors "

 Gregory - 04/19/2022

" As always, the Dr.'s and massage therapist are all amazing, and the best I've had. I recommend this office to everyone I know. "

 Michelle - 04/19/2022

" An overall wonderful experience! Thank you! "

 Richard - 04/17/2022

" Dr. Amanda provides excellent quality service and is always a pleasure to visit. I live in Louisiana and make a point to visit her at every opportunity. She is by far the best chiropractor I’ve ever had. I wish I could import her to Louisiana for more regular therapy. "

 Debra - 04/16/2022

" love the office of Opticare Dr Rachel is awesome!! "

 Jatinder - 04/15/2022

" I love the receptionist, Dr. Danielle, and the most beautiful dogs 🥰 "

 Jeff - 04/13/2022

" Luv this place "

 Jennifer - 04/09/2022

" I get excellent care here and have recommended this clinic to several people! "

 Charolette - 04/08/2022

" We love Dr. Amanda! "

 Jennifer - 04/08/2022

" Since Mandy is out on maternity the 2 new girls are ok … but not great. I’m so sorry. Danielle, Amanda, mom and even goose and copper are wonderful!! "

 Steve - 04/07/2022

" Can not say enough things positive enough about Optilife. Great doctors, great business "

 Megan - 04/07/2022

" Love Amelia up front and the office always has a positive energy. Dr Amanda has become an integral part of my health journey! "

 Tara - 03/30/2022

" We love Dr. Danielle! The whole staff is very nice and very accommodating. "

 Janice - 03/30/2022

" The best experience. Very caring and spends time answering all of your concerns. I would not go anywhere else "

 Emma - 03/29/2022

" Everyone was amazing! I love Dr. Rachel, she is very friendly, patient, empathetic and knowledgeable. It was a really good experience!!!! "

 Kailynn - 03/23/2022

" Had a very frustrating experience with the new receptionist… simply put - one receptionist seems more experienced than the other "

 Mason - 03/18/2022

" Optilife is Awesome! Everyone is so Kind and helpful! We are so grateful to have Optilife in our family! We highly recommend Optilife to anyone!! "

 Kelsie - 03/04/2022

" Love the entire staff! Coop and Goose especially. "

 Richard - 03/02/2022

" I have received nothing but excellence from Dr H and staff and have referred several friends and colleagues who report excellent care also! "

 James - 03/02/2022

" Rachel got movement on places that others have not. My first adjustment was great! "

 Madeline - 03/02/2022

" Love this place! "

 Aaron - 02/24/2022

" Being new to the practice, I didn’t know what to expect. I was greeted as I arrived, and the Doctor took the time to understand why I was there, and then explained what procedures we’re being performed and why. I’m confident that I’ve made a the right decision for my Chiropractic care! "

 Jeanne - 02/21/2022

" Dr. Hoeffner is an amazing doctor. My quality of life is greatly improved seeing her. "

 Carrie - 02/12/2022

" I have been extremely pleased with the care I have received. I have recommended Optilife and Dr. Hoeffner to multiple family, friends and colleagues. "

 Wendy - 02/11/2022

" I have been a patient here for over 3 years. Dr. Dani is great. She is very caring and makes sure that you feel heard. She has helped me with migraine headaches that I have had for years. You will not be disappointed if you decide to give her your business. "

 Bonnie - 02/09/2022

" Sciatica relief was almost immediate. I feel so much better after just one visit. I look forward to my next follow up visit. Thank you Dr. Danielle. "

 Jeremy - 02/08/2022

" One of the best adjustments I've had in a long time. "

 Alexis - 01/27/2022

" I absolutely loved Rachel ! Coming back for my next appointment on Monday! "

 Edward - 01/26/2022

" Great service and care, as always! "

 Judy - 01/20/2022

" All staff is always courteous. I normally see doctor for my low back but she also addressed a problem with my shoulder which was causing me a great deal of pain. I felt relief immediately and my shoulder is completely pain free 3 days later. "

 Alberto - 01/19/2022

" I’ve been treated by Dr. Hoeffner for some time now and I couldn’t be better. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a chiropractor. Thank Dr. Hoeffner. "

 Jessica - 01/15/2022

" This place has become a second home for me. I always feel welcome and well taken care of. The office staff is nothing short of Amazing! Danielle has helped me so much understand my pain triggers and how to take better care of my spine. Everyone is so friendly and Cherie has been fantastic helping me to further relieve the pain and tension in my muscles. "

 Lila - 01/13/2022

" Superb treatment! "

 Madeline - 01/11/2022

" I love the dog too "

 Chelsea - 01/08/2022

" My first time at a chiropractor and they made me feel very comfortable! "

 Timothy - 01/05/2022

" My back & shoulder have improved greatly. What else can I say 🐯 "

 Paul - 01/05/2022

" Fantastic service and extremely knowledgeable doctor (Dr. Danielle). A very welcoming clinic with a comfortable waiting area - but i have never waited more than 5 mins! "

 Gwen - 01/05/2022

" Everyone in the office was great. Very little wait time. "

 Keegan - 12/31/2021

" Dr. Rachel was great! She is caring and knowledgeable. Thank you! Mary S. "

 Wayne - 12/29/2021

" Great service. In town on holiday and they took me same day. Great staff and results. "

 Morgan - 12/28/2021

" Great staff! Honest and helpful doctors. I literally drive out of the way because the service is so great. Love Optilife! "

 Andrew - 12/22/2021

" Extremely friendly staff. Clean and accepting environment. Amazing people here. "

 Courtney - 12/21/2021

" Very pleased with this practice! I was on vacation in Tampa with a few days left before flying home. I began having excruciating pain in my lower back after my daughter pulled on me, causing my old back injury to flare up. I called in the morning, and they were able to see me the same day. I love that they had a sweet pup to greet me, it definitely made my day a little better. Dr. Hoeffner was amazing and knew just what to do to give me relief. I've never seen a chiropractor for adjustment, but was desperate for anything that would help ease the pain. So glad I did, as I was able to get instant relief and begin to recover as the inflammation decreased. Big thank you to all of you, and wished I lived closer. Next time in Tampa, I plan to come for another treatment because it was so great! "

 Mel - 12/18/2021

" The staff and the doctor are compassionate and caring to your needs and wants and make you feel like family "

 Peter - 12/17/2021

" The actual treatment is excellent and it is only enhanced with the addition of the two Golden’s! All is calm and relaxed. "

 Tracy - 12/16/2021

" Dr. Rachel was so amazing!! I’ve never been to a chiropractor and my left hip was hurting so bad I could hardly walk! I left without pain in my hip for the first time in weeks! Everyone is so sweet and I highly recommend them!!! "

 David - 12/15/2021

" The doctors and staff at optic life are always very courteous and helpful and always done their best to see that I left feeling better than I walked in "

 Gaiuss - 12/10/2021

" Everything about this place was wonderful! "

 Sue - 12/08/2021

" The care I received put my mind at ease on this new issue I have and I feel the blueprint for recovering is looking great. "

 Aida - 12/06/2021

" The service is excellent all the time. "

 Steve - 11/18/2021

" Dr. D is kickass! No fluff, jo BS, just fixes the problem. "

 Vanessa - 11/17/2021

" Thank you for the caring professional care. "

 Jennifer - 11/16/2021

" The entire staff is more than friendly! The place is always super clean. The dogs add a little something extra to each visit. "

 Marianne - 11/10/2021

" Dr Amanda and Dr Danielle are always very professional. They treat us just like family I highly recommend Opti Chiropractic to anyone. We have been coming for over a year and have never been disappointed. "

 James - 11/09/2021

" Dr Rachel is awesome. She is very thorough and attentive to your health history and healthcare needs. She is personable and makes it easy to relax and participate in treatment. She does not rush in or make you feel hurried to get out. She takes the time to get to know you. I would recommend Optilife to anyone needing a quality Chiropractor. "

 Debbie - 11/02/2021

" In less than 10 minutes Dr. Danielle Hoeffner SIGNIFICANTLY reduced my sciatic nerve to ALMOST ZERO and reduced the pain in my right foot by at least 80% and my left foot by 40%. She listened - went to work and reduced the pain I have been living with for many years. I hope to be her patient for a long time and will be bringing in other family members. I cannot sing her praises loud enough. "

 Christie - 10/29/2021

" I’ve experienced nothing but the utmost care and professionalism whenever I visit Optilife Chiropractic. Dr Hoeffner and her staff are the best, in my book, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. I’m grateful that they were recommended to me by a close friend of mine, due to my back issues, and now I have a protocol and a plan that’s giving me a better quality of life. "

 Brian - 10/27/2021

" 1st time visiting a Chiropractor. Excellent overall experience! "

 Jake - 10/26/2021

" Always great care and friendly. "

 Robert - 10/23/2021

" As always Fantastic experience. "

 Shavon - 10/09/2021

" I always love coming to the office and always feel comfortable. "

 Angel - 10/08/2021

" Everyone who comes to me needing chiropractic care is referred to Optilife! Everyone there is phenomenally caring and professional. I bring my whole family and extended family here! "

 Richard - 10/06/2021

" I have referred several friends and all report excellent experiences and successful treatment plans. Stay well; we Dr H at Optilife! "

 Marilyn - 10/06/2021

" Fantastic experience! Highly recommended to anyone needing chiropractic care, acupuncture or a massage. "

 Lori - 10/05/2021

" Pain was alleviated. The “procedure” did not hurt. Appointment was quick, efficient & effective. Can’t really ask for more. Scheduled a follow up appointment within same week as Chiropractor wants to make sure the issue has been resolved. So, conscientious as well. Will be using Optilife as my regular “adjuster”. Ha! "

 Haley - 10/05/2021

" We are so thankful we found this practice. They have helped me and My family for years now and would highly recommend. "

 William - 10/02/2021

" Dr. Dani is awesome! Every time I walk out of her office, I feel like a new man! I cannot forget Maddie at the front desk. She’s so polite, respectful and gets you in last minute to see the doctor even if you do not have a appointment. Thank you, all…😎👍🏻 "

 Jo - 10/01/2021

" Look forward to my adjustment every time! Mentally and physically 🥰 "

 Regina - 10/01/2021

" Always friendly. Excellent professional chiropractic care. "

 Kristine - 10/01/2021

" Best decision made for overall health was to come to see Dr. Danielle "

 Kalu - 09/29/2021

" I absolutely love dr Danny, she is my most favorite dr. In the world. I've seen her business grow and proud of it she deserves it. From me and my body we both thank you and love you dr Danny. "

 Jennifer - 09/25/2021

" Dr. Amanda is alway wonderful! "

 Edward - 09/24/2021

" All staff is very courteous and professional. Office is clean and friendly. And there’s dogs!!!! "

 Jeanne - 09/23/2021

" We are blessed to have such a fantastic Doctor. Her staff is wonderful. They are an amazing team. "

 Grace - 09/22/2021

" My daughters appt was amazing. She was in pain and also feeling upset due to the chronic pain. Once we set up a game plan and talked about what to expect she felt so much better. The doctors and new massage therapist they have are remarkable "

 Karen - 09/22/2021

" It’s a pleasure in All aspects of being a patient. From 1st phone call to schedule an appointment. Being greeting by the pups makes me smile every time I go in. Dr Danielle…. What can I say. As I told her my entire family are patients and we are practically clapping when we know one of us has an appointment. Over the moon happy. "

 Mila - 09/21/2021

" Still favorite care place in tampa "

 Lucas - 09/21/2021

" Love the flexibility with timing. And those pups!! "

 Brian - 09/17/2021

" The front office staff was very friendly and courteous. The environment was very inviting and clean. The doctor was superb and very personable. She explained everything and answered all my question. "

 Diane - 09/15/2021

" Incredible staff. Always goes above and beyond. Extremely professional. "

 Taaylor - 09/08/2021

" I had 1 adjustment and my breeched baby turned to the correct position. I will definitely be recommending this office to my friends. "

 Darcy - 09/08/2021

" Very professional and informative. Love the doggies too. 😊 "

 Debra - 09/03/2021

" Dr. Dani is always on time for appointments with excellent bed side manner. "

 Tina - 09/03/2021

" Would like to know more about the types of chiro. interventions that are offered- decompression tables, massage, heating pads before adjustments,etc. "

 Nathanial - 09/02/2021

" Best out there! "

 Janice - 08/31/2021

" So grateful I found Dr Danielle!!! "

 Merica - 08/31/2021

" Dr Amanda is always inquisitive about all current and past details of my pain. She’s super helpful in recommending natural and homeopathic pain relief and vertigo fixes. They do thorough tests and scans and explain what causes my back pain. I highly recommend Dr Amanda and Dr Danielle to everyone. Including my (formerly pregnant) daughter-in-law! "

 Timothy - 08/27/2021

" Unfortunately, although I made it to the appointment, I had to reschedule appointment and leave because I was not feeling well enough to see the Doctor at that time, but I will be back. The receptionist was very understanding and courteous to my situation. "

 Carolyn - 08/25/2021

" Love Dr. Dani! She helped with my pinched nerve and sciatica issues. I am now in maintenance and go every two weeks and this keeps me feeling good and we address any issues before they become problematic. Also, her two Golden Retrievers are there to welcome you and bring a smile to your face! "

 Tara - 08/25/2021

" Excellent service, very understanding and descriptive. They are very patient and willing to reschedule if neede and can get you in if you are having a problem. Very approachable and would definitely refer people to this office. "

 Erin - 08/13/2021

" My family loves this office! I have a 95% decrease in headaches, And if I do get a headache, the severity is at least half. "

 Lila - 08/12/2021

" Outstanding care! "

 Jaxson - 08/11/2021

" So thankful for Dr. Amanda & everyone at Optilife Chiropractics! Everyone is so friendly! Dr. Amanda is so knowledgeable and addressed all my pregnancy & post partum related concerns! When my son was born I knew we had to bring him in to see her! She has helped him so much! Would highly recommend Optilife! "

 Corinne - 08/10/2021

" I recommend you whenever I have a friend asking for recommendations for a chiropractor. "

 Brian - 08/06/2021

" Best run medical Office I have seen in quite some time. Well Down to the team! Brian Nugent "

 Katrina - 08/06/2021

" I have never been to a chiropractor before and I was very nervous, and the staff was so nice. Dr. Danielle put at ease and explained everything so thoroughly, and I felt great after my visit. I can’t wait to go back! "

 David - 08/04/2021

" The doctors and staff here are first rate. They always explain what they are doing and tell things I can do to help myself at home. I have and will continue to recommend them to all my friends. "

 Carrie - 08/03/2021

" I have recommended Optilife to several friends and family and will continue to do so. "

 Diana - 08/03/2021

" Dr Danielle was very careful explaining to me what she could and couldn’t do for my back problems. She spent a lot of time with me and her treatment was excellent in terms of reducing my pain. She’s a very authentic person and gave me many suggestions of how I can help myself. She never tried to “upsell” other products or exaggerate my situation. I was very happy with her practice and plan to go back on a regular basis. "

 Diane - 07/30/2021

" I have always had great care with Dr. Danielle at OptiLife. "

 Judy - 07/27/2021

" Very personable staff and doctor. Thorough evaluation, on time, clean and efficient. "

 Anabella - 07/23/2021

" Couldn’t be more satisfied w the level of service we received! "

 Theo - 07/23/2021

" We moved to Tampa recently and I was looking for a new Chiropractor. Had a great consultation with Dr. Hoeffner and look forward to continuing my treatments with her at Optilife. "

 Robin - 07/21/2021

" It was my first visit. I am in hopes that future visits will help alleviate my pain and discomfort! "

 Amy - 07/20/2021

" Best place ever!! "

 Jason - 07/17/2021

" They are awesome. "

 Robert - 07/16/2021

" Always friendly, caring, and professional. "

 Janice - 07/14/2021

" Never an issue getting an appointments k "

 Patricia - 07/03/2021

" I suffered with headaches 4 to 5 times per week. Tried different medications and therapies. All that changed since seeing Dr. Danielle for the last couple years. I am no longer missing out on daily activities and family functions because of a headache. Thanks Doc! Patricia R. "

 Kathryn - 07/02/2021

" Doctor and staff courteous and professional. Office very clean and has covid protocols in place. The Dr. Is really helping me feel better and back to myself. I am a first timer to chiropractic care and wished my plan of treatment was explained to me more in depth. But overall am feeling a bit better, just after two visits! "

 Gregory - 06/22/2021

" Dr Danielle and her staff are great and are a real pleasure to work with for my chiropractic needs! "

 Erika - 06/19/2021

" I love Dr Amanda! She has helped my husband and I so much. "

 Karla - 06/18/2021

" Still the best chiropractic care of ever had. And even if it was just mediocre I’d probably still come for the puppy snuggles. 😆 "

 Alex - 06/18/2021

" Amazing doctor and practice "

 Chris - 06/18/2021

" Great Doctors, reception and atmosphere at OptiLife. I have been going to Chiropractors my whole life and this is the best office and care I have ever had. Keep up the great work Dr Danielle, Dr Amanda and office staff! Love seeing the dogs too! "

 Elizabeth - 06/16/2021

" Dr. Danielle knows her stuff. I have been in pain for a few years and finally did something about it. She reviewed my prior exams and knew exactly how to proceed. I highly suggest her and have referred her to friends that have gone amd have the same amazing results. "

 Ethan - 06/16/2021

" Dr. Amanda and staff are the most knowledge and caring individuals I know. I would recommend them any day. "

 Alexis - 06/15/2021

" Daniel asked for feedback. She did additional therapy breaded of what she heard. I appreciate her thoroughness. I feel like she’s super busy at the practice, but I never feel like she sacrifices quality of care. My son and I went to see Daniel this trip as well as several others related to running for me and lacrosse for him. We both feel like we’re making progress with her therapy. "

 Roger - 06/11/2021

" Many visits and they are always awesome! Look forward to coming in and always feel better when I leave... "

 Charlotte - 06/11/2021

" My husband and I love the Optilife family! We have been going to Dr. Danielle and Dr. Amanda for the last three years and we are so pleased with the work they do and have made our quality of life better. We just had a baby and had our first appointment with Dr. Amanda. She was great with her and impressed with her knowledge and gentleness with our baby. The office staff is very friendly and helpful too. Also Goose and Cooper are a nice welcome. I highly recommend Optilife as a chiropractor. "

 Vicki - 06/10/2021

" You can’t go wrong with Optilife Chiropractic. "

 Kim - 06/09/2021

" I enjoyed the experience. I especially enjoyed the resident pups. The results of the adjustment were better than I expected. I will definitely recommend Dr Danielle. "

 Fawzi - 06/02/2021

" We highly recommend Dr. Danielle Hoeffner THE BEST "

 Magdalena - 05/21/2021

" My husband recommended this location when i was in so much pain due to my sciatic nerve. Got an appointment the following morning, and was greeted by a familiar face (Amelia, from my previous physical therapy location a few years back). Got in to see the doctor, got adjusted and felt SO much better. Will definitely go back! Also..loved the dog walking around the office. 🥰 "

 Judy - 05/18/2021

" The entire staff has been great! They are always pleasant and helpful with any concern or inquiries I’ve had. Since becoming an established patient I find they have always been accommodating. I am able to have appointments without missing much work as I can get appointments at the end of work day. My particular injury cannot be fixed but so far it has been able to be managed. I feel I would be referred elsewhere if they couldn’t help. "

 Edward - 05/14/2021

" Office is always clean, staff is always professional. "

 Jake - 05/12/2021

" I’ve seen both chiropractors and spoken to all of the staff and everyone is amazing. "

 Shavon - 05/12/2021

" I love coming to Dr. Danielle’s office. It’s like seeing an old friend every time. Plus seeing the dogs around gives it that home like/family feeling. "

 Mila - 05/11/2021

" Thanks for also being flexible last few times taking us not at our appointment time "

 Gavin - 05/08/2021

" Dr. Danielle is awesome. Her facility is clean and the staff is courteous and helpful. Most importantly she always helps me feel better! "

 Stephen - 04/30/2021

" Dr. Danielle, Maddie, and the other staff are so courteous, helpful and thoughtful. I always have a great experience and appreciate the insight, guidance, and education I receive on every visit. Hands down, I do not feel like I am going to the doctor's office, but seeing good friends. Thank you for all you do! "

 Judy - 04/30/2021

" Very thorough and attentive to answering all my questions. Found my new chiropractor! "

 Rebekah - 04/26/2021

" Wow, just after two visits I feel better. Not only because of the adjustments but also because I really feel like I'm in good hands here. Dr. Amanda Metzger is very thorough and knowledgeable. I am looking forward to being under her care during and after my pregnancy. I'm so glad a friend recommended her! Staff is great and the dogs are friendly. 😊 "

 Erika - 04/24/2021

" Have recommend Optilife to many people. Love the staff and the care they provide. Even sent my mom there while she was visiting and she got instant relief. "

 Debra - 04/21/2021

" The staff displayed excellent customer service, beginning at check in until checkout was completed. The doctor explained what was going on let me view my X-rays as she explained what her findings were. Most definitely will recommend OptiLife to my friends and family. "

 Madelyn - 04/17/2021

" Loved our first experience there. I knew a bit about how chiropractic treatments could be very helpful to a babies; but Dr. Amanda really explained everything so well and I walked out of my daughter’s appointment knowing this was going to be great for her development and help her with any issues that could affect her later on in life. We are excited to see her progress after each weekly appointment! "

 Greyson - 04/17/2021

" My son (and sometimes me) see Dr. Amanda. She is so kind, Knowledgeable and goes out of her way to make sure she is helping my son. Everyone in the office is very nice and helpful and Dr. Danielle always makes a point of saying hi when she sees you. And we can’t forget they have the cutest mascot puppy dogs. "

 Carolyn - 04/14/2021

" I get to see my 4-legged friends too! Dr. Dani is personable and compassionate and always makes my back issues better! "

 Nathanial - 04/14/2021

" Amanda Metzger is one of the best! Quick! Thorough! And very knowledgeable! "

 Christine - 04/10/2021

" Every time I visit, it’s like a family reunion! Love the caring, competent and compassionate nature of this group of people. "

 Migdalia - 04/09/2021

" I love the staff and I love Dr. Hoeffner and her beautiful dogs!!! "

 Ian - 04/04/2021

" This was our first time and everything went well, from receptionist to the Dr. everything went fine. We hope this continues in our next visits as part of my son's treatment. Thanks. "

 Valery - 04/03/2021

" Dr, Danielle and staff are just fantastic! "

 Christopher - 04/03/2021

" Love this place and love the pups! "

 Rebecca - 04/02/2021

" I am absolutely blown away with my visit here! Everyone was so kind. From the people who helped me schedule, to the receptionist, to the chiropractors, everyone was super great! I was so appreciative of everything being explained so well. I scheduled a prenatal visit but will be staying on even after my pregnancy. Highly recommend! "

 Lila - 04/02/2021

" Outstanding service and care, always! "

 Jeffrey - 04/01/2021

" Great care by all staff. Feeling much better! "

 Carrie - 03/30/2021

" I have been extremely happy with every facet of care, professionalism, and the ambiance. I have highly recommended Optilife and Dr. Dani to my family and friends and they have been equally as pleased and are now clients. "

 Angel - 03/30/2021

" Everyone is always super friendly and polite from when you enter the building to when you exit it. They always give me the best treatment to help me get through my week and relieve any pain I would be having. Definitely always enjoy my visits here. "

 Deanna - 03/24/2021

" 5-star service and treatment! "

 David - 03/23/2021

" Very helpful in explaining my problems and showing me how to help myself "

 Sherry - 03/23/2021

" Extremely welcoming and excellent experience. It was my first time receiving chiropractic care and I was hesitant to try. The doctor was very easy to talk to and explained every step. I am feeling much better today and look forward to my next visit in hopes of feeling even better. I absolutely loved meeting the two beautiful golden retrievers and told the doctor they are what convinced me to make the appointment. "

 Egbert - 03/17/2021

" My first time there, excellent first impression! "

 Mileidy - 03/17/2021

" Dr. Amanda is incredible with all 4 of our babies!!!! "

 Katie - 03/17/2021

" Ms. Amanda is a dream. She has helped my daughter so much and she is truly so very patient and kind. We enjoy seeing her on a weekly basis. I see Ms Danielle and every time I see her it’s like seeing an old friend. She is very personable and answers all my questions and concerns. It’s like visiting family every time we come to the office. "

 Carol - 03/12/2021

" I was very impressed with Dr. Hoeffner and have already recommended her to a friend who’s son is having back problems and is looking for a qualified Dr. for his issues!! "

 Karen - 03/10/2021

" Dr. Danielle is great. She has done a wonderful job identifying my needs and has worked to keep me on track with my therapy. The office staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The beautiful and friendly golden retrievers greet me at the door and provide a warm welcome. I have been a patient at OptiLife for several years and am extremely pleased with the level of care. Highly recommend! "

 August - 03/10/2021

" Best chiropractor you can go too and the best staff around "

 Wesley - 03/09/2021

" Great staff and atmosphere. Very friendly and courteous. "

 Emma - 03/06/2021

" Great first visit with Dr. Amanda! "

 Rosemary - 03/04/2021

" My first visit was very pleasant. "

 Dianna - 03/03/2021

" the whole family is in love with Amanda, office, dogs of course and service in general "

 Steve - 02/26/2021

" Dr. Danielle is awesome. Knows her shit for sure. I feel like when you tell her a specific injury that has happened to you, she gets it, knows exactly where to look and knows probably what is wrong before she even looks at you. Can not recommend enough. Steve Palella "

 Steven - 02/24/2021

" Very professional and courteous. She informed me of everything that was being done and relieved the pressure in my back in 2 minutes. I was very happy with the experience since it was my first time ever going to a chiropractor. "

 Jason - 02/23/2021

" Refreshing change from the Dr. I have seen the past 10 years. Great all around experience. Super easy and they listen. "

 Christie - 02/23/2021

" I can’t say enough about the professionalism and care I always receive when I visit Optilife Chiropractic! Dr. Hoeffner is fantastic and takes the time to explain things in a way that reflects her compassion and care. "

 Paige - 02/19/2021

" Always exceptional service! "

 Vanessa - 02/18/2021

" Thank you! "

 Gregory - 02/16/2021

" Dr Hoeffner and her staff are very friendly, professional and courteous and it's a pleasure for me how she works with colleagues, should as Fitness Tek. X-Rays were taken by Dr. Hoeffner herself. She provided a clear explanation and showed me my X-Rays, which were clear and easily seen. Also,I received my initial treatment and was out of the office in 30 minutes in time for another appointment that I had scheduled before coming to OptiLife Chiropractic. I am looking forward to my next appointment with Dr. Hoeffner. "

 Buthena - 02/07/2021

" You are simply outstanding! Thank you for being so wonderful "

 Kathlenne - 02/05/2021

" Very professional and kind and they know what they’re doing "

 Stephen - 02/04/2021

" A+ chiropractic staff and service! "

 Ezekiel - 01/26/2021

" I am very happy to find a place like this one, make me feel very secure and comfortable during my visit, I think I made the best decision taking my son to this place very professional and I just love it "

 Kristine - 01/22/2021

" Dr. Has done wonders for me. Beforehand wasn’t sure about Chiropratic. I believe Dr. Danielle is a fantastic practitioner. "

 Maggie - 01/22/2021

" Hands down a great office and chiropractor! "

 Richard - 01/19/2021

" Everyone from receptionist to the Dr. are awesome. Dr. Amanda is very personable and fun to be around. Thank you all. "

 Roger - 01/13/2021

" Love the layed back office style. "

 Judy - 01/11/2021

" Every staff member at Optilife has been polite and courteous. There has never been a wait time since I’ve been receiving care. They are also always accommodating. I have seen both doctors and feel that I receive great quality of care. I have improvement after treatments but due to my particular condition I do have to return when there is flare up. I would highly recommend this chiropractic office. "

 Regina - 12/31/2020

" Extremely friendly from beginning to end of visit. Breath of fresh air! "

 Mark - 12/16/2020

" wonderful service as always "

 Kari - 12/10/2020

" Team is excellent and fitting patients in and treating patients respectfully. "

 Fawzi - 12/08/2020

" Best of the best !!!! "

 Alina - 11/27/2020

" I called the receptionist and told her we are 5 min late, and asked if I should reschedule because I did not want to wait so long with my 10 mo old baby, with no mask, as well as my 4 year old toddler, she said it’s ok, please come! we had appointment at 10:15, got in 10:22 and she still put 10:30 ahead of us, although she had promised not to?! in order to make me keep my appointment ?! It was a little bit long like 20 + min wait I would rather reschedule next time! Otherwise love you guys ! Alina "

 Michelle - 11/21/2020

" Dr. Danielle is by far the BEST!!!! "

 Bill - 11/17/2020

" It was a good experience! "

 Grace - 11/13/2020

" Both Dr Amanda and Danielle are amazing. Dr Amanda spoke to my teenager In words she would understand plus explaining lots of other Things to let her know what the plan would be. She was sweet and compassionate. Have referred a few friends already Their technology is also super cool and things I’ve never seen being used in other Chiropractic offices we’ve been too. Great job! "

 Katie - 11/13/2020

" You guys have an outstanding office! Everyone is kind and polite. Everything is always explained in perfect detail in regards to why I might be feeling that way and why doing this will help. "

 Christopher - 11/12/2020

" Office was very clean, in and out and feel great, especially love the pups! "

 Amy - 11/04/2020

" First time attending. I told a few friends that it was the most comprehensive appt at the Chiropractor I have ever had. I will be bringing my whole family. "

 Monique - 11/03/2020

" Dr. Amanda was absolutely great during my first chiropractic appointment for my pregnancy. She made me feel comfortable and explained everything very well. She is very knowledgeable and efficient. She made me feel confident in my pregnancy and I cannot wait for my next appointment and for my soon to be born baby to be adjusted by her as well. "

 Janice - 10/30/2020

" I am just so happy that I found Lifeline Chiropractic. "

 Tiffany - 10/24/2020

" Will definitely be back! "

 Richard - 10/21/2020

" I have referred several of my associates and they have raved about Dr. Hoeffner and how attentive she is to their concerns. "

 Richard - 10/21/2020

" I have referred several of my associates and they have raved about Dr. Hoeffner and how attentive she is to their concerns. "

 Lillian - 10/21/2020

" Best Chiropractor care !! Very good service provided, everyone is courteous and well trained. "

 Terri - 10/17/2020

" I travel an hour for this appt., and it’s well worth it! Not only a great chiropractor, but this is the first office that I never have to wait because the doctor is running behind or didn’t manage their appt book well... that’s important to me! The whole staff is extremely friendly, helpful, and service orientated. I was recommended to this doctor, and have in turn also passed her information to my friends.... ( also love the office mascots) "

 Bridys - 10/06/2020

" I have never been to a chiropractor appointment such as this one. Usually the doctor come's in looks at my chart crackes my back and leaves. Amanda listen and she explained everything so well to me and helped me to understand what I need. I look forward to my next appointment! "

 Karen - 10/02/2020

" Regular adjustment and massage at OptiLife have certainly improved my quality of life. "

 Stephen - 09/30/2020

" Optilife provides superior service in a friendly and calm environment. They really do put the patient first. "

 Rascha - 09/29/2020

" Amazing service very impressive "

 Michael - 09/26/2020

" Professional and courteous staff. Dr. Danielle is amazing. I have been going to her for several years. She had me on a very effective treatment plan. Now I just see her for maintenance. Could not recommend Optilife more. "

 Valery - 09/19/2020

" Awesome Dr. Danielle, staff and Pups! "

 Karla - 09/18/2020

" I would have given all the same answers even if you sent this before my appointment yesterday, but these answers don’t do justice to how much I appreciate Dr Danielle’s offer to treat my puppy for his arthritis and hip dysplasia. I just spoke with the vet and he’s very supportive of chiropractic and cold laser therapy to medically manage his pain for now, so I expect I’ll have a letter soon to provide to you. Thank you again. So, so much for all you do! "

 Sarah - 09/17/2020

" We always receive the highest level of service from Dr Danielle & her team 😊 "

 Lyla - 09/16/2020

" You guys are amazing - professional, thorough, and most importantly - gave me the relief I needed. "

 Maggie - 09/16/2020

" Always a wonderful experience! "

 Dennis - 09/15/2020

" Dr. Daniel is the best!!!!! HIghly recommend her "

 Nicole - 09/12/2020

" Dr. Amanda is great! She’s so attentive, friendly, and professional. "

 Robin - 09/09/2020

" Both doctors and staff are all AMAZING! "

 Maria - 09/09/2020

" Love doctor Danielle! I feel so much better already after 1 treatment. "

 Marina - 09/09/2020

" There's a lot of chiropractors in Saint Pete, but we drive across the bay because Doctor Danielle is the best! "

 Rachael - 09/04/2020

" we love optilife, the front desk staff, the environment, and dr. Amanda! We drive an hour just to see you guys! "

 Kasan - 08/27/2020

" Dr. Danielle & the Optilife crew have consistently provided an excellent standard of care. Through different situations for both my wife and I, she and the staff have handled us and our medical needs with aplomb and impeccable care. In further testament to the care that we receive, we moved to Apollo Beach in 2019. Although we certainly could find a chiropractor closer, we have decide to drive 45-60 in order to treated by this medical team. They have, without equivocation, earned our trust, respect, admiration and our money. They epitomize and optimize life. This is OPTILIFE. "

 Elmi - 08/18/2020

" Got me treated and feeling well quickly. Friendly staff, including the pups! "

 Mark - 08/12/2020

" Had a wonderful first time experience and looking forward to going back "

 Karen - 08/11/2020

" Dr Danielle is so knowledgeable and thorough that I feel better every time I leave there. "

 Erin - 08/07/2020

" Optilife Chiropractic and Dr. Amanda are amazing! When you first walk in, you’re greeted with two friendly staff memberS Maddie and Marilyn and checking in was quick and easy. I came in dealing with several months of neck pain that would not go away. I was frustrated, tired and just wanted the pain to stop. Dr. Amanda really cared that I was in pain. She listened to me and treated me like family. After a few weeks of treatment the pain was almost gone. She gave me my life back. Dr. Amanda loves helping people. She’s friendly, loves her job and most of all, knows how to crack a back! Or in my case, a neck! You’d be crazy not to see her. Thank you Dr Amanda and Optilife Chiropractic! Patient for life! "

 Stacy - 08/05/2020

" Dr. Danielle is very knowledgeable and caring. I am always glad that I went there after my visit. She has visual tools that explain your issues and her plan for treatment. Her staff is terrific as well. Love the automated appointment reminders I receive for my appointments, too. Believe in her business so much that I bring my children to her for treatment as well. We've all been going to her for years. 👍 "

 Melissa - 08/05/2020

" Maddie and Dr. Hoeffner both got me in for a last minute appointment and still provided comprehensive care and guidance. Dr. Hoeffner (and her canine therapists) has helped me through a long process and has always been hopeful but provides full honesty when necessary. "

 Lauren - 08/04/2020

" My visit was amazing and the difference i feel after one visit is great!! "

 Kylan - 07/31/2020

" So happy with the care we have received. Amanda is amazing. It’s a bit of a drive for us but she is so amazing it is so worth it. I totally recommend if you have an infant and want a trust worthy doctor to see. I seriously trust her more than our own pediatrician! "

 William - 07/31/2020

" Dr. Dani is so cool. She listened to my concerns and we now have a game plan. She's working hard to see if my insurance will be covered because I'm currently paying out-of-pocket. Thank you for all the support and cheers to a healthier back!!! :) :) "

 Gerald - 07/29/2020

" Dr. Dani is the best. So easy to get scheduled and get the right care. I have increased my cycling training load but had not been getting adjusted regularly and was feeling it, so will be back more often to keep everything working pain free. "

 Paul - 07/22/2020

" Fantastic and knowledgeable doctors, and a top notch clinic! "

 Janice - 07/17/2020

" Drs Danielle and Amanda are just the best! Friendly, professional, and super sweet. And l ❤️❤️❤️ The dogs! "

 Lisa - 07/17/2020

" Great care and office. "

 Deanna - 07/15/2020

" Everyone is caring and professional. Great office! "

 Juliah - 07/13/2020

" Dr. Amanda is very knowledgeable and has great bedside manner. She took the time to explain everything in great detail. I am confident she will have me feeling better very soon! "

 Brenda - 07/11/2020

" Always friendly and accommodating. Doc works wonders. I always recommend to my friends! "

 Chris - 07/11/2020

" You’re awesome. "

 Rhonda - 07/08/2020

" Awesome doctor and I feel I am in the right place to get the help I need. Great communication and beside manner. "

 Jo - 07/03/2020

" I love the calming and friendly atmosphere. That’s why I continue to go there 😍 "

 Hannah - 06/28/2020

" IDr. Danielle is outstanding. Each patient is greeted by smiling faces and cute dogs! "

 Mileidy - 06/25/2020

" We adore Dr. Amanda and the care she provided to our entire family! "

 Alicia - 06/20/2020

" Have always been satisfied with our visits to your clinic. It’s the only place i feel comfortable bringing my toddler and infant! "

 Keena - 06/19/2020

" I had not been in to see Dr Amanda in few months and my body needed it really bad. She gave me instant relief!!! Will never get out of that routine again!! "

 Joe - 06/19/2020

" great sports chiro!! "

 Christine - 06/16/2020

" I love coming to Optilife! It’s life a family gathering together...loving, warm and skilled! "

 Valery - 06/16/2020

" Loved Amanda and I feel a lot better after one visit. Can’t wait to come back again! "

 Sandra - 06/06/2020

" Love everything about Danielle, her team and her fur babies. I have always felt that they are thorough, capable and friendly. We are lucky to have them in our community. "

 Gina - 06/06/2020

" Dr. Danielle has been my chiropractor for years. I have referred my elderly parents and in-laws to her who also now see her regularly. Additionally, my children have been her patients since they were in elementary school. She takes the time to explain everything. Every since I've met her I've become a true believer of chiropractic care and what it can do for the whole body, (not just the spine). Furthermore, not only is she a wonderful doctor, she is also a wonderful person who sincerly cares about the well being of others. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Danielle, as well as everyone at OptiLife. It's clear that kindness and professionalism are important qualities in all that work there. "

 Karen - 06/02/2020

" The doctors and staff at OptiLife Chiropractic are courteous, knowledgeable and efficient. Dr. Danielle Hoeffner and staff have kept me pain free for years. The pleasant, friendly office culture is a plus! "

 Suzanna - 05/29/2020

" Appreciate your appointments to fit my schedule as Dr. Danielle’s understanding my fears and gentle procedures. "

 Roxanne - 05/29/2020

" Best place to get an adjustment! Clean, calming, courteous and compassionate. What more could you ask for? Puppies! Yeap they have those too "

 Ariann - 05/27/2020

" Great as always! "

 Sarah - 05/22/2020

" Dr H is great. Compassionate, knowledgeable of what is going on with my pain. Thank you "

 Elizabeth - 05/17/2020

" I didn’t realize how much I needed to be adjusted until Dr Danielle adjusted me the very first time… I’m hooked it’s been a great experience and I go back as often as possible, she has worked wonders with my alignment. "

 Jameiya - 05/13/2020

" I was able to experience some immediate changes. I am looking forward to my follow up appointment. "

 Stephen - 05/13/2020

" Optilife provides exceptional and compassionate care. I could not be more pleased with their treatment program. I would highly recommend them to others that may need similar treatment. "

 Valery - 05/09/2020

" Dr Danielle, Fred and staff are exceptional... "

 Amy - 05/08/2020

" Best staff ever, love them (including the doggies) so much!! "

 Marina - 05/06/2020

" Always amazing! Always worth it to drive out of my way to see doctor Danielle and her doggos! "

 Anthony - 05/01/2020

" Very fast and clean place to fill all my Chiro needs "

 Vicky - 04/28/2020

" Danielle is always informative and gets me back on track. Receptionist are very helpful as well "

 Marwick - 04/28/2020

" Optilife has always treated me wonderfully and I have always left feeling far better than I did before. "

 Lindy - 04/26/2020

" The treatment was spot on . Thanks to quick relief! "

 Jennifer - 04/24/2020

" Always a pleasure to see the team! "

 Jeanne - 04/22/2020

" The only time I’ve have been out in 6 weeks, is to see Dr. Hoeffner. I trust her and her staff that much. "

 Ashley - 04/17/2020

" I love you all! Always quick, convenient and friendly. "

 Melissa - 04/08/2020

" Everything was excellent as usual. "

 Tina - 04/08/2020

" Love Dr. Hoeffner, staff & doggies "

 Pamela - 04/08/2020

" Dr. Danielle is great. She fixed my bulging disks several years ago and I now see her for maintenance once a week now. I believe this chiropractic care strengthens my immune system and will help me age stronger. 🥰 "

 Maggie - 04/08/2020

" Love everything about Optilife! "

 Erin - 04/07/2020

" The best Chiropractic practice in Tampa! Dr. Amanda takes your concerns seriously and has a wealth of knowledge to help with any pain!! "

 Stacy - 04/04/2020

" Dr. Danielle has an innate ability to determine your issue and treat it effectively. She is the best chiropractor that I have ever had and I have had about 6 to 7 over my lifetime. I think part of it is that she seems to really believe in and loved what she does. She is also very caring and very punctual with her appointments. Super important for busy clients. She also seems to do a very good job of hiring her staff as they are always professional, efficient and super nice. Two of my children (19 & 21) have also gone to her and they absolutely love her. "

 Kristine - 04/03/2020

" Despite moving, I couldn’t change Chiropractors. This office and Dr. Danielle was the answer to my prayers! Well worth the drive! "

 Isabella - 03/27/2020

" Dr. Metzger was tracking with what our daughter needs and is confident in her work. "

 Robert - 03/23/2020

" Outstanding knowledge and experience. Dr. Danielle relieved my back pain. Highly recommend. "

 Framaris - 03/11/2020

" Love this office and everyone there! Always attentive to our families needs! "

 Bruce - 03/08/2020

" I have used chiropractic care most of my adult life. I am very athletic and have all sorts of Sports related and auto accident type injuries that have given me problems. I have never received better care from any chiropractor or doctor in my life. Both Amanda and Danielle show great bed side manner. They care about your health and Always accommodate you. The office staff is equally outstanding. You will not find better care givers Than Optilife. I consider them family. Thanks for being there and for your help through Some tough times! "

 Keri - 03/07/2020

" I go to my visit with discomfort and leave with pure joy!!! Amanda is amazing and my lifesaver "

 Vanessa - 02/27/2020

" I’ve never been so excited to make it to my appointments. My neck and shoulders count down the days until my next visit. Never any waiting and the Goldies are SOOOO adorable and therapeutic. If doctor H. served coffee and had wifi, I’d Seriously Consider working from the parking lot so I could see the puppies & Cooper on my breaks. Haha A home away from home. Love you all!!!!!! -Vanessa "

 Travis - 02/21/2020

" We are blown away by all the staff . Everyone is just so nice and the doctors are very knowledgeable and friendly "

 Lillian - 02/20/2020

" I’m glad I found Opti Life Chiropractor near my home, they provided an excellent treatment and great service with best quality personnel. Congratulations for your compromise with your patients !! Best Chiropractor caer in Tampa Bay area!! "

 Anthony - 02/14/2020

" Love coming here! "

 Sherry - 02/12/2020

" I felt immediate relief after just one visit with Dr. Danielle. She pinpointed my problem right away. I would not hesitate to recommend her to my friends and family. "

 Erica - 02/05/2020

" I feel so much better that I want to make my husband an appointment too. "

 Evelyn - 01/30/2020

" I love the atmosphere here! And the dogs!! "

 Edward - 01/28/2020

" Danielle is the best. Always so accessible when you are in need! "

 Lisa - 01/24/2020

" For my first visit it was great. "

 George - 01/24/2020

" I not only leave Optilife feeling physically better, but also leave with a good inner feeling about the experience. All the staff at Optilife show concern for me as a patient and as a person.This is a good place! "

 Gary - 01/21/2020

" Always a great experience. Doctor Very knowledgable. I always feel taken care of . Thx I will be back! "

 Sarah - 01/17/2020

" Love- everyone is so kind, compassionate and helpful!!! "

 Christine - 01/17/2020

" The combination of chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Danielle and massage therapy from Fred is the magic that keeps me going! So glad I’m lucky enough to have found this OptiLife practice! "

 Gina - 01/08/2020

" I cannot say enough good thing about Dr Danielle & everyone at Optilife. I've been with her for years. My family of 4 are all patients there, as are my parents, in-laws, & friends. Her knowledge & explanation of how the body works & how chiropractic care will help is amazing! "

 Mileidy - 01/07/2020

" Dr. Amanda is always so thorough with our entire family of 6! Mady, is always so kind when we arrive and Dr. Daniele always super friendly. The doggies make our time at each appointment even more special. "

 Diana - 01/03/2020

" Dra. Amanda is nice and friendly. This practice is a family oriented and makes you feel very welcome. "

 Stephen - 01/01/2020

" Great service (and results), great staff, and a very peaceful environment for the care provided. "

 Jax - 12/31/2019

" Love being greeted by the puppies. Everyone is so nice here. Dr Danielle Hoeffner is extremely skilled as well as personable and knowledgeable! Very flexible with scheduling. Definitely recommend Optilife! "

 Sandra - 12/27/2019

" I love Dr Danielle. She and her office are delightful and responsive to your needs. Fantastic chiropractic practice. ❤️ "

 Linda - 12/21/2019

" dr. danielle and her staff are very caring...the office is run efficiently...very welcoming and friendly...so far my care been very beneficial...dr. danielle listens with compassion and understanding...if i could give marks higher than excellent i would and am... linda p "

 Jennifer - 12/19/2019

" Dr. Amanda and Dr. Danielle are amazing! The whole OptiLife team are fabulous!! "

 Emily - 12/17/2019

" My entire family come to optilife and we all love it! "

 Christy - 11/27/2019

" I love seeing the puppy dogs!! "

 Jeanne - 11/27/2019

" I’ve been seeing Dr. Hoeffner for years. My opinion has not changed. She is excellent and for three years running to my knowledge she has received awards to prove it. Thank you Dr. Hoeffner for improving my quality of life. "

 Vicki - 11/27/2019

" It's always a comfortable, family atmosphere with Dr Danielle and Dr Amanda. "

 Wendy - 11/25/2019

" I have been seeing Dr. Dani for a little over a year now. She is amazing and she has helped my migraines! I am very thankful for her and her wonderful staff. I always feel cared for here. "

 Allison - 11/21/2019

" Thank you! "