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Recent Reviews

 Llewellyn - 05/26/2023

" So glad I found you. Thank you. "

 Corie - 05/23/2023

" I am beyond pleased with this company. Everything from the company to the people who work there are outstanding. I feel like they are family. "

 Connie - 05/11/2023

" Mark is a wonderful counselor. He takes pride in counseling. "

 Brianna - 05/09/2023

" Hoping I can get in weekly "

 Lori - 05/03/2023

" I love Renewal Christian Counseling. Always very accommodating, professional and friendly. "

 Patricia - 04/28/2023

" My therapist did a very good job. "

 Rebecca - 04/23/2023

" I've been seeing Laura for years now and she is the best at listening and being understanding of my feelings and emotions. "

 Aliyah - 04/20/2023

" My daughter saw Megan and she was amazing. "

 Kaleb - 04/19/2023

" The staff and doctors at Renewal have always done great by my family :) "

 Christine - 04/06/2023

" Staff is so friendly and cheerful "

 Egypt - 03/31/2023

" Nancy was really wonderful and patient with my girls. "

 Rothesia - 03/17/2023

" It was my first visit from it it was excellent 🥰 "

 Tom - 03/14/2023

" I'd rather be in person and local. "

 Lacei - 03/10/2023

" i’m really excited to continue services. "

 Austin - 03/08/2023

" Keep up the good work "

 Desiray - 02/24/2023

" Nothing but good things and Megan is great "

 Mellissa - 02/22/2023

" I felt very comfortable with my therapist even though it was the first appointment. She was very personable, listened to my thoughts and offered some valuable advice that also made me feel like she really understood. I look forward to working with her! "

 Elaine - 02/18/2023

" Laura, my social worker is wonderful "

  - 02/14/2023

" Emilee is amazing & my son enjoys talking with her. She makes him feel comfortable & she’s very personable. We are very grateful for her! "

 Eve - 01/31/2023

" i felt listened to and that the therapist was very empathetic. "

 Rosa - 01/27/2023

" Office staff is amazing always helpful and pleasant. Thank you for your help even when I have been a hot mess. "

 Ivan - 01/26/2023

" Very pleased with services provided. "

 Renae - 01/26/2023

" From phone calls to the office, in-person visits, or Telehealth appointments, everyone has been so kind and caring. "

 Kathy - 01/26/2023

" I loved how the atmosphere felt! Everyone was really great from receptionist to my counselor choice. "

 Terra - 01/25/2023

" I really enjoyed my counseling. He gave me examples and helped me learn and understand more about medication "

 Jeanne - 01/24/2023

" The office staff is very nice and professional. The knew who I was as soon as I arrived...really liked that. Mark, even though it was our session. I felt very comfortable with him. He seems to be a very understanding person. An easy to talk to. I'm really looking forward to moving on from my deep seeded issues, with his help and guidance. "

 Michelle - 01/21/2023

" Mark is an answer to prayer! "

 Tina - 01/21/2023

" Megan is absolutely phenomenal! I love our weekly chats. She has helped me so much. Shout out to Faith also, she is great! "

 Linda - 01/20/2023

" I did not meet with the therapist due car trouble and the distance to Port Huron, I had to cancel my appointment and was happy that I’m able to see another therapist in your Mount Clemens building. Appointment is scheduled for the end of the month. "

 Chloe - 01/19/2023

" I believe Emily is a good fit for my daughter Chloe and she will assist her with growing and coping with life "

 Dennis - 01/19/2023

" The doctors and staff are great "

  - 01/18/2023

" Grateful to have the same repore with the same friendly face. Would've been difficult to transition from seeing a familiar face to have to meet with a new person. Thankful to continue our meetings with Jim. "

 Nora - 01/12/2023

" Nancy is great, and I appreciate her kindness and professionalism "

 William - 12/05/2022

" My therapist is excellent but I do not care for the unpleasant office and billing staff. I find it very inconvenient that I can not speak with the people I need to speak with for example I needed to speak with your billing manager but could brevet get past leaving messages with the office manager. I find the middle man very unprofessional. "

 Corie - 11/22/2022

" I enjoy every visit I have. I haven't had any problems whatsoever with anyone or anything. They make me feel like I am at home with family. "

 Joshua - 11/17/2022

" Mark is great. "

 Quinn - 11/10/2022

" Megan is a ROCK STAR, my 13 year old daughter enjoys coming to counseling so she must be doing something right. "

 Tracie - 10/27/2022

" I now that you have a lot of people who need help but the last and Wate time for a work. "

 John - 10/25/2022

" My Theripist is very relational and caring. He has a great sense of needed insight! "

 Nathan - 10/04/2022

" Every staff member that we have met has been so kind. They have taken the time to get to know us and to make sure that our needs are met. "

 Connie - 09/27/2022

" Gerom & Mark r excellent. They have helped me a lot. Also always give me great advice. I would recommend them to anyone who needs help. I wouldn't want anyone but them. To help me with my issues. "

 Brooklyn - 08/24/2022

" Dr. Hull is very caring, she has helped us in so many ways! We are very grateful for her and all she has done! I will definitely be recommending her to my family and friends! "

 Desiray - 08/19/2022

" This is a great facility and my daughter’s therapist Megan is great and does wonderful work with her "

  - 08/18/2022

" I really enjoy coming and doing therepy my therapist is an amazing person and I can be myself when I'm in a session "

 Eli - 08/04/2022

" My son Eli loves going here and the staff is amazing they truly are. They greeting they give is amazing "

 Natalie - 08/03/2022

" Keep doing what you are doing! "

 Karri - 07/29/2022

" Mirum was awesome. She gave me compassion and understanding. Along with mental tools I can use. I can't say enough good things about her "

 Jessica - 07/29/2022

" I have already fallen in love with Megan, she listened to my beginnings and now I get to explain my past. Thank you megan! "

 Holly - 07/28/2022

" It was only my first session with Miriam but she was very easy to talk to and I felt we covered a lot in our first session. I am hopeful that this will be the perfect fit to accomplish my therapy goals. "

  - 07/28/2022

" Therapist made me feel very comfortable easy to talk too and really enjoyed our setion "

 April - 07/21/2022

" Jayme has been the best therapist. "

 Veronica - 07/13/2022

" My counselor is very open minded and a great listener "

 Jordan - 07/06/2022

" Dr Wilhelm was a very kind and compassionate person who showed genuine care and interest in seeing my daughter get the care she needs. We are very confident that he will get Jordan to a better place. "

 Joseph - 07/06/2022

" Megan is very good at what she does we clicked "

 Reagan - 06/28/2022

" My daughter loved her first session with Emilee. I think I can speak for her mother and myself in saying that we look forward to seeing how Reagan responds to each session. Extremely pleased. "

 Cheryl - 06/28/2022

" I spoke with Megan and we really communicated well. She’s easy to talk to. "

 Ian - 06/21/2022

" As soon as my son and I walked in the door at Renewal we felt very calm and relaxed "

 Karen - 06/16/2022

" Since day one Renewal staff have been completely professional and kind. Laura our therapist is the best. We have been with her for years. "

 Camilla - 06/12/2022

" Megan is wonderful she the only one that can Get me to open up "

 Thaddeus - 06/09/2022

" Nice! and also Fantastic!! "

 Marie - 06/03/2022

" Great customer service. A good place to seek help & recovery! "

  - 05/26/2022

" I never thought that I would ever need this service, but I now feel comfortable going and love that Megan understands what I am going through and can help me get somewhat back to where I use to be. "

 Mackenzie - 04/20/2022

" Dr. Hull is a great counselor. She has helped me so much and I have really seen an improvement in myself since I began to see her. She’s the best. "

 Heather - 04/12/2022

" Love the center. Especially Laura Kinny! "

 Destiny - 04/06/2022

" Thank you! "

 Barbara - 03/22/2022

" Everyone is very professional and has great customer service. "

 Connie - 03/17/2022

" Staff is very helpful, understanding "

 Lori - 03/11/2022

" Jim is great to work with. Easy to talk to and he gives great perspective on issues. Faith is so nice! "

 Gordon - 03/10/2022

" Gerome Hess is a very valuable asset to your business. "

 Rebecca - 03/01/2022

" Laura is wonderful "

 Natalie - 02/02/2022

" Feels like family I love going to my appointments because I’m treated with respect and compassion. Keep up the good work! "

 Susan - 01/20/2022

" From the person on the phone to my first therapy session, was so comfortable. "

  - 01/07/2022

" I am looking forward to my next session. "

 Maegyn - 01/06/2022

" I look forward to counseling because I love y’all. "

 Jennifer - 12/30/2021

" I've found Kelli to be a friend. We laugh, I cry, perhaps not tearfully, but I do gripe&wine. She tells me when Im not seeing correctly a matter, helps me understand why exactly I'm wrong MAKING ME RELIZE WHY EXACTLY MY THOUGHT WAS INCORRECT, WHY, AND SHOWS ME REASONS TO FEEL DIFFERENTLY ON THE MATTER. She makes it all fun, it's obvious that I'm not being seen as incorrect. These are the reasons I that I know Kelli Wood is wonderful. I could do no better! : ) "

 Olivia - 12/21/2021

" Great place for therapy and meds. Ty so much! "

 Lisa - 12/16/2021

" Jolene is great. The girls that do the appointments are so friendly and work with you on appointments I’ve recommended renewal to many co workers friends and family "

 Wrigley - 12/15/2021

" Dr. Hull is a benefit to your practice. She is able to talk to kids at an appropriate level and is reassuring and provides clear and easy steps a child can use to work toward their goals. My speech limited son is beginning to open up and try speaking with her and work toward counseling goals. This is a big deal! "

  - 12/14/2021

" Dr. Hull is amazing, she truly has made a huge impact on my life and overall mental health. "

  - 10/29/2021

" Need to get follow up appts scheduled. "

 Julie - 09/16/2021

" There was no waiting, the staff was efficient and friendly. Gerome was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. It was a good experience and I look forward to my future care.f "

 Joshua - 09/14/2021

" I highly recommend Mark. He is excellent with teens with special needs. "

 Barbara - 09/14/2021

" Very friendly office staff always smiling and helpful, My therapist Laura is amazing very professional and compassionate. I always look forward to my sessions and have referred friends and family there. "

 Kathryn - 09/02/2021

" From the receptionists to Lsura and Gerome I believe that I have the best people caring for me. Both Faith and Jenna are perfect for their positions. "

 Lynne - 09/02/2021

" Gerome helped me make a big decision yesterday. I feel very reassured now. "

 Rowdy - 08/25/2021

" Dr. Wilhelm and his office staff are excellent! "

  - 08/24/2021

" I met with Emilee yesterday for my first appointment and I thought she was fantastic. I was sort of nervous and in my head about coming to therapy but she was so incredibly easy to talk to. "

  - 08/20/2021

" I recommend Renewal to anyone I feel would benefit from the services you offer. The high quality and compassionate therapy I’ve received has been life changing. "

  - 08/11/2021

" Thank you Steve "

 Bradley - 08/10/2021

" Thank you for beginning to align me in gear and on track again! "

 Joel - 08/07/2021

" I'm very satisfied with the care I receive from Mark Luazon and Gerome Hess. "

 Ariana - 08/05/2021

" It is so hard to schedule appointments when there are very little times to pick from. "

  - 08/03/2021

" So happy my daughter has Megan O'Brian as her therapist. She is an amazing therapist! And the staff is awesome too! "

 Natalie - 07/31/2021

" Staff and therapist are always accommodating to my needs even on last minute! I love the texting service, makes life easier when I’m always on the run! "

 Elaine - 07/30/2021

" So thankful Laura had time to see me "

  - 07/24/2021

" Mark is a fantastic therapist and he has helped me a great deal. His skills and expertise are incredible. Thank You, Renewal! "

  - 07/18/2021

" My therapist was very kind and patient. She listened very closely and made a suggestion, that I believe will make a world of difference in my life. "

 Lisa - 07/01/2021

" I would like to see more groups and workshops. "

  - 05/21/2021

" Jim is the best! "

 Jo - 05/19/2021

" Absolutely no complaints. I’ve always been told never to give the highest mark. I guess you could offer coffee, tea or water. Flavored cream for coffe.👍🏻 "

  - 05/18/2021

" We appreciate the care and expertise shown to us by Steve and his staff. "

 April - 05/13/2021

" Jayme is an amazing therapist and I’m so glad I have her! "

 Clinton - 05/13/2021

" EVERYbody was so positive, upbeat, nice, and helpful. That alone made me feel better. "

  - 05/05/2021

" I was nervous when I first signed up in therapy worried I would be judged and looked at in a serious intimidating way by the therapist I would be seeing. But when I met my therapist Megan after the first meeting with her I felt more relieved. Since starting back in October I have always felt comfortable and not judged by my therapist. She is very helpful and a great listener without being serious, and looking at me as if there is something majorly wrong with who I am. She smiles, we laugh, we make jokes and after every session with her I feel much better! "

 Leah - 04/15/2021

" Very professional and caring "

  - 04/14/2021

" I am grateful for Renewel Christian Counseling!!!i All of their therapist are friendly and professional. I highly recommend Renewel! #Blessed "

 Sally - 04/09/2021

" Great counselor ,very professional. Good front desk people. "

 Heather - 03/26/2021

" Very happy! Love George and Laura is the greatest! Very professional. "

  - 03/26/2021

" I appreciate their willingness to answer calls, work with my schedule and the office staff. My counselor Mark is really good and I have learned how to address my stress and deal with family issues including substance abuse. I appreciate their faith based methods. "

  - 03/25/2021

" My daughter just recently started seeing Megan. She seems to like Megan and says she is comfortable talking to Megan. As far as rating the services, I don't have much of an opinion as we just started. We are hopeful that this will be a good process for her. "

 Matthew - 03/25/2021

" Laura is truly a lifesaver. "

 Verity - 03/24/2021

" Laura has cared for multiple members of our family over the years. She is exceptional. "

 Irene - 03/18/2021

" I switched over with Laura Kinney and have been pleased. Only thing I don't like is only being able to make appointments 6 weeks out. "

 Barbara - 03/10/2021

" This is an amazing office I have recommended to my family, my therapist is excellent and I no am very happy with renewal "

  - 03/03/2021

" Laura is an incredible therapist and a strong support for me in my healing journey. I am so appreciative to be her client! "

  - 02/19/2021

" Hi this is Nora FRANCIS I wanna talk to you about a prescription the doctor Gerome he describe me the prescription and he faxed to the pharmacy but he forgot to write brand name Of the medication only the Effexor he did Send the pharmacy brand namecan you tell him please to ride that the brand name of the Pristiq only because I talk to the pharmacy they told me they talk to the doctor so he said I can do it I’m not sure what is it so yes can you tell him I get a place because the insurance they will pay for it and they excepted my phone number 506-405-5983 thank you "

  - 02/19/2021

" Only our first visit but we were very happy with Mark and look forward to our next appointment. "

 Ashlee - 02/17/2021

" Meghan the therapist was absolutely wonderful. My switch from my previous therapy office to this one has been wonderful. I have nothing but nice things to say about this place. Already did refer family to consider being seen here. :) "

 Alexis - 02/11/2021

" The office staff was great about getting my daughter in as an emergency basic, Thank you again!!! "

  - 02/06/2021

" To many appointment confirmations/are sent out. Chrissia Isaacs is an outstanding counselor! Renewal Is lucky 🍀 to have her on board! "

 Rowdy - 02/04/2021

" Dr. Wilhelm and his staff are always professional, courteous and a pleasure to deal with. "

  - 01/23/2021

" Charissa is awesome and I feel like she really listens to me "

  - 12/16/2020

" Very happy with the facility and with Mark. "

  - 12/15/2020

" Michelle is the only counselor I've seen that rubber me wrong very negatively. One appointment was all it took for me to request a change. Everyone else is warming and helpful. "

  - 12/02/2020

" Jolene was wonderful, and I feel like The children were open with her and felt comfortable Talking to her. "

  - 11/06/2020

" Everyone is very kind and caring! I absolutely love it! "

  - 10/22/2020

" Everyone there is very nice and try to make your appointment to meet you request. Answers you within minutes for questions you may have. "

  - 09/29/2020

" Keep up the great work, very kind and thoughtful. "

 Peter - 09/19/2020

" I am very fortunate to have retained Laura Kinney’s counsel, during her agency change. Thank you Renewal and Laura ! "

 Kimberly - 09/18/2020

" Laura Kenny is top notch. "

 Michael - 09/16/2020

" Laura Kenney is a great therapist "

 Heather - 09/15/2020

" So glad Laura is there! She is the best of the best! "

  - 09/10/2020

" This was my first appointment and I was very impressed with the friendly environment and was welcomed by a friendly smile to match it. "

 Tina - 09/03/2020

" First visit, I left there feeling so heard, validated and with a feeling that I was referred to a great place. Thank You "

 Susan - 09/01/2020

" Have been to see Laura many times and found the new office very well set up. Laura is great! Take good care of her! "

  - 08/28/2020

" Prefer a woman counselor "

  - 07/29/2020

" I love Gwenda. I think she is definately the perfect counselor for me. Easy to communicate with. "

  - 07/23/2020

" I had a great appointment and I look forward to my future ones "

  - 07/17/2020

" My counselor, Mark, has been an integral part of my journey of sobriety. "

 Sydney - 07/15/2020

" Listens very well and got me in pretty fast. Very easy to find. And got right to what i was there for. "

  - 07/14/2020

" Jolene was great with my son & myself during our session. She was friendly, thorough, & made us feel comfortable. We are looking forward to future sessions with her. "

 Mason - 07/09/2020

" Thank you for going above and beyond to help my son "

  - 07/04/2020

" Gerome is professional and well spoken. He gets me "

  - 07/01/2020

" The Lord has used this ministry to save my life. I can’t describe how thankful I am. Thank you all for your obedience. "

  - 06/26/2020

" I'm am very pleased and satisfied with the courtesy of the staff. When I make an appointment or need to change date or time because of something that came up they are very accommodating. My counselor is very caring , she listen's with open ears and is sympathetic to my situations I am having on any particular day. Shes positive and gives helpful suggestions and advice. She has helped me through some very hard times. It can be very difficult to find a therapist your comfortable with and trust. And since this office is Christian based. When I want to end our session in prayer my therapist knows just the right words to say. I'm on my road to recovery with CRC. I would highly recommend them. Thank you "

  - 06/23/2020

" Tom will be very missed. "

  - 06/23/2020

" All the ladies at the desks are always so sweet and friendly. Also Mark Lauzon and Gerome Hess are fantastic! All these people have gotten me through the toughest 4 years of my life. Thankyou all! "

  - 06/18/2020

" I am so sad Tom is leaving "

 Alexis - 06/12/2020

" They are very caring and makes me feel welcomed. They make me feel they want to actually help me and not just do it to get paid! "

  - 06/12/2020

" I had a great first appointment, I really feel like I can trust my counselor. "

 Alexis - 06/12/2020

" Dr. Wilhelm is the most caring dr. He truly cares about the well being of his patients. I was so happy when i heard he was back working as a dr. My daughter looks forward to her appointment. He listens to her unlike alot of other drs. The staff at Renewel are all amazing. "

  - 06/11/2020

" I loved that they communicated quickly with texting and how they reached out when they did not see me for a while!! All staff in the port Huron office was excellent and Tom was compassionate, non judgmental and professional! Also loved the Christian focus therapy! "

  - 06/10/2020

" Tom K is a great counselor and is very caring! "

  - 06/10/2020

" Necole is a very special person who has greatly helped me and I am sure many others. She is a wonderful example of how a well trained and compassionate counselor can be very important in helping someone work through their issues. I would highly recommend her and your staff is very polite and easy to deal with. The transitions through the Covid-19 situation was easy when going to Zoom or telephone calls so I appreciate all your hard work. "

 Ayubu - 05/21/2020

" Tom is the beat counselor around "

  - 05/21/2020

" Tom is so full of the Holy Spirit and knowledgeable about the Bible and his passion and spirit was very therapeutic. I am looking forward to this journey and the receptionist Jen is so kind as well. "

  - 05/20/2020

" Doing therapy over the phone is so much more productive for us. We hope to continue this even after things reopen. "

  - 05/06/2020

" We came to Renewal Christian Counseling pretty broken, and confused. At RCC, we no longer felt unheard, misunderstood , hopeless , judged , nor alone. In the dark tunnel is the light of a candle held by a friend leading the way. The light at the end of the tunnel is no longer another train wreck heading our way It is a ray of hope, and yes! beyond that I can already see sunlight at the end of the tunnel!! I'm on my way! I am gonna make it outta here whole! "

  - 05/05/2020

" Everyone is so friendly, supportive and professional! From the girls at the front desk to the therapists! I highly recommend this place! Rather your problems are big or small they can help and it’s such a warm and inviting atmosphere. I continually learn more about myself and have grown so much emotionally and spiritually , I appreciate everyone there that has helped me and has made an impact on my life! Thank you Renewal Christian Counseling! "

 Andrea - 05/05/2020

" Tom is a great therapist and very knowledgeable. He has assisted me in being able to work towards my goals. He is enthusiastic about his work and is dedicated to helping his clients. "

  - 04/30/2020

" Mark is a perfect fit for Gabe! I have seen consistent growth in Gabe since he has been to Renewal. I am very pleased and grateful. Gabe misses Mark immensely when he can't see him each week. Thank you all & God bless, Stacy "

  - 04/30/2020

" Everyone at renewal has always been friendly even thru phone calls and zoom . you people are 👍 "

  - 03/20/2020

" Made me feel better on first visit "

  - 01/07/2020

" Renewal is a great place for therapy. "

 James - 12/24/2019

" I love my kids doctor he has been amazing with my children and has always has there best interest at heart Wilhelm has an amazing doctor "

  - 12/17/2019

" I have to admit the thought of Counseling scared me to death and I thought I would be judged!! But this place made me feel like I was one of them and I was kinda sad the session went so fast :) if Your thinking about Counseling then this is the place You want to be. "

  - 11/26/2019

" Jayme is a wonderful, caring clinician! "

  - 11/22/2019

" I have had prior counseling with a very bad experience. I am very happy to say that Necole is wonderful and I would highly recommend her to others. Also, the rest of the staff is always friendly, nice and professional. "

  - 11/19/2019

" Dr. Steve is off the hook! "

  - 11/14/2019

" Marc L. Is a fantastic straight to the point relatable strong guy! And Gerome Hess is a great doctor. Same for him as well quick to the point, willing to listen instead of just saying here take this bye,....not that at all. Hears you out then suggests what he thinks will help and you choose..fantastic establishment and.....great hot coffee every single time you walk in is made and free lol. Great place......keep it up renewal! Dan W...........i thank you guys for so much! "

  - 11/12/2019

" Thank you for all your help with my grandchildren. "

 Aaron - 11/10/2019

" We are grateful for Faith, who was kind and professional, and helped our son get scheduled with a therapist who would be a good fit! "

 Arwynne - 11/06/2019

" It is such a relief to deal with such wonderful, caring professionals. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to our wellbeing. "

  - 11/06/2019

" Tom does a fantastic job! "

  - 11/05/2019

" I absolutely love this therapist. I am so grateful to find someone so perfect f For me. "

  - 10/31/2019

" Tom has been a great therapist for me. He is always great at listening and guiding me. I really like the insight he gives me about scriptures and what the Bible says. I have seen many therapists in the past and Tom has helped me tremendously. "

  - 10/29/2019

" Charissa is a very kind and caring person she takes her time listening to me. Also helps me understands the way I feel about myself And others. I would highly recommend her to others . "

  - 10/25/2019

" Necole is amazing. I have had several different therapists and she is the first one that has gone above and beyond. She is amazing at what she does and I am definitely noticing improvement. The staff at the front desk are always pleasant and helpful. Everyone is so great there. I will never go anywhere else. "

  - 10/25/2019

" I have Thomas for a counselor and I seem to vibe with him. We have a clear-cut therapy regimen worked out. My son also goes to doctor wilham and we love him. We lost him there for over a year and then I found him again and so I wanted to stick with him until he retires. He understands my son and is ADHD add. I have already recommended this place to do other people for counseling. "