Recent Reviews

 Pierre - 12/07/2023

" Great meeting with Doctor and was fully satisfied with what the surgeon will be doing! "

 Dhamodharan - 12/07/2023

" She listened to me carefully and answered my questions. "

 Sandra - 12/07/2023

" I have been coming to vascular associates about 15 years. Always treated me very well. Dr Chevru is an excellent Doctor. "

 Melanie - 12/07/2023

" My sonographer was awesome! "

 James - 12/07/2023

" Appointment on time. Madison was very efficient. "

 Jose - 12/07/2023

" All good "

 Teena - 12/07/2023

" Loved the doctor. He was a breath of fresh air. Have total confidence in him. "

 Arnethya - 12/07/2023

" She was very gentle in got me thing to make me feel Comfortable and Answer everything that I needed very nice home. Thank you. "

 Bonnie - 12/06/2023

" The process there is very smooth and calming. Everyone I interacted with was quite wonderful. My procedure was extremely smooth and over before I knew it. "

 Gabriella - 12/06/2023

" Delighted to have found VSA to care for my vascular issues. Really like Dr. Jacobson very much and have complete confidence in him and his team, who are also very nice and very professional. They all make one feel very comfortable and at ease with the treatments. Office administrative staff is very kind and helpful in re-arranging an appointment recently. "

 Mary - 12/06/2023

" As always y'all were professional and fast. "

 Daniel - 12/05/2023

" Dr Jones is very transparent and up-front with his recommendation for next steps in your care. Explains the pros and cons so you can move forward with confidence you are making all the right decisions. The staff is polite and knowledgeable in the rolls supporting Dr Jones. "

 Annis - 12/05/2023

" professional "

 Berry - 12/05/2023

" Efficiency and knowledgeable "

 Juanita - 12/05/2023


 Michael - 12/05/2023

" SHE WAS GREAT. She answered my questions and I felt she was very knowledgeable. I felt confident in her answers and explanations. Michael "

 Tina - 12/05/2023

" She was great and explained everything to me. It was very comfortable. "

 Joshua - 12/05/2023

" The staff was amazing starting from walking through the door! The surgeon is pretty funny and has some cool jokes that make you feel more comfortable while the procedure is going on! Kinda felt like I was at my friends house just hanging out. Not going to lie I was nervous, but everyone helped by being extremely nice and caring. "

 Ella - 12/05/2023

" They was very professional in every way. "

 Natasha - 12/02/2023

" Everyone was welcoming, friendly, patient, caring, and listened to all concerns. "

 Carroll - 12/02/2023

" Dr. Jacobson listens carefully and patiently. He appropriately predicted that my swelling was related to my CHF, not a veinous problem, however, he performed a detailed test to confirm his suspicions. The test proved that his prediction was accurate. Great doctor. "

 William - 12/02/2023

" Staff was very personable and professional…. "

 Erma - 12/02/2023

" She was wonderful! Kind, I did not feel rushed and for the first time my blood pressure was normal when I left. Please keep her she is very good "

 Jerri - 12/02/2023

" Everyone was so caring and compassionate during my procedure. I was very anxious and the doctor and staff really took their time to calm me down. Everything went great and I couldn’t have been been taken care any better. I’m so thankful. "

 David - 12/02/2023

" Overall exceptional experience! "

 Charles - 12/02/2023

" Very good experience and care was taken by both techs to assure this was done correctly "

 Denae - 12/02/2023

" Thank you for helping me "

 John - 12/02/2023

" Been there 5 times and it has been excellent every time! "

 Victoria - 12/02/2023

" I was seen at appointment time and even got Thur early "

 Terry - 12/01/2023

" Cassidy was very professional , pleasant, and knowledgeable. "

 Tami - 12/01/2023

" Candice in scheduling was so much help to me. The first time I called the two girls were rude and difficult to work with. Thank you Candice!!!! "

 Willard - 12/01/2023

" Sergio did a thorough and professional job. We were very impressed and pleased with our visit "

 Carole - 12/01/2023

" I was recommended to VSA for a very unusual knee injury. The staff was amazing and, under their care, my knee healed fairly quickly. They were kind, courteous, and caring. Vicky Bryan was my care provider. I would recommend her and her staff to anyone needing wound care. "

 Pamela - 12/01/2023

" I am very please with the staff and Doc "

 Kathleen - 12/01/2023

" As usual, all staff was courteous and helpful. Pauline and Jennifer were so patient with me as I kept having a cramp in my leg and needed to stop treatment so I could straighten my leg and stand up. Thank you so much. "

 Belinda - 12/01/2023

" I was told what was needed at the appt. I didn't know ahead of time. "

 Judy - 12/01/2023

" I felt comfortable and was met with a pleasantly knowledgeable, skilled employee that answered every concern or question I had. The customer service was above exceptional which made for and excellent overall experience. "

 Penny - 12/01/2023

" Mike was Great!!! "

 Cynthia - 12/01/2023

" Great customer service and caring team "

 Daniel - 12/01/2023

" Everyone was kind and very helpful. "

 Zelford - 12/01/2023

" Everyone was nice and professional. "

 Norman - 11/30/2023

" All the people that work there are great. Especially Dr. Duke! "

 Donald - 11/30/2023

" The ProNox anesthesia was outstanding. Zero pain and a very quick exit from the anesthesia. The staff was excellent, solicitous and very competent. "

 Sinatra - 11/30/2023

" It was a very good experience thank very much . "

 Kaysi - 11/30/2023

" Great staff! I'll tell everyone to come see you guys! "

 Thomas - 11/29/2023

" As usual everything was professional and friendly by everyone!!! "

 Janet - 11/29/2023

" The entire staff is very nice. "

 Jimmy - 11/29/2023

" Very professional Vascular does a great job "

 Sammie - 11/28/2023

" Vickie and her staff have been Outstanding each and everyone's gone above to g et me better "

 Victoria - 11/28/2023

" I am very pleased with everyone here very Friendly Courteous Respectful answering anything I asked with Smiles on my first visit there this Wonderful Doctor told me what to do with the Wound on my Ankle in the space of one month it was Healed I have had this Wound from 2007 Working at the Hospital I have been to many Doctors and it would be Healed outside but would be still sore inside and would break open after a while now it’s Healed inside out I can squeeze it without Pain I thank GOD for her and the Staff GOD’S BLESSINGS on them all 🙏🏾❤️🌹 "

 James - 11/28/2023

" Cartersvill, location great service. "

 Ducelia - 11/28/2023

" I feel very confident after my First visit, that means to me I’m in good hands.!!! Just start my treatment , after be recommended for my Nephrologist Dr. Nath also a excellent Doctor! I want to say something about real seriously Reviews, how is important to do that, how it’s the can help us to find the good professionals. We are talking about ours life, in this case particularly, Doctors, nurses, what is very important for all of us! This one isn’t fake or paid Review, I taking very serious my responsibility to writing a Reviews, than asking people to do too! Thank you! "

 Danny - 11/28/2023

" Janoha was professional and personable. He did a great job!! "

 Ronald - 11/28/2023

" Just took a little longer than expected. "

 Arthur - 11/28/2023

" Professional, friendly and efficient. Tech was great! "

 Shelby - 11/24/2023

" I always love coming to this office. Every single person is FABULOUS.. "

 Bonnie - 11/24/2023

" Honestly? It was the best medical visit I ever had! Everyone was so friendly, I felt I was with friends! "

 Jason - 11/23/2023

" Eased my fears and concerns. Excellent visit. "

 Cherry - 11/23/2023

" I could not have ask for better care and concern from the entire staff. They are all very professional and sincere people. I’ve always been well taken care of and treated very well when there. Cherry "

 Karen - 11/23/2023

" The sonographer was very friendly,professional, and through. She was Awesome!!! "

 Marilyn - 11/23/2023

" Love, LOVE this practice!! They always strive to get patients in as soon as possible. Tests are performed by very competent staff. Plus, Dr Lagergren is amazing!!! So thankful for this practice! "

 Emily - 11/23/2023

" Everything went well. Thank you ❤️ "

 Cain - 11/23/2023

" Good personal excellent service "

 Maria - 11/23/2023

" Everyone was very caring and informative. It was like being among friends. "

 Imogene - 11/22/2023

" The nurse/dr’s assistant who worked most closely with me was very professional and efficient, and also helped me to relax and prepare emotionally for the procedure. The dr explained the process and answered all my questions. "

 Richard - 11/22/2023

" Keep up the good service. "

 Linwood - 11/22/2023

" Very happy with the result's of the visit "

 Donna - 11/22/2023

" All excellent the phone visit for reading results of test was so so simple to follow "

 Charles - 11/21/2023

" Vickie is very knowledgeable in wound care and was very pleasant to work with. All the Dr's that filled in when Vickie wasn't available during my appointments were easy to work with as well and so were all the aassistants helped with my care. "

 Jennie - 11/21/2023

" Tatiana and everyone at the front desk as well as the nurse were all amazing, so easy to talk with and just wonderful. A friend brought me to my appointment and she was extremely impressed too. Thank you "

 Paul - 11/21/2023

" Great experience "

 Gregory - 11/21/2023

" Thanks for the great care "

 Cynthia - 11/18/2023

" The entire staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. The MA and the Dr both explained everything to me in great detail. I appreciate the time that the Dr spent with me. "

 James - 11/18/2023

" The Front Personnel, medical staff, Doctor was great. I have always received great treatment at VSA Austell and other offices. "

 Lawerance - 11/18/2023

" Competent and Friendly. He did a thorough examination and is a nice guy. "

 Hollis - 11/18/2023

" My entire experience was very professional the entire staff and Dr Was very helpful explaining the procedure and letting me know what to do in future. Let’s just say all was great. "

 Ralph - 11/18/2023

" Very kind and courteous "

 Lamar - 11/18/2023

" Friendly and Great people I met there. Very knowledgeable "

 Andrew - 11/18/2023

" Eric treats me like I am his only patient. He's knowledgeable and genuinely concerned about my progress and well-being. "

 Simon - 11/18/2023

" The front desk staff is very friendly to greeting and work with everyone. The care provider is very patiently answer all my questions! I felt I was equally respected! "

 Carol - 11/18/2023

" Cassidy was professional and friendly and made me feel very relaxed and in good care. "

 Joyce - 11/17/2023

" Everyone was nice as they could be. Dr. Jacobson was awesome as usual. "

 Romeo - 11/17/2023

" The atmosphere was conducive to the tests. The tests were thorough. I was treated with respect and dignity. "

 Mohamed - 11/17/2023

" Great "

 Shavaughn - 11/17/2023

" Excellent team. From front desk to the technician. "

 Rhonda - 11/17/2023

" The young man who did the ultrasound was very kind….explaining everything he was doing….very professional. "

 Michael - 11/17/2023

" Very impressed with all staff members "

 Jacqueline - 11/17/2023

" Great overall experience. The tech made me feel very comfortable and the front desk was pleasant. "

 Ronda - 11/16/2023

" Very professional, very knowledgeable, "

 Linda - 11/16/2023

" I have had nothing but kindness and care from the staff at VSA. I would definitely recommend this group to anyone I know. "

 James - 11/16/2023

" Truly a personable & professional technician! "

 Charles - 11/16/2023

" Ann is very professional and an excellent technician. "

 Jennifer - 11/16/2023

" Great experience. Very nice place and nice people! "

 Cynthia - 11/16/2023

" I was in and out! "

 Arlene - 11/15/2023

" All staff we worked with were helpful and kind "

 Allan - 11/15/2023

" I now feel relieved to know I am in capable hands..... "

 John - 11/15/2023

" The practice worked us in as an emergency situation. They did a complete, thorough job, and were very kind when dealing with us. In the recovery area, the staff was very thorough and accommodating, and answered all of our questions. "

 Honey - 11/15/2023

" I really appreciate how comfortable and safe I feel with everyone I meet in the practice. Gratitude! "

 Iryna - 11/15/2023

" Feel safe. Apprised opportunity to be treated in this practice. "

 John - 11/15/2023

" Very satisfied "

 Ernestine - 11/14/2023

" Julian was very informative and relayed information in a way that we could understand all of it he technicals. "

 Vickie - 11/14/2023

" The BEST doctors ever !! Dr Jones is a true ANGEL ! i love all if them. "

 Carol - 11/14/2023

" My US Tech Bonnie was great. We talked and laughed and before I knew it, my scans were completed. A very comfortable experience again as always. Thanks VSA! "

 Curtis - 11/14/2023

" Great staff....Great patient care!!! "

 Timothy - 11/14/2023

" The doctor was very thorough and resolved all questions I had and he had I was very pleased "

 Deborah - 11/14/2023

" Very good appointment "

 Hildegard - 11/14/2023

" Excellent service! "

 Marilyn - 11/12/2023

" Dr. Winters and his team are excellent! They are professional, thorough, kind and truly care about their patients. Front office staff is prompt in checking you in or out. You are always greeted with a smile and how can I help you. Every time I call to schedule an appointment or have a medical question they are always kind and will transfer me to a nurse if need be. Excellent customer service, medical care and treatment! I see several Doctors due to medical issues and it is rare to come across a medical facility like Vascular Surgeon and Wound Care. "

 Gary - 11/12/2023

" The technician was courteous and efficient "

 James - 11/11/2023

" We were very pleased from the beginning to end of the visit. Good recommendations were given and the PA took time to explain in detail why we were there and what their role was. "

 Lee - 11/11/2023

" Love the staff! "

 David - 11/11/2023

" Everyone was very kind and professional. Cassidy was very focused when doing my scans and thank God my aneurysm didn't get any bigger. The elevator worked well and even the parking lot attendant was helpful! "

 Stephen - 11/11/2023

" Very professional! "

 Lorraine - 11/10/2023

" The staff in this practice happily help with whatever is needed. They are always cheerful, too. Dr Molinari is very patient and fills me in on every details. He answers questions patiently. I. Have the feeling that he really cares about his patients. "

 Vivian - 11/10/2023

" Great services rendered from front to back "

 Harold - 11/10/2023

" All good "

 Rafik - 11/10/2023

" Very pleasant, efficient and gentle Sonographer, explained procedure and answered all questions thoroughly. could not expect better care. Thank you. "

 Veronica - 11/10/2023

" Very pleasant "

 David - 11/10/2023

" Great staff! They made me feel important and comfortable. They listened to me and my concerns. I definitely felt like they were going to take care of me. That means a lot to a person that hasn’t ever had a medical condition nor any kind of medical procedure. Would recommend to anybody! "

 Nicholas - 11/10/2023

" Very professional. Very happy with entire staff. "

 Tony - 11/10/2023

" Everybody at vascular surgical is wonderful and great "

 Wanda - 11/10/2023

" Very comfortable with the experience. "

 David - 11/09/2023

" She was excellent. I couldn't have been treated any better. Please let her know that she made me as comfortable as possible. Thanks 😊 "

 Marcus - 11/09/2023

" Great staff from entry to exit!! "

 Tyler - 11/09/2023

" Loved my team and Doctor Jones. "

 David - 11/09/2023

" Dr Reilley explained my upcoming surgical procedure with great clarity. "

 Scheila - 11/09/2023

" Dr. Winter and staff are AWESOME very attentive and caring to my needs. "

 James - 11/08/2023

" Vascular runs a great practice. Frienly, professional, courteous, and helpful "

 Nancy - 11/08/2023

" Very professional and caring! "

 Sherri - 11/08/2023

" I love his personality "

 Kathleen - 11/08/2023

" Wonderful people from the front desk to the nurses and Doctor. I felt comfortable and safe with the procedure. Which Says a lot because I'm a nervous patient. "

 Marta - 11/08/2023

" Checked in at home. Everyone was attentive to my Mom's illness. "

 Geoffrey - 11/07/2023

" Just a great team of people who care about the patients "

 Patricia - 11/07/2023

" Pauline is the best. She makes you feel very comfortableand explains things very effectively. "

 Mary - 11/07/2023

" Wonderful experience as always. Caring staff! "

 Judith - 11/07/2023

" I highly recommend this practice. "

 Stephen - 11/07/2023

" Outstanding Sonographer "

 Betty - 11/07/2023

" Staff was very good an nice to me "

 Barbara - 11/07/2023

" I was very nervous when I got there. But the staff and Dr. Jones made me feel a lot better. "

 Brenda - 11/05/2023

" She also answered questions I had when she had completed my exam. Her knowledge and explanations helped me a lot! "

 Clara - 11/04/2023

" David explained what the procedure entailed. Very professional, polite. "

 Lauri - 11/04/2023

" He was very personable and informative. "

 Mark - 11/03/2023

" He did a great job of explaining what he was doing, and what needed to do. He was very professional and careful. "

 Richard - 11/03/2023

" Always a great experience with everyone "

 Deborah - 11/03/2023

" I really felt heard by Dr. Stein and I would like to continue seeing him "

 Janet - 11/03/2023

" Mike is great with the laser vein treatments. It would be nice, though, to have Fridays added to the laser schedule. "

 Christine - 11/02/2023

" Everyone was very friendly professional and accommodating. "

 Kyle - 11/02/2023

" The moment you walk in to the office to the moment you leave you feel like you are being taken care by caring and professional health care workers. I would definitely recommend anybody needing any prosthetics to go to VSA to see Eric and his staff. "

 Carol - 11/02/2023

" It was a pleasant experience all around! "

 Jocelyn - 11/02/2023

" Anne was very friendly and professional "

 Mary - 11/02/2023

" This by far is the best office and staff I have dealt with. They go beyond all measures to try to help you and all patients coming into the office. "

 Susan - 11/02/2023

" Great doctor, great staff. "

 Lovette - 11/02/2023

" I'm completely confident Dr. Sayeed will provide the best care for my health needs. That continues his teamplayers as well. Thank you! "

 Darlene - 11/01/2023

" The tech made me feel very comfortable in a not so comfortable situation for an old gal like me. "

 Gregory - 11/01/2023

" Very personable. "

 Susan - 11/01/2023

" Everyone was professional, kind, and informative. They were running on time with appointments. "

 Barbara - 10/31/2023

" Dr Jon Jones is the best "

 Charles - 10/31/2023

" This was a repeat exam, annual/semi-annual now 10-12 years after two or three surgeries. They have maintained a very professional staff. Very satisfied with the scans. "

 Alice - 10/31/2023

" My technician was warm and explained everything she was doing. Very happy experience "

 Patricia - 10/31/2023

" Everyone that I came in contact with was extremely helpful. "

 Sakiena - 10/31/2023

" The Tech was extremely nice and professional "

 Joe - 10/31/2023

" The doctor was great! No complications. "

 Diana - 10/31/2023

" Everyone is kind, respectful, and caring. "

 William - 10/31/2023

" I left there fully aware and informed about my concerns "

 Juanita - 10/29/2023

" My technical was very friendly and professional "

 Donna - 10/28/2023

" Friendly professional staff. Clean well organized office. Knowledgeable physician "

 Samuel - 10/28/2023

" Love this office very nice and very clean "

 Carol - 10/28/2023

" Was extremely pleased with my doctor "

 Kimberly - 10/28/2023

" Dr Corey and his staff was very nice. They all went over and beyond to make my visit pleasant. Thank you "

 Chibundu - 10/28/2023

" Nice and helpful staffs "

 Walter - 10/28/2023

" Dr Lalani is so nice "

 Judith - 10/28/2023

" excellent question why no copy of office visit? "

 Annette - 10/27/2023

" I was very satisfied with the service. "

 Wayne - 10/27/2023

" The technologist did a great job, answered any questions i had, and had a pleasant personality. The procedure went well and was was an easy experience. "

 Janies - 10/27/2023

" Very professional wait time was less than 8 minutes. Very thorough explanation and examination. Experience excellent "

 James - 10/27/2023

" It was a helpful visit. Out NP listened to our concerns. This visit was a consultation of sorts with questions from James' new primary care provider, Dr Kakarala, James' Physical Therapist and Vascular associates about the possibility of compression therapy. Out PA asked lots of questions and really tried to help determine what to do. "

 Sherry - 10/27/2023

" Everyone courteous and helpful. "

 Jimmy - 10/27/2023

" Excellent "

 Wanda - 10/27/2023

" Staff was very professional and helpful. Doctor was very knowledgeable in explaining how the procedure works. "

 Hassan - 10/27/2023

" Great experience. "

 Patsy - 10/27/2023

" One of the BEST experiences I've had in a long time!!! Thank God for having the right people in the right place. "

 Barbara - 10/26/2023

" Dr. Cherry and his staff were wonderful! Very compassionate, informative, and provided test results in a timely manner!! "

 Winford - 10/26/2023

" Treated me with the upmost respect was very pleasant during my testing "

 Kevin - 10/26/2023

" Absolutely love Dr Chervu he explained everything in a way I could upstanding extremely knowledgeable "

 Janice - 10/25/2023

" Great job "

 Blanca - 10/25/2023

" She was great "

 Thomas - 10/25/2023

" Technologist/sonographer eas extremely professional and thoughtful in performing the procedure. She explained what was going on during the entire process. She provided information on what the procedure was looking for and how she was going to do the test. "

 Bonnie - 10/25/2023

" Bonnie my tech was amazing. So thoughtful Thru the rest and made me feel comfortable and in good hands. "

 Michael - 10/25/2023

" Heather and Caitlin and Vanessa are fantastic. Took great care of my situation. "

 Theresa - 10/25/2023

" My visit was done very professionally. "

 Mary - 10/25/2023

" One of the best least painful ultrasounds of my legs that I have ever had. My legs are very sensitive and I can hardly bear for them to be touched so that is saying a lot. She was very friendly and professional and made me feel at ease. "

 Cheryl - 10/24/2023

" Very efficient! "

 Jamie - 10/24/2023

" Very nice staff. Would definitely recommend for family or friends. "

 Audrey - 10/24/2023

" Dr Jones has to be the best... "

 Pedro - 10/24/2023

" Darcy was wonderful - she made me feel comfortable knowing my apprehension - the test was thorough and she answered any questions I had she was great. "

 Rodney - 10/24/2023

" Awesome service by Sergio. Very knowledgeable and efficient "

 Sammie - 10/24/2023

" Outstanding service by all staff !!!! "

 Traci - 10/24/2023

" Love Dr. Corey "

 Regan - 10/24/2023

" Very friendly, great personality and pleasant. "

 Terri - 10/24/2023

" Thank you so much "

 Jack - 10/23/2023

" It is always a wonderful experience in the Alpharetta office "

 Julia - 10/22/2023

" Everyone is friendly, courteous, professional. My questions are answered to my understanding. "

 Linda - 10/21/2023

" The Technologist was very professional and very knowledgeable. "

 David - 10/21/2023

" Well I must say that I never experience dealing with my veins , I forget the surgeon name but he was very good I feel no pain and everything healed up just fine and the scar is not noticable at all thanks so much vascular surgeon I would rate you guys with a big 10 thanks "

 Janice - 10/21/2023

" Rec'd the excellent care I have come to expect from VSA. Recommend to anyone in need of vascular care "

 Richard - 10/21/2023

" All went well. No issues. "

 Kathleen - 10/21/2023

" Doctor Emily L. is very professional, sympathetic, kind and understanding. Makes you feel very comfortable. She listens tentatively and answers any questions you have in a way you can understand them. Ebony and Anabella are awesome. I don't remember the name of my nurse who was the initial person to take my blood pressure and paperwork, She was also kind s hypothetic and professional. The Ladies in the front office were very helpful and friendly. I highly recommend this practice. "

 Edward - 10/21/2023

" April was very thorough, pleasant and efficient. "

 Debra - 10/20/2023

" Bonnie is amazing!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 "

 Freddie - 10/20/2023

" Everything was great u "

 Sandra - 10/20/2023

" Love the friendly staff !! "

 Thomas - 10/20/2023

" Please thank everyone for their time and kindness I was very concerned and nervous about my condition If I would have been able to keep my mouth shut it would not have taken so much of there time "

 Aurea - 10/20/2023

" Great protocol and visit as usual and exam well done! "

 Sterling - 10/20/2023

" The service was very good. And the follow up was very understandable. "

 Adele - 10/20/2023

" She was courteous and made me feel comfortable "

 Makayla - 10/20/2023

" Dr. Mike was awesome! He did a great job on my laser vein removal and I had a wonderful experience! "

 Cathy - 10/20/2023

" By far one of the best stenographer I've had. "

 Huseyin - 10/19/2023

" We appreciate your help and support for understanding our situation. Everyone was very courteous and professional. "

 Pamela - 10/19/2023

" My treatment has been great so far "

 Barbara - 10/19/2023

" She was very pleasant and knew what she was doing "

 Marcelina - 10/18/2023

" They are all good "

 Christine - 10/18/2023

" All the staff are pleasant, helpful, and professional. Wait time was less than ten minutes. "

 Georgia - 10/17/2023

" It was a pleasure meeting Dr Jones. He was very pleasant, thorough and reassuring. "

 Rukia - 10/17/2023

" I am extremely pleased with my treatment, my doctor and the staff. I am very grateful and will recommend this company to anyone needing these services. Thank you for everything!! "

 Richard - 10/17/2023

" Thank you "

 Robert - 10/17/2023

" Darcy has routinely done my arm, leg and neck scans for the last 8 or 9 years. The level of care she has provided has been excellent. When I first had her as a technician, I was living in Woodstock. Though I now live in the southern part of Marietta, I still prefer driving to Woodstock for my treatments because I feel very comfortable with Darcy doing the testing. In her, Vascular Surgical Associates has a real gem of an employee! "

 Cheryl - 10/17/2023

" The staff and doctor were all professional and very sweet and kind. "

 Jeannette - 10/17/2023

" Everyone made feel very comfortable n the tech was very professional n explained everything to me made me feel comfortable thank you all very much for taking good care of me Jeannette💜 "

 Kathi - 10/14/2023

" It’s always a pleasure to deal with anybody that office "

 Henry - 10/14/2023

" I am grateful for the superb help I received during my visit to the Cartersville office. Thank you! "

 Joseph - 10/13/2023

" Everyone was very pleasant and addressed my husband by name even being ther for ten minutes even after being there. Our PA was very patient and helped us remember that we used your service before. It's nice to be remembered and we look forward to our next visit "

 Yacouba - 10/13/2023

" Keep up the good work guys!!!!! "

 Patsy - 10/13/2023

" She was the best. "

 Joanne - 10/13/2023

" Madison is an excellent sonography. She is very thorough and very professional. She answered all of my questions concerning what she was doing as the sonogram progressed. I have several sore spots on my legs. So running the sonogram wand over them was painful! But she explained that was because of the inflammation she was seeing. She was very courteous and attentive to her job as she performed the procedure. "

 Mary - 10/13/2023

" Professional, friendly, excellent visit "

 Wendell - 10/13/2023

" Very professional service "

 Janice - 10/13/2023

" Dr. Riley is an excellent doctor very professional is very concerned about his patients. "

 Leslie - 10/12/2023

" She could not have been any nicer or more professional!! "

 Paul - 10/12/2023

" Bonnie was fantastic. I saw Nasha and it was a great visit. "

 Timothy - 10/12/2023

" Best technologist I have ever had!!! She is amazing "

 Howard - 10/12/2023

" A Doctor and Staff I can trust!!!!! "

 Lowell - 10/12/2023

" I enjoyed this trip thank you. Lowell Pettett "

 Theodore - 10/12/2023

" Read experience at my office visitor. Today I was greeted with a smile, helped with paperwork, and in a timely manner I was checked in to have my vascular scan of my legs. The technician was kind patient and informative. Looking forward to my follow up appointment to review my results couldn’t ask for any better care. "

 Joseph - 10/12/2023

" Follow up with Dr. Jacobson best I’ve had!!! "

 Sandra - 10/12/2023

" Very professional, efficient, and friendly staff. She may be feel comfortable throughout the procedure and explained what she was about to do before performing the procedure. "

 Karen - 10/12/2023

" Love all your staff members, friendly, courteous, and easy to talk to Thank you 😊 "

 Charles - 10/12/2023

" The service was very professional. "

 Natalina - 10/11/2023

" She was very personable and thorough. "

 Jacynta - 10/11/2023

" Very pleased with my entire experience! Everyone was wonderful! Excited to have it done and already excited about my next leg! Dr. Jacobson was lovely! "

 Larry - 10/10/2023

" Very kind and kept me informed of what they were doing all thru the surgery. A very nice and competent. "

 William - 10/10/2023

" Sergio was very patient friendly and explained everything well. He also answered my questions with authority of being well trained and experienced. I felt great confidence with his examination. "

 Robert - 10/10/2023

" Madison did an excellent job. She was friendly, professional and answered all of my questions. "

 Jenny - 10/09/2023

" She was great made me feel comfortable!! "

 Randy - 10/09/2023

" Dr Eric Chen traded me more like a friend and a patient and I appreciate that "

 Lillian - 10/08/2023

" Everyone is professional, polite, friendly and kind. Thank you! "

 Jerome - 10/07/2023

" Very professional and friendly technician "

 Lisa - 10/07/2023

" My service was great. Thanks to everyone for their help. "

 Gene - 10/07/2023

" I was very impressed with the entire staff "

 Jeffery - 10/07/2023

" I am so thankful to everyone at Vascular Associates For getting my legs back working again. I was really struggling to walk short distances, I couldn't sit or stand for without being in discomfort. Thanks so much for helping me get my life back together. "

 Stephen - 10/06/2023

" Responded to my needs. Julian listened and helped "

 Alfred - 10/06/2023

" A very great experience. Excellent staff. "

 Stacey - 10/06/2023

" Great experience with Laser treatment for legs. Mike was very thorough and patient with his explanations. All staff was nice and thoughtful! "

 Lynn - 10/06/2023

" April was amazing! Very kind and professional! "

 Thomas - 10/06/2023

" Very nice and polite guy. Good visit. "

 Debbie - 10/06/2023

" Dr. Lalani and his staff were awesome! I was so impressed by their kindness and professionalism. I was very apprehensive about having the procedure done but they calmed my fears and made the whole experience of my vein repair so easy. I haven’t had any postoperative pain or discomfort at all. I’m walking and starting a healthy new lifestyle thanks to Dr. Lalani and this procedure. Thank you Dr. Lalani and your wonderful staff for repairing my varicose vein and making it so painless and easy. "

 Brian - 10/05/2023

" Was very nice and courteous and very quick service at least that day "

 Sharon - 10/05/2023

" I’m very pleased to have had such a positive professional, She was calm and let me know each step and why. "

 Lorena - 10/05/2023


 Regina - 10/05/2023

" Madison did a great job. She was personable and professional and she explained everything. "

 Randall - 10/04/2023

" Vickie is great. "

 Norman - 10/04/2023

" Very professional got me in and out so fast!!! Everyone was so nice to me!!! I would tell anybody to come here for help!!!the doctor was right on time too!! You all are truly hero’s in my book!!!! Thank y’all so much "

 Nancy - 10/04/2023

" Courteous As a retired R.N., I knew what to expect. However, non-medical persons would probably need to hear more than "we're going to check the arteries in your body". Using my mom as an example: she would feel more comfortable briefly seeing a chart of the body, or something similar. Thank you, Wellstar, for consistently providing the absolutely best care. "

 Tomasa - 10/04/2023

" My Mother and I was treated very politely, caring, and helpful in assisting when needed. Thank you for your service. "

 Renee - 10/04/2023

" Heather is great! "

 Peter - 10/03/2023

" Appmnt was kept on time "

 Gayla - 10/03/2023

" Thanks "

 Allen - 10/03/2023

" It went well "

 Crystal - 10/03/2023

" Dr. Riley listened to my concerns. He was kind and answered my questions. "

 William - 10/03/2023

" This facility is EXCELLENT!! Never a long wait & very thorough! Everyone there is so courteous & polite. They give you the best care & address all your concerns. I have never been disappointed!! A+ skills & care. "

 Angela - 10/03/2023

" She was great! "

 Galah - 09/30/2023

" He made me feel at ease. "

 Gregory - 09/30/2023

" Excellent Experience "

 Faith - 09/30/2023

" Dr. Lagergren, Claudia, the lady at the desk, and the nurses were awesome! "

 Donna - 09/29/2023

" Very nice, intelligent, personable, and made me feel comfortable tell him thank you. "

 Patricia - 09/29/2023

" She was professional, friendly & knowledgeable. "

 Laura - 09/29/2023

" From the Receptionist to the Sonographer this office staff gets an excellent rating!! "

 Carole - 09/29/2023

" Michael was professional and personable. He explained the procedure and answered all of my questions. "

 Constance - 09/29/2023

" Everything was done efficiently and professionally. The technologist/sonographer who did the exam was excellent. "

 Luz - 09/29/2023

" Mr. David was really Informative and caring. I was thankful that it was him. Thank you for having him and Miss Carman too "

 Joseph - 09/29/2023

" We love Dr Stein. He answers all Joe’s concerns. "

 Hugh - 09/28/2023

" Very accommodating, prompt and professional. "

 James - 09/28/2023

" Short ,quick and efficient, pleasant experience. "