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 Sam Henry IV Attorney at Law

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Please call for information.
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Major Credit Cards, Checks, Debit Cards, and Cash
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Recent Reviews

 Sandy - 06/14/2022

" This was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I felt lowdown, noone could say anything worse than what I said to myself.I have always lived by you make the note you pay the note. My 1st husband we were married 18 yrs God blessed us w/so much good jobs, 32 acres of land nice house and all the works,I’m not materialistic, my husband he wld get whatever our son wanted,I did too he was our 1st so we both overdid it. I never stop knowing who God is &I still have my faith, that is what keeps me sane. I’ve worked since I was 18 yrs old. Then June 6 2019I had a heartattack &was off for awhile.I tried &tried to catch up, I just wasn’t able to. That’s when I brokedown &called Sam for an appt, I was so nervous when I got there. I prayed that God would give me the strength to go in y’all’s door. When I came in e/one from the receptionist to Lisa then Sam y’all didn’t judge me, yall were so Welcoming,comforting didn’t Judge me. I thank y’all so much from the bottom of my Heart for helping thru this. "

 Marcus - 04/22/2022

" Filed bankruptcy with Mr Henry a few years ago but wasn't able to complete but very satisfied "

 Jason - 03/23/2022

" Always very compassionate and understanding very helpful always answers all my questions and calm all of my fears about my case. I really appreciate everybody at the office for helping me every step of the way thank you "

 Glenda - 03/22/2022

" Thank you All At the Sam Henry IV Office for your support . "

 Marcus - 03/16/2022

" Very satisfied by with Mr Sam Henry and his Associates "

 Margie - 03/11/2022

" I'm so Happy to be with u all so much thank u for being their for me "

 Gary - 03/11/2022

" I am very satisfied with your consistently, "

 Clayton - 03/09/2022

" I need to get with Sam. To discuss further payments. "

 Linda - 03/09/2022

" To whom this may concern if my family members and friends need attorney I will surely recommend them to go see Sam Henry 1V he is the best "

 Phyllis - 02/11/2022

" Very courteous "

 Travonna - 02/02/2022

" I have always been pleased with San Henry and his staff. Always on point with everything I needed and also helped me when I crossed the dates. The ladies helped me from start to finish. With Sam Henry you can not fail unless you didn’t do what they asked you to do. "

 Jacqueline - 01/28/2022

" I would recommend Sam to everyone. Sam and his staff was very professional and courteous to me. "

 Barbara - 01/26/2022

" Mr. Henry and his staff were very professional, very kind very helpful and understanding. They made sure that I had everything that I needed before my first court date. I would definitely recommend Mr. Henry. "

 Henry - 01/14/2022

" Thank yall for all sam an his office has dune for me..truly greatful "

 Shirley - 11/30/2021

" Considering this is my first time doing it, it was nothing like I imagined it went Really good now for the next step one breath at a time "

 Amanda - 11/19/2021

" Very polite ppl and helpful "

 Susan - 11/19/2021

" Me Henry and his staff are all nice "

 Michael - 11/06/2021

" Want to thank you for and excellent job "

 Diana - 10/05/2021

" Thank for helping me Sam and your Staff "

 Alfred - 10/05/2021

" Sam and his staff were very helpful during the process. Answered all questions we had. Very professional anything you need they get you the answers you need. Would recommend Sam to anyone going through the bankruptcy process. "

 Patricia - 09/14/2021

" Everyone was very polite and professional. The ladies up front were very helpful. I was very nervous but they did their best to tell me everything woild be okay. "

 David - 09/14/2021

" I was pleased with my all around service they are always there when you need them "

 Katrina - 08/11/2021

" Absolutely love Mr Henry and his staff. I have used Mr Henry before and have also recommended many people to him. "

 Vickey - 07/13/2021

" Maybe find a way you can interview each client I court without everyone on the phone at the same time. "

 Tracey - 06/23/2021

" Mr. Henry and staff are very friendly and helpful. "

 Monica - 06/15/2021

" When you’re in a bind call Sam!!! "

 Billy - 06/15/2021

" Sam's service is highly professional and intelligent representation. Thanks Sam! "

 Donald - 05/18/2021

" The session went very well the question was actual and good "

 Brian - 04/19/2021

" Mr. Sam and his staff are very helpful and friendly. They have compassion For their clients. I would strongly recommend anyone going through rough times to call Mr. Sam "

 Lloyd - 04/14/2021

" Just glad wife finally got to the phone as she said she had her dates wrong or something. I had her mom tell her to try anyway since there were more people in line and I had explained the situation without giving too much information. Thanks for the discretion and getting her in. Plus - they did payroll for me at last minute too! "

 Roy B. - 04/14/2021

" Great service and there when you need him. "

 Cathy - 04/09/2021

" Everyone very nice and pretty fast! "

 Lisa - 03/24/2021

" I Love Sam Henry and staff "

 Patricia - 03/23/2021

" I would like to thank r Sam and his staff so very very much everyone there is so very nice s to me the two beautiful ladies that sits in the front of the office window thank you be careful and safe god blessed you all ms patricia anding "

 Tracy - 03/10/2021

" Except for the hold time when I need to speak to a certain person, everything else was GREAT! "

 Cathy - 02/24/2021

" Very friendly....very helpful with anything I needed to know... "

 Marvin - 02/17/2021

" Great experience "

 Jennifer - 02/17/2021

" I have absolutely nothing negative to say. Y’all have been with us every step of the way! "

 Stacey - 02/03/2021

" Na "

 Roshaun - 01/26/2021

" Attorney Sam and his staff are people friendly and professional. "

 Rochelle - 01/22/2021

" Thank you for your services "

 Ansara - 01/13/2021

" I am very satisfied and glad I chose Sam Henry to help get me back on track.. Thanks to Tammy for her extra kindness😃 "

 Jacqueline - 12/23/2020

" The attorney Sam Henry and his staff are so helpful and polite. "

 Sophia - 12/10/2020

" Thanks you were wonderful better than I could dream. "

 Chester - 12/09/2020

" I have never felt so comfortable knowing I had Sam Henry for my attorney!! I don’t want anyone else I have used Sam for 3 or 4 issues and he do wut he tell you u need help call Sam he,s there to help!! "

 Margaret - 12/01/2020

" I wouldn't change a thing very satisfied with the service I have received. "

 Steve - 12/01/2020

" i'll just tell Sam in person, evryone has an opinion. i like Sam, i felt lost in the process a few times, so happy Sam took over our case. now, well, we await the results of the Chapter 7 hearing. "

 Linda - 12/01/2020

" My experience with Sam law firm was very good. I have no complaints and I would most definitely recommend him to others. Thanks for all your help. Exceptional office workers. "

 Roger - 10/28/2020

" i would like ,to thank you all.For the help "

 Catherine - 10/06/2020

" Very professional staff "

 Travis - 09/30/2020

" Was easier and smoother than we had expected. Everyone was very knowledgeable and helpful. They never rushed us. Made us feel comfortable, easy to work with. Travis and Anna "

 Michael - 09/25/2020

" Sam Henry staff was very nice professional in courtesy I recommend anyone Sam Henry "

 Sherron - 09/16/2020

" The associates that we encounter were very professional and friendly. They treated you with respect including Sam himself. Thank you all God Bless and be safe. The Simon "

 Christopher - 09/16/2020

" I am very pleased with Sam Henery and his staff everyone has been helpful in every area. Thank You To All. "

 Jerry - 09/15/2020

" Very friendly and very informative and they make you feel like it’s not the end of the world "

 Alvin - 09/15/2020

" Attorney Sam Henry’s office and staff are very courteous and friendly and very professional. Cuddas to Sam and his staff "

 Zelnola - 09/10/2020

" Excellent "

 Sophia - 08/19/2020

" You all were great really took great care of everything. Thanks "

 Dickie - 08/18/2020

" Don't really know what comes next "

 Zelnola - 07/29/2020

" I have had THE BEST experience with Mr. Henry and his staff! The customer service is impeccable!!!! "

 Sheila - 07/08/2020

" I had a little technical difficulty when I called in to court but Kayla at Sam’s office was very helpful. "

 Teressa - 06/24/2020

" Although I came for representation during a time that all office's were closed due to Covic 19, Mr. Henry and his office staff played a very important part to my financial recovery. They were prompt and provided very good assistance in my time of need. Thanks to this office I'm off to a great start. "

 Charles - 06/24/2020

" The Sam Henry law office improves confidence as they are knowledgeable about bankruptcy. "

 Sharon - 06/24/2020

" Thank you all for your kindness!! "

 Debra - 06/16/2020

" My husband and I appreciate everything y’all have done in helping us during this Covid pandemic. God bless and stay safe "

 Lisa - 06/05/2020

" Sam Henry and his team are great. Everyone I’ve dealt with has been so helpful and kind. I can always get the answers I need when I call, even Mr. Henry answers the phone. "

 Michelle - 05/15/2020

" The telephone conference court was VERY convenient "

 Antonio - 05/06/2020

" Awesome!!!! "

 Sheryl - 05/06/2020

" Just wanted give KUDOS out to Tammy...she is very nice , professional and caring. Even if she is super busy she still returns calls.. everyone needs a Tammy in their office. "

 Rochelle - 05/06/2020

" My experience so far has really been good. Everyone I have spoken with are wonderful Thank you "

 Tremell - 05/06/2020

" Very professional and excellent customer service "

 Scott - 05/06/2020

" Such great people. Makes you feel you are their top priority making the bankruptcy process easily done. "

 Ronald - 05/06/2020

" Totally satisfied. Great people thru and thru!!!!!!! "

 Alex - 05/01/2020

" I really like your service I been telling everyone to call Sam Henry. "

 Robin - 04/22/2020

" I would recommend this service to others who need help "

 Nicole - 04/22/2020

" I appreciate the consistent contact. When I call of the issue is not resolved immediately, I get a call back within a reasonable amount of time. So far they have done everything they said and more. Very reliable and dependable. "

 Kenita - 04/21/2020

" I really like the fact that the concerns seem very genuine And communication was on point "

 Yolanda - 04/21/2020

" My experience with Sam Henry's law office was a rated excellent. I was able to get my issues resolved quickly and advised on how to handle my situation. I believe that you were my best choice and I would definitely recommend your law office to other friends /acquaintances who may be experiencing financial difficulties. "

 Gregory - 04/21/2020

" Great "

 Staci - 04/21/2020

" Very helpful attorney "

 Jennifer - 04/09/2020

" I LOVED that it was done over the phone. The only one concern I had in the moment was the background noise and fear I might not hear the questions when my time came...but I was ultimately able to hear enough to answer the questions. thank you "

 Ronald - 03/28/2020

" Mis Cassy was fantastic !!!!! "

 Kimbaly - 03/20/2020

" Sam and the entire staff have been great. They allowed my husband to handle most everything due to my work schedule "

 Phillip - 03/11/2020

" Excellent staff, very understanding and have helped me tremendously through the whole process and they are continuing to help me with the rest of my situation at hand. "

 Gerald - 02/21/2020

" The entire staff is professional, friendly and shows a willingness to get the job done. It’s hard enough to file bankruptcy but the way you treat your clients doesn’t bring any shame. Thanks for all that you do!! "

 Willie - 02/05/2020

" thank you "

 Betty - 01/25/2020

" I really appreciate the help given to me. "

 Bobby - 01/24/2020

" The office was very nice to me and the lawyer helped me so much "

 Tracy - 01/22/2020

" You all have gone above and beyond to help us! I would recommend you to ANYONE that needs bankruptcy help! Props to Herman and Tammy who have gone OUT OF THEIR WAY to assist us! They deserve a RAISE! "

 Jason - 01/08/2020

" My only suggestion is I had some confusion about accounts I mentioned I had and accounts that were listed were not all the same so I’m still unsure of if they will be covered ... also y’all weren’t clear about my auto drafts ...some stopped automatically and some I had to manually stop ... but overall every rung seems to be going according to schedule "

 Jeffrey - 01/01/2020

" Just call Sam "

 Karla - 01/01/2020

" I Thank Sam and the people who work there and help him You have help me more than you will every know With me ; finding out I'm internally sick , you help take a Big relief off me so I can pay back what I owe And focus on my illness , I thank you from My heart .. God Bless "

 Jessica - 12/10/2019

" I’m very pleased with how Sam Henrys office handled my case through every process. Thank you:) "

 Betty - 12/03/2019

" Thank you so much "

 Tammi - 11/27/2019

" I think this was the best choice choosing Sam Henry for my bankruptcy lawyer, he is the best and of course I would recommend all of my family and friends that’s looking forward to filing chapter 13 bankruptcy. Thanks so much Sam and Staff. "

 Hazel - 11/21/2019

" Attorney and staff are very professional and attentive to my needs. "

 Betty - 11/06/2019

" I'm so glad to hear that I would not have to send my income tax return back to them. "

 Barbara - 10/30/2019

" N/A "

 Gerald - 10/20/2019

" Thanks for your excellent service!! You guys saved my financial life! Thanks!! "

 Tammi - 10/15/2019

" I’m so glad I called Sam and set up a consultation with them. They talked to me and explained to me about the process and how it works when filing Chapter 13, and I must say I am pleased with everything and i appreciate all the help and of course I would recommend Sam Henry to anyone, not just my relatives and friends but anyone who ask me about filing bankruptcy. "

 Stephanie - 10/10/2019

" I am so relieved because I feel that I have an excellent lawyer!!!! I have been struggling and stressed but thank God I've been helped!!! The law firm of Attorney Sam Henry is very professional and truly cares about their clients!!!!! "

 Eric - 10/01/2019

" Thanks for all you have done and if anyone needs help as I ,truly would recommend you all "

 Christina - 09/10/2019

" No problems during court- fast and sufficient "

 Lorenzo - 09/10/2019

" Excellent. "

 Tammy - 09/10/2019

" Always are available for questions "

 Etta - 08/07/2019

" Thanks so very much for a new beginning "

 Loretta - 07/26/2019

" Caring and very supportive staff. Knows what compassion for others means and shows it. Thank you for making me feel I am normal. "

 Janet - 07/09/2019

" Thank you for A stress free process "

 Erwin - 06/21/2019

" Good "

 Evelyn - 06/19/2019

" Everything was great in court "

 Debra - 06/11/2019

" Totally Satisfied with the Service I recieved "

 Stephen - 05/26/2019

" Everyone was very professional. Great service! "

 Susan - 05/24/2019

" I found Sam Henry's law office polite, cordial and very helpful. They are very professional and thorough and made my bankruptcy experience and unstressful as possible. I would highly recommend them for anyone contemplating bankruptcy in the future. "

 Donny - 05/24/2019

" I was very satisfied with the help I received from Lisa and. the Sam Henry Law Firm. "

 Jaaric - 05/23/2019

" A very friendly and professional atmosphere with the attorneys and secretaries. "

 Deborah - 05/03/2019

" I would like to Thank ya'll for the help that ya'll have given me and I pray that God continue to bless each and everyone of you "

 Tracy - 05/03/2019

" There was no attorney to talk with me when I went to court on the 30th---just filled out a questionnaire and answered questions under oath "

 Willie - 03/06/2019

" None "

 Michelle - 02/22/2019

" So thankful for this attorney, they were a huge help in our bankruptcy. Office staff is excellent and answer all the questions I asked. Cody did an awesome job in assisting us with all of our paperwork and always returned our phone calls and answered the questions we had. I would recommend them to anyone dealing with bankruptcy, great job staff thank you!! "

 Deborah - 02/19/2019

" Thank ya'll so much "

 Isaac - 01/17/2019

" Jeff is a awesome lawyer "

 Marcia - 01/15/2019

" Mandy was the Best!!! I know it was hard dealing with me as the POA but that is what it's for, With mom's injury and surgery through it for a loop and the fact she has had multiple strokes made it necessary I got involved. Thanks for everything, Stoney "

 Vickie - 01/12/2019

" The attorney made me feel at ease. "

 Michelle - 01/12/2019

" Our attorney did a great job for us. Every time we call the office they were very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. Special thanks to Cody he does a great job! Thank you for everything!! "

 Ruby - 01/10/2019

" I am very satisfied with the respect and support you have shown me in my time of overwhelming crisis.Your expertise and professionalism was greatly appreciated. I Thank You All ! "

 Agnes - 12/19/2018

" Everyone is wonderful and service is great!!!! "

 Angele - 11/30/2018

" Great Team everyone helped Me and treated me like I was apart of their Family. I pray that I Never have to do this again , but if do Sam Henry will be my go to Attorney. "

 Joey - 11/27/2018

" Thanks for helping us through this difficult time. "

 Cynthia - 11/16/2018

" Best Law firm in the industry!! "

 Wanda - 10/13/2018

" The staff was very helpful and always polite. "

 Shanika - 10/03/2018

" Unlike my last bankruptcy attorney Mr. Henry's office is very friendly. What I like best is that they take time to talk with you and answer all your questions plus you leave understanding how the process works instead of leaving with more questions than you came with. So glad I choose his office!! "

 Erin - 09/07/2018

" Everyone helped such were professional yet friendly and did their best to get the job done right. I thank sam henry and his staff, Jeff and the paralegals and Mr sutton for seeing us through this trying time. Lesson learned and I want you to know we will never get another credit card again You saved our lives. Thank you again. Sincerely brian and Erin Sullivan "

 Christopher - 08/04/2018

" Very knowledgeable. Made the process easy to understand "

 Michael - 07/26/2018

" Quick service "

 Pamela - 07/20/2018

" I was upset because I needed to file bankruptcy but the staff and mr Henry made me feel relaxed and comfortable. Thank you so much "

 Steven - 06/27/2018

" Everything is going very smooth. They make me feel comfortable about the way things are going. "

 Patricia - 06/19/2018

" everyone one was very nice and understanding and very helpful "

 Amelia - 06/16/2018

" Sam Henry's law firm is definitely one of best in this area. Staff courteous and efficient. They take care of everything You're never left alone and results are fantastic! "

 Donald - 05/10/2018

" mr. sam keep on keeping on. thanks a lot "

 Pamela - 05/02/2018

" Staff is always helpful and courteous. Bankruptcy is a very emotional but it went very smooth and I felt secure with the staff and attorney. Thank you "

 Danica - 04/04/2018

" Great service, friendly and knowledgeable....treated with respect! I would highly recommend Sam Henry Law Firm and have already done so!!!! "

 Jerry - 03/21/2018

" Thus far, outstanding service! Thank you! "

 Shirley - 02/14/2018

" You’ll are so helpful and caring "

 Kimmy - 12/20/2017

" it when as smooth as oil on a baby's butt. "

 Mary - 12/19/2017

" I have had a very caring and professional experience with all employees of the law firm, from attorneys to front desk personnel. "

 Laquita - 11/29/2017

" Everyone in the office is very friendly & professional "

 Linda - 11/01/2017

" I was very nervous before I first came. Everything so easy and unstressful during the entire process. I felt st ease, even at court. Thank y'all so much for making this experience much easier for me. "

 Jason - 10/03/2017

" Sam and his staff were great. We really appreciate his help. Thanks Sam "

 Amy Faye - 09/13/2017

" Wonderful office with an amazing staff, I have never had a hold time when calling their office. I have verbally complemented about Sam Henry's Law Office to everyone in my surroundings, I have and will continue to refer anyone I can to this office. 5 star rating!!! "

 Mickey - 09/09/2017

" Fast friendly service. Very knowledgeable staff. In and out in 1 hour! Fantastic! "

 Veronica - 08/24/2017

" Gift cards to those who take the suryey "

 Carylon - 06/14/2017

" Respect and Professional "

 Jessica - 06/07/2017

" we were able to get in same day and filed same week this was a very smooth experience very grateful for sam henry and his staff "

 Edward - 06/01/2017

" Keep up the good work love you guys. "

 Tracy - 04/26/2017

" You guys rock✌ "

 Angela - 04/19/2017

" The best bankruptcy attorney "

 James - 03/16/2017

" Real smooth! Excellent team. "

 Photina - 01/04/2017

" I love you all... I was sceptical at first because I've never considered doing anything like this but you all made it smooth and painless and I thank you. Especially Tracie, she always have time to answer any questions that pops up in my head.... Thanks again "

 Brian - 12/09/2016

" Made me feel at ease and not embarrassed! Very encouraging! "

 Thomas - 12/06/2016

" I was very nervous, but they put me at ease quickly. "

 Rhonda - 10/21/2016

" I referred 2 to yall "

 Noreen - 09/20/2016

" Mr. Sam and Jeff have been great. Thank you for helping me. Your staff is very efficient and wait times are minimal whenever I come to the office. "

 Carmleton - 09/14/2016

" Best decision I could've made "

 Roy - 09/07/2016

" I would like to thank the law office of Sam Henry for making this a smooth and non stressful experience. "

 Albert - 06/23/2016

" Receptionist was not very congenial, however, I suppose she serves the purpose. Telephone service is excellent. I, most often, do not have to speak with an attorney. She answers questions about dates, etc. and if I have any question that only the attorney can answer, she let's me know and offers to transfer the call to him. We do like this office. We have met and talked to two of the attorneys and the paralegal. They represented us well. This firm represents people in all walks of life. In all our future legal matters, we will return to Sam Henry and Associates, because we can trust them to represent OUR best interest. "