Recent Reviews

 Wesley - 05/30/2023

" Noting more at this time. "

 James - 05/29/2023

" Excellent all around service. I enjoy the convenience of not driving to Pinehurst for regular visits. Chad is the best, patient and caring. "

 Ronald - 05/27/2023

" Dr Curry is very caring and concerned about my health and giving treatment for to improve my health "

 Magnolia - 05/27/2023

" Very pleased with the services that I received from Dr. Brenner‘s staff. "

 Carol - 05/27/2023

" The person (girl) who did my blood draw did a TERRIBLE job. She rushed to get her sample leaving wet alcohol on the site causing a lot of pain and took no notice of how my vein swelled up just folded a piece of gauze over the needle while withdrawing it and stuck paper tape over the gauze and left me sitting there! As it turns out I was unable to leave that chair for a good15 minutes (she never returned). I was left with a half-dollar sized bruise that is still on my arm today :-( "

 Kelly - 05/27/2023

" The CNM was great. Hope I can see her again in the future. The staff who drew my blood is excellent, I never even feel the needle go in. "

 Saydy - 05/27/2023

" Perfect visit "

 Holly - 05/27/2023

" Dr. Goetzl is the best ! He has the best bedside manner and the upmost concern for his patients well being. We would highly recommend him. 👍😊 "

 Jenifer - 05/27/2023

" Thank you so much for fitting me into your schedule, especially coming up on a holiday weekend. "

 Amanda - 05/27/2023

" The lab tech smelled like cigarettes- which is gross but other than that she was perfectly fine too. "

 Julius - 05/27/2023

" The complete staff were excellent. Dr Conti answered all my questions and he was very please with my progress. "

 Nina - 05/27/2023

" We are so fortunate to have such fine health care in our community. "

 Christopher - 05/27/2023

" This was certainly a marked improvement, over my previous forays in this Urologic department. "

 Brian - 05/26/2023

" It's a very nice,clean and up to date facility.I was very pleased with it. "

 Antonia - 05/26/2023

" Lab was mixed up on exactly what they were to do, so that was a little wait! The staff was very nice and let know what was going on! "

 Pamela - 05/26/2023

" Heather was excellent. Very thoughtful. Professional Knowledgeable about her products. "

 Theresa - 05/26/2023

" I have always been treated with respect and a high degree of friendliness "

 Sheila - 05/26/2023

" This Office is always very thorough and efficient!! "

 Carson - 05/26/2023

" I am very pleased with all the staff and Dr Grantham. He was kind and knowledgeable. "

 Johna - 05/26/2023

" Whenever you call to make an appointment you have to be called back usually it's after they close or right before they close "

 Jacqueline - 05/26/2023

" Appointment was at 12:30 not seen until 1:15. Had to ask what was going on. No one addressed the delay at all. "

 Samuel - 05/26/2023

" I look forward to my annual appointment with Dr. Moore! "

 Eugene - 05/26/2023

" As you see my husband had EXCELLENT Service from the moment we drove up. It was personable and caring. No one could ask for better care than he received! Thank You for having such an Awesome Team! "

 Kaycee - 05/26/2023

" Dr Katie has such a great bedside manor. One of the few times it wasn’t awkward to go to my yearly exam. She is a Rare find! "

 Kathryn - 05/26/2023

" Doctor Asamora is a wonderful doctor...he listens carefully and explains things all during my exams! "

 Meghan - 05/26/2023

" Dr Deblaquiere is amazing! Listened and was 100% relatable. I felt very comfortable with her! Thank you "

 Lynell - 05/25/2023

" Very good "

 Jean - 05/25/2023

" I was very pleased with the care that I got. Thank you everyone "

 Edward - 05/25/2023

" All good just behind on appointment time "

 Christopher - 05/25/2023

" This was the fastest & most response dr.'s visit I have ever had in my life, they were very respectful and helpful and I appreciated the respect that they all gave me . I will if asked to refer this facility to anyone needing assistance. Thank you all so much. "

 Barbara - 05/25/2023

" I am waiting for an invite to join the portal. Please send as soon as possible "

 Charlotte - 05/24/2023


 Richard - 05/24/2023

" One of the check in persons for both the lab visit and the consult chewing gum. Sorry, but I find this unacceptable. "

 Donna - 05/24/2023

" Dr Machin is the best!!! "

 Annie - 05/24/2023

" Dr. Grafenberg was very thorough during his examination. He ask detailed questions related to my illness. He developed an action plan that included lab work that was done following my visit. He recommended a CAT scan and the next day an appointment was made for me. As part of his plan he requested my records from my former ENT doctor. I left feeling that he cared about me and my health. I would recommend Dr. Grafenberg to my friends, family and strangers. I didn’t know it but my husband will be seeing Dr. Grafenberg for his hearing. We are both happy to be his patients. It’s rare to find a caring, dedicated and knowledgeable doctor nowadays. Thanks Dr. Grafenberg for being a professional. "

 John - 05/24/2023

" Getting u check in &dr to c u was great FANTASTIC PHENOMENAL work "

 Charles - 05/24/2023

" Giving my name and date of birth, outloud with patients in waiting room, could be security concern. "

 Sharon - 05/24/2023

" Love Pinehurst Surgical Clinic "

 Jon - 05/24/2023

" Matt , Dr Marion’s PA and the nurse who took care of me, were excellent . "

 Debra - 05/24/2023

" Mrs Teague was very attentive and professional in every way . She will be HIGHLY recommended. Thank you "

 Rachael - 05/24/2023

" Always love coming here! "

 Zayne - 05/24/2023

" Dr McCormick and the staff were very patient and informative during the entire process. "

 Katherine - 05/24/2023

" A nice, friendly experience so far! Have not yet had my procedure. Clean atmosphere; just did not care for the music being played on the tv monitor. Nicer music would be less disruptive to the calmness needed in a waiting room area. "

 Michael - 05/24/2023

" Dr. Toni Washington is the best in all categories and she has the most wonderful and caring staff ever! "

 Liston - 05/24/2023

" Everyone was very prompt and professional. "

 James - 05/23/2023

" Was treated good very nice answered all my questions First health is always on the job they are number one in my book I recommend recommend anybody to Firsthealth care "

 Robert - 05/23/2023

" Overall experience at Pinehurst Surgical was excellent! "

 Paul - 05/23/2023

" Excellent service and care appears to be standard for Dr. Brackmam's staff! I have NEVER had an issue. With any of the staff I interacted with at any time! "

 Kathryn - 05/23/2023

" I was extremely pleased with my experience with Ms. Curry and staff "

 Jennifer - 05/23/2023

" My recent surgery with dr. Riefkohl was excellent. He is one of the most caring doctor I have ever been to. Jennifer "

 Cassidy - 05/23/2023

" I have been a patient of Dr. Szabo for 20 years now and I have always been pleased with the care that I receive from him and his staff. He and his staff always take the time to listen to all concerns and make me feel as though I am the only priority of the day. I have recommended multiple friends and family members to the Pinehurst Surgical Women's clinic as I truly believe that they are the best there is. From start to finish, the staff is always caring and never feel like they are in a rush to get to the next person. Thank you all!! "

 Joyce - 05/23/2023

" Thank you all so much for everything. "

 Kathy - 05/23/2023

" Dr. Conti is always professional and to the point. Would highly recommend him. "

 Kathleen - 05/22/2023

" I appreciate the quality of care and concern shown to me. "

 Pamela - 05/21/2023

" Dr. Tonie Washington is fabulous and so concerned. Abril, her nurse is exceptional and caring person. "

 Keela - 05/21/2023

" The staff was friendly and very helpful. I didn’t wait long at all before I was seen, the nurse who attended to me was very sweet and Ms Moore explained everything to me and reassured me as I was nervous about getting the cortisone shot. She put me at ease and talked me through everything she was doing. The staff there are great, please keep up the great work. "

 Donnett - 05/21/2023

" Nurse Ashley was very helpful and pleasant she was a joy to be around and eased my fears. Dr Nance was very professional and listened to my concerns as well as was amazing and knowledgeable. "

 Henry - 05/21/2023

" Have always had a very good experience at Pinehurst surgical clinic. "

 Jane - 05/21/2023

" Rob is encouraging and upbeat! "

 Joyce - 05/21/2023

" They were running about 40 minutes late which impacted my next appointment. I wish they ran closer to time and informed me of the delay. "

 Appie - 05/20/2023

" Primary Doctor made appointment the day before when we arrived she was not in the system. After looking around for paperwork they discovered her info had not been out in system. All paperwork and images had been sent by fax the day before the appointment. "

 Timothy - 05/20/2023

" Love, Doctor Casey and his staff! I had one replacement about five years ago and will more than likely have to have a second for the other knee and Chad and his nursing assistant were awesome! The x-ray technician was awesome and gave great direction. "

 Angela - 05/20/2023

" I was very nervous about changing OB/GYN providers after so many years with the same physician. Dr Malinowski made me feel very comfortable and explained prior results and followup procedure needed. He took a lot of time to answers questions and make sure that I understood. Highly recommend Dr Malinowski. "

 Eugen - 05/20/2023

" Dr Casey and staff are excellent "

 Connie - 05/20/2023

" Dr moore is one of the best doctors I know real through and very good to his patients "

 Mark - 05/20/2023

" The Ultrasound technician was the absolute best. Very conscious in how she performed her task. Wanted to make sure she had the best possible images before they went to interpretation. Very pleased by her professionalism. Dr. Ballinger listened to my concerns. Gave me options to do with reference to reoccurring UTI’s. Very glad I chose Pinehurst to have my treatments for my Urology and Cardiac care "

 Joyce - 05/20/2023

" From my 1st ER visit I was referred to schedule an appointment with Urologist dr G. Griewe. When I called to schedule an appointment, the ‘person’ said I couldn’t schedule appt with that dr because they were not the emergency dr now; and without giving me opportunity to say anything else transferred me to someplace else where my only option was to leave a message. I left message. But decided to try again the ER referred dr. Same person said I had called earlier and transferred me away again without allowing my to fully make my request. I left a second message at that recording again. No one ever called me back. I finally was told to try calling Dr Michalak’s office. I’m so thankful I did. From start to finish his staff was excellent. He was concerned enough to work me into his schedule that same day I called. And no time was wasted getting X-rays and lab, and into exam room. His assistant is outstanding. And Dr Michalack is outstanding in concern for patients suffering pain. "

 Brenda - 05/20/2023

" This office is the best. I had double knee replacement done in 2018 and at that time thought I would not be able to continue to work. I am 78 and working everyday without pain. Never thought it possible. Dr John Moore was the surgeon that did my surgery and he is a miracle worker as far as I am concerned, and his wife Dr Michele Moore, I now see for follow up, is just as wonderful as he is. My experience with this office could not have been any better. "

 Emily - 05/20/2023

" I was really impressed with the efficiency of everything. Also, I had not seen a urologist in several years because the last one I seen did not leave me with a good feeling. I felt really at ease with Dr Ballinger. She listened to my concerns and discussed a plan of action and what tests she would recommend and why. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a urologist. "

 Barry - 05/20/2023

" Dr. Casey and all nurses are outstanding. I always appreciate Dr. Casey telling me just exactly what to do to improve and being genuine. One of the best at this facility. "

 James - 05/19/2023

" doctor Toni Washington, her assistant during the procedure were terrific. And her nurse Abril was excellent---informative and a good listener and geves the impression of being able to help in any follow issues. "

 Randall - 05/19/2023

" Dr. Fraser and her Assistant Toni are outstanding! The entire practice has been great! "

 Randy - 05/19/2023

" Always excellent care never would think of going anywhere else. Thank you. "

 David - 05/19/2023

" Love Dr. HIPP "

 Regina - 05/19/2023

" I love my doctor "

 Brenda - 05/19/2023

" This place is awesome! "

 Judy - 05/19/2023

" Caroline Mathis and her assistant made me feel very comfortable. "

 Troy - 05/19/2023

" Dr. Wohlrab and staff are the best! "

 Liane - 05/19/2023

" Thank you to nurse Debra for comforting me when I was stressed. Thank to PA Kellaway for encouraging me for future procedures. "

 Jeffrey - 05/19/2023

" Dr Washington was wonderful…kind, concerned, Knowledgeable, and professional. Thank you very much "

 Christopher - 05/19/2023

" Great team. The organization and schedule are top notch. Process is solid! "

 Layla - 05/19/2023

" X-Ray tech was a sweetheart and very informative, thorough and compassionate! Please make sure she knows she was recognized for excellence! "

 Wallace - 05/18/2023

" I had tremendous trouble getting my family doctors office to ensure my referral to your clinic was accomplished. The request was initiated on 9 May and verified with my doctor's office on 12 May when I had not been contacted of a referral appointment. I was told a second referral was made and still as of 15 May no appointment had been confirmed. At that point I called your clinic and explained my medical problem having been felted abandoned by my family doctor to ensure a appointment was made. Your staff took charge upon my explanation of my problem and made me an appointment for the very next day the 16th of May. On my way to the appointment my doctors nurse called me apologizing for the confusion and stated she had gotten me an appointment in your clinic for the 17th. Totally confused I explained I had made my own appointment. Though I missed the best medical window to properly treat my condition your Nurse Tanya and Doctor Heathcote took excellent care of me. "

 Jerry - 05/18/2023

" Very professional staff at all.level excellence works Thanks for yours professional level "

 Linda - 05/18/2023

" Very good service! "

 Paul - 05/18/2023

" The PA Ms. Curry, was very professional in discussing various issues I had concerns about. Explain options and suggested treatment for Male ED as well as prostrate Issues. Ms. Curry provided information that will help me In decisions in the future. "

 John - 05/18/2023

" As my anxiety has / was taking me over I felt at ease once I arrived the clinical staff made me feel at ease!Now the process is under the bridge! Recovery had begun!I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for making it easy when it seemed so hard!Thank you all again and may God bless! John Andersen "

 Victor - 05/18/2023

" Much appreciation to Chad Cole, PA, First Family Heath, Spine Center. Chad Cole, Physician Assistant, He has great sense of humor, very knowledgeable in his medical field, and a superb friendly demeanor with excellent listening and communication skills that is lacking with many medical providers. "

 Victoria - 05/18/2023

" Everyone was very nice and friendly. Very professional. "

 Eric - 05/18/2023

" Dr. Grantham is an extremely knowledgeable, insightful and caring physician. His wonderful nurse and scheduler are equally as caring! "

 Kitty - 05/18/2023

" Great care as always, they are very professional and very caring for there patients "

 Alphonso - 05/18/2023

" Outstanding. "

 Joan - 05/18/2023

" Was very happy that this doctor was able to see my Mother off of his regular schedule. He was very nice. The scheduling department needs so help though. There is NO REASON at all that calls can not be returned and blamed on lack of staff. If a single person can handle all of the return phone calls and let the schedulers do their portion, it would NOT have taken three calls and me coming in PERSON to schedule this appointment. That is unacceptable. But it should be noted, the scheduler is very sweet. She just needs help. "

 Marcus - 05/18/2023

" Great business "

 Shakera - 05/18/2023

" Best place ever. Everyone is always so friendly ❤️ "

 Brian - 05/18/2023

" Excellent care and customer service. Dr Miller was awesome! "

 Carol - 05/18/2023


 Chellie - 05/18/2023

" Took two months to get an appointment. Other than that I love First Health. Great Doctors and Staff. My care has always been handled very professional and I have always been treated like I was their only patient when I was there. "

 Annie - 05/18/2023

" I love going there because when I have a problem it will get taken care of and I love that "

 Carol - 05/18/2023

" Very Pleasant and quick without hurrying. All Good "

 Diane - 05/18/2023

" Great Having Dr. Sevsek as my urologist. Always polite and open and informative with up to date info and things available for my condition. "

 Angela - 05/18/2023

" Dr. Michelak was very reassuring, professional and knowledgeable. I have all confidence and trust in his care for me. "

 Rosemarie - 05/18/2023

" Dr McGuirt is a very good and friendly Doctor, And his nurses and staff are excellent. "

 Richard - 05/17/2023

" I was able to get a last minute appointment and arrived on a day with lots of patients, many of whom had fractures that had to be given temporary casts before further imaging. Nonetheless, my PA gave me plenty of attention and answered all my questions with a good sense of humor and gave me an injection in my knee in a very relaxed and calm manner. He remembered my condition from 8 months prior. I couldn’t have wished for better care. I enjoyed my visit and have a new spring in my step today. "

 Bruce - 05/17/2023

" I arrived at 2 PM for a 230 appointment. I left at approximately 5 PM. This is absurd for only spending, at most, 30 minutes total with any staff or Dr. I waited over 30 minutes for a brace to be brought to me. All of the staff were courteous. "

 Kayla - 05/17/2023

" Dr Terry was super awesome. I love when I go in and there is an obviously well experienced doctor. They made me feel as comfortable as possible and afterwards even got me some juice and a ginger ale to help with the nausea. Bedside manner 10/10!! "

 Alexander - 05/17/2023

" The ENT Staff at First Health (Raeford) is phenomenal! "

 Terry - 05/17/2023

" They were all great people and God bless...!!!💯🙏👼🦾 "

 Eugene - 05/17/2023

" Very pleased with the visit. On schedule, excellent communication. Discussed and finalized a strategy for discovering my underlying problem. "

 Karen - 05/17/2023

" Ready to go back very soon "

 Teresa - 05/17/2023

" Dr. Johnson and also his Nurse done a great job yesterday "

 Donna - 05/17/2023

" Medical staff was EXCELLENT. Check in staff was nice downstairs in Women's Clinic. Payment prices have gone up and was not advised prior. Mammogram staff was less then what expected. I paid downstairs for my appointment and was told I would be billed for rest of the day. I get upstairs and am told I have to pay an additional 50% of my mammogram. I explained I paid downstairs but was treated as I was telling a story. Staff called and I was advised different dept and different pay requirements but this is all AT the clinic on the same day. Again I was not notified of this change. Never mind that I have been a patient over 20 years and never once skipped out on a bill. Did not like the way I was made to feel or the change in policy with no notifications. "

 Paul - 05/17/2023

" Yesterday I had an ultrasound exam. The tech, Allie, was very professional, friendly, and did an excellent job. "

 Kimberly - 05/17/2023

" Other than the front desk staff not acknowledging me for about 2 minutes and me just standing there looking at the 3 of them before I was acknowledged, the rest of the experience was great. "

 Paul - 05/16/2023

" None !! At this time !! "

 Sharon - 05/16/2023

" Service , staff, and Dr. Johnson was excellent with injections !! "

 Stephen - 05/16/2023

" Dr Casey was very forthcoming as far as treatment before surgery should be considered "

 Tonya - 05/16/2023

" I simply love Dr. Casey. He’s a very caring doctor and explains everything clearly. "

 John - 05/16/2023

" Have not started physical therapy "

 Phyllis - 05/16/2023

" I have referred many of my friends to Dr. Moore since my great experience of bilateral knee replacement. Thank you for providing such a wonderful environment and medical staff to the residents of NC. "

 Vanessa - 05/16/2023

" Everyone demonstrated professionalism and excellent bedside manners!! The PA, the MRI staff and my doctor, Dr Williams are the best!!!! The treatment I received from the ladies before and after my MRI is just outstanding and shows they care about people. The concern shown during my time with the PA was top notch. Dr Williams has always been thorough and the best in the Southeast!!! "

 Rella - 05/16/2023

" Rolling info board in the lobby takes too long and is very frustrating. The old printed method was better. Technology is not always the best answer . "

 Gwendolyn - 05/16/2023

" I Love this provider, Tony Washington. Would recommend her to anybody!! "

 Paul - 05/16/2023

" Dr. Brenner and staff rate a 10. Registration clerk could have at least broken a smile or at least a grin. Overall pleased "

 Samuel - 05/16/2023

" Thank you guys so much you all were incredible! We appreciate You!!! "

 Ammie - 05/16/2023

" Absolutely love this entire place!! "

 Tony - 05/16/2023

" Very pleased from the beginning of my journey with Dr Casey and his staff. Professional through each step of my surgery and physical therapy. Highly recommend them to anyone. I’d just say thank you to each of them. "

 Gerard - 05/16/2023

" James Nichols, PA-C is an excellent clinician. Well spoken with great bedside manner. Highly recommend this caregiver. "

 Olga - 05/16/2023

" Very efficient & helpful in explanation & treatment.😌 "

 Doris - 05/16/2023

" Dr. Fraser and the staff were excellent. I could never ask for better treatment "

 Joanne - 05/16/2023

" X ray person was very good at explaining where to stand. The nurse who registered me in, also got the injunction material ready in due time The Practitioner who I was assigned to was as professional as a doctor I want to schedule my knee replacement around October and need to know how to do this long distance, I am residing in SC now but have insurance this year that will cover me in NC. If I go with Medicaid Advantage plan it will not cover my expense outside of SC. "

 Birtha - 05/15/2023

" None "

 Timothy - 05/15/2023

" Initially my cell phone's mail box was full, although I did not know it, so I missed two calls from the clinic. However, I erased my excess messages, and called twice to speak to the scheduling person, asking for a return call, which I never received. I did call back a third time and was finally able to schedule the appointment. It was quite a while between my referral and the appointment, although initially, this was my fault. However, once I arrived an hour earlier than my appointment, they were very prompt in getting me in, and I believe before my scheduled time, since I was early. The Dr. and the nurse were both amazing, and although he did not do the anticipated D and I surgery, so I cannot speak to that area, I feel confident that he would have done great, and as it still may be needed in the future, I have no reservations in returning to him to get this done. It is unusual in healthcare today that a Physician will give credence to the patient's concerns, I appreciate that. "

 Gregory - 05/14/2023

" It was easy for me as they had x-ray in the facility and a wrist brace so I had everything I needed when I left "

 Ann - 05/14/2023

" I can’t thank Dr Moore and everyone connected to his practice for taking such good care of me. My two knee replacements have given me a new lease of life. So amazing to move around effortlessly and without pain. At the first consultation, Dr Moore gave me clear information and advice. He moved forward speedily and successfully with the plan. I am very grateful to him. A million thanks. "

 Danny - 05/14/2023

" The helpfullness and friendlyness of everyone working there stood out to me. "

 Walter - 05/13/2023

" Outstanding care and concern for my well being. "

 Michael - 05/13/2023

" PA prescribed steroids but the prescription was not forwarded to the pharmacy. Emails and phone calls requesting information were not responded to. "

 Robert - 05/13/2023

" Dr. Griewe is an amazing doctor/surgeon and a credit to his profession. "

 Charmay - 05/13/2023

" I love my provider and the staff! I wish you guys had a hospital in Fayetteville. "

 Aaron - 05/13/2023

" Dr. McGuirt and his staff are the best in the world. He takes care of my whole family. He is absolutely the best. "

 Emma - 05/13/2023

" Dr. Berke is an excellent surgeon. I would recommend to any parent who is nervous about their child having tubes places as he is the best. He placed two sets of tubes for our daughter and both were flawless surgeries. I couldn't be more thankful for his precious work. "

 Martha - 05/13/2023

" I have full confidence in Pinehurst Surgical and would hope to go there if I ever need surgery again. "

 Mary - 05/13/2023

" Very satisfied "

 Richard - 05/13/2023

" I. "

 Roy - 05/12/2023

" Lady who took my UA was unfriendly and harsh. I must say that the employees who came and got these little old men from the waiting room were saints. These little old men could barely walk and they were so kind and helpful to them. "

 Erica - 05/12/2023

" Ultrasound department & obgyn staff are above & beyond what I expected "

 Kristina - 05/12/2023

" Dr. Jones is a blessing and what a shame she is leaving. Definite loss for the community. "

 David - 05/12/2023

" Dr. Washington and her nurse are the best! They are very caring and attentive to my back issues. I’m glad to have them for my pain management. Dave Newton "

 Marshall - 05/11/2023

" John Gagater did a good job of assessing my injury and putting a cast on my lower leg and ankle. "

 James - 05/11/2023

" Quickly processed with good discussion with caregiver about my health. "

 Francis - 05/11/2023

" Your website is the hardest, confusing and difficult to find what I am looking for. "

 Stephen - 05/11/2023

" Casey and team are the best! I searched 10 years to find a good hip replacement surgeon. Dr Casey makes numbers based decisions and recommendations. He replaced my hip 6 years ago and it is perfect still today. "

 Hawanna - 05/11/2023

" I absolutely LOVE Pinehurst Surgical! From the beautiful facility to the quick/friendly registration process down to the lab technician; my experiences here are always pleasurable. Lindsay Schiller, RN is top notch! She is friendly, warm, efficient, great listener and genuine. And her injection skills are fantastic! I never feel the needle. More importantly, she truly cares about me as a patient and person. She promptly returns phone calls and will follow through with each need. She deserves to be recognized for her nursing skills, patient satisfaction and compassion! I'm a registered nurse as well and our profession can be challenging. She never makes you feel rushed or unimportant. Dr. Shayna Jones is ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!! The fact she is leaving the practice literally had me in tears. I am 46 years old with chronic medical issues. I have never met a provider as invested as she is in my well-being She goes above and beyond the typical medical care and thinks "outside the box "

 Sarah - 05/11/2023

" Everything went fairly smooth and I’m grateful to have Dr. Jones perform my upcoming surgery. She has done a phenomenal job and remains consistent throughout the 6-7 years I’ve known her. She was one of my first doctors while I was pregnant and she also performed my son’s circumcision. You can tell that she goes above and beyond for her patients and keeps their health in mind always. Her assistant, whom I have never met before, was also outstanding at what she does. If I had to describe her in one word it’d be “real.” Just very genuine, informative, and down to earth. When I first got there at check-in (I want to say her name is Jessica)— she greeted me with a smile and friendliness. That goes a very long way with me personally. The only thing I’d like to mention was that I had to wait a good 45 minutes to get called back. However, the staffs’ performance outweighed all of that by just being a positive experience entirely. Thank you for all of your hardwork and smiles. "

 Margaret - 05/11/2023

" Dr. Adam Clark is the bomb. "

 Willie - 05/11/2023

" Made my problem very easy "

 Damyeshia - 05/11/2023

" Grace is PHENOMENAL! My greatest experience comes from her. Pray nothing but greatness in her future, personal & career wise. "

 Christian - 05/11/2023

" Kind and professional "

 James - 05/11/2023

" Great service "

 Lynn - 05/10/2023

" Never have any problems with Pinehurst Medical. Great medical facility "

 Eugene - 05/10/2023

" None "

 Daphne - 05/10/2023

" There was a long delay before I was called back, but they explained they were short-staffed, and I definitely understand. They brought a nurse in from another area, and she was very nice and helpful. Dr. Grace Switzer (spelling ???) was absolutely AMAZING!!! This appointment was the first time I have ever seen her, and she is one of the most caring, professional, friendly, approachable health care doctors I have ever met!!! I am so blessed to have seen her, especially this time, for several reasons. I will see her again for my yearly appointment next year. I can’t say enough good things about her!!! "

 Gene - 05/10/2023

" Outstanding treatment, listened to me and asked questions to understand my issues and concerns. Could not have been better. Dr. Brenner and the staff are the best! "

 Michael - 05/10/2023

" Always a positive event going to your facility. All staff are very professional. "

 Danelle - 05/10/2023

" Everything from my first appointment to 1 year post-op was nothing but wonderful "

 David - 05/10/2023

" Very professional staff "

 Laura - 05/10/2023

" Dr Nance & his team were very friendly & professional. He took his time with me which I appreciate. The Radiology technician, Sheila, was so nice and very professional. She also took her time with me which I appreciate. I will refer Pinehurst Surgical to my friends! "

 Joel - 05/10/2023

" Very professional caring staff!! Keep up the good work!! "

 Barbara - 05/10/2023

" The bomb. Com CD 🤗 "

 Pamela - 05/10/2023

" Thanks again for taking care of me and the support. Everyone was wonderful! "

 James - 05/10/2023

" I enjoyed the staff and the eye doctor. First rate compared to my old eye doctor. "

 Towanda - 05/10/2023

" The very best at what they do!!!!!!!! "

 Annie - 05/10/2023

" Awesome staff and dr "

 Sonya - 05/10/2023

" Dr. Washington is a breath of fresh air! She’s competent, caring, sand all about making things better. I work in healthcare with a lot of doctors but she is one of the best and most beautiful! "

 Elaine - 05/10/2023

" Dr. Heathcotte and his nurse Tonya and secretary are great. Dr Heathcotte made me feel worry free regarding me having to have a fistulotomy which at first I was so afraid of but his kindness and the way he had taken the time prior to surgery that I had on April 20th put me at ease. I am grateful to all that we’re involved in my care. I live in Fayetteville and don’t mind the drive at all for great service. Thank you, from Elaine Padilla "

 Keena - 05/10/2023

" Hannah is amazing. "

 Adrienne - 05/10/2023

" Wish you had an office in the state I’d Delaware😊 "

 Chad - 05/10/2023

" Dr. Johnson and staff are very professional "

 Michael - 05/10/2023

" Kristen is GREAT! Very informative, knowledgeable and I would glad let her take care of me or any of my family anytime! "

 Lovella - 05/10/2023

" PT Should have you physically do exercises so you know how to do the correctly not just go over oictures on sheet if paper given. "

 Bruce - 05/10/2023

" Everyone made my visit easy! The attending nurse who checked my bp was very good and friendly. So was the one who drew blood. And Carolyn Kelloway is excellent. She comes into the come well-informed, making eye contact and has a good sense of humor. She isn't so professional that I can't wait to get out of there. She offered me several options to help with my concerns. She offered to refer me to one of the doctors of urology on board. Carolyn is a keeper and does her job well. I will be back and I will refer others to see her. "

 Sarah - 05/10/2023

" Dr Toni Washington and her staff is awesome they are very concerned about their patients always a good morning or asking how are you. I wouldn't trade them for anything. Great "

 Jack - 05/10/2023

" Wonderful staff and doctor. Would absolutely recommend! "

 John - 05/10/2023

" I have moved to Winston-Salem four years ago, and still come back to Pinehurst for my visits with Dr. Moore and his staff because of their excellent care, skill, and professionalism. Thank you! "

 Joan - 05/10/2023

" Doctor and Receptionist were friendly, courteous and totally professional! "

 Kerry - 05/09/2023

" Very happy with all staff, from Randy in check in to Amari- Medical Assistant that works for the doctors/ Dr. McGuirt..everyone was friendly, attentive and made me feel more at ease before scope...hate the procedure but Dr. M. did it better than times I've had it done previously (YEARS ago)...I'd highly recommend all involved in my first appointment/experience (w/Pinehurst Surgical Center & Dr. McGuirt, my chosen ENT) in this area where I have come as a new resident in the past year. "

 Sylvia - 05/09/2023

" I’m grateful to have had a Dr. That is willing to help me Thank you Dr. Daniel Williams. "

 John - 05/09/2023

" In and out is very rare for most doctors' visits. He was seen right away, took an x-ray, explanation, and then waited 15 minutes for a splint to be made. All in all, it was an excellent experience. "

 Lisa - 05/09/2023

" Loved my Doctor!!! "

 Justin - 05/09/2023

" Very good "

 Sandra - 05/09/2023

" Dr. Brenner is a caring and knowledgeable doctor and a blessing to his patients and the clinic! "

 Harry - 05/09/2023

" Very professional and courteous "

 Brenda - 05/08/2023

" It was a wonderful experience because I was in extreme pain in my hip and the provider was compassionate and provided what I was requesting which was a referral for a MRI on my hip. He listened to me and what I had to say and my concerns, Everyone was very nice and friendly and so very professional. "

 Suzete - 05/07/2023

" Dr. Chu is an excellent surgeon, and very comprehesive in his explanations of what would be done. The follow up visit was very good too. I would recommend him to anyone needing gall bladder surgery. "

 Karen - 05/07/2023

" Our first time appointment with Dr. Ballinger was very good. She talked, listened, explained and prescribed medication that began working immediately. We look forward to our follow-up in June and believe she is the best Urologist for our current issues. Although our medical needs were fully addressed, it must be mentioned that communicating via phone with administrative staff is difficult and frustrating. We were also give a prescription to be filled by a third party known as VitaCare and not our local pharmacy. It has been a troubling experience and is NOT working out so far. Fortunately, we were given a 14 day supply of complimentary samples which will get us through until the third party problem is resolved. We are confident Dr. Ballinger will resolve the communication and prescription issues. Thank you. Wm. & Karen J. "

 Zoey - 05/06/2023

" The staff and doctors are so friendly and great with my daughter and I really appreciate that. "

 Theodore - 05/06/2023

" Staff was very helpful in scheduling as quick as possible. "

 Iyani - 05/06/2023

" Everything was good ❤️ "

 Margaret - 05/06/2023

" I could not be happier about my knee replacement. Thank you so much! "

 Janet - 05/06/2023

" I will never go anywhere else for root canals! The provider and staff were excellent. Friendly, professional and made me feel at ease which says a lot since I am a chicken when it comes to the dentist. Absolutely recommend to anyone who is afraid of the dentist and having work done. "

 Mary - 05/06/2023

" Leslie Whitlock, AudD, is an excellent audiological clinician. It is a pleasure to be her patient and benefit from her expertise. "

 Linda - 05/06/2023

" I have no complaints, every quick and easy all the staff and Rob!! "

 Kristopher - 05/06/2023

" Connie the best "

 Schronda - 05/06/2023

" Dr. Jones has always been an excellent provider. She has the best team of nurses/assistants. Overall, I'm very pleased with the atmosphere and politeness of the staff. "

 Joyce - 05/05/2023

" Dr. Conti is the best-- "

 Francis - 05/05/2023

" Thank you! "

 Evelyn - 05/05/2023

" Very positive experience, and will share my experience with family and friends "

 Breanna - 05/05/2023

" Dr. Malinowski is an excellent doctor. I felt heard and respected at every encounter. "

 John - 05/05/2023

" Dr Wohlrab and his office were outstanding! Very professional and I couldn’t have had a better experience at a doctors office! "

 Jamee - 05/05/2023

" I only put poor because a message left Monday was not returned. I called back