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Recent Reviews

 Valerie - 06/18/2024

" I was treated quickly and with the upmost care, respect and professionalism. I was asked numerous questions, as to get a thorough understanding of my situation. I was originally only scheduled for a first time client consultation, however two Doctors on site made the time to come and meet with me, giving me an even more detailed explanation and plan than I had anticipated. The true desire to help me was evident and I will return in a heartbeat should I need to! "

 Kathie - 06/13/2024

" The staff at Prime Hair Clinic and Dr. Mac Donald are very kind, caring as well as extremely knowledgeable! They have assisted me to understand my hair concerns and have provided me with treatments to really see some great results. I highly recommend reaching that you reach out to them today!! "

 Muhammad - 06/13/2024

" I recently visited a hair specialist clinic and was highly impressed. The staff was welcoming, and the specialist provided a thorough, detailed explanation of the causes and treatments for hair loss. They answered all my questions and created a personalized treatment plan for me. Overall, it was a very positive and informative experience, and I highly recommend this clinic for anyone dealing with hair loss. "

 Gordon - 06/13/2024

" I received Professional and knowledgeable advice. Made me feel much more comfortable knowing that there are real solutions to my medical issues. "

 Craig - 06/11/2024

" Dr. Joseph MacDonald is very knowledgeable re hair loss treatments. He explained very clearly the array of non surgical hair loss/enhancement options. "

 Tallan - 06/11/2024

" Not right now "

 Sabrina - 06/04/2024

" I truly appreciated the genuine care and concern. I felt like both Dr MacDonald and Deanne took the time to ask questions and learn more about my situation. Their assessment was thorough. I would highly recommend this clinic! "

 Susanne - 05/30/2024

" Things were explained in a manner that I understood. Treatment options were discussed in a way that was understood. "

 Harvey - 05/30/2024

" Very personal staff "

 Matthew - 05/29/2024

" The entire staff from start to finish were extremely professional but still kept things light and fun. Would highly recommend Prime for any hair loss treatment. "

 Barry - 05/22/2024

" Extremely pleased with my results. Would not hesitate to go for round two if needed. They are very good at what they do. "

 Christopher - 05/17/2024

" The front desk staff and Dr. MacDonald were incredibly welcoming and friendly. Felt comfortable from the first interaction. Highly recommended even if you're not sure about what the results . might be. Very impressed with the results so far with only 6 months in. "

 Roman - 05/07/2024

" Very pleased with my visit to the Prime Hair Clinic. The staff is very polite, helpful, and incredibly professional. "

 Munaf - 04/19/2024

" Always concerned and following up post surgery. Always takes good care of anything that is not healing. This is my second surgery so I know what to expect and you’ve delivered nothing less! "

 Nara - 04/19/2024

" From my very first appointment with Dr. MacDonald, I was immediately impressed by their professionalism, warmth, and dedication to their patients. Not only does Dr. MacDonald possess a wealth of medical knowledge and expertise, but they also have an innate ability to connect with their patients on a personal level. They take the time to listen attentively to all concerns, providing thorough explanations and ensuring that I felt fully informed and supported throughout my treatment journey "

 Sheilah - 04/18/2024

" Super friendly, caring. Make you feel comfortable with your insecurities. "

 Chris - 04/17/2024

" Friendly and professional "

 Ashley - 04/14/2024

" Everyone here is great. Connie is extremely nice every time I speak with her. The girl who did my trichoscopy was fantastic as well (not sure of her name). When I called back to get some clarification on the tricho report, the lady took a lot of time to explain it to me (not sure of her name either), but everyone is great. "

 Susan - 04/12/2024

" Team was kind, friendly and accommodating given my chronic pain. It was a fun day and it was clear that this medical team cares about each Other and most importantly strives for quality work. Overall i was very pleased With the team and experience. "

 Jeremy - 04/11/2024

" The doctor was very friendly and very kind the same as the secretary "

 Aaron - 04/10/2024

" So thankful the extra time and attention to detail. However what impressed me the most was the clarity of the Doctors explanation as to what was occurring and what needed to be done. I would feel very comfortable recommending anyone who has questions or is looking to move forward with a procedure. "

 Dale - 03/28/2024

" Fantastic introduction. I was impressed by engagement of Dr. M and staff. Very impressed "

 Michael - 03/28/2024

" A very useful and informative session. The doctor was great and gave me an excellent overview of the options available to me, the benefits of each and potential next steps. "

 Rekha - 03/21/2024

" Best service! Friendly staff and on time "

 Jeff - 03/19/2024

" Very welcoming and friendly staff! "

 Ahmed - 03/13/2024

" No sugar coating at all, told me exactly how it is and the realistic routes I could take. Did not try to upsell me or try force a hair transplant, amazing consultation. "

 Aidan - 03/12/2024

" The entire team was phenomenal during my PRP session. Painless, caring staff, and even helped consult me in terms of long term planning in the event any repair work may be needed after a post Turkey operation. Will definitely be going back "

 George - 03/08/2024

" Everyone was very nice and professional "

 Siarhei - 03/06/2024

" I will post my review on Google page when I get my vocabulary together .. But I had truly amazing experience done by amazing and gifted people ! Also I felt like home ) Thank you "

 Robert - 02/27/2024

" I was not sure what to expect being my first appointment. I was impressed by the expediance, friendliness of everyone and great information shared. I felt very comfortable with the sessio, was satisfied with the initial consult and recommendation. Thank you! "

 Richard - 02/23/2024

" Everyone was amazing. From the moment I arrived to the minute I left their office after surgery, I was always was well taken care of. They made me feel secure, they lifted my spirit up when I need it. The procedure went very smooth and as much as I worried it would hurt, it was easier than going to the dentist. . I love what I see in the mirror and know that Dr. Joe had the right vision and skill to give me a look I wanted. Thanks to all the team at Prime Hair clinic, all of you made this dream possible. Bless you. "

 Kevin - 02/16/2024

" My initial consultation with Dr. MacDonald was very positive. The atmosphere in the office is very relaxing and I received a friendly greeting from Carol when I walked through the door. It really put me at ease for the rest of the appointment. Dr. MacDonald spent a great deal of time explaining the various treatments that Prime Hair Clinic has to choose from. He then offered up a recommendation that was specific to my hair care needs. I left the office after my initial consultation feeling very positive about the experience, very informed about my treatment options and I look forward to a working relationship with the folks at Prime Hair Clinic going forward. "

 Eddie - 02/07/2024

" I was very impressed how professional the staff. They weee friendly, courteous and made me feel relax throughout the surgery. Thank you very much!!!!! I will recommend your service for sure! "

 Jeff - 01/24/2024

" The quality and quantity of information provided was exceptional and greatly appreciated. The doctors and staff made me feel welcome and took the time and energy to answer all of my questions thoroughly and thoughtfully. I am reviewing the options now and regardless which option I choose, will make sure to proceed with the eventual treatment through Prime Hair Clinic. "

 David - 01/24/2024

" Dr MacDonald remembered my previous visit and we reviewed the info and answered all my questions. Very easy to talk to and highly knowledgable. Connie at the front was very cooperative and pleasant. What great staff you have. All together was a very enjoyable experience. "

 Keith - 01/16/2024

" Great meeting with Dr. Macdonald. Was a nice surprise to see Dr. Gillespie as well. "

 Nischay - 01/16/2024

" Dr MacDonald is a very cool person and very friendly as well. Had a great experience overall. "

 Rick - 01/11/2024

" Prime Hair Clinic is top notch, very professional and friendly. They are extremely knowledgeable and do not pressure you whatsoever. I would highly recommend them. "

 Nathalie - 01/11/2024

" Thank you for everything! "

 Rajesh - 12/20/2023

" The team was very helpful and patient.vthey considered every details. "

 Jeff - 12/15/2023

" Very informative consult answered all my questions "

 David - 12/15/2023

" Dr. MacDonald was extremely friendly & professional & he provided information regarding the various options available in a very straightforward manner. His demeanor made me feel confident & at ease when discussing such a personal issue. "

 Nicholas - 12/14/2023

" Very professional, on time. "

 Daryl - 12/14/2023

" It was very well organized and each person I spoke to was very knowledgeable, they provided many options for my condition and explained each one in detail. "

 Allan - 12/13/2023

" Very professional operation and excellent cleanliness. "

 Mike - 12/07/2023

" My experience with Prime Hair Clinic was beyond exceptional! Dr. MacDonald was very thorough in his explanation of the various options. He addressed all of my concerns and answered all of my questions. I am very excited to start the prescribed treatment! "

 Catherine - 12/05/2023

" Surgery and care have been fabulous so far! "

 Fuad - 11/29/2023

" I was explained root cause of hair thinning and potential solutions. Photo was taken as well as a frame of reference to compare against in 6 months to see efficacy of initial treatment. I was happy with the support and consultation I received. "

 Harvey - 11/29/2023

" Dr Macdonald and all his staff were extremely professional, supportive, positive , and attended to your every need . Something to be said about a private clinic the patient is number one . They worked long hours and never showed signs of Fatigue, very positive conversations always in the surgical room . Provided me with regular updates on the progress and explained everything to me in a clear manner , I really liked how the first nurse in the morning sat me down and went over the whole days activities and what to expect and answered all my questions , no matter a big or small question. Also liked the end of day talking about post op and meds and sent me home with a detailed package to follow at home while recovering. If there was only a 5 star rating I’d give them 10 stars because they are that good . Thank you Prime Hair Clinic for creating the new me going forward. "

 Darren - 11/24/2023

" Very knowledgeable and to the point. Very upfront with costs "

 Barry - 11/22/2023

" A well oiled machine. A long day, but every one was professional, friendly, and accommodating. Would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Macdonald and his team to anyone with hair concerns. "

 Tim - 11/21/2023

" I appreciated the time that was taken to explain the treatment options, and ranges of costs for the various treatments. It was very informative, and I didn't get the feeling like I was pressured into making a decision. I left feeling comfortable and informed about the whole process. "

 Holly - 11/09/2023

" Very good at listening to my concerns. "

 Jonathan - 11/08/2023

" Very personable, friendly, and answered all my questions. "

 Gurdin - 11/07/2023

" You guys are amazing. Thank you! "

 Francisco - 10/25/2023

" The staff is super friendly and helpful. I felt comfortable form the moment I arrived. Doctor MacDonald was excellent, really interested in helping me, open to all my questions and explained in detail all my options. While talking to him it was clear he was not trying to sell me the most expensive treatment but the best treatment for me. He explained the science behind each treatment and their rate of success. It gave me full confidence. I highly recommend him and his team. "

 Nick - 10/25/2023

" Staff were professional and high quality "

 Darcy - 10/19/2023

" When I went to Prime Hair Clinic and met with Dr. MacDonald I knew I was in good hands and had complete trust in him to do my hair transplant. Having trust in my surgeon gave me the comfort and relieved my anxiety for my upcoming surgery. I knew going to Prime Hair Clinic I was going to get the best quality transplant from a high quality clinic. Every worker there is skilled, knows what they’re doing and do a great job. There focus is making sure that you feel comfortable and relaxed during your surgery. Everyone who works at Prime Hair Clinic is knowledgable and make sure to answer all of your questions and concerns. I’m very pleased with my decision in going to Primary Hair Clinic to have my hair transplant surgery. I’m looking forward to seeing the results and having hair again. Thank you to all of you to work at the clinic. For anyone considering a hair transplant talk with Dr. MacDonald and his staff and you will see for yourself and will be happy with your decision. "

 Shane - 10/04/2023

" Everything from start to finish was very professional. Entire staff was excellent and made the whole experience a worth while investment into my future hair growth. This is my second procedure and both were exceptional. a well oiled machine. Shane "

 Theo - 10/03/2023

" Great explanation, kind and had plenty of time for questions or concerns "

 Casey - 10/03/2023

" I was afraid when I went in that my condition would be used against me to promote fear to create an environment to sell some services. I had the totally opposite experience. A great doctor (one of the best I have dealt with) that really explained things and answer questions. I was pleasantly surprised and the great service and friendliness of the staff. "

 Trevor - 09/29/2023

" Dr. Joe and his medical hair Team is the best in the business. Very Professional each and every employee!! Highly recommend!! "

 Darcy - 09/29/2023

" Very thorough assessment and provided multiple options with out trying to sell me on the most expensive one. Highly recommend! "

 Sharon - 09/27/2023

" My first visit was very pleasant. I was seen on time and Dr. MacDonald was very friendly and helpful with the options and recommendations for my androgenetic alopecia condition. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others with hair loss issues. "

 Geoff - 09/22/2023

" What a Awesome experience! These people know how to treat their clients! From the moment I walked into the Prime office, they helped thru this confusing journey of hair restoration. They made very simple and clear. Dr Macdonald and his staff are top notch people. I would recommend Prime to anyone experiencing hair loss. This is the place to go forsure! 5 ⭐️ "

 Yvonne - 09/20/2023

" Wonderful staff! They made me so comfortable and care for’ A+ service "

 Angela - 09/17/2023

" Wilson was very professional and approachable. I thought I was going to experience more pain but barely felt a tingle . "

 Thomas - 09/15/2023

" All of the staff were so friendly and it made the experience so much better for it. Thank you to every single one of them. "

 Dallas - 09/13/2023

" The staff at the front desk was very welcoming. Dr Macdonald was very professional and provided me all the information I needed to make an informed decision. "

 Karan - 09/12/2023

" Very good team. Environment is top class "

 Catherine - 09/12/2023

" Took time to explain things and made sure I understood what was being discussed "

 Darcy - 09/08/2023

" Dr. Macdonald is a great hair restoration physician. He’s not out for your money. If you ever have any questions, he will respond to you in a timely fashion and answer all questions. He’s very honest and puts you at ease if you have any worries about hair surgery, different kinds of hair regrowth therapies or medication’s. I trust him with hair my hair transplant surgery. Trusting your physician is one of the most important things. I know he will do an excellent job and I can tell he takes pride in his work, which is also very important. When I talked to him about hair transplant surgery he made me feel comfortable, relaxed and eased my anxiety. Thanks again Dr. Macdonald. "

 David - 09/08/2023

" all staff were very kind and professional. Procedure went flawlessly. ( i was even able to choose the music being played during - hope every one liked it -ha ha ). Highly recommended!! "

 Jesse - 09/08/2023

" I am terrible with names, but the lady I had my consultation with was incredible. Extremely knowledgeable, professional, communication was excellent as well as the overall experience. Connie was a gem also. I reached out with concerns of me being out of the country for a potential professional hockey season and prime hair clinic expedited the process to accommodate me. Will be highly recommending to anyone I come across with similar concerns, and I’m excited to see my journey progress over the next 6 months and couple of years. Thank you! "

 Joffre - 09/07/2023

" Very professional and informative "

 Cameron - 08/18/2023

" The staff was very friendly and the doctor was very helpful and informative "

 Dave - 08/17/2023

" A quick, informative followup visit. Keep up the good work. "

 Dave - 08/15/2023

" No pressure all questions answered,,,, thanks "

 Sonny - 08/14/2023

" Wilson is an excellent hair tech. He is always kind and courteous and it's literally a pleasure to see him every time I visit the clinic. He makes me feel more than welcome and always provides sound and professional advice. He should get a raise! "

 Ricardo - 08/04/2023

" Amazing service, extremely professional and the the staff We’re all superb. The environment and beard procedure were top notch . "

 Hoi Tao - 08/02/2023

" Great service! "

 Tiffany - 07/12/2023

" Great place. Very informative and helpful "

 David - 07/12/2023

" Friendly and helpful staff. Process of explaining the procedure, outcomes, options was carried out very well by Dr. "

 Gurdin - 07/11/2023

" Very great service and appointment. I learned a lot and they were very helpful in providing a solution. "

 Jon - 07/07/2023

" Very impressed with consultation. "

 Scott - 07/06/2023

" Direct and incredibly informative. Minimal wait time and friendly staff. "

 Tallan - 07/06/2023

" Was very happy with my experence! "

 Barry - 07/05/2023

" Dr. Mac Donald was friendly, knowledgeable, explained everything, and answered all my questions. "

 Noushin - 07/05/2023

" I met Dr. Joseph Macdonald. He was able to answer all my questions in a way that would make sense. I found him professional, knowledgeable and honest. Overall, it was a great experience! "

 Kenneth - 06/28/2023

" Joseph is a great physician. Very happy to have consulted with Prime. The administrative assistant deserves praise as well, very nice and personable. "

 Hassan - 06/07/2023

" Best doctor in calgary or possibly in Canada 🇨🇦. Thank you Dr. MacDonald "

 Jayms - 06/06/2023

" Always great seeing Wilson for SMP - appreciate his knowledge on hair restoration. "

 Stephanie - 05/26/2023

" Wilson is very professional and proficient at what he does. My overall experience with the scalp micro pigmentation has been beyond satisfactory. He always thoroughly explains what he is doing and why so I am aware, comfortable and know exactly what's happening in my appointments. He is constantly in a great mood, smiling and gentle as well, which makes patients feel way more at ease during a procedure. He is top notch! "

 Daniel - 05/26/2023

" Great experience, and most of all excellent results "

 Kara - 05/19/2023

" Everyone is very welcoming & friendly. "

 Bob - 05/19/2023

" Dr. MacDonald answered all my questions and gave me additional information to help my son. Much appreciated. "

 Jeff - 05/12/2023

" Great experience and all the staff are amazing!! Looking forward to coming back. "

 Todd - 05/05/2023

" Very professional. He helped me with my questions and provided direction towards realistic goals. Well done! "

 Prabhakar - 05/05/2023

" Excellent "

 Jonathan - 05/03/2023

" Very informative consultation. I appreciated that all options were discussed with no pressure for any single option to be pursued. "

 Faris - 05/03/2023

" Had a fantastic visit with Dr. MacDonald. Staff were very professional and helpful too. Felt very comfortable and at ease and will definitely be back. "

 Patrick - 04/28/2023

" Dr. MacDonald was very knowledgeable, friendly and willing to spend the time to address all my questions. Very happy with the consultation! "

 Matthew - 04/19/2023

" Very fast, efficient, and offered me solutions based on my concerns and needs. Didn’t push for expensive treatments, and gave solid advice and counsel. "

 Shawn - 04/19/2023

" Was greated friendly and immediately. Doctor was very good. Took his time and helped explain the options. Will definitely recommend Prime Hair. "

 Rob - 04/12/2023

" As good as it could have been. The staff made my procedure comfortable as possible. "

 Nyamiti - 03/31/2023

" The doctor was super friendly, good listener "

 Shanda - 03/31/2023

" The team was super nice and fun which made me feel good and relaxed as I was super nervous. I really like Dr. MacDonald. He a perfectionist, and really easy to talk to you. I spent quite a bit of time trying to get the right shape for my eyebrows, and everybody was very patient with me. "

 Trevor - 03/30/2023

" I’m a healthcare professional myself - Dr MacDonald did and excellent job of explaining all phases of treatment and expectations etc. I was thoroughly impressed with his professionalism "

 Samuel - 03/23/2023

" Super fast and efficient "

 Kimberly - 03/23/2023

" Great experience with this clinic and doctor! "

 Mario - 02/26/2023

" I took me 3 months to see Doctor MacDonald for the appointment system and this was for free so pretty good, the appointment when good ,doctor MacDonald listen my concern and give me a treatment according to my condition ,now i have to wait to see the results and then see him again after the treatment is finished ,although I feel like we rush a little bit in time because the appointment basically last 20 mints it was good. "

 Di - 02/25/2023

" Very professional, and very knowledgeable on my smp consultation. "

 Dianne - 02/24/2023

" Knowledgable and very clear with the process of hair growth. "

 Jason - 02/24/2023

" Extremely welcoming staff and a comfortable atmosphere. I was nervous and not sure what to expect but everything was great. I was offered drinks, snacks and even got to order a club sandwich for lunch. The care during the surgery was exceptional and I received a follow up call the day after to go over any concerns I may have had. Pain was minimal and I didn’t even need pain killers after the first sleep. "

 Kevin - 02/22/2023

" Dr. Macdonald was very thorough and took the time to explain everything to me, and was very helpful and able to answer all of my questions. I appreciated his honesty with all aspects of the procedure, which is something I had not seen from my consultation with another hair transplant specialist. "

 Satish - 02/22/2023

" Very knowledgeable, kind, patient and truthful doctor. "

 Justin - 02/07/2023

" Fantastic team! Really enjoyed the day and thrilled with the initial result. Can’t wait for my new hairline to grow in! Thank you! "

 Perry - 02/03/2023

" Joe and all the staff were all very knowledgeable and thorough in their explanations of the process. They made me feel very comfortable through the entire procedure. "

 Kevin - 02/01/2023

" The whole team is so lovely! They all are so positive and such a joy to be around during the entire procedure. "

 Kurtis - 01/24/2023

" Everyone was very friendly and professional highly recommended "

 Dale - 01/06/2023

" It was My second time at prime hair, and another great service. "

 James - 12/23/2022

" Great team. Friendly and an overall enjoyable team experience. "

 Smita - 12/22/2022

" Everyone was friendly and helpful. All my questions were answered "

 Lyndon - 12/14/2022

" Felt very heard! Had a lot of questions and the doctor had amazing researched help and advice. Really grateful. "

 Robert - 12/03/2022

" It was a long day but the staff made it manageable and easy. They explained the whole process and kept me up to date as the day went on. Basically I just laid back and watched Spider-Man movies all day and discussed with the staff who the best Spider-Man was while they did their work. They also gave very thorough after care instructions and I'm excited to see the results soon! "

 Chris - 11/29/2022

" I felt the staff were sincere in guiding me through all the info and willing to get invested in my successful result. "

 Juan - 11/29/2022

" Very positive experience, caring and professional staff "

 Austin - 11/25/2022

" Quick and easy, only issue was trying to make an initial booking but we managed to work around it. Find it also fantastic that alberta health covers the consultation! "

 Rameen - 11/23/2022

" Everyone was very polite and respectful I enjoyed my experience "

 Shaun - 11/18/2022

" As always, a very positive experience with no pressuring, very informative and open talk. "

 Todd - 11/18/2022

" It is great that they do not “push” unnecessary treatments "

 Ron - 11/17/2022

" I went for a consultation and I got all of the information that I needed. "

 Janis - 11/17/2022

" Very knowledgeable, courteous and professional staff. Excellent doctor-patient bedside manner. Excellent care. Excellent experience. "

 Shane - 11/15/2022

" The days leading up to it I was extremely nervous and scared of the thought of the whole process but from the moment I arrived Kathryn definitely made me relax and feel comfortable. Then meeting with Dr. McDonald and him explaining everything thoroughly it was smooth sailing from there. I really enjoyed my experience and all the friendly compassionate staff it was a great experience. Would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in going through with the FUE procedure. Thank you very much Only negative thing was accommodations at The Comfort Inn the night before as I was an out of town guest. Was Very run down "

 Mark - 11/11/2022

" Professional excellence at its finest! The team works like a well-oiled machine and no wonder; the core staff have been there going on 20 years now! They are polite, helpful, friendly; disarming any concerns that I had. Dr. Joseph has truly empowered the team to work to their fullest potential and good for him because without the rest of the team being empowered to pitch in, it could not have possibly gone as smoothly nor as quickly as it did. Everyone there knew exactly what to do and when to do it; the communication of the team was exceptional! I was enjoying the discussion like an afternoon coffee with friends! Sort of sad when the day ended - lol. Besides the comfort, the product at the end so far, looks great. I'll have to wait a bit to see how it grows in of course. "

 Amrender - 07/29/2022

" Very insightful "

 Sowande - 07/26/2022

" The doctor was very clear and precise and gave me some vital information that I believe will help me in my journey. Other than the volume being a bit low, the overall experience was very good. "

 Daniel - 07/20/2022

" Great service and well organized. Very professional and great results.. "

 Todd - 07/01/2022

" Very helpful ,friendly , and professional team. thank you "

 Kevin - 06/29/2022

" I was very satisfied with Prime hair clinic, the team was just excellent through the whole procedure, the follow up visits were so welcoming and informative. Thank you all for looking after me so well , and of course restoring my hair back to when I was a wee bit younger. I highly recommend Prime Hair clinic ! "

 Kevin - 06/29/2022

" I was very satisfied with Prime hair clinic, the team was just excellent through the whole procedure, the follow up visits were so welcoming and informative. Thank you all for looking after me so well , and of course restoring my hair back to when I was a wee bit younger. I highly recommend Prime Hair clinic ! "

 Ryan - 06/21/2022

" Staff was very friendly and insightful. Doctor took the time to explain everything i asked in detail making sure i understood all the options available fully. "

 Saba - 06/19/2022

" As a pharmacist, I tend to pay attention not only to the knowledge of the doctor but also their bedside manner and how important my needs are for them. I would rate my experience with Dr MacDonald, his receptionist and overall experience in the practice based on their knowledge, efficiency and bedside manner a 5/5. Highly recommend to anyone else. "

 Adam - 06/14/2022

" Explained everything clearly "

 Bryce - 06/08/2022

" Very professional slabs knowledgeable staff. I am extremely happy with my visit to Prime Hair Clinic. "

 Maria - 06/07/2022

" Thank you. Your staff was professional and took the time to talk about my concerns. I appreciated their help. "

 Cassandra - 06/07/2022

" Dr MacDonald normalized my hair loss- that was such a relief for me! I am hopeful that I will maybe grow some hair, and keep the hair I have! "

 Tracy - 06/01/2022

" Found the staff to be friendly and answered all my questions, created a relaxing environment through the procedure and gave me all the breaks I needed. They explained everything thoroughly before and throughout the procedure, ensured I knew the aftercare and encouraged me to contact them with anything that might come up. I left feeling very prepared for what to expect over the days to come. "

 Tim - 05/31/2022

" Went perfectly as planned. Friendly staff. "

 Christina - 05/31/2022

" The receptionists were very friendly and welcoming. The doctor was fantastic. I felt like he wanted to find the best solution for my problem and gave me a lot of choices to choose from. Some of them were pretty inexpensive too which was nice, I definitely didn't feel like he was trying to upsell me on anything. "

 Todd - 05/27/2022

" Great friendly service "

 Bob - 05/13/2022

" the appointment was yesterday and the experience was great. The whole system was very smooth, you can tell there is a focus on making the experience smooth and seamless. I’m impressed by the care that went into the process and excited to see the results in the months to come. Bob "

 Jiehan - 05/12/2022

" I loved how everyone at this clinic was so comforting and caring throughout my surgery. The reassuring words eased my stress. In addition, I was contacted by the clinic to follow up on my previous surgery results. The clinic takes customer experience seriously and I had a nice experience with the surgery. "

 Brad - 05/10/2022

" all the staff is so welcoming and friendly. everyone seems very well experienced and trained. "

 Raymond - 05/06/2022

" Very positive experience. Well-trained staff. Courteous and professional. Excellent pre/post-procedure care. - RS "

 Shane - 05/06/2022

" As always my visit was excellent. Staff were patient and friendly and were able to answer all my questions in detail. "

 Matthew - 05/04/2022

" Dr. McDonald had great insights into my case and went over every option thoroughly. I was very pleased with our consultation. "

 Daniele - 04/27/2022

" Excellent experience. No delays. Friendly reception. "

 Mark - 04/21/2022

" Very welcoming staff and doctor. Doctor took time to explain everything in an open and honest way with no bias towards any of the options. The solution we landed on made sense for my circumstance. He didn't over-promise or over-sell. Really a great session! "

 Brent - 04/21/2022

" Dr.McDonald was incredibly patient and considerate in conversation during my consult; he gave a thorough examinations and explained all the options in detail. Leaving the clinic, I felt confident and most comfortable after leaving the clinic that this is where I would want to get my transplant done. "

 Theresa - 04/20/2022

" Great staff. "

 Helen - 04/20/2022

" They were ready for me when I arrived even though I was a few minutes early. They are friendly and the doctor that did my biopsy was amazing. I experience anxiety around these types of appointments and went above and beyond to help me get and stay calm. "

 Craig - 04/20/2022

" Professional, organized and very thorough. Many thanks! "

 Osazee - 04/13/2022

" Welcoming staff! Intelligent doctor with compassion and patience to explain care options. It was free consultation!!! "

 Shane - 04/13/2022

" Entire Prime staff was excellent throughout whole procedure. "

 Gertrude - 04/08/2022

" Technicians were efficient, friendly & knowledgeable! "

 Philip - 04/08/2022

" Great service "

 Michael - 04/01/2022

" Excellent group of people. Thank you!!! "

 Jun Jie - 03/30/2022

" Fantastic experience for my FUT hair transplant. I felt like I was treated by utmost care by Dr MacDonald and his team. I was also made as comfortable as possible throughout the whole day. I can only wait in eagerness for my hair transplant results over the new few months. I would like to extend my gratitude once again to Dr MacDonald and all staff members involved in my FUT surgery! Highly recommended! "

 David - 03/30/2022

" At my appointments all the people at Prime Hair Clinic have been pleasant and professional. I'm very impressed with Dr. MacDonald. The results from a procedure I had done still look terrific. He patiently takes the time to listen to and answer all the questions and concerns I have. I genuinely feel that he cares and truly wants his patients to be completely satisfied. I've always left feeling that I'm in good hands with a friendly and competent staff and a doctor with integrity. If you are needing a hair clinic then I would strongly recommend you visit Prime Hair Clinic. "

 Henrik - 03/16/2022

" Thank you very much for the great service and team work. I am very happy with the result and can't wait to see the hair grow. Well done, keep up the great work. 👍 "

 Amanda - 03/15/2022

" My initial appointment was extremely informative. All options were adequately described, and there was no pressure to go forward with any particular treatment. My questions were answered clearly. The staff were all very kind and helpful. It was an appointment I was nervous for, and everyone put me at ease and made me feel significantly more comfortable. I’m hopeful the next steps are helpful and improve my hair. "

 Robert - 03/11/2022

" Dr. Macdonald is a very knowledgeable and honest Surgeon who is willing to take the time to clearly explain all procedures or questions you have. He is passionate about his work which makes the consultation enjoyable. There are so many worldwide options today that he is aware of and although does not try to convince you not to go to foreign countries he explains the risks which made Lots of sense. No pressure sales at all. The reputation of Prime Hair exceeds intself. My consultation was enjoyable and pleasant. "

 Karissa - 03/09/2022

" Had a wonderful experience. Dr. McDonald was so knowledgeable and kind. Couldn’t have asked for a better appointment. "

 Scott - 03/09/2022

" Informative without any sale pressure. A very positive experience. Looking forward to reviewing the 'discussion and recommendations' overview email once available! "

 Miguel - 03/09/2022

" Dr. McDonald responded all my questions and explained very well the treatment options "

 Margaret - 03/08/2022

" Worked with Dr Duce, he is extremely gentle and pleasant. And has good people skills. "

 Navrinder - 03/08/2022

" Very helpful and very caring 😊 "

 Deborah - 03/08/2022

" Saw Dr. Duce for first time, was very caring and quite pleasant to deal with. All the staff there are quite pleasant. "

 Marc - 03/04/2022

" I was very impressed with the level of care I received. Staff was very friendly and professional. I would highly recommend their services. "

 Brittany - 02/26/2022

" Very friendly, to the point and didn’t try to force or sell me on anything! Would definitely recommend! "

 Jeff - 02/25/2022

" On time, everyone working there is very pleasant, clear communication. 2 thumbs up. "

 Inderpreet - 02/25/2022

" Best Doctor I have ever met. Polite, knowledgeable and doesn’t force you to buy anything. Definitely going back. "

 Jeff - 02/23/2022

" I felt very well taken care of. Thank you. "

 Jun Jie - 02/17/2022

" Great experience on first consultation. Dr MacDonald took his time to explain the options for me with no intentions of upselling. Felt confident that the upcoming FUT surgery will be a big success! Overall good experience from start to finish! "

 Tess - 02/15/2022

" Dr MacDonald was extremely knowledgeable and informative. He let me know that perhaps the treatment plan I went in looking for wasn’t the best option for me. I appreciate his honesty as his alternative plan was much cheaper for me. I believe that shows his integrity right there. "

 Shane - 02/14/2022

" Staff went above and beyond what I expected. They exceeded my expectations. "

 Arshad - 02/11/2022

" The doctor Mac doland is the best doctor ever. ! He was explained me everything about my best ! I am so glad to meet him . And I am very satisfied about his consultation !! "

 Marc - 02/05/2022

" Joe is exceptional. Very knowledgeable and takes a keen interest in reviewing and explaining all the options. "

 Margaret - 02/05/2022

" Everyone was friendly and helpful, and the doctor was Very informative and gentle. I would definitely recommend them. "

 Gurdeep - 01/19/2022

" Very accommodating and comforting experience. "

 Mariana - 01/14/2022

" Very impressed with detailed consultation, highly recommend for patients that have hair loss concerns. "

 Ana - 01/14/2022

" My consultation was exceptional. Dr. MacDonald is very knowledgeable in hair loss. Dr. MacDonald gave me a treatment plan in where to start. I feel so much better after talking with him. Dr "

 Calvin - 01/10/2022

" Answered all qusetions I had in a clear and concise way, valuable information utilized for personal research into topics discussed. "

 Dave - 01/07/2022

" Very professional and courteous from start to finish! Well done all much appreciated. Thanks to Joe and entire team. "

 Brad - 01/07/2022

" Everyone was friendly and informative. Highly recommend. "

 Darren - 01/05/2022

" The staff made me feel comfortable throughout the day. I really appreciated the continuous communication between Dr. MacDonald, his staff and myself when necessary. Especially enjoyed being able to take part in the design of my front hairline. "

 Carla - 12/23/2021

" Dr MacDonald was great. Went through all my options and even noticed something I was unaware of and wanted to look into further. He answered all of my questions. I felt very comfortable during my appointment and would recommend the clinic to others. "

 Jessica - 12/17/2021

" Nice office. Friendly staff. Helpful and informative meeting with doctor. "

 Calvin - 12/17/2021

" Meeting was informative and on time. My doctor was friendly and clearly communicated his process and expected outcomes. Answered all of my questions, and took time to explain many details. "

 Corey - 12/16/2021

" It was a very good experience, very informative, helpful, and no pressure. "

 Ken - 12/10/2021

" Thank you Kathryn, Marcie, Sam et al, from the moment I walked in to the time I left I felt that I was in the care of a professional courteous and conscientious staff. Dr. Joe, I wish you much continued success and I certainly feel that with your excellent team those dreams will come to fruition! Thanks kindly and all the best to all of you through the Christmas Season! Ken Yohnke "

 Dallin - 12/08/2021

" Very kind and professional, seeking to find the best solution for the patient. "

 Gurdeep - 12/04/2021

" I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I was booked in for a PRP treatment. We began with injecting the anesthesia, but after two injects, I felt uncomfortable and became anxious. The staff was wonderful at taking a much needed break, allowing me time to get my fiancé to drop in. We asked what other options we had and pursued an alternative procedure. The entire ordeal lasted about 2.5 hrs. I didn’t feel any pressure from the staff or the doctor himself to rush through the procedure. They were well equipped to accommodate any delays. I took an hour to ask all the relevant questions I could think of and explore other options before making a decision to follow an alternative procedure. I would recommend anyone who is looking to get the PRP treatment to definitely go through the Prime Hair Clinic, simply due to how exceptionally understanding and accommodating they are as they cater services best to their ability to meet your needs. Thank you Prime Hair Clinic. "

 Derek - 12/03/2021

" I recently had SMP performed by Amy. I was blown away my the results! My crown was thinning, and thanks to Amy, even my barber couldn't believe it! Amy is a every capacity. I was skeptical at first, but she put me at ease and answered all of my questions. During the actual procedure, she frequently made sure I was comfortable and felt no discomfort. Overall I'd rate Amy and Prime a 12 out of 10. The good doc is phenomenal as well....of course the entire reception staff are amazing too :) Derek "

 Kevin - 12/01/2021

" I was very impressed by the professionalism here at prime hair, the staff really went above and beyond to make my hair transplant a very comfortable experience! I highly recommend prime hair to any one looking to have your appearance back to when you were 30 again I highly recommend them to any one! Thanks so much to all ya at prime hair. Ps. The lunch was amazing, as well as the late afternoon snack! "

 Divij - 11/26/2021

" The Best Hair Clinic in Town. Dr. Joseph is very humble and informative. The whole team is super nice !! "

 Timothy - 11/26/2021

" Awesome overall very professional. Very accommodating staff and Dr. Macdonald is very patient in explaining all the treatment options. "

 Michael - 11/25/2021

" Prime Hair Clinic’s high rating is no lie, it was an absolutely fabulous experience. Right from the beginning to the very end, I felt right at ease. The employees are wonderful too, they’re tight knit like a family and you can tell they love what they do. Great job Prime, keep up the incredible work! Michael "

 Rob - 11/20/2021

" A really good experience from start to finish. The staff are great and make you feel comfortable all the way through. "

 Ryan - 11/19/2021

" Very professional. Quick and friendly. I would recommend. "

 Ryan - 11/19/2021

" felt very professional and walked me through the full procedure, answering the majority of my questions before I even asked them. "

 Linda - 11/18/2021

" Exemplary expertise, service, and long-term commitment to the success of the transplants. Thank you! Linda "

 Devin - 11/12/2021

" Dr. MacDonald and the team were welcoming, professional and a pleasure to spend the day with. "

 Nick - 11/10/2021

" Prime Hair was professional, thorough, and welcoming. "

 Ansar - 11/10/2021

" I had my consultation with Dr. Joseph Macdonald, and it went extremely satisfying. Dr. Joseph took his time and fully explained all different options available with pros and cons. He never tried to upsell anything to me but he was completely honest in his professional recommendations. He not only explains everything in full detail but he is also an exceptional listener. By far, one of the best doctor's consultations I have ever experienced. My visit was exceptional on all fronts. Thank you. "

 Ron - 11/10/2021

" Experience at Prime Hair Clinic was very enjoyable. Staff is accommodating, professional and friendly. Dr. MacDonald is extremely easy to talk to, answering all my questions and concerns. Hair transplant procedure, although did take most of the day, was actually quite relaxing and comfortable with no pain. Attributed to both staff and Doctor.Thank you "

 Wilfredo - 11/05/2021

" Very professional and awsome staff .Helped me out alot and made me feel comfortable. "

 Ramandeep - 11/05/2021

" Doc was super nice and he gives best advice "

 Philip - 11/05/2021

" Felt at home. Excellent staff helped me feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire procedure. Good food good service tidy environment. All around great experience around friendly people. Will recommend for anyone "

 Jesse - 10/29/2021

" Extemely friendly, professional and accommodating staff. I actually quite enjoyed my 12 hour hair party. Looking forward to seeing the results in the upcoming months. "

 Dylan - 10/27/2021

" 10/10 experience. Thanks for making me feel like a friend and not just another customer. I appreciate that a lot. "

 Levi - 10/27/2021

" Doctor was very kind and helpful with good suggestions. "

 Paul - 10/06/2021

" Dr MacDonald and his team were very professional. They made me feel very comfortable before and during the surgery. Top notch service. Im excited to see the result in a few months from now. "

 Othman - 10/02/2021

" Very professional. Dr. Macdonald and staff make you feel comfortable with procedures and walk you through everything. "

 Ian - 10/01/2021

" Me and my wife were very impressed by our visit! There were many options laid out for us which was excellent! "

 James - 10/01/2021

" Professional staff who consistently catered to my needs over a long day. This made what I thought would be an uncomfortable experience into a positive inclusive one. Thank you to all! "

 Ryan - 09/30/2021

" The doctor was about half an hour late to the appointment (because he was working with others), but he was a super-nice guy and very helpful to me. A very positive experience. I would recommend this hair clinic. "

 James - 09/29/2021

" Great experience. Pleasant team. Would do it again. "

 Eric - 09/24/2021

" My consultation with Dr.Mcdonald was very informative, he is very knowledgeable, honest and friendly. He's very patient and took the time to explain the procedure and all the technical details involved with surgery along with the various options I can take. Highly recommended. "

 Thomas - 09/24/2021

" Primehair have a great team. They are very professional, but friendly at the same time. I would recommend their services to anyone needing them. "

 Nicholas - 09/22/2021

" Very friendly and accommodating staff. Every single one of them. Made it for a very relaxed environment. Great experience overall. "

 Kenneth - 09/10/2021

" Very informative, I will consider Prime in the future for sure. "

 Paulos - 09/10/2021

" I could not be more pleased with my experience at Prime Hair Clinic. From the moment I met Dr. MacDonald for consultation I knew I could trust his expertise and the process. There is no up selling, he is a straight shooter in telling you what is a realistic possible outcome and considers your long term needs and positive result ( in preserving a healthy donor & conservative lasting hairline ). He takes his time explaining everything and also took his time with the procedure to ensure that everything was precise. I also have to extend my appreciation to the technicians and support staff professionalism and diligence. I highly recommend this clinic. I had a wonderful experience and I am thankful to the whole team! "

 Kenneth - 09/02/2021

" Thank you for the prompt services for my appointment, very clear direction and results as well as follow up instructions, thank you again "

 Janice - 08/27/2021

" I appreciate that options were provided and that the Dr was transparent regarding the options that were appropriate for me. He was able to answer all my questions. I would appreciate a written summary of the options and products recommended. "

 Philis - 08/27/2021

" ALL the people I came in contact with were very approachable helpful and kind. Everyone was very nice to me. It was a very positive experience. "

 Amber - 08/11/2021

" Very supportive and professional. "

 Carly - 07/23/2021

" I felt very comfortable talking to everyone one of your staff. Very friendly and knowledgeable. I left feeling very hopefully that I will be able to get help with my hair loss journey! "

 Kelly - 07/20/2021

" Staff is very courteous and efficient. "

 Colin - 07/19/2021

" The doctor was awesome, very friendly and easy to talk to. I’m still thinking should going for the procedure but I’m sure i will in the future. "

 Si - 07/14/2021

" Had a really good consolation, didn’t feel like I was being rushed, and was a great learning opportunity to figure what I want to do with my hair, as well as explore no surgical options for the time being. "

 Brian - 07/14/2021

" Fantastic team Excellent care.Great Atmosphere Very Professional from the moment you walk in the door tell the time you leave "

 David - 07/09/2021

" Dr Joseph and his team are always a great group Of professionals to deal with. They take the time to listen and explain things. I always feel confident that i will get the best results because you know they are invested in your success Of their excellent work. Thanks for everything! "

 Leiro - 06/25/2021

" The staff is very professional and friendly. The clinic goes above and beyond to make sure the experience is pleasant and that you feel comfortable during the surgery. They provide everything you need and the immediate results are really good. I'd certainly recommend Prime Hair Clinic to anyone looking for a hair restoration treatment. "

 Andrew - 06/19/2021

" Very thorough and prompt "

 Bernadette - 06/15/2021

" Dr. Gillespie is just an incredibly lovely man! I so appreciated meeting him & having him treat me with the steroid injections today. My comfort was his priority! . Deanna the Assistant was wonderful as well! Such a great team at Prime :) "

 Daniel - 06/11/2021

" Friendly, skilled staff, well organized. Dr. MacDonald answered all questions and was forthcoming and helpful with the process. Great all around. "

 Tiffany - 06/11/2021

" Dr. MacDonald was very patient with answering my questions and making me feel comfortable. One of my pet peeves is professionals rushing through appointments and making me feel like I'm just another #. "

 Nick - 06/09/2021

" Very professional, friendly, and thorough "

 Amber - 06/08/2021

" Very helpful, sensitive and understanding. "

 Dave - 06/04/2021

" Great team and an incredible experience. "

 Andrew - 06/02/2021

" Had an excellent free consultation for hair restoration info. Getting an appointment took a while, like 3 months out but overall the experience, Dr. MacDonald, and his team was great. They were very welcoming and genuine. I immediately felt like I was in good hands when I arrived. After an analysis of my hair, we thoroughly went through my options. I was given realistic insights and wasn't offered unrealistic solutions. Dr. MacDonald answered all my questions earnestly and made me feel comfortable expressing my concerns. I didn't walkaway with a hair transplant in the end but did receive the knowledge I needed for a future informed decision. Thank you for your time guys! "

 Donald - 06/02/2021

" First of all , using video saved me a trip to Calgary. All my questions were answered and everything was explained well "

 Nhan - 05/28/2021

" Everyone made the experience a very welcoming one. I appreciate the attention to detail and it is in large part to the entire team that a long day felt like a short one. "

 Kelly - 05/21/2021

" Very informative... "

 Stefan - 05/19/2021

" I really appreciated the thorough explanation of all the options available for hair restoration at the clinic. "

 Brad - 05/19/2021

" everyone involved were happy, polite, knowledgeable, and made what could have been a long day, sail by... "

 Wes Fue - 05/15/2021

" The whole experience at the Prime Hair Clinic was fantastic, DR. MacDonald is very knowledgeable, capable, and has pleasant and friendly personality. As son as you enter the door, you will be welcome with friendly, smiling staff. which of them have role and is essential in the process to deliver successful service. The care during the surgery and after is excellent. They really care that your experience there and outcome of your surgery delivers best results. I highly recommend Prime Hair Clinic!! Thank you All for the wonderful service. "

 Grant - 05/13/2021

" I felt welcome from the minute I walked in. Very professional staff. There were still a couple girls working from when I was there 20 years ago. I highly recommend this place to anyone who is thinking of using their services. "

 Carole - 05/12/2021

" Office is extremely clean . reception ladies are wonderful ,doctor was excellent no pain and the nurse was great. I would recommend them any time without question "

 Craig - 05/12/2021

" Good experience with treatment that works. "

 Ross - 05/11/2021

" Friendly, and very safe environment with strict adherence to COVID protocols. Great staff! "

 Deborah - 05/11/2021

" Very professional and friendly office, I highly recommend to anyone in need of their service. "

 Eugene - 05/07/2021

" All good. As always. Top shelf experience on every visit and all 3 successful surgeries. Thx Joe (John) and team !! "

 Kevin - 05/07/2021

" Kind ,friendly , very professional! "

 Amber - 05/04/2021

" I was a bit unsure of the process of the steroid injections, but I asked and was given lots of helpful info. Very kind and gentle during the process also. Thank you. "

 Cecilia - 05/02/2021

" Dr McDonald is always amazing l, he truly cares and will give you his honest opinion. His staff is always attentive and caring as well "

 Paul - 04/30/2021

" The consultation in advance was thoughtful with no pressure. The procedure itself was well managed, catered and seamless, and the team was top notch. "

 Bernadette - 04/28/2021

" Wonderful place! My consult appt was excellent. Dr. MacDonald is so friendly & clearly an expert in the field. He made sure I didn’t have any questions before I left. Connie at the front desk is lovely as well, is very responsive to emails & works hard to get appointments scheduled. So happy to have found them! "

 Jason - 04/28/2021

" Great appointment, friendly and knowledgeable doctor, answered all my questions "

 Sherri - 04/24/2021

" Dr. MacDonald is very understanding and compassionate, which I truly appreciate with lichen planopilaris and being female it is a tough disease to live with. He takes the time to listen and advise as to the options available to try and combat the disease and help me to manage it better. Sherri Ference "

 Philis - 04/23/2021

" Dr. Mac Donald is a very nice kind man. "

 James - 04/23/2021

" The team were great !! They conducted everything in a very professional manner whilst still making me feel relaxed and comfortable through out the whole day with. "

 Stephen - 04/21/2021

" Naturally I was a little nervous about my big day at Prime. However, from the moment I arrived the friendly staff made me feel safe and comfortable. Night 1 after surgery was a bit uncomfortable for sleeping. I’m now in day 1 post surgery and have minimal discomfort with no pain. The very best thing is seeing my new hairline. My expectations have already been exceeded. I should have done this years ago. Thank You Dr. Joe and the whole team at Prime. You are supreme professionals and you deserve your exemplary reputation. "

 Brent - 04/21/2021

" Great as always! "

 Monty - 04/21/2021

" Joe did a great job. "

 Jonathan - 04/01/2021

" Professional and friendly staff. "

 Rey - 03/31/2021

" One of the best service overall.. "

 Venkata - 03/31/2021

" Very informative and Doctor is well aware of the subject and helped me understand my options. Thank you. "

 Jeremy - 03/27/2021

" Initially the video froze, but after a refresh it came back and the appointment went well. Even with the frozen video we could still talk to each other. "

 Carlo - 03/27/2021

" The staff is really cool. Dr McDonald and Kathryn and the rest of the staff ( Ladies ) did a fantastic job. I choose to return after 20 years knowing Prime Hair clinic is the best company out there. Very professional company If I offended any of the staff members on the choice of program on Netflix I do apologize Thank you guys y’all did a Beautiful job. "

 Colleen - 03/26/2021

" A good to visit again. Very safe "

 Thomas - 03/26/2021

" From walking in the door to leaving, Connie and Dr McDonald were excellent to speak wth and made me feel right at home. All questions and concerns answered with the utmost respect and knowledge. Would recommend Prime Hair Clinic to anyone Who needs this service "

 Ryan - 03/25/2021

" Quick and professional service. Would definitely recommend. "

 Sarang - 03/24/2021

" Great doc and staff. 10/10 would recommend "

 Deborah - 03/23/2021

" Very pleasant office and staff. Dr. Gillespie was very kind, thorough and gentle, was a pleasure to deal with him/them. "

 Bobby - 03/19/2021

" Dr was very knowledgeable and so easy to deal with. "

 Trevor - 03/19/2021

" Staff were very funny and pleasure to be around. "

 Alex - 03/17/2021

" Please don’t use my first name, just “anonymous”: The staff at Prime Hair are incredible! I felt totally at ease through the whole procedure as they clearly know their stuff. I would recommend Prime Hair to anyone anytime for their hair needs! Thank you so much! "

 David - 03/16/2021

" Went very well! "

 Harris - 03/12/2021

" The meeting was great "

 Shaun - 03/05/2021

" Despite the necessary discomfort following the procedure itself, the entire team at Prime were extremely accommodating, thoughtful, and professional. I highly recommend anybody considering this procedure to do so with Prime as I can’t imagine a better overall experience. "

 Daniele - 03/05/2021

" Dr.MacDonald was great at imparting the information I needed to understand my medical condition. He seems to be caring and compassionate. "

 Richard - 03/03/2021

" Everyone was super nice and Dr. Macdonald explained the options honestly and fairly. No pressure and super helpful! I look forward to coming back and hope to see some good results :). "

 Nancy - 02/24/2021

" What an amazing team. The entire experience was transparent, professional and caring. Added bonus: a fun and interesting gang to spend the day with. My second treatment here, and would recommend it to anyone. "

 Brenda - 02/24/2021

" Very nice and helpful "

 Richard - 02/10/2021

" Incredible group of people working together at Prime Hair Clinic. I cannot express how great the experience was. I felt as comfortable as if I was in my own home. Zero pain and great conversation as well as music that spread across 4 decades that we all listened to as the Surgical Team did the transplants. You also have the choice of any movie virtually available as they work as well. Dr. MacDonald is an incredible surgeon. He takes the time to answer all questions. My experience was an 11 out of 10! Thank you to all of you! Professional all the way with a mix of fun!! "

 John - 02/09/2021

" A positive experience. The consultation and treatment was professional and thorough Waiting to see how the treatment works out A good first visit "

 Siegfried - 02/05/2021

" Excellent service and after care. "

 William - 02/03/2021

" I was happy to be given a prescription for oral minoxidil; all of my questions were answered to my satisfaction. "

 Chad - 02/03/2021

" Excellent service. Non sales tactic. Felt like my best interests were at thought. "

 David - 02/02/2021

" Top notch! Went better than expected "

 Mark - 01/27/2021

" Amazing staff and team - cannot say enough good things. "

 Devon - 01/23/2021

" I could not be happier with the final outcome. Super comfortable process. Amazing team. Honestly, what Dr. Joe and his team do is simply awesome. My brother and I looked around town first too. Prime was by far the best. I should’ve been here years ago. "

 Mark - 01/22/2021

" The staff makes a long day very pleasant. I wish I could get similar treatment in the public medical system. "

 Richard - 01/22/2021

" Very safe during covid times. Very professional and good communications skills. "

 Andrew - 01/08/2021

" Really a fun day :) "

 Melvin - 01/07/2021

" Dr Macdonald and all staff are very kind and friendly. I really love the way they treat their clients. Thank you ver much guys. "

 David - 01/06/2021

" Cannot say enough about Dr. Joseph and his team at Prime. Very skilled very efficient exceptional quality of patient care and communication. You know right away you are in great hands. I also appreciate the follow-ups and genuine concern for their clients. The day was relaxing light and we even had a few laughs. Even though the procedure can take most of the day the hours flew by... well worth the time...and i am looking forward to great results as i have had before with Prime. "

 Mary-Jo - 12/16/2020

" Very friendly staff, my appointment was on time and enjoyed meeting Dr. MacDonald. "

 Ravi - 12/04/2020

" Dr Macdonald is wonderful to talk to . He was clear all my doubts going forward. Highly recommend this clinic! "

 Ken - 12/02/2020

" Every visit I've had at Prime has been excellent. The staff are all friendly and professional and I'm very happy with my results. "

 Mark - 11/27/2020

" 10/10 would recommend. The team was very well prepared. They operated with mechanical precision like an assembly line. I had full confidence throughout. The good doctor and myself had some healthy back and forth as to the design of the hairline, and the implementation of the design was done with precision. The whole team worked as a cohesive unit. There was no pain. I was very comfortable. They provided everything I needed for the post-operation phase. Assuming my results turn out as envisioned, I would say it was the most perfect operation I've been the subject of. While constructive criticism is the name of the game, I unfortunately don't have any. It was seamlessly well done. "

 Nancy - 10/24/2020

" An engaged, hard-working and congenial team. "

 Dale - 10/21/2020

" Fantastic service,Very friendly and helpful throughout the whole process. Great care during and after. Well priced as well "

 Ryan - 10/21/2020

" Dr Macdonald was very helpful!! 10/10!! "

 Brad - 10/21/2020

" I can't say enough about this clinic. As a surgeon myself, my expectations for service and excellent staffing are extremely high. Prime excels at both and the outcomes are beyond expectation! "

 Grzegor - 10/20/2020

" Amazing! Thank you Dr. Joseph MacDonald, you were a pleasure to have a consult with. Dr.MacDonald wasn’t pushy at all, he let me know of all my options and directed me to what he thought was best. Didn’t try to get me on the most expensive thing, it was a pleasure, thank you once again. See you in 6 months. "

 Ken - 10/14/2020

" I always have a positive experience with the staff. Thank you. "

 Bryan - 10/02/2020

" The staff is super knowledgeable and efficient.. And the job was done exceptionally well. "

 Blair - 10/02/2020

" Great visit with the doctor. Always a positive meeting and his staff are very friendly. "

 Cesar - 09/30/2020

" I had a unsuccessful hair implant surgery with another doctor a few years ago (grafts with multiple hairs/huge scar among other issues). I just had my second surgery at Prime Hair clinic and this is a review of my experience with them: About the clinic/team I can say I’m absolutely speechless with the way I was served/treated at Prime Hair clinic. What a team! Very talented crew, super professional, from the get go I felt so comfortable during the whole surgery. About Dr MacDonald: I had two appointments with Dr. MacDonald before surgery. There is no sales pitch, no pushing, he is to the point and offers what’s really the best option for your case. Basically I wanted to fix the very poor work that had been done on previous surgery. Dr. MacDonald is a very skilled doctor and came up with the best plan for my specific case: a more natural look to my hair line as well as considerably reducing the huge scar I had on the back of my neck. The surgical procedure: Everything that had been discussed and proposed on appointments was followed as agreed. No rush during surgery, no concerns at all and talented crew was able to get go above and beyond to even get much more grafts than expected from the donor area. Final notes: Superb service, skilled and competent team, super recommended! "

 Thomas - 09/25/2020

" From the time I walked into the office at 7:00 AM, until I left at 8:30 PM, I was treated with the utmost care. The entire staff and Dr. MacDonald were very professional, but also very courteous, compassionate and kind. I commend the entire staff for their friendliness over the entire day, as they must been getting exhausted separating all those follicles and inputting them into my scalp. I could tell by how they worked as a team, they take great pride in the work they do. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for a job well done, it was a long day for all of us. "

 Jeff - 09/23/2020

" Great care by the whole team at Prime Hair. Professional care from beginning to end and the experience exceeded my expectations. Thank you to Dr MacDonald and the team. "

 Chris - 09/18/2020

" Staff is awesome. Dr. MacDonald is thorough in explaining all aspects of a hair transplant. He took the time to answer all questions and is extremely easy to talk to. "

 Steven - 09/18/2020

" The team provided great communication and created a comfortable and friendly environment. "

 Trent - 09/11/2020

" Every thing is great. The whole team from the moment walking in door was a good experience. The results I got I’m so happy. I should have done years ago. Thanks to all "

 Paula-Marie - 09/04/2020

" My Doctor was incredibly professional, compassionate, knowledgeable and the first doctor to identify what is happening. The last doc I talked to said. Oh there’s no problem. I am very grateful. "

 Yolanda - 08/21/2020

" Dr Adams is very polite, provides a detail explanation to your questions "

 Ghalib - 07/31/2020

" From the minute you start the process till you leave, you feel among top qualified and caring Team "

 Assumpta - 07/24/2020

" The Doctor took his time to explain everything to me in details. He was very helpful. The staff were very polite. I strongly recommend this clinic. "

 Brian - 07/24/2020

" I really enjoyed my day in the clinic with Dr Joe and the entire staff. Everyone was so professional, but brought a very casual atmosphere to my day. Everyone was very attentive and concerned that I was extremely comfortable. My day never allows me to to just relax, enjoy some fun conversation and watch some TV. This was a mini holiday for me.... Thank you 🙏 "

 Alexander - 07/22/2020

" Thorough and professional consult and answered all my questions "

 Susan - 07/17/2020

" I received the answers I was looking for in a very timely manner . All the staff was very courteous "

 Graham - 07/15/2020

" Really enjoyed speaking with the doctor, took me through all the process and helped me understand. "

 Brent - 07/15/2020

" Clean, professional and safe environment. "

 Stanley - 07/10/2020

" Service was top class. Everyone was super engaged to make sure I was as comfortable as possible. Not only was the surgery super smooth, the before and after care was excellent. They phoned a day before and a day after the surgery to answer any questions. The instructions were super clear and made for an expedient healing process. I am very happy with the results so far, and would recommend Prime Hair as the provider of choice for doing the FUT hair transplant procedure. "

 Dave - 07/08/2020

" Great, knowledgeable and very professional team! They care and they have a great culture. "

 Jeremy - 03/11/2020

" The Staff were very courteous and accommodating, during my procedure and prior to the surgery. "

 Sean - 03/09/2020

" Above and beyond. Good treats....everyone is warm and fuzzy. "

 Cameron - 03/08/2020

" My day at the clinic was great, felt like I was hanging out with my friends in the living room. Everyone super friendly, never once felt uncomfortable. Also very professional. "

 Ken - 03/03/2020

" My overall experience was excellent. "

 Ric - 02/29/2020

" Dr. McDonald and the Prime team were nothing short of excellent. My comfort and satisfaction were their # 1 concern. They made a very long day enjoyable. I'm now looking forward to seeing the results unfold over the next year. "

 Danny - 02/26/2020

" Amazing staff. Friendly, helpful and supprtive. Felt at ease during my entire procedure. "

 Kelly - 02/19/2020

" Really positive experience! It would be helpful to know in advance that you will leave the clinic with "oily" hair after micropigmentation. Just so people can bring a hat or scarf. "

 Shelley - 02/19/2020

" So nice! Super friendly! Even when I was having a bit of a meltdown, so comforting "

 Marc - 01/24/2020

" Dr. Joe MacDonald is a remarkable individual, knowledgable in the field, detailed in his explanations and very affable. Has a wonderful team supporting him as well. "

 Brent - 01/15/2020

" Very professional, knowledgeable and personable. Great service. I highly recommend "

 Michael - 01/15/2020

" Professional, courteous and informative. "

 Ciro - 01/13/2020

" I was very impressed with the entire visit. Customer service and relevant knowledge are a top concern for this company. "

 Philip - 12/11/2019

" Great service, everyone was very friendly, the surgery went very well. It’s a great team very professional they all know what they’re doing. I’m very impressed with the whole procedure "

 Marco - 12/06/2019

" Dr. Gillespie and Dr. Macdonald were very professional with their respose to all of my questions. I was lucky enough to have both of them discuss my future with my hair and both were very kind, informative and professional. I look forward to my next appointment! :) "

 Allan - 12/04/2019

" The doctor and nurses were very knowledgeable and extremely hospitable. I expected some pain a discomfort and there was minimal to none. I actually enjoyed my time there with everyone and will definitely make another appointment. "

 Neetu - 12/03/2019

" The doctor was very professional and friendly. He was confident and reassuring. That made me feel I am in good hands. "

 Brent - 12/01/2019

" Very professional group. I was in for a consultation and reviewed my situation in detail with me and did not try to sell me anything that I did not need. Overall very pleased "

 Patrick - 11/29/2019

" The staff created a very comfortable environment "

 Mohamad - 11/10/2019

" Truly the best hair transplant clinic in Calgary! You will be happy with the result! Only professionals work there. My hair transplant surgery ran smoothly and the entire staff was kind, understanding and easy to talk to. Dr. Jospeh MacDonald really wants to achieve great results for his clients! He is the best doctor ever. Very grateful. Highly recommend! "

 Nick - 10/26/2019

" Staff were very good, communicative, diligent, professional . Dr. MACDONALD was very good. The procedure took about nine hours. "

 Mark - 10/23/2019

" I wish I received such great service from the regular medical system. "

 Andrea - 10/16/2019

" It was super helpful to have the doctor review the evidence and options for management. I appreciated that he was evidence based but also addressed some questions I had around ‘new’ research or things where maybe there isn’t high quality evidence without being dismissive. I liked that he came up with a care plan and options for me to pursue to help my hair loss. Thank you! "

 Jesse - 10/16/2019

" Excellent service from start to finish. Everyone who I interacted with there was joyful and they all created a welcoming environment. "

 Cheylene - 10/12/2019

" I was numb the entire time and didn’t feel a thing (until later). The staff are absolutely amazing! Super nice and fun to listen to talk. Haha. Everyone there is very friendly and will answer any and all questions you have. They even showed me my grafts after they removed them because I was curious! Definitely the best place to get this procedure. "

 Colleen - 10/04/2019

" I love coming in. Just wish I could have stayed for pizza! "

 Trevor - 10/04/2019

" Wonderful Clinic, Dr.MacDonald very professional and got to meet Dr.Gillespie also. Katherene, Marcy and Wilson have many years of experience and a strong work ethic. They all took great care of me and even tough it was a long day, I'm extremely satisfied with the outcome. Research all you need but you will end up at Prime Clinic. This group takes their craft and skill set to a new level. Best in the Business and they will help you change your life! Thankyou for everything and see you soon again for check-up! "

 Ben - 09/27/2019

" Great experience. Very friendly and informative. Would definitely recommend "

 Brent - 09/20/2019

" Great, knowledgeable professional service! "

 Rebecca - 09/07/2019

" Thank you so much, my experience was very positive! "

 William - 08/30/2019

" I cannot fully express how totally satisfied & happy I am with my experience at Prime Hair Clinic. From Doctor MacDonald to all of the amazing support staff, everyone was very professional. They go out of their way to really look after their clients while setting a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Many thanks to everyone. - Bill Morris "

 Dave - 08/28/2019

" Great team of professionals "

 Sean - 08/26/2019

" They pampered & spoiled me. Strangely enough or not a very relaxing day. "

 Prabesh - 08/17/2019

" Dr. Joseph was extremely patient, helpful and impartial in giving his advice. Exceeded my expectations. "

 Bryan - 08/07/2019

" Neil was awesome. Answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable in my options, which he gave me all them and explained thoroughly "

 Muhammad - 08/02/2019

" Extremely kind. Very helpful and feel very motivated to have my hair back "

 Raza - 08/02/2019

" Its was an excellent visit. Very courteous and professional people. "

 Ron - 07/27/2019

" It was a simple appointment to renew my medication. The Appointment went well. "

 Jason - 07/24/2019

" n/a "

 Terry - 07/22/2019

" Very knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything to me. "

 Tommy - 07/19/2019

" Very courteous and informative! Huge help in what i need to do moving forward. "

 Marc - 07/14/2019

" Great doctor, and staff. I didn’t like the photos though ;) "

 Roshan - 06/28/2019

" McDonald MD, he was awesome. Answered questions perfectly, and explained entire problem the way anyone would’ve understood. Probably the friendliest, professional and fastest place I’ve been to. Fast coz I didn’t had to wait in line or anything. "

 Alex - 06/15/2019

" Very good experience as always. "

 Scott - 05/22/2019

" Staff was amazing and very helpful through the whole process. "

 Tracy - 05/17/2019

" Everyone was very welcoming and friendly. I received quick replies to any questions I had prior to the procedure and was encouraged to ask questions throughout if I had more. I found the pre-op information was very thorough and I went in feeling prepared. On the day of the procedure, I was welcomed by friendly staff and my comfort was consistently taken into consideration including position, pain level, breaks, snacks, drinks and even entertainment. Even though it was a long day, the time flew by. Due to the detailed aftercare process, I left for the day with clear expectations on what to expect for the next days and weeks, supplies and again encouraged to contact the office with any questions. Overall it was a pleasant experience and I am thankful to all of the staff for making me feel welcome, supported and prepared. And for the new hair of course. I may look like a pin cushion right now (day one), I am looking forward seeing what the next 6 to 12 months has to offer. "

 Linda - 05/15/2019

" I had a follow up appointment with Dr MacDonald, he took time answering any questions I had and explaining any future options that I may want to consider The staff are very friendly & so personable something that is so rare to find I would highly recommend this clinic for hair restoration "

 Elaine - 05/10/2019

" I usually ignore customer service surveys but Dr. Gillespie was seriously awesome. The whole experience with this clinic was 5 star. "

 Marcus - 05/05/2019

" I seriously cannot think of one bad thing to say about my experience, the receptionists were incredibly kind, putting up with a lot of stupidity on my part without so much as batting an eye, and i was treated so well the whole time i was there. I would 100% recommend this place to anybody who asks. "

 Toni - 05/03/2019

" Deanne was lovely. Very helpful, explained the procedure, risks and aftercare thoroughly. I was very impressed with my experience. Thank you "

 Stuart - 04/29/2019

" Thank you very much for your incredible service. I am happy to have reached out to you to help me with my receding hairline. And a big thank you to both the amazingly professional and kind receptionists, and of course, Joe, who made me feel comfortable with his genuine demeanor and incredible knowledge. Thank you! "

 Abraham - 04/26/2019

" Above all the Dr (forget his name) was so punctual and respectfull and so transparent and so desperate to help me and see the results. "

 Abdul - 04/24/2019

" Best clinic I’ve been to, the doctor went into depth and was honest about all his opinions "

 Aman - 04/03/2019

" Very helpful see the Dr @6 "

 Scott - 03/23/2019

" Very friendly staff and the consultation was extremely informative. "

 Peter - 03/22/2019

" The doctor and staff were well briefed on my needs and very quick and responsive. I have previously had excellent results at this clinic and have referred others. "

 Sandra - 03/20/2019

" The staff at the clinic is exceptional. Skill and workmanship is exceptional. I would 100% recommend this clinic to a my friends and I will. "

 Mohamed - 03/13/2019

" Dr. Gillespie did my hair twice and he is vey consistent. He always did beyond excellent job. Same with all the staff. I highly recommend this clinic. Thank you very much. I am very happy and looking forward to see you the result in the next few months. "

 Kelly - 03/01/2019

" It was honestly such a great experience and I am blown away by the awesome team and the whole process! I fully enjoyed the day! And it’s the next morning and I feel great! "

 Sherri - 02/08/2019

" Very understanding and thorough "

 Jay - 02/06/2019

" All the people I dealt with are great. What would make it even better for me is if you had more of an inventory of pictures so that I could better gauge what results I could expect as part of my decision. I am now seeking out other consultations in the hopes of gaining greater insight as to what the result will be instead of starting down the path and hoping I’m satisfied. That doesn’t necessarily mean I will go elsewhere for the procedures.... but I suppose the door is open. "

 Cody - 01/05/2019

" Everyone at the clinic was great in every way. Great atmosphere, aside from the sounds of sawing through my head and being forced to sit in the same spot for 10 hours it was as enjoyable as hanging out at the pub with some friends. Especially that Amy! Funny little person "

 Anike - 12/08/2018

" Procedure day was a remarkable experience indeed. It was like been at home with friends and family, having fun, chatting and dinning. Every clinical encounter and procedure should actually be this way, if possible. Thanks Prime hair. Thanks Drs G and Mac., and all your very friendly staffs. "

 Hasaan - 11/28/2018

" EVerytime i come to this clinic i am greeted and invited in with a smile that gives you that warm feeling. Dr. Gillespie treats you as a person and not just a patient, i love the fact he doesn't dive right into whats wrong but also talks to you about anything really! giving you a feeling of friendship! i definitely recommend Dr. Gillespie, understanding and listens to your concerns "

 David - 11/18/2018

" Pleasant experience, staff was terrific and the doctors extremely knowledgeable. Loved the fact that they don’t try to up sell you on things you don’t need and stick to the medical facts of what actually works, with proven results. "

 Cody - 11/11/2018

" It can be difficult dealing with one of your insecurities as a guy then coming to an office where all the girls are super good looking. Otherwise everyone is awesome in every way. "

 Barry - 11/10/2018

" Everyone here is amazing. They made me feel so comfortable from the moment I walked in to the moment I walked out. I felt like I was having my procedure done while hanging out with a group of friends. I would recommend you to anyone. Every effort was made to make me comfortable and I couldn’t feel a thing. "

 William - 11/09/2018

" Everyone acted in a very professional manner & made you feel at ease under the circumstances. Would definitely recommend this practice to anyone who is considering this surgery. "