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Orthopaedic and Sports Therapy Center

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Phone: (940) 689-9664
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Physical Therapy
Radiology and Imaging
Wellness Coaching
Shoulder, Elbow, Knee
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Recent Reviews

 Linda - 11/16/2019

" Dr. Huang is very knowledgeable, kind, and considerate. "

 Priscilla - 11/13/2019

" Sometimes the wait time is long, but the doctor always spends time making sure I understand all the instructions and answers my questions "

 Deborah - 11/12/2019

" Would recommend Dr Hames and crew to anyone! Blessed to have him. "

 Kristie - 11/08/2019

" The doctor was very knowledgeable and honest with me about the pros and cons of my condition. And he gave me a game plan and hope for the future "

 Benjamin - 11/07/2019

" Extremely helpful with everything. He even helped me get a new brace and a new boot for my injuries. "

 Karen - 11/06/2019

" Was highly reccommed and wasn't dissapointed "

 Patrick - 11/05/2019

" I have had shoulder pain for over 20 years (despite 4 shoulder surgeries while in the Air Force). I am approx 6 months post-op and my shoulder feels better than it has in 25 years. I am extremely pleased with Dr Wilson. At my last followup, he spent 20 minutes explaining why I’m having pain in my lower leg (this was obviously not why I had an appt with him). I was extremely impressed with his willingness to address this issue and I believe his advice will help this issue. I have nothing but good things to say about Dr Wilson and the Orthopaedic Associates team. "

 Geneva - 11/05/2019


 Irvan - 11/05/2019

" Dr. Wilson is a wonderful doctor. He really cares about his patients. He did a great job on my knee replacement. The staff at OSTC are very professional and take great pride in all that they do. OSTC is one of the best clinics I have visited! "

 Christopher - 11/02/2019

" My only complaint is that, for my follow up, I waited over an hour for a 30 second consultation. None of that is exaggerated. My appointment was at 1215. I didn't actually see Dr. Kamath until after 115, and my entire visit with him lasted less than 1 minute. Other than that, he was an amazing surgeon and I would definitely go to him again without hesitation if I needed any more neck or back surgery. "

 Karen - 11/02/2019

" Parking was limited but i was able to use a space someone was leaving. More parking and a little wider spaces so you do not hit the car Next to you there were a lot of trucks in parking lot. I do understand the office shares with others in facility So this would be a group effort. "

 Patricia - 11/01/2019

" Doctor Perez was very informative on what he would be doing on my shoulder, he also made me feel very comfortable, and at ease before surgery, and after. His Nurse Brittany is just as sweet and very caring as he is. Love all the staff at his office, they are very cordial and seemed to really care about my feelings. I would recommend Doctor Perez and his staff to anyone having and concerns on any up coming surgery. Just want to thank each and everyone of them for their kindness. God Bless each one of them. "

 Renee - 11/01/2019

" Dr. Hames and his staff are awesome. I couldn't ask for better treatment than what I've been getting. The front desk staff are awesome to. I would recommend anyone to OSTC!!!! The therapy people are great to. A BIG shout out to JULIE!!!! Shes awesome "

 Barbara - 10/29/2019

" I am very pleased with Dr Perez. It is “Wonderful when a Dr diagnoses a problem correctly and treats it professionally!” "

 Deborah - 10/29/2019

" I am always please with the service that I receive at DR.Wilsons office. "

 Trudy - 10/26/2019

" This was an initial consultation. Hi "

 Jackephine - 10/26/2019

" Everyone was very courteous and I even got in before appointment time "

 Rosemarie - 10/26/2019

" I have visited tthis office many times inthe past three years and never had a bad experience. The staff and doctors are beyond reproach. They alway took the best care of me. I can gladly recommend them to anybody. "

 Dianne - 10/26/2019

" There are broken tiles in the floor area between the downstairs bathroom and the elevator. They are dangerous - they slide up out of place, and have sharp edges, and could very, very easily cause someone to fall, and injure themselves. Even having my walker to move about causd the tiles to come up and be dangerous for me. "

 Douglas - 10/25/2019

" I have used Dr. Huang for about 19 years for various ailments & surgeries. He is absolutely the best. I would recommend him to anyone!! "

 Diane - 10/23/2019

" Overall a great experience. "

 Thomas - 10/20/2019

" I didn't give excellent because there is always room for improvement. "

 Shirley - 10/19/2019

" Dr . Yogish Kamath MD PA 940 - 689- 9664 . If it hadn’t been for office girl , I call to get Website so it would save time on filling out paperwork , then when I Told her I have it filled out but told me I had to redo on another which had the identical answers that could of been used without really redoing all of it. So it made my appointment to be a lot later and the doctor understood and was very thorough even though it went way past his quitting time. I really liked this doctor he was so thorough and did not rush me through and told me and showed me what had happened to my back I broke two bones that was leaning on the nerves that needed to be fixed immediately and he took all of his time of showing me on the MRI telling me what happen when I felt the two pops in my back it broke two bones and the nerves were touching the bones but he said that it was a simple surgery , I will go in and basically he will put something some what like Cement but called it something else, fix bones back together to get them off the nerves and said the surgery won’t last 15 minutes and said I can go back doing what ever . But then from my past surgeries the back doctor that gave me so Much trouble said that Dr Hisey should of went on up to the next level to fix it . I always told him I still had back problem and now it is worse . After Dr. Yogish Klamath MD PA fix the emergency one next week . I’ll have to see when getting The disk fix that the back doctor missed a disk that should’ve been included with my surgery that is really bad so I will have to schedule another surgery with the doctor so he can fix it but it will be complicated. But I really liked this doctor he was so good even when it kept him way over his work time the Doctor showed me what was going on in the dye MRI The Dr made appointment which I have to go in Tuesday to get him to go in fix the bones back together so it will get all my nerves in my back and we will work on the other part at a later date but I would recommend anybody that has had a bad experience This doctor is fabulous he took his time to explain everything and tell me what happens if it’s not fixed I really loved him and I recommend anybody that has had bad experienceI to go see Dr. Yugish Kamath MD Pa at 1 West Medical court on 2nd floor. In the best Dr in Wichita falls Texas . He does his surgeries at Kell West. "

 Margaret - 10/19/2019

" Dr.Kameth made me feel better about my situation, always kind and helpful and everyone in the office treated me with respect. "

 Debbie - 10/16/2019

" The handicap places are always full, walking up and down curbs is hard on you when you are driving again after surgery. Wheelchair ramp in front of the building in regular parking Wouk be nice. "

 Roger - 10/16/2019

" The staff at OSTC is always very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. I would reccomend them to anyone needing physical therapy. "

 Anne - 10/16/2019

" A visit with Dr Huang and his nurses is a pleasure. I am treated like a valued patient/person. Other doctors could certainly learn from Dr. Huang. His skills are also excellent. He is a trusted friend. "

 Beverly - 10/15/2019

" I have recently read many social media posts on poor service, extended waits, errors with appointment times. Previously, my husband and daughter have both been patients of Dr. Wilson and had had good experiences. My recent appointment was GREAT. I was a new patient so I arrived early with all the items the office had said were necessary. Everything went smoothly, efficiently, and in a timely manner. 5 stars! "

 Patricia - 10/15/2019

" My experience was good. All of the employees were friendly, courteous and helpful. The doctor was friendly and informative. I will go back if I need this type of treatment. "

 Edward - 10/15/2019

" I had heard outstanding praise of Dr. Brandon Perez before seeing him and he lived up to his reputation. He was awesome. I had such bad anxiety at the appointment and he eased my mind within seconds of walking in, it was excellent. Thank you. "

 Stacy - 10/15/2019

" From making the original appointment all the way to my 2nd follow up the entire staff has been amazing, every one has gone above and beyond. Very courteous I couldn't ask for better treatment. "

 Janet - 10/13/2019

" Very happy with Kris Tucker and Jennifer Cantwell. Both are very conscientious, friendly, and thorough. "

 Michelle - 10/11/2019

" My therapist listened & believed my symptoms she also got a copy of my MRI to better assist in my physical therapy "

 Vickie - 10/11/2019

" Dr. Hames was very professional and went into detail and showed me how to do exercises along with shot.. Also, wearing boot for one day Has helped immensely. I would refer him to others "

 Darla - 10/10/2019

" I saw Dr Wilson at Electra. I was very impressed with the Clinic and employees. The wait was long. Dr Wilson was so nice. He siad my knee was not normal but did not explain why. I forgot to ask. Could someone call and explain? , but "

 James - 10/08/2019

" Not enough parking "

 Larry - 10/05/2019

" Dr. Perez and his whole staff made us feel very confident we would get best of care. Also, Lisa was kind and helpful with getting everything cleared with Tri West for Larry's surgery. I feel she went above and beyond to take care of us. That brought our stress level down considerly. "

 Betty - 10/03/2019

" Instead of my having to do this after each appointment, I will tell you if I ever have a bad experience . Otherwise, consider all future visits as an ,,,,,,,,,Overall superior. "

 Sara - 10/03/2019

" Love Brandon Perez! Excellent level of attention to my questions and concerns. I would recommend him to anyone. The team at his office is great ��! "

 David - 10/03/2019

" This is the third surgery performed for me by Dr. Wilson . His explanation is very informative and easy to understand. I always recommend this Dr. and facility. "

 Laresa - 09/26/2019

" Very helpful! Thanks "

 Kathreen - 09/24/2019

" Dr. Perez and staff are friendly, courteous and very professional! "

 Evelyn - 09/23/2019

" My doctor and his staff were excellent and I couldn't be more with my surgery. "

 Cindy - 09/21/2019

" I see Dr Kamath, I've had 2 recent major surgeries performed by him and I could not be more pleased, with not only him- butnthe staff as well. Wichita Falls is blessed to have the Best Neurosurgeon. "

 Beverly - 09/20/2019

" Everyone was very friendly and the doctor was the best. He understood my mother's situation and gave us an option that the other doctor we saw did not. Will recomend him to my friends and family. Great job everyone. "

 James - 09/20/2019

" Sports package was not a fare set up 4 womens soccer games no Thursday night football "

 Joe - 09/20/2019

" Have only had evaluation so far "

 Madeline - 09/19/2019

" Dr. Perez is kind and he makes us feel comfortable to be there. We specifically asked to come to this office instead of United Regional after having negative experiences with that office. "

 Amber - 09/19/2019

" Parking can be limited alot of the time especially with PT. The entry drive way has so pretty massive holes which ain't good on customer vehicles. Doctor was very straight forward and direct. He knew his stuff and wasted no time diagnosing one of the issues and moving to the next step. So far I am pleased but I am not done so we will see. "

 Jacob - 09/14/2019

" Dr. Hames was great! He was very friendly and answered all of my questions. I'd reccomend him to anybody. "

 Teiko - 09/13/2019

" We have used Dr. Steven Wilson this facility previously and as usual he, his team and the facility are five stars above outstanding. Yes, I would recommend this facility to anyone and everyone. "

 Kamela - 09/13/2019

" Dr. Hames is very helpful and related information in a way almost anyone can understand. He provided a thorough exam and answered all my questions to my satisfaction. The staff are very friendly and helpful. I am SO glad these orthopedists take workers comp insurance. I know I am getting excellent care! "

 Jo - 09/11/2019

" They were running behind some and apologized several times which I do understand If it were I needing extra time with md I hope others would understand. Dr Huang is very nice "

 Jennifer - 09/09/2019

" Above expectations! Definitely glad my doctor sent me to OSTC and look forward to further treatment. They made me feel very comfortable in the environment. "

 Steven - 09/05/2019

" Best place . No need to travel out of town . Best service right here ! "

 Susan - 09/04/2019

" I’m looking forward to getting my arm strength back. The staff is great! "

 Josefina - 08/30/2019

" Dr. Hames and his staff are absolutely fabulous and attentive. "

 Hilda - 08/30/2019

" I have not received treatment because tests are being completed. I was impressed because I mentioned to Dr Klamath that I had seen him before in 2014 and he immediately pulled those records up from five years ago and was ready then to progress with today’s issues. I have seen Dr Steve Wilson at your facility and I feel that my continuation of seeing Dr Klamath to your staff. "

 Terry - 08/29/2019

" Every thing was great. Excellent follow thru. A lot more then the first time. It almost makes me feel like they were checking to see if something was going to happen ? "

 Sandie - 08/29/2019

" The PA was a very fast talker and sounded like she has a speech she gives all the patients before surgery. The whole visit was like a blur, but I feel she is very knowledgeable. She did make me feel like I should do a home health instead of going to Health South (Encompass). She advised the patients responded just as good at home health as they did when the went to a rehab hospital. I definitely want to go to OSTC after being released from the rehab hospital as they are excellent and offer 30 days free after you have been released from rehab. "

 Jesse - 08/28/2019

" Great people to help me! Thanks "

 Karen - 08/28/2019

" Ty "

 Cathy - 08/27/2019

" Love the office staff snd Dr Perez Everything is great except sometimes it is hard to find a parking space, especially if you have a cast on or have to use a walker. "

 Rosel - 08/23/2019

" We had to wait two hours past our scheduled appointment. This happens every visit. "

 Kevin - 08/22/2019

" Having never before had to have a surgery of any kind the overall experience was better than I had expected. Scheduled surgery is not too far off and fits into my schedule, not the schedule of the hospital. On a scale of one to ten I rate my overall experience a solid 9. "

 Susan - 08/22/2019

" Dr Wilson is great. Juli, my PT, is great too. Staff is wonderful "

 Mark - 08/21/2019

" the staff is wonderful "

 Stacy - 08/20/2019

" Canceled the appt for lack of funds "

 Joseph - 08/17/2019

" Amazingly friendly staff and Dr. �������� "

 Marie - 08/16/2019

" Very efficient and knowledgeable some of the best doctors in Wichita Falls are there very experienced very compassionate for the patient concerning all issues thank you "

 Paula - 08/16/2019

" I'm glad I was referred to both Dr's by so many people..it was a great experience and I felt I was in good hands with Dr's and the staff "

 Don - 08/14/2019

" Dr. Hames is the best! "

 Tasha - 08/14/2019

" The wait time is horrible. My appointment was at 9:45, but didn’t get back til almost an hour later. "

 Helen - 08/13/2019

" Too much paper work "

 Franklin - 08/10/2019

" Very friendly people! "

 Sharon - 08/09/2019

" Nicole was great and answered my questions. Didn’t see Dr. Perez but he is always great when I do. "

 Lacie - 08/08/2019

" Everyone there is super sweet and nice!! "

 Marilyn - 08/03/2019

" Dr. Kamath and his staff gave me excellent care during and after my back surgery. I would highly recommend him. "

 Danny - 08/02/2019

" Parking is tight "

 Donna - 08/01/2019

" Great experience and I trust Dr Wilson and all the experienced staff. And Thanks to all "

 Patricia - 07/31/2019

" The only thing is it's at least 1hr to two hrs to see the Dr. "

 Larry - 07/30/2019

" Parkibg sometimes a problem "

 Gay - 07/30/2019

" The doctor and staff are great. Very courteous and knowledgeable. I always recommend them to everyone I know. "

 Ronald - 07/30/2019

" Great job and great staff! "

 Nora - 07/27/2019

" I feel like the staff really care about their patients . "

 Cheryl - 07/26/2019

" Love Dr. Perez and Staff. Would recommend ya'll to anyone. "

 Dawn - 07/26/2019

" From the time you check in for your appointment, to the time you walk out the door, you are treated in a friendly and courteous manner. Most of all I would like to praise Dr. Hames. Whom, I feel, goes above and beyond with his patients care. Unfortunately , in this day and age, we've come to expect less and less from many aspects of our lives. And in some instances that includes health care. Pleasantly surprised that's not the case with Dr.Hames. He actually listened to me and was as anxious as I to reach a diagnosis and solution to my problem. "

 Thomas - 07/25/2019

" The entire staff treated me like I was the only patient they were working with. "

 John - 07/24/2019

" Without a doubt, Dr. Perez and his team exhibited the utmost professionalism during appointments. He and his team provided detailed explanations. "

 Kathreen - 07/23/2019

" All staff are Awesome!!! "

 Velma - 07/19/2019

" This visit was very good. "

 Donna - 07/18/2019

" I know Lacy wants me to get better. I am so excited that my life is going to get back on track after being derailed by cancer. "

 Zahida - 07/17/2019

" Overall care was excellent "

 Gayla - 07/17/2019

" I’m so thankful Dr. Hames took my medical case considering my surgery happened out of town. He was very helpful and kind along with his staff. "

 Natalie - 07/16/2019

" I did have a bit of a wait time, but it does not bother me that my doctor gives attention and time whenever and to whomever needs it. I would want him to spend extra time with me if I was there and my visit required more time than anticipated. I would not want to be rushed out just so he could stick to a schedule! My visit and attention from my doctor was definitely worth the short wait time! "

 Anna - 07/16/2019

" Additional parking would be nice... but normally have someone leaving... "

 Debbie - 07/13/2019

" Pleasant experience. Dr kamath is great. He took time and showed us the scan and explained everything to us. I was afraid to have the surgery, even though I wanted it real soon because of the pain, but after talking with him I feel better about it. "

 Joan - 07/12/2019

" I appreciate getting into the doctor just a little after my MRI "

 Pamela - 07/12/2019

" Great. "

 Donald - 07/12/2019

" Need more parking "

 Irvan - 07/12/2019

" The staff are always friendly and professional. "

 Angel - 07/11/2019

" Everyone was very courteous and nice! Made us feel very comfortable! "

 Max - 07/11/2019

" I did not get to speak to Dr. all focus was on right knee, i came to have my left knee evaluated. The right knee was only to confirm previous diagnose of other Dr. & schedule surgery on it. No info on left knee was shared which was main point of visit. "

 Ronni - 07/10/2019

" Keep up the good work...it was a pleasure meeting Dr. Hames and the staff. "

 Normand - 07/09/2019

" My second hip joint replacement went extremely well and the first one in 2017 did also. "

 Troy - 07/06/2019

" Dr Kamath & his staff are truly amazing! Wichita Falls is very lucky he has chose to stay here as he could easily be @ Mayo Clinic or like hospitals. I have had 2 surgeries (spinal fissions) & they were both a success that give me back life & took away about 90% of the chronic pain. Thank You Dr Kamath & Staff @ OSTC. "

 Wanda - 07/05/2019

" I am pleased with the service I received at my Drs. Office .He is very thorough and explains my questions so I can understand his answers. Dr. Steve Wilson is the best, thank you for your caring attitude. "

 Gerald - 07/04/2019

" Great place, 12 yrs ago had both knees replaced by Dr Wilson, fantastic results, changed my life. Wife had arm fracture that Dr Perez took care of, she guided me to him, Thanks to All "

 Vicki - 07/04/2019

" Dr Perez was very nice and very informative. "

 Patsy - 06/28/2019

" For me just remember BLT "

 Lynda - 06/28/2019

" I have seen Dr. Kamath before, had 2 surgeries by him, & am very pleased with his treatment & expertise! "

 Cathy - 06/27/2019

" Everyone was so courteous and efficient. Dr Perez had such a nice bedside manner and made sure I understood everything before I left. I was thrilled to learn that I was not going to have surgery. The nurse quickly put my boot on comfortably and thoroughly explained how it worked. I actually enjoyed my doctor visit It wad a nice experience and I definitely recommend Dr Perez and his staff. "

 Glen - 06/25/2019

" Dr Perez is the Best!!! "

 Brenda - 06/21/2019

" Everyone was very patient and professional! I would definitely recommend this doctor and his staff to anyone interested. Thank you so very much for the services provided that day and your office. May God bless you to continue your wisdom and professionalism. Have a blessed day because you were a blessing to me! "

 Aaron - 06/20/2019

" i put excellent on everything cause thats what it was from the extreamly friendly nurses who even helped me get in and out of my brace and the fast service they provided, Dr hames is really amazing, you dont find doctors like him, he is really nice and pays attention to everything you say and very quick to answer all my questions in a way I understand and always put me first and my questions, even walking me through my first surgery and making me feel relaxed and calm through the whole process and I cant say enough about how confident I am with the service they provide when I was there or over the phone or in surgery Im extreamly greatful for a place, staff, Dr/surgeon like them, these people are the best around and cant thank each one enough if you have any problems I cant recomend them enough "

 Roger - 06/19/2019

" Very friendly and professional staff. "

 Ruthie - 06/15/2019

" I love going to see Dr Perez him and his staff always friendly and willing to answer questions parking is an issue not enough "

 Karen - 06/15/2019

" I'm driving from Lawton to WFalls, Office is very easy to find, everyone is very professional and personal with ur needs. Highly recommend Facility❗ "

 Norma - 06/13/2019

" Everyone is so nice and makes it more enjoyable to to help with your issue. "

 La - 06/11/2019

" Dr Perez is excellent. As well as his staff "

 Sheila - 06/05/2019

" I was treated very well considering that I was very late. I was treated with respect through out my visit. Dr. Hamas answered all of my questions and I did not feel rushed during my visit. The nurse was equally polite and helpful. I was well informed and I would refer a family or friend to the clinic. Thank you all for your kindness and treatment. Sheila Harvey "

 Frank - 06/01/2019

" Have always been very satisfied with physician and staff "

 Jimmy - 06/01/2019

" Very pleased with Dr Wilson and the staff! "

 Wesley - 05/31/2019

" Doc huang listened to what i had to say and answered my questions. He is a man that cares about people. Im very impressed with him and his staff. Im happy to tell my friends about a orthopedic facility that treats patients in the same way that they would want be treated. "

 Deanna - 05/31/2019

" My office visit was Spectacular!! Everyone was so nice! I will be recommending all my friends & family. Thank you all so very much! "

 Julie - 05/30/2019

" I can’t say anything negative! Dr. Wilson and his staff have been amazing! "

 Larry - 05/30/2019

" Dr Perez took a bad situation in my life and made it better. I have already told other if they need a good doctor it Dr Perez thank you "

 Larry - 05/30/2019

" Dr. Perez did excellent on my double knee replacement and I’ve had no problems. "

 Glen - 05/29/2019

" NP was very pleasant and informative. Readily answered any questions that I had and if she didn't know the answer for sure, she found someone who did know the answer. If you can describe ANY visit to a doctor's office as pleasant, this would be one of them. "

 Martha - 05/25/2019

" I was very glad I made the appointment, and sought advice and treatment. "

 Martha - 05/25/2019

" There is Good Customer Service, which is always nice, when I go there. I’ve never had to wait for my given appointment time, but maybe a few minutes. "

 Deborah - 05/22/2019

" Everyone was very helpful and extremely friendly "

 Charles - 05/21/2019


 Donna - 05/21/2019

" Excellent professional care. "

 Patrick - 05/19/2019

" Shane was an out standing therapist and if I ever need therapy again I would request him thank you so much God bless "

 Bruce - 05/16/2019

" You truly are the best! Thank You! "

 Richard - 05/16/2019

" I’ve already recommended Dr Perez to a friend who saw my knee brace. "

 Linnie - 05/14/2019

" I would not go to any other doctor only Perez for orthopedic needs. He is caring, explains everything to you and is genuinely concerned about your care and treatment! He is an excellent doctor! "

 Linda - 05/13/2019

" I was very impressed with the whole experience and everyone was so friendly and helpful. "

 Kristopher - 05/11/2019

" Have to go up and down curbs to get into building unless you are dropped off, Which can be difficult after surgeries. Dr Kamath is very talented performing spinal fusions and has a great supporting team. He is highly recommended. "

 Martha - 05/10/2019

" Everyone was very friendly and greeted us with a smile. Really respect Dr Kamath and his staff. So grateful hi was referred to him. "

 Robin - 05/10/2019

" This was the best experience ever for me as far as physical therapy. They listened and answered all my questions. And if you have a personal issue, it is addressed. So far they are all awesome. "

 Thomas - 05/09/2019

" Brittany did an excellent job of explaining my situation and gave me all my options. She answered all my questions. Dr Perez was also excellent in his explaining and answering my questions. All of the nurses were at the same high level. Donna and all of the ladies at the front desk were also excellent and they were very patient. "

 James - 05/09/2019

" We are so Blessed to have Dr. Hames as James surgeon during this difficult time. He has been amazing. Mrs. McNew "

 Shirley - 05/02/2019

" The was very good. They was very knowledgeable and understanding. "

 Scotty - 05/02/2019

" I like my doctor and I would recommend Dr.Hames to everybody that needed a orthopedic surgeon he is a wonderful doctor and person. Scotty Reed "

 Audie - 05/02/2019

" Wait time was way too long. "

 Cheryl - 04/30/2019

" Love Dr. Perez and his staff. Would recommend them to anyone. "

 Renee - 04/30/2019

" Professional , Kind , And Knowledgeable. Overall A Wonderful Experience. "

 Leta - 04/27/2019

" Be back in Sept...... have a good Summer "

 Kordell - 04/26/2019

" We love using OSTC. Jennifer has done a great job with our son, Kordell, in helping him recover from his injury and get back on the field. I wish I knew the names of all the people with whom I’ve spoken over the past 4 months - they’ve all been polite and friendly. "

 Mary - 04/26/2019

" Dr. Kamath is my favorite dr. I tell all my friends he "cut the pain" out of my neck when he performed my ACDF-P last Feb 2018. I did not take any pain meds after coming home. He's the best. "

 Charles - 04/25/2019

" I left the facility confident about the diagnosis and the proposed therapy plan for me. "

 Paul - 04/25/2019

" Very helpful "

  - 04/24/2019

" Will recommend to everyone "

 Eddie - 04/23/2019

" All went well! Very pleased with honesty of Dr. Wilson. "

 Donna - 04/23/2019

" A great Dr Wilson and the front staff. Looking forward to may 6 appointment on my sholder. Finding out what the problem is finding solution. "

 Hilda - 04/19/2019

" I'm extremely happy that I was referred to you by Dr. . Bartel. This was the best thing that has happened to me. BEBLESSED Hilda Walker "

 Thomas - 04/18/2019

" Dr Perez and his staff are exceptional in every way! "

 Kevin - 04/18/2019

" Dr Wilson and staff are great! "

 Irvan - 04/18/2019

" Dr. Wilson is a great doctor. He has given me good advice for many years and has always taken good care of my needs. His staff is professional, courteous, and efficient. I highly recommend OSTC to anyone needing professional care. "

 Rhonda - 04/17/2019

" To sore "

 Laci - 04/17/2019

" The doctor and his medical assistants was super helpful and kind I would recommend this doctor to anyone that needs surgery or anything else "

 Deena - 04/17/2019

" Awesome people. Goal oriented Genuinely care about you as a person. Clean and sanitary environment "

 Linda - 04/16/2019

" Had hard time parking. Working in parking lot "

 Beth - 04/16/2019

" I understand the the doctor has to go out of town, but the doubling of the schedule meant I waited over an hour. "

 Phillip - 04/11/2019

" Been going to OSTC since 2006 for different problems and we HAVE referred friends. "

 Ed - 04/11/2019

" 5 ***** "

 Linda - 04/09/2019

" Excellent care every time I've been there. "

 Randall - 04/05/2019

" Dr. Hames is very compassionate and spent a good amount of time with me. "

 Denise - 04/04/2019

" Great staff "

 Estella - 04/04/2019

" Orthopedic Associates is always very nice and friendly. "

 Jo - 04/04/2019

" Everything was wonderful "

 Nancy - 04/04/2019

" I was very pleased with everything concerning my visit. Everyone coming and going seemed very satisfied with their treatment there also. A friend recommended it to me and I would also recommend the doctor's and services there. "

 Carolyn - 04/02/2019

" Dr. Wilson is very good doctor and I do recommend him to friends and other people and the front desk and and X-ray tech was very nice also. "

 Anna - 03/31/2019

" Very pleased with staff, therapists, techs, etc. Most pleasand and fun place I have taken therapy. Makes the rest of the day easier to get through. Impressed with how everyone works together for the good of all. "

 Gay - 03/28/2019

" Awesome surgeon with nice office staff. However, the wait time is excessive. Are they over scheduled? "

 Michael - 03/28/2019

" I had 4:15 appointment showed up at 3:50 pm set in waiting area till 5:20 before being called to the room to see the doctor I understand being behind but felt it was way over booked "

 Sheri - 03/28/2019

" Dr Wilson and staff are very pleasant and informative. "

 Deborah - 03/27/2019

" Everyone was very courteous and Dr. Hames was great. I didn’t feel any pain when he gave me a injection in the knee and he answered all my questions. "

 Margaret - 03/26/2019

" Just saw an assistant and got a shot. All went well. "

 Curtis - 03/25/2019

" The laws limiting pain meds are way too strict. I really hurt and doctor can only do so much. "

 Katherine - 03/23/2019

" I was seen 2 hours after my appointment time. My nurse was very considerate and offered water and snacks. Dr. Wright was kind, courteous, and extremely professional. "

 Stacy - 03/23/2019

" Everyone at this clinic is so caring and even tho you may feel like crap or be worried about your condition, the attitude of the staff and Dr. Wilson is comforting and offers great stress relief. "

 William - 03/21/2019

" None "

 Paul - 03/21/2019

" The whole staff makes me comfortable and confident I am getting the best care possible. "

 Clinton - 03/20/2019

" Dr. Hame was personable, highly competent and explained everything. Highly recommend him "

 Myrna - 03/19/2019

" Over all experience was excellent unfortunately they were very busy wait time was longer than usual and I was hurting setting in the chair. When I got in the room they were right there and took care of me so pleased with Dr Perez he is an excellent Dr . "

 Dennis - 03/13/2019

" Felt that with 3 rotator tears that postponing the surgery 3 months due to cortisone shot will only put off the inevitable surgery and pain 3 more months. "

 Calvin - 03/10/2019

" DR.Huang and his staff are wonderful professionals.The receptionists are just remarkable and friendly,and also true professionals.I am always greeted with a smile,while departing from office with friendly smiles.A great office to visit. "

 Jimmie - 03/09/2019

" Dr Perez and his staff was very great. "

 Joseph - 03/07/2019

" Dr Wilson and his staff are always very friendly and informative. "

 Colleen - 03/07/2019

" Dr . Perez was amazing . He gave me the answers I needed and had was honest and up front . "

 James - 03/06/2019

" Very customer oriented. "

 Carolyn - 03/06/2019

" I have seen 2 doctors at your clinic & both are awesome! "

 Anita - 03/01/2019

" Dr. Hames is so caring and compassionate. Couldn't ask for a better Dr. My physical therapist and all the staff made my therapy enjoyable and the results were amazing. Wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for everyone there. Can't thank them all enough!! "

 Kathleen - 03/01/2019

" I have been very happy with all the staff at OSTC , I would recommend them anyone "

 Marilyn - 02/28/2019

" First visit I was in waiting room almost three hours. Post op visit was much much quicker. "

 Ruthie - 02/28/2019

" Only thing is parking is hard to find one business busy "

 Tyler - 02/26/2019

" All around OSTC has provided me excellent care and communication. Everything has been thorough and left me with no room for complaints. Juli and Blake were great on my first day. Well done. "

 Bobby - 02/05/2019

" Wait tlme a little long but not real bad "

 Harold - 02/01/2019

" I received excellent care during my visit & surgery. Everyone including my doctor was courteous & helpful. "

 Christy - 01/31/2019

" Was glad that Doctor gave several option and gave recomondatiins. "

 Rhonda - 01/30/2019

" I have anxiety and other health issues, the staff was very understanding and accommodations were made to help me feel more comfortable so that I'd get the best results for my therapy sessions. After just two vidits, I'd highly reccomend OSTC for your therapy needs. "

 Carole - 01/29/2019

" Your Doctor, employees and medical facilities are by far the best I have experienced in many years! I will recommend OSTC to friends and family. Thank you! "

 Jimmie - 01/24/2019

" Appreciate the time Brittany spent in taking care of my problems "

 Lee - 01/23/2019

" Perfect experience "

 Rodney - 01/23/2019

" Dr. Huang treated my injured foot and got me back on my feet in less than 2 weeks after 7 agonizing months on crutches. "

 Shirley - 01/22/2019

" Loved your PA she is a keeper.PA Smith ���������� "

  - 01/22/2019

" This is what a patient looks for in a doctor. "

 Marie - 01/19/2019

" I feel very secure with doctor, kamath as my dr. He was very professional but at the same time very kind and understanding just a wonderful doctor I feel very fortunate to have gotten an appointment with him "

 Troy - 01/19/2019

" Love Dr Kammath & his staff. I have been with them for years.. "

 Stephanie - 01/19/2019

" The lady that checked me in I think her name was Misty was excellent very friendly very knowledgeable and tell me what to expect "

 Willie - 01/18/2019

" Ever time I have an appointment at the office I am made to feel like I am important person not just another patient. I am greeted and my problem is addressed to my satisfaction. "

 Anna - 01/17/2019

" I only have one thing that I thought was redundant. They had me come in the week before to fill out all paperwork. I then received a text before my actual first appt saying I needed to come in 30 minutes earlier than I was scheduled. When I arrived, I only had to sit and wait until my appointment. I felt like I had wasted the time that they asked me to come in the week before. I am totally impressed with the staff that takes care of the therapy. "

 Karolyn - 01/17/2019

" The only reason I rated the treatment as does not apply is because the shot he gave me will not take effect for another 4 days. So therefore I do not know how it has helped as yet. "

 Mary - 01/15/2019

" Need more Parking "

 Barbara - 01/15/2019

" Excellent Dr., showed concern, LISTENED, pleasant, gave proper treatment for the problem. I left with the feeling that if another problem arose, that I knew who to call. "

 Beverly - 01/12/2019

" This is my third time coming to OSTC for post-operative total joint replacement Physical Therapy. I will always go to them for my P.T. I have already, and will continue to, recommend the OSTC to anyone who needs P.T. "

 Sherlie - 01/12/2019

" Always good results. The waiting is slightly long but we were told it would be before hand. Otherwise the service was very professional in everyway and friendly as well which is always a plus!. "

 Mohamed - 01/10/2019

" Dr. Perez was very good about explaining to me about my shoulder. He took his time and used simple language. �� "

 Connor - 01/10/2019

" Not sure if treatment is effective yet. Waited longer than usual in exam room for doctor. "

 Maurice - 01/10/2019

" This is the second knee replacement I have rehabbed. The first time was 5 1/2 years ago. Both experiences have been superior. "

  - 01/09/2019

" Takes awhile to see the doctor, but he does spend quality time when he visits. "

 Vincent - 01/09/2019

" All the staff were very helpful they deserve a raise "

 Billie - 01/09/2019

" Very pleased with my Dr. Huang. He told me the truth before my surgery. He warned me of pain but each day I am feel better "

 Sheri - 01/08/2019

" The receptionists were amazing both prior to and during the day of my appointment. They provided me with on time information and were very pleasant with everyone who approached them. Dr. Wilson took the time to answer my question and provided me with explanation I could understand. He was honest about what would be needed to move forward and allowed me time to absorb and agree to treatment plan. "

 Richard - 01/08/2019

" Parking ducks every thing else is great "

 Cynthia - 01/05/2019

" Dr. K. answered all my questions and was extremely helpful in my diagnosis, explained why I needed an MRI and future treatment. "

 Janet - 01/05/2019

" Easy to get to, I had to hunt for parking. I ended up on the far side. "

 Annette - 01/04/2019

" I like it here because they value you as a patient "

 Doris - 01/03/2019

" Everything was great "

 Gary - 12/28/2018


 Kenneth - 12/28/2018

" Dr. Kamath was very kind and knowledgeable. He spent 45 minutes with me on the initial consultation. I highly recommend him. Thanks! "

 Rebecca - 12/27/2018

" Initially I didn't to see Dr. Wilson, knowing my systoms would require PT. Because of my A+ experience I don't my PT to end. Most importantly my systoms are 98% gone!! Thank You Dr. Wilson and Shane, you guys rock!! "

 Kordell - 12/27/2018

" We love OSTC and the staff! Wouldn’t go anywhere else! "

 Glenn - 12/22/2018

" Dr Kamath is a fine, caring man and an excellent surgeon "

 Marilyn - 12/22/2018

" Front desk not too friendly but it was very early in day "

 Justin - 12/20/2018

" The best staff and facility ever! "

 Joann - 12/20/2018

" After my MRI it took about 2 weeks and I had to call. I know it is the Holday Season with Christmas but, they seemed unorganized! "

 Lori - 12/19/2018

" Chairs in waiting room are all one low height. I'm only 5'6" and have difficulty getting out of chairs after knee replacement. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for someone taller. Very unhelpful. "

 Elizabeth - 12/17/2018

" Have recommended Products Perez to a number of people in the last few years "

 Lottie - 12/14/2018

" Love Dr Kamath great doctor "

 Lolly - 12/14/2018

" Best facility for orthopedic care! No need to travel to the metroplex. These doctors are top notch! "

 Norvell - 12/13/2018

" Dr. Wilson has helped me more than anyone else ever has. He was very informative and up front about what results I possibly could expect. Would not do something I didn't need. I liked that. Will see him again when needed. "

 Mary - 12/13/2018

" Dr. Wilson is a wonderful, kind and caring doctor. He has replaced my right knee and my right shoulder. He is a awesome orthopedic surgeon. The best! "

 Anita - 12/12/2018

" Dr. Hames is amazing he is very compassionate and spends time explaining everything that is going on. Staff is very friendly and personable. "

 Ricky - 12/11/2018

" Excellent "

 Malinda - 12/11/2018

" I do not know if treatment is effective yet. "

 Catherine - 12/11/2018

" When calling to see if there were any cancellations, all the people I spoke with were extremely nice and helpful! "

 Katherine - 12/10/2018

" Awesome experience "

  - 12/09/2018

" Dr. Kamath listened to my daughter and investigated until he found the cause of her pain. He validated her concerns, is very conscientious and kind. I am extremely thankful for our interactions with him and now my daughter is on the road to healing from an affliction lasting nearly 4 years. The staff is amazing, helpful. The nurses return calls promptly, listen carefully and discuss problems thoroughly. Very pleased. "

 Rebecca - 12/08/2018

" Great staff and very good treatment! Will recommend everybody! "

 Vickie - 12/07/2018

" It is hard to see the office because of the appartments and hotel right by it. "

 Sheryl - 12/05/2018

" I’m very happy with everything. Definitely recommend Dr Hames "

 Cheryl - 12/05/2018

" Loved everything about my experience. Loved Dr. Perez. "

 Debra - 12/01/2018

" The waiting time was extremely to long "

  - 11/27/2018

" Everyone is every helpful and friendly. "

 Deborah - 11/27/2018

" Very kind and caring staff "

 Estella - 11/27/2018

" I couldn't be happier with Dr. Wilson and his staff. They are the best! "

 Jordan - 11/22/2018

" Awesome customer service Crysral is amazing "

 Jimmie - 11/20/2018

" Dr was honest and upfront with me about my situation. Other drs would have seen dollar signs and wanted as much insurance money as possible. but not him. Thank you. "

 Lendola - 11/15/2018

" My visit to the satalite location in my hometown is always excellent. My wait time in his main office was w ay overly long nearly t so hours between waiting room and exam room "

 Dana - 11/14/2018

" Dr. Perez is a wonderful, caring doctor. "

 James - 11/13/2018

" Great Staff, went above and beyond to assist me and make my physical shortcomings work to correct end results. "

 Kathleen - 11/13/2018

" Very impressed with Dr. Steve Wilson. Very competent & excellent bedside manners "

 Rosemary - 11/13/2018

" Very pleased "

 R. - 11/13/2018

" Dr. Wilson did a fantastic job taking car of my son. He listened to him and answered his questions. I loved the fact that Dr. Wilson treated my son like he mattered. "

 Sarah - 11/12/2018

" My morning visit is a short wait than the evening . My physician is great ! I’ve had three surgeries and been satisfied with the out come . "

 Jane - 11/09/2018

" I was delighted with the availability of near-term calendar appointments. But the amount of paperwork required, especially for a returning patient, is absurd. Your IT manager needs to invest in on line fillable forms that can be emailed ahead of time, rather than mailing your current forms. Then, when data needs to be updated, only those items need to be addressed without requiring a full set of papers again. "

 Brenda - 11/08/2018

" Overall experience with Dr and staff excellent��Thank you "

 Vester - 11/06/2018

" Dr Huang was to the point and gave me choices and we picked one. He explained very good and all went well. "

 Jennifer - 11/04/2018

" I feel sorry for the staff out front; Dr Kamath is an excellent surgeon and I highly recommend him for surgery. But I have waited 2 hours or longer before being seen by him for appt. times. I am a patient person but some people in the waiting room getting very obnoxious with the staff. Also, I do leave work for my appt. so I am thinking of all I need to be doing at work while sitting there. My first surgery, I had to be at hospital at 6:30 for 12:00 surgery time. It was actually 3:30 when my surgery started. Very frustrating for my husband especially sitting there with bad back and business owner. But again, I would use Dr. Kamath when needed. "

 Margot - 11/03/2018

" Treatment and advice given, made it possible for me to avoid surgery. Thank you. "

 Dana - 11/02/2018

" Dr Huang and Terry are the Best always. "

 Dee - 11/02/2018

" I LOVE OSTC! I believe these technicians are trained. If they do not have an answer...they will find the answer for our questions. I have never been mistreated by any technicians. It would be an advantage to have a larger facility. It would be beneficial to have a separate area to complete paperwork. "

 Kory - 11/02/2018

" Overall great experience with staff and doctors expertise. I got the impression they catered to teens and adults mainly. I suggest to add kid friendly environment in lobby area and keep inventory for children in stock to avoid additional insurance cost and wait time for patients. "

 Ronald - 11/01/2018

" Great Doctor "

 Doreen - 10/31/2018

" On October 31 I called my insurance company to check on approval for my MRI. My Insurance company called your office about it. I got a call from Dr Kamath’s nurse Charlotte was very rude to me going on about other patients ahead of me and asked why I called Ins company. She had no right to talk to me in the manner she did. I every right to call my Insurance company about it since it had been 4 working days since my visit. Being in pain and having to make sure I can get off work for my MRI I was checking on the status of an appointment. "

 Diana - 10/31/2018

" Wait time was a little long "

 Yolonda - 10/30/2018

" Everyone at your facility was professional and caring. We would gladly recommend it and Dr Perez to everyone. "

 Kathleen - 10/26/2018

" Dr. Huang is a gifted surgeon. "

 Linnie - 10/25/2018

" Dr. Perez is an excellent doctor. He explains everything and listens to your concerns! His staff is always friendly and greets everyone with a smile! "

 Annette - 10/24/2018

" Dr Huang was very professional and sweet and emphatic "

 Glenn - 10/20/2018

" First rate experience. Dr. Kamath is an excellent, caring surgeon. "

 Cindie - 10/20/2018

" Although the wait time is ridiculous, I understand that it is due to the fact that Dr Kamath is an excellent physician and sees many many patients. The only solution to this situation that I know of is to clone Dr Kamath!! Lol "

 Anita - 10/19/2018

" Therapy was fantastic. The techs were so encouraging and helpful. I had a great experience and results. "

 Mitzi - 10/19/2018

" Too long to wait I got impatient "

 Oplyn - 10/19/2018

" Everyone is so friendly and upbeat. Make you feel better even while in pain a really great group and hard workers "

 Connie - 10/16/2018

" The whole experience was really great , I reall like this place "

 Richard - 10/16/2018

" Doctors answered all questions and concerns,explaining all procedures very well. "

 Jennifer - 10/14/2018

" Dr kamath was awesome and saved me from a great deal of pain, explained things to me so I could understand, staff and nurse were very nice, if the wait was to long they provided water and snacks. "

 Brian - 10/11/2018

" Everyone was very nice and helpful,I will recommend to everyone "

 Carmen - 10/09/2018

" Excellent doctor and excellent service! "

 Helen - 10/09/2018

" Only problem was getting refill after knee replacement and nurse wouldn’t ask doctor, just told me to take Tylenol! Upon leaving hospital script for meds was enough for 6-10 days. His nurse told me it should last three weeks and I just needed to take Tylenol in between. I didn’t argue with her, as I work at a family practice clinic and know the laws on pain meds! I just went to my PCP and got meds because she just went through a shoulder surgery by same doctor and said that the nurse needs to converse with doctor before giving instructions! "

 James - 10/09/2018

" I have done rehab on my shoulder with Laci, I believe. Excellent! I am now looking forward to knee replacement with Dr Wilson! "

 Lee - 10/09/2018

" Very accommodating and professional. "

 Phyllis - 10/06/2018

" I trust Dr. Kamath and his staff implicitly, and the wait time merely shows me that he is giving his earlier patients the same kind of care that he gives me! "

 Kimberly - 10/05/2018

" All has always been great every time I have been. I have always had great things to say about all of my doctors offices. Everyone and everything has been awesome with everyone at the Orthopedic clinic "

 Henry - 10/04/2018

" The problem I had with scheduling was with Workmen's Comp., not your office. "

 Betty - 10/04/2018

" This is my second "encounter" with OSTC , the first being many years ago, and in both I have found the people who work there to be very helpful and seemed to be genuinely concerned about getting rid of my pain. I think OSTC must "skim the cream off the top" when finding their techs. ( for those too young to remember...the top cream on the milk was the best!) "

 Peggy - 10/02/2018

" I have been very impressed during the rehab part of this process how if there was a concern they could check with each other and give me the best care possible. "

 Barbara - 10/02/2018

" I am very pleased with treatment I received & explanations for my fractured ankle. Dr Wilson always to takes the time to answer any questions I may have. "

 Robert - 10/02/2018

" Dr Hames is terrific. We couldnt have asked for a better physician for my son when he broke his arm. His expertise is top notch. Seriously the best doctor I have ever experienced. Highly recommended!! "

 Robert - 09/28/2018

" Dr Kamath and his staff simply do everything possible to provide excellence in service and healthcare. Dr Kamath takes his time, never hurried and explains everything and answers every single question no matter how stupid it may sound with respect. Dr. Kamath treats all his patients aa a good friend should, patient, understanding, and able to condense his immense knowledge into a way the most uneducated can understand and also appreciate. Never judgmental or condecending but sympathetic and gives honest and easy to understand answers to all questions. His staff also does same. As a patient who has personally seen some patients complain about having to wait 20" to be seen by a busy neurosurgeon, they do not deserve the priveledge of having Dr Kamath as a doctor. Despite that they still get treated with the same respect they really dont deserve. So as a Registered Nurse (retired) and havung worked with most doctors in this town as a surgical and critical care nurse, there is not a more skilled qualified, dedicated to excellence in providing the best surgical and other care within 100 miles of here than Dr Yoshi Kamath. It simply does not get any better than the best.I proudly and honestly give my name, to show how strongly I feel about Dr Kamath and his staff. Robert Palma. "

 Sheryl - 09/26/2018

" My appointment was at 11. Didn’t see the dr til almost 1. They were very apologetic though and I was pleased with my visit "

 Doris - 09/25/2018

" Admission staff are awesome! Dr Perez is great , very caring and explains everything that needs to be done so you understand. "

 Joyce - 09/25/2018

" Dana was also very courteous & helpful. Great overall experience. Loved the Christian presence at front desk. "

 Pamala - 09/21/2018

" Would come back in a heartbeat and will recommend. "

 Sandi - 09/21/2018

" Dr Hames and his staff were very courteous and understanding of my current needs and answered any questions I had. "

 Blake - 09/19/2018

" Dr Hames has been great. Provided excellent care. Will recommended him! "

 Paula - 09/19/2018

" Dr. Huang Terry and his nurse and front desk staff are the best. Parking when u are on crutches is a bit troublesome. "

 Glenna - 09/18/2018

" The doctor and staff are always very professional and the facility first rate. "

 Deborah - 09/15/2018

" Dr made me feel very comfortable Dr Huang was very helpfull, kind, on the day os surgery I felt very relax and confident in his ability.Thank You "

 Robert - 09/14/2018

" I waited for almost an hour before seeing anyone. This is my only complaint. "

 Tommy - 09/13/2018

" The parking was horrible plus had to wait an hour "

 Peggy - 09/13/2018

" Thanks and. Keep up the good work. "

 Roy - 09/11/2018

" Dr. Perez is very caring and does not talk down to you. ❤ I would highly recommend him. "

 Sherry - 09/11/2018

" The question regarding ease of parking and locating the office pertains to the parking. "

 Terry - 09/11/2018

" My appointment was at 10:15 but waited in the waiting room til 11:00. The more I waited the more anxious I got. "

 Steven - 09/08/2018

" This is my first visit , the doctor and staff were very informative and helpful . "

 Richard - 09/08/2018

" Have had multiple problems addressed by Dr. Kamath, and am very happy with the results. He’s also always very informative and attentive. "