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Recent Reviews

 Shirley - 03/24/2023

" Very Friendly. "

 Sharon - 03/24/2023

" I was so grateful to find a doctor who told me the truth instead of prescribing medication that does not help. I'm looking forward to my next visit! "

 James - 03/23/2023

" Dr Newman and staff excellent. Always enjoy appointments with them. "

 Deborah - 03/23/2023

" Everyone was awesome! "

 Gwen - 03/22/2023

" Thank you!!! Everyone especially my test technician was very courteous and knowledgeable. She was also patient with me and described each test very well to make me aware and comfortable with her and each test. I thank everyone for their care!!! Gwen "

 Gary - 03/22/2023

" Your staff was very helpful and my experience on this visit was the best! Dr. Tanner was personable and she and her staff made the visit fun. Very professional and I was thrilled with my short wait time prior to seeing the Doc. "

 Kenzli - 03/22/2023

" I was very comfortable with Dr. Tanner and her team , thank you all for taking care of my baby girl although the after care is hard bc me being her mother I do not want her to be in pain . "

 Anthony - 03/21/2023

" The ladies at the front desk or very friendly and respectful! They greet you with a smile and accommodated with my child’s follow up visit for after school. Dr. Griffin greeted my son and I by our last name. He made my child feel very comfortable while checking his throat. Dr. Griffin allowed me to ask questions and answered in a way I understood (not using medical terms) I also see Dr. Holmes and I it was a pleasant visit! Keep up the good customer services! Thanks "

 Ann - 03/21/2023


 Rodney - 03/21/2023

" Great service "

 Miranda - 03/20/2023

" Dr Jerles takes extra time with my daughter, who is Autistic, to make sure she understands everything and to make her feel at ease. He actually talks TO her and not at her. Thank you! "

 Gladys - 03/18/2023

" The appointment wasn't with the doctor, but was with the lady to set me up for hearing aids. I cannot remember what her job title was. I was pleased. I don't think she was a doctor, but I answered the questions as if she was. "

 Nicholas - 03/18/2023

" My experience with this office was very well. My son was very nervous about what he was going to experience but everyone made him feel very comfortable. He was just there for severe nose bleeds. Thankfully it was handled with out having to do any surgery just an ointment and nose spray. Dr. Holmes was very good and handled my son's condition very well and explained things and what to expect well. I'm confident that if the problem happens again I will be bring him hack to see him ! "

 Anthony - 03/17/2023

" Everything was preformed in a very professional manner! Doctor, and staff, were excellent! "

 Mae - 03/17/2023

" Dr Holmes made my moms day when he walked in smiling big. She used to know him when she worked at the hospital and whether he really remembered her or not he sure acted as if he did and that made her day. Great visit "

 Kingston - 03/15/2023

" I took my son to his first appointment at the ENT, the overall service was outstanding. I recommend this facility to everyone!! My son is 1, and the staff was nice to him and handle him with care. They answered all of my questions and they broke it down so I was able to understand everything. "

 Barbara - 03/14/2023

" I actually was in hearing aid department and saw the audiologist also. Everyone great! "

 Gary - 03/11/2023

" Very good service each time I visited. Thanks "

 Sonia - 03/10/2023

" Outstanding "

 Martha - 03/10/2023

" What a great group of medical professionals! I was terrified going in but relaxed after the first appointment. Everyone there is there to help. Thank you Dr Newman and staff! "

 Mckenna - 03/10/2023

" Love the Dr. He is outstanding. "

 Beau - 03/10/2023

" Dr. Newman was awesome and made sure my baby was taken care of and got us in quickly to solve our problems! The staff there was great through the whole thing! "

 Andrea - 03/09/2023

" Dr. Jerles is one of the best physicians I’ve ever seen! He’s knowledgeable, funny, and he has a wonderful bedside manner. I will refer him to any and everyone who can benefit from his expertise like I did. "

 Howard - 03/09/2023

" Everyone was professional, courtesy, friendly and very helpfull. I highly recommend this practice. "

 Eric - 03/09/2023

" Appreciated the professionalism of dr griffin and his staff "

 Christopher - 03/08/2023

" Thanks as always! "

 Judy - 03/08/2023

" Dr. Newman is very personable and thorough. He offers is very professional and offers all options for care. I would highly recommend him. "

 Carl - 03/08/2023

" While having an appointment with Dr. Tosi in audiology to adjust my Cochlear Implant, I mentioned to the receptionist that I was having some more issues with my sinuses and a tooth that ached during the last sinus infection. The receptionist said they would try to work me in to see Dr. Newman and I was able to see him on the same day as the audiologist. "

 Janet - 03/07/2023

" This facility is an example of how all medical facilities should conduct business. The expansive building is spotless. The entire staff is pleasant and knowledgeable. "

 Gaye - 03/07/2023

" Dr Dawson was so nice and professional. Fixed my ear right up. "

 Charles - 03/07/2023

" Dr. Thomas Holmes is the absolute best!! He is a phenomenal surgeon and wonderful, caring physician. He took the most incredible care of my 3.5 year old son and we are forever grateful. "

 Brooks - 03/04/2023

" Our son was scared and upset but everyone was patient and did well with him . Thank y’all so much "

 Victorias - 03/03/2023

" Thank you for all your help "

 Robert - 03/03/2023

" Dr. Jerles is the best. "

 Bobbie - 03/02/2023

" Dr. Jerles and his staff are excellent. Very professional and personable. I highly recommend Dr. Jerles to all my friends and family. I do not think I could have had a better experience. Thank you all. "

 William - 03/02/2023

" Love doctor's and office staff 😍 ❤️ "

 Edward - 03/02/2023

" Great professional service "

 Linda - 03/02/2023

" Best ENT in middle Georgia! "

 Cynthia - 03/02/2023

" Very nice office staff and smooth check in/check out process. Dr. Thomas Holmes was very kind, knowledgable and professional. Excellent healthcare experience! "

 Greg - 03/01/2023

" As a Drs office should be, personable, nice, efficient, and professional. "

 Charles - 03/01/2023

" Thank you Dr. Holmes; & Brooke!!!!! 😇🙏🏻 "

 Conner - 03/01/2023

" Excellent experience! "

 Consta - 03/01/2023

" my visit was very pleas ant. will recommend to friends and relative. "

 Miriam - 03/01/2023

" Dr Jerels is always so loving and sweet he really cares about each and every patient and his expertise is beyond measure. "

 Ernest - 03/01/2023

" From my first point of arrival at ENT I was greetedwith a Warm smile and given a tablet and shown how to fill in my information...From that point on everything went exceptional well. my appointment was scheduled for 11am and 5 minutes to that hour I was greeted again by the assistant and taken into the Dr exam room.. .from that point until I service was Excellent! Thanks for the great service .. "

 Mary - 02/28/2023

" I am truly thankful for the Doctor honesty I am going to do everything he asked of me so I can get better. Thanks for the staff and their kindness towards me during my visit "

 Saint - 02/28/2023

" My four year old was made to feel very comfortable "

 Robert - 02/25/2023

" I know that I will be taken good care of by you all. I feel the doctors an staff are highly competent. Thank you all. "

 Molly - 02/25/2023

" Pleasant experience, wait time in lobby not too long. My questions answered, "

 Silas - 02/25/2023

" Thank you all! "

 Torris - 02/24/2023

" Keep up the good work. "

 David - 02/23/2023

" Everything is always a pleasure dealing with this department. I would recommend to anyone. Thanks "

 Hazel - 02/23/2023

" Nothing but good experiences with this facility. "

 Charles - 02/22/2023

" Hearing aids fixed yay "

 Katherine - 02/22/2023

" I love coming to this office because I get such excellent care. "

 Faith - 02/22/2023

" Very much appreciate the care and excellent service from the front office staff. They listened to my concern and were able to resolve is expeditiously and of their own expertise! "

 Brayden - 02/21/2023

" We love Dr Keith holmes "

 Darlene - 02/21/2023

" Love the staff.nurses.especially DR.DAWSON..TYSV.M..Looking forward to my next visit.. "

 Deborah - 02/20/2023

" World Class Experience! "

 Marilyn - 02/18/2023

" Everyone was very nice and courteous. I checked in and was called back within 5 minutes. Once in the exam room the nurse asked appropriate questions and after she left the room it was only a very few minutes that Dr Newman came in to see me. My visit was pleasant and I wish every doctor's office was run as well as this one! "

 Carter - 02/18/2023

" The staff is great and very professional. "

 Amanda - 02/17/2023

" It was a very plesant place "

 Isaiah - 02/17/2023

" Was running late for my appointment and i still was assisted in a timely manner. The wait wasn't wrong at all. The office was not over crowded and It was peaceful environment. The Doctor was amazing. It didn't take long for us to be treated. He was gentle . Overall great experience. "

 James - 02/17/2023

" Dr Holmes treated me like a person not like a job . That I greatly appreciated. Very considerate and listened to what I had to say. "

 David - 02/17/2023

" You got me an appointment the same day for what I considered urgent and did not have to wait long very impressed. "

 Eric - 02/17/2023

" Dr. Dawson was very courteous and very knowledgeable about my needs. "

 John - 02/17/2023

" I've never been that late to a medical appointment and been seen. I've never had an outpatient procedure performed that quickly and effortlessly. I've never seen immediate, dramatic results from a medical practitioner. I've never had so little pain and after-effects from something so intrusive. I've never had a prescription filled that fast *anywhere* for any reason. I've recommended the ENT Center to everyone in my family who has a similar issue and can't speak highly enough of Dr. Dawson. "

 Lainey - 02/16/2023

" Dr. Newman and his staff are the best! Highly recommend them to anyone! "

 Alik - 02/16/2023

" Dr Correa was great! He was a lot of help to our family during the whole process, along with his staff. "

 Joseph - 02/16/2023

" I came by to get batteries for my hearing aids and was in/out in two minutes. Those ladies are exceptional! "

 Bertie - 02/14/2023

" We had a great experience. My three year old loved all the staff!!! Dr Correa, the nurses, and anesthesia were fantastic!!! "

 Jabarri - 02/11/2023

" My son and I had a very good experience. Dr. Tanner was very friendly and knowledgeable. She answered my questions and made me feel so much better about what was happening with my son. "

 Ethan - 02/11/2023

" I absolutely love Dr. Griffin! "

 David - 02/11/2023

" Great. Dr Newnan is wonderful and is very detailed about treatment plan "

 Maddison - 02/10/2023

" They were all so nice to me and caring since I was emotional about getting my procedure done. "

 Colton - 02/10/2023

" All three of our children see Dr. Griffin! We would not go anywhere else. The surgery center is always so clean and the staff is amazing!! They always go above and beyond!! "

 Trysten - 02/10/2023

" All the staff was very helpful "

 Cairee - 02/10/2023

" I am very impressed with Dr. Correa and the staff. Everyone was very professional and kind . A smile goes a long way. They were very patient with my one year old Cairee also. Thank you all again. "

 Glenn - 02/08/2023

" Thank you! "

 Regina - 02/07/2023

" Highly recommend this group, excellent care provided. "

 Jimmy - 02/07/2023

" Always a pleasant experience. Everyone is always so nice "

 James - 02/04/2023

" Dr. Griffin is an amazing Dr. and is very knowledgeable about my son's ears. He is always so courteous and understanding. "

 Timothy - 02/03/2023

" Great office. Very satisfied! "

 William - 02/03/2023

" Everyone was super friendly and the service provided was excellent. "

 Doreen - 02/02/2023

" Couldn't have had a better experience. "

 Minnie - 02/02/2023

" I appreciate everyone at this doctor office. I do appreciate the care they showed me and my family on our first visit in there office. "

 Tanya - 02/02/2023

" Great Service all around! "

 Sandra - 02/02/2023

" Thanks for the great service. "

 Chad - 02/02/2023

" Thank you to whole staff, very helpful and went out of their way to assist me. "

 Ramarao - 02/01/2023

" Dr Homes has been treating me since the Year 2014. Our doctor/ patient relationship is very good "

 Geraldine - 02/01/2023

" Always, professional & personable. "

 Panetta - 02/01/2023

" Wonderful Doctor and staff "

 Carl - 01/31/2023

" The young dark haired lady at the window is always attentive to my needs and often calling me by name. "

 Kyla - 01/31/2023

" Everything was GREAT! Everyone was courteous and professional! "

 Jimmy - 01/31/2023

" Very friendly staff and the doctors here are awesome! "

 Miguel - 01/31/2023

" By far an outstanding experience. The staff and provider was absolutely wonderful. They took such great care of my baby boy. "

 James - 01/31/2023

" Dr. Holmes is top notch!!!! "

 Linda - 01/28/2023

" Love Dr. Newman and his staff!!! I even got a text on my birthday from them. Love that personal touch. They make me feel well cared for by giving me time and attention. "

 William - 01/27/2023

" Dr. Newman is great with children! I had a concern after my son’s procedure and he called me directly himself! We love him! I would recommend him to any family! "

 Henry - 01/26/2023

" Everyone was kind and treated my son with great care. "

 Remyngton - 01/26/2023

" We have thoroughly appreciated the care and have been very pleased with the staff at The ENT Center of central. Everyone in the office is always professional and friendly. My little one enjoys seeing the staff and dr and that’s not always something I can say of other dr offices. "

 Irene - 01/26/2023

" I feel Dr. Correa is caring, very thorough and knowledgeable. He explained everything to me so I had no problem understanding. I trust his judgment and highly recommend him. "

 Kimya - 01/26/2023

" My daughter and I arrived 6 minutes late due to the weather. Was pleased that we still didn't have to wait too long to be seen by Dr. Newman. Even left my daughter's paperwork at home and it wasn't an issue. Would definitely recommend to family and friends. "

 Darlene - 01/24/2023

" I love Dr.Dawson and his staff. He's very caring and listens.Everything was excellent..tysvm "

 Hayden - 01/22/2023

" Love y’all and do does my son. Thank you "

 Harper - 01/21/2023

" Always top notch care! Dr. Newman is the best. "

 Connie - 01/20/2023

" I love the ENT Center snd recommend it to friends of all ages! "

 Mason - 01/20/2023

" Everything was great . "

 Melissa - 01/20/2023

" Kayla was very respectful, she offered care was very involved and informative during the procedure. "

 Mary - 01/20/2023

" Very efficient in all areas. Resolved my simple problem without making a big deal out of it. Thx!! "

 George - 01/20/2023

" Dr Sarah tosi was extremely professional, friendly, helpful, patient "

 Cortland - 01/20/2023

" Love Dr.Correa!! "

 John - 01/20/2023

" Dr. Correa and staff are awesome. Got me in and out quickly. They are very courteous and professional. I would definitely recommend them for any ENT related care. "

 Marlin - 01/18/2023

" Great office to deal with "

 Lee - 01/18/2023

" Everyone was nice from check in to check out very professional very friendly would definitely recommend to a friend "

 Pamela - 01/17/2023

" Excellent service, efficient time management. I was actually an hour early to my appointment they didn't make me wait until my appt time to see the doctor. "

 Norman - 01/16/2023

" Great team really enjoyed their professional attitude. "

 Ezekiel - 01/14/2023

" Dr Jerles is the best. He understands the needs of disabled children and their parents. "

 Vincent - 01/13/2023

" I appreciate Dr Jerles efforts removing stubborn wax plugs from both of my ears. It was a very difficult task but he persisted until the task was successfully completed!!!! I am very grateful and I can hear very well now. My wife is also very grateful, she no longer has to yell when we converse! "

 Charles - 01/12/2023

" Best dr office ever!!! 0))) "

 Anthony - 01/12/2023

" On January 11, 2023, was my second visit at the office. My first experience was EXCELLENT and the office’s waiting area was clean, and the same treatment on my second visit. The staff at the front desk was friendly and professional! I will continue to bring my son to the office for services!! Thanks. "

 Angela - 01/12/2023

" Highly recommend Dr. Jerles and the ENT Center. My family has received care for many years, and always the same kind and courteous service "

 Marilyn - 01/12/2023

" Dr. Jerles is the best. "

 James - 01/11/2023

" This was the best experience I’ve ever had. The person that helped me ( wish I had gotten her name) was the epitome of great service. She is definitely my fav!! "

 Mary - 01/11/2023

" Dr Jerles brings a kind, friendly atmosphere to patient care, along with his expert and reliable knowledge and skills as a doctor. It is always a pleasure, even as I face health challenges. AND his staff compliments, thoroughly, Dr. Jerles' approach. "

 Jerry - 01/08/2023

" Elizabeth was very professional answering my questions, And explaining thing's about my implant. That I could understand. I will be back. And Dr. Correa Did the same with question and answer's. "

 Josiah - 01/07/2023

" Dr.Tanner is very kind and caring I truly appreciate that Specially when it comes to my children "

 Carolyn - 01/07/2023

" Dr. Correa was very understanding about my hearing problem and he explained everything and made sure I understood. His nurse was very helpful. I made an appointment to talk to the doctor about new hearing aids. I have peace of mind that I will get my problem taken care of. "

 Cynthia - 01/07/2023

" Ryan is top notch "

 Michael - 01/06/2023

" Very pleasant visit, everyone was very nice and helpful! "

 Rose - 01/06/2023

" No problems whatsoever with treatment or service. "

 Tegan - 01/06/2023

" I have no complaints everyone was very sweet and helpful. "

 Cheryl - 01/06/2023

" Very pleasant staff, from check-in to check-out. Dr. Dawson's calm manner will immediately put you at ease. I am a very anxious person and everyone was very caring and understanding. "

 William - 01/05/2023

" Doc was very pleasant, took time, answered all questions . "

 Chorey - 01/04/2023

" I was very pleased with service rendered Staff-surgeon, nurses, anesthesiologist made my grandchild fee very comfortable. "

 Edwin - 01/04/2023


 Derrick - 01/04/2023

" I woke up that morning having trouble with the drain tube in my throat. My post op was scheduled for 2 days later. I called the ENT Center of Central Georgia at 8:00 a.m. Dr Dawson worked me into his schedule, and my issues were resolved by noon. Good job people 👏 "

 Jontez - 12/31/2022

" Great customer service "

 Ricky - 12/30/2022

" Great staff! "

 Hubert - 12/29/2022

" Outstanding service! "

 Eddie - 12/29/2022

" The Staff is AMAZING!!!!. "

 Carolyn - 12/29/2022

" I'm Thankful for the Nurse,Staff,Doctor cause I feel great. "

 Stella - 12/28/2022

" Very professional staff! "

 James - 12/28/2022

" Everyone did an EXCELLENT job! "

 Merilyn - 12/28/2022

" Dr. Newman and the staff were wonderful! Great bedside manner for my toddler daughter. Very pleased! "

 Dothan - 12/26/2022

" All very good "

 Lamar - 12/25/2022

" I was very surprised at the service and professionalism of this medical facility. This staff didn't loose my ID and insurance cards like Atrium hospital did. "

 April - 12/25/2022

" The best check in experience I've had of all my doctor visits in Georgia since I moved here in 2021. Very nice and professional. I wish Dr Griffin could be my regular doctor. He's very thorough and a great communicator. "

 Laura - 12/23/2022

" Dr.Dawson is very friendly and professional! His staff is also very friendly and professional! I highly recommend the ENT Center and Dr. Dawson! "

 Richard - 12/23/2022

" World class care! "

 Shirley - 12/23/2022

" Have always had excellent care and attention from this office. Very pleased! "

 Jaxlyn - 12/23/2022

" Absolutely love this office. Dr. Jerles and Holly are absolutely amazing and I can’t thank them enough. I recommend everyone to go here. Absolutely amazing!! "

 Gary - 12/23/2022

" Very professional and experienced doctor! "

 Harry - 12/23/2022

" Very professional and efficient. Recommend for anyone needing professional help and advice 👍 "

 Richard - 12/23/2022

" Every employee was very courteous to me. Treated me as if I was their only patient. "

 Blakely - 12/22/2022

" Love dr k Holmes "

 Lisa - 12/22/2022

" Awesome experience I was well taken care of. "

 James - 12/18/2022

" I would love to see your ENT practice come to Tifton . We have one office with two ENT physicians. But I have not been that impressed with them we need a truly good ENT in our community. Please talk it over I think you could have a very viable practice in Tifton "

 Karen - 12/17/2022

" Merry Christmas. Thanks for getting my problem taken care of so I could fly for the holidays. "

 Lakisha - 12/16/2022

" The team worked well together for a successful procedure outcome. I can’t Thank them enough. Thank you all again. "

 Jeanie - 12/14/2022

" I could not have received better care from Sean Dawson, MD and all the staff members at the Warner Robins office on Lakeview Rd. The smiles, laughter and genuine concern for both my physical and mental status has helped me more than I can ever express. I am one lucky person to have them for my medical team. "

 Maqston - 12/12/2022

" Professional and courteous staff! "

 Karen - 12/11/2022

" Dr. Tanner is courteous, professional, knowledgeable, and thorough! "

 Marlin - 12/10/2022

" Very pleased "

 Chandler - 12/09/2022

" I was amazed with the excellent customer service that I received. Thanks! "

 James - 12/09/2022

" Great team. They are my "go to" hearing team. "

 Connor - 12/09/2022

" Very pleased from start to finish,,professional in every area ! "

 Ann - 12/09/2022

" Everything Was Great, As Always! "

 Nan - 12/09/2022

" Thanks for working me in for a quick appointment! "

 Billie - 12/08/2022

" I was very impressed with my entire experience. "

 Chianti - 12/08/2022

" All staff was friendly. Great job ENT office of Macon Georgia "

 Carl - 12/07/2022

" Dr. Tosi is very thorough and knowledgeable. She carefully made sure that I was getting the best use out of the new hearing aid and cochlear processor. "

 Carter - 12/07/2022

" My son was an emergency work in. I am so thankful that Dr Dawson stayed late to see us even though my son is not his patient. "

 Robert - 12/06/2022

" Doctor Jerles is wonderful! I have complete confidence in him. "

 Marlene - 12/06/2022

" Very helpful and take their time in answering all your question and the wait time is very short. Great doctor and would recommend his practiced. Marlene "

 Billie - 12/02/2022

" I thoroughly enjoyed my appointment. Doctor Tanner was very nice and answered my questions vey well and her examination was quite extensive. My hearing test was done very well also. I would recommend this office and personnel to everyone. "

 Doris - 12/02/2022

" Front desk staff is the best I’ve seen in a while!! Excellent customer service and support!! "

 Ron - 12/02/2022

" The staff made my son feel comfortable, which made it easy for him to leave our care and go with the nurse. Thank you all for your kindness. "

 Cortland - 12/01/2022

" I love Dr.Correa "

 Paisley - 12/01/2022

" Dr. Holmes was great. His staff was just as attentive and kind "

 Maria - 11/30/2022

" Very professional and a very helpful appt. "

 George - 11/30/2022


 Linda - 11/30/2022

" I would highly recommend this practice and dr Holmes to anyone needing their servicesw "

 Hunter - 11/29/2022

" The staff who did my procedure were all amazing and did a wonderful job!! "

 Trice - 11/29/2022

" Thank you for treating us like family and taking care of us "

 Elaine - 11/28/2022

" Everyone was more than courteous, knowledgeable and polite. "

 Cheryl - 11/24/2022

" The young lady that did my scan was so sweet and had the most patience. "

 Tammi - 11/23/2022

" Thank you for seeing me quickly! "

 Derrick - 11/22/2022

" Everyone I have encountered since day one has been pleasant. I have no complaints, but I hope I never have to be in that surgery center again. I will recommend anyone to your facility. I actually make a social media shout out for y'all. "

 Sheldon - 11/22/2022

" First time coming in and evening was great. I will be back. I really love my doctor and hope to see her next time! Thank you! "

 Jacob - 11/21/2022

" All staff encountered were very nice and top notch!! Jake "

 Nicholas - 11/19/2022

" Always very nice and repair hearing aids quickly. "

 Robert - 11/18/2022

" Needed service on my hearing aids, lovely lady at front desk took them in and performed the service in just a couple of minutes and I was only there a couple of minutes before she had the issue resolved and I was on my way. "

 Tracy - 11/17/2022

" Dr. Dawson is the bomb!!! I love this Doctor. Staff and audiologist were wonderful. "

 Bonita - 11/17/2022

" It’s always a pleasure going for my appointments. "

 Jaide - 11/16/2022

" The X-ray tech(I cannot remember her name) did an amazing job making my anxious child calm down to get her X-rays. She got her to calm down and got the perfect shot the FIRST time! Dr. Jerels is AMAZING as well! He had my baby giggling her entire visit! We will absolutely recommend! "

 Thomas - 11/16/2022

" I've been very satisfied throughout my cancer treatment. Excellent doctors and staff. "

 Alisa - 11/15/2022

" I loved my doctor. Dr. Jerles was his name. His bedside manner is untouchable! The best doctor I’ve ever had as far as making me comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation. I will definitely go back! "

 Linda - 11/15/2022

" Always great customer service "

 Shellie - 11/15/2022

" I absolutely love and appreciate Dr. Michelle Tanner. She is very professional and caring. I would recommend her to anyone needing and ENT. "

 Michael - 11/15/2022

" Within the 4 years we have using this business this was the most pleasant experience and more helpful than any other visit. Very different and wonderful experience and very thorough explanations. "

 Elaine - 11/11/2022

" I can ALWAYS count on Dr. Griffin to AGGRESSIVELY treat my symptoms.He realizes ,I am a high risk patient and he always takes good care of me. I can not say enough good things about him. I appreciate the timely manner the office staff takes to get me in to see him,when I need to see him. "

 Tammy - 11/10/2022

" Dr. Jerles and his team are awesome. Dr. Jerles explains everything so you understand what’s going on. Follow up questions and prescription requests are handled very quickly. My husband called on a Sunday morning at 7 with questions. The doctor on call, my husband couldn’t remember his name, called within 10 minutes and was very helpful. Dr. Jerles took excellent care of me and is still providing care of me. I am thankful he is my doctor. "

 Malcolm - 11/10/2022


 Harold - 11/10/2022

" I have always gotten the best service and care there for the 40+ years I have been come to see Dr Griffin and his father before him. "

 Darlene - 11/10/2022

" Abey is a delight, she is personable, patient and truly concerned about your hearing. Goes Above and Beyond during your visit. "

 Susan - 11/09/2022

" They went above and beyond when I had issues with my Care Credit card. "

 Greg - 11/09/2022

" The AuD Resident Kayla was very professional and courteous. She explained my test results answered all of my questions. "

 Roy - 11/09/2022

" Dr Wolf is Excellent! "

 Beverly - 11/08/2022

" The two ladies who irrigated my ears were very patient and extremely nice "

 Michael - 11/08/2022

" terrific to get hassle free help with my hearing aids by the terrific gals at The Hearing Institute reception "

 Carl - 11/06/2022

" Dr. Tosi is very passionate about her patients. She is knowledgeable and patient. One size doesn’t fit every hearing loss customer. "

 Walter - 11/05/2022

" The staff and doctor were all professional and helpful. The wait time was very reasonable. Overall a very plesant visit. "

 William - 11/04/2022

" I was pleasantly surprised at my first appointment. My PPC had tried several ent practitioners nearer home, but available appointments were months waits. This visit was scheduled quickly and my experience there was excellent! "

 Chianti - 11/04/2022

" Very nice staff and Doctors "

 Kenneth - 11/03/2022

" all our medical support is Good or Very Good, but Ya'll are the Best! "

 Kharter - 10/31/2022

" Office is always clean. Everyone is always friendly. "

 Debra - 10/29/2022

" in the allergy department, Stevie Woods was very nice and professional. She explained everything very well and you should be thankful you have her working for ENT. "

 Nolan - 10/28/2022

" It's always a pleasure seeing Dr. Newman. He's been very diligent in trying to get my issues resolved. "

 Raymond - 10/28/2022

" Great facility and personnel "

 Auria - 10/28/2022

" We look forward to our appointments … my daughter loves the staff !!! "

 Dennis - 10/28/2022

" Great, fast and efficient care. Friendly doctor and staff. Dr. Holmes is a fine doctor and I'm very confident in his expertise. "

 Jorge - 10/28/2022

" Ryan and Dr. Robinson were, as usual, very pleasant and courteous. I have nothing bad to say about my experience yesterday. "

 Madison - 10/28/2022

" only doctors office I enjoy visiting. Dr. Newman always scratches an itch I can’t reach. "

 Deborah - 10/28/2022

" Very pleased with the ENT center. Dr Holmes was great snd answered all my questions. "

 Bobby - 10/28/2022

" Very pleasant. "

 Mary - 10/26/2022

" I’ve been a patient for more than 5 years. The receptionists have and continue to be top notch. Sara is beyond excellent. Thank you for caring enough to survey. It’s an indication that this group really cares about their patients and staff. Friendly, competent care is the goal. As a patient I am so grateful for your effort and I always feel good when I leave your facility! Keep up the good work and keep your team intact. I now see several specialists in different specialties. Sara is number one of all of them. She is beyond excellent. I wish we could clone her for all the groups that I see! "

 Jeremy - 10/26/2022

" The entire Central Georgia Head and Neck Surgery Center staff who assisted my family and I in several different capacities were both hospitable and offered the most superb service. My family and I are greatly appreciative and would refer the Center to anyone we may come in contact with who would benefit from their services. "

 Newton - 10/26/2022

" The office has a family feeling. "

 Kolin - 10/26/2022

" I’d like to explain to you how wonderful this place is!! My son is 3 and has had strep so my time he has become fearful of doctors. Upon arrival my son’s anxiety was extremely high and the lady’s at one of the desks noticed his concern. She gave him a little rubber duck to take his mind of if it and spoke to him very kindly. The woman that took us back for the pre operation process was absolutely fantastic!! She was able to conduct adult conversations while interacting with him on his level. His fears and anxiety completely disappeared. She told him that he was going to blow up a green balloon through a special mask and they had an entire conversation about his favorite pop cycles. Nurse Kelly came in and was sweet to him and told him the mask smells like monkey perfume and he thought it was so funny!! He was very excited to go through the door with her and there wasn’t any hesitation at all. The doctor was great as well as the anesthesiologist. Hannah was great after also!! "

 Alyssa - 10/25/2022

" Everyone at the ENT Center is awesome! Dr. Dawson and his nurses are great. "

 Faith - 10/20/2022

" Having a hearing impediment can be very frustrating and stressfull. However, it is always a pleasure interacting with the receiving staff and Dr. Buchner.. They are very professional and caring all the time! We as patients are fortunate to have such a qualified staff all the way around!! "

 David - 10/20/2022

" Dr Griffin and his staff are outstanding! Highly recommended to anyone needing an ENT in Warner Robins! "

 Christopher - 10/20/2022

" Always a great team working there. Thanks for making my appointments enjoyable. Z "

 Alea - 10/20/2022

" I truly had a wonderful experience from the beginning to end. "

 W - 10/19/2022

" I recommend DR. Dawson and his staff very well knowledge, On the patient health and well being. "

 Edward - 10/18/2022

" I appreciate the friendly and professional atmosphere provided by the staff and doctors. "

 Charles - 10/18/2022

" We Have prayed regularly since my 1st visit. I received the best care; excellent surgery; wonderful recovery process. I Will always be Thankful for Dr. Holmes & the entire Team! God Bless! "

 Steve - 10/18/2022

" Everybody was very nice and professional! My wait time was negligible and the atmosphere was clean and comfortable. "

 John - 10/16/2022

" All my questions and concerns were honestly, professionally and personally addressed. Preventative measures were taken through scheduling future visits in a timely manner that will keep my hearing concerns met. "

 Miquah - 10/15/2022

" Courteous, friendly and professional staff at the Warner Robins location! Very welcoming! "

 Tracy - 10/15/2022

" Doctor was great. Of course we have to see what course of treatment brings. "

 Elijah - 10/15/2022

" We love Dr. Dawson "

 Tandrea - 10/14/2022

" Very tentative to see about what my needs was, very friendly and helpful. Will recommend ENT to others "

 John - 10/14/2022

" Dr Jereles and everyone I dealt with are always showing me their genuine concern for my health and well-being. I recommend them to everyone I know. The ENT Center is the definition of medical professionalism in every sense of the term. "

 Gloria - 10/12/2022

" I have been a patient there for many years, and I've always received excellent, and quality care from the doctors and staff. The ENT center is the best in the business imo. Continue to keep up the good work that you're doing. "

 George - 10/12/2022

" Abi is exceptional "

 Isabella - 10/12/2022

" The staff and surgeon were absolutely amazing. Polly(I think the older nurse) was very awesome and honest. She was very helpful and attentive to my daughters needs and very thorough with the post op instructions. The women she seen before surgery (took vitals and got her ready) was a joy as well. The area where we sat during our daughters surgery was very comfortable. They took us back immediately after our daughter woke up and let us comfort her as much as possible. The surgeon gave us a call after we got home and settled to check on our daughter. 10/10. Absolutely amazing. Thank you for being GREAT! Overall I am very satisfied with our experience. Our daughters recovery is already well underway. "

 Skarlette - 10/11/2022

" Arrived at 1:40ish for my daughters 2:30 appt. Back in the car and on the way home before 2:30! I was so shocked. I’ve never been to a Drs office with such a quick turn around time. The staff was all very courteous & nice. Dr Holmes was great with my daughter. Thank you to the entire team for taking care of my baby :) "

 Selena - 10/11/2022

" I am very pleased with the short amount of time we spent there. Considering I had to get my ears cleaned out, hearing test, and a conversation with my doctor. Everyone that I interacted with was very professional & nice. I would recommend to go and try out this facility. "

 Beth - 10/11/2022

" The nurses were beyond patient trying to get my IV in. My veins are very hard to find. Took three different ladies but they kept telling me they were so sorry they were causing me pain. "

 Teresa - 10/09/2022

" Everyone was very patient and kind. "

 Wilma - 10/08/2022

" The doctor and staff were friendly and helpful. I appreciate their attitudes. "

 Adam - 10/08/2022

" As soon as I seen Dr Newman, I was smiling from ear to ear. He said thank you for coming and I said no thank you for saving my daughter life. "

 Darin - 10/08/2022

" Had hearing aids cleaned, in and out in less Than 15 minutes. Always fast! "

 Joan - 10/08/2022

" Dr Thomas Holmes was incredible-not only knowledgeable and understanding about my issue but so kind and caring!!lll "

 Cheryl - 10/08/2022

" I love Dr Jereles! He saved my son’s life a few years ago. Now I always visit him for any ENT issues I have. Dr Jereles has a wonderful way of interacting with his patients. I feel safe and secure when Dr Jereles is in charge of the care plan. "

 Una - 10/07/2022

" Best appointment I've had in a long time. Everyone took care of me in the most courteous and efficient manner. "

 Deborah - 10/07/2022

" My experience with Dr. Dawson was excellent…can’t recommend him enough! ❤️ "

 Emily - 10/07/2022

" Love Dr. Newman and the staff! It was a nice experience all around! "

 Santina - 10/07/2022

" Always a joy to see Doctor Jerles!! "

 Christel - 10/06/2022

" I love the staff. Dr. Holmes is amazing "

 Elena - 10/06/2022

" Everyone is so helpful and very nice. Answered all of my questions and explained anything I needed to know. "

 Karen - 10/06/2022

" If you use ENT of Central Georgia you won’t be disappointed. The office staff is friendly. The office appears to run like a well oiled machine. There is usually a short waiting time. The doctors are very knowledgeable . I trust my doctor (Dr. Newman) to do whatever he thinks is necessary. Karen T. "

 Angela - 10/06/2022

" Thank you for an opportunity to share feedback. It was a pleasure to meet Dr. Tanner, Sarah and Malaya each provided exceptional service. It was a better experience than I expected. "

 Thomas - 10/04/2022

" As always, everyone was very courteous and professional. "

 Gregory - 10/04/2022

" Dr. Jerles extremely nice and professional. "

 Patricia - 10/01/2022

" I did not see anyone at ENT, but I did see someone at GA Hearing. Ryan was wonderful and helpful—just like always. Elizabeth, my audiologist, was wonderful, too!! I hope they will NEVER leave GA Hearing. "

 Robert - 09/30/2022

" ALWAYS top-notch service and respect from everyone associated with The ENT Center of Central GA and The Georgia Hearing Institute. Clone everyone and spread them across the healthcare continuum. "