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Recent Reviews

 Randall - 02/28/2024

" Only issue was confirmation message said I needed a prescription. Had to call and actually talk to someone which was an issue to find out I didn’t need a prescription. All else was a good experience. Thank you "

 David - 02/28/2024

" Every one was friendly and did mind my constant chartering. "

 Brinda - 02/28/2024

" Dr Bever and staff are so nice and friendly! "

 Debra - 02/28/2024

" I was extremely happy with Dr Bever and his staff He answered all our questions and was very professional but also very friendly "

 Jennifer - 02/28/2024

" Dr. Bever was very knowledgeable in his expertise, and made me feel comfortable in knowing I was in good hands. I would recommend this clinic to my family and friends. "

 Teresa - 02/28/2024

" I am pleased to say that Dr. Sutherland is always professional, courteous, pleasant, and cares about my well-being. She is an excellent doctor, and I always feel like I am in good hands. Maddie was my tech, and she was very pleasant, knowledgeable for her short time there, and, easy to talk to as well. "

 Cesar - 02/27/2024

" Very competent doctor, explained everything to me in layman terms, answered all my questions, polite nurse, and receptionist overall very good. "

 Penny - 02/27/2024

" I was not feeling very good and they all were helpful to me . Making sure I was ok I really appreciate the caring treatment I received My Dr explained things tor the procedure was painless I'm very pleased to have such good caregivers "

 Jason - 02/27/2024

" This was the first time everything ran smoothly. "

 Raquel - 02/27/2024

" Dr Bever and his staff are always very friendly and professional! I’ve never had a bad experience in their office! I look forward to my visits with them and my eye health is improving!! "

 Cheryl - 02/27/2024

" Thank you for being so responsive on scheduling an appointment for me. Dr. Westhouse and staff were great! This was a very good experience, I now feel like I have a plan and direction for my eye health. Thank you much! "

 Kathy - 02/25/2024

" Dr Korot continues to put my mind at ease over my Vision problems! His reassurance is much appreciated! "

 James - 02/24/2024

" Dr. Sutherland and the entire team were very thorough, professional and friendly. Excellent visit! "

 James - 02/23/2024

" Personable, professional, knowledgeable. , "

 James - 02/22/2024

" Answered all my questions very thoroughly "

 Valerie - 02/22/2024

" All of the staff was excellent and explained everything. I would recommend Dr Pezda to friends and family "

 Douglas - 02/22/2024

" It was a good check up. Tech who did my tests was very friendly and supportive. "

 Kelly - 02/22/2024

" Had a great experience (office and medical staff) and am grateful for their education and guidance in my eye journey! Dr. Korot is kind and helpful in explaining what was wrong and how he will fix it. "

 Vicky - 02/22/2024

" I always have a positive here they always super awesome "

 Joyce - 02/21/2024

" The staff was very professional and informative about my condition. I was satisfied with their assessment and treatment. "

 Alexandria - 02/21/2024

" Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. Overall great experience from check in to check out. "

 Robert - 02/21/2024

" I didn't get the name of the African American woman who was helping me, but she was super nice & friendly. "

 Jeanne - 02/21/2024

" I received excellent care. My condition was explained in terms I could easily understand. "

 Donald - 02/20/2024

" VERY VERY VERY impressed with Dr Westhouse "

 Kent - 02/18/2024

" Dr Westhouse provided a clear explanation for my ailment and was able To address it right away. He and his staff were friendly and knowledgeable. I am thankful he was able to treat me and I definitely recommend him. "

 Toby - 02/17/2024

" DR. Boss is great, and he makes me so comfortable when I come to your office. "

 Sonja - 02/17/2024

" Grateful "

 Martha - 02/17/2024

" The staff was very friendly, accommodating and professional and the doctor was clear in his communication and confident in the diagnosis of my issue. I don't always have a sense of trust after a doctor visit but in this case I was totally relieved of worry. "

 Paul - 02/17/2024

" Finding a good doctor and caregivers is a lucky day - finding great professionals is a day to buy some lottery tickets - finding a team that Dr. Joseph Boss has put together . . . well, Las Vegas is the next stop! Yes, finding this team led by the exceptionally skilled but comprehensible Dr. Boss is the height of good fortune. Dr. Boss can explain as much as the patient wants to know and, more importantly, needs to know. I had a growing concern that Dr. Boss responded to in a way that eased my mind completely. He also outlined a totally "do-able" plan for future care and assured me that I could call at any time if certain conditions changed. The practice is quite busy, but I have never felt that I was Patient 47 or rushed in any way. I would say that this team ought to write many books on how the best medical practices operate. "

 Juliet - 02/16/2024

" Dr. Pezda and staff are kind, helpful, and outstanding always. Every experience has been positive. "

 Randy - 02/16/2024

" Was great as always. "

 Linnae - 02/15/2024

" My step mom gets injections also. I highly recommend your Office. "

 Richard - 02/15/2024

" Dr Sutherland has been very great to talk to, she explains everything in detail "

 Jon - 02/15/2024

" Always professional and caring "

 James - 02/15/2024

" Dr. Boss and team are all great! I know I’m in good hands. "

 Elizabeth - 02/15/2024

" I was so pleased with Dr. Pedza. HE was so informative and my shot was pain free. "

 Linda - 02/15/2024

" You’re all great imo! From working me in for my detached retina, surgery and follow up visits! Always kind and professional! Thank You! "

 Denise - 02/14/2024

" This was my 3rd visit to your office in the last year & I am always impressed by the professionalism I experience. Employees always seem willing to train other new technicians. Everyone is polite and respectful. "

 Lori - 02/14/2024

" Dr Boss is awesome! "

 Dennis - 02/14/2024

" Personal and professional care from start to finish A GREAT experience "

 Susan - 02/14/2024

" Couldn't ask for better care! "

 Santos - 02/14/2024

" Very professional and considerate. Personable and made me less apprehensive for my first visit. "

 Cynthia - 02/14/2024

" My wait time was about 40 minutes, the office was very busy. With the number of older adults growing very quickly, I'm not surprised, I was not impatient--all good by me--but it was a longer wait time than usual. You have great staff. Keri (I think that was her name) -the person that did all of my testing and photos--was very friendly, and answered my questions as much as she was able. I am a curious person, so that was appreciated! This is such a specialty area, I'm grateful to have this level of expertise in Grand Rapids. Dr. Karot is very approachable, he reviewed all of the tests/photos in front of me, which was appreciated. They are my eyes, I want to do what I can to keep them as healthy as possible! "

 Daniel - 02/14/2024

" First time visit, very nice office and staff was very good. Thank You for the service. Daniel Lynn "

 Sophia - 02/14/2024

" My wait time was minimal , DR.Boss made sure i felt no pain at all , i am 100 percent satisfied "

 Stephen - 02/13/2024

" Very grateful to Dr. Scott Westhouse for his expertise in correcting my eye disorder and preserving my vision. His office and support staff were very courteous as well. I strongly recommend the services of Dr. Westhouse and Retinal Specialists. "

 Harold - 02/13/2024

" All went well "

 John - 02/13/2024

" Dr Westhouse is a very good doctor always kind and listens thank you "

 John - 02/13/2024

" I wonder if Dr. Sutherland could ask Dr. Auberg if he thought my retina can withstand the type of surgery to remove the membrane. "

 Joseph - 02/13/2024

" I have had multiple appointments at Retina Specialists now and really appreciate the friendliness of the staff, the care I receive and the expertise of the doctors. They are great at what they do! "

 Paul - 02/13/2024

" Thank you Dr. Beaver for suggesting I think about waiting regarding my decision of when to have surgery! See you in two months. Thank you, Paul Miller "

 Kim - 02/11/2024

" The staff was welcoming.The physician took the time to answer my questions and concerns. I loved the education handout, it was very helpful. "

 James - 02/10/2024

" Dr. Westhouse was courteous and put me at ease during the procedure The staff answered my questions I would not hesitate to call on the good doctor should I need additional treatment "

 Deborah - 02/10/2024

" Staff was all friendly and helpful…Thank You! "

 Marie - 02/10/2024

" I have been a patient to Dr Boss for a couple of years, each visit has been very kind, caring and answers my questions, explains his plan for my care. The staff has been very nice and helpful, very professional. I recommend this office all the time "

 Valarie - 02/10/2024

" All of my visits have been exceptionally pleasant. "

 Susan - 02/09/2024

" Overall the staff was very professional, knew what they were doing, the doctor I saw was excellent and explained everything I needed to know! I wasn't initially told how long my appointment was estimated to take and that made it hard. I also wasn't told why I had to wait so long which I found out from another patient was because they had five emergencies. Just the doctor himself and the professionalism, explaining what was going on in my eye and how he put my worries to ease made it worth waiting. I definitely would recommend them. There's no way of being able to foresee emergencies and maybe the lack of information was because they were involved with those. "

 Joyce - 02/09/2024

" Dr. Boss and his staff were excellent and provided me all the information I needed at this point in my treatment "

 Debra - 02/09/2024

" I always feel heard by Dr Boss and trust his treatment. "

 Elizabeth - 02/09/2024

" The young man who helped me get ready for the doctor was very nice and very thoughtful. I appreciated his help very much. "

 Jo Ann - 02/07/2024

" Dr Westhouse is so kind and so knowledgable. He is the best retina specialists I have ever had. I’d recommend him to anyone. "

 Cathleen - 02/07/2024

" I usually see Dr. Bever in Portage. Today I was in Grand Rapids with Dr. Boss. The entire staff were wonderful. It’s rewarding to discover that Retina Specialists have an entire practice of such qualified professionals. "

 Steven - 02/06/2024

" Professional, prompt, attentive. "

 Jeffrey - 02/06/2024

" Very nice staff they took care of me well "

 Wayne - 02/06/2024

" Very excellent made feel very at ease with what they were going to do. "

 John - 02/05/2024

" Got there and the door was locked after hour early. Waited 15 minutes and door was still locked. I started knocking on the door to be open. 10:00 appointment didn't see the doctor after 11:30 "

 Ivan - 02/03/2024

" Dr Boss is a Boss at his profession, very happy to have him as one of my doctors "

 Sandra - 02/03/2024

" Everyone was very helpful and made me feel very comfortable. "

 William - 02/02/2024

" Everyone was friendly, helpful and upfront about treatment options. I am very appreciative of the short time frame to schedule my appointment. "

 Thomas - 02/01/2024

" Very impressed with the entire team at Retina Specialists, from check in until check out. I would highly recommend to anyone needing this type of treatment. "

 Shareka - 02/01/2024

" I love that they are able to work my schedule to get my injections "

 Chris - 02/01/2024

" I am very happy with everyone at Retina Specialists of Michigan. Dr. Pezda and staff are amazing! They are all very professional. I would definitely recommed this office. "

 Tim - 02/01/2024

" The Doctors and staff are the best they go above and beyond to make you comfortable and feel welcomed. "

 Arlene - 02/01/2024

" Great staff and Dr! "

 Clay - 01/31/2024

" Wish the wait time was a little shorter. Other than that visits were great! Beautiful office and clean! 😊 "

 Jeffrey - 01/31/2024

" The Staff and Dr. Boss were so very friendly and very Professional. Always a pleasure coming to get my eyes worked on. "

 Sonya - 01/31/2024

" So impressed with Dr Aaberg and his staff. Dr Aaberg is an amazing doctor that is very kind and thoroughly answered my questions and concerns. Wouldn’t trust my vision to anyone else! "

 Victoria - 01/31/2024

" Everything is run so efficiently…I never have to wait long and everyone is very kind, friendly and caring. I really trust Dr. Boss's diagnosis. Thank you all for your services to our community! "

 Diana - 01/30/2024

" Everything was very satisfying!! From when I got into first room until I left. "

 Laura - 01/30/2024

" I wish I had asked more questions, I didn't understand most of the technical terms used. One of the tests was uncomfortable, the taking of the pictures, should have been explained better. But overall it was the most thorough exam I have ever had and the people there were truly concerned with my eye issue. "

 James - 01/30/2024

" Dr. Sutherland continues to be warm and genuine in her approach. She answers any questions that I have asked despite the very busy office that she is supervising on Mondays. "

 Janice - 01/30/2024

" Everyone was very friendly, professional, and treated me with respect. "

 Franklin - 01/29/2024

" Doctor was arrogant and would like someone else for my next visit. "

 Stephanie - 01/27/2024

" Dr. Boss is always caring and patient. He assures me and answers all of my questions. The tech who did my IV and dye test pictures was fabulous. He put me at ease and did an excellent job. "

 Debra - 01/27/2024

" Staff was very friendly to me! Dr. Westhouse was kind & patient with me! "

 Teresa - 01/26/2024

" I needed time to process everything. I will be contacting your office to clarify some of the concerns I didn't quite get in the first initial appt. "

 James - 01/26/2024

" Great friendly service! "

 Janice - 01/26/2024

" Very warm atmosphere. In training a new person, still treated patient with though concern. Dr Westhouse very thorough. And kind. Helping one to understand. He is a Doctor to trust with your eyes "

 Karen - 01/26/2024

" I wished the Doctor would have shared information about my condition. I was asked if I had any questions but didn’t know what questions to ask. "

 Glenn - 01/26/2024

" Superb physicians and allied staff. Highly recommended. "

 Sharon - 01/25/2024

" This office is so much better than Grand Rapids ophthalmology. "

 Benjamin - 01/25/2024

" See you next year. "

 Gregory - 01/25/2024

" Dr. Aaberg is just the best. He has been taking care of me for over 8 years and I couldn’t be happier with the care he has given me. "

 Gisele - 01/24/2024

" So good. Throughout and I was very pleased by explaining of procedures and treated Very well "

 Kevin - 01/24/2024

" Very well run practice. I see several different doctors on a regular basis, and Dr. Aaberg and his staff are the best by far. "

 Jill - 01/24/2024

" I really appreciate Dr Sutherland getting me in last minute! "

 Carl - 01/23/2024

" A very comfortable and pleasing environment. Extremely professional, informative and courteous staff. "

 Daniel - 01/20/2024

" Having a very scary experience, it made me feel extremely confident that I was in good hands with the staff and doctors. Thank you so much. Daniel Socia "

 Wendy - 01/20/2024

" Always a great visit. Feel well attended . Extremely friendly and professional. "

 Christopher - 01/20/2024

" Great care, great staff, organized, and very speedy service. Honestly, one of the best practices I have ever interacted with. "

 Mark - 01/19/2024

" The staff were all very polite, prompt and thorough "

 Gary - 01/18/2024

" I appreciated the scheduler accommodating an appointment change due to weather conditions, and I appreciated the short wait time provided by Dr. Korat. "

 Timothy - 01/18/2024

" Nice Staff "

 Bryan - 01/18/2024

" Staff courteous also checking in and out very very helpful "

 Ryan - 01/18/2024

" Staff was very professional and personable. Overall great experience. "

 Ronald - 01/18/2024

" We are lucky to have such capable doctors in our area "

 Marlee - 01/17/2024

" Dr Aaberg and Alex were both helpful, informative, and kind in caring for me and my eyes. They explained what my condition requires, and I’m so thankful indeed to be a patient at the Retina Center. I’m glad my opthamologist ( Dr Currie at Holland Eye Center) referred me to Dr Aaberg, and I have ultimate confidence in the expert care that I am receiving there. "

 Marilyn - 01/17/2024

" Dr Aubrey and his staff members are excellent! I wish he was available for other aspects of my health care! His easy going personality and attention are beyond good! I would recommend him to anyone needing a retina doctor! Thank You so much Dr. Aubrey for your great care! "

 Michael - 01/17/2024

" It took a little while in the waiting room, but I understand that things can get backed up. No problem. Every other aspect of service from surgery to follow up was excellent. Thank you. "

 Sean - 01/17/2024

" The Portage office is always a gamble. Sometimes it's smooth sailing, other times it's a complete cluster. However, I know this, and I bring things to work on while I'll wait. Dr. Boss is amazing, and he could hold clinic in a trash dump and I'd show up. "

 Daniel - 01/17/2024

" Very professional and knowledgeable "

 Elaine - 01/17/2024

" bad road weather - understanderable "

 Kurt - 01/16/2024

" The staff are always pleasant and great to talk to. Dr Sutherland is always thorough and cares about you and explaining everything so you understand. Her comforting demeanor makes you feel at ease and less worried. "

 Graham - 01/16/2024

" My appointment started exactly when it was scheduled. The technician was a trainee but seemed very professional. The doctor looked young which doesn't bother me, as I'm in my 30's. But he didn't tell me how old he was when I asked out of curiosity. I don't know any other retina specialists but I would recommend this practice. Most importantly my condition was explained simply and all options covered. Absolutely no complaints. "

 Robert - 01/15/2024

" Dr very explanatory "

 Carlos - 01/14/2024

" Great experience, very knowledgeable "

 Rick - 01/13/2024

" I was very relieved at the result of my exam. "

 Martha - 01/13/2024

" Dr. Boss and the staff are exceptional. You always know you will receive the best possible care. I cannot thank Dr. Boss enough. He saved my eyesight. Thank you, Martha Murray "

 Sharon - 01/12/2024

" Everything was managed in a timely professional appointment. All the staff was so courteous and respectful. Dr boss is extremely thorough at explaining everything and making sure all of my questions were answered. Thank you all! "

 Mark - 01/11/2024

" I was very happy with all the staff, they were professional, the physician answered all my questions, and explained the process to me so that i could understand in detail what he was going to do to repair my retina, Thank You Again "

 Marilyn - 01/11/2024

" Very pleased with dr boss- he’s exceptional "

 Frances - 01/11/2024

" I have seen Dr. Pezda for over a year now, and I am very thankful for his care and taking time to answer my questions and concerns. All the staff has been very friendly and helpful as well. "

 Roxanne - 01/11/2024

" The tech that did the scan on my eyes was the best of all techs. They are all great techs there but this gentleman was by far the best I’ve ever had at putting me at ease before my procedure. "

 George - 01/10/2024

" Attentive and friendly staff. Dr. Bever is wonderful and we were pleased with the whole experience. "

 Jacqueline - 01/10/2024

" Jolene was friendly, warm and efficient. The whole experience was exceptional. I'm an RN; my husband is a retired PA. We traveled from Kalamazoo in terrible weather for my appointment with Dr Boss. I've had pretty disheartening care from local ophthalmologists, and I'm so grateful that a friend recommended Dr. Boss. I left feeling hopeful, and armed with information. Thanks for the excellent care! "

 Carlos - 01/10/2024

" I love how they treat me because they are fast, the service is fast, the employees from the beginning are very friendly and the doctor is very kind. "

 Madelynn - 01/09/2024

" Happy new year! "

 Keith - 01/07/2024

" I have been very happy with the care and service at RSM. "

 Ruth - 01/06/2024

" Dr. Pezda and his staff are excellent and I would not go anywhere else for treatment of my eye problems. "

 Gloria - 01/06/2024

" You are very great and courteous people thank you "

 Brian - 01/06/2024

" I love dr perda "

 Kelly - 01/06/2024

" I can't say enough good things about this practice. This was my initial visit and frankly, I went in pretty scared about my potential diagnosis. However, once the process began my fear subsided. The staff is professional, kind and knowledgable. Dr. Boss explained everything to me in a straight-forward and simple (not condescending) manner. My vision issue is completely resolved and I am 100% satisfied with both my experience and the final result. The facility itself is pristeen and comfortable and their equipment is sophisticated and state of the art. I highly recommend this group if you have any retinal/eye concerns. I am grateful to the entire RA team!! "

 Patricia - 01/05/2024

" Dr. Pezda is outstanding. He promised me i could trust his word that my eye injections would not be painful nor scary. For two years he never let me down. His expertise is controlling my vein occlusion behind my retina. The entire support staff is compassionate and friendly. "

 Mark - 01/05/2024

" Your staff, support people & Dr. Scott were superb. Very organized, efficient and great communication. I finally understand what my issues are and corrective solutions. Couldn’t be more pleased! "

 Charles - 01/05/2024

" Sleep Tech friendly, courteous and swift. Strong dialogue afterwards, coupled with best nights’ rest I’ve had in 10 or 20 years. "

 Susan - 01/05/2024

" I thought everything was great and I really appreciate you guys getting me in on the same day. For my vision emergency. "

 Joyce - 01/05/2024

" Dr Pezda took he time to answer all my question and his assistant Logan was very helpful in getting me the reports I requested. "

 Gina - 01/04/2024

" Staff is always kind and helpful. Everyone is knowledgeable and seems to love their job. Never disappointed. "

 Lore - 01/04/2024

" Dr. Boss was very nice but also rushed. I felt uncomfortable with the salesmen attending his exams, especially since I had UNKIND words for their product, which they are OBVIOUSLY pushing on MY Physician to use. I had and still have problems since--however they Did the job as advertised. I wish I had never agreed to that injection. "

 Evelyn - 01/04/2024

" Everything went smoothly. I didn’t have my regular Doctor but the one who filled in while my Dr. was on vacation did well. "

 Harley - 01/04/2024

" My father is the patient. He is immobile. They are so good with him. . "

 Craig - 01/04/2024

" Always quick and accommodating top shelf operation. "

 Marilyn - 01/03/2024

" Thank you for you promptness, professional approach and your caring concern in answering my questions. I was very thankful and encouraged with this visit as I look toward having cataract surgery. "

 Colleen - 01/03/2024

" If I could fill out the new patient documents online it could save a lot of time. Additionally I feel uncomfortable hand writing my social security number on any paperwork. I was very happy with everyone at the office and was completely comfortable at all times. "

 Paul - 01/03/2024

" Extremely knowledgeable with excellent "bedside manors". The best of the best. "

 Margaret - 01/03/2024

" Your office was fantastic! I had an emergency over the holiday weekend and was able to speak with Dr Westhiuse on all. I was seen promptly when office was opened after the holiday. All providers and staff were great! "

 Sarah - 01/03/2024

" The overall experience was lower only because of my Fearon what was happening. The doctor and staff helped me feel more comfortable with all of it. "

 Michael - 01/03/2024

" Another great experience. "

 Pamela - 01/03/2024

" Dr Sutherland is very thorough and I am so confident in her for the health of of my eyes. "

 Vickie - 12/30/2023

" Just disappointed they can’t help me yet! It said to catch GA early and I did and I guess it’s too early! I can hardly stand it now! "

 Marcy - 12/29/2023

" I was an emergency case and was treated very respectfully and no wait time. "

 Theodore - 12/28/2023

" dr Korot was great. And all stagf was great "

 Nancy - 12/27/2023

" Everyone is very friendly and helpful and answer's your questions. Dr. Westhouse is definitely the best! He tells you what he is doing at all times, very gentle and no pain. Definitely a top notch office. "

 David - 12/26/2023

" The professionalism the staff and doctors is outstanding. "

 Tamara - 12/23/2023

" Dr. Boss and staff our outstanding....I am blessed beyond words to have him in charge of my precious sight. "

 Craig - 12/23/2023

" I have had a great team at Retina Specialists. Would highly recommend. "

 Brian - 12/23/2023

" The doctor and all support staff were professional and pleasant. No complaints of any kind. "

 Dennis - 12/23/2023

" Dr. Koran and his associates were very courteous and helpful. "

 Lisa - 12/23/2023

" I’m always very pleased with my experience at your office and I would highly recommend any of your doctors to friends and family. "

 Philip - 12/22/2023

" Good staff and doctor! "

 Linda - 12/21/2023

" Very positive experience with pleasant staff "

 John - 12/21/2023

" I have NEVER had eye issues, I have been a carpenter for over (30) years so every now and then maybe a bit of sawdust but not enough to go into dr. I probably drove the girls nuts all the questions I asked, for a young lady like her did a VERY THOROUGH JOB! All the eye stuff, pictures, answering all my questions, I will say, I have been SO nervous the past couple weeks because I can NOT see anything out of my left eye, the one that has been giving me trouble, and just thinking what to expect by the dr. I am so so so HAPPY HOW EVERYTHING WENT FOR ME! From the time dr. Came into my room with another nurse we’re EXTREMELY NICE AND KIND, AND THOROUGH! I do hope and pray these injections work for me. I Thank you ALL for how great my visit went yesterday, and MERRY CHRISTMAS, AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!! You can post this review ALL OVER ANY WHERE YOU’D LIKE TO!! And thank y’all again! :) :). John Nash "

 John - 12/21/2023

" Staff and physician friendly, professional, interested in my situation. Allowed wife to be with me. Physician helpful, answered all questions. Happy to C have procedure by Dr. Bever. "

 Keith - 12/21/2023

" Thankful for this place. "

 Mushtaq - 12/20/2023

" Doctor Boss and staff are very personable, caring and professional. "

 Donna - 12/20/2023

" My daughter accompanied me to my first visit with Dr Scott Westhouse. Elizabeth and Kelly(?) handled my registration physical review and the tech part of the appointment prep. Dr Westhouse and his team were very personable and professional. I am grateful for the timely discussion of my diagnosis and the treatment options. Take home materials will provide me and my family good info to help me make a treatment decision. Count me grateful, just plain grateful. Donna "

 Robert - 12/20/2023

" Always very satisfied with Dr Bos and his staff. I feel like I’m in good hands with my treatment. "

 Natalie - 12/20/2023

" My doctor is amazing love him and all of the staff they are great "

 Catherine - 12/20/2023

" Dr Bever was thorough and made sure I understood everything he said. Sophia was so sweet and explained all the tests in detail. She sweetly guided me from one test to another. I would definitely recommend the professionalism of this office. I trust my eyes to their care. "

 Judith - 12/20/2023

" Dr. Aaberg is THE BEST. SO THOROUGH, explains issues very well..most helpful. His staff is very kind. "

 Deborah - 12/20/2023

" A few more instructions regarding infection prevention and precautions Woolf be helpful. "

 Edward - 12/20/2023

" Dr. Boss continues to show his compassion for and commitment to his patients. His desire to keep our vision as part of wholistic healthcare is evident. He is a gift to our community, "

 Richard - 12/20/2023

" Dr. Westhouse listened to all of my concerns. He double checked things in my chart going back4 years. Then together we made a decision to adjust the treatment. It was very nice to have a doctor that listens to you! "

 Clifford - 12/20/2023

" I've been to this practice a few times and the experience has always been exemplary competent, friendly and knowledgeable. Good job folks. "

 Michael - 12/20/2023

" Very pleased with my visit as a new patient. Dr Aaberg explained everything in detail. From check in to checkout everyone was really nice. "

 Kathryn - 12/20/2023

" Dr. Korot is an expert in his field. I wouldn't go anywhere else. I know he will give me the best care and treatment. "

 Cynthia - 12/19/2023

" Everyone Is so kind and friendly. Dr Korot is the best. Love coming there. "

 Micayle - 12/19/2023

" Dr. Westhouse and his staff are always courteous and professional. "

 Diane - 12/19/2023

" Dr Bever and staff are very easy to talk with and explain everything - usually with the images of my eyes they generate there in the office. Very helpful. "

 Tyler - 12/19/2023

" Dr. Westhouse is superb. He is compassionate, caring, knowledgeable, and patient. The entire staff is friendly and helpful. We highly recommend Dr. Westhouse and Retina Specialists! "

 Thomas - 12/18/2023

" Very positive support staff. "

 Carole - 12/16/2023

" You people are so busy. I don't know how you Dr.s keep up with it all.. You do and great job.. Carole Yost "

 Sharon - 12/16/2023

" Excellent doctor and staff. Felt I was in good hands at all times. "

 Edward - 12/15/2023

" I always recommend Dr AAberg and staff "

 Laurie - 12/14/2023

" Routine checkups are a life-saver!! "

 Timothy - 12/14/2023

" Very welcoming, friendly, and informative. Dr. Bever's expertise was evident. I felt well-cared-for. "

 Cynthia - 12/14/2023

" Sophia is so sweet and professional. She was always careful to make me feel comfortable and let me know what she was going to do next. The entire staff is kind. From the greeters, to the schedulers. Dr. Koror is a great guy too! Told me what was going on and made me feel real comfortable. I really feel safe and cared for in the office. I sat on the benches between the doors, waiting for my husband. A man escorted his mom to the seat next to me, while he got their vehicle. She and I had a great chat about the practice. She’s come for years and also loves the office staff and physicians. "

 Mary - 12/13/2023

" I have been more than pleased with every aspect of my experience with Dr. Bever and his staff. And I will forever be grateful for the restoration of my vision. I pray for his continued success in this important work. "

 Robert - 12/13/2023

" Everyone every visit is great !! "

 Sharon - 12/13/2023

" More recent appts, for my husband and myself, have had excessive wait times which is discouraging. "

 Marnie - 12/13/2023

" I cannot say enough amazing things. Honestly you guys are the best! "

 Craig - 12/13/2023

" Dr. Boss is always caring and takes the time to explain anything you don't understand, I would recommend him to anyone! "

 Linda - 12/12/2023

" I like Dr Bever and he’s very good at caring for my eye health. I hope he will stay here in our area since many of us are too old to travel very far for treatment. "

 Roy D - 12/11/2023

" It was an emergency situation and the Specialists were the only ones that would see my husband in all of the Grand Rapids area. They were so through and we knew the exact problem when we left. I can't thank Retina Specialists enough for going the extra for us. They were there beyond hours and still showed great care and concern. "

 Laurel - 12/09/2023

" One of the best places in GR for eye specialists. My doctor is great. "

 Norma - 12/09/2023

" Dr. Korot was very helpful and very courteous. Couldn't have been treated better. "

 Carol - 12/09/2023

" Nice people, great facility, first rate care all around. "

 Christopher - 12/09/2023

" Dr Sutherland is amazing! Highly recommend Retina Specialists. Everyone is so friendly and accommodating. They were able to for me in. "

 Janice - 12/08/2023

" All the staff from the check-in area to the end were friendly, caring and helpful. It was appreciated as I was concerned about my possible diagnosis. I left feeling I had received the best assessment possible. Thank you! "

 Claudia - 12/08/2023

" Comfortable experience. "

 George - 12/07/2023

" Annika’s patience and professionalism went above and beyond and had me feeling comfortable the entire time. Dr. Bever explained everything in a manner that was very easy to understand, leaving me with no worries "

 Louie - 12/07/2023

" Dr Beaver and the staff are on top of it "

 Ruth - 12/07/2023

" I happy to say that my after care experience is also very good. The protocol used this time to alleviate soreness and scratchiness the rest of the day and following days has worked so well! Minimum discomfort this time compared to last time. I’m very pleased! "

 Nancy - 12/07/2023

" The appt. went very well - the staff was pleasant, and we didn’t have to wait nearly as long as we have in the past. All Good (besides getting a good report!) Nancy Bunkley "

 Cathy - 12/07/2023

" Everyone is very nice and polite. You can ask questions they will answer. Dr. Boss is the greatest. "

 Robert - 12/07/2023

" Very satisfied once I got call in "

 David - 12/07/2023

" My appointment was at 10:05 and I wasn’t called back for my appointment until 11:00. They were very apologetic but difficult to believe that the office was that far behind already in the morning. After that, everything went smoothly and very professional. "

 Franco - 12/07/2023

" Outstanding experience, as usual. "

 Sandra - 12/06/2023

" Dr. Boss and his team are excellent. I have a scary diagnosis and their support plus professional expertise are deeply appreciated. Sandra Edwards Professor Emerita "

 Leonard - 12/06/2023

" I feel Dr.Boss is one of the great ones in the area "

 Janet - 12/06/2023

" My wait time in the waiting room was short. I waited for about an hour to see the doctor. Luckily I had the time to spare. Other than that, I was very satisfied with my experience. Staff was excellent. "

 Dale - 12/06/2023

" Staff and Dr W ..are excellent ! "

 Gary - 12/06/2023

" DR Sutherland is always the best "

 Carol - 12/06/2023

" I had a good experience with the doctor and staff but not a good outcome. The reason for the bad outcome is from a doctor chapman that did surgery on my eye last March and April which I lost sight in my right eye because of his lack of judgment. I would no longer ever go to that office and would recommend no one let chapman touch their eyes. I would welcome the opportunity to have my comments put on the website. This doctor apparently is getting too old to do surgery. "

 Catherine - 12/06/2023

" Staff was very kind and efficient. Dr.Scott Westhouse was compassionate and instilled confidence in me, while understanding my nervousness at the planned treatment. It was quick, easy, and I left the offices with my eye healed! "

 Brenda - 12/06/2023

" Emily is the best ! and I completely trust her and Dr Sutherland w my vision. I see them annually for my genetic condition and always leave feeling I received top notch care. "

 Tamara - 12/06/2023

" The Retina Specialist practice is wonderful! Dr Westhaus is outstanding! "

 Ruth - 12/05/2023

" Dr. West house listens and also explains his portion and makes my care clear to me. "

 Janice - 12/03/2023

" The people are very nice and helpful "

 Franklin - 12/02/2023

" Though the time spent to thoroughly evaluate my condition was longer than expected, the tools to analyze my condition was thorough and enlightening. "

 Joyce - 12/02/2023

" Other than the wait time, my experience is always excellent. Staff and doctor top-notch. I would never consider going anywhere else for my eyecare "

 Kenneth - 12/02/2023


 James - 12/02/2023

" “Joe D Boss”. - does a great job. Liked Annika "

 Debbie - 12/02/2023

" Dr. Pezda is very courteous. I have a condition that requires frequent eye injections This is very costly for me. He was very understanding about my financial concerns as well as making sure that I understand my condition and treatment. "

 Cherie - 12/02/2023

" Dr Boss is fantastic and his scribe was great too. "

 Bruce - 12/01/2023

" For my first visit, everyone was very nice and pleasant. A special thanks to Gabby and Zack. Thank you. "

 Robert - 12/01/2023

" I've always had a positive experience at Retina Specialists. Dr. Aaberg is thorough, informative and upbeat. His staff are equally so. "

 William - 12/01/2023

" Many things weren’t covered in enough depth. Lack of good options for finding health care equipment on short notice between appointments and Surgury "

 Angela - 11/30/2023

" Sam was excellent. He was kind and patient and explained everything fully. Retina Specialists is very lucky to have him! "

 Joan - 11/30/2023

" Love Dr. Pezda customer service "

 Vicky - 11/30/2023

" Appreciated Dr. Boss very much. "

 Jeffrey - 11/29/2023

" The staff and doctors could not have treated me better. Audrey was kind and caring. I have nothing but respect for Dr Bos and the staff. I'm always treated like I am the only patient they have. My surgical outcomes are incredible! Better than one might imagine in my circumstances. Thank you to everyone of you! I'm truly grateful. "

 Richard - 11/29/2023

" Great experience, as always! "

 Rosalie - 11/29/2023

" I appreciate that Dr Renucci does not seemed rushed. All staff members are thoughtful and conversational "

 Steven - 11/29/2023

" Everyone that I had contact with was friendly, knowledgeable and made you feel important. "

 Brian - 11/29/2023

" Top notch staff and Doctors. Very knowledgable and great people skills! "

 Irene - 11/28/2023

" Very satisfied. "

 Richard - 11/28/2023

" I did wait i. the waiting room for 2 hours BUT it was totally understandable due the dye test machine breaking down. I always get great service from the entire staff! "

 Ronald - 11/28/2023

" Thank you all so very much Ron Smitj "

 Connie - 11/24/2023

" Everyone is so friendly never rude. Very helpful. I apperate all that they Have done and continue to do to help Me. "

 Larry - 11/23/2023

" I have been seeing Dr Sutherland for some time and I couldn’t be happier with her care and with the staff. "

 Martha - 11/23/2023

" The young man who did the initial interview and testing was very competent, pleasant and was reassuring explaining each step of what he was doing. "

 Russle - 11/23/2023

" I was very impressed by the professionalism, courtesy, and friendliness of everyone from front desk to physician. Very thorough and I would highly recommend to anyone. "

 Minda - 11/23/2023

" Dr. Bevar was great! The staff was friendly. I would definitely recommend Retina Specialists to anyone. "

 Sherma - 11/23/2023

" Everyone was kind and professional and efficient. The older I get the more I appreciate courtesy and kindness and I was shown both at this appointment. "

 Norman - 11/22/2023

" I am very grateful for my experience. I have total confidence in the staff. "

 Mary - 11/22/2023

" Reagan and Callie were friendly and explained what they were doing before they did it. That's very reassuring for this patient! I appreciated Reagan's happy demeanor and expertise. Because Callie was shadowing, I can say that she did a good job on the parts of the testing she did. Dr. Sutherland is someone I trust completely with my eye care and I enjoy her sunny personality. My experience at this office has always been positive! "

 Kenneth - 11/22/2023

" Always a pleasure to be able to be helped by your company . Every employee is friendly and very knowable. "

 Rasheeq - 11/22/2023

" Best doctors best support staff, best facilities. They are very focused on satisfying the customer. They are very customer oriented very thoughtful, very genuine very pleasant to speak with talk to the patients in the language they could understand and they would the patient at east. I’m very thankful that I am a patient in your establishment and I highly recommended to anybody I know family, friends or even, anyone who I have contact with thank you for being you "

 Deborah - 11/22/2023

" Dr. Boss is most respectful and kind. He gives the quality of care that people deserve and has set my mind at ease several times. I trust Dr. Boss and his assistants They are kind, professional and caring. "

 Cynthia - 11/21/2023

" I’m very happy to have Doctor Bever as my physician. My eye care is in good hands. Everyone on staff was friendly and courteous. "

 Jeffrey - 11/21/2023

" The Doctor was excellent and the gal who did the prep work was especially good. "

 Martin - 11/21/2023

" Always excellent service and care "

 Rebecca - 11/18/2023

" Kind and courteous. Dr was thorough and answered any questions "

 Ronald - 11/18/2023

" Wait time was over 40 minutes "

 Paul - 11/17/2023

" Very efficient and friendly. Appointment always waited on time "

 Kathleen - 11/17/2023

" Alex did my testing and prep for the Dr. He is a delight to have as an employee and you are lucky to have him. Alex is patient and professional as are all your employees. "

 Linnea - 11/17/2023

" Was happy my condition could be fixed I was hearing negative things from other's. "

 Louise - 11/17/2023

" Very pleased to have help paperwork submitted to help with future payment "

 Ruth - 11/17/2023

" I thought I filled this out on my phone, but I did it again, just in case I didn't send it. My visist was very informative and I appreciated the time taken to explain everything to me. "

 Larry - 11/17/2023

" Gabby was great "

 Marsha - 11/16/2023

" I love Dr Bever and his team!! Ben measured my eye pressure today and I was well aware of what we were looking for and what we were sowing! Ben was concerned tht I may have been inconvenienced!! Not at all! I feel part of the care team here and appreciate hat!! "

 Ronald - 11/15/2023

" Everyone is very professional and courteous, and Dr. Bever is the best. He is thorough and his shots are painless. "

 Karl - 11/15/2023

" I really like Dr. Bevers. This was the fastest that I’ve ever been in an out at the Milham Rd location - everything went super smoothly. "

 Marlene - 11/15/2023

" Everyone is so nice and knowledgeable. They make you feel very comfortable. "

 Albert - 11/15/2023

" I don’t know how you can make your service any better! "

 Susan - 11/15/2023

" Dr. Boss and staff are always friendly and thorough, answering all questions in a comfortable atmosphere. "

 Wendy - 11/14/2023

" I felt like I received a very thorough exam. Dr. Bever took his time with me, and gave a clear explanation of what he was looking at. He explained that my issue was not urgent at this time, and may never be, but he will follow up with me periodically to monitor for any changes. "

 Lori - 11/14/2023

" You folks are THE BEST ! "

 David - 11/14/2023

" My husband has Dementia so doesn’t always cooperate but your staff has been very patient with him. "

 Sandra - 11/14/2023

" A friendly and efficient staff! I feel very confident that my doctor holds my eye health as his top concern. "

 Luann - 11/14/2023

" I had to have an unscheduled visit (sent there from ER). Everybody was absolutely amazing! "

 Debra - 11/14/2023

" Dr. Beaver was wonderful. Very knowledgeable and kind. "

 Paul - 11/13/2023

" My visit was a seamless experience! Every staff member was extremely helpful and sincere!! Thank you for making my visit non stressful. "

 Marilyn - 11/11/2023

" Everyone was helpful, pleasant and professional. Thank you for calming my nerves! "

 Stephen - 11/11/2023

" Office is very nice looking and comfortable, the staff is well trained and very nice, Dr. Boss is informative very easy to communicate with. Great all around "

 Emma - 11/10/2023

" The staff is always friendly and courteous. Doctor always kind and friendly and gentle when treating you. "

 Bruce - 11/10/2023

" My expectations were not only met when I took my dad for a recent appointment, but they were far exceeded! Every single person we came in contact with from the moment we entered the door was kind, helpful, and knowledgeable. Dr. Beaver and Dr. Westhouse go above and beyond to take excellent care of my father, and for that I cannot be more thankful! "

 Jacquelyne - 11/09/2023

" There was a 15 minute back up for my appointment. I was informed and the staff were all trying their best to keep things moving. Really not a problem when you are kept informed about a wait. And 15 minutes isn't that bad! "

 Randy - 11/09/2023

" Your office and staff have always been top notch. I've been a patient for multiple years. "

 Ralph - 11/09/2023

" The staff was very kind, professional, courteous, and just did a good job. I did not know what to expect, and I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of everybody. "

 Kevin - 11/09/2023

" Doctor Westhouse and the entire staff were extremely thorough, efficient, and friendly. The visit could not have been better! "

 Martin - 11/08/2023

" I’ve been coming here for years and there is a noticeable improvement this year in the efficiency and overall operation of the clinic. The staff is knowledgeable and courteous. I am very happy with Dr Aaberg and the office and this comes from a physician. "

 Joseph - 11/08/2023

" Dr. Boss was very attentive and persal, worked with my needs. "

 Larry - 11/08/2023

" Great group to work with. They really care. "

 William - 11/08/2023

" Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable from check-in to specialists. "

 Mary - 11/08/2023

" Dr. Boss is a very caring doctor, polite, willing to listen to your concern, and answer each one. He gives you the feeling he really cares about you. His staff is equally polite and caring. "

 Mary - 11/08/2023

" This office is always very accommodating. I like this office very well. "

 Pauline - 11/08/2023

" Our 94- year old Mother is very grateful for everything done to help her. "

 Thomas - 11/08/2023

" Dr. Mohamed is an excellent Dr.who takes great care for her patients and made me feel very at ease with her!! "

 Timothy - 11/08/2023

" Dr Bever is the best!! "

 Edward - 11/08/2023

" Dr Sutherland is wonderful to work with. I feel like she has done a great job helping me with my eye problems. She is always willing to take the time to answer all our questions in a very easy to understand way. Best Retina Surgeon in West Michigan!!! "

 Margarita - 11/08/2023

" So thankful for wanting a second opinion, I'm at peace. I am absolutely satisfied "

 Barbara - 11/08/2023

" I didn’t get information on my reason for being there which was the concern about a cyst. "

 Gail - 11/08/2023

" Appreciate the timeliness of it all. "

 Robert - 11/07/2023

" Everyone was very courteous and professional. "

 Nancy - 11/07/2023

" Friendly, fast and professional. "

 Robert - 11/07/2023

" Great job once again! Our technician was friendly and courteous and Doctor Sutherland was very helpful and professional. Thanks again! "

 Judith - 11/07/2023

" His staff and Dr. Bever provide a friendly and stress relieving service.. "

 Patricia - 11/06/2023

" All went well. First visit. I will have a better understanding and knowledge after a more thorough and comprehensive visit with the physician. "

 Linda - 11/04/2023

" Appreciate the quick attention to my concerns. "

 Joseph - 11/04/2023

" The staff made me very comfortable on a scary time. Hanna was amazing in her pre work and getting me ready. Please let her know. The team was great! Thanks. "

 Michael - 11/04/2023

" Arrived early and was taken in for tests early and as a result finished early. Thank you! "

 Michael - 11/02/2023

" Very happy that I attended my appointment here. Fantastic staff. "

 Angela - 11/02/2023

" Dr. Bever and his team are in sync and they don’t miss a beat!!! "

 Charles - 11/02/2023

" I love having Dr Pezda as my care giver. Have rec9mmended him to many people! "

 James - 11/02/2023

" So thankful for your professional & compassionate care. "

 Scott - 11/02/2023

" Dr Pezda and his support team are very professional and thorough. I feel like I’m in good hands with their team. "

 Patrick - 11/01/2023

" The staff was very friendly. The office was super clean. The coffee was great. And I particularly enjoyed the pumpkin contest. "

 James - 10/31/2023

" No fear and no pain. Couldn't ask for more. "

 Jimette - 10/31/2023

" Everyone is so kind & helpful. Treats me with respect & makes me feel comfortable & at ease. Always a pleasant experience which is unusual for a doctors office!!! "

 Howard - 10/31/2023

" I appreciate all the expert care … thank you "

 Tammy - 10/31/2023

" This office has the most courteous staff of almost any Dr office I go to! Val is amazing, I call her Wonder Val! I can't tell you how MANY fires she puts out at the front desk with people's issues with appointments, insurance, phones, etc... Yesterday I watched her help 2 different patients operate their phones better as they had inadvertently blocked the Phone number so they were not receiving calls, they both outright told her she didn't call them because they did not receive missed calls and she very calmly sends politely explained to them why they didn't receive her call, she is amazing! Dr Sutherland is wonderful, with a great bedside manner and NEVER hurts me! "

 Matthew - 10/31/2023

" Dr. Bever and staff are always friendly and courteous. They all are very informative and make sure I am comfortable at every step of my visit. "

 Ruth - 10/29/2023

" Because of a possible need for a surgical intervention the office was able to get me in the same day. The staff was caring and knowledgeable. Ceara was great answering all our questions and not rushing through the intact process. Karla was accommodating and warm during the check out process. Dr. Westhouse was very personal and took time to explain and answer questions, Very knowlagable, compassionate and kind. The whole team was great. "

 James - 10/28/2023

" Waiting time less than 10 minutes after appointment time. Staff very egucated, polite and see to your needs. Dr. Boss very professional and sees to your needs. "

 Wesley - 10/27/2023

" Thankful that I was seen very last minute by request from my eye doctor 😊 "

 Daniel - 10/27/2023

" It would be helpful when making appointments with patients to inform them of a possible timeframe that they would be there. We were not expecting to be there as long as we were. But, the doctor and all the staff were very helpful and friendly, and I would recommend others to go there. "

 Nancy - 10/27/2023

" Thank you "

 Linda - 10/27/2023

" Excellent "

 Walter - 10/27/2023

" The experience was excellent. The staff was very attentive and informative. The Doctor explained my condition and answered all my questions. "

 Kimberly - 10/26/2023

" The thought of having the procedure was nothing less than terrifying. The staff was so kind and encouraging and knowledgeable. They helped me every step of the way. I couldn't be more pleased with the services I received. THANK YOU "

 Beverly - 10/26/2023

" Everyone was so kind and helpful. The technician conducting my eye tests was so efficient and just a wonderful person. "

 Scott - 10/26/2023

" The check out lady was rude . And would not listen to me . On the next appointment and made it anyway my husband is in a wheelchair and can’t barley move . And he has 2 other appointments the same day and she said to bad that’s all the doctor had and said we were taking it . And my husband had a 1/3 of a heart it’s hard for him to to go to appointment let alone 3 on the same day . And she would not take no for an answer "

 Lynn - 10/26/2023

" It would be better if they could find a cure for my ret problem, which so far they don't have one, so im looking out of one eye. "

 Dolores - 10/26/2023

" I always appreciate the professionalism of the doctor and staff. "

 Ronald - 10/25/2023

" Outstanding in every way from sign in to check out. I lack the vocabulary to describe the competency of Dr. Aaberg. The words “great” and “outstanding” fall short. Ted Hudson "

 Ronald - 10/25/2023

" Everyone was fantastic! "

 Kenneth - 10/25/2023

" Once again we had a very positive experience. Marlee was exceptionally helpful and professions throughout the visit. She performed all of her tasks with excellence and carefully explained things as she went. We are constantly grate for Dr. Aaberg. We value him as an amazing professional and physician, and for his contribution to my health and well-being. We equally value him as a caring and compassionate person who is always fully present during each visit. "

 Dawn - 10/24/2023

" Very satisfied. "

 Marie - 10/23/2023

" I experience the same high degree of satisfaction and professional services each time I receive care. "

 Carol - 10/23/2023

" Wonderful doctors and staff. Very thorough. Would certainly recommend them. "

 Stephen - 10/21/2023

" Dr. Pezda is awesome. "

 Denise - 10/21/2023

" Dr Pezda and his staff go above and beyond for their patients! Thank you! "

 Anneli - 10/21/2023

" The nurses and the doctor were very comforting while I had serious concerns about my eye. They tested my eye and reassured me that I was on the path to healing. "

 Joyce - 10/21/2023

" I visit Retina Specialists every month for an eye injection and I have yet to catch them on a "bad day". I'm very impressed with everyone's professionalism here. "

 Mary - 10/20/2023

" Very comfortable atmosphere. Excellent staff and Dr Pezda was very knowledgeable and caring. He explained my issue clearly so that I could understand. I have already recommended him to other friends/family. "

 Roger - 10/20/2023

" Impressed by the friendly caring staff; billing was willing to get right on my insurance verification on short notice++ "

 Amanda - 10/20/2023

" Dr. Boss is the best! "

 Marilyn - 10/20/2023

" Everyone at Retinal Specialists are very kind and friendly. Dr. Aaberg and Jeanine are the best! "

 Darrell - 10/20/2023

" Dr Aaberg is my go to guy! "

 Robert - 10/20/2023

" On time appointment, Very important to me. all questions answered. Very satisfied "

 Philip - 10/19/2023

" I felt like the entire team was top notch, from check in, to testing, to the doctor’s interaction with me. Thank you, I am grateful! "

 Jane - 10/19/2023

" Exceptional service and professionalism. You fieel included in your care 100%. "

 Linda - 10/19/2023

" Family. And the Good,caring, Respectful kind. "

 Suzanna - 10/19/2023

" Always treated with respect from Dr, Sutherland and staff. So glad Retina Specialist of Michigan is treating my ARMD. "

 Michael - 10/18/2023

" Great place to trust with your eye care, and that works to save you money where they can help "

 Brian - 10/18/2023

" Recommended! "

 Mary - 10/18/2023

" There was a mixup, and I was supposed to be in the Grand Rapids office, but was able to be seen in the Holland office. Very accommodating, very professional from the receptionist to the doctor to his assistant. Really appreciated the extra effort that you spent accommodating me. "

 Mary - 10/18/2023

" I’m very thankful for Dr Westhouse skill and wisdom. It’s pretty scary when your vision is at a loss. I’m so glad to have my vision back. If you need a retina specialist He’s your guy. "

 Brinda - 10/18/2023

" Always fantastic staff and Dr. Bever is truly wonderful. "

 Guy - 10/17/2023

" The Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable I felt extremely confident to have them work on my medical problems They all know their positions, and all of my questions were answered even the ones not pertaining to my case which I thought was amazing "

 Marjorie - 10/17/2023

" Dr. Westhouse, was very friendly and experienced. His staff also very friendly. "

 Judith - 10/17/2023

" Great doctors and great people in the office "

 Aaron - 10/17/2023

" They all were very nice, professional and explained everything well. "

 Oscar - 10/17/2023

" No "

 Margaret - 10/15/2023

" Dr Liliya Sutherland, is an amazing competent surgeon and doctor, she did surgery on my eye for a dislocated IOL, and managed not to injure my Cornea. She is also a very caring person, I would recommend Dr Sutherland and the Retina Specialists of Michigan to anyone. "

 John - 10/14/2023

" Excellent in every way. Give your staff a raise. "

 Judith - 10/14/2023

" Very friendly, courteous, and professional staff. "

 Paul - 10/13/2023

" very nice and professional "

 David - 10/13/2023

" Always very professional! "

 Edward - 10/13/2023

" Dr. Boss found a very rare lymphoma in my left eye by his diligent biopsy submission to the lab. He is professional and has the “heart.of a teacher” , which is one of my highest complement. "

 Vicky - 10/12/2023

" The place is awesome and so are the people that work there "

 June - 10/12/2023

" I don't remember her name, but the young lady who performed, all of my eye test was really nice and professional. I really liked her. I also found the Dr to be kind and I enjoyed the way he explained the procedure. Also, his PA was nice. I guess what I am trying to tell you is , you have a good crew. Keep up the good work 👏 "

 Paul - 10/12/2023

" We really like our time with Ben. "

 Sheila - 10/12/2023

" Dr Boss and his staff are very informative and professional. As I begin to lose my vision I in one eye due to 40 years of type 1 Diabetes. It helps me to not be so frightened and afraid. "

 Richard - 10/12/2023

" Three separate wait times. 20 minutes after appointment to get in. 10-15 minutes waiting for a camera to become available and then short wait for the doctor to come into exam me. (short wait 10 minutes or less) So I probably did spend 40 minutes waiting which I guess isn't too unreasonable. Still overall everything and everyone else was great. "

 Sharon - 10/12/2023

" The only suggestion I have is that at check out, it should remain more private (health privacy) than doing it in the waiting area where everyone can hear what is being said, both health wise and money wise . Should have a dedicated private area for this. "

 Linnae - 10/12/2023

" Dr. Beaver is awesome. Very polite every time. "

 Karen - 10/11/2023

" Dr Westhouse is an excellent doctor. Due to his experience and education he has helped me retain my sight. "

 Martha - 10/11/2023

" Really enjoy Dr. Boss. He explains everything to me in an understandable manner. "

 Margie - 10/11/2023

" Appreciate the professional care given. Thanks "

 Joseph - 10/11/2023

" Very happy with results achieved "

 Geoffrey - 10/11/2023

" Very long wait time yesterday. Love the office and the staff! "

 Polly - 10/11/2023

" It's always a good experience - of course, except for the part where he sticks needles in my eyes! "