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Recent Reviews

 Obie - 10/05/2022

" Excellent Location for FAA Flight Physical. I have use Dr Cowan at Primary Care for years when is was working with the FAA . I retired in 2010 and continue to use Dr Cowan for my Primary Care and FAA Flight Physicals. I encourage friends to use him for FAA flight physicals. Obie Young, President National Aviation Safety Foundation "

 Merlinda - 09/24/2022

" Dr. Stapleton is absolutely amazing and I trust her. "

 Denise - 09/22/2022

" Dr Stapleton and the staff are great people! Caring and professional too "

 Margaret - 09/20/2022

" Dr. Stapleton is amazing! All the assistants, nurses, front desk staff are all very thoughtful, professional, and lovely! "

 Tracy - 09/17/2022

" PA-C Mendoza and M.A. Nicole are amazing. I feel lucky to have found them and this location in general. "

 Walter - 09/17/2022

" Everything as normal as always, Thanks "

 Sarah - 09/16/2022

" Dr Stapleton, the nurses and the entire staff are wonderful! "

 Marie - 09/13/2022

" So glad doctor stapleton come back from vacation she anderstand me I like her. "

 William - 09/11/2022

" I returned to PCS as a patient after being away for 3 years due to insurance coverage changes. I was amazed the staff, Dr. Paul H. and Shannon remembered me! It was like I never left. Paul and I discussed my issue and he solved my problem right away. So happy to be back with PCS and will recommend to my friends & family! "

 Kimberly - 09/11/2022

" My care provider genuinely listened to my concerns and together we decided on the next best steps for me to take to unsure my overall health and well-being. I felt listened too and my concerns were taken seriously. "

 Barbara - 09/10/2022

" Very friendly atmosphere. Always ready to help, "

 Erica - 09/09/2022

" Carl always takes the time to listen and think about the best course if action in treatment He explains why and how things work in a way I can understand. "

 Stacey - 09/07/2022

" Dr. Paul has always been an attentive provider. He takes the time to listen and provide applicable feedback to concerns. Great rapport and engagement. "

 John - 09/07/2022

" Shanna and Paul make a great team ! "

 Julie - 09/07/2022

" Our family has been coming to you since 1999 when our oldest son was born. We travel 40 mins to come to this practice for a reason. Thank you for giving us such good care all these years! "

 Dona - 09/02/2022

" Just love Carl S. and his nurse Kim! Both are always so pleasant and helpful. "

 Troy - 09/01/2022

" Dr Paul and Shana are the best. Always efficient and pleasant. "

 Timothy - 09/01/2022

" Very friendly and professional "

 Zheila - 09/01/2022

" Time to ask questions and get answers. Did not feel rushed. "

 Mark - 08/31/2022

" Carl Sellers is my provider and is always down to earth and professional. "

 Thomas - 08/31/2022

" Dr. Stapelton is the best and staff wonderful.....Tom "

 Vicki - 08/31/2022

" You guys are so professional and Paul is the best "

 Nancy - 08/26/2022

" Dr Teri Stapleton is very caring, efficient and thorough "

 Ryburn - 08/26/2022

" Carl Sellers is the best. I've seen him for years and he has always taken the time to inform me of the best care methods for my health. "

 Margaret - 08/26/2022

" The doctor was very nice. The desk had left for home and I never got my next appt set-up. "

 Beth - 08/24/2022

" My provider is so knowledgeable. I have multiple complex health conditions and she is always able to manage my numerous symptoms. She is supportive and communicates efficiently. "

 William - 08/20/2022

" Best in Orlando!! Thanks Paul and Shanna ❤️ "

 Colleen - 08/17/2022

" There’s a reason why I continue to drive back to Orlando for my appointments while I live in Miami. I LOVE the care I receive! Your staff is kind, patient, and most importantly empathetic towards every situation they encounter. 😊 "

 Sylvia - 08/16/2022

" I appreciate Dr Stapleton and the staff taking great care of me. "

 Richard - 08/16/2022

" Shanna and Paul are a great team! "

 Kristin - 08/15/2022

" Both Dr. Witter and his staff are very kind and helpful. They always answer all of my questions "

 Ada - 08/14/2022

" I love the care and attention I'm always given by the staff and physicians. They truly show concern for my well-being. "

 Sandra - 08/13/2022

" Dr. Sellars is very attentive & compactionate! He is the best Dr. I have had ever... I still drive from Clermont to Orlando for my appointments and always will. Sincerely, Sandra Matson "

 John - 08/11/2022

" Dr. Stapleton,Tasha and staff are wonderful "

 Holly - 08/10/2022

" Arrived at 1:30, saw doctor at 2:15. Dr Witter is definitely thorough. "

 Charles - 08/09/2022

" been a patient for over 17 years and will continue to be. front desk staff always helpful. Paul and his staff are awesome. "

 Bradley - 08/07/2022

" I'd given up hope of getting help and proper care from a Doctor but the whole team at Primary Care Specialists restored that hope. "

 Janice - 08/05/2022

" Dr. Stapleton has been a blessing to me. She is personable and very understanding. So glad I found her. I can't leave out the front office staff. They are exemplary. All are professional and pleasant I'm very pleased with all my experiences. Keep being awesome! God bless. Janice Rector "

 John - 08/04/2022

" Unusually long time in the front waiting area, but it was very busy "

 Mary - 08/03/2022

" My “refer to” was very good only because I live in winter park "

 Stephen - 08/03/2022

" It was good. "

 Linda - 07/30/2022

" Dr Paul and Nurse Shanna always listen to my issue and find ways to resolve them!! "

 Laura - 07/30/2022

" Dr.Witter was very attentive and informative, and concerned about my medical issue. "

 Angela - 07/30/2022

" Carl is always thorough. He explains everything and goes over what is going to happen. "

 Rose - 07/28/2022

" I felt fortunate to be seen the day after my call & my experience as a new patient was all that I had hoped. I was seen at 5 pm so was surprised by the availability of appointments. "

 William - 07/27/2022

" Consistently great care. "

 Rae - 07/27/2022

" Paul is great! "

 David - 07/22/2022

" Paul & Shanna were Super & Duper! "

 Alicia - 07/22/2022

" The doctor was not only professional, but showed care and compassion for my situation. "

 Robert - 07/21/2022

" Professionally run practice. "

 Steven - 07/21/2022

" I have been to several primary care doctors in my lifetime, Dr. Witter is by far one of the most thorough, helpful, insightful, understanding and kind doctor I have encountered. His nurse assistant Malaysia is also top-notch. Hardly any wait time, easy to schedule appointments, and fine staffing all around… Glad we found this practice "

 Jerry - 07/20/2022

" Always there for me "

 Kathleen - 07/20/2022

" Carl is very kind, compassionate and informative. He really cares about his patients. "

 Nancy - 07/20/2022

" Thorough, courteous, and caring provider. "

 Steven - 07/20/2022

" My appointment was at 3:45 in Orlando. I work in Orlando and completed my duty day at 1:45 p.m. I live 80 miles away from the Doctor's facility so I drove there and checked in at 2:30 expecting to wait until my scheduled appointment time as the office was busy. I was immediately (less than 10 minutes) taken back and visited by Dr. Cowan and his nurse Gayle. It was fast, efficient and extremely courteous. I always feel like I am not just another patient with Dr. Cowan and his nurse, but a friend. This type of care giving today is extremely rare. "

 John - 07/17/2022

" Dr. Paul Hutchenreuter is an outstanding primary care physician! As are Dr. Carl Sellers, and Dr. Whitter. The entire staff is excellent!!! It’s the insurance companies that are the problematic component to the equation. "

 Mary - 07/14/2022

" Great practice that I'd highly recommend! "

 Garnett - 07/14/2022

" Dr Witter was extremely thorough, answered all my questions, very prompt in seeing me. Very professional and yet easy to talk to! Plus your front desk is always very pleasant. "

 Ivelisse - 07/12/2022

" Dr. Paul is the BEST very nice ,respectful and he cares about his patients. "

 Dennis - 07/07/2022

" Dr Paul is by far the best Family Doctor. He takes all the time that is needed to help you, very intelligent and his bed side manner is awesome. His assistant Shanna is so helpful and knowledgeable. At the front desk, Denise is the best, always has a kind and professional attitude. I’ve been going there for 15 years. "

 Alfred - 07/06/2022

" Dr.Sellars is a very professional and attentive doctor. "

 Kristin - 07/02/2022

" The staff is very friendly and helpful. Dr. Witter really takes time with you as a patient and answers all of your questions. He is very nice and caring. "

 Ladina - 07/01/2022

" I love that Paul takes care of me. I learn something new about my health or how to maintain good health at every visit. He and Shanna are two healthcare professionals I look forward to seeing. "

 Roberta - 06/24/2022

" Paul is very knowledgeable, friendly and patient. "

 John - 06/22/2022

" Paul nailed the diagnosis very quickly and administered n injection that took care of the problem within minutes. I am only sorry thatI didn’t come in sooner. ! "

 William - 06/22/2022

" Dr Creamer is competent and compassionate "

 Linda - 06/22/2022

" Shanna and Dr Paul H always provide excellent care, answer and ask questions to better understand and explain. "

 Rae - 06/21/2022

" Paul is great and his nurse Shanna is awesome! "

 Peggy - 06/17/2022

" Love Dr Paul and Shanna his nurse they are the absolute best team ever❤️ "

 Tracy - 06/17/2022

" Dr. Witter was very thorough! I’m so grateful to have found him. "

 Catherine - 06/17/2022

" I always refer this office to friends, especially Paul and Carl. Shanna is awesome! "

 Anna - 06/16/2022

" Dr. Stapleton is very informative and takes time with her patients. She doesn’t make you feel rushed and actually has conversation along with talking about my personal health. I am so happy I found Dr Stapleton my husband is a new patient of hers and feels the same exact way. Kind Regards, Anna Chastain Jason Dekema "

 Troy - 06/10/2022

" Doctor and staff are very professional "

 Denise - 06/10/2022

" I’ve been a patient over 18 years and with every visit I’m am always pleased with my care. Outstanding, personnel. My provider is excellent! Waiting time never over 15 minutes. Thank you. "

 Anna - 06/09/2022

" I am amazed to find an unhurried office with adequate staffing and access to a medical doctor with a balance of electronics and old fashioned family care. "

 William - 06/08/2022

" Dr Stapleton has always been very clear and precise in helping us with our medications, and making sure we know when to take them...always asks if the meds given to us are helping and if we need to change them. She has also been thorough about asking us about our conditions. Her staff is very nice and helpful... "

 William - 06/08/2022

" Shana and Paul looked after me very well and addressed all of my concerns diligently. Always extremely professional. "

 Betty - 06/07/2022

" Dr. Stapleton is easy to understand when she is explaining something to you. You never feel that she is rushing your visit with her either. She answers all your questions and makes sure you understand her answers. She is one of the Best. "

 Daniel - 06/07/2022

" When I took the near vision eye test it would have been helpful to have more light in the room. The exam room is much darker than the other office space. "

 Krista - 06/04/2022

" The MA was not personable at all. When I told her I needed a rx refill, she stated “yeah, not happening today.” I came in for I’ll was but she never checked my temperature nor asked to see my negative COVID test I was told I needed. Carl is great and I will see him anytime. "

 Michele - 06/02/2022

" Kind. Courteous. Compassionate. "

 Willy - 05/28/2022

" Staff friendly, courteous. Waiting time reasonable, no complaints. My doctor is Dr. Witter and he is very nice and takes his time , he goes over all my info and his exams are thorough and he answers all my questions . The nurse who took my blood for bloodworks didn't leave a mark at all. The reception area is inviting and comfortable. I come here for years and have no complaints whatsoever. "

 Matthew - 05/20/2022

" Carl is awesome!!! "

 Teresa - 05/20/2022

" I really like dr Teri I had another dr for years but after her not listening to my concerns and having Do you have emergency surgery and the kidney removed that was the last day I saw her "

 Sully - 05/20/2022

" I am glad I changed my insurance and I'm back under Dr. Stapleton's care. "

 Diane - 05/19/2022

" From the front desk to the Dr asst to the Dr yall are the absolute best ! "

 Drew - 05/18/2022

" Really nice and fast check in. The doctor was outstanding in listening and helpfulness "

 Robert - 05/17/2022

" I've been coming here for 15+ years and it has been great everytime. "

 Linda - 05/17/2022

" Thank you for your continuous excellent support "

 Wanda - 05/14/2022

" The staff and Dr.went an extra mile to take care of my situation. "

 Angela - 05/13/2022

" Thank you, Carl! And thanks to such a professional team! "

 Jean - 05/12/2022

" Dr. Stapleton is the best doctor I've found in 71 years!! Her bedside manner is awesome and her knowledge is remarkable. "

 Nancy - 05/10/2022

" I’ve been seeing Paul Hutschenreuter for 25 yrs! He’s wonderful! "

 Kelly - 05/10/2022

" Love this office and staff "

 Desmond - 05/06/2022

" Shanna and Paul never fail to accommodate and impress me. They are simply awesome!! "

 Lashonda - 05/06/2022

" Dr. Stapleton is great. "

 Regina - 05/05/2022

" Dr. Stapleton is the best. "

 Denise - 05/04/2022

" Paul and Shanna are the best! They listen to me! Paul is always ready to explain things to me and answer any questions I have. "

 Sarah - 05/04/2022

" I’ve been a patient of Dr Cowan and Primary Care Specialists for over 16 years. I have received excellent care through the years and I highly recommended this practice. "

 John - 04/29/2022

" Dr Stapleton and Tasha work awesomely together. Our vista are stress free. "

 Megan - 04/29/2022

" I love everything about this practice- the genuine care and concern from not just Dr. Sellars but also the office staff. Dr. Sellars also has a fantastic enthusiasm for my care and concerns that I haven’t seen in a doctor since the one I had a few years ago switched to a practice that only takes Medicare. I travel 45 minutes to this practice because of the care and I don’t think twice about it. Where I live, unless you’re over 55 or under 18 it’s impossible to see a doctor that actually cares. I love this practice!!! "

 Dona - 04/28/2022

" Dr Carl and his nurse are GREAT! "

 Shaniece - 04/28/2022

" Everyone there is so friendly and helpful. I have such trust that I would see any medical provider available. They are all that good. "

 Kathy - 04/28/2022

" This front staff is always so warm and welcoming. My primary care provider is Carl Sellars, PA & he is by far the best! He is very informative and attentive. He takes the time to listen to my concerns and addresses them. He explains any treatment necessary so that I have a good understanding. The whole office is just a good experience. I recommend this office to everyone. "

 Russell - 04/21/2022

" Paul and Shanna are the best. They always take as much time as needed to answer any questions. "

 Peggy - 04/16/2022

" Love Dr Paul amd Shanna! "

 Stephen - 04/15/2022

" Paul and Shana are awesome "

 Thomas - 04/09/2022

" The office staff is always welcoming and helpful. They set the time for the entire office-always positive! "

 John - 04/08/2022

" Paul and Shanna were great, as always ! "

 Glen - 04/06/2022

" They are extremely professional and I appreciate the care they provide with clear understanding of treatment. "

 Lashonda - 04/04/2022

" Dr. Stapleton is a great doctor she always takes her time and hear me out instead of treating me like a number. Dr Stapleton and Tasha take great care of their patients! "

 Pamela - 04/03/2022

" As always, we had minimal wait time to go into the room, Dr. Paul was welcoming and thorough with his questions. A good visit. "

 Matthew - 04/02/2022

" Carl Sellars always does a fantastic job in providing the best possible care. "

 Desmond - 04/01/2022

" I absolutely love Shanna and Paul, and the rest of the staff is simply awesome! "

 Gladys - 03/28/2022

" Carl Sellers and the Primary Care team are professional, caring and dedicated to providing answers for health and wellness Concerns. The entire team of Doctors and staff are one of Orlando’s best practices! "

 Malcolm - 03/23/2022

" Mr Sellars is the best healthcare provider I've ever had in my 70 years he leaves me informed and aware with a plan to move on with my health care very much appreciated "

 Tatiana - 03/18/2022

" Loved Carl Sellars and the girl who took my blood, Nicole . Excellent customer service. "

 Sandra - 03/18/2022

" Could have a more informative Doctor around town!! "

 Stephen - 03/16/2022

" Primary Care Specialists of Orlando have always provided excellent service! "

 Natasha - 03/15/2022

" A fantastic experience as always. "

 Mary - 03/15/2022

" I drive a distance to visit this practice due to the confidence I have in them! "

 Kimberly - 03/15/2022

" Carl Sellars is great! His assistant Kim is phenomenal. Very informative, helpful, and friendly. "

 Brandon - 03/13/2022

" I hope to be notified for my next appointment very soon. I'm thankful to be seen on a Saturday. "

 Amy - 03/10/2022

" Tasha (spelling) is A++++ and Dr Stapleton is the exact kind of Doctor I want: patient, caring, talks with me- not at me. I trust her. "

 Tara - 03/09/2022

" Paul and Shanna are THE BEST EVER! We drive an hour and a half to stay under their care! "

 Ryburn - 03/09/2022

" Carl Sellers and Kym are the best. "

 Andrew - 03/09/2022

" As always this Medical Group always deliver great professional service. "

 Jeffrey - 03/08/2022

" I canceled my appointment the day before and showed up in the morning hoping I could be seen. I was. Staff was great. Doctor explained my situation and the outlook for the future. Glad to be a patient here. "

 Edward - 03/08/2022

" Dr. Stapleton is wonderful. She explains everything to us and makes sure we understand before leaving the appointment. We are so glad we found a great doctor! "

 Isai - 03/05/2022

" Paul was amazing "

 Elizabeth - 03/03/2022


 Rebecca - 03/02/2022

" Theresa called my home to give me instructions on what to do when I got to the hospital. She came to get me and toik me to the center. Julie and Faith gave me warm blankets and started my blood transfusions. They checked on me at regular intervals. Everything went smoothly. The hospital furnished my lunch "

 Diane - 03/02/2022

" I'm a bit surprised that this office isn't using the CDC as a guideline for masks. As of March 2, 2022..the CDC still recommends masks to be word indoors. It struck me very odd to see medical professionals going against the CDC recommendations. "

 Gordon - 03/01/2022

" I can not say enough positive things about the staff in this building. I switch between 2 doctors whoever has the availability because they are booked! An it's because they are great at what they do. From the counter staff, to the assistance to the doctors. I live in Lake county and travel to Orlando just because of the staff here. 🙃 My son loves this place too. Keep up the excellent service ! "

 James - 02/26/2022

" Staff is very courteous and helpful. Short wait time. In and out promptly. "

 Pedro - 02/26/2022

" Dr Stapleton is the best! "

 Maria - 02/25/2022

" Hello to the team: I don't have to much experience with visiting Drs office, but Dr. Sellars is a person that I trust and I feel very comfortable with and I trust him with my health. I will definitely recommend his office. Thank you, "

 Barbara - 02/25/2022

" My primary healthcare provider, Paul Hutschenreuter, PA, is awesome! His attentiveness and thoroughness, as well as excellent teaching and listening skills are the reason I use Primary Care Associates. "

 Nancy - 02/20/2022

" Beautiful office, efficient staff, and Dr Stapleton was pleasant, knowledgeable, and thorough. "

 Sarah - 02/17/2022

" I have been a patient of Dr. Cowan's and Primary Care specialists for 16 years. Yesterday, I saw Paul in Dr. Cowan's office, and received excellent care for a sinus infection. It is already much improved today. His assistant, Shanna, was kind and caring. The front office staff is always friendly and welcoming to me. I highly recommend Primary Care Specialists. "

 Timothy - 02/16/2022

" I love your office and staff "

 Tyesha - 02/12/2022

" This was my first appointment and other than the wait time everything went well. Dr.Stapleton provided me excellent care by listening and understanding the reason why i needed a change of doctor's. The staff was polite and courteous and made me feel welcome. I will be recommending this office to friends and family. I was recommended by my friend to go there and i am glad I went. "

 Erik - 02/10/2022

" Dr witter was very informative and knowledgeable. Great Doctor! "

 James - 02/09/2022

" PA Sellers was great, always attentive, and very thorough. "

 Rebecca - 02/09/2022

" I absolutely love Dr Stapleton. She took her time and was very professional and listened to my concerns. Highly recommend her! "

 Tomaria - 02/04/2022

" Everyone is always so friendly and helpful. Carl really explained my injury in a way I understood. The young ladies, I believe the nurses were awesome in drawing blood and helping with the EKG. I am so grateful for this office. "

 Michelle - 02/04/2022

" Carl Sellars is an awesome care provider. He always listens and adresses my health concerns. "

 Olga - 02/03/2022

" Friendly staff "

 Gregg - 02/01/2022

" Dr Cowan is the BEST! "

 Angeolina - 01/28/2022

" Paul is the Best, I would recommend Highly "

 Orlando - 01/28/2022

" Dr Carl Sellars is always a joy to discuss medical issues with. He is an open, honest, straight shooter...which is what we need more of in this crazy world we're Blessed enough to be living in. "

 Wendy - 01/27/2022

" Amazing from the front desk ladies to the nurse and doctor. "

 Michael - 01/27/2022

" I recently moved to the area and would rate my first experience with Dr. Witter and staff as very good. "

 Renee - 01/27/2022

" I have been a patient for 20 years and I would never go anywhere else. The quality of care is outstanding. "

 James - 01/25/2022

" My overall experience was excellent, but I want to make sure to recognize my nurse who greeted me and took care of my pre exam process. I was there to do my Airmen’s physical and Gail was professional, polite and very friendly the entire time I was with her. Thank you! "

 John - 01/22/2022

" Dr Stapleton and staff are awesome. "

 Catherine - 01/22/2022

" Shanna is amazing! She is always able to pull blood from my arms. Most “professionals ” always give up and goes for my hands. I greatly appreciate that! "

 Diana - 01/22/2022

" Dr. Paul and his nurse are the best. Very personable, kind and knowledgeable. Dr. Paul always teaches me something about my body/health. Office staff is friendly and professional. "

 Andrew - 01/20/2022

" My Dr Douglas Witter is very kind and understanding and knows what he is doing which is very important, because he takes the time to address all of your needs and concerns. "

 Richard - 01/11/2022

" I especially like my provider. Paul takes the time to listen and hear all I have to say. It is a really great treat to have this experience!! "

 Desmond - 01/10/2022

" Shanna and Paul are simply awesome! "

 Dorothy - 01/09/2022

" With instructions from my doctor, I successfully navigated the route to service! "

 David - 01/06/2022

" Dr Cowan and his staff are great. Instead of the "processor" feel of many health care providers, they are courteous, warm and engaging. "

 Jennifer - 01/06/2022

" n/a "

 Mary - 01/05/2022

" Very professional and courteous! "

 Jeffrey - 01/05/2022

" As always excellent!! "

 Dennis - 12/30/2021

" Dr Paul was awesome in every way, attentive to my needs, had a great plan of action and took the time needed to make me understand. He is the best "

 John - 12/19/2021

" Dr. Stapleton is awesome. The staff rocks. "

 Beverly - 12/19/2021

" Carl is an exceptional medical professional. Always extremely knowledgeable and insightful. "

 Jerry - 12/15/2021

" Always the best. "

 Ryburn - 12/15/2021

" Carl Sellers has my full trust! "

 Jessica - 12/09/2021

" I’ve been a patient for about 18 years. The quality of care and service has always been excellent! "

 Jennifer - 12/05/2021

" Dr. Stapleton is the best spend time and is very personable one of the nicest "

 Caitlin - 12/02/2021

" The office staff, medical assistants, and Dr. Sellars are very welcoming and informative. "

 William - 11/27/2021

" A great medical care team listens well. This doctor and his team are exceptional in that regard. I have never been dissatisfied with their care. It is never rushed, always thorough, and accurate. I am extremely pleased with the care and attention I receive. "

 Katie - 11/25/2021

" I’ve been seeing Dr Paul for years and very satisfied with the communication and education of my health. Nicole the nurse was very friendly and gentle with my lab work, I usually get nervous during blood work but I was made so comfortable I didn’t get nervous at all. I’m so lucky to have found such a great practice and team, I’ve never been so confident in my health and open discussing my health issues knowing they will be treated and my future will be a healthy one. Thank you Primary Care Specialists team and especially Dr Paul! "

 Robert - 11/18/2021

" Wish I could remember the name of the Lady that drew my blood. I've seen her before. She always does a great job. You can't even tell I had blood drawn. No bruising. Not even a mark "

 Melisa - 11/17/2021

" Been going to Carl for 15 years. As always the front desk receptionists are friendly, & always on task. His nurse is caring, funny yet professional. Carl, as always answers all my questions, explains everything down to the smallest detail. Always leave satisfied & feel as though I’ve received the BEST care ! "

 Kimberly - 11/16/2021

" Love Carl Sellars. He is an excellent PA! Have recommended many friends and family to Primary Care Physcians. "

 Denise - 11/16/2021

" Love Paul and shanna! They are always so upbeat! "

 Sylvia - 11/16/2021

" I appreciate Dr Stapleton and they staff for taking good care of me. Thanks Sylvia Hutton "

 Thomas - 11/16/2021

" Everyone at Primary Care is always compassionate and professional. This is one of the few medical practices where you always get to talk to a person every time you call. All of the office personnel are amazing. Paul, who we just saw, is always thorough, attentive and patient. Others who we have visited (Carl and Dr. Stapleton) are also always excellent-thorough, patient, and attentive as well. "

 Mark - 11/14/2021

" Arrived 16 minutes early for my appointment and had to wait an additional 18 minutes. Other than that it was a great experience and the staff is awesome. "

 Leslie - 11/14/2021

" I LOVE this medical office. They're actually open late and on weekends, the staff is super nice. Mr Sellers is very knowledgeable and compassionate. I started going to this office by chance but now I wouldn't go anywhere else! "

 Bradley - 11/14/2021

" My entire life I avoided going to the doctors because of awful experiences. My experience here has been life-changing and I am incredibly grateful. Especially to Carl Sellars, who has been passionate about health care and quality of life. "

 Michelle - 11/13/2021

" Carl is the absolute best. I trust him with my health care needs. "

 William - 11/09/2021

" Dr Stapleton has always been very compassionate and has always taken the time to make sure we understand the medicines she prescribes and answers all our questions. We drive from Cocoa Beach monthly to see her and get our shots and meds.... "

 Jennifer - 11/03/2021

" Dr. Stapleton is my favorite health care provider. She is the best doctor I have ever gone to. She listens to my concerns, she is easy to talk to, and she is knowledgeable about care. I recommend her to all of my friends and family. "

 Thomas - 10/29/2021

" Dr. Sellars outstanding as usual, Tom. "

 Gilles - 10/28/2021

" Paul and Shana are the best! "

 Desmond - 10/28/2021

" Mr. Paul and Shanna are simply awesome! "

 Obie - 10/28/2021

" Routine FAA Flight physical. "

 Julianette - 10/27/2021

" The staff is always so kind, patient, helpful and welcoming! "

 Jason - 10/27/2021

" My doctor's office, Front desk staff is warm, friendly, and professional. Dr. Witter is someone I can trust. Honest, friendly, and to the point. I am so glad my friend Ben referred me to your facility! Thank you for doing what you do! Best regards, Jason "

 Betty - 10/24/2021

" I am well pleased with my services. "

 Nancy - 10/20/2021

" I’ve been with Paul Hutschenreuter for at least 25 yrs! And everyone else at the office is great working with! "

 David - 10/20/2021

" The prostate exam was especially delightful:) :) "

 Carmen - 10/15/2021

" Love my doctor. "

 Megan - 10/13/2021

" Dr. Witter is wonderful. He is careful, communicative, listens to me and my needs and concerns. Thank you for your care. "

 Gaetan - 10/13/2021

" What more can you say! "

 Beverly - 10/12/2021

" Dr Stapleton is thoughtful and has answered all of my concerns. "

 Deborah - 10/12/2021

" Dr. Stapleton is undoubtedly the best primary care provider l have ever had. Listens and takes the time to understand concerns. Advises in plain terms course of action. Would highly recommend to all! "

 Marla - 10/10/2021

" Dr Stapleton is so caring and understanding. Never feel rushed and she is very patient and allows for us to be part of medical care planning and decisions. The office staff is very helpful and courteous, and my calls are always returned. I travel quite a distance to see Dr Stapleton but will not go anywhere else. "

 Erika - 10/09/2021

" My Family and I love coming to this office! Carl Sellars is amazing and takes very good care of us! We feel like Family here! Mrs. Stacey always greets us with a smile as we’re checking out, which is truly heartwarming! "

 Carl - 10/09/2021

" As always, Paul and Shana were wonderful I highly recommend them. "

 Nysha - 10/07/2021

" Dr Stapelton is very kind and professional.. She is very friendly and on top of our family’s care. "

 Ralph - 10/07/2021

" I have been going here for over 25 years and each time I visit I get EXCELLENT care. Thank you all. Ralph "

 Linda - 10/06/2021

" Always excellent service by the staff and any doctor I happen to visit "

 William - 10/01/2021

" We have no complaints about our visit to see Dr. Stapleton, her nurse as always made my husband feel comfortable, and at the same time took all his information and answered his questions. Have been there many times and have always felt better after speaking with the Dr's... Linda "

 Daniel - 10/01/2021

" Dr Stapleton and all the staff are always outstanding! "

 Sarah - 09/30/2021

" I have been a patient of Dr. Cowan's and Primary Care Specialists for over 15 years. I have always received the best care, with an emphasis on prevention of future problems. If I have a question or problem between visits, Dr. Cowan's assistant, Gail, always gets right back with me. Shanna is also very professional and efficient. I highly recommend this practice. "

 Carol - 09/28/2021

" Dr Stapleton and her staff always take the time to listen and to really hear what you're saying. They don't rush you. And they're always friendly. I really don't like to go to doctors but I never mind going to see doctor Stapleton "

 Bryan - 09/28/2021

" Dr. Witter is an excellent physician. "

 Dawn - 09/25/2021

" Love Paul - he is always wonderful. I am sorry I am moving. I will miss him. Every appointment I had with him all of my issues were listened to and addressed. "

 Ryburn - 09/22/2021

" Carl Sellers is wonderful. "

 Gilles - 09/18/2021

" Shana and Paul are absolute gold! They are the best! The receptionists are all wonderful too! "

 Holly - 09/18/2021

" Thank you to the wonderful staff, as always... excellent! "

 Jerry - 09/17/2021

" Paul and Shana are always there for me. "

 Kimberly - 09/15/2021

" It is so refreshing to be a new patient and find a practice where everyone is responsive, accessible, courteous, efficient. Thank you! I've already recommended your practice to two friends. "

 Glorimar - 09/12/2021

" I love my Doctor! "

 Betty - 09/11/2021

" I am WELL PLEASED with the services I receive from my DOCTOR and STAFF! "

 Jody - 09/10/2021

" Finding Dr. Stapleton and Primary Care Specialists has been wonderful! This is a practice where the patient comes first!! I can get through to a live person at the front desk within a minute of the call being answered. When I’ve left a message for the doctor’s nurse, I’ve always gotten a prompt reply within a couple of hours. Wait times in the office have been short. Dr. Stapleton always takes the appropriate amount of time to understand what’s going on, discuss options and jointly decide on next steps. It’s so refreshing and reassuring to have Primary Care Specialists as my primary care physicians! "

 Lakesha - 09/09/2021

" I've had the utmost confidence in Carl for years. Dr. Cowan was the best and Carl doesn't miss a beat. Thank you! "

 Glen - 09/08/2021

" Dr Cowan and his nurse; Gail, are so professional and compassionate that it makes getting medical care a pleasure. Their advice is excellent and they truly CARE for me and their patients. "

 Janice - 09/08/2021

" I have been coming here for years thanks to my friend Angie Stapleton for referring me. Since then I have referred many to you. I started out seeing Allison Barnes, MD and had to see Carl Sellars, PA for a sick appointment and since then I have been very happy. Carl is so patient and explains everything so I truly understand before I leave. I am very thankful for him and your practice. You all truly love what you do and it shows. It is easy to make an appointment, get in when I am sick, you have great hours, when I leave a message it is always returned within 24 hours and your staff is always friendly. I feel very blessed to have Carl and your office as healthcare providers. "

 Lawrence - 09/08/2021

" Dr Paul what a great guy I have followed him from Kissimmee To this location I believe I have been seeing him Is whole career "

 Denise - 09/08/2021

" Love Paul and Shanna!!! "

 Zackary - 09/03/2021

" Paul and Shanna always provide the best for my wife and I. They are the reason why we travel from Apopka. "

 Yarden - 09/03/2021

" Paul and Shanna are the best 👌 "

 Krista - 09/02/2021

" There is a reason my husband and I travel from Cocoa to see Paul! Won’t go anywhere else! "

 Alicia - 09/02/2021

" As usual Carl Sellers remains the best medical care provider I have ever had. "

 Lashonda - 09/01/2021

" Dr Stapleton is an awesome dr "

 Sabrina - 09/01/2021

" I think you do a lot of referrals; otherwise you're pretty good so far. "

 Alton - 09/01/2021

" Love this practice. PA Hustchenteuter is the best PA in Irlando. Great staff, clean facility and very professional. "

 Anita - 09/01/2021

" I understand that call to doctor’s assistant are a lot but some are very important and I believe she be addressed right away. I know the office is busy as well but someone should be assigned to review all messages and advise the doctor for any emergency or important ones. "

 Terrill - 09/01/2021

" Dr Stapleton and her assistant Tasha are great! Very professional. "

 Robert - 08/31/2021

" Favorite doctor and staff I've ever had "

 Erica - 08/31/2021

" I love Dr. Paul and Shanna. I have been with them forever! They are always kind, caring, consistent, informative and express a genuine care, love and concern for my overall well-being. They listen and explain my health that is thorough and understandable. I would recommend this practice not only because of these two amazing people but because of the entire staff who always welcome you with a smile! "

 Leslie - 08/29/2021

" Best PCP I've ever had. He's really knowledgeable and informative and really loops me in so I'm empowered to take care of my health. "

 Michelle - 08/28/2021

" I absolutely love the staff and doctors in this office. Carl Sellars is my provider and he always takes care of my health care needs. He spends ample time with his patients. A+ care. "

 Judy - 08/28/2021

" Carl Sellers & staff excellent & caring. Never feel rushed. "

 Eric - 08/28/2021

" The staff is great, I only waited about 25 minutes initially, then 5-10 in the room for the dr. My appointment was for refills, Dr Witter always sits with me, goes over my meds, offers other options for me, but listens to my concerns and has no other agenda, but to help. "

 James - 08/28/2021

" Professional, friendly staff and Dr. Stapleton is a great doctor. "

 Timothy - 08/27/2021

" Carl Sellars is an excellent, caring and informative health care provider. I have been with the Cowan/Sellars team since 1993, and all I can say is thank you. "

 Nancy - 08/27/2021

" I’ve been seeing Paul for 25 yrs! He’s always been wonderful! "

 Debra - 08/26/2021

" Dr Witter is wonderful, takes time answering questions. Explains what to expect with medication and treatment. Does not make you feel rushed! "

 Laura - 08/24/2021

" I transitioned my care from another local healthcare provider and I am so glad I did! Received more complete care in two visits than I did in over a year and a half with the other providers. "

 Maribel - 08/20/2021

" My Doctor is the best she answers all my questions and concern. She cares about her patients. "

 Vicki - 08/19/2021

" Paul is the best! "

 Sarah - 08/18/2021

" I have been a patient of Dr. Cowan's and Primary Care Specialists for over 15 years. I highly recommend this practice. I feel like we are a team in taking care of my health concerns. "

 Virginia - 08/14/2021

" Paul H- and Dr Cowan has been My Family care Giver for 30 years . The Best of the best We drive from Tavares for our Appointments because they know our family . And always get great Care , Shana and Gail are the best nurses and we Can count on there Professionalism and Care . Thankyou All, The Frye Family ! "

 Garcia - 08/14/2021

" I love my primary care. Dr Paul and the rest of staff are best. They so sweet and loving and caring. Love you all "

 Deborah - 08/13/2021

" Dr Stapleton is by far the best primary care physician we have ever seen. "

 Willy - 08/13/2021

" Everybody is always friendly and Dr Witter is excellent. "

 Celeste - 08/12/2021

" People at front desk and check out are quite rude. "

 Mary - 08/12/2021

" Everyone is so courteous and caring. "

 Sylvia - 08/06/2021

" Dr Pattisapu and the staff are providing great care of me. Thanks to all of you. Sylvia Hutton "

 Jessica - 08/05/2021

" I’ve been a patient for about 18 years. I usually receive care from Shanna and Paul. They’ve always been very kind, attentive and helpful. I feel very at ease talking to them about any health concern I may have, and over the years those issues have varied. The front desk is always friendly. They do their best to fit me in as quickly as possible. I’m happy with the care and service I receive. "

 Emma - 08/04/2021

" I did the telemedicine with Dr Witter. This was my second time with Dr Witter as my care provider via telemedicine and both times were excellent. He is professional, patient, and very thorough. "

 Rosa - 08/01/2021

" I love this place and the two doctors who I have seen. The entire staff is always courteous, professional, friendly and helpful. Thank you for what you do!!! "

 Joseph - 07/29/2021

" Paul and Shana are so friendly and always make me leave feeling better. "

 Sheron - 07/27/2021

" Great experience as always "

 Pamela - 07/27/2021

" I didn't have a long wait to see the doctor, Shana the nurse, was personable and engaging. Doctor Paul came in very soon after. He is very encouraging and answers my questions promptly. "

 Eileen - 07/25/2021

" Carl sellers is kind and compassionate. He takes the time to sit and listen to you. "

 Jean - 07/24/2021

" I feel very blessed to have found Dr. Stapleton and to be accepted into her practice. She is courteous, knoedgeable and personable. It is amazing what a good doctor means to your overall health. "

 James - 07/24/2021

" Staff is very helpful and professional. Dr. Stapleton is a great doctor and is easy to talk to. Very helpful. Highly recommend this provider "

 Heather - 07/24/2021

" Staff is always friendly although sometimes further direction is not always clear. "

 Steven - 07/22/2021

" I recommend this medical facility and Dr. Cowan ALL the time. Having Primary Care Specialist's Dr. Cowan and nurse Gail reduces my stress because I know I am always looked after in a timely and effective method. KUDOS! "

 Dale - 07/21/2021

" Very pleasant atmosphere and courteous staff "

 Richard - 07/18/2021

" Dr. visit was very good, prompt, efficient, procedure went as expected. However.... prescriptions were ok'd but office did not forward them to pharmacy as I expected. Still wondering where they are. "

 Mitchell - 07/16/2021

" Excellent service from front desk to check out. Medical doctors are the best. "

 Katherine - 07/16/2021

" The ladies at the front desk are efficient and friendly. Care with Shana and Paul is top notch as usual. I can always get an appointment when needed. "

 Alicia - 07/14/2021

" Dr Sellers Is excellent. I am so pleased that someone recommended him to me. I will definitely stick with from this point forward. "

 Robert - 07/14/2021

" Great service as always. "

 Gaetan - 07/09/2021

" What more can you say! Simply an excellent staff . "

 William - 07/08/2021

" FAA Flight Physical "

 Carolyn - 07/04/2021

" I am always pleased with my visit. "

 Vanessa - 07/01/2021

" I’m going to miss Teri Stapleton, she’s amazing and a provider hard to come by! She always addresses my concerns and allows me the autonomy to speak freely. The front desk staff is also helpful. They did everything to get me in before my move. Thank you all. "

 Thomas - 06/30/2021

" Dr. H and his staff were all friendly, informative, and helpful. "

 Tom - 06/29/2021

" You all are great. Thanks for all you do for me. "

 Robert - 06/26/2021

" Very pleased with my visit. "

 Andrew - 06/25/2021

" Dr Douglas Witter was very understanding and knowledgeable. He addressed my needs. I am happy with his service. "

 Debra - 06/25/2021

" Dr. Stapleton has taken care of my family for several years now..... Me, my mom, my husband, my best friend and her mom. She never makes us feel rushed through our appointments. And she is VERY knowledgeable.... and compassionate!!! Obviously we all trust her with our overall health!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER for your primary care physician!! "

 Garnett - 06/25/2021

" I am VERY pleased with Dr. Witter, glad I found him! "

 James - 06/24/2021

" Staff really listened to my concerns and advised on the next steps regarding my care. "

 Thomas - 06/24/2021

" Paul is amazing, he always gets me back up and running quickly. . "

 Francis - 06/23/2021

" Dr. Stapleton is the best. "

 Thomas - 06/22/2021

" The staff at Primary Care is always compassionate, professional, and efficient. Dr. Stapleton is a very caring doctor. "

 Emma - 06/22/2021

" Appointment was with Paul. He is the greatest. Thank you Paul for being a good listener and relieving me of my fears. May God continue to bless Primary Care Specialists entire staff. You are all wonderful! "

 Alberto - 06/20/2021

" Been receiving care for Carl and Paul for years they are excellent in every sense "

 Jeffrey - 06/19/2021

" As always Paul and Shanna were beyond excellent! "

 Judy - 06/19/2021

" Carl is wonderful as is his medical assistant & the front office team! "

 Alton - 06/19/2021

" Always a pleasure visiting my care provider. Such a professional and top quality professional care. "

 Hilary - 06/18/2021

" Paul is the best! I'm lucky to have him! "

 Angela - 06/18/2021

" Dr. Patisapu was very caring and knowledgeable. I am very excited to be under her care. "

 Ralph - 06/17/2021

" love all of you. Ralph "

 Suzanne - 06/13/2021

" The staff and doctors at this location are awesome. We are kept very informed, the location is convenient and friendly. I trust my family with these doctors and we appreciate them so much. "

 Carol - 06/11/2021

" Dr. Stapleton is an AWESOME caring doctor and person. She always makes you feel comfortable. She is so easy to talk to. And to me that’s very important. If you aren’t comfortable with your doctor you won’t be comfortable in telling your everything they need to know. The staff is very friendly and helpful. My autistic son sees Dr. Stapleton and he is so comfortable with her. I recommend Dr. Stapleton everyone! "

 John - 06/11/2021

" Awesome Doctor awesome staff "

 Tiffany - 06/10/2021

" That was my first time with that doctor but I have been coming to the office for close to 10 years they are great "

 Brad - 06/10/2021

" Sellers is always great and full of knoeledge "

 Dona - 06/05/2021

" Dr P is awesome!! "

 David - 05/29/2021

" Paul is super & Duper. Tracy too... "

 Carmen - 05/29/2021

" Loved Dr. Pattisapu and her assistant. "

 Sarah - 05/27/2021

" I have been a patient of Dr. Cowan's and Primary Care Specialists for over 15 years. I've gotten top-notch, quality medical care, and never feel rushed, no matter how busy the office may be that day. I have had occasion to see the other physicians and PA staff and feel very confident with anyone I see. Dr. Cowan's assistant, Gail, is always available if I have a question about prescriptions, etc. I highly recommend this practice! "

 Stephen - 05/26/2021

" Thanks Paul! "

 Sylvia - 05/25/2021

" Dr Pattisapu was very concerned about my health. She was honest and up front with her recommendations. She asked if I had any questions. The nurse, Nicole, was friendly and gentle with taking my vitals and giving me the shots. I thank Dr Pattisapu and her staff for taking great care of me. "

 Marie - 05/25/2021

" Dr. Pattisapu is Wonderful and is someone you can talk and ask all the questions you want. She a Excellent MD that everyone will like to visit. "

 Mark - 05/25/2021

" PA Sellers is an outstanding practitioner! My physical is thorough and concise. Blood work was easy and he answered all my questions. Will always go back for my annual or anything else I need. "

 Brian - 05/21/2021

" Staff is wonderful!! Very kind and a pleasure to deal with!!! "

 Juana - 05/21/2021

" Dr Stapleton is informative, courteous, and overall pleasant-I would recommend her and this practice (I have already) to anyone who needs primary care. The office staff are attentive and easy to deal with. The wait wasn’t long, my appointment was easy to make and I received the care I needed. "

 Theresa - 05/19/2021

" I have always had Excellent Service with my Doctors here. "

 Deborah - 05/19/2021

" I recommend you to everyone I know. One of the last independent offices of truly caring practitioners. I have seen all the docs here at one time or another and love them all! Paul was amazing and super helpful for this visit. Love Shanna too! "

 Ada - 05/18/2021

" Dr. Pattisapu is a great and caring physician. I'm glad she is my doctor. "

 Beth - 05/17/2021

" Paul and Shanna are fantastic. I have recommended several people. The front office folks are polite, professional and helpful. There was an issue with my insurance and they call me 2 days prior to my appointment to get The new info. "

 Andrew - 05/16/2021

" Dr Douglas A. Witter was very professional and courteous and address all my concerns. I was very pleased by his knowledge. "

 Keri - 05/16/2021

" Great experience, as always ! "

 Maria - 05/16/2021

" Dr Stapleton is the best! "

 Patsy - 05/15/2021

" Love all the providers here. I saw Dr. Teri Stapleton and as always she is very knowledgeable This will be my medical practice for life "

 Angel - 05/14/2021

" Dr. Stapleton is very professional. She does not rush. She makes sure all my questions are answered and that I understand what we are doing. "

 Willy - 05/13/2021

" Dr Witter always takes his time to listen to me and gives me good advice. The staff is great, always friendly, courteous and upbeat. "

 William - 05/13/2021

" The entire experience was great! Staff was awesome! Paul and Shannon are the best team in Orlando!!! Thank You, Bill K. "

 John - 05/12/2021

" Did not like the "pay in advance" at the front desk for collecting blood. This has never been an issue for me, though I am sure there have been problems. "

 Catherine - 05/11/2021

" I have been going to this practice for years I have seen different staff they have all been very welcoming and I have referred friends to many of their staff doctors. My doctor of choice is Dr. Paul H and his nurse they are freakin great listeners, very professional not stiff, easy going, easy to talk to and they both have a sense of humor to ease being at a doctors office. Keep up the great work! Cathy Williams "

 Lesley - 05/08/2021

" Carl Sellers is an absolutely exceptionally amazing doctor. He is always clear with his communication and thorough. "

 Alton - 05/06/2021

" Outstanding professionals throughout the practice. Meets all my needs and more. Paul is the best. "

 Mitchell - 05/05/2021

" Practioner Paul & Nurse Shannon met all our needs. Great patient care! "

 Deena - 05/02/2021

" Dr Teri Stapleton talks to me clearly. I am not having after guesses about my visit. I like her as my Doctor. Deena "

 Beth - 05/02/2021

" My provider is very attentive and thorough. She is extremely knowledgeable about my complex medical conditions. I am very grateful for having such a competent provide to direct my care. "

 Marlene - 05/01/2021

" Dr. Stellar is amazing. He broke down and explain every medication he prescribed to means even their side effects . He was clear and I understand everything he said. He was so informative and made me feel so comfortable. I left the office saying to myself,he really cares for his patients. He is truly the best "

 Keith - 05/01/2021

" Carl Sellers is always informative and takes the time to answer all your questions. The rest of your staff and medical assistant are very good! "

 Carmen - 04/29/2021

" I'm very happy with the practice and I thank Dr. Stapelton to the care that ha provided to my husband and myself since we arrived in the State. Bless to have such a wonderful doctor taking care of all our needs. I thank her for following through with what she feels that we must do. Thanks for her follow up I was able to find out or how it came to be in my chart from my care at home after a stay in the hospital. Thanks to Dr. Stapelton, I own you my life and my husband's also. "

 James - 04/21/2021

" Paul was excellent very thorough, and concise spent the necessary amount of time and answered all questions. "

 Donna - 04/21/2021

" Paul and Shanna are the best! "

 Gladys - 04/20/2021

" It’s always a pleasure seeing everybody at Primary Care. Everyone is so friendly. I appreciate Carl Sellars direct approach, which is informative and caring. Holly "

 Michael - 04/20/2021

" Carl Sellars does a great job explaining what the possible diagnosis is for my problem. Goes out of his way to make sure I understand what he is explaining even to the extend of showing me pictures on computer. "

 Rosalie - 04/18/2021

" I love Dr. Stapleton!!! Dr. Stapleton's M.A. Tasha is wonderful!!! ALL of the Staff are amazing!!! "

 William - 04/17/2021

" Great Service! "

 Nichole - 04/16/2021

" Doctors, nurses and all office staff are always friendly and helpful. They are always running on time and willing to help if I have any follow-up questions. "

 Ralph - 04/15/2021

" such wonderful care and good, nice people. ALL of you. Ralph Johansen "

 Laqueta - 04/15/2021

" I love Dr.Stapleton. She's awesome. "