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Recent Reviews

 July 9, 2020

" Had an issue with prior authorization but we got it resolved. "

 June 4, 2020

" The absolute best clinicians and staff I have EVER encountered. If you suffer from headaches/migraines and you live in the Southern United States and are NOT a patient here.... I will hope you find this review and schedule an appointment. These people perform miracles. "

 June 3, 2020

" The headache center has truly changed my life. I feel heard and understood. They care so much about my well being even outside of headaches. They understand the toll headaches take on daily life. I love the team here! "

 June 2, 2020

" Love going to this office. Everyone is genuinely kind and compassionate esp when you come in with one of those killer headaches. They know just what to do and the front office staff is super efficient. !!! "

 May 29, 2020

" You’re my heroes! Thank you for making my life more joyful! Be blessed! "

 May 10, 2020

" Incredible people that make you feel cared for and valued and that they are with you in beating migraines! "

 May 9, 2020

" I like how thorough and attentive everyone that I spoke to. I look forward to continuing my care through The Headache Center. "

 May 8, 2020

" Jessica was extremely competent and caring. She made the Botox treatment less painful! She was so kind yet knowledgeable! So pleased with my appointment! The receptionists are ALWAYS so kind and personable!! I would recommend the clinic to all migraineurs!! "

 May 7, 2020

" This clinic should be the example for all medical facilities. They are caring, efficient and provide the best care a patient could have! "

 May 7, 2020

" Everything was exceptional. All my questions were answered before I even asked. "

 May 7, 2020

" The provider I saw was extremely thorough and I left with all of my questions and concerns addressed. I never felt like I was being rushed. Everyone was so nice! The nurse in the lab was wonderful too! "

 May 6, 2020

" Laura is a fantastic nurse practitioner. She LISTENS and clearly read my chart before I came in. She asks great questions and shows genuine care and concern. "

 May 5, 2020

" I left my appointment feeling that I was finally going to get help with my headaches!!! "

 May 2, 2020

" Very knowledgeable. My husband said that we came to the right place. "

 April 28, 2020

" The headache center is a great place, always there when i need them and very good staff "

 April 23, 2020

" Exceptional Service! "

 April 23, 2020

" From the moment I walked in the door, I was treated so kindly. I am in a great amount of pain and everyone is helping me. I’m so thankful that my primary care physician referred me to The Headache Center. "

 April 22, 2020

" Everyone was so kind! I finally have a glimmer of hope on a treatment plan. "

 April 21, 2020

" Always great service "

 April 21, 2020

" Jessica is very thorough and listens attentively. She is also very In tuned to her patients needs. I plan to start bringing my daughter Here for treatment of her migraines. "

 April 17, 2020

" Always helpful, courteous, efficient and very knowledgeable. Give good advise and answer all of my questions. "

 April 16, 2020

" Service here has always exceeded my expectations!! "

 April 10, 2020

" I love the headache center. Becoming a patient at this clinic has been life changing. Laura Whittemore is very professional and understanding. Very knowledgeable in migraine therapies. I love her and recommend THC to everyone is know that suffers from migraines/headaches. "

 April 9, 2020

" Great service. "

 April 7, 2020

" I have already sent two people there and wil send more. The headache center saved help me so much. I am able to work again. "

 March 21, 2020

" Everyone in the office was awesome! They were courteous, polite, informative & helpful at every step of the appointment. "

 March 20, 2020

" My life has improved so much since coming to the Headache Center. I am very grateful! "

 March 19, 2020

" I thank you all for getting the ball rolling on getting some relief from these migraines. "

 March 19, 2020

" Best Dr visit I have ever had. I hate to be hopeful that they can find me relief after all others have let me down. But I feel like they are going to try harder and care more than the others I have seen. I have spread the word to all my migraine sufferers. Hopefully they seek out care there as well. "

 March 18, 2020

" Called and informed the Ctr. I had migraineCame in with a sudden migraine! They immediately worked me in, got me in a room and began treatment! Felt better very quickly. I am so thankful for the attentive response I received. I would and highly recommend the Headache Center! Thanks for being there Claire Spencer "

 March 17, 2020

" My caregiver was very courteous & a very good listener "

 March 17, 2020

" Everyone is always courteous and friendly. My questions are always answered and feel she really listens to me when I have concerns about the medications I am taking. "

 March 13, 2020

" Great place to go "

 March 12, 2020

" Well organized, efficiently run, patient valued practice. I think you’ll love Mississippi Headache Clinic. "

 March 5, 2020

" I love this place. The staff was friendly. They explained everything. They took really good care of me. "

 March 5, 2020

" The staff and Drs are always friendly and helpfull. "

 March 5, 2020

" Great service, wish I had came years earlier. "

 March 3, 2020

" I have been battling with insurance to approve/cover my Emgality shot but they won’t. My dr provided me with samples so that I don’t have to go with it. Emgality has been a life changer for me! "

 February 29, 2020

" Karen is wonderful. She listens to all my questions, no matter how silly they might be. She doesn't rush me in and out of the office, regardless of how many patients she might have that day. "

 February 29, 2020

" Jessica is always so helpful and takes care of all of my headache needs and concerns!! Thanks to everyone at The Headache Center!! "

 February 27, 2020

" I truly appreciate the amount of time my provider spent with me listening and concerned "

 February 22, 2020

" Everyone was very pleasant. My visits are always great . "

 February 16, 2020

" I have been dealing with migraines for awhile now and had spoken with a few doctors and got the round around. I had a problem with the doctors not listening and would walk away frustrated. i finally came to the terms that i am stuck with the headaches and just have to find a way to live with it. I was refereed to the head ache clinic by my sister in law who works at Leland medical clinic and for once i felt hopeful about the treatment plan. The doctor i spoke to was very knowledgeable and listened to my concerns. She gave me a lot of information and a treatment plan that i feel comfortable with. "

 February 7, 2020

" I am eager to try new monthly migraine shot to lessen my headaches!! Feel better to know what to do about my medicine than before. Best interpreter this time. "

 February 6, 2020

" The receptionists are FANTASTIC: courteous, friendly and efficient! You should be extremely proud of them!! The NP I saw, Laura, was extremely caring yet efficient/ knowledgeable! The clinic is calm and therapeutic for those, like me, who come in with pain. "

 February 5, 2020

" I love the headache center and the people that work there. They have helped me so much with all of my problems. They always make sure that I am comfortable and well taken care of. Every time I go in they are always very nice. Even when I call on they phone, they are very courteous and respectful. The office is well taken care of and very nice. This is the best place to go if you have migraine or other neurological issues. "

 February 4, 2020

" Everyone was so friendly and helpful. The waiting room was so inviting and relaxing as well! I’m so glad I made an appointment with y‘all! "

 February 2, 2020

" I was very satisfied with the quality of service at my first appointment at The Headache Center. Everyone was genuinely interested in helping to find a solution to my headaches, especially Laura, my FNP-BC. THANKS !!! "

 January 30, 2020

" Wow every single person that I spoke to there was professional, kind, and understanding! A very good experience! Even the medical assistants Katelyn and Dewey Were calm and focused when it came time to do my injection I was very impressed "

 January 28, 2020

" i highly recommend the Headache Center to anyone with bad headaches or migraines. I take a shot once a month, a capsule nightly as a preventive. Thanks to this Center for all you do for me !!! "

 January 28, 2020

" It was a very good visit, thank you all. "

 January 25, 2020

" Always super friendly and great atmosphere "

 January 24, 2020

" As always, everyone is so courteous and helpful. I enjoy coming there. It is a very pleasant experience. Jessica is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. "

 January 21, 2020

" My provider and I decided in a new course of treatment and she provided me with samples. That was so helpful. "

 January 21, 2020

" In and out very quickly on Monday. Thanks! Jack "

 January 9, 2020

" They made an appointment for me the day of. When I Arrived I was seen immediately because of the pain I was young. The doctor went above and beyond to make sure that my needs were met. She asked a lot of question and voiced her Opinion on my next step that needed to be taken. "

 January 9, 2020

" It is good to find medical help that is interested in your health "

 January 8, 2020

" Jennifer on the phone got us in and made me feel like my pain was her priority. I felt like she genuinely cared. This was the overall theme of my entire visit. I felt heard and understood . "

 December 31, 2019

" I love this place. They will help anyway they can. "

 December 19, 2019

" Friendly and caring workers. "

 December 17, 2019

" Everyone is always friendly and encouraging. Care provider listens intently to anything I say and answers questions in a way that I totally understand. I never feel I am rushed through an appointment either. I leave their office feeling better than when I came in. "

 December 17, 2019

" Excellent. My NP is wonderful and caring. "

 December 8, 2019

" I really enjoy everyone there "

 November 27, 2019

" This place is the best! My migraines are now controllable, and they are not as severe! "

 November 23, 2019

" Amazing staff and clinic!! "

 November 16, 2019

" I love Melissa Atkins, Casey( I forget her last Name but she works with M. Atkins.. The front desk ladies that’s there in the Morning are Awesome.. It’s a another young blonde Girl that’s there but she has a sweet kind spirit about her as well.. She was sitting by the printer,I didn’t get her name tho.. but the experience with The headache Center is Amazing but the headache is still here but Y’all makes them leave when I’m there... Thanks A million.. "

 November 12, 2019

" Excellent care by well-trained caring professionals. Y’all should be the model for all medical offices! "

 November 8, 2019

" Everyone there is always very professional. "

 October 31, 2019

" I am so pleased with everyone at the headache clinic. they are so kind and caring I went for my treatment yesterday and i had a headache and the Dr immediately said lets take care of it!! they are amazing!!! thank you for all do for your patients!! "

 October 31, 2019

" I was seen right away which is great. I also work so I was able to get to work on time. Jessica is very efficient and knowledgeable. She explained some things to me so that was especially helpful. I enjoyed my visit! "

 October 26, 2019

" Everyone is always super nice and they get you in and out quickly but you still feel like your getting excellent care and attention! "

 October 16, 2019

" Exceptional service. "

 October 15, 2019

" N-A "

 October 13, 2019

" Other than clinic being cold my experience was wonderful!!! I also haven't had a h/a in past two days. That is incredible!!! First time in 30 years that I can remember!!! Thank you so much for your help!!! God bless you!!! "

 October 10, 2019

" I love the staff at the headache center. They are very knowledgable. "

 October 5, 2019

" Been dealing with headaches non stop for close to 3 weeks and how in my first visit helps me knock the pain as well as to work on preventing the headache to come back. Today I feel so much like myself then I had in a good while. A big thank you to the Dr and staff who made that happened. "

 September 25, 2019

" I feel like I have an appropriate treatment plan in place. All questions were answered and I had a great experience "

 September 18, 2019

" The nurse and doctor was so helpful and concern about my headache pain and my blood pressure being so high. They took the necessary precautions and actions to get it stable. "

 September 14, 2019

" I like seeing Karen , she really showed concern and care to Help me with my horrible headaches! Girls up front are great !! Im so glad I found the Headache Center ! Michelle B "

 September 11, 2019

" The receptionist noticed it was my birthday and was very sweet about it! Loved my nurse, Lauren. Very pleased i came there. "

 September 11, 2019

" Best headache medical center. "

 September 10, 2019

" Yes, everything and everyone was perfect no complaints from me and I'm looking forward to my next visit. And, also I have you guys called my prescription in to Walmart Neighborhood Market in Starkville,Ms 39759 "

 August 30, 2019

" Melissa Atkins, spoke Well and explained everything, she made me feel comfortable and I do Thna her for that.. Casey was very nice as well, she had a nice smile, explained everything about the bloodworks along with Karen and sorry I don’t know her last name but she did the physical for me but she was nice as well.. Shw did the blood drawing but she was gentle.. Thnks Ladies... "

 August 30, 2019

" Kim was an outstanding nurse! And Mrs. Laura was an awesome doctor! I’m so glad I was referred to such an awesome clinic! Thanks everyone so much! "

 August 29, 2019

" As always, a great experience at this clinic! Very caring staff!! "

 August 29, 2019

" The Headache Center is amazing. I am finally able to manage my headaches. The staff at the Headache Center is awesome! Always helpful, informative, and courteous. I love these people!!! "

 August 27, 2019

" The Headache Center is the best and always take great care of me and my healthcare needs. "

 August 24, 2019

" For the first time in years I actually felt like I have found a doctor who has taken the time to listen to the problem and try and fix it properly. Love the staff, very kind people, caring for their patients needs . "

 August 23, 2019

" Love my care I get at The Headache Center. I recommend your service all the time!! "

 August 22, 2019

" Best medical facility in the State! Not only are my debilitating migraines almost non-existent, they provide caring and exceptional medical treatment unlike few others. I highly recommend a visit! "

 August 19, 2019

" Only complaint but I understand they had things happen out of their control... appointment was at 9:30. Didn’t get called back until 11:45-12. Made the appointment early so I could drive back an hour to get my kids. I will still recommend to anyone "

 August 14, 2019

" I have always had a great experience at this clinic. I never have to wait more than a few minutes and everyone is courteous, friendly and supportive. All my questions are answered and am never rushed when talking to anyone. "

 August 13, 2019

" I received way too many reminders after having confirmed my appointment. That is the only negative thing I have to say. 3 emails, 2 texts, and about 5 voicemails on my landline. "

 August 2, 2019

" Jessica was very thorough/smart— so much kindness and care from all of the staff! It is also a very soothing place for people with migraines— IF you even have to wait, you can relax in a comfortable, dark room with a soft pillow and fuzzy blanket. So nice! "

 August 1, 2019

" The Best Dr Visit In Long Time! "

 July 31, 2019

" Within a two hr appt appointment a diagnosis of a CSF leak was given. A blood patch scheduled which will confirm the diagnosis. Something that over a year and more than 6 months at a previous specialist could not solve. "

 July 30, 2019

" Everyone was courteous and professional! They were very thorough and answered all my questions. Will definitely recommend! "

 July 27, 2019

" My NP is AWESOME! Extremely thorough and extremely nice. "

 July 25, 2019

" Thanks so much for helping me "

 July 24, 2019

" Great knowledgeable staff, nurses and nurse practitioners. "

 July 18, 2019

" I feel good being there and leaving without being rushed. Felt like I could take my time to ask questions and finish them. "

 July 17, 2019

" After my visit I was sat down with another lady who explained everything but she didn’t pay attention to what was on the paper and gave me wrong instructions until I pointed out what was actually written down. I became confused with it all and ended up calling the nurse that afternoon and she helped me get it straightened out. "

 July 10, 2019

" Laura is awesome! "

 July 9, 2019

" The staff and care providers at The Head Ache Center have been the most helpful from the first time I walked in until yesterday with my follow-up check-up. They know me by name and when I walk in and call me by name. I am greeted and treated as if I am the only one there. The care providers take special care to treat my needs and ask questions, but more importantly, listen to any concerns. I leave knowing, I can refer back to them anytime and be in good hands. Jan Muse "

 July 2, 2019

" Everyone was so nice! "

 June 27, 2019

" So thankful to have a place to go to that understands!! They just simply understand! They offer help, advice, and a maintenance regimen that is working for me. I’m so very thankful !! "

 June 27, 2019

" I’ve been a patient since August of 2019 and each visit has been exceptional from the waiting area to the receptionist and the personal time and care from the nurse and doctor. The Headache Center is a Gem Stone and I’m blessed to have found it! "

 June 27, 2019

" Awesome visit! Staff was very helpful and understanding. "

 June 25, 2019

" I miss Brittany but I really Jessica and I think that I will be happy with her!! I wish regular appointments could be spaced further apart than 3 months. "

 June 14, 2019

" I feel like I have answers and a plan! "

 June 13, 2019

" The staff at the headache center is awesome and always take excellent care of me. ���� "

 June 1, 2019

" The only thing I would mention is that I recieved FOUR contacts asking me to confirm my appointment -- two by text and two through email. That's a little excessive! :D . Otherwise, everything is great, as usual. "

 May 31, 2019

" This is by far the most caring and efficient medical clinic in our State! Everyone from receptionist to medical crew puts the patient first! Other clinics should copy their lead! "

 May 24, 2019

" I have said this before, the water fountains in the waiting room are so annoying. The chairs aren't exactly comfortable either. "

 May 17, 2019

" You made sure I have interpreter. That’s great. "

 May 16, 2019

" I absolutely love all the Drs and staff!! The headache center has changed my life!! I've suffered with migraines since I was 5 and I've now been migraine free for over 50 day!! I can't thank them enough!! "

 May 15, 2019

" Top notch facility. I feel nothing but optimistic about my care here! "

 May 14, 2019

" I received multiple texts and emails even though I had already confirmed my appointment. I would prefer to just receive 1 text. That was just a little bit of an annoyance. Still, overall excellent care at The Headache Center. "

 May 8, 2019

" Everyone is always polite, courteous and friendly; plus, if I have questions they take the time to answer. "

 May 7, 2019

" Enjoyed my visit! "

 April 26, 2019

" Great customer service and the staff answered all of my questions. They even took a further step in assisting me with prescriptions at different pharmacies! "

 April 20, 2019

" Great place!! "

 April 18, 2019

" I would like the service better if the same providers were there. I miss Brittany! "

 April 17, 2019

" I feel the provider listened to me and paid attention to all my questions and concerns. She seemed to truly understand headaches and is willing to get to the bottom of your problem.❤️ "

 April 13, 2019

" Laura is awesome "

 April 12, 2019

" The staff were great "

 April 12, 2019

" Everyone was so wonderful and nice I would recommend anyone that is having headache this is the place to come. "

 April 11, 2019

" Wonderful service and the Dr was great and really listened and cared! "

 April 11, 2019

" I was very pleased. Everyone was great. "

 April 10, 2019

" Very good experience. Dr Lowery really seemed anxious to help me . Very informative and encouraging. "

 April 5, 2019

" They were so caring about my situation. I haven't experienced that type of physician visit in years. They took the time to listen and answer all of my concerns "

 April 4, 2019

" Love this clinic!! "

 April 3, 2019

" I love everyone there! "

 March 30, 2019

" I left here with more hope and information that I have anywhere in the past 2 years. Thank you!! "

 March 29, 2019

" I love how all of the staff genuinely cared about my condition and getting me the best treatment and care possible. They didn’t rush me in and out as most physicians do. They were patient and really listened to what I had to say. "

 March 27, 2019

" The ladies that took care of me during my visit were very empathetic and understanding. They listened and my appointment was not rushed. The NP listened to everything I had to say, as well as gave me a thorough examination. She made out a treatment plan to bring me a better quality of life and was very helpful with advice. "

 March 21, 2019

" My experience was outstanding!!!!!! From the receptionist to the doctor; everyone was very nice and professional. "

 March 7, 2019

" The entire medical staff is dedicated to their patients. From the moment you arrive the very atmosphere is soothing and you are greeted by professional, caring front desk staff. Everyone involved in patient care demonstrates a true care for patient well-being. It is absolutely the best medical office in the state. My migraines are down to one or two a month thanks to the miracle drug Amovig. Life-changing! "

 March 1, 2019

" Love everyone there. They are all so friendly, helpful, and upbeat. "

 March 1, 2019

" LOVE THEM!!! "

 March 1, 2019

" Always friendly & helpful at HC. Greatest experience in migraine treatment in 23+ years of dealing with this bad head�� "

 February 26, 2019

" Best place ever �� "

 February 20, 2019

" Best staff ever "

 February 13, 2019

" I have recommended the headache center to family and friends for all the help they have given me with my long-standing history with migraines. I thought it was something I had to live with, but they helped me realize that I didn’t. "

 February 8, 2019

" THC’s loss of Becca Adams is very noticeable. "

 February 7, 2019

" Only problem I had was not getting to see Christina I am a creature if habit and change does not work well with me. "

 February 2, 2019

" Everything was well explained I think we're on the right path "

 January 31, 2019

" This was my initial visit to The Headache Center and I was very pleased. Hoping future visits and treatment continue to be positive. "

 January 26, 2019

" They are quick. All the staff goes above and beyond to make sure I am taken care of. My nurse practitioner listens to my needs and we work together to find a migraine relief plan that works for me. It is so helpful that they open at 7:30 a.m. I can get in and out before work. They even work with you if you don’t have insurance. I highly recommend The Headache Center. "

 January 16, 2019

" Entire staff is very friendly and very professional. I am always greeted with a smile and treated with respect. "

 January 12, 2019

" Brittany is awesome! "

 January 9, 2019

" GREAT!! "

 January 9, 2019

" Everyone is always very personable and answers all my questions and concerns. "

 January 8, 2019

" It was extremely refreshing to have someone truly care about helping me feel better. "

 January 4, 2019

" Wait time is a little excessive "

 January 4, 2019

" I was very impressed with this place. Everyone was very nice. "

 December 19, 2018

" Always courteous and nice "

 December 15, 2018

" I’ve never left an appointment feeling as genuinely understood and cared for by my health care provider. Thank you! "

 December 14, 2018

" Excellent service and staff. "

 December 13, 2018

" I love Christina. I just wish I could see her and only her every time I have an appointment. "

 December 13, 2018

" I absolutely love this place! "

 December 13, 2018


 December 12, 2018

" The headache center has given me a life. I was in so much pain before I started going and now I am living life. "

 December 11, 2018

" All staff were professional and very courteous! The information given was insightful! I am thankful I found this clinic. "

 December 9, 2018

" I love the headache Center and staff. They are awesome and rock�� "

 December 8, 2018

" The receptionist team are beyond excellent!! They are efficient and very friendly and courteous! Patients are made to feel welcomed even if they are busy. The care team are also excellent!! They know you by name. They work with you to establish a care plan. I feel like they truly have a desire to help me toward my goal of as many pain free days as possible!! I feel like we are a team working toward that goal!!! This clinic is truly wonderful!!!! "

 December 6, 2018

" All of the professionals I spoke to were nice and informative. I loved my experience. "

 November 29, 2018

" The staff at the Headache Center are great. I highly recommend them for all your headache needs. "

 November 14, 2018

" I have recommended THC to others. "

 November 13, 2018

" The care I receive each time just keeps getting better. I had an awful migraine for going on three days with very little relief. They took me in and cared for me even though my appointment was later on in the day. You just don’t get that kind of care just anywhere! "

 November 13, 2018

" Excellent first impression and visit. I've been to many centers that really do not understand cluster headaches,,,,, Your staff absolutely knows their stuff and I am very pleased,,,,,, Hope I do not have to use them too much,,,, but good to have someone local with clear knowledge. "

 November 13, 2018

" Thank you for always taking good care of me and for actually helping me with my migraines! You all have made such a difference and I am so very thankful!! "

 November 8, 2018

" I'm very satisfied with my care from my provider "

 November 1, 2018

" This staff is highly knowledgeable, attentive, friendly, and caring. I have never received better care for my headaches. It is well worth the long distance drive if you aren't in close proximity. I actually feel heard and cared for after eight years of dealing with this problem. I am so grateful to have found them!! "

 October 18, 2018

" They were very friendly and nice. "

 October 12, 2018

" Everything was GREAT!!!! "

 October 10, 2018

" Just wish y’all would make it clear to people in the waiting room/area that this is a medical office that deals with people that have headaches and migraines and they need to turn cell phone on silent and volumes down. Take and make calls out side. I know this has nothing to do with your staff. Just need to give the receptionist power to tell them to leave area or turn phone noise off. "

 October 10, 2018

" All of the staff are always pleasant & helpful "

 October 3, 2018

" Because of Becca and her wonderful staff, I have gotten my life back. THANK YOU. They are the most compassionate caring group of ladies. I recommend them to everyone that suffers through life due to migraines. If you have been thinking about making an appointment, just do it you will not be sorry. "

 September 28, 2018

" From the moment I called and talked to Kate who scheduled my appointment, to seeing Kim and Ankita Daya, I was met with extraordinary care, professional service, and caring beyond description. And because I had a migraine coming on when I arrived, I left afterward with no migraine and a prevention and treatment plan in place that I am excited about. I have not been this optimist about migraine treatment and relief in decades! Thank you. "

 September 25, 2018

" Everyone in the clinic is very helpful, compassionate and professional. I would not consider going to anyone else. "

 September 19, 2018

" Love the ladies "

 September 18, 2018

" I love the headache center and staff. They take good care of me and makes you feel like family. "

 September 14, 2018

" As always, I felt my care was excellent and very personal! My NP and I share my goals and I feel we work together for my good!! I am truly thankful for this clinic and it’s staff!!! "

 September 14, 2018

" Becca is amazing! She’s very professional, knowledgeable and personable. Also Amanda is always very helpful and very sweet! Love them and recommend them all the time! "

 September 12, 2018

" The staff was so understanding and very very helpful. They were patient with listening to my worries as a new migraine sufferer. They answered all of my questions and more. "

 September 5, 2018

" I have a lot of information to work with on a diet plan to try and help decrease my migraines. I was not trying to lay off of caffeine, chocolate, Chinese, various other styles of food that are supper triggers. I am willing to do my part and get more serious. I also think the shot will be a God send for me and a lot of others. I have learned a lot in my 4 visits there for sure. "

 September 3, 2018

" Each time I visit the Headache Center, I am floored with gratitude due to the overwhelming compassion, thoroughness, professionalism, expertise, and proactiveness that I encounter with every member of the team. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to receive treatment at this center and will always speak highly of this place! The Headache Center is giving people their lives back! "

 September 1, 2018

" She is a GREAT DOCTOR "

 August 31, 2018

" Staff was friendly and courteous. Did not have to sit in waiting room long. They were on time. Care was excellent. "

 August 31, 2018

" All of the staff at The Headache Center always provides the very best care. "

 August 30, 2018

" I rarely click excellent on any survey, but The Headache Center was just that. From the waiting room, exam room and to the staff, everything was catered to my needs. "

 August 24, 2018


 August 22, 2018

" I really like the headache center. They are really helpful and will work with you. One thing us migraines sufferers have to realize is it is not an overnight journey. It takes time. "

 August 18, 2018

" It was my first visit and of course I was a little bit nervous but they were very kind informed and positive for a good outcome Thank you all so much. "

 August 17, 2018

" My nurse practitioner is excellent. I feel that she remembers me from visit to visit and takes good care of me and wants to help me with my headaches. "

 August 17, 2018

" Becca is absolutely precious! She has helped me so much. Everyone at The Headache Center is wonderful. It’s not just a doctors office. They are very much like a part of my family. "

 August 16, 2018

" I always recommend the Headache Center to anyone who is suffering from headaches. Rebecca is is the best! "

 August 12, 2018

" I can see hope, a light at the end of the tunnel for my headaches! "

 August 4, 2018

" Everyone was awesome! Beginning at the front desk!!! Awesome staff!! "

 August 2, 2018

" All of the staff I encountered were extremely friendly! "

 July 27, 2018

" They were very nice and the layout was calming. "

 July 25, 2018

" Great Place!!! Great people to work with!! "

 July 24, 2018

" Everyone was very professional and courteous "

 July 24, 2018

" A1 "

 July 23, 2018

" They are really great about working with me to find the best solution to my migraine puzzle, and they are always on the cutting edge of all the latest medical breakthroughs and treatments. They work within my budget and treat me with kindness and compassion. I couldn't ask for a better team of doctors for my chronic pain management. "

 July 22, 2018

" I was very impressed with The Headache Center. I have felt overwhelmed by my headaches for so long and now I finally feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel! "

 July 21, 2018

" To be honest, I was not expecting much help from visiting the headache clinic after suffering with migraines for so many years. I have been over the moon delighted with the help I received, and it has only been one week since my first visit. In the past week I suffered two migraine episodes, and the medicine I was given zapped both episodes completely!!! I have already been raving about the help you provided and am SO glad I found my way to your clinic. Thank you SO much for being there! Wish I had found you sooner!! "

 July 18, 2018

" I love how involved the entire team seems to be in my treatment. I was very impressed with how thorough the staff was in their assessment of my problem and how detailed they were in how to prevent and treat. "

 July 11, 2018

" I have been going through a lot of personal issues and my husband some health issues. My Dr took time and listened to me and was very informative and helpful with my questions and concerns! "

 July 11, 2018

" So understanding and empathetic. Great listening, positive attitude. I love this practice! And they have great water to keep us hydrated! "

 July 7, 2018

" Everyone was professional, kind, and very helpful. "

 July 5, 2018

" I've had a lot of difficulty with getting GPs and even specialists to pay attention to my symptoms or even fully explain my condition to me, to the point where I felt like I was being told that constant headaches were supposed to be a normal part of my life. The NP at the Headache Center didn't rush me or ignore symptoms, and she explained several parts of my diagnoses that no other doctor had before. I'm glad to be switching to a newer treatment that is specific to migraines, and that doesn't have the side effects of the old one. Would certainly recommend for anyone struggling with headaches or migraines. "

 July 5, 2018

" I am so thankful for the care I receive here! My doctor identified my problem, gave me medicine to help, and it actually works!! Before I came I was losing my mind dealing with constant headaches that medicine didn’t help! "

 June 29, 2018

" I appreciate all the care and concern I have received from the Headache Center. My symptoms have improved so much since I have been going. I have told all my friends about your services. "

 June 26, 2018

" I was impressed the first time I walked in. I was greeted, information was taken and wait time was short. The waiting area is clean, quite and comfortable. Each experience is pleasant, as the staff now knows me and is so friendly. Everyone is helpful from the time you enter, until you leave. "

 June 23, 2018

" Great place, life changing. "

 June 22, 2018

" Becca is amazing! And Amanda is just the absolute best!! Would very, very highly recommend them to everyone!!! "

 June 21, 2018

" I loved my experience at The Headache Center. I have already recommended them to a friend of mine! "

 June 20, 2018

" The best Clinic and Service I have ever had !!!!!! Thanks so much for the help. "

 June 19, 2018

" Everyone there is really friendly. I feel like they care about me. "

 June 15, 2018

" I felt the provider knew about migraines, and she developed her plan. She was confident in the plan that she developed. The provider explain the plan and the medication uses well. I like the fact that educational material was given during the visit. The provider had a great bedside manner I haven't experienced that in a longtime. The nurse explain the medication and uses well. I enjoyed the visit and feel I will be getting better for the first time in a long a time. "

 June 11, 2018

" Rebeca Adams is very thorough and I highly recommend her. "

 June 8, 2018

" Since attending the headache center, my headaches have lessen tremendously! almost to none a month. When I first started going I was probably averaging 10 or more headaches a month. "

 June 8, 2018

" New treatment for chronic migraines was offered and explained to me. She also demonstrated self-injection procedure. "

 June 8, 2018

" I'm so blessed to have found such caring Dr's everyone here is so kind and helpful!!! "

 June 8, 2018

" Everyone was wonderful and helpful. Very nice, sweet staff. "

 June 7, 2018

" I’m so relieved I’m finally feeling understood about my type of headache condition. I’m also finally getting relief after years and years of consistent pain. I’m so glad I was referred here. "

 June 7, 2018


 June 7, 2018

" Brittany was very thorough in explaining the new medication and even gave a demonstration of it’s administration. I was very pleased and felt confident I could administer the drug at home successfully. "

 June 4, 2018

" Becca has definitely changed my life in that she gave me answers I have been looking for for over 10 years. And its all because she is unwilling to give up. She really is a patient advocate. "

 June 3, 2018

" My entire visit was great from check in to check out. All of the staff was so friendly! I felt like my concerns were heard, everyone was patient and took time to listen and explain everything to me, and I was not rushed or left waiting. That perfect balance is so hard to find! "

 June 1, 2018


 May 26, 2018

" All of the staff were very nice and caring. "

 May 25, 2018

" The staff was very friendly,The Dr was very concerned n listen ,very professional,I am glad that I went to the right place,I drove 45 miles. but it was worth it,n will be going back,I got help with my MIGRAINE. "

 May 25, 2018

" I love the staff and would recommend anyone to go there!!!! "

 May 23, 2018

" I was very impressed with the Headache Center and I will be back. Everyone was so pleasant. "

 May 22, 2018

" Having suffered with chronic migraine for 23 years, I have been treated my 15+ neurologists and specialists who have often said "this is just something you're going to have to live with." The team of specialists at the Headache Center has given me options when determining the next course of action and provided the latest information regarding advances in medications and treatment. Finally, I feel as if I am with a provider who is not willing to let me just live with the pain. The level of professionalism of this group is extremely impressive and I always recommend the Headache Center to fellow headache patients! Laurie Myatt "

 May 18, 2018

" I’ve treated for chronic migraines with more than one good doctor, including a neurologist. By far, the professionals at The Headache Center have been the best—especially when it comes to tailoring treatments to my particular symptomatology. But that isn’t just my opinion; it’s objectively verified based on less dehabilitating headaches and fewer migraine days overall. "

 May 15, 2018

" Everyone was extremely nice, place was beautiful. "

 May 12, 2018

" Very good doctor really listen to u "

 May 11, 2018

" I finally have a name for my type of migraines. It is also a relief knowing I have the power to prevent and fight against them. "

 May 11, 2018

" All around great service, knowledgeable staff. "

 May 8, 2018

" Absolutely love my doctor Rebecca Adams. Extremely helpful! "

 May 5, 2018

" Always treated well there "

 May 3, 2018

" This has been a life changing experience for me "

 April 24, 2018

" We love Becca (Rebecca Smith-Adams)! Everyone is so nice and they love on my little one! "

 April 12, 2018

" The scheme of the waiting room area is very inviting and soothing while waiting. The personnel are courteous & friendly. The care provider sat down and answered all of my questions and concerns about taking the medication long term. "

 April 10, 2018

" Great experience!! I don’t know why I waited so long to make an appointment with you. I’ve already recommended you. "

 April 6, 2018

" So blessed to have found The Headache Center. All the employees are so nice and helpful. Thankful to have a group of dedicated professionals who really care about their patients and want to help them improve their functioning in life. "

 April 4, 2018

" Great service "

 April 4, 2018

" I have always been completely satisfied with my care. Everyone is willing to listen to you and makes every effort to help in any way possible. I am so grateful that I found you. Thank you. "

 April 3, 2018

" Awesome place!! "

 April 1, 2018

" I love The Headache Center. They are the only place I would go for my migraine treatment. The facility is so quiet and comforting. All the staff are knowledgeable, personable and have genuine care and concern for their patients. They listen to me and give me a written review of my visit so nothing falls between the cracks. I get automated appointment reminders that are helpful as well. I can’t recommend this provider enough. "

 March 23, 2018

" Love, love LOVE all these wonderful women! "

 March 15, 2018

" I definitely appreciated the dim lighting and low levels of noise when I walked in with a headache. The seating is comfy and I loved that they had a water pitcher out bc I forgot my water bottle in the car. I also forgot my checkbook in the car and they trusted me to run downstairs and grab it and come back to pay my bill afterward. Ankita is so kind and caring too. I was very impressed with her compassion, her ability to listen to me, and her knowledge on migraines. She believed me. She didn’t act like I was making it up so many people do for those of us with migraines. I’ve recommended her to a lot of my friends! "

 March 9, 2018


 March 3, 2018

" I highly recommend The Headache Center. "

 February 23, 2018

" The very best doctors appointment I've had in a long time everybody was very courteous and very helpful "

 February 20, 2018

" The Nurse Practitioner I’ve seen the last couple of times is just wonderful. (She’s extremely gentle with nerve blocks!!) I would recommend the Headache Center to anyone dealing with migraine. Having seen about 17 neurologists in the 22+ years of suffering with chronic migraine, I’ve found the providers at the Headache Center more aggressive in treatment and offering options than any others. Laurie "

 February 19, 2018

" Becca is great! "

 February 4, 2018

" Thank you for always taking care of me. "

 February 1, 2018

" I truly felt like they cared about me and want to help me feel better!! "

 January 16, 2018

" All the nurses and the receptionist are very personable and are really interactive with me each time I am there. "

 January 16, 2018

" I'm so thankful for this place ! I have been given a quality of life back, that's been missing for a very long time. I have spread the word and continue to tell others about The Headache Center. "

 December 29, 2017

" All of the employees are very professional and helpful. I have had appointments with different care providers there and have been pleased with their services. They have tried different medications and treatment regimens and we are learning which ones are the most helpful with my migraines. I have learned that there is no one magic medication that helps everyone and it sometimes takes trial and error to find the best treatment for each individual. The care givers at The Headache Center have the professional knowledge and expertise to help their patients finally get relief and help with their migraines. "

 December 21, 2017

" I receive excellent, professional services from each staff member consistently each visit. "

 December 1, 2017

" Treatment there has been life changing! "

 November 22, 2017

" Becca and Amanda are amazing! "

 October 25, 2017

" A+++++ "

 October 21, 2017

" I love the attention to detail and all the questions that the nurse and the nurse practitioner asked - very thorough! I've been struggling with headaches and nausea for a long long time and had given up hope for any relief. I feel like the staff there will figure out what is going on with me and how to treat it. "

 October 17, 2017

" Thank you for your help with my sons migraines. Praying this plan works well for him. Many blessings to all of you. "

 October 11, 2017

" Since the month that I have been going my headaches have gone from a pain level of 10 down to about a 5. Some days are better than others and I know we are still working out my medication for the best relief! "

 October 11, 2017

" I love the Staff at the Headache center.They treat you like family and I always look forward to going to my appointment. "

 October 5, 2017

" Love the new educational videos on Migraine! "

 September 28, 2017

" After suffering for 30 years with migraines, I'm finally getting relief. Thank you! "

 September 22, 2017


 September 22, 2017

" Everyone is very friendly and helpful. In and out with no wait time. Would definitely recommend to friends and relatives. "

 September 14, 2017

" After suffering with migraines and constant dizziness for several years, I finally found a great doctor who has helped to resolve those issues. Thank you, Dr. Adams! "

 September 9, 2017

" Everyone is always helpful when I call and when I visit! I trust them and feel comfortable asking them questions and they do not mind working with me! I have recommended others to this clinic, and they have responded well also! Thanks! "

 September 4, 2017

" My experiences at The Headache Center have been blessings. Every single person there genuinely cares and that can be a rare thing at many other practices. As a cluster headache sufferer, I can honestly say that they ALL have made my life with this Beast easier to bear and have enriched my life by giving me the best care and treatment possible. I truly do not know where I'd be without them and their support. They go above and beyond to help me, to lift me up, and to provide me with the most up-to-date information and treatment options available. I just cannot say enough positive things or express my gratitude enough for each and every individual at The Headache Center. If I overhear strangers talk about headache issues, I butt in and tell them for the best care and treatment they need to go to The Headache Center and I give them a card as I pick up more on each visit so that I can try to help others receive the same level of care which I have received there. Christina Treppendahl is my hero and I thank God that He has put her and her staff in my life as I struggle daily with this excruciatingly painful and unrelenting headache condition. The special people in that practice treat me not just as numbered patient but as a person they honestly care about. "

 August 29, 2017

" Always feel the entire staff is concerned about me and my care! "

 August 25, 2017

" The Headache Center has been life changing for me. I almost have a normal life again and even though it is an on going process, the changes have been more than I could ever hope for. Thank you guys so much "

 August 23, 2017

" I love Becca and all the nurses and staff at the Headache Center. Because of them, I look forward to everyday and not having migraines as priority A. "

 August 22, 2017

" Best facility I've ever been to!!!!! I love them!! Without them I dont think I would have made it! "

 August 20, 2017

" For the first time in a 15 year bout with headaches, my daughter feels like someone is listening to her and taking her seriously. She has been made to feel that her descriptions of her symptoms have merit and she isn't "making things up" to get attention. She is also experiencing the best health in about 8 years. The care given has been more than we could have expected! "

 August 18, 2017

" I recommended a coworker call to make an appointment for his girlfriend. I've been in pain every day for 10 years... the pain is already going away. Thank you. "

 August 18, 2017

" I was referred to the clinic by one of my co-workers for my daughter. This was one of the best doctor's visit we have ever had! I would recommend them to family and friend which I did to someone today! "

 August 16, 2017

" As usual a good experience. I had to change an existing appointment that was immediately taken care of in a satisfactory manner. "

 August 9, 2017

" The staff was so very professional and friendly. I got lost trying to find the office and they assisted me in finding it and I was able to see the Doctor later that same day. The Nurse Practitioner listened to my concerns and prescribed the medicines that was best for me. Kudos to The Headache Center. "

 August 1, 2017

" Love everyone. Feel comfortable ,extremely nice atmosphere "

 July 27, 2017

" I could not ask for better care from a lovely group of people. "

 July 20, 2017

" Christina and every provider at the headache center are wonderful headache specialists. "

 July 18, 2017

" Emma was great at the front desk as well as Becca! I can't remember the nurse's name but she was great too! Everyone treated my son with respect and talked to him as the patient. I like that they included him in his care and not just me as the mother. They really helped him understand what to do and made sure he understood how to help in preventing and treating his headaches. "

 July 10, 2017

" Every time I have an appointment at The Headache Center, I feel so welcomed and they treat me like family. When I leave, all my questioned are answered and I feel at-ease and stress- free in knowing that I am one step closer in treating my migraines. "

 July 9, 2017

" I was in severe pain from my 5th consecutive migraine, and I was taken right in and cared for. I am so happy to have found The Headache Center. I now have hope that I can manage my migraines without them controlling my life. "

 July 8, 2017

" Jenna was awesome. She knew her stuff and did not try rush you out the door like lots of doctors. She took time with you. Made you feel like she was truely concerned with helping you with your condition instead of putting a bandaid on it and rushing you out the door like you was just a number. Highly recommend her. "

 July 7, 2017

" Very pleased with all the staff at the center and my treatment for migraines. I wish all doctors visits at other clinics were this way. Thank you. "

 July 2, 2017

" So thankful we found this place! "

 June 24, 2017

" By far the best clinic/medical office I have ever dealt with. Every single staff member goes above and beyond to make me comfortable and feel like a priority. You guys are top notch. "

 June 2, 2017


 June 1, 2017

" Rebecca shows concern about her patients & is very knowledgeable. "

 May 25, 2017

" As a patient with chronic migraines, I appreciate this clinic's expertise and caring. They are very knowledgeable and encouraging--even though sometimes their recommendations are not always what you want to hear! Great clinic!! "

 May 24, 2017

" As usual, I am always impressed with the high level of courtesy and professionalism I witness at the Headache Center. I do not enjoy going to doctors appointments, however an appointment at The Headache Clinic is never like going to other doctors appointments. If you have an appointment scheduled for a certain time, you will be seen at that time unlike most other doctors office's where an appointment time is a joke. "

 May 24, 2017

" Jenna is the best doctor ever! She listens to every problem and helps in every way! I would most definitely recommend The Headache Center to anyone who suffers from migraines! "

 May 18, 2017

" Enjoyed meeting new faces this time. Hope I didn't break your scales. ��I can always count on the Headache Center to keep my headaches under control. Thank you!!! "

 May 17, 2017

" Every single person at the headache center is fabulous! They have given me my life back! "

 May 17, 2017

" Everyone is friendly, courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable at this clinic. I would (and have) recommend The Headache Center to anyone who has problems with headaches. "

 May 11, 2017

" I'm sometimes a little unclear as to when my prescriptions will be called in and occasionally have to call to have them sent when it's time for me to refill, but other than that everything is great and I am very pleased with my care! "

 May 9, 2017

" The ladies at the Headache Center are wonderful. I'm glad that I found them and I'm so glad they were able to help me. I would highly, and I have, recommend them to friends and family. "

 May 6, 2017

" Since coming to this facility, I have had fewer migraines than before. I am very pleased with my care plan and am very pleased with all the staff. Many thanks! "

 May 2, 2017

" Having YEARS of experience with neurologists who tell me I'll just have to live with chronic migraine; it is so encouraging to have fresh treatment options presented to me. I no longer feel as if there is no hope for a quality life. "

 April 26, 2017

" I came in to the Headache Center in bad shape with my migraines. My NP has managed my migraines and daily headaches in a matter of weeks. I never expected to be under control like this. I am so grateful. "

 April 21, 2017

" The HA center is very patient focused. "

 April 12, 2017

" I have been tossed around by many doctors and felt that there was no hope in knowing what is really going on with my situation, but after coming and seeing the specialist here I feel there is hope and I recommend the Headache Center to everyone with headaches "

 April 8, 2017

" I was very satisfied with my visit to the Headache Center. The staff is very polite and informative. "

 April 7, 2017

" Love this place!!! "

 April 4, 2017

" I always feel welcomed!!!!! I have had very bad migraines since my childhood. I would have them every week sometimes twice a week if not more. I have been coming for six months now. I'm down to having a headache once or twice a month and depending on a storm coming in. I just want to say thank you! "

 March 31, 2017


 March 31, 2017

" GO!!! I can not say this enough.....GO!!! They have helped me so much. I went from having migraines every day, losing evenings and weekends with my family, to only 3 migraines in the past month. Becca and the team have not once given up on me. They work nonstop to help their patients!! God blessed these ladies with a special gift, they are using it to Help their patients. I can not thank them enough. "

 March 22, 2017

" I just wish we could find a way to get my headaches to stop. I get frustrated and depressed. I want to feel good so bad. Everyone is as nice and helpful as they can be. I have never been to a place where everyone seems to really care. "

 March 16, 2017

" Always receive excellent care ?? "

 March 16, 2017

" I LOVE the Headache Center. Their treatment for my migraines has given me back my daily life. Listening to their clients my be their best medicine. They actually taught me about migraines and how to prevent them instead of prescribing unwanted heavy drugs. I have gone from waking most mornings with head pain to now having an easily treatable migraine once in a while. I have actually gone several months with no pain. Thank you Headache Center! "

 March 11, 2017

" Love the staff. Always get me in & out hardly any wait to me. The medicine I am taking has helped my headaches. I have went from 10 headaches to 2 a month. "

 March 6, 2017

" I absolutely loved Kim and the Red Head Girl at the front desk, she was very kind and Kim helped me so much by teaching me about my headache medications. "

 March 2, 2017

" I love everyone at The Headache Center! They have been a life saver! I would recommend any that has migraines to see them! "

 March 1, 2017


 February 27, 2017

" Everyone was extremely helpful. Christina offered several great options for treatment and is well versed on the entire field. She is dedicated to providing her patients the most up to date medical care "

 February 24, 2017

" As always, gave me encouragement that with their suggestions and medications, the migraine headaches could be decreased. The care givers are all very kind and sympathetic. The clinic atmosphere is soothing and calm. I would recommend this clinic to everyone experiencing migraine headaches. "

 February 7, 2017

" The main concern when I came to the clinic was "I hope this doctor actually cares" and in fact they all did. I am Very thankful. "

 February 3, 2017

" I love everyone in this office. They are always so helpful and kind. I have referred this clinic to many friends who have also had great experiences. "

 February 1, 2017

" I've been very pleased with my care since the first time I came in for an appointment! Your whole staff is wonderful and I appreciate each and every one of you! Thank you very much! Sammie Eutzler "

 January 27, 2017

" Every member of the staff took the time to truly listen to me. I really appreciate that! "

 January 22, 2017

" Christina and her staff are the best! Very solution minded practitioners. "

 January 14, 2017

" Very informative helpful people all the way around! "

 January 11, 2017

" Everyone at The Headache Center is very friendly, professional, and courteous. They make you feel right at home! I switched from my neurologist to The Headache Center because I felt as if my needs weren't being met and as if I were just another patient in a waiting room. I do not feel that way with Dr. Gaddy. She really makes me feel like my needs are her needs and that they are met and understood. My migraines are greatly reduced and my stress is much more managed! Thank you Headache Center! "

 December 29, 2016

" I love this clinic and everyone that works there. They are all the best. They have helped with my headaches and they are always there when I need them. "

 December 17, 2016

" The ladies that work at The Headache Center are amazing! My migraines have almost completely stopped after having them on an almost daily basis for months. I've come to view them as friends as well as wonderful care providers! "

 December 8, 2016

" I felt overwhelmed with my daughter having migraines and all the medication that is involved for her to get relief. My daughter's care provider did an excellent job of explaining the medication and the next step in her attack plan. I don't know where we would be if it was not for The Headache Center. Before we found them I felt completely frustrated and helpless. Nothing was had tried was helping. Her headaches were getting worse instead of better. The Headache Center care provider gave us an attack plan and it WORKS. I am so thankful for The Headache Center. They have been a true blessing for my daughter. "

 November 23, 2016

" The wait was a bit longer this time to see the provider. I think it would be helpful if the patients were informed at the time of sign in the approximate wait time if that were possible. :) I am so thankful for your services and have recommended them to several people! I appreciate the friendly and caring attitude of all the staff there, from the time you walk through the door to every person you see. Thank you! "

 November 18, 2016

" Kim and Becca provide outstanding care. Becca is especially competent and caring. "

 November 17, 2016

" Always satisfied! "

 November 15, 2016

" Rebecca is excellent! She addresses my concerns and is thorough in my care and review. She always helps me understand what what her intentions and goals are for my healthcare and what I should do to achieve the goal. "

 November 4, 2016

" Very professional and friendly staff. "

 October 28, 2016

" As always never a complaint. "

 October 28, 2016

" The headache center is my saving grace. Before I started going there I thought there was no hope to getting better. Now I know there is hope because I'm surrounded by people who truly care! "

 October 25, 2016

" Awesome group!! They understand migraines because they've had them !!! Love love them!!! "

 October 25, 2016

" My appointments at The Headache Center always go well! I leave there feeling as if my concerns are addressed with much care and concern and a real desire for me to feel better. I have suffered from almost daily migraines for eight years and since going to The Headache Center, I now go days without any pain. Each day I don't have to take pain killers is a blessing that I will never take for granted. I can't say enough how much I appreciate what everyone at The Headache Center has done for me! "

 October 21, 2016

" Don't change a thing !!!! "

 October 18, 2016

" This was my first time seeing Jenna. I just loved her. She was very attentive to my needs. "

 October 11, 2016

" The whole team at The Headache Center make your unfortunate experience a satisfying and relieving one. They give each patient a personal touch to their treatment. I would highly recommend them to my friends and peers alike. "

 October 4, 2016

" I LOVE Becca and all the support staff!! "

 September 23, 2016

" It's always a delight to come to my appointment and see y'all!! "

 September 7, 2016

" I love going to the Headache Center. They are all committed to helping you get rid of your headaches. Would recommend to everyone. "

 September 3, 2016

" I love the people and the care I receive here! They are very professional and very informative !!! "

 August 23, 2016

" Love this facility, they have been a saving grace! Excellent staff! They go above and beyond for their patients. Highly recommend this place if you have migraines. "

 August 19, 2016

" The staff is great kind, respectful and understanding and they will take the time needed to discuss your symptoms and devise the best treatment plan possible for your needs "

 August 19, 2016

" Love love love Rebecca!!! She is the best! And Amanda always keeps me updated on my insurance! They make a great team. "

 August 16, 2016

" I am so thankful that I found The Headache Center. I have learned of many options of treatment from the Headache Center, most of which I was never made aware of even by my neurologist! These treatments are working!! I can't go on enough about the staff here. They really take the time to actually listen to their patients and are genuinely concerned. I'm not used to that at all!!! I believe by finding The Headache Center I will most certainly be able to have a happier and more productive life than I have in several years. "

 August 13, 2016

" I always feel like the dr and staff take the time to discuss everything with me as a patient. I don't feel like another chart number. They are caring and actually concerned about my well being. Thank you Headache Center for helping me control and manage my migraines!! I feel like for once they no longer control me, I control them!!! "

 August 12, 2016

" I have never been treated so well at a medical facility. The staff has been awesome. It is the first time I have ever had relief from migraines (since it was 10yrs old), and I am truly grateful. Becca is one of a kind and you guys are lucky to have her. She listens and works to find the best solution for you. Amanda has been great as well. I tell everyone I come in contact with who suffers from headaches about your facility. You guys have changed my life! I am so grateful! "

 August 9, 2016

" I love this clinic and have had tremendous improvement and success here. However, I am extremely fearful that if I should change jobs or work part time (for health reasons), this clinic might have a limited insurance policy which could prevent me from continuing my much needed treatment. I suspect that the "no Obamacare" policy is probably to weed out "unwanted" clientele (from their perspective). I'm not sure what other insurance they don't accept, and I'm afraid to find out. Some of the doctors can be somewhat "politically" outspoken on social media, but professionally and as a clinic they are outstanding in their practice, and excel in diagnosing, treating, and caring for their patients. They blow every other headache clinic out of the water in the Metro Jackson area. A+++ "

 August 5, 2016

" I love the wonderful staff at The Headache Center! "

 August 5, 2016


 August 5, 2016

" Thank y'all precious ladies for always taking such good care of me! "

 August 4, 2016


 August 2, 2016

" My daughter and I both LOVE Becca!! "