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Recent Reviews

 Paul - 07/22/2024

" Caleb who first saw me, and Dr. Pezda were both great! "

 Mary - 07/19/2024

" I greatly appreciate that I was able to see a different retina specialist for my injections during the time that my usual specialist was on vacation. The staff at both the Grand Rapids and Holland locations have been flexible and understanding with scheduling throughout my treatment. "

 Gerald - 07/18/2024

" Everything was very professional "

 Clara - 07/18/2024

" We were very pleased with the care and the honesty Of the doctor! "

 Linda - 07/17/2024

" Everyone is very kind and able to answer my questions "

 Nancy - 07/17/2024

" Each part of the team keeps me informed as to what they are doing. Dr. Westhouse answers all my questions and also keeps me pain free during my injection. Office staff friendly and very capable. "

 Sandra - 07/16/2024

" Friendly staff. Dr. Korot was very thorough and answered all my questions and concerns. "

 Sandra - 07/16/2024

" This place is awesome! Friendly staff and amazing doctors "

 Kathleen - 07/16/2024

" I was somewhat anxious about this first appointment, but it went very smoothly. I will have questions on my next appointment due to my research since the diagnosis. Everyone was very personable and professional. "

 Jose - 07/16/2024

" I appreciable body the help me with my eyes "

 Logan - 07/16/2024

" Dr. Westhouse is incredible. He was very clear in explaining my diagnosis, and he is a very skilled surgeon. I highly recommend him to anyone that needs to see an ophthalmologist. "

 Junior - 07/13/2024

" So happy you worked me in after I had forgotten the time. Many thanks "

 Brent - 07/13/2024

" My visit at the new Muskegon office was amazing. It was the best atmosphere I have ever experienced in a long time. And it all started at that front desk. What an amazing person to greet people and help them anyway she can. The technician that came in to preparer Me for the visit was outstanding. He guided me through every step of what was going to go on very knowledgeable and friendly. And as for my Doctor, what an amazing caring person I am looking forward to my next visit. "

 Joan - 07/12/2024

" The receptionist was incredibly kind as I was late due to construction. She was so nice! Very impressed. "

 Jacque - 07/12/2024

" Best of all, the testing resulted in a report that the spots in my eye are benign! Praise the Lord! "

 Mark - 07/12/2024

" I am very please with your office personnel who really assisted me in rescheduling my appointment. Since having made my appointment at the last visit my wife had a stroke. Yesterday’s appointment conflicted with my taking her to Mary Free Bed for her therapy. I didn’t want to miss my appointment with your office and they graciously rescheduled me to later in the day. THANK YOU!! mark "

 Kenneth - 07/12/2024

" Top notch staff and facility. "

 Victor - 07/12/2024

" Terrific medical practice "

 Robin - 07/12/2024

" I like Dr. Boss and I'm glad that such excellent care is available. "

 Autumn - 07/12/2024

" The office is clean, well organized, busy, and staff is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend. "

 Denise - 07/12/2024

" Loved Gene! He was very kind and patient to this person who doesn’t like eye drops. I like how you have one person with you throughout the appointment. Dr Westerhouse was kind and patient too. Great office. "

 James - 07/11/2024

" Wonderful dr Bever. Such a gifted. Dr "

 Thomas - 07/11/2024

" Glad Dr Joesph Boss is my doctor. "

 Sherry - 07/11/2024

" When I arrived to my appointment, my wait time is not very long at all. And once in the rooms, it does not take that long at all either so I would highly recommend this particular office. I’d like to add that everybody is so nice and answers all questions. I would recommend this office to anybody. "

 Philip - 07/11/2024

" Friendly staff. Dr Pezda answers all my questions to my satisfaction. Very courteous & professional. Very happy I was referred to this practice. "

 Mary - 07/11/2024

" Dr Korot and the staff were skilled, professional, caring and kind. I feel fortunate that my vision is being cared for by a great team! "

 Julia - 07/11/2024

" I did not mind the wait since they got me in on an urgent basis "

 Sheila - 07/11/2024

" I’m very confident in doctor Bosses ability to save my eyes from Diabetes! His knowledge is never ending. Staff knowledge is great "

 Stewart - 07/10/2024

" Just a Super staff and Doctors! "

 Nancy - 07/10/2024

" I really appreciate Dr. Westhouse taking an extra minute to keep me informed about the condition of my eyes and to answer any questions that I have. Staff is always pleasant and does a good job. I recommend Dr. Westhouse every chance I get, especially when someone complains about how painful their eye injection was with their current Dr. I seldom have any problems with my injections. "

 Brinda - 07/10/2024

" Dr Bever and his staff are truly wonderful. "

 Donald - 07/10/2024

" All good, wish I didn’t have retinal damage & all of my sight was returned to normal but Dr Bever & staff have been very good "

 Rebecca - 07/10/2024

" They have al beehehelpn very nice and helpful "

 Vito - 07/10/2024

" I felt welcome and comfortable throughout my time in the office, from check-in to check-out. "

 Mary - 07/09/2024

" Staff and physician were all supportive and helpful. I had both medical and finance questions and they took the time and effort to explain and were patient. "

 Lisa - 07/09/2024

" I am very happy 😊 with my care. "

 Marjorie - 07/09/2024

" The Doctor and staff are very friendly. The shots do help with my vision. would recommend! "

 Albert - 07/09/2024

" I was assisted by Madison she was very courteous and helpful "

 Lori - 07/09/2024

" Everyone was very professional but also nice. Everyone seemed to know what they were doing and I felt great trusting them with my eye/retina care. "

 Terry - 07/09/2024

" Great visit 😊 Dr Westhouse and all the Staff are friendly and helpful 👍 "

 James - 07/09/2024

" Dr Bever was very pleasant and did the job very efficiently. "

 Bonnie - 07/08/2024

" I left with a full education of my illness and what to expect, My Dr.. was excellent. Thank you for everything "

 Kathrine - 07/07/2024

" Was very grateful that someone was on call during the holiday. "

 Jerry - 07/06/2024

" Nice "

 Sharron - 07/06/2024

" Very clean "

 Judith - 07/06/2024

" The whole staff was great. Dr Westhouse is very good at explaining everything. "

 Richard - 07/06/2024

" Nice "

 Louie - 07/04/2024

" Very happy with Dr Beaver and the staff "

 Robert - 07/04/2024

" I am impressed with all the staff shout out to Kalib for his friendly care Bob "

 Kristy - 07/04/2024

" Thank you for the great care when I was full of anxiety you helped me through it all. Dr. Korot was professional and thorough. I appreciate that after my past experience with a different doctor. "

 Jeffrey - 07/04/2024

" Dr Korot seemed very capable and explained the nature of my retina issues and his proposed treatment. To my surprise he treated one eye immediately and will treat the other eye in a week "

 Kevin - 07/04/2024

" Thank you Dr Sutherland and staff! "

 Lawrence - 07/04/2024

" New office is just beautiful! Staff very helpful and courteous. Felt the care given was of high quality. My overall experience has given me high confidence in this new office. Thank you Dr Sutherland! "

 Gary - 07/04/2024

" Very timely visit. Hannah was extremely nice and very knowledgeable. Doctor did a great job explaining my situation. "

 Martin - 07/04/2024

" Everyone was helpful, professional and made me feel comfortable throughout my visit. "

 Michael - 07/03/2024

" Another great visit with Dr. Boss and staff. See you in 6 months. Thanks for everything. "

 Celeste - 07/03/2024

" Over all it was a good experience. The young man who got me ready to see the doctor, Alex, was wonderful. After Alex had me prepared I did wait over an hour to see the doctor, but when doctor Bever was there, he was very gracious and thorough and answered all my questions. I would recommend the office. "

 Sandra - 07/02/2024

" Everything went very well.. Every one was professional AND kind. NO complaints. no suggesteions. "

 Daniel - 06/30/2024

" I, Dan have been a patient of Dr Westhouse for MANY years and we wouldn’t consider going to anyone else ! Dr Westhouse is kind, efficient, knowledgeable, patient with us & skilled! We/I trust him completely !! "

 Jack - 06/29/2024

" Always treated by professionals "

 Toni - 06/29/2024

" My ete shots were very good this time! I did have an issue with the pressure in my right eye which was resolved immediately. Am very happy with Dr. Westhouse and his staff. "

 Maryellen - 06/28/2024

" Dr West House was an informative Dr. and also caring. "

 Barbara - 06/28/2024

" Please keep patients informed of delays. I am a MA in a medical office. If we are more than 10 minutes after a scheduled appointment we interact with the patient. "

 Joanne - 06/28/2024

" Pain free shot from Dr Westhouse. He was great. "

 Ruth - 06/28/2024

" I have total confidence in Dr. Westhouse and his staff. "

 William - 06/28/2024

" Dr Aaberg is phenomenal as is his team. I’ve seen him for 20 years after successful brachytherapy treatment. As I no longer need to see him, I wish him continued success and good health. "

 Janice - 06/28/2024

" Very satisfied! Look forward to being a patient here. "

 Kimberly - 06/28/2024

" Everyone addressed all of my concerns, answered all my questions, and I felt comfortable the entire visit. This was supposed to be a second opinion, but I think I will switch to these doctors because of the great care I received "

 Connie - 06/28/2024

" Wait time was to long, 40 minutes "

 Gail - 06/28/2024

" Very well run office. I give them a 5 star! "

 Gregory - 06/28/2024

" Dr. Aaberg and his staff are outstanding. Caring, patient, and professional; I couldn’t be happier with my care at Retina Specialists. I highly recommend them for your eye care as well. "

 Douglas - 06/28/2024

" Out of the theee Retina Specialist offices we have been to (2 in Alabama), this one is the best and the doctor is the best. "

 Julie - 06/27/2024

" Everything was top notch with Dr Boss! "

 Ana G - 06/27/2024

" I liked how clean and modern the office is. New modern equipment very helpful staff. "

 Thomas - 06/27/2024

" Good coffee too! "

 Georgianna - 06/26/2024

" Have always had excellent care! "

 Marie - 06/26/2024

" Every experience at Retina Specials has been excellent. Always very professional, competent, comprehensive, courteous , educational, and timely. I feel confident in my understanding of my medical situation for my eyes. I am seen regularly and receive any needed testing . I am grateful that they are here for me. "

 Debra - 06/26/2024

" Staff was very friendly, and made me feel welcome! Dr. Westhouse was very patient and kind. Listened to my questions, and answered them kindly! "

 Cornelia - 06/26/2024

" The staff is very friendly. Dr Boss was amazing explain things very thoroughly. "

 Rosalie - 06/25/2024

" All staff were very accommodating, within their specific role. "

 Jill - 06/25/2024

" I really appreciated how Dr. Westhouse had his assistant take notes while he did the exam. He was able to explain everything clearly and told me what my options were. He validated my concerns, and was very clear about what was going on with my eye. "

 Mary - 06/25/2024

" Staff was courteous, kind and put my mind at ease prior to the appointment. Dr. Pezda was extremely professional, giving explanations before, during and after the examination. I left feeling my eye care is in good hands and very grateful to have Retina Specialists of Michigan close to my home in Norton Shores. Thank you! "

 Lois - 06/25/2024

" It would be helpful to have more trash containers. Patients are given Kleenex due to drops put in eyes. They can make the nose run too. Did not see a waste basket in the waiting room or treatment room. Nice new location 🙂 "

 Rick - 06/25/2024

" You saved my eye site 4 years ago with my left eye and now with my right eye . I would highly recommend you to any one that needs eye care. "

 Sally - 06/25/2024

" Dr Bever is the best! "

 Donald - 06/25/2024

" VERY HAPPY with Dr. WESTHOUSE. Shot in the eye is working. Very much appreciate his TALENT & KNOWLEDGE, and personality. "

 Emily - 06/22/2024

" Everyone is so friendly and helpful. You can tell the workers care about their patients. I would recommend this place to anyone. "

 Roger - 06/22/2024

" Best injection and recovery that night and the next day that I have ever had in 2 years. In the office time was very fast. Waiting in the lobby was 25 mintures "

 Gregory - 06/21/2024

" All staff were effective and efficient. "

 Philip - 06/21/2024

" Great doctor and staff! Always friendly and helpful! "

 Janis - 06/20/2024

" Dr. Pezda is a very kind and considerate man who answers all my questions. "

 Craig - 06/20/2024

" Need to know what my insurance is or isn't paying for "

 Michael - 06/20/2024

" My procedure was painless and All my questions were answered "

 Debra - 06/20/2024

" Office runs very efficiently. Staff was very friendly and courteous. Dr. Pezda is excellent. I was anxious about my appointment but the entire experience put me at ease! "

 Michael - 06/19/2024

" These answered came from my husband M Bergstrom "

 Patricia - 06/19/2024

" I was a bit anxious not knowing what to expect but the staff and doctor were so friendly and made me very comfortable right away. "

 Geraldine - 06/19/2024

" All very professional and kind! "

 Dawn - 06/19/2024

" Love how well staff explains everything and so very friendly. "

 Diann - 06/18/2024

" Dr. Sutherland is the best. Eylea injections never were painful. Retinal detachment was caught early and surgery went very well. I’ve been a patient 6 years and am so glad I was referred here. I have seen a couple of the other partners who are as excellent as Dr. Sutherland. You can’t go wrong with anyone in this group. "

 Mary - 06/18/2024

" I am always nervous but everyone is so helpful and calming! "

 Shryl - 06/18/2024

" The facility is beautiful, the receptionist was so kind and helpful in setting us up as a new patient at this facility and Dr. Pezda has always impressed me with his knowledge and how he relays the information to me in lay terms. I have been a patience of his for several years thru Shoreline Optical. He shared information with me about my cornea that i don’t remember Shoreline advising me of during my yearly exams. I would highly recommend this practice and Dr. Pezda to anyone with Retina issues. "

 Gerald - 06/18/2024

" Very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. "

 Tom - 06/18/2024

" Val and the rest of the staff are great, friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. If you need a shot in the eye this is the place. "

 James - 06/17/2024

" Great staff and doctors would highly recommend them. "

 Rhonda - 06/17/2024

" Dr Westhouse and staff are thorough and kind. Highly recommend this office. "

 Susan - 06/16/2024

" My driver let the receptionist know that I had a broken rib and that the drive over was painful at times. I was given sympathetic treatment, my intraocular injection ASAP, and was good to go before I knew it! "

 Loulseged - 06/15/2024

" Highly desciplined, and well manerd professional people "

 Eileen - 06/15/2024

" I always have an excellent experience with all the staff. I’am extremely grateful for all the staff. The shots have saved my eye sight. Eileen Schullo "

 Susan - 06/15/2024

" The wait time in Holland was a bit long for this visit, which was unusual. There were many patients to be seen this day, and it appeared that at least 2 were 1 day post-op patients. I am appreciative for the quick surgery intervention I received for my detached retina and can’t complain about a little longer wait time when these surgeries and follow up visits are so important for one’s vision. "

 Stephanie - 06/15/2024

" It was a very good experience. The facility is beautiful!! "

 Lucille - 06/15/2024

" From check-in to check-out everyone was concerned for my comfort & that I was fully informed. My thanks to all who were a part of my experience at Retina Specialists of Michigan. "

 Philip - 06/14/2024

" DR Boss excellent doctor "

 Christopher - 06/13/2024

" All around they performed very well. "

 Elizabeth - 06/13/2024

" Dr. Westhouse is incredibly knowledgeable about his specialty and offers explanations in understandable terms. He is good at identifying what causes him concern, what does not, and the reason for this. His staff is friendly, caring, efficient and personable "

 Delores - 06/13/2024

" Due to an urgent need, surgery was performed the same day. I appreciated that so much. "

 Mark - 06/13/2024

" The entire team are consistently professional and engaging. Understanding the practice is very busy, I have never felt like a number but a true patient. "

 James - 06/13/2024

" Always very professional and great care and service!!! "

 John - 06/13/2024

" I was very impressed with the professionalism of all the staff and of course, with my attending physician. I would highly recommend Retina Specialists of Michigan. "

 Nicole - 06/12/2024

" This was my first visit. Staff was amazing from start to finish! They got me in quickly and were very informative and explained everything. I did wait for quite a while but I think maybe I was put in a spot that wasn’t intended for my type of appointment but they still fit me in. All were very apologetic for the wait and checked in if anything was needed. Facility is top notch too! In addition, and most importantly, my Dr was very knowledgeable and helped me to understand things. I felt better after going and if something is needed going forward. Overall awesome experience!! "

 Marilynn - 06/12/2024

" Wait time between initial pictures and FA pictures was at least 30 minutes. My appointment lasted 2 hours! "

 Alan - 06/12/2024

" Cory and Isabella and Dr Bever were all very pleasant knowledgeable and concerned for me as their patient. It was very much appreciated. Front desk personnel were excellent as well. "

 Linda - 06/12/2024

" I cannot thank the staff and Doctor Boss for the knowledge, care and kindness! "

 Perrin - 06/11/2024

" We were not hurried along and was very well taken care of "

 Valarie - 06/11/2024

" The staff and the Doctors I’ve seen (especially Dr. Korot) are above and beyond my expectations. I have recommended them to family and friends. "

 Karyn - 06/11/2024

" Dr Westhouse was very thorough and provided easily understandable answers. I felt much relieved at the end of the visit. "

 Patricia - 06/11/2024

" Everyone was great! And I got all my questions answered!! "

 Jane - 06/11/2024

" New Office very nice. "

 Evelyn - 06/11/2024

" Overall the best experience I have ever had anywhere with a doctor and doctor's office "

 Susan - 06/11/2024

" Everything was done professionally "

 Tom - 06/11/2024

" Doctor Bever is very thorough, careful and congenial. I am left with good feelings about my experience with him and support staff. "

 Edna - 06/09/2024

" They have always been very nice. "

 Penny - 06/09/2024

" Beautiful offices and superior staff "

 Francis - 06/09/2024

" The new location is much more personable and relaxed. "

 Ann M - 06/08/2024

" Excellent care and doctors. "

 Lori - 06/08/2024

" The receptionist was the only one that doesn't seem to know her job. I wasn't impressed with her at all. The rest of the staff was excellent. "

 Bette - 06/08/2024

" Doctor explained in a understandable manner "

 Yvonne - 06/08/2024

" I like Dr. Westhouse and his staff "

 Richard - 06/08/2024

" high quality, excellent service. Thank you "

 Laurie - 06/07/2024

" Knowledgeable, professional care and treatment from all care team members. Everything well explained and plenty of chances to ask questions. "

 Rosa - 06/07/2024

" Everyone is always very accompanying! "

 Michael - 06/07/2024

" It was a very good visit. Every one worked in complete harmony Through each step of our visit. It felt like everyone did there work with skill And still showed personal interest in our visit and anticipated our needs. Thanks for the positive experience Michael and Lisa "

 Joyce - 06/07/2024

" Dr. Pezda is the BEST! "

 Teresa - 06/07/2024

" All of Dr. Alberg's staff are so kind and through. Every single staff I have encountered have far exceeded expectations. I would recommend them to anyone. "

 James - 06/07/2024

" Dr. Boss is a wonderful doctor. Feel very comfortable in under his care. "

 Vilas - 06/07/2024

" Everything was fine. "

 David - 06/07/2024

" The staff and Dr as always were very wonderful. "

 Sandy - 06/07/2024

" Dr. Westhouse is absolutely professional. He presents as pleasant and always engage in conversation with his patients. Dr. Westhouse ensures that each patient feels comfortable, valued, heard, and respected. I trust God in the process of all appointments. Praying that the Lord continues to use and richly empower him, so he can pour into each patient cup. Thank you, Dr. Westhouse. 😊 "

 Emily - 06/06/2024

" I’m just wondering why I was referred to a uveitis specialist and yet the doctor I saw said I may need to see the uveitis specialist there so I’m not sure why I didn’t see the specialist to begin with. Other than that everyone was very sweet and helpful! "

 Barbara - 06/06/2024

" Other than the extended wait time, this was a very pleasant experience, staff, as well as the doctor were well informed, answered all questions. Understanding was because of the change of facility that might’ve been a problem with wait time. "

 Susan - 06/06/2024

" Dr. Sutherland explains everything and asks if you have any questions. She is very thorough and I recommend her if you are having retina problems. "

 Mark - 06/06/2024

" I understand it was a busy day, but the wait time was long, about 1 hour "

 Alan - 06/06/2024

" I felt reassured with Dr Pezda's explanation of my concerns of eyela hd possible side affects on my kidneys.De Pezda was very patient. "

 Michael - 06/06/2024

" Dr. Bever and his staff are top notch. I am thankful he is here. I know they dearly miss him at his previous job out West! "

 Nancy - 06/06/2024

" Everyone is so nice!!! "

 David - 06/06/2024

" Had to wait 35 minutes past my appointment time …After that everything went well - great staff - excellent Dr. Pezda "

 David - 06/06/2024

" Everyone was kind, very punctual, and professional!!! "

 Janice - 06/06/2024

" Awesome place. I would recommend that place to all my friends and family. "

 Douglas - 06/06/2024

" My first time at the new office some delay was expected. Other than that it was a good experience "

 Susan - 06/06/2024

" Dr. Boss was great! Very friendly and knowledgeable! Everyone in the office was very nice and helpful! Thank you!! "

 Stephen - 06/06/2024

" Staff always courteous and professional. Dr Very thorough. "

 Karolyn - 06/06/2024

" The girls at the desk are 😊 great.....and so is Dr Bever "

 John - 06/05/2024

" Dr. And Staff have great personalities. I felt real comfortable and satisfied. "

 Elvira - 06/05/2024

" The post operative check-ups have been very thorough. Thankful for the expertise of Dr. Boss and the good outcome from my surgery. The staff is always friendly and kind. I would highly recommend Dr. Boss and his staff. "

 Joseph - 06/05/2024

" Fantastic service and results. "

 Larry - 06/05/2024

" All staff and doctor is excellent "

 Marilyn - 06/05/2024

" From beginning to end I was very well satisfied "

 Cathy - 06/05/2024

" I've had numerous eye specialists over the years. The staff And Dr. Boss are the best in the state! "

 Alan - 06/05/2024

" I understand the backed up schedule due to the office being so new I'm confident they will correct it with time "

 Kathy - 06/04/2024

" The office was running one hour behind. Dr. Pezda is the best!!!! "

 Gloria - 06/04/2024

" The entire experience was exceptional. The staff are all professional, and treated me with the utmost Courtesy. Dr Westhouse was very thorough and fully explained my Test results. "

 Henderika - 06/04/2024

" My morning appointment went very smoothly! Staff is always very courteous and thoughtful! "

 Jean - 06/04/2024

" Very long wait but excellent care, as always. "

 Matthew - 06/04/2024

" Dr. Bever and the staff are excellent. Very professional and friendly. "

 Sandra - 06/04/2024

" Everyone there is so kind and caring. Dr pezda will listen to you and answer any questions or concerns. I am very happy and grateful for them helping me with my eyesight. Thank you isn’t enough to say. "

 Carl - 06/04/2024

" I could not be happier with my doctor or the staff. Even though I get a needle in my eye everytime. "

 Beth - 06/01/2024

" Sam and Dr Boss were great! I look forward to seeing them again. "

 Robert - 06/01/2024

" Very well done, professional "

 Frederick - 06/01/2024

" All staff was very professional and informative. "

 Ferdinand - 05/31/2024

" Help with very expensive medication due to my Macular degeneration "

 Bryan - 05/31/2024

" Doctor was short and to the point. His assistant was very helpful and did answer some more questions. Still have questions on when surgery is as didn't Surgery scheduler , more questions on when,what Is needed. "

 Karen - 05/31/2024

" Dr. Aaberg and his associates are truly the best! "

 Sonya - 05/31/2024

" Dr Aarberg and staff and fantastic! Dr takes time to explain things and is very caring. I trust him with my eye sight! Excellent Dr "

 Steven - 05/30/2024

" You have an excellent staff Steve "

 Jolanda - 05/30/2024

" Dr. Boss gave cultural competent care, and is very knowledgeable. The young lady who took the pictures of my eye was top notch. I’m impressed with my doctor and been bragging about him and his staff since my first visit. "

 Larry - 05/29/2024

" Primary visit. I really was there for consultation and didn’t know what questions to ask. I plan on watching the video on your website to better understand the diagnosis. "

 Nancy - 05/29/2024

" The staff are very professional & kind. I do wish the Dr. had more time to answer questions. I realize that there are other patients waiting so the doctors have to keep moving. "

 Kern - 05/29/2024

" Please thank patient Lynn Fuller for recommending Dr. Boss and your practice. "

 Michael - 05/29/2024

" DrAaberg is wonderful and helpful. The staff is nice and helpful. I am grateful to come to Dr Aaberg. "

 David - 05/29/2024

" Very personable and efficient. "

 Susan - 05/29/2024

" The care I receive is outstanding. "

 Karen - 05/26/2024

" Dr. Westoff is an excellent Dr. & I’m very pleased. . I have much confidence that he is doing the best for me., Karen Peters "

 Susan - 05/25/2024

" I cannot say enough about Dr. Westhouse And his care. He is remarkable. "

 Mary - 05/25/2024

" Cori was really nice and very helpful. She made me feel comfortable. "

 Lawrence - 05/24/2024

" Everyone there treated Me fantastic. The girl behind the counter new people by name and spoke in a higher volume when she knew people were hard of hearing "

 David - 05/24/2024

" From reception to checkout to techs (Lydia was outstanding !) and physicians, everyone was extremely friendly and professional. Dr Westhouse took extra time to explain my condition and picked up pathology that had not been diagnosed before. The waiting room was comfortable and attractive as well. I will recommend this practice to anyone needing retinal care! "

 Brenda - 05/24/2024

" You were running behind but we all do sometimes. Thank you for all you do! "

 Carol - 05/24/2024

" I was disappointed the young man assisting the doctor with computer input was not introduced. Next time I'll ask his name. In most medical offices the PA, trainee or other assistant is introduced to the patient. "

 Tai - 05/24/2024

" 의사를 포함 모든 스텝들의 친절하고 자세한 설명 모두 만족합니다 "

 Keith - 05/23/2024

" Dr. Pezda has been great. I trust him with my eyes. "

 Bessie - 05/23/2024

" My appointment began right in time, however my husband was told that the appointment would last two hours at a minimum, possibly three. He left the office and ran errands. My exam was completed in under an hour. He would have stayed and waited for me to be finished instead of driving home. I was not able to contact him right away and ended up staying at the office an additional 45 minutes. Not sure why the timing would have such a discrepancy. "

 Hanley - 05/23/2024

" Great new office, set up for your patients convenience ! Very friendly staff! Dr. Sutherland , the best & the reason I came! "

 Katherine - 05/23/2024

" My appt time - called in to Dr on time Marley extra rinsed my eye after checkout Always greeted with smiles Dr Pezda is wonderful … explains procedure clearly … answers all my questions professionally … makes me feel safe and appreciated "

 Greg - 05/23/2024

" Very pleased, will surely return! "

 Norma - 05/23/2024


 Babbette - 05/23/2024

" Dr. Southerland is wonderful and great at explaining any question or concerns, even without having to ask. Staff are Great, very good and caring. Thank you so much to Dr. Southerland and her Staff. !! "

 Sharon - 05/23/2024

" I am very thankful to Dr Beaver and his staff . They all are ver nice and caring . "

 Gerald - 05/23/2024

" Long wait time but they are all new and just getting started. I’m sure wait time will get better!! Everything else was excellent!! "

 Gloria - 05/23/2024

" Very pleased with Doctor and staff. This is my third Doctor and he is the best! "

 Jessica - 05/22/2024

" The wait time was a bit insane- we were there for three hours! Other than that, great and professional care. "

 Brian - 05/22/2024

" Highly recommend. Very satisfied. "

 James - 05/22/2024

" Very pleased with Dr. Bever and with the outcome at the appointment. "

 Rhonda - 05/22/2024

" I have already told friend’s and family how wonderful everyone was with my special needs sister. They were very kind and gracious. I appreciate all of the staff very much. "

 Jenifer - 05/22/2024

" The atmosphere was warm and the doctor and staff were awesome! "

 Marilynn - 05/22/2024

" All of the people were very nice. "

 Rasheeq - 05/21/2024

" Best doctor Best staff Best customer service Best facility "

 George - 05/21/2024

" We had a long wait due to the move. The new office is very nice and Dr. Pezda is the best. "

 Jane - 05/21/2024

" It was my first visit and I was a little nervous. The staff made you feel at ease. They were very caring with your comfort as you went through test and procedurer.. "

 William - 05/21/2024

" I was a walk in for emergency Reina surgery and I couldn’t have been happier with everyone and how it turned out. I will tell others "

 Marlene - 05/21/2024

" Dr. Bever is an excellent Dr. I had no pain with his injections in my eye. His staff is excellent also. "

 James - 05/21/2024

" I would recommend a friend. Hopefully I never have to. During and after Covid I lost a lot of faith in the medical profession and large healthcare systems. Everyone at Retina Specialists was great. Maybe softened my opinion a little bit. "

 Barbara - 05/21/2024

" Doctor, staff and service was the best. "

 Dorothy - 05/18/2024

" Everyone was very nice but we spent the most time with Alena. She was wonderful! "

 Luzia - 05/18/2024

" Very friendly effcient and thorough. "

 Suzan - 05/18/2024

" The staff and Dr. korot made me feel 100% comfortable. I would recommend them to anyone having eye problems. Made me feel at peace. "

 Holly - 05/18/2024

" I have already told several people about the remarkable service. I was referred by my eye doc around 10:00 am. Got an immediate appointment. Eyes were examined, retinal tears diagnosed, had laser procedure (with great coaching & encouragement) and was back home by 1:30. Everyone was wonderful! Thank you!! "

 Sheryl - 05/18/2024

" Very friendly staff from checking in to making next appointment "

 Jeffrey - 05/17/2024

" The kindness and care received at Retina Specialist is second to none. Dr. Bos and the entire staff exceed expectations! They care. I trust them. "

 Barbara - 05/17/2024

" I find great comfort in coming to Dr. Pezda’s office for my eye treatments. "

 Joshua - 05/17/2024

" Thank you for the very professional service and explanation of my conditions. I have been to several eye doctors and finally found true eye expert that understand everything about eyes and take all concerns seriously. "

 Donna - 05/17/2024

" I wish the office was closer, but everything else is great. "

 Kathryn - 05/16/2024

" Dr. Korot and assistants are always very friendly and extremely helpful and knowledgeable. "

 Ronald - 05/16/2024

" My original appointment was at Shoreline Vision on 5-8-25 and I received a call about 3 weeks before it and was rescheduled to 5-15-24. I showed up at Shoreline Vision for my appointment and was told I was going to a new place and given directions how to get there. I got there and found a waiting room full of people waiting. I went to the counter and was give a clipboard with 4 pages, front and back to fill out. I completed the forms by about 11AM for a 10:30 AM appointment and was not seen until after 12AM. Terrible that I was not notified in advance of the location change by call, text, or mail and the forms should have been mailed to me to bring completed to my appointment. Now, the good. Very nice office, all employees very helpful and kind. Dr. Sutherland was her usual excellent self and much appreciated. "

 Jill - 05/16/2024

" Alex was extremely helpful! Very good an explaining exactly what tests he was doing. Put me at ease! Dr was also thorough and made me feel great. Mostly because of how he delivered the results. "

 Pauline - 05/16/2024

" I was very pleased with the care and kindness and how they explained everything that was happening with my procedure ! "

 Sharon - 05/16/2024

" Wait time was about 40 min which was very unusual. Staff was apologetic, but only after I inquired about the wait. I very much understand getting backed up and would like to believe that if my case was the cause, patients down the line would also be understanding. "

 Gail - 05/16/2024

" My visit was exceptional, I would definitely recommend to family and friends. All staff were very professional and kind. "

 Jason - 05/16/2024

" Organized, efficient, and professional. A very well run organization. I was additionally impressed by my doctor’s credentials and experience. "

 Joyce - 05/16/2024

" They were very helpful and explained what was going on with my eyes. "

 Sandra - 05/16/2024

" Love your new facility. The sad part was that I along with most every one else were not informed of the move! But once I was there all went well. "

 Joseph - 05/16/2024

" Wonderful attention. Warm welcome and a friendly environment. "

 Kristin - 05/16/2024

" Dr Westhouse and the whole staff at Retina Specialists of Michigan are always very kind and helpful. I’ve recommended them to several people. "

 Dennis - 05/15/2024

" Dr Beaver and staff excellent professionals "

 Albert - 05/15/2024

" I was early for my appointment and was waited on early. "

 Katherine - 05/15/2024

" Always very satisfied. "

 Margaret - 05/14/2024

" We are pleased with your service We travel about 50 miles for the shots required and Dr Karot is a very good Dr. "

 George - 05/14/2024

" Less than 10 minute wait time - pretty good for a mid-morning doctor appointment. Staff all pleasant and courteous… and smile. I like that… puts patients at ease. Dr. Westhouse is an excellent specialist with great “bedside manner.” Always greets me with a smile. "

 Paige - 05/14/2024

" The nursing staff was especially great and kind "

 Marilyn - 05/13/2024

" Great staff, friendly, explain things well, office very clean and pleasant. "

 Mardell - 05/11/2024

" I seem to have to WAIT to see the dr. My apt was 10:30 didn’t see th dr til after 11:30. "

 Laurie - 05/11/2024

" I feel so very blessed that I got referred to this group for my eye care. My eyes have tremendously improved since coming here to this location for eye care. The staff is wonderful and caring. I would recommend anybody if they’re having problems with their eyes to go to this location. I don’t feel like I’m losing my sight anymore as a matter fact, confidence that I won’t coming here. Thank all of you who had a part in my treatment. "

 Shirley - 05/11/2024

" I can't thank Dr Bever enough for saving my eyesight. Highly recommend this place. "

 Joanna - 05/10/2024

" I am so thankful for Dr Bever and his staff. I have an always received excellent care. Receiving injections in my eye is often stressful. I appreciate Dr Bever’s kindness and patience. I highly recommend him to anyone with Macular Degeneration. "

 Joyce - 05/10/2024

" Being the first appt after lunch was helpful regarding no wait time. Dr Pezda was pleasant and my injection and recovery went well. "

 Christine - 05/10/2024

" Dr. Edward Korot and his staff are wonderful they take very good care of his patients. He takes his time with you and explains everything to you . I would highly recommend Doctor Korot Thank you Christine "

 Jeffrey - 05/09/2024

" There was some extended waiting. But all of the staff were so concerned about my comfort. I was fine, and had no where else to be so I used the quiet time to my advantage and used the relaxing time to daydream. ; -) "

 Mohd - 05/09/2024

" The doctor was Very informative. Compassion, Took the time to give me options on what he wants to do next. Excellent teamwork between the doctor and his assistance. Receptionist area, very inviting, clean, spacious and friendly. Thank you, "

 Laurel - 05/09/2024

" Great! "

 Patricia - 05/08/2024

" It is an appreciated service provided by your GR clinic so those of us who need the specialist have it right here where we live. "

 Richard - 05/08/2024

" Dr. Boss seems like a very nice person and knows his job. There also seems to be a great support staff too. See you in a year. "

 Shirley - 05/08/2024

" I have had the most pleasant experience since going here. I have no after effects with discomfort like I did in with previous places. I recommend everyone I know that has to see a retina specialist to come to Retina Specialist of Michigan. "

 Rachel - 05/07/2024

" Dr Bever and his staff are all cordial, friendly and very professional!! "

 Anne - 05/07/2024

" Dear Dr Bever, thank you for helping me with my retinal hemorrhage problem this past year. I thought about you and your staff recently, while watching the sun come up over a wide field in the countryside. You’ve preserved this most important gift and sense of sight, and you have my profound, lifelong appreciation. In Gratitude, Annie Daniels "

 Walter - 05/06/2024

" The experience overall was excellent. Of all the professionals I see this team is number 1 "

 Elizabeth - 05/04/2024

" I did not get answered why do my eyes hurt all day he time and I have blurred vision "

 Diana - 05/04/2024

" Gene was exceptional, He was so courteous and helpful. He answered my questions and worked so I wouldn’t be late for pickup. "

 Karla - 05/03/2024

" Dr Aaberg always thorough, professional and courteous. Very knowledgeable and friendly as well "

 Harold - 05/03/2024

" Best there is. "

 Gary - 05/03/2024

" everything was excellent also staff very co "

 Robert - 05/02/2024

" I was very pleased with the way I was taken care of. Office staff and doctors assistants were very welcoming. "

 Cathleen - 05/01/2024

" Thank you for all of your help & advice. "

 Steven - 05/01/2024

" Staff was knowledgeable, friendly "

 Mary - 05/01/2024

" Dr. Beaver was very kind and helpful. His explanation of tests and findings were very thorough, interesting and very understandable, especially for lay people. I appreciated his honest and direct approach to my eye problem. His assistants were also efficient and pleasant. I would contact Dr. Beaver immediately if I had another eye problem. Thank you. M. Fogleman "

 Marsha - 05/01/2024

" After a very bad experience at another retinal specialist’s office, your staff and Dr Bever are a dream!! I am extremely grateful for heaving found Dr Bever! He and the staff are always kind, helpful, and ready to answer any questions! Please keep up the great work!! I can never express my full appreciation!! "

 Asiatu - 05/01/2024

" All the staff was quite kind and caring as was the case my last visit. I especially appreciated Reagan & Dr. Bever's care. Thanks again for maink me feel confident in my eye care. "

 Laura - 04/30/2024

" Thank you I am nervous but I’m ready to see better Everyone was very nice and I felt comfortable "

 Irene - 04/30/2024

" My only concern is that it took 5 weeks to get an appointment even though my vision was greatly compromised. A major factor in balance under these circumstances. The doctor and staff were very knowledgeable so my sight problems will, hopefully, be solved when I have the surgeries. "

 Denise - 04/30/2024

" Your office worked to squeeze me in last minute to deal with problem with my eye sight. I was concerned that I was having another stroke in my right eye! I just had a heart procedure that ended with me being hospitalized for 3 days. Dr Westhouse & his staff did extensive testing & gave me peace of mind! Thank you again for your care & concern!! "

 Kate - 04/30/2024

" I was probably the last patient of the day in what had been an incredibly busy day for the office, yet everyone was still very professional and kind. "

 Robert - 04/30/2024

" Very personable as well as professional. Impressive "

 Thomas - 04/30/2024

" Great experience, I would highly recommend. Thank you again for getting me in so fast. "

 Jean - 04/30/2024

" Great Dr and Staff - everyone is friendly and very professional- "

 Mary - 04/30/2024

" All of the Ladies were wonderful! "

 Julie - 04/27/2024

" From the minute you walk through the door until check out, you feel completely welcome and at home. During all my appointments, the employees seem to love their jobs. They all share it's a great place to work. Dr. Aaberg spends as much time as I need to complete my visit. He is compassionate, caring, and thorough. I highly recommend him. "

 Marlene - 04/27/2024

" Everyone is so respectful. Dr. Boss is absolutely the best. I’m very comfortable with him. "

 Christian - 04/27/2024

" Still have a slight black cloud and tiny small dots remaining. Hopefully in time they’ll disappear "

 David - 04/26/2024

" What can I say Retina Specialists they r the best 👌 "

 Teresa - 04/26/2024

" This office has it correct, from being able to check in with a real person, not an iPad. Then to a person coming to get me in the waiting room, to her taking some steps of care for me, then to another person I was introduced to by name, that gave me more care and pics for my eyes, to then the doctor himself which talked with me, had compassion for me, and showed me on the pics what was wrong with me. Then to be escourted by a person, to a real person that set me up with my next appointment. Thumbs up for keeping the patient technology out of my hands. I feel it is important to have human contact, not technology. Thank you for always having a high class home town style charm in your office. "

 Cathy - 04/26/2024

" Very busy day for them… everyone was apologizing for the long wait. emergencies can happen they can’t help ot "

 Deborah - 04/26/2024

" A very efficient office. Everything seems to run smoothly even when you are very busy. I always feel well cared for. "

 Jean - 04/26/2024

" Long wait to check in but lunchtime was just getting over. "

 Cyncie - 04/25/2024

" Everyone was friendly and very informative. I was treated in a timely efficient manner. Over all a great experience and left knowing I was well taken care of and my mind was at ease! "

 Donna - 04/25/2024

" Dr Bever had a teaching attitude about my condition. Dr Bever was able to put me at ease and reduce my apprehension. I am thankful for that. "

 Roxanne - 04/25/2024

" The staff at Retina Specialists of Michigan do a great job answering all of my questions. "

 Dolores - 04/24/2024

" I always have an excellent session when i have an appt with Dr Boss. When i express concern about the possible shot in my eye as part of the treatment he aleays reassures me that he will the treatment as painless as possible. I would highly refer him for eye medical care. "

 Michael - 04/24/2024

" The doctor was very upbeat and explained thoroughly what was going on with my vision and left me with complete confidence and his advice and his ability to correct things when the time is necessary "

 Morrie - 04/24/2024

" Excellent "

 Edward - 04/24/2024

" The staff, from receptionist to Dr Boss was all exceptional, friendly and helpful. Having such a delightful staff is what increases the wait time. I certainly would and do recommend Dr. Boss even though I realize he and his team are first choice for many of us. "

 Barbara - 04/24/2024

" The entire experience was exceptional. Everyone was friendly and efficient. Mitchell was professional, friendly, and efficient and put me entirely at ease. Dr. Bever was so thorough and reassuring; I knew that I was in good hands. I can't say enough about how confident I felt about his expertise. Everyone explained every step to me as we went along, and I left the appointment understanding everything clearly. From beginning to end, this was a wonderful experience. "

 Daniel - 04/24/2024

" Thorough, professional, relates well to patients. "

 Julie - 04/23/2024

" Dr Bever & his staff have been wonderful to me. Always! "

 George - 04/22/2024

" As usual this provider is well organized with all staff offering more the adequate responses/help "

 Terry - 04/21/2024

" Everyone was very polite and professional!! "

 Maryellen - 04/20/2024

" I very much appreciate Dr. Pezda and his skill in administering these injections. I bless him and I pray that God will strengthen him with might in his innermost being and govern him by His (God”s) own, very own spirit. Father, please give him wisdom and bless his family. Amen. "

 Roberta - 04/20/2024

" Very professional and caring. "

 Susan - 04/20/2024

" Dr. Boss took the time to explain my surgical procedure and options to me and my husband. I know when I decide to go forward with the surgery I will be in good hands. "

 William - 04/19/2024

" The staff is professional and courteous. Dr.Pezda was very good at explaining what the diagnosis was and how the treatment was progressing. "

 Tina - 04/19/2024

" The wait time was 40 minutes once I was put in a waiting room to see the Dr. but I understand how critical his attention to each patient is. I appreciate his dedication and Audrey was very helpful and professional. "

 Karen - 04/19/2024

" I would highly recommend this office,everyone is very friendly.Dr. Boss is very personable. "

 Dan - 04/18/2024

" You do a great job, very professional. Thanks "

 Keith - 04/18/2024

" Thanks to all for doing what you do for others 🙏 "

 Cathy - 04/18/2024

" The staff and Dr Boss are the best "

 Stathia - 04/18/2024

" Dr. Sutherland was detailed with exam and caring. "

 Janice - 04/18/2024

" Thank you all for your help you all were very nice people "

 Denise - 04/18/2024

" Friendly workers over all frequently checking for comfort & other needs. The appointment turned into 5 hrs instead of 2-3 hrs as planned. A diagnosis needing treatment extended the hours & doctor was dealing with such & other happenings. My husband was in waiting area for 2 hrs & the receptionist went out of her way to speak to him. Kudos to her. "

 David - 04/18/2024

" They have been helpful answering my questions "

 Lynn - 04/18/2024

" I am extremely happy with the eye care being provided by Dr. Boss. He is knowledgeable, a good listener, and approachable. He is saving my eyesight. I am very blessed by being under his care. Thank you, Dr. Boss. "

 Arlene - 04/18/2024

" Alex did a thorough assessment He was personable. Pi ture taking person did fine . Doc answered questions I needed answered. I would recommend this service. "

 Gregory - 04/17/2024

" Everyone was friendly and professional. "

 Shirley - 04/17/2024

" The wait time was an hour over my appointment time,however, the office was very busy that day. This is unusual. The staff was very apologetic so I believe there was some unusual circumstances. "

 Steven - 04/17/2024

" My wait time is generally short there. On this occasion it was about 45 minutes "

 Roger - 04/17/2024

" Having Tuesday appointments in Kalamazoo is very convenient and important to me. "

 Linda - 04/17/2024

" Dr. Boss was excellent. He communicated well - explaining the issue and answered my questions. The scheduling of the surgery was efficient - his entire staff was helpful. "

 Nancy - 04/16/2024

" Staff very helpful ! "

 Elizabeth - 04/16/2024

" I was very thankful they were willing to take me in on the same day, even though it meant they worked late to do so. Very professional and I was treated very well. "

 Sonya - 04/16/2024

" I had a good experience at your doctor office. Everyone was very nice. "

 Jerry - 04/14/2024

" Excellent care "

 Jacques - 04/14/2024

" Dr. Westhouse is a great doctor. Considerate, gentle and friendly. I would highly recommend him. Jack Almassian "

 Joyce - 04/13/2024

" As with all appointments I am treated with respect and kindness. Excellent care and communication. "

 David - 04/12/2024

" Very professional service! "

 Danny - 04/11/2024

" Very good service 👏 ,thanks "

 David - 04/11/2024

" Dr. Boss and his support staff do an excellent job and the equipment you are using is top notch. Wait time of 1/2 hour is OK for retired folks but difficult for some of us who value our time. "

 Mark - 04/11/2024

" Very professional staff to ensure the best care possible "

 Leonard - 04/10/2024

" Doctor boss and his staff are phenomenal "

 Don - 04/10/2024

" Explanations were concise. "

 Sharon - 04/10/2024

" Dr. Boss and the Staff from Retina Specialists are extremely caring, friendly and knowledgeable. I am so impressed by what can be done with the eye today. I had a pucker or hole pulling on the retina on the backside of my eye. It seems unbelievable, but with a nerve block, I was awake and I was actually one of the lucky ones that was able to watch the entire procedure. Tell me that isn't the coolest thing ever, when you are watching a procedure being done on the back of your eye!! When they squirted a bluish-green solution in the eye, probably to highlight what appeared to look like a contact lens that had to be removed from the back of my eye, it all appeared to be in slow motion as the small tools pulled the foreign object away from the eye and it floated through the solution until I could no longer see the tools or what appeared to look like a contact lens that was removed. It looked like the solution in the old lava lamps that were around when I was much younger. "

 Jon - 04/09/2024

" Always a great experience "

 Susan - 04/09/2024

" I've gone for a few years now, and the appointment is always very professional and never takes long. When I arrive early, I'm taken in early. I'm very happy with the office and Dr Westhouse. "

 Oscar - 04/09/2024

" Very friendly and professional. "

 Connor - 04/07/2024

" First Class Doctor and Staff "

 William - 04/06/2024

" Anxiety before the appt. Associates put me at ease. "

 Lonnie - 04/06/2024

" Physician and staff were very friendly and helpful. They answered all my questions during the exam and followed up with a thorough education of my medical condition. This is a great group of people who all work together for the care of their patients. "

 Nancy - 04/05/2024

" Always make me feel relaxed and explain everything they do in detail. "

 Ruth - 04/05/2024

" I waited over half an hour probably because they fit me into the schedule. I was okay with waiting. "

 Emma - 04/05/2024

" Was treated very kindly. Staff was very patient. Each person had a smile on his/her face. "

 Sean - 04/04/2024

" Extremely helpful when I had an urgent eye issue. Thanks! "

 Martin - 04/04/2024

" Great place and great people Dr. Korot is amazing "

 Rosalia - 04/04/2024

" Entire staff was awesome, I would highly recommend this office. "

 Janet - 04/04/2024

" I had a great experience for an emergency issue. "

 Laura - 04/04/2024

" As disheartening as it is for one to be losing their eyesight having a highly skilled team on your side is very comforting. "

 Keith - 04/04/2024

" Squeezed us in quickly when we called with a concern. Very happy with response. "

 Bruce - 04/03/2024

" The whole staff was very nice. "

 Lynn - 04/03/2024

" This was my first visit and I was quite apprehensive. Everyone was great and I felt very much at ease. "

 Richard - 04/03/2024

" Great Dr... and staff "

 Karl - 04/03/2024

" I appreciate how kind everyone was, as well as taking the time to explain what was happening and why. "

 Judith - 04/02/2024

" The staff always makes my visits a pleasant experience. Dr. Bever always answers my questions to my satisfaction. "

 Ryann - 04/02/2024

" Great office, wonderful and warm experience from start to finish. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Felt so comfortable and loved how they explained every step of the process. Dr. Westhouse was very thorough, and you can tell he really cares about all of his patients. Would definitely recommend. "

 Walter - 04/01/2024

" My visit was an extremely pleasent experience. Staff and Doctor, made my visit a joyful endeavor. Thanks to all, for the extra effort. "

 Eleanor - 03/31/2024

" Everyone was absolutely amazing. I went in extremely nervous and left feeling confident that my care was important and that any issues would be addressed and explained in a direct and respectful manner. "

 Joyce - 03/31/2024

" I had called in the morning and asked since we never got new patient paperwork, should we come early, so we did. I'm not sure why we never got the paperwork. That's a red flag to me about the front office. In addition, with as much info as it's needed for this process, in today's day and age, why aren't they sent digitally? Maybe ask on the phone " would you like them mailed or digital?' I also had a hiccup with front desk staff and later found out she was new. She needs more training for sure! I have been an office manager for years and would like for you to consider that your staff wear large print nametags, and possibly an identifier of 'new team member' for at least 30 days so we can offer more grace or ask for someone else if we need more help. I struggled thru my situation. We waited in the lobby longer than I would have thought. About 25 minutes after appt time, we got called back. Otherwise, our experience was excellent. "

 Angela - 03/30/2024

" First time seeing Dr. Boss and he was great!!!! "

 Tarra - 03/30/2024

" The staff were very friendly and accommodating. The wait time was about 30 mins from when the appointment was supposed to start. "

 Bret - 03/30/2024

" I like your staff "

 David - 03/30/2024

" Dr Sutherland is such a gift! And all the staff over my many visits have been kind, helpful, competent, personable, and professional. Thank you! "

 Mark - 03/30/2024

" Keep up the good work "

 Cynthia - 03/30/2024

" I always ha e a good experience when I see Dr boss. Other then him being an excellent doctor his staff is very nice and courteous "

 Roy - 03/29/2024

" Thank you for all help. "

 John - 03/29/2024

" Great service from all "

 Jennifer - 03/29/2024

" The staff is wonderful and was extremely helpful during my visit. Everything was clearly explained. I highly recommend this office for your retina concerns. "

 Eugene - 03/28/2024

" From the time I walked in I felt welcomed. We were early and the young lady at the front desk let me know that we were early and that the doctor had a full schedule. We had no problem waiting, which I took advantage of their great coffee, tea if I had wanted some. Ended up being seen earlier. They have a beautiful and comfortable waiting area. We were informed every step of the way. Thank you for making us feel so welcomed. God Bless 🙏🏼 "

 Mark - 03/28/2024

" All the staff were very good and even laughed at my jokes. Good people. "

 Christopher - 03/28/2024

" Dr. Pezda and staff did a great job "

 Joseph - 03/28/2024

" I was very pleased with the care I received, also they explained everything in great detail and put my mind at ease on my issue, great doc, great staff! "

 Sharon - 03/28/2024

" I feel very satisfied with care I am receiving for my eyes. However, I would appreciate it so much if my Dr. would talk to me a little regarding my eye situation. "

 Mary - 03/27/2024

" I thank Dr. Bever for being such a wonderful doctor. He was so compassionate when I first met him and thought I would never see again. Now I see so possible. The women who did my tests and took the pictures were always very professional and made me feel at ease(especially the first few times I came). I would recommend this office and everyone I came in contact with at Retinal Specialists as a place you can trust. I also thank my own eye doctor for sending me to Retinal Specialists. "