Recent Reviews

 Janet - 08/13/2022

" It is always a pleasure to come to this office. Dr Robinson and his assistants are always kind and gentle. "

 Cynthia - 08/13/2022

" I was given the best of care with my Doctor and staff. Thank you Dr Hall for a job well done. May God continue to Bless you and the staff in all you do. Thank you Cynthia Johnson ❤️🥰 "

 Morris - 08/12/2022

" I have always received amazing treatment from all of the people in Dr. Bergstrom’s office. Very friendly and professional. "

 Harold - 08/12/2022

" Dr. Hall and staff has never been anything but excellent. Always the best care. "

 Daniel - 08/11/2022

" Very Pleased with my Visit! "

 Margaret - 08/11/2022

" Very professional nice polite very knowledgeable And most of all they show they care,, ten plus thanks 😊 "

 Donna - 08/11/2022

" Very personable and helpful staff. Next to no waiting time. Quality time with the doctor. "

 Linda - 08/11/2022

" I got an appointment very quickly. The whole staff was kind and considerate. The doctor answered all my questions and explained my condition. He was very kind. He let me know that if there were any changes or problems they are a phone call away. "

 Sandra - 08/11/2022

" All the staff very nice/kind .. "

 Satish - 08/11/2022

" Great "

 Kiritkumar - 08/11/2022

" Excellent "

 Sandra - 08/11/2022

" I felt very comfortable and cared for from the time of check in until I left. "

 Harold - 08/11/2022

" I enjoy coming to this office. Always satisfied with the service. Thank you. "

 Carolyn - 08/11/2022

" My Mother saw Dr Christensen years ago. When I was recommended that I see a retina specialist, I asked to see same doctor. I like him very much. "

 Caden - 08/11/2022

" Devante is great "

 Agnes - 08/11/2022

" Dr. Apple and his staff are always welcoming, concerned, and pleasant. They always answer all of my questions and invite me to co tact then if I have further questions. They are the best! "

 Andrew - 08/10/2022

" Very good care, great operation! "

 Helen - 08/10/2022

" Everyone at this office exemplifies the medical profession. I’ve been with them for one year. I will forever be indebted to them for the care I received. "

 Pearl - 08/10/2022

" All of the staff were excellent. So friendly. Dr Bergson rocks. No redness from my injection. Thanks so much Dr Bergeron. You can use my name. Would love for them to know. 😊 "

 Elbert - 08/10/2022

" Dr. Kaiser is very patient and answers all my questions. I have been going to him over a year now. "

 Sarah - 08/10/2022

" Dr renfro and his staff very excellent and also receptionist appointment the office it's very clean and all the technicians they doing wonderful job thank you everyone keep up the good work "

 William - 08/10/2022

" Doctor Christensen and the entire staff are excellent care providers "

 James - 08/09/2022

" Dr Bergstrom and staff do an outstanding job! "

 Russell - 08/09/2022

" I am forever grateful for what you all have done for me every one was so nice 😌 "

 Joyce - 08/09/2022

" They take extra care of you I always enjoy my visits and Dr Apple is the best "

 Judy - 08/09/2022

" Dr Apple his assistant and staff are wonderful, couldn’t ask for better care. Great Job!! "

 Betty - 08/09/2022

" All very nice Dr Kaiser the best. Feel very confident in my care Tk you "

 Carol - 08/09/2022

" I’ve always had a good experience at this office. "

 Horace - 08/09/2022

" Dr. Apple and staff were all top notch folks. I feel very confident in their hands. "

 Susan - 08/08/2022

" Staff was friendly and welcoming. Dr Apple was kind, listened carefully, and was thorough in his examination. I was most pleased. Susan "

 Thomas - 08/07/2022

" I have been very satisfied with the treatments I’ve received at Retina Consultants. "

 Angel - 08/06/2022

" Dr. Ohning has taken excellent care of my eyes. He is so good at explaining everything and always tells you what to expect from the procedure he is about to perform. I am one that likes to know what is about to be done. Thank you Dr. Ohning for taking such good care of me. "

 James - 08/06/2022

" I highly recommend this office to all my friends and family members "

 Catherine - 08/05/2022

" I continue to be impressed by the entire staff Everything from my arrival to my signing out and scheduling my next appt goes smoothly. I always feel that I am good hands. Thank you. "

 Darryl - 08/05/2022

" Dr.Apple has been a Godsend for my husband’s continuous care. "

 Mary - 08/05/2022

" They were amazing as always "

 Randall - 08/05/2022

" I am totally happy with, and satisfied by, my experiences with Retina Consultants and Dr. Bergstrom. I had very large floaters in my right eye. I was referred to Retina by Clemson Eye, as Clemson does not currently have a surgeon capable of doing vitrectomy surgery. Dr. Bergstrom did my surgery, and restored crystal-clear vision. Every interaction I had during surgery and follow-up was perfect, from the receptionist through the various professionals who support Dr. Bergstrom. I strongly recommend Retina for the care of your vision. This is a top flight provider. "

 Renuka - 08/04/2022

" Dr Kaiser is very professional and a very caring person. I totally feel that I am in good hands with him. My husband Brij has been his patient for the last 4-5 years and I was absolutely sure that I wanted him as soon as I found out that I had AMD. "

 Walter - 08/04/2022

" The medical assistant with the 5 August birthday date had a wonderful sense of humor. I'm not qualified to rate medical doctors professionally, but I left with the feeling that this gentleman knew his craft. "

 Carolyn - 08/04/2022

" Outstanding service and facility. "

 Carol - 08/04/2022

" A very pleasant experience, especially since this was my first visit. "

 George - 08/04/2022

" Dr Bergstrom is outstanding and his staff is excellent "

 Dianne - 08/04/2022

" Dr Hall has kept up with my care of left eye for several years and ALWAYS is very informative about All my conditions not only eye. Exceptional service "

 Darlene - 08/04/2022

" Dr. Renfro has the perfect blend of professionalism and "good bedside manner." He is very knowledgeable as well as humble. What a great combination for a man in his position. I left your facility believing I had received the best care available in my area and knowing that I was treated with respect and courtesy. While I hope I will not need your services in the future, I believe that if I do, I can rest assured it will be just as outstanding as it was yesterday. "

 Carl - 08/04/2022

" My visit was quick and easy. I like everyone that I talked. "

 Stephen - 08/04/2022

" Some confusion at hospital about preoperation tests. Missed EKG the first visit and needed to rush to get it day before surgery so we could get in schedule. "

 James - 08/04/2022

" Dr. Robinson and staff are fantastic. I have been a patient for almost 2 years. Would never think of leaving. "

 Joyce - 08/04/2022

" I was extremely fortunate. I was referred to Retina Consultants in Greenwood on an emergency basis on a Tuesday and had Detached Retina surgery on Wednesday. The last patient on Tuesday and the last patient for outpatient surgery on Wednesday night. Everyone was was grest. "

 Dean - 08/04/2022

" Most efficient Dr. Office I visit. We’ll oiled machine. "

 Mary - 08/03/2022

" I love Dr. Renfro he's very sufficient in his work, he always treasures me and let's me know what to expect before he doe's anything to me. "

 Myreon - 08/03/2022

" The young lady that runs the front area is Awesome and always pleasent. "

 Clara - 08/03/2022

" Great visit "

 Regina - 08/03/2022

" Dr Kaiser is a great Dr who cares for his patients. I thank God for him and the surgery he did on my eye was a Success. "

 Johnny - 08/03/2022

" Very nice courteous staff. Never had a doctor that I trust more than Dr. Christensen.... "

 Janet - 08/03/2022

" Dr, Apple takes the time to explain all questions and is very easy to talk with. His staff is both professional and friendly. And I don't have to drive all the way to Greenville. Thanks "

 Donald - 08/03/2022

" Dr. Apple and the rest of the Retina Consultants Team is the epitome of what medical care should be! "

 Grady - 08/03/2022

" Every member of the team was knowledgeable and professional "

 Steve - 08/02/2022

" I have been going to the Anderson office and being seen by Dr. Kaiser. Always a pleaent experience!!!! "

 Barbara - 08/02/2022

" I like that the wait time is very good. Dr. Hall answered all my questions "

 Athena - 08/02/2022

" Staff and doctors have always been professional and very polite. "

 Manon - 08/02/2022

" Everyone in the office is great ! "

 Harold - 08/02/2022

" Great staff. Everyone very helpful and courteous. Great experience. "

 Nancy - 08/02/2022

" Always a great experience! "

 Vicki - 08/02/2022

" This was a great experience. All so kind and informative! Thank you! "

 Carlton - 08/02/2022

" Very professional clinic. "

 Elizabeth - 08/01/2022

" I shall miss Dr. Antworth. He was an excellent doctor ! I trusted him implicitly. He assured me he was leaving me in capable hands, so I look forward to meeting Dr. Ohning ! "

 Penny - 07/30/2022

" I so appreciate Dr. Bergstrom’s care of my medical emergency, coming in both Saturday and Sunday to give me immediate care. He has been caring and informative as we’ve gone through this process. "

 Huetta - 07/30/2022

" Great group of people. "

 Gwendolyn - 07/30/2022

" My experience was excellent with a great staff "

 Michael - 07/30/2022

" Thanks for fitting me in as I was supposed to be in Clemson "

 Janice - 07/29/2022

" Busy day for the office, yet kind. "

 Ruth - 07/29/2022

" Dr Antworth was so kind. I appreciated how he made me feel less tense. "

 Debra - 07/29/2022

" As always, great experience. Dr. Apple was kind and caring, even when I asked questions that do not relate to my retina/masular degeneration. All the assistants explained what and why each test was being done. Thank you all for another good experience!! "

 Virginia - 07/28/2022

" DR.Bergstrom and his team are the best. Dr. Bergstrom put me at ease the first time I met him and the team has always been great. I appreciate all the team and Dr.B and highly recommend them.Also the new office is beautiful. "

 David - 07/28/2022

" After two years of post surgical experience, which was due to eye complications I got released and the doctor stated if I have any problems give them a call. He and his med assistant were wonderful. I appreciate all the assistance I’ve gotten from his office and the doctor over the past two years. Two years ago was my eye surgery and I’m very thankful for it. "

 Constance - 07/28/2022

" Sorry to see Dr. Antworth is leaving He was a very good doctor "

 David - 07/28/2022

" Could not have ask for better staff and Doctors "

 Rebecca - 07/28/2022

" Everyone was attentive, polite, and professional, but especially Lauren Frazier. I always felt comfortable and appreciated. It was again, a very relaxing and easy afternoon. Thank you. "

 Linda - 07/28/2022

" I would highly recommend Retina Consultants and Dr Renfro. "

 Jeff - 07/28/2022

" Outstanding care. "

 James - 07/28/2022

" Very impressed with the overall visit . In and out in about 45 mins "

 Donnie - 07/28/2022

" Everyone in there was excellent the doctor nurses receptionist all "

 Kenneth - 07/28/2022

" I was very pleased with my visit. Everyone carried out their part to get me to the doctor. Thanks for the excellent service "

 Ronald - 07/27/2022

" Everybody in your practice is very professional and courteous and a pleasure to do business with. I have complete confidence and your staff and your doctors. It’s a privilege to be one of your patients. "

 Gary - 07/27/2022

" Dr. Renfro is talented caring professional who always takes the time to listen to the patients concerns. He is superior to any other retina specialist who has ever cared for my eyes. Gary K. Cain Patient "

 Kay F - 07/27/2022

" I have thoroughly enjoyed Dr Antworth as one of his patients. He always took time to explain/ answer any and all questions. The staff has always been very pleasant. I do enjoy the new facilities as it appears to be less hectic with so many patients. I look forward to the future appointments with Dr Bergstrom. "

 Mary - 07/27/2022

" The doctor and staff was dressed professionally which was very encouraging. The doctor was able to explain exactly what was going on with my mother and she understood. The receptionist was excellent. She was able to alert the rest of the staff about my mom's dementia without triggering her. The nurse that did her intake was wonderful. This was one of the smoothest doctor visits I have had in a while and I thank you kindly! "

 Joyce - 07/27/2022

" Great visit! "

 Saretta - 07/27/2022

" Dr. Apple and team are the best! "

 James - 07/27/2022

" Doctor Robinson as well as all the members of the staff I interacted with were courteous and very professional and you could see that they value their patients. "

 Terry - 07/27/2022

" The vist was excellent and the staff made the visit go smoothly. "

 Lindsley - 07/27/2022

" The nurse who did my moms eye test was wonderful!! She was so patient and caring!!! "

 Ronald - 07/27/2022

" The assistants are always friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Apple is a very warm and knowledgeable physician. Always enjoy my visits. "

 Benjamin - 07/26/2022

" The staff was very helpful, did not have to wait very long, all of my questions were answered and I felt the care team knew what they were doing and helped my situation as best they could "

 Fred - 07/23/2022

" Thankful for many years of great efforts of care "

 Stanley - 07/23/2022

" An excellent staff. "

 James - 07/23/2022

" Very clean office . Courteous, professional staff . "

 David - 07/23/2022

" Jim Hall is a friend and a great physician. He has helped with my eye care since 2010 when I had a benign pvd.....the whole experience every time, including for the optic neuritis recently, has been top notch. All of the staff and support people have been incredible. I could not have asked for a more professional and compassionate experience. "

 Deborah - 07/23/2022

" I have always been impressed with this practice and Dr. Bergstrom’s team. I had an opportunity to go to another facility and did all I could to ensure I saw him. He saved my left eye before and wanted no one else as I trust him and his knowledge completely. "

 Sharon - 07/22/2022

" Dr Anworth has been an excellent health care Doctor for my eyes. I only wish him the best in his retirement. I am looking to see if his replacement is as compassionate "

 Barbara - 07/22/2022

" Love this office and Dr. Christiansen "

 Leland - 07/22/2022

" Every one was very helpful , Plus I did not wait long at all "

 Helen - 07/21/2022

" This is a very professional office. Everyone is very pleasant and Dr.B is wonderful. "

 Dorothy - 07/21/2022

" Dr. Michael Antworth is a wonderful doctor. He will be retiring soon, and I will certainly miss his kind caring ways, as well as his exceptional medical expertise. His medical technician, Jessica, is exceptional as well. I will continue to go to this practice, and my future visits will be under the care of Dr. Apple. "

 Lisa - 07/21/2022

" Retina Consultants is always a good experience. Their staff is extremely pleasant and courteous and the doctor is always timely and knowledgeable. "

 Ronald - 07/21/2022

" I would follow Dr. Bergstom to the moon. There are many questionable doctors currently practicing medicine but Dr Bergstom is an exception. He's the best, period! "

 Imagene - 07/21/2022

" The staff are very sweet and courteous. I have total trust in Dr Hall. Would recommend that office to anyone for their eye care "

 Betty - 07/20/2022

" Dr Christensen is an excellent MD that is very direct and compassionate. It is very informative and is concerned about my welfare. "

 Gregory - 07/20/2022

" All staff excellent "

 Marilyn - 07/20/2022

" MY only compliant is that Dr. Antworth is retiring. Great for him but I will miss him. Otherwise, I am very happy with my experience with Retina Specialists. All the doctors that I have seen have been pleasant and helpful. Keep up the good work. "

 Mirtha - 07/20/2022

" Always pleased with the attention given to me personally "

 Alice - 07/20/2022

" Dr. Apple is the best..professional,caring, always listens. So blessed to have found him and the staff is always pleasant and helpful. Have recommended him to 3 friends and am always confident they will (and have) received the best care. "

 Warren - 07/20/2022

" Dr Apple is the Best! "

 Martha - 07/20/2022

" Everyone I had contact with was courteous, professional knowledgeable and effencient "

 Wanda - 07/20/2022

" Retinal consultants of the Carolinas, have the best doctors and team that you could ask for if you need eye care this would be the place to go. Dr Robinson is an excellent doctor. He and his team are very nice to work with. Having him as my doctor has been a blessing. I'd like to thank him and his team for all they do for me. "

 Ismael - 07/20/2022

" I always been very satisfied with your customer service and excellent doctors thank you "

 Hector - 07/20/2022

" I feel I’m in the best hands regarding my retina issues. Thank you Dr.Anworth and all the staff at Retina Consultants. "

 Jean - 07/20/2022

" Professional and compassionate care here. Thank all of you. Jean "

 Michael - 07/19/2022

" Great staff very polite and helpful. The doctor was fantastic very knowledgeable, and well informed about my health. Would recommend this office to my family and my friends. "

 Bobby - 07/19/2022

" It's my understanding that Dr antworth is retiring at the end of the month.may the heavenly father be with you and your family in your future and part time endeavors. Thanks again for your skills and professional stardards. In Christ Bobby R Owens. "

 Mary - 07/19/2022

" I'm thankful to Dr. Christensen and staff. They listens to my concerns and gives me effective care for treating my retina. "

 Dianna - 07/19/2022

" Great doctor cares about overall health "

 Mary - 07/19/2022

" Have been coming here for many years and have never had anything but great staff and Doctors. I am sad to see Dr Antworth retire but I am sure I will still get the same quality care I have received from him. All the Doctors I have seen there are great. Highly recommend this office! "

 Raymond - 07/19/2022

" Thankful for complete care from everyone. "

 Peggy - 07/19/2022

" Dr.Robinson and the staff were wonderful!! "

 Ernest - 07/19/2022

" The attention and care I received during this visit has improved significantly over prior visits. Staff were very attentive, friendly and helpful. Dr. Antworth answered my questions this time. I am sorry he is retiring at the end of July. I have been his patient for over 15 years during which time he has managed my eye edema quite effectively. I am happy for him and hope he has a pleasant retirement. I think one of his greatest achievements is the service he rendered to people and children who had eye problems but were unable to afford a retina specialist. I am certain this, along with the fact that he is such an accomplished and successful physician, that has resulted in his success both as a person and as a medical professional. "

 George - 07/19/2022

" Dr Kaiser is an excellent Dr and so very thorough and compassionate. "

 Kenneth - 07/19/2022

" I really appreciated everyone at the office and am so grateful that I was able to see Dr. Renfro. His genuine care and concern were much appreciated in addition to his willingness to explain everything that he was doing. Thanks very much! "

 Glyn - 07/19/2022

" Was very happy with everyone there at the clinic and with the doctor answering my questions. "

 Glyn - 07/19/2022

" Was very happy with everyone there at the clinic and with the doctor answering my questions. "

 Julia - 07/16/2022

" I felt very secure that Dr Hall and his team were doing the best for me. "

 Alfred - 07/16/2022

" Dr Kaiser is a very good experience and I will always ask to be referred to him concerning my eyes "

 Alfred - 07/16/2022

" Dr Kaiser is a very good experience and I will always ask to be referred to him concerning my eyes "

 Nancy - 07/15/2022

" I have been going to this practice for about 5 years. I have always had outstanding care and everyone is so caring.It is a pleasure to go there for my monthly appointments! "

 Hui Chuan - 07/15/2022

" Great medical advice ! "

 Frank - 07/15/2022

" Doctor hall and his staff are off the chain awesome "

 Naqeeba - 07/15/2022

" Dr. Hall and the support staff are amazing! Everytime I come here everyone is so pleasant, courteous, and professional. I have been coming here for years and the quality & expertise has always been top notch. Over the years I have even noticed that I get out alot quicker than I used to. You could tell they love what they do and everyone is on point. I commend everyone at Retina Consultants (Sptbg). Thank you guys so much for everything you continue to do to serve your patients. May God continue to bless you all!! "

 Shirley - 07/14/2022

" Dr Bergstrom and his staff are the greatest. "

 Edith - 07/14/2022

" All were professional and efficient. "

 Edith - 07/14/2022

" All were professional and efficient. "

 Joseph - 07/14/2022

" Great place. "

 Lajuan - 07/14/2022

" Dr Christensen has a very calming effect with his demeanor. I’m glad I have him. "

 Geoffrey - 07/14/2022

" Always very courteous, and prompt. "

 William - 07/14/2022

" everything great! "

 Lynne - 07/14/2022

" Exceptional staff! Always polite, always friendly even on their busiest of days! "

 James - 07/13/2022

" Really impressed by the service and appearance. Above and beyond my expectations. Recommend to anyone. "

 Andrew - 07/13/2022

" Appointment/ check in was right on time, staff and doctor were spot on with the information that was given to me and will be scheduling my eye surgery shortly, 5 star practice for sure "

 Philip - 07/13/2022

" Entire staff was polite and professional. "

 Susan - 07/13/2022

" Everyone was so pleasant and nice and you were very generous concerning an insurance problem I had. "

 Renee - 07/13/2022

" Dr. Apple and his staff are amazing. They take the time with you and I never feel rushed. They truly care for their patients. "

 Emmanuel - 07/13/2022

" Enjoyed my visit. Good service as usual. "

 David - 07/12/2022

" Had an emergency and was able to see Dr.Ohning asap.Very professional and knowledgeable. Office is Spic and Span. Excellent experience "

 Gerald - 07/12/2022

" Very happy with office visit. All staff were awsome. "

 Carl - 07/12/2022

" I have been a patient for 15 years and Dr. Kaiser and his staff have always been excellent. Carl Beard. "

 Cynthia - 07/12/2022

" Everyon is always super nice and professional. "

 Maryann - 07/12/2022

" I do not like anyone to touch my eyes but this staff does it in such a gentle way I have no problem getting my injection. Dr. Apple has a very efficient way keeping me calm and I get through my appointment without trauma. "

 Virginia - 07/10/2022

" Always a very good experience - not a long wait to be seen, good service. "

 Lauran - 07/10/2022

" Dr. Apple was amazing and so were the staff as a whole! Always a pleasant experience. "

 Richard - 07/09/2022

" Dr. Kaiser is always willing to answer questions and explain. "

 Thomas - 07/09/2022

" Dr Keiiser is a great Doctor and Jessica his tech is also good. "

 Debra - 07/09/2022

" I have been coming back for over a year and I have been satisfied each visit. "

 Troy - 07/09/2022

" Dr: Kaiser is a great Doctor, i have been seeing him over 6 years, very happy with his treatment. For my issue. Troy Bennett "

 Vickie - 07/09/2022

" I drive from Columbia to Greenville to see Dr. Bergstrom and I love and appreciate him and his staff!! Everyone was fabulous and friendly!!! "

 James - 07/09/2022

" Great appointment "

 Megan - 07/09/2022

" everyone was great - explained the process and what was going on with my eyes "

 Charlotte - 07/08/2022

" I was sent over because my ophthalmologist saw something she felt should be looked into further. I was very anxious as I had never been to this location nor did I know the Dr. Everyone was very kind. I had a thorough examination. Dr Apple explained everything clearly and eased all my concerns. I will be returning for a follow up. "

 Kimberly - 07/08/2022

" I had an emergency surgery on a Sunday and I had Dr. Apple . He is the best eye surgeon Dr I had ever had!! He explained everything that happened to my right eye and what needed to be done to fix my total retinal detachment … he asked if I had any questions about the surgery and I didnt t he explained everything that was going to happen and I was so relieved and relaxed and everything Dr apple said went just like he said … I would highly recommend Dr Apple and office !!! Thank you Dr. Apple and office staff for saving my eye sight !!! "

 Robert - 07/08/2022

" Very pleased with my visit "

 Robert - 07/08/2022

" Very pleased with my visit "

 Becky - 07/08/2022

" We would recommend this office to anyone. "

 Yleana - 07/08/2022

" Felt very well taken care of and sure Dr Christiansen will do everythig to help me. "

 Mildred - 07/08/2022

" Dr. Bergstrom and his staff are an awesome team. I’m so very thankful they have brought their services to Greenwood. This amazing team is professional, knowledgeable, and they really appreciate and care about their patients. Regretfully these traits are not found in every healthcare office. Thank you so much Dr. Bergstrom and staff. "

 Nancy - 07/07/2022

" I have always received excellent care from Retina Consultants. From my first after hours visit with Dr. Kaiser ( whom I had never met prior to this) due to an unexpected detached Retina to my post surgery care, Dr Kaiser has done an exceptional job. I will always be thankful for him as I credit him for saving my vision in my left eye. I have continued to receive excellent care with every follow up visit from him and his staff. "

 Antonio - 07/07/2022

" Great and professional experience every visit "

 Pamela - 07/07/2022

" I appreciate the cheerfulness and the kindness of the staff. "

 Bruce - 07/07/2022

" doctor did great job fixing my vision every time i come to office doctor and staff took great care of me told me everything about what was going on with my problem "

 Kasey - 07/07/2022

" I have been in this place three times and all the nurses seem as nice as they can be and the doctor also. "

 Richard - 07/06/2022

" I was sent to Clemson eye care after my Optometrist, Dr. McMeekin of Eastside eye ca e was unavailable. Clemson worked to get me into Retina Consulants, all in the same day. Dr. Hall looked at my condition (detached retina) l, discussed my surgery, answered questions I hadn’t even considered, and managed to schedule my surgery the next day. I believe I will recover most all of my sight even though I had several tears. Regardless of how this ends up, I feel I got some of the best eye care available I. The United States! Thank all involved in any way with my diagnosis and surgery!! Best Regards, Rick Batey. "

 Sharon - 07/06/2022

" I would recommend all family and friends to him to get a great job on my eye and I appreciate him for that "

 Caroline - 07/06/2022

" I am so very thankful for Dr.Bergstrom and his team.I wish I had been a patient sooner.My brother also has been under their care and also very pleased "

 Joanne - 07/06/2022

" Iso appreciate Dr Apple always trying to make my experience better. "

 Susan - 07/06/2022

" Visiting a doctor can be a nerve-racking experience, especially when they dilate your eyes. I appreciate the attention to detail from the office and medical staff. Doctor Kaiser took the time to explain my results in detail and also set my mind at ease. "

 Patrick - 07/06/2022

" Dr and staff very nice and professional Explained proceedure and treatment very good Best medical treatment I have ever had "

 Alice - 07/03/2022

" Can’t say enough positive things about how I was treated. I was concerned I may have a second retina tear. Was told to come right to the office. Was taken right in and examined and reassured I was having a migraine and nothing to worry about, thank you!! "

 Sandra - 07/03/2022

" I have been receiving treatment at the retinal facility since 2021 and would recommend anyone needing help to see these doctors. The doctor I started with is retiring, but I am confident I will still be in good hands. "

 Vicki - 07/03/2022

" Very nice clean and friendly appointment. "

 Donald - 07/02/2022

" Dr Kaiser and his staff are awesome, very cordial and proficient! "

 Cherilyn - 07/02/2022

" Dr Kaiser is by far the most educated Retinal specialist I have encountered during my three years and three different Retnal specialist for Wet Macular Degeneration. He stays up with new medications and waits until full proof before administering to his patients. I have never had a bloody eye nor have I had pain in my eye during or after the administration of the medicine injected into my eye. I would highly recommend Dr Kaiser. "

 Theresa - 07/02/2022

" Everyone is very knowledgeable and courteous. The doctor is great and most of the time my eye doesn't bleed. "

 Theresa - 07/02/2022

" Everyone is very knowledgeable and courteous. The doctor is great and most of the time my eye doesn't bleed. "

 Steven - 07/02/2022

" Dr Roberson is an excellent physician. I’m so glad he joined the practice 👍👍 "

 James - 07/02/2022

" Dr. Renfro is the best "

 James - 07/02/2022

" Dr. Renfro is the best "

 Frederick - 07/01/2022

" Great job by everyone!! "

 Frederick - 07/01/2022

" Great job by everyone!! "

 Eric - 07/01/2022

" Dr Kaiser answered all my questions "

 Robert - 06/30/2022

" Great doctor I have all the confidence in the world in his treatment!!! "

 Linda - 06/30/2022

" Dr. Kaiser is the best! Informative and knowledgeable and very encouraging! The staff is always helpful and pleasant. Usually a good experience! "

 Claude - 06/30/2022

" Excellent care for my condition in every respect👍👍 "

 Benjamin - 06/30/2022

" Everyone was very courteous and professional. "

 Maureen - 06/30/2022

" Everyone connected with Retina Consultants did an awesome job new their job and made me feel so comfortable "

 Tammy - 06/30/2022

" I have been coming to R.C. for many years now. Dr. Antworth has been nothing but great from day 1. He informed me that my visit that day was going to be my last time seeing him since he is retiring in July. I am a person who really doesn't like change but I'm sure that my new doctor will be great as well. But they definitely have some big shoes they will need to fill. Thank you Retina Consultants for taking such good care of me over the years. "

 Patricia - 06/30/2022

" Happy "

 Patricia - 06/30/2022

" Happy "

 Patricia - 06/30/2022

" Happy "

 Katie - 06/30/2022

" Doctor Christensen and staff very courteous and professional. My visit met all expectations. I would highly recommend them. "

 Angie - 06/30/2022

" I was very pleased with everything with your office/staff/medical care team! I will definitely recommend your office to anyone in need of your services! "

 Edna - 06/30/2022

" excellent experience "

 Walter - 06/29/2022

" Was a pleasant experience and wait time very nice! "

 James - 06/29/2022

" Great service by the whole team. "

 James - 06/29/2022

" Great service by the whole team. "

 Katherine - 06/29/2022

" So sorry to learn that Dr Antworth will not be there after July But so happy for him I’ll look forward to Meeting Dr Ohning at my next appointment "

 Margaret - 06/29/2022

" I will miss Dr Antworth He is so kind n caring I pray God gives him years of joy n happiness "

 Joanne - 06/29/2022

" Hate to see Dr. Antworth retire. He has been a great physician for me over the past 8+ years. I wish him well in his well deserved retirement. Joanne Quantz "

 Norma - 06/29/2022

" My only problem is that it takes me so long to get there from the east side.of Greenville. But I am totally pleased with the entire staff.. they are great to work with...and Dr. Robinson is a wonderful doctor "

 Joyce - 06/29/2022

" It is a privilege to work with people who are friendly, knowlegable, professional and obviously have patient satisfaction a primary goal. "

 Andrea - 06/28/2022

" I feel less stressed about my procedure! Very satisfied with the visit. "

 Donald - 06/28/2022

" Dr Kaiser is very informative. He has my compete trust concerning my treatment. I am totally satisfied with him and his staff. "

 Edwina - 06/28/2022

" Wonderful experience with all my appointments! "

 David - 06/28/2022

" The staff and the Dr were very kind and caring and answered all my questions! Thank You and I feel lots better knowing my eyes are fine. Again Thank You and God Bless all!! "

 Martin - 06/28/2022


 Carl - 06/25/2022

" Dr. Robinson is kind, skillful, and informative. He has helped me considerably these past two years. "

 John - 06/25/2022

" Very good service "

 Camerone - 06/25/2022

" I felt valued and appreciated. "

 Linda - 06/24/2022

" Thanks for the excellent care. We will miss Dr. Antworth "

 William - 06/24/2022

" I very much appreciate Dr. Apple addressing the dry sockets behind the retina two years ago and also repairing the long tear in my left retina on Dec 30th. We are very lucky to have such a top quality provider in Greenville. "

 Carol - 06/24/2022

" Dr. Hall is a superior retina doctor. His nurses and staff are excellent. They all are very kind and k.nowledgeable. Dr Hall has been my doctor since 2016. "

 Walter - 06/24/2022

" Very pleasant experience "

 Ruby - 06/24/2022

" I always look forward to my appointments! "

 Jane - 06/24/2022

" Hate to see Dr. Antwerp retire. "

 Faybell - 06/24/2022

" Dr. Apple is so caring, kind and patient. I trust him with my sight. "

 Imojane - 06/24/2022

" Everything was very satisfactory. "

 Judy - 06/24/2022

" Appreciate the time taken with me and the concern shown. "

 Robert - 06/23/2022

" I'm going to miss Dr Antworth but "looking" forward to working with Dr Apple. "

 Terry - 06/23/2022

" Like the new office "

 John - 06/23/2022

" Everything went well "

 Sigrid - 06/22/2022

" As always Dr. Robinson and staff were very caring and helpful. Dr, Robinson is friendly and takes his time explaining everything answering my questions. Thank you for saving my eye after a fall. "

 Margaret - 06/22/2022

" Everyone was polite and professional.I liked Dr. K. He explained things and spoke loud enough I could hear him. He was also concerned about my health. I will be going back there! "

 Jerry - 06/22/2022

" Awesome visit. Staff ver respectful and professional . "

 Leon - 06/22/2022

" Office was very clean and the Staff and Doctor was very helpful and Professional "

 Karen - 06/22/2022

" The staff here in G’wd is always courteous, friendly and helpful !! "

 Robert - 06/22/2022

" I have been seeing Dr. Antworth and Dr. KaIser for about 5 years and have received excellent care. "

 Karen - 06/22/2022

" Everyone was extremely friendly and very helpful. Dr Hall was fantastic "

 David - 06/22/2022

" I have really appreciated Dr Bergstrom’s care he is truly a caring person! "

 Terry - 06/21/2022

" This group stepped up and took us on as a patient when we needed this most, in an emergency I can’t thank the doctors and staff enough. "

 Patricia - 06/18/2022

" Excellent care by all. "

 Mary - 06/18/2022

" Huge fan of Dr Apple there aren’t enough appreciative words. He is an excellent& kind doctor.I do refer people to him if your dr mentions refer retinologist ask for Dr Apple. MaryShults "

 Mark - 06/18/2022

" Dr Bergstrom is Excellent ! Very happy being under his care! "

 Kelly - 06/17/2022

" Best experience ever. Everyone was caring and curtious. "

 David - 06/17/2022

" Very friendly and professional "

 June - 06/17/2022

" Love 💗💗 Dr Robinson "

 David - 06/17/2022

" Been coming here since 2008 and has always been excellent. "

 Michael - 06/17/2022

" Dr Bergstrom is such an excellent and caring doctor! "

 Glenn - 06/16/2022

" Excellent as it has been for several decades. Thank you Dr Antworth and all the very professional staff. "

 William - 06/16/2022

" Keep up the good care. "

 William - 06/16/2022

" Keep up the good care. "

 Alfred - 06/16/2022

" Thanks, A.R. Moss, MD "

 Richard - 06/15/2022

" Very professional very little waiting and very courteous I rank the Doctor and his entire staff as #one in my book "

 Thelma - 06/15/2022

" Everyone one was so nice and respectful. Very warm and welcoming. "

 Charles - 06/15/2022

" Always the best , "

 Gail - 06/15/2022

" Everyone was very kind and courteous. I felt very confident in the knowledge and treatment of Dr. Christenson. "

 Jimmy - 06/15/2022

" Dr Christiansen is tops . "

 Pamela - 06/15/2022

" I feel my eyes 👀 are safe and taken the best care of "

 Gail - 06/15/2022

" The experience was great. I was worried about going but all went well . I was very happy. "

 Sharon - 06/15/2022

" First of all, I appreciated getting the appointment to see the doctor as quickly as I did. The staff and physician were all very pleasant and welcoming. I liked Dr. Apple, he was kind and seemed genuinely concerned about the infection in my eye. I'm seeing better and it hasn't been 24hrs. yet. It was a good visit. I would not hesitate to recommend them.. Sincerely, Sharon K. Wittdanny "

 Lyn - 06/15/2022

" Don't have any. "

 Leah - 06/15/2022

" I love coming to this office. The Doctor is excellent and always has a calm, pleasant demeanor. He is extremely knowledgeable and always puts me at ease. "

 Theodore - 06/14/2022

" Everyone working there is very professional. "

 Barbara - 06/14/2022

" Always helpful, respectful and encouraging! And on time, pretty much!😊 "

 Priscilla - 06/14/2022

" Very courteous and efficient. May be feel calm "

 Elija - 06/14/2022

" We have been coming to this office for 12yrs and have recommended Doctor Kaiser to multiple people. We are very please with the service and care we have been given each and every time. "

 Clyde - 06/14/2022

" Thank you "

 Donald - 06/14/2022

" Professionalism at its best! Accommodated an emergent referral and made sure I understood what was happening and what my procedure entailed. "

 Kimberly - 06/14/2022

" Such a great team!!! So thankful to have this quality of care in the upstate. "

 Mitchell - 06/10/2022

" Everyone was great and very helpful. "

 Martha - 06/10/2022

" Very professional and efficient "

 Alfred - 06/10/2022

" Dr. Kaiser and his staff are always courteous and friendly. I feel comfortable at all my visits. "

 John - 06/09/2022

" I have had bleeds in both eyes from histoplasmosis. Dr. Hall keeps a regular check on my eyes and has treated a bleed with injections. I have complete confidence in his knowledge and ability. "

 Richard - 06/09/2022

" Dr Renfro is so profeshinal along With his aids "

 Gary - 06/09/2022

" Excellent service, knowledgeable and friendly staff "

 Tim - 06/09/2022

" Dr. Kaiser is a rock star! "

 Judy - 06/08/2022

" Everyone in this office is cheerful and friendly. Dr. Apple immediately puts me at ease. He explained everything that was being done and included showing me the images that were taken to help understand my eye problems as he talked. Overall most excellent experience with everyone at this office. "

 Trina - 06/08/2022

" For the many years I've been a patient at,"Retina Consultant I can always count on great quality work and a nice working staff,"Thanks Retina Consultant!! "

 Charles - 06/08/2022

" I had a very pleasant visit. My check in was handled quickly and courteously, and I only had to wait a very short time. Dr. Ohning and his staff were prompt and very thorough. Everyone is friendly and efficent, and any questions I had were answered. This has been true of all my appointments since I had my retina tear and surgery. I feel well cared for by Dr. Ohning and staff. "

 Delois - 06/08/2022

" Great care "

 Sherry - 06/08/2022

" Great team and doctor!! Excellent staff and very professional!! The doctor was very caring and he had time for my questions and answers. He actually explained carefully my retina scanned results. I felt well taken cared of. Everyone seemed very polite, professional and helpful. "

 James - 06/08/2022

" Good job! "

 Steve - 06/08/2022

" Dr Apple is a great doctor and all of his associates "

 Lynn - 06/07/2022

" This was my first visit to Retina Consultants, and I was very impressed with my experience. Everyone--the receptionist and office staff, the medical assistants, and my doctor--were all pleasant, accommodating, and very helpful. I am very glad that I was referred to Dr. Kaiser--He listened intently as I gave him all of the background information which led to my visit; he made a very thorough visual examination; he ordered screenings; and he allowed for plenty of time in the visit to discuss my visual problem, test results, and follow-up care. "

 Alice - 06/07/2022

" Always Excellent in every aspect from the time you walk in the door to the time you leave, it always is avery pleasant experience. The women at the desk are very courteous and helpful and professional! All the techs are very helpful knowledgeable and willing to help with anything that’s required and more. My doctor is the best! I’m thankful I have Dr Hall as my retina specialist. "

 Angela - 06/06/2022

" The experience was very comforting, staff and Dr. Hall were very attentiv. "

 Roger - 06/06/2022

" Wait time was a little excessive, but service was excellent. "

 Yossi - 06/04/2022

" Doctor Who all is the most professional and compassionate ophthalmologist "

 Dennis - 06/03/2022

" The Office, the Staff & Dr. Hall are the Absolute Best !! "

 Michael - 06/03/2022

" Everyone took the time to explain things and put me at ease. "

 Edmond - 06/03/2022

" Always very friendly, helpful, and professional. "

 Stanley - 06/02/2022

" Dr Bergstrom has always been very professional and friendly. He seems to have a heart for his patients. Everyone on his team brings their “A” game. "

 Patricia - 06/02/2022

" World class experience "

 Minnie - 06/02/2022

" Just one, office is always to COLD BUT THE STAFF IS ALWAYS WARM and sometimes they bring you a blanket or wrap. "

 Marcia - 06/02/2022

" Doctor and staff are professional, courteous, and informative. Vision is very important to all of us and it helps to know that someone is there who we can trust and depend on in our time of need. "

 Barbara - 06/02/2022

" We were running behind schedule due to traffic. We called and kept them up to date. When we told them we would be more than 20 minutes late, we were told to come on. That's great as my 89 year old mother was the client and I didn't want to make her come back on another day. "

 Margaret - 06/02/2022

" I was less worried when I left the office. "

 Jerry - 06/02/2022

" I have been seeing Dr. Christenson for over 2 years and am quite confident in the care i have received. "

 Mary - 06/01/2022

" The staff is the best. They are friendly and patient. They are the best. "

 Durwood - 06/01/2022

" Thanks to all of you for the prompt,, effective treatment. "

 Glenn - 06/01/2022

" I was well pleased with everything. I really don’t believe anyone else could top the professional staff that Dr. Kaiser and his associates that Dr. Kaiser has. Thanks to each one. "

 Charles - 06/01/2022

" I feel better on what I'm facing. "

 Robert - 06/01/2022

" I couldn't ask for better care. "

 Gavin - 05/31/2022

" Dr. Renfro was very reassuring explained everything well and set my sons mind at ease. I can’t thank him enough!!! "

 Richard - 05/28/2022

" Very professional staff. "

 Mary - 05/28/2022

" Getting injections in your one good eye is a daunting prospect. We are very thankful for Retina Consultants! "

 David - 05/27/2022

" I wish that I had asked more questions about treatment options. "

 Linda - 05/27/2022

" Thanks so much for taking care of me ;) Other than the reason I was there lol it was great. Nice meeting all of you ;) See you Soon Linda "

 Sally - 05/27/2022

" They are the best retina specialists that I know of!! "

 Ruby - 05/27/2022

" Dr Renfro and staff all so a great job. Highly recommended. "

 Robert - 05/27/2022

" All was friendly and concerned. Thank you Dr Bergstrom for saving my life "

 Linda - 05/26/2022

" I appreciate Dr. Apple for taking time to explain my sister’s condition so clearly and patiently. "

 Louis - 05/26/2022

" Experience was professional and friendly. "

 James - 05/26/2022

" I have always been treated courteously and professionly. "

 Robert - 05/26/2022

" This is a great group of professionals! They really make you feel comfortable and do an awesome job! "

 Kathy - 05/26/2022

" Grateful to be in Dr. Bergstrom's care. All the staff had extremely high skill levels and attentiveness. "

 Connie - 05/26/2022

" I saw Dr. Robinson. My regular Dr. is Dr. Kaiser. Both of them are amazing. I have been going there almost ten years and even if the report is not what you hoped to hear, you know they are taking good care of you. "

 Kathy - 05/26/2022

" Dr. Williams and his staff are amazing. Very thorough, knowledgeable, thoughtful and understanding. "

 Diane - 05/26/2022

" Came in as a work in with a problem as a new patient and my problem was addressed immediately. Very appreciative!! Great experience. "

 August - 05/25/2022

" The efficiency of the over all office seems to have improved a great deal. The doctor has always been excellent. "

 Kenneth - 05/25/2022

" Thanks to Dr. Apple for working me in on Tuesday. I had gone to Dr. Massios for my routine annual check up and the day became anything but routine. Thanks for all both did for me. "

 Bryan - 05/25/2022

" Dr Ohning is great. I had to have a shot in my eye. He was very detailed about what the problem was in my eye. What he was going to do to fix it. I never felt the shot. The whole team was great. I had a very positive experience in a situation that was very scary for me. "

 Gregory - 05/25/2022

" I’m always impressed with the care I receive in the office - from Dr. Renfro to his whole staff. "

 Peggy - 05/25/2022

" I appreciate the professionalism and pleasant attitude of the Doctor and staff. I was told what to expect and how the procedure would help my vision. It is a comfort to have such a caring and knowledgeable team to care for my eyes when professional care is needed. "

 Stephen - 05/25/2022

" Atworth is superb "

 Harriett - 05/25/2022

" Always friendly, takes time to discuss any concerns I have. Staff and physician professional and kind! Highly recommend! "

 Karen - 05/25/2022

" Would highly recommend! "

 Ernest - 05/24/2022

" Dr. Apple is a great Dr. plus a good man. I always have great trust in him. "

 Phillip - 05/24/2022

" Entire staff are always great. "

 Michael - 05/24/2022

" Absolutely Outstanding!!!! "

 Johnny - 05/23/2022

" Always friendly, courteous & very helpful on each visit I've had there. "

 Gilbertson - 05/22/2022

" I was treated as a weekend emergency by Dr. Chris Bergstrom and his warm, speedy and knowledgeable attitude gave me great confidence in a difficult situation. I was equally pleased with the Sunday morning follow up visit and very grateful that Dr. Bergstrom was on call during this emergency. Kathy Gilbertson "

 Albert - 05/21/2022

" I have already recommend you to several people "

 Emily - 05/21/2022

" Dr. Kaiser is amazing and has been instrumental in keeping my uveitis under control. I am so thankful for his knowledge and care. I have recommended him to others. "

 Patricia - 05/21/2022

" I was very happy with my visit. "