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Recent Reviews

 Margaret - 09/26/2023

" I personally managed several high-volume practices with multi specialties and disciplines including Medical Students on rounds. Each visit I have at this practice in Warner Robins and the practice in Macon has been a 10 +. One of the best, if not THE BEST practices per my opinion in this middle Georgia area. There are many fine physicians and practices in this area however, you edge out all of them. And coming from a prior medical administrator I feel qualified and very proud to make this judgement based on being a patient and a person that's been right in the shoes most of the employees have been. I have a new INSPIRE placed by Dr. Newman so I plan to remain a patient here for at least 10 more years. Best wishes to all of you for a job well done! My best regards, Margaret W Warren "

 Ronald - 09/23/2023

" Appreciate the care my wife and I received. "

 Shirley - 09/23/2023

" Everyone was very helpful and friendly. "

 Helen - 09/22/2023

" As always I am very proud to be a patient at this ENT practice, "

 Shaw - 09/22/2023

" Dr. Jerles and nurse were amazing in explaining the procedure and helped out putting us at ease for our son’s tongue tie. "

 Filipe - 09/22/2023

" I dealt with about 5 or 6 people during my visit and they were all extremely courteous and friendly. What an amazing staff. Makes the entire experience so much better. "

 Debra - 09/21/2023

" Highly recommend this office and especially Dr Jerles great dr great facility and staff "

 Patrick - 09/21/2023

" Dr Dawson was very nice and very helpful and informative I felt he spent the time needed to treat me and he did not make me feel rushed I would highly recommend him and his staff "

 Joan - 09/20/2023

" Dr Newman explained more about my ear problem than any other doctor I've been to and I've been seeing ENTs for 50 years. "

 Carol - 09/20/2023

" Everyone was just wonderful. Always the staff is helpful and courteous. "

 Russell - 09/20/2023

" Positive experience all the way around. "

 Deborah - 09/19/2023

" Great office, doctors and staff "

 Charles - 09/16/2023

" I appreciate Dr. Dawson seeing me earlier than my previous scheduled appointment. I didn't think it would have been good to wait too much longer to see a doctor because my condition seemed to be worsening. "

 August - 09/16/2023

" Dr. Dawson is a great doctor very nice. "

 George - 09/14/2023

" Friendly, professional staff. A pleasure to work with. "

 Kenneth - 09/14/2023

" Always courteous and minimal waiting time. "

 Darell - 09/13/2023

" Well run office. In and out quickly. "

 Albert - 09/13/2023

" Ryan Patterson is always pleasant and helpful. She re-programmed my hearing aids. "

 Glenda - 09/13/2023

" Dr Holmes and his team are awesome! They really LISTEN to you!! "

 Debrorah - 09/12/2023

" First time visit to this doctor’s office was great. Excellent customer service and friendliness from the time I entered the office until my check out "

 Henlee - 09/12/2023

" We love coming to see Dr Holmes and his staff! They are GREAT!! Dr T Holmes always answers all of our questions and he’s always so patient and kind!! I recommend anyone to him that I know who is looking for ENT "

 Corey - 09/11/2023

" Overall first time visit was a 10/10. 🌟 "

 Donna - 09/09/2023

" I was blown away by the staff and Dr. Holmes from the moment I walked in for the first time through checking out! Lots of smiles and genuine warmth emanating from several employees!! In fact at the front desk, I asked to speak with their superior to brag on these ladies. Too often, those in charge hear gripes and complaints, but we don’t take the time to offer pats on the backs. When you have an excellent experience, one can’t help but notice that a team leader or superior is responsible for that positive experience!! Sooooo, once I was back in my vehicle, called up my best friend to share that I had found a wonderful ENT, Dr. Thomas Holmes for her! We both lost the only ENT in Milledgeville due to retirement. Thankful, that we now have y’all to see from now on… "

 Joanne - 09/08/2023

" It was a very pleasant and informative visit… Well pleased! "

 Nancy - 09/08/2023

" Outstanding in all areas! Thank you!! "

 Ronald - 09/08/2023

" Very friendly staff and the doctor was very helpful and insightful great visit "

 Brian - 09/07/2023

" Your treatment was most courteous and professional ! "

 Mckenna - 09/07/2023

" Love our little girls doctor, and everyone from check I. To.check out was awesome "

 Mary - 09/07/2023

" Good visit - no complaints. "

 James - 09/06/2023

" Great Medical care "

 Connie - 09/06/2023

" Great visit! "

 Melanie - 09/06/2023

" Dr. Jerles was wonderful. Thanks so much "

 Amy - 09/01/2023

" Dr Holmes & the audiologist were outstanding! I plan on scheduling any follow-up care with this office!! "

 Robert - 09/01/2023

" Just GREAT service, did not fill rush. I Dr Jarrell was absolutely great. He made you fill relax, he made you fill like you was talking to a good friend You don’t find that in most places. Overall just great service.! "

 Roger - 08/30/2023

" Very pleased "

 Tamika - 08/30/2023

" I saw Dr. Sean Dawson and he was very patient and knowledgeable. He listened and gave great feedback! He did immediate testing and made me feel extremely comfortable. He gave the answers that helped ease my mind. Would definitely recommend! "

 Diane - 08/29/2023

" Great experience. "

 Raymond - 08/28/2023

" I was not able to see the Doctor at the time in Warner Robins; but i opt to take this appt in Macon with a PA. Everything was above my expecation. I was very satisfied with the visits and the outcome of the results. Will use the findings from the visits to stay on top of my problems with the ear infection in my right ear. "

 Sarah - 08/26/2023

" Would recommend to anyone needing ENT services. Professional, personable and thorough. "

 Ansley - 08/25/2023

" Keep up the good work!!! "

 Jasmine - 08/25/2023

" Truly amazing. I was referred here by my pcp for my ear being in pain and clogged. I came to drop off my referral and Dr. Holmes eas able to see me right then. It turned out I had and ear fungus and he had to suction my ear. Wonderful experience "

 Marissa - 08/25/2023

" Everyone was wonderful and caring. I have had procedures done at the ENT Center and felt confident and comfortable having my daughter’s procedure performed by the providers there. "

 Rickey - 08/24/2023

" Was very well pleased with the service. "

 Charles - 08/24/2023

" I had an issue with my hearing aids and the tech took care of it and I was on my way within about 10 minutes. "

 Lisa - 08/24/2023

" I have always been extremely please with my appointments. Everyone from the time I walk in to the time I leave are friendly and professional. "

 Kinsley - 08/23/2023

" Good Customer Service from start to finish- almost unheard of anymore. The office staff and providers were amazing!! People were friendly, made us feel important, took their time like they had absolutely nothing better to do than sit and talk with us, explained things so we could understand, it makes a huge difference. If more offices were as kind, inviting, and on time as this office-the world would be a better place!! 10/10 RECOMMEND (DR TANNER) "

 David - 08/22/2023

" Very professional and helpful. "

 Sharon - 08/22/2023

" It was good appointment "

 Judith - 08/20/2023

" I am a newly resident of Macon Georgia, being here only 8 months in. Sometimes when relocating to another state it is difficult to establish yourself in a community that you are not familiar with. Your need is have the right connections with churches, jobs, schools, employment and especially the right doctors to take care of your medical needs. When I develop a problem with my right ear, I can truly say the Lord blessed me when he connected me with an ENT Dr., Dr Matthew Jerles !!! He is one of the most kind, personal and professional Doctor! Also, with the loveiest humor making your visit very pleasant! I would highly recommend him !!! What a beautiful way to be welcomed here in the state of Georgia! Thank you! "

 Donna - 08/18/2023

" I went to have my hearing aids cleaned. The staff is always kind and professional. "

 Angela - 08/17/2023

" Great doctor and staff "

 David - 08/17/2023

" Always enjoy seeing Dr. Griffin and his staff. All are courteous and professional. "

 Charles - 08/17/2023

" Great service from all. Thanks "

 Marilyn - 08/16/2023

" I think other physician offices could learn a lot as to how patients should be treated and the time patients have to wait in the waiting room before being called back, and how long a patient has to wait in the examination room before seeing the doctor. "

 Steve - 08/16/2023

" I recently had an appointment with Dr. Jerels and had a great experience. Dr. Jerels was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and personable. He took the time to listen to my concerns and provided thorough explanations. I felt comfortable throughout the visit and left with a clear understanding of my condition. I highly recommend Dr. Jerels for anyone seeking an excellent ENT specialist "

 Julian - 08/16/2023

" Just wanted to send a personal THANK YOU to the nurse (did not get her name) that helped with our visit yesterday. When the doctor was talking about the upcoming procedure/surgery for my four year old twins they were a little distracting and she took them out of the room for a sticker and sucker while we finished the conversation of him explaining the process. This was so helpful and I really appreciated her just being understanding and aware that the couple of minutes she did that went a long ways for a mom! Love this office and this staff! "

 Trainisha - 08/15/2023

" My experience here was absolutely amazing, i will for surely recommend this ENT for service! Thank you Dr Dawson! "

 Vincent - 08/13/2023

" Friendly and efficient. "

 Robert - 08/11/2023

" I was extremely impressed with Dr. Tanner . All of the staff made me feel right at home. A very enjoyable doctors visit. "

 Marjorie - 08/11/2023

" Very pleased with ENT. Dr. Thomas Holmes has s an excellent doctor. He has cleared up my ear problems which I had been dealing with for several months. I would not go anywhere else "

 Janet - 08/11/2023

" Dr Jerles and his staff are so kind and caring and helpful! Dr Jerles is very concerned about his patients and you know he cares about you personally! You are not just another patient to him. He has an excellent bedside manner and you can trust his expertise when you need surgery or have office appointments. I highly recommend him for any ENT issues. "

 Vickie - 08/10/2023

" Great services "

 Catalaya - 08/10/2023

" Visit was font 8 yr old granddaughter, they were very good with her! No stress at all! Dr Holmes is great with kids.. explaining everything in detail, great care! "

 Harry - 08/10/2023

" Very friendly, good information, efficient staff. "

 James - 08/09/2023

" One of my BEST doctor's visits ever! "

 Brenda - 08/09/2023

" Sara Tosi is excellent at what she does! "

 Cara - 08/08/2023

" Have nothing negative to say! Everyone we spoke to was so polite and helpful and also I have never seen my daughter go and be comfortable with a nurse like she was yesterday going back for surgery! What an amazing team!!! Thank you so much for helping my daughter!! "

 Angela - 08/08/2023

" Just love Dr Newman, so kind. Nurses in allergy clinic were awesome too. "

 Tammy - 08/08/2023

" Dr. Jerles is an excellent doctor. "

 Lori - 08/08/2023

" Great business with wonderful staff "

 Amanda - 08/08/2023

" Dr Tanner was very helpful as well as the Audiologist that did my hearing test! I’m glad she went ahead and did the test because I probably would have never found out about the little bit of hearing loss I have that’s not normal for my age ! The staff was also very friendly and helpful ! "

 Melanie - 08/05/2023

" Dr. Correa is a professional, friendly & through physician on all counts; with a caring bedside manner. I appreciate the time that was taken by Dr. Correa & his PA they were both very geniune with all of my concerns. This was my 1st visit; & I found that everyone on staff really made me feel at ease & listened too. "

 Shirley - 08/05/2023

" Keep up the good job , thank you very much "

 Deborah - 08/04/2023

" It is a shame that all doctors offices do not operate with the way this office does. "

 Patricia - 08/04/2023

" First Visit and I was very pleased with all around visit. "

 Albert - 08/04/2023

" Both Ryan and Mykala were very courteous and helpful! "

 Charles - 08/04/2023

" Entire experience was great. Solved my problem in a professional and timely manner. All staff members and Dr were extremely courteous. "

 Wesley - 08/04/2023

" Dr. Jerles is absolutely wonderful. "

 Doreen - 08/03/2023

" Everything went well and everyone was very professional and courteous! "

 Bobby - 08/02/2023

" Great experience. "

 Jung - 08/02/2023

" How lucky we were to find You. "

 Jane - 08/01/2023

" Dr. Tosi must get terribly bored giving the same instructions to people, but you'd never know it. She is as cheerful as if she had never conducted a VNG test before. She made me very comfortable. She knows her work. "

 Michael - 07/28/2023

" Absolutely love all the doctors ! Everyone is always so nice and very patient while asking questions "

 Ann - 07/28/2023

" Everyone And Everything Great!! "

 Irene - 07/26/2023

" Dr. Alex J. Correa is very attentive and thorough. He cares about you as a patient and I would highly recommend him as a doctor. All of the staff I have encountered are professional and friendly. "

 Karen - 07/26/2023

" Dr. Cyrus and the front office staff are always very attentive and personable. It was very nice to go to my July appointment, and Dr. Cyrus remembered our conversation from March that my husband and I were going on our anniversary cruise in March/April. The first thing she asked was if we enjoyed our anniversary trip. "

 Rhonda - 07/26/2023

" Wonderful doctor and staff! "

 Charles - 07/25/2023

" Outstanding. I was able to get an appointment in a couple of days after losing significant hearing in my right ear. "

 Joseph - 07/23/2023

" Thorough & timely "

 Milton - 07/22/2023

" I have always appreciated being one of Dr. Holmes' patients. In fact, I have recommended one of my friends to visit him, and he lives over 60 miles from Macon. "

 Paula - 07/22/2023

" Love my mew ENT! "

 Bryan - 07/19/2023

" Dr. Dawson met with me for my surgical follow up. He answered all of my questions and put me at ease. "

 Carol - 07/19/2023

" Everyone at the ENT Hearing Center is always very friendly and helpful. Never have to wait more than 10-15 minutes. I always recommend ENT to anyone who is having hearing problems. "

 William - 07/19/2023

" Always receive the best of care at the ENT center ! "

 Diane - 07/19/2023

" Pleased with your office, staff and Dr. C. "

 Karen - 07/19/2023

" The appointment with PA Audrey was an emergency visit. She had a great bedside manner and really listened to my concerns. I wouldn’t have a problem with seeing her again! "

 Bobbi - 07/19/2023

" Each staff member that I interacted with was very professional, polite and very helpful. "

 Terri - 07/19/2023

" First time using this ENT practice. The staff were very professional and treated my special needs sister in law with a lot of respect and understanding. "

 George - 07/18/2023

" many times i have had immediate help with problems with hearing aids, folk are always helpful and courteous "

 Steven - 07/18/2023

" The staff is super helpful and takes the time to makes sure you are comfortable with how everything works "

 Angel - 07/14/2023

" The PA who saw me was absolutely professional and super nice! "

 Avery - 07/14/2023

" Everyone took great care of our 2 year old! Highly recommend! "

 Timothy - 07/13/2023

" Initial visit and follow up visit was excellent "

 Charles - 07/11/2023

" Audrey was exceptional in her treatment regimen.Dr. Holmes was exceptional as usual. No better care any where. "

 Taurus - 07/11/2023

" I love the ENT center for this experience with my son! Thank you guys! "

 William - 07/07/2023

" I was totally pleased with my first visit experience. Everyone was treated me great. "

 Glennie - 07/07/2023

" We just fell in love with Dr Jerles! One of the best medical experiences we have had in a long time! "

 Samuel - 07/06/2023

" The repair to my hearing aids were very efficient. Finding out they were still in warranty was even better. "

 Michael - 07/01/2023

" Dr. Holmes & the staff was amazing. Couldn’t ask for a better first visit to an ENT. "

 Joy - 07/01/2023

" I love the team of doctors that take care of my daughter. He knew exactly what he was talking about and has a lot of experience with people that has her condition. "

 Timothy - 06/30/2023

" Everyone was great and very helpful. "

 Maddox - 06/30/2023

" My 8 year old son had the surgery. The next day he told me he was so lucky to have so many good doctors and people to take care of him. That means the world to a mother to know that once they leave your side to start surgery, they are in good, loving hands. Thank you so much! "

 Armando - 06/30/2023

" We enjoyed our consultation with Dr. Jerels! He was absolutely wonderful with our ten month old and answered any questions or concerns we had. Very pleasant experience! "

 Carl - 06/30/2023

" Staff were all courteous and helpful. Dr. Dawson was great. "

 Cheryl - 06/30/2023

" Office has the most pleasant staff from check-in to check-out. Dr. Dawson is awesome. His patience with a scared nervous patient is the best I've ever experienced. "

 Tammy - 06/29/2023

" I really enjoyed the whole staff that I had the privilege meeting. Dr. Jerles was amazing, he was very respectful and took as much time answering all of my questions. "

 Rhett - 06/29/2023

" All of that staff we interacted with her wonderful! They were comforting to not only us as parents, but to my toddler who was having the procedure. Will definitely recommend! "

 Molly - 06/29/2023

" Very short waiting time before seeing Dr. Correa. Nice experience overall, and would highly recommend. "

 Evan - 06/28/2023

" Love the macon ENT center! "

 Fairy - 06/28/2023

" Thanks to everyone. First time to an ENT Center & staff made it a pleasant experience. "

 Catalaya - 06/27/2023

" Great service, office staff was wonderful. They care about their patients! "

 Myrna - 06/27/2023

" Awesome team "

 Rosetta - 06/27/2023

" ecommend the ENT center Dr Correa and his.excellent staff "

 Hope - 06/26/2023

" Dr. John Griffin removed the wax from my ears gently. Likewise scoping my nose was done with sensitive gentile precision. Thank you as both procedures can be very uncomfortable. "

 Lavonia - 06/25/2023

" I will come back to this ENT. Because everyone is so nice. And Thant I will refer a friend to there if someone ask me do I know an ENT That he are she are their family can go to "

 Howard - 06/25/2023

" Everyone was friendly and very professional. They make you feel like you are their number one priority. I highly recommend this practice. "

 Debra - 06/24/2023

" Everyone was so nice. Each person you dealt with listened to you and answered all questions. Dr. Holmes was so nice. "

 Helen - 06/24/2023

" Dr Abi was extremely pleasant and professional and genuinely caring. "

 James - 06/24/2023

" Dr. GRIFFIN is great......No monkey business, just to the point and professional "

 Charlene - 06/24/2023

" I went to the hearing aid dept and they are so nice! "

 Claude - 06/23/2023

" Got in at 0845 for a 0900 appointment. Appointment was right on time, got two sets of impressions done and was out the door at 0923. Excellent. "

 Drake - 06/23/2023

" Most wonderful group of medical professionals I have ever dealt with. We love Dr. Holmes "

 Leonard - 06/23/2023

" I had battery problems and the lady at the front desk was very helpful "

 Manual - 06/23/2023

" Professional working healthcare people. Amazing.... Thank you! "

 Valerie - 06/23/2023

" Staff and Dr. Holmes were very friendly and courteous. I highly recommend going here for your medical needs. "

 Shelia - 06/22/2023

" Dr Jerels is the best and the staff is amazing "

 Danielle - 06/22/2023

" Dr. Tanner, the nurse, the anesthesiologist, and the remaining head and neck surgical team was very soothing, patient, kind, attentive, caring, and client-friendly. They all ensured that I was relaxed, warm especially, answered all of my questions promptly, and made sure I knew my post-operative instructions. I would definitely recommend this surgical care team over any other team because I felt secured with them and satisfied with the overall aftermath of my surgery. Therefore, I can't wait for it to follow-up appointment to tell Dr. Tanner just how much of a superhero she is for the recommendation of this surgery:) Thanks so much ! "

 Armand - 06/22/2023

" All the staff are excellent. "

 Al - 06/22/2023

" 10 Thumbs up. "

 Kathleen - 06/22/2023

" So often it's difficult to run a practice on time while being friendly and answering all the patients questions and addressing their concerns. Y'all did a fabulous job balancing efficiency and compassion! "

 Richard - 06/22/2023

" 👍 "

 Christina - 06/21/2023

" This office, doctors and staff are the best. "

 Lisa - 06/20/2023

" Everyone was really nice and respectful. "

 Jill - 06/16/2023

" I am going to have a surgical procedure and I feel good about the outcome "

 Marianne - 06/16/2023

" I was very impressed with the waiting time and the doctor staff. I was amazed at how quickly I was seen. Very impressed that there was no long period of waiting to see anyone. "

 Francisco - 06/15/2023

" Have never received bad service.. Niomi always goes beyond to help. Dr. Dawson great "

 Timothy - 06/14/2023

" Great office and providers! "

 Cooper - 06/14/2023

" Dr Dawson was very helpful and almost brought me to tears when he said that he was going to help my son feel better. "

 George - 06/14/2023

" Great experience! "

 Decota - 06/14/2023

" Everyone was nice and informative and I felt my 3 year old daughter was in great care. "

 Caroline - 06/13/2023

" We have been seeing Dr. Dawson since my daughter was about 18 months old. She is now six. I would highly recommend him and his staff to anyone who would ask. "

 Jimmie - 06/11/2023

" Excellent in all respects! Wonderful, caring, and considerate doctor! "

 Markinya - 06/10/2023

" Great service was very please with the doctor and his staff "

 John - 06/10/2023

" You guys are Totally Awesomeness and this is why I make the drive to see you guys. I have been wearing hearing aids since the 1990/s and have never had the quality of hearing and professionalism that I have received from you guys. To be simply put you guys are the Best. Thanks for all you guys do and the care and quality of professionalism you maintain every single time. Whether its a phone call or a visit.. I am 100% satisfied I'm in good hands ....Thanks and God Bless "

 Shanda - 06/10/2023

" Loved everything about this office. "

 Melissa - 06/09/2023

" The experience is always helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and respectful. "

 Leighanne - 06/07/2023

" Everyone was very friendly! My wait time was nearly nonexistent! "

 William - 06/07/2023

" Dr. Tanner was amazing. She communicated very well and kept me well informed! "

 Lisa - 06/06/2023

" Awesome 👍🏾 "

 Eric - 06/06/2023

" The staff at the ENT Center was friendly and so was Dr. Holmes "

 Edwin - 06/02/2023

" Fantastic Dr and staff "

 Joan - 06/02/2023

" Excellent care from everyone. "

 Gladys - 06/02/2023

" One of my hearing aids stopped working. I am new at this and was freaking out. The technician simply cleaned it, replaced the earwax shield, and sent me on my way. She was very calming and caring to me. I am 82 years old and just got the hearing aids about three months ago. I love them. I only wish I had gotten them sooner. "

 Anthony - 06/02/2023

" This is my son 4th time seeing Dr. Griffin and it’s been a pleasant and comfortable experience. The waiting area is always clean and the front staff are very…… friendly! I was greeted as soon as I entered the door! Please keep up the excellent customer service. It makes the visit more relax full!! Thanks!! "

 Jagger - 06/01/2023

" I was very pleased with our treatment and services we received. The staff were all so nice and assuring and made me feel very comfortable with allowing my child to be treated by Dr Holmes. "

 Marcheta - 06/01/2023

" Dr. Jerle's went above and beyond to stop a nose bleed that I had had for several days. I am very grateful. "

 Stephen - 06/01/2023

" Dr Newnan and staff were absolutely amazing. Nice waiting area. Super courteous staff with little wait time. Dr Newnan was very thorough with his explanations and took extra time to make me feel comfortable with what he was saying. Sometimes things are hard to hear, but with a kind caring voice, the message can be delivered gently. Thanks to the entire staff for making me feel at ease, and for taking such good care of me. "

 Madilyn - 06/01/2023

" Very friendly staff in all areas. Wait times were minimal and the process of moving through the clinic from waiting room to hearing test to seeing the doctor was smooth. "

 Stephanie - 05/31/2023

" Dr. Tanner and her staff were very caring and answered all of my questions. They made sure to explain all that I could expect before and after surgery. "

 Cindy - 05/28/2023

" Great personal service. Did not feel rushed or incomplete. "

 Sue - 05/26/2023

" You simply could not ask for better. They are super nice and wait time was almost zero time. Care given and consideration of all my concerns were awesome. "

 Dwight - 05/26/2023

" The Best ever. I wish all doctors office was like this one.. Thanks for your care. "

 Bill - 05/26/2023

" Incredible experience "

 Angela - 05/25/2023

" I would recommend Dr. Keith Holmes, Brook, and his staff to my family and friends. They really care for you and your success overcoming whatever your are facing. My experience has been blessed and joyful and my results are proof positive. "

 Jaya - 05/25/2023

" Dr. Jerles was very personable and made us feel more comfortable. The staff were all friendly. "

 Mary - 05/24/2023

" I was so relieved to resolve my problem. I also appreciate that Dr. Holmes seems happy to do what he does. "

 Haylee - 05/24/2023

" We were in and out quickly. Thank you so much. "

 Bruce - 05/23/2023

" This clinic is proof that all the above I checked as excellent can be accomplished with a team effort. That’s what noticed about this staff most of all. Excellent job by all! "

 Tara - 05/23/2023

" Dr. Jerrles was wonderful!!! "

 Derrick - 05/22/2023

" It was a very good appt. "

 Ann - 05/20/2023

" Service And Personnel Very Friendly And Helpful! "

 Patricia - 05/19/2023

" Awesome experience at Central Georgia ENT in Warner rendered superb,attentive care. Dr.Tanner is an absolutely professional in all aspects. I am looking forward to getting my health top notch. I am certain I found the right people and place....much thanks..CG-ENT...🙂 "

 Mary - 05/19/2023

" The best experience in a medical office in a long time. Everyone was very friendly, professional & organized. Thank you! "

 Paula - 05/18/2023

" Thanks for being willing to work with my other doctors (Dr Ray And Dr Hendricks) and me. I appreciate how conservative you were with your treatment plan. "

 David - 05/16/2023

" I was exceptionally impressed with every aspect of ENT Center. "

 Dan - 05/16/2023

" Second visit with this Doctor. Professional, informative, and knowledgeable. It was a pleasure to deal with doctors that demonstrate empathy and straightforward communication "

 James - 05/14/2023

" Great experience of care. "

 Jennifer - 05/14/2023

" Great experience! "

 Janie - 05/13/2023

" No complants "

 William - 05/13/2023

" Never had a bad experience at your offices . Wait time is minimal, care is excellent. "

 Cynthia - 05/13/2023

" Dr Dawson is an excellent doctor. "

 Kingston - 05/12/2023

" Keep up the good work "

 Jitendra - 05/12/2023

" I was treated very professionally. The doctor & his team is highly qualified "

 James - 05/11/2023

" Always a pleasure to get to see Dr.Jerles. I always feel like I’ve seen an old friend. He always comments on my mustache. Herman "

 Donald - 05/11/2023

" This was my first experience with ENT and I was amazed how efficient the staff (EVERYONE) is and how attentive they are to their patients. Dr. Holmes made me feel like I was his only patient and talked me through what might have been causing my hearing loss and thoroughly explained my options for possible solutions. I went with Dr. Holmes recommended first plan and by the time I had my follow up a week later there was significant improvement in my hearing. I feel confident the ENT Center and staff saved my hearing! THANKS "

 John - 05/11/2023

" Dr Dawson and his staff are exceptionally personable and professional. My wife and I highly recommend Dr Dawson to anyone who needs an ENT specialist. "

 Harold - 05/11/2023

" My family and I have always gotten consistent excellent care over the 30+ year here and would recommend it to anyone needing an ENT "

 Joe Ann - 05/10/2023

" It was Excellent "

 Robert - 05/10/2023

" Dr jerles did an excellent job in my treatment. Took time to explain procedures and what to expect. One of the best drs I have ever seen. Very caring and professional "

 James - 05/10/2023

" This is the first time visiting a medical facility in Macon where I didn’t feel like a commodity. The staff made me feel welcome and valued. I appreciate that. "

 Bassha - 05/10/2023

" Ryan is always very courteous,she knows what we need even before we do....Our last appt was with Dr. Robinson to adjust my mothers hearing aids, she explained what she was doing and why, very impressed with visit !! Thanks, Robert Yancey "

 Betty - 05/08/2023

" Very pleasant! "

 Sandra - 05/07/2023

" great visit "

 Robert - 05/07/2023

" Hadn’t been to the ENT center for 10 years. It felt like coming home to welcoming arms!☺️Everyone was so nice. My new doctor is a very nice lady! I feel that I’m in good hands! Thanks. "

 Eddie - 05/06/2023

" Best doctor’s office I have ever visited. Courteous and professional staff. "

 Mary - 05/06/2023

" The staff was wonderful they are always very nice and helpful. Thanks for all who cares it makes us who need help grateful for the love and caring feeling! "

 Robert - 05/05/2023

" Very pleasant experience. The staff and Dr. Jerels were wonderful. "

 Teresa - 05/05/2023


 Carl - 05/05/2023

" We love the staff, They are so friendly! Dr Jerles is the BEST! "

 Brayden - 05/05/2023

" Dr. Jerles is an amazing doctor!! He takes time with the patients and parents and explains everything thoroughly. The staff was very helpful and courteous. I will always recommend him and this practice! "

 Joy - 05/05/2023

" Dr Dawson is a very kind, considerate, and excellent Doctor. Staff were friendly and helpful. "

 Rainey - 05/05/2023

" My entire experience was excellent. Clean facility, kind knowledgeable personnel and the Drs bedside manner was hands down 10/10. Highly Recommend "

 Jennifer - 05/05/2023

" Love Dr. Dawson "

 William - 05/04/2023

" Dr. Tanner was VERY good! "

 Jane - 05/04/2023

" First visit to Dr Tanner & her staff was excellent! The entire staff that I had interactions with were awesome & amazing! "

 Darlene - 05/04/2023

" Abi is delightful. Very friendly, patience, polite, knowledgeable and is willing to spend as much time with you as needed. Georgia Hearing is fortunate to have such an exceptional employee working for them. "

 Thomas - 05/03/2023

" Candace at the front desk was awsome along with Dr Jerles and staff "

 Grace - 05/02/2023

" Every one was very nice. "

 Samuel - 05/02/2023

" Having cancer was a terrible thing. Having Dr.Robert Newman as my physician was the best experience I've ever had with any doctor. The staff employed at The ENT Center is outstanding. "

 Ruby - 05/02/2023

" A very good visit "

 Alice - 05/02/2023

" Wonderful pre op nurse who kept my nerves at ease. Dr was kind and explained everything after the surgery. The post op nurse was also amazing. She was patient and very kind to us and my daughter. "

 Jack - 04/28/2023

" First time here in the Warner Robins' office and everything about this visit was great. "

 Charles - 04/28/2023

" I always receive excellent service! "

 Charles - 04/28/2023

" I was experiencing significant hearing loss and ringing in my ears and I was able to get an appointment quickly which help relieve the stress of my hearing loss. "

 John - 04/28/2023

" Very professional and efficient. Pleasant experience for sure. "

 Tammy - 04/27/2023

" Dr. Jerles, his nurse, the tech and Brandy are all awesome. Dr. Jerles has taken excellent care of me. I trust his opinion and abilities as my doctor. "

 Lewis - 04/27/2023

" The service was great and most appreciated. "

 Doris - 04/27/2023

" i love the doctor' "

 Sarai - 04/27/2023

" This doctors office was very helpful and assisted with removing ear wax from my daughters ears. I would recommend this medical office to anyone. The level of service was amazing and all the workers displayed professionalism. "

 Bobby - 04/27/2023

" Doctor talked over options very thoroughly, we agreed on the procedures to be done without having to make multiple office visits. This was the best thing about the visit. "

 Avan - 04/25/2023

" We loved Dr.Jerles . He is so good with kids. Couldn’t ask for a better doctor "

 Karter - 04/25/2023

" Awesome staff!! "

 Angela - 04/25/2023

" Dr. Tanner is always very accommodating, patient and genuinely interested in my concerns. Thank you! "

 Wanda - 04/22/2023

" Great Service "

 James - 04/21/2023

" This was my first time visiting an ENT office in my life and I am so glad it was this one! "

 Howard - 04/21/2023

" Technically I didn't see a doctor - I saw a PA, and got the same results. The service and attention was outstanding. It all started with the young lady that answered my call when I called and ask for assistance ASAP, since I'm going on a trip next week and my left ear was starting to give me trouble. She got me in to see a PA. It all started with her - everyone was professional , knowledgeable friendly and very competent. The ENT Center of Central Georgia is outstanding. "

 Darien - 04/21/2023

" Good visit - doctor and everyone else very good. "

 Garrett - 04/21/2023

" I love the Warner Robins office and Dr Jerles is the best most awesome doctor ever!!!! "

 Mae - 04/21/2023

" We love Abi. She made my mom’s first time hearing aid visit very easy. "

 William - 04/20/2023

" Elizabeth in Ga Hearing is always very friendly & knowledgeable. "

 Nyla - 04/20/2023

" I love how friendly everyone is 🩵 "

 Alex - 04/20/2023

" ENT Center of Central Ga is very professional and clean. Dr. Tanner was excellent and I am completely satisfied with my overall experience. "

 Taurus - 04/19/2023

" The entire office staff was friendly and courteous… the dr. Was kid friendly and knowledgeable. Awesome facility! "

 Ayden - 04/19/2023

" We love Dr. Correa and his staff! "

 John - 04/18/2023

" Everything about, and everyone associated with the ENT Center, is top of the line in professionalism and compassion. "

 Hoyt - 04/18/2023

" If you have to have hearing problems there is no better group of caring knowledgeable folks ! "

 Darryl - 04/14/2023

" I am well pleased with my care. "

 Steven - 04/14/2023

" Quickest appointment ever and we covered everything needed. "

 Melissa - 04/14/2023

" I’m always happy when I’ve been seen at ENT. From the moment I enter the office until I leave the experience is wonderful no matter the situation, I feel thankful. "

 John - 04/14/2023

" It was refreshing to experience quality service. Too often these days, we are made to feel like a number and herded through like cattle. Keep up the great work and high standards. Craig Palmer and Family "

 John - 04/13/2023

" Always a good visit. "

 Rachel - 04/12/2023

" I did actually recommend this office to a friend looking for an ENT. "

 Madison - 04/07/2023

" The sweet staff that did Maddie’s allergy testing with her on April 6th were fantastic with her and explained everything to her before they did anything. They sure put her and this mama at ease! "

 Marlene - 04/07/2023

" The doctors are very awesome, they really care about you as a patient. I would highly recommend this Practice. "

 Jennah - 04/07/2023

" The doctors and the nurses and the check in and check out people were so good to my daughter, you guys honestly have the best customer service skills and actually care about your patients!! Thank you guys so much! "

 George - 04/06/2023

" Everyone was mannerly to us "

 Darryl - 04/06/2023

" This was a great appointment with good care and little waisted time. Nice to be able to speak without feeling rushed with Dr. Dawson. Thanks! "

 Lawahna - 04/05/2023

" Dr. Newman, his nurse and PA were so kind and professional. I appreciate all of them so much. "

 Rizalino - 04/05/2023

" Awesome experience q "

 Anne - 04/05/2023

" Have always been very pleased with ENT and Dr. Correa and staff. Anne "

 Kyler - 04/05/2023

" Dr Dawson and his staff were excellent "

 Beau - 04/04/2023

" We love Dr. Jerles and staff!!! Best ENT ever! "

 John - 04/04/2023

" Very Professional Informative thats why I make the drive from Adel Ga I can hear better than I have in years and they actually care how you are doing "

 George - 04/04/2023

" The lady took a lot of time to help me figure out the problem with my hearing aid charger, I will return with the hearing aids as well "

 Jack - 04/02/2023

" All good! "

 Jeffrey - 04/01/2023

" Dr Dawson is the best. He is patient always answering questions there is No One I would trust more "

 Steven - 04/01/2023

" Dr. Tanners persistence saved my husband’s life. She is amazing, compassionate and incredibly tenacious ❤️ "

 Elizabeth - 03/31/2023

" Dr. Jerles is the best! "

 Cynthia - 03/31/2023

" Best service around these days !! "

 Michael - 03/31/2023

" I finally have relief after seeing Dr. Newman. Awesome Doctor. "

 Khloe - 03/30/2023

" The staff and dr was absolutely wonderful!!! My daughter absolutely love them!! "

 Jabarri - 03/30/2023

" The staff are friendly and helpful. Dr. Tanner is wonderful! She takes the time to answer questions and explain things thoroughly, especially when discussing treatment and follow up. I'm glad that we were referred to the office for care. "

 Henry - 03/29/2023

" Thank you to all the team that made this process as smooth as possible. We were treated with kindness and respect and that put us at ease. "

 Donna - 03/29/2023

" Really fast and effect service. "

 Brigitte - 03/29/2023

" Highly recommend the level of care I received. "

 Henlee - 03/25/2023

" Everyone was absolutely wonderful!! I LOVED DR HOLMES!!!! "

 David - 03/25/2023

" Kayla was vey proficient in testing my hearing. Answered all my question. Explained my diagnosis wonderfully. "

 Shirley - 03/24/2023

" Very Friendly. "

 Sharon - 03/24/2023

" I was so grateful to find a doctor who told me the truth instead of prescribing medication that does not help. I'm looking forward to my next visit! "

 James - 03/23/2023

" Dr Newman and staff excellent. Always enjoy appointments with them. "

 Deborah - 03/23/2023

" Everyone was awesome! "