Recent Reviews

 James - 07/20/2024

" My Doctor is very good he has help me over the years since I have been going there. All the staff have treated me well. That is the kind office a person needs. THANK YOU GOD BLESS "

 Patrick - 07/20/2024

" Doctor Robinson's technique of administering the shots Is top-notch. I've been getting these shots for 12 years. I'm fortunate to have him. "

 Cathy - 07/19/2024

" I appreciate everything Dr.Robinson does for me he always he always explains everything to me where I can understand what's going on with my eye I was really upset when I meant him the first time because I had to have detached retinal surgery IT was very scary. Thank him and sll his workers for everything "

 Shirley - 07/19/2024

" Dr Hall is very good. The Receptists are very friendly and Kind. I feel his medical could take a lesson from them They speak only when spoken to and then not in a kind way. I was presented a screen that need my signature. I had to ssk what it was for.. "

 James - 07/19/2024

" always very professional. "

 Janice - 07/19/2024

" Nice and efficient!! Dr. Christensen is wonderful!!! "

 David - 07/19/2024

" Dr. Hall explained everything about my problem with recommendations. Thanks! "

 Elizabeth - 07/19/2024

" I come from a medical family and background and was impressed by the entire experience. Everyone from the reception team to the doctor made sure I was comfortable, understood the process, and had everything I needed. I couldn’t have asked for better. Should I ever need anything in the future I will definitely use this facility and definitely recommend it to anyone who needs it. "

 James - 07/19/2024

" Dr Christensen and his staff are great! "

 Joseph - 07/19/2024

" Dr. Christianson is an amazing doctor, knowledgeable, and very personable. He and his office provides great care to their patients. "

 Wilfredo - 07/18/2024

" Thank you very much for everything to did for me and my eyes! "

 Arthur - 07/18/2024

" Doctor Apple and all of the nurses were very experienced and knowledgeable. Thanks! "

 Mark - 07/18/2024

" Dr. Renfro very helpful very nice. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "

 Virginia - 07/18/2024

" Truthfully, I was pleasantly surprised.During my time there I only saw older people that were my age or older. The staff was all much younger than their clients. My surprise, I personally did not feel like they treated me like I was old. As I have gotten older I notice many medical personnel tend to treat their patients as less than capable. This did not happen today. My first time seeing this doctor and I was pleased. All the staff in the Retina group were top notch and very pleasant and respectful. "

 James - 07/18/2024

" Pleasant atmosphere and super friendly staff. "

 Peggy - 07/18/2024

" The staff got me a quick appointment to see Dr Christensen and I was treated very well and promptly. I appreciate the care and professionalism of everyone that I had contact with. Thank you for great care. Peggy Brady "

 Wallace - 07/18/2024

" The whole experience was excellent and Dr. Ohning is skilled and very informative. Great "bedside manner!" I was very comfortable with the entire process and was relieved to know my vision is nearly perfect (it is 20/20 in one eye, 20/25 in the other) and my retinas are doing fine for a guy my age. "

 Steven - 07/18/2024

" I was very pleased when I left with the promptness and curtesy I was shown. Thank you "

 Gaylen - 07/18/2024

" Dr Renfro is absolutely awesome!!!!!!!! "

 Alison - 07/18/2024

" The office is very efficient, staff professional, informed and competent. Highly recommend Dr Williams who is very informative, skilled, and knowledgeable. He takes time to answer all my questions and always leaves me feeling both realistic and positive about my eyes. Highly recommend this practice. "

 Jennifer - 07/18/2024

" Sr. Robinson and all the staff are heaven sent. I have been so amazed how kind everyone is . Could not ask for better service. "

 Diana - 07/18/2024

" Thanks to all the staff at Retina Consultants for their professionalism and sincere care for the patient. I really appreciated it. "

 John - 07/17/2024

" Dr Ohning excellent "

 Susan - 07/17/2024

" As a long term patient of Dr. Hall, I can honestly say that I've always been treated warmly and respectfully from the time I enter the office until the time I leave. They certainly helps to make the best of a bad situation. "

 Jackie - 07/17/2024

" Very nice "

 Carol - 07/17/2024

" Everyone loves Doctor Apple! "

 Marsha - 07/17/2024

" Thank you so much for your kindness. You were all courteous and patient. Dr Williams was comfortable answering my questions. Never appeared to be rushed. That means a lot. "

 Clyde - 07/17/2024

" Everything was perfect "

 Stefani - 07/17/2024

" Having to pay $20 to have some paperwork filled out wasn’t very good to hear though "

 Susan - 07/16/2024

" From the minute I enter the office and throughout my experience with all the staff and Dr. Renfo - I have never been in an office that is the highest standard of excellence. I am so lucky to be a patient. Thank you so, so much for being there for me. "

 Bruce - 07/16/2024

" As I could only give an excellent rating, I would say it is the best place I know to get the treatment I needed. The best doctors and staff! "

 Wayne - 07/16/2024

" The staff was very helpful and very good Thank you "

 Kristopher - 07/16/2024

" The assistant that helped me b4 the doctor came was very patient and very kind. "

 Sonia - 07/16/2024

" This wasy first visit. Exceptional staff and service. "

 Samuel - 07/16/2024

" The dr and stall are all very courteous and knowledgeable. "

 Frank - 07/14/2024

" The young lady that help with the eye charts and checking out the different parts of my eye was most excellent! "

 Kimberly - 07/13/2024

" I love love "

 Robert - 07/13/2024

" Y'all want me to go back to Clemson Eye, so I'll go but I will never never get another pair of glasses there. I'm retired and I can't afford another $600. or $700. pair of glasses. That's ridiculous for glasses. There's no sense of glasses or frames costing that much. I don't get a big text refund to pay for glasses at Clemson Eye. If people are going to pay that kind of money for glasses they ought to have a payment plan for poor people like me, but no they want all the money up front. Let those rich Clemson people pay those high ridiculous prices. I guess I'll make everyone mad at me, Well they'll get over it and if they don't Well let them dill with it the best way they can. And I'll tell them the same thing I told you. "

 Nancy - 07/13/2024

" Keep up the excellent work! "

 Johnny - 07/13/2024

" I have been coming to Retina Consultants of Carolina, P.A. for six or seven years now and Dr. Bergstrom and his staff have always been very professional and very helpful on every visit. I will and do highly recommend them for your eye needs. "

 Margaret - 07/13/2024

" I was very nervous the first time that I had to come to Retina Consultant. But the minute I walked in everyone made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Bergstrom was very easy to talk to, and I was very pleased with how he is treating my condition . I would recommend Retina Consultant , Dr. Bergstrom and all the staff to anyone. "

 David - 07/13/2024

" Very pleased !!! "

 Sarah - 07/13/2024

" Thank you for a great visit "

 John - 07/13/2024

" Can't say anymore everyone there was very helpful during my visit. "

 Tracey - 07/12/2024

" I highly recommend these doctors and their staff. "

 Lige - 07/12/2024

" We actually love to come. Aside from the Excellent care, we are treated like family "

 Joseph - 07/12/2024

" Retina consultants are awesome. They saved my sons eyesight by seeing him on weekend and doing emergency surgery. Not sure it helped, but we called on Friday after hours since Dr Renfro had done my surgery, and they saw him the next morning. Dr. Renfro was made aware of this and advised detached retina can run in families, and he would check my sons records and review. Thanks a million for myself and my son. "

 Marjorie - 07/12/2024

" Every one is friendly and caring I wish all my medical appts could be as nice. Dr Merrill is wonderful and compassionant. She is a blessing to me. Margie Childress "

 Mary - 07/12/2024

" dr hall is always informative and approachable. visit was very timely and procedure painless. i sure do appreciate that. we spent less than an hour start to finish. "

 Edwin - 07/11/2024

" Semi emergency visit needed w/ no prior appointment. A phone call explaining symptoms to the Spartanburg office put into motion Courtney speaking with Dr. Apple explaining my symptoms. She made telephone calls and promptly called me back doing exactly as she said she would do. Dr. Apple carved out time in his schedule to see and treat me same day. Very appreciative to everyone involved to treat a retinal tear promptly with care and kindness. "

 Patricia - 07/11/2024

" Everyone was so professional and kind. I actually showed up an hour early and they were kind enough to go ahead with my appointment with no waiting. They took me as soon as I sit in the chair in the waiting room. It was less than a minute. Thank you guys so much! "

 Clarkie - 07/11/2024

" Dr. Bergstrom very nice "

 Karen - 07/11/2024

" Everything to do with Retina Consultants is always EXCELLENT! Have never had anything but an exceptional experience with them!! "

 Anne - 07/11/2024

" The staff was both very professional and caring. Dr Christensen communicates well and takes the time to not feel rushed. I highly recommend your medical team. "

 Joseph - 07/11/2024

" Dr Williams and his staff are amazing. I always feel I am in good hands and well cared for. "

 Patricia - 07/11/2024

" My first visit Everyone very helpful and efficient and. Friendly. I am very happy with Dr Renfro and staff. Patricia Vogritz "

 David - 07/11/2024

" Although I didn't want the experience of having a detached retina and surgery, I had the best experience with this group of people from start to finish. Very professional and friendly! I highly recommend Dr Collin Ohning. "

 William - 07/11/2024

" I LOVED Dr Renfroe. Very informative. "

 Susan - 07/11/2024

" Staff and Dr Apple always make my visits comfortable and we end up laughing everytime. Shots aren't pleasant but the office atmosphere makes up for the discomfort.9 "

 Andrew - 07/11/2024

" All went well "

 Helen - 07/11/2024

" Dr Apple and staff are great!! "

 Judy - 07/11/2024

" Greatly appreciate the quality specialized care, the doctors expertise. Judy "

 Deborah - 07/11/2024

" Everyone was extremely friendly and kind. Dr. Apple was so down to earth and worked hard to explain everything so I could understand. What a great experience! Highly recommend Dr and office! "

 Donna - 07/10/2024

" Great. I love dr hall "

 Steven - 07/10/2024

" Absolute Professionals who relate a top tier office Dr Christianson is the utmost professional whose expertise Is evident with every visit. I wish every dr was like him "

 Joseph - 07/10/2024

" Your outgoing voice message requires the caller to have access to a number pad to route the incoming call. This is not possible when the caller is driving and calling via hands-free. There should be options to enter or say the number, if possible, and at the very least, a 'stay on the line to speak to someone' default at the end of the outgoing message. Otherwise, as happened to me, the call is disconnected. "

 Joyce - 07/10/2024

" Only issues 35 to 40 minute wait time in the morning. Everyone was very kind. "

 Eleanor - 07/10/2024

" Great medical team! "

 David - 07/09/2024

" Excellent treatment and care. "

 Kay W - 07/09/2024

" It’s a very good experience coming to this office. Everyone is very pleasant and tries to be make the visit as good as possible. Very glad I was told to try them. "

 Ruth - 07/09/2024

" No comments everything great "

 Frederick - 07/09/2024

" Dr.Apple has saved my sight.I am forever grateful. "

 Frances - 07/09/2024

" Dr.Hall is top notch! "

 Stephen - 07/09/2024

" Dr Ohning and his assistants are all very professional and knowledgeable. "

 Paul - 07/09/2024

" Felt confident with my diagnosis. "

 Grace - 07/09/2024

" Love Love Dr Renfro "

 Jean - 07/09/2024

" This practice is always friendly and professional. There is seldom any wait time. "

 Charles - 07/09/2024

" Excellent visit very informative and professional!! "

 Linda - 07/09/2024

" Everyone was very professional and informative. "

 Louis - 07/08/2024

" I was very pleased with my visit to Retina Consultants. "

 Annette - 07/05/2024

" I was very please with Dr Ohning! "

 Clairette - 07/04/2024

" So thankful for Dr Hall and his staff. "

 Barbara - 07/04/2024

" Everything was great! I am so happy I “found” you! "

 Tynette - 07/03/2024

" Always loving and very kind. "

 Robert - 07/03/2024

" The most professional office I visit. Also the nicest "

 Hanna - 07/03/2024

" virginia is so nice!!! she’s very personable and sweet & dr bergstrom is very informative and friendly. overall the staff is great but these two specifically are super awesome. :) "

 David - 07/03/2024

" I love this office. Everytime I come every body Is so nice. I love Dr Christianson. Every body is so informative In the office. I would recommend this doctor Or office to anýone. "

 Audie - 07/03/2024

" My whole visits every time I've been it's just been outstanding the work and the performance of the team is so wonderful I'm so glad to be able to see because of their abilities to help me thank you "

 Scott - 07/02/2024

" Love this place!! "

 Ann H - 07/02/2024

" I called after the appointment to schedule surgery - had to leave a voice message and was never called back "

 Dieter - 07/01/2024

" I always feel in good hands when I wir Dr. Kaiser and his staff ! "

 James - 06/30/2024

" Very professional and prompt. "

 Nicholas - 06/30/2024

" Everything was fine as usual! The staff were very friendly office was very clean doctor very informative "

 Sally - 06/30/2024

" All team members were knowledgeable, kind and accommodating. A great experience especially when you are dealing with a serious health issue. "

 Stacy - 06/29/2024

" I truly think I am in very knowledgeable and capable hands here and trust them to take excellent care of my eyes and advise me accordingly. "

 Rebecca - 06/29/2024

" We will never forget what Dr Bergstrom did to restore vision after a retinal detachment. Nothing short of miraculous! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You are a great surgeon and you and your staff are marvelous people. We are grateful every day for the restoration of sight. It means so much when you lose your sight to have it restored. "

 Donald - 06/29/2024

" I was very impressed. "

 Louise - 06/28/2024

" The receptionist, nursing staff and doctor are all friendly but very professional. . They are very good at making you feel at ease and comfortable during the visit. .i would definitely recommend them to family or friends. "

 Phyllis - 06/28/2024

" I was very pleased with the professional care I received from all the staff "

 Rochelle - 06/28/2024

" Great customer service "

 Wailing - 06/28/2024

" Dr. Apple is the BEST! I can't ask for a better doctor as caring and attentive s Dr. Apple. He listens to you, and your concerns, and as always make you feel at ease! THANK YOU to Dr. Apple and his team! "

 Phyllis - 06/28/2024

" I am hearing impaired and all the employees took time with me and treated very courteously. I unstand directions when people talk directly to my face. I, of course, am self conscious about my hearing disability but I was treated extremely kind with understanding "

 Gary - 06/28/2024

" Dr Eric Williams took all the time to answer all my questions . He was very communicative and pleasant. I would highly recommend him and his staff. "

 Elaine - 06/28/2024

" Dr Apple and his staff were prompt Professional and personable The intake receptionist was great and informed me from the beginning that my appointment was to be 1 hr to 90 min That was a plus for me The final checkout receptionist discussed my bill company and billing information as well "

 William - 06/28/2024

" I waited approximately an hour from the time of my scheduled appointment until the time that the doctor entered the room. Several staff members took me through tests and eye dilation during that time, but the wait times seemed much longer than at my other eye doctor’s office. "

 Diane - 06/28/2024

" Dr Robinson is the Best!! "

 Danielle - 06/28/2024

" Dr Robinson and staff are so kind and understanding. Thank you. "

 Robert - 06/28/2024

" I was visiting from out of town and sustained an injury. Dr. Williams and staff helpful and courteous. Dr. Williams checked me thoroughly and explained everything. He was very positive and reassuring. If I lived here he would be my doctor. "

 Mary - 06/28/2024

" I was treated like I was the only person there. Everyone in your office was so organized and efficient and I had no idea what a Like to be treated so special and I will always pass on the fact that this office is well prepared and ready for its patients! Thank you all so very much for your kindness 🙏😊 "

 Rachel - 06/28/2024

" I am very grateful for Dr. Kaiser and Retina Consultants . Thankful that Dr. Kaiser comes to Anderson for his patients her. I am very pleased with the service I received! "

 Patricia - 06/27/2024

" I have always received the utmost professionalism at Retina Consultants. Just so you know, I think Dr. Kaiser walks on water. He is one of the most compassionate and caring doctors I have. His staff is the same way. I feel like the sight I have is a direct result of the care I've received since the discovery of my macular degeneration. It has been an emotional trip for me and they've all helped me in any way they can. "

 Gavin - 06/27/2024

" Dr. Kizer and his staff are always professional, polite and prompt. It’s always a quick and informative visit "

 Ermias - 06/27/2024

" The only issue, I have is the wait time too long. My appointment was at 2:45pm and I was checked in at 2:24pm but it was 3:45pm when the Doctor see me. "

 Frank - 06/27/2024

" Glad you all were recommended. "

 Katie - 06/27/2024

" My visit was very pleasant. The Doctor and staff were very courteous and efficient. The office staff was also very courteous and helpful. However. I was disappointed to learn that Dr Christensen will be retiring this year, but I do wish him well and a happy retirement. "

 Diane - 06/27/2024

" Great group!! "

 Donald - 06/27/2024

" Dr. Apple is a professional, compassionate doctor. I always feel that he spends time with me to discuss my medical issues and listens and hears my concerns when I bring them up. "

 Charles - 06/27/2024

" Everyone is very courteous & professional. I feel very comfortable at this doctors office "

 Benjamin - 06/27/2024

" I always have a great experience in Dr. Kaiser’s Office. The staff are all friendly and informative. Excellent! "

 William - 06/27/2024

" Exam (treatment) rooms are small "

 John - 06/27/2024

" The doc is great "

 Cynthia - 06/27/2024

" This office runs like a well-oiled machine. Everyone is professional, efficient, and friendly, and each person knows their responsibilities and expectations. Every appointment is a pleasant experience. "

 Samuel - 06/27/2024

" There are not enough superlatives to explain how amazing Dr. Ohning and the excellent staff are. They are simply the best of the best. "

 Gerald - 06/27/2024

" Every and everyone was wonderful. "

 Norma - 06/26/2024

" I appreciate the care I recieve at this office for my macular degeneration. Great, knowledgeable and caring staff and doctors "

 Kip R - 06/26/2024

" Dr. Apple initially performed Vitrectomy Surgery about four years ago and has been “my eye doctor” ever since. The surgery was to correct an issue which another eye doctor had not been able to do in over a year trying. The surgery was a complete success and further checkups have continued to solidify my trust in Dr. Apple. "

 Wesley - 06/26/2024

" Dr Christensen is always Couteos and respectful He is very knowledgeable and explains his diagnosis. His assistant likewise was very knowledgeable and answered my questions. Each of the staff are always polite. It is a well run efficient office. "

 Jan S - 06/26/2024

" Dr Christensen's staff is always helpful & kind. They always keep my comfort in mind. Dr. Christensen us always warm & friendly. He always explains my tests to me so that I understand what they mean. He is professional, but down to earth. I feel comfortable to talking to him about my condition & care. 😊 "

 Betty - 06/26/2024

" Love everything about this office! Everyone so friendly! "

 Kathleen - 06/26/2024

" My visit was excellent since the time I walked in the door until I left had several tests' the each person went out of their way to be professional & caring. "

 Lynne - 06/26/2024

" My checkup went great, I was totally pleased with everyone I had contact with. Very punctual when moved from 1 step to the next. Wait time was minimal for each one & everyone was very professional but very friendly! Thanks to u all & God Bless! "

 Martha - 06/26/2024

" I had a very professional experience "

 Linda - 06/26/2024

" Dr. Hall and his entire staff are always gracious and very informative as well as thorough. They all make you feel comfortable and important. "

 Sandra - 06/26/2024

" Love this team of medial experts. "

 Brenda - 06/26/2024

" Dr. Bergstrom and staff are my only ‘go to’ favorites. "

 Theodore - 06/26/2024

" They got to us in short time. Their attitude was pleasant. The doctor was thorough in his explanation and choices. A pleasant experience. "

 Lynne - 06/26/2024

" Wonderful staff! Very courteous and knowledgeable. "

 Jane - 06/26/2024

" Loved Dr Williams. Knowledgeable, friendly, explained details well. "

 Lillie - 06/25/2024

" Thanks for having Spartanburg office .It is 1 hour drive which is closer than the other offices .Dr Apple is very good also "

 Richard - 06/25/2024

" Dr. Renfroe was extremely helpful in explaining my eye issue and the options open to me. I will probably have surgery done at Asheville Eye but only because an a technical issue with the Greenville location. I would highly recommend Dr. Renfro "

 James - 06/25/2024

" I like a waiting room without a TV. I have an unresolved eye condition. Not the fault, I don’t think, of Retina Cosultants "

 Annie - 06/25/2024

" I am so glad that I meant doctor apple he is a good doctor for me and a friend and i love he's works he has help me through my bad eyes 👀🤣🤣 "

 Aleene - 06/25/2024

" Dr. Apple(Spartanburg location) is my Retina Consultant. Always look forward to seeing him in more ways than one. He is a friend as well my doctor. He is so sincere with me and shows concern for me as I am having to accept a new way of life with my advanced stages of wet & dry macular degeneration. Would recommend this office highly! "

 Terri - 06/25/2024

" Very good service "

 Hernando - 06/25/2024

" The staff was very professional "

 Gerald - 06/25/2024

" The staff is always great, and Dr Ohning is excellent! "

 Joseph - 06/25/2024

" Everything was fine ☺️ "

 Patricia - 06/25/2024

" A positive experience. "

 Kenneth - 06/24/2024

" As always, Dr. Bergstrom did a great job "

 Horace - 06/23/2024

" Many years always excellent care thanks for excellent care "

 James - 06/23/2024

" Friendly and helpful staff. "

 William - 06/22/2024

" Professional staff and Doctors dependably giving excellent service and concerned care! "

 Nathan - 06/22/2024

" Dr. Robinson and staff are awesome. They take very good care of me. Listen to my problems, and give me awesome advice!!! "

 Annette - 06/22/2024

" Dr. Hall is knowledgeable. I trust his recommendations about my vision concerns. "

 Charles - 06/22/2024

" Very fortunate to have Retina Consultants in Spartanburg. "

 Sharon - 06/22/2024

" The staff and doctor is the best. Thank you!! "

 Felix - 06/22/2024

" Top notch staff, outstanding doctor providing excellent medical service. Greatly appreciate them. "

 Janie - 06/22/2024

" Since I start with this office, I have been so happy with how my treatment has been done. The whole staff has been a great team to work with. I am very happy that I was referred to Dr. Bergstrom, he has made me feel at ease with everything that he has done so far. "

 Scott - 06/22/2024

" The Doctors and staff are the best and friendliest that i have ever been to or seen. "

 Barbara - 06/22/2024

" Jess was so good with my mom. She was kind and calming when mom got frustrated with the test she was doing "

 Michael - 06/21/2024

" A friendly and knowledgeable staff. State of the art equipment.almost no wait time. Exceeded my expectations. "

 James - 06/21/2024

" Best staff I have ever dealt with. Dr Bergstrom is amazing. "

 Mary - 06/21/2024

" It was a pleasant visit. Everyone was professional, friendly and efficient. Thank you care team. Mary S. "

 Susan - 06/21/2024

" Dr. Bergstrom is an exceptional doctor! He is an outstanding surgeon and doctor! He is very knowledgeable, kind, patient, and answers all of my questions very thoughtfully and clearly. I’m very fortunate to have him as my surgeon and for lifelong monitoring of my Choroidal Melanoma. The nurses and staff are always skilled and kind! I feel confident going to this practice for my care! Thank you! "

 Deborah - 06/21/2024

" Visit was very informative "

 Carl - 06/21/2024

" I always come away very satisfied with my visits at Retina Consultants- Dr. Bergstrom and his staff are kind and knowledgeable- Dr. Bergstrom is a great Dr. and gentleman- "

 Sharlene - 06/21/2024

" Dr. Williams was clear, concise, and did a great job explaining my situation. All the staff were outstanding!!! "

 Sara - 06/21/2024

" I am very pleased with the staff and Dr Ohning, with complications I appreciate his efforts to resolve the complications! "

 Danny - 06/21/2024

" left my appt. feeling my experience was a 10/10. "

 Judy - 06/21/2024

" They all were great. Felt very comfortable and well cared for. Thanks Dr. Williams and staff. "

 Frank - 06/21/2024

" Really impressive medical office. "

 Roger - 06/21/2024

" Love this place! Love your work! "

 Phillip - 06/21/2024

" It is always a very positive experience! I appreciate the time and effort everyone takes to make sure it is. It’s nice to know that there are people still that way! "

 Kunjappan - 06/20/2024

" Excellent. Very satisfying. "

 Cheryl - 06/20/2024

" Office personnel are always very courteous, personable and helpful. Dr. Ohnig is very pleasant and always answers any questions I have on each visit. The office is clean, it’s just old and needs updating. "

 Robert - 06/20/2024

" Dr Robinson is the best shot giver I've ever gotten, don't feel anything. I comment about how goog he is. "

 Leonard - 06/20/2024

" Dr Kaiser is always great, the only Problem ever is the wait time. Overall process usually takes An hour and a half. Wish it could Be done in an hour . Before I began treatment it was Difficult to read. It isn’t now. I’m Very happy with that. "

 Donald - 06/20/2024

" Great experience for a doctor appointment! "

 Jocelyn - 06/20/2024

" All staff seem committed to my recovery from a stroke in my left eye. Eye sight in that eye improved from 20/100 to 20/40 after two Avastin treatments that started Jan. 4, 2023. I was nervous before the first treatment but after doing it once, I have been fine since then. In April 2024 I was told I did not need a treatment because my eye had improved more. Both Dr. Christiansen and Dr. Renfro are very patient and encouraging in answering questions and in explaining my progress and options. I recommend this practice. "

 Ruby - 06/20/2024

" Yes i would recommend this staff to everyone. Dr.Robinson injects shot into my eye never hurt always make sure its deaden. All staff have soft voice and Dr. Robinsons is very relaxing.No noise very clean in office and outside also. "

 Stanley - 06/20/2024

" I would trust Dr Bergstrom and the team with my life not just my vision. I like them as people too. "

 Amy D - 06/20/2024

" I was running late due to an issue with my battery. I called the office and they told me it would be okay for me to be approximately 20 minutes late. They were able to adjust the schedule and allow me to keep the appointment and things went great. I found the staff and the doctors to be outstanding. "

 William - 06/20/2024

" All round great "

 Amelia - 06/20/2024

" Perfect "

 Lillie - 06/20/2024

" I am very satisfied with the supportive treatment I have received at this facility. "

 James - 06/20/2024

" Dr Apple is the best and always a fantastic job by everyone else on the staff. "

 Peggy - 06/20/2024

" Examing rooms are very small and the passage way from room to room is very narrow. Just difficult for a person using a wheelchair or walker. "

 Marie - 06/20/2024

" Doctor was great and explained everything to us "

 Robert - 06/19/2024

" The best. "

 Sandra - 06/19/2024

" DR and Staff are welcoming and friendly. From the front door to the exam room, I was made to feel comfortable and that my personal eye health was a shared importance. Comparison of last year's pics, with this year's, was reviewed, explained and questions answered. Experience was enlightening and informative. "

 Richard - 06/19/2024

" Visit was great as usual "

 Alizabeth - 06/19/2024

" Dr Apple is very knowledgeable, kind and courteous. The staff were all great as well. "

 Lisa - 06/19/2024

" Because of my disability the team did not make me feel like a burden. They knew exactly what to do to make my visit a great experience. Thanks to everyone. "

 William - 06/19/2024

" You are the best! Thank you!! "

 Sean - 06/19/2024

" Dr. Ohning saved my vision so I couldn’t ask for anything more. "

 Geri - 06/19/2024

" I went in without an appointment. Voiced my concerns to the receptionist. And she got me in right away. I was extremely impressed with the quality of care I received. They are my A-Team for ophthalmologists! "

 William - 06/19/2024

" excellent care "

 Charlene - 06/19/2024

" My experience was the best I have had in many years. Thank you! "

 Mary - 06/19/2024

" Wonderful doctor and staff. Mary Brenda wood 11/10/1944 "

 Desiree - 06/18/2024

" Everyone was so friendly and I have never had such a thorough exam for my eyes. Even though it took 1 1/2 hours, I was moved from each exam room with efficacy. Highly recommend this establishment. "

 James - 06/18/2024

" Dr Robinson and his team has always been great. "

 Ronald - 06/18/2024

" Excellent Dr and staff, I would highly recommend them "

 Diane - 06/18/2024

" Really appreciated Dr. Hall seeing me so soon after I called the office with concerns. The staff helped me get an appointment that day and Dr. Hall was very informative & thorough, taking time to explain & alleviate my concerns. Very helpful! "

 Joanne - 06/18/2024

" Good visit. "

 Kathryn - 06/18/2024

" They seem to care about the people they serve. "

 Vickie - 06/18/2024

" Everyone was outstanding thanks for your help and courtesy reception was great. Nursing tech was great. Everyone was done a great job. "

 Sybil - 06/18/2024

" Everyone was very courteous, and pleasant. "

 Patricia - 06/18/2024

" As a native New Yorker whose family has and is still. R relocating to Greenville whom I visit quite frequently. I was seeing a retina specialist in New York where I live and have been extremely dissatisfied. While visiting in Nov. 2023 I found Retina Consultants of South Carolina and Dr. Williams was assigned to me. Needless to say I w As extremely pleased with his Services and treatment, I will be continuing my treatment with him. "

 Jeffrey - 06/17/2024

" Doctor Bergstrom saved my vision in both eyes due to retinal detachment, He and his staff are miracle workers in my opinion. They educated me on all that was transpiring and calmed our fears and gave us hope . When the second eye had a problem I knew immediately who to see and was confident he could help. The second eye surgery was completed perfectly like the first operation . We owe the Doc for him sharing his divine gift and talents and his family for their support of him. Were it not for him I would not be working and would not be able to help others. Thanks just doesn’t seem like enough. "

 Steven - 06/16/2024

" Every single person I was in contact with was very professional courteous and caring "

 James - 06/15/2024

" I got the shots in my eye from a Dr in NJ for a year. I was always in pain afterwards and had a hard time driving home. Dr Keizer is wonderful. The shots have minimal pain and I can drive soon afterwards "

 Lori - 06/15/2024

" I was well taken care of. I needed encouragement, and I got it. I received answers to my questions and concerns. Thank you! "

 Glenn - 06/15/2024

" The visit was extremely good and I have the utmost confidence in dr Kaiser. He’s excellent! "

 John - 06/15/2024

" Wait time needs inproving!! "

 Marjory - 06/15/2024

" Staff are always happy, respectful and efficient. Very pleasant experience every time and I’m getting injections in my eyeball!! Lol "

 Albert - 06/15/2024

" Eric was especially helpful — excellent addition to an already fine staff! "

 Maddlyn - 06/14/2024

" Everyone was very professional and courteous and informative. A very pleasant experience. "

 Triniqua - 06/14/2024

" Amazing staff and doctors! They give you a clear understanding of what you need to know. Great welcoming atmosphere! "

 Yanilka - 06/14/2024

" Dr. Bergstrom was amazing! He was knowledgeable and informative and responsive! I feel very confident that I’m in great hands with Dr. Bergstrom and the team at Retina Specialists. "

 Helen - 06/14/2024

" Everyone is friendly and helpful. I enjoy visiting here for treatment. "

 Felicia - 06/14/2024

" If I could leave a higher rating than excellent I would! I have never received service like that before at any doctor's office. The staff, the doctors, the nurses, everyone was amazing! They took me in at the last minute and they didn't have to and I truly appreciate that! The amount of time and care that they gave me in researching my problem was be yond belief. It was the most thorough examination I have ever had at a eye doctor. I pray that they have nothing but continued success in treating patients the way that patients deserve to be treated! Retina consultants of the Carolinas is the most amazing doctor's office ever! "

 James - 06/14/2024

" Everyone is very helpful, caring, and kind. Dr. Hall and staff are outstanding. Thank you for being there for me. "

 Cassandra - 06/14/2024

" Absolutely, great place to attend. "

 Paula - 06/14/2024

" Dr. Hall always puts me at ease when I have an appointment. I also have heard others in the waiting room commenting on his kindness. "

 Jerry - 06/14/2024

" Dr Christensen is very through in explaining everything he will do to Jerry. We always have a good experience when going there. "

 Jody - 06/14/2024

" This was a very professional medical practice! The staff was extremely knowledgeable, and worked together well. I was impressed! "

 Tammy - 06/13/2024

" Dr Williams is amazing My eye injections went well, little to no pain. My vision has improved. "

 Barney - 06/13/2024

" It's always a great experience. "

 Michael - 06/13/2024

" Great job ! "

 Gary - 06/13/2024

" I could not ask for a better overall experience. "

 James - 06/13/2024

" I have been a patient for over 16 years. You won’t find a better retina specialist in the southeast. When I needed treatment for uveal melanoma and had to have brachytherapy to radiate my Nevis, I had the best person to provide my surgery, Dr. Bergstrom. He is an extremely gifted surgeon and has performed close to a thousand surgeries. His gentle spirit and caring discussion made my worst fears disappear. "

 Aurora - 06/13/2024

" If you need help with your eyes this is the place to go. "

 William - 06/13/2024

" Thanks Eric for being so kind and being patient with me "

 Joseph - 06/13/2024

" Always excellent eye care and caring and friendly attention from Dr. Renfro and his staff. "

 Angela - 06/13/2024

" Everyone was very friendly and explained each procedure before starting. I really liked Dr. Hall and how he took the time to fully explain what was going on with my eyes and answered my questions. He even encouraged me to call back if I thought of any questions after I left. I would definitely recommend your practice to anyone. "

 Vickie - 06/13/2024

" Love this doctor. Very pleasant and informative. Staff was awesome. "

 Yvonne - 06/12/2024

" Just went in for my six month ck up. Dr Bergstrom found a tear in my left retina he immediately lasered it. Had a retina detachment in right eye 2 years ago. Didn’t want to go through that again. Dr Bergstrom and staff are GREAT "

 Brian - 06/12/2024

" Super friendly and informative "

 Retta - 06/12/2024

" The whole team is always the same, always friendly, always professional, always informative. I certainly recommend Dr Hall to anyone with retina problems. "

 Doris - 06/12/2024

" Dr. Bergstrom is so nice and informs me of what he needs to do to help me. He had to put a shot in my eye which I'm happy to say didn't hurt at all. I had a little stinging for a couple of hours and a lot of watering through the night. The following day it was fine , I think the shot is working. Thank you Dr. Bergstrom. "

 August - 06/12/2024

" The doctor was excellent and very knowledgeable of my condition. He was also helpful in understanding a situation I have developed since my last visit "

 Francisco - 06/12/2024

" 1st time here, very pleased with the entire visit. Everyone was professional, courteous, prompt. All questions answered after the eye exam. Would definitely return if needed and recommend this office to others. "

 Anna - 06/11/2024

" I’m grateful to have been cared for by Dr Renfro and his staff. He was patient and took the time to explain my condition and steps for healing. From start to finish, I knew I was in good hands. Thank you! "

 William - 06/09/2024

" Everything went well and I appreciate the over all visit. "

 Mary - 06/08/2024

" Dr. Christenson made us feel completely ar ease. His staff was professional, thorough and confident. I was in good hands the minute I walked in. GREAT OVERALL EXPERIENCE!! "

 Paul - 06/08/2024

" I’m Very Thankful for Dr. Renfro he Keeps me seeing at my older age! "

 Emma - 06/08/2024

" Excellent customer service!! Very friendly and professional environment. "

 Bryant - 06/08/2024

" I have nothing to say even thing was professional good group of people "

 Benjamin - 06/08/2024

" Very good visit. Dr. Kaiser is a great doctor. His staff is great too! Been seeing him for years . "

 Sharon - 06/07/2024

" There is satisfied with my eye doctor and his staff. "

 Gregory - 06/07/2024

" We had such a great experience at your office. Wonderful staff and Doctor! "

 Debra - 06/07/2024

" Such an excellent experience..everyone is so nice and professional. Going over and above to support and be helpful. I had a pre-op appointment scheduled for the next week. They did all the pre op work on this visit so I wouldn’t have to come back for a second time next week. They also easily and with grace rescheduled my surgery for the initial date after I messed it up. "

 Frederic - 06/07/2024

" I have been treated very well since I was referred to Retina Consultants in January. All of my questions have been answered and I feel that I have received the best care currently possible. I’m very happy with Dr. Apple and all of the staff that has cared for me. A huge Thank You to the entire team! "

 Rick - 06/07/2024

" Great experience overall. Dr Apple was fantastic and the support staff were awesome as well. "

 Dennis - 06/07/2024

" Great as usual! "

 Joyce - 06/07/2024

" I feel very confident with my care and the diagnosis with Dr. Kaiser. "

 Julie - 06/07/2024

" My vision had decreased dramatically in the last 6 months but this was not addressed "

 Rudy - 06/06/2024

" Everyone was professional and knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable with getting a shot in the eyeball. Didn't see that one coming 😕 "

 Robert - 06/06/2024

" Everyone is great there. Like family "

 Rasheka - 06/06/2024

" Very nice and informative "

 Anthony - 06/06/2024

" First Class all the way . "

 Christen - 06/06/2024

" Great doctor and staff!! "

 Linda - 06/06/2024

" I am grateful for the professional care I receive at the Retina Specialists. All staff are wonderful and caring. "

 Gloria - 06/06/2024

" Everyone there seemed to work together "

 Arnold - 06/06/2024

" We have always enjoyed the courteous staff. "

 Edward - 06/06/2024

" Love the staff and Dr. Apple. Everyone is friendly and kind. Thank you "

 Paul - 06/06/2024

" Dr Apple is knowledgeable, reviews tet results , listens to patients input and reacts quickly to resolve any problems . Staff is well trained . Only complaint is long wait to see the doctor , but I believe there were a couple of emergencies that day "

 Bridget - 06/05/2024

" Michelle is an absolute delight. She is obviously a people person and loves what she does ! She is professional. Explains everything she is going to do. Warm and caring with a great sense of humor. Makes her patients feel very important. I cannot say enough! We need a lot more employees like Michelle! "

 John - 06/05/2024

" Everyone was courteous and professional as they have been every time that I have gone to Retina Consultants over the last five+ years. "

 Richard - 06/05/2024

" I misread my schedule and arrived 35 minutes late-staff was already at lunch. Receptionist made adjustments/arrangements and I was seen immediately when the crew returned. As always I was impressed with the courtesy, competence and professionalism of everyone in the office. "

 Brenda - 06/05/2024

" I wax seen by individuals exhibiting very professional behavior. "

 Regina - 06/05/2024

" Thank you for your caring way Dr Hall & team. I feel very comfortable knowing I can call your office if I feel concerned about any eye problems. Thank you "

 Joel - 06/05/2024

" Everybody was excellent "

 Sarah - 06/05/2024

" Dr. Bergstrom explained everything and seemed very concerned. I would definitely recommend to others ! His staff was knowledgeable and courteous. "

 Andrew - 06/05/2024

" Exceptional staff and doctors 5 stars out of 5 "

 Barbara - 06/05/2024

" Yesterday was a very good visit. Receptionist so nice and friendly. The staff explained each step as it was being done. Dr Apple was informative and understanding, as always. He answers any questions we might have. He is an excellent doctor. "

 Millie - 06/05/2024

" I loved my time I spent in this office.. You guys are awesome 👌 Millie "

 Debra - 06/05/2024

" Dr.Apple is very knowledgeable,friendly and conversive. He was complimentary to me about my self care and diabetes care. He knows my Endocrinologist well and congratulated me on having her as my doctor. The other care team members were very nice and made me feel comfortable throughout the visit. I would highly recommend this practice to others. "

 Barbara - 06/05/2024

" Efficient, cheerful, great experience. "

 Whitney - 06/05/2024

" Dr. Renfro makes getting an injection in your eye seems like a day in the park. It is always a pleasant experience, and the entire staff is most courteous, helpful and friendly. "

 Debra - 06/05/2024

" Dr. Ohning and staff are amazing. Thorough examination and felt confident I was in the best of care. "

 Ellen - 06/04/2024

" I appreciate their hospitality ! Over all couldn't ask for no better ! From when I walked in the door till I left! "

 Patricia - 06/04/2024

" Great run office!! "

 Randy - 06/04/2024

" Always good "

 June - 06/04/2024

" Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. "

 Sherri - 06/02/2024

" All of your staff introduced themselves and made me feel welcome. This was my first visit with Dr. Bergstrom and I liked him a lot. He explained things to me and answered my questions. "

 Joseph - 06/02/2024

" The staff are a pleasure to deal with and the doctors are great at what they do and explained all procedures and outcomes "

 Everett - 06/02/2024

" Had an emergency visit. Staff showed up early and were prepared, friendly, and professional. Excellent experience from start to finish. "

 James - 06/02/2024

" Dr.Williams is an excellent doctor Definitely knows what he's doing "

 William - 06/01/2024

" No one introduced themselves. "

 James - 06/01/2024

" Dr Hall and staff were exceptional. "

 William - 06/01/2024

" Dr Christianson is very professional and knowledgeable. I can trust his judgment on all my eye issues. "

 Polly - 06/01/2024

" All very courteous did a great job "

 Phillip - 06/01/2024

" Everything was great. "

 W T - 06/01/2024

" The medical assistant was awesome! "

 Thomas - 05/31/2024

" Dr. Kaiser is special to us in that he has helped Tom (his patient) as much as he can with the stroke Tom had in his eye. We appreciate him. Tom and Belinda Sanders "

 Sandra - 05/31/2024

" I'm very happy with Retina and would send anyone to them. "

 Kathryn - 05/31/2024

" Dr. Hall showed a lot of interest in answering my questions completely. He's a really kind doctor. "

 Dennis - 05/31/2024

" Dr Renfro and Staff are Outstanding, Very Compassionate and Professional.. Dennis Moss "

 Carol - 05/31/2024

" This was about my 10th visit and the whole staff is consistently efficient, pleasant and extremely knowledgeable. Dr. Owning could not be more caring and professional. "

 John - 05/31/2024

" I am very grateful to Dr. Hall and his staff for the care that they have given me these past 12 years. I will miss him when we move this summer. I would recommend Dr. Hall and the entire practice group to everyone that needs their care. "

 Faye - 05/31/2024

" The wait time was only fair this time. But I realize situations with other paitients arise that are not in the doctor's control. I'm confident he gives the best care to each patient. "

 Thomas - 05/30/2024

" Very grateful for quick appointment and Dr Williams and the team. "

 Mehrgan - 05/30/2024

" Very organized office with professional employees Dr Bergstrom is a superb physician "

 Alvin - 05/30/2024

" Always a very nice experience. Staff was very helpful and courteous. "

 Marilyn - 05/30/2024

" Dr. Robinson gave me a thorough checkup and dispelled my fears. My questions were answered fully. Thank you. "

 Tarita - 05/30/2024

" I was very pleased with my results with my eyes. "

 Sandra - 05/30/2024

" Would highly recommend "

 Torri - 05/30/2024

" Dr Renfro is an amazing doctor. He takes time with you to make sure you understand everything. He is kind and easy going. The staff are professional and courteous. I highly reccomend this office. "

 Lavelle - 05/30/2024

" They were very informative and polite. They work so well together. "

 Miriam - 05/30/2024

" Everyone was friendly and accommodating. Everything was thorough. "

 Edward - 05/30/2024

" Keep up the good work "

 Deborah - 05/30/2024

" Was a little apprehensive when Dr Antworth retired, but Dr Apple is absolutely fabulous. I know I along with my family are in wonderful hands. "

 Dorothy - 05/30/2024

" This is one of the most efficient doctors offices I go to! Everything runs like clockwork. "

 Anthony - 05/29/2024

" Everyone was wonderful. Dr. Williams was wonderful and very informative. Chrissy was amazing in the recovery area. I can’t say enough. Everyone was exceptional. Thank you for everything "

 Marjorie - 05/29/2024

" My visit to your office was as pleasant as my visits to my Retina Specialist in Little River , thank y’all "

 Faye - 05/29/2024

" The staff and Doctor in this office is very professional and personal!! My thanks to all!💕 "

 Connie - 05/29/2024

" I would recommend this Practice to anyone . "

 Douglas - 05/29/2024

" I have allways had the best service of all my doctors "

 Joanne - 05/29/2024

" I love this office. "

 Lucia - 05/29/2024

" Dr Robinson is the best "

 Emma - 05/29/2024

" We always leave knowing that Dr Bergstrom has done everything he can to make my eyes better. I now see better than I have in many years. "

 Teresa - 05/29/2024

" One of best Dr visits I have had! Technician was superior to any! Dr answered all my questions and put me at ease. "

 Thomas - 05/29/2024

" Wow. Very impressive all around. My wife and I both LOVE this practice. "

 Gwyn - 05/27/2024

" Everyone there is very nice and friendly. Dr. Bergstram is a great and caring doctor. "

 Mary - 05/27/2024

" Overall experience and each interaction with the staff, assistants and Dr. was great. I was happy with how efficient the team was to make it a quick appointment. That said, the team and doctors spent time needed to listen to my concerns and answer my questions. Will definitely recommend Retina Consultants of Carolina to anyone that needs a retina specialist. Appreciative of care received! "

 James - 05/25/2024

" Very competent and professional "

 Edith - 05/24/2024

" A very nice office and Personel to work with. Everyone Is very personal and helpful. I’ve never had to wait a long time for my appointment. I would gladly recommend this practice to anyone. My doctor is Dr. Ohning. He is a great doctor. Thank you!! "

 Phillip - 05/24/2024

" Friendly and helpful. "

 Martha - 05/24/2024

" I surely thank God for the wonderful people who work at Retina Consultants. "

 Burnedette - 05/24/2024

" Michelle was the most thorough and professional COT I have ever experienced! "

 Hannah - 05/24/2024

" Long appointment but doctor was thorough and did not rush. Really appreciate that they all took their time to make sure I understood everything. Great experience. "

 Glen - 05/24/2024

" Dr. Williams and the entire staff support were outstanding. pe Especially Dr. Williams and the lady that took the pictures of my eye. It was nice to have a team with so much care. "

 Joe N - 05/24/2024

" Had to wait over an hour. But we understand things happen "

 Richard - 05/24/2024

" As always, Dr Christianson and all the staff are super courteous and accommodating. Very short wait times every visit. "

 Michael - 05/24/2024

" Very professional and courteous staff and Doctor "

 Janice - 05/24/2024

" I was excited to meet Dr. Robinson again, he was the first provider who treated me for Macular Degeneration. "

 Jack - 05/24/2024

" Very professional staff with Doctor Apple. Made you feel comfortable and throughly explained all activities that were conducted. Great experience. "

 Carol - 05/23/2024

" Enjoy going there everyone is so nice. "

 Pamela - 05/23/2024

" I always have an excellent experience there. Dr. Renfro is great. "

 Joseph - 05/23/2024

" Dr Apple is terrific and great asset to your group. "

 Cynthia - 05/23/2024

" Just excellent all around. Dr. Apple is great. "

 Sonny - 05/23/2024

" Dr. Apple is great and very thankful for his service "