Samantha Y. - 12/06/2018

" Great experience! "

 Ashton Z. - 11/22/2018

" The NP and her staff were phenomenal with my son, thank you! "

 Dennis R. - 11/21/2018

" Nicest staff I have met anywhere in the medical field and very professional "

 John D. - 11/18/2018

" Monique was great with my two boys. She explained everything in a manner in which they understood clearly. "

 Caitlyn S. - 11/13/2018

" Had to reschedule a second time but the receptionist/secretary was awesome about it!! "

 Naomi A. - 11/13/2018

" All of the office staff were very nice and professional. Monique is great! She is very nice and informative. "

 Allan W. - 11/13/2018

" Keep up with the good work "

 Felicity D. - 10/24/2018

" I wish I could rate higher than excellent! Every single person we dealt with was professional and caring. I would not change a single thing about this place. "

 Hailey M. - 10/19/2018

" Monique is terrific, can’t say enough wonderful things about her. My 12 year old looks forward to her appointment because Monique is so caring. "

 Katherine L. - 10/16/2018

" Monique Burchard and her team did an excellent job of helping my daughter to recover from a respiratory illness and we appreciate their caring approach. Ms. Burchard was very clear when she gave instructions for medications and followed up to make sure her condition improved. Thank you! "

 Gladys A. - 10/04/2018

" Dr. Thomas Edwards is the best doctor you will ever find. He listens to his patients and sets up good plans that make sense. He is very professional and super smart. He takes action to resolve or in my case do everything he can do to help as a doctor. His manner is fantastic. My case is more complicated than many and he continues to help me in any way he can. Every one in his office is respectful, caring, compassionate and very professional. Many others in the medical field should take pointers from this group. I just wish he did all fields of medicine and I only had to have one doctor it would be Thomas Edwards. "

 Sara T. - 09/21/2018

" Everyone has been great here. We are thank mful for the immune therapy injections. We have seen huge improvement in our allergies. I and my two sons who have severe seasonal and one with a tree nut peanut allergy are being treated by you and your service has been great. Thank you! "

 Andrew K. - 09/20/2018

" I saw Monique the NP. She was very helpful and instructive. I really appreciation the time she took to explain the difference between medications and their effects. It was so helpful. "

 Vilma B. - 09/14/2018

" All the personal was very courteous.. I'm very happy "

 Jack A. - 09/13/2018

" Gina answered all of my questions and discussed my son's treatment plan in a clear manner. She also interacted very well with my 5 year old son. The receptionist was very friendly and helpful. "

 Adwoa S. - 08/30/2018

" Awesome!!!!great staff. "

 David D. - 08/30/2018

" CMA is truly the best place to take your child to receive the best care. So grateful to the entire staff. "

 Gavin W. - 08/29/2018

" I would highly recommend central mass allergy! "

 Gladys A. - 08/27/2018

" Everyone at Central Mass Alergy takes their roll in what they do very seriously. They listen and are very compassionate. They show they care about their patients. They follow through to do everything they can for their patients. I wish all my doctors and their staffing were like Central Mass Alergy. "

 Helen A. - 08/17/2018

" Wonderful experience. Couldn’t be nicer and very informative "

 Jose R. - 08/14/2018

" Thank you very much for the special care my dad had in your office. "

 Isabella M. - 08/07/2018

" This was our second opinion on our daughter we will definitely be back for any issues from here on out. Was very happy and felt very comfortable with everyone "

 Sharon C. - 08/03/2018

" Dr Edwards and his staff are exceptioal professional at all times. Always a stress free office! "

 Kim K. - 08/03/2018

" Great Place!! Everyone is always so friendly!! "

 Yvonne M. - 08/02/2018

" Amazing!!!! The best experience. You can tell the NP loves her profession. I wish I can have such a pleasant experience with all medical practices. I love that they still do paper filing instead of electronic. "

 Jessica H. - 07/29/2018

" I was extremely pleased with the service I received from Central Mass Allergy & Asthma Care. I was talking about it with family after I left the appointment, because the experience was so good. Even before my first appointment, the person handling the phones was extremely cheerful and courteous. When I came in for my first appointment, the receptionist was very warm and pleasant and the person administering my allergy test (Gina Castiglioni) was extremely thorough, professional, knowledgeable, and pleasant. I had to get my blood drawn afterwards, and it was so convenient to go downstairs to the Quest Center to have that done. Although not everyone has an easy time drawing my blood, the person there had no issues at all. I would highly recommend your center to anyone! I am very pleased with my first experience there. "

 Rebecca S. - 07/13/2018

" The nurse was so kind and Dr Edwards was super helpful!!!! "

 Robin A. - 07/13/2018

" The receptionist is always kind and courteous. She goes out of her way to be helpful!!!!! "

 Olga A. - 06/22/2018

" Very happy with my visit. Doctor is wonderful! "

 John G. - 06/14/2018

" We felt the practitioner took the time to evaluate our sone and answer all our questions as panicked parents. We have a prompt follow up for testing to try to answer our sons issue and I’m impressed with how hard they worked to fit us in as promptly as possible to get him back to being a kid. They have been available for questions when we call and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you. It’s making an incredibly difficult and stressful situation easier knowing we have someone on our side to help. "

 Aiden B. - 06/13/2018

" Made my son feel very at ease by explaining everything to him in detail. "

 Penelope D. - 06/07/2018

" Great first experience!! "

 David H. - 06/07/2018

" Monique and Christina were very helpful. "

 Sharron B. - 05/28/2018

" Everyone was respectful helpful and kind "

 Daven M. - 05/22/2018

" Everyone I encountered in this office was very kind and helpful, the provider was excellent, she was very knowledgeable and made both my son and I feel at ease. Monique Burchard, FNP was very thorough and took her time with us while we came up with a plan for my son. I am very happy with everyone in this office and the efficiency in their care without the feeling of being rushed. Thank you! "

 Margaret L. - 05/02/2018

" Doctor was amazing!!' "

 Leroy B. - 04/28/2018

" Dr. Edwards was very superb. He is knowledgeable, forthcoming, and very polite. Thank you. "

 Brooke P. - 04/24/2018

" Everyone I came in contact with (the desk, nurse, and dr) were so friendly and helpful. I will (and already have) recommended Dr Edwards to friends. "

 Jack M. - 04/20/2018

" We met with Monique today. The dr secretary was able to fit us in. Monique took a substantial amount of time meeting with my son and I. She went above and beyond answering all of the question I had. I would highly recommend this office to family and friends. "

 Nicholas B. - 04/19/2018

" What a great experience! Great people and great services!!! "

 Jacob C. - 04/18/2018

" Monique was amazing! She was so patient and explained the process and how we would treat my 3yr old for food allergy. She was awesome with my son making him feel calm and safe. I would recommend her to anyone, especially a pediatric case. "

 Tracy V. - 04/13/2018

" I was very impressed by the staff at Central Mass Allergy. Everyone was very nice and professional and the care I received was exceptional. Would definitely recommend this facility to others. "

 Patrick S. - 03/13/2018

" This was my first visit to Dr. Edwards and I haven't addressed allergy tests or had testing in over 35 years. Although the testing was uncomfortable, it was expected and the diagnosis makes sense. I'll let you know how the medication works out after giving it some time. "

 Stephanie B. - 03/11/2018

" I felt that everyone in the office provided great care. Everyone seemed like they wanted to be working there, together. Words can't express how much that does to build a patient's trust in the staff and care. "

 Joseph W. - 03/09/2018

" Very informative and clear directions. Took my 16 year olds requests seriously. Thank you! "

 Vanessa U. - 02/27/2018

" I really like how the reception staff, the PA, and the doctor answered all of my questions. I was very nervous going in, but they where very attentive "

 Linda H. - 02/21/2018

" Thank you for your help! I will be recommending your practice to others. "

 Mary R. - 02/16/2018

" Love the staff of this office "

 Karol F. - 02/10/2018

" I liked the doctor. "

 Linda S. - 02/10/2018

" The care I received at Central Mass Allergy and Asthma was excellent! Dr. Edwards was extremely thorough, his expertise was evident and when I left I felt so well cared for. I highly recommend them. "

 Michael C. - 02/06/2018

" Dr. was very easy and pleasant to talk to. His area of expertise is one that can be very difficult to give an exact diagnosis but yet somehow he makes one feel like he is taking the correct steps toward getting that answers. "

 Allison R. - 01/26/2018

" I’ve never had a better experience at a doctor’s office. Every single person that I met was extremely kind, welcoming and knowledgeable. The team works so well together and takes the time to walk you through every step. From the initial phone call to schedule the appointment, to the moment I walked out the door, I have never had such amazing customer service. "

 Katherine L. - 01/25/2018

" First visit it was fantastic! Everyone was kind and helpful. "

 John A. - 01/13/2018

" From the minute I walk in the door every single person in this office shows that they care & there to help me. I am 100% satisfied with every single visit at this office. "

 Nathan G. - 01/12/2018

" My whole experience with this office, nurse's and the doctor was the most helpful and caring experience I have had with a physician in along time. Very personable and easy to talk to. "

 Hunter C. - 01/06/2018

" I thought everyone in the this office was super nice and extremely helpful in helping my son and I to figure out what could be wrong with him. They certainly spent quality time helping us. I would recommend this office to anyone who needs these types of services. "

 Roman N. - 12/13/2017

" Loved Gina!! "

 Tracy D. - 12/08/2017

" The nurse practitioner and doctor could not have been any more helpful. Trully pleaset experience. "

 Karen A. - 11/28/2017

" Wonderful, individual attention. Couldn't ask for more! "

 Cheryl C. - 11/17/2017

" My experience was far better than I expected. From my first visit everyone took the time to listen and provide guidance. It became a mission for them to find out what the cause of my issues were and I never felt rushed or left not understanding what the doctor said. I would refer anyone who needs this type of care to this facility. "

 Jeff L. - 11/16/2017

" Nurse and as extremely helpful and followed up with phone call and helpful information "

 Logan F. - 10/17/2017

" Love Monique and Dr. Edwards! "

 Paul G. - 09/29/2017

" Very nice and very professional. "

 Lystra C. - 09/28/2017

" Honestly love it here and all the staff are amazing "

 Maneesha K. - 09/28/2017

" I was happy that the doctor did not push for allergy shots. Explained why I have the problem and suggested over the counter medication. "

 Cheryl C. - 09/20/2017

" I wish I had found him earlier. I am excited to see how positive they are that I will be feeling better soon. "

 Anna M. - 09/15/2017

" I am so greatful for Dr. Edwards! He brought attention to alarming test results that my daughters primary care doctor dismissed as not worrisome. Thank you Dr. Edwards, I truly appreciate you asking to see her tests. "