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Urology Center of Columbus

1021 Talbotton Road Columbus ,GA 31904
Phone: (706) 324-7700

Please call for information.
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Major Credit Cards, Checks, Debit Cards, and Cash
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Recent Reviews

 Diane - 05/17/2024

" I used patient portal to enter ALL of my info prior to my appointment, but was still required to fill out all the same forms again upon arrival. "

 Robert - 05/17/2024

" Being new, I stopped by the front desk to check out but was told to take a seat and I will be called. After 25 minutes I went up to the desk to ask how long does it take to check out. She took care of it then. Checking out took longer than being seen by the PA. I hope that’s not the norm. "

 Derrick - 05/17/2024

" Really like Harper Urology "

 Dora - 05/16/2024

" Very happy "

 John - 05/16/2024

" Staff very patient 🙏 "

 Elodie - 05/16/2024

" The customer service was excellent. The np is great at her profession. "

 Q - 05/15/2024

" Very good point and I thank you very much "

 Danny - 05/15/2024

" Dr. Harper and Randay are great physicians and I’m glad that they are taking care of my problems. "

 Timothy - 05/14/2024

" She did a good job,quickly and simple A+ "

 Nola - 05/14/2024

" The people here are nice and caring. "

 William - 05/14/2024

" They are so professional and it is nice to see that this days. Thanks "

 Gregory - 05/14/2024

" I had to wait for to see the doctor 90 minutes past my appointment time. I later found out that the doctor got tied up in surgery, which is one of those unforeseen things that can happen. I understand these things can happen. Other than this incident, everyone was very nice and apologetic, and my appointment with the doctor was great. "

 Johnathan - 05/12/2024

" Doctor and nurses did a fantastic job! "

 Frank - 05/11/2024

" Kind..courteous...professional people "

 Catherine - 05/11/2024

" Your staff very nice everything that I have been there keep you the good work of "

 Frankie - 05/10/2024

" Very professional and caring "

 Richard - 05/09/2024

" I just really like Dr Harper great person and doctor "

 Todd - 05/09/2024

" The staff is, on the most part, very personable. The treat me like I am a valuable patient 😌 "

 Glenn - 05/09/2024

" Staff very friendly. "

 Collis - 05/09/2024

" Everyone was very professional, and I was very impressed! "

 Robert - 05/09/2024

" Young nurse was very cordial and efficient. I was in and out in what I consider is a short time for an office visit. "

 Deardeary - 05/08/2024

" No complaints at all. This is a great facility with a wonderful staff. "

 Rodney - 05/08/2024

" Wow! What a great team of people you have assembled! Can’t say enough just how much actual fun I have coming to my appointments every week. I’m glad to be a patient here and feel as if I get to see friends/family every week. "

 Keith - 05/08/2024

" I was very impressed with the speed and accuracy of the staff and the overall experience. "

 Antonio - 05/08/2024

" ThankYou and keep the good work”. ThankYou "

 Catherine - 05/03/2024

" Received Excellent care will come again "

 Evelyn - 05/02/2024

" I feel confident my problem will be corrected... "

 William - 05/02/2024

" As usual, the staff were excellent in my visit to Urology in ColumbusGeorgia, "

 Tina - 05/02/2024

" Everyone at the Urology Center was very kind and helpful to me during my visit. I will recommend my friends and family to use this clinic if needing great medical care. "

 Dawn - 05/02/2024

" I have never met a better group of people that make you feel so welcome, They take time to talk to. you not at you. Wish more Dr. offices were that way . "

 Charles - 05/01/2024

" Keep up the great work!!! "

 Anthony - 05/01/2024

" From the time you walk into the desk being checked out to the sign you leaving very courteous people "

 Gina - 04/30/2024

" Communications of patients injection dosages that have been changed from the providers to the staff who will administer the medicine need to improve. The patients could & are receiving the wrong injection dosage, which is a very big PROBLEM! THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED AND CORRECTED ASAP!! "

 Malinda - 04/30/2024

" Very satisfied with my visit! "

 Patrick - 04/29/2024

" Kim is great, she listens closely when I’m describing symptoms and provides answers and communicates a plan to resolve the issue. Highly recommend! "

 Bryan - 04/27/2024

" Front desk and Kim are the best! "

 William - 04/27/2024

" Greatest Group Of People Working Together. Wish All My Appt Personals Were Like This Group "

 Katie - 04/27/2024

" Melody was the “perfect” person to conduct the urodynamics. She was so kind, gentle and explained everything she was doing. "

 Charles - 04/26/2024

" Excellent customer service in all areas. "

 Donna - 04/26/2024

" Jessica is wonderful. She seems to be really concerned about me and my situation. She listens and gives great advice. She is very knowledgeable and has a super personality. I really enjoy getting to see her. "

 Ronnie - 04/26/2024

" Staff was very helpful, needed to reschedule appointment and was able to get one very quickly. "

 David - 04/25/2024

" What a great staff respectfully David Gallegos "

 Keith - 04/25/2024

" Great staff they took the time to really listen th what I have to say and provide great insight to me issues "

 Debra - 04/25/2024

" Waiting for a new referral See you soon "

 Larry - 04/24/2024

" I have been a long time Patient, and have always had the best experiences with the staff and faculty. Thank you for everything you do, you all are very much appreciated. Larry Jr. "

 Joseph - 04/23/2024

" I didn't see a card provider. I completely paperwork. "

 Mary - 04/23/2024

" Started off alittle rough but Kim made it better "

 Arlandrew - 04/21/2024

" so did a good job. They took really good care of me. They answer all my question "

 Victor - 04/19/2024

" Great service 👏 r "

 Pat - 04/19/2024

" Great people! Have been going so long now I feel part of the family! "

 Jennifer - 04/18/2024

" Always accommodating and SUPER FRIENDLY! I wouldn’t see anyone else! "

 David - 04/18/2024

" Best Doctors , best staff in Columbus , very sweet and caring doctor and staff being a client for over 40 years and very please with them , thank God for them keep up the good and hard work guys thanks "

 Edward - 04/18/2024

" Great experience "

 Gregory - 04/18/2024

" The staff was polite and courteous. "

 Mcdonald - 04/18/2024

" We loved meeting Jessica. "

 James - 04/17/2024

" Always a pleasure because of the staff "

 Brenda - 04/17/2024

" Everyone in the office was nice and very helpful. My concerns were listen to and that was so important to me. "

 Brock - 04/17/2024

" Erika is a great practitioner!! "

 Vicenta - 04/17/2024

" Jessica was very informative as well as the staff working with her "

 Joseph - 04/16/2024

" Best Dr. in town Caring. Up to date. "

 Shaun - 04/16/2024

" Everyone was very helpful. Great environment "

 Jed - 04/16/2024

" I’m a very satisfied patient. I tell all of my friends. Jed G. Harris, Jr. Business Owner & former State Representative Columbus, Ga I will be glad to appear in testimonial commercials and advertisements. "

 Joellen - 04/16/2024

" Always prompt with appointments. They are very thorough and answer any questions I have. They listen. "

 Joshua - 04/16/2024

" Doc was great! Staff was great! "

 Marcus - 04/15/2024

" Great people. And the ladies out front remember my name. "

 Lisa - 04/12/2024

" The staff is very courteous, professional, knowledgeable and kind "

 Steve - 04/12/2024

" It's all a professional! "

 Larry - 04/12/2024

" Shelley does a very professional job, always makes me feel relaxed. "

 Clifford - 04/12/2024

" Mix up about necessary pre visit paperwork was a minor inconvenience, requiring a second visit the next day, Especially liked being seen at appointment time, as I was experiencing a lot of pain. Very satisfied with initial visit in spite of fact that I wasn't in best frame of mind due to physical muscle aches & pain. Thank you for your time & attention to follow up survey. "

 Richard - 04/11/2024

" Everything went as well as possible "

 Paul - 04/10/2024

" Great job "

 Judith - 04/10/2024

" I love coming to the office. Everyone treats me good. I love Jessica Fuentes, she is a great person. She listens to what I have to say. Overall, your office staff is great "

 Thomas - 04/09/2024

" Staff and Provider always very professional "

 Shirley - 04/08/2024

" Jessica always goes above and beyond to take care of me. She is very thorough and makes sure you understand the treatment plan. The staff is always sweet, caring and professional. "

 Ellen - 04/05/2024

" What a treat to be a winner- was treated with kindness and knowledgeable staff from start to end. I look forward to coming back "

 Stanley - 04/05/2024

" Great service. Got in quickly for check of UTI. Appreciate all their caring help. Feeling so much better. "

 Michael - 04/04/2024

" Lab personnel are very professional and efficient "

 Ricardo - 04/04/2024

" Very professional front desk staff "

 Krim - 04/03/2024

" Dr. Harper was very attentive and he listened to my concerns! "

 John - 03/30/2024

" Great doctors office and staff "

 Larry - 03/30/2024

" The folks during/involved with the procedure were excellent! "

 Thomas - 03/30/2024

" The staff was amazing and friendly. It felt nice to have Kim listen to all my issues and give me a lot of detailed information. She really does care for all her patients. I was never rushed during my appointment and the whole process was a breeze. "

 Rebecca - 03/29/2024

" Everyone was very friendly and efficient! "

 Sherry - 03/29/2024

" Very short wait time! "

 Sarah - 03/29/2024

" My provider and the entire urology staff has always provided excellent, professional services. I am extremely satisfied with my health and wellness ongoing progress. "

 John - 03/29/2024

" Staff is always professional, friendly, and caring. "

 Michael - 03/28/2024

" Great People "

 Eddy - 03/28/2024

" Nothing follows "

 Kenneth - 03/26/2024

" Excellent receptionists and excellent nurses. Perfect in every way "

 Vincente - 03/23/2024

" As always, my visits are so pleasant & informative "

 Arnold - 03/23/2024

" Very well pleased Didn’t wait long "

 Kenneth - 03/22/2024

" Women at the front desk wasn't that pleasent "

 Wheeler - 03/22/2024

" Waiting room is small and tight though it wasn't crowed during my visit. This could pose a concern for those of us with medical preconditions or thoughts of crowd a-phobic. "

 Nohora - 03/22/2024

" Being a female with an extensive medical history; you often feel unheard. It is amazing to find someone that’s willing to listen and care "

 James - 03/22/2024

" Thanks so much, Nurse Kim Bagwell was very knowledgeable about my healthcare issues and cares about the upcoming medical evaluations needed to resolve the key problems I have as a patient. Thanks again, I highly recommend Nurse Bagwell for her valuable medical expertise. "

 Daniel - 03/21/2024

" Always Excellent! "

 Tamara - 03/21/2024

" Positive experience "

 Bernard - 03/21/2024

" Appointment put me at ease for my up and coming procedure. The staff is very professional and caring. "

 Nathaniel - 03/20/2024

" Everything was great "

 Hulen - 03/20/2024

" Very polite folks and very helpful people thanks a million I was nervous at first but y’all made me feal at ease about everything Dr "

 Margaret - 03/19/2024

" I just love the service that I received,Great service from the time I walked in until I left. "

 Kenneth - 03/19/2024

" I explained my problem and different procedures were scheduled to determine the problem. I was completely satisfied with my visit. "

 John - 03/19/2024

" Every thing went well. So far. "

 Valerie - 03/16/2024

" NP was very courteous and professional. She was very easy to talk to and she answered all of my questions. She thoroughly explained testing that I am to have. "

 Gordon - 03/15/2024

" The staff did a great job "

 Michael - 03/15/2024

" Every thing is fine "

 Wayne - 03/14/2024

" Very grateful to see smiling faces in men specialty care clinic, great job and continue success for all of you. "

 Gabriele - 03/14/2024

" I'm very happy with the Doctor "

 George - 03/13/2024

" Receptionists were courteous and helpful. Dr. Randy was courteous and showed great concern for my issues. He explained what he felt was needed, provided a course of action to find out what may be causing the issue. "

 Jesse - 03/13/2024

" Fantastic "

 James - 03/13/2024

" The staff are friendly and professional. This was my first visit with Dr Harper. He listens carefully as I gave him some background on my own personal life journey and I expressed any concerns that I may have with him. He is professional, attentive and pleasant to interact with. I look forward to him being my neurologist for a very long time. "

 Alvin - 03/09/2024

" They were very nice and they were understanding about why I was late I was at the other office lol. "

 Elizabeth - 03/09/2024

" Did not feel rushed! Very nice! "

 Johnson - 03/08/2024

" Everyone was very polite and professional. My wait time was minimal. Overall… I had a good experience. I would definitely recommend y’all. "

 Stephen - 03/08/2024

" They addressed all of my concerns and made a plan forward based on listening to my ideas of what I thought should happen. "

 Daniel-John - 03/07/2024

" Front desk receptionists are accommodating and helpful. "

 Ronald - 03/07/2024

" Always a great experience, everyone is nice and helpful. Love this place "

 Ross - 03/07/2024

" Very professional and caring "

 Mack - 03/01/2024

" Everything is fine with me and will soon continue to trust my care you thanks 😊 "

 Stephen - 03/01/2024

" Dr Harper is great his entire staff is wonderful ! "

 Gary - 03/01/2024

" Everyone is Fantastic, From the Ladies at the front desk to the back "

 Patricia - 03/01/2024

" The staff is always professional and courteous!! "

 Gregory - 02/28/2024

" I’m glad to have been a patient! Thanks for your support and service!!! Greg. "

 Katina - 02/28/2024

" I experienced great care with my Dr, and staff. "

 Sandra - 02/24/2024

" I have already referred someone to your office. "

 Lyn - 02/23/2024

" The Staff is always friendly, professional and always makes sure their patients are cared for. They are Awesome!! "

 Richard - 02/23/2024

" Awesome office! "

 Jeffrey - 02/22/2024

" Great customer service. "

 William - 02/22/2024

" No complaints Staff is great Front 2 ladies are always positive with no attitude "

 William - 02/22/2024

" Always have been fine. Always have been courteous. Always have been flexible. "

 Victor - 02/21/2024

" Spot On ! "

 Lamel - 02/21/2024

" Great job!!! 👍 "

 Cheryl - 02/20/2024

" Jessica is the best. Jessica spent a lot of time with me and answer all if my questions. Jessica was very concerned about my health. "

 Eddie - 02/20/2024

" I was well satisfied "

 Stuart - 02/17/2024

" Technicians who do the testing are very nice to patients. "

 Mark - 02/16/2024

" Dr. Harper treats you like an old family friend. Always willing to answer all your questions. Just nice people. "

 Garry - 02/16/2024

" Great staff thanks for being so nice "

 Fred - 02/16/2024


 Robbert - 02/15/2024

" Labs "

 Philip - 02/15/2024

" Very pleased, listened to all my concerns "

 William - 02/15/2024

" Five 🌟 "

 James - 02/15/2024

" always a good experience "

 Samuel - 02/14/2024

" Very good thank "

 Jose - 02/14/2024

" Good job, well done. I am a very satisfied patient. "

 Barry - 02/14/2024

" What a amazing staff!!! I've never had a issue at Urology Center of Columbus. I've been a patient now for 15 years. I would recommend Dr. Harper and his staff to any of my friends and family. "

 Samuel - 02/14/2024

" Dr Harper is the only urologist in the area that I know of that does this kind of procedure He did my trial procedure very well. No other treatment option works for me "

 Hugh - 02/14/2024

" Excellent all of it. "

 Michael - 02/13/2024

" Really liked Dr Harper. I feel good about him treating me for my health problem. The nurse that drew my blood was very nice and did not hurt at all. Both ladies at the front desk were very nice. The lady that did the scheduling was very nice and worked around my existing schedules and gave me very clear instructions for my CT scan and scans at Piedmont. "

 John - 02/13/2024

" Dr. Harper and his staff were very helpful "

 Humberto - 02/10/2024

" Great experience, true professional staff. Hats off to Mrs. Terry and Sandy, they treat everyone special. "

 Erika - 02/10/2024

" Jessica, my NP, was great. She made me very comfortable and is so smart and confident in her care. The front desk girl was also very sweet. "

 Dennis - 02/09/2024

" Great job to all! Thanks again! "

 Jose - 02/09/2024

" Very good attention Dr give me good news for my next appointment thank you very much "

 Matilda - 02/09/2024

" Staff is very kind and helpful. I was coughing and they came to see if I needed water. Staff seems happy. "

 Alan - 02/09/2024

" I had issues calling back with information. Not being able to contact the receptionist desk was an issue. "

 Victor - 02/09/2024

" Had blood drawn once their and my arm was bruised for days, I wouldn't want to go back to that again ever "

 Marvin - 02/08/2024

" Everyone will be Courteous. and polite. "

 Judy - 02/08/2024

" Staff friendly and courteous. Everything in a timely matter. "

 Steven - 02/08/2024

" The professional treatment always gives me great support which makes me want to take the best care of myself "

 James - 02/08/2024

" I’ve been receiving shots every week little over two years and the employees you have in the back checking everybody in and being so smooth and easy and I know your name I know your jokes excellent I want to say excellent never break them apart We miss them when they not there one of them I remember the team you had before that not good at all unorganized didn’t care didn’t know the people you got a good thing going right now with them too if you can show appreciation to that customers are really happy with them that would be a good thing the morale and most important thing that I really appreciate I am in and out not like the old days. Meaning now the staff you got now they make more money for you. Don’t get clogged up the staff that gives the shot. Excellent I hear my same jokes all the time still laughing , excellent overall "

 Thomas - 02/08/2024

" Would like to have some snacks. "

 Warren - 02/07/2024

" Keep up the great work "

 Eddie - 02/07/2024

" He is a very good Doctor and have a excellent staff. "

 Norine - 02/06/2024

" I thought that the experience was a lot more thorough then other places. I have complete confidence in this doctors ability. I think he is great "

 Sean - 02/06/2024

" Thank you ALL and God bless! "

 Christopher - 02/05/2024

" Staffs always pleasant. They are also very prompt as well. Never a long sitting visit. "

 Frank - 02/04/2024

" Excellent service . "

 Rose - 02/04/2024

" I didn't like that they had me leave a urine sample on the commode and didn't give me a container with my name on it. Also I've had to go to the emergency room twice and they scheduled my tests for February 28 and Mar 26. I need help now "

 William - 02/02/2024

" I could not imagine better csre. "

 Donald - 02/02/2024

" Great people that make me feel like I’m at home. "

 Bruce - 02/01/2024

" I have had 5 visits to the Urology Center and had excellent care and courteous service. But I never saw my Doctor and DR. Harper only showed himself for 15 seconds to tell us his name and ask if we had questions. I did not see him after surgery or at the post-op visit at his office. Bruce "

 Cecil - 02/01/2024

" Glad I was able to keep my appointment… "

 Deardeary - 02/01/2024

" Great staff. Very professional. "

 James - 02/01/2024

" Staff was friendly and professional as always! "

 Jeff - 01/30/2024

" Very good visit "

 Robert - 01/30/2024

" The staff member was very professional administrating my shots. The timing of my appointment and the process only took about twenty minutes in and out. Front desk staff managed my appointments very well. Thanks very much. R Hunt "

 William - 01/29/2024

" Greatness All Around. Great Service and Doctor "

 Gwendolyn - 01/27/2024

" Everyone is so awesome 👍 "

 Wilbert - 01/26/2024

" Thank you "

 William - 01/26/2024

" Very good place of business very professional "

 Cynthia - 01/26/2024

" Not only was the visit pleasant the care and concern was way past the “call of duty “. I would recommend doctor and his entire staff to anyone. "

 Harold - 01/25/2024

" The Staff is very Professional and very concern about the health of the patients. A very friendly atmosphere at all times!! Thanks Again!! Dr. Harper & Staff "

 Humberto - 01/25/2024

" We have seen other doctors and above all this was the best place we have been. Very pleased with all the help that was offered. "

 Jo Anne - 01/25/2024

" Everything was handled very well. Dr Jessica was most attentive and concerned that all my issues will be covered. The appointment was very prompt and handled with ease. "

 Danielle - 01/25/2024

" The nurse practitioner was very attentive and answered all my questions and explained why she chose the course of treatment she did. "

 Wesley - 01/25/2024

" Very good experience "

 Lawrence - 01/24/2024

" They were very helpful and kind. "

 Dakota - 01/24/2024

" Caring and concerned staff and providers. "

 Thomas - 01/23/2024

" With all of the online paperwork filled out before the appointment it seems a little ridiculous to be hit with more paperwork when you walk in the door. Seems like the financial/insurance could have been done on line.. "

 Clarence - 01/20/2024

" Keep up the good work "

 Barbara - 01/19/2024

" My experience for many years that I have used this physician has been excellent. I feel very comfortable knowing that my health care is being provided by this office. I am pleased that they remember things about you, that are not related to your treatment. "

 Virgil - 01/19/2024

" Love it all the svc, the staff,and the results Keep up the good work "

 James - 01/19/2024

" my 6 month follow up has me making two trips to Columbus. SHE TOLD ME THE DATES BUT I DON'T HEAR WELL AND I WAS NOT AWARE OF THE SCHEDULE.. I would like to get the lab work in Americus and the ultrasound and Dr Harper the same morning. This has been done in the past. "

 Thomas - 01/19/2024

" Everyone is always very courteous and professional. I refer friends all the time, and I would never think of going to another urologist. "

 Jameel - 01/18/2024

" Kim Bagwell is an amazing urologist! "

 Patricia - 01/18/2024

" i need to get a rx. i forgot to ask her i called and left message,hope she gets it. "

 Charles - 01/18/2024

" Very professional staff and people. Excellent "

 Clinton - 01/17/2024

" Courteously answered all my questions. I left feeling relieved. "

 Jessica - 01/16/2024

" Scheduling staff was so pleasant, process was flawless. Appointment started on time. Jessica was patient and didn’t rush me. Incredibly knowledgeable, proactive, and thorough. This was my second opinion urologist and I’m glad, I won’t be going anywhere else! "

 Bryan - 01/13/2024

" Great place and very nice staff as always "

 Johnnie - 01/13/2024

" The appointment was rescheduled to January 22nd due to your office being closed on January 12th. I was contacted by a member of your staff on January 10th and rescheduled at that time. "

 Victor - 01/13/2024

" Great service "

 Darryl - 01/12/2024

" Randy is the best "

 Lissette - 01/12/2024

" I'm so pleased with Dr. Harper , Jessica Fuentes, the whole staff had been working with me for a while now and for me they are the best. "

 Roy - 01/12/2024

" Great place to get the care you need! "

 William - 01/12/2024

" Very good job good visit "

 Donald - 01/12/2024

" Co-payment of $95.00 was incorrect. Should have been $30.00. "

 Guy - 01/11/2024

" My phlebotomist did a non-bruising/great job administering my shots! "

 Kim - 01/11/2024

" Everyone there, as usual, was courteous and professional. "

 Rodney - 01/09/2024

" I feel like Dr. HARPER really cares for my health and stays on top of things so that I don't have to ! "

 Jerry - 01/09/2024

" I was just in today for blood work "

 Betty - 01/09/2024

" Was the best service I’ve had with my condition. Have went to another kidney doctor an did not take the time to explain anything Thank you! "

 Garry - 01/06/2024

" Professional and super courteous "

 David - 01/06/2024

" Great Staff "

 Marcus - 01/05/2024

" Excellent staff "

 Joseph - 01/05/2024

" Great people "

 Christopher - 01/05/2024

" Made me feel so much better after seeing the doctor!👩‍⚕️ "

 Christian - 01/05/2024

" I got in and out before my appointment time. I know this doesn’t always happen but they are fast and efficient. I always have a pleasant experience here! "

 Troy - 01/05/2024

" Every staff member that greets me has a smile, very comforting presence, inviting profile and demeanor. It makes me feel as though I am not a client or patient, but I am taken as a valued family member. This is so rare to find with the medical community currently. I am so appreciative of your staff as if they are providing soul relaxing therapy! "

 Edward - 01/04/2024

" I had a test run and blood taken. Everyone was great and professional. The ladies in the testing unit are awesome. Allison and her co worker were fantastic and the lady drawing blood is always nice. Great service at Urology Center "

 Eddie - 12/30/2023

" Great work! "

 Arlandrew - 12/30/2023

" She did a very great job "

 Phillip - 12/28/2023

" Everyone is always frendly,courtious,and helpful to me and everyone that comes in there. "

 Kelsey - 12/28/2023

" i am already spreading good words about Dr. William Allen Whitten who did an excellent job with my flight physical. He is the son of my Robert (Bobby) and Brenda Whitten about my age from years ago. "

 Jacqueline - 12/21/2023

" I have total trust in Randy PA and I know he’ll find out what’s going on with me "

 Carl - 12/21/2023

" Thank you very good 👍. "

 James - 12/21/2023

" Could not ask for caring and competent attention. "

 Debra - 12/20/2023

" Always a great experience with Jessica! She listens so well and is Very kind & professional! She always has a wonder smile! She has a great Deal of knowledge too and really cares about your health and Wellbeing! My suggestion is to better train the new Front desk associates. The young lady said I didnt need to do a urine Sample, because I didnt have a cup with my name on it. Also told me To keep the clipboard and give to the nurse when called back. I didnt Think that sounded right as for years I have always given a urine Sample. So I went up to the lady whom I've seen for years, and she Gave me a cup and took my clipboard. The young lady was ver nice tho And was very competent giving me my new appointment. "

 Mary - 12/20/2023

" Excellent service and an overall experience of great Customer Service as you approach the desk until you leave! Dr Harper is an excellent Physician!! Hats off and tk you again for your service!! "

 Lucas - 12/19/2023

" Team was detailed, courteous and everything was.done in a timely manner "

 Garland - 12/15/2023

" Excellent all around "

 Larry - 12/15/2023

" Shelley is very professional and caring. "

 Morris - 12/14/2023

" I have Always been pleased. "

 Raymond - 12/14/2023

" Always top notch service and true concern for my well being "

 Shaunte - 12/12/2023

" Jessica was amazing.She addressed all issues and I feel that we are finally on the way to getting better. "

 Stephen - 12/12/2023

" Dr Harper and his staff have given me professional, compassionate care for many years. I sincerely appreciate what they do to improve my quality of life "

 Tracy - 12/08/2023

" I'm being treated like a person/patient. and not like I'm on an assembly line. This is greatly appreciated. Thank you. "

 David - 12/08/2023

" I never saw the Doctor; I was seen by a nurse who explained that my problem would be better treated by another Doctor and the VA had scheduled me incorrectly. I appreciated the honesty and left. "

 Tony - 12/08/2023

" N/A "

 Jason - 12/07/2023

" Work with you too figure out your health problems "

 Daniel-John - 12/07/2023

" Kim was courteous, clear and to the point, "

 Daniel - 12/06/2023

" Excellent "

 Alfonzo - 12/02/2023

" Dr Harper and his staff have been outstanding concerning my care. "

 James - 12/02/2023

" Excellent service to patients "

 Chong - 12/01/2023

" I was a old patient with this urology center. My wife needed immediate care and this center got her in within two days and tests scheduled with 2 days!! "

 Willie - 12/01/2023

" Thank y’all for taking care of my dad "

 Debra - 12/01/2023

" Everyone is nice, helpful and kind. They look at all options for treatment. Couldn’t ask for any better. Thank you all "

 Rebecca - 11/30/2023

" Allison always makes my CT appointment more enjoyable! Front desk staff are kind and welcoming. "

 Ross - 11/30/2023

" This office is always courteous, professional and caring. "

 Roger - 11/28/2023

" I was very happy and pleased with the outcome of the office visit went Roger "

 Rock - 11/28/2023

" Doctor's and staff has done an excellent job and I do trust them. "

 Daniel - 11/28/2023

" The receptionist are phenomenal as always "

 Gary - 11/28/2023

" Everyone is Friendly and Professional "

 Abraham - 11/25/2023

" Very courteous and professional "

 Gary - 11/24/2023

" the staff is always friendly and helpful. "

 Thomas - 11/24/2023

" Quality healthcare....friendly and courteous staff "

 William - 11/23/2023

" Great no issues "

 Henry - 11/21/2023

" I have been recommending Dr Harper and his associates for many years. Harrison Parrish Dothan, Alabama "

 Glenn - 11/21/2023

" In the past 2 years I've been going to UCC, I have never had a negative experience. It is an organization that is topnotch all the way from Dr.Harper to the receptionist that welcome me. "

 Stanley - 11/19/2023

" Have always experienced a great connection each and every time "

 Michael - 11/19/2023

" I would highly recommend Harper Urology. This Urology Clinic is the Best I have ever seen. The front desk reps are polite and courteous. Randy is as good as they come. He has excellent bedside manners. He listens attentively. He knows how to treat the patient as an individual. He knows that each patient is different and requires medical needs specifically tailored to the patient. Harper Urology is a "One Stop" comprehensive facility. The office has everything from their own lab to their own CT scan machine. The office does ultrasounds. They even do biopsies with sedation on site. I live in Opelika but have continued to drive to Columbus to Harper Urology for over 10 years. This is a great health facility for men and women. "

 Jeffery - 11/17/2023

" When making my appointments I would like to be notified prior to making my appointments, don’t want to make an appointment on top or another appointment I may have, you just make the appointment without touching bases with me, and I completely understand everybody I have a job to do and I have a list of all my appointments inside my wallet, why make an appointment and I have to call back to change it if they answer the phone that’s with the receptionist tells me just called back and change it, it didn’t happen this time because I already had an appointment first opportunity I had to do a survey "

 Robert - 11/17/2023

" Dr. Harper and staff are wonderful. "

 Jeffrey - 11/17/2023

" Quick, friendly, and professional service by the staff and physicians. I highly recommend UCOC. "

 Steven - 11/16/2023

" Appointment for 4:00, 4:02 called back to get sample. 4:10 leaving. Very nice in and out. "

 Scott - 11/16/2023

" All the staff are great and Professional "

 Hardy - 11/15/2023

" The staff at reception was very patient oriented and friendly!!!! My phlebotomist did an outstanding job and was a darling!!!! "

 Mack - 11/15/2023

" The phlebotimist, is out of this world! "

 Bernard - 11/15/2023

" The staff and care provider was very good at answering my questions and attending to my concerns. Dr. Harper is excellent and he is the only one I will want to address my issues. "

 Donald - 11/15/2023

" Everyone was polite and courteous "

 Michael - 11/14/2023

" Dr Harper and his staff are exceptional in all respects. "

 Jeanie - 11/14/2023

" Thank you so much for your help with my problem. "

 Carol - 11/13/2023

" Delighted with their service. Everyone is very kind And courteous. "

 Mimmie - 11/11/2023

" This was a day nothing were going right for me, but when I arrived at the appointment all was well.The staff were great and the appointment went well. Thankbyou. "

 Jeffrey - 11/09/2023

" Sandi did a great job me yesterday. "

 Glenn - 11/09/2023

" The only thing I would recommend would be on the medication taken sheet should be online prior to the first visit online. "

 Linda - 11/09/2023

" As always, my appointment experiences with the Urology Center are always great. The staff is always so polite, helpful, and informative. It's always a great experience. "

 Thomas - 11/08/2023

" I travel from North Carolina to see Dr. Harper. Trust no other urologist for my care. "

 Richard - 11/08/2023

" The staff was courteous and and friendly. My appointment went smoothly. "

 Donald - 11/08/2023

" There's a certain amount of stress going to a doctor visit especially for the first time. Your staff made me feel relaxed and patiently listened to me and answered all my questions. I will certainly recommend your office. The nurse who took my blood was especially pleasant. Thanks dp "

 Theodore - 11/08/2023

" Dr. Harper and his colleagues/Staff are throughly excellent! "

 David - 11/07/2023

" Staff is awesome. "

 Judith - 11/07/2023

" I love the staff, everyone is always great! "

 Johnny - 11/07/2023

" Dr Harper is a very good Doctor he always has a good Bedside manner and answers all the questions you may have and the staff is excellent as well very nice "

 Arrie - 11/07/2023

" Excellent care very informative, highly recommend. "

 Paul - 11/07/2023

" Very caring and professional staff. Everyone treats me well and takes excellent care of me. I am very satisfied and I would recommend to anyone. "

 Mark - 11/04/2023

" 👌💯👍👍👍👍 "

 Dennis - 11/04/2023

" Very good visit. Thank you! "

 Michael - 11/04/2023

" It was just my first visit, so was brief, but I have nothing negative to say. Everyone was courteous and professional. "

 Jeffrey - 11/03/2023

" CT lady is top notch. Made feel very comfortable! "

 Richard - 11/02/2023

" Check-in staff is exceptional! They are friendly and professional. "

 Hattie - 11/02/2023

" The Service Was Excellent Friendly Staff And My Dr.Was Amazing She Helped Me Understand Everything That t Was Going Through.I Will Definitely Recommend My Family And Friends "

 Dennie - 11/01/2023

" Knowledgeable and professional staff and Dr Harper is the best! "

 Shambria - 11/01/2023

" Jessica was amazing!! "

 Laurie - 11/01/2023

" Staff was knowledgeable and friendly. "

 James - 10/31/2023

" This was a lab visit and the tech drawing the blood was the Best. She done it for me before and continues to be the Best. Thanks "

 Robert - 10/31/2023

" I trust Columbus Urology to help me maintain my health. I like Dr Harper very much and wish I got to see him more often. "

 Jerry - 10/31/2023

" Dr. Harper's calm demeanor and easy sense of humor make each appointment visit a pleasure. Staff members are welcoming and friendly. "

 Wally - 10/27/2023

" Dr Harper is top drawer!!!!! "

 Robin - 10/27/2023

" Only things I did not really like were...(1) bathroom has a metal door to place your urine into to be collected later. Anyone who uses the same bathroom after you can tamper with your urine sample. I consider this practice to be unsecure. (2) There are 5 or 6 more forms to complete upon arrival. It could save time if those forms were uploaded to their website just as the medical history data forms are. I understand that my signature was required on most of those additional forms but I still could have filled them out online. (3) I was not offered a copy of any of the documents that I had to put my signature onto. I don't think that I should have to ask for that. Other than that their service at my appointment on 26Oct2023 was outstanding!!! Very nice people and their sitting area was very clean as the bathroom was and I felt very comfortable. "

 Ike - 10/25/2023

" To whom it may concern everyone was nice "

 Lorry - 10/25/2023

" Very satisfied with my visit so far! "

 John - 10/25/2023

" Dr. Randy just makes my day every time I visit the office great man with a great heart and attitude personality "

 Patrick - 10/25/2023

" PA Randy Cousins has been wonderful. Knowledgeable, direct, and humorous at times. Also, the rest of the staff including the Medical Assistants, Lab Techs, front desk, etc. are always patient with the patients. "

 Harold - 10/24/2023

" The staff is polite, courteous, knowledgeable of your concerns Tks Urology Of Columbus "

 Penelope - 10/24/2023

" I have been a patient at this clinic since I was 17 yrs old just under a different doctor who is no longer there. I have been back a few times with Dr. Harper and his staff and have always received great care. My visit yesterday was due to a sudden medical emergency and when I called I was given an appt quickly although it had been a while since my last appt. Jessica was Great! And so was the front desk and the rest of the staff who attended me. I'll be needing some additional tests for further evaluation. I would definitely recommend family and friends to this clinic. "

 Larry - 10/24/2023

" Gave us options for help. Very good. "

 Nola - 10/24/2023

" I wish all doctor's offices were ran so well. "

 William - 10/21/2023

" Great Staff and Doctors. Can’t Say Anymore. Excellent! "

 Leah - 10/20/2023

" The staff is very good "

 Harry - 10/20/2023

" Always spot on with shots and application. "

 Jameel - 10/17/2023

" I was impressed with Dr. Bolinger and his staff’s courteous and informative services towards my treatment. "

 Murray - 10/17/2023

" Very good service "

 Carl - 10/13/2023

" Akways great to come to appointments, professional, polite and get you in and out fast, but always keep our safety and interest in mind. Thank you "

 William - 10/11/2023

" The ladies was very nice and professional and the customers service was excellent thank you. "

 Bruce - 10/11/2023

" Great place however getting a quick appointment doesn’t happen. Mine are taking 4 weeks or more. CATScan 3 weeks "

 Kenneth - 10/10/2023

" Everything we t we'll as always thanks "

 Colleen - 10/10/2023

" Jennifer was exceptional at spending the time to talk with me and go over things no one has done before maybe just maybe we will find an answer to this on going nightmare Colleen A Small "

 James - 10/09/2023

" You're or very good 👍 "

 Bryan - 10/07/2023

" Love my Dr and employees are all nice and helpful "

 Lynda - 10/06/2023

" I have always been treated with respect and professionalism at the urology center. Allison is a very caring and personable member of the staff. She listens to what you have to say and shows care in her response. Thank you for hiring such a caring person in this position. "

 Christian - 10/06/2023

" All of the staff is always nice and accommodating. I always have a good experience here. I would highly recommend this place to anyone. "

 Kim - 10/05/2023

" I was treated with the utmost respect by everyone at the facility. I will definitely recommend the Urology Center to others. "

 Johnny - 10/05/2023

" Everyone made it easy to go to a doctor if you have to go "

 Brittany - 10/04/2023

" I just love the staff the young ladies are amazing. "

 Samuel - 10/03/2023

" A very pleasant experience. "

 Tazim - 10/03/2023

" Very professional and courteous staff! "

 James - 10/01/2023

" Always had a great experience with this company. "

 Larry - 09/29/2023

" The ladies in the front desk were superior. I asked for water and one of the ladies brought out a cup full of ice and water. Later when I came out of my treatment room, I realized I left my water and the other lady retrieved my water and in the process refilled my water. Both absolutely wonderful people. Randy was very thorough and understanding. I definitely appreciate his professionalism and just an all around good guy. The lady scheduling upcoming appointments was again very nice and very thorough in what she was doing also. I almost forgot, the lady in the lab was great. I hate needles and she made me very comfortable and when she pricked me, I didn’t harldly feel it at all. Some of the best staff I have encountered. Thank you to all. "

 Ronnie - 09/29/2023

" Haven’t seen Dr. Harper in quite awhile. Would love to see him now and then. "

 William - 09/28/2023

" Left with a peace of mind. "

 John - 09/27/2023

" Great staff great care "

 Terry - 09/27/2023

" My appointment was very informative and pleasant experience. Staff was extremely kind. "

 Johnny - 09/27/2023

" Hello we just love Dr Harper he really has a good Bedside manner and the staff is excellent with any Questions that u may have I give his staff AAAAAAAA+ Rating "

 Willie - 09/27/2023

" Thank you All "

 Paul - 09/26/2023

" Great service! "

 Ronald - 09/23/2023

" Great care as always "

 Kathy - 09/23/2023

" The lab corp phlebotomist was great and the front desk clerk is always very helpful and professional. "

 Jeffery - 09/22/2023

" Keep up the good work u all have a wonderful beautiful blessings day "

 Craig - 09/20/2023

" Excellent "

 Jerry - 09/19/2023

" Easy and helpful "

 David - 09/18/2023

" Randy is very professional, courteous and explain things in layman's terminology. "

 Sheree - 09/14/2023

" STELLAR STAFF! Can't say enough good things about Dr.Harper and his staff. Go every year for a check up. They are so nice! "

 Danny - 09/13/2023

" My care provider has worked with me thru the years to find ways for me to live my most comfortable life. "

 Edward - 09/13/2023

" My experience was a good one !It was my first time there. 👍 "

 Colby - 09/13/2023

" I have a great experience every time I come in "

 Theresa - 09/12/2023

" Very welcoming and caring staff!!! "

 Joe - 09/12/2023

" All my questions and concerns were addressed. Very knowledgeable provider. Good listener. Care plan discussed with follow up. "

 Woody - 09/08/2023

" I was very pleased. "

 Alfred - 09/08/2023

" A very professional team, I look forward to my next visit. "

 Craig - 09/08/2023

" Great Staff "

 Nola - 09/08/2023

" Everyone there is a caring professional person. From staff to nurses to providers. "

 Harry - 09/07/2023


 Pedro - 09/07/2023

" Excellent service "

 Raul - 09/07/2023

" The staff was courteous friendly and very knowledgeable "

 Mary - 09/07/2023

" Kim Bagwell was real helpful plus I was real satisfied with Dr Harper surgery "

 John - 09/07/2023

" I have always found the staff at the laboratory and the staff at the doctors offices to be top notch, I gladly recommend them to anyone. John Ray. "

 Tracy - 09/06/2023

" I'm very happy with the staff, no complaints. "

 Morris - 09/06/2023

" Always Great "

 Larry - 09/01/2023

" Randy is very professional and a pleasure to visit. "

 Nancy - 08/31/2023

" I love the staff they always make you feel at home even though you're in a Dr office. "

 Marcelino - 08/31/2023

" The staff is always polite, professional, and a joy to work with. "

 Jessie - 08/30/2023

" Keep up the amazing work "

 Julia - 08/30/2023

" Everyone, Everything, and all my questions were answered and explained to me and I am so glad I chose to change to Dr. Harper as my doctor….. he has helped me so much….Julia Barefield "

 Joseph - 08/29/2023

" every thing went great like always "

 Curtis - 08/29/2023

" Very friendly staff "

 Wayne - 08/26/2023

" I have been a patient of Dr. Harper since 2016. He and his staff have always been great! I have always recommended him to my friends and family. "

 Michele - 08/26/2023

" Always busy, but they somehow manage to get you in and out quickly. I’ve never had to wait more than ten minutes to be called back and Dr. Gudger comes in promptly each time. Highly recommend "

 Alfonzo - 08/25/2023

" Dr. Harper and his staff has provided me outstanding care for the years I have been under his care. "

 La Saundra - 08/25/2023

" I did not have a computer or laptop to fill out my paperwork because it was my first time I was truly grateful that they allowed me to come in early to fill out the paperwork everyone there so nice so pleasant so courteous the staff is really awesome "

 Elijah - 08/22/2023

" I wish all of my doctor staff was good as your staff Dr Harper thank you very much I am completely satisfied with your staff "

 Joel - 08/22/2023

" Maria is very professional and straightforward. She is efficient and completes her task in a very timely manner. "

 Earnest - 08/19/2023

" I appreciate the wonderful and helpful staff! Thanks for everything "

 Gary - 08/19/2023

" Excellent Care "

 Stephen - 08/18/2023

" Your Doctors and nurses and team that check us in are always Excellent every visit. Thank you so much! "