Recent Reviews

 Beth - 12/07/2023

" Staff is always kind & attentive to any of my concerns. Could not ask for better service. Was in healthcare for 45 years and know competent care when I see it. "

 Kay T - 12/07/2023

" I felt as if my vision was of primary concern while there . Dr Apple took time to explain what was going on and what the treatment would be. I was totally confident with my treatment. "

 Betty - 12/07/2023

" Also happy with my procedure. This is day after procedure and no discomfort. "

 Ralph - 12/07/2023

" Very friendly and qualified staff. "

 Scott - 12/07/2023

" Dr.Apple is the best!! "

 Andrew - 12/07/2023

" Dr Robinson and his team Rock!!! "

 Ronald - 12/07/2023

" A very professional and courteous office and staff. "

 David - 12/07/2023

" Great visit "

 Jan - 12/06/2023

" Dr. CHRISTENSEN always listened to my concerns & has done a great job with my shots. I haven't had a shot in 2 yrs and I am thrilled about that. He is kind, patient, & down to earth. "

 Cheryl - 12/06/2023

" I don’t think I have ever been in a more pleasant office. Everyone was very kind and helpful. I would gladly refer anyone to your office. "

 Doris - 12/06/2023

" The wait time was long but understandable. With only one Dr. and lot's of patients , I understand they were working as fast as possible while at the same time giving the patience the time and attention needed. I like Dr. Bergstrom, he and his staff are friendly and show that they care about what they do. "

 Rita - 12/06/2023

" Have been w Dr Hall for many years. So glad he is mine! "

 Jane - 12/06/2023

" We are so pleased with the treatment given to my mother by Dr. Bergstrom and staff. We appreciate everyone’s kindness compassion skills and knowledge. Thank you all! "

 Tracy - 12/06/2023

" The doctor and the staff associates are always so nice and friendly. "

 Michael - 12/06/2023

" Excellent care team! Dr Owing was exceptional! Even getting a shot to the eye was tolerable "

 Nathaniel - 12/06/2023

" Best Dr snd staff in the industry "

 Michael - 12/06/2023

" Everyone was very courteous and professional. Testing was completed as soon as I arrived and Dr Eric Williams is through in my post surgical evaluation and answered all my questions. Excellent Service! Thank you. "

 Paulette - 12/06/2023

" As always, my appointment was excellent. Dr. Christensen and his assistants were very kind and extremely professional. "

 John - 12/06/2023

" Professioal and courteous service. "

 Cynthia - 12/05/2023

" I love it that the young lady was in training but was very professional. "

 Linda - 12/05/2023

" Worked me in, very supportive "

 Gregory - 12/05/2023

" I found each staff member to be very cheerful, courteous, and competent. "

 James - 12/05/2023

" Top shelf experience, staff and facility. "

 Beverly - 12/04/2023

" Everyone was very friendly and helpful "

 Bonnie - 12/04/2023

" Highly recommend Dr Renfro and Staff "

 Doris - 12/04/2023

" I was sent to this office after visiting my dr for vision distortion . The wait time was not unreasonable because they were fitting me to an already full schedule. They saw and treated me the same day I was referred. Dr. Williams was kind, caring and informative. I am so grateful for their care. "

 Harold - 12/03/2023

" Dr. Robinson and all the staff are top notch. "

 Cynthia - 12/02/2023

" Dr. Bergstrom is the best! "

 Robert - 12/02/2023

" Dr Kaiser is the best!!! "

 Kay F - 12/01/2023

" Everyone at this office were over the top with help, etc "

 Thomas - 12/01/2023

" All was great as always. "

 Jack - 12/01/2023

" The entire team and Dr. Apple that assisted me were awesome. Very professional and informative. It was a great visit. "

 Charles - 12/01/2023

" Dr. Christensen is very good and what he does and his staff is always courteous and friendly. "

 Stephen - 11/30/2023

" One of the best organized offices I have seen. "

 Cynthia - 11/30/2023

" This office runs smoothly and efficiently. Everyone seems professional and friendly. "

 Paula - 11/30/2023

" Very professional staff, always take the time to answer any questions that I have. Dr. Christensen has been wonderful in caring for my AMD. I have followed Everything he told me to do and I am pleased with my results! "

 Toni - 11/30/2023

" Always great experience. Thankyou "

 Dixie - 11/30/2023

" I am so thankful I was referred here! I have been coming here for a few months now and they are excellent in every way and it's not a one time thing it's every time! Thank you, it's not easy going through this but they walk you through it and make it easy'. Thank you so much! Dixie Weygandt "

 Tammie - 11/29/2023

" I always enjoy going here everyone is so nice "

 Thomas - 11/29/2023

" Great group. Excellent results, could not be happier. Thomas Robinson "

 Carole - 11/29/2023

" I love Dr Apple and his staff "

 James - 11/29/2023

" Dr Christensen and his loyal caring staff are great! "

 Randall - 11/29/2023

" I look forward to future treatment as necessary. I had an emergency procedure there eight years ago and the work has held up well. "

 Robert - 11/29/2023

" Dr Apple is awesome "

 Albert - 11/29/2023

" My experience was fantastic. Plus I never rate anyone or anything with a top rating because there is always room for improvement Thanks. "

 Alan - 11/29/2023

" Everything was great "

 Sybil - 11/28/2023

" I really like my Doctor and his helpers. "

 Sara - 11/28/2023

" My appointment was a first for me in seeing a retina specialist. I totally had a positive experience from the first step communicating with the check in staff and then the medical staff! I rate the entire facility top in every way! My appointment was with Dr Collin Ohning and He was very professional and completely informed me what was needed to help me. He answered my questions and those of my husband with a thorough demeanor and gave me confidence to move forward with treatment necessary to slow the loss of sight! I never thought I would relax to get the treatment at that appointment. ! I am thankful I proceeded because I felt calm and ready to take that next step. Now on the day after the injection I am so pleased with the entire process I have embraced yesterday in the office of Dr Collin Ohning and his staff! I face the tomorrows with confidence in those persons. "

 William - 11/28/2023

" Excellent and courteous staff and Dr. Apple is great. Very good experience. "

 Kenneth - 11/28/2023

" Great job "

 Margaret - 11/27/2023

" So glad I was referred to that Doctor. Very kind and the team was nice and friendly. Answered my question well. Great team!! "

 Nancy - 11/24/2023

" Quite pleased with my experience, very professional. "

 Alberta - 11/24/2023

" I love staff and I would recommend it to my family and friends "

 Dixie - 11/22/2023

" We experienced good team work and a positive environment at Retina consultants. Dr Hall was patient and kind as well as exceptional in his work. "

 Carolyn - 11/22/2023

" Dr. Hall is the best. Very kind and gentle. "

 Gene - 11/22/2023

" Being a doctors office, one must understand that sometimes a patients needs may require a longer period of c treatment than another patient. Some visits will take less time than others. The important thing to remember is that don't we all expect the doctors best treatment? So I rated the wait time as good, not from being disappointed, just that it was much longer than previous visits. I certainly wanted Dr. Hall give me his best treatment. "

 Martha - 11/22/2023

" Many thanks to the loving care given to me while at Medicus. Love and appreciate each and every one of you! Thank you and have a Happy Thanksgiving "

 Harry - 11/21/2023

" Everyone was extremely friendly and very polite. God bless you all. "

 Jeffery - 11/21/2023

" I very pleased by the professionalism displayed by all in your office. The level of compassion, care, and information was excellent. Job well done! "

 Edna - 11/21/2023

" Arrived early for my appointment - the staff started without very much delay - wasn’t long before I saw the doctor, he completed his exam and I was on my way. Thanks all! "

 Farrah - 11/21/2023

" I was a work-in due to a bleeding in my eye. Dr Hall is an EXCELLENT doctor. He is very calming and assuring. He alway takes his time with patients. "

 Mary - 11/21/2023

" This is the friendliest, most professional and efficient office in the city! "

 Jennifer - 11/19/2023

" Dr Hypes was awesome! Made me feel very comfortable while I was so nervous! "

 Harvey - 11/19/2023

" Good visit "

 Thomas - 11/19/2023

" I don't see how Dr. Hall and his staff could perform any better than they did on Friday morning. My experience through the yearswith Healthcare services is that training or" lack thereof" surfaces immediately upon contact with the general public. I feel like Dr. Hall's team is like family. Always friendly and caring for my health and comfort. Dr. Hall is one of the best physicians that I have ever had in my 63 years on Earth. He has the best touch of any surgeon in his field. His bedside manner is wonderful. He always exhibits the same care and concern that his staff do. Excellence typically starts at the top and filters down. This is true at Retina Consultants. He is the best in his field. Thank you so much Dr. Hall and staff. Ed Mobley Woodruff SC "

 Camerone - 11/18/2023

" The office is clean and the staff is friendly. The scan tech called me mister and my first name. "

 Nancy - 11/18/2023

" Keep up the good work! "

 Mary - 11/18/2023

" Dr Hall did an excellent job explaining my current eye condition in a way that I could understand and move forward. The process was through and the staff put me at ease "

 David - 11/18/2023

" Dr. Bergstrom has done his best to go above and beyond the call and helping me with my foreign body damage to my right eye. And while we are not yet done I feel confident that no one is better suited to help me than he is or the team that he is assembled "

 Judith - 11/18/2023

" Dr. Kaiser is always very informative with right upfront answers to my questions. "

 Bonnie - 11/18/2023

" Receiving excellent quality care. I am glad that this practice has remained independent! Better care than corporate medicine! "

 Janice - 11/18/2023

" I have been seeing dr Christensen for over 20 years and he is an excellent dr. I can’t say enough good about him. "

 James - 11/18/2023

" Very short wait time. Everything very professional "

 Sandra - 11/18/2023

" I love Dr. Apple. He seems to really care about his patients and listens and answers all of my many questions. He takes time and does not rush me. "

 Teresa - 11/18/2023

" Absolutely fantastic!!! "

 Elaine - 11/17/2023

" Everything was super good. "

 Cynthia - 11/17/2023

" Compassionate and knowledgeable! Loved Dr. Apple "

 Thomas - 11/17/2023

" I have never had a bad experience here. Retina Consultants have been my go to since having Retina surgery. Very professional. "

 Thomas - 11/17/2023

" Professional atmosphere. Top notch doctors office. "

 Tanya - 11/17/2023

" Very confident and comfortable in my care. Thank you to all! "

 Kathryn - 11/17/2023

" I schedule my appointment for early morning so I can get in and out quickly but I am always waiting on doctor to come in making my appointment schedule for over an hour at least. I’ve scheduled my next appointment for 7:30 instead of 8 to see if it will help. "

 Tedrick - 11/16/2023

" Best place ever.they treat me like family.dr.christen is the best "

 Dane - 11/16/2023

" Appreciate Dr Ohning. He is very knowledgeable and patient friendly. "

 Alan - 11/16/2023

" Wonderful staff and a great doctor, excellent service ! "

 Lucille - 11/16/2023

" Very nice. Answered all my questions and rescheduled my appt without hesitation because of unexpected family emergency for my safety. "

 Sylvia - 11/16/2023

" I have already recommended Dr. Williams "

 Amanda - 11/16/2023

" Everyone I encountered was fantastic. All extremely professional yet warmly courteous. Outstanding experience all around. "

 Sylvia - 11/15/2023

" Everyone in the office was extremely helpful and kind, which made our visit so very pleasant "

 Betty - 11/15/2023

" I had to make a very short notice of an appointment due to my left eye and the left side of it having light flashes (white ) .They handled everything with extreme care, concern, and excellent professionalism in working with me on such a very short notice . I was very grateful and appreciative for concern you medical help 😀. Thanks 🙏 all of them …BJMJ… "

 Julie - 11/15/2023

" Dr Hall has to be the nicest doctor I have ever had. Genuine. He could teach other doctors out there how to treat with compassion. "

 Donald - 11/15/2023

" The medical assistant for my visit was the best in the office! I should have gotten her name and provided it here. "

 Anita - 11/15/2023

" Dr. Joshua Robinson was amazing! He answered all of my questions without hesitation and addressed my concerns about the procedure. He was very patient, comforting and kind. I feel very fortunate to have had Dr. Robinson for my eye doctor. Thank you Dr. Robinson!! "

 Darlene - 11/15/2023

" Everybody was do patient and kind to my mother (who has dementia). I really appreciate the care she got. Thank you sll! "

 Tammy - 11/15/2023

" Dr. Robinson and his team are so concerned and treat you with the upmost respect. They are the best. "

 Tracy - 11/15/2023

" Always get top notch care and service in this office. "

 William - 11/14/2023

" Professional and courteous "

 Jerry - 11/14/2023

" I was very pleased to be a patient at this office. Everyone was so nice! Not only were they very polite, and courteous, but very patient with me as well. The ladies doing the scans and photographs were very knowledgeable and efficient at their jobs. Dr. Bergstrom was very knowledgeable, and helped me tremendously by helping me to understand my condition, and the process going forward. Anyone using this practice is in very capable hands! "

 Brian - 11/14/2023

" Dr Bergstrom and his staff are superb—personable, professional, and compassionate. First rate, expert care. "

 Pasquale - 11/13/2023

" This was my first visit to this office and I was very pleased. "

 Deborah - 11/11/2023

" Dr. Gregg Kaiser has been my doctor for over 15 plus years. I have faith in him and his staff. Thank you Retina Consultants team! "

 Alexia - 11/11/2023

" Everyone was extremely professional and very kind , I will certainly recommend this office "

 Rita - 11/11/2023

" Arrived early from a 4 hour drive and they worked me in and did not make me wait another hour for my appointment time. Excellent compassion. "

 Anna - 11/11/2023

" Everyone in the office was friendly and informative. "

 Mike - 11/11/2023

" Great "

 Marilyn - 11/11/2023

" Dr Hall is the best! I have always respected his opinions regarding my condition. "

 Debbie - 11/11/2023

" Friendly staff & very courteous "

 Sammy - 11/11/2023

" The office is run very well...very professional, very efficient! "

 Caitlin - 11/10/2023

" After years of multiple surgeries and injections by different doctors, I am so thankful to have ended up with Dr. Bergstrom and all of the staff at Retina Consultants. My eyes have never been in better hands! "

 Carol - 11/10/2023

" The overall experirence was wonderful. "

 Paula - 11/09/2023

" Been a patient for over three years. Doctors and staff have always been great! Highly recommended. Paula "

 Mark - 11/09/2023

" Dr.Kaiser and his staff are Great. Thanks Mark Florida "

 Joyce - 11/09/2023

" Dr. Bergstrom and everyone in the office are always so nice and informative. I am very pleased with the care I have received.eived. "

 Warren - 11/09/2023

" Dr.Apple is the best. "

 William - 11/09/2023

" If I ever need to have a needle stuck in my eye, y’all are the only people I’ll go to "

 Delores - 11/09/2023

" Great group! Always willing to answer any questions. Feel lucky to have , not only an informative team, but a very approachable team. "

 Dayle - 11/09/2023

" Very caring and thorough. Took excellent care of me for a very bad eye injury. "

 Alfred - 11/09/2023

" Consistent superior eye care. Alfred R.Moss, MD "

 Charles - 11/09/2023

" Everyone was very courteous & professional. "

 Sandra - 11/09/2023

" Great experience. Would highly recommend. "

 William - 11/09/2023

" Good Visit "

 Teresa - 11/08/2023

" My first visit and I am very pleased with my whole experience. I hope to have a long association with this practice. "

 Eric - 11/08/2023

" Dr. Kaiser has saved my sight "

 Denise - 11/08/2023

" We are new to South Carolina and coming from Arizona we really did not know who we should be seeking out for my mom's eye treatments. Retina Consultants of South Carolina had excellent reviews online and also we were referred by Dr. Stewart in Greer. We have been extremely pleased with your facility, staff, and Dr. Williams, everyone was terrific! Thanks for the excellent service and making us feel so welcomed! "

 Donald - 11/08/2023

" Doctor Kaiser is an excellent Doctor.Thanks for taking care of me. "

 Richard - 11/08/2023

" Doctors and staff were friendly, informative and very helpful, this made my treatment much easier to understand. The procedure was preformed professionally and it was near painless. The experience was as good as I think it could be. Thanks "

 Thomas - 11/08/2023

" My husband, Thomas, who’s there the other day, our worst fares were confirmed. He does have macular degeneration. The doctor is hopeful the injections we can get for the damage, hopefully, and hopefully maybe his reading ability will it return so much I’m so thankful that you all are there to help people through a most difficult time. We will be doing injections for the future. Thanks again for caring. "

 Elizabeth - 11/08/2023

" The dr and his staff made my visit at ease . They told me every step of the procedure. The Dr was very gentle with the procedure as well "

 Karen - 11/08/2023

" Dr Bergstrom and the whole staff are always efficient, professional and courteous!! "

 Cosmo - 11/08/2023

" Very professional, and caring doctor and staff. Listens to me, and I know he has by best interest at heart. Very satisfied! "

 Charlotte - 11/08/2023

" Wonderful staff and Dr hall tops "

 James - 11/08/2023

" My entire experience was wonderful. Thr team removed all fear and apprehension of my procedures. I am very happy with my experience "

 Consuela - 11/08/2023

" Every time that I go here the staff is always nice. I always love seeing Doctor Kaiser!!!! "

 Paul - 11/08/2023

" The service has always been very good. The wait time was about 5 minutes. All the people are really nice. And I have already told 2 people about the service that I get. I would recommend this office to anyone. "

 Steven - 11/07/2023

" Like visiting friends. Overall great experience. "

 Jeffrey - 11/07/2023

" Absolutely loved my Dr. He was from Michigan, as I am and had an excellent way of dealing with any questions asked of him. "

 Mary - 11/07/2023

" They were friendly and caring and understanding, and being kind of nervous not knowing what was coming next, they were as perfect as they could possibly be. Thank you! "

 William - 11/07/2023

" Getting a same day appointment was unusual, but very important. Much appreciated!! "

 Tracy - 11/07/2023

" Excellent service. Knowledgeable , kind, and friendly staff. Feel like my eye health is in excellent hands. Thank you. "

 John - 11/07/2023

" Thank you Dr Ohning & staff! John Sandiford "

 Steven - 11/05/2023

" I have been seeing Dr Christianson for several years He is bery knowledgeable, his staff is awesome He is an asset "

 Donna - 11/05/2023

" Everyone that I encountered was kind, helpful, informative & encouraging !!!! "

 Gwendolyn - 11/04/2023

" Everyone was very friendly and helpful "

 Michael - 11/04/2023

" Very kind and caring a loving atmosphere love going there keep up the positive spirit "

 Jerry - 11/04/2023

" They exceeded my expectations! "

 Benjamin - 11/04/2023

" I got sick the night before my apps. Had to reschedule until Dec 1st. They were very curtisius and helpful. "

 Paul - 11/04/2023

" Thanks! I been Going to this Office 4 years now it’s All. Excellent "

 Todd - 11/04/2023

" Great experience, very professional staff and my doctor is as good as there are. I'm am very pleased with the overall quality. "

 Luis - 11/03/2023

" Excellent care. Dr. Apple answered all my questions. Completely satisfied. "

 Terrell - 11/03/2023

" Very organized and efficient. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. "

 Claude - 11/03/2023

" Excellent team all around. "

 Mary - 11/03/2023

" Very knowledgeable and concerning "

 Jane - 11/03/2023

" Very capable and warm and friendly office staff "

 Ralph - 11/03/2023

" Your staff made feel at ease for my procedure "

 Carmen - 11/02/2023

" I have been a patient of doctor Kiser since September 2019. I would not go to any other place. The staff is excellent very respectful and knowledgeable. Doctor Kiser one of the best eye doctor I have known. Very knowledgeable, respectful, just top of the line. "

 Clarkie - 11/02/2023

" I feel as if I’m visiting old friends, everyone is so friendly. Makes me feel as if they truly care about me and my problems. I loved my previous doctor and after his retirement, I didn’t think anyone could measure up, but I was wrong. Dr Bregstrom is a no nonsense, down to earth doctor. He seems very sincere and good at what he does. "

 Harold - 11/02/2023

" Great office staff, nurses, and Dr Christenson are the best. I'm glad that they are taken care of me. "

 Debra - 11/02/2023

" Love how quickly the staff works so well together. Dr. Apple explains issues and procedures thoroughly and asks if there are any questions. "

 Angela - 11/02/2023

" Everybody was pleasant! "

 Gaylen - 11/02/2023

" I am in recovering stage. Everyone I have encountered have been very professional and pleasant "

 Johnie - 11/02/2023

" your service is excellent we are blessed to have you love and best wishes to all billy and johnie byars "

 Thomas - 11/01/2023

" Well done "

 Stanley - 11/01/2023

" They saved the sight in my right eye and I continue to have complete faith in their judgment and abilities. Plus, the office is well run and the staff efficient. "

 Stephen - 11/01/2023

" Great job! Thanks! "

 Emily - 11/01/2023

" spookie halloween "

 Eugene - 10/31/2023

" It is a very scary thing to have a detached retina ant Dr. Hall and his staff explained the problem and solution in understandable terms. I really appreciate the care and expertise of Dr. Hall and his staff and would highly recommend them to anyone with eye disease. "

 June - 10/31/2023

" Thank you all for your kindness "

 Christopher - 10/31/2023

" Got an initial appointment amazingly fast. "

 Harold - 10/29/2023

" Dr Kaiser always does a great job - answers all questions & provides good advice "

 James - 10/28/2023

" Amazing experience - staff is incredible. "

 Bruce - 10/28/2023

" So happy with everyone there. Good checkup helps. "

 Jennifer - 10/27/2023

" I love everyone in the office and also I like my eye doctor. He has the coolest nurses in the office in Anderson sc. I wish that I could stand around and talk to them all day long. "

 Brenda - 10/27/2023

" Everyone was very kind and efficient. Dr. Hall answered all my questions. The office was very busy but they made you feel special. "

 Margaret - 10/27/2023

" Everyone is kind and patient. They make me feel very comfortable and reassured "

 Thomas - 10/27/2023

" I always feel very well cared for by Dr. Ohning and his staff. In and out with all my concerns addressed. Great job! "

 Betty - 10/27/2023

" I have always been treated with the utmost respect by Dr. Christensen and his team. He has been taking care of my eyes for over two years, and I have seen an enormous improvement during that time. I've been blessed by having Dr. Christianson and his team on my side. The gift of vision is irreplaceable. Thank you! "

 Stepen - 10/27/2023

" Despite a mix-up about our referral location, the Anderson office was able to schedule us that morning to be seen in Anderson. We appreciate their flexibility. "

 Faybell - 10/27/2023

" Dr. Apple is always a joy to see. His personality is so welcoming and comforting. We appreciate him so much. "

 Samuel - 10/27/2023

" All staff were over the top. They were very friendly and courteous. "

 Nancy - 10/27/2023

" This office has very fine people skills. I was completely comfortable with them and their communications were clear and understandable. "

 Judy - 10/27/2023

" The entire office staff was extremely courteous and really helpful. "

 Jeffrey - 10/26/2023

" Thanks for everything you are doing on my behalf. "

 Rinaldo - 10/26/2023

" Words can not express how thankful I am to have Dr Bergstrom as my doctor. He is very knowledgeable and caring. "

 Pamela - 10/26/2023

" I had a good visit. "

 Nancy - 10/26/2023

" He made me feel really comfortable. While asking him questions. He explained everything to where I could understand it. He wasn’t in a hurry. When I left there all my thoughts and questions were answered. Really wish all my Dr. were that caring. I will highly recommend him! Thank you. "

 Michael - 10/26/2023

" It was a super visit to this doctor office. It was great. "

 Kathleen - 10/26/2023

" I am always seen on time , if not before my appointment. This office has the upmost respect for their patients time. Everyone in the office is very courteous to all. "

 Elizabeth - 10/26/2023

" Very welcoming office and medical staff - "

 Sabrina - 10/26/2023

" Everyone is great. I so love Dr Apple he has done and been doing the best with my eyes. "

 Brian - 10/26/2023

" Very professional personal "

 Jeral - 10/26/2023

" All who was involved in my visit was very informative and the doctor was excellent. I couldn’t have wanted any other care. "

 Deborah - 10/26/2023

" Although this was a very busy day in the office, as there was only one doctor, there, the attention to detail and friendliness did not suffer. Everything was on time, and yet they still had time to be friendly and courteous. Even my doctor, although working alone, that day was very conversational and helpful in explaining my situation. This is really one of the best office staffs I have ever encountered!! "

 Brenda - 10/25/2023

" I love the whole experience from the beginning and thru the visit with Dr. Robinson, I just love his bedside manners. He is fantastic and when they set me up and prepared me for my eye shot, I would recommend him as your Eye Doctor, let me tell you that i never ever felt him giving me the shot in my eye. This was the second time cause he had to give me a shot in my right eye and as God is my witness i never felt a thing. That is what i needed no Anxiety.., Thank you All for handling me with love and kindness. Thank you all Brenda Sturgeon "

 Linda - 10/25/2023

" They did a great job and excellent "

 John - 10/25/2023

" Dr Kaiser is an excellent doctor. What makes him even better is his personality. He will also take the time to explain everything. I really appreciate this. Thanks to everyone there for an enjoyable experience. "

 Dianna - 10/25/2023

" Great doctor "

 Terry - 10/25/2023

" They do a very good work "

 Joanne - 10/25/2023

" Dr. Robinson is a very special physician. Joanne Quantz "

 Larry - 10/25/2023

" Dr. Apple is the best "

 Laura - 10/25/2023

" Every person in the office was very professional and personal! "

 Aida - 10/24/2023

" Dr. Christensen is very knowledgeable, does careful evaluation, listens well and explains findings very clearly. He knew I’d had an eye but out of caution refer immediately to the hospital ER for further assessment of risk of brain stroke and heart condition . He ia efficient and effective. Serous professional who does his job very well. I was lucky. Moreover, the Retinal consultants have doctors and staff on call on weekends including Sundays .Thus is not common at North Grove doctors or most docs in Spartanburg, SC. I had a total lost of vision in one eye, very scaring, emotionally sensitive because of lost of my son and mother during the pandemic. I felt safe in this clinic. "

 Michael - 10/24/2023

" Very professional Business 👏 "

 Amber - 10/24/2023

" We LOVE this practice and love Dr. Bergstrom even more. The Lynchs’ "

 Robert - 10/24/2023

" This the first time after having a shot that pain has been experienced even after 24 hours. "

 Linda - 10/24/2023

" Appreciate Dr.Apple very much. My vision has greatly improved. Love his personality, attentiveness and genuine concern. "

 Deanna - 10/22/2023

" Dr. Robinson is truly the BEST. He is brilliant, kind, professional and very humble. He truly listens and answers all of my questions thoroughly. All of the assistants and staff are very courteous and professional. I highly recommend this practice for all of your medical needs. "

 Wendell - 10/21/2023

" We were very pleased with your service. Will follow your recommendation and return on our dye day! "

 Ronnie - 10/21/2023

" Greenville and Spartanburg offices are superb 👌 "

 Samuel - 10/21/2023

" Dr. Ohning is the best. He exudes confidence and in return makes everyone around him comfortable and confident that everything will be ok. "

 Brian - 10/20/2023

" This is a wonderful practice, and I absolutely recommend them to anyone needing retina care! "

 Nancy - 10/20/2023

" Dr. Bergstrom and the entire staff were very helpful and treated me with respect and kindness. "

 Shahindokht - 10/20/2023

" Everybody was courteous professional. The receptionist seemed slightly impatient was going to next step before my response to her next request. "

 Linda - 10/20/2023

" Dr. Kaiser is the best! The staff is also first rate. I have full confidence with this eye care team! "

 Ted C - 10/20/2023

" I have been with Dr. Kaiser for many years. The young lady that did the initial screening was super nice. I will continue to see Dr. Kaiser for as long as he is in practice. "

 William - 10/20/2023

" Great staff, kind and professional. Good doctors that are highly skilled. "

 Alvin - 10/19/2023

" Very pleased with my visit, staff were very professional. "

 Costandi - 10/19/2023

" I can't rave enough about the quality and knowledge of all the staff at retina consultants. Amazing people "

 Reuben - 10/19/2023

" I sincerely appreciate the help provided by Retina Consultants. Highly recommend! "

 Sandra - 10/18/2023

" Every time I go, everyone is always nice . The doctor explains everything clearly and makes sure I understand any problem I have and treatment. "

 Frances - 10/18/2023

" Very pleased with Dr. Renfro and highly recommend this office "

 Michael - 10/18/2023

" The staff were cery courteous and they answered all of my questions. Got a very good report from Dr. Bergstrom who is very concered with my physical condition. "

 Vivian - 10/18/2023

" Wonderful Dr. Renfro! "

 Jerry - 10/18/2023

" My appointment with Dr Christensen was very informative. I believe him to be an excellent doctor and he takes the time to explain everything to me. "

 Cassandra - 10/18/2023

" Great as usual "

 Monica - 10/18/2023

" Great Dr Apple! "

 Blanche - 10/18/2023

" The doctor (Dr. Apple) and staff are always alert to ensuring that the patient is well cared for from the minute they step inside the office until the moment they leave. "

 Alice - 10/18/2023

" Dr Renfro is an excellent physician! He’s caring and compassionate and explains things very well. "

 Toliver - 10/18/2023

" Dr. Kaiser was very thorough and helpful. I got a number of glowing endorsements of him from other patients while sitting in the waiting room! "

 Georgeanne - 10/17/2023

" Everything was done in a very speedy time frame. Very impressive!! "

 James - 10/17/2023

" Dr Apple is the best. "

 William - 10/17/2023

" The doctors at the clinic are approachable. They take the time to be personable yet professional. "

 Bonnie - 10/17/2023

" Have already sent some patients to you. I will continue to tell friends about the practice. "

 Leslie - 10/17/2023

" I really appreciate everyone making me feel comfortable. Even though I was very nervous, Dr Robinson put me at ease "

 Raymond - 10/17/2023

" A professional office with caring people. "

 James - 10/17/2023

" Dr Apple and team were great "

 Birtha - 10/17/2023

" The doctor and his staff were awesome. I really enjoyed my experience with this office. Birtha Foster "

 Bryan - 10/16/2023

" The entire staff is helpful, kind to make the experience pleasant. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Renfro. Thank you for ALL that you do. "

 Stephen - 10/16/2023

" I'd have to say.....excellent! "

 Mary - 10/16/2023

" I’ll see y’all next year. "

 Horace - 10/16/2023

" Awalys excellent always "

 Wanda - 10/14/2023

" This was a scary time for me but Dr. Hall and his staff made me feel comfortable and helped me to understand my condition. I know that with their experience and knowledge I will get the best care possible. "

 Turner - 10/14/2023

" Could not ask for any service better ! "

 Linda - 10/14/2023

" Great relaxing experience "

 Michael - 10/14/2023

" Every thing was Great nice staff they treated me Great couldn’t ask for any better thank y’all for making me feel at home and being so Caring and so helpful thanks Michael Raines. "

 John - 10/14/2023

" Very pleased with the entire process, every part! "

 Catherine - 10/14/2023

" I have been a patient for more than five years. I have always been very pleased with the treatment I have received. The physicians and staff are professional, friendly and efficient, and they make sure I am comfortable. Each appointment Is always a positive experience. "

 Sandra - 10/13/2023

" Dr. Bergstrom has such a caring personality and very professional. This was my 5th visit with him and I have been very pleased with how I have been treated each time. "

 Alice - 10/13/2023

" Very good experience would recommend this office to anyone "

 Edith - 10/13/2023

" Everyone was very friendly and courteous! Thee office area and treatment rooms were very clean and orderly This was my first visit and I would highly recommend the doctor and staff to anyone needing to see a retina office.. I saw Doctor Ohning. and was very impressed by him . I will gladly recommend this practice to anyone!!! "

 Pamela - 10/13/2023

" No change is needed. "

 Kurt - 10/13/2023

" Friendly staff and the Dr explained in a way that was easy to understand. All around great experience! "

 Steve - 10/12/2023

" It is so awesome to go into a place that seems to care so much. Everybody is so courteous and polite. I don't mind going there one bit even if they are going to stick needles in my eyes. "

 Victor - 10/12/2023

" Everything excellent thanks "

 Marchellon - 10/12/2023

" Everyone is ALWAYS so nice and respectful. Love the staff. Dr. Renfro is amazing!! "

 Donna - 10/12/2023

" Very kind and courteous staff. Emily was especially kind "

 Nancy - 10/12/2023

" I was well pleased with the doctor and the staff. I commented on the cleanliness even the hallways were clean. No waiting. Could not have been more pleased. Thank you. "

 Cheryl - 10/12/2023

" I love this office. Everyone is very nice. I was seen quickly and would recommend this office to anyone "

 Peggy - 10/11/2023

" Dr Kaiser and his assistants are great. Dr Kaiser is very knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and nice. "

 John - 10/11/2023

" Very good visit. Everyone was very friendly and professional "

 Debbie - 10/11/2023

" Everyone was very nice and friendly "

 Martha - 10/11/2023

" I wouldn't go anywhere else. And I recommend yall to everyone. Thanks for all you do Martha Willis "

 Mary - 10/11/2023

" I have been a patient of Dr. Apple for several years now and, without exception, I get excellent care, answers to any concerns I might have and in general excellent attitudes from every person within the office. I could not ask for better care or nicer people! Thanks to everyone at Clemson office! "

 Karen - 10/10/2023

" This was my first visit. I felt it was very thorough. Staff very professional and courteous. I never felt rushed. "

 Kay - 10/10/2023

" The office has cared for my mother, father, and sister as well as myself. "

 George - 10/10/2023

" Dr Apple was very thorough when examining my eyes. Explained in some detail how my Retina was doing etc. Answered my questions in layman’s terms which I could understand. I felt very good about his knowledge re: examination. "

 Constance - 10/07/2023

" Miss Vicki --WOW what a treat to spend time with her! Everyday I look for a reason to smile -- Vicki actually provided me with belly laughs and lasting giggles! I would come back to this office just to spend time with her charming 9yet professional) personality.. "

 Charles - 10/07/2023

" Very good care. "

 Thomas - 10/06/2023

" My recent visit to Retina Consultants of Carolina on E. Greenville St In Anderson, SC was a very pleasant experience. Very short wait time, doctor and entire staff are always professional, kind, caring, and courteous. Kudos to all and thank you so much! "

 Carroll - 10/06/2023

" Very efficient and timely. Would recommend to everyone. "

 Melissa - 10/06/2023

" I appreciate the care I receive from Dr. Hall and the staff! "

 James - 10/06/2023

" Great doctors and support staff. Thanks for your help 👍 "

 David - 10/06/2023

" Good, Thank you. "

 James - 10/06/2023

" Very professional and I felt good about my visit, staff very kind "

 Gerald - 10/05/2023

" Professional & caring & friendly- outstanding team. "

 Rhonda - 10/05/2023

" I've been with this doctors office for many years and had nothing but great experiences. Rhonda Hinson. "

 Steven - 10/05/2023

" I am always happy about my experience at Retina Consultants and definitely highly recommend this office. "

 Edith - 10/05/2023

" Dr. Bergstom and staff all very courteous,personable and professional. I have the utmost confidence in their knowledge and capabilities in their field. All are easy to communicate with and answer all questions. Dr. and staff encourage participation in your own eye care. Definitely recommend this facility for eye care. "

 Phyllis - 10/05/2023

" Always have excellent appointments. Everyone on staff very friendly and knowledgeable. More medical facilities should be like this "

 Lesley - 10/05/2023

" Great nursing assistant! "

 Connie - 10/05/2023

" Every one was exceptional. Always pleasant. "

 Mary - 10/05/2023

" The staff and doctor Robinson give excellent care. "

 Carol - 10/05/2023

" Dr. Ohning is exceptional. "

 Kenneth - 10/04/2023

" I was pleased with my time at the Dr office. The staff was nice and helpful. "

 Claudia - 10/04/2023

" Overall it was a great experience!!! "

 Dorothy - 10/04/2023

" I love Retina Consultants and Dr. Christensen is the best! This is the most awesome.practice and Dr. Christensen is absolutely remarkable. They always make time for you if you are concerned about something! I think everyone in the practice is wonderful! "

 Kenneth - 10/04/2023

" Could not have been a better experience. Highly recommend Dr. Apple to everyone. "

 Brenda - 10/04/2023

" Dr Renfro is the best. Always kind, caring, and calm. He explains your treatment well . "

 William - 10/04/2023

" very good care "

 Sandra - 10/04/2023

" I have a lot of confidence in Dr Kaiser. His staff is very friendly and each do their duties and everything just runs smoothly. "

 Donna - 10/04/2023

" I am so happy for the expert handling of my situation. "

 Lila - 10/03/2023

" I really like Dr. Apple. He takes his time with my mom and explains everything to me so I understand what is going on. "

 David - 10/03/2023

" Jim Hall is the gold standard in physician care! "

 Mark - 10/03/2023

" Courteous and professional staff with an efficiently run office, I can highly recommend this clinic. "

 Patricia - 10/03/2023

" I was very impressed with the level of quality and level of care! The doctor and staff were knowledgeable and caring about my issues! They explained my problem in a manner of which I could understand the problem! I would highly recommend them to others. I will be doing a follow up visit with this group! "

 Ernest - 10/03/2023

" Everyone at Retina Associates in Greenville was friendly, but professional. I have the greatest respect for everyone I dealt with both for this visit and all others since transferring to Dr. Ohning. He keeps me well informed as to the condition of my eyes and has made injections that have vastly improved my vision in the right eye. The edema in the left has improved significantly under his care. Much more satisfied than with my prior doctor. "

 Barbara - 10/03/2023

" Dr Robinson is great! "

 Jean - 10/03/2023

" Everyone I came in contact was so receptive, calm, smiling, helpful. My blood pressure was really down when they tested it because I wasn’t anxious or nervous because of the care and concern I received!❤️ "

 Andrew - 09/30/2023

" The entire staff was polite and very helpful. I couldn't see myself going anywhere else. ..... "

 Jeffrey - 09/30/2023

" I owe everything to Dr Apple Y’all are in my prayers every night "

 Richie - 09/30/2023

" Great experience. Very informative on steps of care. Very caring and friendly staff and Doctor! "

 Frazer - 09/30/2023

" Always a pleasure to visit Retina Consultants everyone is so professional and welcoming. "

 Carroll - 09/29/2023

" I was very impressed. "

 Mark - 09/29/2023

" Dr. Renfro and the assistants are an excellent eye care team. They are very professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. I’m very pleased with Retina Consultants of Carolina. "

 Karl - 09/29/2023

" Love Dr Bergstrom and his staff! I travel 2 and a half hours to get to Greenville and they make my experience there worth while!looking forward to my next visit. "

 Jean - 09/29/2023

" Always a good experience. I recommend this practice to everyone. "

 Troy - 09/29/2023

" Best eye care it the up state. "

 Anthony - 09/28/2023

" Excellent Service "

 Anita - 09/28/2023

" I had a very good experience at this Dr. Visit. The staff was so good the Dr. Is exceptional. All my visits are a good experience. Thank you for a good group of workers. All are professionals. Dr is great "

 Gerald - 09/28/2023

" Dr. Apple and his team are very professional, Experienced, Knowledgeably, and Respectful of my needs. They explain my care to me exceptionally. I definitely will recommend this practice. I am honored to be a patient of Dr. Apple. "

 Rochelle - 09/28/2023

" Great customer service! "

 Bruce - 09/28/2023

" every time i come here is100 percent everyone is great they let you know what they are going to do and they explain everything to you "

 Bobby - 09/28/2023

" I am pleased. "

 Mark - 09/28/2023

" Dr. Kaiser is a he best. He performed the second reattachment on my left eye and it has held perfectly for well over a year when the previous surgery held for only about 6 months. Dr. Kaiser does phenomenal work, and he has continued to meticulously monitor my case to ensure that I don’t have a relapse. Please take good care of this very competent and compassionate professional! "

 James - 09/28/2023

" Best Staff around and my doctor is the best. "

 Elaine - 09/28/2023

" Dr. Apple is an exceptional doctor! So intelligent! Very patient with my questions. And he is a pleasure to be around. All of the techs were very knowledgeable and nice as were the women who checked me in and out. "

 James - 09/27/2023

" Dr. Apple is extremely professional, caring and friendly. I feel fortunate that he was available upon the short notice. "

 George - 09/27/2023

" Dr. Robinson is tops. Very pleasant demeanor and great reassuring smile. Super professional and A++++ surgeon. "

 Patricia - 09/27/2023

" I have been so impressed with the way you all handled patients I have told friends to make appointments with you. I have been to two other doctors and you are the best "

 Christi - 09/27/2023

" Everything was great and I’ll just start coming there yearly for my eye exam!!! "

 Virginia - 09/27/2023

" I've always been treated with respect and they wished me a happy birthday which made my visit easier. "

 Geraldine - 09/27/2023

" Everyone was nice. Did not wait long to be seen. I was relax with them. "

 Carol - 09/27/2023

" Dr. Bergstrom is most pleasant as he explains exactly what he is planning to do, the expected possible outcomes, how the procedure went, and a thorough explanation of recovery as it progresses. Thorough, pleasant, and open to questions . More importantly , responsive to questions in a courteous respectful manner. These qualities are rare in most five minute sessions with today’s arrogant physicians. "

 William - 09/27/2023

" Could not have been any better. Thanks to Dr. Apple and all his staff. "

 Betty - 09/26/2023

" Great practice!!! Has helped my situation by their excellent care "

 Susan - 09/26/2023

" Dr. Bergstrom is outstanding ! He is exceptionally skilled and exceptionally kind and compassionate! I’m so glad that he is my doctor ! Thank you! The medical assistant Shanaigh was so skilled and so nice! "

 Thomas - 09/26/2023

" Dr. Apple was professional and compassionate in helping me understand my eye problem. He was patient and thoroughly explained what was happening and what my course of treatment should be. "

 Joseph - 09/26/2023

" I was very pleased with my first visit "

 Nellie - 09/25/2023

" I trust Dr. Kieser. Not many other Drs. can I say that about. "

 Pamela - 09/25/2023

" The entire care team provided top tier service. The doctor was professional and courteous. The entire experience was worry free. "

 Victoria - 09/24/2023

" Everyone was so kind and friendly.❤️ "

 Ronald - 09/24/2023

" Dr Apple was on call and allowed me to come from Spartanburg to be seen. He then managed to get my surgery scheduled for tomorrow with Dr Williams in Spartanburg. I feel he went beyond the call of duty and I am very grateful. "

 Elaine - 09/24/2023

" My doctor was very proactive with taking care of my eye care. My appreciations for his concerns, professional care,compassion and treatment. A big thanks to Retina Association. "

 Kelly - 09/23/2023

" Very happy I was referred to your practice "

 Jesse - 09/23/2023

" We are so grateful for Dr. Kaiser seeing us emergently last weekend, and doing surgery Thursday. And for the availability to be seen post op in Spartanburg office where we live. We are so impressed with your medical practice. "

 Michael - 09/22/2023

" I appreciate Dr. Ohning's attention and willingness to take the time to answer any questions that I may have. "

 Lida - 09/22/2023

" Dr. Ohning and his team always do an excellent job! Very pleased with the care I am receiving! "

 Daphne - 09/22/2023

" Each time I've come into the office, I have felt cared for. "

 Barney - 09/22/2023

" Love Dr Apple! "

 Melissa - 09/22/2023

" All of the staff and medical team were outstanding - great customer service, very caring team they explained everything- every single person on staff was top of the line and excellent , all knowledgeable, each caring, vey informative, and explaining every procedure and why - everything and everyone was beyond the best. I’m so thankful that I was referred to them -they went over and beyond my expectations I had. And being in the medical field for over 20 years I tend to set the bar height - they went way over the bar in every aspect.I highly recommend! The best of the best all around!! "