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Recent Reviews

 Michael - 09/26/2023

" Very informative. I am anticipating great results! "

 Mary - 09/26/2023

" Dr. korot is the best! And I have been to many retinal specialists, he is right up there. Listens, explains, great technique! Thank you Dr. Korot for helping me keep my sight with the best and latest treatments!! "

 William - 09/26/2023

" This was the most remarkable medical appointment I have ever had. The staff was fantastic and the equipment was state-of-the-art. I would recommend Retina Specialists to anyone! "

 Carolyn - 09/23/2023

" Wonderful office, staff, and physicians. "

 Sandra - 09/23/2023

" Very friendly and caring the nurse when I had to wait for my pictures to be taken of my eye even went and found me a decaf coffee. Above and beyond as far as I'm concerned. "

 Ivan - 09/22/2023

" Staff was very friendly and nice and Dr Boss was great treating me with my concerns and condition "

 Michael - 09/22/2023

" Dr. expertise is second to none. His staff knowledge and friendly. "

 Gregory - 09/22/2023

" Another great visit to Retina Specialists. I've been a patient of theirs for almost 8 years and I couldn't be happier with the way they treat and care for me. Dr. Aaberg, Lexi, Holly, and Olivia are the best. Five stars for Retina Specialists. "

 Timothy - 09/21/2023

" The staff went above and beyond fitting me in after a clerical error. I believe the whole entire staff knew exactly what they were doing, and explain everything to me. "

 Kimberly - 09/21/2023

" The secretaries that answer the phone are very very rude and it's not right and I asked to speak to someone about that problem but they would not let me "

 Michael - 09/21/2023

" everyone was very professional and helpful. "

 Connie - 09/20/2023

" I like the extra mile Dr Boss is doing by doing the weekly eye testing through my phone. So he can catch any problem right away and do what will be needed to correct the situation. "

 Sandra - 09/20/2023

" I am so grateful for Dr. Sutherland Retina Specialist of Michigan for painless injections. everyone is so friendly! "

 Jeffrey - 09/20/2023

" Everyone was so very nice and Professional. Ran all tests and answered all my questions. "

 Joseph - 09/20/2023

" Dr Bever did a great job and was very kind, professional, thorough and informative. The other staff members were all nice and professional as well. Thanks Doctor Bever! Joe "

 Barbara - 09/19/2023

" Responsive to same day referral "

 Tara - 09/19/2023

" They were right on top of everything and did an excellent job, very happy. "

 Henry - 09/19/2023

" Dr. Westhouse restored my vision to 20/20 after a diagnosis of BRVO. I'm so grateful to him and the staff. Thank you all! "

 Mary - 09/17/2023

" Dr. Bever was exceptionally kind and considerate of me at all of my visits. I vas afraid of the biopsy but it didn’t hurt and neither did the two shots he put into my eye. I first Sabin in Tuesday, September 12 and I could now see my fingers 2 inches from my face. Tonight,September 17, I can see some numbers on the uniforms of some football players on the TV from 10 feet away. I am so thankful that Dr. Boss sent me to Dr. Bever. I am also grateful to God for giving me two eyes. No matter what happens, I will be very thankful for Drs Boss and Bever. "

 Jeanne - 09/17/2023

" Both the doctor and the staff were very thorough and explained their findings in detail. They were very clear about the next steps in my treatment. "

 Dawn - 09/16/2023

" This office has saved my eye site "

 Laura - 09/16/2023

" I was referred by my ophthalmologist and was seen right away (same day). I had a very thorough exam and everyone I encountered was courteous and knowledgeable. I appreciated their quick attention to my concern. "

 Richard - 09/16/2023

" I have enjoyed my interactions with the various technicians that I’ve worked with, and I’ve enjoyed working with Dr. Bos as I’ve traveled my treatments likely ending up getting cataract surgery. "

 Peggy - 09/16/2023

" I am a very complicated eye patient, and Dr. Korot did an amazing job of explaining and making sure that ALL of my questioned were answered. His staff was very kind and professional also. Thank you!! "

 Daniel - 09/16/2023

" I took my contacts out for the appt. I was asked to do this. We moved To several rooms for different tests. When I was finished and went to check Out no one could find my contacts? I drove home with my out of date Glasses, eyes dilated and couldn’t fit my sunglasses over my glasses. Everyone was great and I was treated very good but this Type of thing shouldn’t happen. "

 Barbara - 09/15/2023

" Very satisfied with the Medical staff but a lot of long waits "

 Carole - 09/15/2023

" Was very happy with my last visit Would highly recommend to anyone How concerns they are for there the people they see and treat "

 Patrick - 09/15/2023

" Awesome service "

 Randy - 09/15/2023

" Everything thing is awesome they give the best care and is always great to work with. "

 Lucas - 09/15/2023

" Zach was so good with my son. He made it fun and was relatable. Thank you! "

 Joseph - 09/15/2023

" Great customer service. Courteous staff. Good environment. "

 Laura - 09/14/2023

" There is a lot of wait time… and that late in the day.. I felt at times that there existed a possibility of my being forgotten. "

 Gerald - 09/14/2023

" The doctor as well as the staff were courteous and answered some of my concerns. The wait time is only very good because it is understandable that there were a number of patients who came ahead of us. But 20 minutes is not bad because we were not going to other places. "

 Stephen - 09/14/2023

" Thank you all! "

 Karen - 09/14/2023

" Well, I really don't understand exactly what's going on. Except I know I'll be coming in for right eye injections for the next several months. I guess I have degenerative (pathologic) myopia. And the monthly eye injections dry up the leaking fluid in the eye. Guess we will eventually find out how the eye injections are doing. Hopefully, I'll be able to see a little better. "

 Rosalind - 09/13/2023

" Answered all my concerns. Wonderful assistance "

 Victoria - 09/13/2023

" I had a very positive and happy experience. My issue was handled with experience and care. I’m very grateful "

 Robert - 09/13/2023

" Everything was excellent! "

 Fae M - 09/12/2023

" Staff is excellent and helpful "

 Joseph - 09/12/2023

" Your office and doctors are great. Everyone is friendly and fun - even the doctors - while also being highly skilled and first-rate professionals. You all are doing a great job. "

 Mark - 09/12/2023

" Dr Korot and the team are very personable and professional. They have always engaged me in a positive manner and been supportive of my needs. I highly recommend that they receive acknowledgement for a good well done. "

 Deborah - 09/12/2023

" The entire office is AMAZING! Thank you! "

 Kourtney - 09/12/2023

" Professional staff, beautiful facilities, accurate assessment. Will be a customer for life. "

 Io K - 09/11/2023

" I have had others tell me their eye injection hurt terribly. My response to that was. "Transfer to Retinal Specialists of Michogan on Collage Street in Grand Rapids. MI. They also have the wrong impressio of where the shots go. I tell them it is not the eyeball, but the eye socket, and it is numbed first. They have saved me from going blind. Thank you for taking care of me. "

 Julia - 09/09/2023

" Thank you for your compassionate care. "

 Phillip - 09/09/2023

" My 2 GPS devices could not find your location. There are no street signs posted. Since you are located in an industrial area, please include a simple map in your greeting letter. Would have saved time and frustration. Otherwise a good office. Thanks. "

 Kathy - 09/08/2023

" Dr Korot is very good at easing my anxiety! "

 Sharon - 09/08/2023

" Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Good experience. "

 Margaret - 09/08/2023

" Thanks for getting me in at such short notice. "

 Sharon - 09/08/2023

" This Doctor and office is SO much better thanGrand Rapids ophthalmology. "

 Amy J - 09/08/2023

" Dr Aaberg and his staff are the pinnacle of the absolute best at what they do and are so comfortable to work with and talk to BEST OF THE BEST "

 Marykay - 09/07/2023

" I trust Dr. Aaberg and staff implicitly. When he does run late, I know Dr. Aaberg is giving the same level of care to others that I receive. I have a complicated history. I am grateful for all of you beyond measure. "

 Scot - 09/07/2023

" So grateful I could get in same day for retinal tear. Dr Bever and staff were professional and thorough. "

 Janis - 09/07/2023

" Dr. Pezda is very kind and always answers all my questions. "

 Devi - 09/06/2023

" Over the years I have experienced treatment for my macular degeneration by other retinalogists. None of them have compared with Dr. Westhouse and his staff. Everyone is warm and welcoming, always making sure you are comfortable and understand the various procedures that take place during your appointment. I am extremely grateful for the care and positive results of all my visits! Thank you Dr Westhouse and staff! "

 Constance - 09/06/2023

" I always have a pleasant office visit. From the front desk to the techs, with Dr Aaberg, and to check out, it is a very pleasant experience. The office is very efficient, and all my questions are answered. "

 Lori - 09/06/2023

" I appreciate the fact that, in spite of the busyness of your office, you were able and willing to fit me in immediately and take care of my retinal tear. Thank you! "

 Rosemary - 09/06/2023

" Always excellent service. Just wish more appointment times were available. "

 Daniel - 09/06/2023

" Our doctor (Dr Shevchenko-Sutherland) and the entire office are absolutely awesome. "

 Victor - 09/06/2023

" Fiendly and efficient . Excellent care. "

 Elaine - 09/04/2023

" Dr. Boss is an excellent physician. He's kind,friendly, proactive with treatments and skilled in surgery. "

 Darrell - 09/03/2023

" Efficient, friendly, un-rushed care. You are like a mini Mayo Clinic "

 Nancy - 09/02/2023

" Appointment is a pleasant experience. "

 Pamela - 09/02/2023

" Thank you "

 William - 09/02/2023

" Your team rocks "

 Paul - 09/02/2023

" Shot in the eye was painless, recovery to normal was 3-4 hrs. Highly recommend Dr Korot. "

 Sarah - 09/02/2023

" Thank you so much for the excellent care from the receptionist to the technicians to the physician to the surgical, scheduling secretary. Everyone was friendly, helpful, compassionate, and knowledgeable. "

 Rex L - 09/02/2023

" your staff was very helpful and nice "

 Elizabeth - 09/01/2023

" Appreciated being kept abreast on wait times. "

 David - 08/31/2023

" The nurses and other staff were very helpful, pleasant and well informed. The doctor was also very pleasant and was patient and informative "

 Jack - 08/31/2023

" It was a lot of information to absorb. Everyone was very helpful "

 Marilyn - 08/31/2023

" Dr Bos is the best dr- very pleasant , friendly, explains procedures excellently, and is very efficient in his work- simply the best!!!! "

 Nancy - 08/31/2023

" There is a warm and welcoming environment "

 Barbara - 08/31/2023

" Was a good and caring experience "

 Timothy - 08/31/2023

" Nice staff😃 "

 George - 08/31/2023

" Very professional and friendly. "

 Christina - 08/31/2023

" Dr Boss and staff explained the procedure in a way that was easy to understand and put me at ease. "

 Karen - 08/30/2023

" Dr. Aaberg is absolutely the best. I have been seeing him for many many years and I don’t know where I’d be without his expertise! "

 Wayne - 08/30/2023

" Thorough professionals! "

 Edward - 08/30/2023

" My visit to this office met or exceeded my expectations. "

 Jessica - 08/30/2023

" Had a 300 appointment, arrived at 245, wasn't seen until 330. "

 Gerald - 08/29/2023

" As with most of your patients my issue was sensitive. It was handled courteously efficiently thoroughly and professionally. I would not hesitate to recommend you to a friend or family member. "

 Mark - 08/27/2023

" Keep up the good work ! "

 Joseph - 08/26/2023

" I had a fantastic experience with my visit. Everyone was super friendly and helpful. I have never had such a thorough exam before. The ladies asked me through and an answered all my questions as they went about the test. Dr Boss was great. I would highly recommend Retinal Specialists of Michigan. "

 Gloria - 08/25/2023

" They the best. "

 Robert - 08/25/2023

" Great staff and Dr.’s "

 Melissa - 08/25/2023

" They all made a bad a little better. "

 Raymond - 08/24/2023

" The best. "

 Deborah - 08/24/2023

" Everyone was professional and polite. I would recommend you to anyone "

 Ronald - 08/24/2023

" Wonderful care and follow up. "

 Pamela - 08/23/2023

" I appreciate getting a same-day appointment the wait was long but was greatfull for the appointment. The staff were very helpful and the Doctor explained everything very well. Thank You "

 Michael - 08/23/2023

" Dr Boss and his staff are the best! "

 Carolyn - 08/23/2023

" Good communication helped me to review my options regarding surgery. "

 Vera - 08/23/2023

" All service very good Good doctor Friendly staff Happy with the services Thank you "

 Charles - 08/23/2023

" I was glad I could get in on such short notice. I was very nervous about the procedure but everyone was very helpful and answered all my questions. The Doctor and staff professional courtesy to me was exceptional. "

 James - 08/23/2023

" The two “M” assistants were outstanding, efficient, professional and personable ! Dr B always succinct thorough & personable ! "

 Teresinha - 08/22/2023

" Clinic was wonderful ,doctor and staffs are amazing to do the best they can. "

 Annie - 08/22/2023

" This was one of the best experiences I have ever had in a medical facility! Everyone was so friendly and helpful. My wait time was minimal and the appointment flowed perfectly. The doctor was very kind and thorough. I would recommend this practice to any patient needing a retinal specialist. "

 Anne - 08/22/2023

" The HCW who did all my initial tests was wonderful. She was sensitive to my requests and very patient. She worked with Dr. Westhouse. I also appreciated Dr. Westhouse's calm demeanor. "

 Julie - 08/22/2023

" I'm having regular appointments. As usual, everything went smoothly. All employees: from check-in, tests, actual doctor visit and check-out, are professional, friendly and helpful. Dr. Aaberg takes his time and answers all our questions. I would recommend their services to everyone. "

 Lee - 08/21/2023

" Everyone very kind & caring. Will thank Dr Keszei for being connected with Your office. "

 Rosalyn - 08/19/2023

" Mattie was gracious, knowledgeable, and friendly! Very thorough! "

 Richard - 08/19/2023

" Nice "

 Allen - 08/19/2023

" Courteous and professional — a great combo. "

 Bonnie - 08/19/2023

" Very knowledgeable and explained every in detail. Made recommendations and was very personable. "

 Chester - 08/18/2023

" I was very pleased with the results of my previous surgery and continuing care at Retina Associates. "

 Theresa - 08/18/2023

" Everything went great and wait time was fine. All questions were answered. "

 David - 08/18/2023

" Courteous, efficient and attention to detail, just what you want when it comes to eye health. "

 Thomas - 08/18/2023

" Competent, professional staff. You guys do good work and interact well with your patients. I feel very comfortable receiving eye care at Retina Specialists. "

 Michael - 08/18/2023

" Could not recommend highly enough. From the moment I arrived until the moment I left I knew that I was in good hands. They simply are at the top of their game, and I could not be more grateful to have them be able to do what they did in the timeframe in which they did it. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! "

 Christine - 08/17/2023

" Dr. Pezda and his staff took very good care of me, as always. He is kind, gentle, and informative.The routine for injections is very smooth, and he always answers my questions. (And it is important to ask questions if you have them!) "

 Linda - 08/17/2023

" As usual my appointment ran smoothly, everyone I had contact with was kind, professional and easy to be around. "

 Barbara - 08/17/2023

" Dr. Westhouse took the time to explain the x-rays and what was shown. Very pleasant person along with all of the staff. "

 Adolfo - 08/17/2023

" Sometimes you have to wait 45 .inutes.. "

 Ryan - 08/16/2023

" Dr Joe Boss is the best ! "

 Shirley - 08/16/2023

" Best decision I ever made was to become a patient with Dr Sutherland. Amazing care! "

 Steve - 08/16/2023

" Excellent experience, very helpful! "

 Elizabeth - 08/15/2023

" Very assertive and had a good experience at this office with great doctors. "

 Robert - 08/15/2023

" Very nice visit and quite productive and beneficial "

 John - 08/15/2023

" Dr. Korot is friendly, attentive, thorough, and easy to understand when explaining complex conditions. He is an excellent surgeon: He repaired my detached and torn retina, and my sight is now 20/30, which is much better than I expected. I strongly recommend him. "

 Patrick - 08/13/2023

" This survey is hard to see for visually impaired. "

 Mary - 08/13/2023

" Dr Sutherland is extremely knowledgeable, thorough and takes the time to answer all questions completely. She has a great bedside manner. Her staff has those same qualities. I highly recommend Dr Sutherland. "

 Kay - 08/11/2023

" I have an issue with betadine. After my eye injection, the teck rinsed my eye at least three times. I had no issues with pain or excessive tearing that evening Thank you "

 Harold - 08/11/2023

" All good! "

 Abbott - 08/10/2023

" As good as it gets! "

 Joellen - 08/09/2023

" Everyone was very friendly! "

 Lora - 08/09/2023

" I love this place and all of the people who work there! "

 Carole - 08/09/2023

" I think it was the shortest time I spent in the office. A OK day thanks... "

 Kenneth - 08/09/2023

" $5.00 "

 Jason - 08/09/2023

" Appreciate the honest assessment and path going forward. I am extremely grateful for Dr. Aarberg. "

 John - 08/08/2023

" Everyone was very nice and courteous. Dr.Westhouse is the best, have been going to him for about 5 years. Would recommend him to anyone. "

 Mary - 08/05/2023

" Everyone in this office is so personal and pleasantly professional. "

 Martha - 08/05/2023

" I enjoy coming, the staff is excellent. Dr. Boss is a very knowledgeable and amazing individual. He saved my eyesight and has improved my overall health. I will be forever grateful. "

 Cynthia - 08/04/2023

" This office was very polite and professional from the receptionist to surgery scheduling. I am so glad to have found you!! Love Dr Korot and all his staff!! "

 Jeffrey - 08/03/2023

" The lengthy wait time was due to a patient emergency which happened. I appreciated that I was appraised to the fact that there was going to be a delay and not left to wonder if I was forgotten. "

 Roxanne - 08/03/2023

" A shot in the eye is never a pleasant experience but everyone tries their best to make it better "

 John - 08/03/2023

" All staff and Doctor Boss are very courteous and helpful. "

 Sandra - 08/02/2023

" Would have appreciate a copy of results of assessment in writing at the office. I had to call the GR ofgice snd request a copy which will be sent to Kslamazoo. Dr.Boss seemed in a hurry and I needed clarification of the severity of the right znd left eye. Otherwise excellent health care. "

 David - 08/02/2023

" Dr. was running way behind the day of my appointment "

 Mary - 08/02/2023

" Always treated with kindness!!! "

 Harriet - 08/01/2023

" Everyone helped my mother to relax before she had the shot in her eye. "

 William - 08/01/2023

" Very professional "

 Cynthia - 08/01/2023

" Lexi, tech who ran tests at start of visit, was excellent. She was confident, she made sure that she obtained high quality scans for review, and explained things well as we went through the various tests and measures. Dr. Karot is very sharp, approachable, easy to speak with and I feel comfortable asking questions about my condition. My visit went very smoothly, start to finish. "

 Ronald - 08/01/2023

" Professional, friendly, and helpful. "

 Jennifer - 07/29/2023

" Everyone was great but Ceara was exceptional. "

 Mushtaq - 07/28/2023

" Dr. Boss, Elizabeth, and all the other technicians and staff were outstanding and very competent- the very best! "

 Wayne - 07/28/2023

" Great job by the entire staff "

 Ada - 07/28/2023

" This office so clean, and the nurses, doctors, receptionist are so nice and so professional, my doctor Dr. Scott Westhouse I so relax I feel so comfort with here I have no reason to go to any other place "

 Roberta - 07/28/2023

" Everyone was courteous, efficient and helpful in all they were required to do. My daughter-in-law and I were very impressed. "

 Sally - 07/27/2023

" Your office is awesome. Friendly and very professional. Everything is explained before they do it. All my questions always get answered,I have been Dr. Westhouse’s patient for over 5 yrs. "

 Melissa - 07/27/2023

" Excellent office. Excellent care. "

 Lynn - 07/27/2023

" My experience once again was excellent. The receptionist, Val, greeted me warmly by first name. The tech team was reassuring and friendly. Dr Boss did my first Yutiq implant. My anxiety was ramping up. He explained everything before he started and as he proceeded. The procedure went smoothly. I so appreciate his expertise. As I have the next eye done next week, I feel confident in his care….the whole team. Thank you to all. "

 Joanna - 07/27/2023

" The Dr and the staff have always been very professional and courteous. Especially when I request extra rinsing after my Eylea shot. I am so thankful. "

 Jacques - 07/27/2023

" Very friendly and nice staff. "

 Tamara - 07/26/2023

" Dr Westhaus is a blessing and gift to Michigan. The staff is wonderful too. "

 Leroy - 07/26/2023

" The wait time was a equipment problem thank for a good overall experience "

 Pamela - 07/26/2023

" This office was the most efficient, professional and personable I’ve ever experienced. I cannot say enough about the staff. I am truly thankful that I was seen here. You heard my situation and got me in the next morning. It’s scary when things go wrong with your sight, especially when you’re from out of state. But what a blessing you all were. I highly recommend this establishment. I’m grateful for your help yesterday. "

 Kirk - 07/26/2023

" I was referred by my ophthalmologist Dr. Keszei because of a spot on my Retina. The doctor made no mention of the spot and he said that my Retina was ok for my condition. I don’t know what my “condition” is. "

 Donna - 07/26/2023

" My appointment was for 10:35, I didn't get called in until 11:20. I think that was a bit much. "

 James - 07/26/2023

" Just need better road signage to find office, very confusing "

 Jeffrey - 07/26/2023

" Everyone I came in contact with was exceptionally polite and kind. All questions were answered and easy to understand. This has to be the best medical experience I have ever had (and I've had quite a few). Doctor Boss is truly a professional! He restored my vision, what more could you ask for! Issac was exceptional as well. Thank you all! "

 Judy - 07/26/2023

" I felt very "at ease" during all aspects of examination because of the care by staff. Thank you! "

 Patricia - 07/26/2023

" Waited a little longer because of computer problems. But everything was excellent. "

 Mark - 07/25/2023

" Doc Westhouse saved my eyesight. I am eternally grateful!!! He is a great doctor and his bedside manor is just plain fun!! "

 Linda - 07/25/2023

" They were busy, but the staff was very professional, kind, knowledgeable and saw me in a very good time. "

 Pamela - 07/24/2023

" Everyone in this office has been amazing! Dr Boss is the boss as far as I’m concerned. From the moment you walk in the door where they check you in and let you know which office he’s working out of to guiding you out at the end of your visit they are friendly yet professional. They also make a good pot of coffee lol. Pam "

 Anne - 07/22/2023

" Just the very best! Thank you Dr Boss for helping me. You are truly the best. Anne "

 Carl - 07/22/2023

" I was very satisfied with the care I received with the whole staff. "

 Stacy - 07/22/2023

" Thank you. Doc. Boss excellent doctor. "

 Raymond - 07/22/2023

" Employees are very professional and very pleasant to work with. I would recommend Dr. boss to anybody. "

 Anita - 07/22/2023

" Everyone had patience and compassion, something that is treasured by a patient. "

 Margaret - 07/21/2023

" Very helpful "

 Patricia - 07/21/2023

" I have been a patient of dr. Pezda for several years because he is stellar.all staff are courteous , competent, and caring. This is an extraordinary medical practice. PLUS REAL PEOPLE ANSWER THE PHONE!!! "

 April - 07/21/2023

" I found everyone friendly and caring. "

 Norman - 07/20/2023

" Very knowledgeable , courteous and caring staff . Very informative in seeking the best avenue to address our needs. Highly recommend this organization if you eye care needs. You definitely will not be disappointed. "

 Michael - 07/20/2023

" I confirmed my appointment when I got the reminder. Then, I received six more reminders in 3 days and one more on the day of my appointment. WHY SO MANY? Seems like overkill!. I was NOT informed my eyes would be dilated. Had I known, I would have had someone drive me. PLEASE tell us when our eyes will be dilated so we can make the appropriate arrangements. Some people, including me, have difficulty driving when their pupils are dilated. "

 Judith - 07/20/2023

" Excellent experience all in all. Beautiful offices! "

 Thomas - 07/20/2023

" Dr Pezda is top notch. Friendly, polite, knowledgeable, and able to effectively communicate medical issues in a concise and understandable way. "

 Vicky - 07/20/2023

" Tho I didn't like the outcome of visit everyone was very nice "

 Dione - 07/20/2023

" As ALWAYS, the courtesies of the Doctors AND staff are topnotch. They're just stuck with me, due to their kindness. GREAT Folks. "

 Julie - 07/19/2023

" Corey and Ben were so helpful and friendly and funny. The doctor was very informative and warm what a fun experience. Definitely will let others know "

 Craig - 07/19/2023

" Very comfortable and friendly environment "

 Charles - 07/19/2023

" Everyone was very professional and helpful "

 Parmajit - 07/19/2023

" The doctors office was extremely professional everyone was polite and kind and the doctor explained everything in detail we definitely would recommend this office to others I would give it a five-star rating "

 Cherylyn - 07/19/2023

" One of the best doctor offices in Holland! "

 Edward - 07/19/2023

" I am grateful for the staff and for Dr. Boss. He is keeping my fear of blindness at bay. "

 Meghan - 07/19/2023

" Thanks for another good appointment "

 William - 07/18/2023

" always helpful "

 Carol - 07/18/2023

" You staff was spectacular I really enjoyed my visit and My eye has never felt this good after an injection. Thank you so much for taking the time to see me. God Bless you and if you are ever near Farmington Maine stop by and say hello! Carol Lambert "

 Kathleen - 07/18/2023

" Hannah was especially attentive and kind. "

 Vicki - 07/18/2023

" I love Dr Westhouse and all of the staff at Retina Specialists of Michigan!!! "

 Therese - 07/18/2023

" This office and staff are the best I wish my doctors in Florida are on top of their patients time waits. This office is the best I have ever been to. Love Dr.Westhouse he one of the best "

 Loretta - 07/18/2023

" I had a real problem with the pre-injection and post injection procedures done when I saw Dr. Korot. He and his assistant said that the pain, the blurriness, the fever in my eye after the injection was normal. I knew it was not normal, so I did not go back to him. I did some investigating and discovered that the pre-injection and post injection procedures of his were not like Dr. Allberg that’s what was causing all the pain, blurriness and fever in my eye after the injection. Your office told me that Dr. Sutherland did exactly like Dr. Allberg so I schedule an appointment with her and everything went fantastic. No pain, no swelling, no blurriness after her injection yesterday. thank you for recommending her and getting to the bottom of the problem. "

 Joseph - 07/18/2023

" Great vist "

 Teresa - 07/15/2023

" I have been very satisfied with the care I have received. Thank you to Dr Aaberg and all his staff. "

 Constance - 07/15/2023

" Always very pleased. "

 Sharon - 07/15/2023

" Everyone at Retina Specialists is wonderful. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and patient. "

 Debbie - 07/15/2023

" Very good about making sure I understood my condition when I would come up with more questions after I told them no. They took the time to explain in terms that I would understand. "

 Theodore - 07/14/2023

" I have to complement Ryley who did the workup before Dr. Westhouse came in. She was thorough and explained every step of the process. She is a keeper. Dr. Westhouse was also very efficient and thorough in explaining his diagnosis and next step recommendations and referral. I was very pleased with my visit and would recommend your office for similar services. Ted "

 Virginia - 07/14/2023

" We transfered mom from Shoreline Muskegon due to her new living arrangements. It seems to have been a good choice. "

 Benjamin - 07/14/2023

" Olivia is great with the photos and dye work. I left my sunnies and when I cane back the drsk already had them. Its always a great experience at RSM. One thing. Can you make the slides progress a little bit slower on the waiting room tvs? Some of the the slides are interesting but text heavy. "

 Kim - 07/14/2023

" l wi was skeptical and unafraid of what lied ahead but once explained its like wow and unbelievable On how far technology has come I also was fascinated by all the equipment and how fast and easy to get through it all/ The staff, waiting area,which had plenty of room, the nurses and Doctors,/well for a first timer I would recommend this facility to anyone who needs laser eye surgery /Bless them all "

 Stephen - 07/14/2023

" Thanks! "

 Deborah - 07/14/2023

" Everyone in the office were great. Very professional and kind. This is a well run office with great organization. Things moved along quickly and everything was explained so that I could understand. "

 Nancy - 07/13/2023

" Super nice. Very kind "

 Marsha - 07/13/2023

" I love your office and staff!! Dr Bever is wonderful- so knowledgeable and professional with a very nice personality too! I am a nurse and work with a lot of physicians and office staff in my profession. Dr Bever and Ben and all the staff there NEVER disappoint me! ALWAYS the utmost in professional! Thank you to all! "

 Susan - 07/12/2023

" Zack was very friendly and did a great job getting everything in place for Dr. Aaberg. I have been coming to Dr. Aaberg for a bout 20 years, since he reattached my retina. I probably don't need to come on a yearly checku[ any more, since I see Dr. Wang evry 3 months. I rusted Dr. Aaberg from the beginning when he told me I had no sight in my right eye, and I still like to have the yearly checkup because I am reassured that he will be forthright with me always. Again he was his usual friendly, efficient, and caring self. I feel I am in good hands in his care. Susan Hofmann "

 Kenneth - 07/12/2023

" Every one was very professional and kind "

 Mary - 07/10/2023

" They were very informative and explained all my options "

 Gilbert - 07/10/2023

" Great service "

 Eugene - 07/08/2023

" I appreciate the kindness, and professional service that was rendered. Thank you 🙏🏽 Geno Harmon "

 Bruce - 07/08/2023

" Dr. Boss speaks clearly and in terms I can understand. He treats my vision health as a priority . "

 James - 07/08/2023

" I always feel well cared for by your entire staff. Jim "

 Debra - 07/08/2023

" Dr. Boss not only a very skilled surgeon, he is so caring and patient with those under his care. "

 Dominga - 07/08/2023

" The wait time was longer than what I expected, but it was explained to me the doctor had a couple of emergencies to deal with prior to my appointment. It was not anyone’s fault. This is the only reason I didn’t give it a higher rating. "

 Sandra - 07/08/2023

" Very impressed with the true kindness of EVERYONE. The explanations were very helpful and done in a way that I could understand quickly. Thank You, Sandy Kezenius "

 Frances - 07/07/2023

" He answered all my questions, the ones that had answers. He was thorough and helpful, and provided me will the name of a reliable eye doctor for glasses. Basically, he met my expectations and the reason for my visit. "

 Debra - 07/07/2023

" Dr.Korot, Cory and Liz were very professional, provided excellent care and were also very pleasant interacting with me, the patient. "

 Daniel - 07/06/2023

" Have already recommended to a friend "

 Amy - 07/06/2023

" I was put in a full schedule as an emergency appointment and received excellent and timely care "

 Cindy - 07/06/2023

" Dr. Boss and staff are very friendly and considerate! It is a welcoming office. Would not hesitate to recommend them and already have. "

 Hyoungjoo - 07/06/2023

" Everything was smooth and excellent "

 Tammam - 07/06/2023

" Excellent facility and staff! Took care of the issue right away and answered all questions and concerns. Very skilled specialist. "

 Patricia - 07/06/2023

" Professional and courteous staff. And a special "thank you" to Dr.Boss for excellent care leading to a good bill of health! "

 Rick - 07/04/2023

" Dr Bever is a great doctor would recommend him to anyone "

 Terry - 07/04/2023

" Staff and Dr Bever are excellent to work with. Awesome people "

 Madelynn - 07/01/2023

" Dr. Boss is always professional, soft-spoken, caring, factual, willing to answer all questions, including what changes to look for in my vision, and potential further surgery and or treatment. "

 Linda - 07/01/2023

" Dr Boss is great. Explains everything as he is doing the procedure and answers any questions asked. The staff has proven to be friendly and helpful also. I would recommend this practice to anyone. "

 Stephen - 06/30/2023

" Nice staff, nice office, nice feeling about my treatment. Thanks You "

 Thomas - 06/30/2023

" This was the first time visiting your office. Dr. Boss and your staff was fantastic! "

 Mary - 06/30/2023

" Dr. West house is the BEST doctor in town. "

 Lynn - 06/30/2023

" Dr Aaberg gives the most gentle& pain free shots of all the retina specialists I have gone too! "

 Valentina - 06/30/2023

" Everyone was very helpful "

 Mary - 06/29/2023

" I have been treated by Dr. Aaberg for over 10 years and hope he doesn’t retire in the next 18 years….when I turn 100 years old. So I pray he stays healthy and finds cures soon for macular degeneration. "

 Wendy - 06/29/2023

" I hold this office in the highest esteem! "

 Eugene - 06/29/2023

" Dr. Westhouse very helpful responding to my questions. "

 Julie - 06/29/2023

" I am very pleased with the staff and Dr. Boss is exceptional. "

 Faith - 06/28/2023

" Dr. Westhouse is both a caring and a compassionate doctor. He cares for my person as well as for my eyes. I admire him greatly. The technician Madilyn (Maddie) was very helpful and curtious. "

 Thomas - 06/28/2023

" Dr. Boss was very patient, and very reassuring. "

 Nancy - 06/28/2023

" Friendly Holland office. Dr. Westhouse is friendly and always explains my status and the plan going forward. He always makes sure I feel no pain with the injection in my eye. Stall and doctors in offices in Grand Rapids and Holland are excellent to work with. "

 Ronald - 06/28/2023

" Dr. Bever and his staff are wonderful. They are courteous and experts in their jobs. Dr. Bever, himself, is excellent in his skill and manner in working with patients. This is a great group. "

 Douglas - 06/27/2023

" Simply a great experience "

 Linda - 06/27/2023

" A person never enjoys going through treatment for macular but Dr Bever makes it go fast and a much better experience than it can be. His team are the greatest. I hope they always come to our area so I can get my treatments that I need for maintaining my quality of life.😁 "

 David - 06/27/2023

" Very poor confusing communication on appointments at Holland location when I was referred. Resulted in me driving to Cascade for initial appt. "

 Shirley - 06/27/2023

" Dr. Scott Westhouse is the best Retina Specialist ever and has provided excellent care to me over the years and this was another one of those miracles of healing the eye. Also very concerned and personable; I would recommend Him to anyone that has a problem with their eye that I had several times (different eyes). Thanks for letting me share: "

 Tammy - 06/27/2023

" I have been treated at this office for quite some time now and I am always treated so very well by EVERYONE! I cannot recommend them highly enough!! "

 Craig - 06/26/2023

" Retina Specialists of Michigan is outstanding, from the minute you walk in the door you are treated with courtesy and respect. The staff including the front desk people, schedulers, techs and doctors are all very friendly and helpful. Dr. Boss and Dr. Westhouse are both outstanding and take the time to explain the problem and the best way to correct it and answer any questions you may have. I would highly recommend Retina Specialist of Michigan as they are outstanding at what they do and they provide the best care possible! "

 Gerard - 06/25/2023

" Dr Westhouse has been very informative and reassuring! "

 Elizabeth - 06/23/2023

" Isac was very caring and considerate. He also explained everything very well. "

 Dennis - 06/23/2023

" Keep Alex, he's great. "

 Renee - 06/23/2023

" Retina Specialists got me in same day based on a call from my OD after he spotted a small retina tear. Upon arrival steps were taken to provide a full diagnosis. It was serious enough to require laser surgery. Dr. Westhouse took care of it that day. My diagnosis was well explained and I was provided the related care instructions for going forward. I am very thankful for the care I received. "

 Timothy - 06/22/2023

" Like the whole crew there they're all fun Dr West house explains the problem and is very courteous "

 Minda - 06/22/2023

" Dr. Bevar and staff were excellent! They were very thorough in their assessment of my eye and what needed to be done. Dr. Bevar explained my eye condition so we could understand what was happening in my left eye. The care and professionalism was outstanding! I would definitely recommend West Michigan Retinal Eye Specialist to anyone. "

 William - 06/22/2023

" Professional and knowledgeable staff. The physicians assistant was in training but it still quite smooth and well organized. "

 Kenneth - 06/22/2023

" Doctor was very informative told us what to expect completely "

 Keith - 06/21/2023

" The office was very comfortable and inviting. The staff was friendly and professional. The doctor was great; took all the time to answer my questions and make sure I was well informed. "

 John - 06/21/2023

" So happy I found you. Easy to get there. "

 Peggy - 06/21/2023

" Explained everything to me... "

 Louie - 06/21/2023

" Great service "

 Patricia - 06/21/2023

" Dr. Boss is so kind and professional. I am so happy to have found him to treat my uveitis. "

 Deborah - 06/21/2023

" Dr. Sutherland and miscellaneous medical staff were there for me during the pandemic until now. Their excellence in knowledge and patience helped me get through a difficult period in both eyes after a traumatizing encounter at another practice. Dr. Sutherland will always remain in a special part of my heart! Thank you to all of you for your kindness and help! "

 Perry - 06/21/2023

" Enjoyed professional and courteous staff. "

 Dawn - 06/21/2023

" Very nice and clean waiting room, and patient rooms "

 Jerry - 06/21/2023

" IT communicatons problems caused patient backup "

 Margaret - 06/21/2023

" Kind and efficient. I was called in quickly and something was happening immediately. Everything was explained as it happened. "

 Howard - 06/20/2023

" We have nothing but good things to say, our experience was exceptional… considering all of it was something we’d never dealt with before… Thank you "

 Susan - 06/17/2023

" Dr. Korot is very good at what he does and is therefore very busy. He was able to diagnose another possible chance of a retina tear, so he recommended fixing it right there with laser technology. I’m very pleased with his skills and demeanor. "

 Lisa - 06/16/2023

" I love everyone at this office and I am certain they saved my sight. I highly recommend any of the doctors! I’ve seen most of them, and I’ve been operated on by three of them. Best in the state. "

 Jacqulyn - 06/16/2023

" As always, a feeling of being well cared for by professionals and staff. "

 George - 06/15/2023

" Extremely professional and excellent staff. Thank you. "

 Stanley - 06/15/2023

" The staff and surgeon provided a calm and compassionate environment for a stressful situation. My wife and I were very impressed with the professionalism and friendly atmosphere given during our visit. Thank you. "

 Marilyn - 06/14/2023

" Dr. Aaberg and technicians did very well; however, the wait time was unusually long yesterday. I trust Dr. Aaberg and will willingly wait longer for him. He saved my vision and we respect and admire him. . .so I will wait happily and chat with other patients while waiting.❤️ "

 Susan - 06/14/2023

" My technician Hannah was kind, personable, efficient, and competent. All the staff is every visit. Thank you for taking such good care of me and my eyes! "

 Cathleen - 06/14/2023

" I appreciate the crew coming down to Kalamazoo! "

 Donald - 06/13/2023

" WE are so amazed by Dr Westhouse ! ! ! Can't say enough things about his care. "

 Lawrence - 06/13/2023

" Very Proffesional "

 Harvey - 06/11/2023

" Caring and professional staff. "

 Mary - 06/10/2023

" Everyone here is kind, cheerful and generous of heart. Dr. Boss is an incredible doctor besides being a fine human being with a heart of gold. I’m quite blessed to be a patient in this practice and would highly recommend them. God bless! "

 Grace - 06/10/2023

" Everyone very courteous I’m new here and even tho I’ve been having the shots for several years, Dr. Korot explained everything and answered questions from my daughter. Very pleased "

 Wesley - 06/10/2023

" Very considerate and professional establishment and concise operations "

 Stanley - 06/10/2023

" Having been a patient of Retina Specialists for several years, I've always appreciated the helpfulness and professionalism of all staff members and especially the knowledge and care provided by Dr Sutherland. "

 Dorothy - 06/09/2023

" They really care about their patients and it shows in everything they do and say. "

 Doris - 06/08/2023

" Excellent Thank you "

 Deborah - 06/08/2023

" Appreciated the explanation of what is going on with my eye. Very clear and understandable. "

 Juan - 06/08/2023

" The individual that prepped for the doc (someone who was expecting) was exceptional her courtesy and attention to detail was the best I’ve seen. "

 Sandra - 06/08/2023

" Everyone was very friendly and efficient! Everything was explained very well before anything was done. Al of my questions were answered and results explained very well. Would definitely recommend this office!! "

 Edward - 06/08/2023

" The staff, both physicians and support staff were outstanding and they made one feel very comfortable. Based on my initial diagnostic data they felt an angiography would be beneficial and they squeezed me into having it on the same day. I can't imagine a huge bureaucratic hospital would have even considered that as an option. That's great service that seems to be disappearing from the very large providers. "

 James - 06/08/2023

" So very glad that I went to see Dr Boss. What a blessing to have such a wonderful intelligent man to go to. He was very patient and answered every question I had. Looking forward to getting the surgery I need from him and feel at peace knowing my eye surgery will be in such capable hands. "

 Michael - 06/07/2023

" Being seen at this office is a very relaxing experience, Dr. Bever has been awesome as has his staff!. MSD "

 Karolyn - 06/07/2023

" DR BEVER is the greatest ......very well prepared and a true professional "

 Suzanna - 06/07/2023

" The staff is always so confident and through. Always greeting with a smile. The techs are equally confident and helpful. Doctor Sutherland it top notch! She is always caring, calming and relaxing to me. It is always a joy to see her and the staff of Retina Center of Michigan. Also the restrooms have always been clean. I am pleased with the MD injections. "

 Dennis - 06/07/2023

" Everyone was very courteous and professional. The information shared was helpful to understanding my eye condition. "

 Cathy - 06/07/2023

" Great staff and amazing clinicians! Would recommend for anyone needing a specialist. "

 Leslie - 06/06/2023

" It was very helpful for me. "

 Rebecca - 06/06/2023

" Everyone was very nice and did their job very well and the doctor was great "

 Dustin - 06/06/2023

" Wonderful staff great doctor. "

 Mary - 06/06/2023

" Dr. Boss and his staff were very friendly, thorough and professional. Dr. Boss immediately diagnosed my problem and took care of the situation. I would highly recommend this office to anyone with retinal or inflammation problems. "

 Timothy - 06/04/2023

" Went to VRA form my first surgeries...the difference in treatment between your office and theirs is night and day. The care and treatment make me feel like someone cares about me. Thank you very much! "

 Maryellen - 06/03/2023

" Very pleased with everything "

 Anthony - 06/03/2023

" Knowledgeable, very accomodating and courteous, efficient and excellent experience! "

 Beth - 06/03/2023

" After my horrendous experience with another retinal specialist, this visit was a breath of fresh air. I can’t speak highly enough about the Dr and the practice "

 Susan - 06/02/2023

" Always so friendly, courteous and professional. Love Dr Westhouse & Lydia! "

 Gail - 06/02/2023

" Very kind staff! I drive from Traverse City relying on Dr. Aaberg’s sound clinical experience and knowledge and I am never disappointed! He answers my questions, is not rushed, and is by far one of the best in our state! "

 Nancy - 06/02/2023

" The shot in my eye went like a charm. "

 Marlene - 06/02/2023

" Everyone explained what they were going to do before they did it. Very impressed with everyone’s kindness and professionalism. It was nice to be given options by the doctor. 👍 "

 Ruth - 06/02/2023

" I love your staff. They make me feel welcome and comfortable before I see the doctor. I appreciate all of you! "

 Duane - 06/02/2023

" Dr Boss is a great doctor and the staff are also great. "

 Janis - 06/02/2023

" The staff from the front desk to checkout were wonderful! The Dr was very thorough and forthcoming with all the information I needed to decide about my Retina care! "

 Edward - 06/02/2023

" Love the dr snd staff. They got me in fast, the dr is so nice and makes me feel welcomed and his shots don’t hurt. I feel I am in the best hands. Thanks. Ed Manley "

 Adeline - 06/02/2023

" We found Doctor Boss to be kind and gentle with our 10 year old. Very patient and friendly. Answered all our questions in a clear and concise manner. We are very pleased with the care our family received. "

 Sandra - 06/02/2023

" The entire visit went smoothly, without delay. Staff were courteous, helpful and professional. "

 Susan - 06/02/2023

" Efficient, knowledgeable about me and answered questions so I understood. Felt prepared and knowledgeable about my condition. Thank you! "

 James - 06/02/2023

" Staff is fast and efficient, amiable. BUT the young lady helping me didn't know about the 70's TV show "Six Million Dollar Man". She should watch a season or two. "

 Jay - 06/01/2023

" Dr. Scott Westhouse and his team were great throughout my ordeal with retinal detachment; I’m delighted with the long-term results … "

 Thomas - 06/01/2023

" Everyone was professional, competent, and caring. "

 Annette - 06/01/2023

" Very good experience this visit. Very slight pain after anesthetic wore off. Eye felt good "

 Mary - 05/31/2023

" They made me feel taken care of! "

 Brenda - 05/31/2023

" Everyone was so nice and friendly! I had to be squeezed in at the last moment and no one really seemed to think it was a problem even tho it took them after the working hour. So grateful for all they did for me! Very professional . I will come back here again if I need to use them! "

 Thienchai - 05/31/2023

" Waiting before being seen by physician was a little too long. "

 Elizabeth - 05/31/2023

" Dr. Boss is an amazing doctor. Not only is he masterful in the art of caring for your eyes, he has a great sense of compassion and regard for you as a patient. I feel totally at ease in his company and trust his judgment without question. "

 Richard - 05/31/2023

" Dr. Aaberg and his staff have always been outstanding and very courteously all their interactions with me.I highly recommend this entire facility to everyone . Richard Thompson "

 Marlene - 05/31/2023

" Everyone is very nice and helpful. Dr. Boss is excellent. "

 Richard - 05/31/2023

" Great staff and Dr. W is the best! "

 Gregory - 05/31/2023

" Receptionist was outstanding at my arrival. Very friendly and welcoming. Issac was outstanding. Very professional. Top notch communicator as he guided me through the imaging. Dr Boss was an answered prayer. I was very anxious about my condition upon arrival at RSM. When he said the words “you have options“ it put me at ease instantly. I am grateful for his incredible talent and experience. "

 Cathleen - 05/31/2023

" Thank you "

 Terri - 05/31/2023

" Everyone was so professional and excellent "

 Barbara - 05/31/2023

" The staff interaction with my husband and me, was kind and informative all the way through, including surgery scheduling. Dr. Sutherland was calm, soft spoken, open to questions, informative. She inspired us to have confidence in her ability to bring us to a positive resolution to my vitreous hemorrhage. "

 Gale - 05/31/2023

" Dealing with this eye condition has taken a back issue compared to paying for these expensive drug's that at best contain the issue for 12 weeks. The Drug Companies are over pricing and the American system allows it. Who is behind Good Day is a mystery to me I am grateful and benefit but it is has been a new experience that is all new to me. "

 Brinda - 05/31/2023

" Always the best experience, Dr. Bever is always so friendly, answering any questions you might have patiently and kindly. The staff that work with him are also so friendly. The quality of care is fantastic, wish more offices were just like this. "

 Sandra - 05/29/2023

" I went into my appointment concerned and frightened about my right eye condition of wet macular degeneration. I was determined to try stay relaxed and to listen well during my appointment. I needed to block out all the information I had googled about on the internet. All the staff were friendly and the environment was very relaxing. My appointment went extremely well and Dr. Gregory Bever’s explained each step clearly and calmly. I never felt the injection in my eye. Dr. Bever answered all my questions I had written down. A lot of my questions he had addressed during our appointment. Amazing! Thank you Dr. Gregory Bever and your staff! So happy I was referred to you! "

 Glenn - 05/29/2023

" I always get excellent care. Everyone is helpful and friendly. "

 Rodney - 05/28/2023

" I enjoyed my experience, as a first time patient and was very pleased with the results. I would highly recommend you. "

 Raymond - 05/27/2023

" I came with a problem and without an appointment The problem turned out to be a torn retina. I was seen for an exam within an hour and treated with a laser procedure right after the exam. I could not have asked for more. "

 Laurie - 05/27/2023

" I’m telling someone about my doctor now. How I’m blessed with wonderful caring doctors that makes me want to fight to get better. Thank you so much. "

 Laurie - 05/27/2023

" I love Dr.Boss and his staff "

 Julie - 05/26/2023

" Wait time between pre-doctor and actually having the doctor come in was a little long. "

 Peter - 05/26/2023

" Assistant was waiting next to me while I completed registration. Wait time=0 seconds. Physician was kind and thorough, explaining this year’s retinal scan with that of last year. My entire experience was pleasant and informative. "

 Angela - 05/25/2023

" I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Bever and his staff - they are the best!!! "

 Melissa - 05/25/2023

" Great doctor, great care. "

 Sharon - 05/24/2023

" Always treated with kindness and respect "

 Julia - 05/24/2023

" Amazing Doctor and team! "

 Marilyn - 05/24/2023

" Usual the wait time is short and I would say excellent. I. May 23 they had several emergencies so the place was packed. Not a problem..they took care of their patients. Every other time I would mark time "

 Robert - 05/24/2023

" The only reason my wait time was longer than usual, was because of having to schedule 65 appointments this last Tuesday; due to the upcoming holiday weekend. That was definitely the exception to my Normal wait time. "

 Abel - 05/24/2023

" A Great Visit! Great Results! "

 David - 05/23/2023

" Superior staff and above superior doctor. "

 Salvatore - 05/23/2023

" Reception technicians and physician always courteous respectful and efficient. Confident I’m receiving best care. "

 Raquel - 05/23/2023

" Dr Bever and his staff are absolutely wonderful! I’ve never had a bad experience when in their care! "

 Tracy - 05/23/2023

" Nothing bad, it would have been helpful to know the name of the place to meet in Big Rapids. I was looking for Retina Specialist and Dr. Beavers's name and didn't find it anywhere to know I was in the right place. :) "

 Mark - 05/20/2023

" REAGAN WAS perfect. I M 63 and was primary caregiver for 6 children She is the best medical or dental or eye assistant professional That I can remember in 55 yrs. Kudos to you n her for having her on ur team!! "

 Leo - 05/20/2023

" Very appreciative that Dr Pezda could see me as this was am emergency situation He was great along with the staff could not expect better. Thank you!! "

 James - 05/19/2023

" So professional and concerned. I traveled 150 miles to receive this expertise, and level of care, I may have saved some of my sight, as the care I was receiving was not the correct course of treatment, can not thank you enough. The immediate care and corrective action is amazing and I thankful for such caring professionals. "

 Shirley - 05/19/2023

" Worked me into appt in Holland not GR. Thank U "

 Craig - 05/19/2023

" It was a long wait. But understand why. "

 Connie - 05/19/2023

" This was an urgent referral by my Dr. Brown. This team had me scheduled, cared fir and back out the door within 2 hours. Very thankful for them "

 Richard - 05/18/2023

" 1st time my eyes burned after? "

 Jeanne - 05/18/2023

" Everyone was very friendly. The doctor answered all my questions and gave me a lot of information about what to expect going forward. "

 Margo - 05/18/2023

" All of the staff is very professional and caring. Dr. Boss is fantastic! Thank you all. "

 Thomas - 05/17/2023

" I did not receive a action plan or the projected c9st "

 Karen - 05/17/2023

" Actually, I was going to write a thank you note to you all for my excellent care. Though it’s a hard task to tell someone their vision is now compromised, the care and thoroughness given to me was awesome! Shout Out to your fine, knowledgeable staff from from admin to techs. Retinal Specialist hires the best folks! Karen Hay "

 Jo Ann - 05/17/2023

" Dr Westhouse is amazing! "

 Nancy - 05/17/2023

" Calling into your office is poor. The phone rings and rings, and eventually ‘hold message’ answers, where you wait some more. I really like Dr. Bever, otherwise, l’d be looking elsewhere for a new physician. "

 Gabriel - 05/16/2023

" We really appreciate that Dr. Westhouse was graciously still take Gabe in even when were were 40 minutes late! "

 Glenn - 05/16/2023

" I had a very good experience with everything. Which decreased my anxiety level with my eye sight and what is going on. Thanks! "

 Carol - 05/16/2023

" Beautiful office, staff & Dr were very friendly. I certainly would recommend your practice. Thank you! "

 Eleanor - 05/16/2023

" Everyone we had contact with treated is so kind and caring. They went above and beyond in all they did for us. Dr. Westhouse was so personable and friendly. He took his time explaining everything for us. He made the procedure so easy for my mom. He and his staff did an excellent job. "

 Lourelle - 05/16/2023

" Thank you! "

 Stanley - 05/13/2023

" When I checked out the young woman seemed totally bored. I managed to get a smile out of her. "

 Ivan - 05/13/2023

" Dr. Boss was great. Very informative. "

 Paul - 05/13/2023

" Some physicians should have been gold mine salesmen, TV hucksters, or three card monte operators . . . they are interested only in maximizing their incomes and spare every expense to do so. Dr. Boss is the complete opposite of these folks. He is the DEFINITION of what a compassionate and incredibly skilled physician must be. He is reassuring and solution-focused, and there is the wonderful experience of being with someone who really cares about you and your sight . . . because he does! His staff - at every level and contact point - are professional and patient-focused. They explain and teach as they assess and measure. One is not "the pair of eyes in exam room three." He or she is a person that is respected and treated with the utmost concern for his or her total well-being. As a professional, I know when a group is stellar and a gift to the community. Dr. Boss and his colleagues exceed all superlatives - we are truly fortunate to have them here. "

 Charlotte - 05/12/2023

" Thank you to everyone who participated in my procedure! It was painless! "

 Barbara - 05/12/2023

" I love the staff but feel that the front receptionist and check out receptionist could be more friendlier and smile to make you feel more welcome. I’m sure there are patients that have serious concerns and have a nice warm welcome would make them feel more comfortable and welcoming. "

 Marilyn - 05/12/2023

" Very pleasant receptionist, technician explained things well. "

 Lamia - 05/11/2023