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Westside Chiropractic, PC

2720 W Main St. St. Rapid City,SD 57702.
Phone: (605) 342-4333
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Recent Reviews

 Jim - 10/03/2019

" Always satisfied when I leave "

 Jean - 09/27/2019

" I have been to a number of chiropractors before and dr. Nick and his staff are by far and above the best I've ever encountered! Would never think of going anywhere else! "

 Sue - 09/13/2019

" Dr Nic is excellent. Any concerns you may have are always addressed. I would recommend Dr. Nic to everyone. "

 Colleen - 09/04/2019

" Dr. Nick is a great therapist! Very gentle and careful. "

 Jim - 08/27/2019

" A great team, thank you. "

 Rebecca - 08/11/2019

" Dr. Nick and staff have always provided excellent care for our family. Highly recommended. Professional and respectful quality care. "

 Pam - 08/09/2019

" Wow! The process was fast!...and Nick clearly gets body mechanics. I have had a neck issue that two other chiropractors did not address or diagnose and his explanation made sense and he arrived at a treatment plan that required my committment to doing the work too. He has the ability to quickly access and resolve issues...I wasn’t prepared for that kind of ‘attack mode’ from a chiropractor! I need that push and his optimism to help me get better. Thank you. "

 Jessica - 08/08/2019

" I appreciate WestSide Chiropractic so much! Their staff is friendly and Dr Nick is amazing! In my opinion, you cannot get better care in Rapid City. "

 Jessica - 08/06/2019

" While I occasionally run into a longish wait time, I don't mind because the care is completely worth it, and I know if I need urgent help (the kind that can cause delays) they will try their best to help me too! "

 Jane - 08/03/2019

" Everyone is always very helpful and courteous. They are always on schedule and if not, they try to get you in and out as quickly as they can. They are also great at working you in when you are in need of their services. "

 Chris - 08/02/2019

" I have nothing but good things to say about the office. From the time I started until now I have seen huge improvements in my back and the staff and doctor have been nothing but helpful and accommodating. "

 Latanya - 07/23/2019

" I love the Westside Chiropractic team!! They are awesome!! "

 Jerdyne - 07/18/2019

" Dr. Nick and his staff are wonderful to work with. Very helpful and pleasant. "

 Jeanie - 07/18/2019

" I have been going here for 3 years and am always taken care of right away. Staff is amazing and so kind! "

 Rayna - 07/10/2019

" Dr Nick is the best chiropractor I have ever been to. Very knowledgeable and takes his time in explaining what is going on and how to take care of what you have going on. "

 Kathy - 06/29/2019

" Dr. Nick and his staff are courteous, competent, knowledgeable and professional. "

 Jon - 06/29/2019

" Westside Chiropractic has always been outstanding. "

 Jim - 06/19/2019

" Very good group of people,friendly and know what they are doing "

 Deborah - 06/16/2019

" It couldn't have been better or more efficient. "

 Christy - 06/06/2019

" Dr. Nick and staff are AMAZING! It's obvious why he was voted the #1 chiropractor in Rapid City! "

 Anastasia - 06/04/2019

" Everyone at Westside Chiropractic is wonderful. They are caring and attentive. I have recommended them to several people. "

 Katherine - 05/31/2019

" Always a positive experience. "

 Jim - 05/30/2019

" Dr. Nick is the best he keeps me going!!!! "

 Keith - 05/09/2019

" Great doctor and staff. "

 Wendy - 04/30/2019

" He is the best physician of any I have ever been to of all doctors I have been to including specialists. And I have been to a lot as I have a multitude of ailments. He is one of the few that cares for you as a patient and as a friend. The whole staff there is top shelf. You will not find this care anywhere else. My Mom and I have a house north of Aberdeen SD and we were there for almost 6 months and she needed a treatment and wouldn't go to her old chiropractor. She chose to wait till we got out here even though she was hurting because she knew he wouldn't have done a good enough job. Thank you for taking the time to care in this day in age! "

 Thomas - 04/26/2019

" It is a great place to come to, they make you feel like family. "

 Jim - 04/25/2019

" You make my life livable. Thank you "

 Marissa - 04/23/2019

" By far, the most thorough chiropractic visit I’ve ever had. Every concern of mine (even things I didn’t know chiropractors touched base on - diet & exercise to support a healthy lifestyle) was taken care of but it was all very affordable. I’m a military wife and Tricare doesn’t cover chiropractic services so everything is out of pocket. For the care I am receiving, and the improved sleep I’m getting along with mobility, I’d gladly pay the more than reasonable amount they’re asking for. Thank you, Dr. Nick Krysl!! "

 Leilani - 04/20/2019

" Such an amazing team at Westside Chiropractic!!! "

 Cindy - 04/11/2019

" It’s so nice to come for a visit and get answers and results! "

 Michael - 04/10/2019

" Very knowledgeable and explains treatment well "

 Jerdyne - 04/06/2019

" Very caring people. Super staff. Thank you "

 James - 04/06/2019

" Excellent experience. Everyone at Westside is awesome. Thank you "

 Samantha - 04/06/2019

" ❤️ Dr Nick "

 Callie - 04/03/2019

" The staff and Dr Nick are very compassionate and caring. They take excellent care of me! "

 Karla - 03/26/2019

" Amazing!! I always know Dr Nick is going to get after me for doing bad shit to my body. But he just fixes me up so I don’t murder someone. "

 Karen - 03/16/2019

" Dr very knowledgable about many health aspects such as nutrition & trust his recommendations. Office staff & nurse just excellent at what they do. Good team. "

 Heidi - 03/09/2019

" Great environment. Genuinely care about you and your overall well-being. "

 Kristy - 03/07/2019

" Dr. Nick Krysl is very professional and personable. He treats the whole patient with adjustments and advice for practical self care. Westside's staff is friendly and hospitable. I highly recommend Dr. Nick at Westside Chiropractic! "

 Linda - 03/02/2019

" Love all of the staff and Dr! "

 Jeff - 03/02/2019

" Great atmosphere Always feel better after adjustments "

 Kara - 02/20/2019

" I LOVE Westside Chiropractic!!! They have made me feel better than I have in years!!! I have suffered for 15 years with low back and hip pain. They have made the pain almost go completely away! "

 Lori - 02/05/2019

" Dr Krysl and his staff are truly health professionals! He has helped our family improve our well being. He understands the human anatomy and will adjust accordingly. I truly believe he’s the best in his profession. "

 Claton - 01/31/2019

" Dr. Nick is the best! "

 Thomas - 01/29/2019

" They treat you like family. "