Recent Reviews

 Mary - 07/06/2022

" The ultrasound was quick. Good results reported before I left. Was given informative information and responded to questions I had. "

 Geraldine - 07/06/2022

" They were very helpful, explaining everything and answering any questions I had. Would definitely recommend them ... "

 June - 07/06/2022

" Great service I love them all in that office "

 Monita - 07/06/2022

" Thank you all very much. You do a great job "

 Raymond - 07/06/2022

" The technologist was excellent. "

 Cytnhia - 07/06/2022

" Everyone was pleasant and showed the utmost professionalism "

 Cytnhia - 07/06/2022

" Everyone was pleasant and showed the utmost professionalism "

 Carol - 07/03/2022

" The best in care. Very caring "

 Alisa - 07/02/2022

" Staff was very professional "

 Steven - 07/02/2022

" Great to be Alive . Thank's Doctor's an nurse's . Great Job . Well done ... "

 Donna - 07/02/2022

" The entire staff is great "

 Margaret - 07/01/2022

" She made me feel very confident about my being able to get my testing done. Thanks for all the help ! She made me feel at ease! "

 Mildred - 07/01/2022

" Entire staff is great!! "

 Kevin - 07/01/2022

" Everyone is so nice and friendly. Feel very safe, secure, and well taken care of during every appointment. "

 Jeanine - 06/30/2022

" I I think she could sense that I was kind of scared and she eased my pain by telling what I would have to expect in during the procedure, she was a very friendly and helpful thank you for everything that she told me about the procedure. Thank you! "

 Sandra - 06/30/2022

" I love the dr I seen "

 Cynthia - 06/29/2022

" They ALWAYS get me in the very day I call! "

 Gorothy - 06/29/2022

" N/A "

 Ambrosio - 06/29/2022

" Very nice and clean facility. You always feel welcome. "

 Ambrosio - 06/29/2022

" Very nice and clean facility. You always feel welcome. "

 Donald - 06/29/2022

" Everyone seems to care, truly care not fake. Doctor is wonderful, he explained everything and took so much time to explain, great personality. I was so stressed out and left feeling like everything is going to be fixed and fixed correctly. I’m so pleased with all my doctors. Doctor McCune I just be love and all the doctors are world class wonderful. I’m so lucky to be taken care of by all my doctors "

 Aura - 06/28/2022

" Muchas gracias, todo muy bien 👍 "

 Wayne - 06/28/2022

" Everything was professional - the way I had to lay caused my back to hurt other than that it was a very pleasant vist "

 Lisa - 06/28/2022

" Staff and Dr. Were great "

 Randal - 06/28/2022

" Very good interaction and knowledgeable care given to examine current health condition. It was a pleasure to receive the obviously detailed examination of my current health status. The same is true for Dr Jones during his assessment of my condition. This was an example of excellent health care. Randal Millholland 678-314-9278 "

 Jackson - 06/28/2022

" No blood clots were found identified "

 Angela - 06/25/2022

" My sonographer made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked into the room. "

 Christopher - 06/25/2022

" Perfect! Dr. Jacobson was great! He explained everything beforehand, was very supportive during and after the procedure and Katelyn and the other assistant were very helpful. Thanks! "

 Pamela - 06/25/2022

" I TRUST you Dr. Corey as I do all of Vascular Surgical. Dr. Corey took care of my leg as promised along with your team of nurses, THANK YOU for saving my leg, AGAIN!! At this point in my crazy health journey I like that there is no sugar coating what’s happening. After my surgery because they knew I also have heart and low blood pressure they went I to action. I wasn’t worried, I was safe with Vascular Surgery and the team who took care of me. I know if Dr. Corey isn’t available, another doctor will be there to give me great care and do what’s right when it comes to my health. Thank you for making my leg stop hurting! Everyone at Marietta and Cartersville practices are very kind, friendly and listen. "

 Beatriz - 06/25/2022

" We had to wait over 50 minutes in the waiting room, that is very inconvenient to have so many people in a room. "

 Thomas - 06/25/2022

" Everyone was wonderful. Thank you! "

 Terry - 06/25/2022

" I would never go anywhere else.This practice is awesome "

 Linda - 06/25/2022

" Very pleased with my doctors ,nurses ,and staff "

 Joyce - 06/24/2022

" She was very thorough & comfortable to be around. Very professional & having a good personality also. They do everything possible to make u comfortable. Wish every doctors office was like VSA. Makes appointment & visit go well & alleviates stress "

 Carolyn - 06/24/2022

" Very professional and friendly. She made me very comfortable...thank you very much for your service. "

 Thelma - 06/24/2022

" The whole process was very professional. Excellent care all around. "

 Curtis - 06/23/2022

" Very helpful, got a number I needed. "

 Jelil - 06/23/2022

" Great customer service and courteous "

 Tim - 06/23/2022

" Great that I got to see the doctor that day instead of waiting for another day "

 Douglas - 06/23/2022

" Wonderful staff and treated me great. "

 Charles - 06/23/2022

" Every time they take care of all concerns and issues in a friendly way. "

 Doug - 06/23/2022

" Dr.Winter is the best.He is very caring . "

 Troy - 06/22/2022

" I was so pleased,I was seen at the scheduled time. Everyone was so cheerful,and helpful. "

 Jessyca - 06/22/2022

" Great experience. "

 Nancy - 06/22/2022

" Thank you for your kindness and efficiency. "

 Peter - 06/22/2022

" Bonnie was an absolute professional, putting me at ease the moment she opened the door. "

 Dianne - 06/21/2022

" April was absolutely wonderful and so professional and compassionate. Friendly but not overly talk, talk. A very good experience. Dr Kim was a joy. "

 Mary - 06/21/2022

" Great Team! "

 Unique - 06/21/2022

" Karen was extremely professional and polite to me during my testing.She has such a pleasant spirit which is quite comforting to me. "

 Garland - 06/21/2022

" Very professional. "

 Eric - 06/21/2022

" i love the nurses , they take good care of me when I have follow-up appointments ....kudos to everyone "

 Jesse - 06/18/2022

" Both technologist/sonographers we’re knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable with the questions I had. Very informative! "

 Glenda - 06/17/2022

" I have had ultrasounds preformed by Vascular Surgeons on numerous occasions and have been very happy. They are very professional and make sure you understand what they are doing throughout the procedure. "

 Gwendolyn - 06/17/2022

" Staff was very professional and patient. "

 Carlos - 06/17/2022

" Everyone I encountered did an excellent job I will world pleased with my service "

 Nancy - 06/16/2022

" Just love coming there. Everyone is awesome from front desk to back staff. "

 Michelle - 06/16/2022

" My doctor is extremely knowledgeable about vascular surgery. The staff is Amazing and very kind and accommodating. "

 Jean - 06/16/2022

" Loved Dr Sayeed. Such a nice person. "

 David - 06/16/2022

" Dr. Kim is the best! "

 Gregory - 06/15/2022

" The staff appears highly trained and professional. They are communicative and helpful. "

 Penelope - 06/15/2022

" Sonography was very attentive & professional "

 Deidre - 06/14/2022

" The staff was wonderful. I’m so relieved I didn’t have any vascular issues but I felt very taken care of during the procedure and afterwards. I highly recommend this facility. D Ray "

 Danny - 06/14/2022

" Very pleased all around "

 Shirley - 06/14/2022

" She was so great and very knowledgeable. Real easy to talk to "

 Faye - 06/14/2022

" The Dr took alot of time with me and answered all questions. The people who work there was very friendly. The appointment went very swift but knowledgeable . 😊 "

 Dana - 06/13/2022

" From entering the office throughout my entire appointment, everything went smoothly. "

 Mamie - 06/11/2022

" The attention. I received was excellent! The Sonographer was very attentive to my needs. "

 Margaret - 06/11/2022

" Thank you for your care "

 Mary - 06/11/2022

" Doctor and staff are wonderful . "

 Terry - 06/11/2022

" Staff was very professional I was very impressed with my visit "

 Brittany - 06/11/2022

" Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I look forward to going back. "

 Tami - 06/10/2022

" She did a great job. I love your office and staff. You have taken great care of me and I’ll be forever grateful! "

 Clara - 06/10/2022

" I trust these Doctors and I know they will do what’s best for me. "

 Lisa - 06/10/2022

" Awesome team "

 Judy - 06/09/2022

" Friendly and knowledgeable. "

 Jennifer - 06/09/2022

" The Sonographer was absolutely amazing. She made my appointment very pleasant! "

 David - 06/08/2022

" The whole staff was great "

 Robert - 06/08/2022

" Front desk was absolutely professional in appointment set up. Madison (tech) was, as always, extremely professional and informative, Heather was great in explaining results of ultrasound and other questions I had. Extremely patient with my questions and her time.. Christine (attending nurse) was also helpful. In summary, my experience was great and actually looking forward to my next appointment with the same personnel. Bob Dussich "

 Stephen - 06/08/2022

" I'm not qualified to comment on the technical proficiency of the technologist/sonographer, but based on her past exams with me, doctors were able to identify problems in my arteries that needed to be fixed. She has identified two particular issues that ultimately required surgery to resolve in the past year. She has performed sonograms on me at least three times and has always been friendly, courteous, efficient and from my layman's perspective seems to have great attention to detail and accuracy. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give her a 12! Should she perform tests on me in the future, I would feel confident I was in great hands. "

 Clay - 06/07/2022

" Great customer service 👏 "

 Carmella - 06/07/2022

" Keep up the good work Very clean office very pleasant staff "

 Sally - 06/04/2022

" Everyone was pleasant and informative. "

 Barbie - 06/04/2022

" All I can say is Thank you and Awesome "

 Ilse - 06/04/2022

" I will be coming back for my left leg. The nurses and Dr Kim were the best and gave me the best attention. I received the best of care and very knowledgeable about treating me. Thank you so much. "

 Charles - 06/04/2022

" Dr Kim explained thoroughly what was going to take place with my procedure. "

 Rebecca - 06/04/2022

" I feel that pro nox definitely helped me be relaxed for my procedure. When I had my first procedure I had the pill and it did nothing. "

 James - 06/04/2022

" Everyone is so friendly and helpful, they really seem to care about their patients. "

 Betty - 06/03/2022

" It was a very nice very professional pleasant imaging experience I would recommend them to anyone "

 John - 06/03/2022

" Becky did her job in an excellent manner. She could not do better. "

 Shannissa - 06/03/2022

" Always a pleasure coming into the office. "

 Nareene - 06/03/2022

" The doctor that seen me yesterday was by far the best ever. "

 Betty - 06/03/2022

" Holly was extremely nice and very professional . "

 Chassity - 06/03/2022

" I have always had a great experience so thought I would take Time to let you all know how wonderful I think you all are. The front desk and the clinicians are phenomenal and my treatment is always amazing. Thank you "

 Emma - 06/02/2022

" The Tech was absolutely amazing. He explained everything. He wanted to make absolutely sure the results were accurate. He made me feel very comfortable and I felt he went out of his way to make sure the results were correct therefore he gained my complete trust. Ive had several sonograms of my aneurysm. Usually it always felt very rushed so I can’t say Ive trusted any of the techs who performed them in the pass. Not only at this facility but also other facilities. Most techs usually barely speak to you. Your tech was very nice from the very beginning therefore I felt much more comfortable and I felt his results were going to be more accurate then any of the other sonograms. This time I was sent to have it done because I had Xrays for a procedure called Spinal Simulator trial. The Xrays showed my aneurysm had grown to a 6.5. I needed a clearance to go ahead with it. After this sonogram it showed under a 5. He really made sure the Xray was not accurate before I could do proceedure. "

 Norman - 06/02/2022

" Good work "

 Brenda - 06/01/2022

" Everyone was friendly, professional and curious. Great staff! "

 Julia - 06/01/2022

" She was very acknowledgeable to what she was doing and in her job. She was very personable and friendly "

 Myra - 06/01/2022

" Great Place to get medical help they are very nice and and they care "

 Dany - 05/28/2022

" Very professional staff! I felt at ease the whole time. Will use this group again lf I need to "

 Melodie - 05/28/2022

" Excellent from the beginning. Everyone made me feel like the situation mattered to them. Abig thank you and prayers for blessing to all!!! "

 Valerie - 05/28/2022

" None "

 Christopher - 05/28/2022

" Very impressive completely satisfied great people. "

 Rosemarie - 05/27/2022

" Stephanie was very caring and answered my many questions very professionally. She was careing and made me feel very relaxed. "

 Nadine - 05/27/2022

" Very pleased with the care🙂 "

 Beverly - 05/27/2022

" Nick made me feel comfortable and was very professional "

 Gloria - 05/27/2022

" This clinic has helped me tremendously. My wounds are finally healing. "

 Angelique - 05/26/2022

" Katlin is amazing! I have already recommended her ! "

 Seneca - 05/26/2022

" Thank you all for taking great care of me, You all are a godsend ❤ "

 Earl - 05/26/2022

" None "

 Dolly - 05/26/2022

" Excellent "

 Charlene - 05/26/2022

" Caitlyn did a great job explaining the condition and procedure recommended. Love her! "

 Astley - 05/25/2022

" Have been to this office twice. Customer service is top notch. Highly qualified staff. Highly recommend Becky. She did a great job. Dr Arun Chervu, answered all question and made recommendations. Have staff made immediate appointments for future visits both here and the Austell Office. Looking forward for my next check up. "

 Deborah - 05/25/2022

" Dr. Jones and staff (Kayce, Philip and another young lady whose name I've forgotten) immediately put me at ease about my vascular procedure. I am so thankful for their kindness and for the excellent care I received. "

 Juanita - 05/25/2022

" Staff p.a. doctor was all incredibly helpful considerate and patient. "

 Harry - 05/25/2022

" Very professional and thorough. "

 Nicolas - 05/25/2022

" The entire care team were great and very professional. "

 Patrick - 05/25/2022

" Like having family as your doctors. Relaxed professional atmosphere with everyone concerned with your comfort and well being.. "

 Larry - 05/25/2022

" You guys are the greatest! "

 Toni - 05/25/2022

" The PA with whom I spoke was extremely knowledgeable and very thorough in relaying the info to help me make a prudent decision. She was also personable and very easy to communicate with . "

 Barry - 05/25/2022

" Very pleasant experience. Staff was professional and courteous. "

 Maria - 05/24/2022

" Every one was very pleasant and it was a great experience to have Dr. Jones handle my situation, he was very knowledgeable, courteous and caring. "

 Louis - 05/24/2022

" Dr Jones and staff was awesome thanks "

 Shirley - 05/24/2022

" The Technologist/Sonographer was very professional and answered all questions or concerns I had. "

 Misti - 05/24/2022

" The whole staff is amazing! Very thorough and kind! "

 Walter - 05/24/2022

" The technologist was very professional and personable. "

 Harriette - 05/24/2022

" The tests always seem long, but I do understand why. I liked the check-in with the screen which was quick and efficient. Both Mitchell and Tabitha were efficient and pleasant so I give them an A+. "

 Sharon - 05/24/2022

" I was very disappointed there was no doctor there. I have terrible pain I wanted to discuss as well as possibly getting off the blood thinner. I didn't know there was no doctor until I was almost done with the ultrasound. "

 Julie - 05/24/2022

" Dr Johns and his staff were AWESOME, very knowledgeable and friendly!!! "

 Russell - 05/24/2022

" The staff is very kind and courteous and my visit was professionally executed. "

 Beverly - 05/22/2022

" i love the whole team at vascular surgens.everyone is awesome and they take very good care with there patients. thank you beverly gray "

 Tasha - 05/22/2022

" Dr. Jacobs is the vein guy. I love his work. He always take care of me. Great staff as well. They always make sure I’m good during my visit as well. "

 Cheyenne - 05/21/2022

" Lovely experience! Dr. Lalani is a great doctor and really makes something like surgery seem as easy going and comfortable as possible. The other staff that worked for my care are all sooo nice and welcoming as well! Everyone in general really does seem to care about your well being and makes vein surgery seem less scary. Also, everyone works well together and have great personable personalities. I would recommend this place to anyone I knew of that needed vein surgery or any vein help. I am really grateful for my experience and so grateful that my insurance covered everything! "

 Alma - 05/21/2022

" I’m so pleased how dr Lalani explain how is my surgery will be done.I will recommend him to all my friends who are having a problem with vain. Thank you Dr. Lalani "

 Steven - 05/21/2022

" Really great team of doctors an nurses that work to give you the best care . An there heart is in it ... treat you as person not just another patient ... "

 Susan - 05/20/2022

" Very polite professional caring and friendly "

 Anthony - 05/20/2022

" As always everyone is awesome , I look forward to coming back for I know that my experience would be well spent "

 Kenneth - 05/20/2022

" My technologist/sonographer could not have made me feel comfortable and at ease prior to and during the "procedure". She was the complete professional. "

 William - 05/20/2022

" Professional and efficient technologist. "

 Michael - 05/20/2022

" Office receptionist and diagnostic person were smiling and welcoming. Procedure done as expected. "

 Richard - 05/20/2022

" Kaitlyn is the best medical professional I have ever encountered "

 Chester - 05/20/2022

" Great employee, you need to keep him. "

 Linda - 05/20/2022

" Dr. Jacobson answered all my questions and I left feeling like he and his staff were attentive and focused on my issue. "

 William - 05/19/2022

" Great experience. Great employees. Keep up the great job. "

 Ron - 05/19/2022

" Awesome people:get help for migraine😊 "

 Christopher - 05/19/2022

" Sergio was great! He explained everything and was very kind and helpful. Thanks!! "

 Janet - 05/19/2022

" They all was very Patient with me caring and Respectful good job ! "

 Cheryl - 05/19/2022

" Great service. Friendly staff. "

 Christine - 05/19/2022

" I wish I had known about this practice a few months ago. "

 Linda - 05/19/2022

" Very pleasant experience "

 Inez - 05/18/2022

" Very professional group. Was treated with the upmost respect. "

 Mary - 05/18/2022

" As always my visit was good,everyone was professional . "

 Garry - 05/18/2022

" Quick and efficient. Exactly what I want from medical professionals! "

 Debbie - 05/18/2022

" Bonnie was excellent in taking care of me, and made the visit comfortable. "

 Peggy - 05/17/2022

" Staf is kind, courteous, knowledgeable "

 David - 05/17/2022

" Will not go any where else "

 Carol - 05/15/2022

" I am so grateful to VSA. Am happy as ever with everyone I come into contact with during my appointments. Again thank you to Drs. Corey, O Reilly, RN Laura, and Sergio CST. I always leave with a thankful heart. You all are awesome at what you do. Carol "

 Lester - 05/13/2022

" Great professional and caring professionals "

 Jeanette - 05/13/2022

" Every one was kind informative and professional. "

 Clyde - 05/13/2022

" Beautiful comfortable office and the receptionist was one of the kindest sweetest people I’ve been around. In fact, I was so impressed I mentioned her to the technologist. I have bad “white coat syndrome” and frankly didn’t want to be there but the environment and staff made it as comfortable as possible for which I’m grateful. Thank you. "

 Cynthia - 05/13/2022

" Staff is knowledgable, caring, friendly "

 Jason - 05/13/2022

" Dr Lagergren is wonderful. She did my surgery back in 2019 and each follow-up, I feel like a person and not just a patient. I would recommend her and your practice to anyone. "

 Ketty - 05/12/2022

" I love the entire staff, especially Becky. She was skillful, professional and personable. I want Becky to obtain my carotid US all the time. The doctor was also excellent, as a Wellstar Employee, I would love to work with their team. "

 Marvin - 05/11/2022

" Very Pleased "

 Kevin - 05/11/2022

" Everyone I came in contact was very nice and professional, really enjoyed my visit. "

 Kent - 05/11/2022

" Excellent visit. "

 Charles - 05/10/2022

" Everyone was exceptionally courteous and the staff went out of their way to make sure i was well taken care of !!! "

 Oscar - 05/10/2022

" As usual, I received excellent care and service. Thank you. "

 Patricia - 05/10/2022

" Post surgical follow up. Surgeon was satisfied, so I was as well. "

 Janice - 05/10/2022

" Tech was personable and very caring. "

 Lisa - 05/08/2022

" Was very helpful and helping me with getting a new leg explained a lot of thing that wrong with my form leg was very detailed in every way Thank y’all so much "

 Alberto - 05/07/2022

" Very friendly service all personnel very nice thanks "

 Zofia - 05/06/2022

" Very efficient and warm office. Extremely impressed with this office and staff and wish all offices performed this way. "

 Gary - 05/05/2022

" Becky is awesome. She is a valuable asset to your business. Please let her know I enjoyed the ultrasound due to her excellent care. "

 Ronald - 05/05/2022

" All the people were great "

 Sara - 05/05/2022

" Thanks for letting me tell you what a great job Devin did ,He was friendly and made me feel so comfortable. "

 Debra - 05/04/2022

" From the time I walked in, until the time I was wheeled out, everyone was great!!! I was apprehensive about the procedure, but, was put at ease immediately. My thanks to all. "

 Keya - 05/03/2022

" Wonderful staff... Did an excellent job. Very thankful for how they accommodated me even though I ran late. Very much appreciated. "

 Angela - 05/03/2022

" Davin had Great Customer Service in taking care of me and explaining everything. "

 Jeanette - 05/03/2022

" Very nice people "

 Goldie - 05/03/2022

" Very caring and accommodating. "

 Kevin - 05/03/2022

" I would Recommend this practice to anyone, they are very professional and they get the job done right. "

 Larry - 05/03/2022

" Great service, great staff, always helpful and knowledgeable about their specialty. "

 Eugene - 05/03/2022

" Great service "

 Deitra - 05/03/2022

" The Doctor answered my questions and explained everything to me I was very thankful for straight talk "

 Norman - 04/30/2022

" Great job "

 Vanessa - 04/30/2022

" The staff is the best. They are friendly, courteous, very gentle with the handling of the patients. They helpful in keeping you calm and at the same time keep you in the know of what happening. I simply love everything about them. They even made sure my sister was comfortable as she waited for me. Finally the one thing that topped it all was the cleanliness of the entire office.HREAT JOB AND HATS OFF TO THIS AMAZING STAFF AND DR. LAGERGREN!!!!! "

 Barry - 04/30/2022

" I love the service that I receive "

 Mariah - 04/30/2022

" Everyone was very kind, and reassuring. I’m so glad to have you guys on my team! "

 Charles - 04/30/2022

" Always very professional "

 Pamela - 04/29/2022

" It’s always a very comfortable test regardless of the outcome. The ladies are kind with good hearts. They went above and beyond for me and my family. Thanks! "

 Susan - 04/29/2022

" Great job! "

 Marcia - 04/28/2022

" The technician was very knowledgeable and answered all questions. "

 Linda - 04/28/2022

" Dr. Chervu was very thorough, professional, and kind. It is obvious that he cares greatly for his patients. The front and back office staff were friendly and efficient. April and Deborah did great with the ultrasounds! The office was comfortable and clean! Great visit! "

 Carol - 04/28/2022

" Seems very knowledgeable and warm. "

 Linda - 04/28/2022

" All were professional and friendly "

 Gail - 04/27/2022

" Everyone there were very friendly and knowledgeable to m my husband and Nephew that was there with me and they answered my questions.. "

 Clara - 04/26/2022

" Bonnie the lady that did ultrasound was amazing the best I have ever had!! The Drs. Reilly and Cory are the best in every way. I trust them with my life and I will always be their patient as long as I live. Thank y’all so much!! "

 Ronald - 04/26/2022

" Everyone I came in contact with in the office was very professional and courteous and pleasant to meet! Thanks Ronald "

 Melinda - 04/26/2022

" Everyone was so nice and made me feel comfortable. "

 Pearl - 04/26/2022

" She was very sweet and kind. She was very knowledgeable of the procedure. "

 Penelope - 04/25/2022

" Tech was very patient with me and my back problems. "

 Lee - 04/23/2022

" Best medical facility I have been in in years. Very professional yet down to earth and friendly highly recommend. "

 Sylvia - 04/23/2022

" I received upmost care and my technologist was very professional and I felt I was getting a professional scan that would determine if I had any issues. Thank you for making me comfortable and notifying me of who I will get my results from. "

 Bettie - 04/23/2022

" Friendly, warm sonographer! "

 Catherine - 04/23/2022

" I felt my technician was extremely experienced and very patient with me. She answered all my questions about the process as I was unclear about what was being looked at. Thank you for your patient friendly atmosphere. "

 Leslie - 04/22/2022

" You guys are the best!!!! Thank you !!!! "

 Marilyn - 04/22/2022

" April is amazing!!! She set me at ease and made sure I knew what was going to occur during the US. She made the procedure much easier on my nerves. Give the girl a raise!!! "

 Louis - 04/21/2022

" Dr.Chevu who is the best vascular surgeon there is I have known him for 17 years. He is the greatest there is "

 Marian - 04/21/2022

" Excellent customer service skills. Thanks "

 Teressa - 04/21/2022

" Dr. Winter and his team are very efficient and kind to me. They have always answered all of my questions and went Out of their way to help me. "

 Jonathan - 04/21/2022

" Listen and are concerned health provider! "

 Aaron - 04/20/2022

" Dr Lagengar is GREAT!! "

 Thomas - 04/20/2022

" Bonnie did a great job. She made me feel comfortable and answered all of my questions. Please tell her that this old 82 year old Navy retired guy really appreciated her. "

 William - 04/20/2022

" Outstanding service and Dr. Gary Jacobson is the best. "

 Stacy - 04/20/2022

" Kaitlyn and her team are wonderful! The doctor who performed my vein removal (initials A.C.) was super with bedside manner and created a relaxed environment. "

 Linda - 04/19/2022

" Everyone is so kind and helpful "

 Amy - 04/19/2022

" My waiting time was about one hour and 20 Minutes total. My time spent having the ultrasound and seeing the MD was about 10 minutes total. Something needs to change about this. "

 Lisa - 04/19/2022

" Great staff overall friendly and very helpful at anytime. "

 Ann - 04/19/2022

" I had never heard of the group until September 2019 . Presented to the ER no idea how serious my blood clot was and within hours of loosing my leg.Admitted to hospital on Wednesday so further test could be ran.I was told I needed a 2 day procedure. On Friday a hospitalist came in Friday morning with prescription for Eliquis and sending me home to come back in on Monday morning. In walked my guardian angel from Vascular Surgical Associates and patted me on the leg telling me in a calm reassurance voice that I was going no where until after my two day procedure. I had been given several options and when ICU was mentioned I totally lost it. He took things in his hands and told me he was going to do what was best for me . I trusted him and did what needed to be done. Almost 2 1/2 years later no issues. Just graduated from every 6 month visit to yearly visits.They literally saved my life. "

 William - 04/18/2022

" Top Notch staff. Friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, helpful. "

 Charles - 04/17/2022

" They treat me great "

 Bonnie - 04/16/2022

" Very impressed at this new location. Everyone was friendly and professional. Made me feel comfortable with the testing.First rate👍 "

 Thomas - 04/16/2022

" Clinton was very professional and extremely knowledgeable!!!! "

 Tyler - 04/16/2022

" Great and quick "

 Debra - 04/16/2022

" Excellent service and advice "

 Dottie - 04/16/2022

" Excellent, professional care. "

 Katherine - 04/16/2022

" Great experience! They all expectations. My precedure is a complete success. "

 Robin - 04/16/2022

" Dr. Jones and staff are amazing! I highly recommend this practice and especially Dr. Jones "

 Michael - 04/15/2022

" Very professional would recommend "

 Dale - 04/15/2022

" Absolutely, your staff is wonderful in both locations of Woodstock and 61 Whitcher St. They answer questions and are prompt to schedule me. Getting to know Katelyn has been fun over the past year-and-one-half. "

 Marylyn - 04/15/2022

" Very nice person "

 Lawrence - 04/15/2022

" The automated check in was interesting and efficient. Front desk staff friendly and helpful. James was excellent. "

 Sumbula - 04/15/2022

" I was completely satisfied "

 Maria - 04/15/2022

" Muy profesionales 👍 "

 Steve - 04/15/2022

" Phillip and Madison are genuine and they provide the care that I need. I would never go anywhere else. "

 Dale - 04/15/2022

" Thank you. "

 Randall - 04/15/2022

" All was good! "

 Bonnie - 04/14/2022

" The sonographer was excellent. She knew what she was doing and explained everything to me as we went along. Overall it exceeded my expectations! "

 Scott - 04/14/2022

" Dr winters and his staff are awesome! "

 Gail - 04/14/2022

" Everyone was very pleasant "

 Theresa - 04/14/2022

" I love my Vascular Associates staff❤ "

 Paul - 04/14/2022

" Great and personable technician "

 Nabayah - 04/13/2022

" When I first got the blood clot I was terrified. Once I came to your facility I was put at ease. Everyone that I came in contact with was pleasant and very helpful. I was well taken care of. This really means a lot when you go through something like this. Thank y’all so much. "

 Jacqueline - 04/13/2022

" Very professional and compassionate staff. "

 Sandra - 04/13/2022

" The staff I seen is awesome "

 Ignacio - 04/13/2022

" I’m really satisfied. "

 Rhonda - 04/13/2022

" Very nice and professional. "

 Michael - 04/13/2022

" Eric Chen and his staff are A-1. They are very professional and personal. They make you feel like part of a family while still doing business. "

 Patrick - 04/13/2022

" Doctor and staff at facility are amazing it's my 3rd surgery and it's always been great "

 Richard - 04/12/2022

" Bonnie was professional & explained the procedure so I could understand. Dr Jacobson explained the results to me & answered all my questions & concerns. Thanks to both of them. "

 Marina - 04/12/2022

" Very personable tech that put me at ease. "

 Glenda - 04/12/2022

" Very pleased to interact with Katelyn—PA "

 Jean - 04/12/2022

" Q "

 Brenda - 04/12/2022

" Very timely and professional visit. "

 Deborah - 04/12/2022

" Holly was very sweet and professional "

 Robert - 04/10/2022

" Everything went great. The sonographer was quite pleasant and professional. Dr. Kim is a priceless asset. "

 Princella - 04/09/2022

" Everyone was so professional and caring. Just what I needed, and when I need to have my fears of pain calmed. Great care team. They did an outstanding job. "

 Magali - 04/09/2022

" Very nice office. Great service "

 Debra - 04/08/2022

" I have severe nerve damage and pain in areas that needed ultrasound and The technician did an absolute amazing job! He was very gentle in sensitive areas. "

 Sergio - 04/08/2022

" The nurse was very kind and very patient friendly "

 Gregory - 04/08/2022

" Very comfortable with the whole process "

 Abe - 04/08/2022

" I was in pain in my leg after the surgery the pain was gone and now i feel great . "

 Marsha - 04/07/2022

" Everyone was very nice and helpful…felt very comfortable during procedure…almost like a mini massage!!!! Katelyn was also very nice and informative with the results of my scan on the telemed call next day! "

 Carey - 04/07/2022

" Very professional and courteous. "

 Joseph - 04/07/2022

" Kaitlin and all of the staff were very helpful, friendly, and informative. I would highly recommend this group. "

 Theresa - 04/07/2022

" The technologist/sonographer had me in and out. I was quite pleased "

 Cheryl - 04/06/2022

" Excellent service. "

 Ann - 04/06/2022

" I love this doctor and his staff! "

 Phil - 04/06/2022

" Everyone was very professional. The PA answered all of my questions and was very knowledgeable. "

 Jimmie - 04/06/2022

" I was very impressed with the Office Staff and intake procedures for my first visit. The Sonographer was professional and made me feel comfortable at all times during the procedure and answered all my questions during the course of the testing. Kudos to your Staff and Team for my initial visit. "

 Linda - 04/05/2022

" I received excellent and prompt attention to my concerns to the point I was scheduled two days in a row to address the reason I came quickly and efficiently. Again, excellent service e. "

 Katherine - 04/05/2022

" Dr. Lalani, Cassidy, the woman at the front desk were all wonderful! "

 Wilma - 04/05/2022

" Everyone I interacted with—from the front desk, the doctor’s assistants, and the doctor himself—was friendly, understanding, and kind. A very pleasant atmosphere throughout. I appreciate your attention to the individual. "

 Angela - 04/05/2022

" Katelyn is an amazing practitioner! "

 Carolyn - 04/02/2022

" Love staff who work with me from the beginning to end. The front check in tech was extremely very helpful. When I walked in door, she immediately directed m to come to her desk. She was siting on left by herself. She took my papers and also checked me in at patient check in computer. Also she walked with me to get to the elevator in parking deck. Physician Asst, tech for ultra sound, nurse were excellent and made my visit very accommodating and no stress. I was nervous coming in for procedure, however it was very accommodating and absolutely beautiful. "

 Sheila - 04/02/2022

" Love this group of medical professionals "

 Crystal - 04/02/2022

" I really enjoyed your employee that done my ultra sound. She made me feel comfortable about doing the test. She was awesome. "

 Ida - 04/01/2022

" Talk me threu it all the way. "

 Rhoda - 04/01/2022

" Both the ultrasonographer and PA Kaitlyn were outstanding. Only thing was there was a long wait. "

 Brian - 04/01/2022

" took care of my issues "

 Jean - 04/01/2022

" Wonerful experience Thank you "

 William - 04/01/2022

" Professional and caring! "

 George - 03/31/2022

" The entire staff was awesome. The office was extremely clean. The front office staff was professional and kind. The staff in the back was detail oriented and we left with a good understanding as a patient going forward. "

 David - 03/31/2022

" She was great!! Very professional and very nice. "