Recent Reviews

 Alfredo - 07/21/2024

" Excellent "

 Pamela - 07/21/2024

" I was very impress with the service I’ve received from Dr Rana and staff… Regards Pam Terestre "

 Patricia - 07/21/2024

" Always when I leave, I know I have received the very best care "

 Irma - 07/20/2024

" I will tell friends and relatives about my satisfaction. "

 Patricia - 07/20/2024

" Love both Dr. Rana and Dr. Bond! Staff is excellent "

 Edward - 07/20/2024

" Dr Rama and staff are simply the best "

 David - 07/20/2024

" All the people that work there are grear!great!! "

 Patricia - 07/20/2024

" Extremely happy with my visit!! Receptionist was so helpful snd kind and has a great personality!! I was extremely nervous after experiencing a very bad experience with a former doctor in Vero. Dr Siegel was fantastic and Had a very calming effect on this nervous old gal. Looking forward to my glasses coming and being able to see clearly again! Thanks to a very friendly and efficient office!! Will be making this my yearly vision visit!! "

 Jane - 07/20/2024

" Excellent for my visit "

 Dororthy - 07/20/2024

" So pleased with my first visit "

 John - 07/20/2024

" I've been going to St Lucie Eye for over 15 years. The staff and Dr Rana have always provided me with exceptional care. I only have vision in one eye, so I need an ophthalmologist I trust to receive the best care for my eye. I highly recommend it to anyone from simple eye care to someone like myself, who needs the utmost professional care. "

 Richard - 07/20/2024

" all the staff are very good "

 Paula - 07/19/2024

" Dr. Rana is the best doctor listens to everything your patient tells him. He’s very attentive and very caring person. "

 April - 07/19/2024

" Thankful to the staff for fitting me in to address my eye issues. The staff was very pleasant and Dr. Bondalapati was very thorough and explained everything I needed to do very clearly. Thank you again! "

 Nancy - 07/19/2024

" Everyone is very nice & attentive. Doctor was very friendly & explaining everything clearly to me to understand. She also took her time. "

 Nancy - 07/19/2024

" Dr. Rana is an excellent communicator and an extremely knowledgeable physician. He explains things so you can understand them and answers any questions you may have. I have full trust in him. I've had two cataract surgeries and felt he prepared me well before each one. No problems occurred with either surgery. I would recommend him highly to anyon seeking an eye surgeon. "

 Robert - 07/19/2024

" i've been seeing Dr Ranar for years and would'nt trust my eyes with anyone else thank you "

 Zidor - 07/18/2024

" You guys are the best in town. "

 Gladys - 07/18/2024

" Doctor and staff are friendly and professional. "

 Patricia - 07/18/2024

" The doctor’s reception area as well as treatment rooms are pleasant and the staff is friendly and helpful. "

 Pedro - 07/18/2024

" Excellent Doctor and Fantastic and friendly staff! "

 Nancy - 07/17/2024

" Dr. Karli and staff are so efficient and knowledgeable! "

 Brian - 07/17/2024

" All personal were veryhelpful "

 Richard - 07/17/2024

" All office individuals were very professional and efficient. Couldn't ask for more.. Thank you "

 Wallace - 07/17/2024

" Excellent staff and Doctor.Thank you! Wallace j Kristy jr "

 Gregory - 07/17/2024

" Minimal wait time. The staff as a whole is always very friendly and helpful "

 Nancy - 07/17/2024

" Find them very friendly and professional. "

 Joan - 07/17/2024

" Love this eye place. I feel very comfortable. Praying and hoping I won't have to change. "

 Valerie - 07/16/2024

" I'm a "professional," and I am a reviewer on Google Maps. I know excellence when I see it. "

 John - 07/16/2024

" Dr. Kari and her staff are simply excellent. "

 Barbara - 07/16/2024

" All the technicians were knowledgeable, courteous and compassionate "

 Cynthia - 07/16/2024

" Staff is outstanding and Dr Karli is an outstanding eye doctor. We highly recommend this practice. "

 Gliddel - 07/16/2024

" profesional team "

 Phyllis - 07/16/2024

" I was very pleased with the service that I received. Everyone was pleasant, professional, and highly knowledgeable! "

 Valaya - 07/16/2024

" Excellent 😎 "

 Zafer - 07/16/2024

" Excellent service "

 Thomas - 07/16/2024

" You have an awesome staff. I loved them all and the great experience this far. This was my first time working with your eye care business and so far I am 101% satisfied. "

 Francis - 07/16/2024

" Good office!¡! "

 Alan - 07/16/2024

" Dr. B — Very Good Lucy. — Excellent "

 Harry - 07/16/2024

" professional people, pleasure to go there "

 Carmen - 07/13/2024

" Very satisfied, above and beyond.would recommend. "

 Dagmar - 07/13/2024

" I am so happy i found DR Rana , very satisfied with his performance and Staff "

 Jeffrey - 07/13/2024

" The staff is wonderful. I have pstd and they made me feel right at home. "

 William - 07/13/2024

" Very pleased with my first visit and exam. Excited to see how my new glasses turn out. "

 Pauleen - 07/13/2024

" Dr. Rana is the best. I trust his treatment of my glaucoma "

 Norma - 07/13/2024

" The staff was very knowledgeable and efficient. "

 Erol - 07/13/2024

" Dr. Carli is/was the best of the BEST!!! Excellent "bed side" manners, detailed explanation in plain English. What more can one ask! Erol "

 Barbara - 07/13/2024

" Dr. Karlie is a wonderful doctor and I am so happy to have find her! "

 Debra - 07/13/2024

" Dr Rana is an excellent physician and surrounds himself with great employees! From start to finish my experience was highly successful and pleasurable. "

 Hallie - 07/12/2024

" Dr. Rana and the office staff are very positive, competent, and pleasant. I have been with them for over 6 years and would not go anywhere else! "

 Joyce - 07/12/2024

" Love Dr. Karli, and her staff are all wonderful! I especially enjoyed Roxanne! "

 Melita - 07/12/2024

" Extremely satisfied with Dr Rana and staff. His bedside manner is just super. I always feel at ease and comfortable to ask Dr Rana any question. The assistant who prepared me for the various tests was awesome , sorry I did not take his name. A big thank you to everyone , GOOD JOB. "

 Patrick - 07/12/2024

" Very happy "

 Deborah - 07/11/2024

" Dr Rana was very informative and took his time to explain my issues. I'm very glad I have him as my doctor and feel I'm in excellent hands. An amazing staff very professional and upbeat group. 👍👍👍 "

 Thomas - 07/11/2024

" Staff is very cordial and efficient. Everything was well coordinated for the several tests that I had. I would recommend this practice highly. "

 Gelia - 07/11/2024

" Very satisfied and how thorough the assessments were done, professionalism, friendliness and knowledge the staff and Dr Bond demonstrated during my visit, David took the initial gathering of info and eye examination and I'm overall impressed with everyone who worked with me "

 Evelyn - 07/11/2024

" My visit was pleasant and relaxing. I’m normally anxious during doctor’s visits. The profesional deaneanor of the personnel was truly excellent. Dr. Bonapatti was receptive and answered my questions without being dismissive. I will be seeing her every six months. I definitely look forward to seeing her again. By the way “Karen”, is amazing. Just wanted you to know. You must be proud of your customer service because is truly outstanding. Thank you, Evelyn B. Berrios "

 Neena - 07/11/2024

" Very happy I found this practice. The entire family will be visiting this office "

 Ann Marie - 07/11/2024

" Dr Rana is really professional with a kind touch. He explains easily. The other staff members were kind and helpful. "

 Tammy - 07/10/2024

" These team there is amazing! People could take lessons on how to perform well from them. "

 Donald - 07/10/2024

" staff is above and beyond "

 Elizabeth - 07/10/2024

" Happy patient for many years thanks "

 Erika - 07/09/2024

" My visit with Dr. Rana is always very pleasant! "

 Alan - 07/09/2024

" Professional, courteous, all around & total satisfaction. "

 Mercedes - 07/09/2024

" I’m very impressed ! "

 Severiano - 07/09/2024

" Love the staff and Dr. Karli. "

 Linda - 07/09/2024

" Dr. Karli is excellent. "

 Ivys - 07/09/2024

" I’ve visited a few times this year thus far. I’m always treated With kindness and respect. Dr. Bandalapati is excellent She always listens to all I have to say, and takes her time examining My eyes. Her assistants are all exceptional as well. The office staff are all respectful, polite and knowledgeable. "

 Sheila - 07/09/2024

" The staff is extremely friendly. Dr Rana has time to answer all my questions . I had my daughter with me for my appointment and she was very impressed with the staff and Dr Rana. "

 Cheryl - 07/09/2024

" You could not ask for a better appointment and how well she did her exam and explained to me that it was shingles and what to do. I appreciated her taking the time with me and working me into her day. I did not have an appointment and went because of the eye and they got me right in. I feel really good about my eye now. I look forward to seeing her tomorrow and see what she thinks now. "

 Veronica - 07/06/2024

" I have absolutely no complain. All the girls that took care of me was very nice very friendly. The place was very clean. Was nice seeing the doctor again. She explain things clearly to me with a friendly smile. No complaints. "

 Lorraine - 07/06/2024

" Great staff! Wonderful experience. Would highly recommend. "

 Yvonne - 07/05/2024

" Staff was polite and friendly. Clean environment. "

 Daniel - 07/04/2024

" It has been years that I have come out of an eye exam with the answers I went in for. In the past when I mentioned the issues I was having and the reply was almost always ..."Well if that keeps up or gets worse, come see us again". Dr. Siegel listened to my concerns, made me feel very comfortable and finally diagnosed me with cataracts. Finally, I have an answer! I want to personally thank Dr. Siegel for his knowledge and for taking great care of my concerns! HIGH FIVE! "

 Eli - 07/04/2024

" Just a pleasure to come to this appointment Just shows how a fraction of a degree in change of attitude can make a world of positive difference From Christi to Sapir and all other staff Great experience and would recommend you to anyone "

 Carmen - 07/04/2024


 Boling - 07/03/2024

" The whole staff at SLE was great. Very friendly.and professional. Dr. Karli is an excellent eye doctor. "

 Carolyn - 07/02/2024

" I was very appreciative that Dr Carly would see me immediately on Monday morning after I had a terrible weekend of pain with a stye. Dr Carly was very professional and gave me antibiotic drops and an ointment to help with my pain issue. She was very helpful in telling me how to deal with my eye problems in the future. I couldn't see my regular doctor because she was on vacation for a week. The staff at St Lucie Eye was very helpful to me and scheduled a two week follow-up appointment with my regular doctor. Everyone in the office was very friendly and put me at ease when I entered the office. Thank you so much for your help and concern. "

 Joseph - 07/02/2024

" Everyone was very helpful and professional "

 Michael - 07/02/2024

" Dr Karli is excellent!! "

 Arol - 07/02/2024

" Wonderful time "

 Steven - 07/02/2024

" Dr. Karli was very thorough and explained in detail everything that I needed to know "

 Patrick - 06/29/2024

" Always top notch. "

 Jeffrey - 06/29/2024

" Thanks to all for being so pleasant "

 Rebecca - 06/29/2024

" Nice clerks "

 Beth - 06/29/2024

" My doctors appointment with Dr. Rana went nicely . Very courteous , friendly, and caring staff. Would definitely recommend. "

 Edythe - 06/29/2024

" This is a very happy office! I truly appreciate that Dr. Rana has an associate logging in our conversation allowing him to focus 100% on his patients. "

 Kenneth - 06/28/2024

" From the moment i arrived i felt cared for. All the staff are courteous and professional i will recommend them to anyone who needs great eye care. "

 Ana - 06/28/2024

" Love this team! Wow! "

 William - 06/28/2024

" Very professional and helpful staff "

 Allan - 06/28/2024

" Although only my first visit to Dr. Rana and team, I rate the visit ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and would recommend this team highly. "

 Robert - 06/28/2024

" Dr Karli is a gem. The staff could not be more helpful "

 Richard - 06/28/2024

" Dr Rana has excellent communication skills and speak to me in clear language a non medical person can understand "

 Daniel - 06/28/2024

" Enjoyable experience because the staff and Dr. Siegel were so friendly and took time to listen to what I was requesting "

 Barbara - 06/27/2024

" Pleasant experience "

 Joanne - 06/27/2024

" Everyone is wonderful. Staff are friendly and caring. Dr Rana is very thoughtful and never cuts appointment short. The best thing I've ever done was go to St. Lucie Eye. I waisted 8 years with previous practice. "

 Dominick - 06/27/2024


 Dargi - 06/27/2024

" From the front desk to the technicians performing the tests to Dr. Rama’s evaluation and diagnosis, everyone was nice and professional. I am very pleased with this office. The reception area was very clean, too. Thank you! It’s difficult these days to find competent, compassionate and professional care. "

 Peggy - 06/27/2024

" Dr. Rana and staff are fabulous. Always caring and making sure you are the priority. Great office. "

 Marylinda - 06/26/2024

" Thank you so much 👍 "

 James - 06/26/2024

" Dr Karli is the best as is the entire staff.I will reccomend St Lucie Eye to all my frien ds. "

 Marthe - 06/26/2024

" Dr Carly is extremely knowledgeable. I like her and trust her, I will recommend her to anyone I know. "

 Eric - 06/26/2024

" Very attentive. Office was able to get me in to see Dr. Karli within a day for urgent matter. Exam went well and Dr. Karli was great with diagnosis and treatment. "

 Yvonne - 06/26/2024

" Love Dr. Siegel and his Staff!!! "

 Alan - 06/25/2024

" Dr Rana treats me as if he really cares. He remembers the things I tell him about how I use my vision and always inquires about how well I am doing. He listens to all that I tell him and gives me the info I need to understand what is happening to my vision. I feel very confident that I am getting the best care that exists. "

 Vonda - 06/24/2024

" Excellent experience "

 Bethany - 06/24/2024

" Very professional staff and Dr's as well. "

 Carmel - 06/23/2024

" The Staff and the Doctor the are Excellent "

 Ernest - 06/22/2024

" So well organized. "

 Mark - 06/22/2024

" All the words used in the questions, fully express my pleasure with this office experience. I was so very impressed with this experience. If you happen to choose this eye doctor… You will be treated professionally from sign in through checking out!. This is a rare experience for me. "

 Yamile - 06/21/2024

" The experience I had with the doctor and the staff was wonderful!!!!!!!!!! Gigi took her time helping me pick the best glasses and was so patient and kids during the process. As soon as I arrived I was checked in and the doctor saw me immediately. The overall experience was excellent! "

 Nancy - 06/21/2024

" A very good experience! Dr and staff take time to ask and answers questions. "

 Joyce - 06/21/2024

" I especially appreciate Dr. Rana making time for an impromptu visit as I was having an ongoing issue. "

 Jacqueline - 06/21/2024

" As always, Dr Rana and all office staff never disappoints, always professional and friendly. "

 Raymond - 06/21/2024

" Dr Karli is the best medical doctor I know. Her professionalism, dedication, compassion and more make her standout in the medical profession. Her staff is excellent as well. "

 Lesley - 06/20/2024

" Dr Rana listens to his patient! He has advised me how to deal with dry Macular degeneration and advised best vitamins to take daily !! His office staff is very professionals and give great directions to make Clinical Testing go smoothly and well done! I am so impressed by how his office runs smoothly And how Dr Rana made this all happen ! I have referred my friends who red an ophthalmologist to make an appointment With Dr Rana! "

 Amie - 06/20/2024

" I've been there many times. All in all, I feel as if I'm treated with respect. I would definitely recommend st lucie eye "

 Stacey - 06/20/2024

" The office was very comfortable, the staff friendly and caring. The doctor took time with me, I will definitely come back to this office. Thanks! "

 Timothy - 06/20/2024

" Very pleased ! "

 Leah - 06/20/2024

" I love my new dr "

 Antonio - 06/19/2024

" Well experiences staff 🙏 "

 Wendy - 06/19/2024

" The total Eye Appointment with Dr. Karli and everyone else (wonderful people) that managed me through my eye appointment was excellent. "

 Mary - 06/19/2024

" Dr. Karli, and staff, are always very professional, caring and knowledgeable. "

 Barbara - 06/19/2024

" fantastic!!!! very good dr and staff "

 Shirl - 06/18/2024

" It is a well-run office with an excellent doctor! "

 Karen - 06/18/2024

" The entre staff was very professional, warm and friendly. I appreciated the thorough exam and explanations of all those that were of assistance to me. Thank you. "

 Joan - 06/18/2024

" Dr Rana and his complete staff were very welcoming, knowledgeable and efficient. The only complaint about the office is it needs a fresh coat of paint and non worn furniture. In addition, I’ve never had dilation drops last 24 hours. It was painful to look near lights and was impossible to be outside. Other times I’ve had drops, I was fine within an hour or two. "

 John - 06/18/2024

" Best eye care I’ve ever had. !!! "

 Donna - 06/18/2024

" Love everyone there "

 Vivian - 06/17/2024

" My appointment went well. Everyone was very pleasant and courteous. . The exam was through . I left with great satisfaction. "

 Dorothy - 06/17/2024

" On this visit, there were no eye problems. Dr Rana is one of my favorite doctors! "

 Egidia - 06/15/2024

" Excellent service "

 Clint - 06/15/2024

" Even though I have not been to SLEA since 1997. It was a great experience then and even better experience this time! Very impressed with the thorough and professional service. I will be spreading the word! Thank you all for a very comfortable visit. "

 Emily - 06/15/2024

" Quick in and out for me. Ordered new glasses, it was easy and quick. "

 Christopher - 06/15/2024

" They are all great at what they do from beginning of time spent there till I walk out the door "

 Christopher - 06/14/2024

" We love the whole staff here! Never have to wait, so organized and professional! "

 Clarence - 06/14/2024

" Dr. Karli and James were great! Took tine to explain all parts of my planned cataract surgery. "

 Catherine - 06/14/2024

" I love St Lucie Eye Associates. Everyone is kind and professional. I trust them and have recommended the office to my friends. "

 Frank - 06/13/2024

" Thanks "

 Donna - 06/13/2024

" Every one from the front desk to the Dr. Was kind and welcoming, I feel confident I made the right decision in coming to St Lucie Eye. "

 Janet - 06/13/2024

" Dr Rana and his lovely staff are absolutely wonderful. I wouldn’t use anyone else to take care of my eyes. I highly recommend them to everyone at any age who need to visit an Eye Dr and his staff. "

 Robert - 06/12/2024

" Everyone there was very pleasant and answered any questions I had. "

 Sharon - 06/12/2024

" I'm very satisfied with my cataract surgery and results and for sure would recommend your office "

 Sheila - 06/12/2024

" Very organized & very friendly atmosphere. Very pleased. "

 Mary - 06/12/2024

" Dr. Karli and the staff at St. Lucie Eye continue to provide excellent patient care. My first cataract surgery went splendidly, and I appreciate their attention to detail, answering all my questions while alleviating anxiety. Thank you for being so helpful and delivering superior eye care. "

 Ann - 06/12/2024

" Dr Karli is not only a wonderful doctor she is kind and speaks to you like she’s a friend. I recommend her to all. "

 Madeline - 06/11/2024

" Dr. Karli and the staff at Saint Lucie Eye Associates are out of this World! Best ever! "

 Karen - 06/11/2024

" It was my first time at office very happy with experience. I had eye tests before but your tests was extensive VERY HAPPY all around THANK YOU ALL "

 Sheila - 06/11/2024

" Dr. Karli and staff were all very professional and knowledgeable. "

 Gloria - 06/11/2024

" Love everything. "

 Monica - 06/11/2024

" Doctor Karli is just the best. Her staff is amazing and the office is so full of life. It makes having your eyes examined a pleasure. You can tell they all work for a wonderful leader, which is Dr.Karli. "

 Luann - 06/11/2024

" Felt very confident in the office and all of the staff are friendly and professional "

 Edward - 06/11/2024

" Great staff! & its just our second meet with Dr Ranna BUT WE are VERY HAPPY so far! Ed & Kay P "

 Sherry - 06/11/2024

" Christina is a wonderful technician. She works so seamlessly with the doctor and has great "bedside" service. She shows kindness, friendliness and empathy. "

 Yadira - 06/09/2024

" Always grateful for the excellent and professional service. "

 Jessica - 06/08/2024

" Everybody was amazing with my special needs daughter! "

 Thomas - 06/08/2024

" Dr. Rana is fantastic! The staff were all very friendly and professional! Thank you! "

 Rosemarie - 06/08/2024

" Dr Rana is the best .! "

 Maria - 06/08/2024

" Everyone was courteous and knowledgeable. The Doctor answered all my questions and took her time with me. "

 Paul - 06/08/2024

" Teriffic care and service. Dr karli is great🙏 "

 Catherine - 06/08/2024

" Dr Karli is the best and is surrounded by excellent , competent and caring staff . "

 Douglas - 06/08/2024

" Always know we're getting best care here "

 Elizabeth - 06/08/2024

" St Lucie Eye, especially Dr. Rana, is the very best. I have always had great visits and I am so thankful for Dr Rana's skill and kindness with my cataract surgery. My eyesight is fabulous! "

 Iris - 06/08/2024

" Dr Rana is very professional and Knowledgeable. He shows care and addresses every patient concern. "

 Janine - 06/07/2024

" A very comprehensive well done exam. "

 Ilma - 06/07/2024

" The staff is very friendly and explained everything as the tests were being done. An excellent professional staff and practice team. "

 Cynthia - 06/07/2024

" Dr Rana is very kind and caring, as is everyone on the staff. "

 Earl - 06/06/2024

" Dr Siegel got right down to businessss. He wasted no time providing the most thorough eye exam I have experienced in my 82 years - and at all times, he was very personable. "

 Lucile - 06/06/2024

" Dr. Rana and staff was very nice and concerned, I wouldn’t trade them for the world. "

 Traci - 06/05/2024

" Dr Carly was awesome. She is very thorough and explained everything very clearly. She took her time and Asked a few times if I had any questions. She made me Feel very at ease and relieved "

 Ann - 06/05/2024

" Dr Karli is a ROCKSTAR I’m so honored to be her patient and trust in her care completely. "

 D - 06/04/2024

" Dr Karli is a fantastic and caring Doctor , you are lucky to have her she is a big asset to your organization, I will follow her wherever she goes. "

 Charlene - 06/04/2024

" Friendly and courteous from the staff at the front desk and each and every technician performing the various tests. Dr Rana was personable, professional and knowledgeable. He patiently answered my questions and took the time to explain the process. Very pleased with this provider. "

 Donna - 06/04/2024

" Everyone is so efficient and friendly at St. Lucie Eye. Dr. Karli is excellent and takes the time to answer any questions I might have.,, "

 Barbara - 06/04/2024

" Friendly, and Very Professional Staff. You are not rushed and you receive a thorough exam and evaluation. Enjoy visit with my Eye Doctor. "

 Joseph - 06/04/2024

" Very efficient process. Staff is organized, thorough, and patient. Dr B is reassuring and explains the current medical status very well. "

 Anne - 06/04/2024

" Excellent "

 Raymond - 06/04/2024

" As always St Luce Eye Care are friendly and professional. "

 Juan - 06/04/2024

" Excellent "

 Harvey - 06/03/2024

" Great visit as always. "

 Angela - 06/03/2024

" Every single person in that office is so pleasant, caring and kind . Dr . Rana is my #1 . It is a pleasure "

 Steve - 06/03/2024

" I had a problem with my eye, called them and they got me in and fixed the issue Great place just want to say thank you. "

 Wendy - 06/03/2024

" Dr. Rana is very much concern about his patient's and take his time and explain what's going on with your eyes and the tech that work under loving and they all do excellent work caring for you. I feel very comfortable with taking care of me when I visit . Thank you to all the staff and Dr. Rana for doing excellent service of caring for me. Look forward for next visit . "

 Linda - 06/02/2024

" Staff is very friendly and professional. I am pleased with the overall experience. "

 Hazel - 06/01/2024

" Always pleasant , explained to me what's expected . "

 Rische - 06/01/2024

" I cannot say enough. From the staff that answer the phone to set up the appointment- how understanding she was to the staff welcoming me to the office and the amazing staff that did the preliminary testing and was there when the doctor examined. The doctor was incredible best bedside manners and a great listener - thank you again for a great experience "

 Euclides - 06/01/2024

" np coments "

 Marie - 06/01/2024

" Dr. Rana is the best! He takes his time explaining and answering any questions you may have to discuss. His staff is very friendly and efficient. Both myself and my husband see Dr. Rana. "

 Michael - 06/01/2024

" Had another very nice visit with Dr. Karli and staff. Did not have to wait. Everyone was very pleasant, and Dr. Karli is always smiling and a pleasure to see. Last year I had very bad cataracts that made it hard to see. Now after having cataracts removed my vision has improved 100%, Thanks to Dr. Karli. We travel from Vero Beach, but very worth the trip. "

 Maria - 05/31/2024

" It is a great feeling to walk into a doctors office n feel complete confidence in your doctor and like the entire staff that treats me friendly and with respect. I trust him completely and will recommend him to family n friends !! "

 Philip - 05/31/2024

" Very lovely, profession and friendly environment "

 Howard - 05/31/2024

" I will be back 😀 "

 Gerald - 05/30/2024

" We are new patients and we were very pleased with how we were taken care of. "

 Stuart - 05/30/2024

" I liked Dr Rani and Stephanie was wonderful "

 Lorna - 05/30/2024

" My overall experience was very satisfying . The entire staff gave their full Support to make sure all my medical needs were fully met. "

 Sonja - 05/29/2024

" Doctor and staff were very attentive "

 Donald - 05/29/2024

" Great quality care. "

 William - 05/29/2024

" I was very pleased with the professional and courteous service from all of the staff and Dr. Bondalapati is amazing Thank you "

 Helen - 05/29/2024

" It was very impressed with everything overall absolutely no complaints One of the nicest staff I've ever encountered "

 Joseph - 05/28/2024

" Everyone was super nice "

 Beverly - 05/26/2024

" All staff friendly and courteous. Know their jobs. Been going there 20 years or so and have no complaints. Dr Rana is very good. "

 Manor - 05/25/2024

" Office is organized. Staff pleasant and answers all questions. Explains procedures well. "

 Marilyn - 05/25/2024

" An excellent experience from the time I enter the door and greeted with a friendly smile. Then after a short wait I’m escorted back to the examining room and after whatever type of testing in completed, I’m now greeted by the doctor. "

 Robert - 05/25/2024

" I MUST SAY, MY visit to saint lucie eye was a first time experience at professionalism at it's best. The office space was comfortable. The staff was very professional, and to top it off, to the end of my visit Dr Rana I applause him for been so professional and totally considerate in all area. I am thank full for that experience ofgood professional care. "

 Pilar - 05/25/2024


 Maureen - 05/25/2024

" Dr. Siegel was very thorough and explained his procedures very well. "

 Patricia - 05/24/2024

" Always enjoy my visits with Dr Rana and all the staff. "

 Douglas - 05/24/2024

" Superiority supreme! "

 Deborah - 05/24/2024

" Thank you all for being so awesome "

 Nancy - 05/24/2024

" Pleasantly surprised by everyone's professionalism Would highly recommend.... "

 Theresa - 05/24/2024

" Dr. Rana is fantastic! "

 Paula - 05/24/2024

" From Check-In to check out , everyone is great. "

 Phyllis - 05/24/2024

" I am so pleased to have Dr. Rana as my Ophthalmologist. He is extremely competent . I am confident I am getting the best of care. "

 Gail - 05/24/2024

" As always my visit was top notch, From the time I signed in, tell the time I left "

 Scott - 05/24/2024

" First time experience meeting Dr. A Siegel. Dr. Siegel has excellent "Patient Bedside Manners" and makes his patients feel welcomed. "

 Terrence - 05/24/2024

" Very good experience at St. Lucie Eye always. Dedicated, caring people. "

 Stephanie - 05/23/2024

" Every time I go there it is all was delightful! The staff is kind, helpful and takes the time to speak to me "

 Clorinta - 05/23/2024

" Dr Rana and his staff are all great "

 Jennifer - 05/22/2024

" Have a great day, thank you "

 Robert - 05/22/2024

" I feel very blessed to have this kind of support for my health . "

 Gislhaine - 05/22/2024

" The staff were very receptive, friendly, and courteous to our needs. "

 Thomas - 05/22/2024

" My experience with St Lucie Eye has always been great. "

 Vita - 05/21/2024

" Dr Rana is a skilled & wonderful doctor who answers all our questions as he makes us comfortable. He always tries to make room when we need to see him. We are very happy with his office staff who are very pleasant and helpful. We recommend Dr Rana to all our friends. "

 Floyd - 05/21/2024

" Dr Bond is very knowledgeable and her expertise is above and beyond our expectations thank you "

 Kathleen - 05/21/2024

" I have to admit I was very nervous coming there. I have to have my cataract taken off but everybody there was so nice and I felt so comfortable and say thank you very much from all the text that the receptionist and the doctor also thank you all for making me feel comfortable. "

 Diane - 05/21/2024

" Dr Rana was great as was the staff. I hate the vison field test becuase I cant not look at the flashing lights "

 Russell - 05/21/2024

" Dr. Rena is a fantastic, knowledgeable, and patient oriented physician. His staff is just great to work with. Total satisfaction! "

 Kathleen - 05/21/2024

" Great experience with my eye exam with inserts with Dr Karli Have highly recommend Dr Karli to friends and neighbors. "

 William - 05/21/2024

" Painful eyes after dilation lasting for 28 hours (so far) "

 Donald - 05/18/2024

" I want to express my gratitude for Dr. Karli and for all of her staff. Thank you for being patient, kind and reliable. "

 Kevin - 05/18/2024

" This last visit was quick and efficient. "

 Evelyn - 05/18/2024

" St Lucie Eye is the best of the best. I have the best Doctor ever. The staff makes you feel very welcome and are Friendly and caring. I love my St Lucie Eye family ❤️ "

 Donald - 05/18/2024

" The front desk young ladies were, courteous, friendly, excellent attitudes! I give them an A+! My eye Dr Siegel, couldn’t have been more thorough and detailed with my examination! I could tell he’s been an eye DR for many years! He gets the Highest of ratings from me! Thankyou again, Dr Siegel! Donald V Hills! "

 John - 05/18/2024

" I can’t think of one negative about this office. I am completely satisfied. "

 Mary - 05/17/2024

" Thank you for good service "

 Michele - 05/17/2024

" Thank you so much. What a relief to be in this office, as it is an improvement "

 Elvira - 05/17/2024

" I received excellent and professional service from all the staff and Dr Rana. Thank you "

 Anjana - 05/17/2024

" I was so Happy & impressed by Entire staff courtesy & caring service… very satisfied with my decision to have DR.Rana … he spent all needed time & made me feel calm & relaxed … thanks for All … "

 Esther - 05/16/2024

" Toda la atención fue excelente y su personal muy atentos y amables con uno. "

 Eddie - 05/16/2024

" Service was great "

 Thomas - 05/16/2024

" My favorite Doctor "

 Christine - 05/16/2024

" Would highly recommend Dr. BOND.! "

 Pamela - 05/15/2024

" I just Love Dr. Karli, she's the best. Her attention to detail and the time she spends with her patients is wonderful. I trust her whole heartily with my eye health. The staff in the office is really great too. "

 Joanne - 05/15/2024

" Received a very thorough examination. Doctor made suggestions on how to deal with dehydration while on chemo and told me if I had issues to call and come back in 2 weeks after using the drops. Choose new glasses the woman was very helpful on what looked good and suggested glasses with magnetic sunglass. Very efficient. "

 Andrew - 05/15/2024

" Dr. Kali and her staff are the best "

 Luann - 05/15/2024

" Every one seems happy to be there and makes you feel the same. "

 Patricia - 05/14/2024

" Was very pleased with whole experience! "

 Rayanne - 05/14/2024

" U have a “class act” there Impressed with everyone I met Thank-u "

 Ronald - 05/14/2024

" Very satisfactory. Staff was very professional and attentive. "

 Mitzy - 05/14/2024

" This is a great group-their staff is so courteous and they truly care about their patients and Dr Rana was wonderful. Extremely knowledgeable and caring. I feel totally confident with his guidance with my ongoing eye issues. I would highly recommend them! "

 Yvette - 05/13/2024

" Dr. Karli and the entire staff are great with patients. "

 Dorothy - 05/12/2024

" I appreciate everyone at your office for th kindness that was shown. Thank you "

 Patricia - 05/11/2024

" Dr. S. Karli at St Lucie Eye ie the best! The level of care that I am receiving is perfect. "

 Paul - 05/11/2024

" I came via the VA Community Care program. It was a real surprise to meet such really great people. "

 Hilda - 05/11/2024

" You all know how to “treat and street”- very professional, just the way I like it. More business should follow your lead. "

 Lisa - 05/11/2024

" I had an issue and was taken in quickly. Everyone in the office is very kind. Office clean and doctors are excellent. "

 Steven - 05/10/2024

" I cannot say enough good things about Dr Rana and the staff, They have earned my trust and respect over the years. "

 Vincenza - 05/10/2024

" Doctor karly for me she’s the best provider professional friendly clearly explained really I like the way she’s doing her job thank you to everyone "

 Teresa - 05/10/2024

" Dr Rhana an staff are very professional and listen and answer any questions or concerns that I have about my upcoming cataract surgery. "

 James - 05/10/2024

" There is Nothing more you could ask for in the line of service’ I wish all Dr’s and other businesses were this easy .👍👍👍👍👍👏❤️. James Hefferon "

 Susan - 05/10/2024

" First time patient and I am very impressed with the doctors, the nurses and the employees "

 Jay - 05/10/2024

" I wonderful experience as always. Dr Rana and his staff are top notch and would recommend his practice to anyone. "

 Marlin - 05/09/2024

" All were friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. Could not have been more satisfied. Thank you all for everything! "

 Barbara - 05/09/2024

" I found the office staff to be welcoming, professional, & knowledgeable. I am impressed with how smoothly the office is run. I worked in the medical field for 34 year, 14 years in a hospital, & 20 years in Dr’s offices. I found this office to be very efficient. "

 Olga - 05/09/2024

" Dr. Rana is excellent, his services are very good. "

 Violet - 05/09/2024

" Dr Rana and his staff are so caring and professional "

 Rebecca - 05/09/2024

" I think that was the best eye exam I ever got 👏 and the eye Glasses woman was excellent "

 Rebecca - 05/09/2024

" Dr Rana is an incredible doctor! Very easy to discuss issues with. Very thorough as well!! He’s my favorite doctor and I have quite a few at the age of 66! "

 Joy - 05/09/2024

" I have been using St Lucie Eye as my ophthalmologist provider for over twenty years. I have always gotten great care. Dr. Rana is very professional and thorough in his treatment. I would highly recommend him. "

 Althea - 05/08/2024

" Love Dr Karli & Staff 🥰 "

 Thomas - 05/08/2024

" A very thorough exam, we left feeling confident about the health of my husband’s eyes. "

 James - 05/08/2024

" Totally professional experience in every aspect and courteous,best exam I've ever had.My doc was Mr's Bond and she was great,I greatly admire her. "

 Gary - 05/07/2024

" Chris was a real joy to be with. I felt that she read my personality and I had a great time with her humor. Dr Bon was also great. She helped me understand the condition with my eyes and provided treatment "

 Ronald - 05/07/2024

" Dr. Rana) and all the other associates have a very nice Marie explained everything just a very friendly environment and any questions I had they answered him so very good "

 Penny - 05/07/2024

" They have this down to a science, while also being friendly "

 Michael - 05/07/2024

" Perfect visit "

 Joseph - 05/07/2024

" Everything was excellent. The only problem there was, it could be a little warmer in the Office? "

 David - 05/07/2024

" Most knowledgeable eye doctor I’ve spoken to "

 David - 05/07/2024

" Im very pleased with the whole process "

 Doreen - 05/05/2024

" I would highly recommend my physician and staff to anyone. "

 Pauline - 05/05/2024

" Thank y’all Dr.Bono was great and the staff owesome teamwork "

 Jennifer - 05/04/2024

" I would recommend the doctor and staff "

 Linda - 05/04/2024

" All staff encountered were excellent. Dr. Bondilapati is a perfect match for me. "

 Jose - 05/04/2024

" Excellent very kind people "

 Joan - 05/04/2024

" We can always count on his advice to be clear and concise. "

 Leonard - 05/04/2024

" I was totally pleased with the care I got. Len Black "

 Lynette - 05/04/2024

" Dr Karli and all staff very friendly and helpful. Excellent experience "

 Alfredo - 05/04/2024

" Dr Rana and his staff always make me feel at home. I always look forward to my appointments. "

 Maureen - 05/04/2024

" Great service.Dr Kari is wonderful. "

 Frank - 05/03/2024

" I wish all Doctors office visits w Were this efficient. "

 Anne - 05/03/2024

" Very well run and efficient office and staff.They go out of their way and are always pleasant and helpful. "

 William - 05/03/2024

" You have an amazing staff!! Everyone I had contact with was phenomenal!! Kind,attentive and professional!! The doctor was awesome. Wish I found you years ago. I will refer you to everyone I know! Thanks!! "

 Patti - 05/03/2024

" I have had eye disease all of my life as well as very dry eyes and no one ever helped with my dry eye and it does give me vision problems . Dr Rana found I had a problem worse than I thought and he put on plugs and oh my gosh the difference is amazing ! I can tell when I need new ones my vision gets blurry and dull I think it’s dust and dirt buildup that is cause by my dry eye who knows but the problem is solved and I am very very happy with this Dr and staff. This place runs like a well oiled machine I just can’t say enough about it . And Dr is so pleasant and makes me feel at home . "

 Lynn - 05/03/2024

" Christina was very professional and patient. Dr Karli did a nice job calming my fears about my eyes. Laura was great at fixing my glasses and ordering new ones. Long-time patient and hope to remain one for a long time. Thank you. "

 Ana - 05/03/2024

" It was my first time visiting the office and I was pleased "

 Alan - 05/03/2024

" I have been most satisfied with the care I have received over many years! "

 James - 05/03/2024

" Very helpful with my needs. "

 Susan - 05/02/2024

" Dr. RANA & his staff are absolutely fantastic! I have never seen such an organized doctors office. And you’ll never find a better, most compassionate doctor anywhere! "

 Karen - 05/02/2024

" Everyone was kind, courteous and very knowledgeable. "

 Johnathan - 05/02/2024

" Ladies at desk are fantastic as well as the Dr and his assistants. Treated me with care and explained all options for my case. Couldn’t say enough about this place. 5 stars for sure ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "

 Lucia - 05/02/2024

" Was courteous. "

 Rosa - 05/01/2024

" Very professional staff. Love the doctor. "

 Janet - 04/30/2024

" The staff is very friendly and efficient. I never spent any wasted time. Like the staff very much! "

 Robin - 04/30/2024

" Dr Rana is awesome! Saved me from going blind!! "

 Frank - 04/30/2024

" My visit went very well! I was very pleased, and I felt very comfortable. I have no complaints whatsoever. My appointment was at 9:30 a.m., and I think they called me about 9:25 a.m. . So, yeah my overall visit was excellent! 👍😀 "

 John - 04/30/2024

" Dr Karli is the best! "

 Tatjana - 04/30/2024

" Great crew and I love the doctors sense of humor. Great energy and atmosphere every visit. "

 Gladys - 04/30/2024

" Christina was excellent she explained everything she was doing as she was doing it. She has a great personality and answered all my questions. "

 Susanne - 04/30/2024

" Our technician Alicia was fantastic "

 Harry - 04/30/2024

" Everything was great I was in and out. The staff was very courteous and the doctor. She told me everything that I had from A Z. I was happy with the visit. "

 Hilda - 04/30/2024

" I like the doctor and trust her knowledge. "

 Lasheena - 04/30/2024

" The doctor and his staff is awesome 😎 🤓 "

 Deo - 04/30/2024

" I am very satisfied with my first visit. Excellent experience . "

 Eileen - 04/30/2024

" Everyone was wonderful, as usual. I've been going here for many years and have never had a problem. "

 Marie - 04/29/2024

" Great doctor and excellent staff. "

 Kirby - 04/28/2024

" I had an emergency and I was able to get in and see the doctor right away. It was very much appreciated. Excellent care. "

 Jerry - 04/28/2024

" Office was very busy. I had another appointment. They were Very helpful in getting my eyes checked sooner. HATS OFF FOR EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE IN A TIME OF NEED,,!! "

 Cindy - 04/27/2024

" So clean, caring, and friendly!! My mom told me I would love it there and she was absolutely right!! 😊😊 "

 Andrew - 04/27/2024

" The staff were very pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful, as they usually are. The doctor was very pleasant, professional, and helpful in planning the next 3 months of my care with me. I have not had a bad experience at St. Lucie Eye in all the years I've been a patient there (approx. 5-6 years). "

 Cheryl - 04/27/2024

" I was greeted when I walked into the office. Everyone was friendly. Dr Bondalapati was exceptional! She’s knowledgeable and personable. I highly recommend St Lucie Eye! Thanks to everyone! "

 Cathleen - 04/27/2024

" All the girls that do ythe different tests know what they are supposed to do, do not waste time, if one area is busy, goes to the next area. Dr Rana listens to concerns, explains results and will make referrals to other doctors if he feels it’s necessary. "

 Tracy - 04/27/2024

" Everyone was very nice also helpful during visit. "

 Marjory - 04/27/2024

" First time seeing Dr. “Bond”. She was very good, friendly manner, very knowledgeable, caring. Have been a patient with this group for 50+ years, they have never disappointed. "

 William - 04/27/2024

" Very nice and professional people Felt like it was a little overbooked so doctor rushed through but all in all I'm very pleased "

 Lynn - 04/27/2024

" Both my wife and I are very happy with St Lucie eye care. We are recommending to our friends "

 Linda - 04/26/2024

" Dr Rana is an excellent doctor. He’s very caring and answers my questions and concerns. Thank you Dr Rana "

 Renee - 04/26/2024

" Doctor and staff were personable and spent time answering questions. "

 Sandra - 04/26/2024

" Dr. Rana is the best doctor I have ever been to. He takes his time with me, answers my questions and explains my condition and treatment. He makes this world a better place. I highly recommend Dr. Rana. "

 Suzanne - 04/26/2024

" This was the most efficient ran drs office I was ever in . I wish all offices were this good and staff so pleasant and dr so knowledgeable ! Thank you "

 Margaret - 04/26/2024

" Clean and friendly environment "

 Prudence - 04/26/2024

" This office from the girls in the office to the nurses to the Doctor Karli are the top of the line Best . They are Perfect in every way . Makes me want to stay longer and definitely go back . They make you feel so comfortable .Will recommend them forever . "

 John - 04/26/2024

" Love this place. Doctor is really smart total confidence in his ability "

 Cathleen - 04/26/2024

" Very thorough, very pleasant, very knowledgeable. "

 Raymond - 04/26/2024

" Christine was very patient as well as everyone with my dad. Thank you all for being so kind. Ray "

 Truvillus - 04/26/2024

" Another great experience in all facets. Highly recommend. "

 Cristian - 04/25/2024

" Recommending all friends and family to visit. "

 Gail - 04/25/2024

" Dr. Rana is fabulous! I am grateful to have him as my eye doctor. Staff is very friendly and welcoming. "

 Charles - 04/25/2024

" Very happy with the service "

 Jorge - 04/25/2024

" Everyone is very professional and courteous. "

 Patricia - 04/25/2024

" LOVE Dr. Rana and his staff. He is very caring and compassionate doctor. His entire staff is very friendly and professional. Would Highly recommend this location to anyone. "

 Jacqueline - 04/24/2024

" Great job!! "

 Diana - 04/24/2024

" Michelle and Laura were truly attentive and caring. "

 Margie - 04/23/2024

" Everyone were very caring, and pleasant. I truly trust Dr. Rana and his staff. "

 Sheila - 04/23/2024

" I didn’t have an appointment, but I did have an emergency with my eye so they did take me I got seen and taken care of. I was very appreciative. Everybody was friendly. "

 Nancy - 04/23/2024

" Great staff who are knowledgeable and obviously dedicated to help each patient with compassion. You can tell they love their work. "

 John - 04/23/2024

" So far so good surgery next week say a prayer "

 James - 04/23/2024

" Everyone from scheduling day 1 , until we walked in and walked out with excellent professional "

 Michelle - 04/23/2024

" I love Dr Seigal, he is fun but very professional. "

 Paula - 04/20/2024

" Love Dr Rana and his staff. We always feel the care and Concern and attention to detail with every eye test. P Thank you Dr Rana and staff. "

 Sandra - 04/20/2024

" Staff and Dr Bondalapati were great they listened well. "

 Diana - 04/20/2024

" I am so happy with Dr Rama and the entire staff there. Feeling blessed! "

 Esther - 04/20/2024

" Staff very friendly and accommodating. Greeting you the moment you walk in. Everyone is so warm and welcoming. Great customer service. Highly recommended. "

 Robert - 04/20/2024

" Entire experience was excellent, from the friendly greeting walking in, throughout the various tests, and the thorough exam by Dr. Rana, to the friendly checkout process including my next appointment. Less than an hour from beginning to departure. "